Sweden Riots Expose Ugly Side of ‘Nordic model’

Niklas Pollard and Philip O'Connor, Reuters, May 23, 2013

The scene of Sweden’s worst riots in years, Husby is on the surface at least a typically neat suburb of colorful playgrounds, manicured parks and low rise apartment buildings.

Conversations with residents of this immigrant neighborhood soon bring tales of fruitless job hunts, police harassment, racial taunts and a feeling of living at the margins that are at odds with Sweden’s reputation for openness and tolerance.

Riots that began in Husby have spread across Stockholm over the last four nights in scenes reminiscent of London in 2011 and Paris in 2005 – outbursts with their roots in segregation, neglect and poverty. The Swedish model of welfare – such as its 480 days of parental leave for each child – hides another side.

Some 15 percent of the population is foreign born, the highest in the Nordic region. The rise of the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party, which has called for a curfew in response to the violence, has polarized Swedes.

Metros and trains out of Stockholm center late at night are full of exhausted-looking Arabic or Spanish speaking immigrants returning home from menial jobs. Even second generation immigrants struggle to find white collar employment.

As one Asian diplomat puts it: “On the one hand Sweden has all these immigrants. On the other hand, where are they? It sometimes seems they are mostly selling hotdogs.”

In a further illustration of two very different worlds, the first riot happened as many Swedes celebrated winning the world ice hockey championship. Most immigrants play football – it is a common refrain that ice hockey kits are too expensive.

“The worst vandalism is not what we’ve experienced in recent days,” said community leader Arne Johansson at a protest rally in Husby. “It is the creeping, slow vandalism that this rightist government has exposed us to over the past seven years.”

Seven years of center-right Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt – who has labeled the rioters hooligans – have lowered taxes and reduced state benefits. That has helped economic growth outpace most of Europe but Sweden also has the fastest growing inequality of any OECD nation.

Professor of criminology at Stockholm University Jerzy Sarnecki said society has become much more segregated, with a large, poor immigrant population living in areas of major cities where unemployment is dramatically higher than elsewhere.

Polls show a majority of Swedes still welcome immigration. Sweden has a reputation for treating new arrivals well – providing housing, Swedish lessons and allowing asylum seekers to live with relatives.


In interviews with youths in Husby, most were unemployed or interns. Many said they were bounced around intern schemes, seldom being offered full-time work, fostering resentment.

Local youths believe their Husby address is in part to blame for their lack of success. If they are lucky enough to be called to a job interview, many say they come from neighboring Kista – an IT hub symbolizing Sweden’s more modern, global image.

Many complained a conviction for a small amount of cannabis might stay on a teenager’s record for ten years, ruining job chances.


Five years ago in Malmo, which has one of Sweden’s biggest immigrant populations, local youths threw home-made bombs and attacked emergency services to protest a police eviction.

In Husby, the shooting of a suspected machete wielding man by police earlier in the month was the spark. Local people – around 80 pct of whom have immigrant backgrounds – organized a peaceful protest for which more than 100 people turned up.

But their call for an inquiry into the death of the 69-year-old fell on deaf ears. Plugged in young locals complained about racist insults on Twitter, feeding anger.


On the streets, resentment shows no signs of ebbing.

“My daughter comes home from school and says the kids say they can’t play with her because she’s dark,” said Maria Petersson, a 39 year old Ethiopan-born nurse. “I am both Ethiopian and Swedish but I will never be considered Swedish by the Swedes. To them, I am just another immigrant.”

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  • steve7789

    So called conservatives over here are bound to blame this on Swedish “socialism” just as they blamed yesterday’s savagery on British gun laws. Anything but the actual underlying root of the problem.

    • a multiracial individual

      I discussed this with our friend Luca previously, liberalism works just fine given CERTAIN POPULATIONS. When demographics change, liberal generosity is exploited to the fullest degree.

      Liberals+Whites = Scandinavia, Seattle, Portland

      Liberals+ Whites+ Hispanics+ Muslims+Blacks = Ghettos, riots, interracial violence, welfare exploitation, honor killings, etc.

      • AutomaticSlim

        I disagree, “A.M.I”.
        I would submit that liberalism (the modern definition – leftism) never works.
        Please give an example of a liberal/socialist that is ascending in the world.
        Or one that has ever ascended.
        Social welfare, ie. handouts, always lead to the downfall of societies. Whether they are homogenous or not.
        It should be very obvious to anyone that China is the fastest rising nation these days, and it is no coincidence that this corresponds directly with embracing capitalism and survival of the fittest. They have thrown aside caring for the 900 million peasants (the useless eaters) in favor of the 100 million Chinese who can actually accomplish things. They followed the post 1960s American formula. The only formula that works.

