White House Immigration Chief Tried to Undermine Enforcement in ’86 Amnesty

Jon Feere, Center for Immigration Studies, May 9, 2013

History shows us that for the most part, advocates of “comprehensive” immigration bills are only after the legalization portion and will do everything in their power to undermine the enforcement provisions as soon as the bill becomes law. A report published only a few years after passage of the 1986’s Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) proves this. The amnesty had only started to roll out, and yet the National Council of La Raza produced a report calling for an end to workplace enforcement – the central enforcement provision of IRCA.

The author of the La Raza report was Cecilia Munoz, currently the Obama administration’s chief immigration advisor. (Munoz was recently profiled in the New York Times.)

In the report, “Unfinished Business: The Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986” Munoz (then, a Senior Policy Analyst for La Raza) wrote that “Congress should repeal employer sanctions” and that Congress has a “moral obligation” to do so. She argued that workplace enforcement is “uneven and inconsistent” and “inherently discriminatory”. The full La Raza report is available here.

Interestingly, in her report Munoz admits that mass legalization programs lead to increases in illegal immigration. She wrote:

“[The National Council of La Raza] estimates that the size of the undocumented population today [1990], perhaps three to four million persons, equals that of the early 1980s, when the debate over IRCA took place. … In the wake of this ‘one-time only’ program, the nation appears to be left with at least as many undocumented people as when it first considered these proposals.”

Munoz called for yet another amnesty in this report – only four years after IRCA – to legalize the newly arrived illegal aliens. The Schumer-Rubio proposal is reportedly already encouraging illegal immigration, despite the fact that the bill would not offer amnesty to aliens arriving after December 31, 2011. It is likely that this new wave of illegal immigration will result in calls for additional amnesties in the future.

According to the Washington Post, at a recent meeting with La Raza staffers and other amnesty activists President Obama promised that if the bill became law, he would “revisit” enforcement provisions that he and the activists oppose. In other words, the White House will find ways to narrow the scope of the enforcement provisions administratively, just like it has for existing immigration law. No one in the media has asked Obama or Munoz to clarify which provisions in the bill they find problematic and plan to weaken and/or ignore. But if Munoz’s past conduct is any guide, it is likely that the bill’s workplace enforcement provisions would be put on the back burner the moment it is signed into law.

It is also difficult to imagine Munoz being an advocate of any provisions added to the Schumer-Rubio bill aimed at reducing terrorism, provisions that would necessarily tighten immigration standards. Right after the 9/11 attacks, Munoz claimed, “There’s no relationship between immigration and terrorism. People who don’t like immigration like to suggest there’s a connection.” It is likely that the White House and Munoz are in denial that the Boston marathon attack has a relationship to immigration, despite the fact that it was perpetrated by immigrants who immigrated through our immigration system.

Munoz’s past also offers no evidence of support for serious border security. When describing the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement prioritization scheme, Munoz recently likened entering the United States illegally to “jaywalking.”

The Obama administration’s track record on immigration coupled with an apparent lack of support for critical provisions in the Schumer-Rubio bill necessitates that legalization is conditioned on all enforcement provisions being up and running and fully litigated. Only until after E-Verify is in place, the border secured, and an Exit system fully functioning should the discussion on what to do with 11 million illegal immigrants begin.

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  • DonReynolds

    Since none of the promises made to pass the 1986 Amnesty were honored, Congress must nullify all five million of the amnesty gifts awarded under that law. We were promised that there would NEVER AGAIN be another Amnesty, the border would be secured, eVerify would be mandatory for all hires, improved interior enforcement, penalties and jail time for employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens, and tough workplace enforcement. In the 26 years since then, we have received none of the compromises that were necessary to pass Amnesty. Since each administration, Republipuke and Demorat, have REFUSED to make good on ANY of these promises…..we demand that the citizenship and naturalization granted to illegals under that same act be repealed and voided. If there are no consequences to breaking faith with the American people, then there is no rule of law and it does not matter what law they pass…..it will be ignored just like the present law.

  • So CAL Snowman

    People like this need to be put down by people like us. It’s the only way. They must fear us again or we are lost forever.

  • sbuffalonative

    Amnesty IS NOT immigration reform.

    There are minimum of three criteria to fix our broken system.

    1) The border must be shown to be secure. Illegal immigration must be stopped.

    2) Employers must be required to prove that their employees are legal residents. If they are caught hiring illegals, they must face harsh financial and sever punitive action.

    3) Anyone caught in the country illegally must be deported immediately. No more refugee claims. No more ‘catch and release’ with a summons to appear 18 months later.

    When my government can prove to me that they can fix these three problems, then we can talk about what to do with the illegal aliens who are already here.

    • Erasmus

      Additionally, birthright citizenship has to end. No other country allows it.
      Birthright citizenship by illegals is killing us. It HAS to end. Pity we don’t have any leaders willing to work for American citizens first.

  • bigone4u

    Unless Americans wake up and act forcefully the way the French did with the issue of gay marriage, the USA will for all practical purposes become a colony of Mexico, with Mexican people, values, and power stuggles defining us for the next 100 years until the US and Mexico merge into a single nation. The French have shown the way with their massive nationwide demonstrations and marches. Is anybody paying attention?

