St. Louis City Will No Longer Require Job Applicants to Disclose Felony Convictions

Nicholas J.C. Pistor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 14, 2014

Mayor Francis Slay announced on Tuesday that St. Louis will no longer require applicants for city jobs to disclose felony convictions.

“Millions of Americans have been convicted of felonies. Many of them have paid their debt to society and are willing to earn a second chance,” Slay said at a press conference.

Some jobs are subject to regulations and the city is legally required to do background checks, such as at the airport or police department. Those checks will still take place, officials said.

Slay said the city will do such screenings on a case-by-case basis but that job applications no longer will face a check-box asking them about their criminal history.


The announcement comes as regional leaders grapple with the unrest in Ferguson after the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Protesters have used the situation to shine a light on problems such as racial discord, police tactics and poverty.

Slay made the announcement while standing next to Jamilah Nasheed, a state senator who has appeared on the front lines of many of the Ferguson protests.

“This is how you fight crime,” Nasheed said. “You fight crime with jobs.”


The push, known as “ban the box,” is part of a national movement. Many large cities across the nation have already done so. Some, including Philadelphia, have even prohibited city employers from including the box on job applications.

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  • First off, I was not aware that Michael Brown died on August 9 because he was a convicted felon who applied for a St. Louis City government job but was turned down for his felony conviction.

    Second, city employees are already heavily black, so this is not a measure meant to alleviate some sort of “gap.”

    Third, considering who makes the hiring for city government positions, having a felony conviction is a plus. Banning the box will actually marginally hurt black felons in this case.

    Fourth, it’s an empty gesture and political posturing. Though in Mayor Slay’s case, I don’t know why he’s posturing. He’s not up for election until 2017, and at that, he’ll win. He’s going to be Mayor for as long as he wants or consumes oxygen.

    Fifth, and in general about “ban the box” politics, I won’t bore you with the logical and legal progression, just to say that BTB isn’t really the end game of those that want to BTB. The end game is mandated affirmative action for convicted felons.

    • Georgia Boy

      It isn’t about st. swisher anymore, it’s about the gimmedats, more grievance bureaucrats, and government jobs. Run, white people, run!

      • Oil Can Harry

        The system is showing blacks that if they riot and loot they’ll receive concessions and handouts.

        Which will only lead to more lawlessness.

        • Alexandra1973

          At what point is the cycle going to be broken?

          • (Raises hand)

            Civil War Two will end the cycle.

          • Casper Flannigan

            Mike you are so right. Nothing else will work, the ship is going down. Have your lifeboats ready.

        • Rhialto

          That’s what I learned in Psych 101 (as far as I got). It’s called operant conditioning: If you do something and it works, do it again. All vertebrates have this capability.

          • Casper Flannigan

            Had forgotten that term. Did become a father years ago, learned quickly as daughter grew not to reward misbehavior/ temper tantrums. The same applies to our country’s children of color.

            They need a serious spanking. Dogs, clubs and fire hoses for starters. Then the media.

        • watchman

          White conservatives can applaud this decision. If your post is correct this decision will further weaken an already US Government. The country conservatives love has been dead for forty years. I don’t understand this about conservatives

    • proud white

      yes we need more affirmative action. How on earth were the blacks able to not participate in sports back in the day and now 13% of the population makes up 77 % of the NBA and 62% of NFL? How is it that the terrible environment they live in from disadvantaged places in the U.S. can allow for that success? amazing. If they can do it in sports they can do it in school! Oh wait when we talk about school then environment, slavery, and Jim crow are to blame. The truth is the environment really isn’t that bad off today, almost no one is homeless and starves etc. and all the benefits are going to MIDDLE CLASS MINORITIES ANYWAYS! But if you want to take environment into account why not include the trailer park white kids as well. oh right they are privileged also LOL

      • Reynauld

        That’s why I no longer follow pro sports..nothing but illiterate thugs

        • phillyguy

          watch hockey, a very exciting game

  • Luca

    Soon, the only requirement on a job application will be a review of your ability to read and properly check the box that says “black” in the section that asks for your race.

