German Women Should ‘Stay at Home and Have Three or Four Children’

Jeevan Vasagar, Telegraph (London), May 22, 2013

German women should be encouraged to “stay at home and bring three or four children into the world”, the archbishop of Cologne has declared, rather than relying on immigration to solve the country’s demographic crisis.

Cardinal Joachim Meisner compared Angela Merkel’s government’s family policies to Communist East Germany, when he said women who stayed at home were considered “demented”.

Cardinal Joachim Meisner

Cardinal Joachim Meisner

Germany, which has the lowest birth rate in Europe, is seeking more workers from crisis-hit countries including Spain to solve its shortage of skilled labour.

In unusually direct criticism of the German chancellor, Cardinal Meisner said: “Where are women really publicly encouraged to stay at home and bring three or four children into the world? This is what we should do, and not – as Mrs Merkel does now – simply present immigration as the solution to our demographic problem.”

In an interview with the Stuttgarter Zeitung the archbishop said Germany should not take away the “youth and future” of Spain and Portugal.

Germany has agreed to provide jobs or apprenticeship places for 5,000 unemployed young people from Spain each year, under a deal signed by the two countries’ labour ministers in Madrid this week, part of joint European efforts to address soaring youth unemployment.

Cardinal Meisner said: “We should train these unemployed people, give them a fresh perspective, but then allow them to go back to their homeland, where they are needed.”

Germany has Europe’s lowest birth rate, at just 1.36 children per woman, according to the federal statistical agency. During her first term in office in 2006, Mrs Merkel introduced generous child benefit payments, worth up to 65% of a new parent’s salary to a maximum of 1800 euros a month. But the policy has had little effect on the country’s birth rate, which continues to dwindle. Most schools in Germany end at lunchtime, making it difficult for parents to work full-time – though an increasing number are beginning to stay open in the afternoon.

Annegret Laakmann, president of the Catholic group Frauenwuerde (“Women’s Dignity”) dismissed the 79-year-old archbishop’s views.

She told the Daily Telegraph: “Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. The church can’t drag women back into the kitchen. We don’t live in the 1940s – women are more educated and have greater opportunity for leadership now. I myself only have one child, and that’s because I’ve always worked. It is difficult to combine children and a career.”

Mrs Laakmann said German firms needed to offer men more part-time work, to allow them to care for their children. “In Holland, many people do part-time work. But in Germany, part-time work for men is inconceivable.”

The Catholic church in Germany was fiercely criticised in January after two Catholic hospitals denied treatment to a rape victim, apparently because they did not want to give advice on dealing with an unwanted pregnancy.

In the interview, Cardinal Meisner said he had been “appalled” by the number of Catholics who quit the church over this incident. He said that while rape was a serious crime, the church also had to warn women against birth control methods that were not compatible with Catholic beliefs.

Germany’s Catholic leadership, the German Bishops’ Conference, ruled in February that it was acceptable to prescribe the morning-after pill to prevent a pregnancy.

The archbishop said that, after discussions with the Vatican, he had concluded that the morning-after pill was acceptable because it did not cause abortions. He added: “Before January, not all the bishops knew that such a pill existed.”

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  • Brady

    Next thing he’s gonna say is that the Pope is Catholic.

    • OlderWoman

      He isn’t just a ‘Catholic’. He’s a Jesuit…the military arm of the Vatican.

    • Juliana William

      my bսddy’s sistеr-iո-law maκеs  $81 aո hοսr οո thе iոtеrոеt.  Shе has bееո οսt οf wοrκ fοr  8 mοոths bսt last mοոth hеr  chеcκ was  $16349 jսst wοrκiոg οո thе iոtеrոеt fοr a fеw hοսrs. Rеad mοrе  οո this wеb sitе,

  • Bill

    Immigration is the ROOT of your problem. It is NEVER a solution. Not when they are third world savages and muslim trouble makers, for sure.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      You are 100% right. Non-white immigration has never been an advantage anywhere in history. Even non-whites immigrating to other non-white areas will always subvert the previous culture and never assimilate.

    • eunometic

      If White women don’t have at least two Children each with WHITE MEN we are rapidly doomed. A fertillity rate of 1.36 children per woman is a decline to 1.36/2 or 67% in every 20 year generation (fertillity period of a female)

      Unsurprisingly rather than a rational discussion to Cardinal Meisners points a leftist moron by the name of Annagret Laakmann representing some queer Catholic organisation she infiltrated was given air. She merely regurgitated te same old tired cliches about state subsidised crèches.

      The reality is that neoliberal economic “morallity” has in conjunction with leftist brain washing created a sterile culture and economy. Couples can barely afford one child let alone two by the time the ovaries pack it in.

      There is evidence a plenty that many young girls would like 3 or 4 children but latter in life circumstances don’t allow.

      Girls are quite happy to have 3 or 4 children if they have a honourable, loving loyal, reliable man able to support them in a good lifestyle.

      That just isn’t possible given high housing prices and heavy tax rates (used to subsidise minorities and military adventures).

      Housing prices would collapse to viable levels if immigration was terminated. Bankster speculators, ethno marxist self haters and cheap labour big buisness isn’t going to let that happen. They will need to be brought to their knees.

      • Richard from Vancouver

        I wonder who created this “neoliberal economic” environment we now live with, and I wonder who propagates a “sterile culture” especially for white people? Some sort of tribe I would imagine. Good comments though.

    • Morris LeChat

      I disagree, the ROOT of the problem is modernism with it’s attendant feminism. Keeping out immigrants is not a solution to demographic decline. A practical solution would be to tax the second wage earner in a household at upwards of 90%, so that there is no incentive at all for the woman to enter the workforce. This, along with a tax system that penalized those who stay single and those couples that do not have at least three children, would be an even better practical solution. Of course, that would apply to those of the ethic identity of the country, those who are immigrants or minorities should be penalized with taxes for reproducing so that they just don’t do it.

  • Unuseful Idiot

    In Germany, no children is the preferred setting. One is OK, but with two folks start getting suspicious, and three or more makes you an outright Nazi.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Amazing isn’t it? Yet Shitniqua and her brood are glorified by the media and libtards.

    • Freey’all

      Check out how Hollywood has now cast all morally deficient characters as having blond hair; oftentimes whites and especially blonds are even depicted as outright Nazis.

