The story so far (in the wee hours of Thursday morning).  Following the release of a report by the Heritage Foundation arguing that the Rubio-Schumer immigration bill will cost the nation $6.3 trillion,  the Slave Power set their dwarf miners to digging.

They soon found gold.  One of the co-authors of the study is twentysomething Jason Richwine, a Heritage analyst.  Not just an analyst, but a quantitative analyst: “Heritage’s senior policy analyst in empirical studies.”

Uh-oh.  This Richwine guy deals with numbers, evidence, and facts—radioactive materials in a nation under strong ideological control.

To sift truth from error at best requires an effort; where there is no great advantage for the former, the latter often prevails, as errors are infinite, simple, and attractive—and many a fancy lends support to established position—while truth is one and often stern.  The imperial order, itself irrational and hence distrusting reason, excels in credulity and superstition.

—Robert G. Wesson, The Imperial Order

After a few days’ digging the Nibelungs turned up Richwine’s Ph.D. thesis from Harvard University, title:  “IQ and Immigration Policy.”  The mother lode!  (You can download it from here.)

The Washington Post ran a gleeful story on the find under the headline “Heritage study co-author opposed letting in immigrants with low IQs.”  [By Dylan Matthews, May 8, 2013]They note that:

Richwine’s dissertation asserts that there are deep-set differentials in intelligence between races.

Eek!  A witch!  But how to link this evil person (for such he plainly is) with the Heritage report costing Rubio-Schumer?  Easy.

First, the Post notes that Richwine’s thesis argues for selection of immigrants by IQ.  (“I believe there is a strong case for IQ selection”—page 133 of the thesis.)  However:

He does caution against referring to it as IQ-based selection, saying that using the term “skill-based” would “blunt the negative reaction.”

That rhetorical strategy is reflected in Heritage’s current work on immigration. His and Rector’s report recommends greatly reducing “low-skilled” immigration and increasing “high-skilled” immigration. “The legal immigration system should be altered to greatly reduce the number of low-skill immigrants entering the country and increase the number of new entrants with high levels of education and skills that are in demand by U.S. firms,” they write.

See?  That Heritage report on the Rubio-Schumer bill is nothing but a conduit for the twisted white supremacist fantasies of a racist bigot!

(I note in passing that the Heritage position favoring increases in high-skilled immigration is at odds with’s position, and also with the data.)

Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, on secondment from Conservatism, Inc. to offer some pretense of “balance” at the Post, hastened to join the lynch mob.  “It undermines the cause of all immigration opponents to have their prized work authored by such a character,” she wrote, reading Richwine out of respectable society.

It’s an unpleasant reminder that sincere opponents of reform should distance themselves from the collection of extremists and bigots who populate certain anti-immigrant groups. [Heritage stumbles, again and again, May 8, 2013]

She then brings in Jennifer S.  Korn for a quote.  Ms. Korn was Secretary for Hispandering in the George W. Bush White House.  (Note that her bio page on the Hispanic Leadership Network website retails the old lie about Bush getting 44 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004.  These people live in lies like maggots in rotten meat.)

What does Ms. Korn have to tell us?

Richwine’s comments are bigoted and ignorant. America is a nation of immigrants; to impugn the intelligence of immigrants is to offend each and every American and the foundation of our country.

So you can get a Ph.D. from Harvard by submitting “comments” to the thesis examiners?  Who knew?

In fact Richwine’s thesis is of a properly scholarly standard, with twelve pages of references (pp. 147-158) and a wealth of quantitative data from published academic sources.

As to Richwine having “impugned” the intelligence of immigrants: My dictionary defines “impugn” as “cast doubt upon.”  Far from casting doubt, Richwine’s thesis seeks to remove doubt by careful quantitative analysis.

Even if you take Ms. Korn’s usage of “impugn” to mean Richwine has stated that immigrants have lower mean IQ than natives, she is wrong.  Table 2.2 in the thesis (p. 30) gives an average estimated mean IQ of 105.5 for immigrants from Northeast Asia.  Should Mrs. Derbyshire consider herself impugned?  (I asked: she doesn’t.)   The estimated mean for European immigrants—that’s me!—in that table is 98.0.  Am I thereby impugned?  I’m reaching for it, trying to feel it, but . . . no, it’s not there.

The comment thread to Jennifer Rubin’s piece is laden with the usual driveling ignorant obscurantist piffle one gets in these cases.  “I’m an immigrant and I’m smart!” (Commenter at 5/8/2013 8:42 PM.)  Not smart enough to understand the concept of an average, apparently.  “Goddard said Jewish immigrants were dumb!”  No he didn’t.  Fox News . . . the Koch brothers . . . You know how it goes.

The Godwin Quotient (GQ)—percentage length into the comment thread at which one of the words “Nazi” or “Hitler” appears—was 4.88 at 2 a.m.

(Not even trying! Ms. Rubin herself, by way of slandering George Borjas, one of Richwine’s thesis advisers, links to an 849-word column by Hispanic race shill Raoul Lowery Contreras that has “Nazi” at word number three—a sensational GQ of 0.35!)

There is, though, in that comment thread, some good push-back against the nitwits.  A shout-out here from me to “Bob017,” whoever he is (I have no idea), for stalwart service.  Our own Steve Sailer is in there, too.  Magna est veritas et prævalebit—“The truth is great and it will prevail a bit.”

And so another “anti-racist” witch hunt commences.  I know how Jason Richwine feels right now:  about the same way I felt the weekend of April 7th-8th last year. 

The forces of orthodoxy have identified a heretic.  They’re marching on his hut with pitchforks and flaming brands.  The cry echoes around the internet:  “Burn the witch!”

Here’s what you can expect, Jason.

First, you’re not going to come to any physical harm (though your email might get sabotaged).  It’s not really personal.  The lefties are not after you, though if they mess up your life they will of course feel pleased with themselves.  They are after the Heritage Foundation, just as the mob coming after me last year were afterNational Review.

Old Chinese proverb:  shā jī xìa hóu“kill a chicken to scare the monkeys.”  You’re the chicken, pal.

Second, the monkeys will be duly scared.  Expect Heritage to disown you.

It’s not that Heritage people in general are jerks, though of course a few individuals may be.  It’s part prudential, part ideological.

The prudential aspect is simply the hard logic of fighting a war—the Cold Civil War—with numerically inferior forces.  You have to pick your fights with care, like Joe Johnston retreating up the Peninsula before the Seven Days.  Joining battle with the massed forces of Cultural Marxism—the media, schools and colleges, corporations, unions, major religious establishments, government bureaucracies—on behalf of a lone staffer could be suicidal.

From where we stand here on the Dissident Right, Conservatism, Inc., of which the Heritage Foundation is one pillar, looks pretty formidable.  As much as we have fun scoffing at them, though, we should remember that they see themselves, accurately, as a beleaguered minority.

