Zimmerman Lawyer to Move ‘ASAP’ Against NBC News

Erik Wemple, Washington Post, July 14, 2013

Saturday night’s not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial will enable the neighborhood-watch volunteer to resume his case against NBC News for the mis-editing of his widely distributed call to police. Back in December, Zimmerman sued NBC Universal Media for defamation over the botched editing, which depicted him as a hardened racial profiler.

Here’s how NBC News, in a March 27, 2012, broadcast of the “Today” show, abridged the tape of Zimmerman’s comments to a police dispatcher on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

The full tape went like this:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about. Dispatcher: OK, and this guy—is he black, white or Hispanic?
Zimmerman: He looks black.

NBC Universal Media responded to the Zimmerman complaint by noting that other media outlets played up the racial angle of Zimmerman’s deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin.

The company also noted the pivotal nature of the second-degree murder case: “[I]f Zimmerman is convicted, that fact alone will constitute substantial evidence that the destruction of his reputation is the result of his own criminal conduct, and not of the broadcasts at issue which, like countless other news reports disseminated by media entities throughout the country, reported on the underlying events.”


According to Zimmerman attorney James Beasley, the case against NBC News was stayed pending the outcome of the criminal case. Now that’s out of the way, and Beasley is ready to proceed. “We’re going to start in earnest asap, we just have to get the stay lifted which is a ministerial act,” says Beasley, a Philadelphia lawyer, via e-mail.


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  • capnmorgan5150

    He should go after them with both barrels. They ruined his life for ratings.

    • libertarian1234

      I’m pretty sure he can go after many of them, if O’Mara chooses to do so, because several have libeled and defamed him some way.

      This Nancy Grace a couple of days ago STILL went so far as to declare the CNN distortion that he said, “These c**ns,” on the 911 tape, is true, but it is certainly not. It’s absolutely false.

      Zimmerman needs to sit in front of the boob tube with a pen and paper writing down comments and names, because these dim-wits are setting themselves up for law suits, and they need to be sued, including the State of Florida, Angela Corey, et al, for malicious prosecution.

      Zimmerman should be a millionaire by this time next year.

      • The__Bobster

        This Nancy Grace a couple of days ago STILL went so far as to declare the CNN distortion that he said, “These c**ns,” on the 911 tape, is true, but it is certainly not. It’s absolutely false.

        I was disappointed that Mikey Weiner supported Treeboon, using this debunked lie as one of his reasons.

      • capnmorgan5150

        Nancy Grace is nothing but a race baiting media whore. She’s also a straight up See You Next Tuesday.

        • sbuffalonative

          Someone theorized that because she lives in Atlanta, she plays to her neighbors so they’ll see her as a champion of their community and leave hear alone.

        • jane johnson

          LOL. Had to read your last comment twice. I was thinking Wimpy and cheeseburgers at first, and that Ms. Grace had driven you ’round the bend, but on further review…the play stands.

          • capnmorgan5150

            It was the nicest way I could put it without the comment getting deleted by the mod.

          • I had to think about it as well. Hee, hee, hee!

        • Alexandra1973

          You should have seen Jon Stewart ripping on her big-time following the Duke non-rape case. Look it up on YouTube, it is HILARIOUS.

          • capnmorgan5150

            Just checked out that video. Really funny stuff! Thanks for the tip!

      • A Freespeechzone

        Let’s just hope that the Martin Family, who will undoubtedly sue for ‘wrongful death’ don’t get their hands on the millions.

        Come to think of it, Trayvon wasn’t worth much more than the cost of Skittles & his drink–Zimmerman can afford to pay them off for that value.

      • Paleoconn

        I totally agree. An how somebody can go from “punks” to “coons” is beyond me, not to mention that nobody has used the c-word since LBJ was busy erecting his popsicle-stick Great Society.

        And GZ should go for the dough. If he can raise millions, he can comfortably settle himself and his family on a tropical island somewhere with top notch security, away from the mad hordes.

    • The__Bobster

      And then he should ask the FCC to suspend NBC’s license.