      • Romulus

        That is exactly the pupose of the matrix,.. I mean media. Its to keep pumping the regularly scheduled”programming” into everyones skull. You will amost”never” see a blond male as a strong patriachal figure in any media. You will always see blond females with blacks. Gay propaganda. Hell, on that chick channel, they played this movie called blue eyed butcher for three weekends in a row, both sat and sundays. I effing fuming that more of us cant see what the social engineers are doing to us. WE MUST RECAPTURE OUR CULTURAL MEMORY AS A PEOPLE. DO SOMETHING PATIOTIC THIS WEEKEND. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WHO THEY ARE FROM THE MOMENT THEY CAN WALK.

        • Freey’all

          One of the reasons I support focusing attention on the Blonde Genocide, or the pattern of diversity murders, rapes and attacks on blonde women particularly, is because it proves that these are not crimes of ‘random,’ ‘senseless violence,’ or ‘botched robberies.’ They are acts of racial hatred.

          • Romulus

            Without a doubt,you are correct. White woman a literally a fk toy,trophy, or the biggest screw you(pun intended) to the white men. The exceptions that purportedly “love each other, are never thinking of the consequences. The “who am I syndrome”, outbreeding depression, racial suicide. Im of the one drop theory crowd . There Oz no such thing as an African German. Every time I see Heidi Klum, I get violently nauseated.

          • François

            And there are also all those evil jokes about blondes!

        • sbuffalonative

          I’ve made comments on movie discussion sites and the usual response is, ‘it’s just a movie. It’s story telling. There’s no deeper meaning’.
          I worked with a college kid a few years back who was consumed by the movie, ‘The Matrix’.
          He would tell me all the intricacies of the plot and sub plots.
          One day I stopped and looked him straight in the eyes and said, ‘The Matrix’ is an anti-white propaganda film. The major characters are non-white. Neo, played by Reeves, is in real life mixed race (Neo is the temple for the New Mixed Race working to destroy white civilization. The bad guys are white clones that replicate instantly to fight and destroy non-whites’.
          He looked at me like a deer stunned by headlights and we never talked about the movie again.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          The commercials are getting more and more intolerable. White men are progressively being degraded on these ads and White women are portrayed as hungering after Black men due to the portrayed idiocy of their men.

          • jay11

            I see so many commercials now where the white male is presented as a clueless doofus that it doesn’t even faze me anymore. Now I expect it. The only time they make any white women look stupid is if it is a commercial with only women in it, then a black woman (or man or black couple) will save the day and guide the clueless whites.
            I used to say I would boycott any businesses that make whites look like idiots vis-à-vis other races, but now it’s everywhere. My solution: I don’t buy anything anymore if I can help it, except land, gold and other tangibles I can use to ensure my offspring will not be forced to enjoy (endure) the ‘blessings’ of diversity in the future.

      • François

        Yes, the list of examples would be long!

      • François

        I think it started in the eighties. It was subtler, then. Now, it is the rule. Or almost.

    • sbuffalonative

      German women should stay at home and have 3 or 4 children’
      This is a brave man. In one sentence, the espouses a ‘Nazi breeding’ program AND he attacks feminism.

  • Erasmus

    The good cardinal is right.

  • Chris

    It’s no coincidence that Germany, a country with historically one of the highest fertility rates in Europe, now has the lowest. It’s political leaders are more hell-bent on doing away with the indigenous population than anywhere else in the Western World. Watch only if you have a strong stomach…

    • rollo clevich

      Non-stop “de-nazfication” AKA self-hate since 1945 plays some role, but the other European countries are, for the most part, not much better.

    • Paleoconn

      May the Muslim ghetto reach the German traitors’s neighborhoods. And may the Turk politicians working against the interest of their adoptive country be visited by gangs of skinheads.

  • David Ashton

    Kinder, Kirche und Kuche?
    Doesn’t that make him a Holocaust Denial Bystander?

    • bigone4u

      Children, kitchen, church.

      “At the present time it has a derogative connotation describing an antiquated female role model. The phrase is vaguely equivalent to the English Barefoot and pregnant.”,_K%C3%BCche,_Kirche

    • sbuffalonative


      “German women should stay at home and have 3 or 4 children”.

      He is a brave man. In one sentence, he espouses a ‘Nazi breeding’ program AND he attacks feminism.

      100 years ago, his comments would have been left unspoken and considered common sense.

  • NYB

    Conditions never stay constant indefinitely. German industries are humming because of the Central Banks are flooding the world with stimulus cash.

    If the global stimulus bubble bursts, demand for German products will fall. Germans react to downturns by shortening their work weeks. Immigrant labor will be redundant. Opportunities to care for families will encourage native fecundity.

    • sbuffalonative

      The entire world econmy is nothing more than a Ponze scheme. We all know it.
      Ponze scheme thrive only as long as no one catches on.
      The economic theories to sustain the system are becoming increasingly abusrd. In the US, they have actually proposed the idea of “Infanite Debt”.

      • Civil War Two is what will happen. I’ll send my wife, daughter and my mother to Japan, and I’ll get to play. I expect to be KIA, so whatever I do before that is free. If I somehow survive and my family is reuinted in Colorado, we will have a very different government.

        I hope we get to use nuclear weapons on Mexico.

        • François

          You might want to keep your most effective weapons, for potential use against enemies with far superior military capacities, than a failed state mudhole like Mexico.

  • Oil Can Harry

    So the Cardinal makes a common-sense suggestion and is accused of trying to “drag women back into the kitchen” by a shrill, useless feminazi.

    • Freey’all

      Why can’t a woman have children and work? Why haven’t we come up with ways to make this possible? Just so you know, more women don’t have more kids because they simply cannot afford to not work.

      • NM156

        Women can have children and work. In fact, every woman I know with a family works. Europeans themselves are the problem as is their stupid Socialist system of redistribution that takes money from other overtaxed childless working women in order to give it to others.

        • White Mom in WDC

          I agree wholeheartedly. I was an overworked childless white woman and then it dawned on me that I am working to support the turd world. Eff that, I now have two kids. I plan on more. We need more white kids. Charity begins at home with our white gene pool

          • NM156

            Germans earn a lot even by comparison to all other industrialized nations and has an intact multi-generational family structure. Something is wrong with the Germans, and it’s not the lack of government support.

          • sbuffalonative

            It would seem that feminism has been telling women to stop having their own children, go out and earn money, and then give that money to other people’s children.

