Teen Girls Sow Fear in Wilmington’s Hilltop Neighborhood

Adam Taylor, Delaware Online, September 13, 2013

The group of girls walked onto the small front yard of a house in Wilmington’s Hilltop neighborhood with one purpose in mind—to fight the girl who lived there.

The leader of the group got what she wanted, the mother of the victim said. Her 14-year-old daughter jumped off the porch and fought, suffering injuries to her nose, wrist and ear in the Aug. 24 scrape.

“At first my daughter said, ‘I’m not going to fight,’ but then she said, ‘They’re going to keep messing with me if I don’t fight them,’ ” said Kellie Seth.

Seth and her pastor, the Rev. Derrick Johnson, said the incident is part of a disturbing trend that finds groups of teens, led by girls, traveling through Wilmington looking to assault their peers, sometimes boldly supported by their parents.

“So we have girls fighting girls, sanctioned by the parents,” said Johnson, pastor at Joshua Harvest Church. “I don’t know if it’s a psychopathic gene or what, but it’s totally unacceptable.”

The girl who is accused of assaulting Seth’s daughter was arrested on Aug. 28, Wilmington Cpl. Jamaine Crawford said. {snip}

Seth said the group goes by the name YOLA, which some say stands for “Your Own Leader Always,” while others say it’s a combination of the greetings “yo,” a popular greeting in the region, and “hola,” Spanish for hi.

A Facebook page created in March 2011 called “Yola Gang” identifies a Wilmington address for its founder and includes a series of posts and pictures, including “Sign up, We taking over,” and “Run wit us or get ran ova.” {snip}


Seth said the girls who came to her house are part of a large group that walks through city neighborhoods carrying mace, cups of bleach, shovels and baseball bats.

Her account of the group is similar to the experience described in a separate interview by the stepmother of two of the four people shot on Aug. 11 in the 1200 block of W. Second St., three blocks from the Aug. 24 assault. In the shooting incident, a group of dozens of teens led by girls carrying weapons arrived in the Hilltop neighborhood looking for a fight, said the stepmother, who asked that her name not be used to protect her stepdaughters injured in the shooting.

Police dispersed that crowd, but hours later a man returned dressed in black and a black ski mask and opened fire on four people in front of a row house.

In each case, the girls came through the neighborhood, then left and returned with one of their parents before the violence took place. In the shooting, the stepmother said it was the father who returned and shot four people, including her 16- and 17-year-old stepdaughters. In addition there were two adult victims.

The stepmother said this week the trouble continues near Second and Franklin streets, where the shooting took place. On Monday, girls with stun guns were chasing other girls through the same alley in which the gunman fired his shots last month, she said.


In the Aug. 24 assault in the Seth’s front yard, the mother of one of the attacking girls returned after the group was first turned away, Seth said.

The mother came to the house to talk to Seth, asking if Seth had tried to fight her daughter. Seth said she explained to the woman that she was trying to prevent the teen from starting a fight.

“The mom actually wanted to fight me,” Seth said. “How crazy is that?”

Eventually, the girl’s mom looked at her daughter, then at Seth’s daughter on the porch of her home and said, “Get her,” Seth said.

Johnson and Milford businesswoman Sher Valenzuela are trying to start a variety of initiatives in the city for young people, from job-placement programs to life-skills seminars. Johnson first identified the issue of girl-on-girl violence in Wilmington nine years ago, after learning that groups of young women would pick a victim, then “bank” her, a term for beating them up.

Nearly a decade later, the phrase remains, Seth said. Her daughter has been beaten up a couple of times in the nearly three years since the family moved to Wilmington.

“She’s been banked twice before,” Seth said. “First it was a small problem. Then it got medium. Then it got large. Now it’s out of control.”


Johnson said the group flashes hand signals and fulfills members’ personal needs.

“It appears to have an organized structure that has planned events,” Johnson said. “It provides the girls with pride in a group and a sense of unity and camaraderie. The problem is, it’s all pathological, and the parents are condoning it.”


Seth said the girls have tried to pressure her daughter into attending parties where kids use drugs and have sex.

“She was at the point where she had to decide if she was going to go with them or against them,” Seth said. “She’s going against them.”

Johnson said the beating the girl took is the price she paid for not bowing to the pressure.

“If you don’t participate, it’s not that you’re a nerd. You’re the enemy,” he said. “They don’t just ostracize you; they try to pull you in. And if they can’t pull you in, they’ll beat you up–or worse.”


