Duke Professor: White People Are as Racist as Ever

The College Fix, September 27, 2013

Duke University sociology professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva says white people are as racist as they’ve ever been, it’s just modern, more insidious forms of racism have taken over the more overt forms of racism common in America’s past, The Dartmouth reports.

Bonilla-Silva made his argument Thursday in a guest lecture at the Ivy League Dartmouth College.

Bonilla-Silva argued when white people say things such as “some of my best friends are black,” or “use the election of President Barack Obama to support the claim that America has moved beyond its racially tense past,” or say they didn’t personally own slaves–they are just denying their own internal prejudices, what the educator calls “sincere fictions,” Bryn Morgan of The Dartmouth reports.

“We must fight white supremacy,” Bonilla-Silva said. “The only way to remove racism in America is to remove systemic racism.”

The North Carolina professor talked at length about his covert/evolved racism theory, claiming America is “not post-racial . . . this ideology is suave but deadly.”

The title of the lecture was “The Color of Color-Blindness: Whites’ Race Talk in ‘Post-Racial’ America,” according to the Dartmouth College website.

“Post-racial arguments did not emerge in 2008 with the election of President Obama,” a description of the guest lecture on the website states. “White America has believed a version of post-racialism since the early 1980s. … The bulk of the talk will revolve around the examination of ‘color-blind racism’ or whites’ race talk in the contemporary period.”


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  • D.B. Cooper

    So, are you students at Duke forced to take this Affirmative Action quota’s class?
    Are there any white MEN over there willing to tell him how racist Hispanics are to Bonilla-Silva” face?

  • Puggg

    Follow his “logic.” The only way to eliminate “racism” is to get rid of white people.

    • NorthSea

      He’s even hostile to people who kiss his butt. Dang, it’s tough being a liberal in post-racial America 🙁

      • Funruffian

        He wouldn’t be satisfied if a White person saved his life. He may make an excuse that the White guy was trying to bridge his prejudicial gap by showing compassion. Who knows? I would like to learn Spanish fluently and attend Mexico Cuidad Universidad and become the same upstart he has at Duke. Any chance the natives there would try to befriend me?

    • Spartacus

      Another way would be to get rid of the “victims” .

    • MekongDelta69

      The only way to eliminate (perceived victims’) ‘racism’ is to get rid of this lunatic – and every OTHER lunatic like him.

    • Brian

      Last time I went to the local flea market, I was _the only white man there_. Boy, I sure felt privileged!

  • dd121

    He won’t get any converts here.

  • David Ashton

    Yes, this is a latest evolution of the higher anti-racist (i.e. anti-whiteskin) nonsense which is spreading through the neo-cultural-marxist sociology journals, etc. Keep your eyes open for more and more.

    • Sangraal

      We give an inch, they take a mile. Unfortunately, our fellow whites keep giving…And are then called ‘racist’ for doing so…which of course prompts more taking and more demands. And so the cycle continues…

    • NorthSea

      This is akin to GW Bush’s “prejudice of low expectations”. Creepy.

  • [Guest]

    >>>“We must fight white supremacy,” Bonilla-Silva said. “The only way to remove racism in America is to remove systemic racism.”

    There is a great deal of “systemic racism” in the U.S., and it’s 100 percent anti-white. Even Eduardo Bonilla-Silva knows that.

    • willbest

      That clearly isn’t the only way. You could also remove all the people that are supposedly systemically being discriminated against.

  • Eduardo Bonilla-Silva has just proven Bob Whitaker’s famous last line correct.

  • Spartacus

    “The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”

    MAX HORKHEIMER, Marxist Theoretician

    • RisingReich

      Read the 45 Communist Goals. They are there already.

      • Spartacus

        Neah. Think I’ll re-read The Turner Diaries instead .

  • John R

    So, White people are as racist as ever (If only THAT were true!), but black people are just so nice and colorblind? But they just vote over 96% for a black candidate against a White one? And their kids look for “YT'” to “flash mob” on the streets, or to perform the “knockout game” on, and they join openly racial organizations, but it is we White people who are racist? I can’t believe that anyone in this day and age can still say something like that and keep a straight face.

    • capnmorgan5150

      They’re completely ignorant of the facts about black on White crime because the MSM suppresses them.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    I wish they were as *racist* as ever

  • IstvanIN

    Where is the clown’s native country and can we send him back?

    • Sick of it

      I figure Brazil, from the name and look.

    • NorthSea

      Outer Slobbovia.