            You need to expound on this. I would encourage you to write an article for AR.

            Please consider it.

          • François

            It shouldn’t just BEGIN there. It should end with our own gene pool, too. Let the Blacks in Africa take care of their own problems. And let’s make it illegal for Whites to adopt Chinese kids. Who do the Chinese think they are? They are overpopulated and they have the arrogance to believe WE should raise, and care for, THEIR offspring, renouncing the right to have our own chidren?

          • White Mom in WDC

            Exactly. Why should white people be nannies to the world? I did not make those babies. Not my responsibility

        • Anna Tree

          Thanks NM156, White Mom in WDC and Sbuffalonative!

          We are living in a, kind of forced in many ways, reverse-eugenics (dysgenics) crazed time. Decent and responsible i.e. white people hesitate to make (more) children (because it is expensive or because of liberal brainwashed dogmas like overpopulation) but are taxed (redistribution of wealth) and our money given to those irresponsible with less desired traits in general, making 5 or 9 kids or more (and actually overpopulation is from people like those, who most of the time cannot feed their kids or themselves)! We are paying for our own race replacement!

          I stopped being an unvoluntary “useful idiot” as well, I stopped working to become a mother. Best decision ever!

          We decreased our expenses because of the loss of wage. That was nice in itself. The decreased taxes, work-related expenses and indeed some governmental benefits etc made all easier.

      • Children ARE work. You should fix your post.

        • Freey’all

          You should get off your lazy fat a**. My mom taught me to make my own lunch by the time I could reach over the counter to slap a peanut butter sandwich together. Same for laundry. With washing machines, etc., there really isn’t all this intense ‘work’ to do if you’re not helicopter-moming your kids past the ages of, like, five or six. Even during those years kids spend at least half the time in nursery school or kindergarten so what the H are these stay at home martyrs doing all day? Sure they can run the board of ed, although to leave fathers and men out of that is quite unhealthy IMHO for everyone. but even that doesn’t take ALL day, ALL week.

          And she was taught this kind of self-reliance and passing it onto me as a value she learned from her german farmer mother.

          • My mother once said I should help her around the house, so I did. I still do, whenever I’m in Boulder. Even someone like me has a mother.

      • Romulus

        When you take away the primary caregiver of 98.99% of all species that have ever existed on planet earth, the offspring suffer. Feminists posit the belief that they can occupy both the roles of men and woman. This arose out of white war 2 while females we’re recruited to make the instruments of own destruction. Granted the baby boom replaced some of the stock, we proceeded to embrace filth and hedonism orchestrated by the left and threw away an entire generation of our children No other care give can match the natural optimal model of the male/female pairbond. Since, it takes so long for human babies to mature, biological parenting ensures strong familial cohesion and a strong foundation for building societies and violations. At the helm obviously, are the females. There is nothing more sacred. If being a mother or father is so unimportant, then what the hell is the purpose to it all. Are we to just be creatures filled with salacious desires rules by lust and greed,sin and decay? Without enough children to replace a given population with the same common denominators, those people will die off,be replaced or be bred out. Their is no other scenario. The only change that has actually changed in the West,is the rate of change. According to the known/proven laws of physics(Newton), THE FASTER THE RATE OF CHANGE, THE FASTER THE RATE OF ENTROPY/decay. You can’t have it both ways. One way will suffer as a result of the other.

        • Anna Tree

          much individual freedom vs. health of a society is the question… In
          my opinion “radical personal freedom” doesn’t trump every other issue,
          that be gay marriage or extreme religious dogmas or one full generation
          deciding to bring children only at age 35+.

          In my opinion Michael Crichton in his “The Lost World” touched the subject of how morality, social
          norms etc influence and impact humanity and its existence:

          “Why do complex animals die out? Why don’t they adjust? Physically, they
          seem to have the capacity to survive. There appears to be no reason why
          they should die. And yet they do.

          “What I wish to propose is that complex animals become extinct not
          because of a change in their physical adaptation to their environment,
          but because of their behavior. I would suggest that the latest thinking
          ill chaos theory, or nonlinear dynamics, provides tantalizing hints to
          how this happens.

          It suggests to us that behavior of complex animals can change very
          rapidly, and not always for the better. It suggests that behavior can
          cease to be responsive to the environment, and lead to decline and
          death. It suggests that animals may stop adapting. Is this what happened
          to the dinosaurs? Is this the true cause of their disappearance? We may
          never know. But it is no accident that human beings are so interested
          in dinosaur extinction. The decline of the dinosaurs allowed mammals –
          including us – to flourish. And that leads us to wonder whether the
          disappearance of the dinosaurs is going to be repeated, sooner or later,
          by us as well. Whether at the deepest level the fault lies not in blind
          fate-in some fiery meteor from the skies – but in our own behavior.

          We are adjusting, but is it for the better? I don’t think so. I think
          some cultures think only about the group, others think only about the
          individual. I think we had a good balance but in the last few decades,
          we have broken the status quo and I think the delicate balance between
          the need for order and the imperative to change:

          (again Crichton, same book)

          “… complex systems [show] certain common behaviors. [… those seem]
          to arise from the spontaneous interaction of the components […]
          therefore called “self-organizing.”

          […] “two are particular interest to the study of evolution. One is
          adaptation. We see it everywhere. Corporations adapt to the marketplace,
          brain cells adapt to signal traffic, the immune system adapts to
          infection, animals adapt to their food supply. We have come to think
          that the ability to adapt is characteristic of complex systems – and may
          be one reason why evolution seems to lead toward more complex

          […] “But even more important,” he said, “is the way complex systems
          seem to strike a balance between the need for order and the imperative
          to change. Complex systems tend to locate themselves at a place we call
          ‘the edge of chaos.’ We imagine the edge of chaos as a place where there
          is enough innovation to keep a living system vibrant, and enough
          stability to keep it from collapsing into anarchy. It is a zone of
          conflict and upheaval, where the old and the new are constantly at war.
          Finding the balance point must be a delicate matter – if a living system
          drifts too close, it risks falling over into incoherence and
          dissolution; but if the system moves too far away from the edge, it
          becomes rigid, frozen, totalitarian. Both conditions lead to extinction.
          Too much change is as destructive as too little. Only at the edge of
          chaos can complex systems flourish.”

