Sloppiness in School, Sloppiness at Work

Mary Morrison, American Renaissance, May 9, 2013

How schools teach students to be bad workers.

Recently, I found myself waiting in a long line at a toy store. As I inched forward, I noticed there was only one register open, with a lone, harried-looking, man behind it.

“Where’s your help?” I asked when I finally reached the check out. “Help?” he said. “I’ve been trying to hire help for years here, especially students from the high school across the street. But these days, they want to dictate their work schedule to me. No Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings—the very times I need help. And then I get calls right before the shift starts. ‘Something came up.’ Or they just don’t bother to show up. These kids have no work ethic.”

As a teacher, I can assure you that schools are a big part of the problem. High school graduates are utterly unprepared for work. School gives them the idea that employers should accept them for “who they are,” let them dress as they please, let them choose their hours, and pay well over minimum wage. Students think employers are there to satisfy employees.

“I’m quitting my job,” a student recently told me. I remembered how happy and proud she was to land a job at a McDonald’s after a long search. She had two children by age 17 and complained bitterly that “welfare doesn’t pay enough to support me and my children.” The father had been deported to Mexico long ago.

I wanted to know why she was quitting after just two weeks.

“It’s horrible there,” she said. “They expect me to show up on time even though I have two kids. I get yelled at for not working fast enough or keeping my area clean. The customers are rude but I’m expected to be nice to them. I can take a break only when they tell me, and only for 15 minutes. I’m exhausted by the end of my shift. It’s not worth it.”

This is typical. When I explain to my students what the workplace is like, they refuse to believe they should remove multiple piercings, cover up tattoos, avoid black lipstick or eyeliner (this goes for boys, too), dress normally, take the neon streaks out of their hair, put away cell phones and iPods, and be polite.

I blame the schools and their mandatory self-esteem curriculum, which instills an ego-inflated, me-first attitude. Students learn that rules and standards are irrelevant, dress codes are to be broken, arriving late is normal, it’s OK to be insolent to adults, and that respect is a “right” that need not be earned. As the parole officer stationed at our school two days a week explains, “They expect $15.00-an-hour jobs for $1.98 skills.”

Every year, a day or two into the fall semester, students are herded by grade into the multi-purpose room to hear the school administrators’ annual “expectation of student conduct and dress code” lecture. On stage is an old clothes rack from the defunct home economics department with a display of baggy pants with 40-inch waists to use as examples of what must not be worn to school. Other forbidden clothes are hats and T-shirts that promote drugs or alcohol, flip-flops, bedroom slippers, shower shoes, wife-beater T-shirts, and, for girls, pajama bottoms and low-cut and see-thru blouses.

“If we catch any of you wearing any of these things, we will call your home immediately and make you change,” says the administrator.

He adds repeatedly that students must show up on time, prepared and ready to learn. Too many violations of the tardy policy will result in after-school detention and calls home.

The students listen in bored amusement or stare down at their phones, texting their friends; anyone beyond 9th grade knows that the threats are empty. So many students arrive late to school that there is not much the administrators can do about it, and the students know it. There are so many dress-code violations that only the most spectacular violations get any attention.

And the threat of a call home? The worst students don’t care what their parents think.

“The effects of the ‘talk’ last a day or two, maybe,” says an administrator. “By Thursday, the shower shoes are back, and students show up an hour or two late carrying bags of fast food. Girls go for the sexy-vixen school look—short shorts and skimpy, midriff-baring tank tops, heavy make-up, multiple piercings in the nose, lips and eyebrows and, lately, neon hair colors sprayed on in streaks. The local prostitutes could take lessons from some of these girls.

“Boys shuffle in wearing bedroom slippers, pants sagging down their thighs, and hats with pictures of marijuana leaves or bottles of Corona Beer. We confiscate the hats and ignore the rest.”

The administrator explains to me that he was on supervision during final period and saw a student wearing a T-shirt with a large picture of marijuana leaves and the message: “Hanging with my Buds.” This was late in the day, and no one had done anything. This should have been turned inside out or replaced with one of the shirts the school keeps in the office for this purpose. The administrator said that when he calls parents to complain, at least one third of the phone numbers don’t work or are disconnected. When he does manage to get through, parents defend their children’s “choice in clothing.”

Some of the girls come to school dressed normally but run into the bathroom to change into their little-whore outfits. Presumably, some of them don’t want their parents to know how they dress, but you never know. The administrator told me that one of his students was wearing a shirt with a bunch of cats on it, with the message “Come and Pet My Pussy.” When he finally reached her mother on the phone, she said, “Yeah, isn’t it great? I bought it for her.”

Many parents know that all they have to do is call the district office to complain about a dress code or any other restrictive policy. This may be hard to believe, but the district office often sides against school administrators in cases like this. The district is always being sued by lefty organizations such as the ACLU, and is terrified of enforcing any standards that could be seen as an “infringement” of rights. It’s not the people in the downtown office who have to deal with students dressed like bums and hookers.

My informant adds that parents and children can’t seem to figure out that students may get away with sleeping late and dressing badly, but that this is not acceptable if they ever get a job. He says that if he asks parents if they could show up for work dressed the way their children do, they always answer “of course not”—if they even have jobs—but they don’t see the connection.

Part of the problem is that some of the teachers dress like bums. Even parents have complained about this, but teachers point out that there is no dress code in their contract. If someone has a complaint, they say, talk to the union.

A colleague at another school told me a story about a parent-volunteer who was on campus supervision during class time. There can be rough students who are just back from juvenile hall or jail, so she had a district-provided walkie-talkie in case of trouble. She spotted a homeless person wandering around “aimlessly,” she said, and immediately called the city police and the main office. Everyone came running, because of the high alert after Sandy Hook. The principal and vice-principal recognized that the “homeless person wandering aimlessly” was the art teacher!

I asked if the parent was justified in thinking the art teacher was a bum. “Yes,” she said. “Her clothing looked like it came from a dumpster.”

I was in my school’s main office not too long ago when the phone rang. The principal took the call, chatted for a bit and then hung up. “That was the owner of the Subway across the street,” she said. “He has applications from two of our students and was calling to find out what was on their last report cards, specifically how many times they’d come to school late and if they had unsatisfactories in citizenship from any of their teachers.”

The Subway owner told the principal: “Students who come late to school come late to work, and students who cause problems for teachers, cause problems for me and my customers. I don’t need that.”

Giving out this information is not considered an invasion of privacy. Among blacks and Hispanics it is considered helping out someone of their same group. If they can help a fellow black or Hispanic make a good hiring choice, so much the better.

Some students tell me employers ask them to bring a copy of their latest report card with them when they come for an interview, because grades are an indicator of reliability.

For the most part, though, young “workers” behave on the job just as they behave at school. Talk back to the boss? Dress badly? Act rudely? That’s what they’ve learned in school.

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Mary Morrison
Mary Morrison has been teaching in Los Angeles schools for more than 20 years.
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  • sbuffalonative

    Yes, we can blame the school for their complicity in this but it all comes back to the parents and the influence of the media and fashion.
    Fashion trends are now only trying to push the envelope and be provocative. Young girls are being sexualized. Toddler fashion show parents actively promote this stuff. (There as one woman who actually dressed her girl to look like the prostitute from Pretty Woman and saw nothing wrong with it).
    The media and fashion industry drive fashions. The parents don’t know how to say no to their kids. Kids want to dress like ‘adults’ (sexualized older teens). If the schools insist on a dress code, kids and parents are up in arms.
    Anything goes.
    The schools can’t stop this until the parents step up.

    • [Guest]

      >>>The schools can’t stop this until the parents step up.

      That would be sage advice if this were 1955. But we’re into the third and fourth generation of this rot. So the parents, even when they can be identified, hold values that are almost indistinguishable from those of the “students.” No, we cannot rely on parents to fix things up.

      Also, why would the schools—that is, the powers that set up, put into place, and are now enforcing and benefitting from the entire corrupt system, from John Dewey down to the teachers in today’s classrooms, who’re the recipients of pay, benefits, and job security most of the rest of us can only dream about—wish to dismantle the system they’ve spent decades bringing about and are now feeding off of?

      There is no heroic group of people who will ride in like the cavalry and save us. It’ll not be those wonderful, hardworking, devoted NEA “educators” we hear so much about. It won’t be the Secretary of the Department of Education. It won’t be parents. And it sure won’t be politicians.

      Here is what almost has to happen: The corruption will grow worse by the minute over the coming years. It will be a slow-motion collapse that eventually not even the most devout “educator” will deny.

      It’s possible that then, long after we’re all dead and forgotten, a long and painful rebuilding process might begin. But I doubt even that will happen.

      • Morris LeChat

        The parents won’t step up. Black children are just being black, their parents will be no different.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          “Parents” has been used loosely here. At best they have one parent and that is generally only in the biological interpretation of the word.

          No morals, no values, no discipline, no respect, no human compassion. They can rape, sodomize. torture.mutilate and murder helpless victims and then the next morning, sit around having breakfast and discuss and laughing about their hideous, demonic activities of the previous evening while the remaining innocent victim suffocates in a trash bag nearby. This demonstrates no evidence of humanity.

          We, the non- black are the prey for these ferals.

          • Dude

            All non-black races? lol

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Correction noted.

            When Asians are mentioned we often get responses that express total disinterest in what happens to Asian Americans and also Jews whom some readers here consider to be non-White. When Mau Mau thugs see a potential non- Black victim they are much less discriminating than some Whites are. They aren’t very merciful to their own people.

          • Dude

            Sorry, I didn’t read the comment you were originally responding to. I thought you were placing all non-black races outside the “feral” category.

          • plaintruthforidiots

            Jews are ‘non-white’, seeing as it’s the Jews who are responsible for opening our borders and destroying our countries. Where have you been?

          • pcmustgo

            Their parents are a whopping 15 years older than them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, these 15 year olds have 30 year old parents!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • KingKenton

          It isn’t just the Blacks. There is no shortage of Whites who exhibit these negative qualities, though to a lesser extent. I’m particularly appalled by the behavior of young White women these days who have fallen under the spell of Feminism, ‘Grrrl Power’ and suffer from ‘American Princess’ syndrome. Young American men have their fair share of shortcomings, also. Ultimately, the parents bear the brunt of the responsibility. We are in a terrible vicious circle and downward spiral in all respects. Not just on matters of race. Having said that, a remnant will survive and will rebuild. I believe part of that remnant exists right here at Amren.

          • pcmustgo

            Can you describe American Princess… ? I get girl power…… give me an example of “American Princess” (does that only mean a white woman) besides “entitled” or “expecting it all”…

          • Take a look at some of the weddings that are on tv. They all seem to think they are so special. I know some good looking women but I wouldn’t even think about bedding them. They make me want to smack them. It’s always…”Me, Myself and I” with them.
            One little girl had a t-shirt with this on it, “It’s all about me.”

          • Debbie Johnson

            PC – I see these young Princesses all the time. All races and even white girls. And yes I’m white so I’m not bashing white folks. These women feel entitled to everything. They literally don’t want to do jack squat.