    • IstvanIN

      Half of them can not read. You would surprised how many can not fill out a job application completely.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Very true. Huge numbers, not all by any stretch, but a good number of them are what I would consider “functionally illiterate”. The recent college negress debate winners could only rap about social injustice, not debate the subject at hand in any rational, reasonable manner.

        • IstvanIN

          I am amazed at the number of blacks I have interviewed for jobs over the years who a graduated college and still sound “black”.

          • mikekingjr

            Keeping it real, man.

          • Alexandra1973

            Real DUMB.

            (According to Chris Rock.)

          • propagandaoftruth

            I question so much when I encounter that.

            You know…

            1. We spend almost 3 times what we spent in 1970 on public education – primary and secondary. So, input = 2.7ish…

            2. Outcomes have remained about the same. Grad rates, all sorts of measurable outcomes have shown a remarkable refusal to budge.

            2a. This, however, must be considered within the context of lowered standards. Compare 6th grade reading level from 1960 to same, 2010, for just one example.

            So if we were to graph the above, we would find some kind of wiggly three pronged fork with 1 rising, 2 static, and 2a going down. How does 2 relate to 2a? Questionable. Without 2a, would 2 decline or would holding expectations have resulted in meeting expectations?

            Regardless, same dynamic applies to that extended high school and minor league sports franchise known as “college”. I think half at least was designed to schlep substandard minorities straight to AA farcedom.

            Go figger…

          • maingearinarkansas

            You would be amazed at the blacks in my state that are physicians, lawyers, et al (one of the members of the Board of Regents of Arkansas University) that make Jesse Jackson sound “white.”

        • superlloyd

          Detroit: 47% illiterate, 82% black. This suggests that over 50% of blacks in Detroit are illiterate. It would be interesting to know what the national figure is for black illiteracy.

          • Alexandra1973

            In the meantime Iceland has a near-100% literacy rate. I wonder what the difference is…?

          • It must be that literacy is RACIST!

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Since the grievance industry dominates government the number will be artificially low regardless.

      • propagandaoftruth

        You know…

        If they really want to give jobs out to folks who could use a hand up…

        Why not give jobs to mentally and physically handicapped? High functioning homeless? We keep bemoaning the state of mental health treatment, etc.

        There are certain low brainpower, basic skills jobs that I would rather put a trainable, high functioning tard in than a scheming, violent, crime prone borderline tard negro felon. Example number 2 has enough grey matter and evil intention to really screw things up, while the high functioning, nice tard can be trained to work like a robot.

        But…some 80 IQ negro murderer now gets a shot at working alongside normal people. That sounds safe. Negro felons never get Islam and decapitate co-workers, for instance.

    • mikekingjr

      In this day and age, job applications, at least online, can be fully electronic. They’ll just start using pictures on touchpads and no written language skills will be required. Example: picture of a jail cell. picture of a jail cell with red circle and diagonal red slash. Pick one. Bon, help me out on this one please.

      • Black Swan

        Large corporations like McDonald’s have already switched over to systems like this, using pictures on touchpads put in orders instead of having to read anything. Corporations are light years ahead of the government so I expect this trend to start spreading as the American workforce becomes increasingly less White and increasingly illiterate.

        You can’t fix IQs of 80 and McDonald’s knows it.

        • Those touch-sensitive screens also help McDonald’s employees ring up orders faster, while still retaining accuracy, just the way bar code scanners do at supermarkets.

    • meanqueen

      I think you’re really still asking for too much. Read? Check a box? Hmmm. Sounds racist to me. Anyone remember Idiocracy? It’s coming – it’s here!

      • Idiocracy is going to look like a Mensa meeting compared to the USA if the progressive religion of equality rules.

    • I think they just show pictures of people for “race” now and you circle the one that looks like you. Reading is not required.

  • Taxed

    Great! Maybe they could fully staff the Parks and Rec department with child molesters and rapists.