        Handouts are a cancer. And a White person on welfare is just as bad if not worse than a black on welfare.

        • Freey’all

          Except that the way we are being dispossessed as a people is not totally unlike, in its methods, the way some whites dispossessed other whites. One fundamental difference is in the extreme to which one non-white ‘caucasian’ group will go to dispossess working class whites so that they can live in privilege.

          • AutomaticSlim

            Well…that group you mention, White or not, controls the media.
            And the American “sheeple” believe anything the media tells them to believe…

        • a multiracial individual

          If all non-whites vanished tomorrow you would have a liberal socialist planet.

          • AutomaticSlim

            Why would you assume that?
            Not one White socialist society has ever succeeded.
            No honorable person wants a handout.
            We simply want to work hard and be able to keep the money we earn.

            I have said it before and will say it again. Lazy, shiftless, low class Whites are just as bad as lazy, shiftless, low class non-Whites. Without natural selection we de-evolve.

          • Freey’all

            How do you define low class? Are all whites not living in the middle or upper class lazy and shiftless?

          • AutomaticSlim

            “How do you define low class?”

            I can give a few examples:
            – On any form of public of assistance. Except old people on SS/Medicare.
            – Loud, aggressive, obnoxious, tattooed/pierced types.
            – Ignorant/uneducated and proud of it. This does not mean people have to go to college, but they should at least try to learn and improve themselves.
            – “Whigger” types

            These are just my personal opinions, of course.

          • Freey’all

            Well sending you this if you want tohave some go at him…I’m less and less into fighting for its own sake and more into our new mode of building awareness.  But hey, there’s always people reading on it…

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Sweden was doing just fine as a sociaiist country. . .until they imported worthless and harmful third world parasites.

      • BGManofID

        “Liberals+Whites = Scandinavia, Seattle, Portland

        Liberals+ Whites+ Hispanics+ Muslims+Blacks = Ghettos, riots, interracial violence, welfare exploitation, honor killings, etc.”

        You forgot the middle part of the equation:

        “Liberals+Whites = Scandinavia, Seattle, Portland, which leads to importation of large numbers of Hispanics+Muslims+Blacks”

        • a multiracial individual

          If I am not too mistaken, Denmark has a rigid immigration policy.

    • The__Bobster

      Socialism can only work in a homogeneous society.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        A homogeneous white or possibly East Asian society. It would fail completely is a 100% black or Hispanic country.

      • JohnEngelman

        I hope Scandinavian whites learn that before it is too late. Third world immigration interferes with nearly everything else that liberals want to achieve.

        • David Ashton

          Including miscegenation.

          • JohnEngelman

            The significant increase in miscegenation during the past two generations both reflects and contributes to a lessening of concern over racial differences. Consequently it contributes to what liberals want to achieve.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            ” . . . contributes to and reflects an increasing suicidal blindness to obvious racial differences.”

            There, fixed it.

          • JohnEngelman

            Orientals and whites of European descent get along fine.


            Interracial marriage is on the rise, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center.

            The report, which came out Thursday, indicates that there has been a major jump in interracial marriage rates from 1980 — the first year from which rich Census data on interracial marriage are publicly available — when just 3 percent of married couples were mixed-race (the last U.S. anti-miscegenation laws were lifted in 1967). In 2010, 1 in 12 married couples in the U.S. were interracial couples, reports the Pew Center.

            Asian/white interracial newlyweds had a higher combined annual income than any other pairing, at over $70,000 per year. In comparison, white/white newlyweds earned $60,000 combined and Asian/Asian couples together earned $62,000 on average.

      • AutomaticSlim

        It fails in ANY society!
        Socioeconomic survival of the fittest is the only path to a healthy society.
        The only way to evolve is to allow the weak to fall by the way.

        • JohnEngelman

          I am surprised that so many people voted you up. The consensus here seems to be that poor, low IQ white Gentiles are somehow worth more than prosperous, high IQ Orientals and Ashenazi Jews.

          • Jefferson

            Worth more ? What is so great about the White trash types that you see making a fool of themselves on reality TV shows like Buck Wild and Jerry Springer.

