Posted on July 12, 2013

New Book Gives the Forbidden Truth About Chicago, “The Most American of Cities”

Paul Kersey, SBPDL, July 12, 2013

Second City Confidential- The Black Experience in Chicagoland

Conservative news outlets trumpeted 72 shootings and 12 deaths over the Fourth of July weekend as more evidence that “Chicagoland” is out of control.

While the American Right uses race baiting to generate profits and hits on their websites, they are unwilling to look at the real truth of what is happening in Chicago, “the most American of cities.”

Now, a former conservative turned member of the Dissident Right and the one of the Internet’s most provocative and orginal writers are teaming up to expose the truth about Chicago in the explosive new book Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland.

Paul Kersey, enfant terrible behind the uproarious website Stuff Black People Don’t Like and author of the underground bestseller Escape From Detroit, teams up with James Kirkpatrick of and to go where both conservatives and liberals fear to tread.

In this book, Kersey and Kirkpatrick explore the social, political, and economic changes that swept Chicago after the end of “restrictive covenants” which preserved white working class neighborhoods. What followed was a black takeover of the Second City, and an economic and social collapse, the consequences of which play out across the newspaper headlines every day.

What separates Kersey and Kirkpatrick from conservative provocateurs is their willingness to examine the real data and root causes behind social problems, instead of just blaming them on liberals. In Second City Confidential, you’ll learn

  • how the character of entire neighborhoods changed after black migration in only a few short years
  • how the crisis in Chicago’s education system is really a crisis of demographics
  • how the legendary “Chicago political machine” has changed tactics to accommodate black political power

and much, much more.

As the George Zimmerman trial dominates the nation’s headlines and media outlets from MSNBC to FoxNews trade accusations of racism back and forth, only one book will give you the truth about the collapse of Chicago–and the end of America.

Because behind all the sound and fury–it’s about race. It’s about time we started talking about it.

The book is available in both paperback and on Amazon Kindle.