Immigration Advocates Warn Obama Not to Think Small

Alex Altman, TIME, October 29, 2014

Immigration activists are ratcheting up the pressure on Barack Obama, warning the President that a failure to live up to expectations for executive action on immigration would jeopardize his party’s standing with the Hispanic community.

“We won’t take any more excuses,” says Cristina Jimenez of the immigration-reform group United We Dream. “What we expect from the President is for him to use his legal authority to enact a program that will protect as many people from our community as possible.”

Obama pledged over the summer to take executive action this fall on immigration in the absence of legislation to fix a broken system. That promise crumbled under political pressures, as vulnerable Democrats in red states cajoled the White House into postponing the move until after Nov. 4. Now, as the midterms draw near, some reformers fear they’re about to be brushed off once more.

As the White House begins to weigh the scope of executive action, the early whispers among immigration reformers are that Obama may fall short of the lofty targets the movement has set for him. The President is considering an order that would grant temporary protection from deportation and work authorization to a sizable number of the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., a step he could take unilaterally by expanding the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.


At a “bare minimum,” said Pablo Alvarado, executive director for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, the immigration orders should include “an extension of work authorization to everyone who would qualify under the Senate bill and an end to the Secure Communities program and policies that criminalize immigrants. The President has the legal authority, the moral obligation, and the political capital required to take these important steps.” The Senate bill, which passed the upper chamber in June 2013 with 68 votes, would provide relief to some 8 million undocumented immigrants.


{snip} Two anonymous sources cited by Buzzfeed, which reported Tuesday that final recommendations were being sent to Obama, pegged the number in the low seven figures. And even some of Obama’s allies worry that a President with a mixed record on immigration and an instinct for the middle ground will disappoint the Hispanic community once again.


Immigration reformers urged Obama to withstand those pressures. “Some might worry the backlash against a bold program will be too great,” said Hincapié. But that backlash will exist whether the President extends relief to one person, 1 million or many more. “We’re holding the president to his word,” she added. “There are no more excuses.”

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  • DaveMed

    Jeez, these people are so obnoxiously aggressive.

    You have already won. All the demographic models state as much.

    Now, if you can manage to muster the patience to wait what will be a blink of an eye in historical terms, you’ll have this country under your thumbs in no time.

    • Sue


      and the vast membership of NumbersUSA have been pushing GOP leaders to
      take a strong stand against President Obama’s threatened executive
      amnesty. Some signs that it’s working:

      House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, who has been a supporter of amnesty, made clear last night that he wants to fight Obama issuing an amnesty on his own. Ryan pledged to use the courts or whatever he could do with Congress’ power of the purse to stop Obama’s amnesty.

      comes just days after Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus (who
      called for an amnesty just last year) promised his party would block the
      President if they took over the Senate. Even some Democratic
      candidates are running against executive amnesty.

      We’ve only come this far because of the financial support of our members. To fight executive amnesty, we need your financial support today. Press the Green button below to give.

      –Jim Robb

      34 million

      new work permits ordered

      • I can’t believe Jim Robb is being so politically unsophisticated here. He wrote it himself; some of the same Republicans who are openly for amnesty are all of a sudden saying they oppose Obama’s potential executive action?

        It’s just election season talk. If Obama winds up doing something big with his pen and phone, these same Republican establishment types will be throwing a big party in a soundproof room.

        Besides, what do they plan to do to manifest their supposed “strong stand against President Obama’s threatened executive amnesty?” Impeach him? They have already taken impeachment off the table, must not offend the blacks. Playing hardball with the budget process? They’re too afraid of being accused of “shutting down the government,” (even though it would be Obama vetoing the budget). Legislation to prohibit it? Legislation which Obama would veto.

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          I’m actually surprised the flash mobberies haven’t been called back into action. I’m sure Obama’s people still have the pull they need to mobilize their army of marching morons. I wonder if they have possibly ringed the towns where certain politicians families live, with gangs. The politics of the land seems more and more like a strong arm robbery.

          Ryan and Priebus are exactly who I would expect to see at the front of a “fight” with Obama. They may even believe it themselves. But it’s window dressing the GOP absolutely MUST present for the executive action fight to be successful, for Obama.

