What Race Preferences Hide

Mona Charen, Townhall, April 25, 2014


Any person attempting to overcome hardship can look to Sonia Sotomayor for inspiration. But as she demonstrated in her long, impassioned dissent in the case of Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, the experience of benefiting from race preferences has left her prickly and defensive on the subject. As others, including her Supreme Court colleague Justice Clarence Thomas, have argued, that kind of gnawing insecurity is one of the consequences of preferences. Others are never sure if you’ve achieved your position entirely on merit, and neither are you.

Sotomayor’s argument rests entirely on a fallacy–that lowering admission standards for certain minority applicants is the only possible response to concerns about racial and ethnic disparities in American life. “Race matters,” she scolded again and again in her dissent. Actually, she went further and argued that a Michigan constitutional amendment that explicitly forbids racial discrimination amounts to racial discrimination.

The contention that white, Asian and other students should be disadvantaged because of discrimination against blacks that ceased decades before they were born is facially unjust. Under the regime of preferences, the white child of a poor waitress from Scranton, Pennsylvania, who would be the first person in her family to ever attend college, will have to get SAT scores about 300 points higher (depending upon the school) than the black daughter of a dermatologist from Beverly Hills, California. An Asian student would have to score even higher, because that minority is, according to those who insist on counting by race, “overrepresented.”

Admissions officers at selective schools pretend they are offering opportunity to “underserved” minorities, but in reality, they are simply lowering standards for already-privileged students with the preferred skin tone. Ninety-two percent of blacks at elite colleges are from the top half of the income distribution. A study a decade ago at Harvard Law School found that only a third of students had four African-American grandparents. Another third were from interracial families. The rest were children of recent immigrants from Africa or the West Indies.


Dropping preferences is not harmful to minority students; it’s beneficial. It should not be the end of the story, though. The gap in achievement between some minority groups and others can and should be addressed. Contra Sotomayor, it’s not so much that “race matters” as that schools matter. The shame of the nation is that poor children continue to be so trapped in terrible schools. That is the disgrace that race counters cloak.

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  • Any person attempting to overcome hardship can look to Sonia Sotomayor for inspiration

    Any non-white person, that is. What inspiration? That someone who is barely qualified to preside over police court adjudicating speeding tickets could get one undeserved push up the ladder after another all the way up to the top of the judiciary heap, SCOTUS, just on social concern?

    • Fathercoughlin

      People Magazine today,I read the cover:That Nyongo Lupita(?) on the cover,the blurb said “her Inspiring Story”! I am so inspired!

      • They call her the world’s most beautiful person. People must not see very many people.

        • bilderbuster

          It’s an intentional insult to White people by the tribe that made her movie, awarded her for it and now is promoting African ugliness as beauty.

        • Hallie Eva

          She is mud ugly.

        • Pro_Whitey

          Reminds me of the David Spade line: “Hey, fashion designers! Concentrate on the clothes, and let the heterosexuals pick the models!”

  • JSS

    ” The shame of the nation is that poor children continue to be so trapped in terrible schools. That is the disgrace that race counters cloak”.

    Im not ashamed of it. Non Asian minorities are typically awful student’s and destroy everything they touch including schools. That’s not the nations fault and it can’t be fixed.

  • dd121

    Affirmative action is a zero-sum game that has a corresponding loser every time it’s invoked. Usually that person doesn’t know that he’s been directly screwed. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t had more of a backlash.

  • Martel

    Those who have the most gifts, enabling them to abuse such schemes, will do so. Similar to Affirmative Action in India.

    My problem is the number of hard working white kids who don’t make it into a university of their dreams because of this.

    • FeuerSalamander

      Let me relate a recent incident with one of these black geniuses that replaced a white student at a college. I work in the novelty entertainment business. We produce novelty items at various venues, one of them being at colleges, for their students. It has been my experience that blacks cut lines so I keep an eye out for this. I witnessed a black student get something from the line right next to me to my left, walk around back of the table where we were at and then stand next to her black friend who was second to next in my line. There were ten people behind her black friend. The usual game is that if they are called out on this they will claim. “Oh, I jess talking to my freyn” . So I waited until each of them tried to order something.Her friend grabbed an order form and the line cutter also grabbed one. I immediately told her she had to go to the end of the line. Her reply was that she was with her “freyn”, implying she had been in line the whole time, even though she was holding an item she had just gotten a minute before in the other line. I replied that “No, you were just over in that line, received that item, then walked around the table and got in line next to your friend, I saw you”. She then replied, “oh I’m jess filling this out for her” (pointing to her friend), I replied, “she is filling one out herself” to which she replied “yeah, I filling this out cause I’m going to go to the back of the line to get another one”. Is the lack of intelligence apparent to others or is it just me?

