St. Louis to Forgive About 220,000 Warrants for Nonviolent Municipal Offenses

Nicholas J.C. Pistor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 1, 2014

Offenders of the city’s municipal laws with outstanding warrants soon will get a free pass.

St. Louis officials plan to announce that the city’s municipal court will automatically clear outstanding warrants for nonviolent traffic violations and allow offenders to reset the court dates without a fee so long as they act by year’s end, making it the most progressive warrant forgiveness program in the region.

About 220,000 outstanding warrants issued before Oct. 1 in the city will automatically be forgiven, according to Jeff Rainford, the chief of staff to Mayor Francis Slay. {snip}

Rainford said the novel approach comes from conversations in the wake of the unrest in Ferguson, where many advocates of the poor complain that some residents are burdened by steep court fines and saddled with warrants for minor offenses.

“In light of Ferguson, we were thinking of how we can be more fair,” Rainford said.

Bench warrants are typically issued when someone misses a court appearance, meaning the offender can be arrested and forced to pay several hundred dollars for bail in addition to their underlying ticket.

Now, those with an outstanding warrant issued prior to Oct. 1 stemming from nonviolent municipal offenses in St. Louis, usually for failure to appear in court, will receive a postcard in the mail informing them that the warrant will be cleared until Dec. 31. If offenders don’t come to the municipal court by the end of the year and schedule a new court date, then the warrant will be put back into place.

Mary Ellen Ponder, the city’s operations director, estimated that about 70,000 to 80,000 people will receive postcards. (Many individuals have an average of three to four outstanding warrants per person.)


Offenders must still face the original charges that led to the failure to appear charge.


Rainford stressed that the amnesty would apply only to warrants for municipal traffic violations, not state crimes or drunken driving offenses. Warrants stemming from more serious issues like DWI, DUI and leaving the scene charges are exempt, as well as animal abuse and nuisance property warrants.


Outstanding warrants have long clogged law enforcement systems throughout the nation. Cities have differed on how to handle the backlog, whether through warrant forgiveness programs or cracking down on offenders. For example, in 2013, San Antonio city marshals outfitted more police cars with automatic license plate readers in an effort to roundup tens of thousands of misdemeanor warrants.

Warrant amnesty has been a consistent complaint by many activists and protesters in Ferguson. They have complained that cash-strapped cities are aggressively using municipal tickets and fines as a way of boosting revenue.


Clayton will have an “amnesty day” on Oct. 6 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., where defendants can come to court without fear of arrest and make deals with prosecutors and judges to handle outstanding warrants.

Velda City announced last month that offenders can clear up three traffic tickets for a one-time “failure-to-appear” charge of $200, anytime during the month of October.


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  • I was not aware that Michael Brown died on August 9 because a St. Louis City cop shot him to death for having a warrant out for his arrest for a St. Louis City traffic ticket.

    • proud white

      The terrible thing is the power of the mainstream media in encouraging these types of actions by government and influencing people’s feelings. I swear to you that a black kid is looked at like a victim deserving of everything while a white kid born with a neurologic disorder is looked at like an ordinary white privileged person

    • bilderbuster

      If that were true then it was a case of mistaken identity.
      It was the Gentle Giant’s Seegar snatching friend and the original witness Dorian Johnson who had the warrant for theft.
      But that shouldn’t matter.
      Darren Wilson didn’t shoot anyone.
      His racist sandwich did.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        “It were his cuzzin Shante` what didded dat…”

  • Luca

    I’m sure the blacks in Ferguson are falling on their knees and giving thanks that the White people in charge who have bestowed yet another appeasement gift upon them. And due to this tremendous act of forgiveness, the blacks in Ferguson and all over the US for that matter, will no longer indulge in the knock-out game, raping, robbing, assaulting and protesting.

    What a stroke of genius. If only we had thought of this sooner.

    • Samuel_Morton

      So much sarcasm in so few words. Very well done, sir.

  • Easyrhino

    “Warrants stemming from more serious issues like DWI, DUI and leaving the scene charges are exempt, as well as animal abuse and nuisance property warrants.”

    This is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it doesn’t impact jailing violent/dangerous criminals.

    Across the USA we have over 2,000,000 people locked up and in many cases it’s some clown selling another clown a bag of weed. I have no problem saving a 100K/year (or whatever) and letting this type of guy go free.