    • Paleoconn

      They do the same to explain Detroit’s demise. Check out the neocon vid on this very site, Detroit In Ruins.

    • Rocky Mountain

      Why “so-called”? We are conservatives and proud to call ourselves that. Changing British gun laws probably wouldn’t have stopped the Woolich Massacre but I wonder if the guy would’ve been able to stand around for twenty minutes chatting with a woman while waiting for the police if a few “carriers” would’ve been handy.

    • Michael Mason

      Just like how conservatives blame Detroit’s depressing situation on labor unions and democrats. Get real, cowards. Look at the entire continent of Africa and let it sink in…

      • TheAntidote

        The number one conservative baboon blaming the ruins of Detroit, East St. Louis and Camden on Great Society liberalism is Sean Hannity (the brain dead sob!).

      • JohnEngelman

        When labor unions were strong Detroit thrived.

  • sbuffalonative

    Conversations with residents of this immigrant neighborhood soon bring tales of fruitless job hunts, police harassment, racial taunts and a feeling of living at the margins that are at odds with Sweden’s reputation for openness and tolerance.


    • Erasmus

      Please, “immigrants,” go home. You don’t belong there. The Swedes don’t need you. They were doing perfectly fine without your cultural “vibrancy.”

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        “As one Asian diplomat puts it: ‘On the one hand Sweden has all these
        immigrants. On the other hand, where are they? It sometimes seems they
        are mostly selling hotdogs.'”

        Most Swedes it seems would rather pay through the nose to repair cities ruined by blacks and browns rioting than to pay a living wage to a Swede to hand out Frankfurters. The “Conservatives” in America are no different.

        • Morris LeChat

          I have a brother in law who is from Ireland, he used to be an illegal alien. He married my sister and gained a green card. He produced two wonderful children with her. Still, he is a marxist, a liberal moonbat. He actually said that we should be glad the mexicans are here so we don’t have to pay more for a head of lettuce. He has sold his children’s birthright our for a cheaper head of lettuce. What can I say, he is not the brightest bulb on the shelf. Guess what, Harvard gave him a PHD, even though he never finished undergraduate school because he was too busy getting drunk and high. Why did Harvard give him a PHD? Because he is a marxist, said the right things to the right person and got in a “program”. He teaches at Cambridge Rindge and Latin in Cambridge MA. He told me the moslem students were good people. I haven’t talked to him in a few years but I bet he thought the bombers were good kids too. Idoiots. Liberals are total morons.It is sheer luck that my niece and nephew were not in the vicinity of the Boston Marathon Bomb. This is the type of idiot that fails his children.

          • Despite my name I am Irish I despise these people who are ruining the western world, And yes unfortunately Ireland is jammed full of idiots like this.

        • Rocky Mountain

          No one “pays a living wage” to someone to hand out frankfurters. This is a market decision made by individuals who price their own product. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2009/08/the_halfmilliondollar_wiener.html

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            If the employers didn’t have plenty of illegals to turn to whenever the citizens scoff at the “wages” offered, then they would at least have to give better pay or find a way to automate hot dog distribution. The reason businesses lobby so hard for increased immigration is precisely this.

      • A Freespeechzone

        Just make damned sure they don’t get sent to America….we have enough problems with the illegals we have here….

    • So CAL Snowman

      Even with all of the racism, “hopelessness”, police “brutality”, and lack of jobs, it’s still better for these non whites to live in a White nation than to return to their hellish homeland featuring their exclusive genetic fingerprint. These non whites want to BE WHITE so bad they can taste it!

      • Mr Potato

        That’s right. Last I heard there were no Scandies clamouring to seek asylum in Yemen. The usual case of ‘you need us, we don’t need you’ that we see all across the western world.
        Police brutality in Sweden probably means that the ‘police-person’ gave one of the muslims a little bit too stern of a ‘finger-wagging’ or maybe even hurt their feelings.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Right on. Why don’t they go home and make things better in their own homelands. Why must they come to Sweden and expect the red carpet rolled out for them? And no less on everyone’s dime. These turds over produce and create countries that treat their own citizens like crap and then we Westerners are to pick up the tab. And then the turd worlders get surprised when people get annoyed about their presence because everyone knows that the turd worlders are on the dole. They are invaders of our culture and we don’t need them

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Because they are at best, useless.

      • sbuffalonative

        I keep asking the question. If they hate us so much why do they demand to be around us?

