The 2013 NFL Draft: Ryan Swope, Conner Vernon Latest Casualties Of War Against Whites

Paul Kersey, VDARE, April 29, 2013

The Senate is out of session this week and the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill on hold, but the war against the historic American nation continues—even in the National Football League.

This was the weekend of the NFL Draft, a media spectacle featuring the 32 franchises supposedly scrambling to pick the best college football athletes in the country. This year, the Draft was expected to be watched by some 50 million people. [NFL Turns Its 6-Month Season Into a 12-Month Business, CNBC, April 26, 2013]

The NFL isn’t just a sports-entertainment empire that generates many billions of profit per year. It’s also a wonderful distraction—an opiate for the masses, if you will—from such frivolous news as the Gang of Eight’s desire to turn all of America into California.

But it’s more than that. It’s another battlefield in America’s long war against her own people.

The 2013 Draft provides another example of anti-white discrimination that goes all but unmentioned by the fanatically PC sports journalism establishment.

In the NFL, there is no such thing as “white privilege”. There’s systematic anti-white bias, as I’ve documented here.

The NFL’s studied indifference to its lack of white players contrasts dramatically with the attitudes of other professional sports leagues accused of having too few blacks. Major League Baseball (MLB) has no problem conducting studies to try and figure out why so few of its on-field employees are black. Incredibly, even the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) has seen accusations of being anti-black, with the Minnesota Timberwolves attacked for being “too white” for daring to have 10 of its 15 players be non-black in an 80 percent black league.

The NFL itself has undertaken a more than three-decade long quest to promote more black quarterbacks, with Rush Limbaugh being one of the casualties of the war.

White players are actively discriminated against in most professional sports, but especially football. Let’s take one example: the stereotypically black position of wide receiver. In the 2013 Draft, of the 254 players selected, 28 were receivers (11 percent). Of those 28 receivers selected, only one was a white athlete—Texas A&M’sRyan Swope, who ran the second fastest 40-yard-dash for a receiver at the NFL Combine, at 4.34.

He was selected in the sixth round, despite being one of the top receivers in college football, projected as a third or fourth round pick.

Another overlooked white receiver: Conner Vernon, the record-setting star from Duke University. He wasn’t drafted, although he was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Oakland Raiders. This means he will be forced to compete for a roster spot.

Vernon’s problems began in high school. He was a fervent fan of his hometown University of Miami, but his favorite team ignored him, as did just about everyone else. The reason is something that “white privilege” ideologues can’t explain:

Despite his accomplishments and the seven other members of his class getting Division I attention, Vernon still had no offers and had yet to get a call from a Football Bowl Subdivision school.

“Bob Stoops, (Steve) Spurrier, all those guys were at the school at one time or another, and the coaches would tell them, ‘you need to look at this kid, you need to look at this kid,’ ” Robert Vernon, Conner’s father, said. “And they said, ‘yeah, yeah, we’ll look at him,’ but they didn’t. They took Conner for granted.”

Shane Vernon, who received offers from FCS or Division II schools, has another theory.

“I knew the stereotypes and stigmas that were in football,” he said. “I got to learn it the hard way. It’s an uphill battle, and you have this white boy stigma. It’s always there, no matter how good you are, what you do, it will always be there, so you’ve just got to stand out that much more.”

Vernon stood out during spring football before his senior year. He was named the sleeper of the Under Armour/Scout combine after he ran a 4.41-second 40-yard dash.

Vernon grows into record-setting receiver for DukeCharlotte Observer, August 27, 2012]

Despite Vernon’s accomplishments, not one Florida college offered him a scholarship coming out of high school. Only Duke, the University of MississippiVanderbilt, Troy and Wake Forest approached one of the best high school players in the country.

It didn’t stop him. While at Duke, Vernon became the most productive receiver in Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) history, posting multiple seasons of 70+ catches.

Nonetheless, this weekend, Vernon wasn’t even drafted.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr., who has built a lucrative career out of evaluating NFL Draft prospects, had projected Vernon to be a 5thround selection. In his analysis, he compared Vernon to another white receiver, Wes Welker, saying, “[Vernon is] a strong kid with very deceptive speed.” (Incidentally, why is the speed of a white receiver “deceptive?”)

Interestingly, Welker (who recently signed with the Denver Broncos) also went undrafted by the NFL in 2004—in fact, he only had one scholarship coming out of high school. He has since gone on to have one of the most productive receiving careers in NFL history.

Vernon himself is well aware of what is happening.

Conner Vernon watched Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker work the slot, noting how the 5-9, 185-pound water bug set up his routes to create space when he made a break one way or another during workouts at Duke University this month.

Then Vernon would peek to the outside to see Welker’s teammate, Eric Decker, using his 6-3, 218-pound frame to get separation from defensive backs on top of him.