            If I were an employer I would not hire them. I managed a retail tax store a few years ago. I could not hire younger women. They were a pain in the arse. If they were not checking their phone, they were on the phone. They were chronically late and had a serious attitude. I took great pleasure in firing their lazy butts.

            I finally told the owner I was only hiring women and men over 40. And guess what? The older crowd I hired came to work dressed professionally and were grateful to have a job. The store made money and showed profit the first year. The customers were happy as they actually had someone do their taxes that actually TALKED to them and looked them in the eye and didn’t mumble when they did talk.

            So yes the American Princess is alive and well in the USA. My one nephew is married to one of these little princesses and his life is hell on earth.

            Maybe my younger nephew will learn from his brother.

        • hp

          Do you mean grandparents?
          They’re all worn out.

      • sbuffalonative

        I agree.
        My remarks were only directed at the change in attitude of what is promoted and acceptable in society today.

        • [Guest]

          Thank you. I understand. Your comments just prompted me to mount my soapbox.

      • Dr. X

        Right. What a shame this isn’t 1955 anymore. The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s has utterly destroyed this country beyond repair.

        • KingKenton

          Yes, historians, if there are any left, will look back and see the 60’s as the beginning of the end for White / Christian America.

          • hp

            Thank you LBJ

      • PDk

        This is all the result of liberal ideology, the ideology that rules the entire white world. Without secession from white liberals and their 3rd world allies, we and our posterity are doomed. Thanks.

    • Morris LeChat

      The race of the children and teachers/administrators in the schools changed the schools, the schools didn’t change the people. Schools of black and hispanic children will be just like their neighborhoods. Those schools will reflect the nature of the people going there.

      • sbuffalonative

        I agree. But society has also changed.

        Today, mothers of 9 year old girls buy their kids tee-shirts that say “slut” and “I’m easy” and think it’s “cute”. I suppose the tee-shirt messages only mirror the ethos of the mothers.

        Maybe we can make money off this trend by producing tees that read, “I’m a slut, just like mu mom.”

        • nick319

          Exactly. And what is the deal with mom’s of all races buying shorts with ANY type of lettering or message on the buttock area? Since when did that become acceptable for girls who are not yet women? Hell, for that matter, when did that become acceptable for respectable women, period?

          • rebelcelt

            We had an Aunt that was buying that stuff for my daughter. We would politely thank them and she would never wear it.My wife has done a great job of teaching modesty to my daughters.

        • gemjunior

          I almost didn’t believe that, but on second thought, this country is full of retards. Even some of the white people.

          • It’s not just “some”, sadly. If it was I don’t think we’d be in this mess.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Yes. Well, yes. It’s the root of all problems, the great “emperor has no clothes” joke. There is NO WAY blacks or heavily mixed Hispanics can compete intellectually with Whites/EastAsians. Impossible, but since this flies in the face of ejucayshunal filosofi…as well as liblefty democratic totalitarian ideology…

        LOSING GAME. NO SOLUTION (acceptable by liblefty ideology).

        I once had a precious little son of Africa ask me why he didn’t get paid for going to school…

        “Well, Antinomius, first of all you don’t do any work, so if this were a job you would be fired, and second of all you are being paid some fifteen thousand dollars a year in the form of a public education, just for showing up and breathing.”

        There’s a reason I don’t teach anymore…

  • guest

    I think we’ve all known for many years that even the supposedly “good” government schools are indoctrination centers and that the rest are simply sewers. The question is no longer what to do about it but how to endure it.

    • Defoe

      How to endure it? Or how to avoid it? We avoided it by home-schooling our four children. Yes, it took some sacrifice. Yes, it was hard at times, but our children have all turned out very successful, and the outstanding characteristic they all share is that they are not followers of fashion, trends, or the crowd. We are very proud of them.

      • guest

        That’s good to hear, Defoe. I’m glad you’ve been able to accomplish that. You have reason to be proud.

        My comment was poorly constructed. In my mind, the antecedent of the pronoun “it” in the second sentence was not the schools but the coming societal collapse. It cannot be stopped; it’s just a matter of how to endure it.

        Thank you for your post.

        • plaintruthforidiots

          Perhaps you should have made it a little clearer what you meant by “it” in your original post – how incredibly stupid. How is anybody supposed to know that you meant societal collapse?

  • PesachPatriot

    If one of my teachers when I was in school would have told my mother or father that I was in a reclining position like that of the young scholar in the picture at the top of the essay my behind would have been black and blue and there would be a 6 month cut off of my allowance. I did fall asleep once or twice a semester in the winter in science or math class after a big lunch when the heat was turned up too high, but it was just putting my head down or leaning back a little and closing my eyes, not sprawling disrespectfully while sagging my pants. I am already nervous for the future of our country because the young kids under 21 who work at gas stations, fast food places and the movies don’t even know who the guys on the money are or how to do basic math if the CPU in the cash register freezes up. The movie Idiocracy was uncannily accurate in predicting the future.

    • don’t even know who the guys on the money are


      Morris Dees is on the $3

      Peter Gammons is on the $20

      Some dude named “Benjamin” is on the $100 (we know that from rap lyrics)

      Paul Krugman is on the $1 trillion coin

      • PesachPatriot

        When I was in school everyone in our eighth grade history class was required to learn and recite President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address in front of the whole class. These days I would bet that most american kids outside of Pennsylvania or the southern states don’t even know where Gettysburg is, let alone the historical significance of the battle there. I have a feeling that in my lifetime it will take 5 to 10 trillion dollar coins to fill up a gas tank or a grocery cart.

        • When I was in school everyone in our eighth grade history class was required to learn and recite President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address in front of the whole class.

          I thought there were laws against child abuse.

          Gettysburg: One of the most noted WBTS battles, that started purely as a rumor about stockpiles of new shoes in a Lutheran seminary in town.

          • jambi19

            and ended with the Army of Northern Virginia decimated.

          • PesachPatriot

            It was a northern school district and the school building was named after General Joseph Hooker…it is kind of bitterly humorous, ironic and tragic in hindsight that the largest land battle that ever happened in the western hemisphere started over shoes. If it makes the southern readers feel better I also chose to recite General Robert E. Lee’s farewell address to the army of northern virginia for extra credit.

          • Defoe

            BTAIM, Southrons are being vindicated every day of the year now; at least they knew the score when it came to our african visitors.

          • One need not be a Southern partisan to pan the Gettysburg Address. Basically what the GA was was Abraham Lincoln singlehandedly engaging in a Constitutional convention to plant egalitarian imperatives into the Founding documents that the Founders themselves never meant or wanted.

          • PesachPatriot

            Eh, maybe its just me but I have always thought the Gettysburg Address was one of the greatest speeches ever given in the english language, right up there with Churchill’s “we shall never surrender” speech, the point of the post wasn’t even really about the WBTS, its about declining academic standards in my own lifetime….I guess I sort of always felt sympathy for mr. lincoln on account of his sons dying while in office, the burdens of the office he bore and the way he exited history’s stage.

            I also like the story of how every other person that gave speeches on that day had long winded speeches of over an hour and no one remembers any of them, but Lincoln’s short address which he said would be little noted nor long remembered is known by millions today, not only in america but around the world. That said, the south has definitely had the last laugh as every northern city has had to deal with the after effects of their pyrrhic victory.

          • Not all of his sons died while he was President. One, Robert Lincoln, went on to be Secretary of War under Garfield/Arthur.

            Meanwhile, all five of Jefferson Davis’s sons died of malaria.

            There are photographs of all the other major speakers who spoke at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery but not of Lincoln himself, because the photographers just assumed that Lincoln would take some time, and they had to re-warm-up their equipment (1863 was well before the era of SLR cameras). He was done by the time they could take photos.

          • PesachPatriot

            The fate of mr. davis’s sons is very tragic as well….I also felt badly for robert todd in that not only did he have to live with the terrible memory of his father’s assassination in ford’s theatre, but that he was also present during the attempt on garfield’s life a few decades later. I think he lived through a very important era…according to a 1931 US history book in my house he was born in 1841 and lived until 1927…..the world Robert Lincoln was born into was horses and carriages, candles and gas lamps for light and dirt roads, ….when he left this world the entire nation was covered in railroads, beautiful cars drove down paved roads and airplanes had been invented and skyscrapers were lit with electricity. However, it must have been awful to have been alive to see the carnage of both the unpleasantness between the states and the first unpleasant global debate.

            It seems that all the great men and women of that era bore sorrows and burdens that would crush many people today….sherman lost his son, lee lost his home, davis spent two years in jail, grant died of cancer in financial difficulty, mrs. lincoln had some pretty severe mental health issues for pretty legitimate reasons….people today have no idea how tough even the wealthy and important people of american history had it in the old days. The poorest welfare recipients today live better, longer, safer,more comfortable lives than the richest southern planters and northern factory owners back then.

          • haroldcrews

            There’s a reason it is remembered. That being because in time it was recognised as being revolutionary and ever so useful to the forces of the Left. When it was given it wasn’t particularly noted as being a great speech. But in time it was recognised for what it is; a rhetorical slight of hand that undermines actual history and puts in its stead the notion of equality.

          • joemcgee

            Jeff Davis also lost a son while he was president of the Confederacy.

          • rebelcelt

            General Hooker, ahhh yes where we get the name for prostitutes. He had a real hankerin for em.

          • PesachPatriot

            we always used to laugh and giggle at the fact that we went to the “hooker school”….I heard the term came from “hooker’s ladies of the evening” which was eventually shortened to hooker’s ladies, and finally just hookers. The man did photograph well, and the school was built in the 1920’s and did have some nice architecture.

          • hp

            Well, there WAS a Hooker involved (;>)

          • MikeofAges

            Yup, just sort of happened. But only because there happened to be two large opposed armies in the neighborhood. Things work out that way in warfare a lot, I imagine.

          • Actually the Battle of Gettysburg was what is called a “meeting engagement”. Lee led the Army of Northern Virginia in a sweeping movement through Maryland and Pennsylvania with the ultimate goal of threatening Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia with the hope that this threat would help relieve some of the pressure against Vicksburg on the Mississippi. So although the hope of liberating some shoes did pull the southerners into Gettysburg they were moving in that general direction anyway and it was only a matter of time until the Northern Army responded to protect Washington DC.

        • Erasmus

          Those 5 to 10 trillion dollar coins, they should feature the likenesses of Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

          Always give credit where credit is due.
          (Or is it “doo”?)

          • You joke, but BO will be on a standard stamp or some denomination of currency before he is dead.

          • MikeofAges

            The three dollar bill?

          • The $44 dollar bill in honor of his being the 44th president. Just wait until you hand one of those to a person that looks like he could be his son or daughter and they have to mentally compute your change.

          • MikeofAges

            Hey man, you forgot about the $44 gasoline. And the $44 a day permission to exist tax.

          • MikeofAges

            One more thing. The Syracuse University football program has retired the number 44. “44” has long been Syracuse’s iconic number. Syracuse requested to be assigned the ZIP Code 13244. “44” was worn by Jim Brown, Ernie Davis and Floyd Little along with many others. Just you wait.