      • Martel

        They lack the discipline, and probably got there by cheating as well as AA.

        • FeuerSalamander

          One has to wonder, is the creature so stupid that she does not remember the lie that she just spit out a few seconds earlier as she contradicts that lie with a new one? Or does she think others are stupid enough to be fooled? Personally, I am of the opinion that “reason” and “logic” are not only alien to the black mind, but very distasteful to it. What matters to them is aggression and emotion. If someone says something aggressively enough and with enough force, then THAT become the reality that will be accepted. Truth has no place in their world. Their society is a constant jostle about who can be more forceful than another. Might makes right. I don’t even think it matters to them that a lie is obvious, or just contradicts a lie uttered just seconds before. They operate completely differently. Their grasp on reality is tenuous at best, narcissism trumps reality for them.

          • Reverend Bacon

            They are unaccustomed to being called out for their lies, because blacks generally don’t care (they do it also), and whites are so afraid of being tarred with the “racist” brush. Good for you for “mocking the cross and flame.”

          • FeuerSalamander

            Well,I am not shy about calling them out.

          • tlk244182

            Just don’t photograph them with your cell phone.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            yeah that’s what I said before I read your post. It’s like when you call out a racist college professors contradictory arguments against whites. He’ll just ban you from the class. He doesn’t care that they contradict logic or themselves. He just desires people to do what he wants and think the way he wants. The thinking doesn’t need to be rational. In their eyes you are just a push over i.e. a lemming to be led by the nose.

          • Hallie Eva

            The student, true to her blackness, is a liar and a sociopath who was toying with you, playing the game of “getting over” on a White. They all do it; it is innate black pathology.
            She knew you had witnessed her queue jumping and cheating, but did not care. Scrxw you, Whitey.

          • Geo1metric

            You cannot reason with these folks since they have no capacity for it.

            The best advice is to avoid them whenever and wherever you can.

          • tlk244182

            I’m encouraged to find that other Whites notice this. That’s exactly right: getting over on Whitey is a game played by a large percentage of Negroes. It’s not even that they’re stupid. They’re playing a mind game.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I have to say in more ghetto areas blacks are not so disrespectful to whites. In a prison if a black person messed with a white gang member he would be beaten or killed like he would for messing with any other person. On the streets this disrespect doesn’t exist so much because people who live on the streets learn to defend themselves and act aggressively. It is with neutered middle class whites who have never learned survival skills and are fed a constant diet of white guilt, submission and Marxism who seem like easy targets.

            On the streets the ghetto negro is a nobody. She enrolls in a college and the entire staff is bending over backwards to give her special treatment. It’s like a spoiled kid. You can’t really blame the kid so much as the environment she is in.

            This is not to say that a lot of minorities are the same as whites. They are more inclined to crime, not thinking of consequences to actions and less caring towards others (i.e. more socio pathic) on average but even a retarded socio path will be well behaved if that behavior is reinforced through her environment.

            Some argue nature or nurture but in reality extremely bad behavior is both cultivated genetically and encouraged in our degenerate Marxist culture. It’s not a tug of war but rather a symphony of degeneracy.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Well actually here is a good story. My mom used to go to a predominately black school when she was a kid. The black girls there always harassed her and beat her up. They hated her because she was blond which was like even more white than most whites, so she was a special target. The school would do nothing about it despite her parent complaining. One day after getting beat up by blacks she went home and her mom beat her. What am I getting beat for? Because you didn’t fight back.

            After that three black girls followed her home harassing her. She hit one over the head with a brick and knocked her out. The others ran away. The school wanted to suspend her but her mother argue against it and it didn’t happen at the school. After that the black kids wanted to be friends with her and showed her respect.

            And I guess that is what I have learned too. I too often think in civilized terms but most people I deal with (be they white or non-white) are more or less apes and I have to learn to “play the game” in dealing with such unter mensch.