      The actions of their legal “expert” Lisa Bloom (Gloria Allred’s daughter) were especially egregious last week. You could just see the venom dripping from her fangs, hoping for a Zimmerman conviction.

      • bigone4u

        You’ve ruined my evening with the news that the loathsome Gloria Allred has a daughter who is TV news commentator.

        • Luca

          Gloria Allred has a daughter!? What male human being who has the ability to see and hear, would procreate with that disgusting, cackling, deformed creature??

    • sbuffalonative

      Just to pour salt into the wound, Zimmerman’s team should hammer them about their continuing to refer to Mr. Zimmerman as white when Mr. Zimmerman self-identified as Hispanic.

      The left keeps digging for ‘racist’ connections so they should too. You know, ‘connect the dots’. It’s proof they were targeting Mr. Zimmerman by misidentifying him.

    • YngveKlezmer

      He should indeed. Once this is all said and done, a lot of White folks formerly asleep at the window to our future are going to be racial realists. Obama and the other race hustlers are looking worse by the minute.

  • ncpride

    NBC Universal Media responded to the Zimmerman complaint by noting that other media outlets played up the racial angle of Zimmerman’s deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin.

    Are they kidding?!! So, their excuse is others did it, so we did too? Unbelievable! Enjoy your millions Zimmerman!

    • libertarian1234

      “NBC Universal Media responded to the Zimmerman complaint by noting that other media outlets played up the racial angle of Zimmerman’s deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin.”

      I’m pretty sure they’ve got a black lawyer, because only a black would come up with that kind of faulty reasoning. It’s sounds just like them.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I noticed that little gem too. Wow. Moral titans these guys…

    • NeanderthalDNA

      And sue the prosecutor too for her little unprofessional comment.

    • sbuffalonative

      With that statement, they actually admitted their guilt.

  • [Guest]

    Dear “Washington Post”:

    There was no “botched editing.” NBC was a member of the media lynch mob that went after a “white Hispanic” who defended himself against that most sacrosanct demographic, the young black male.

    You media people are just about as trustworthy as illiterate racist perjurer Rachel Jeantel.

    • The__Bobster

      One of the media outlets (ABC?) blurred out Zimmerman’s head wounds in his booking tape.

      • [Guest]

        I put nothing past ’em. They’ll say and do anything.

  • anarchyst

    One thing that all of us can do is to file complaints with the FCC over NBC’s actions in the Zimmerman case. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) takes complaints from anyone concerning any station or news outlet that uses the “public airwaves” . . . Notify sponsors of NBC programming why you will no longer purchase their products. We can put NBC, CNN and the rest of these fools out of business . . .

    • RedPA

      Great idea Anarchyst! How do we go about filing these complaints?

      • anarchyst

        go to website: f c c . g o v

        • The contact email address I got for someone who appears to be in charge at the FCC is [email protected]. And yes; I sent a polite and carefully-worded email.

          This was a great idea you had, and I think so long as the major networks are going to lie to us, we are entitled to make trouble for them with the FCC.

          • JDInSanDiego

            You might want to google Mignon’s picture first. Hint: She doesn’t look French.

          • Does it really matter? If they refuse to do their job, I’m certainly in no position to force them, but they’ll know ordinary people are wise to what was going on. I did also expressly write a line including the words “…if the FCC is unable or unwilling to do its job…” that ought to stick in a diversitoid’s craw.

    • The Final Solution

      You can’t put the Jews out of business. That would be holocaust 2.0

      • blight14

        You forgot the tm symbol…….

  • Funruffian

    I hope Zimm wins millions against all the major media broadcast companies.

  • IstvanIN

    Hopefully he’ll bankrupt NBC and MicroSoft.

  • sbuffalonative

    NBC Universal Media responded to the Zimmerman complaint by noting that other media outlets played up the racial angle of Zimmerman’s deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin.

    As mom would say, ‘If all the other media outlets jumped off a bridge, would you jump off the bridge?’

    This isn’t an excuse. This is an admission of guilt. Good heaven, don’t they have the sense talk to their lawyers before putting out a statement?

    • capnmorgan5150

      “Good heaven, don’t they have the sense talk to their lawyers before putting out a statement?”