          • MikeS

            Isn’t that the bill that Obama and Reggie Love are on. You know, Obama on one side and the both of them on the other.

          • We’ll get Barack Obama on a stamp before we get a stamp honoring German-Americans.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Actually the mint is not allowed to print money with a person who is alive on it.

            But I guess rules were made to be broken, lol.

        • rebelcelt

          We were the Rebels at my high School. We would have given the teacher hell if we recited the Gettysburg Address.

      • Erasmus

        don’t even know who the guys on the money are

        And that be brother Al Sharpton on the $5 bill before he got phat, and Jesse Jackson on the quarter on a bad hair day.

      • hp

        P.T. Barnum on one side and President OBarnum on the other.

  • Puggg

    We all know what the next step is. Their jobs will have to let them dress like this, show up late, leave early, not really do any work at work, and no standards. It’s the Anti-Racist thing to do.

    This article reminds me of a movie several years back, Idiocracy.

    • Morris LeChat

      The article never mentions race, but we all know this is the cause. Today I stopped into a McDonalds for Breakfast on my way to work. I chose this exit and this McDonalds because in the past it has always had white people working there. The white people have ALWAYS been much more energetic, cheerful, and deal with difficulties well. Today it was very slow when I stopped by. The staff was black and mexican. I was ignored for a whole minute while two people kept walking by. Not one acknowledgement of my presence. This is nothing more than outright surliness and hostility. They could have at least acknowledged me and said someone would be right with me. In the end, the manager, in a thick mexican accent, had to tell one of the female negroes to take my order, one of the two that had ignored me for a whole minute. She spoke in a dead monotone that was drippy with hostility and surliness, never looked in my direction, let alone come close to looking me in the eye. As I waited for my order I stood there and watched them. All of them seemed to be filled with resentment and self pity. They were glum and slow. I realized they were worthless, pathetic creatures that are not worth anyone else’s pity, let alone welfare payments. I know none of them will make anything of their lives, that their attitudes are hardwired, or as good as hardwired at this point. I remembered back to the times I had gone there and the white staff was working. The white staff was dealing with a heavy rush of customers. They weren’t glum. There was a brightness about the atmosphere that was the total opposite of the atmosphere I was experiencing with the black staff. I remembered the white, obviously gay male who took my order. I remembered how he seemed a little irritated that others were shouting things to customers and he had to repeat something for me because I didn’t hear him. I remembered that he showed only a slight irritation, but still was not in an ugly mood. I remembered thinking that he seemed out of place because his job wasn’t fabulous and I wondered what kind of job he fantasized about. I remembered that I was glad he didn’t melt down into gay male bitchiness but kept it under control and I admired him for that. The atmosphere was just so much brighter and on the ball with the white staff. The black staff could not even manage a slow day. They alienated myself, and who knows how many others that will now just wait for another exit to grab something.

      • jay11

        This has been my experience with EVERY black worker in any establishment I have ever patronized. Surly, disinterested, barely competent, distracted, sloppy. When the workers are white they are almost always friendly, energetic, helpful and sometimes even downright nice. My family has noticed this on may occasions. Whenever I take them to visit my hometown for vacations, where almost everyone is still white, they comment on how everyone is just so friendly. Ever since I learned that Jesse Jackson Sr. admitted to spitting in the food of white people when he was a waiter, I avoid establishments with black staffs. Latinos are a mixed bag. Most are nicer and work harder, but the accents at every turn are annoying.

        • Defoe

          Shame on you for going to a McDonalds in the first place; arn’t you aware of their 365Black program? I refuse to give one dime to McDics.

          If you want a really excellent breakfast biscuit, try a Chic-Fil-A. And the service is exactly what you remember from times past! Outstanding.

          • jay11

            Oh, I don’t patronize Mickey D’s for that reason already. My immediate reference was the 3-4 Red Lobsters I used to patronize that have ‘gone black’ in the last few years, and the local Subway and Oil change establishments.

          • Morris LeChat

            One oil change establishment with only ONE black employee, who they had changing transmission fluid, put the WRONG transmission fluid in my car. That is right, only one of maybe six people at that place was black, and it still managed to screw everything up in a major way.

          • pcmustgo

            Mcdonalds is the scene of many a ghetto fight too… I told a group of young black thugs to stop bullying an elderly white woman there.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            And lived to tell the tale? Wow, color me impressed! Or, do you live in a state where you are allowed to carry concealed?

          • Nick Gherz

            I mistook the 365Black program as a spoof, but it is real.
            The pandering to blacks is disgusting. As a result, i will rethink my visits to McD’s.

          • Mulatto Jim

            Not to mention having the cook spit in your food once he sees you are white. Happens all the time.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Can you imagine how much you could sue McD’s for were you to find a big looger in your burger? CHA CHING!!!!!! You ought to go to a black run McD’s and order a batch of burgers for an Amren conference luncheon, and then get those babies DNA tested! McDonald’s could finance Amren for the foreseeable future with what we’d get out of them.

          • KevinPhillipsBong

            Jesse Jackson told of his days as a waiter at the Jack Tar
            Hotel in his home town of Greenville, S.C. Just before leaving the kitchen he would spit into the food of white patrons he hated and then smilingly serve it to them. He did this, he said, “because it gave me psychological gratification.”

          • Morris LeChat

            I have heard the term 365 black at other sites, but to be honest I did not think it was an “official” corporate policy. What is it? Should I care? Sometimes the nearest Wendy’s or BK has a black staff and I choose to go to a McDonalds with a white staff to avoid contamination.

        • Gerónimo Anónimo

          That should have been the end of Jackson’s career. If I encountered him on the street I would love to punch him out just for that reason. Whites have been thrown under the bus for less.

        • pcmustgo

          I was surprised to seem some young black and latino store clerks/cashiers cursing and using the n-word repeatedly to each other in friendly banter at the drug store the other day. I have gone their for a decade now and never witnessed this, and while I enjoy cursing myself, I can’t imagine people doing that at a very public job, openly… until now…granted , they were very young, and the other black store clerks there don’t do that, but yeah, pretty odd.

        • John

          Every white I know has had this experience from blacks in fast-food establishments. For me, it has been waiting in line with blacks in front of me. I get to the front of the line and the worker disappears to the back. Then I realized no one was waiting behind me; the other blacks knew what was going to happen.

      • Tim

        You wanna irritate them back?!?!/ Prompt the service encounter. Then they have to deal with you rather than ignore you. The best one I ever goaded into action was at a fried chicken hut. I had my Junior High coaches whistle on me and the second time the blow off Hispanic twenty something walked past I let out a shrill blast while circling my arm over my head and then pointed it at the miscreant while shouting “Service Failure! Service Failure!!” To my utter surprise and delight the guy got a huge grin on his face, ran up to me and then took and bagged my order. We were both still laughing as I left the place….

        • Morris LeChat

          I am not interested in trying to teach a dumb animal anyting. I will just go somewhere else.

      • Erasmus

        One very sad part of all of this is that the ready cheerfulness shown by the white staff is now a target of mockery by Hollywood and stand-up comedians everywhere. The purveyors of cultural filth share a VERY great deal to blame for what our society has become.

        The world is now turned upside-down.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I hope that you kept a watchful eye to be sure that your food wasn’t being “Jacksonized”. On the way back and forth between Florida and the Northeast, every fast food place is manned by Blacks and the places are less than clean. Even the Hotels off I 95 have predominantly Black employees. One is forced to stay in them because most of the rest stops are crawling with various and sundry ” chromosome damaged freakazoids” as Curtis Sliwa would describe them. On one of our last trips at every potty stop we encountered one. l began to think that maybe they were headed to a Charlie Manson look alike contest.
        I remember several years ago that you could actually pull into a rest stop and take a nap for an hour or two without being approached by panhandlers.

    • Erasmus

      That’s why Shakwana and D’Looshus can’t read. They have no discipline to start with. O’ course who should be surprised? Their baby mommies are as impulsive as they are.
      If Shakwana and D’Looshus can’t discipline themselves enough to dress and act properly, what’s the point even demanding they behave properly?

      • Write a book entitled Why Keisha Can’t Read. Then queue weeks on end full of stuck pig squealing from Official America and Our Cultural Taliban.

  • exLibtard

    One can imagine that as one generation after another is born under these culturally-deficient circumstances, the liberals will see that a large percent of (non-Asian minority) teenagers and 20-somethings who are unemployable, assume it’s “White racism” or “White privilege” and they’ll do something about it. They’ll file enough lawsuits and pass enough laws to make a job an entitlement. So what if your employees show up late, dress like bums or whores, have poor work ethic, etc.? Everyone has a right to a job!

    Welcome to minority-majority America.

    • Funruffian

      If the business falls into financial ruin, and it will, the business will shut down and go bankrupt. The lousy employees will be out of work again.

      • Non Humans

        What can be done about these whining special-interest groups, and at what point does the (collective) business/es turn around and sue them for encouraging and enforcing an unsustainable labor market filled with these entitled wastes of flesh? They will essentially be forced to adopt hiring practices that mandate selection of useless employees.
        I dunno, but if the EEOC and other whining groups have their way with this crap, I can see alot of businesses moving out of country. If they’re going to be forced to hire them, might as well relocate to where they can pay them a third of what they pay here.

  • The Ice Queen

    These kids will be taking care of us when we are in nursing homes.

    • Morris LeChat

      They’ll be taking care of your purse, your wallet, your jewelry, and your tech gadgets. What they will do with you is wheel your chair into and facing a corner and never attend you unless someone is around to see what is going on.

      • Bernie8

        There have been reports on AR of male AND female nurses aids (blacks of course) doing even worse things to elderly patients. If you can get turned on by an 84 year old invalid …

        • joesolargenius

          You just brought up a very legitimate point and that is that it is dangerous to allow someone of a different race to take care of you or your love ones. They need to start doing a poll to find out how many parents whom have a child with developmental disabilities had hired a nanny of a different race to look after their children prior to that problem being diagnosed !

          • MikeofAges

            Interesting idea, and I hadn’t thought of it myself. No shortage of malignant whites involved in the child and adult care business either.

        • Morris LeChat

          i hope that stupid couple in NYC that allowed that Dominican best to slice the throats of their two children , I hope they get such treatment.

        • [Guest]

          One case in the news from a few months back involved two men and a 98-year-old stroke victim in San Diego.

          For those who wish to look it up, enter the names “Russel Torralba” and “Alfredo Ruiz” into a search engine.


          • Erasmus

            But they have such good “family” values. These are the people that Barack Obama, George W. Bush and other lefties want to flood the country with.

          • jay11

            Like the family values of the three Mexican brothers who held three girls as sex slaves for a decade! In Ohio!

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Puerto Ricans, weren’t they?

          • g

            “Want” to? They’ve done it!

        • The Ice Queen

          Absolutely sick, isn’t it? This is the nightmare around the corner for many whites who have few or no children to care for them.

