U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder assured hundreds of black civil rights activists Tuesday during the NAACP’s annual convention in Orlando, Florida, that his Justice Department still ‘has an open investigation’ into the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the African-American teenager shot and killed by George Zimmerman in February 2012.

He also offered a scathing critique of so-called ‘stand your ground laws’ in effect in Florida and other states. Zimmerman’s attorneys did not claim refuge under Florida’s version, which holds that the victim of a potentially deadly assault is not required to retreat to safety before using deadly force in return.

‘It’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods,’ Holder said. ‘These laws try to fix something that was never broken. There has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if–and the “if” is important–no safe retreat is available.

Holder complained that ‘stand your ground’ laws have ‘eliminat[ed] the common sense and age-old requirement that people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat, outside their home, if they can do so safely.’

‘It is our collective obligation–we must stand our ground–to ensure that our laws reduce violence,’ he said, ‘and take a hard look at laws that contribute to more violence than they prevent.’

A jury acquitted Zimmerman on Saturday in Sanford, Florida, just 30 miles away. But civil rights activists including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and NAACP president Benjamin Jealous have asked Holder to lodge federal civil rights charges against him.

‘Even as this convention proceeds, we are all mindful of the tragic and unnecessary shooting death of Trayvon Martin last year–in Sanford, just a short distance from here–and the state trial that reached its conclusion on Saturday evening,’ Holder said.

‘Today, I’d like to join President Obama in urging all Americans to recognize that, as he said, we are a nation of laws, and the jury has spoken. I know the NAACP and its members are deeply, and rightly, concerned about this case, as passionate civil rights leaders, as engaged citizens, and–most of all–as parents.’

‘This afternoon,’ he added, ‘I want to assure you of two things: I am concerned about this case and as we confirmed last spring, the Justice Department has an open investigation into it. While that inquiry is ongoing, I can promise that the Department of Justice will consider all available information before determining what action to take.

Holder then used the Martin case as the basis to lay out a political agenda related to ‘the complicated and emotionally-charged issues that this case has raised.’

Those issues include gun rights and the ‘stand your ground’ laws.

The attorney general also attacked a recent Supreme Court ruling that nullified one section of the voting Rights Act of 1965. That section previously required states with a ‘history of discrimination’ against minorities to seek the approval of the Justice Department before making changes to their voting procedures.

Under President Obama, the DOJ had used that legal requirement to stop several southern states from implementing laws requiring voters to show IDs at the polls.

Still, he said, ‘the Justice Department will continue to monitor jurisdictions around the country for any changes that may hamper voting rights.  We will not hesitate to take aggressive action–using every tool that remains available to us–against any jurisdiction that attempts to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s ruling by hindering eligible citizens’ free and fair exercise of the franchise.’

He also said he had ‘directed the Department’s Civil Rights Division to shift resources to the enforcement of Voting Rights Act provisions that were not affected by the Supreme Court’s ruling – including Section 2, which prohibits voting discrimination based on race, color, or language – in addition to other federal voting rights laws.’

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  • Creepy as a cracker!

    Even Eric Holder knows that their is no federal case against Mr. Zimmerman. However, that won’t stop him from trying.

    • Manaphy

      Eric Holder is probably the most rabidly anti-white U.S. attorney general since James Speed (look him up).

      • The__Bobster

        Holder breaks the law left and right, knowing that Obongo won’t touch him and neither will the spineless Republicans.

        • Dave4088

          Don’t get me started on the feckless, cowardly Republicans. They won’t touch this case and have been in hiding ever since the trial. Come to think of it, they’re in hiding 24/7/365.

          • RisingReich

            Unless they are pushing for amnesty. They sure seem to love to get out in front on that issue

          • Manaphy

            On the bright side, I’m pretty sure that some actual conservatives might primary some of the gang of 8 traitors and their supporters in the upcoming Elections. I certainly know how my senators voted on this bill and I won’t be voting for any republican or anyone else who isn’t vehemently against amnesty.

        • MarcB1969

          They have too much dirt on the republicans chairing the committees, that is the only reason Fast and Furious did not take down holder.