          The race card is getting a recharge as the Hispanic lobby hurls it to double down on ALL Americans, even the black ones. The web is alive with people addressing blacks as racists. This was rare a decade ago.

      • JENNIFER7

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      • mobilebay

        34 million, huh? Guess that shows the true number that are here. Can we now stop quoting that tired old 11 millions lie?

        • Sue

          Supposedly they’re bringing more in.

    • archer

      Aggressive isn’t the word, screw them, another thing what “legal” authority are they talking about? All these problems and there are a lot of them arose because we just didn’t enforce our laws in the first place. Pretty soon we’ll have 100 million screaming for amnesty.

      • SentryattheGate

        Most of the illegals poured in during Clinton’s and Bush the Second’s reign, as it was allowed to happen. Now Jeb Bush may run for Prez; he says it is “love for families” to allow amnesty! And today I heard that Boehner, of the stupid party, would back Jeb!

  • anony

    ” “We won’t take any more excuses,” ”

    The arrogance displayed in this comment is outrageous. Who do these people think they are, the new majority?


    • TruthBeTold

      It’s also amazing that these people actually get away with bullying politicians to get what they want.

      Just say no and watch them throw public tantrums. Let them show US citizens just how obnoxious these people are.

      • anony

        The pols are afraid of being called “racist”.


          they’re giving away our country and their kids and grandchildren’s future. But they’re more afraid at being called ‘racists’ gotcha.

          • anony

            They are probably also “bought off” or being held hostage by some hidden frailty. Believe me, I understand the techniques used to “own” someone.

      • Sue

        They could already show that and won’t. If illegals don’t have tv coverage, do they make a sound?

        • anony

          No, they don’t make a sound without tv, and that’s exactly our problem.

          We don’t have a platform from which to advocate our stance.

          • Sue

            Exactly the point.

      • A Freespeechzone

        This is only the beginning; they will demand and get preference at every level over citizens and veterans.

        • none of your business

          Affirmative action already gives them preference.

      • me

        It might do the White CITIZENS of this country to take a few lessons on bullying from our Mestizo invaders. Why not riot and strong-arm our politicians, too? At this sorry fork in the road, what do we have to lose?

    • Casper Flannigan

      Not yet. Give them one or two generations.

      • archer

        Illegals are already quasi “super citizens” they are turned loose repeatedly from ICE to commit more crimes.

    • ElComadreja

      They are an artificially created majority. Weak whites sat there watching this happen for fifty years without a murmur of protest.

  • Luca

    This is nothing more than a power grab by Marxist hispanic organizations and everyone associated with them. They need a large mass of ignorant peasants to give them the political clout they seek.

    Their threats are hollow posturing. What are they going to do? Abandon the Marxist Democratic party and jump ship over to the Republicans? More propaganda and nonsense from the left.

    • kikz2

      i hope you’re right….

    • TruthBeTold

      I agree their threats are hot air. Ignore them and let them make asses of themselves. They aren’t making any friends.


      they will displace us and attack whether they politically get what they want or not. These Hispanic militants and black militants are just like muslim radicals. The Hispanics see how subservient whites have been to blacks since the 60s and how scared we are at being called a racist that we’ll do ANYTHING to avoid that label. Seeing that, the Hispanics think that will work with us, too. Well, they overestiminated themselves with the limits of white guilt.

      • ElComadreja

        I embrace the label. This mestizo trash has to go.

  • Immigration activists are ratcheting up the pressure on Barack Obama, warning the President that a failure to live up to expectations for executive action on immigration would jeopardize his party’s standing with the Hispanic community.

    Actually it won’t. As long as Democrats offer more welfare than Republicans, and there’s no reason why that won’t be the case, (drunks always win p**sing matches), the Hispanic voters will be there for the blue team.

    “Immigration reform” (amnesty, open borders, immigration surge) is a big deal for Hispanic leaders and activists.