All the while, Vernon, 22, wondered how he possibly could have drawn comparisons to two wide receivers whose styles of play are vastly different from each other’s.

“It’s funny how, nowadays, you’re just comparing race to race here,” the Duke receiver and projected midround pick told USA TODAY Sports. “Aside from my skin color, I don’t see where they got that assumption.

[Typecasting confounds Duke’s Conner Vernon, Mike Garafolo, USA TODAY, April 22, 2013]

Both Welker and Decker are white wide receivers for the Denver Broncos. They’ll be catching a lot of footballs in 2013 thrown by Peyton Manning. Peyton’s brother Eli of the NY Giants commented casually of Vernon, “He does have some talent, so it’ll be interesting to see if he does get a shot somewhere.”

Some talent?

Why would Vernon’s abilities be so lightly dismissed? Well, the same reason the Green Bay Packers Jordy Nelson wasn’t treated as a big threat – he’s a white guy trying to play a position long dominated by black athletes [Teammates say Jordy Nelson is underestimated because he’s white, Pro Football Talk, November 19, 2011].

According to TIDES Sports, only 13 percent of those employed as wide receivers in the NFL last season were white; 87 percent were black. The NFL as a whole is roughly 67 percent black and 30 percent white. Since 1998, each season roughly 90-91 percent of those employed as receivers in the NFL have been black athletes.

Nonetheless, every year it seems another white receiver displays “some talent”—to use Eli Manning’s term—and becomes fodder for a quick Man Bites Dog news story:

As one white receiver put it, “We’re a minority… in many ways being a white receiver is kind of like being an African-American golfer. I don’t know why it’s like that, but that’s just the way it is.”

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played receiver his first two years at Texas A&M, knows about the stereotyping Hartline faces. About being called “deceptively fast,” Tannehill said, “I’ve had that label before, too. It’s just kind of a stigma that comes with it.”

[Brian Hartline trying to prove that he can be the speedy deep threat the Miami Dolphins have sought, Palm Beach Post, October 10, 2012]

What is the NFL doing about this lack of real diversity? Needless to say, it is campaigning for more non-white head and assistant coaches, front office personnel, physicians, and broadcasters.

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  • a multiracial individual

    I would be interested in seeing the ethnic breakdown in average scores for the Wonderlic Test. I would also be interested in seeing if there was a correlation between low Wonderdic score, and financial difficulties following retirement.

    • The__Bobster

      Why bother? Just plot skin color vs. financial difficulties. You’ll get the same result.

      • a multiracial individual

        In the United States in general such an analysis would be highly flawed, as Indian Americans are among the highest income earners.

        • jambi19

          Why would it be flawed? An Indian cab driver would correlate with an income of a tax driver. An Indian heart surgeon would correlate with the income of a heart surgeon. Then again we are talking about the USA. Worldwide where do Indians land in income compared to whites?

    • No, I think some financial difficulties come because of having kids with more than one woman and having to pay child support, even though you are now broke. See, Terrell Owens, Andre Rison, Adam “Pacman” Jones, and Evander Holyfield.

      • a multiracial individual

        I am sure a poor Wonderlic correlates highly to fertility and illegitimacy as well.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      The Wonderlic scores for the top black athletes are routinely pathetic. Of course with any other cognitive-related test blacks fail miserably in, the test gets blamed not the test taker.

  • C B

    As a general rule, blacks are stronger and faster; favoring them as receivers, running backs and corner backs is sensible, just like favoring whites to play the more mentally challenging positions like qb and o-line is sensible.

    • The__Bobster

      Not when the Whites are demonstrably better, it isn’t.

      • C B

        If they were demonstrably better they’d make the team. Coaches love the smart, well-behaved white players because they’re easier to work with. If they were as good on average as black athletes there would be a lot more of them because coaches at the NFL level only care about winning. Black athletic superiority is as obvious as white mental superiority.

    • KYTim89

      This reminds me of a white football player that played for the New York Giants during the 1990s. His name was Jason Sehorn and the guy is most famous for being one of the few white guys occupying the corner back position during his tenure. The guy was a good player, but after his injuries his career slowly went down. There is no way he would make it in today’s NFL working as a corner back because he would simply be replaced by a more controllable black football player.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        I remember him…great player!

    • Rhialto

      Black men are faster than white men; they are not stronger. In football, at any position (except kickers) speed is a great plus. As my long dead high school football coaches told us: If you don’t get there, you can’t do anything. That certainly applied to me. If I could get there, I could tackle any runner in the league. But often, I could not get there.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Faster, yes. Stronger? No. If you watch the world’s strongest man competitions on ESPN it’s almost exclusively huge white men with gigantic chests. They aren’t chiseled and lean like black WR’s, they are bulky and have a stocky figure almost to the point of appearing overweight. But they still outlift the blacks.