And they are not a beleaguered minority of quantitative analysts, unfortunately.  I doubt there are many Jason Richwines at the Heritage Foundation.  Statistical numeracy is a rare talent, rare enough that you can spend many hours among the inmates of conservative think-tanks without encountering the slightest smidgeon, trace, jot, or tittle of it.

Hence the ideological factor.  Absent that coldly empirical, quantitative cast of mind that Jason Richwine admirably displays in his Ph.D. thesis, one is open to infection by feelgood ideological fads.  This applies to self-identifying conservatives as much as to liberals; and since the overwhelming ideological authority in our country belongs to the Cultural Marxists, not-very-numerate conservatives are generally infected to some degree.

Thus the underbusthrowing of Jason Richwine by Heritage Foundation, which seems to be already under way as I write, is not only prudential.  The immigration romantics and world-saving missionaries who control Conservatism, Inc., and who are no doubt plentiful in the decision-makers at Heritage, will be repelled by Richwine’s thesis, or by the accounts of it they are fed by Cultural Marxist outlets (thanks, guys!)

In dumping Richwine they will feel vaguely that they are performing an act of institutional hygiene, cleansing themselves of the dread taint of racism.  That everything he says is true, and buttressed by facts, will count for nothing.  “Truth is one and often stern”—too stern for the soft minds of careerist hacks.

See you in the camps, Jason!

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  • thurlow

    Here should be the true question, who has a higher IQ, newly arrived Mexican immigrants or “think” tank members who have spent their entire life in Washington?

    • nobody

      Poor low IQ third worlders can’t really help it, they don’t know any better. But these educated liberals in Washington have to be smart enough to know what they are doing, and that makes them evil. They are willingly selling us out for what I imagine is a quite small amount of personal gain. The name Judas doesn’t really fit, but it does come to mind.

      • Will

        These educated liberals are all controlled by the Jesuits and do the bidding for them.

  • bigone4u

    The myth of equality is the Great Myth of the 21st century. Jason Redwine is in good company for challenging myths. Recall a man named Socrates, who was accused of corrupting the youth of Athens because he told the truth? I can only hope that Jason and the Heritage group do not follow Socrates’ example and drink the hemlock.

    • jambi19

      “It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal.” -Aristotle

  • joesolargenius

    Don’t successful businesses always hire the smartest people they can and isn’t a country a business to some extent ?

    • nobody

      Not in the new America. In the new America we just lower the bar, because God forbid someone feels inadequate or gets their feelings hurt. We are a nation of sniveling children, of whimpering slaves, and I am ashamed of what the country that I have so dearly loved has become. The only thing that I want in this world is for my children to grow up in the same America that many of us have known and loved, where anything is possible regardless of where you come from and a person could get far in life on hard work and intelligence alone. But as hard as it is to admit to myself it seems like these days might just be gone forever.

    • Laika, The Space Dog

      Here’s a recap of how the hiring goes in colleges and universities:

      *deans reject job searches if the short list of candidates only includes White males;

      *diversity bureaucrats with Masters degrees and no teaching responsibilities can earn over $200,000 per year to be ever vigilant for rare instances of diversity-related unpleasantness;

      *“borderline but qualified” candidates exhibiting non-White cultural vibrancy are favored over White males—qualified meaning that you somehow got a Ph.D. and are breathing;

      *failing to find even a borderline candidate who is appropriately diverse, the university will create special “excellence” positions (a beautifully Orwellian term, as MacDonald notes) for people who just happen to not be White males;

      *”in 2011, Berkeley’s $200,000-a-year vice chancellor for equity and inclusion presided over an already princely staff of 17; by 2012, his realm had ballooned to 24″;

      *there is a huge and costly infrastructure to support the many diverse students admitted through various dodges around California’s law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race (i.e., race-based affirmative action) and who are unable to deal with even the watered down academic course load in UC Two; e.g.: “UCLA’s $300 million Division of Undergraduate Affairs, with nary a professor in sight, is a typical support-services accretion, stuffed with ‘retention’ specialists and initiatives for ‘advancing student engagement in diversity.’”

      *every three years, representatives from departmental hiring committees at UCLA must attend a seminar on ‘unconscious bias’ in order to be deemed fit for making hiring decisions.”

      *“UC San Diego hired its first vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion. This new diversocrat would pull in a starting salary of $250,000, plus a relocation allowance of $60,000, a temporary housing allowance of $13,500, and the reimbursement of all moving expenses.

  • SoCal LoCal

    If Jonathon Richwine escapes from this with his job and his integrity unscathed, then we may be at a turning point. Reality will have ceased its retreat, and the PC screamers will have wasted their breath for no gain. Let us hope this turns out to be the case.

    • SoCal LoCal

      Make that Jason Richwine

    • joegoofinoff

      Don’t look to academia for any help. Those people are nothing but talkers. We’re far beyond that stage now.

  • Jefferson

    Next time a libtard tells you that immigrants from south of the border are a net gain for the economy and not a net drain, ask them why the state of Mexifornia has a budget deficit and not a budget surplus. Ask they why cities in Mexifornia like Stockton and San Bernardino have filed for bankruptcy.

    Ask them why states like North Dakota and Nebraska have managed to create a budget surplus in their state economy without having a very high percentage of Spanish speaking 3rd world diversity.

    Nebraska and North Dakota are managing their economy just fine with their overwhelmingly native born White population.

  • nobody

    How about 0 non-white immigration and that especially applies to the yids.

  • wattylersrevolt

    0 relevance to the race-replacement issue…the number one issue facing millions of Native Born White Americans. Shame on you Peter Brimelow for sidetracking a discussion about race-replacement with a discussion about mind numbing-the eyes-glaze over psychometrics. All you mad calibrators are fools.
    If every Mexican had an IQ of 2,000 would the case for keeping them out diminish by even a bit? Obvious answer:No. Peter Brimelow wants to keep a certain level of asians flooding into our America..but there is no safe level of asian legal immigration. My family knows this from first-hand expereince. The Asian population is exploding on our Living and Breeding Space…and this is a direct consequence of the “trickle” of Asians that came in the during the 70’s and set up a beachhead..and went over the seawall…and then went on to own the “US” Congress.
    Why can’t Peter Brimelow just say we don’t want them in becuase they are not our kind and we are competing with them for the scarce resources of America. Goddam Mega-draught comming up in two months.
    It is very hard to find words to describe the tactical stupidity of Peter Brimelow…my study versus your stud…..,for hours,,for years..never ending…and guess what does not get discussed. John Derbysire likes this kind stuff because it validates his fetish for the master race flooding into our America.

    • bebe

      You are so right. It seems that many of these leaders that are suppose to promote OUR causes, always try to sidetrack the REAL issue. Whites in White homelands, period.

