The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013

Paul Kersey, SBPDL, April 12, 2013

The story of Birmingham, Alabama, the tumultuous year of 1963, and the battle for civil rights helped convince a nation–an entire civilization–to throw open the doors to the halls of freedom and welcome everyone in.

Bull Connor, Jim Crow, water hoses, and fierce German Shepherds were the perfect villains, with black people–merely marching and fighting for equality before the law–cast as the perfect heroes.

Images broadcast to the nation from Birmingham and the promotion of Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” helped convince legislators in Congress to pass Civil Rights legislation in 1964. As one lawmaker said as they signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “But for Birmingham, we wouldn’t be here.”

But in most narratives about “The Magic City,” history stops in 1963. Nothing post-1963 out of Birmingham is discussed in polite society.

Until now.

Paul Kersey, the author of Escape from Detroit and Black Mecca Down now brings to you the definitive account of life in Birmingham, Alabama after the cameras left in 1963.

A now 74 percent black city with a city government completely dominated by black public employees and a shrinking tax base incapable of providing revenue to maintain the city, Birmingham is a city in financial and moral ruin.

Crime rates consistently place Birmingham in “Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America,” with A&E’s real-life detective show ‘The First 48″ finding fertile ground for filming in the former Magic City. The more apt name for Birmingham post-1963 is the “Tragic City.”

John Derbyshire writes of Paul Kersey’s work, “The very best of the in-your-face race realists, wide-ranging and well-researched. What journalism schools should produce: though if one ever did produce an SBPDL, the faculty would commit collective seppuku in a public square.”


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  • The crowds of people at a Republican Party National Convention should be waving huge signs that say, “What happened to Birmingham after 1963?”

    • Katherine McChesney

      Republicans are brain dead about race.

    • TheAntidote

      No, no. That will never happen. Remember poor Trent Lott? He innocently opined that all of the pathology, violence and dysfunction arising from forced integration could have been avoided, had a true system of separate but equal been legislated.
      His reward was firestorm and ostracism. Mainly from Republicans like the Bushes and Hannity. Don’t expect support or understanding from Repubs; they are 110% on board with “the colour blind society” and “equality”.

  • The__Bobster

    I love Paul Kersey’s work. I’m sure he’ll mention how the Birmingham riots were set up in collusion with the NY Slimes.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Here’s the best piece I’ve ever read about Birmingham 1963:

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        That is a superb article and gives far more understanding into what happened at and to Birmingham during the Civil Right Era and the extremely one-sided version of events put out by the media:

        Dr. King and his associates, with help from an obliging media, sought to create the impression that hostility towards blacks was rampant throughout entire cities and states. Also, they maintained that a ‘crisis’ had developed; one that state and local governments could not control. Therefore, only massive Federal intervention could restore order. The SCLC wanted sweeping laws that would completely restructure American society, with all violations adjudicated at the Federal level. That is what they wanted and that is what they got. In fact, they got more than they ever dreamed they would get.

        Before the Birmingham campaign began, the King forces held numerous strategy sessions, mostly in New York City… The game plan was to create civic disruptions sufficient to provoke confrontations from local law enforcement as well as inflame the Klan and other fringe groups into acts of violence.

        King publicly proclaimed that; ‘Birmingham is the most segregated city in the nation.’ Of course it wasn’t, but the press dutifully repeated this claim as though it were a fact.

        None of this was reported, of course, only the fiction that evil Whites were raining terror, hatred and destruction onto innocent, proud blacks.

        Results of media perfidy? Birmingham of 2013, Detroit, E. St. Louis, Trenton NJ – cities marked by violence, bankruptcy, hopelessness and destruction after black Civil Rights goals were achieved: driving out the White population.

        But then the American media NEVER pass up an opportunity to destroy Whites and White America.


        • Luis

          Funny. When King was in Chicago, he said Chicago was the most segregated city in the nation. He also said, during a march in Chicago, that “never have I seen such hate – not in Mississippi or Alabama- as I see here in Chicago”.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Couldn’t be true!!

            Chicago is a very safe, multicultural city being well-managed by Rahm Emanuel. It is the home of Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, obama, Jesse Jackson, and Bill Ayers.

            It is a showpiece of American beauty, culture and grace and sets an example for us all as to why Democrats should be in charge of all American cities — hell, the entire government top to bottom!!

            Chicago is clean, safe and efficient because it is run by Democrats who enforce strict gun control laws and low taxes.

            Everyone knows the South is full of gap-toothed, inbred, low IQd White Racist Rednecks and Nazis who focus their lives on discriminating against and oppressing blacks.

            Everyone knows this!! I read it in the newspapers all the time and it is reported on TV 24/7 across the nation so it MUST be true!!