          He paused. “And, by implication, extinction is the inevitable result of
          one or the other strategy – too much change, or too little.”

      • pcmustgo

        Work from home

      • gemjunior

        Well, it’s because if you properly take care of your children, there is actually no time for a “job” because the caring full time IS a job. I don’t just mean feeding and clothing them, but listening to them and teaching them, supervising, doing homework, regulating their time with various electronics, being a full time taxi service, getting involved with the schools to know exactly what is going on their, ad infinitum. It’s a frequent juggling. I always feel that full time working mothers don’t even know their own kids and don’t even know what’s going on. It’s not their fault either because it is completely IMPOSSIBLE to do both. I know, because I briefly did both. I quit the job when my first child was only 1. I had been back only 3 months.
        What women really need to know from other working moms is that a magic fairy doesn’t appear at the house to work with the kids, cook, clean, do the laundry, etc. The woman still has to do it ‘cos the man forgets or does it wrong. Feminism was a ruse to weaken the family and get more income tax, as well as make everything harder and THAT is why we have juvenile dysfunction. The whole thing is a mess.

      • Jotun Hunter

        do you have kids? maybe some kind of weekend work – but once you have 2+ kids, if you want to raise them yourself, that is: properly – you pretty much needs a parent at home all day. Otherwise you are talking about paying for child minding (often taking a healthy chunk of whatever youre wasting your time earning) and other people raising your kids. Its a full time job, motherhood is the most important in the world – fussing over ‘your right’ to waste your time in a work force is inane – strong, sane men don’t even want to do that (they want to work for themselves or create their own self sufficiency)

    • bigone4u

      “Shrill” and “useless” are always adjectives attached t feminists, but your explicit use of the words is a good reminder that they stand for suppressing speech they disagree with–speech that supports the traditional family.

  • JDInSanDiego

    The first lie is that there”s a demographic crisis. The second lie is that we need third worlders to solve the problem. The third lie is that third worlders have the brains and civility to somehow assist us or even improve us rather than be the threat and drain they actually are. The real crisis is that they are openly, purposely and obviously destroying us while overpopulating and destroying their own countries.

    And who cares if our populations don’t grow or even decline? Germany and the US were great counties when we had half the people we have now. You’d think the libs would be clamoring for population decrease to save the environment.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. Screw the third world. They made their beds, now they can lie in them. It is narcissistic and selfish of these third world people to keep having kids and yet we are to work to pay for their stupid broods. Hell no

      • Freey’all

        They come in with this attitude like we owe them this privileged life. They come from countries where the Spanish went in and only wanted to rape the land. They didn’t go to build something and that’s the cause of the widespread corruption. Whites in the US came, most of them, to build a country. Our parents and grandparents, etc. came with nothing and labored and fought to build our inheritance and it’s being stolen by these thieves. They project this outrageous rapaciousness of their spanish ‘colonizers’ onto us ‘gringos’ but in fact they have only learned the more sophisticated spanish methods for debauching a nation.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Yeah. I don’t have a lot of love for these people. Latino women will see me out with my Nordic looking kids and ask, ‘do you plan on having more.’ These people are purposely reproducing like fruit flies to replace us. They are not ‘dumb welfare moms’ – they are trying to replace us with their fecundity. They are genocidal! And then our stupid government rewards their behavior.

          • pcmustgo

            Are you serious that they say “Do you plan on having more” in an aggressive way or a friendly way?

          • White Mom in WDC

            Look around. These people engage in microaggressions everyday. People have even stated that they get cold hard stares from these people in just daily interactions

          • Jotun Hunter

            from my own experience with mestizos I wouldn’t say… that they are geniuses. They do have an agenda and a motivation (as do all eternal victim groups) but I would never mistake it for ‘intelligence’.

          • White Mom in WDC

            They have ‘street smarts’ and are using our own system against us

      • a multiracial individual

        Liberals have done much to make life for third worlders worse. Western medicine+low IQ populations=mass starvation.

      • Jenna Kerr

        I feel exactly like you do.

      • Jotun Hunter

        they never even made their beds. We gave them beds and showed them how to make them (under supervision) — they never had a choice, they never were anywhere and are not capable of going anywhere.

    • watling

      The British were lied to after WWII when we were told we needed workers from the Commonwealth to rebuild the country. At the same time thousands of Britons were leaving for Australia on the ten pound poms scheme.

      Essentially the government was bribing its people to leave so that lots of lovely third worlders could take their place.

      There was never a need for those foreign workers. It was all politically motivated.

  • The__Bobster

    Germany has agreed to provide jobs or apprenticeship places for 5,000 unemployed young people from Spain each year, under a deal signed by the two countries’ labour ministers in Madrid this week, part of joint European efforts to address soaring youth unemployment.

    I’m betting the usual suspects are behind this “agreement”, anything to destroy the German people.

  • The__Bobster

    German women should be encouraged to “stay at home and bring three or four children into the world”, the archbishop of Cologne has declared, rather than relying on immigration to solve the country’s demographic crisis.

    Displacement doesn’t solve a demographic crisis. It creates a bigger one. Like Meisner said, Germany needs more Germans.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    First of all, there is no demographic crisis. Yes, it would be difficult for the smaller young generation to care for the larger old generation, but it is not impossible. Japan is doing it right now, using robots and other new technology.

    Second, it would be very good for more German women to have children. If they could just get up to replacement level (2 children per woman), there would be no problems.

    And third, immigration solves nothing and just creates more problems.

  • Korpiklaani

    I’d like to graciously volunteer to help with ANY egg fertilization those sexy blonde bombshells may need.

    • bigone4u

      The beautiful blonde “aryan” women used in Hitler’s propaganda are amazingly healthy and clean in appearance. I always see those old pics and wonder how many of them made it through the war only to be raped by black US GI’s.

      • Freey’all

        I’ve come to the conclusion that their blonde fixation stems from multiple mini memes of causation and sickness, and that those vary and shift somewhat depending on what part of, say, the US the individual attacker is in. *But* at the end of the day blondes are symbolic to them. In focusing on blondes our enemies don’t have to see our humanity (as a whole people); they simply pluck a symbol of our whiteness, here our most recessive trait of the fairest coloring, and then hunt it down without conscience or self-examination or even the most basic reason. Because in these acts and in their overall posture towards us they don’t have any!