    • me

      Negro pedophiles at the daycare centers.
      Negro rapists at the women’s shelter.
      Negro bank robbers working at the bank.
      Negro drug dealers working at the pharmacy.
      Negro junkies working as surgeons.
      What could possibly go wrong?

      • mikekingjr

        nada, senor.

      • Ron Cheaters

        Negro junkies working as surgeons.

    • Sick of it

      Ahh, so they’re taking the federal approach?

      • Juggernaut3000

        They’re taking the Department of Education’s approach.

  • Cowardly politicians have been pandering to blacks in America for at least one hundred years or more. The more pandering they do, the more society devolves into a semi-civilized state. Whites must leave the cities and make their way back to the land, while creating their own institutions that can recreate a higher level of existence for us. We must also deny politicians our money by any means necessary.

    • journey

      Where did you get the one hundred years? Blacks in the past were expected to earn their own bread. It was the 60’s (“Civil Rights” with the help of our guests) that started the massive handouts. And step by step globally, not just here that whites are losing the control (destiny) of their own countries.

      • Sick of it

        Right after the Civil War, Southerners were forced to accept black-dominated governments for a rather short period of time before the Klan drove them out of office (along with their carpetbagger buddies). Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Godhating Bastards have derided the “racist” people of the South since that time, as we totally overthrew the system they were putting in place to destroy us. When we started compromising, they, essentially, won. I wonder if the victims of the Khmer Rouge tried bargaining before they were led to their various mass graves?

    • mikekingjr

      Concur. Job one for me is to equip myself to be able to barter effectively and never pay those weasels another dime, as far as possible.

    • Black Swan

      Importantly, we must have our own media and schools that work in our interests instead of in the interests of White Genocide.

  • MekongDelta69

    Millions of Americans have been convicted of felonies…

    Uh, yeah. But we didn’t used to give them jobs. We incarcerated them, and it was kept on their records forever.

    That’s why, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the time” was such an incredibly (and true) phrase at the time. It MEANT something.

    • me

      Baretta theme song.

    • Frankenstone2

      Myopic morons such as yourself are the first ones to point fingers at ex-felons who end up back in jail , saying: ” See, I told you so. Once a criminal, always a criminal! ”
      Attitudes such as yours are a prime reason for recidivism, preventing ex-offenders from finding productive lives, literally giving them no choice but to starve or commit a crime to eat. You never let go, like a rabid dog.
      It is almost as if you have dark secrets that you want to compensate for by attacking an easy target. I recommend that you see a psychiatrist.

      I am white and pro-Amren, but the type of evil you represent makes me gag and is an embarrassment to be on the same page with.
      For your education: until the advent of the Internet in 1994, people who were released from prison after paying off their debt, did not have to worry much about your type of evil morons, because their records were not easy to find.
      So, they could actually find jobs and return to a normal life.
      Families were prevented from breaking apart, children had their fathers back.

      The Internet changed all that.

      I could go on educating your dark mind, but I feel ill being on the same page with your kind.

      • MekongDelta69

        I am white and pro-Amren

        Nope – you’re a troll who thinks they can post a reply three days late and think nobody will notice.

        It is almost as if you have dark secrets that you want to compensate for by attacking an easy target.

        Projection never works. You must be an ex-con.

        I feel ill being on the same page with your kind.

        So… get off this page, and you won’t be ‘ill.’

        Problem solved…

        • Frankenstone2

          My brother is someone who paid his dues for a so called “crime” involving weed. He towers over your pea-sized personality, you are not worthy to tie his shoes.
          60 % of the so called criminal code is a crime against the people.
          Of course, that is far beyond your primitive mind to understand.

          I WANTED people to notice what I write as I ALWAYS write to a wider audience, not to primitive retards such as you,
          You are just a mindless tool I use to spread higher ideas.

          • MekongDelta69

            I WANTED people to notice what I write as I ALWAYS write to a wider audience, not to primitive retards such as you…

            In that case, you failed big time, b/c almost nobody is reading this b/c it’s 3 days old.

            You are just a mindless tool I use to spread higher ideas.

            Failed again. If I’m such a ‘mindless tool,’ then I can’t spread your vaunted ideas.