    • Laika, The Space Dog

      The White race is good at getting bogged down in endless, meaningless minutia discussions on race, IQ and crime issues. Meanwhile, Asians, latinos, Africans and other 3rd world debris continue to pour across the borders to displace the White Race and be welcomed by an alien government with endless entitlement programs and AA.
      None of that matters when your race is facing elimination and genocide in our own homelands, ALL of them.
      You are 100% correct that we need to focus on the MAIN issue and go after those who seek our demise. We are facing genocide, folks, nothing less. Your children will inherit a world where they’re 3rd class citizens ruled over with an iron fist by either an Asian, Latino or black, all of whom hate whites. Don’t think so? Wait until resources are scarce and see who does and doesn’t get them. Hint: It won’t be YOUR white children and grandchildren.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Space Doggy Laika
        Wattylersrevolt’s uncertainty principle:You can either have a debate about mind-numbing-the eyes-glaze-over-IQ test score psychometrics…or you can frame a debate into a “debate” about what’s in it for Millions of Native Born White Americans…race-replacement that is. You can’t have a debate about both…it just a fact about the world..accept it.
        Frame the debate in terms of what’s in it for White Folks, and watch the very nasty and repellant she-male Rachel Maddow go apoplectic. Rachel of God’s mistakes.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Call me a fatalist, but I’m with Gandhi:”In the end deceivers deceive only themselves.”

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly, Denial is huge here. These people in power want more dumb people they can control. I think they should state it, I’d have more respect for them, but they have no balls. Instead they tell others and themselves that the are embracing diversity. Poppycock! They want cheap dumb labor for their sweatshops and sex slavery rings! Yeah Amurkistan!

      • wattylersrevolt

        White Mom
        Hispanics should be kept out of America because they are not our kind-regardless of their score on an IQ test. Focusing on IQ test score subverts a debate about race-replacement with the race-replacement enthusiast. In fact, there is no debate:we oppose race-replacement and that’s all there is to it. And if the race-replacement enthusiasts doesn’t like it….tough ….t! Jared is engaging in endless my study versus your study debate..and, while he is doing this…race-replacement continues apace. I have no patience for his nonsense.

        • I don’t think I could have said it much better. I don’t participate too much in IQ study debates because of what you’ve stated.

          • Laika, The Space Dog

            Ditto for me. The focus should be on White genocide via our homelands flooded by high-fertility nonWhites who will compete with us for resources, like water, land and food, that belong to Whites.
            Africans will still have Africa, Asians will still have Asia, Hispanics will still have every country south of the border. Whites? What will we have? Our countries, which we are told we “don’t deserve” due to past bad acts like slavery will be controlled top to bottom by hostile nonWhite overlords. Read up on Whites in South Africa to see our future.

            Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t true and if they do, they’re anti-White promoting the genocide of Whites.

        • White Mom in WDC

          I agree whole heartedly, these Hispanics have a home. Why can’t they stay there?

  • Larry Klein

    The relief is that the mainstream media is too busy talking about Jodie Arias or the primitives in Cleveland to focus on the nauseating reaction to the academic’s research.

    • rick

      If you do a google news search you’ll see it’s primarily left-wing news outlets that are talking about Jason Richwine right now. Huffington Post, Washington Post, various Hispanic oreintated websites and hardcore left-wing rags like Daily Kos, Mother Jones…

      • Larry Klein

        Yeah, they do the talking, the “conservatives” do the apologizing and distancing.

  • wattylersrevolt

    John Derbyshire
    Why don’t you email Jason Richwine and ask him how many Asian legal immigrants should be allowed in each year..also ask him what he thinks about the H-1 B and L-1 B visa program. You and I both know exactly how Richwine will answer the question.
    IQ test score “predictions” is just data retrofitting..reaffirmation of ones favorite scientific theories. Anyhow, to even debate IQ test score science gives way too much respectability to an utterly dull backwater of the scientific world that is 100 percent irrelevant to the number one issue facing Native Born White Americans:very rapid race-replacement.

    • jambi19

      It was a thesis. It’s not like the guy introduced a bill into committee granting millions of mexicans citizenship and voting rights. Cut the guy a break. He’s young and did extensive research into race realism while earning his PhD at Harvard of all places.

      • Cape to Cairo

        Books lead to policy. Madison Grant’s “Passing of the Great Race” published in 1916 gave us the immigration act of 1924.

        • jambi19

          Correct you are. Many publications are turned into political weapons.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “…voting for either party gets the same results anyway.”

    DB, liberals’ control over the Democratic Party is much tighter than their control over the Republican Party — as you are about to discover on upcoming votes on “immigration reform” (amnesty for illegal aliens).

    First, watch the vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee in a couple of weeks. All opposition will be Republican, with two GOP traitors. Then watch the vote in the full Senate. Then, if the measure gets that far, watch the votes in the House of Representatives.

    Immigration “reform” is going to go down in flames because of Republican votes — just as it did in 2006 and 2007. It would pass in a breeze if Democrats had a few more votes in the Senate and controlled the House.

    Is “D. B. Cooper” a John Engelman alias? You can tell me. I won’t tell anybody.

    • jambi19

      He follows the mantra of totally disengaging from the political process. All but assuring complete leftist control of government and policy.

      • Absolutely not. this issue is like the gay marriage situation. It loses each time, but it’s brought back EVERY..SINGLE.. YEAR!
        I rarely see white conservatives, and especially the GOP, ever go on offense.
        My method, I believe, will make it come crashing down faster, so it can be rebuilt. Young, unemployed, white victims of crime are often the cure for liberalism.

        • jambi19

          Good propositions. Acting affirmative action is one example that young whites would support.

  • PitayaSandwhich

    I really like seeing the uptick in MA’s and PhD’s that feature actual research and cite material from Vdare, stats from NumbersUSA and original work on Amren. This is another good one, with a blistering indictment of immigration starting on pg. 63:

  • This whole fiasco could have been avoided had he titled his paper:
    “Skills and Immigration Policy.”
    Then he should have hit Ctrl+H. and changed every instance of “IQ” to “skills” and “IQ based” to “skills-based” then it sounds as if he is actually advocating for immigration.
    Which is exactly what IQ based selection is. Bad choice of words. We don’t need guest farm workers, remember blacks want these jobs and are suing to get them.

  • Snowhitey

    I believe it was Eustace Mullins who said that the Heritage Foundation is not what it appears to be… it’s infiltrated by globalists. It may have taken close to 100 years but the globalists do pretty much control everything.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Vladimir Lenin

    • Heritage does love legal immigration, and it’s “conservatism” isn’t exactly nationalist-oriented. However, if their recent report showing that the Gang Bangers of Eight are going to run up a six terabuck bar tab borks the amnesty bill, then fine with me. And if this NON-troversy over Richwine brings the issue of innate racial differences in IQ back in vogue, then fine with me, except I’m worried that the back door trap in that is, as Wat Tyler’s Revolt often says, that the whole thing could be an excuse to grant legal immigrant visas to (not so) “smart” Asians so they can be wage slaves.