      • A Freespeechzone

        Add Barack Obama–he is the anti-White President & supports Holder.

    • evilsandmich

      All the better if he can keep that pot boiling for as long as possible.

    • Luca

      Eric Holder is just one more mulatto who needs to be impeached.

    • MarcB1969

      That’s what I got out of it, the complete opposite of what the local neocon talk show host said after telecasting the speech live yesterday. Sounded like a prelude to another battle of gun rights, this time attacking the use of conceal carry firearms.

      • d-dectiri

        Holder won’t do anything.. making promises, talking big, but that just means HE’s SCARED TO DEATH THAT THE HOT POTATO WILL LAND IN HIS OWN HANDS AND HE’LL BE EXPECTED TO **PERFORM**…

        Think about the cyber attack that was launched by “un-claimed” forces that attempted the major DOS against both websites (NAACP and MOVEON) who were collecting signatures for the case to go to Holder.. it sounds more like the DOJ cyber hackers were attempting to block signers… why?

        Why? because Trayvon would have been justified to have SHOT ZIMMERMAN IN SELF-DEFENSE since Zimmerman was stalking the kid.. according to the record, Trayvon took some evasive move and couldn’t shake loose the guy following him in dark and isolated circumstances for the kid…

        UNDER FLORIDA LAW, TRAYVON WOULD HAVE BEEN JUSTIFIED TO HAVE SHOT (i.e. used deadly force, and he did) that unknown possible ‘creepy ass-cracker’… and I’d hope you do know the origins of that term, namely the insane pervert body-cavity probing types, need I say more????

        TOO BAD TRAYVON DIDN’T HAVE CONCEALED CARRY.. surely that is undeniable.. think what that realization would do… to the anti-gun crowd.

    • Frans

      That worthless excuse for human Holder doesn’t give a dam about that dead kid, the naacp, or blacks. He’s in power and wants to stay there, so he says what ever is necessary to appease the pukes in the naacp. It’s just politics as usual: Tell the stupids what they need to hear so they’ll keep voting for you.

  • We all know that SYG was not presented as a defense in the GZ trial because it was not relevant. The reason why the civil wrongs crowd wants to get rid of SYG and the Castle Doctrine is for the same reason why the loudest complaining in state legislatures when SYG and CD are adopted is from those states’ black legislative caucuses. The reason is that SYG/CD, while race-neutral on their faces, has the effect on making life hard for black criminals.

  • libertarian1234

    Stand you ground laws must go, eh?

    Well, lots of luck on that, old boy. Even you couldn’t deceive, twist and manipulate state legislatures to give up the right of self-defense.

    It’s obvious that behind this push is a concern that too many black criminals are going to get killed if these laws are nullified. And he’s a moron if he thinks he’s going to change that.

    Everything he and the black talking heads have said and done will reinforce in the mind of black criminals that what they’re doing is o.k. and opposition to it is racist.

    Good way to clean up the high crime and out-of-control flash mob violence, isn’t it?

    These people couldn’t effectively run a sovereign entity if their lives depended on it.

    • RisingReich

      I’m sure you don’t believe this is incompetency. This is exactly how they want to run ‘gubmint’. Holder and Obongo want the criminals to behave like any/all opposition is racist. They have no interest in ‘cleaning up’ anything..

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Looks like the federal department of enforcing White genocide is fuming.

    Shows what an incompetent AA jackass the man is if he’s lashing out at “Stand Your Ground” laws, which were not used as a defense in this case.

    Mr. Holder wants us to have less rights than criminals who wish to hurt us. Especially if we are White, it seems. Hilarious. The sight of a law abiding citizen killing a criminal attempting to harm him or her is PRECISELY what needs to happen over and over and over again.

    The almighty GUBBAMINT has no right to tell ANYONE they cannot defend themselves. Has NO right to side with criminals over law abiders. Go ahead Holder. Why don’t you call Zimmerman a murderer while yer at it you incompetent, AA, White hating, high yellow Nazi.

