Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who has met with Obama, tells MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that he believes Obama is going “to act” both broadly and generously for millions upon millions of ‘undocumented workers’:

GUTIERREZ: Look. I don’t want to say the President said this but here’s my understanding from having met with him and talking to others. I believe that millions upon millions of undocumented workers who have roots in the community, who have american citizen children, who have established businesses, who would benefit from the senate bill, who would benefit from the senate bill–I think the president’s going to act.

And if the debate going into 2016 is–first it was repeal Obamacare and now it’s repeal the president’s executive order, that’s the fight I want to have.

HAYES: Millions upon millions. That’s the word?

GUTIERREZ: I’ve got to tell you. I believe the President of the United States is going to act broadly and generously. That’s my belief. He didn’t say that to me but that’s what I believe he’s going to do.

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    It looks like operation ” Get Whitey” is in full swing.

  • Extropico

    Obama possesses zero authority to confer executive mass amnesty and when a real natural born citizen is elected President he has every legal right to renounce and reverse such malfeasance.

    • propagandaoftruth

      The president certainly wants to generously continue welcoming our genocide by generously giving invaders our wealth.

      Unlike Byzantine bribery to barbarians, these won’t go away.

    • dd121

      Unfortunately, if the Republicans don’t act to counter his illegal actions, he has de facto authority.

    • Dr. X

      “Obama possesses zero authority to confer executive mass amnesty” — Actually, the scary part of this is that he DOES have the authority to grant mass amnesty with the pardon power in Article II of the Constitution. I’m certain that Gutierrez is not referring to that in the short run, however. He’s probably referring to some kind of non-deportation executive order for the so-called “DREAMers.” However, you need to be VERY worried that on his last day in office, Obama will grant a mass pardon to all 12-15 million illegals, plus however many millions he can encourage to come in the next 2 1/2 years. The goal is to flip Texas into a permanently “Blue” state, destroying the single largest bastion of Republican electoral votes in the nation. If New York, California, Texas and Illinois are all Democratic, the Republican Party will be finished forever, and an anti-white ruling coalition will dominate American politics for the foreseeable future — absent some kind of white secession movement. Elect a racially-obsessed mulatto not once, but TWICE, and you can’t be surprised when your country gets destroyed.

      • Obama can simply refuse to enforce immigration law. As far as that goes, that’s been the lay of the land since Eisenhower left office, for the most part.

        However, there is no legal authority to pardon anyone of a legal status. One can pardon someone for status crimes committed as a result of that person having a legal status, but not the legal status itself.

        Being underage for the purposes of alcohol (under the age of 21) is a legal status. Minor in possession of alcohol is a crime that is a result of people of a certain legal status. If you’re 19 and get a ticket for minor in possession, and you pay the fine, the next year, the Governor can pardon you for that crime. However, you’re still only 20 years old, and his pardoning you for that crime doesn’t mean you can go out and start legally buying booze, because you’re still 20 years old and still part of the status of underage/alcohol. The only way to change one’s legal status in that regard is to live long enough to reach your 21st birthday. Or an outright change in state alcohol legislation to lower the drinking age. The Governor cannot pardon anyone under the age of 21 from the status of being under 21 years old.

        Likewise, Obama can pardon illegal aliens for whatever crimes they committed that are a function of the illegal alien’s status as an illegal alien, but he cannot single handedly with his pen and phone wipe away the alien’s alienage.

        Now that’s legally speaking. In reality, the status of alienage or not alienage doesn’t matter substantively if the sanctions that come of the status of alienage are never enforced or are ignored.

        If underage/alcohol laws are never enforced, then there is no legal minimum drinking age in substantive reality and the status of being underage/alcohol does not really matter.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’m saying, for the third time in two weeks on AmRen:

    Luis Gutierrez is a pig.

  • And it wasn’t that long before this fool admitted what we all knew, what everyone with a brain knows, that the real purpose is the blue team’s maniacal drive to elect a new people.

  • MekongDelta69

    Ok – you don’t like that previous word. No problem. I’ll rephrase it.

    Luis Gutierrez is a traitor

    • RisingReich


  • Dave4088

    Tattoo is just brimming with excitement at the pending executive order amnesty since he thinks it will catapult him into the oval office as early as 2020. Then he can be the mestizo version of North Korea’s late Kim Jong Il complete with elevator shoes and all.

  • David Ashton

    And there are millions and millions more out there who would love to come to the USofA.

    • There are 5.7 billion people who live in countries that have GDP per capita less than Mexico.

      • David Ashton

        Isn’t it a Christian duty to admit them all, not just the few “lucky” ones who arrive at (or slip past) the gates? Think of all the unhappy Muslim women, starving Ethiopians, diseased Hindus, flood-endangered Bangladeshis, Syrian refugees, Kenyan homosexuals, &c.

        • Bossman

          Unhappy Muslim women are just plain stupid, as a first step they could start by removing all their clothes. Ethiopians have a lot of rich fertile land. They too are very stupid. The diseased Hindus could stop worshiping the rat god. Kenyan homosexuals? Africans believe homosexuality is a Western thing.

          • IstvanIN

            Good Golly, I binged that and Hindus do worship rats, and just about everything else!

          • RisingReich

            But stinking, mumbling, TB spewing, scabies bearing round and browns should have full admittance right?