            I think you have me sadly mistaken for someone who actually gives a damn what you think.

            So, in the end, just another in a never-ending line of keyboard heros… zeros.

            Maybe you should hover your mouse over my picture before you spout and babble and rant.

            Ok – this was more fun than I legally had a right to have, so you can get in the last ‘zing.’

            “It don’t mean nuthin’.” But then again, what would you know about that phrase.

          • Frankenstone2

            Your picture is unclear about your racial background . Do you consider yourself white? Do others consider you white?

            Your mindlessness shows again in not being able to comprehend that one can spread higher ideas by simply pointing to a pile of crap as the negative example NOT to follow.

            Your IQ. is beyond my powers to improve.

  • D.B. Cooper

    So, how much longer are you going to live there, white boy? Are you man enough to stop them from following you to your new town? By “them”, I’m not talking about the diversities. They are merely the byproduct. Your real threat is the castrated white liberal democrat who will follow you, and immediately declare that your neighborhood to too white. The white liberal is a cancer that spreads the disease wherever it goes.

    • baldowl

      We need to begin employing the word enemy more. Enemy enemy enemy. These people are our enemies.

  • guest

    Note to self: Never set foot in St. Louis. The way they’re now pandering to black criminals in the name of “justice for Michael Brown”, it’s bound to become Detroit #2.

    • Georgia Boy

      Went there last year for business and enjoyed it there, very nice (white) people too. Such a shame.

      • journey

        Would you say in general the Old South had better manners? Most of them were of English stock.

        • phillyguy

          I think the landed gentry was of English stock the majority of the southern stock is Scots Irish.

    • Really it’s not that bad. St. Louis, the city proper, was less black in 2010 than it was in 2000. And there is no way in Hades that St. Louis is anywhere as dysfunctional or hopeless as Detroit.

      I will say that it’s getting embarrassing in recent weeks seeing the new roster of AR threads every evening and seeing the home berg dominate. So much so that if it keeps up, the website will be renamed St. Louis Renaissance.

      • Georgia Boy

        With all the success they’re having leveraging the shooting of one thug into a citywide power grab, they’re sure to try to duplicate the model to other cities too.

      • Who Me?

        Are you sure you want to explain it that way, QD? I mean saying, “Well it’s better than Detroit” isn’t much of a recommendation, is it?

        • St. Louis has lots and lots of problems.

          Detroit, well, in order for Detroit to be classified as blatantly dysfunctional, it would have to improve.

          • If you ask me, St. Louis really has only one problem. Same as the other dysfunctional metropolises in America. All their other problems stem from the first.

    • baldowl

      I think it might out-Detroit Detroit.

  • LiberalismFailed

    St. Louis City is finished. You see lunacy like this, and it’s time to get out of there while you still can.

    • Samuel_Morton

      As if St. Louis didn’t have enough problems before this whole fiasco. It will soon be unlivable.

  • JohnEngelman

    Felons have a high recidivism rate. Many are repeat offenders. It is best not to give one a chance,

    • IstvanIN

      I wouldn’t go that far, everyone deserves a second chance, I just wouldn’t give a bank robber a job in a bank.

      • JohnEngelman

        I partially concede your point. Nevertheless, for personal reasons I would not hire a mugger or an armed robber.

    • I regard my felony as having been a special case. I threatened my ex-father, the bastard who used to beat up my mother and who used to make my sister cry at dinner and then make fun of her until she would flee to her room. My mother once told the FBI that she is delighted he is afraid of me.

      I am glad I did it, and if that tHiNg ever shows up on my doorstep, I have every intention of making good on my old promises. I won’t go out of my way to look for it: that’s all.

      I have a very nice life, utterly without that wife-beating, child-abusing thing. He was just plain cruel, and I will hate him for it until the day I die.

      The feds gave me a head-shrinker for the three years I was on paper. This did me a lot of good, and I am glad for that. After my release, I only retrieved my mail after dark, just so my neighbors would not see me, as they had been “warned” I was dangerously weaponized unstable. It was my mother and my friends who never gave up on me and who really saved me.

