Ted Cruz Files Amendment to Deny Path to Citizenship as Senate Works on Bill

Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News, May 8, 2013

Lobby groups and political officials on both sides of the immigration reform debate were still duking it out right down to the wire, a day before the Senate Judiciary Committee is to begin marking up a nearly 900-page bill.

The office of Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, sent out a press release Wednesday pushing five amendments he filed to the bill, which generally tightens enforcement and provides a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants.

Cruz’s amendments seek to further tighten border security, streamline the legal immigration process, deny public benefits to those here illegally, reform the high-skilled worker visa program and prohibit a path to citizenship for the undocumented.

“The amendments filed today to strengthen border security and reform our legal immigration system will not only bring meaningful, effective improvements to our immigration system, but also have a chance of becoming law,” said Cruz in a statement. “America is a nation of immigrants, built by immigrants and we need to honor that heritage by fixing our broken immigration system, while upholding the rule of law and championing legal immigration.”

His amendments are among more than 300 filed by the Tuesday evening deadline. Republicans wanting tighter enforcement provisions filed a majority of the amendments, with Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, leading the pack with 77 amendments.


The Judiciary Committee includes four of the eight senators (Rubio is one of the eight) who authored the bill, and they plan to try to vote together in the committee to stave off poison pill amendments from either side that could upend their deal.


Meanwhile, religious leaders are warning that including a gay rights amendment  in the immigration bill could cost their support for the legislation.


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy of Vermont is considering offering an amendment that would allow gay couples to sponsor their partners for U.S. residence like other married Americans can.

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  • Are you really going to believe this two faced, fake conservative? He reeks of sell out republican if he wins. The trick is to NOT let him win.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s hard to trust anyone who has his head up Israel’s a$$ as far as he does.

      And the fact that he wants to flood the nation with LEGAL immigrants instead doesn’t help either.

      • bebe

        Yes, and we all know WHO those “legal” immigrants are. They sure aren’t White Europeans. They just want another excuse to bring in MILLIONS more “legally”….When, oh when will a TRUE White man in D.C. or the media stand up and tell the truth for once. NONE of these 3rd world immigrants built this country and were never meant to come here, legally or illegally, in the first place.

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  • I don’t know what Cruz is up to here.

    If he’s serious, then I’m not too thrilled. That’s because we both know, per V-Dare’s mantra, that the work permit is the amnesty. If the immigration bill extends work permits but all the other line items are to our liking, it would still be a bad bill because of the work permits, and the work permits are the holy grail for the EL CHEAPO labor lobby.

    If, OTOH, Cruz is gumming up the works in markup with red team heavy line items just to make sure that Democrat partisan jealousy kills the whole bill, then that’s fine by me. I’ve said for some time that what will probably kill this bill before our activism is partisan jealousy.

    • The__Bobster

      The work permits ARE the amnesty.

      • jambi19

        All they need is the work permits. Voting/citizenship is mere icing on the cake. With just amnesty in a generation you would have millions of anchor babies with automatic citizenship voting D

  • bigone4u

    “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” I’ve been on a roller coaster ride over the presence of illegals for years now. Cruz has now provided another moment of hope, but as Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

    • Good lord! You mean to say that you’ve never seen this tactic before? At least 100 times? The republican candidate campaigns as a conservative, BUT if he wins, his physical actions are in line with the party he really wanted to be a member of: the democrats.

      Cases in point: Bush, Schwarzeneggar, McCain, and Romney.

      • bigone4u

        It only takes one strong voice to speak out and maybe Ted Cruz can be that voice. He’s no pantywaist anyway.

  • The__Bobster

    America is a nation of immigrants, built by immigrants and we need to honor that heritage by fixing our broken immigration system, while upholding the rule of law and championing legal immigration

    Wrong, Cruz control. American citizens and colonists built this nation. And the minor heritage that was left by immigrants was left by European ones, not low-IQ Mestizos.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly and those colonists were not given Section 8, EBT cards, WIC, and free medical care.

  • The__Bobster

    Meanwhile, religious leaders are warning that including a gay rights amendment in the immigration bill could cost their support for the legislation.

    What’s the matter, sellouts? What are a few fudgepackers when you can have pews full of brown faces?