          • Bossman

            Fellow North Americans should be welcomed into the USA as long as they follow the rules.

          • Alexandra1973

            The rules state that if you’re not an American, and you want to come in here, you do so legally.

          • And filthy, diseased, incestuous, low IQ, drug peddling, murderous, vile, illiterate, ugly, unsanitary, dead worshipping, gang banging, rapist, criminal Mexicans are vibrant, diverse, and should be welcomed with open arms, spread legs, and ebt cards!

            Right, lawncareprofessionalman?

          • Bossman

            I lived in Miami for a while. I did not meet anybody like the types that you’re describing. Miami is now a mecca for Hispanics from all over Latin America. Down there, they and the Jews are the ones who own all the expensive real estate.

          • RisingReich

            You’re either extremely obtuse or you really are a fool.

            You know damn well most “Latinos” in Miami are Cuban in descent.

          • Bossman

            I said that Miami is now a mecca for Hispanics from all over Latin America. Did you miss that? You can always go to Google and do some research to verify that statement.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          Christianity is white racial suicide. Because Christianity is an otherworldly belief system that focuses primarily on the afterlife and the second coming of Jesus, it is not really concerned with the biological realities of human existence, such as the necessity of white racial survival in a hostile world. Otherworldly issues take precedence over this-worldly issues, which means that believers can only serve one master, the Jewish god Jesus, but not their race. White people must either find a new religion for themselves or learn to live their lives without religion.

        • Dr. X

          “Isn’t it a Christian duty to admit them all?” NO. It’s a Christian duty to send missionaries to THEIR Third World hellholes to teach them how to improve their own lives in their own damn countries. Coming to the United States illegally is tantamount to stealing our country. Jesus never advocated theft; he advocated charity.

          • David Ashton

            Good point. Sorry to see the next comment deleted. It would have started an interesting discussion.

          • model1911

            YES YES.

  • Patriot’s Notebook

    Given that few Americans are willing to practice Civil Disobedience to FORCE this crap to stop and literally ‘take back America’ from a group of takers who insist that those who actually built this country owe them something—-Obama will continue to be embolden, along with racist, anti-White politicians.

    When and if the masses ‘wake up’, it will be too late—-your descendants will pay the price for being slothful and lazy.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Say what you will about MLK and the blacks, they were willing to give their lives in order to attain their political and social goals. Not so with whitey.

      • How so? I don’t remember MLK, or any other blacks nailing themselves to a cross and lighting themselves on fire in protest of anything? Did I miss the documentary of how they started an armed revolt against the whites to end slavery? (I guess Haiti would count, but you’re obviously referring to American blacks) Or are you referring to what I can only assume are the countless prison Muslims who performed suicide bombings on prominent white targets during the snivel rights movement?

        ohhhh, wait, no, you must mean the hundreds of thousands throughout history who were too stupid to realize that when they were caught raping, murdering, assaulting, stealing, etc. That they would be executed? I don’t think being too mentally retarded to understand the consequences of their actions counts as “self sacrifice” but hey, you keep preaching the make believe virtues of the African, looks like you’ve got at least a few people thumbs upping your baloney.

  • Kenner

    This poll in the Daily Mail showed who would vote for Obama or Romney if a rematch were held today. Romney won, but Obama retains overwhelming support among non-whites.

    • Puggg

      So? I regret Obama winning but I don’t regret McCain or Romney losing.

      • Kenner

        It’s not about Romney, my point is non-whites will vote for a black who is a train wreck rather than vote for a white.

      • Pro_Whitey

        I definitely agree re McCain. McCain would have pushed amnesty, and on top of that would have got us into fights in Syria and Ukraine. Mittens would not have been as bad, but I must say I don’t trust him that much.

        • RisingReich

          Romney vs obongo vs mcAmnesty.

          Twiddle de twiddle dum.

    • This bar graph is interesting in two ways:

      1. The actual vote on election day 2012 among white voters was Romney 59%, Obama 40%, others 1%. This states that if it was held today, whites would vote Romney 63%, Obama 34%, neither 3%. So this means that 4% more for Romney and 6% less for Obama swings the actual outcome. Compare that to the fact that ceteris paribus (which is not possible in electoral politics) Romney would have needed to have gone from the 27% he really got to 73% of the Hispanic vote to change the outcome. This means a small slither of white voters have more leverage than half of all Hispanic voters.

      2. However, as much of a clusterfreak as Obama has been since the start of his second term, it doesn’t say much for the person of Willard Mitt Romney that he could only get 4% more of whites than he actually did and Obama only gets 6% less of the white vote. There is a lot of buzz about Romney running again in 2016, those who are politically tuned in and perceptive should read a whole lot into what I just said.

  • Loudmouth Hispanics love to shoot their mouths off. Gutierrez reminds me of a La Raza Mexican professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He was always shooting his mouth off about how superior Mexicans are to whites. Gutty boy is likewise an Hispanic supremacist. I would pay no attention to him, but Obama is just evil enough to give blanket amnesty combined with open borders to bring in more.

  • Caucasoid88

    Who is this lesbian in glasses and who is this slant-eyed, lizard-faced bean bandit?

  • RexRazor

    Thanks Chicago for this ignorant little sawed off commie Rican racist.

  • Erasmus

    When I was young I used to think Augusto Pinochet’s methods were cruel and unnecessary. Now I see the wisdom in extirpating members of the left.