    • Who Me?

      Sometimes jailing some clown for selling weed to another clown is the only thing they can actually pin on someone they know full well has been doing other, violent crimes, (knockout game, gang related crimes, robberies, etc.) but can’t PROVE. It’s a way of getting him off the streets for awhile.

      • A petty marijuana bust doesn’t get them off the streets for very long. They usually just wind up doing some community service, and do as little genuine work as possible, even then.

        • The


          Behold, the exact mentality that inspired all drug laws to begin with. Its why Britain banned the Kilt in Scotland; they needed a pretext to f*ck with a very specific group of people.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          You are correct, at least so far as St. Louis is concerned. They do NO jail time on the first half-dozen marijuana possession charges…

      • The

        So, what you’re saying is that since you have no actual ‘evidence’ of other crimes, a pretext ‘crime’ like marijuana arrest lets you ‘keep ’em off the streets’ because you’re pretty damn sure they’re up to no good, right?

        For f*cks sake, kill yourself.

        • Who Me?

          Sure, as soon as you learn to read AND comprehend people’s comments properly. I know for a FACT they do this because I’ve seen them do it. I’ve also seen them plea bargain something worse down to a pot bust because they know somebody is a good kid that got in something over their head and if they were convicted of it, it would put an end to their future, whereas a simple pot bust won’t be the end of their ambitions. It works both ways.
          There’s a lot of difference between thinking somebody did something and knowing it, and a lot of difference between knowing somebody did something and being able to prove it in court.
          I live in Washington, and I am glad we legalized pot for a lot of reasons. I think the rest of the country ought to do so as well. (And not because I’m some sort of “pot head” either.)
          YOU need to simmer down and get a grip on yourself and your apparent anger issues!

          • Rhialto

            Plus the fact that the prosecutors have limited resources. Sometimes they underprosecute to get quick clearance.

            On the other hand, sometimes they threaten (and will implement) overprosecution to extort a guilty plea from the accused.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      Typical defeatist conservative, its over for us.

    • MannyR

      I have worked in a state work release and the vast majority of the people incarcerated in our prisons are there due to problems with drug addiction. The thing is in order to keep drugs in their pockets they do whatever they have to; theft, home invasion, robbery, id theft, extortion, shop lifting and even violent crimes like strong arm robbery and murder. The idea that drug addicts are rotting in prison for substance abuse issues is false. Almost all non violent drug users will be given rehab again and again until they commit more serious crimes that lead to serious prison time. It’s a big lie by the left that we lock up nonviolent drug offenders.

      • Easyrhino

        Just like they did with Prohibition 80 years ago, sooner or later the brain trust that is our government will figure out that the war on drugs is unsustainable. We’ve spent trillions and have little to show for those tax-dollars.

        • MannyR

          So you’d have no problem with your son picking up Heroin or your daughter using cyrstal meth while partying on her weekends?

          • Easyrhino

            Maybe you require a DC based nanny state telling you what is and what is not smart behavior but no one I know does.

            There is a vast difference between decriminalizing behavior and condoning it.

          • MannyR

            You choose not to answer the question. That pretty much sums it up.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Yes most people are idiots and follow the crowd,legalize drugs and the problem becomes 10 -100 times worse. The people who want to legalize drugs don’t seem to realize the war on murder, rape,violent crime in general is a failure so now you legalize.Good grief.

          • I voted for mary-jane legalization here, but never will over hard stuff.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “Across the USA we have over 2,000,000 people locked up and in many cases
      it’s some clown selling another clown a bag of weed. I have no problem
      saving a 100K/year (or whatever) and letting this type of guy go free
      and reserving jail space for the violent among the ferals.”

      I have no problems with throwing the news reporters, judges, lawyers, and politicians who helped destroy this country in those jails.


      • Precisely why I voted for marijuana legalization here in Colorado. I don’t use the stuff and don’t want to, but decriminalizing it and regulating and taxing it like alcohol will save a bundle on law-enforcement costs.

        • DonReynolds

          I am sure you already know that the trade and possession of marijuana is a Federal crime and no state has the ability to nullify Federal law. The only reason the votes in Colorado and Washington have won a temporary suspension of Federal enforcement efforts in their state is due to the tyranny of the Choom King in the Oval Office.

