Princeton University Endorses Plan to Make Campus More Diverse

Kelly Heyboer, NJ, September 12, 2013

It has been nearly 50 years since Princeton University began admitting women and actively recruiting minority students, but the school is still too white and too male, according to a new report that calls for big changes on the Ivy League campus.

Christopher Eisgruber, the university’s new president, and the school’s board of trustees signed off today on a series of recommendations by a campus committee convened to take a hard look at campus diversity.

The 19-member group found that Princeton has made great strides in welcoming minorities, women and low-income students into its undergraduate classes in recent decades. But the rest of the school—including graduate programs, faculty and top administrators—still lacks diversity.


Princeton’s undergraduate Class of 2016 is the most diverse in the school’s history, with nearly half of the class made up of women and more than 40 percent of the students from minority racial groups. But the other parts of Princeton are not nearly as diverse. White males still make up the majority of the faculty and graduate students in many departments, the report said.

For example, the committee found just 3 percent of doctoral students and 1 percent of postdoctoral fellows at Princeton identified themselves as black. Similarly, Hispanics make up just 2 percent of Princeton’s full professors and senior administrators. Only 22 percent of associate and full professors are women.


Eisgruber said the university will adopt the committee’s recommendations and change its strategy for increasing diversity. Campus departments will have more freedom and responsibility for creating diversity in their ranks. The university will also provide more resources and monitor progress to hold the school accountable.


The report cited a successful program in Princeton’s molecular biology department that increased the percentage of minority students in the doctoral program from 3 percent to 23 percent over five years as a possible model for other programs.

But Princeton was forced to undertake that initiative by new requirements imposed by the National Institutes of Health, a federal body that funds college research. Those new requirements are “an example of increasingly common federal diversity mandates, which are only likely to intensify in coming years,” the report said.

The announcement of Princeton’s new diversity initiative came two days after U.S. News and World Report ranked the school the top national university in its annual rankings.

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  • We know they aren’t talking about Asians. It is becoming quite obvious that this country really wants to destroy itself and everything in it ….

    • D.B. Cooper

      Eisgruber was raised Catholic and married his wife in an Episcopal church. While helping his son, then in the fourth grade, with a school project, he discovered that his Berlin-born mother, who had arrived in New York as an eight-year-old refugee, was Jewish. Today, Eisgruber identifies as a nontheist Jew.

      I’m sure he had to “play ball” in order to be named president.

      Eisgruber donated $1,000 to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama in 2008 and $5,000 in 2012.

      You know, I’m starting to believe all of those Jew bashing stories some of you guys are preaching.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Every white Princeton alumnus should inform this dork that they’ll never donate another cent to the university.

        • Diversity Awareness Brigade

          Wrong. Educated elite Ivy League alumni like to feel on the rights side of history’s progress, so they will give more money to make Yale less White faster.

          When Yale finally shed’s its “too White” image, White alumni will hurt their own White children by leaving the majority of their estates to Yale’s African Interfaith Alliance Coalition Community Building Fund.

      • Spartacus

        “You know, I’m starting to believe all of those Jew bashing stories some of you guys are preaching.”


        Took you long enough…

      • John Ulfsson

        It’s about time. You’ll start noticing it everywhere now.

      • Romulus

        Yep, he certainly looks like one. He must be like a moth and wants to gravitate to where the money and prestige is. These kind of stories really bring out my ire. SO WHAT if there isn’t any bell curve morons in other departments. Academic achievement should be based on merit not race. So the obvious is to discriminatere against whites as the article clearly states. White males specifically.

      • Diversity Awareness Brigade

        Learn the Great Inversion Trick:

        White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won’t Go Away

        Anti-White Racism: A Scourge That Won’t Go Away

        “Standing here in the midst of the mass-graves of
        Bergen-Belsen, we are inexorably reminded that evil exists in this world.”

        “Standing here in the midst of the graves of Channon
        Christian, Eve Carson, Brittny Watts, Christopher Newsome, Jonathan Foster and Chris Lane, we are inexorably reminded that evil exists in this world.”