        I say this to further examination of the blonde genocide. While it’s great that Korpiklaani expresses such devotion to the, uh, cause, I happen to think over-hyping our blondes really just endangers their and our ultimate survival. Diversity attacks on them need to be seen for what they are – a purposeful attack on all of us. Let others stereotype our people but please could we refrain from it. We are not all blondes in Germany (I’m part germanic, not blonde although almost a strawberry one) and I worry such cliched emphasis on them only irritates our beautiful brunettes. Personally coming from an all blond family I’ve never understood any favoring of them at all. On the side of surviving diversity attacks against myself as a light redhead, I can say it’s absolutely excruciating to feel so separated from my tribe and especially from all of my white sisters.

        • bigone4u

          There is much wisdom in your view that blondes are targeted by minority attackers as a symbol. However, I hope you come to the realization that there is no need for you to feel “separated” from other whites. We are one–blondes, brunettes, and red haired. We are one physically and in spirit.

          • Freey’all

            Well I’ve noticed that because of this focused attack on blondes/redheads, many of my brunette sisters remain unaware of how much ‘they’ hate us. I’ve even wondered whether diversity uses this as a method of divide and conquer in some way.

        • Talltrees

          I think our light skinned, dark haired, blue eyed, Europeans are very striking, indeed.

          • Korpiklaani


        • Korpiklaani

          Oh trust me, I see beauty in every White woman I see…even the race traitors. The most beautiful women in my opinion are brunettes with long, LONG hair.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Amren should start an Ayryan cryrobank

          • Do you have any opinions on Jomon women who marry Colorado whites?

        • White Mom in WDC

          I am a ‘blonde haired blue eyes devil’. Scary how the people who cry racism are the very ones who engage in genocide themselves by seeking to destroy the people who most symbolize white culture, the Ayryan looking people- blondes, blue eyed people

          • Anna Tree

            Indeed! They praise diversity in our cities and countries and the mixing up, but isn’t mixing us up destroying diversity? Diversity is taught that it is so sacred, that it must be protected at all times from anyone who doesn’t proclaim its sacredness. But if diversity is so wonderful, why are so many “anti-racist” ideologues in such a hurry to eliminate diversity through racial assimilation?

          • White Mom in WDC

            Right on. Nope, I don’t do the mix it up mash it up with the purple penis people. I’d like to maintain my distinct Nordic look. It’s all about genetic suppression

          • François

            Devil? That’s what that negro muslim, Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the nation of Islam said about Whites… No, blue eyed blonde women. Let us allow no-one to say otherwise.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Right on

      • convairXF92

        Or Mongolian soldiers in the Russian army. These Asians were typically teenage boys, whose attitude was, “You mean my *first time* is going to be with a *blonde girl*?” The commanders told them to rape. The kids thought this was their wonderful, fun reward for victory. (The vicious rapes of nuns in their convents, etc., IIRC were actually the exception.)

        • Brutal mistreatment of POWs is normal. I always saved the last round for myself. At least that way, I wouldn’t have to listen to the women and girls being gang-raped by the Chetniks.

          They castrated and blinded a British guy, so we never took any prisoners after that. John Engelman once asked about that “stuff”, and my answer is “Yes”. I only threw up after the first one.

      • GM (Australia)

        Russian attacks on German women were extensive, brutal and part of the “payback”, all part of the horrors of war.(And totally wrong)

        • watling

          It may have been partly motivated by jealousy. The Russian soldiers entering Germany would have noticed how much higher the German standard of living was compared to theirs back home.

          • I’m probably not officer material, but I would never hurt women or girls, though as a platoon sergeant I really did shoot one of my own men for rape. We left his body for the Chetniks, with a sign “This is what we do to rapists.”

  • HJ11

    White women everywhere need to start having more White children and only White children. We need to teem once again, as we once did. We need to overpopulate all White lands only with Whites and then there will be no room and no false compassion to accept non-Whites.

    • Korpiklaani

      Problem is white women love them mulatto kids, and can’t wait to get one of their own….like a pet.

  • Tannhauser

    Feminism, another derivative of Communism , has salted the womb of the West. Its goal was always destroy the power of the white man by turning the women against him so that he may not procreate. Good advice Cardinal Meisner, I hope some of our nations pay heed.

  • rollo clevich

    Births (including Muslims, Africans, etc.) last exceeded deaths in Germany in 1971:

    In 1964, births exceeded deaths by 486,985, the highest postwar surplus. By 1972, deaths in Germany exceeded births by 64,032, and deaths have surpassed births every year since. In 2010, the difference between births and deaths stood at -180,833. Only a positive balance of net immigration has forestalled a much more rapid population decline.

    A pretty extreme situation, so there should be people like the Cardinal to combat population replacement agitprop. Given that they’re part of the EU they’ll get immigration regardless until the EU collapses.

  • rollo clevich

    Annegret Laakmann, president of the Catholic group Frauenwuerde (“Women’s Dignity”) dismissed the 79-year-old archbishop’s views.

    She told the Daily Telegraph: “Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. The church can’t drag women back into the kitchen. We don’t live in the 1940s – women are more educated and have greater opportunity for leadership now. I myself only have one child, and that’s because I’ve always worked. It is difficult to combine children and a career.”

    I’m sure her “solution” is to bring in more mulsim and African women to have the “German” babies since (apparently) the “kitchen” is a fine thing for them.

  • SoCal LoCal

    Can’t say that about white America. Not if you want to keep your job.

  • fakeemail

    Believe it or not, feminism is the UR sin of civilized societies; before liberalism or multiculturalism.

    Once women have “equal rights”, join the workforce, don’t prioritize
    getting married and having kids. . .everything will collapse inevitably
    back to a lawless statue of nature. An original sin, one might say.

  • ncpride

    The church can’t drag women back into the kitchen. We don’t live in the 1940s – women are more educated and have greater opportunity for leadership now. I myself only have one child, and that’s because I’ve always worked. It is difficult to combine children and a career.”

    Wow, and I thought black logic was flawed beyond repair. By all means silly woman, stop having children and obliterate your culture, heritage and RACE, so German women can have a career. Anything to stay outta that kitchen! (pffft) Even extinction is acceptable! Sheesh…

  • bigone4u

    When Germans put country and race above materialism, Germany will not only prosper, but it will be saved. When American whites put race above materialism, the USA will also prosper and be saved. So long as materialism is our prime value, we will slowly decline at an ever accelerating pace. Materialism is at the heart of our problems, white people.