      • Laager

        The facts are that Africa is not poor. It has every God given resource it needs to be a global superpower. This has been clearly proven wherever white Europeans settled on the continent. They created vibrant economies with exactly the same resources Black and Arab Africans have been sitting on for milleniums and done nothing with. The best example is South Africa where at its maximum of 5 million whites they created a society with a material infrastructure to match Europe and the USA.

        • saxonsun

          Excellent post.

  • This isn’t a failure of any ideology per se or “model” per se, it’s just black Muslims doing what black Muslims do. If they’re not in your country, then you won’t have any Car-B-Queing.

    • Robert Binion

      Not even a petit Ford?

  • anew

    Ice hockey kits?

    • IstvanIN

      What we would call a stick and a puck!

    • Mr Potato

      Apparently the ice hockey kits are too expensive for the ‘new Swedes’ to buy, therefore they don’t join in enough.

      “Metros and trains out of Stockholm center late at night are full of
      exhausted-looking Arabic or Spanish speaking immigrants returning home
      from menial jobs…”

      A ‘menial job’ in Sweden for an immigrant is a cause for complaint? Isn’t the job exciting enough for the new arrival? Along with ice hockey kits being too expensive; are these the major obstacles to immigrants fitting in too Swedish society?
      Burn baby burn!

      This writer is a complete fool.

      • sbuffalonative

        This writer is a complete fool.

        Exactly. Another fool with another foolish theory to explain why multiculturalism continues to fail.

        The specifics don’t matter (hockey kits, integrated schools, more black teachers, etc). What matters is to keep producing theories that blame white people.

        • Laager

          This writer is so stupid that he is not aware of the fact that the only ice found in Africa is at the top of Mt Kilimanjaro – 17,000′ ASL.
          Ice skating and swimming ar not indigenous African activities.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            As are “necklacing” and eating one another.

    • Triarius

      Give a Somali an ice hockey kit. He’ll duct tape the skate to the stick and try to rob a store with it. Just like how they smoke the AIDS medication to get high in Africa.

    • I presume by “ice hockey kits,” the writer of the article means the uniform and protective gear necessary to play regulation ice hockey. “Kit” is Britslang for “uniform.”

      • Rocky Mountain

        “Kit” is Britslang for all clothes.

      • Laager

        “Kit” or “Gear” is British slang for all the clothing and equipment required for a particular activity.

        e.g. – skydiving: – jumpsuit + gloves + helmet + goggles + sneakers + parachute + altimeter

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Put enough insulation on a black to make it feel comfortable in the cold, and it won’t be able to move.

  • Brady

    Wow, if the famously lavish welfare state of Sweden is guilty of “neglect”…

    • Fredrik_H

      Then you really can’t win, can you? It will never be enough. Unless we are willing to give everything we have, we will be at fault. And I’m a not even a 100% sure if that would be enough.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        The Muslims won’t be happy unless they are at a make-work job being payed 100k a year (In Euros. Tax free. Whitey gets to pick up the tab with his 70% income tax) and have your white daughters under each arm. This isn’t exactly their natural state. Some of them used to be content as menial labourers. The Cultural-Marxists always pump them up.

  • Oil Can Harry

    “The rise of the anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats Party… has polarized Swedes.”

    So the country’s been divided by patriotic Swedes who oppose open-borders, not by the Third World invaders committing murder and mayhem.

    • David Ashton

      And meanwhile in “England” the Crusader Cross is flown and Nick Griffin arrives with floral tributes – surely such “responses” are far more provocative, evil, outrageous and horrifying than killing a soldier and hacking his body in an attempt to remove his head.

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        Yeah, unbelieveable. At least the Swedish cops managed to plug the machete wielder they faced.

        • David Ashton

          PS There was one response better than none in the mainstream media, James Delingpole, “Time we stood up to Islamists who would destroy us,” Daily Express (London), May 24, available on-line.

          Better half a pork chop than nothing at all, as Queen Isabella said to the Morisco.

    • Mr Bork

      The sweden democrats wants to merely reduce immigration levels, not repatriation, and they also desire racial integration and assimilation of the 3rd world hordes. Their political position is conservative, not nationalist.