    Otherwise, these Razatards don’t have the political sophistication that God gave a bug. If they did, they’d shut up and let Obama keep on quietly wrecking immigration law enforcement, on pattern with most of the past and probably most of the future Presidents. But since they’re yapping their yappers, Obama feels he has to do something, and even if he does something in December after all elections and at the maximum time until the next election, it’s still going to do lots of damage to his party.

    • What if Obama legalizes 34 million immigrants & gives them the vote? Then old wasps can complain all they want & they’ll still be outvoted.

      • fgbrunner3

        You should move to Venezuela. Latin American democracy is just right for you.

  • MekongDelta69

    “‘We won’t take any more excuses,’ says Cristina Jimenez of the immigration-reform group United We Dream.”

    First of all, these illegal alien criminals have nothing to worry about.

    But let’s say [in an alternate universe (aka: what we call, NORMAL)], NoBama refuses. What are all these illegal aliens going to do? Storm the White House gates like the other illegal aliens, break into the White House and hold NoBama hostage?

    • Luca

      No, they’re going to threaten to all pack up and go back to Mexico and Central American leaving the Democrats bewildered and deprive them of votes.

      In my dreams.

      • MekongDelta69

        “Oh bartender. I’ll have whatever he’s already had too much of.”

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Your mouth to God’s ears.

    • TruthBeTold

      They have nothing but threats.

      Let them act on their threats. See who cares.

      Let the American people see them as the obnoxious, hate-driven ingrates they are.

      • The Mexican Government can declare a no-fly zone over the entire North American continent from Alaska to Florida. Commercial carriers will go bankrupt and the military will be unable to redeploy from it’s bases in Europe and Asia.

  • AmericanCitizen

    I think that the entire Immigration problem is what brings America down into the “Second World”. We are told that these people come here for a better life, to get their own American Dream. Ironically their presence and what they’ll do here will play a large role in bringing America down.

    What’s the “Second World”? My term for where we are headed. We were First World, and lets be real we won’t be Third World like Africa, where hospitals have dirt floors and running water is a luxury. “Second World” is a country led and lorded over by the 1%, or the Liberal Elite, or whatever term you prefer. People with high enough incomes will still live well: a dentist or lawyer doesn’t care if gasoline is $3 or $7. A computer programmer will still have a nice condo in a gated community.

    What the Second World doesn’t have is a middle class. The poor will always be around, and their ranks are growing. The staple of the middle class, good jobs in manufacturing or mid-level tech, are either outsourced or plain old gone. Things like Obamacare, rising fuel and food prices will squeeze the middle towards the bottom. Regulations are designed to smother small businesses which were once another middle class staple. This is our future, people on welfare and food stamps with flat screen TV’s and iPhones.

    • Brasilia Norte.

      • MannyR

        Children of Men is the future of this country. Civilization on the brink, low level terrorist attacks that are an everyday occuracne and a mish mash of different races warring it out in the street while whites hold their head in their hands. Alcoholism and suicide will be rapant.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Nail hit squarely on head.

    • anony

      Excellent analysis.

    • mobilebay

      Sounds like an Obamaplan to me.


      The white professionals: doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, accountants, etc, will change their tune as the nonwhites and illegals start taking their jobs. They will start to worry when HUD forces nonwhites into their nice country club part of town and the crime and standard of living plummets and they see Trayvons and Juans raping their daughters and terrorizing their neighborhoods.

      • ElComadreja

        Good luck with those brilliant brown skinned doctors.

  • Truthseeker

    I hope these people keep making noise. It should be clear to everyone that these people care about one thing only, and that’s expanding the scope of their race’s influence. They don’t care about anyone who isn’t one of their people, except to the extent that those people can help them achieve their goals. If all of us non-Hispanics died out, they wouldn’t shed a tear. People need to hear their message and realize that these are not people with any interest in living peacefully alongside us. They want to conquer us, and the more they talk, the more obvious it should become.

    • ElComadreja

      The funny thing is they’re not even a race. They’re the worst kind of mongrel for the most part.

      • SentryattheGate

        The offspring of raping, plundering Conquistadors and human-sacrificing stone-age Indians, with smattering of black slaves—what a sorry mix! They have a sort of caste system; with “white” Spaniards on top, mestizos, and down to blacks and “Indios” on the bottom rank.