      • Karim1234

        East Asian IQ: 106

        European IQ: 98

        I would never want to go to that sh!thole you call America, but I just wanted to let you know: We are superior in every way. You know it, I know it. It’s the reason people keep making comments about Asians “lacking creativity” etc. etc.

        It’s simple jealousy, and it’s why you keep stealing our women.

        Have a good day 🙂

        • Nathanwartooth

          Sweet, we don’t want you. Please tell all of your friends to not go to any White country.

          You don’t go to our countries and we wont go to yours. Sounds fair enough.

          • Karim1234


            Fair enough.

            If only the world were filled with more people like you.

            I’m just pissed at seeing so many non-Japanese in Tokyo. Not even East Asian. A bunch of Americans, Negroid and White, as well as some Europeans.

            If your countries are so good, why do you keep coming? Also, the rape epidemic! We have had ENOUGH!!

          • Nathanwartooth

            We are brothers in arms, you didn’t need to be so hurtful with your first post 🙂

            I absolutely love many things about Japanese culture. I play Monster Hunter, Dark and Demon’s souls, read some manga and watch some anime. I also like your low crime rate and altruistic culture. The way the Japanese acted during the natural disaster was great.

            So I want Japan to stay Japanese. You have every right to be angry about foreigners in your country, especially Blacks. But as I said I also want my country to remain majority White, so our goals overlap.

            I haven’t heard about any rape epidemic in Japan but I would love to know about it. We are very sympathetic to plights caused by foreign invaders, as we have more than our fair share as well.

            Most people on this site are nationalistic for all countries, not just our own. We think that every country has a right to protect it’s boarders and to protect it’s people.

            But about the IQ and creativity thing. Honestly I could care less. I don’t care which race has the highest IQ or is the most creative. I just want to live in a White society where I can be among my own people, just as you with Japanese people.

          • Karim1234

            The rape epidemic comes primarily from Americans, both Black and White, in Okinawa (although it’s prevalent in Tokyo as well).

            Japan has the lowest homicide rate, and one of the lowest rape rates.

            We are not used to seeing so many rapes!

          • Sloppo

            If there is absolute proof of guilt in a rape case against an American, I hope your people hang the perpetrator. If he is a white guy, I’m okay with his death because I recognize the fact that our gene pool needs cleaning sometimes too.

          • Laika, The Space Dog

            It is NOT your job to be fair or even kind to anti-White Asians who are aiming to destroy you.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I don’t see it that way. He wants to keep Japan Japanese and I want to keep White countries White.

            These goals can actually help each other since we both really want the same thing.

            Also he was just angry about someone calling Asians not smart so he went on a mini rant. He was really just angry about non Japanese in his land. Something I can sympathize with.

            The first world nations have a lot more in common with each other than second and third world nations have with us.

            Just because I don’t want Japanese in my lands doesn’t mean I want to destroy them and I am anti-Japanese.

          • Sloppo

            I would love to visit Japan some day because I have very much admiration for the civilization which the Japanese people built and I would love to see it. If I ever do get that kind of opportunity and find a way to afford it, I hope Japan is still Japanese and not a multicultural mess like we’re getting here in the USA. I obviously agree with your sentiments about wanting to keep Japan Japanese and I believe your efforts are beneficial to me. I want the right to live among my own people too and a Japanese Japan serves as a strong positive example for us to look up to. Don’t give up, Karim. Don’t make the same terrible mistakes my people have made.

          • Martel

            Most people at Amren have no issue with your stance against an American immigrant invasion in your country. If you would get that chopstick out of your *ss you would notice most people will agree with the right of the Japanese to close down their borders.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            Doubtful. I see the comments directed against East Asians that are minding their own business in there part of the world.

          • Martel

            I would like to meet the guy on Amren who wants to flood Asia with immigrants or who wants to dictate what Asians are able to discuss or do to their own country.

            If you have a problem with Amren members simply discussing Asians, then that is your own problem, don’t get involved with Europeans if you can’t handle free speech.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            You’re a moron and a Ngger.

            It’s not free speech to want to commit genocide on a race, just because your race is too fcking STUPID to understand how to change your immigration policy.

            Tokyo is over 5% White because of your piece of sh!t military policy.

          • Mr Plankton

            Veni, vidi, vici. If you don’t like it, you’re free to try to forcibly remove us.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            So you are going to commit genocide on Japanese by forcibly moving here?

            Savages. No wonder you are a disgusting and uncivilized people. Keep running away from your sh!tholes and coming to our amazing civilization.

            You don’t have the intelligence to fix yours.

          • Mr Plankton

            There’s nothing amazing about your civilization. Japan can be just as savage as anyone and just as uncivilized. We’ve been in Japan since the end of World War 2. That’s the price Japan pays for, you know, losing. Here’s the link in case you’ve forgotten. Good day to you, sir.


          • UnitedEastAsia

            And I’ll just leave this right here:

            A little island nation was able to wipe the floor with you for a good four years. That’s enough to make us proud.

          • Mr Plankton

            Aww, Mr Mod. I was enjoying our friendly conversation we were having with UnitedEastAsia.

          • Dr. Möbias

            Hey, I just got here. What did I miss? John Engelman or a paid troll?

          • Beetlejuice

            Why should we help you with anything? You are an anti-White monster.

            More ad hominem sputtering from UnitedEastAsia. Nothing new to see here.

          • Laika, The Space Dog

            You are an anti-White using a device invented by a bunch of brilliant White people.

            Japan is 98.5% Japanese, does not let foreigners vote and kicks them out all the time. Japan is RICH and has a horrendous, violent colonial history. (see the Rape of Nanking, here’s an excerpt of one of thousands of unspeakable acts: “A woman and her two teenage daughters were raped, and Japanese soldiers rammed a bottle and a cane into her vagina.”)

            The Japanese have one of the worst and most violent colonial histories on the face of the earth and a dying, aging population yet no one is screaming that they need to import Africans, Whites or Mexicans to boost their economy and prop up social security and “do the work the Japanese won’t do.”

            No, that’s only for White nations.

            If YOUR countries are so good, why are your people leaving for White countries? LOL. You need to look in the mirror and then look up the definition of hypocrite.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            “The Japanese have one of the worst and most violent colonial histories on the face of the earth”

            WAHHHHHHHHH! Keep complaining. I’m proud of my peoples accomplishments.

          • Beetlejuice

            I have not seen ONE post where you actually debate the topic. NOT ONE.

            What do you think the thousands of readers who come here and read your post think about you, and your silly opinions if all you can come up with is personal attacks, harassment and total lack of respect?