  • jay111

    One of the major problems of mass immigration is simple to analyze, but hard for ‘social justice’ types to comprehend. Simply put: a nation creates the number of jobs it needs for its population. In rare cases where the locals cannot meet the demand for labor, immigration is often used to fill the bill. Ideally the workers would be ‘guest workers’ and would return hom ewhen they are no longer needed. In periods of economic decline, many local workers would lose their jobs and you might have varying levels of unemployment. This may even spur some of your surplus workers to migrate elsewhere either permanently or as ‘guest workers’ themselves.
    Idiot liberals who want to ‘save’ third worlders from the hell holes they come from, seek to import them by the MILLIONS into every Western (white) country, thinking they could be be put on the public dole (wealth redistribution against evil whitey) and eventually they would (the theory goes) join the economy and move up overt time. The problem is that most Western economies (all, in fact) do not have so many surplus jobs to give to wave upon wave of mostly unskilled, semi-literate immigrants, and are struggling, in fact, to have full employment of their native population.
    All the talk of third world immigrants to Sweden (or anywhere else) not being ‘able’ to find jobs masks over the point that there are just not jobs available for so many seeking them all at one. The Swedish economy is only so big, and rapid expansions of an economy are rare. I wish liberals would understand this. The U.S. for example, is on the verge of legalizing up to 20 million ‘in the shadows’ mostly semi-literate peasant farmers and slum dwellers from all over the world who will in turn become 50 million after family reunifications run for a few decades. We’re doing this even though our unofficial unemployment rate is almost 18%. Stupid liberals will be crying for more ‘social justice’ and economic ‘equality’ when they only made the problem worse to begin with. Oh yeah, they will also cry for more ‘diversity,’ ‘immigration,’ ‘government welfare,’ and – this is the kicker – bringing the next wave of ‘in the shadows’ illegals on a path to citizenship. Madness, I tell you.

  • IstvanIN

    if they are so unhappy, go home.

    • The__Bobster

      Then they’d really be unhappy, but without do-gooders to care.

      • R

        I’m a liberal and I agree with you. I want universal healthcare, I want a minimum, living wage, I want citizens to have good opportunities via a healthy public education system which includes university…what I don’t want is a struggling infrastructure getting compressed by hundreds of thousands, millions even, of barely literate, superstitious third worlders who arrive over here, get places to live, multiply rapidly, make little effort to assimilate and then bitch and complain that life isn’t easier. I would’ve thought living in a relatively safe society with provided housing and financial assistance would beat living in a war-torn country full of AK-47 wielding religious nutters, but apparently not. You can make an argument of moral responsibility in regards to countries like the USA or Britain whose disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East and penchant for selling copious amounts of weapons to the region has caused the displacement of so many…but when it comes to many European countries (like Sweden) and places like Australia and New Zealand the argument is almost for zilch. Bah, they’re more than welcome to return to their wonderful home countries that they seem to miss so much.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    What a bunch of total crap and deliberate misinformation.

    Jerzy Sarnecki BTW, is medias little pet and is commonly known in Sweden as Baghdad-Bob, his main job is to try explain away the rising crime wave due to immigration.

    With interesting twists like claiming the increase in reported crime is just because people report crime more often, rather than there being an actual increase in crime.

    Despite the fact that tendency to report crime goes hand in hand with confidence in the police, which has plummeted (Swedish police has a horrid ratio for clearing up crime).

    But a total lie is that this is because the police refused to do an inquiry into the death of the man, such an inquiry is going on right now and is standard after the police even fires their weapons.

    As for the ethiopian nurse, that is an interesting little thing in itself.
    Apparently, everyone living in Sweden is a swede.
    Swedes as an ethnic group is non-existing according to PC doctrine.

    • Freey’all

      There were/are no indigenous peoples of Europe, don’tcha know? We have been genocided from the history books.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        Oh there are indigenous people in Europe.

        Here in Sweden we have an indigenous population of Sami residing in the northern parts of Sweden.
        And they are classed in media as the native population, despite the fact that they have never lived in anything except the northernmost part of Sweden and there are clear archeological evidence that they arrived there after the rest of Sweden was already populated.

        • IstvanIN

          Interesting how European people are never considered native, indigenous or frequently even ‘ethnic’. Although in the US some whites are considered ‘ethnic’ and WASPs are considered ‘non-ethnic’.

          • Freey’all

            Asserting that there were native peoples of Europe will get you attacked, especially by members of the tribe whose agitations largely repressed this truth to begin with. Anyone who looks like a WASP, as is frequently said of me, is considered non-ethnic. Increasingly anyone who claims predominantly european ancestry is considered non-ethnic, save of course that same tribe. They can be tribal and we must have our tribal ways and ties broken and neutered.