    • Anything which gets this bill killed is fine by me. And like I said above, what is more likely to kill it than anything is that red team is jealous that the bill is too friendly to the blue team, or the blue team is jealous that the bill is too friendly to the red team. We know that both the red team and the blue team, if left to their own devices, would do bad things on the immigration issue. But not exactly the same “bad things.” (Red team tends toward easy legal immigration that is generally industry-specific as long as the immigrants can’t vote ergo can’t vote for the blue team, and blue team would give citizenship and the vote to anyone who gets into the country. Red team wants legal wage slaves, blue team wants to elect a new people.) It’s just that the red team’s bad things aren’t very conducive to the blue team’s political success, and the blue team’s bad things hurts the red team.

    • evilsandmich

      Oh Bobster, you really get the laughs out of me! But yeah, people like the Presbyterians seem perfectly content to sell this country down the river for a couple pieces of silver; I guess they want to have a monopoly on high-minded amorality.

    • me

      This is my gay boyfriend, Saaid, who currently lives in Afghanistan. I would like to get him citizenship so we can marry asap!

  • joegoofinoff

    Ted Cruz Files Amendment to Deny Path to Citizenship as Senate Works on Bill
    This is nothing but a ruse. Everyone is in on the joke. The bill will go nowhere. The decision’s already been made to give amnesty and citizenship to these mongrels.

    • I’m going to do my best Jack Ryan impersonation here.

      I kindly and gently request that we avoid fatalism. People who think like losers are always going to be losers. While it’s true that people who think like winners sometimes lose, it is also true that people who think like losers lose virtually all of the time.

      On most business days, I’m calling on-the-fence Senators pretending to be someone from their state. If a certain election last year would have turned out differently, I would be in a position right now to commit acts of microsabotage against this bill, a.k.a. engaging in “stuff” disturbing to stir up the partisan jealousy I have already described.

      Note: Rand Paul, while reiterating his rhetoric in a Senate markup hearing today from his now infamous speech to the Hispanic Chamber Pot of Commerce about how amnesty and open borders is desirable, and how “we’ll find a place for you” if “you” are a non-American that wants to work in America, is dropping hints left and right that he’ll ultimately vote no. And that’s all we need out of him — He has crossed the Rubicon in terms of being someone whom we should trust with the Presidency (i.e. don’t trust him), but it doesn’t matter if he wants an amnesty bill of some sort, because if this particular amnesty bill dies, I don’t see immigration coming up again the rest of this year or next, and neither in 2015 or 2016 if the Republicans hold the House in ’14. Plain words, all our letters and calls may have made a difference here.

      • joegoofinoff

        Thinking rationally isn’t wrong. It’s just normal. This lot of stinking traitors in congress are going to sell us down the river without a doubt.

        • There are also a lot of whores in Congress who follow the easiest way and the path of least resistance. I think those kind of people are far more than the out and outright traitors. The moral of this story? Be resistance.

          • White Mom in WDC

            How do we here at Amren ‘be’ resistance.

      • George White

        I don’t spend HOURS every day on the phones for NOTHING.

    • George White

      SCREW YOU. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Bossman

      Mongrels?? America is a continent of mongrels. During WWII, the Germans believed that but the mongrels defeated them.

  • Jefferson

    Does the Mexican government offer free healthcare, housing, and food stamps to its illegal immigrant population from Honduras and Guatemala ?

    NOPE they don’t.

  • Jefferson

    American Renaissance does not like Ted Cruz’s views on immigration but by Hispanic standards, his view on immigration is considered extremely right wing because the vast majority of Hispanics have an anarchist open borders view on immigration.

    Ted Cruz’s view on immigration is to the right of the vast majority of Hispanics. How many Hispanics do you see talking about how Illegals should have no right to free health care, path for citizenship, and food stamps in this country. Not many that’s for damn sure.

    Ted Cruz as a politician is about as popular among Hispanics as The Democratic Party is among White Southerners from the bible belt.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      I agree. Cruz has to come out and say he is a white Hispanic, with both Spanish and other European background and that he wants what is best for the country regarding legal immigration as well. But I don’t think he has gotten over the hurdle of denying the Enlightenment or even considering that the United States government is actual worst enemy of us, the people whose ancestors made it and who now maintain it. He’s sure ‘growing’, though, and I believe he is on the right track. Compare him with Rubio and we have a winner. He either gets it and won’t say it in public, or he will get it within his lifetime and jump onto the right side- the true right.