        The Demonization of President Obama Must End

        The Demonization of White Communities Must End

        Crafting a Holocaust Insurance Solution That Works

        Crafting a White Genocide Insurance Solution That Works

        Kissinger and Human Rights: An “Indifferent, Callous, and
        Perhaps Even Hostile” Record

        Obama-Holder and White Rights: An “Indifferent, Callous, and Perhaps Even Hostile” Record

        President Obama Is a Friend of Israel

        President Obama Is an Enemy of Whiteness

        Archbishop Desmond Tutu Weighs In On Pope Francis

        Archbishop Desmond Tutu Ignores Knoxville Horror

        The Racial Ghosts of the Birmingham Church Bombing Still Haunt

        The Racial Ghosts of Nat Turner’s Massacre Still Haunt White

        On Yom Kippur, Pride Is a Mitzvah

        On Christmas, Pride Is a White Baby

        Famed Winemaker’s Racist Tirade Goes WAY Beyond Paula Deen

        Knoxville Gang’s Racist Sex Rape Torture Murder Goes WAY Beyond
        Nat Turner

        The Racial Ghosts of the Birmingham Church Bombing Still Haunt

        The Racial Ghosts of the Nat Turner Massacre Still Haunt White

        “Until America develops policies to address the massive
        racial wealth gap that two centuries of policy choices created, far too many of those doors will stay closed.”

        “Until America develops policies to address the massive
        racial wealth threat that two anti-White terms of Obama policy choices created, far too many of those doors will stay unguarded.”

        The Next Generation of Civil Rights Issues Are Upon Us: Now Lets
        Go To Work

        The Next Generation of White Rights Issues Are Upon Us: Now Lets
        Go To Work

        Commercializing Hate

        Commercializing Anti-White Hate

        The National Alliance: Most Dangerous Organized Hate Group in the

        The DOJ-HUD-SPLC-ADL: Most Dangerous Organized Hate Group in the

        Fight Racism with your Contribution to ADL

        Fight Anti-White Racism with your Contribution to Counter-Currents

        “I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about
        what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice

        “I cannot sit idly by in beautiful California and not be
        concerned about what happens to White communities in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

        “We welcome President Obama’s demonstration of U.S.
        leadership in responding to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. In recent days, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have forcefully made the case for United States action against the Syrian regime in the wake of its use of chemical weapons against
        its own citizens.”

        “We welcome the Nation of Whiteness’ demonstration of White
        leadership in responding to the use of anti-white privilege profiling at the
        DOJ. In recent days, White leaders have forcefully made the case for mobilized White action against the darkest Obama regime in the wake of its use of anti-White hatred and violence against its Americas most vulnerable citizens.”

        Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria “An Immoral Crime of the
        First Order”

        Use of Anti-White Hate Crime Laws in America “An Immoral
        Crime of the First Order”

        Proud Jews Are Also Committed to Inclusiveness

        Proud Whites Are Also Committed to Meaningful Public Safety Measures

        A Century Later, Leo Frank Tragedy Still Resonates

        Years Later, Knoxville Horror Still Resonates

        • bigone4u

          The inversion trick, you say? I like it. Good examples by you. Now, to go out and practice it.

        • Andy

          The deaths at Bergen-Belsen were due to starvation and disease, while it was overcrowded and German railroad lines were being bombed. I am sure it wasn’t up to U.S. prison standards. However, it doesn’t really make a good example of how to “inexorably” prove that evil exists in the world.

      • me

        The face of a ‘liberal’, anti-European American, infiltrating, nation-wrecking non-goy. They are legion, and they hate us. Censor away, moderator!

      • bilderbuster

        He’s most likely lying about not knowing he was born Jewish but even if he’s telling the truth it just means you can raise a Jew as an Episcopalian but he will still behave as a Jew.

      • William Krapek

        Honestly I don’t believe those stories most of the time. John Kerry and Madeleine Albright “discovered” they were Jewish, too. I think they all knew and acted like they didn’t. Either that or somebody knew and made sure they were always in the right place at the right time.

        The term is “going crypto.”

        (It certainly explains the 2004 election. Howard Dean suddenly crashes and burns because of “the scream” in Iowa. After he’d been stabbed in the back by the Democrats. And all of a sudden everybody is dutifully herded into voting for John Kerry. I thought it was strange of the time.)

        • Sick of it

          They have a long history of changing names, pretending to be Christians (of local ethnic groups), etc. in Europe.