          • David Ashton

            Even old Engelman thinks the USA once “belonged” to the Red Indians and one day should belong to Orientals under Jewish government, though the Palestinians of course don’t belong in Palestine – and he writes regularly on this website.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Exactly, it is genocide. That word should be used with more frequency in our conversations with people who cannot ‘see’ as of yet. We need to use terms such as genocide with ‘punch’ to break through the denial out there.

    • Sangraal

      Sarnecki? Doesn’t sound too Swedish…

      >quick google image search<

      Yeah. Definitely not Swedish…oy vey!

      The search results for Sarnecki also yielded this gem:

      What is 'buspojkar'? Google translate doesn't seem to recognise it.

      • Taken as a compound word separated, GT does recognize Bus Pojkar as “Bus Boys.” I get the feeling that might be idiomatic for something else.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        Yeah, that’s Sarnecki.

        He’s a polish jew orginally.

        The one on the left says “Fascists” and depicts a member of the “Swedish resistance movement”, handing out fliers.
        Here’s a good video of their typical activity, trying to raise some awareness amongst citizens in general, and being harassed by the police (he’s drinking a soda, not a beer).

        And the one on the right “buspojkar”, is a swedish thing, where two words are written together as one, has to do with swedish grammar.

        “Bus” and “pojkar” which google translate gives as “mischief” and “boys”, so “mischievous boys” is actually a fairly good translation of it.

        And the reason for this image is because that was a word he used for some young immigrant criminals who fired upon a police station with automatic weapons (noone was hurt, or arrested).

        Yes, he actually said it was a deed by “mischievous boys”……

        As I said, always trying to downplay the problems with rising crime.

        A graph of violent crime in Sweden 1975-2010.

        The green graph is the crime and the blue staples are the population, to see how crime has increased in comparison to how the population has increased.
        (from 1975 to 2010, the population increased by 15% but violent crime increased by 315%)

  • Freey’all

    “Metros and trains out of Stockholm center late at night are full of exhausted-looking Arabic or Spanish speaking immigrants returning home from menial jobs. Even second generation immigrants struggle to find white collar employment.”

    Hello?!! I am a white american whose family has been here for four, five, and six or more generations, fought and died in at least four wars and I am struggling to find white collar employment. These parasites went into Sweden looking for a free ride and are now protesting that the promise of being carried by whites is now expiring with the world recession.

  • Glickstein44

    How is it that Sweden has become the Rape Capitol of the World?

    The answer is here…


  • Glickstein44


  • potato78

    Notice that:

    “Black is the average Swede’s favorite color. Considering that black is not even a color, I guess that says something.”

    “12 eggs will run you $4.32. Not the brown organic ones. The white Kentucky Fried Chicken version.”

    No wonder
    “Riots that began in Husby have spread across Stockholm over the last
    four nights in scenes reminiscent of London in 2011 and Paris in 2005 –
    outbursts with their roots in segregation, neglect and poverty. The
    Swedish model of welfare – such as its 480 days of parental leave for
    each child – hides another side.”


  • The__Bobster

    Some 15 percent of the population is foreign born, the highest in the Nordic region. The rise of the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party, which has called for a curfew in response to the violence, has polarized Swedes.

    Misleading. Most of the rioting yoofs are not included in the 15%, as they were born there.

  • The__Bobster

    Polls show a majority of Swedes still welcome immigration.

    I rather doubt those polls (were the invaders polled, too?), but in any case, I’d wager that the sentiment has changed drastically.

  • Rhialto

    This article is the finest example of “blame the victim” tactics that I have observed. Swedes welcome hoards of sullen savages into sweden. The savages show their “gratitude” by rioting. The Liberals sympathize with the savages, and accurse the Swedes of not being nice enough to them.

    Note that Reuters is classified as an establishment news agency.

    • Fredrik_H

      Indeed. It’s the people who go to work, pay their taxes, try to raise their kids right and generally do right who are at fault. They haven’t been inclusive enough, and they are probably closet nazis.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Metros and trains out of Stockholm center late at night are full of exhausted-looking Arabic or Spanish speaking immigrants returning home from menial jobs. Even second generation immigrants struggle to find white collar employment.

    Oh, so now we not only have to give immigrants jobs, we have to give them white collar jobs? Why is blue collar employment becoming so hated? There is nothing wrong with being a blue collar laborer. My entire family for as far back as anyone can remember has done blue collar work.

    I am getting sick and tired of liberal whites behaving this way. It’s disgusting.