            Four men are dead among the at least 26 shot throughout Chicago since Friday, capping off a violent weekend that culminated with the warmest day of the year so far.

            Actually, Chicago is an example of what EVERY American city will soon look like in the near future. Keep an eye out for changes in the weather and check your ammo supply…


        • Anon12

          Hi, Bon….great comment and info from you as usual…keep up the good work. King and his minions were the instigators of all riots and he was nothing but a black who the White conservatives felt compelled to idolize. Fools. Those Southern Whites KNEW what the blacks were and how they would destroy White America once they got the chance. We now see exactly what Southern Whites knew back then. Problem is, there are now far too many Southern Whites who are now on the black bandwagon. They have all been brainwashed/infiltrated by the enemy within.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it.
            I notice you’re posting again– please don’t stop, I always enjoy reading your comments.


      • sbuffalonative

        It’s a great piece.
        I do wish whites would wise up and understand when they’re being played like a violin.
        Instead of the police and the white public staging counter protests, they should have left them alone to march without incident.
        Also, and I repeat this all the time, we need to start photographing and documenting everything these instigators do. During the Occupy Wall Street ‘protests’, one guy pointed his camera at marching protesters documenting their extreme comments. They didn’t like it and it’s on record.

      • Thomas Katt

        Seconding Bon here … great article.

    • sbuffalonative

      Let’s not forget the stagged photo of Rosa Parks.

  • Dave4088

    At some point I’d like to find time to start reading Kersey’s books since his racial point of view on what ails formerly prosperous, law abiding American cities is a refreshing change from the leftist boilerplate of lingering white racism, not enough government spending, etc. The failure of Atlanta and Birmingham in the south and Detroit in the north and countless other cities soon to be added to the list is the genetic failure of the black race on display.

    • blight14

      His books are truly great……I wish they’d have actually used an editor for the Detroit book……its not likely possible to even loan it to anyone due to the grammatical/spelling errors……Atlanta/Mecca was written much better…….I haven’t started the Birmingham book yet………..

  • Erasmus

    A now 74 percent black city with a city government completely dominated by black public employees and a shrinking tax base incapable of providing revenue to maintain the city, Birmingham is a city in financial and moral ruin.

    Alongside Atlanta, Detroit, Gary, Baltimore, Chicongo, Stockton.

    • libertarian 1234

      Camden, Newark, Philadelphia, New Orleans, St Louis, to name but a few more.

      But all of them have one very important thing in common: They’re going to need the National Guard to patrol the streets sooner or later.

    • jambi19

      Don’t you love it when Conservative Inc. blames the status of these cities on “liberalism” and “democrats” like San Francisco and Portland aren’t run by liberal democrats. What could be the enigma in these different outcomes?

      • Seek

        Gee, I ask, mockingly scratching my head. For the life of me, I can’t imagine what the reason could be.

      • MBlanc46

        The thing about San Francisco is that they have their ghetto across the Bay in Oakland. It’s easier to have a livable city when a large body of water separates you from the miscreants.

      • disqus_irCdmAu8It

        Jambi19 – you massivly overlook one key point – the Black populations of San Francisco and Portland are rather small…hence, they have not been able to runi those cities.

        • jambi19

          I didn’t massively overlook that point. I fully understand your statement. I was using satire and sarcasm to mock Republicans.

      • Anon12

        Yes, with the conservatives EVERYTHING dealing with race and racism is the fault of liberalism, progressives, etc. Or the fault of dear ole Whitey…

        The R’s love and idolize MLK and take credit for the Civil Rights movement also. When I found that out I quickly realized what the R’s really are. They and the Christian right are all for Whitey adopting and cohabiting/marrying nonwhites. They will not allow themselves to become “racists”. What a bunch of worthless fools.

        They are nothing but White racial cowards, one and all.and I have since disowned them all and as for the White liberals they are just as insane. That is why I am now a WN and proud to be one. I have more peace within me since I have found truths that no one dare speak in today’s backward world. It is so plain to see and so OBVIOUS that it amazes me that millions more Whites cannot seem to see the obvious.

  • bigone4u

    Birmingham is in Jefferson County, which had the largest municipal bankrupty in history due to corruption over the rebuilding of infrastructure. I will soon be moving to that area, but I purchased a house outside Jefferson County to avoid having to deal with the problems of BRA. There are still many highly rated majority white towns in the county, as well as in neighboring counties. Shelby county, the popular bedroom to Birmingham, filed the lawsuit challenging the Voting Rights Act, which I think is soon to be decided by the Supreme Court. Ironically, while Birmingham is crime ridden, the county I am moving to, just outside B’ham, has the fourth lowest crime rate in the country. I’ll be out in the country on acreage and I hope that I don’t have to deal with crime or harassment from any urban youfs who stray outside the city limits.

