GOP Leaders Revive Democrats’ Amnesty Hopes

Neil Munro, Daily Caller, July 29, 2014

Democratic leaders are welcoming efforts by the House GOP leadership to amend a minor 2008 immigration bill, because it could revive the now-dormant, business-backed comprehensive immigration reform push.

The House’s proposed change to the 2008 bill is “an opening for us to have a conference on our comprehensive immigration reform,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

GOP leaders announced Tuesday they’re scheduling a Thursday vote on changes to the existing 2008 immigration law. For more than a month, President Barack Obama has blamed the law for his decision to allow more than 100,000 Central American migrants into the United States.


But conservatives and GOP-affiliated groups are rallying their supporters to block any changes to the 2008 bill.

That’s because any House vote to change the 2008 immigration law would allow House Speaker John Boehner to schedule a joint House and Senate conference where Democratic and GOP legislators could expand the slight changes to the 2008 law into a massive closed-door rewrite of the nation’s immigration laws.

Conservative groups and legislators worry an expanded conference will be used to draft an amnesty bill for at least 11 million illegals, and also to increase the current inflow of roughly two million immigrants and guest workers per year.


Once the conference is made possible by a House vote, then Boehner and the top leadership will instantly face enormous public and private pressure from Democratic legislators, President Obama and some Republicans, plus the nation’s business, media, agricultural and university sectors, plus Wall Street donors, to pass a big immigration rewrite.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Boehner said he will not advance the Senate immigration bill “in any fashion.”

“Nor will we accept any attempt to add any other comprehensive immigration reform bill or anything like it, including the DREAM Act, to the House’s targeted legislation, which is meant to fix the actual problems causing the border crisis,” Boehner said.


The current effort to stop any change to the 2008 bill has drawn support from a wide array of conservative groups, and by leading GOP conservatives, including Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Jeff Sessions, Sen. Rand Paul, plus numerous House Republicans, such as Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks.

“Until this administration demonstrates a sincere effort to uphold existing law and to stop issuing administrative amnesties, Congress should withhold any further money or legislation,” said a letter sent by the groups to Boehner on Saturday.

Conservative immigration reform groups say the 2008 law is a media-magnified distraction from Obama’s welcoming policies, which have put many or most of the 100,000-plus border-crossing adults, youths and kids on track to get green cards.

The conservative groups implored Boehner to discard any plans for a legal change that would trigger an expanded conference. “We fervently urge you to force the Obama administration to stabilize the border with the resources it already has through existing immigration laws,” said the letter from the group, which included NumbersUSA.


Existing laws include many options for excluding and repatriating the 100,000-plus Central American adults, youths and children who have crossed the border since October, the letter said.

Next year, the 2008 bill should be fixed to ease repatriation of youths from countries that don’t share a border with the United States, said the letter. There’s no need to make that change this year while the Senate is controlled by Democrats, said the letter.


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  • There is really no need to change the 2008 law at all, because as the V-Dare blogger Federale proved, it does not apply to the current hoardes.

    The only kind of legislation that should be considered at this moment is legislation that summarily and physically deports all illegal aliens from certain countries that entered starting on the date in the past that the deluge started and the present, and enough money to enforce that.

  • Dave4088

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Republican party is truly a pathetic spectacle and they continue to get outflanked and outmaneuvered by Hussein Obamnesty and CPUSA on every major issue of importance to white Americans.

  • MekongDelta69

    Harry Reid is a mental defective and the RINOs aren’t too far behind.

    And that’s all I have to say about that, Forrest.

    • JohnEngelman

      Republican politicians who favor amnesty are not Republicans in name only. They are Republicans who serve the business community. Ever since the GOP was formed in 1854 the business community has ruled it.

      • A Rational Racist

        “Ever since the GOP was formed in 1854 the business community has ruled it.”
        That’s a good reason to mistrust Republicans, John; but not sufficient to justify voting for Democrats who are ruled by all sorts of anti-white minority interests.

        • RisingReich

          I’m DONE voting.

          Just gives this sham of a “government” of this “country” credibility of which it has none.

          I was raised not to believe in fairy tales.

          • Vote in your municipal and state elections.


          • RisingReich

            I hear you and know why you say that.