            Now, if you want to have a REAL debate and look at the FACTS, I’m all ready to debate with you, but you have to stop with this childish behaviour, UnitedEastAsia.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            Japanese are leaving for White countries?

            Are you a fcking moron?

            You need to get your head examined.

          • Beetlejuice

            UnitedEastAsia: Why can’t you reply properly? Think about the thousands of people reading this and seeing your childish answer, without actually debating or having any point but mockery. I can ask you back; Were you bullied as a child? Because most bullies were.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Well, that is exactly what a SOCIOPATH would say.

            Your anti-White cult leader may have taught/ordered you to say such things, but it is still an unacceptable thing for a mentally functioning adult to say.


          • Beetlejuice

            Laika, the Russian Space Dog: you do realize you are dealing with a sick anti-White psychopath when you engage with “UnitedEastAsia”, don’t you?

            Psychopathic monsters like “UnitedEastAsia” are too sick to be able to recognize their pathological hatred for White people because of the failures of their own people

            There is no trying to reason with psychopathic anti-Whites, they are by definition impervious to thinking.

        • You know, I am NOT the least bit intimidated by so-called higher East Asian IQs.
          You see, “Karim”, MY own IQ is much higher than the average person’s, regardless of race.

          • Karim1234

            Doesn’t make White IQ any higher than it already is.

          • White Mom in WDC

            IQ really doesn’t mean to much. It measures ‘potential’. Does not mean that the person will ‘produce.’ In the end, it really measures conformity. I do evaluations as I am a PhD level psychologist.

          • Karim1234

            “I do evaluations”

            No you don’t, seeing as how you clearly don’t even understand the basic concept of an intelligence test.

            “I am a PhD level psychologist.”

            And now you’re making me chuckle

          • White Mom in WDC

            So tell Karim, in a psychological evaluation, what three domains are assessed?

          • Karim1234

            Three? There are over 10.

            You really are an amateur!

          • White Mom in WDC

            I am not talking about subtests or indices, I am talking about the whole evaluation

          • Beetlejuice


            You win the prize today: You are officially now a militant idiot of the anti-White kind.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            LOL, Did you swallow a TV UnitedEastAsia? Geez Anti-White get some new material. Even by normal Anti-White standards, you are one really sick indoctrinated “social construct”.

            I think it’s about time your anti-White handler and cult leader re-programmed you with new material.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            No one cares what your silly OPINION is

            You Anti-Whites are a foolish pathetic lot.

            All that’s left is to ask how you came to hate Whites so much.

          • Correct. Some people discount things like emotional intelligence and other factors completely disassociated with a standard IQ test. If IQ tests were a simple measure of an individual’s competency and proof of how that person can positively contribute to society, then why on earth do we have some extremely high-scoring IQ test people doing some incredibly stupid things? Everyone knows those types. Some of the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen have been attributed to people I was friends with who were much more “educated” than myself.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            White Mom in WDC:

            I wouldn’t listen to a word this woman says. She obviously hates whites and doesn’t know what they really think and feel. She is a propaganda artist for the “No More White Kids” movement.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Exactly. I plan on having more kids. Wish me luck

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Good luck, I wish you well and keep popping out white babies.
            And keep making your sarcastic comments too, they are wonderful and really brighten up my day.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          Me so superior! Me not at all feel insecure about my height, small manhood or horrid defeat in WW2.

          What have Asians invented? Gunpowder and paper? Good for you…

          • Karim1234

            Another White guy with an inferiority complex.

            Why am I not surprised?

            Oh yeah, because you’re all like that.

            European IQ: 98…. You’ll always be inferior, and what’s killing is that you know it!

            Have a nice rest of the day 🙂

          • Martel

            Where would Japan be without Europeans?
            Still slapping each other around with samurai sticks.

          • Karim1234

            Yep, because technological development would have been the same FOREVER.


            Where would the Europeans be if it wasn’t for the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Persians, etc.?

            See how stupid you sound? Oh wait! I forgot, they were all “White” cultures, because you retarded Whites think that you can take credit for every successful civilization out there.

          • Beetlejuice

            The words of a man defeated.

          • Where would the Europeans be if it wasn’t for the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Persians, etc.?

            They were all white.

          • Beetlejuice


            UnitedEastAsia is just presenting her RATIONALIZATION for the ethnocide of White People wherever they dwell.

          • Normally I suggest that when someone has to go out of their own environment and sphere of ideological peers just to tell someone else that they are inferior or have an inferiority complex, that usually indicates to me that he or she is the one with the inferiority complex.

          • Karim1234

            Does that mean that all of Stormfront (some quarter of a million people) have inferiority complexes?

            Nay, my friend, I’m just proud of my race.

            Why are you anti-Asian? We can be proud of our genetic superiority just as you are proud of yours against Latinos, Arabs, Blacks, Indians, etc.

          • I don’t go to Stormfront and, frankly, I don’t like Stormfront. I don’t like how they operate.

            I am a Racist, not a supremacist. I know this might be hard for your much superior mind to comprehend, but I really don’t think in terms of superior or inferior like you supremacists do. I see differences. Some differences small and are able to be overcome; some differences too wide to even attempt any type of compromise.

            You can be superior all you want. You’re just gonna have to do it as far away from me as possible.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            No, not hard to comprehend. I’m a proud racist, but I’m also a supremacist. The facts don’t lie.

            Doesn’t mean that, because I believe in our superiority, I want to kill you.

            I just want to be separate. So tell your White-trash friends and the Negroid service-men you bring with you: stop raping our women, and get the F’ck out of Tokyo.

          • Dear Mr. Supremacist,

            I find it a little odd that someone claiming to be superior would ask for my help in asking others to leave his supposed sphere of influence. Shouldn’t a superior mind have a fairly easy job of ridding himself of inferior trash? If it’s your turf, then you take care of it.


            Not My Problem

          • Dr. Möbias

            The “Stormfront” argument is used to shut us up. I am a member of Stormfront and over there AR is well known as unwelcome to Stormfronters, they say their comments are deleted immediately. I haven’t seen a single one over here.

          • I don’t know of a single pro-White site that doesn’t go overboard in some way with moderation. Some websites are a little overbearing with their moderation. Other websites are downright totalitarian and erase anything they can’t explain away or would have to concede to because of false or misleading information they put out.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Or they either don’t accept comments (White Civil Rights, David Duke) or have shut down comments (TOO). This is the infiltrators goal and this includes John Engelman. I predict that “comments close” (permanently) is what will happen to this site too.

        • Laika, The Space Dog

          Meanwhile, back on planet earth…

          Has anyone here ever encountered an anti-White like Karim, that can think off the script?

          Karim1234: If you have paid anything for whatever education you have you may want to see about getting a refund. You clearly got ripped off when Mommy professor told you you were learning critical thinking.