    • AnnoyedasHell

      Yesssir…we can look forward to Shaquanda beating us and stealing from us in our cut-rate nursing homes. I hope you enjoy bedsores. If Obama has his way we won’t even live that long.

      • Erasmus

        When Obama fulfills “his father’s dream,” we’ll be glad if we don’t live that long.

    • Concerned Citizen

      This is why we need to have children to care for us. I will never let my mother end up in a nursing home so some sassy Jamaican nurse neglects her.

      • NM156

        Sez you. Medical technology keeps the (very) old alive far longer than nature would dictate, at an enormous cost, financially and socially. You will not have the patience to watch over an Alzheimer’s victim who’s also had a stroke. If you are still working, taking care of a parent in that condition isn’t a possibility.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Ordinarily, I’d agree with you, especially since my father has taken well over a million if not millions in treatment under Medicare. But let’s face it; that unlimited spending is going to stop sooner than later because we’ll finally admit that we’re broke.

          • NM156

            We would have enough money, if we didn’t have to pay for hostile, unassimilable welfare colonists who not only are culturally and racially alien, but are now admitted without any means of earning a living, like my new neighbors, who have invaded a peaceful Euro neighborhood within the past decade.

      • Funruffian

        Immigrants from 1900-1962 would often have their elderly cohabiting amongst the families. This was a custom where they cared for their own and saved on costs.

    • BAW

      No wonder so many middle-aged people are killing themselves!

    • Dr. X

      Yes, they will be taking care of us in the nursing home, and that possibility serioously scares the hell out of me.

    • jay11

      Where I am at there are lots of nursing homes filled with old whites and also old jews, and you often see old white people (mostly women) pushed in wheelchairs on the sidewalks. I have only EVER seen black (Jamaican, Haitian) nurses and helpers with a few latino males, of all people, thrown in. The white people look broken and utterly, truly sad.

      There families have abandoned them to the care of surly, angry, pushy and mean foreigners who just want them to die so they can take over sooner. At one end, stupid liberal whites give their white kids over to the care of black and latino nannies and end of the life, they (the parents) will find only a black or latino face looking down on them as they lie helpless in bed, lying in the filth of an unchanged bedpan.

      I do not remember the last time I saw a white nurse or home health attendant around here. I try not to think about my own old age, because I am afraid I will be a very sad and bitter person then based on my realization that my once proud nation became a slum under my watch.

    • gemjunior

      We definitely need to have a way to take another way out, hopefully we won’t be too paralyzed or incapacitated to do it. I plan to give myself a large syringe full of a cocktail of: Propofol/Fentanyl/Versed/Vecuronium. The vecuronium will paralyze my respiritory muscles and the other three will make sure I’m not conscious enough to know I can’t breathe. If I don’t have the motor skills to do that, I’ll find another way. Where theres a will there’s a way. I can’t stand them. And the people that did this to America – must be possessed by the devil to be able to destroy a nation and it’s people. I don’t want to be around to see it. But of course I feel worried about my children.

      • Harry Tuttle

        Yeah, but where do you GET all those wonderful drugs? Me, it’s a 12 gauge with 00 buckshot. I suppose I have enough benzos and booze but I’d rather it be quick.

    • Brady

      That’s your fault for not having children.

    • Secret Person

      We hired a Filipino to help out with my father-in-law. He was honest and hard working. Not all of them are, but many are and a damn sight better than hiring a black or hispanic.

  • Pat

    ‘If a nation expects to be ignorant and free….it expects what never was and never will be’, Thomas Jefferson.

    Uneducated, ill equipped morons are easier to control. Happening here in U.K. as well.

  • Tim

    “The fact you`re wearing a tee-shirt speaks louder than anything it says…”- Mom 1973

  • Morris LeChat

    The author blames schools but this is not the cause. The cause is race. Attitudes towards work and effort are hard wired. My experiences in life have led me to believe this 100%.

    • [Guest]

      Do you believe, as I do, that the worst traits are seen most glaringly among blacks but that white people are contributing more and more to the mess? The country is undergoing blackification, and the result is predictable.

      As I see it, blacks are blacks. But white people are behaving more and more like them. As our numbers decrease, those of us who remain will witness more and more disfunction. But almost no one will attribute it to the blackification of the country.

      • Morris LeChat

        no, I believe that the dumbest whites may mimic black behavior because they see that it is rewarded by society. The majority of whites have a natural aversion to this sort of thing.

        • gotta agree, I’ve got a couple of young early 20’s new college graduate cousins and honestly they despise blacks more than I do because they’ve had the entire enchilada shoved down their throats and got to see the results firsthand. Lots and lots of young whites are having their eye’s opened every day

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            There seems to be a sharp divide among the White youth today. The older generation seems to be timid about race issues. They grew up in 80-90% White America and appear more easily guilt-tripped by liberals. Younger Americans generally fall in 2 categories. The ones that grew up in towns and/or went to private schools are usually racially ignorant liberals. The ones that went to public schools in the city (like me) are usually very racially aware. They have seen diversity in action and it sucks.

            So I have hope for our youth, as diversity gets shoved everywhere it doesn’t belong, it has the unintended consequence of waking up more White Americans.

          • pcmustgo

            Yes, but the sheltered whites often move to the big city and get their eyes opened that way.

            60% of whites age 20-30 think racism against whites is worse than racism against “minorities”.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Oh how I wish this were true.

            Go onto sites like Reddit, video game site and philosophy sites which are primarily visited by high school and college White students.

            There is hardly any race realism to speak of and any dissenting voices are quickly dealt with.

            Just look at the lack of support that Matt Hiembach is getting at his college. The Whites there aren’t supporting him, they are against him.

          • [Guest]

            I’m seeing the opposite—young white people scoffing at anything that even HINTS at white self-awareness and self-interest, which they dismiss as “racism.”

            All races but whites appear to identify themselves by race first and foremost. White people, and especially young white people, seem to be proudly “post-racial” (i.e., anti-white).

          • NM156

            You need to leave the house more often. Introduce yourself to a member of the coast-to-coast Brotherhood of the Beard.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with both you and Guest. Our White kids especially boys, have been thoroughly conditioned to become self hating Whites and who are attracted to the speech habits and lifestyle ( I’m talking about the day to day behavior and not the criminal aspect) of the lowest common denominator of society. They see White girls being ever more attracted to the ” Super Masculine” Black. That term was coined by Eldridge Cleaver in his best seller Soul On Ice. Cleaver is/was a convicted rapist and comrade of Bobby Seal, a Black Panther who at one point an instructor at Temple University.

          In his book Cleaver speaks of his career as a rapist. He admits that he practiced on Black women until he got “smooth” and then ventured into the White areas. The above mentioned book was required in a Graduate course in education that I took at Temple University in the late sixties.

          As to the natural aversion of Whites toward Black “mis”behavior, it’s a recent appearance and perhaps a hopeful sign if they can muster the courage to speak out.

          • Norseman

            I remeber reading excerpts from a book by a black civil rights activist years ago. As I recall it, the book was a compilation of essays. One of them centered around his progression as a serial rapist. In the foreword to the book the author was praised as someone who tackled the difficult subject of the white woman and the black man. Is it the same book?

          • Norseman

            I remeber reading excerpts from a book by a black civil rights activist many years ago. As I recall it, the book was a compilation of essays. One of them centered around his progression as a serial rapist. In the foreword to the book the author was praised, in higly sociologic language, as someone who tackled the difficult subject of the white woman and the black man. Is it the same book?

          • Anonymous

            Sounds like it. It could barely get through it without going into a tirade of obscenities.

          • MikeofAges

            “Soul On Ice”. Eldridge Cleaver. In my graduate lit class, applied Cleaver’s theory of the omnipotent administrator-supermasculine menial dichotomy to male behavior in “Huckleberry Finn”. Got an “A”, of course. From a Marxist instructor.

            Title of the paper: “It’s my job, it’s what I do: Male ethnic performance in Huckleberry Finn”.

          • KevinPhillipsBong

            From Cleaver’s book:
            “Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women – and this point, I believe, was the most satisfying to me because I was very resentful over the historical fact of how the white man has used the black woman. I felt I was getting revenge.

            “I started out practicing on black girls in the ghetto where dark and vicious deeds appear not as aberrations or deviations from the norm, but as part of the sufficiency of the Evil of a day. When I considered myself smooth enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically.”

          • Anonymous

            He should have been “taken out” right after he published the book.

        • [Guest]

          I am seeing a lot of black behavior among white people, and I’ve seen more of it as the years have passed. This disgusting trend seems to be in overdrive right now. If there is a natural aversion somewhere in the white psyche, it’s often being overridden.

          • NM156

            Nah, the peak of that sort of imitation has passed. Behavioral and social residuals remain however, such as high rates of illegitimate births, etc.

          • Morris LeChat

            My experience is not the same. I see white kids avoiding black behaviors unless they are extremely insecure, probably because of poor grades, parental abuse etc. In those cases, they identify with a group which is said to be wronged the way they feel they are wronged. The vast majority of white kids who have something on the ball do not act black, and avoid blacks. I work at colleges. a whole bunch of different ones on a rotating basis, I know what I am talking about. YOu may get disheartened when you see a white kid with the pants down and the hat sideways and the pseudo crippled gesticulations, but that kid is still not the norm. Be careful. There is the phenomenon where once you buy a car, you all of a sudden notice many more of that model on the road, and it seems it is everywhere. ALthough you have not bought anything, I think you made an emotional investment and felt a loss when you saw a white kid aping a black, so what is not all that common, is now is the only thing you see. My experience at colleges is that white kids are still acting white, and they are also much more vocal nowadays and becoming more willing to call black people out on their behaviors. Where two years ago they would sit there and let fifty black kids cut them in line and end up with nothing on a special events day, they are now being quite vocal. One student In a line I was serving was involved in such a dispute, and it turned out he knew some German and was going to go to Germany next year. I told him in German that I think Germany must be a great place because it isn’t so “dark”.- “weil es nicht so dunkel ist”. I could see a look of appreciation come over his face and he told his girlfriend that he wished she understood german. There is a strong undercurrent, much stronger than people realize, of rejection of liberalism and PC attitudes toward race amongst the younger people.

          • There is the phenomenon where once you buy a car, you all of a sudden notice many more of that model on the road, and it seems it is everywhere.

            Selection bias.

          • This is like having a pregnant wife.

          • Morris LeChat

            is that a sporty little asian model or a big zaftig European model

          • They each have their good points.

          • Guest

            the description 0f the phenomenon is more illustrative than a term that many would not be familiar with, but I guess if you are an engleman you like to use boring academic language

          • [Guest]

            If what you say is true, it’s encouraging.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Deutschland wird aber immer dunkler.

          • Morris LeChat

            Nicht so Dunkel. Es gibt nur 500,000 afenmenchen in Deutschland. In Die Vereinichten Staten es gibt ,was, 15 millionenen?

          • Fierzig millionen affen.