          • William Krapek

            Yeah and when we complain about it they whine and act like we’re being unreasonable. But we’ve GOT to say something. Because they always do something psycho like take over Wall Street and wreck the economy. Or churn out anti-White and anti-Christian hate propaganda in Hollywood year after year. Seriously it gets old.

            All this in a country that’s treated them better than any other country in their whole, long history!

            There’s no need to fall back on historical anti-Semitism, though. All we have to do is enforce the civil rights laws in this country. They’re clearly guilty of hyper-racism in those two industries.

            Honestly. White people gave the world Shakespeare and Goethe. Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes were white. Don’t tell me we don’t have the wherewithal to run things there.

          • Sick of it

            If we imprisoned criminals regardless of wealth or connections, they would flee this country and denounce us as anti-Semites. Again, there are way more people descended from Shem than the rather small world Jewish population, thus the term should not solely apply to them.

      • Sick of it

        Pick a destructive movement in this country alone. Look at the names of those involved in the movement. The sheer number of these names in so many places as compared to such a small percentage of our population truly opened my eyes.

    • sbuffalonative

      …but the school is still too white and too male…
      They make it clear who they’re referring to and targeting.

      • A Freespeechzone

        Another university that will be lowering their standards in the name of ‘diversity’ to placate those who can’t compete and won’t compete.

        China and developing nations are watching and laughing…

    • negrolocaust

      ..ALERT!! to all in MARYLAND. the gun laws change on october 1st. state
      police are adding extra officers to process gun applications. please
      pass this message along. thank you negrolocaust.

    • Northerner

      It has long been suspected that Asian enrollment at Ivy League schools is capped at 20%.

  • D.B. Cooper

    If you are unwilling to fight for the alma mater of Brooke Shields herself, then you deserve to lose it.

    • me

      Hey, DB–
      Why isn’t the ‘liberal’ powers that be worried about ‘diversity’ at the following Bantu-exclusive colleges? There are one hundred and five Bantu-exclusive colleges in the United States. This is a partial list:
      Cheney University-Pennsylvania
      Alabama A&M University
      Alabama State University
      Albany State University
      Alcorn State University-California
      Bluefield State University-West Virginia
      Bowie State University-Maryland
      Central State University-Ohio
      Chicago State University-Illinois
      Delaware State University
      Elizabeth City State University-North Carolina
      Fayetteville State University-North Carolina
      Florida A&M University
      Fort Valley State University-Georgia
      Grambling State University-Louisiana
      Harris-Stowe State University-Missouri
      Howard University-Maryland
      Jackson State University-Mississippi
      Kentucky State University-Kentucky
      Langston Univee

      • cablegirls

        White students can go to those schools. They typically comprise four or five percent of the student body.

  • Diversity Awareness Brigade

    “is still too white and too male”

    This is the war whoop against White privilege, and privilege includes having ample opportunities and places where White girls and boys can meet and fall in love and make families with being monitored for implicit racism.

    Whites no longer have anything that is our own. You can’t have nice things anymore.

    • John Ulfsson

      Senator Wasserman-Schultz (also head of the democratic party) said the same thing about the Republicans verbatim not too far back.

      I’ll let you look at Cooper’s post to see what they both have in common. Tim Wise and Abby Ferber, both driving forces behind the ‘white privilege’ movement have it in common as well.

      • Extropico

        I am sure that Debbie would love to take Rubio’s Florida U.S. Senator slot, but she is currently a mere Congressperson from the Miami area.

      • bilderbuster

        It was the ADL who came up with the slogan “Diversity is our strength”.

    • Spartacus

      Don’t worry, we’ll wake up just before our extermination. Until then, well….

      • Diversity Awareness Brigade

        We’ll be down to our last sixmillion, and our enemies will be at sixbillion, but they’ll still blame us for “not doing enough.”

        Where is our John Galt of Whiteness?

        • Spartacus

          It only took 500 White men less than a year to wipe out the Aztec empire, whose population numbered around 12 million.

          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            And that’s while those same whites were spending much of their time fighting each other.

    • Bo_Sears

      At Resisting Defamation, we did an in-depth study over three years to find out what the diverse white Americans have in freehold, without anyone being able to attack us without admonition. This is in reference to Diversity Awareness Brigade’s remark, “Whites no longer have anything that is our own.”