          Thread exit and your Jim Jones cult is that way ——->

          • Karim1234

            Amazing critique of the facts I presented.

            European IQ is 98. Now, go ahead and refute it.

            East Asian IQ is 105. Now, go ahead and refute it.


          • Martel

            Why East Asia versus the entirety of Europe?
            It would be as hypocritical of me as to compare the whole of Asia versus Western Europe alone.

          • Karim1234

            First, I must ask if you are joking/trolling?

            doesn’t seem like a White can be this ignorant.

            Should we compare the entire continent of Asia to Europe?

            So let’s lump Arabs, Persians, Indians, Indonesians, Aboriginal Negroids, with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese?

            Yes they all seem related!

            I can’t understand the stupidity of the question.

            If you’re talking population, well, East Asia has over 1.5 BILLION people. Europe, including ALL of Russia, has 700 million. Hell, include, the US, Canada, and all of Latin AMerican Whites, and you’re only at 1.1 billion people.

            What’s your point?

          • Martel

            Weak arguments. I don’t blame you because your “socrates” never came further then comparing life to a bird or a lotus flower(at least something ridiculous). There are a ethnic distinctions between Europeans as well, yet you lump as all together. Should Germans be compared to Albanians?

          • UnitedEastAsia

            No wonder your people are so stupid.

            Are you incapable of understanding the slight ethnic distinctions between Europeans (of the SAME race), and those of people of DIFFERENT races on the Asian continent?

            I’ll make it simple:

            Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans are ethnically different, but genetically speaking, they are a part of the East Asian population group/race.

            Germans, Portuguese, English, Italians, Russians, Swedes, etc. etc. are ethnically distinct. Nonetheless they form a part of the Caucasoid/White race.

            I don’t understand how someone can disagree with decades of genetic studies.

            The likes of Jared Taylor, Philippe Rushton, and Richard Lynn have confirmed these studies. They’ve actually performed these studies themselves.

          • Martel

            My people are stupid, while you quote White scientists using a European methodology the Japanese were not even close to developing. Japanese science was virtually non-existent prior to the Europeans helping you out, the Japanese even contributed less then the chinese, yet you are trying to piggyback on their ‘achievements”if you can label it as such,

            It doesn’t matter whether you feel the ethnic differences between Albanians and Germans are minor, Western Europeans are still the most innovative and bright people the world has brought forth, and you attempt to dismiss this by comparing them with those who are ethnically different and intellectually inferior.

            Asia has not produced anything of value, Western Europe made the world which you are now part of.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            “”while you quote White scientists using a European methodology”

            I quoted White scientists, you genetic aberration, to even prove to you that your own nationalist and racial realist scientists came to the SAME conclusions that East Asians did.

            F’cking idiot.

            “It doesn’t matter whether you feel the ethnic differences between Albanians and Germans are minor, Western Europeans are still the most innovative and bright people the world has brought forth, and you attempt to dismiss this by comparing them with those who are ethnically different and intellectually inferior.”

            Again, has no idea what I’m talking about.

            So much for being superior. I just want you to remember your IQ, your place in the world.

            You will never compete on our level. You are below us in every single way.

          • Martel

            My place in the world?
            You are “typing” on a “website’ on the “internet” discussing “science”, I know my place, you are walking all over it ^^

            Please stop using insults whites have developed so the lower species can express themselves. Europeans consider this a sign of weakness.

            indeed you quoted white scientists using European methodology. What would Japan have developed if it were not for the European?

            You try to use white inventions against whites to claim whites are inferior. What do you expect to gain?

          • UnitedEastAsia

            Most of these things were developed by East Asians.

            Whites have not done anything for the last few decades. You are inferior, as your IQ tests show.

            I will repeat for your Negroid intelligence, because you must not understand what I said previously.

            OUR IQ tests, developed by US, INDEPENDENTLY, show the same thing.

            Run along, cousin of the apes.

          • Martel

            “Most of these things were developed by East Asians.”
            Good one xD

            The fact that you believe whites are on average equal to blacks shows you have no clue how to use the knowledge and information Europeans produced.

            You have not invented anything independently, its all based on Western science.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            Yep, did you know that the universe was invented by Whites, and that Blacks actually were the rulers of Ancient Egypt? And that Jews are the smartest people in the world?

            All of this propaganda is designed to make East Asians feel inferior about their abilities and biological superiority, relative to other species/races.

            Ain’t gonna work!

          • Martel

            If you actually were as intelligent as you claim you are you would be aware of the actual intentions of the developers of “political correctness” and historic revisionism.

            You actually believe there is a plot against East Asians? ^^

            Our universities are riddled with unfounded sinophilia

          • UnitedEastAsia

            “the most innovative and bright people the world”

            Intelligence tests tell a differnt story.

            Income levels tell a different story.

            Life expectancy tells a different story.

            Educational attainment tells a different story.

            Homicide rate tells a different story.

            Rape rate tells a different story.

            Cranial capacity tells a different story.

            Need I go further?

          • Martel

            “income levels” in a free market build by Europeans

            “intelligence tests” developed by Europeans

            “life expectancy”: Some turtle species will live longer then I will, not sure why you bring this one up.

            “Educational attainment”; Again, what education would there be without Europeans?

            “Homicide rate”: Look how the Japanese treated the Chinese and you talk to me about murder.Its true, we display more agression because of higher testosterone, I would not trade with your scrawny butt ever.

            “Rape rate”: Europeans made rape an actual issue,stop attempting to conform to white standards. Very few would have rather been a woman captured by American troops then by Japanese troops. The Rape of Nanking rings a bell.

            You have just met the European in an age of decline while Asia is prospering, our culture produces lazy youngsters with little interest in education, surely this wastes a few IQ points. We will get those back though ^^

          • UnitedEastAsia

            You are failures. Did you invent the biologically superior East Asians too?

            No you didn’t ape-man. Go away.

          • Scott894398

            Two words. Enola Gay. I like my Nagasakians extra crispy. You?

          • UnitedEastAsia

            Two words: Pearl Harbor.

            I love my little White children well done.

            A little island nation was able to wipe the floor with you for a good four years. That’s enough to make us proud.

            Remember every time we executed a crying little White child begging for his mother.

            I’ll just leave this right here:

        • Bardon Kaldian

          Whites are not “stealing” your women. More, they’re running from them. And- I doubt you’re an East Asian. Why would an East Asian, Japanese, take a Muslim Net-name ? From a culture profoundly alien & despicable ? Nah….faker..

          • Karim1234

            “More, they’re running from them”

            Running INTO them, you mean. Accidently of course.

            My name is not Karim. God, what an idiot. It is a translation from Japanese that would mean something like “destroy the race-mixers” or “destroy the foreigners”

          • dean53

            I must concede that Asians are smarter than Europeans. Proof is that Asians have the sense to protect & defend their racial purity and to reject multiculturalism for their home countries. Good for you. Wish my people were as smart.