          • Morris LeChat


          • Morris LeChat

            Also dann, Ich gehe zu Deutschland oder zu Poland, veleicht Österreich

          • Anonymous

            Have you noticed that the majority of White pop singers want to sound like Blacks when they “sing”. ” my” is “maah”, ‘fine” is “faahn” and “love” is pronounced like the famous Paris museum. Even the Brits and (the actual) Canadians want to sound like “moolies”. Until I saw a picture of them I would have sworn that Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck were Mau Mau.
            I’m dating myself.

          • [Guest]

            Yes. I hear it a whole lot among white singers, but many white people also do it in speech. Apparently they’ve heard so much ebonics that they’re imitating it without being fully aware of it. Or maybe they think it’s “cool” to sound like a moron.

            And it’s not only pronunciation. When I was young, my parents discouraged me from using the jailhouse slang that I sometimes heard in media and at the government school. Now ghetto terms routinely appear in supposedly serious newscasts and print media.

            In singing, the ululating used to be looked upon as backward and primitive … and for good reason. When the singer is unable to hit a note, he or she ululates as a method of covering up the inability to sing properly. Now, a singer mounts the stage and ululates like a crazed savage, and the audience goes wild with admiration. Bad singing has become good singing. Like just about everything else, things are backwards.

          • Morris LeChat

            What about out Justing Timebrlake? He say “choo” instead of “you”

          • Funruffian

            Or they mimic the behavior as a survival mechanism. By todying to the emotional needs of Blacks, the White guy or girl will start to mirror their behavior thinking this will appease them.

      • Erasmus

        You are right about blackification. We couldn’t lift up blacks, so we have to tear white kids down so everyone will be on an even playing field.
        I am so sick of seeing my own race degrade itself and it being considered pleasing. It is sad to see really good looking teen age white kids, deface themselves with horrible tattoos, many of which they’ll never be able to hide, and ear plugs, which stretch their ear lobes to a point that only surgery can repair the gaping holes.

        • [Guest]

          >>>We couldn’t lift up blacks, so we have to tear white kids down so everyone will be on an even playing field.

          That’s an important point.

          As for me, I’m sickened by black “culture,” but I’m most sickened when I see white people debase themselves by participating in it.

          Thank you for your post.

      • jay11

        In my neck of the concrete woods it’s mostly ethnic whites from Italian, Albanian or white-latino roots who literally worship black culture and ape every trend from backwards hats, body lingo and rap to thug-bumping, giving ‘bones,’ talking in ebonics and dressing like a ghetto slob in basketball jerseys, outlandish basketball shoes and nylon shorts.

        White females are more open to this lifestyle, and you can find lots of both ethnic white girls and founding stock white girls wearing pajama pants in public, shower slippers with socks, sports jerseys and using the lingo and body language.

        I also do recognize a lot of young whites still box themselves off from blackification, but they often still parrot the liberal lingo of ‘one world’ and ‘inclusion’ ad nauseum. Irish girls particularly seem insulated from blackification. Jewish girls I have found like to dabble in the rap music a bit, but also avoid the worse of blackification. This is how it is where I’m at.

        • [Guest]

          Thank you for adding that. I see much blackification among that one demographic it’s considered acceptable to demean, mock, and ridicule—rednecks. (I dislike that term, mostly because it’s the only race-specific pejorative that’s used openly nowadays.)

          In fact, I see quite a few young white females of that social class who’ve taken up with dark males. It’s as if they’re out to prove that there is no level so low that they won’t sink to it.

          The culture as a whole seems to be pursuing the same course of utter debasement.

          • MikeofAges

            I think there are three things they teach you in kindergarden, which if you learned and understood them, you would be better off.

            1) Pop Goes the Weasel. Yeah, you think it’s all a game. You can run around and around and around and nothing will ever happen to you. But then the weasel pops, and you’re in the weasel’s jaws and you can’t get out.

            2) Humpty Dumpty. Sometimes something happens to you, and you can’t go back to they way things were. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.” How sadly true.

            3) The Three Little Pigs. Only a strong house survives. And don’t let the wolf in. No matter what, don’t let the wolf in. Or the camel’s nose into your tent either.

          • [Guest]

            Interesting. I wonder whether those stories can still be told in the kindergartens of America 2.0. They’ve probably been replaced with more “culturally relevant” material featuring blacks, lesbians, and Muhammadans.

          • MikeofAges

            Just attended my ladyfriend’s grandson’s kindergarten show, where they did “Piggie Opera”, a musical version of the Three Little Pigs story.

        • pcmustgo

          Black music isn’t rap music. It’s reggae (plenty of whites with dreadlocks into that, hippie types basically), jazz, blues, etc. People into music in general will generally idolize blacks.

        • Funruffian

          I’m Italian and I personally loathe anything about Negro culture from attire, their gay music, their obnoxious behavior, pushy attitudes, and parasitic nature.

        • Anonymous

          As an Italo-American I’m totally ashamed of the behavior of some of our young people. They haven’t a clue about the history and culture of Italy and of the contributions of it’s great minds to the advancement of the arts and science.
          They integrated all right but to the wrong “culture”. I feel it to be short of blasphemy to use that word regarding Blackness.

      • Funruffian

        If i were a business owner and I was forced to hire Blacks, I would immediately shut down operations and contemplate moving my business out of state. Having Blacks in your employ is poison to your business. They are almost never blamed or reprimanded for their mistakes, laziness and incompetence. If they turn out to be nightmarish troublemakers it will be very hard to get rid of them. Your company morale will diminish as you see valued employees leaving and quitting. Eventually your business will suffer so badly you will have to cut your losses. It’s not worth it. Only companies who observe EEOC and AA are mandated to comply with this injustice.

        • [Guest]

          At one time I would have thought such comments were extreme. But experience has shown me that there’s a lot of truth in what you say.

          • Funruffian

            I’m not the only one. Keep reading other threads and you will see many others share my beliefs.

  • Maybe the schools realize just how lazy and unmotivated non-whites are.They are teaching the white kids that to lazy and unmotivated is normal.That if an energetic white kid were to have to work with non-whites.He might get the Idea he is some how superior to the non-white kids.

    • jay11

      Part of the whole ‘group work’ phenomenon that has swept the nation is to pair smarter and whiter students with slower and darker-skinned students. This achieves two ends: to punish whites for their ‘privilege’ and to force white students to become unpaid tutors. Oh, and it also allows blacks and latinos to ‘share’ in the group grade (in which the smarter kids did all the work) so pass rates look like they are going up for ‘minority’ groups.

      • robinbishop34

        Is this what they call “scaffolding?”

        • jay11

          Oh, the ‘scaffolding’ racket! What that is for is to take any average assignment that we 20 years ago could have done by ourselves, and ‘chunk’ it into little manageable modules so our modern ‘students’ can complete it a little at a time. The theory, unspoken in these words of course, is that our ‘students’ are so dumb and illiterate that a simple book report assignment needs to be broken up into 5-10 little steps to get a final product.

          • Funruffian

            They also incorporate ‘rubrics’ where they grade performance based on group performance. Rubrics can be effective if applied to the individual based on his own merit. But in terms of scaffolding its downright immoral.

      • Ella

        It “dumbs” down our children for the sake of minorities. Then, White students will not get the challenge and competitiveness that they deserve in a classroom setting. A few Asians seem to increase grade competitiveness (not stereo-typing) and ask challenging questions for their fellow classmates to discuss. I rarely seen low grades among Koreans or Chinese students.

  • DailyKenn

    Long ago we allowed schools to become surrogate parents.

    • Bill

      Long ago we allowed irresponsible blacks let the Government be the parents.
      Schools are merely the detention center for 8 hours a day keeping crime down for at least that long in the streets.

  • Tim

    Now, I don`t know about 9 year olds dressing like grown women, but the girls in the school clothes picture look even worse! They remind me of full grown women wearing childrens clothes. All except the girl on the right in the red sundress . I found that to be maybe not suitable for work or school but fashionable enough to take her from here to the end of my paycheck…

    • Magnus

      The school clothes picture is from a movie called “Mean Girls.”

      • capnmorgan5150

        Yeah, with Lindsay Lohan. We all know what a pillar of the community she is.

  • capnmorgan5150

    I’m 43 and I assure you this wasn’t the case in my day. I remember a 10 year old kid getting dragged into the hall and spanked at my grade school. My brother and I also got spanked at home when we misbehaved. I’m guessing I’m the last of that generation.

    I’ve also got a quick story about working with blacks. When I was 20, I worked a temp job at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Joliet, Illinois in the laundry room. There were about 10 blacks working there, and all they ever did was screw around, have fun, etc. They probably got about as much collective work done in a day as I did by myself. The supervisors (mostly White middle-aged women) never yelled at them once while I was there. I on the other hand was constantly screamed at to go faster, do it this way, etc. Needless to say, I started looking for another job the first week I was there. It took me about a month. Worst job ever!

    • guest

      I think that just about everyone who has worked around blacks could tell similar stories, although most people wouldn’t dare speak up for fear of the consequences. The pattern seems to be that the blacks produce little in the workplace other than discord and demands. I’ve seen it firsthand.

      • jay11

        Me too! I worked in a place where I shared a room with an older black female teacher. She used to yell at the students, berate them and go off on them so badly (of course they deserved it) that I used to feel like I was in trouble too. Did the black administration do anything about it? Nope. But a Latino teacher called a student out on bad behavior, in a professional manner, but the black principal ran him outta the building. The new black admin also got his jewish female assistant fired. He hated Asians, latinos, jews and whites in the that order. Why were the white teachers mostly okay under his watch? Because we were the ones who did all the real work around there, and he knew it. My second school had a Haitian female math teacher who used to cuss and curse worse than a sailor all the time. She never got in trouble, but boy did it make it hard to go to work.

        • guest

          I could repeat several stories having to do with black employees. One worked around children and physically abused some of them and then threatened to burn down the house of another employee who dared to speak up about the abuse. She finally left that job (“voluntarily”) and moved directly into another job working around children.

          Another black woman was plugged into a low-level management position for which she was unqualified. The position was dumbed down for her, and yet she produced almost nothing but complained incessantly. She was permitted to hire two fellow blacks, and the three of them formed a tag-team of incompetence and whining. Other employees learned to avoid them as much as possible, and this was (of course) interpreted as racism. One woman went on vulgarity-laced screaming fits down the corridors in which she declared that she was mistreated and overworked (“I cain’t do no mo!”), but she was never fired.

          A black male, evidently attempting to get on disability, one day disappeared from work for undisclosed reasons. The white employee who “filled in” for him had the black employee’s calls forwarded to her and found that they consisted of one personal call after another, calls from credit-card and finance companies, and various mysterious messages from unidentified people. That employee had the title and pay of a manager, but a white male underling did all the work.

          I know of a black woman who demanded a job for which she was unqualified. When she failed miserably at that job, she screamed discrimination. Before long, she began wearing faux-African garb to work and declared that she was going to join the Peace Corps and go to Africa. To everyone’s delight, she soon disappeared.

          I’ve seen one case after another in which companies have hired blacks because they’re black, promoted them because they’re black, endured their incompetence and sullen attitudes because they’re black, and kept them on the payroll until they retired because they’re black.