    • Oldcorporal

      Exactly. I think the mush-minded White liberals and the black agitators are afraid that there WILL be more and more White people standing up for themselves against black criminals. I don’t think they’ll get any SYG laws repealed.

      • baldowl

        I think the realization that many whites are now enthusiastic about their right to defend themselves against feral negritude is what’s kept the NBPP from inciting riots in white neighborhoods, as they threatened to do prior to Zimmerman’s acquittal.
        That and they’re a bunch of loud-mouthed posturing cowards.

    • Gunrunner1

      Forgive me, but that puts Nazi’s in a bad light. I would rather have to “Show my papers” to a Nazi officer than to live in a Country where Holder and his negro minions are unleashed against my sons and daughters.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        My use of the word “Nazi” in that context was intentionally over the top in a “Godwin’s Law” manner, lol, sort of lampooning black histrionics, sort of not…kinda channeling a little Ruckus there…

        But yeah, under the Nazis at least we wouldn’t be genocided…

  • Big Blue 11

    Channon Christan and Christopher Newsom ………Holder look them up.

  • The__Bobster

    Holder complained that ‘stand your ground’ laws have ‘eliminat[ed] the common sense and age-old requirement that people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat, outside their home, if they can do so safely.’

    Yeah, Holder and his kind want us to run home and cower in the dark, hoping that the Treeboons don’t follow us. Better yet, he wants us to cower defenseless like they do in the UK, where fighting back will get the homeowner a jail term.

    • sbuffalonative

      In confronting George Zimmerman, wasn’t Trayvon Martin exercising his right to ‘stand your ground’?

      • Technically true, as he was visiting his father at that townhouse complex, so he had a right to be there. He did not however have the legal right to begin beating the dog poop out of Zimmerman merely because GZ was watching him.

        • MBlanc46

          That’s the essential difference and it must be reiterated. Whatever one thinks of Zimmerman’s actions, he stayed within the bounds of the law. Had Martin merely confronted Zimmerman and asked him why he was following him, Martin’s action would have been legal. But once he threw that punch, he was the criminal.

        • David Ashton

          We don’t know for certain how innocent TM’s intentions were, but of course he cannot be questioned on them and in this one particular respect he must be given posthumously benefit of the doubt. I saw in one UK report that “iced tea” and “Skittles” can be combined in some way to produce a narcotic, and would welcome informed US comment on this. We know he had cannabis in his system that night.

          • Dextromethorphan. And it doesn’t take iced tea, it takes fruit-flavored drink, such as the Arizona *Watermelon Drink* (not iced tea) that Trayvon Martin had on him on the fateful day.

          • David Ashton

            Thanks for that info – quite significant I guess.
            What a book could be written on the WHOLE story (if one could find a publisher)!

    • The whole point to SYG laws is that it is NOT “common sense” that people should have the legal obligation to run away from an area they have a right to be in, and these laws are in fact a recognition that this sort of imposition by government is the diametrical opposite of common sense. Only trespassers have the legal requirement to run away when challenged.

      • Gunrunner1

        Ah! But Holder wants the sheeple to think that “Stand your Ground” laws are “new” and the old reliable way is to duck and cover. The fact is, before 1990, most men expected to take care of a negro assailant with a pistol, in 1890 with a revolver, in 1790 a “Brace” of pistols, in 1690 and back into history, a sword. To run was to display cowardice, a lethal failing.

        Only negros cowered and ran.

  • The__Bobster

    A jury acquitted Zimmerman on Saturday in Sanford, Florida, just 30 miles away. But civil rights activists including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and NAACP president Benjamin Jealous have asked Holder to lodge federal civil rights charges against him.

    Hot dog, the White-hating, race-baiter trifecta.

    • evilsandmich

      Bush Sr. can rot in hell for setting that precedent.

    • Romulus

      Jealous’ name is appropriate!

  • Dave4088

    Well, there wouldn’t be a need for stand your ground laws and concealed carry if not for black crime. The presence of blacks reduces the quality of life and endangers everyone.

    • Creepy as a cracker!