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  • But I guess a Wilmington Cpl. with a name like Jamaine Crawford would say it is racial profiling to stop gangs of “youth” girls walking around with shovels at night?

    • MBlanc46

      Don’t forget the bleach.

  • Diversity Awareness Brigade

    Soon, you won’t be allowed to see stories like this. When the few leak through, it’s just a DOJ spy op to track your online activity.

    Remember how they caught Winston Smith? Somebody threw him a book they suspected he’d like, and he did. They had him then, they tortured him, he loved them, your White daughters will give you mongrel grandchildren, FedGov will see to it, you will love them.

    • ZeitTrash

      Soon? We’re barely allowed to see them now. Local TV news or small newspapers are the only media that report such things. The national media have a blackout on these stories.

      When’s the last time you saw Diane Sawyer reporting on sadistic black-on-white violent crime? America is a propaganda state. No different than China or Venezuela.

      • me

        The USA has the world ranking of being the 23rd on the list of free press countries worldwide. I’m surprised that it’s this high, since 90%-the majority-of our media is owned by the following SIX corporations:
        General Electric
        News Corp
        How much of our media is run by non-goys? 99%. They either own outright, are the CEOs, or make up most of the board of directors. This is the reason why your ‘news’ is mostly emotion-appealing propaganda. Good night, and good luck.

        • jackryanvb

          Start a local zine, newsletter that presents fair crime reporting.

          • me

            There are a lot of great blogs that report this sort of thing. Start with: Unqualified Reservations
            Radish Mag
            Jew Among You
            Viking Bitch
            Occams Razor
            Follow The Money
            Countenance Blog
            Violence Against Whites
            Lion Of The Blogosphere
            Deconstructing Leftism
            Gucci Little Piggy
            V Dare
            Steve Sailor
            John Derbyshire

          • jackryanvb

            Yes, lot’s of good ones. But, go local and try to take it off the Net. Lot’s of people like to read words and images on real paper.

          • RoyBaty

            Reading a good book on the subject of under reporting of black on white mob violence: “White Girl Bleed a Lot”

        • MBlanc46

          As has long been known, the press is free for those who own one.

  • bigone4u

    I like the black pastor who speculates that there is a black “psychopathic gene.” An honest black man is good to find. If only our geneticists would let us in on the science of the black psychopathic gene and learn how to deactivate it, whites might be able to find a little peace.

    • Spartacus

      I know how to deactivate it, you just need lots of guns, bullets and White men that can and want to use them .

    • me

      Deactivate? Nope. Just send them back to Haiti, Africa, or whatever godforsaken area they came from.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    They’re just like us but with different skin color.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Skin color AND hair texture.
      Other than that the races are total carbon copies of each other.

      • bilderbuster

        How come an archaeologist can tell the race of a person from just a skeleton then if the races are carbon copies of each other smart guy?

        • hastings88

          Dat’s raciss! (They were joking, bilder!)

          • bilderbuster

            I’ve heard & seen too many others say that with a straight face one too many times I suppose.

          • Jenkem Huffington

            Not on this site you won’t

      • me

        Skin color hair texture, bone structure, IQ, genetics, regressive genes, etc. They’re like a different species.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      And the smell.

  • sbuffalonative

    And they continue to blame their problems on us.

  • Spartacus

    The groids are starting younger and younger, aren’t they ?

    • Whitetrashgang

      The funny thing is that’s how Rufus will look like when he is 40 , 60 and if he lives that long 80. Same crimes too.

    • me


    • negrolocaust

      ….ALERT!! to all in MARYLAND. the gun laws change on october 1st. state
      police are adding extra officers to process gun applications. please
      pass this message along. thank you negrolocaust.

    • Strider73

      Well, last year a 7-year-old thuganinny took part in a Philly-area home invasion, and earlier this year a 6-year-old thuganinny broke into a bank (after hours). Perhaps the artist read my prediction here a few months ago that they would soon be hiding weapons in their diapers.

      BTW, I’m saving that graphic.

  • negrolocaust

    delaware used to be really nice it is geting really bad, there have been knockout attacks and robberies by blacks at the beaches as well same with virginia beach and richmond.

  • negrolocaust

    was not this the same place just a week or two ago that two white woman were raped in a park by 14 black TEE NAGERS? correct me if i am wrong i know something just happened in delaware…

    • negrolocaust

      even with my photographic memory black crime is getting hard to keep up with

  • bubo

    I would rather take my chances with the Taliban than live among American blacks.