  • Angry White Woman

    “It is difficult to combine children and a career.”

    I have another question to answer this one.

    What is more important; to bear, love and raise children to love, honor and protect their homeland, their people and their families, or to work longer hours to pay more taxes to feed more and more and more useless, non-native, non-producing and non-self-sustaining parasites?

    More couples need to sit down and actually think rationally about how the costs, (real, tangible, monetary costs) of both of them working outside the home stack up vs. the costs of one staying home and raising their own children.
    Many of them would be surprised to find that once they add up the costs of the daily commute to work, (gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, etc.), suitable working attire, childcare (the BIG one!), and other expenses it actually exceeds what they bring home from their job after taxes unless they have a high-paying career such as attorney, doctor, etc. (Realistically, not a large percentage of working mothers.) The one who makes more money (mother OR father, but usually the father) needs to stay on the job, and the one who makes less can contribute immeasurably by staying home, saving money and actually raising good productive members of society, of whom the parents, the whole community, and ultimately the whole nation can be justifiably proud. Sure, even with “play dates” (a silly term if I ever heard one) and library story times and other distractions, staying home with a toddler or two or three can be mind-blindingly boring, and at times even depressing, but was the job all that wonderful? And it CAN be done. When the children begin first grade, (or Kindergarten if it’ all-day Kindergarten) the lesser-paid parent can go back to work. For the majority of American women this is not an insurmountable problem, even in today’s economy.
    Don’t tell me it can’t be done–I DID IT MYSELF!

  • Ella

    I know many American women working as engineers, accountants and educators who have 2-3 children; they may take a few months to years off but they have means to re-enter the work force without much obstacles.

    As for Germany, I hear that German men do not help out as much with the chores and raising children. So this could have a direct impact on number. For me, I find it hard to raise more than 2 children in over-crowded, sometimes dangerous cities. There are few safe areas to play and entertain them; you have to REALLY watch your children from strangers and illegals. It’s a totally different reality today for families in urban and even suburban areas (overcrowded wall-to-wall houses lacking space).

    • I do almost all the work around the house. We have only one child: Ariadne. We’d like more, though money is scarce. If another girl, the next would be Penelope. If a boy, he would be Owen.

  • Other Guest

    The most gratifying and important purpose in the world is to have and raise well your children. The effort you put in is greatly rewarded by degree.

    There are several things going on in contemporary society that discourage this. One is that we are bombarded daily with guilt that if we produce one more child than is customary, or any, we are contributing to the destruction of our planet, ie, don’t be influenced by popular culture. Another is that women shouldn’t waste their opportunity for education to which I say an educated mother is a greater asset in the raising of a child. Work should come secondary or be postponed, economies can be had from long term nursing, making your own baby food, and attention as opposed to fancy toys. Then we have the economic: fewer jobs, ill paying jobs, costs that now take into consideration two working adults to afford housing and food, men and women being adversarial where money is concerned instead of collaborative. There’s also hedonism and greatly dragged out adolescence.

    These things can all be worked out if we encourage our youngsters in right thinking. They aren’t the irrefutable excuses some suppose them to be.

  • Epiminondas

    I agree with the cardinal. You don’t need to be Catholic to understand that unless our women have three or four children per family, we will not replace ourselves. I’m sure non-Europeans are fine with a disappearing Western Civilization, but the rest of us should listen to the good cardinal’s advice.

  • Andy

    If we start having four children per woman and stop paying others to have children instead, we’ll be half the world’s population in a few generations.

  • jeffaral

    Also a good idea if the thousands of Catholic gay priests would become straight and gave up their obnoxious lifestyles.

  • David Ashton

    My advice again to our own people: (1) Have more children; (2) secure the heritage; (3) master the content and technology of cyberspace.

  • GM (Australia)

    Really this is all very complex, the good cardinal is making an extremely commonsense suggestion but there are practical problems and contradictions: If you are a well do do young German couple you will probably live in an apartment, this will make it very difficult to have any more than 2 children if the couple wish to preserve their lifestyle as well as their sanity.

    But I understand that immigrant live in very small apartments and think nothing of having up to 10 children in appalling living conditions. Not only does this lead to social problems but they are very fast out breeding the Germans themselves. Again, this is just one more reason to question the insanity of inappropriate immigration policies in all western countries as well as the flawed concept of multiculturalism.

    My reading of life under Hitler would suggest that he actively encouraged and supported German women to have children. Could the low birth rate in Germany be some sort of guilt legacy from the 3rd Reich? But if either the Germans or ourselves don’t have children we will cease to exist as a race, as simple as that. I will also suggest that government cash incentives are not the way to go for the simple reason that it encourages the 3rd world immigrants to have even larger families, like wow, come to Germany or Australia and the government pays you to have children!

    No, motherhood must be given the respect that it deserves, perhaps Hitler style posters encouraging beautiful women to be mothers were not so bad after all.

    • HJ11

      Had Germany won, we Whites would not now be facing genocide and our lands would not be polluted with non-Whites.

  • Tired

    Saying women need to stay home isn’t going to help our cause. Encouraging homemakers and creating an economic climate that allows for homemakers is CRUCIAL to the survival of our people.

    People use demographics and low birthrates as the need for immigration, only after they created a situation where we had too few kids.

    • GM (Australia)

      Stay at home? My daughter has 4 (blond blue-eyed) children and like so many other Australian mothers her life is a constant whirl of activity, mainly outside the home. This includes sports, swimming, music, drama, horse riding, helping out at school and occasional casual work. As a bonus they all have a wonderful circle of friends and a great social life.

      There is of course a certain religion out there that insists that their women put on medieval robes, stay at home and have 10 children. (And i don’t even hear New York feminists complaining about the lot of these women.)

      • HJ11

        Four who are our kind is a start. Now, it would be nice if she let that tribe that is within her in her eggs emerge to take back this planet for us.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    In this age of ‘global warming’, overpopuation – specifically very high population density in Europe, pollution, limited and finite natural resources, how is this a demographic ‘problem’? The only demographic problem is too many people of color (with their own agendas – often diametrically opposed to those of the indigenous population). We do need to import people of color into white areas, but only to solve our genetic problems, or rather to improve our racial stock, but these should only be spouses.