      This is going to be the next catalyst for their push on gun control. They want to disarm Whites!

      • WR_the_realist

        Conservative white people like guns so they can defend themselves from blacks. Liberal white people hate guns because the black thugs have them.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Holder knows how to pander to the black victimology crowd. He’ll make a good talk show host on CNN some day.

    • WR_the_realist

      No, he’ll wind up on MSNBC for sure. All of the media hates us, but MSNBC really hates us.

  • sbuffalonative

    This man is not the Attorney General of the United States. He’s the Attorney General of black folk.

    • evilsandmich

      YT’s in Congress seem not to care too much; guess they think that he’s doing a good job keeping the pleebs in line.

    • David Ashton

      And virtually said as much himself.

  • “Stand your ground laws must go”.

    –Eric Holder

    I know what needs to go: they’re about 40 million of them, but I’d be willing to settle for law-enforcement officials who play political games for a start.

    • Romulus

      44 mil. Blacks and 52 mil. Hispanics (Aug 2009 USA today )
      Equals approx 96 million. Afros # from 2010 US CENSUS. Plus the 1to 2 million haji. If America HAD to accept foreigners, the Hindi and orientals should be considered. The hindus having had British influence for well over a hundred yrs. And the orientals for their work ethic and intelligence. I might even go as far as to accommodate true spaniards.

  • Oldcorporal

    Holder is a sleazeball, addressing a convention of like-minded sleazeballs. He knows he has no case; but trust a black to play the “race-emotion” card instead of the common-sense one.

    • evilsandmich

      I’d half like for Barry the Terrible and his toad Holder to bite off as much of this as they want. The more speeches that they give in front of black mobs where they decry firearms and self defense the better. Even the Hispanics won’t stick around long for that party.

  • DailyKenn

    Stand Your Ground laws provide a wall of defense between black predators and their white prey. To remove those laws would be abject anti-white racism in its most raw and brutal form.

    • evilsandmich

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this case didn’t lead to more Stand Your Ground laws, not fewer.

      • rebellisMMXII

        I hope so. The idea of being obligated to run away or hide from someone is crazy.

    • Romulus

      Since it would be impossible to make one race out of the hordes in America, they are ramping up efforts at disarmament believing it will keep the peace. All evidence to the contrary be damned.

  • din_do_nuffins

    George Zimmerman will become the leading spokesman for just how bad things are about to get for us.

    Then he will decide he’s tired of not getting enough of the Diver$ity loot for his Hispanic half and feels weary from wearing a heavy Kevlar vest all day, so he’ll make some kind of non confessionary apology for slaying Civil Rights leader St. Trayvon, and then jump on the Get Whitey bandwagon.

    He’ll make millions on MSNBC, while you and I get poorer by the darkening day.

    His first speech to the NAACP will be about how his “White” side forced him to have racist hate for aspiring young astrophysicist and rap artist Trayvon de la Hoodie. He’ll become the leading expert on exposing the White community’s “racist assumptions” about blacks, which “only foster hatred, segregation, and violence.” Laws outlawing guns will be named Zimmerman Laws, and he will stand behind the governors on signing day with a big $mile on his face.

    This is America, so you know I’m right.

    • WR_the_realist

      Naw, I think Zimmerman realizes that the media has made him an honorary white man for the rest of his life. I say, welcome to the club, George Zimmerman. Now you know what it is like to have the media and the government hate you.

    • David Ashton

      He would have to unsay what his articulate brother said on TV and what his able lawyers said.

  • Allan477

    Several times I have had one of these young Black men push up against me, obviously trying to start a fight, I start yelling at him in German. I find that it completely throws him off balance and he disappears very quickly.

    • I just throat-punch them. A heavy blow to the Adam’s Apple always knocks them down immediately. Enough’s enough.

    • Romulus

      From the depth of my heart bruder, I offer an olive branch and a shot of jagermeister! You have my support!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This case wasn’t about Stand Your Ground; it was about the right to defend one’s self from either death or great bodily harm from by use of deadly force. George Zimmerman couldn’t retreat; he was pinned down by Trayvon while getting his head repeatedly bashed into a concrete sidewalk. He was well within his rights to use deadly force to protect himself from this vicious assault.