          Nullification of Federal law was one of the major causes of the last civil war. I would cite the more recent example of the state of Arizona, which attempted to make state laws IDENTICAL to Federal immigration law. Of course, those sanctuary states and cities who have refuted Federal immigration law fall in line with the views of the already mentioned tyrant.

          You are an intelligent man and I am certain you can think of a host of prohibitions and laws that could be repealed if only it were a only a matter of saving on law-enforcement money

          • The

            Are you a big ‘federal law’ supporter when they decide to pass a gun control law because of crying from big city mayors? Or are you a great states rights man then?

          • Of course, but if the feds want to harass a bunch of harmless pot-heads, they can do it on their own budget instead of expecting municipal and state police departments to do that for them.

            I would actually have gone further, had the provision been on the ballot. I would have voted to make it illegal for any city or county jail anywhere in Colorado to hold any federal defendant who had been arrested solely for marijuana, with a five-year state felony for any policeman or deputy who cooperates with the feds in that respect.

            There is no way the feds could lock up all the state’s pot-heads in the Engelwood federal detention center.

            As for another civil war, I suspect that’s a given in just a few years anyway.

    • The clown who sold the other clown the bag of weed has probably committed a lot of other violent crimes. It’s what dope dealers have to do sometimes.

      The clown who bought the bag of weed from the other clown also has probably committed a lot of other violent crimes. When you need that hit and you don’t have the money, you’re going to rob someone at gunpoint for money.

      • Who Me?

        Except from all the evidence to date, normal people don’t “need” weed anymore than normal people “need” alcohol. It’s not addictive like meth or coke that the user “needs”. (Unless you have some sort of underlying medical or psychological problem.)
        Your first paragraph is spot on. The use of weed is just an “add on” like the use of alcohol.

        • Is there any chance that marijuana can be psychologically addictive in a low IQ and low impulse control individual? If they already are essentially ruled by their emotions and how they feel, then couldn’t they be likely to have an addiction to it?

          • Who Me?

            I’m sure they can, the same way some people can become psychologically addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction in it’s later stages also involves physical addiction. (Withdrawal causing D.T.’s and so on.) I have no idea if marijuana “addiction” does also, but one would assume it does, at least to some degree.

      • Ron Cheaters

        I would disagree with this in the case of non-addictive drugs.
        On the flipside highly addictive drugs, regardless of their scheduling (I’ve seen people do some really stupid things for hydromorphone/oxycontin) Yes, I’m 100% in agreement with you.

    • The USA actually has more people – even in absolute terms – than Red China, a police state with four times our population.

  • MekongDelta69

    “In light of Ferguson, we were thinking of how we can be more fair,” Rainford said.

    Fair” to a groveling White leftist = “We’re gonna let blacks do whatever they want, with no consequences whatsoever. To make up for lost revenue and/or jail time, we will go out of our way to arrest as many innocent White people as possible.”

    • me

      Affirmative Action for Whitey=arrest more Whiteys.
      How many more times will “government officials” kiss Negro buttocks before they actually start acting civilized? Only the tootsie pop owl knows for sure, and he isn’t talking.

  • No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t think of a better way to encourage black misbehavior. Insanity like this is the hallmark of a failing civilization that will not exist much longer.

    • TruthBeTold

      Leave them alone and they will destroy themselves.

      The problem is they cling to us and drags us down with them.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        You, Sir, deserve to be awarded with a Doctorate in Nigrology…!

  • Doomispixulated

    It seems as if the United States Government, on all levels (federal, state, municipal), has lost its mind.

    • bilderbuster

      No it hasn’t. They are doing anything they want and the ones who have lost their minds are the ones still foolish enough to believe this nation isn’t being destroyed by design.

    • mikekingjr

      Nice avatar. I see that miscreant everywhere I go these days.

      • Doomispixulated

        might as well show off the face of the “dream”….

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    “‘In light of Ferguson, we were thinking of how we can be more fair,’ Rainford said.”
    With liberals, fairness is a loaded word. It is used to justify very unfair ideas and assumptions. Economic justice is a euphemism for socialism, and racial justice likewise is a euphemism for antiracism, of the aims are entirely anti-white. Here, the word fair is attached to an action that is objectively unjust; i.e., explicitly not holding criminals accountable for their actions.

    • TruthBeTold

      We’ll see what happens when these non-violent offenders are released.