  • The harder they push, the more whites wake up to their own imminent dispossession in the lands their ancestors built for them.

    Please keep getting ever more shrill and strident, browns and blacks. “Expect,” “demand,” guilt, shame, screech, and beg. Threaten violence, overtly and covertly. Tell us we are on the wrong side of history and that it’s time for us to “move over” and help you achieve your dreams at our own expense. You only make it that much easier to win our people over to nationalism, race realism, and a total rejection of multicult Marxism, once and for all.


      I don’t see whites doing anything. Look at how violent and in-your-face blacks are getting lately, and still whites do nothing. Whites still think “oh, it’s the year 2014, I’m over race” or they think blacks will eventually think like whites do. It’s so pathetic and naïve and delusional of whites.

      • Whites still have the luxury of running from the war, and our looted tax dollars are still capable of pacifying the seething underclass because enough of us still have jobs and pay taxes to keep this derelict afloat. On the day that ends, we will fight or we will die, like any other group of humans in history.

      • none of your business

        You are right. The first Whites who were bussed to the holding pens are grandparents now and have done nothing. Affirmative action has gone from a quota system to a no Whites need apply system. Black on White crime as been out of control for 50 years and we do nothing.
        Best thing you can do for your children is to change their last names to Hispanic ones before they apply to college and enter the job market.
        If you need a job just check black on your next application and see how fast they hire you. I did it once and there was not even an interview. HR just called me up and asked if I could start on Monday.

        • anony

          Did you take the job?

  • My white former neighbors in their gated Republican enclave are going to be ecstatic when Obama takes action. They won’t have to mow their lawns or clean their pools. Their businesses won’t have to pay a cleaning lady a decent wage. Illegal labor will be plentiful.

    But their grandchildren will be Mexicans, part Negro, and speaking Spanish. Serves them right.

    • Bossman

      But their grandchildren will be Mexicans, part Negro, and speaking Spanish
      That could still be better than being part Chinese and speaking Mandarin.

      • MannyR

        How about neither thank you.

      • Alexandra1973

        I’d prefer White, speaking English.

      • IstvanIN

        Chinese beats Mexican and Negro.

        • brior

          Chinese privilege is an asset

        • HE2

          Usually, Istvan, but not always.
          One problem, in addition to bogus CVs and transcripts, many overstay their Visas, disappear into the wind.

          I do not want Asians here.
          If California is any example, they too, do not assimilate.

        • Bossman

          Many of the beautiful women of color in the USA were in reality part Mexican or part American Indian from Lena Horne and Josephine Baker to Beyoncè. Stuff like that is good enough for me. This business of intelligence is just one variable in the evolution of human beings. In the very long term, I see Asia as being a greater threat to white identity in North America than so-called Hispanics. I say this for all kinds of reasons; some of them much too complex and obscure to go into.

          • SentryattheGate

            Wolves in sheep’s clothing! Bossman, I don’t you’re ready to be a boss, man!

        • anony

          Paper covers rock!

      • Valmont

        Chinese DNA would put the descendants’ IQ on an upward trajectory,
        instead of into leaf-blowing terrain.

        • HE2

          Depends on what area of China, Valmont.

          The interior of China is trans-generationally rural, peasant class, uneducated, squalidly poor, with IQs no higher than any other Third World Country.

          U.S. unis receive an entirely different population, the crème de la crème of China.
          However I read recently that upon arriving here, too many do not speak English, possess bogus CVs, purchased undergrad degrees and cannot keep up in class.
          This is true of both India and China.

        • none of your business

          Look at the charts. The average IQ in China is 100. The average IQ in S. Korea and Japan is 105. Hong Kong IS NOT A COUNTRY. It is just part of China.
          So when JT and Englemann go on and on about the sooo soo superior 105 IQ of Asians they are only referring to S. Korea and Japan.
          Asian Americans will never mate with blacks and messicans.

          • SentryattheGate

            And I read (maybe on Amren?) that Germans, when tested as a group, had an average IQ of 109!

      • HE2

        Thank you, no, Bossman, mestizos have low IQs, a tiny notch above bantus.