          • Ringo Lennon

            Voting will do you no good until there’s a revolution in this country. I’ll never vote again, either. The fix is in in my state, Illinois.

          • Under the TABOR law, in Colorado voters must approve any and all local, city and state tax increases. I always vote “no” on tax increases unless the tax has a specific purpose and also an expiry date.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Between the crypto Marxists and the chamber of commerce the White male is in trouble if he doesn’t have a trust fund to help him appreciate his humiliation in luxury.

  • JP Rushton

    If this amnesty bill ever passes, America is done. Conservative estimates of around 25 million more Hispanics becoming citizens because of chain migration.

    Then on top of that millions more in legal immigration and visas every year? How could the country possibly survive that? It can’t.

    • Bossman

      The new proposed legislation would limit chain migration and give preference to the highly skilled.

      • TruthBeTold

        Yes, just like employee verification was supposed to prevent employers from hiring illegal aliens.

      • RisingReich

        Preference to the “highly skilled” be damned.

        Especially your kind. “Highly skilled” at drunk driving, kidnapping and raping White women, extortion, and spreading all kinds of diseases the White man spent much brain power and treasure eradicating here.

        Hopefully, we get back to those eradication efforts and rid ourselves of your kind, one way or the other.

        • HE2

          Agree, Rising.
          Both Mexico and Central America are teeming with highly skilled, competent, law abiding, brown people.
          Right? Wrong!

          • frank

            the dirty diseased Asian hordes are worse, they are our real enemies just watch before it’s too late

      • frank

        that’ll be the day, that’s all I see coming into this country everyday the dirty , peasant Asian hordes,,stop all immigration and higher highly skilled American workers

      • propagandaoftruth

        Hire highly skilled Americans or train them. Sloth and treachery by any other name…

  • Patriot’s Notebook

    Obama and Congress KNOW that little or nothing will be done to stop them from giving away the American Dream to the ‘dreamers’—who, by the way, with the help of these people, progressively take YOUR rights away in the interest of ‘fairness’….

    These ‘dreamers’ will go to the head of the line for everything from housing, healthcare, education, free money and social services over American Poor and Veterans.

    The diseased vermin flooding our borders will get better treatment than foster children—remember YOU own it for doing NOTHING to stop this.

  • Puggg
  • D.B. Cooper

    I really wish you guys would quit voting for this tool and his allies just because they have an R after their name.

    • WR_the_realist

      I will be voting against Kelly Ayotte in the primary (not for her opponent, just against her). I have never voted for Boehner, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, or Mike Huckabee. I’m not proud of who I voted for, but I’m definitely proud of who I voted against.

    • RisingReich

      Right because voting in Republicans has produced so much positive change.

      US politics has become a “choice” between the Devil, and the Devils son.

      Devils control the outcome regardless.

  • This nonsense out of the GOP is one of the many reasons I prefer tying fishing flies and making fishing lures to engagement in national level politics. They’re all just out to screw us. I’d rather catch fish.

  • JackKrak

    Democrats provide the rope, Republicans tie the noose around their necks and ask which tree they should use

  • RexRazor

    And the hoardes blindly go on texting, instagraming and watching reality shows while despicable politicians alter America irrevocably. Whether the law is rewritten or not is immaterial. There is no coming back from where we are.

  • scutum

    I have been telling people since Boehner was picked as speaker that the fix was in on amnesty. Boehner has a long history of association with and support from the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Round Table and a host of other open borders lobbying groups. It is amazing how this has been hushed up and not discussed in the MSM, including Fox News.

  • scutum

    As a sidebar I have several friends and a brother in-law that tutor high school students in this area. They have repeatedly informed me that these kids KNOW NOTHING. The other night I was watching Watters World and he was interviewing some college students who were on spring break. They had no idea who George Washington was, what Abraham Lincoln was famous for, who Harry Truman was and the fact that he dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. These students were from schools like Fordham and the University of Maryland. Based on the things I have heard from my friends and my brother in law, this ignorance also extends to subjects like math and the hard sciences, and is not just confined to history and the humanities..No wonder they are all voting for the likes of Obama and Boner. We will never turn this around if we don’t break the Government’s monopoly on our educational system.