      The recidivism rate is about 2 out of 3 re-offending within 3 years.

      Will they be given a third chance?

    • me

      It’s the same with Satanists. Anything good is vile to them. Anything vile is praised as being ‘good’. They hang crucifixes upside down, they recite prayers backwards, they desecrate holy icons, etc.

    • mikekingjr

      I’m still trying to figure out what was unfair about Ferguson in the first place.

      • DonReynolds

        It was unfair to allow rioters to burn shops and loot stores, assault innocent persons, shoot at police, throw firebombs, destroy private property without surrounding them and forcing them to surrender to justice. They should have been held responsible for their crimes and the destruction of property and the additional public cost of law enforcement.
        The other thing that was unfair about Ferguson was the media incitement to riot, the false reporting, the outright lies broadcast to a worried nation and to the world. For creating a magnet for radicals and anarchists, encouraging them to cross state lines to participate in a disturbance that was prolonged for over two weeks. Yes, that was unfair.

  • Truthseeker

    Appeasement will get them nowhere. You give the mob an inch, they’ll only want another, and another, and so on. Their goal is not harmony, but dominance. Conceding ground only gets them closer to their eventual goal.

  • JohnEngelman

    What a concept. They reduce the crime rate by reducing the number of crimes.

  • Sparky

    This is exactly why blacks riot and scream “racism” at the drop of a hat. It is what has made Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wealthy men. “Racism” pays. Blacks know it and whites are quick to comply.

    • DonReynolds

      some whites are quick to comply. Unfortunately, they are over-represented in positions of authority in this country because they seldom are vetted for that tendency when running for election or when being appointed to positions of leadership.

      • Germanicus

        In fact, Don, they are vetted. They are vetted to make positively sure that when pushed, they will quickly comply with those set to destroy Westrtn Civilization.

  • TruthBeTold

    The best way to undermine blacks is to give them what they want.

    If they want to flood their communities with criminals, let them have them.

    Just keep them away from me.

    • me

      Just remove the police, the courts, and the jails altogether–along with anyone not Negro. Then, watch the situation implode, like Detroit. Just make sure that the Negroes can’t move out of their self-made hells, and that they’re stuck there for the rest of their lives.

      • mikekingjr

        Wouldn’t it be fun to watch? I’d quadruple my payment to Netflix for a year if they carried the miniseries. Hmmm…. now what to name the series? Thinking.

        • Or you don’t need to wait:

        • Ron Cheaters

          Survivor: St. Louis.
          Side note, the only “Survivor” series I’d watch would be a bunch of inner-city gang-bangers dropped in the middle of the Artic. And watch the hilarity unfold.
          THAT would be entertainment.

          • My late firefighter uncle was often a participant in the real world reality show, Survivor: Pruitt-Igoe.

          • Ron Cheaters

            I had to Google it to know what it was.

            I can relate to this:
            “Well-known St. Louis
            journalist Sylvester Brown gives a candid account of his childhood in
            Pruitt-Igoe, where to survive, he learned to fight and to assume an air
            of toughness. Others remind us of the punitive, “no-man-in-the-house”
            policy of the time, under which husbands and fathers were barred from
            the homes of families receiving public assistance.”
            — A girl I went out with (white, divorced, 2 kids) wouldn’t let me sleep over because she was afraid she’d lose her benefits (2008, Toronto, Canada)

            “The impression that has
            lingered, both in St. Louis and nationwide, is that somehow, it was the
            poverty and lack of education of the residents that ruined the great
            social experiment that was Pruitt-Igoe.” We all know what that means.

            “”The Pruitt-Igoe Myth” deserves to be seen much more widely. As I
            learned from the spontaneous, post-screening testimony of residents who
            lived in and survived Pruitt-Igoe, at the very least, it’s an
            affirmation and vindication of their lives. But on a larger scale, “The
            Pruitt-Igoe Myth” is a cautionary tale for the 21st Century,
            when the myth of grand economic solutions for cities persists [and seems
            continually to fail], and when the war on poor people rages on.”
            — Hmm not sure what to say without seeing it. It sounds like a good spin.

            I left Toronto for Nova Scotia in 2007. We like to think our sister-city is Boston.. But outside of our urban centre’s here, we’re more like Kentucky.. I hazard to say.
            Toronto-New York, Calgary-Nashville/Dallas, Newfoundland-Ozarks, New Brunswick-Maine, Vancouver-Los Angeles, Quebec – is a foreign country within a country.