      We did allow Others to steal “diversity” to mean “racial diversity,” whereas in the Forties, Fifties, and Sixties, it meant a wide variety of kinds of diversity and the diverse white Americans understood that they were vibrantly diverse. Now we willingly submit to being “whites,” not even persons and not even Americans. We’ve forgotten that “white” is an adjective, not a noun.

      In fact, we could only find four things that are our own and those are our name, our label, our definition, and our description….meaning those are the only things we can get in others’ faces and yell at them about. Everything else, our children, our land, our houses, our neighborhoods, our bank accounts, our retirement savings, and our schools have been made into shifting, uncertain things with clever trick bags circling debates on the topics.

      So we have to build the white liberty movement on our name (no slurs), our label (we get to pick it), our definition (what we say it is), and our description (no more columnist Richard Cohen calling diverse white guys “big apes”).

      And that’s about it…our careers, retirements, educations, and futures are perverted from what we expected. We call the key terms “The Four Things” and use them to launch attackbacks at purveyors of the anti-white narrative. Please join us.

  • bigone4u

    Diversity plans are like the New York subways. Wait ten minutes and another one will come along. As universities create them, recruiting students and affirmative action FACULTY from the left side of the Bell curve, the only possible outcome is lower academic standards and/or grade inflation. Smart white youths will be displaced in favor of the dumb. White alumni who donate money to scumbag administrators who come up with this nonsense need to realize that they are participating in the destruction of all that is decent and civilized. Wake up, you dummies.

  • Puggg

    The announcement of Princeton’s new diversity initiative came two days
    after U.S. News and World Report ranked the school the top national
    university in its annual rankings.

    Princeton finished well, so I guess the school’s administration had to do something about it.

    I thought Princeton already had plenty of diversity (i.e. lack of gentile white men.)

    • NorthSea

      Guess it’s the last time Princeton makes that list.

    • M&S

      You’ve got it backwards Puggg.
      Putting a good mark on their report card is an egotistical buyin to getting them to toe the idiotic line about diversity as ineptitude being the legitimate inheritance of excellence.
      See, if Princeton /weren’t/ rated #1, then Blacks and Hispanics and Asians would have no reason to go there and so further rocking the boat by bringing in low academically ranking ‘minorities’ wouldn’t make sense.
      But as long as they are ‘doing so well’ (stroke, pat, tummy rub) there can be no harm done with a little more experimentation.
      It’s called reinforcing failure as an exercise in hard psyops, the process of disenfranchising an entire people from their owned self-destiny.
      Ain’t it awful?

  • mobilebay

    I’m sure thePresident himself will step aside so one of our “visitors” from the south can have his job.

    • Lewis33

      Didn’t you see D.B.’s post…he’s a minority now!

  • Truthseeker

    Nothing must ever develop organically with these people. It must always be engineered.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Diversity” is a euphemism for “lowering standards for blacks and Hispanics.”

    • ThomasER916

      While simultaneously limiting Asians but not Jews.

      • JohnEngelman

        Any race that is above average in gets limited in policies to achieve “diversity.”

        I like diversity, but I want it to be voluntary and based on merit. Successful corporations have plenty of well paid employees who were born in other countries, and which are non white, but this is not because they lowered standards to hire them. They are diverse in every respect but ability.

        • That was then; this is now.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am confident that Microsoft does not lower its standards to hire blacks and Hispanics. I am also confident that it hires lots of Jews and Orientals.

          • IanJMacDonald

            Every major corporation is under pressure to hire “enough” non-Asian minorities (NAMs). Failure to do so can result in defending expensive lawsuits filed by the US DoJ. Companies that require talent from the right end of the bell curve all encounter the same problem: a shortage of NAMs with sufficient IQ to actually do the work competently. The pool of high-IQ NAMS is quite limited while the demand is strong, thus it is no wonder that studies show that controlling for IQ, above-average IQ blacks earn more than their equally above-average white counterparts. In order to fill their quotas, employers must lower their standards in order to hire sufficient NAMs to keep the diveriscrats off their backs.

            And yet somehow John Engelman is “confidant” that Microsoft does not lower its standards to hire NAMs? Oh please.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have worked with several hundred computer programmers in various companies. Only four were black. Two owed their jobs to affirmative action. One of those was fired after six months.

          • IanJMacDonald

            Under an affirmative action regime, you simply cannot know which ones owe their jobs to racial preferences, and which ones really deserve their position.