    • MikeofAges

      What genetic problems? I didn’t know that the white European population had a genetic problem. But you are right otherwise. An aging population can be a problem, but if necessary, people can just keep on working until they can’t anymore. A smaller population as such is not necessarily a problem however.

  • ForrestNathan

    Yes, we need the white kids. But the parents have to think before they breed. Women have a decade at least in which they can produce healthy, white babies. During that time, the mothers need to plan and discuss the rearing of the child with the fathers. You can’t just produce children willy-nilly and hope for the best.

    • MikeofAges

      The excesses of planning to which you allude are necessary because we live in minefield. If we were allowed to make provisions for ourselves in terms of providing ourselves with education and the possibility of individuals being able to get entry level work and start their careers relatively easily, we could have children “willy nilly” as you put it and still have good outcomes.

  • L

    My daughter is a doctor and has children , why should she stay at home ? Since when can men not care for children or women work part time. My grandchildren are fine , as is my son , his mom worked . Keeping women at home sounds like an extension of Sharia to me. If the white people are to survive they will have women who can make free will choices.. Of course priests have different opinions , but then they don’t care for women do they ?

    • IstvanIN

      Does dad stay at home or does your daughter pay for a housekeeper? Personally I think there is something nice about a women raising her own children, when possible, of course.

    • HKwills

      Why should men subsidize women in the work force by doing half of their housework for them ? Why should men be collaborators in their own displacement and diminishment ? A gender based division of labor is both productive and adaptive: the provider role is filled; the homemaker/children nurturance role is filled. In the long run cultural evolution will weed out societies with non-adaptive social structures. Feminism will join communism – another unnatural ideology – on the ash bin of history.

      • IstvanIN

        Doing half THEIR housework for them? Don’t men live in houses? While I understand the division of labor, women do housework and men do yardwork, there is nothing wrong with sharing depending on the needs of the entire family.

  • IstvanIN

    If western countries didn’t import wave after wave of immigrants a women would be able to enter the work force, get married, stay home and have kids and then reenter the work force because there would be a labor demand instead of labor glut. The way the system is set up now men over 50, and even over 40, are too old to be hired and a women who leaves the work force and reenters in her 40s or 50s is considered out of touch. So much better to import Indians, or in Germany’s case Turks, rather than allow your own people to continue to contribute through out life. And if a labor shortage happened it would push innovation, we see that in Japan where robotics are the wave of the future, rather than bringing in savages. In fact I read recently about a robotic chicken deboner that will eliminate many of the dangerous, tedious jobs we now give to Mexicans. Much of agriculture is automated, and even more could be, if we could get out of this 19th century economic model of importing unskilled labor.

    White women, and men, could have it all, so to speak, although in a progression, during the course of their lives if our governments hadn’t betrayed us. With life expectancy expanding there is even less reason to toss our middle-aged folks in the waste bin. Hopefully someone put this a little better than me.

  • RHG

    I think all of Europe, Britain and Ireland should start a “right to return” policy, similiar to what Israel offers to Jews, to all white Americans who wish to return to the land of their ancestors and their indegenous homelands. Then the Europeans can begin the process of deporting non Europeans off of European land or sending them to America since the American government insists on browning this country with 3rd worlders. Speaking for myself, I would welcome a chance to go back to country of Ireland or Scotland that my relatives left so long ago. I think this would solve their labor problem, not to mention the cultural and racial issues these countries are now experiencing.

    • Ella

      Some European countries see us as “trouble makers” from the past. It may be a stereo-type or not if you’re a political refugee from the Old country. They also know we’ll hate and protest the taxes. This is WHAT really cripples the birth rate in Europe that they overtax and refund little. Ask the Germans: 10% VAT tax on foods in Germany. Do you want to pay 24.5% VAT taxes on a box of diapers in France? These govts. does not allow much disposable income at the end to directly afford your family.

      • Ella

        Oh I forgot the Federal income tax (if Middle Class) is around 35-42%. Also add in your UHS, about 8.5% now (like Medicare). What do you have left here???????

      • What we need is our own country. Wait – we already did that. We also (mostly) took over the world and then went to the moon. What is the white man to do next?

        • Ella

          Reclaim some of our lands back before it’s too late (maybe start in one country or State). We have to force these Western govts. to do the dirty work of protecting borders. They know that they can suck up to corporations (receiving favours) and dump on us at this point with absolutely no consequences.

        • Avenger

          Destroy his enemies.

    • watling

      I’m afraid the largest political party in Scotland – the SNP – prefers third worlders. No idea why. Maybe a commie thing? England is infested with incurable multiculti fanatics who wouldn’t change their stance even if they were gang-raped by a pack of HIV+ Somalis on crack. The Welsh nationalist party – Plaid Cymru – is very similar in outlook to the SNP. i.e. if you’re a WASP you can buzz off.

      • RHG

        Yes, very sad the thinking of a lot of these people, the butchering of their brother in the streets of their ancestors does not seem to be able to wake them to this peril. Perhaps when the savagery visits their doorsteps things will really start to change, if by then it’s not to late.

  • Will

    The German cardinal is all empty talk as he knows German women are not going to stay home and bear lots of German babies. Yet the organization that this cardinal works for is one of the largest players into bringing Africans into Europe.
    Google the Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) to find out about the hypocrisy of this cardinal.

    • IstvanIN

      The Jesuits as a group may be hypocrites but necessarily this Cardinal.

      • Will

        The Jesuits run the Roman Catholic church and have done so since 1814.
        This cardinal knows the score and he also knows that the powerful entity that runs his church is big time into the NWO agenda of destroying the White race, especially if they are Protestant Whites.

        • IstvanIN

          But individual priests may not agree with the program.

    • HJ11

      At least he’s saying the right things, and it all begins first with a thought and then the words and finally by action.

  • gacl

    Three or four children per couple? How about seven or eight?

    • HJ11

      Twelve in my mother’s family. A dozen per woman ain’t bad.

      • Freey’all

        I think I read that the average female body is healthiest bearing around three or four children.

        • Ella

          After five children, we start risking physical and emotional problems. Three is a good replacement rate. You also can use better resources on ALL 3 children without struggling as much. Couples started young 50 yrs ago like 19 years of age and then, proceeded into having larger families on farms. White people start later today like late 20’s to early 30’s.