          • LexiconD1

            Sylvester Stallone’s (Aka “Rocky”) Mom…

          • The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

            You see, it’s only a myth that black people ruined the P-Is. So this documentary finally stands up to all the bigoted rumor-mongering and tells the TRUTH.

            Of course you may be asking: When did our masters ever allow us to say or even notice that black people ruined the P-Is and every similar housing project in the country? And that’s a good question with a simple truthful answer: Never.

            It’s just that the fact that ghetto blacks did bork every high rise public housing project in which they were allowed to live is one of those nudus imperatoris deals: Everyone knows it, everyone knows that everyone else knows it, but nobody is allowed to say it aloud.

          • Did white guys from the suburbs come in and ruin Pruitt-Igoe?

          • No, but if you take everything in the documentary at face value, white people moving to the suburbs in the 1950s and 1960s ruined the P-Is.

          • Who Me?

            You provide the wide screen, I’ll bring the popcorn and other snacks! I’d love to see that as well. (Probably everyone here at AmRen would get their TV’s out of storage and watch every week!)

          • Every current or former St. Louisan that is also an AR regular will be an executive producer. Get ready for a long set of closing credits, because from what I’ve seen, there are a lot of current or former St. Louisans that are AR regulars.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Here’s a scenario. Without a travel ban in place from West Africa, when West Africans with Ebola flying in, all hospital personnel walk off the job where Ebola paitents are transported. Couple that with St. Louis police walking off the job in black areas of Ferguson, and creating a perimeter outside Ferguson where blacks cannot escape.

      • LexiconD1

        I’m all for walling off Ferguson/St Louis, Detroit, and several others. Want your black paradise, there you go. Have at it, but you can’t come out from those walls. No matter what.

  • dd121

    While they’re at it why not forgive the felonies too. Particularly, for knock out time crimes.

    • bilderbuster

      It’s just teens playing a bad game.
      They just need more money foe education and more jobs for yoofs. (sarc)

      • Weren’t we told that the “knockout game” was really just an urban myth? Surely the mainstream media would never lie to the American public.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    To all residents of St. Louis: lock your doors and expect an immediate crime wave. DO NOT venture outside!

    • John Barleycorn

      they city never did that where I live . . .it’s pay thru the nose.

    • Who Me?

      No. These are low-level offenders who have been loose all along. They just won’t have to pay those pesky fines anymore–you know the ones they had no intention of ever paying anyway. They won’t be letting anybody out of the jails.

      • mikekingjr

        That comes next.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Here is what this “amnesty” REALLY means:

    The white politicians in St. Louis — every one of them a “Democrat,” because there hasn’t been a city-wide office held by a Republican in several decades — finally realize that the city is about to go the way of Detroit, and that their sinecures are in jeopardy.

    In the past, they have done everything they could to hamstring and subvert every reformer who tried to sound an alarm, while engaging in monumental efforts to deny the obvious threat posed by corrupt black electoral politics.

    However, it is now THEIR positions and property values that are in jeopardy, so they must find ways to appease the angry black mobs who are intent on voting them out of office and then taking their lovely homes, this rabble having previously destroyed their own neighborhoods.

    Many of these “Democrats” are indistinguishable from organized crime figures, and will get exactly what they deserve…

    • Sick of it

      I suspect they will simply move on to greener pastures, take positions of power, and start the process all over again. These people are like a disease.

    • DonReynolds

      St Louis is dominated by blacks, Italians and Irish, so it is no surprise that the Democrat party has been dominant for more than a half century. The last two groups are strongly Roman Catholic, so the liberal philosophy is the only one that is permitted in that city.

      • “St. Louis is dominated by….”


      • Earl P. Holt III

        The “Irish” must be Black Irish, and the Italians by way of Ethiopia !

        I lived in St. Louis City for 30 years, and in the Metro Area for 57 years: I watched the delineation between white and black move steadily south, to the point that none exists any longer.

        Moreover, the extreme south side of St. Louis City is now as black and savage and vandalized and crime-ridden as East St. Louis, Zimbabwe, Newark, or any other cesspool inhabited by “Africanus Criminalis.”