          • JohnEngelman

            If a black coworker is less capable than the least capable white coworker, it is reasonable to assume that he is present under special circumstances.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    I just want to know when the liberals are going to address solutions for the racial inequality of the NBA.

  • Spartacus

    “Christopher Eisgruber, the university’s new president, and the school’s
    board of trustees signed off today on a series of recommendations by a
    campus committee convened to take a hard look at campus diversity.”


    Eisgruber ? That’s a name you wouldn’t expect from someone promoting diversity.


    • John Ulfsson

      Almost without exception.

  • borogirl54

    The question that they never ask is how many of these “diverse” candidates are actually ready academically for Princeton? Many of them still need remedial work in Math and English. Also how many of them will flunk out because they are not prepared for the level of work there.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Princeton’s undergraduate Class of 2016 is the most diverse in the school’s history, with nearly half of the class made up of women and more than 40 percent of the students from minority racial groups.”

    I wonder how many of those 40% non-whites are Asian. Is Princeton admitting unqualified blacks and Hispanics, or are they simply shifting preference to any non-white and letting in the best of the bunch (mostly Asians)?

  • Lewis33

    I’m guessing they didn’t include members of the tribe as a minority…that would get their numbers above acceptable limits…

    • William Krapek

      They’re considered white. I call them “special white.”

    • ThomasER916

      What’s amazing is the level of indoctrination is so deep here at Amren that even when you don’t name them you still get two “dislikes.”

  • APaige

    Half the class is women-seems proportionate enough.
    More than 40% are minorities-that’s more than proportionate enough!
    It seems that quest for diversity is costly…ineffective…illegal…and foolish.

    • Bunch of Afro-American studies majors ….

    • ThomasER916

      Why have half women? What’s the point? Women don’t produce as much as men. Forcing society to pay for women is turning all of working America into sugar daddies for Women’s Studies majors who will simply turn functioning businesses into diversity disasters.

  • borogirl54

    I saw something recently on the internet about these young white women who had just completed a three year registered nursing course and could not find a job because they had no experience. Personally, I would rather deal with them than some African who is a nurse in name only.

  • hastings88

    Princeton is a commie institution, anyway. Let them have diversity, and let the rot set in. The behavior of the diverse students will counter the propaganda that the white students receive.

  • Romulus

    Jews are not gentiles. Brush up on your knowledge of the tribe.

  • Romulus

    How about Liberty?

  • Winston Merryweather

    I do not trust the rankings of U.S. News. As any school’s diversity increases its meaningful rankings must decrease. Simple law of nature.

  • Hillsdale College
    Grove City College
    Neither accept federal student aid. May make it tougher.

    Re: Grove City College v. Bell

  • cablegirls

    “Princeton was forced to undertake that initiative by new requirements imposed by the National Institutes of Health, a federal body that funds college research. Those new requirements are ‘an example of increasingly common federal diversity mandates, which are only likely to intensify in coming years,’ the report said.”

    As if that isn’t discriminatory enough, NIH itself is now discrim

  • cecilhenry

    Why are they so anti-white???

    ITs contemptible.

    • Wethepeople

      The ‘usual suspects’ nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous — cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity. – Voltaire

  • Spartacus

    They’re about 18 million, not 6. And it is racial supremacy, you need only look at the filth their religion is to see how they view the rest of the world :

    “Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.”

    “Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile (“heathen”) it does not have to be returned.”

    “Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.”

    “Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth”

  • Chris

    I’m sure comrade Eisgruber would be willing to step down and let a minority take his place in order to increase diversity.

  • Jefferson

    Princeton needs more Guatemalans, Pakistanis, and Papua New Guineans, only than will it be truly diverse.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Don’t forget that they need a strong representation of muslims… keep the anti-Christian hate & violence going.

  • Jefferson

    True racial/ethnic supremacy is judged by which group on the planet has the lowest poverty rate.

    So by that standard, Jews are at the top of the food chain while Papua New Guineans, Somalis and Haitians for example are at the bottom of the food chain.

  • Viking_61

    More Marxism…

    When are the gullible parents who fund these Jewniversities going to wake up and smell the coffee? Maybe they are too worried about losing their own job to speak up against Marxist diversity mandates?