  • Luca

    These small minded “Chicken Little,” liberal, minority professors run around finding imaginary White racism under every rock. It keeps them employed. They are academic race hustlers.

    meanwhile, while he is screaming and whining about White racism, blacks and hispanics are killing each other in record numbers.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      The more they kill each other, the better. That means that many fewer for us to fight off.

      • capnmorgan5150

        We definitely need to learn how to play both ends against the middle. As you say, less work for us later.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Given their hatred towards each other, I suspect it wouldn’t be as hard as many think to use a page from those who cannot be named own playbook. We can definitely play them off against each other.

  • Andy

    I did an informal research project last night.

    20 unambiguous, violent, racially-motivated black-on-white crimes so far in 2013.
    1 unambiguous, violent, racially-motivated white-on-black crime.

    • willbest

      Was the 1, this week’s law and order: SVU where Cybill Shepard plays George Zimmerman in the media reenactment?

    • Sick of it

      There have been quite a few more than 20. I’ve read about 20 in just the past month or so from the CCC’s website.

  • Andy

    Can’t point to examples of white racism?

    Find examples of whites saying they’re *not* racist and use that as proof!

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Well, all I can say is that if whites are “just as racist as ever,” I wish more of us would be a little more open about it, ya know what I’m saying?

    We’re about to “covert” ourselves out of existence. Can’t get much more suppressed than that.

  • HJ11

    I revel in the fact that I have the so-called White racist gene, and I’m doing my best to spread it through the White population to rid us of the weak seed gene that so many Whites have.

    • ms_anthro

      You and me both, brother. I am unashamedly realist (I refuse to use their nonsensical term) and make no apology for it.

  • bubo

    How much you want to bet that this professor of junk science was one of the “Duke 88” that demanded those innocent white lacrosse players be imprisoned on the word of a drug addled black prostitute? Of course the 88 didn’t care if they were guilty or not, they were a symbol of white America, that was enough for them.

    If we cannot find a way to separate from these people they will take us all down.

  • mgs166

    “White people are as racist as ever.”
    We must be doing something right then.

    • sbuffalonative

      Blacks generally see the opposite of what is real.

      It’s not that whites are as racist as ever. It’s that blacks (and other minorities) are as incompetent as ever. Blacks don’t have the mental capacity to think themselves out of the problems they create.

  • ………….The title of the lecture was “The Color of Color-Blindness: Whites’ Race Talk in ‘Post-Racial’ America,”

    This double standard does my head in, non whites get to talk about their racial hopes, plans and destiny until the cows come home, yet unless we Whites are kowtowing we’re supremacists, which then cues more anti white sentiments from the non whites.

    Again how can we be post racial, then be told that various institutions are too White?
    Who’s holding the racial head count clipboard now? Do two wrongs make a right?
    We’re denied the right to be part of a racial group, when other racial groups are overtly racially supremacist!!
    How do we get out of this contradictory, hypocritical, insanity loop?
    I’m sure people have gone to war over less.

    • Sick of it

      The Founders certainly went to war over far less.

      • WR_the_realist

        Having to pay a tax on tea is trivial compared to the evils the current federal government imposes on us.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Yes we are racist, in fact racist in more ways you can imagine (we are a “supreme” race afterall). Which means non-whites are safer in their ancestral homes than they are in a white-majority Western nation. Godspeed and happy returns.

  • ncpride

    Last I heard, only 14% of applicants are accepted at Duke. That tells me you have to be pretty smart to attend this college, and THIS is what they get at a tuition rate of around $56,000 a year? Wow.

    • NorthSea

      I can become dumber for a lot cheaper than that.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      It seems to be that the more elite the college, the more likely it is to be infested with this type of stuff. You don’t see this happening at community colleges (not that they aren’t also filled with anti-whites, but theirs are generally of a lower caliber and are less interested in activism).

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    If they think we are racist now, wait until they meet the likes of me when the darkies start waging open wars of extermination against us. When we are cornered, they will find out just how deep our dark streaks really go. They have no idea how brutal and violent I and many others like me can be when the situation requires us to protect ourselves and ours.

  • MekongDelta69

    When I saw the title, I figured little Timmy Wiseguy was foaming at the mouth again.

    Then I saw it was a ‘sociology professor'[sic] Vanilla-Hi-Ho-Silver.

    Same difference
    [No need to read the rest.]

  • White Mom in WDC

    What this man is alluding to is the awakening of many whites to the fact that those ‘immigrants’ and other forms of diversity arriving here in the States are not trying to integrate, they are trying to invade and dominate. I run into more ticked off white people today because they are becoming aware of our government’s initiative for our replacement.