  • Caucasoid88

    And a typical response from Bell Curvious Jackson:

    “You mean we can beat up whitey, smoke weed in front of da poleece, and not get arrested no mo’?”

  • Sick of it

    DUI forgiveness leads to dead people.

  • LHathaway

    As long as whites get ‘sanctuary’ in our own safe area’s, the government can give ‘amnesty’ to whoever it wants, even if it excludes the 1 million white men in prison.

  • MannyR

    So any chance John Stewart will bring this up as “Black Privilege”?

  • Tarczan

    What am I missing here? The darkies have until Dec. 31 to appear, and the original failure to appear charges will be dropped, but they still must face the original charges. All this means is that almost all of the people will just not show up again by Dec. 31 and new failure to appear charges will be entered. Someone thinks the darkies will now show up for court?

    It will be even better because they will receive fresh failure to appear charges, right before the grand jury refuses to indict Darren Wilson.

  • mikekingjr

    I’ll wager the response to this offer will be as lively as that ordering illegals across the US to show up for immigration-related hearings.

  • Born_In_The_Pineywoods

    It all comes down to the fact that negroes are mental children for the most part. Due to an inability to think abstract thoughts, when they encounter the police due to their uncivilized behavior, they then believe that laws they violated exist merely to “keep the black man down.” They do not realize that laws are necessary to keep interactions between people to a predicable pattern so that all prosper from the predictable framework that laws give to civilization.

    The negroes do not get it that if EVERYONE ignored traffic laws, chaos would ensue. They just see that, in this one particular instance, they wanted to ignore a traffic law due to some perceived benefit or due to a general lack of concern for others. And so, when the po-leece give them a ticket or arrest them, they just see it as some sort of persecution. They never think “if everyone ran stop signs, or if everyone drove without insurance, or if everyone drove around drunk while throwing malt liquor bottles out of the tinted windows while blaring terrible music, then civilization would cease to function, so I ought to obey the law to do my part to keep the framework of civilization intact.”

    Children see rules the same way until they reach some level of mental maturity. The trouble is that all but a few negroes (3% of them?) never attain any great degree of mental maturity and awareness, so they live out their days not ever grasping these simple concepts.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Nicely Done.

    • Casper Flannigan

      Yes, absolutely idiot children. Cannot be changed, helped, or managed. So, as members of the greatest failed nation state in human history, what do we, the weary descendants of the original white western founders do now?

      • Born_In_The_Pineywoods


        You got me on that one.

        But my rifle is ready should it come to be needed.

    • Germanicus

      I wished that I noticed your comment before I added mine. You have it right. Their neurous systems seemed to be adapted for the local and immediate. The “that was then, this is now” rule so favored by the situational ethicists is, for most blacks, dialed in to a setting of only a few days and oe’s vicinity. Their memory and foresight is very differently focused than for Whites, especially those Whites that have availed themselves of education. Everyone errs. Educated Whites understand that our need for forgiveness requires a requisite level of restitution and corrective action. For instance, paying a traffic fine is a way of becoing more aware of one’s driving habits. Really, not pleasant, but going to traffic court is a good start on improving one’s behavior. There is a black girl in my neighborhood. When the children are playing she’ll converse with me from the sidewalk. She frequently expresses her admiration for people that work for the government. In her maybe 11 year-old mind she (of course this is a probe into the attitudes at home) thinks that all goverment workers are directly answerable to President Obama. (One day, young lady, one day…) Shd thinks government should give everything. Government should build playground in out prvate community. Government must be expected to do everything. She wants to work for the givernmen some day. I asked her staying home to raise children. Oh yeah, she puzzled, but seemed stymied as to how to make those competing goals work. She dropped that thread. In this regard, she is just like many White women with ambitions “to make a difference,” apparently such as accounting for some retail chain or checking out groceries. I asked the girl about starting a business, perhaps, and generating the wealth needed to make the economy run (including government, b.t.w.). This also was a topic that could not find a receptive home in her mind. It was a mind being prepared to parasitize Whitey. She said she didn’t like Obama. She heard that Obama was going to take away videos. I have no idea what this is about, but look out Obama, your base is only as deep as the thickness of one DVD. These are a genetically definabe group with different modes of relating to tge environment of people and things. Naturally, they want to settle into a comfortable manner of living with their own biology. I have no value judgment about that. But they do need their own place to live as do we. It is simply more just that way.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    St. Louis is simply exhausted from trying to enforce the law and keep the peace. They’re burned out, and this shows they have lost their will to put the lawless element in its place

    • ThomasER916

      That sounds like a great rationalization for the absurd.