      No time for that when you’re rushing to judgement.

    • Their statement was every bit as well-considered as the original editing job. At least they’re consistent!

  • MBlanc46

    I hope he wins a big judgment because he’s going to need a fortune to defend himself against the persecution that’s coming.

  • din_do_nuffins

    “Even if NBC did the wrong thing by editing the tapes, it’s more important that they showed us the truth how all racist Whites really think about blacks. Maybe we don’t agree with how they did it, but since they raised awareness by serving the common good, we shouldn’t allow racist White lawyers to sue them in our courts.”

    -anyone on M$NBC

    • The only thing that editing job did was show how libtards think about other whites. And Afro-Peruvian Jewish democrats who shoot in self-defense. Their lying displays an utter contempt for the public, even though – as I wrote to the FCC this evening – an educated public in a democratic country is not well served when the politically-motivated broadcast media can feed us malicious distortions and call them “news”.

  • vladdy1

    First, he ought to sue Holder. Actually, we need a class-action suit, since he said he will only protect “historically-oppressed” people.

  • RHG

    NBC Universal Media responded to the Zimmerman complaint by noting that other media outlets played up the racial angle of Zimmerman’s deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin.

    Well, there you have the admission, the “racial angle” was something the news media decided it needed to “play up”. And to sell this “angle” they needed to reinvent Zimmerman into a “white hispanic”. These news media race hustlers are despicable.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Zimmerman sued NBC Universal Media for defamation over the botched editing

    Botched editing?

    The editing was deliberate and intentional, designed to depict George Zimmerman as a murderous WHITE racist.

    From the beginning, NBC and CNN (which released Zim’s SSN) railroaded Zimmerman and were spoiling for a race war.

    The malicious bastards at CNN and NBC who did this should be named publicly, serve prison time and then be sued personally for destroying the life of an innocent man in order to promote their twisted, sick narrative.

    Comcast should be forced to liquidate their assets and the proceeds given to George Zimmerman. I hope in the end NBC becomes ZBC and CNN, ZNN for Zimmerman News Network — as a settlement for egregiously violating Zimmerman’s civil rights, in the interests of social justice and to promote racial healing.

    Apologies must be issued to Zimmerman on air from Al Sharpton, David Gregory, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddog for putting an innocent man through hell.

    ABC should also be held accountable for claiming that Zimmerman wasn’t injured and then covering his wounds when they aired the police video. That should be worth at least another $100 million.

    Whatever the settlement, it’s not enough


    • Lop_Eared_Galoot

      I applaud your passion Bon.
      I would ask that you consider what will happen if Hispanics join the Annointed Blacks as being criminally ‘uncommentable’ within the Media. While half the black rates of criminality, they are still 3X as likely to commit crimes as Whites and increasingly a greater criminal threat in areas of the West where their gangs are ruthless and vicious (think Mexican drug wars).
      All this while sucking up social entitlements at rates equivalent to their 3.2 TFR.
      Nearly double our own.
      What you would expect to occur to Whites if racial crime identification now required explicit and genetically foundable proofs of ‘only Caucasians allowed’ reporting?
      This is why I believe that defending Mr. Zimmerman with typical White Crusaderism as idealistic indignation is not going to do us any good. Because ‘defending the underdog’ rather than assuring the rights of the dominant culture for it’s own betterment and sustainability is how this mess all began.
      Mr. Zimmerman is not White and cannot be elevated to inclusion within the Kindred in the one way that counts the most, no matter how much money Whites give to him in the name of -our- vision of Justice against Blacks.
      Attributing to him a victory for ourselves is therefore psychological transferrance as envy rather than common sense.
      It is foolish to expend effort endorsing Mr. Zimmerman’s martyrdom because his cause is ultimately pointless to our own.
      What we need is separation, secession and a safe ethno-state homeland within which to preserve the ideals you speak so well of and that is not something that punishing the media or rewarding one non-white man can ever contribute to.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Thanks for the sentiments and kind words and I well understand not supporting those who are not White — let their own people support them. As you know, every ethnic/racial group is allowed political grievance/advocacy groups — well funded via government funds — except for Whites.
        For decades now, our enemies have used blacks and browns as battering rams against White America — filing law suits against us to ruin us and our way of life, demanding entry into our White schools and neighborhoods, etc.
        Anytime we can turn the tables on them — the media, government, academia — I’m for it.
        The media are the worst enemy we Whites have, AFAIC, and ANY effort to destroy them by whatever means is fine by me. Ditto for the DOJ or any other anti-White organizations that thinks the genocide of the White Race is A-OK. THe media, in a truly evil act, are the ones that turned the rabble onto the White Race instead of Zimmerman’s race
        This is why I support Zimmerman’s efforts to sue the h*** out of the media that wronged him. WE can’t do that as Whites, but HE can as an “aggrieved” minority — and receive publicity for it.
        Our enemies have been egging on blacks and Hispanics for YEARS funding them, encouraging them to act against White Americans, refusing to report black/brown-on-White crime.
        Every opportunity we have to fight back by whatever means — well, we have to take it and run with it.