    • CoweringCoward

      Yeah, at least you could ape muslimness and maybe survive.

  • borogirl54

    The problem here is the parents. If the parents were not so supportive, this nonsense would have stopped long ago. These parents need to be held responsible for the actions of their teenage daughters.

    • Diversity Awareness Brigade

      Are “supportive parents” something you find in Africa? Why expect it from Africa in America?

      Blacks are breeders, not parents.

      “need to be held responsible”

      That’s the most racist thing I’ve ever read. Check your White privilege.

      • CoweringCoward

        Completely different reproductive strategy, in Africa the weather is the primary form of government. Flood the field with low investment progeny, bringing this to the western world with “social safety nets” will NEVER END WELL.

    • Extropico

      “…need to be held responsible…” You sound like a cultural supremacist opposed to the African leonine pack-hunting skill set utilized in an urban Western milieu. The Ministry of Truth shall be notified of your anti-diversity infraction.

    • cablegirls

      Not so supportive? They’re IN these packs!

    • Jenkem Huffington

      The problem is in the DNA. Even when they are raised by humans, they are still low IQ, low impulse control, and prone to violent outbursts. The fact that their parents have little empathy or sense of responsibility is not the cause or their bad behavior, but just another manifestation of their primitive unevolved genetics.

      We can’t keep telling ourselves that more handouts, better schools, better parents, nicer neighborhoods, more self esteem, more opportunity, etc. etc. will fix the fact that they are a good 200,000 years diverged from us in evolution.

      • ThomasER916

        My pets have the best home, the best training, the best schooling, the best food, and the best care. None of that magically gifts them with the ability to be a doctor or engineer.

    • libertarian1234

      It’s been my experience that the parents are just as bad as their thugs and often even worse.

      It is they who instill anti-white hatred and the idea that they’re victims of something or someone, and they’re blameless.

      Whether it’s the black flash robberies, mob attacks or attacks by the likes of the Trayvon Martin types trying to beat someone to death, they’re almost hysterical telling the world that these are just “children.”

      They’re the curse of all mankind.

    • Claudius_II

      Is this site monitored by the CIA, NSA, FBI? I imagine that someone in Gov’t would want to compile a list of the politically incorrect.

  • Boris McGuffin

    Diversity is our strength.

  • ncpride

    “The mom actually wanted to fight me,” Seth said. “How crazy is that?”

    Not crazy at all you silly rabbit, but rather the norm! These ‘parents’ mentality have not developed beyond that of their kids, and never will.

    • Alexandra1973

      Crazy? That’s normal in da hood!

  • cablegirls

    “It provides the girls with pride in a group and a sense of unity and camaraderie.”

    Isn’t that nice? So, this is the black version of Girl Scouts of America? Do they sell cookies?

    • Spartacus

      No, but they sell crack.

    • me

      No, but they’ll sell you their booty or some crack for a good price.

  • Erasmus

    Water buffaloes being water buffaloes. Nothing to see here.
    If dere was sumpsin’s ta seez, you knowz dat broduh’s Jackson, Sharpton Holder and da prez’dent wood all done beez here.
    Maybe Eisgruber should come down from Princeton and get a sample of the diversity he’s going to be importing to campus.

  • Wethepeople

    Glad she fought them. Someone should tell her to try brass knuckles next time, give the darklings a surprise.

    • CoweringCoward

      If the attackers are willing to come to YOUR CASTLE to attack then I am thinking something maybe belt or at least drum fed.
      And baring that, a pumped up $10 wally world garden sprayer full’o unleaded could do wonders as well.

    • Spartacus

      According to the article, the “victim” was black .

      • Wethepeople

        Ah I give zero craps about this story, only skimmed it. Have at each other.

        • The problem with that approach is that if they’re allowed to do that to each other, they’ll also do it to whites.

        • MBlanc46

          Personal sympathy is one thing; social policy is quite another. Any tolerance for Negro violence only encourages more Negro violence. It is, therefore, bad social policy. Negro violence should be severely punished at the first offense.

  • CoweringCoward

    I was just thinking that same thing! This a absolutely AFRICAN behavior!

  • Major

    A Clockwork Orange…bantu feral style has arrived.