            For example, being extremely altruistic is a good trait to have when around other civilized people. But you go and work at a minimal wage job and bend over backwards and do three times the work as everyone else and they see this as weakness or something and will treat you badly. But if you go in and just do your job but don’t go above and beyond they seem to treat you a lot better. Dealing with people is often much like learning how to deal with an animal. You need to just learn their instincts and most behaviors are pretty predictable and consistent from one person to the next.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            This is true for low class dumb whites as well. You just figured out how Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness work. It isn’t based on reason. If you opened up your own school or ran the nation and told everybody hating blacks is the thing to do, the majority will get behind it enthusiastically- even black people. Now you control media, government and schools and say that hating white people is the thing to do and the majority also get behind that.

            She probably thinks that you are dumb. The reason is that she is so used to walking all over white people who are afraid of black people and on the other hand afraid of being called racist. Just open your eyes and look at the Marxism around us. If you were Hispanic, Black, Jewish etc. wouldn’t you consider the average white person to be mentally retarded? I know I do. Something is wrong with them in that they let people walk all over them.

            I often notice people are shocked that I actually squeak out a word of dissent in the face of extremely hateful speech against my race. They are so used to speaking in front of a crowd of 1,000 whites and telling them that white people are worthless scum who need to be discriminated against and then the crowd of whites will give a standing ovation to it without one person speaking out against it.

            The reason is that people generally feel like they have more to gain by following the rules and are just natural followers. Beyond that the flouride in the water and poisoned food supply does the rest.

            So I mean even if you are dealing with whites or any other race they just respect authority or aggression. Let me give an example: if all her friends think you are attractive a woman will perceive you as attractive even if you are ugly as a disfigured skunk. People “believe” that Jesus is watching them or God wants them to give 10% of their income to their church simply because they were told this by an authority to them. None of it is filtered with logic. Emotion, obedience to authority and herd conformity dominate.

            Our school systems also reinforce the fact that all truth comes from authority rather than from reason or personal experience. If you write something in an essay and don’t cite an authoritative source to back your argument, then the argument can’t be true.

            If you start pounding your chest like an ape people might follow you. They generally aren’t persuaded by any kind of reason or forward thinking. This is probably why Jews dominate society as their culture encourages critical thinking and the average Jew seems to have at least some sort of intelligence. Among non-Jews be they white or brown or black or yellow I haven’t seen a lot of them that critically think. (maybe 10% of whites for example may fall into this category that actually think and are persuaded by reason). I suppose with some cultural changes and less flouride and estrogens in the food that percentage would go up quite a bit though.

          • FeuerSalamander

            I would say that no, it is not true for low class whites. This is my experience talking. The percentage of whites that act his way is less than a tenth of one percent. The lack of intelligence and moral thinking is in no way correlated to income when it comes to whites. My experience has been that lower class whites are NOT like this at all. The ones that are are almost always those who will mix with blacks.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        There are intelligent black people but just a lot less of them than in other races. The problem is not having black people there. If they can pass the tests and do as well as anyone else great. The problem is the affirmative action bringing in under qualified candidates.

        • 1stworlder

          only 15% of blacks have an IQ of 100 or higher. I worked with a black doctor that malpracticed himself to death but never meet a black as smart as seen on TV ads.

  • FeuerSalamander

    Yes Sonia, “RACE MATTERS”… your RACE, Sonia, is the reason you can not REASON which results in your contradicting yourself in your attempt to reason when you “argued that a Michigan constitutional amendment that explicitly forbids racial discrimination amounts to racial discrimination.” There is no doubt that in your case, Sonia, you never achieved anything by your merits, you are way over your head.

  • minot111

    Terrible schools are terrible because they have so many lousy students. Will we ever face reality and admit that half the kids(and probably 75% of black kids) just can’t learn at an average level

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Only one in six blacks (17%) have an above average (white) IQ, and of those “blacks” with triple digit IQs the vast majority are more European that African.

      If you consider only mulattoes to full Africans it’s more like 90-95% that are not capable of learning at the average white level.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “The shame of the nation is that poor children continue to be so trapped
    in terrible schools. That is the disgrace that race counters cloak.”

    For the millionth time, there are no such thing as terrible schools, only terrible students. IF Harvard admitted every ghetto black from Atlanta, it would cease to be a good school. Brand new high schools are being built every year in Southern CA, and yet somehow within a year or two these brand new high schools are classified as “bad” schools because they are filled with low IQ, third world hispanics. Actually going to class and attending schools is only half of the battle. In order to become proficient in mathematics, English, and the hard sciences, one must study OUTSIDE of school. One must do their homework and make a concerted effort to learn the material. A student cannot simply sit in a classroom and have information transferred into their brain via osmosis.