      The neighbors have accepted me again. I really like some of them, and they trust me as well.

      Not all felons are cut from the same cloth.

      • journey

        Michael: I am primarily speaking of black felons here with IQ <75 (retarded with no sense of right or wrong who are truly a menace to society). Society is becoming overwhelmed with such masses of low IQ blacks and more allowed to come in that the authorities are drastically lowering the bar so as to throw them at the rest of society. Grasping at straws, a very dangerous game to be playing indeed to deal with ever increasing low IQ blacks now the ever increasing Hispanics.

      • phillyguy

        Your right, just like a bar fight you get into as a 21 yr. Old and you and a bunch of your peers who had a little to much to drink get lock up for assault, disorderly conduct ,destroying property, you have no choice but to plead guilty to the lesser charges then trying to go in front of the judge and doing time. then you’re stuck with the felony record when you and the boys are just out having a good time.

  • Massif1

    Blacks need a leg up.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Blacks need to take responsibility for themselves and STOP blaming slavery for their problems.

      • Massif1

        C’mon now. Blacks need all the help they can get : white taxpayers, insane court fees, property taxes increases, etc. Don’t you know that the government will create more mediocre government jobs for unqualified masses thanks to generous taxpayers?

        • archer

          There are a lot of make work jobs particularly in big cites, state and federal governments, but the wage stagnation for non civil jobs and the growing demands to meet ridiculous pensions agreements for civil service jobs and their payroll contracts will eventually end in disaster. In other words the tax base is shrinking while the government demands for more money are growing.

    • Yeah. A leg up dey athz.

    • Kenner

      And a hydrant to call their own.

  • Ed

    The odds that a black ex-con could even pass the entrance exams are slim to none. What an awful message to send though. The only way to get competent black cops are to hire ex-cons.

    • mikekingjr

      Indeed. Just one more message telling criminal blacks that they are equally capable of doing YT’s work.

  • dd121

    So what happens when your peaceful little office hires a few black thugs with violent arrest records create mayhem. I think the answer is going to be “nothing”.

    • Georgia Boy

      The city gets trashed with lawsuits.

    • journey

      Like that black who beheaded another employee and injured others because he felt it was his calling.

      • dd121

        Did you ever notice that when blacks put their dysfunction on display the msm story is never about their inherent violent nature. It always blamed on what some white was supposed to have done to them 200 years ago.

        • journey

          All part of the plan and payback from our “guests”. They found the magic bullet to destroy white societies = massive invasion from third world countries without firing a shot. All accomplished using anti-white propaganda of white guilt and “privilege”. Their front peoples are like Angelia Joliet, etc. adopting third world peoples.

  • Simonetta

    Since millions of white people are denied access to jobs because of simple possession-of-marijuana felonies, and have been since Nixon started the culture war forty years ago, I SUPPORT this amnesty.

    Americans have been arresting other Americans (and arrest means automatic conviction unless you have a very expensive lawyer) at a rate of 600,000 a year for possession of marijuana ever since American presidents have been admitting to smoking weed (“Ah didn’t inhale” WJ Clinton, “Jesus forgives me” GW Bush, “I was young and black, what did you expect?” BH Obama). In most places, this arrest means a felony conviction: the same level of crime as murder.

    It’s the 21-century, the world is turning upside down, at least white people could decide to just stop acting crazy. Others don’t have much choice in how they act, but we do.

    The first thing that President Carter did after taking the oath of office was to pick up a pen and give a general amnesty to the 50,000 men who chose to become Canadians instead of murdering Vietnamese. This takes courage, but it needed to be done, and nuclear engineers (as Mr. Carter was before becoming a peanut farmer) understand that when something needs to be done, and you’re responsible, then you just do it and go on to whatever else needs to be done.

    Now what needs to be done is a general amnesty for the millions of bench warrants and felony convictions for minor possession of whatever drug convictions.