      And for your other point, whites used to be favored to play QB because of the cognitive aspects required as well as the leadership requirements, but now white QB’s are being turned down in favor of the “dual threat” QB i.e. can run and throw. Almost all of these black QB’s turn out to be gimmicks…all hype and no real production. Guys like Michael Vick never matched guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning who can’t run to save their lives. Only 1 black QB has ever won a SB and we are now in an age where black QB’s are all the rage. That says something.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      Blacks are not stronger. Whites dominate power lifting, wrestling, World’s Strongest Man competitions and so forth.

    • 45.7 400 White Guy

      Actually blacks are generally faster, whites stronger. Dirty little secret of the NFL. Did you know that the NFL got rid of the “NFL’s Strongest Man” contest because no black player ever came close to winning? On the flipside, several whites have won the NFL’s Fastest Player contest, much to the teeth gnashing of the folks running the show.

      • Svigor

        I only saw one “NFL’s Strongest Man” contest, and it was all blacks competing. There were no whites in the contest. Judging by the way they were all cheating (bouncing the bar off their chests, etc.), my guess was that none of the white linemen (who tend to be fairly intelligent, highly conscientious types) could be bothered.

  • bigone4u

    While the NFL is jokingly called the Negro Football League, the racial makeup of pro football is another sign of active anti-white bigotry. I have not supported football at the high school, college, or pro level because of the bias toward blacks. What is particularly galling are the post game interviews with these morons, who mostly speak in ebonics and repeat nonsense over and over. As gays unveil themselves in the NFL (more social engineering), perhaps a little locker room fun will result in an AIDS crisis for the league. One can only hope.

    • dukem1

      Ahhh. The post-game interview. That’s what did it for me re: college hoops.

      There’s group whose skee-yulls are not even in the arena with intelligence or lucidity.
      My daughter went to a big time college and once took a class in some kind of communications elective with a couple guys from the b-ball team. She said, “Dad, they don’t even know how to read!”
      Nevertheless. As I’ve said before – “Way to be AmRen! More sports!”

    • Strider73

      Given their criminality, make that the Negro Felons League.

      • bigone4u

        I couldn’t remember that the F stood for felon. Thanks for reminding everyone. I totally ditched the NFL when that savage Vick was brought back in after murdering those poor dogs. Dog murder, girlfriend murder, wife murder, drugs–these felons deserve no accolades from anyone.

  • So it seems that some of these white players understands what is happening. So!? Are any of these white players LOYAL TO THEIR OWN RACE? Do any of
    them financially support our movement? I’ve never heard of one. Of
    course, they may be undercover lovers.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Didn’t White guy Welker break a record? Why didn’t we hear about this historic first on MSM 24/7?

    White privilege is a Hate Lie.

  • Snowhitey

    Honestly, whites should boycott all of football, players and spectators. But they won’t. The fact that whites drool over this sport is the problem. So, they get no sympathy from me.

  • Jefferson

    I am not a fan of the NFL and the NBA. I am a UFC guy.

    • tickyul

      Me too, but dammit, Urban Americans are lionized there also. Please…..PLEASE, where is the White fighter who can knock the **** out of Jon Jones and Anderson Silva

      • LastBastionOfHope

        Paul Malignaggi

        • tickyul

          He has a lot of guts, is pretty skilled and fast……but his hands are shot, that is why he does not punch very hard.

          • LastBastionOfHope

            Also Brock Lesnar would dominate them in a street fight

          • tickyul

            Yes, I have no doubt that Lesnar would kick most everyones ass in a street fight. But in MMA, he did not do so great. Seems he failed to adapt to MMA….in many fights he looked like a beached whale when on the ground.
            Tyson Fury could be a really great White fighter if he would get into shape….looks kinda like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

      • BernieGoetzFan

        Chris Weidmann will beat Silva in July. Gustaffson has a shot at beating Jones too.
        Where is the black to beat GSP? Or Wladimir Klitschko in boxing?

        • Svigor

          Funny how boxing became singularly uninteresting to the “sports media” right around the time that Wlad started to dominate…

    • 45.7 400 White Guy

      Did you know that Dana White bowed to the networks to gain cable and ‘mainstream’ contracts? He and the other UFC heads were told they could have the contracts if they could provide “darker” champs. No joke. I know a guy who was involved in the negotiations. Look at Jon Jones. Never fights anyone on a winning streak. Unless it’s someone naturally 35 lbs or more lighter! And word is other fighters have been told NOT to kick Mr. Jones’ delicate legs hard, because his shin bones would probably shatter like those of other similarly built black MMA fighters in the past. Jon Jones is also SPONSORED by the UFC. Huh? Everything ends up rigged. Social conditioning for all.

      • Svigor

        Sounds like the David Gelbaum effect.

    • Svigor

      I’m more of a “man on the moon,” science, technology, split the atom, modern civilization, colonize space, etc., kind of guy.