    As : SBPDL dmonstrates :

    “By almost any standard, Missouri v. Jenkins, the
    Kansas City, Missouri, school desegregation case, was extraordinary.
    Between 1985 and 2003 federal judges ordered more than $2 billion in new
    spending by the school district to encourage desegregation. Not only
    did they double property taxes to pay this huge bill, but they imposed
    an income tax surcharge on everyone who lived or worked in the city. The
    court order turned every high school and middle school (as well as
    half the elementary schools) into “magnet schools,” each with a
    distinctive theme—including not merely science, performing arts, and
    computer studies, but also classical Greek, Asian studies,
    agribusiness, and environmental studies. The newly constructed
    classical Greek high school housed an Olympic-sized pool with an
    underwater observation room, an indoor track, a gymnastic center, and
    racquetball courts.”

    “As of Jan.1(2012), the Kansas City Missouri (KCMO) School District has lost
    its accreditation for the second time in 11 years. The last time the
    KCMO School District lost its accreditation was in 2000 because of its
    failure to meet the minimal academic performance standards of the
    state. In 2002, KCMO schools were able to make improvements to gain the
    district provisional accreditation and avoid a state takeover.”

    “Thirty-five years ago, Kansas City’s district had 54,000 students.
    Today it has fewer than 17,000. Between then and now there was a
    spectacular confirmation of the axiom that education cannot be improved
    by simply throwing money at it.”

    Two billion dollars and the best high schools money could buy were not enough to fix black dysfunction. There are no terrible schools, only terrible students.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      That two billion dollars would be better invested in research specializing in IQ and human intelligence. Investigating the genetic basis of intelligence would do a lot more to fix the academic underachievement of blacks and hispanics. It makes far more sense than wasting money to build new schools. Ironically, the multicultural elitist rejection of IQ as a valid empirical construct reveals that the elites don’t give a damn about the students, only their well-paid government-funded jobs. Imagine how many jobs would disappear and how many careers would be ruined if Jamal’s prefrontal cortex could be surgically operated on in order to raise his IQ by two-thirds of one standard deviation.

      • M&S

        …if Jamal’s prefrontal cortex could be surgically operated on in order to raise his IQ by two-thirds of one standard deviation.
        Such modification would have to begin before he was conceived actually.

        Because what you are doing is altering epigenetic sequences which effect tissue formation in multiple areas of the brain, at different points in the gestative cycle. The Corpus Callosum cross hemispheric sanity checking, myelin coatings on neurosynaptic ganglia and amygdalic response to stress hormones for instance. While you’re at it, especially in blacks, you would do well to increase total cranial vault volumes by at least 10-15% more too.

        All of which is vastly easier to fix at the genetic level than it is through physical intervention, post birth.

        You would also need to work on black women to create metabolic responses which specifically layered down, via higher DHA presence, and corrected diets, more of the right kinds of (hmmmm, long time since biology…) N-3 vs. N-6 I believe it is Omega fatty acids as these are taken, in the third trimester, from the added fat on a woman’s lower body and passed across the placental barrier to increase binding qualities in converting certain long string proteins (ALA/EPA) into viable ‘brain food’ which aids in both volume growth of brain neuro synaptic density and proper functional development.

        Those women would also need to be convinced to nurse their children until at least one year of age to increase oxytocin saturation which might go -some- distance to mellowing the higher estradione presence in black blood serums which, in the liver, converts to a testosterone variant. Black women in particular do not like nursing as it destroys their figure but oxytocin is a volatile chemical which oxidizes too quickly to be administered any other way.

        At which point, you would still have blacks with higher aggression and dominance behaviors as congential conditions, fighting out an island-culture condition of smaller population in a society which doesn’t want them, finds them ugly and would prefer they were not a part of our lives.

        And you would have given them the intelligence to compete as equals.