    Really, where is the nationwide faculty? Where is the national four year degree club, decrying the conduct of their alma maters?

    You would think there would be at least a few pissed off white dads.

  • Andy


  • Andy

    No, you can bash men and Christians too.

    • Only white men and Christians….

      • Andy

        Well, you can get away with saying things like “men are stupid and violent” or “Christians are uneducated bigots” without specifying race. But race is definitely the trump.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    The senators, supreme court judges, and CEO’s of tomorrow are all still going to come through these ivy league schools. We can only hope that part of their education will be an education into the true behavior and ability of the mud people.

    I think there’s a small percentage of the ruling class that actually KNOWS they’re using the darker races to destroy us, but even more useful idiots, the ones who are so insulated from diversity that the only blacks they have to see are the gardener at their country club and the ones on TV.

    I expect the blue bloods coming through these schools, post-enrichment, may well get a masters level education in what it’s like to really be around those “people”. We shall see if social engineering and propaganda can continue to trump evidence and reason with the next generation

    • MikeofAges

      The ruling class thinks about its children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It hopes to train them to train the succeeding generations in the skills necessary to maintain the family fortune. Beyond that, the ruling class has no mental capabilities other people do not have, only more opportunity to maintain a longer perspective. Another problem inherent to the human race is that those who think in the extreme long term lose some of their ability to comprehend what is going on around them in the immediate present. Newcomers to the ruling class frequently have the same problem as those lower down in the class scale when it comes to maintaining or improving their station. Often, they make no arrangements for providing for the success of their children beyond providing for their education. You see that in a lot of politicians who have come from humble origins to high office. You can see the same in the case of another group of people whose lives are somewhat open to public view, entertainment celebrities. Those who are more serious about making arrangements for their children and who not so quick throw them under the bus when they fail at something see better results, I am sure.

  • drattastic

    Are Asians considered minorities in college admissions ? If so then it would be easy to see why Princeton’s molecular biology department went from 3% to 23% minority participation in their doctoral program over 5 yrs .

    If they want the coveted minority type (AA) they’ll have to do what every other college (or for that matter any institution, business ) does to increase its number of blacks , lower their standards or have a separate secret set of standards .

    • Northerner

      Asians are racial minorities, but they’re not academic minorities. They’re actually hurt under Affirmative Action even more than Whites are because they’re compared to each other at higher standards.

      • Andy


        Asians are actually hurt less than white gentiles. Jewish applicants, despite being the most successful of any of the groups, are given affirmative action in the Ivy Leagues approaching what blacks and Hispanics receive. Based on merit, white gentiles should be 75% of Ivy League students. Instead, they are 26%.

        • drattastic

          Where do you get your data on % of white gentiles in the Ivy League schools ?

          • Andy

            I got the race figures from the Forbes website, and subtracted the number of Jewish students (from Hillel’s website) from the number of whites since almost all Jews are white.

          • drattastic

            Interesting and disconcerting , thanks .

          • MikeofAges

            I’m of Jewish descent myself. Appearances to me are, most of the whites in the Ivy League are either Jewish, legacy admittees, or from the upper middles class or noveau riche group. The rest of the white population is represented at almost a vanishing rate. Predominantly white high schools in small cities and rural counties may send one “showpiece” graduate to Harvard, Yale or Princeton one or twice a decade, if that. But it is also made clear that the person is being sent somewhere else to become someone else. Most of the time, after waving goodbye, they are never seen again. If they do return, it is to serve as a local representative of the occupying class.

            Part of the problem is that more do not apply, of course. The availability of financial aid is another issue. Much for minorities. Little or none set aside for whites, except for those designated “showpiece” types. But the admissions process gets in the way too. For example, a black girl from a high school in a small city with a 3.5 GPA and 1150 on the SATs might get into an IVY. A white girl with the same GPA and higher SATs could end at the local community college, absent a family with a strong impetus toward university attendance.

    • ThomasER916

      Jews like Al Franken have openly moved to limit Asians in Ivy League schools, as they tend to push out Jews. Kevin MacDonald is correct. Jews are a cartel.

  • Northerner

    They’re just catering to the new look of the American public, which is less white and more black & brown. This is how a college spreads its reputation and appeal (which is also why they like to accept International students who pay more tuition, and talk about their positive experiences when they go home).