  • potato78

    Perpetrators from Muslim countries

    Immigrants are, of course, not a uniform group and the vast majority of
    immigrants are committing no crimes at all, while others do it to a very
    large extent. The largest overrepresentation in crime is displayed by
    immigrants from Muslim countries like Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Morocco and
    Tunisia as well as from Chile. The lowest numbers of crimes are
    committed by immigrants from Western Europe, Southeast Asia, USA,
    Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    Since BRA issued its first report in 1996, Sweden has granted
    permanent residence to more than 700.000 immigrants. In particular,
    immigration from Muslim countries increased dramatically. With
    astounding bad judgment and naiveté, both conservative and social
    democratic governments since the early 70′s have kept the Swedish
    borders wide open for all sorts of unidentified adventurers, war
    criminals and other offenders. Since 96 percent lack identification
    documents, it is in almost all cases people of unknown identity that are
    allowed into the country and then granted permanent residency.

    Somalis – the largest group of immigrants admitted into Sweden, with
    an increase of 70 percent since last year – and Iraqis are climbing
    quickly up the rape scoreboard. But we will never know the truth. Apart
    from the reports 1996 and 2005, BRA suspended reporting the ethnicity of
    criminals in their statistics 1994. Such facts are not desirable, no
    matter how true they are.


    • Mr Bork

      This is not a religious problem, non islamic third worlders are just as adept at crime. Stop making a racial problem into a religous/cultural problem, you are just repeating marxist idea counterfeiting without understanding it.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “the rise of the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party,”

    Now THAT’S a democratic party I can support!

  • cecilhenry

    If only Sweden wasn’t so open and tolerant of their dispossession, they would not have these problems.

    Get Barbara Specter and her like hauled up to account for promoting Genocide and ethnic cleansing by immigration of the host population.


  • libertarian 1234

    Well, they asked for it like fools and they’re getting it.
    They have no legitimate right to complain about anything.
    And the goods news is that it’s going to get worse……far worse.

  • HJ11

    Sweden as is the case with most White nations today has put weak seed and effete “leaders” over the people and these weak seeds won’t take care of their own people and will cave in at the slightest pressure from the dark invaders.

    We need strong Whites in charge.

  • Nick Gherz

    Let’s see:
    No shooting of looters, arsonists or thugs.

    Are these really the descendent’s of Vikings?

  • bigone4u

    Truth formula: Human nature X Darker skin color X Muzzie religion = Death and destruction

    The Truth formula is valid everywhere on earth (and possibly elsewhere in the universe where there are inhabitants).

  • The Last White Man Standing

    “Sweden Riots Expose Ugly Side of ‘Nordic model’”

    A more appropriate title would be “Sweden Riots Expose Ugly Side of How Barbaric Dark Skinned Immigrants Behave in Civilized Societies”

  • e2657383

    “Many complained a conviction for a small amount of cannabis might stay on a teenager’s record for ten years, ruining job chances.”

    I don’t support drug laws, but whose fault was it if these “teens” got arrested? Break the law, pay the piper.

  • gemjunior

    No matter where they go in the world, it’s someone else’s fault.

  • Joe Sewell

    Yeah, we had a ‘swede’ killed during a home invasion/robbery attempt recently here in Union County, NC. Story was killed almost immediately as we don’t need to reflect negatively on ‘swedes’.

  • bubo

    They need midnight hockey. And white collar jobs. And a blonde Swedish girl as a sex slave.

  • Morris LeChat

    the swedes do not owe any foreigners jobs nor welfare

    • disqus_lEMHheDctc

      Damn right we don´t, I work as a translator and have assignments to all manner of authorities from the police to the social services, I have seen the tantrums certain people throw when they for some reason are denied money, they actually believe that my country receives money from the UN to give to them, the problem is that this rumour is quite widespread. As for the riots I do hope it will escalate further so people will wake up.

  • Rocky Mountain

    “Metros and trains out of Stockholm center late at night are full of exhausted-looking Arabic or Spanish speaking immigrants returning home from menial jobs. Even second generation immigrants struggle to find white collar employment.” Geez. even fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generation white Americans struggle to find white collar employment herein. And there are no trains full of exhausted-looking white or black Americans returning home from their jobs?

  • Luis

    I note this Maria Petersson considers herself both “an Ethiopian and a Swede”. Wrong! A Bantu is a Bantu is a Bantu no matter WHERE on planet Earth they were born.