            However, I question whether white men are “stealing” Asian women. From my own observations, many Asian women are running to white men. I know many Asian women, particularly those from the Philippines, who advertise themselves to attract a white husband. There are thousands of them here in America. The ones I’ve seen appear to have married quite well and more financially secure than the average white American.

          • Mr. Supremacist’s (a.k.a. UnitedEastAsia) greatest hits:

            You are clearly not a real American. What are you? An illegal from Mexico?

            I’m a Christian, with Christian heritage of over 2,000 years. Christianity originated in the Middle East.

            You Mexican illegals just took it from us and corrupted it for your own use! Go rape some children you dity Catholic savage.

            There is no such thing as God or your f a g Jesus.

            Another fail by the typical low-IQ Christian. You will never be as advanced as us. Deal with it.

            Fox News told me that your country borders Iraq. We should have invaded you with Iraq!

            Tell me, if America didn’t start the world in 18th century, then HOW did the world start exactly?

            You antifa clowns are really getting dumber and dumber.

          • UnitedEastAsia

            It’s called trolling you dumb Negroid ape.

            All of this is a testament to the inferiority of the White-Negroid race.

            How can anyone believe that someone from a Japanese background believes that America created the world in the 18th century?

            You know what though? I did say ONE thing right. Christianity originated in the Middle East! HAHHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

            Your people continue to follow a stone age religion, created by stone age Jews and ARABS.

            Disgusting dirty savages, that is what you are. I really think you deserve to be eliminated. The Latino immigration should do you in


          • I don’t want to burst your bubble, but superior minds don’t usually have to troll websites to pass their time. I’m serious when I say you antifa stooges are getting dumber.

        • Beetlejuice

          You Anti-Whites are a pathetic lot.

          What insecure keyboard nerds like you will never understand is that IQ tests don’t measure ingenuity, imagination, talent, vision, dexterity, resilience, courage, desire, motivation, independence, self-control, honesty, etc which are all genetic traits and qualities that Whites overwhelming possess over Asians.

          That’s why we’re on top and you’re not, regardless of how some Asians have an higher median IQ.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          UnitedEastAsia has a fixation on Whites as rapists and killers.

          All that’s left is for UnitedEast Asia to tell us why she hate Whites so much.

          Perhaps when UnitedEastAsia gets well again, she will write a tell all book, about the anti-White cult and how it sucks impressionable kids in and turns them against White people.

    • American Tax Payer

      Heritage Foundation is only good for certain things. You have to discount their asian fettish if you use them for research of any kind.

    • “We believe that every person is created equal and that everyone should have equal opportunity to reach the ladder of success and climb as high as they can dream,” Heritage said in a statement released by spokesman Mike Gonzalez.

      equal, equal, dream… equal, equal, dream…

  • Scott894398

    Jen Rubin, how hilarious. The uber-Zionist who shills for Netanyahu and Israel’s restrictive, racist border controls. Apparently the U.S., unlike her precious Israel, is supposed to let everyone in. If only we could deport her (him?).

    • I’m still waiting for the pro-Zionist crowd to chime in with an explanation of why Zionists like Queen Jennifer are the rule and not the exception.

  • tombarnes

    Sailer has the numbers backing up Richwine…here:

    What I have never understood is why people scuttle away from the racist label. Like the musical Avenue Q song says “We are all just a little bit racist.”
    That means us Whites and Blacks and Asians and Yes, even the Perfect Tribe is just a little bit racist too. If we just said ‘Yeah we are a little bit racist…just like you’
    What’s the comeback?

    Besides what is more racist than voting percentages? Blacks 95%Dem, Hispanics 85% Dem, Asians 75%Dem, the Perfect Tribe 85%Dem. All of them are just a little bit racist.

  • JohnEngelman

    Those whose primary concern is increasing the wealth and power of the plutocracy find any kind of race realism and any recognition of the importance genetics plays in individual differences to be an embarrassment.

    In the United States the rich have always benefited from the delusion many if not most Americans have that hard work will make them or their children rich before they die.

    The message of books like “The Bell Curve” is that talent matters more than effort.

    • Dr. Möbias

      “In the United States the rich have always benefited from the delusion many if not most Americans have that hard work will make them or their children rich before they die.”

      It is your OPINION that “many if not most Americans” have that hard work…

      You present no facts or empirical evidence to back up your claim, as usual. Have you ever owned or run a business? Didn’t think so. Ever spent 20 hours/day 7 days per week for years so you get your business up and started? Ever met a payroll for 50 people? Ever tried to operate a business while the government is doing it’s best to tax and regulate you into the ground? Didn’t think so. Ever had to lay working people off because of onerous regulations, taxes, legislation and minimum rage rules that make operating a business almost impossible? Didn’t think so.

      You need to stop pretending that you are an expert on economic, financial or business matters because you aren’t. You remind me of the people in the statehouse who are trying to drive me and the people who work for me (that’s 50 people) out of business in a down economy. I shut down because of the ideas and opinions of people like you I throw everyone onto unemployment and the government dole. But that’s what people like you want, “greedy businesses” like mine to go under.

      Most Rich did not become that way by inheriting their money, like the Kennedy clan. Since you are an expert on what makes people rich, maybe you can tell me how easy it is to conduct business in a hostile climate.

      It is YOU who are delusional.

      • JohnEngelman

        Dr. Möbias,,

        The circumstances of being a small business owner usually engender a right wing perspective, for reasons that you have explained.

        Several years ago I read an essay I found on the internet, which I wish I kept. It said that the Democratic Party is strongest in parts of the United States where capitalism is most fully developed. By fully developed capitalism, the writer meant an economy where the vast majority of adults are employees.

        You are self employed. You feel and resent the power of the government. So do those who are self employed and who have fewer or no employees. Those who work for others in the private sector of the economy feel, and at times resent, the power of their immediate supervisor and employer more than the combined power of the local, state, and federal governments. This has the tendency to engender a left wing perspective.

        The article said that the tendency of capitalism is toward bigness. Owners of family farms lose their farms to agri business. Owners of small, inexpensive restaurants cannot compete with fast food chains. Owners of small stores are driven out of business by chains like Walmart. People like you lose what you have tried to create to corporations.

        Also, those who work for the government are usually immune to the appeal of “lower taxes, less government.” Those who advocate that are advocating that government employees lose their jobs.

        The article predicted the further development of capitalism and the growing strength of the Democratic Party. Predicting the future is always a risky business, but the essay was intriguing.

        Working for a corporation does seem to nudge people to the left somewhat. Business executives require advanced university degrees. When income is held constant those with more education are usually more liberal.