        Our enemies mean to genocide us, I know you know that, and any/all effort to destroy them, as they have destroyed us, is fine by me.

        All the Best!!


      • Mr. Zimmerman is not White and cannot be elevated to inclusion within the Kindred in the one way that counts the most, no matter how much money Whites give to him in the name of -our- vision of Justice against Blacks…

        It is foolish to expend effort endorsing Mr. Zimmerman’s martyrdom because his cause is ultimately pointless to our own.

        His not being White or White enough isn’t the determining factor as far as I’m concerned. The second someone makes the declaration that they are “not a racist,” then that is the point at which they become useless at best, dangerous at worst. If someone makes it known that they are not a racist, then what they are telling you is that race really doesn’t matter on any level in their decision making process. I don’t care whether they are black, brown, yellow, blue, green, orange or the whitest White person who has ever walked the planet, if race doesn’t matter to them, then they useless and possibly detrimental to people who believe in racial realities and want some kind of race-based nation and identity.

        I understand the implications of being unabashedly against multiculturalism and multiracial societies in today’s politically correct world, especially when you are talking about a criminal trial. Unfortunately, when every single thing you do as a White or non-black person is going to be spun as racist if it offends a black person, then we will all have to either just give up and give in to multicultural hell or we will have to stand up and not back down when they call us racists.

        • Ella

          Meaning we’ll be at risk of losing our jobs and become outcasts in society. I just don’t see any White people congregating or currently building a society for one’s own improvements and gains. We’re just “letting go” all the work after 200 yrs. in USA. At best countries in Europe have a better chance since they’ve got ethnic ties and geographic locations predating 6000 BC.

        • Lop_Eared_Galoot

          Forgive me if I am not comprehending the entirety of what you are saying. I think we may find common ground in the statement that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, and if we elevate a Hispanic to racial victimhood based on a perception of ‘order and justice for all’, we simply create another presumptively protected class who will demand equal payout from the White system.

          If this is what you mean, then I agree, completely.

          Increasingly, it is becoming obvious that such egalitarian enforcement legal equity simply cannot apply in world where every other race treats ethical nobility as weakness and a right to hands-out entitlement for infractions of ‘racist law’ that we do not recognize because we do not practice such devilry upon our own as would bring the race or class issue into it.

          Having said that, the only way 13% of this country’s population, with an average IQ of 87, can bully anyone is if we agree to let it happen.

          Which is not to say that we should ignore their taunts and give them defacto proof of their ‘righteousness’ as the sole voices speaking in a public debate.

          But rather that, when they say a Hispanic is acting like a white man, we refuse to accept their bigoted view point and let them know, outright, that we will not be the kicking dog responsible for other races’ problems. This is both racially honest and racist-refutive, using the system of acceptable speech to drive the threat into a corner they cannot come out of.

          Because when they call us bigots for thinking that whites don’t do the same thing, we point to the criminal statistics which show that Blacks and Hispanics, are indeed responsible for 70% of the inmates in our prison system. At 40,000 dollars a year for each inmate.