    A Bantu born in Newark, New Jersey is still a Bantu first. It is STILL a Bantu if it were born in Tokyo Japan, Jerusalem Israel, or Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

    Race trumps geography. Never forget that.

  • WhiteGayMale

    If these people truly want to “fit in” with a society, maybe they should return to their homeland.

    I strongly support the Sweden Democrats. I wish we had an equivalent party here in the US.

  • Jefferson

    Ugly side of Nordic model ? Don’t refer to the Muslims rioting in Sweden as Nordics. They do not have blond hair and blue eyes. They have black hair and dark brown eyes.

  • sarah stein

    Her job done, Barbara Lerner Spectre will be moving on to another country.

    • Unperson

      A Spectre is haunting Europe — the Spectre of communism.

  • My heart bleeds for the poor dears….. oh wait, no it doesn’t. Like everybody else, I am sick of articles penned by leftwing journalists who get everything back to front.

    Do the non-white immigrants really live in high unemployment areas – or, as I suspect is much more likely – they are high unemployment areas because they are stuffed with immigrants?

    Is it like some parts of London and America, which were once fine and prosperous, suddenly become high unemployment areas and somewhere that Blacks and Pakistanis ‘then’ move into?

    If they feel hard done by in what was once a lovely and tranquil European city which their own forebears could never have built nor sustained, I suggest they get out and/or stop their bitching. How about that for an idea?

    I am also sick of the tag “anti immigrant party” etc. It is nonsense. How can it be an individualistic matter? It cannot. It is a general principle. They are anti-immigration, not anti-immigrant. When the said immigrants are rioting and burning the place down, they may well be anti-immigrant then, and who can blame them?

  • “outbursts with their roots in segregation, neglect and poverty.”
    People naturally segregate. It’s abnormal, in my mind anyway, for people to want to mix up with other cultures. I guess it’s normal to want to visit other country’s and check out their culture but what Caucasian, in his right mind, would want to join up with Islam and assume their identity. I know it did happen in the Balkans and Spain but the Spanish finally got rid of them for the most part. It’s just normal!

  • Sheila Dinehart

    There is no *ugly side* to the Nordic Model.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      I am not thinking of the modern economic/social *model* the writer of this article refers to (democratic socialism), but a much older kind of Nordic Model.

  • Laager

    “I am both Ethiopian and Swedish but I will never be considered Swedish by the Swedes. To them, I am just another immigrant.”

    How much more proof does anyone need than these words spoken by a black African? Race exists.
    It does not matter what is written on your passport. Your nationality does not change your ethnicity.

    Sweden is famous for is egalitarianism reputation. Perhaps this reality unfolding before their very eyes will inspire the government to invest in a program of free eye tests for anyone who describes themselves as liberal.

    • Ella

      Would Nigeria accept a White, European woman as “African/Black” because she accepts their customs and assimilates into their culture? No, she’ll always be a White women with a confused identity. If you’re half Black, then, the locals probably will accept your claim since you have more ethnic-racial features that support it.

  • TMB

    Why are these immigrants flocking up North in the first place ? Because the state will look after them. They like the “something for nothing” policy that the too good that the Scandinavians have. Why don’t the immigrants go back where they came from ?

    One should not bite the hand that feed you! When in Rome, you do as the Romans do !

    Temba M Mbiza

  • Bootstrap

    Cry me a river. I get so tired of this victim mentality world wide.

  • Fredochtrygghet
  • Edward Balcomb

    The intellectually flaccid will never be dragged away from their opiates of beer, ball games and the omnipresent TV until they come face to face with the reality that modern liberal multiculturalism offers them: burnt homes, murdered children and empty stomachs. Even then the cultural Marxists will find some bizarre rationalization to blame it all on the White Man, and more likely than not the credulous White Man will believe them.

  • WR_the_realist

    If life is so bad for Swedish immigrants (many of whom no doubt entered illegally, as they do here) then why don’t they just go back to their home countries? After all, if Ethiopians, Moroccans, Nigerians, Pakistanis, etc. are such a boon to Western countries (as the advocates of diversity insist they are) then surely the countries where they are an absolute majority must be paradises. I note that that article complains that Sweden isn’t providing enough tax payer funded benefits to the poor dears. If I moved to another country here is what the native inhabitants of that country would owe me in public benefits: Zero. So why is it any different for the diversity?

  • Son of Abraham

    I’m always amazed at immigrant grievences. Do Third Worlders believe they should be move to a foreign country and be elected president?