    The main objective of this case was to provide grounds for striking down Stand Your Ground Laws and disarm White American citizens.

    As for Holder: Why would I care about anything this racist, anti-White, communist, felon has to say? He doesn’t want you to have the right to defend yourself, your family and your property against feral blacks, “his people,” that are escalating violence against Whites. He thinks you should just roll over and take it from violent blacks — beat downs, rape, robberies and murder.

    My life or theirs? I don’t see ANY choice there.

    IOW, If holder is against it, I am for it.


    Where’s the Outrage?

    • Romulus

      Thank you for that!

    • Big Blue 11

      Just the sight fo these two jack— rabbits makes me sick. Gun sales will tripple now.

  • evilsandmich

    It’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense …

    I.e., more guns for black gang bangers and the Mexican mafia, fewer for law abiding whites.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Yep!! That’s the idea — either take away our guns or make it impossible to buy ammo. Get it while you can.


  • Romulus

    Holder is nothing but a race hustling political activist masquerading as the top law enforcer. When in fact the #!&&#$&, #@&&#$!! Likes only to uphold laws that jibe with the left agenda.

  • AB

    The funny thing about all these rabble rousers stating that “stand your ground” is the issue, is that stand your ground was at no time a part of the GZ trial. I was particularly amused to see that Stevie Wonder is now boycotting any state or nation with stand your ground laws in place. Someone should inform him that self defense was used by GZ’s defense team during the trial. By his logic, he would have to boycott every state in the Union, while at the same time boycotting a human right. Anyone citing stand your ground as the all evil catalyst to GZ’s acquittal, obviously weren’t passionate enough about the case to actually pay attention.

  • bubo

    This case is about black criminals being able to victimize whites without any interference from police or civilian whites.

    • Bunky

      I saw an appropriate bumper sticker the other day.
      It read: “I don’t call 911”.

  • BlarneyMiller

    Leftists and the media (sorry for being redundant) blatantly lie to the public because they know that people who listen to them are to vapid to know what’s going on and too stupid to fact check.

    The fact is that the Zimmermsn trial wasn’t about the Stand Your Ground law. That law played no part in the trial or verdict. Zimmerman’s attorneys a classic self-defense argument that was around for centuries before Stand Your Ground, and can be used in every state not just Florida.

    There is a clear Liveral agenda to eradicate Stand Your Ground. The Libs are intentionally and fraudulently using a case that had nothing to do with that law because emotionsl protestors will sop it up.

    So sad that this is what America has become. A lying media and a braindead populace.

  • I found a relevant quote I’ve been looking for over the last few days:

    “There is a saying, as old as Cain, that the innocent have nothing to fear. There’s not a word of truth to it.”
    — Saul Hardy

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    The best way to turn off ‘racial violence’ (70% of incarcerants are non-white) is to reinstitute the death penalty and have short trials with easy pleas to minimum sentences for only one charge to reach the killing threshold at minimum in/out imprisonment interval delay.

    3 misdemeanors = 1 felony, 3 felonies = 1 needle.

    If the Feds won’t let us defend ourselves, they should do so. Proactively and without regard for ‘disparate impact’.

    At the same time, every crime against anyone should be insured by the Federal Government and the number of cameras tripled so that, with evidence, we are compensated according to actuarial tables for the value of the crime.

    1 Failure to document crime due to missing camera = 500.00 dollars payout.

    1 Robbery of more than 1,500 dollars = 10,000.00 dollars payout

    1 Rape/Murder = 1,000,000.00 dollars payout.

    If you want to see crime rates drop, prisons empty and everyone everywhere realize how precious life is, make the Feds have to pay for every crime and make the felons have to realize, fully, what ‘habituated criminal behavior’ buys them.

    • Bunky

      You do realize that it’s taxpayer money.
      You know we the taxpayers will fund it either directly through increased taxes or indirectly through inflation due to money printing.