          When even the Socialist Mass Media admits that fully ONE THIRD of all the black cohort born between 2001 and 2010 will have ‘felon’ attached to their name as a function of prison time at some point in their lives, they opened the veritable window on the submarine of racially suppressed truths into which a flood of counter-hate as _truth_ may sink the liberal agenda which is uplifting the undeserving minority at the expense of the indigene majority.

          Which is why it is also a mistake to be gulled into thinking that Mr. Zimmerman deserved to be carried on the shoulders of White victimhood.

          Blacks deserve to be excoriated for being socially primitive thugs with 7X our violent and 8X our property crime levels. But we should not self-elect Hispanics, who are still 3X as likely as Whites to be criminal in their behaviors, to be their replacements in our underdog focused idealism. Or our racial hitmen. In particular, they do not deserve a gold medal for ethnically cleansing blacks which is functionally what is happening throughout the U.S. where the two populations interact.


          1. To do so removes our ethical basis for detached superiority (we will punish -all- equally because we _do not_ do these things which you do to each other).

          2. It allows the lid off the pressure cooker of unacknowledged racial warfare, which means that Black thugs and Hispanic thugs are not shown in full view for their own racial hatreds, even as those hatreds boil over into slaughter and whites finally wake up to the reality of the savage populations we have foolishly imported into our nation as wage slaves.

          3. It creates an internal diaspora as ‘population migration’. For the simple reason that when Blacks lose to Hispanics (and they always do), they run to us and we have to divide what little we have into an even smaller chunks out of the expectation of giving something to those who have nothing. And who further bring _nothing_, that we want.

          If you don’t want a man living next to you and having sons who have kids with your daughters, NOTHING he can do or suffer to gain social status is worth the risk that his wealth and reputation will give him an ‘in’ to your world.

          Win or lose, backing Zimmerman as a white horse in brown skin is elevating Hispanics in a way that is against our common interests because Hispanics may well prove to be a more dangerous population than blacks ever were. Because they are more successful at the kinds of lifestyles they know. Said ‘service industry’ lifestyles are NOT suitable for a 21st century driven by info-dominant, high intelligence, smart-tech as socio-economic success.

          If we want wage slaves to hand us our burger on the way home from building genes as nano machines, we should invent capable robotics.

  • SoCal88

    In a perfect world, George would become the majority shareholder.

  • Defiant White

    Why would people employed at a “news” organization do this? I can’t think of an answer that doesn’t include the word “evil.” Can you?

    • The__Bobster

      I can….and it’s a shorter word.

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    Didn’t you know that Whites can not and are unable to be victims of discrimination and or racism? Also, just in case you didn’t know, blacks do not have the ability to discriminate nor are they capable of being racist or should a say rayciss!

  • capnmorgan5150

    Yep. Sickening, isn’t it?

  • David Ashton

    I just hope he wins – libel actions are an uncertain and expensive business.


    I hope he sues all these people in the media who helped create such a false impression of not only what happened that night, but also of who George Zimmerman actually was. George Zimmerman lived as a Hispanic man his entire life until that is, that the media decided that he was more valuable to them as a white man rather than a Hispanic man. So, he became a white man in their reports, and the so called revenge beatings as well as one killing I believe, of innocent white people in the name of St. Skittles himself were quick to follow. In fact, all those people who were attacked and beaten over the media’s lies as to Zimmerman’s race should be suing these scummy media companies as well.

  • YngveKlezmer

    God works in mysterious ways. Zimmermann is a good man, and anyone who is doing their reading and research, instead of sitting slack-jawed in front of the tube, knows this. He stumbled into a chance to help some folks trapped in their car after an accident, and he showed that he is a fine man by helping them. The truth has a way of being revealed. The more positive things we learn about Zimmermann, the worse the Libtard media and the race hustlers will look. Obama must really enjoy the taste of his foot. We now know that he was a young thug like Trayvon as a teen, who could not muster the decency to answer an adult like a young Gentleman when spoken to, but might have used his fists if the words of that adult did not suit his fancy. Hopefully, more than a few White liberals are having a racial awakening these days.