  • One of the perps was Zha-quan McGee. If my mother had named me “Zha-quan”, I’d probably want to shoot folks, too.

    • Who Me?

      God, what do they do? Pick up 8 scrabble tiles and string them into a name?


    “They have complained that cash-strapped cities are aggressively using municipal tickets and fines as a way of boosting revenue.”

    That’s the real issue. Middle class white people are the biggest targets because they have more money for the gov’t to steal than poor blacks.

    The future of white nationalism is in populism not reactionary conservatism. Complaining endlessly about blacks is politically useless. Focus on ending corruption and parasitical government. Deal with blacks by restoring our right to free association, not by supporting a police state that will boomerang back on our own people.

    • Generally, yes. But in the context of this article, the dime a dozen postage stamp municipalities in north St. Louis County that rely heavily on speed traps for revenue are mostly to almost entirely black in population. However, when they were incorporated, they were all white.

      As for your second point, “restoring our right to free association,” we already tried that, in fact, the opposition to the civil rights movement in the 1960s leaned on that argument heavily, but to no avail. Even Jared Taylor tried that for most of AR’s history, but notice he really doesn’t do it anymore. We cannot win tribal battles with libertarian or any other abstract ideological weapons. It confuses people, it gives our enemies an opportunity to co-opt us, and the people we try to impress or placate with that tactic never buy it anyway.

      What you are correct about is the power of populism, or more accurately, anti-elitism and especially anti elitist hypocrisy. That was my point in the 20th anniversary of The Bell Curve thread a few days ago, my response to Charles Murray’s notion that any day now the egalitarian lie machine is going to fall apart. It’s not going to because it doesn’t have to. Our enemies know that Jared Taylor and Charles Murray are right, but they are also daft enough to construct a whole conga line of mechanisms and rhetorical devices and rationales so that they benefit from the end results of racial realism while putting on egalitarian heirs. I happen to think that the egalitarian lie machine fell apart a long time ago, and that to the extent it still seems to exist, it exists so our enemies use it in an elitist and hypocritical way to benefit themselves all the while bashing us down while making themselves seem all tolerant for PR purposes.

      There is a lot of political gold to be mined in calling out our enemies’ elitist hypocrisy.

      • ATBOTL

        Charles Murray is NOT on our side.

        • Other than the fact that he’s not an ethnonationalist or any kind of nationalist, which I already knew, what is your evidence of that?

    • phillyguy

      that’s why they have red light cameras now , they figure 90% of white drivers have legal cars, and they will no doubt collect their $100 tickets.

  • MBlanc46

    “[S]ome residents are burdened by steep court fines and saddled with warrants for minor offenses”

    Solution: Don’t commit the offenses.

  • MBlanc46

    Two words: Neville Chamberlain.

    • ThomasER916

      The difference is I’d vote for Hitler. At least he’d have a Final Solution for illegals and it wouldn’t be Amnesty.

  • DonReynolds

    Even if these outstanding warrants were only worth a hundred bucks each, the city just wiped out $22 million in city revenues, that were overdue and payable.
    It also sends the wrong message out on the street……if you are cited for a non-violent crime in St. Louis, you can chuck it in the trashcan, especially if you bees black. Only a chump or a punk would follow the rules in the first place, much less fork over the fine money or show up on the court date.
    I am waiting for them to destroy the Rule of Law to the point where murder and mayhem are punished with an optional five dollar donation to Goodwill. Then we can say this country is actually finished and the struggle will begin to build a new one.

    • The original fines and court fee assessments appear to remain, though the arrest warrants are temporarily suspended. The deal seems to be “come in and pay what you owe, and we won’t have you arrested”.

      The fact that there are 220,000 of these cases in St. Louis, a city of some 319,000 according to the 2010 census, suggests that arresting and jailing them all would be quite impossible. Where would the county put them?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    For 50 years, the city of St. Louis has been a one-party state as surely as Zimbabwe, Cuba, or any other cesspool. It is what happens when the “Democrats” control anything, with the result that no Republican has held a city-wide office in 50 years.