      • Lop_Eared_Galoot

        Re: U.S. taxpayer funded law enforcement largesse.

        Yes I do. But ‘that’s a good thing’ if it:

        1. Encourages us out of NATO where the Europeans, who are now supposedly a continental nation (vice collection of city) state now pay less than 20% of the protection racket that stations the better part of a division and five fighter wings ‘over there’.

        2. Gives us cause to trade industrial nuclear capacity for phased U.S. withdrawal from the Korean Peninsula. The ROK would wipe the floor with the North, anytime of the week and twice on Sunday -except- for that little atomic issue. China isn’t worried about having a nuclear madman 500 miles from her capital. Which tells me she is puppet mastering the whole event. Let’s see how detached she remains when the ROKs essentially say: “Bring it.” and Jong Un cannot top them because his little nepotistic oligarchy has the industrial capacity of a sand flea.

        3. Exercising similar nuclear turnkey options gives the other two Tigers control over the SCS/ECS trade routes through which some 70% of the worlds’ commercial traffic flows. Again, stuffing up China’s attempt at hegemonizaiton of the region at minimal ‘Pacific Pivot’ costs to us (I see the whole Pac Rim as a nuclear hot zone waiting to happen, if not Pak-India then China vs. USN).

        4. ‘By the numbers’ made it explicitly clear who the real troublemakers are in our society. The old saw: ‘Crime wouldn’t pay if the Government ran it’ really doesn’t apply today because there is no acknowledgement of fiduciary responsibility in funding the takeover of Black and Hispanic criminals by our leadership. This would all change if cutthroat politics allowed for someone to point at a spreadsheet graph and say: “The Democrats are creating huge monetary overages that threaten the balanced budget process by not cracking down on these criminals. If we don’t stop now, we will have no choice but to raise taxes. Again.”

        5. Means you kill off half the welfare dependent criminal populations in ten years of aggressive law enforcement, you automatically take them off BOTH SIDES of the lifelong SSI/EBT and Criminal Incarceration debit charts. Four and Five together are reelection political goldmines.

        6. Ensures that Whites, who would be shocked to learn that blacks form 1/3rd plus of all criminal prison populations and 1/2 of all murderers would no longer have any more conveniently sandy spots to ostrich their pretty little airheaded ideals into. Because I would also make sure that YouTube video from cameras showed the little OP darlings ‘just being themselves’ as _often_ as possible. Bypassing the White Genocidal media to go straight to the hearts and minds of the online White community. Where the smart people need, not just the statistics but the lying-eyes ACTIONS of Black and Hispanic criminality made clear to them. Day after day until we ‘get it’. That they are a lesser people than us.


        We’re going to lose this nation sir. Sure and Certain. When the currency cracks on either total debt load, post-peak oil production shortfalls in USD trades, rising interest rates on a replacement currency or all three.

        When we cannot keep the heat on and the electricity coming, there will be a _massive race war_ which divides the former United States into armed ethno state camps because the only thing keeping the predator populations at bay is our system of Jizzya type payoffs as welfare entitlements.

        Whites need to be aware of the reality of racial differentials in crime rates, not in some lala land of ‘not hearing this’ failure to understand how bad ethnic crime really is. And what that will translate to when they no longer receive incentives to ‘be good’.

        What I want to do is create the conditions of forces-at-home (recently demobilized if need be) to handle our end of things when it gets bad. Because the majority of combat forces are still white.

        Even as I also want to pull back from the Asian and European Addictions to economic influence by militarism so that there is no sense of a possible dependent reach-out to external influence by those agencies in what should be our own internal civil war.

        And again, as soon as we realize that we are NOT on their dole list for slave manufactured consumer goods as free credit (QE4-5-6) to keep the oil trade in motion, whites will realize that we must begin to rebuild our own industrial base and not rely on the pipe dreams of socialist elites who think, somehow, that tech trades (genetics, robotics, nano) will feed more than the 10% who understand them enough to make a profit in the 21st century.

        I guarantee you they won’t.

        Because if we can’t keep our military secrets from the Chinese, how do we possibly hope to protect our commercial ones?