    • Ella

      I would say about 1/3 of Whites are brain dead and believe the media. Others sit in front of sports for hours or drool at their entertainment sources endlessly. We are aware and live in a discomfort with worry and some pain/fear of the future for our children mainly. It’s a slow drip of torture as we wait when we can no longer tolerate its effects.

  • DonReynolds

    Illegal aliens in the United States KILL 25 American citizens a DAY. This is TERRORISM. Half of the dead Americans are killed by drunk illegal aliens driving on our highways and the other half of dead Americans are killed the old fashioned way, by shooting, stabbing, beating, and choking. This is more American dead than were killed in Benghazi, or Iraq, or Afganistan. But somehow, these dead Americans do not show up on the radar at the White House because they are not soldiers or Marines, they are innocent civilians, who are not involved in combat arms. Add to the killings, the rape, assault, robbery, burglary, and mayhem we get from the illegal aliens and I call it worse than TERRORISM…..it is INVASION.

    • bebe

      Yes. Just look at that Cleveland MEXICAN subhuman who tortured those 3 girls for years. How about that Jodie Arias slashing her ex to death. There is so much Mexican crime where I live daily, I cannot keep track of it all.

      • The Cleveland goons were Puerto Rican.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Same difference really. They hate white people and engage in sex trafficking of young girls. Yeah buddy. Bring on the stupid and sleazy people

          • Greg Thomas

            Agreed, both are third world hispanics.

    • newscomments70

      They kill more than the Boston did terrorists every few hours….liberals and neo-cons could care less. No one closes cities down, no vigils, nothing. The media blacks everything out.

      • newscomments70

        Imagine if they closed down Los Angeles every time an illegal murdered someone? The welfare checks would never be delivered.

  • I had to find out who she was because Alderman Munoz in Chicago has a father that has a phothut that was raided a few years back for selling illegals forged documents.
    No relation.
    Then I figured Barack Obama imported a Mexican to be his director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, but she is was born Detroit.

    Ms. Muñoz, 50, the winner of a $500,000 MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” in 2000 for her work as a civil rights activist, operates out of a second-floor corner office in the West Wing, where she is an earnest, wonky presence known for her negotiation skills. Her title is director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, but her chief influence has been on what could be Mr. Obama’s biggest domestic accomplishment of his second term.
    But I guess all he did was arrange for her to win a $500,000 grant from a very well endowed foundation in Chicago.

    • Greg Thomas

      She is an anchor baby.

  • Bill

    Why am I not surprised that Obama has yet another treasonous viper in his cabinet? The easy way to fix her complaint about workplace enforcement being unevenly applied, is to MAKE SURE it IS evenly applied to all aliens, to all employers, and in all workplaces. If you are illegal, arrest and immediate deportation. If you are an employer with illegal aliens in your workforce, HEAVY fines and possible jail time. For all employers. Mandate all employers MUST verify legal status of any and every employee. Heavy fines and possible jail time for not doing that in every single case. But I dream. It will never happen. The only real question is of whom will the inevitable revolution be composed? Mexicans or White Americans.

  • Greg Thomas

    This traitor is a La Raza racist and belongs no where a position of leadership in this country. She should be running for office in mexico.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      Right she is a 5th columnist. George Wallace would have known what to do with her. So would have Washington, TR and all the rest, especially the “American must remain American” hero president: Calvin Coolidge. This woman should be appointed to nothing more important than mess hall cook in a woman’s prison.

      • Calvin Coolidge, the last President to sign legislation to make legal immigration more difficult and legal immigrants fewer and number, and ethnically matching future legal immigrants with the ethnic mix already in America. And that was 1924. Yep, it’s been a long time.

  • Whirlwinder

    The immitgration debate is totally flawed. It does not take into account the positive future of America. This debate is all about how we can allow everybody into the country now, especially Mexicans, and how fast they can be made citizens that will probably vote democrat. Democrats are hoping to get a permanent majority in government by this action. So, what about America’s future? Who cares so long as democrats are in power forever.

  • cecilhenry

    get the parasites OUT

  • RHG

    This is one of the biggest problems with this amnesty stuff, they put the fox in charge of the hen house. Once again it sounds like this hispanic supremacy/reconquista group La Raza is positioning itself to get loads of taxpayer with this latest amnesty effort.

  • Xerxes22

    There was no double-cross. The Democrats pretend to enforce the laws and the Republicans pretend to believe them.

  • Ella

    They’ll keep on coming unless we stop them! Just think about all the beefed-up US govt. entitlements programs offered for free compared to the Mexican government who cares nothing about them. (We’re the dumping ground for Mexico.) It would seem crazy to stay in Mexico if I had a family and then, miss out on all the American “gifts.” We’ll stop giving these absurd programs when our country finally goes bankrupt and everyone will suffer. Most of “us” honest people will pay a price for what we did not commit.

  • Diamond_Lil

    La Raza is insidious, like cancer.

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