        Scott Adams, who is the creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip, earned an MBA from Berkeley. Dilbert and his co-workers have university degrees in engineering. The comic strip is popular because it reflects the reality of corporate employment. The targets of the comic strip are not federal bureaucrats, big government, and high taxes, but alienating environments in the private sector, imperious bosses, and CEOs who give themselves raises and bonuses after laying people off.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          This is not “fully developed capitalism”. It’s corporate capitalism, which resembles mostly the state socialism (Communism) where I had lived my youth. As for “bigness”, even during 1960s lukewarm quasi-socialist like J.K. Galbraith was writing about “corporate sclerosis”.

      • Jerrybear

        Engelman’s jealousy of wealth and admiration of collectivist Asian society blind him from improving his current situation. If you have a plan and you work your behind off, you can create a better life for yourself in America. Government intervention makes that increasingly harder to accomplish.

  • guest

    Be that as it may, real people don’t listen anymore. They cried wolf too many times. Almost all comments sections, even in liberal media, are filled with race realist remarks. The only liberals that are visible are on SPLC and Huffington post (and similar). The delete everything they disagree with.,

    • my bеst frіеnd’s mоtһеr-іn-lаw mаKеs  $78 еvеry һоսr оn tһе lаρtоρ.  Sһе һаs bееn fіrеd fоr 8  mоntһs bսt lаst mоntһ һеr іnсоmе   wаs  $14374 јսst wоrKіng оn tһе lаρtоρ  fоr а fеw һоսrs. Rеаd mоrе  һеrе,

  • JohnEngelman

    In “Race and Reason: A Yankee View,” which Jared Taylor commented on here:

    Carleton Putnam pointed out that even in 1961 it was dangerous outside of the South to maintain that the races differed in average intelligence. it did not matter how many facts one marshaled to substantiate one’s assertion. The assertion was dangerous to one’s career.

    Since then the scientific evidence on this issue is pretty one sided, but the sanctions against presenting that evidence have become more powerful and dangerous.

  • sbuffalonative

    The “progressive” liberals have mastered the art of trumping facts with feelings. They know how to reduce ever issue to visceral emotions. Just look at the numbers of stories in the MSM that promote the “pity the poor down trodden immigrant” narrative. The stories are ubiquitous.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Yes, what a shame to see the cowards flee. Anyone who has worked with these Latino illegals knows Richwine speaks the truth.

  • Sick of it

    Pretty sure they can bring up Richwine’s ethnicity to get the media back on his side :p

    • Laika, The Space Dog

      A few phone calls will be made from the ethnic network, an ethnic network Whites aren’t allowed to form.

  • George

    The pro-immigrant lobby is always bleating about how immigrants ‘enrich’ their adopted society. They are, therefore a great benefit to us, and we should be thankful for their arrival.

    Jason notes that we should select immigrants based on intellectual capacity. Surely, this means only that the immigrants we receive will be better able to ‘enrich’ us all the more.

    If, as they’re also known to argue, IQ is meaningless, than the policy he advocated in his doctoral thesis would have no ill effect on any immigrant, or group of immigrants from a given nation.

    Soooo, what they’re really saying, when they criticise him is ‘You’re right! IQ does have meaning. Low-IQ immigrants are what we want. We KNOW there are IQ differences based on racial origin’.

    Thanks for allowing them to (a) prove their belief in the underlying validity of IQ as a measurement of innate ability, and (b) that these innate differences exist on racial lines.

    Jason, I would like to buy you the beverage of your choice.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    There is not even the pretense of a debate here, Bobster. What this amounts to is an academic lynch-mob.

  • archer

    Since we’ve long been saturated with low skill third world immigrants that more often than not qualify for one government program or another including earned income tax credits, it makes perfect sense to let in the most skilled and educated only and not too many of them, considering our stalled economy.

    • wattylersrevolt

      There is, and was, no justification for importing even one asian legal immigrant. The asians that were allowed in during the decade of the 70s accumulated enormous wealth and political power which they wield today to hasten the race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority. A labor scarcity should never be used to justify admitting even one asian legal immigrant. Peter Brimelow’s immigration moratorium would allow increasing skilled asian legal immigration if there was a severe labor scarcity…repeat what happened after the passage of the anti-White 1965 Immigration Reform Act. I don’t trust the English Foriegner Brimelow as far as I can throw him.

      • Jerrybear

        What are you talking about? Brimelow and VDARE advocate an immigration moratorium and white only immigration.

    • StillModerated

      I came to Virginia froam England in 1968 — they called it the Brain Drain. Now AmeriKwa imports lawn mowers and Somalis — who make nothing except baby Somalis.

  • Paleoconn

    As Peter Brimelow writes in Alien Nation, ‘racist’ is what a liberal calls you when he’s losing an argument.

  • StillModerated

    Once upon a time in Virginia, there was a judge who said, “three generations of imbeciles is enough.” And the commonwealth went ahead with the sterilization. Those were the good old days, but now the ACLU is looking at lawsuits — as though the imbeciles have the good sense to invest their ghetto lottery winnings wisely.

  • thoughtcrime

    The Left see themselves as self righteous sons of Krypton . reason and facts are kryptonite to them .

    • me

      LOL! Self-delusion is rampant in our Marxist overlords….

      • Mr Potato

        Wow! What a convincing impersonation of Superman. No wonder he got voted in again.

  • We are just smarter

    The fact is, America has never had an IQ test for white immigrants or for cheap mexican labor or for free black labor. Why have one now ?? If America is going to trust IQ tests, I suggest they measure the IQ of every single American and kick out or cull those below 100 and then only allow people whose IQs are 10% points below or above that. America will be reduced to a nation with 30-50 million people with 5 million east asians, 5 million south asians and 5 million jews with a smattering of blacks and hispanics. Whites will still be only 50%-60% of the population. Limiting immigration to high IQ immigrants will quickly fill the US with hard working east and south asians and jewish people. Whatever you do, America’s white majority is doomed. Coz they’re not the smartest. Whites gotta deal with that NOW !!!

  • nignignigging

    whoever keeps moving the comments around is a petty little nig. get a life you petty little hipster nig. weak tabloid junk

  • onetwothree

    You guessed wrong.

  • Truth

    The liberals didn’t like the Zogby poll a few years ago that proved the vast majority of them have about a 3rd grade competency regarding economics, government, science, etc…

  • Charles W.

    “Freedom is the freedom to say that two and two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” – George Orwell, 1984

  • Candid

    Please Help the white people ,

    when amren is counting bodies.
    No praise for caucasiods, god’s gift to the hominid species,
    Just blasphemy — pity the asioids and negroids (sure to banish this post for that unforgiveable word)
    Remember: Garbage in, Garbage out. Think Affirmative Action.
    Ask: Why do white intellectuals despise their genome; is this an affliction
    of socially contracted diseases?? Like the ones brought by the lovers of freedom from south
    of the borders, could this be a trend coming ot a neighborhood near you???
    Will Chicago be first!