        And how do we plan on standing up high technology industries with a Herd of Black and Hispanic dependents depressing our IQ as our vestible capital even as China grads 50% of her student base to STEM intensive industries which are popping up like mushrooms all over East Asia?

        We grad 13% of our young people into high tech and so are creating a social services society (50 billion trade surplus in tech in 1996, 70 billion tech trade deficit in 2006) to go with our pathological case of the stupids.

        ‘Three Tries You Die’, killing off of the criminal classes as the stupid section of this country’s Other Populations and that whole outlook changes. We can take of our elderly. We can rebuild our infrastructure. We can pay off our debt or start a new currency. If only we are not handcuffed to these other racial groups Malthusian outcomes.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    What says it all about blacks is that to my knowledge not a single prominent black person has shown the courage and integrity to come forward and say that Martin had no right to attack someone just for watching him and that Zimmerman was justified to defend himself from this violent beating.
    I can only imagine if the races were reversed in this case how many whites would support a black Zimmerman and find fault with the white teen who attacked him. Are there not ANY black people with the ability to think logically and honestly about this case? Is the entire black population really that prejudiced?

    • MBlanc46

      “Is the entire black population really that prejudiced?”

      It certainly does look that way. With blacks, it’s always “us against them”. Racial solidarity trumps everything.

  • Romulus

    I was merely being pragmatic. It is unlikely America will return to her former majority. The hordes are already here! Now that they are, it would take a massive upheaval to change it. Something the powerful will probably never let happen, unless the machine of global economics grinds to a halt. In that event, you can bet the worlds most powerful govts will impose some form of martial law.
    Let me reiterate. I would never turn heel to my own people.

  • Evette Coutier

    Your are right. It’s an intimidation tactic.

  • Alexandra1973

    Maybe he’s upset that having “stand your ground” laws means more of “his people” go the way of St. Skittles….

  • Gunrunner1

    Amen Brother!

  • Joseph

    I wonder if Holder would investigate the civil-rights implications if a bunch of white guys beat up some random black guy while screaming “Dat’s for Nicole!” I’m pretty sure that would make the national news and warrant presidential statements -but he doesn’t seem to be pursuing these recent attacks on whites with the attacking primates screaming “Dat’s for Travon!” No no, we must be deliberate and not jump to any black-negative conclusions no matter how great the evidence.

  • idealist1

    So Holder thinks that Stand Your Ground should be changed so that the threatened person has a duty to retreat before using deadly force? Zimmerman didn’t even have a chance to retreat before he was knocked to the ground and overpowered by Martin.

  • Bunky

    It’s all political.

    Holder knows that the 30 plus states with stand your ground laws aren’t going to repeal them.
    Holder and Hussein want to keep this as a festering sore and to peel the scab off come 2014 election time.

    • Driving black anger to drive up the black turnout in 2014 to save the Senate, to prevent there being another chamber of Congress and all its committees opening one investigation after another into all the good things that have happened in the Era of Hope and Change.


    As if we needed anymore evidence that these people don’t see this as the death of a supposedly “innocent” skittles munching little boy as they say they do. No, they see this case as a political weapon to beat and bludgeon their political enemies with in the name of advancing their political agenda.

    I can imagine a fitting political cartoon in my minds eye right now. Showing Eric Holder smiling ear to ear, eagerly swinging the stiffened corpse of Trayvon Martin through the air with long swooshing strokes, smashing it down on to the head of a large nail marked as, “The Death Nail Of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law”.

  • Paleoconn

    11,000 dead

  • Holder is going to “look” into SYG just like he “looked” into Operation Gunrunner. Meaning he’ll huff and puff and hope to run out the clock. The difference is that his huffing and puffing will be a lot louder than usual to stoke black anger to drive black turnout to save the Senate for the Democrats in 2014, but that’s risky because for every black vote they gain from stoking Trayvon anger, they could lose a Hispanic vote for the same reason.