  • robinbishop34

    Wasn’t there an story posted on AmRen a while ago about an article written by a black sportswriter who spoke of how the two most dominant teams, the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts were the whitest teams in the league?

    • Rapid rate

      No joke when i was about 14 years old I played tackle football on a competitive little youth football team in Novato california, wich is an upper middle class small white town in marin county. We were a tough little football program, with great coaching, and smart players. We were going around and beating the crap out of other little youth football teams all over the bay area, and it just so happens that we were 99.9 %white! We traveled out to some getto in Fairfeald california and played a 100% black team and destroyed them, we got up on them 45 zip, it was great!!…..The only point i am trying to make with this story, is that I don’t happen to believe that blacks are these far and away superior athletes that most people believe they are, the truth is whites can compete with them athletically in anything.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        I ran track in HS and was the fastest kid in the school. I routinely beat blacks from other schools in the 100M dash and they were shocked. I always laughed at them afterwards.

      • Svigor

        Whites are always going to be better at team sports when you control for athleticism. Meaning, white players grant an edge at the group level, even if they aren’t as athletic.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Here is the thing no one talks about…we need to decide once and for all: do we want all positions to be earned on merit, or simply by quota with equal representation for all races? Picking one of them is fine, as long as it’s true for EVERYONE. What the NFL and NBA have done is try to mix the 2 which makes absolutely no sense and retards everything. There is no gray area if you pick merit vs. quotas or vice versa. The only time there is gray area is when you let groups have their cake and let them eat it too.

    If it’s just based on merit, then you know what? Blacks WILL dominate…their strong points genetically are clearly more geared towards physical agility with more fast-twitch muscle fibers. And that’s fine. Just as long as this notion of merit is consistent in every other aspect of life like jobs. If the white guy is the better candidate for the job (almost always), then you must say no to the black candidate. If the company ends up 90% white then oh well, that’s because whites performed better just like blacks did in the NFL.

    As an avid sports fan I watch a ton of ESPN and I’ve noticed over the past decade they have really been marketing to blacks more and more trying to seem “hip”. They routinely have rappers on the shows (remember this is ESPN…it’s for sports experts), have anti-white ghetto-minded blacks like Stephen A. Smith and Jemele Hill spewing their drivel, and of course many of their shows feature a few huge former black football players along with a sexy white girl with a mini dress on in heels. It’s a liberal’s wet dream. Skip Bayless one of the few white people not afraid to speak his mind has even asked “Is it bad to feel proud because Blake Griffin is doing well as a half white NBA player?”. The need for him to even ask for permission to have pride in his own people really shows how far we have drifted. Surprisingly some of the black hosts even agreed with him and said it makes sense since they are proud of Tiger Woods in the PGA. This stuff really needs to stop.

    It’s clear that blacks are superior genetically in sports that require quick-twitch muscle fibers, jumping, speed, and agility, but they are clearly inferior in cognitively-taxing sports and procedures. Whites have trouble keeping up physically in these areas, yet we make up for it with our cognitive advantage and more civilized lifestyle. Every race has their highlights and lowlights just like different dog breeds. A Greyhound will beat a Bulldog in a race every time. Is that breedist? No, it’s true. A Poodle is also likely to outsmart a Greyhound yet still lose to it in a race. If it’s merit they want, apply it for ALL. If it’s quotas they want, apply it for ALL. It’s not that hard.

    • conan

      So how do you explain rugby (tougher than American football), power lifting(requires fast-twitch muscle fibers), world’s strongest man, Olympic and College wrestling, Triathalons and Decathalons? Or the fact that American blacks routinely get beaten by European teams at international basketball meets?

      I remember people coming up with the same nonsense about boxing ; claiming there would never be a white champion against due to black’s fast-twitch muscles, thicker skulls and other such nonsense that was never proven in a lab. Now, the champs in boxing are white from middleweight up.

      • BonusGift

        Bingo. Fact: whites are roughly 10% of the world’s population yet win over half the olympic gold medals. Given that fact, as a general rule, overall it is whites not blacks that are the superior athletes.

      • 45.7 400 White Guy

        You haven’t done any research. Blacks have thicker skulls, generally in the front and rear of the skull. Their fast twitch muscle cells are different most of the time in that they are of the type for ‘speed’ while the fast twitch cells for whites are of the other type geared for strength. With the superiority whites have in upper body strength they should dominate combat sports much more handily. But things are rigged.

  • Svigor

    My only original contribution to this subject:

    When someone points out that blacks are better at (athletic endeavor like running, jumping, etc. here), just point out an animal that’s better at it than blacks; there’s almost always such an animal to be found. When someone points out that blacks are better endowed, just point out that most quadrupeds have them beat in that area, too.

    The things blacks are supposedly better at, animals are even better at.