        A smart black population with legacy ‘keepin it real’ behavioral tendencies and specifically the drive to achieve without going to prison for want of mental ability could very easily mouse the elephant.
        Whereas, the more intelligent you make whites, the more abstracted and disinterested in competitive behaviors we become which means that, even if you maintained the same relative positioning on the absolute scale of intelligence, there would be no guarantee that we would ‘suddenly’ become more able to defend our culture from the attacks of undesireable secondary populations demanding the benefits of our achievement as their own.
        IMO, while work on genomic modification is a very much more worthwhile condition than throwing money at the present day ‘core’ education system; the reality is that high function, anthropomorphic robotics to replace the need for menial wage slaves would do more to save whites from our own terminal dependence on threat races as scut labor than anything.
        Let whites -realize- that they don’t need X to do the jobs they would just as soon not, and the entire nature of society will change. Because the easiest way to eliminate a race group is to make it impossible for them to make money at the level they need to to grow as a functional percentage of total population.
        Right now it’s being done to skilled white workers as we attempt to create a socialist slave state where high end competencies are no more necessary than they are in Mexico or Mozambique.
        It could be easily argued that the staticism of white, middle class, wages since the 1960s, relative to inflation, has been due to the reduction in U.S. skilled labor and white centric social leveraging in favor of ‘the less advantaged’ populations.
        Yet where the truth of life is that race is not a social construct, societies are a racial one, enabling non-whites has only brought down our own society for no reasonable benefit to us.
        Maywood, CA looks like Mexico City, Mexico, because it is filled with Mexicans.
        Detroit looks like Kibera for much the same reason.
        Lift these people up from intellectual impoverishment and they will ‘smartly’ _still choose_ America as a land to create a life in. Not their genetic or national homelands.
        And whites will suffer for having been so kind, this time with with our genes.

    • American_cavalier

      “Between 1985 and 2003 federal judges ordered more than $2 billion in new
      spending by the school district to encourage desegregation.”

      The patently unconstitutional, unequitable, unjust, and criminal act of the rulings in question or a prima facie case to pursue criminal and civil trials against the judges and officials repsonsible for.the ruling and its implementing orders. In other words not only should those criminals if alive be brought to justice for trason, abuse of power under color of authority and other high crimes and misdeamonors, but their ENTIRE Estates including those deceased should be seized and redistributed to the victims in the sum of billions upon billions of dollars. The elite have no greater fear than that of losing everything they have, much more so for criminal elite.

      • Pro_Whitey

        Agreed. Remember that when you hear praise for Brown v Board of Education, which effectively mandates that result.

  • That we are posting comments on this issue is proof that the government is the enemy of the white race. They can fancy up the language with high-minded phrases about justice and equality, but it’s nothing more than window dressing to justify white genocide. And too many white men are cooperating by killing themselves. White male suicide is the real disgrace, the hidden disgrace. Sotomayer’s hatred of whites shows rather often in her intemperate remarks, but most Hispanics who rise to the top share this characteristic of hatred of whites. White men can either kill themselves or reclaim their role as real men. I vote for the latter.

    • Ella

      “And too many white men are cooperating by killing themselves.” I’ve known too many White males who never marry and never had any children. They either drank heavily or were materialists. White women need healthier White men to select and form families.

  • IstvanIN

    Of course Sotomayor is for affirmative action. No different than a bank robber being pro-robbery.

  • Tom Thumb

    What Race Preferences Hide
    These academic bums can hide anything they want. They’re fighting a rear guard action attempting to slow down the demise of their gig. The schools are approaching 60-70 yrs. past their expiration date and at some point, they will lose the vast majority of excellent students to home schooling or some such other situation. Then they will just rot away.

  • MBlanc46

    This is not an argument that should have to be made. That it has to made, is not a good sign.

    • Geo1metric

      The recent basketball/Stirling case was disturbing to me. The media response confirmed, once again, that in present-day Amerika, there exists no “crime” quite as horrible as an open display of “racism”.

      • tlk244182

        I’m convinced that racism must be mainstreamed. If the Cultural Marxists could mainstream sodomy, we ought to be able to do the same for ‘racism.’ After all, properly understood, it is only common sense. But somehow, the power of the accusation of racism has to be drastically reduced, since ‘racism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ are the two most effective political weapons in the Cultural Marxist arsenal.

        • Geo1metric

          Agree, but how do we do that? How do we break the monopoly that cultural marxism has on the main institutions in our country? Even the internet has been unable to do it thus far.