          Through some process so warped that I simply can’t fathom it, blacks have become demigods.

    • Funruffian

      Black employees rarely ever work. Collectively they will pass the buck and not work at all. When they do actually work they do a pretty shitty job with many errors than are never punishable to them. Only the responsible hard workers have to pick up their slack and correct their shoddy work. I’ve seen it in hotels, hospitals, schools and other areas.

      • pcmustgo

        Do you think African and Caribbean Blacks work any better or harder?

        • Funruffian

          I’m not sure. Tell us please.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I grew up in Orlando and know that school. it’s a black school.

    • Crime Hills. I was down there staying with friends 20 years ago (near Star & Powers, so very close) and during the three months I was there, every single business within a four block radius had been robbed. While in the backyard at night with their dog it was routine to be spotlighted by a police helicopter.

      I would walk over to the local mini-mart occasionally to get some beer, and it seemed every single black person bought some 40s and baking soda (to make crack), some would even get upset that they only sold the big box of baking soda..

      • Tim

        In my convienence store, the clerk showed me the Reynolds wrap which had tiny pieces missing from the roll. “Rats?!?” I blurted out. “Crack heads,” the clerk replied.

  • Exoplanet Finder

    One wonders if it is worth it to try and educate at all. Universal education might not be the way to go. Maybe bringing back an apprenticeship system and segregated schools would be better. Let’s start thinking of disparate impact in a positive way again and not letting the discussion be framed by these false assumed premises.

  • capnmorgan5150

    If anybody wants to see what this school looks like, just punch the school’s address into google maps. The place looks like a war zone.

    • Concerned Citizen

      It’s not a warzone. It’s getting an expensive makeover under the premise that fancy new facilities will make blacks smarter. They did the same thing to my high school which is majority-minority and another lesser joke of a school.

      • capnmorgan5150

        Yep, sorry about that. I noticed it after I made that last post.

      • IstvanIN

        My grammar school was built in 1910 and it was used into the 1980s, we never had problems. Of course the school was white. It isn’t the building, it is the people in the building that make the difference.

      • capnmorgan5150

        “It’s getting an expensive makeover under the premise that fancy new facilities will make blacks smarter.”

        As my dad often says, we don’t need better teachers, we need better students.

    • Defoe

      It looks like a war zone because that is exactly what it is!

    • It’s in an Orlando neighborhood known as Pine Hills, aka Crime Hills.

  • 1proactive2

    I was the supervisor of an alternative high school for three and a half years from the late nineties to the early two thousands. The reason I was hired in this predominantly white district was because the program was out of control, and I was from the corrections and mental health field. After one month on the job it was easy to spot why the kids were in charge. Not one authority figure wanted to upset the out of control teens, or worse, their parents.
    The vast majority of the parents of failed and otherwise oppositional/criminal teens have the same emotional maturity level as their children, sometimes younger. The other part of the problem was that the public school environment is a very feminized where forty or fifty chances are given for acting out. In short, it was day care for teens who, by their attendance, provided about eight grand a year for the district. The parents got their young thug out of their hair for a few hours and the school district made money. Problems? The administration didn’t think so, but no administrator would take the job out of fear.
    Within two months I instituted a dress code, and enforced it to the letter. Kids actually lost credit for the semester if they violated the attendance policy. Kids who were habitually truant or acted out in school were sent to juvenile court when I petitioned the latter. Things turned around quickly, and both grades and peace grew exponentially. Not one student fight or a threat to a teacher happened under my watch.
    The inevitable happened when enough parents and even some teachers complained to the superintendent that I was too strict. This, after parents from other districts learned of my program and enrolled their teens. I had to limit the enrollment due to lack of staff and room.
    Since I’m not a masochist I ended up resigning, and a few of the teachers and lower level administrators who remained said the school fell back into its old and dangerous ways.

    • jay11

      One of the unspoken pillars of the so-called modern educational ‘reform’ movement is to slay once and for all any and all vestiges of traditional American culture. This can only be done by removing the people who still remember how Americans used to be before the radical hippie agenda (leftist) totally transformed us into the hell hole much of the country is now today.

      Any teacher over about 30 or 35 still has direct memories of upstanding aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents. Even if some of them were not perfect, they still mostly had traditional American values. We are the ones who still talk about ‘being professional’, ‘etiquette,’ ‘manners,’ ‘morals,’ ‘ strong work ethics,’ and all the rest.

      Blacks and most third world latinos cannot conform to these values, and since they are becoming the majority now, the pressure is welling up from them and their commie white enablers to build the ‘perfect’ new society built on fuzzy ideas of ‘equity’, ‘ social justice,’ ‘inclusion,’ ‘ fairness,’ and other ludicrous buzzwords that mean nothing more than rewarding the slothful, lazy, low IQ and barbaric for their behavior by diminishing the tradition-minded Americans who are descended from those whose values built the greatest nation that ever existed on the face of the earth.

      Remove the older teachers, and the youth can be indoctrinated by clueless ‘social justice’-minded quasi-teachers who are really just empty heads full of communist-inspired slogans. Remove tenure protections. Label teachers who hold to standards as ‘ineffective,’ and voila! You remove the last line of traditional American culture from being able to shape the new generations. It’s all a plan, you know, and it’s almost complete.

  • jay11

    This article is another one of pure genius. These are also my high school students: lazy, always late, surly, with overly-high expectations and, get this, heavily indoctrinated by the local leftist ‘student organizations’ that constantly descend upon our halls and spew their communist ‘social justice’ (whitey is bad) messages around.

    Nearly all the young 20-something, hipster teachers at my school dress like bums and wear some of the stupidest outfits. One male teacher this very day wore funky dress shoes, with no socks, his jeans rolled up midway up his calf, with a tie die shirt and sweater vest, and he also wears a ‘scooter’ type hat and has a man bag. Many of the younger females wear things ranging from laungerie-like shirts to flip flops and actual mini skirts with tights.

    We have to so coddle the students, and if we don’t the principal calls us ineffective. Students pass classes in my school doing less than 10% of required work. Everything is late. Any work given is about 3rd grade skill level. Give a paragraph to read and half the class grimaces and complains. The other half of the students are oblivious because they’re all texting under the table.

    • cablegirls

      A man bag! Say it isn’t so!

      • Murses, they call them. A portmanteau of “Man” and “Purse.”

        • IstvanIN

          I thought I made that term up the first time I saw one!

        • I carry cloth shopping bags in my jacket pockets. Back in the day, we used to carry a “possibles” pouch.

        • cablegirls

          Very good. But then a male nurse with a murse, if he too were a murse, might rather call his a man bag. Or, depending, even a purse.

    • MikeofAges

      “Lingerie” is the correct word.

    • Erasmus

      When I was in school, in a small town in the Pacific Northwest many decades ago, the male teachers all wore trousers with button-down shirts and neckties and thewomen all wore dresses or skirts.

      It sent a clear message: Next to church this is the most serious place in your young lives.

      • Lumpy

        Some of us still dress as you describe. I slum down to a polo shirt after the temp hits 80 in my non-air-conditioned classroom.

  • David Brims

    Clothes make the man, In Japan, everyone wears smart uniforms, they love order, same in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. While in Africa, well, it’s a mess, been like that for twenty to thirty thousand years and it isn’t going change.

  • The Ice Queen

    The world I was born into and the one I live in today are two different planets. I never could have imagined it would come apart at the seams so quickly. When I was a kid, we had respect for adults, never sassed a teacher, and never spoke out of turn in class. We were not only taught manners, but etiquette as well. This was the mid sixties at a public school in a small all white town. The beginnings of the revolution hadn’t made a rumble with us yet. THEN my family moved to the big city, and, well…here I am at AmRen.

    • I always sassed teachers because I was always willing to throw down on them. They were paid to teach me a few things, but what I taught them was free. I beat the crap out of some of the men in the parking lot.

      Nobody gets paid to be killed for a living, and my “teachers” completely understood this.

  • Room101

    Our whole society is swirling the drain.

  • MikeofAges

    Whatever happened to that “John Henry” complex? A few black men still have it, but not many.

    In another forum, someone brought up the issue of how ill equipped people today are to provide for their own sustenance should that become necessary. With regard to blacks, how many today have the domestic, craft and husbandry skills necessary to sustain even a partially self-sufficient community, compared to a lifetime ago? I would say far fewer. So many fewer, in fact, that I don’t think they could jump start it today.

    Not that whites are doing much better based on what you see in the aisles. But I think there is enough of a preexisting infrastructure of skills and enough of a residue of the willingness to accept authority that whites could get it started and sustained.

    For now, this kind of speculation falls into the category of a thought experiment. Working on the idea shines the spotlight back on the present, nevertheless.

  • anarchist4life

    It’s true that non-whites tend to have less work ethic than whites. But it’s interesting to note that American workers are among the most productive in the world and work longer hours than in the past. This is despite the fact that wages for many workers have been stagnant for decades. In addition, the poor economy has been particularly hard on younger workers and they face the worst job market in decades. The youth unemployment rate is much higher than the national average. So while non-whites may have issues with reliability, the problem for young Americans is a lack of opportunity, not a lack of work ethic.

    • pcmustgo

      This is why I empathize with people on food stamps too… Work ethic? Idk, I think Blacks and Latinos work pretty hard at crummy jobs, they’re just often not qualified to do more than work with their hands.

  • cecilhenry

    No performance, no rewards.

    Thats what needs to be enforced.

  • Funruffian

    My only problem with this article is that they grouped Blacks and Hispanics together in the same vain as if they were equally as bad. Mexicans, although have their share of social problems, have a much better work ethic than do Blacks. Migrant workers can work in the fields all day with just a handful of rice and beans and come back the next day with equal energy. Blacks couldn’t last two days under those circumstances and be expected to perform the same level of productivity.
    I’m not here to exalt Hispanics more than they deserve, but they are willing to show up and work for their money.
    As a teacher, I see this neverending enabling and coddling every day from the morning announcements to redundant prizes and awards given to students who just do the bare minimum of expectations. They often reward bad and degenerate behavior by placing the blame on teachers. I’ve encountered administrators who place Black students above teachers. They pin the blame on teachers who are unable to control the decadent and boisterous behavior of the minority students. No wonder teachers are leaving the profession in droves.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Maybe the first generation of Mexicans, the FOBs (Fresh Over the Border), work as hard as mules — but not subsequent generations who buy into a victim status, blame Whites and embrace the entitlement mentality.

      What infuriates me is that they’ll blame the teachers for their failures and lack of success , both the kids and their parens and THAT’S what the newspaper and other media and schools will report all over the place.

      No one ever asks us teachers about these kids degenerate behavior, poor study habits, dismal attendance or failing grades.


      • Funruffian

        Someone here mentioned that we don’t necessarily need better teachers, we need better students. After that is realized, the school administrators and PC police will say that it’s the teacher’s duty to make them better students. That can be a very daunting task for some of the students dished out to you.