  • libertarian1234

    Blacks are the most racist people on planet earth, and they harbor and express the greatest amount of hate.

    The eat, sleep and breathe race on a daily basis to the exclusion of everything else.

    Have you ever heard a black talking head or the CBC discuss anything other than race or themselves?

    I haven’t.

    This fat black dork is the epitome of racist hatred, and he expresses it by insulting white people who he loves to hate.

    • Dave4088

      The vast majority of blacks are racially self absorbed. They think the whole world revolves around them.

  • Greg Thomas

    I can only wish what he said were true. Another White hating La Raza playing the race card at an Ivy. What a shocker.

  • benvad

    Send this garbage back to Brazil

  • bigone4u

    The La Raza-loving libtard Hispanic prof with two last names got one thing right: America is “not post-racial…” The 30 percent nonwhites all hate the white race, while a good fraction of whites who call themselves liberals are self-loathing, guilt-riddled, and brainwashed. They too hate the white race and seek to oppress us.

    If America were truly “post-racial” there would have been a White Student Union there to demonstrate against his hatred of whites, all dressed up in academic jargon.

  • Scott894398

    He’s Puerto Rican filth, nothing more, nothing less. The same group of worthless mutts who have turned Springfield and Holyoke Mass., formerly nice towns, into disgusting, violent ghettos. It’s the same story wherever Puerto Ricans settle. Well, I try to see the bright side of things. At least they’re not blowing up buildings, shooting up Congress or trying to assassinate presidents anymore. Now they just behave like termites, eating away at our society while waving that stupid flag wherever they go and wondering why they’re hated by all rational people.

  • robert

    Spicks hate whites as much as blacks.

    • MBlanc46

      They hate whites as much as blacks do, or they hate whites as much as they hate blacks?

  • Evette Coutier

    the anti-white industry is in full force in America, and is being run by our academic institutions.

    • bigone4u

      Academia is the brains of the anti-white industry. Blacks and browns and their gangs are the foot soldiers. Both are needed in order to achieve the objective of our disempowerment and ultimate extermination.

  • MikeofAges

    Dag-nabit. Then how about setting aside a territory that is ours by right where we can live as we please and don’t have to bother our betters. If we all have to go back to living like the Amish, the Hasids or the people in the “The Italians Are Coming” TV commercial, it might be a fair deal.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    This “professor’s” remarks and others like it were what led me to renounce PC views and become an avowed racist arch-conservative. If white people are still just as racist and evil after all these years of “progress”, then they discredit our own agency in the matter, and are effectively saying that the problem was never “racism”. The problem was white people all along. They don’t want to get rid of “racism”; they want to get rid of US. Anti-racist is code for anti-white.

    • Brian

      If we’re going to be accused of racism, we may as well be racist.

  • willbest

    I suspect we are more racist by whatever definition they are using. Mainly because we now have a full generation of whites who have grown up not ever seeing a black person being discriminated against, but have suffered discrimination in the name of sins that happened well before they were born.

  • Scott894398

    Let’s face it, if the Bonilla-Silvas of the world win, it’s cockfighting in every VFW lodge and Elks Club across the country. That’s the end game, folks. Cockfighting. Puerto Rico’s contribution to world culture.

  • sbuffalonative

    “when white people say things such as some of my best friends are black”

    I would never make the above statement because it’s not true. Does that mean I’m not a ‘racist’?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      It just makes you even more racist. There’s no way to win with these people.

  • JohnEngelman

    Duke University sociology professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva says white people are as racist as they’ve ever been, it’s just modern, more insidious forms of racism.

    – The College Fix, September 27, 2013

    An insidious racist is one who accepts scientific evidence that racial differences in average ability levels and behavior are significant, and primarily genetic.

    I never heard of the term “race realist” until I discovered American Renaissance. I have just learned another term that describes my thinking on race.

    • NorthSea

      Don’t like it, too many syllables and no alliteration.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I introduced that term to someone I met Sunday who is from Memphis. He grew noticeably excited and shouted like a kid – “What a great term!!! That’s exactly who I am!!!” He proceed to talk about the blacks in Memphis and how destructive and dishonest they are. I told him about Amren. Hopefully, he’ll come here and share his observations about how nasty the black race truly is.