    After convincing themselves for the last 30 years that the alligator” (nigros) will eat them last, they are now reduced to the point of having to convince themselves that the “alligator” is a vegetarian, and means them no harm…

  • Earl P. Holt III

    They NEVER let you down…

  • OhWow

    Black privilege.

  • Alex Smarts

    This reminds me of the article by a lawyer a while ago where blacks couldn’t remember dates, couldn’t remember phone numbers, never came to appointments at the right time – or right day.

    I can easily see how relatively minor offenses turn into a disaster for blacks due to their basic inability to handle simple tasks.

    All the more reason to bring back the workhouse system and make productive use of these people. They simply aren’t fit for normal life in America.

    Better than throwing them all in jail, or wasting billions giving them freebies.

  • crockadoodle6

    For fifty years we have been fed the narrative that all black dysfunction, from abject violence to unwed teenage pregnancies to drop-out rates was nothing more than the result of white-designed black poverty. Well, the narrative has fallen apart because of two reasons:1) $trillions flushed down the white-guilt toilet with no change in black behavior. No change. 2) DNA showing race is not a sociology construct. They are different. Your eyes are correct when you notice that 80% of the NBA is black and virtually every RB in the NFL is black. And blacks have no substantial role in hard science, engineering, math or abstract thinking.

    The strategy has changed as we see by this redefinition of the concept of ‘crime and punishment’, St Louis style.
    Going forward the narrative must be that every aspect of the black paradigm is now the ‘new normal’. Therefore, there can be no black dysfunction, by definition. One more method of enslaving white people. Get used to it. And don’t complain.

  • “Warrant amnesty has been a consistent complaint by many activists and protesters in Ferguson. They have complained that cash-strapped cities are aggressively using municipal tickets and fines as a way of boosting revenue.”
    –Original article

    Those cities would not be so cash-strapped if blacks would refrain from imposing extra demands on public-sector services while simultaneously driving away the retail businesses that form the local sales tax bases and driving down the real-estate values that set the property taxes. In short, this misery is completely self-imposed.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Ought to bomb Lincoln Memorial. You domestic terrorist.

  • Germanicus

    “In light of Ferguson, we were thinking of how we can be more fair,” Rainford said. Incorrect Mr. Rainford. This is not a matter of “fairness,” that is “justice.” Of course, more than two-thousand years of thinking seriously about justice from the ancient classical and the Christian traditions would be lost on most parties in the confluence of spoiled, tribal behavior, media mendacity, and bureaucratic ineptitude. If Mayor Francis Slay wanted to exercise leniency, that is the mayor’s prerogative, I suppose. It is an ill-advised one in my opinion, but I know of nothing that would prevent the mayor from choosing this action. But leniency and justice (fairness) are not equivalent concepts. For example, if the penalties and court dates for these minor offenses are truly not “fair,” then there would be no justification for the enforcement of these rules and compliance requirements after December 31 of this year, as the city will resume doing, for cases occuring before October 1. Why October 1, while we are thinking about this? What made the requirements unjust before October 1, but not on October 2? This is not merely a poor choice of words, something like a typographical error, from an official in the mayor’s office. Words are how we think. The correct word is how we think correctly. Thinking correctly is the prequisite for acting correctly–and justly, or leniently and so on. This sloppiness of thought is precisely why it matters who is making decisions in the office of police chief, the mayor, the director or the CDC or the President of the United States. As a nation we have pursued, under knowingly false assumptions, disordered notions of competence, intelligence, and fairness. Rent has come due for this nation that has so disgracefully and self-destructively been living lies in a vain attempt to appease those with no capacity for appeasement. Indeed rent has come due, and by the way, so do those traffic and parking fines in St. Loius, leniently deferred until after the end of the year. And the city will collect, and even they will resume implicitly assuming the just nature of those collections. Just ask the judge at your newly scheduled court appearance.


    Writing in the Yale Law Journal, Paul Butler urged African-American jurors to free guilty African-American defendants of nonviolent drug crimes … In a penetrating critique of this mode of thought, Jeffrey Rosen shows what should be obvious: Making the legal process the wholly subjective expression of group-determined minds ends the possibility of people from different groups agreeing about anything and converts the objectivity of the law into an expression of group beliefs. And that means the end of the rule of law.” − Prof. James Q. Wilson, Moral Judgement