    • jay11

      All of my students are FORs (Fresh over the River) from Latin America. No more than 10% have any work ethic in the classroom, and teachers across the board in my school all complain the same way. When it comes to any manual labor, however, most of my students jump right up and want to help and work quickly and efficiently. I know why farmers and business owners want latinos so bad now because they work cheap and well, but is that all America is destined to become: a plantation society of majority brown people with a white elite at the top always fearful of Marxist revolution? This is what whites endure in latin America. Why does it have to be our fate? Deport ALL illegal immigrants now. Cancel all work visas now. Stop the anchor baby interpretation of the 14th amendment now. Rescind all previous citizenship grants to children of illegal immigrants now. Review every single immigration and naturalization case since 1965 for fraud and deport liberally. Jail all Americans who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and confiscate their property. Deport all known gang members and strip them of citizenship now. Make gang membership a treasonous act on par with terrorism. Take America back!

      • pcmustgo

        Yeah, Blacks and Latinos aren’t very academic, but Latinos can be good at building, crafts, artisanship, and working with their hands.

        • Ella

          If they show up for work……I hired Latinos workers who spoke fluent English for remodelling jobs. (We also do out own remodelling to cut costs.) They don’t have the work ethics like many Italian or German people -I only wish. Once in a while, you’ll find a hard Hispanic worker who has a family to support and eager to work.

    • pcmustgo

      I think American children in general are spoiled and it’s one reason India, China and now Mexican immigrants are kicking are ass.

      I’m a young person- it’s not totally our fault if we weren’t taught any better and prepared for this thing called life.

    • MikeofAges

      “Same “vein”, not “same vain”.

      • Funruffian

        No. It’s ‘vain’. Vein is a channel in animal anatomy in which blood flows. Vain is a concept.

        • MikeofAges

          I’ll look it up. My sense of the idea was that it meant “in vthe same course, channel or direction, hence “vein”.

        • Unperson

          “Vain” may be a “concept” but more relevant this discussion is the fact that it’s an adjective: not a noun but a word that modifies a noun. That alone ought to tell you that the phrase “in the same vain” couldn’t be right. You might say, “He is a vain man”, synonymous with “He is a conceited man.” But you would never say “in the same conceited”, now would you? The closest you could get would be the noun form of vain, which is vanity — but you’d never say “in the same vanity” either.

          So MikeofAges is correct: it’s “vein”, as in those blood-carrying tubes inside your body that look blue under your white skin. “In the same vein” is therefore a metaphor, like “on the same path” or “cut from the same cloth.” (Please note that both “path” and “cloth” are also nouns, not adjectives.)

          I wouldn’t have got so pedantic if you had merely been incorrect the first time. I’m posting this not because you used a word wrong but because you were being obstinate and insisting that your wrongness was right.

          • Funruffian

            A pedant you are, but i hardly use that metaphor and after Milkofages and yourself made this distinction so abundandtly clear, I may never use it again.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Kudos to you for admitting that you were wrong!!

            So often we see commenters try to save face rather than admit they were wrong via silly name calling, stupid insults and other childish behaviors.


          • NM156


  • robinbishop34

    The girl on the far right looks pretty cute, she also looks like an adult. The others look like stereotypical, hick, coal burners.

    • The one on the far left looks like she’s going to turn into a drug addicted washed up actress.

  • My mother graduated Bexley high school in 1960, and she and her friends were sent home for wearing clothes that clashed (stripes with polka-dots, etc.) That should put this current school dress problem in proper perspective.

  • pcmustgo

    Ok, let me start by saying this is just as much a problem among upper middle class white people too. Kids are kids, and kids need to learn the hard way- by trial and error- what is accepted at work and what is not.

    I can totally understand why that 17 year old at Mcdonald’s couldn’t hack a full-time job there… it must be awful. I don’t even know how people do certain jobs like that day in and day out.

    I think you need a little more empathy about this. I think American’s should be working less, not more, like Europe.

    Agree about the piercings and all that. I always tried to dress as white collar as possible for work.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Kids need to get hired first, that’s the problem. They don’t understand that most businesses are conservative, as is the general public. The public, in general, doesn’t want to be served by tattooed, pierced, surly workers — too easy to take one’s business elsewhere to a competitor where the help is at least civil to paying customers. Every business owner knows this and people read reviews; the owner doesn’t have time to let kids learn their own way in his business by trial and error — while his competition eats him alive.

      I think it’s going to become like someone mentioned on another thread: Fast food-type businesses, and others, will increasingly become mechanized and robotic, displacing human workers. Grocery stores and large home improvement stores around here have already gone to self-service check-outs.

      It’s the kids who have the wrong attitude, not the businesses, and they’re only hurting themselves. But they’ll blame the businesses, of course, and THAT’S what will be printed up by the media.


  • Ella

    Better schools should require uniforms to prevent much of these problems. You can always choose 3 colours for pants n shirts like red, black and white to prevent extra costs in poorer districts. Most Americans own sneakers. Why so difficult to problem-solve in this country?

    Oh another topic, our city has pushed for serving dinner now at schools and breakfast – lunch during summer months to underprivileged children. Now, you can see WHY these minority kids grow up so lazy with unrealistic expectations??? This is absurd! I hope the politicians offer to change their babies diapers next….LOL

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I agree — teachers should be required to wear uniforms too.

      When schools have tried to enforce dress codes, idiots organizations like the ACLU come roaring out to squash any semblance of order by filing law suits, which, unsurprisingly, they usually win. This is why dress codes fall apart within a few weeks, if not days. Kids figure out FAST that they don’t have to wear the ugly “monkey suits” the school demands and there is no support from the parents or community like in the old days. A few charter schools have been able to demand a dress code as a condition of attendance, don’t know if the fine print of the charter states that they cannot legally enforce a mandatory dress code — as it is in the public schools.

      A union rep told me the worst school in my district tried to enforce a dress code on the teachers — skirts, nylons and low heels for women, shirts with ties for men, etc. All hell broke lose and the union rep refused to sign the paperwork the administration was trying to force — as was his legal right.

      The lefties say “clothes don’t matter.” I say they are wrong.


  • Bobby

    Oh man, if I had known all this when I went to high school many moons ago…..
    In all seriousness, these kids are victims of the corrosive, leftist destroying philosophy that overtook this nation beginning around 1956 give or take a couple of years. Not that the left hadn’t been trying years earlier to destroy the U.S., they had. Television, Hollywood movies, popular magazines, newspapers, and other leftist media, all had the same effect of mowing a cyclonic path through everything that used to be considered normal everyday life. Personally, I’m sick of leftist media and thought. I’m tired hearing about Jose, Raj and Kareems, trials and tribulations in the U.S. I’m sick hearing of how borders are irrelevant, but in the same breath how we need to pay attention to global warming, pollution, inner city crime and discrimination and the need to stop racism, nativism and exclusion.

  • MikeS

    The picture that shows the sleepy young “scholar” hard at work should be used in an ad that reads: “Why bother when the system will take care of me – from cradle to grave.”

  • LHathaway

    “I blame the schools and their mandatory self-esteem curriculum, which instills an ego-inflated, me-first attitude”.

    This is completely backward. Self-esteem is ingrained in school so children will work. Their pride will be a deterrent from ‘quitting’ and will leave them wanting to save face and do a good job. Admittedly there are other factors involved make folks not want to work.

    There are many factors involved. It would be a mistake to say self-esteem is universally taught. The schools pay special attention building up the esteem of every group but white male students, and that’s likely quite an understatement. All students are not equal at america’s schools.

  • Angry White Woman

    Yesterday evening (Mother’s Day) I was visited by a young lady who grew up in this small, Eastern Washington town, and became a teacher. Her first assignment was in an inner-city middle school in Pennsylvania. She went into it all bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Filled with love and goodness, “everybody is equal” philosophies and brimming with bright ideas.

    Her first day teaching there, a hulking “youth” stood up in class and told her to “Shut up white bitch.” She was shocked! Nothing in her experience and/or teaching education had ever taught her to expect something like this.

    Six years on, she had gained a whole new education about “inner-city youth” and their parents and society in general. She returned here to her home community, took a job unrelated to childhood education and now holds the unshakable conviction that there are some people that can’t be educated, and no one in their right mind should even try. Why she stuck it out six years is beyond my understanding, but she was just SO SURE that what she had learned in college was right. That the education gap could be bridged, that the children were just sitting there eagerly waiting for someone to come pour out education and they would soak it up like dry sponges. No one taught her how to reach students who had four generations of dropouts behind them. No one told her about students who didn’t even understand when spoken to in standard English. No one told her about 8th graders with children of their own, parole officers in the schools, policemen that went to the hospital with injuries after breaking up fights between two 8th grade girls, teachers assaulted in their classrooms while other students watched or cheered the attackers on….

    Well, the teacher got educated, and now she’s a race realist.

    Did the schools fail to teach these students, or did the schools and teachers do what they could, trying to fight an unstoppable, rising tide of uneducable young who have no desire to learn, or even become civilized?

    • guest

      >>>Well, the teacher got educated, and now she’s a race realist.

      Well, it’s good to hear that there are SOME people remaining who’re teachable.

    • jay11

      This is so true! Except for a few diehards who refuse to believe what their eyes see and what they experience every day, most white teachers at my school are so jaded and have literally given up ever being able to help the ‘inner city’ urban youffs and latino illegals. All black and latino teachers were jaded from the beginning, and they can get away with calling the kids stupid and lazy. We whites can’t, so we suffer in silence and whisper to each other in hushed tones about how this country is royally screwed.

    • Strider73

      Why she stuck it out six years is beyond my understanding,. . .

      She was likely forced to take that inner-city job, and hold it that long, as a condition of receiving tuition assistance.

  • Went to a school function other day. The last time I saw that many tramp stamps , halter tops , stilleto heels and camel toes. Was dragging someone who fell off the wagon , out of an extremely sleazy bar .
    Those were the parents , children do what they see , not what they are told.

    • Dave_Mowers

      Sexuality should be restricted the way it is in Muslim countries where frustrated young men strap suicide belts to their bodies and blow up women and children in marketplaces. We should have that here in America along with the dirth of no-future minimum wage jobs. What a happy society we will achieve if only government can just take everything away from us and allow the richest people to do anything they fell like while we all stare at them wishing our country worked for us the way it somehow does for them.

  • Dave_Mowers

    So according to the modern American corporate ideology people should just accept low wages, no benefits, no retirement, no career or advancement, a harried work environment, high taxes and no future…wait, that’s right, you need to accept that you will never be able to afford to have children or a family and you will have less than what your parents did.

    What a fabulous way to create a manic, angry depressed society that has a fascination with guns and murder!

    Way to go Wall Street! You’re really contributing to the demise of the American Dream by sending all the good paying jobs to foreign countries. I just love hearing about how everyone but the rich, everyone but the successful should accept less in a country that prints it’s own currency based on nothing and gives it away to one class while telling the rest of us we should eat crow and shine their shoes.