        Mexifornia is brought low by these tax dollar dependent brown squatters.
        Their 8 kids are sent to school English illiterate. We see violent gangs, property devaluation/ruination, filthy habits, a proliferation of numerous tax supported welfare benefits, chronic, untreated health problems requiring expensive uncompensated medical care [including free dialysis], jam packed Emergency Departments, a now tainted, unsafe blood supply thanks to dengue fever, Chagas and babeseosis diseases, meningeal and brain worm, malaria, a virulent polio like enterovirus that has killed and paralyzed several of our White kids, childhood diseases long ago defeated here by immunization which Latins, in their incompetence, do not receive.
        NONE of this is acceptable in our First World country.

        As the state goes under, brown squatters are paid under the table, remit no taxes, collect Earned Income Credits while sending millions of dollars a year home to Latin America.
        As a consequence, Mexico and Central America doubly profit from our misfortune: the opportunity to offload low functioning detritus, while receiving millions of our dollars sent home.

        If this state were sane, it would deport every last one of them, I do not care when they arrived or how many kids they have.
        Make my deportation comprehensive, please.

        • Bossman

          None of that is really true. I’ve heard stuff like that repeated hundred of times and it is all meaningless. What is meaningful is that Mexico is a neighbor and a trading partner of the USA and her influence will continue to grow. Mexico itself will continue to grow and become more powerful as time goes by.

          • HE2

            None of that is really true.

            Sorry, B, you are talking to a Californian who knows the score.
            Everything I said is true.

    • Luca

      I’m so glad to learn that Democrats living in their gated enclaves mow their own lawns and clean their own pools.


      All for the sake of ‘cheap labor’, white guilt, laziness and greed. Those four combinations killed our nation.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      I don’t buy the cheap labor argument. It’s an easy sell because middle class people can readily see it and relate to it. For them the idea of cheap labor is a plausible threat on several fronts. It stagnates wages.

      The “legalization” of nearly 40 million border jumping parasites is not necessary for cheap labor. The US is automating at a substantial pace. It used to take about a hundred people to keep a large power plant running. It can be done with 40 now. Automobiles need a third of the labor they did 20 years ago. The need for basic labor is falling as fast as the need for VCR technicians.

      This is a takeover of the US. A bloodless (on paper) coup designed to demoralized and destroy the Americans.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    “We won’t take any more excuses,”
    WTF?! Get the heil out of this country, you wretched, filthy, naugahyde face bitch. And take your nastee azzed little brats with you, too!

  • james AZ

    34,000,000 illegals come with visa without paperwork. Dictator Obama is modern Trojan horse………

    • Valmont

      When they look at Barry, they see a grinning, jug-eared piñata.
      One more whack, and just imagine all the goodies that will come tumbling out.

  • DLRisVH

    “We won’t take any more excuses,” says Joe Smith of the immigration-reform group Keep America White. “What we expect from the President is for him to use his legal authority to enact a program that will keep America White!

    One can dream, can’t he?

  • MannyR

    If retard really does this amnesty like everyone keeps saying he will, Hispanics will become the most despised group in this country right above blacks.

  • Luca

    Ferguson will become the new mini-Detroit.

  • libertarian1234

    “We won’t take any more excuses,” says Cristina Jimenez of the immigration-reform group United We Dream.”

    That such a group of failures and third world welfare cases can demand anything reveals just how far this nation has deteriorated.

    Like blacks they want control without understanding….or not caring….that those cities where they have control have been utter failures. And all of their neighborhoods have been turned into cesspools where raw sewage runs freely down the streets in front of cardboard shacks with tin roofs, and poverty is everywhere. That they feel they should be allowed to colonize this country by demanding citizenship is the height of arrogance. And because they believe they could maintain an American standard is delusional to say the least.

    What we need is a leader like Putin who allegedly said in a speech to the Duma the following. (I just might mention that the left is screaming that Putin never made those remarks, but I’m inclined to believe he did, because he’s said almost exactly the same things in statements at various times, but not summed up into one speech as it is here.)

    “In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari ‘a Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’.

    “We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honourable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians.”