    I understand that you disagree. But only progressive leftists agree 100% on every issue.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    It was too difficult to hire nigros as city employees, because just about ALL of them have felony convictions. (You know, “…the PO-lice dun putted a kase on me…”

  • Earl P. Holt III

    This is an act of desperation: The nigros can now smell blood in the water…

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    We’ve been lowering our standards in this country for years so this latest move simply lowers the bar even more. How far can “standards” be dumbed down. In time we’ll find out.

    • journey

      That time will be when this has crashed into a cesspool.

  • Basketeddie

    So I guess private industry’s response will be not to hire anyone by the name Naquan.

    • jim

      Let’s hope so. Hasn’t that been brought up a few times lately? That when employers see their pseudo African monikers they simply throw out the application? I would think that would be a wise lawsuit prevention measure.

    • Exactly, and this will hurt blacks who do not have criminal records. A prospective employer will have no idea whether an application is from Naquan the video-game addict or Naquan the convicted car-jacker.

  • Who Me?

    This might not be an altogether bad thing. It’s not like hordes of blacks are going to rush out and get jobs now that they don’t have to disclose their former careers as felons. The few that do might actually be capable of doing a job. Also employers can pretty much look at an application and see that someone has “holes” in his work history, years where he didn’t have ANY job, someone age 27 and this is his first job, etc. And employers will simply hire less (or no) blacks if he can get away with it.

    • thegodsofeden

      Good points.

    • Holes in one’s employment history can be explained away, but what potential employer is going to believe for one minute that N’DeShawntavious or LaTrine was working from home as a freelance writer?

  • LexiconD1

    What’s that whooshing noise?

    Oh, it’s only the whites, big box business and grocery stores fleeing St. Louis…

    • Ella

      You think that these businesses would want their corporate handouts.

  • TruthBeTold

    Let’s think of this in a different way. Let’s consider this an experiment with blacks being the lab rats.

    Let them do everything, and I do mean everything, they say they need to do to make a high-functioning black community without crime and violence where every black man and woman is productive and gainfully employed. A city without racism. A city without hate.

    Whatever they propose, let them do it. Whatever theory or program they want, give it them.

    In 5 more years, the transformation will be complete and they will have their black Utopia to show the world.

    • journey

      Just deport them. This country has wasted enough time, effort, and money around the black obsession. It’s long over due that they must leave and evolve on their time and expense (will take eons, if ever). Back to Africa they must go.

    • mikekingjr

      Around which toxic waste dump do we place the containment fence?

    • Great idea, but the next step is when the state and then the nation bail them out of the mess they made, as in Detroit. Then again, and again.

    • phillyguy

      the second coming of South Africa

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Maybe Detroit, MI is already the best example of this.

    • Such a city would not last 5 years. It would probably be on fire and looted within 5 months.

  • journey

    So somehow black criminals who have so called served their time to society will
    magically become a productive member. They were not employable prior to prison but prison has trained them to be employable? Got it. This convoluted arm twisting puts the employer and employees at risk.

    White societies have become more and more delusional due to our “guests”. The black installed in the WH is going to speed up the process of letting in more blacks from Haiti. These blacks are the lowest of the lowest. It’s like he’s going to do as much damage as
    possible before leaving.

    • IstvanIN

      It’s like he’s going to do as much damage as possible before leaving.
      That’s the plan.

    • Prisons do not really provide any sort of useful post-release employment training. Incarceration is not about punishment or even rehabilitation; it basically just amounts to warehousing offenders.

      • journey

        Just heard on the radio ~two days ago that CA is providing some useful training in prison for low serious offenders. The show feature was training them to be certified to be able to work on diary farms. Of course, the prisoners were white. And the ones that were interviewed sounded intelligent and happy to have employment opportunities after being released.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Why not just tattoo each black baby with a “I din do nuffins” tattoo on their left cheek, and when they are accused of a crime they can simply drop trou and shake it in YT’s face?

  • LHathaway

    The welfare reform act of 1996 gives tax breaks to companies that hire those who are receiving government assistance, or hiring those who have a criminal record. It’s still in effect.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    It won’t be long before it’s considered ‘racist’ to ask minorities employment questions.