    These Universities grade their success on how many people who are not white men there are enrolled in the school. What I want to know is how many of these “diversifying students” actually go on to use what they’ve been taught to improve, or at least contribute to society. After all the purpose of getting an education is not just for the sake of being educated. They are supposed to use that education to better society, right?

    If Princeton starts turning out “students” who do little more than get a job teaching a “humanities class” at the local community college every other weekend. Did Princeton really do it’s job? All I’m saying is that these schools should be focused on the caliber, rather than the color of student they turn out. After all their very reputation depends on it.

  • Boris McGuffin

    Here is what comes out of diverse campuses:

  • negrolocaust

    Black Africans who are lazy, rude abusive, arrogant & filthy.

  • Andrew

    What a sick country we live in. I was speaking with a student of mine from China and he immediately related to what we are going through to China’s Cultural Revolution.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      In the U.S. and Western Europe, people are either zoned out asleep, or wide, wide awake and posting knowledgeably on sites as this one and media comment sections, if allowed.
      Our exasperated words, while therapeutic and helpful on a personal need for camaraderie and the need to ventilate with like minded awakened ones, do not change a thing.
      Hitler used as his shock troops and useful idiots, the Brown Shirts, a gaggle of thugs, outliers, malcontents, dissidents, psychopathic crazies.They got the job done, people awakened.
      Their job over, with the “Night of Long Knives,” they were toast. The Elite SS took over.
      We have more than one group of govt shock troops and importing more. We cannot sit fast and allow the same scenario to play out. That is why I am concerned about radical White Supremicist fringe groups among us. They are our outliers.

  • When they say “diversity” they don’t just mean “nonwhite”, they mean 3rd world ethnic origins.

  • IanJMacDonald

    Eisgruber should lead by example and resign to make room for a non-white president of Princeton.

    • Spartacus

      Eisgruber isn’t White…

    • Libs are We Todd Ed

      He is Jewish by birth, perhaps the over representation of Jews in academia would be better addressed with his resignation?

      Even accounting for the high intelligence of the Ashkenazi Jew it is statistically impossible for 2.14% of the US population to be in so many leadership roles of Ivy League institutions, without some form of discrimination against Whites and Asians.

      There are Eight “Ivy Leugue” universities, five of them are currently headed by Jews.

      Brown University President – Christina Hull Paxson, married to Ari Gabinet both are members of the Kol Emut Jewish congregation.

      Cornell president, David J. Skorton is Jewish

      Harvard’s president, Drew Gilpin Faust is married to Charles E. Rosenberg
      Her predecessors, Lawrence Summers (2001-2006) Jewish and Neil L. Rudenstine (1991-2001) Jewish.

      Yale’s president, Peter Salovey is Jewish
      his predecessor, Rick Levin (1993-2013) Jewish.

      University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann is Jewish
      as was her predecessor Judith Rodin (1994-2004)

      Or maybe we should just regress to the tried and true merit based system.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Not only “leadership” roles but as a proportion of the student body as well.

        Based on the overall distribution of America’s population, it appears that approximately 65–70 percent of America’s highest ability students are non-Jewish whites, well over ten times the Jewish total of under 6 percent.

        At elite universities, on the basis of IQ, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews should be around 7 to 1 (IQ >130) or 4.5 to 1 (IQ > 145). Instead, the ratio is at most 1 to 1.

        Based on the overall distribution of America’s population, it appears that approximately 65–70 percent of America’s highest ability students are non-Jewish whites, well over ten times the Jewish total of under 6 percent.

        http://www [dot] theamericanconservative [dot] com/articles/the-myth-of-american-meritocracy/

        Jews, despite being smarter on average than whites or Asians, receive affirmative action like blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians. If only merit was used in admissions, you would need an SAT score of 1410 or an IQ of 138 to get into an Ivy League school. Instead, you need an IQ of 145 if you’re white, 139 if you’re Asian, 134 if you’re Jewish, 129 if you’re Amerind, 128 if you’re Hispanic, and 127 if you’re black. Based on merit, whites should make up three quarters of Ivy League students; instead they make up one quarter.


        Pass this on to John Engelman — AGAIN.