  • This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  • AmericanPatriot

    The ONLY way to deal with the riffraff is to once again treat them as riffraff. Don’t wanna work? Great you are fired. Go starve. Don’t even think of stealing- if your concealed carrying Citizen prospective vic doesn’t shoot you dead the cops will…….or maybe if they are feeling merciful turn your sorry butt over to the State Pen where you will cry yourself to sleep every night. Welfare? Nope- ya got spawn they go into foster care to be raised as and by human beings. YOU go to a poor farm that Dickens would have thought mean.

  • hp

    LBJ’s Great Society = a society of cats and dogs

  • When my son was 12 he came home from school and his mother told him to straighten up his bedroom. I sat and read the newspaper letting her handle the situation. After he refused to do the job the third time he yelled at her, “I have constitutional rights.” I dropt the newspaper grabbed a 2×4, with two nails sticking out the end, which was in the firewood box, and chased him down the hall to his bedroom. I held the 2×4 over him and told him that he would clean his room. His terrified mother came in and I gave her the 2×4. The bedroom was clean in about 20 minutes.

    • I refused to clean my bedroom under similar circumstances, and beat the living daylights out of my now ex-father.

      I half-killed him and threw the PoS down the stairs 30 or 40 times. If he had grabbed a 2 X 4, I’d have shoved it up his poop chute. I kicked him in his face once he was down, and my mother said she believed I was going to kill him. Nobody in their right mind will stand before me.

    • Tim

      Whenever I would butt heads with my Old Man like this he would gently but firmly remind me, “I left shipmates behind to die in the water in order to protect the convoy. A ten year old boy will be No Problema…”

  • Unperson

    Whenever some lamestream publication does another one of their endless thumbsuckers on “Why oh why is there still an education gap between the races?”, we should answer with the first photo accompanying this article. That picture really says all you need to know on the subject of racial differences in education.

    Photo #2 is pretty eloquent, too.

  • Mariner33

    We subsidize stupidity in this society. The “Rights” pimps and hustlers, the entitlement society, the victim culture, is a very deep rot and infestation. If society were left alone, and we reverted back to the principles of the our Founders and the Constitution, then consequences would be real. Those that have the attitude that society OWES them would find themselves living out on the edge of town like hobos-look up that word, if you don’t know it. Government should be the absolute smallest necessary to run the absolute minimum of functions. That would take care of the poverty and rights pimps as well.

    All of this dysfunction and subversion has come from the Left. One quick way to restore order and adherence to rules would be to RE-instate corporal punishment, that is, flogging. Flog the parents in public first, and then their children. Make it a memorable event that all can share and not forget for a long time.

  • I was lucky enough to be raised by parents that cared about me. My first job was at Burger King, and it wasn’t that bad. And no, the customers were not rude. I find that if you treat people with respect and look them in the eye when you talk to them, they reciprocate. I also understood that I was not going to STAY at Burger King. If you do not like the wages, go to college and get an education in a field that is actually hiring. We’re blessed that we still have that opportunity in the USA. Help is available.

  • ImTellinYa

    A lot of this inability to hold a job or do it well is simply the fact that Blacks and Mexicans as groups don’t have the intelligence to understand the consequences of their actions. They are notorious for having extremely poor impulse control and for insisting on instant gratification. They start off this way, and their upbringing reinforces this totally apart from the Leftist imbeciles at the schools they attend.

    Blacks and Mexicans are essentially low-IQ, third-world savages. Nothing will change that.

    • Nice to see you found a like minded forum for your racist ideology.

  • rudeboi

    two shay

  • rudeboi


  • rudeboi


  • Yes indeed how will we develop a compliant, obedient, uncomplaining, and subservient workforce if we don’t start conditioning these kids early. Let’s bore them into un-conciousness in school by insisting of curriculums built around rote memorization, absence of scientific knowledge, reinforcement of superstition and suppression of critical thinking skills. And please, god, let’s make sure they all dress as we see fit.

  • rudeboi


  • James

    American economic liberalism at work. Eating the souls of nations.

    You Americans should actively try to destroy what is left of the USA before it burns the world to ashes. You are already unsavable so do us all a favour.

  • Super NX Designer

    I can’t get upset about the Dress for Success manure. I’ve worked in the aerospace engineering field since 1983, and most of my clients don’t really care how I dress as long as I get my work done. The guy who wrote most of the documentation for one of NASA’s space telescope always dressed like a street person. I haven’t owned or rented a suit since 1994, and only wore a tie once, to the funeral of my dad.
    On my current job, I wear one of my cat t-shirts, exercise shorts and battered anti-slick shoes every day, and I’m grossing over $2000/week.
    I am punctual, hard working, and very good at computer aided design. What I wear doesn’t affect my work performance.

  • Tex Mex

    I have come to the realization nothing can be fixed,
    repaired, or mitigated. Its done, its over. I was at one time a dreamer,
    believer, and a positive person, but no longer. What was a great country must
    be resurrected from the ashes to evolve or to truly become something better or
    different. I no longer take the position of fighting, persuasion, or logic.

    I have given up on any expectation of fairness, equality, or
    basic decency from my fellow American. I will however continue to support my
    race, and have pride in what we have accomplished not just here but globally in
    the fields of art, science, technology, and health. My only hope and desire is
    to see my country return to its true place among nations with a moral and noble

  • Marthinus Potgieter

    When africans in South Africa apply for a job it does not mean that they are actually going to do any work. There is more focus on getting a job through affirmative action which typically appoints the wrong person with little or no experience and IQ for the tasks at hand. The laws are slanted in favour of the employee and the state and strike action is lawful and encouraged. A recent study has shown that in the last 5 years 47million man hours have been lost to strike action – who would be stupid enough to employ one of these individuals!

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    One thing I imagine is still instinctive: Don’t get pregged out if you expect to keep playing the privileged princess. Which is probably a function of female consciousness of bloat and sag vs. the modern fashion costs after a baby as much as any real sense of civic responsibility but is enough to make me sad when I look at the ‘example photo’ of trash dressed, pretty, white, _non-teenagers_ vs. the complaining McDonald’s employee who has two kids by 17 and a baby daddy, back in Mexico.

    Bluntly, exactly how much of this ‘slobs at school become welfare dependents not a work’ issue is specifically, endemically, non-white?


    I do believe that we ask too much of our children’s patience. There have been studies which show that whites have an average focused working attention span, sans distractions, of just **two hours** per day. Kids are supposedly down around 45 minutes.

    Adults get away with this in their working discipline by task management interleave of autopilot housekeeping activities vs. ‘real work’ cognitively intense problem solving but children are inculcated with this idea that you have no choice but to be submissive and attentive -all the time- to adults as authority figures.

    Which means that their school day is in fact 6 continuous hours of institutionalized day care where they are herded as much as taught.

    Nobody responds to that well. It is a recipe for creating social zombies.

    Instead, we need to readopt something similar to the frontier lifestyle where kids learned for half a day and then went to work in the fields (starting with bringing lunch to their parents already there) before having the rest of the afternoon and early evening to unwind before chores and dinner and maybe an hour of study before bed.

    I don’t believe we need to return to a pastoral/agro economy to achieve something like this but particularly for white children, there are things that they can do which would give them significant leveraging in the realworld ‘beyond report card grades for citizenship’.

    Organized lawnmowing as landscaping as cleaning services as companionship for mothers with large families or the elderly. Organized grocery or sport delivery services (yes, you give your kid a car and expect them to drive it for a functional purpose). Trips to the museum or movie theater or pool to again help occupy and entertain what would otherwise be a latchkey child home alone. If they have an aptitude with their hands, teach the boys especially automotive repair and chip in to provide a real garage environment to do community repair work ‘at cost’ for parts in trade for a not-too-shabby fixed income of 50-100 dollars a week (schedule maintenance like the government does to provide steady work on a cyclical basis). If someone is a brain, then get them access to online collegiate courses in trade for training to serve as a professional mentor and test preparer, giving students who are struggling a better chance than dependence on their parents 20 years past educations.

    There ARE things which children can do, on a graduating level of age and mental maturity sophistication scale which can buy them into the system on a respected work ethic level. And by keeping these taskings inside a white community we pay ourselves rather than outsiders.

    Fast Food labor is not an uplifting work training environment. I know from personal experience of having my bosses routinely ‘swing me’ into an opening so that they could clock out early to go on a date (while married to someone else I might add). Of making me work on weekends when someone else flaked out and I wanted to be with my family. And generally pushing me into a terrible environment of high intensity /strangeness/ that a lot of early teenagers are just not comfortable with the public exposure of. Throw in health hazards from standing in grease fumes all day until your clothing is stiff with this accreted white scum and you pick fry-smelling boogers half an inch long. And cleaning up other peoples unsanitary meal leavings (teenagers are also highly clean-conscious, believe it or not…).
    And suddenly this seemingly innocent rite of passage in the teen years is seen by a lot of us as actually something more akin to a hazing ritual inflicted by sadistic adults who are themselves going-nowhere losers that cannot get a job anyplace better themselves.

    Of course it breeds hostility as determined entitlement desire because NO ONE should want this for their children! And yet it is expected. And we are seldom told why before being dumped into the environment.

    As our society crashes into multicult diversitude, it really will become functionally dangerous for our youngsters to ‘move up from the bottom’ this way. Just by presence.

    There is much more that we need to do to stop the backslide into inhumane attitudes and lack of social contracted respect by our youth for us as a trust factor enablement that yes, we are looking after their interests.
    Most of which has to do with whom we allow them to associate with in seeing bad habits rewarded.

    But as whites, it’s up to us to start thinking about the ways in which we mold our youth’s learning curve period because what makes us special as a people is that our children don’t testosterone dope kill their G-factor with puberty until much later than other races.
    And this allows them to remain fluid in their inquisitive gathering of knowledge as the basis for a much broader life wisdom, like sponges. But this same openness makes them suggestible and less able to defend themselves against unfair demands made upon them. They cannot see the damage being done to them as causal events, only resent it’s seeming compression of their outcomes.

    So it is up to us to set up maturation programs which flow naturally from condition to condition of met standards as makes their lives seem progressive but not hellish.

    That can only happen if we band together to work outside the system of racial as social expectations and solely for ourselves.

  • jfelfin

    As a teacher, I can wholeheartedly agree with this article.

    I was a substitute for 9 years in our local school district (after obtaining my teaching certificate and student teaching at one of the local jr. high schools, there was NO WAY I was going to go into this system as a full-time teacher). Already in 1996, schools were a nightmare.

    I used to tell girls who wore low-cut shirts, exposing everything, to go and get something to cover themselves. Of course, I was always the one getting into trouble, whether I threw a troublemaker out and refused to let them back in or a student said “I ‘yelled’ at them”.

    It was a total joke, but I am just glad I didn’t work as a full-time teacher. Then, along with the idiot kids, you have to deal with the idiot parents, who are even worse.

    So, now as I look around more and more stores, I see more and more older people in those jobs which these young punks used to hold. Finally, it seems retailers and restaurants are getting a clue.

    Of course, I ALWAYS complain when one of these little twirps is rude or not doing their jobs right. There is a certain sense of “payback” for their complaints against me at school. Hee Hee Hee!