    • TXCriollo

      Were already there

    • Douglas Quaid

      Yeah that video that came out recently said that racism begins as soon as the applicant writes “Sharkeisha” in the “first name” box, because employers are less likely to call people back who have “black names”. True, if I got an application from “Frank Grimes” and one from “Vandarvius Lemont Jones” I’m thinking Frank is probably going to be a more stable employee.

  • KenelmDigby

    So this is the way ‘equality’ ends.
    A White female employee might well find herself working in the next cubicle to a vicious rapist and murderer – of the type that strangles and dismembers bodies.

    The bigger point is that since the Kennedy/Johnson administration first started destroying America, Americans have become more and more habituated to practices which civilized societies once not only thought of as ‘perverse, but actually ‘evil’.
    And it will only get much, much worse from hereon in.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    Unspoken Black dictum: you had better keep the undeserved Free cheese, Afearmotive Action, and non-Inforcement of the destruction property and lives coming, but or we will continue destroying property and lives.

  • Look where “ban the box” measures have been enacted or have a good chance of being enacted. Bigger cities with lots of blacks.

    BTB is a racial issue. And like I said above, it’s political skid-greasing for affirmative action for felons.

    As for your other point, the overfelonization of everything, you definitely have a point, and the issue should be addressed. But it should be addressed on the other side of the world from racial issues, because to address overfelonization and race in the same zip code only serves to give the race excuse-mongers another excuse.

    • Frankenstone2

      Yes indeed, unfortunately the inability of blacks to behave in a white society tarnishes the push for the abolition of the Scarlet letter carried around my large numbers of whites for life due to a felony conviction.

      The vast majority of felonies committed by blacks are real felonies such as rape, murder, assault, armed robbery, burglary and so on.

      The vast majority of felonies committed by whites are non-violent in nature, some involving real crimes such as fraud, theft embezzlement and so on. Think of Bernie Madoff and other financial swindlers, even though most of them are Jewish and do not care for the whites as such or even see themselves as white.
      “Malum prohibitum” offenses, make believe “crimes” constitute the largest percentage of so-called “felonies” committed by whites, mostly drug related.
      Since I had never seen anyone put a gun to anyone else’s head to force them to buy drugs, I do not see a victim, so I do not see a crime.

  • In theory it makes sense. If somebody has truly “paid his debt to society,” then he shouldn’t be punished again, for the rest of his life. Then again, our so-called “justice system” is a cruel joke.

  • journey

    Have to agree with Question Diversity,

  • Ella

    Does this include child molesters, murderers and rapist? Some of us do not want to have our children and/or family members around these ex-cons who usually do NOT rehab well.

    • Child-molesters are automatically on parole for life here in Colorado. My old housemate/housesitter is now 8 years into a life sentence for molesting children, and his mandatory termination date is December 31, 8888, according to the CDOC website. This means that unless he plans on living to be 6913, he will never be off parole, even assuming he is someday granted it.

      In his original mug shot, he was an angry-looking guy in county orange. His current one shows a miserable, scared-looking dude who literally looks like he’s going to die soon. Assuming he is someday granted parole, the conditions will include things about not having any contact with minors, not being anyplace where liquor is served or sold, and serious restrictions on how close he can live to places such as schools, swimming pools, playgrounds and the like. I suspect that since his parents’ home is close to both an elementary school and a junior high, he will not be allowed to stay with them. There will probably be a “no social driving” restriction, which means that since his driver’s license has expired (they’re good for only five years in Colorado), he will be forbidden to take the driving test to reacquire a license. I am also trying to have payment of his outstanding small claims court debt to me made a parole condition, so that non-payment will constitute a parole violation.

      I suspect this all means that we have the child-molester problem reasonably well-contained here, and that a “ban the box” rule really wouldn’t help them.

  • OhWow

    More black privilege.

  • Sick of it

    Applications which have such a box normally have a followup section where they want you to disclose what you did. Also, being a Christian means marijuana is cool? I’ve never heard that one before, but I’m rather old fashioned and don’t even drink.