  • Dave4088

    To the anti-whites, there’s always one more mountain to climb or one more hurdle to overcome in the quest to defeat the all pervasive white racism. Actually, the professor’s workshop is an example of the “covert/evolved” anti-white racism of the radical left.

    • Let’s just pretend for a minute that the anti-White hordes couldn’t blame White people for anything:

      What would they talk about?

      What would they build?

      Who would they blame?

      What are they even qualified to do?

      Their jobs are to complain about eternal oppression. That’s it. Their entire spectrum of knowledge, interpersonal skills and society can be summed up in a few words that revolve around some kind of guilt and blame. I would be genuinely surprised if any of these people happened to get sucked up into a tornado or hit by meteor and not find a way to blame White people.

  • It’s impossible for us to be “racist,” no matter what we do, even if enough of us (not me) vote for a black to be the head of state of the most powerful white country on Earth.

    So why do they get on our case about our “racism” when they admit implicitly with their own words that it’s a lost cause?

  • Dave4088

    We racist whites are dastardly clever. The radical left wing should be grateful they have such a perceptive and genius of a man like professor Eduardo Silva to sniff us out.

    • NorthSea

      You mean “insidious” racism.

  • I’m White… I’m a bonafide Racist… I don’t hide it… I don’t think my tactics and mannerisms qualify as “insidious.”

    Everything occurring in this supposed post-racial utopia is happening exactly like Race-ists like me have predicted and been talking about for years. The more blacks become involved with something, the more it deteriorates and feeds off the healthy and the portion of the population who have good intentions. They more they have, the more they expect. You’ve never seen the black population give up something in order make room for something they weren’t benefitting from, and you never will. The only difference is that all of those children from the 80s and now 90s are beginning to realize that they were being fed lies and fantasies of a multiracial utopia.

  • MBlanc46

    Prof. Bonilla-Silva sounds like a racist to me.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Isn’t it ironic that the civil rights movement, promoted by Whites, has resulted with this…

    Many minorities are not about ‘equality’–but, retribution, payback and punishment of Whites for being White.

    Complacency will enable them to move to the next step of eliminating Whites with the concurrence of the government–we cannot let that happen.

  • gemjunior

    I wouldn’t hesitate to tell him he is 100% right in my case, only I was raised by bleeding heart liberals and so I actually learned to be a “racist” as I progressed through life and realized that whites are doing all the work and everyone else is along for the ride, breeding away…

    • sbuffalonative

      I always describe my former self as a passive liberal. I never championed any liberal cause but I tended to accept the ‘progressive’ liberal rhetoric that blacks had been mistreated in the past and deserved some special compensation.

      Then I began to notice that the demands and excuses didn’t stop. Even when we gave them what they wanted, the solutions didn’t fix the problems and they demanded more while expanding the list of excuses for black failure.

      Now we’ve come to the unified theory of racism: ‘institutional racism’; the source of all minority problems. You can’t see it, smell it, taste it, touch it but it’s everywhere working to keep the black man down. In psychology, this would be term a delusional psychosis. Today, it’s American domestic policy.

  • Sick of it

    Perhaps we should respond by deporting him to Brazil.

  • DonReynolds

    Why is it a good idea to be rid of racism? I know….we can separate the racists from the “race victims” in a variety of ways, but racism is not a crime….it is not even a sin. Some people believe it is impolite. Who cares? Not me.
    If racists hate each other…..which I think is very much the case…..which one is the race victim and which one is the racist. I know…. it makes no sense at all. Can we separate or eliminate people who hate……like people who hate SOMETHING….can we end all hate? I do not think so. Hate is a normal human emotion. Fortunately or unfortunately, all this hate did not fall out of the sky…… it is based on real resentment or fear or very real bad experiences. It is not imaginary.

  • Perhaps this greaserito should emigrate to a country that isn’t full of white people.

    • NorthSea

      Like Sweden.

  • hastings88

    Blacks and Hispanics are also as racist as ever. You, Prof. Bonilla-Silva, are an anti-white racist, actively working to dispossess whites of their heritage and identity.

  • 1XXX

    Eduardo Bonilla-Silva can [email protected]@k-off and die, along with the rest of the race/skin fetishists scurrying across the landscape.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Is this guy really on the facult of Duke?

  • Jeff O

    Actually Hitler was pretty darn successful at exterminating the jews. It was the one aspect of WWII that he won.

  • NorthSea


  • capnmorgan5150

    Scary stuff my friend. All the more reason we need to be ready with guns and plenty of ammo.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    He looks like an Olmec sculpture.