    • From the day that he made a monkey out of Obama on Syria, I always thought he was smarter and more adept than our President. Despite the fact that he enjoys an 80% approval rating and our President 40%, I doubt that we even have 40%.

      However, this speech seems “too good to be true”. Do you have any references?

      • libertarian1234

        “However, this speech seems “too good to be true”. Do you have any references?”

        There are several conservative blogs that have this quote, but it’s difficult getting a source for speeches inside Russia. There is a web site that supposedly lists the speeches made to the Duma, but it isn’t complete and Russia is known to withhold international reporting of anything the PC West might try to demonize, which is meant for Russian ears only.

        The leftist radicals are almost apoplectic over this quote going viral on the internet and have pulled out all the stops in demonizing it as false.

        But Putin has said these very things on and off the record numerous times, only it hasn’t been all in one quote as this speech was. Moreover, it sounds EXACTLY like his other speeches, the same tone, phraseology and wording common to him.

        He gave the speech of course, and it has been reported from Russia that the Duma gave him a standing ovation for a full five minutes.

        Here’s another one of his speeches that WAS located on the Duma site. In reading it you can see he says basically the same thing, but not as pointed, because it is included in with other matters and just gets passing mention.

        Putin’s introductory remarks to a meeting of the Board of the Federal Migration Service in January 2012.

        “On the whole, the adaptation of guest workers is a separate and comprehensive issue. We must create the conditions for immigrants to normally integrate into our society, learn Russian and, of course, respect our culture and traditions and abide by Russian law. In this regard, I believe that the decision to make learning the Russian language compulsory and administer exams is well grounded.

        “To do so, we will need to carry out major organisational work and introduce corresponding legislative amendments. I’d like to ask the Federal Migration Service and other departments to submit specific proposals to the government. These proposals should be openly discussed with ethnic minorities as well as public and religious organisations. This should be mandatory for all guest workers regardless of their future employment.”
        End of quote…………………………..

        Since Russia refuses to depart from its conservatism and nationalism and has put in place laws against propagandizing the homosexual lifestyle, along with other PC dogma, Russia is being demonized on all fronts by far left dregs who are screeching hysterically that Putin refuses to go along with their rainbow utopia.

        It was the US and the EU that worked night and day to foment violence in Ukraine and they were behind the ouster of the duly elected president who rejected leftist Western dogma that has seen their countries impacted unfavorably with untold millions of third world hordes. But they blamed Russia as instigating the Ukraine crisis and declared he was trying to take over Europe as Hitler did, when securing Crimea was no more than a national security issue.

        Did you see where they are now saying Russia is manufacturing Ebola in its laboratories, pretending Russia is behind the Ebola epidemic? What benefit would Russia have in introducing Ebola in Africa?

        The Western leftists never stop trying to destroy Russia. Like everything and everybody else who does not toe the PC party line, they’re getting demonized and hated with pressure designed to bring them into the fold, like they have done with so many other people and countries.

        If Russia were to drop its nationalism and anti-PC ways, we can be assured there would be all kinds of favorable comments coming from the radical leftist Western press and politicians, like the NYT and SoS Kerry.

        Putin made the speech above. There is no question about it.

    • Bill Moore


      Can we get Putin to run for President of the United States?

      Putin has the best interests of the country he represents at heart.

      Thank you,
      Bill Moore

    • mobilebay

      I wonder on what Senorita Jimenez bases her demands? “We won’t take any more excuses.” I’ll bet they WILL take all the benefits this foolish administration hands out. They are like spoiled, selfish children who think they are are center of the universe. They have to throw a tantrum to get attention, and this country has pandered to them for so long, it’s afraid to say no.

  • JohnEngelman

    Immigration activists are ratcheting up the pressure on Barack Obama, warning the President that a failure to live up to expectations for executive action on immigration would jeopardize his party’s standing with the Hispanic community.

    – Alex Altman, TIME, October 29, 2014

    What about his standing with everyone who is jeopardized by Hispanic immigration?

  • Simonetta

    “At a “bare minimum,” said Pablo Alvarado, executive director for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, the immigration orders should include “an extension of work authorization to everyone..and an end to…policies that criminalize immigrants.”