          • MikeofAges

            That’s the other issue. I once worked out on actual paper what the difference would be in the number of descendants between a family who had more children early and whose children had a high marriage rate themselves, and one which had few children who then had their children later themselves. Within three generations, the difference was astounding.

          • Anna Tree

            A generation postponing marriages and therefore a
            generation of children being born to older parents is an example how morals/norms of a society can
            impact that society, even endangering it (from IEET’s article by Hank

            Human Genetics
            Commission: “the effect of increased maternal age on the rate of Down
            Syndrome… can be compared with the increased risk of consanguinity. At
            35 years of age the risk of Down Syndrome is four times that at age 25
            and it increases 15 times by the age of 40… [Both] cousin marriage and
            increased maternal age… represent complex cultural trends…”

          • MikeofAges

            The individual risk of delayed childbirth is an issue. Demographic trends are the big concern though

          • Ella

            I also read it increases risk for Autism and Schizophrenia, not good at all. It also cuts down on the number of children due to lengthier time to get pregnant and higher miscarriage risks as you mentioned about genetic conditions. Common sense, fertility decreases unless you had many babies prior.

          • Anna Tree

            Yeah, can’t help but wonder if it was not another conditioning to destroy the white race. Mass-immigration, affirmative action, miscegenation, redistribution of health, threat and white-guilt of overpopulation, caucasophobic rapes and murders etc AND brainwashing the white women to postpone marriage (if at all) and maybe that was the goal: postponing making children for years, that is loosing the best years of fertility with the lower risk of problems for the fetuses/children. Not only less quantity but less quality too? So sad…

          • Ella

            Biology has a big impact on delay but I think there is also a prevailing attitude and unfit life-style development that reduces the number of children to 0-2.

  • HJ11

    We should do away with universalist ethics in our White minds and adopt particularist ethics. Thus, we should encourage birth control, abortions, sterilizations, homosexuality and celibacy among non-Whites and encourage just the opposite in each of these among Whites.

  • robigiscard

    I am an immigrant in USA from third world country. BUT I do agree with cardinal. Any country should never have more than 1% immigrant population. Having enough children to keep own enough population does not mean depriving women of freedom. The social system should be such (and is supportable) that quality of life is given more importance rather than making more money. Husband and wife both can share responsibility of raising children if jobs do not force to get ahead at cost of family life. A country should strive to be self sufficient for most things. Sky wont fall if technical progress suffer due to preference given to family.

  • eiszeit

    Germans don’t control Germany, a certain hate-filled middle eastern tribe does, and has since 1945. This tribe is hellbent on genocide of all Whites, but Nordic Whites first and foremost.

    • IstvanIN

      Keep in mind that the US still occupies Germany. I will have hope for the Germans when, first, they toss the US out.

  • rebelcelt

    She told the Daily Telegraph: “Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. The church can’t drag women back into the kitchen. We don’t live in the 1940s – women are more educated and have greater opportunity for leadership now. I myself only have one child, and that’s because I’ve always worked. It is difficult to combine children and a career.”

    That is the point stupid. One child huh, exactly what kind of life will your child and grandchild have. Your grand daughter will be forced to wear a hajib. Have you thought about anybody other than yourself.

    • MikeofAges

      There used to be a saying: “One man, one vote, one time” if you get the drift. There is something akin to this idea in the doctrines of feminism. What is it? One woman, one career, one time? It’s close to that very often. The modern Western woman is someone who can put an “Extinction is forever” bumper sticker on her car and totally miss the irony. Or watch “Midnight in Paris” and not know that it is, or soon will be, midnight in Paris.

    • Mentious

      “women are more educated and have greater opportunity for leadership now.”

      My view is that the education required for good mothering, which is partly of the nature of an emotional education and wisdom and partly involving many practical skills from homecraft to economics to society — is of higher value than what is taught in most colleges. For example, knowing how to teach a child to work through emotions positively, plant a garden, how commerce works, or how to live safely — are all more valuable than what anybody would learn in “Woman’s studies” or even trigonometry. Women used to be, in fact, educated in better ways that now. So again, she’s flapping her lips in the wind.

  • Mentious

    “She told the Daily Telegraph: “Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. The church can’t drag women back into the kitchen.”

    Feminist lies. You know, I worked and my wife stayed at home. (4 kids). It was she who had the freedom all day long, the whole run of the town. By the time I’d get home I’d spent the whole day in one small room like some factory chicken, and she would have been to a great number of places around the town — taking kids to the home of a friend and chatting happily, shopping, picking up kids at school, going to the park, etc. It was she who had the freedom in life. As to kitchens, when she was there it was because she wanted to be there, right there at home feeding her kids. She enjoyed the kitchen much more than I enjoyed my little office cubicle. She preferred this life, being supported by her husband, having far more daily freedom than me, and being able to be a true mother to her kids, make them strong, and have their deep love.

    Now look at all the sad, unhappy women in office cubicles all day working for “the man” who doesn’t care instead of “the man” who cares (and her beloved children) — these women separated from their children while time quickly passes and the mother misses the childhood of her own children.

    Don’t listen to this unhappy feminist and her disgusting Marxist lies that bid us all to live unnatural lives and lose the things we care about most.

    • Mentious


      “As to kitchens, when she was there it was because she wanted to be there, right there at home feeding her kids.

      Then even in term of rooms, she had more freedom than me. She could move about and enjoy any room of the house that she wanted, as well as front and back yards. By contrast I had to stay in my little room all day, like the majority of working people. Men have always been the true beast-of-burden for women. But Marxists lied to women and said there was something wrong with man and woman serving each other, and that woman was more a beast of burden while working men were just having fun. Such scum they are those Marxist liars. Children of Satan the liar, as He said.

    • Ella

      I suspect close to 1/2 of feminists are Lesbians and have totally different family concepts. Many early feminists came from upper middle class to wealthy families. They don’t have a connection with traditions and tend to despise anything close to it.

      Women lose their freedom with infants and toddlers so it can be fatiguing for years. Like they say “back breaking” labour. When the kids go off to school, we finally have some personal time if we choose to stay home. There isn’t much down time caring for young children, especially 3 or more. (ex. ages 1,3,6)

  • Larry Klein

    Methinks the primitive “values” of the new immigrants will put a dent in the high-falutin ways of the hedonistic German (Western) women. Enjoy it while it lasts, suicidal idiots.

  • Denver Goddess

    For once a Catholic offers excellent advice. Take it, German women.