    • Frankenstone2

      No, being Christian, (and I am not), means to follow the teachings of Jesus, who said, among other things, that one should forgive sins, even 66 times, except the one sin of speaking against God.

      The motto regarding so-called “felonies” is never forgive, never forget” in this country that professes, hypocritically to be Christian. In this regard it is alone, almost barbaric,
      among the more civilized white nations of Europe. England seems to be close second, but until a little over 200 years ago England had over 200 offenses, most of them petty crimes, punishable by public hangings and some by live disembowelment.
      The worst aspects of the Puritan sect have been conserved in America, but the white gene pool was not.

      I never said that marijuana was “cool” or not cool.
      What I did imply was that using, possessing, selling or cultivating marijuana should never be a crime in any free country and to make it a felony of all things, is criminal misuse of legislative powers. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would get life in prison without parole under today’s (unconstitutional) federal laws because of the amount of marijuana they cultivated.
      At the most, only the selling to minors should be criminalized as are alcohol or tobacco or any other potentially harmful substances.
      Adult should be free to make their own choices.

      No act should be a felony unless there is a clear victim.

  • Douglas Quaid

    Down here the NAACP I believe is suing BMW for doing criminal background checks. The blacks of course whine and say that it is racist to check for a history of crime and violence before hiring someone. Besides, everyone knows that the criminal history of blacks is just due to the institutional racism in police forces and the justice system.

    • IstvanIN

      That is a good way to chase off an employer. Funny how blacks never think to tell their people to behave.

    • I Googled it, the US Gov’t is suing BMW for using criminal background checks to discriminate against hiring more black employees. The NAACP is just approving of this action.

      • IstvanIN

        Good golly, no wonder everyone wants to build factories in China.

  • John Smith

    Mighty non-white of them.

  • MooTieFighter

    Only one way to make blacks “equal” in America. Lower American standards.

  • John R

    I think a good compromise might be to “ban the box” for all convicted felons after seven, or possibly ten, years. That seems reasonable.

    • After probation or parole has been successfully completed, it seems reasonable, as someone who has acquired the self-discipline to not recidivate probably won’t. My last case was “improper use of a communications device” – an infraction and not even a misdemeanor – (I have a tongue that can politely be considered “weaponized caustic” where telemarketers are concerned, and said something quite rude over the phone to a telemarketer) for which I received no fine and no court fees: only 24 hours of community service picking up trash along I-25 (8 hours finished last Thursday).

      Of the guys with whom I did fed time, only two ever “re-enlisted”: one was a career counterfeiter who got caught a second time, and another was a drug addict who never got over his mother’s cancer death. The first doesn’t get out until 2036, by which time he will be 72, and the second one really just needed a head-shrinker.

      • IstvanIN

        You got community service for cussing out a telemarketer? Wow. Glad only only hangup on them.

      • mikekingjr

        Good Golly. I cursed at one just the other day and told him I would find and hurt him if he called me again. This was after receiving an early morning call each day for almost a week after signing up for his company’s service only the week before. I signed on for their internet service but not their TV service. Don’t own one and don’t want one right now. It was the second time this guy had called and I had asked him and the others to put me on their Do Not Call list.
        Thank you Mr. Scott for the valuable heads up.

    • IstvanIN

      Or have an easy way to expunge records after 7-10 of clean living.

  • At this rate Saint Louis will be annexed by Africa soon.

  • It presumes, wrongly, that the criminals are just out-of-work citizens who would otherwise have desired employment.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    When will they be renaming St. Louis “Little Liberia”.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Or maybe names that don’t sound like L’Genius Wisdom (IrishGirl).

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Evaluating an applicant’s moral sense can not be done in the hiring process, for it has a disparate impact on the black population.

  • Bunky

    I don’t know if I would panic … yet.
    Just because the felons don’t disclose does not mean that they are hired.
    The hiring authority simply looks them up … everywhere.
    This MAY be only political handwringing to get AA’s to think the politicians are on their side.
    On the other hand it could be just another detoilet.