    • Strider73

      Any place that close to a black cesspool with such low crime must be both heavily white and heavily armed. Make sure you are as well. Out there in the country, shotguns and long-range rifles would be preferred. If you already have the guns, stock up on ammo whenever it’s on sale.

      • bigone4u

        There was a lynching of a black male there about a hundred years ago when a white woman gave birth to a black baby. When the mob came for her she claimed a black male had raped her and named a local black farmer as her assailant. It seems that blacks may have long memories relative to lynchings. I noticed in my researches for a place to live that blacks fled towns in droves after lynchings and the ones that stay seem to behave better. As to guns, thanks for the advice. Lew has articles on self defense and I’ll get a pistol, shotgun, and rifle per the best weapons recommended in some of his past articles.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    At least they will all be congregated in easy to identify and contain centralized areas when it all falls apart.

    Continue to flee these failed experiments, productive citizens and secede. Let ’em choke on their own stupidity. Letting blacks take over is tantamount to giving them the rope to hang themselves.

    Well Ordered Militia

  • JohnEngelman

    According to Neighborhood Scout Birmingham, Alabama has a crime index of 1. 0 is most dangerous. 100 is safest.

    • What is the ratio of Asians to Whites in that neighborhood, Bud?

      • JohnEngelman

        Based on the 2000 census, there were 242,820 people, 98,782 households, and 59,269 families residing in the city.[42] The population density was 1,619.7 people per square mile (625.4/km2). There were 111,927 housing units at an average density of 746.6 per square mile (288.3/km2). The racial makeup of the city was 62.46% Black, 35.07% White, 0.17% Native American, 0.80% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 0.62% from other races, and 0.83% from two or more races. 1.55% of the population wereHispanic or Latino of any race.,_Alabama

        Cities with high Oriental populations, like Honolulu, San Jose, and San Francisco, have low crime rates.

        • Anon12

          LOL! There you go again…I was wondering when you would get around to your fetish for Asians again… Your “ilk” has always been pro nonwhite and anti-White from the beginning of time. Now tell us the truth, Johnny boy….

          • JohnEngelman

            How is it anti white to tell the truth about Orientals, especially when I can document my assertions from articles I have found here?

  • JohnEngelman

    Bull Connor, Jim Crow, water hoses, and fierce German Shepherds were the perfect villains, with black people–merely marching and fighting for equality before the law–cast as the perfect heroes.

    Images broadcast to the nation from Birmingham and the promotion of Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” helped convince legislators in Congress to pass Civil Rights legislation in 1964. As one lawmaker said as they signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “But for Birmingham, we wouldn’t be here.”

    – Paul Kersey, SBPDL, April 12, 2013

    Martin Luther King, Jr. was skilled at bringing out the worst in his enemies. He played them like a piano.

  • Paleoconn

    Conservatism Inc response: this is a stain on the legacy of Sir Dr. St. Martin Luther King, Esq., peace be upon him.

    • TheAntidote

      I understand he’s the patron saint of urinals and battered prostitutes.

  • Paleoconn

    Before long it will be Burningham

  • Seeing as this is my city, I’ll have to check this one out.

  • watling

    Can someone please confirm it’s a coincidence that Paul Kersey is also the name of Charles Bronson’s character in the Death Wish movies?

    • Derelictus

      That’s the author’s assumed pseudonym, I believe. If not, it’s quite an amazing coincidence!

  • Scott Enlow

    I remember last year when a black teenager nam…ed Trayvon Martin was killed in Florida after physically assaulting George Zimmerman, President Obama commented on national television about how he was outraged about the killing and how if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.

    There was a media frenzy that kept the news story on every major network as a leading story for weeks. The racial aspect of the case made for headlines on a daily basis even though the media later had to admit that George Zimmerman was Hispanic and not Caucasian which let the air out of many race baiters, activists and news outlets.

    Even though there was a claim of self-defense in the shooting of Martin and Zimmerman had obvious injuries supporting that claim, some people including the President just couldn’t wait for the facts to be weighed in a court of law. People demonstrated and marched in the streets with their clenched fists in the air yelling “no justice, no peace”. But in the recent murder of 13 month old Antonio Santiago and the wounding of his mother who was pushing him in a stroller those same people who were so demanding of “justice” for Martin last year are as silent as crickets now.

    Why was there such an outrage when Martin was killed but not when Santiago was killed? I’ll let you decide.

    What happened in the small east-coast town of Brunswick, Georgia several weeks ago was savagery at it’s worst and disturbingly our society and more especially white people is being subjected to it nowdays more and more. Antonio Santiago was not a seventeen year old football player killed during a late night altercation as was Trayvon Martin. Antonio Santiago was not almost six foot tall nor did he weigh 165 pounds as did Trayvon Martin.