          • tlk244182

            I was imagining a more ‘cultural’ approach, making movies, tv, and books which feature the positive attributes of Whites, vis a vis the shortcomings of other groups. “All in the Family” where Archy’s character is an upper middle class liberal Jew and Meathead is his race realist son-in-law, etc. And “To Kill a Mockingbird,” where a race-realist is falsely accused, and movies where the heroes are race-realists who save the world the way James Bond did, only the villains are figures like Boehner, Hillary, Mark Potok, etc. It would have to be subtle in the beginning, since the masses are programmed the other way. Companies owned by Realists could quietly infuse Realism into their advertisements. That was what I was thinking. But the notion that the world should be run by English-speaking whites descended from Protestants is a perfectly reasonable one which wasn’t seriously questioned by the masses in this country (US) until the 60’s. As David Duke said, the truth is on our side.

          • tlk244182

            And I was kind of hoping that more Whites would stand up for Sterling’s right to have a private conversation, and tell the Negroes, libs, and “conservatives” who are piling on to take a flying leap. (Yes, I saw that Sterling is Jewish, but they’re after him ’cause in this case, he’s a White Jew, as Zimmerman was a White Hispanic, i.e. White enough for a show trial.

  • Strike_Team

    I wish that in “opinion” pieces like this, it would be pointed out that the Asian kid who would face discrimination because of over-representation would only be bumped aside for a latino or black. Generally the Asian will get the nod over a white with equal or slightly better qualifications. This is why Asians don’t bring up direct comparisons with whites unless they are using shields like “legacy” students. And most of the legacy students in the Ivy League for example, are from a group calling themselves white publicly in order to hide their numbers and the favoritism received when it comes to college admissions.

  • WR_the_realist

    Well, the article gets things half right at least. They still promote the myth that black students lag behind because so many go to lousy schools, when the schools are lousy because of who the students are. After all, take some run down inner city school with peeling lead paint, a heating system that barely works in the winter, and give it a per student budget half of what they get in a black Washington D.C. public school. Now fill it with the children of Japanese Americans. I’ll bet the school will do just fine, so long as it doesn’t have a black administration.

  • IKUredux

    Mona Charen, you’re an idiot. Nobody who is smart is ever trapped in a so called “bad school”..If you are smart, you will arise above your crappy school. What? You never heard of going to the library? I don’t care what kind of crap environment you live in, you still have access to a library. Let’s face it, when you say that “the shame of the nation is that poor children continue to be so trapped in terrible schools”. We know what you mean, Mona. The fact of the matter is: Blacks and Hispanics are not smart enough to do school work, so, obviously, it’s the fault of the White man. Consequently, MORE MONEY FROM WHITE PEOPLE IS NEEDED. Yeah, that’s the ticket, and who cares , affirmative action will give them a job over a White any day. Look, my ancestors did not own slaves. My ancestors were treated like crap in the “old country”..Well, they say, our people came over against their will as slaves. So did my people. We tried to fit in. You NEVER tried to fit in.NEVER. Three hundred years of living in this country, and you have formed your own culture. It has never changed. So, if Blacks in America have held onto their own culture for 350 years, why would we expect immigrants from all over the world to fit into our culture? Yes, Mona, you are correct: We wouldn’t. Therein lies the rub. This multiculti crap is NEVER going to work. Let me tell you something, I grew up singing “Ring Around the Rosie”. I didn’t find out the interpretation of the song, until I was much older. My point in bringing this up, we are constantly told that we as White people have no culture. WTF????? They actually have the nerve to say this to Scandinavians. We Americans are up to our asses in culture. We enjoy cultural references to movies we have all watched, also T.V. programs. We have references to Western literature, which we all understand. Now, if you are a Lib, and want to tell me this NOT culture, then what is? Putting a bone through your nose? Distending your earlobes? Eating your enemies? Look, I don’t care what the cultural Marxists say about everybody being equal, no civilization is better than another. They have lost their minds. HELLO! Our White civilization is so much better than any other race’s , there is literally no comparison. I refuse to apologize for the way my race lives. We earned, we developed it, no other race had any thing to do with our success. No matter what the zeitgeist is begiinning to suggest. By the way, only Whites could have come up with this crap about how all the other races played a major role in WHITE PEOPLE DISCOVERIES!

    • guest

      She’s a Hannity-level conservative. That is, she never seems to say anything interesting. A number of years ago, a friend gave me one of her books — a passing throw-away gift, surely. It was a redundant clichéd bore.

  • archer

    Promoting people or giving them a job based on race and not qualifications is how third world countries are made.