      • Before being elected to the Senate, Rubio’s actions on immigration were bad. Bobster can post the V-Dare text to prove that. Before being elected to the Senate, Cruz’s actions on immigration were exceedingly few but good where they existed. Most notable example is defending Texas’s proposed execution of (and the execution eventually took place) an illegal alien Mexican murderer against the meddling Mexican government, while Cruz was SG of Texas.

        • The__Bobster

          That I can:


          The Miami-based group Citizens Of Dade United (of which I am vice president) has backed Florida state immigration enforcement bills for many years. But the Hispanic Caucus legislators have blocked them all.

          Central to this unAmerican activity: Marco Rubio. In 2008, when he was Florida House Speaker, Rubio told his appointed Rules Chairman Rep. David Rivera and six Chairmen with bills in their committees to stall all six until the session ended.

          All Chairmen followed Rubio’s orders. The session ended, killing the six House Bills, also killing 4 Senate Bills.[In Memory Of My Grandson: Reflections On Reclaiming Florida]

  • The Culturalist

    So, I guess since greasy “Rubio” has decided to show his true colors(yeah–pun fully intended) and has thus eliminated any realistic possibility of winning, Conservative Inc, has decide to roll out a whiter and better Hispanic to please us?

    Cruz is peddling the same tortilla flavored bullshit beneath his slick words, he’s a friggin lawyer–come on!

  • Kathy M

    “America is a nation of immigrants, built by immigrants. . .”

    Okay, hold it right there… just a sec…

    America was a nation of European immigrants, built by European immigrants.

    Fixed it. Now it is a truthful statement

    • Bossman

      So why did they import so many millions of enslaved Africans? Was it for mere entertainment?

  • Paleoconn

    I love this obsession with ‘legal’ vs illegal. I read somewhere ‘well why don’t we call the rain dry to avoid getting wet?’ I believe it was from the fable Cry Wolf which is like a modern Animal Farm warning of the perils of open borders.

  • european native america

    Europeans are the only real native Americans since 1512 when the western hemisphere was officially named for white Italian European Americus Vespucci.

    • Bossman

      So do you call yourself a European? The native peoples of the Americas do not associate themselves with any other continent but what we now call America. So therefore they are the real Americans.

  • ImTellinYa

    Cruz is lying scum. He is trying desperately to hand illegal third-world savages a free pass to stay in the country legally. Then a short ways down the road Cruz, together with other cowards and traitors, will give these nonWhite enemies of the U.S. citizenship.

    The government, headed by that affirmative-action parasite and stuttering homosexual Obama, is quite literally the enemy of its own country. The government as it is currently constituted is essentially a political action committee for lively, vibrant savages, foreign and domestic, who want to swamp the U.S. and dispossess the White people who built this country and who invented the modern world.

    We owe our current government no allegiance. We must realize that the government hates White people and is working night and day to disarm us and dispossess us. No one in government is going to provide even the smallest solution to the problems we face. They are the problem; them and their third-world savage foot soldiers.

  • Dave4088

    His stance if kind of like Lou Dobbs. Louie was a firebrand against illegal immigration and sealing the border, but advocated doubling legal immigration!! To most conservatives having 100 million third world immigrants annually would be just fine as long as they entered legally.

  • Maribel Guardia

    I live here in San Diego County; lots of everything. I wonder where y’all live that y’all dislike the encroachment: must be lily white. Hmmmm…. I need to move to Kalispell, Montana. I hear they have great weather over there. My county’s pop. surpasses that state’s pop; just a thought. On Kalispell, too many unemployed, or underemployed whites. Reminds me of that old Republican cliche on the ‘masses’ of people and employment, or lack thereof, and thus social unrest. I wonder what it is that inhibits these Mountain Whites from lashing out at ‘The Man’; could it be fear of Waco or Ruby Ridge? Speaking of The Man: who exactly is the big bad boogie man to these mountain whites? The ‘End Times’ 666 government was last Thursday. Illegal immigration was so May, 2006 through August, 2010. Taxes were from April, 2009 through November, 2012. My low IQ prohibits my cognitive abilities from contemplating what a future ‘Great White Social Unrest’ will look like in the near future.