    Antonio’s killer is not sporting a broken nose and a bloodied head from a beating and he cannot make the claim that he was acting to defend himself from Antonio. No, Antonio Santiago was an innocent 13 month old baby sitting in a stroller.

    This murder is everything the Trayvon Martin case was NOT but what the media tried to make it out to be. Despite the media using photos of Martin depicting him as a pre-pubescent teen the fact remained that he was a young man. They tried to make Martins death a case of child murder when it was not. But in the case of Antonio Santiago it’s obviously a case of an innocent 13 month old child being killed for no reason. There’s even a real white/black racial aspect this time because little Antonio was white and his accused teenage killer is black. But since it doesn’t fit the media agenda of demonizing white people and showing blacks as perpetual victims this story remains basically untold.

    I’m still waiting to hear the President express his outrage about the killing of this innocent and I’m waiting for him to comment about how if he had a little brother he might have looked like Antonio Santiago. After all, the president is mixed race and half- white so there is as much chance that his imaginary sibling could have looked like little blonde haired, blue eyed Antonio as there was the chance that his imaginary son would have looked like the black Trayvon.

    But all we’ve heard from Obama about Antonio dying is silence. I’m watching patiently for the media frenzy to begin also. But not surprisingly the story hasn’t even gotten any headlines.

    Professional pot-stirrers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have not organized a single march demanding hate crime charges be brought by the federal government. Is anyone surprised? I’m not.

    I’m certain that this time we’ll see the gun that was used demonized as being responsible instead of the black “youth” and we’ll not see the left demanding the killers head on a platter like they did with Zimmerman.

    As with the racial aspect of the murder being purposely overlooked this time, the fact will not be mentioned that the black thug who killed little Antonio was obviously in possession of a gun illegally and most likely he had stolen it.

    It’s almost a certainty we’ll be told that more laws would have prevented this tragedy as if making it more illegal than it already was would have made a difference somehow. But every reasonable person knows it wouldn’t have. Someone who is capable of shooting a baby in the face, obviously could not be stopped by simply reminding them that it’s against the law or making it “more illegal”.

    I’d like to give the President the benefit of the doubt and believe he was genuine last year when he said what he did about believing that Trayvon Martin somehow looked like the son he never had. Who knows, maybe he was sincere and maybe he really felt emotionally connected to Trayvon Martin for some reason and was not just using the opportunity to pander to his black voter base, stir them up and pressure the authorities to charge Zimmerman.

    But the Presidents lack of an equally sympathetic comment about the death of Antonio Santiago, sadly causes me to wonder about the reason for his silence.

    If I had to guess the reason for his silence my guess would be the obvious. The races of those involved.

    • Derelictus

      Correct, and the media’s handling of the Trayvon affair was essentially treason and propaganda against the majority of the U.S. population (still, at the moment, Whites). Meanwhile, besides baby Antonio, there have been numerous black-on-white murders/rapes/assaults/robberies that the media reports, but never draws any conclusions on, and the big media conglomerates yawn, certainly none of those events are nightly news worthy. Ooooh, but cops have hoodie targets! Dat be rayciss! Remember Emmitt Till!! This country sucks.

  • MBlanc46

    The main feature of today’s Chicago Tribune travel section was on the “civil rights” sites of Birmingham. There wasn’t the slightest indication that the place is the Alabama version of Detroit.

  • race reality

    “A now 74 percent black city with a city government completely dominated by black public employees and a shrinking tax base incapable of providing revenue to maintain the city, Birmingham is a city in financial and moral ruin.”

    Where have you heard this same old story over and over 100s of times? Where would the black race be without the savior white race and this includes the root of the problem 500 yrs ago with the mistaken misguided conception of African slavery to the newly founded western hemisphere that was needed like a hole in the head.

    White slaves built and maintained all of Europe and its grandiose cities for 1000s of yrs without a single African black slave and should have never been ended. It would have also been so much simpler just to make slaves out of the Asian reds aka indians who were already in the west for 1000 yrs before the white Europeans arrived.

    Wasting a fortune going all the way to Africa treking through the jungle buying the tribal chiefs rejects and shipping them back seems like a mountain of unnecessary trouble for nothing to say the least that brought all the race problems and opened the door for Marx and his tool Lincoln to spread their socialist filth and ruin white European capitalism.

    African slavery also killed the white labor force and was the worst form of economic system imaginable.

    Like Chris Rock said before Obama ascended into the WH, the black race will follow the white race to Mars if they have too.

    Of course since Obama the black race has become timid and stopped talking about race altogether after seeing what type of total chaos destruction and incompetence their fearless mutt leader hath wrought on them all. What a mess.