    I’m sure that the President of the United States would be happy to take orders from the director of something called the
    National Day Laborer Organizing Network when this director can guarantee that the presidents of Mexico and Guatemala will extend the same legal protections to Americans living in these countries illegally.

    That’s the way diplomacy in the real world works.

    Another real-world tip, Pablo, is “never believe your own propaganda”. Illegal immigrants in any country don’t make immigration policy. In fact, they’re usually just one notch above being nothing more than slaves.

    You should probably accept the distinct possibility that the President of the United States isn’t going to do jack s**t for the illegal day laborers, regardless of what he says he’s going to do for you. Especially this POTUS.

    Maybe you should consider renaming your organization: Leaf-blowers Without Borders. Who knows, maybe NPR or the BBC will do a story on you.

    • none of your business

      Wonder who wrote his speech for him?

  • kenfrombayside

    The reason for this invasion is simple: most Americans remain silent, don’t vote, and spend a disproportionate amount of time engaged doing nothing, like watching NFL football. Contact your US Rep and 2 Senators; get to the polls to vote against the traitorous demRATS; return fundraising letters saying you will not give until the border is sealed and our unique Anglo heritage saved; prepare your meals and do your own gardening; go to NUMBERSUSA to send faxes to our alleged leaders; and join real immigration reform groups such as FAIR. Our enemies are at war with us, and we have to fight back. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem.

    • Sick of it

      They go to war with all of the weapons used in war and we play politics.

  • IKUredux

    NO AMNESTY. NO WAY. Period. We, the historical American Nation, completely oppose any amnesty. We, the historical American nation, also oppose any more immigration into our American nation. We, the traditional definition of “Americans”, are completely against the invasion of illegal immigrants, and, in fact, the legal immigration of Indians, Asians, and other assorted human detritus into our country. We are not being racist. We are protecting our own. Ghandi wanted the British out. (Of course, back in those days being British, meant being White. Now, not so much.) OMG! Doesn’t that make you pause? That being called “British” or called “French” or called “German”, is now completely meaningless????? I swear, I read articles that describe some black, muslim, I don’t care , as “European”.Are you fing kidding me? NO REALLY!!! Just because you happened to be born in an European country you are now European???!!!???? Really? Seriously? THERE IS NO GEOGRAPHICAL JUJU. You are who you are. Your DNA is the final arbiter. It matters not, where you are born, or where you invade(immigrate).

  • none of your business

    Maybe I’ll take a trip to Mexico City, hire a PR man and issue a press release ordering the President to give me instant citizenship and an affirmative action government job.

  • none of your business

    They are idiots but they are the useful idiots of the very intelligent successful
    puppet masters who own them

    • SentryattheGate

      Exactly! They have leftist activists with millions of dollars funding from the Ford, Rockefeller and MacArthur Foundations, plus churches, mainly Catholic Charities, with gov’t (taxpayer) grants! Any whites with financial problems should demand help from Catholic Charities (help w/utility bills, food, shelter, etc)—-they give a LOT to illegals! The Ford Foundation gave the money that founded unapologetically-racist La Raza! La Raza’s Cecilia Munoz is a top domestic policy advisor for Nerobama.

  • hastings88

    Hey, Jimenez. How bout we Anglos don’t take any more excuses and just deport all of you colonizers?

  • Who Me?

    They “demand” this and they “demand” that. Just how the heck do they get away with demanding anything? Didn’t anybody in this spineless congress notice that these “demanders” have no right to demand anything? They are not even citizens of our country–what’s left of it. Put them in prison, deport them, execute them for terrorism, whatever. Just STOP taking their “demands” seriously.

    • Jack Whistler

      They are invaders, invasions are answered with bullets.

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        In a sane world

  • LaughsAtHumans

    I just blew multiple minds by claiming to be a conservative Furry.

    Beat that.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    If this issue is forced upon Americans, which seems to be the aim here, do Hispanic-Americans think it will somehow benefit them? It will mark ALL of them.

    Every time a Hispanic person is called into question, Americans will remember how so many were forced into their midst without anyone being asked. Nobody is willing to put this to a vote, so Obama has to bully it in?