    Holder maybe could take SYG states to court for the “disparate impact” that SYG has on black thugs, but the states could respond with “disparate impact” of its own that we found out about today, that SYG-invoked justifiable homicides in Florida are also disproportionately black. Which makes sense, since crime itself is disproportionately black on black, any legal mechanism to make it easier for victims of black crime to deter or defend themselves against black crime would disparately benefit other blacks because they tend to be the victims of black crime.

  • David Ashton

    Or not, even then.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Diversity makes anything and everything that is anti white not only plausible, but likely and expected. Plan for it.

  • Frans

    What a joke that the NAACP useless pukes call themselves civil rights activists. These thangs don’t care about anything but themselves–extorting from a big money source for lining their own pockets. And the stupid, liberal whites still go along with it. Perfect symptom of a civilization in decline.

  • d-dectiri

    Disappointingly the 2nd amendment crowd can see that cities with gun control are EFFECTIVELY disadvantaged in DEFENDING THEIR OWN HOME AND SELF… HENCE BLACK CRIMINALS THRIVE AND PREY MOSTLY ON THE UNDEFENDED BLACK PEOPLE…

    I surely wish this group would wake up to the LOGIC of the data that they have collected.. if black people in the city had guns, the black criminals would be seriously ‘deterred’ into oblivion compared to what is city experience..

    MLK lasted as long as he did b/c they had the rural black group (the Deacons) with their rifles as accompaniers for their marches… but city life does not develop guns in decent hands, with no hunting.. how to turn the tables??? ttyl

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot


    I recently came from an environment where I got to see a lot of ‘real world’ law enforcement. I have seen cops literally bargaining with druggies on the street as: “Give me your pipe, I lose the nugget, you get a ticket for paraphernalia. Make it hard and I have to arrest you right here.”

    The same goes for places where these kinds of people congregate.
    Security comes out and lets the individual know that rolling a doobie and proceeding to smoke it _on a public bench in front of the library_ (2 feet from me, I could smell it, black as night idiot) is a no go. But that if he will come inside quietly and agree to have his ID photocopied (essentially blacklisting him forever from the facility) ‘things don’t have to go badly’ with a police call.

    People’s range of ignorance depends on their getting caught. And in getting caught they lose the assumptive ‘didn’ do nuffin’ innocence of assumption that this is not an illegal activity so long as you do it slyly enough.

    Beyond which, it is the habituation-anyway (knowing there are no real consequences) attitude that makes a criminal mind, ‘always looking for an opportunity to exploit’ as imprinted genes which you _don’t_ want handed down to another generation.

    So a White/Asian/Hispanic/Black guy who traps himself a lobster he shouldn’t have, either doesn’t get a felony ticket for a misdemeanor personal offense or he gets a felony tag, a 1,500 dollar fine and is back at work as a professional fisherman the next day, _knowing_ that he had no excuse beyond greed. ‘Because those are the rules’.

    But also knowing that he has at least two more chances before he’s cooked. Chances that he will use to clean up his act.

    Where intelligence drives the perception of futures as more than a ‘he-he, got away with it this time!’ present tense linearism of action:reaction as having no alternatives as much as consequences, the certainty that someday _you won’t_ be so lucky means good people who make dumb mistakes don’t three-peat themselves into a gurney and a needle.

    As a racist, I know where this is going to hit hardest because I know that the statistics state. 36% of felony prison inmates are Black. 70% of all incarcerated felons are non-white.

    As soon as we make society so hostile to the ethnic minorities who are the majority felon population _as video witnessed crimes_, we will see Blacks cease to be the outspoken victim-class that they pretend to be. And we will see Hispanics actively leave our society altogether. Because they are terrified of the death penalty as cold justice.
    At the same time, we will see Whites begin to value for themselves what they have so long taken for granted as some form of: “Hey, just by being us (non wasteful, non violent, non hopeless as handout asking) we -deserve- this country as our own shelter from the population storm…”
    A storm which I guarantee you is coming. And if we don’t batten the hatches and seal the borders, we will be as subject to it’s Malthusian outcomes as the rest of the planet’s breed-unto-death Other Populations.