  • Funruffian

    “Johnson and Milford businesswoman Sher Valenzuela are trying to start a variety of initiatives in the city for young people, from job-placement programs to life-skills seminars. Johnson first identified the issue of girl-on-girl violence in Wilmington nine years ago, after learning that groups of young women would pick a victim, then “bank” her, a term for beating them up.”
    Another liberal idiotic diversion to help these responsible young teens to become useful members of the workforce. I’m certain they have tried these programs in Detroit, Chicago, Philly, Atlanta and Oakland.

    • MBlanc46

      Job-place programs! That will fix everything. Why didn’t they think of it before.

      • Brian

        Norplant and Depo-Provera are the only workable ‘initiatives’ I can think of here.

    • Patricia

      I can think of some job placement programs. Sentencing them to a chain gang, working on the side of the road, sunup to sundown might be a deterrent. Cutting grass by hand, and picking up trash should calm their impulsive urges. Oh, and how about some farm work in leg irons?

  • Bert Sterling

    How about more abortions? More 32nd-trimester abortions?

    • jackryanvb

      A bit bad PR, also White Christians are the only Whites having children and they just don’t go for abortions. The Israeli style birth control shots are better.

  • hastings88

    They carry bleach? They are psychopaths.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    She-apes being she-apes. Jis’ keepin’ it real, gnomesayin?

  • Earl Turner

    It’s not education, not with the spending per student in the U.S. It’s not poverty, not with the highest standard of living for “poor” people in the world; and not with literally trillions of dollars spent on all of the handouts in this country. It’s not racism, discrimination, the legacy of slavery, or any other stupid excuse the Negro Enablers come up with.

    It is TNB. It is blacks behaving like blacks.

  • William Krapek

    Do they skulk around at night often? Unseen by authority figures with the wherewithal to respond to aggression?



  • jackryanvb

    Wilmington needs to start a private civic group like “The Chicago Crime Commission” that documents who’s who in the local non White criminal gang world. I highly recommend the Chicago Crime Commission’s “Gang Book”. Mossy everyone who reads the book and sees the ugly mug shots of the gangs wants to do a Sherrif Joe A and build tent city penal colonies.

  • Gotsumpnferya

    A feral culture perpetuated by self inflicted poverty and a resistance to better themselves thanks to handouts .
    You can feed an alligator , just don’t expect it to say Thank you .

    • MBlanc46

      And the alligator won’t come to beat up your daughter.

      • Strider73

        Here in Florida it is against the law to feed gators, and for a very good reason. They quickly 1) lose their fear of people, and 2) start to associate people with food. When that happens, they leave their normal environs and roam in residential and business areas. Several years ago a gator was spotted at a nearby town’s busy intersection next to the local hospital. And when these gators are captured, they can’t be moved back to the wilderness and released — they have to be killed.

        • MBlanc46

          In general, humans and wildlife should not mingle very closely. I must admit to feeding the local raccoons, but I’d be happier if the whitetails stayed in the woods. Too many coyote confrontations recently as well. My grandparents lived in Florida and I always enjoyed going out to Mayaka River state park to see the gators. But they belong in the swamps, not the subdivisions.

        • Sloppo

          It should be illegal for them to incarcerate or kill urban alligators that attack humans because meting out that kind of punishment causes an disparate and adverse impact on members of the urban alligators minority group.

    • Claudius_II

      Living in Florida I can state that alligators are not vicious. In fact there was a giant gator that for many years lived in a swimming hole next to a resort that never bothered anybody.

      When a grad student I went swimming in lakes which had gators. Not the wisest action in retrospect, but they never bothered me. I don’t understand this dicrimination against alligators: they’re a necessary part of the ecosystem.

      I believe we should start a Federal program in which they’re fed, bred, and don’t have to eat ducks, frogs and other wildlife. Also more streets should be named after gators. Finally we could create some sort of sports program to show off their native skills.

      • I prefer it when large predators are scared of people and move away.

        • WR_the_realist

          I prefer it when certain people are scared of large predators and move away. Which is why I think any member of the diversity should see the videos of bears in people’s yards in my town, before they move in.

  • libertarian1234

    I agree.
    The only answer is secession, and if it doesn’t come about via peaceful means, then there will be civil war.

  • Strider73

    Assuming Delaware’s gun laws are as oppressive as next-door Maryland’s, these lowlifes know they can get away with anything because their victims are helpless. Down here in Dixie they would be bringing mace, shovels and bats to a gunfight, and would quickly be joining Trayvon in hell.