    This is NOT an American strategy, it’s the strategy of infiltration and domination. Black Americans are going to feel the worst of it first. But they’re too busy sucking Obama’s crank and worshipping Michelle’s “radiance” to notice that both of them are marching black Americans to the gallows.

    It’s hard for me to give a darn really. But, they ARE Americans and they ARE in peril. Too bad they hate me too much to save themselves.

  • Ghost

    He may as well disappoint them. He’s already disappointed everyone else. The stupid ones that voted for him anyway. I was personally disappointed in the Americans that voted for him in the first place.

  • Ella

    I keep thinking when you have a Prez and Congress that put foreign nationals over citizens’ well-being and then, blend the three branches of government, we have got a problem!

  • anony

    The fact that the fedgov gives them millions/year to promulgate their propaganda gives them courage as well.

    Can you imagine the bravado and courage Whites would have if they were funded and encouraged to “demand” their rights?

  • Michael Whalen

    I just love the multiculturalism evident in my own home city of Raleigh, NC. Our local Democrat Party propaganda rag, the Raleigh News and Observer, has an article today noting that “Raleigh Toasts the Departed on the Day of the Dead.” No we don’t!!! It’s the illegal aliens who are celebrating that satanic holiday. Get those third world, welfare sucking, drunk driving, Satan worshipping pagans out of this country!

  • fgbrunner3

    Stop illegal immigration. Impeach Obama now.

  • Completely true about the effects of QE. I wonder who came up with the name “Quatitative Easing”. I’m sure they made a couple of million just thinking up that name for what is essentially plain old inflation.

    I guess Ferguson will become a “food/ commodity desert” and the Gov’t will step in to hand out $ so minority businesses can make a $1,000 buy selling a quart of milk to local denizens for $2.

    Read “The Dying on Money” which examines the German hyperinflation of 1923 and it’s implications for the US.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    And neither should the rest of us. Deport ALL illegals en masse, no exceptions, their families and kin. No exceptions for length of time here, etc. Imprison for 3 years minimum first offense for returning illegally at a work farm in the Midwest. Double for each succeeding infraction.

    Initiate a National ID Card, without which you cannot vote or work. Penalties for employers who violate laws on hiring illegals should be draconian.

  • Is there anything the president is prohibited from doing by executive order? Can he give the nuclear command codes to ISIS by executive order? By executive order can he make every citizen of China a citizen of the US and ratify through China an amendment to the constitution that makes him dictator for life?

    Can he say the actual bill for Obamcare includes a $1,000 secret rider for every American that is due and payable now upon pain of imprisonment?

    If president Barry Soetoreo claims he will grant green cards or citizenship to 20 million foreign criminals on an EMERGENCY basis then that is clearly a lie. In an EMERGENCY I could easily see how he could call for the immediate deportation of 20 million foreign criminals as a threat to national security but I cannot see an “emergency” that requires that 20 million foreign criminals need to do anything but leave. The lives of law abiding Americans are not at stake. And since some of these foreign criminals have lived in the US illegally for years, nothing has changed that would make a change in their status an “emergency”.

    Is Barry Soetoro acting as the agent of a hostile foreign power bent on invading the US? After all, if he grants rights and privileges to enough foreigners, they will overwhelm the natives and become the de facto US population.

    Did you ever think it was even physically possible for the president to let in enough people to take over the United States? Thanks to president Barry Soetoro, now you know it is possible. Subjugate yourselves to your new masters!

    President Barry has already shown more concern over foreign criminals than unemployed, law abiding Americans.


    Barry got you Ebola for XMAS. I know you said you didn’t want it at first but president Hussein promises that if you give it a chance, it will grow on you! And speaking of gifts that keep on giving, president Hussein got you green cards for 20 million foreign criminals, higher Obamacare fees and necessarily skyrocketing electricity prices. Did you say you wanted an Ebola vaccine in your stocking? Sorry, the money for that got spent on amnesty for illegal aliens. If president Hussein spends $1,000 dollars each giving health care, welfare, jobs, green cards and eventual citizenship to 20 million foreign criminals, that will amount to $20 billion.