  • M&S

    Good. I’m glad. Let’s pull all our people out, including the few remaining good profs we have as teachers.
    Let’s move them to private teaching networks which use global alliances based on “You agree to have you background checked.” (and miraculously, no blacks, Hispanics, Asians or Jews are admitted) net membership to online teaching curriculum that utterly avoids racial agendas at the same time it enforces them by making the courses ‘just about the facts’.
    Why spend upwards of 120 grand for a four year and half a mil for a masters (now what a BSD used to be as entry level qualification) at a high ticket university when _The Name_ doesn’t buy you the kinds of social access as protectionist ‘old boys club’ empowerment that once would have made whites everywhere safer and stronger?
    See, if we pull out of education and set up our own degree system which _is not based on the status quo X dollars for Y degree hiring system, we create two things:
    1. Proof that there is no replacement for white quality. The reputation for which will
    rapidly exceed the printed-on-toilet-paper value of ‘real degrees’.
    2. A system by which we can underbid and still get hired for the simple reason that
    ‘nobody else could match the offer’.
    It’s all about the certification. If there is no requirement for certification because there is no Federal Funding and all hiring is based on word of mouth through a separate system, then two further things will happen:
    A. Nobody who works in a given field will be able to hire the right worker unless they
    abandon Federal Certification practices. Utterly disavowing all Federal Standards.
    B. Nobody who is ‘the right color but the wrong competency’ in the diversity groups will be
    able to work in non-certified workplaces because Federal Standards are not being
    It’s a self reinforcing system of racial isolationism which only requires we specifically look for other whites to give our business too.
    How do you pay for the setup and student loans? Job Placement. If you want to be an electrician, you work for an all-white company of less-than-ten individuals and you accept X level wages until such time as your loans are paid off. If there is a shortage, we change the terms of the debt or we find you a new work location. Ditto hospitals and clinics which would provide us a REAL option for fighting Obamacare by essentially saying No Thanks to the entire business of required social medicine insurance.

    Will there be countermeasures? Sure. Just like there were accusations about Syrian gas attacks until three EMLs essentially proved that Washington ‘approved’ of using Syrian Rebels as backed by the CIA’s pet, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan.
    But as long as we hold our ground and don’t go suit-happy or run away from false or misleading medical malpractice charges, we can win until they push us into a corner. At which point, everyone will realize that it’s time for whites to Secede on a wider scale.
    In small steps. In small steps.

  • Beloved Comrade

    They are not causing the genocide of their own people. Their own people have their own exclusive homeland in the Middle East that uses DNA and border fences, to keep “others” out. They are protected by and dependent on the might of the US military and White American taxpayers to destroy their enemies while they demand that the US and Europe keep their wide borders open to the third and fourth world.

  • Beloved Comrade

    They can kiss their ranking good-bye, and good riddance for all I care about these anti-white racists.
    Except they’ll cook the books and continue to pretend that non-whites perform at the level of whites.
    How about HWC? Historic White Colleges? Such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc.? The entire system needs to be purged of anti-whites who push the narrative that whites are the scourge of the earth.

    • MathFaithWorks

      They were founded to train Christian ministers and should be White Christian only.

      • Beloved Comrade

        How about Universities for those whose ancestors created Universities for them?

  • Beloved Comrade

    Fine. Then they need to stay in their own First World countries and stop falling all over themselves to come to racist, bigoted, homophobic White-based countries like the US. Let them stay in their own world-class universities instead of demanding entry to ours, the ones we pay taxes to support yet discriminate against our own children.

    Whites of European extraction are being systematically excluded and displaced to the point that they are now underrepresented in all the important areas of the elite, in academia, compared to their percentage of the population.

  • Hans Schneider

    Before doing anything else in this regard , Princeton should massively reduce the amount of jewish faculty and students to a maximum of 4% as they only represent 2% of the US population !

  • Luca

    Princeton also needs to admit more Australian Aborigines, Bushmen of the Kalahari and Pygmies from the Congo. I would like nothing better than to see a representative from any of these three groups being admitted as the new president once Eisgruber steps down for being too white.

    Princeton can then scour resumes for candidates well versed in making fire with two sticks, finding water in the desert, knowing which beetle larvae can be consumed raw and capable of building mud huts in less than two hours.

  • negrolocaust

    a black just shot dead 13 people at navy i wonder how many were white likely all.

    • MathFaithWorks

      Princeton’s future.

  • MathFaithWorks

    Eliminate federal aid to colleges and student loans.