    • ms_anthro

      How long before these gangsters–for that is what these are, GANGS–start getting ventilated and nobody in the neighborhood saw anything, nobody knows anything? No leads, no suspects, just people unwilling to talk to the cops and a few dead bodies in front yards? This will happen even in victim disarmament states as people begin to realize that it’s better to risk getting arrested for having guns illegally than watching your children beaten to death by 14-year-old psychopaths bearing shovels.

      We’re devolving into total lawlessness.

      • “We’re devolving into total lawlessness.”]

        We were already there the minute our Attorney Shoe-Shine Boy General refused to prosecute the NBPP voter intimidation case.

  • ms_anthro

    That last sentence of your post is really insightful. We keep asking ourselves why we don’t fight back, why we let these savages destroy our beautiful societies and the countries our forefathers built for us.

    The answer may be that some of us would rather die out than continue living in a world that is run and dominated by non-Whites. I can’t say I blame them but I wish people realized how powerful we are when we unite for a common cause! The war is far from lost, no matter how hopeless our enemies want us to feel now.

  • Terra Magnum Imperium

    Girls Gone Wild, AA style…

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Human entropy, following a predetermined carbon code of tiny proteins and acids.
    This creeping, growing ever larger authentic urban “entertainment” is sponsored by .gov and the taxpayers of the USA.

    • emiledurk16

      That’s right OMG, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

  • joesolargenius

    A black woman with PMS ,perhaps that explains the problem.

  • It was great to watch. I couldn’t imagine how even a 16 or 17 year old girl could just keep going like that. It is too bad she didn’t keep it up, in order to set the new record higher, but I’ll be she was exhausted.

  • M&S

    It’s not ‘decline’ in the sense you believe but a remissioning under new management. Whites no longer pay attention enough to dominate society at the local level and so a new power fills the vacuum which is not very strong in and of itself but still capable of spreading it’s transformational decay.
    The reason whites don’t want to save the country is that they have an attitude which is ingrained with the white belief that “Do something bad and we ostracize you from any further participation in our society…” which rapidly creates risk-aversion behaviors as ‘not fighting city hall’. Something which is likely equally DNA imprinted from millennia spent living on the Eurasian steppe where ‘alone’ meant predfood or slow starvation.
    If a black, who starts out ostracized by greater society, does something ‘bad’; yet they are -part- of the group which endorses and thus reinforces the view that so long as they do it together, they are acceptable among their own, there ceases to be a connection to outside values as the mirror opposite of white beliefs.
    Hence violent traits are much more survivable, because they need only the permission to persist from a very much smaller (elective) group.
    It’s not just because whites are told they cannot touch blacks (and indeed no longer seek to be informed about what they cannot change) but because blacks are encouraged by a lack of direct opposition that doesn’t place -any- barriers as negative consequences to their behavior.
    They are beneath our contempt and cavort in evilness because of it.
    Being an unwanted ghost haunting a society that despises and does not want to associate with them for any reason, they have gone insular and created their own, internal, sounding boards.
    And the more violent that sounding board becomes as a pecking order or trophy based street cred system, the louder the counterpoint of their self-reinforcing ego responds to it. Like an addiction.
    White Skinheads would put a stop to this but they would do it in a manner that likely lead to arrests because young violent whites are no longer ‘into it’ for social reasons but for thrill-kill entertainment themselves (i.e. they don’t think strategically or tactically very well because they too are beyond the fringe with nothing to lose).
    I’m coming to believe that our problem is that success through non violent means has led us to exorcise violent whites in -our- society as not deserving credit for being the countermeasure of choice to contain and deter this kind of behavior if the police themselves are not willing to intervene (a ‘group’ of anything is easy to spot and easier to infiltrate).
    It will take a dead white before we notice and make a sufficiently loud bleating sound that a bunch these young women finally consummate what will likely be a life long marriage to the criminal justice system.
    And that breakup of the echo-chamber (not the punishment itself but the lack of reinforcing norms) will be what, for a little while, fragments the mob psychology of this girl-punk social clique.

  • WR_the_realist

    This is what blacks do to other blacks. Imagine how much worse they’ll be if they get to do it to whites.

  • jeffaral

    Looks like half of the black american population are Christian pastors, reverends. What about having a productive job?

  • PouponMarks

    Other than a very long term eugenics program, the only policy that will reduce or stop this behavior is extreme punishment. For these girls, that would mean flogging until they are submissive. Eventually we will have to concede that modern punitive responses do not work, i.e., weakness invites and encourages aggression. Public flogging, hanging, and display in blocks will reverse this psychopathology and maintain peace and tranquility.

    Thousands of years of experience provide ample proof.