  • Larry Klein

    Just another example that any effort to appease the victim groups is rewarded with more aggression. They smell weakness, not benevolence. Something white liberal fools fail to grasp

    • Hal K

      Ordinary white conservatives are also a big problem because they shun explicit white identity politics.

  • Larry Klein

    Do you think any other race would “tolerate” this type of aggression in a country in which they were the majority?

  • Erasmus

    This guy needs to put his money where his mouth is and give up everything created by Western civilization, which he so deeply despises.

    No more cars for you, professor. Those were developed by evil white men, and that gasoline you power it with, petroleum distillation was also developed by evil white men. Turn off the electricity in your home: The modern electric power grid was also developed by evil white men, as well as that refrigerator you keep your food in; and the food you eat, it was probably sold at a supermarket, a concept developed in the evil West.

    No more airplanes, no more trains and even no more travel by horses. Those were brought to the New World by those evil white men.

    Get rid of those clothes you’re wearing and go back to wearing or, (more appropriately), not wearing what your Taino and African ancestors wore.

    No more teaching in a university. The idea of the modern university sprung up in Europe in the middle Ages. If you want to be authentic to your roots, limit yourself to tribal councils around the campfire after you’re done cooking whatever you caught that day on you hunt.

    Time to demand that people like this clown be authentic and eschew everything they got from the West, which they profess to hate, and until they do, or they shut up, time to recognize them for the hypocrites that they are.

    • hanfeedback

      well put.


    This is just more hatred directed at whites in a blatantly racist form. Which serves to prove my point, that these people don’t attack us over genuine racism against them. They attack us over genuine racism within them. And no matter what we do, nothing will ever be enough. Because it has nothing to do with rationalism and everything to do with hatred. Yet somehow it’s the white kid in the audience. Who says the fact that America has elected a black finger to rest over the entire world destroying nuclear button counts for something who is the racist. The hypocrisy is stunning.

  • Katherine McChesney

    “some of my best friends are black,”

    This is the most overused expression by DWL’s. It is ‘cut and paste’ garbage.

    I have another one that I’ve heard several times by DWL’s.

    “But American was built on the backs of black people.”

    That one disgusts me to no end.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Yes, America’s whole industrial development was based on…picking cotton! Blacks can be proud!

  • Katherine McChesney

    Then they become tattooed, multiple-pierced, hygienically-challenged hipsters.

  • John R

    You have a point. I grew up in a different generation. (I am fifty, btw) I also went to pretty conservative parochial (i.e. Catholic) schools, so my educational experience has been different from most. There was some of that liberal B.S. back in my day as well; don’t get me wrong. But even the show “All in the Family” while blatantly liberal, gave SOME hint at the White viewpoint on things (Archie Bunker saying “I’m white, and I work for a living; what have I got going for me?” comes to mind.). And I can still remember our beloved Mayor, former police chief Frank Rizzo, who actually urged Philadelphia voters to “vote white”, when running for re-election. Can you imagine any major politician doing that now? Ahh, those were indeed different times-and much better.

  • Mike Conrad

    Why wait until they’re the majority? Africans have been using this strategy–to the best of their ability–for several decades now.

  • Mike Conrad

    What a life. This fat fu*k teaches one class one night a week (on racism, naturally) and gets to spend the rest of his time preaching racism for pay at various elite colleges around the country. Whitey sho’ keep da man down…

  • Helios Megistos

    He should be forced to walk through Detroit at night; a conservative is a liberal that has been mugged by reality!

  • DocV


     DocV commented 39 minutes ago

    Duke Professor: White People Are as Racist as Ever on American Renaissance

    DocV 39 minutes agoRemoved

    I find it absolutely hysterical that so many comments on here are in defense of being labeled a racist, yet these same comments merely reinforce that notion, and those that proudly admit they are racist, and rebuttal with racist remarks, hide behind a computer monitor, cowering in their solitude, or with other like minded individuals, never daring to say such things in the presence of others who may disagree. Then there are those who live in a delusional, fantasy world, where some “revolution” is imminent, hahahahaha! I enjoyed the laugh, reading these half baked comments. Of course whites didn’t migrate from Europe, no, people never hated the Irish, Italians, Jews, etc. The real natives in this continent are the various native American tribes, as well as the Mezo Americans, let’s not forget that. But We all know whites have a fascination with opening fire on unsuspecting movie theater viewers, blowing up buildings with children inside, shooting up high schools, just to name a few examples, but it’s the “minorities” killing each other in record numbers. Makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for the laugh