GOP Does Not Have a Hispanic Problem

Peter Brimelow, WND, April 16, 2013

Everyone knows that the Republican Party needs to extend amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens in order to win the Hispanic vote. Right?

But, to quote Josh Billings: “It’s not what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

And it’s not just that Hispanics will never vote Republican anyway–because they are poor and naturally like government redistribution, and because they have eyes and can see that Marco Rubio is a white Cuban, not a Mexican.

Both those things are true, of course, but the real reason the current Hispanic hysteria is wrong is that there simply aren’t that many Hispanic voters. Whites will continue to dominate the U.S. electorate for the foreseeable future.

And it’s whites–especially the white working class, above all in the North–who are up for grabs.

Hispanics cast perhaps 10 percent of the votes in the 2012 presidential election. (All these numbers are a little fuzzy because exit polling is inexact.) Whites cast 72 percent.


But at least everybody knows that Hispanic immigration (legal and–shhh!–illegal) has made California a Democratic stronghold. Right?

Again, incredibly, this is something that “everybody knows” that, to quote Billings again, “just ain’t so.” Romney got just 48 percent of the white vote in California in 2012, according to Reuters/ Ipsos. McCain got a mere 46 percent in 2008.

Quite obviously, the GOP cannot carry California if it can’t carry the white vote.

Indeed, the amazing truth is that the demographics of California are not much more unfavorable to the GOP than the demographics of Texas.

In 2012, 22 percent of California’s votes were cast by Hispanics, 55 percent by whites.

And 20 percent of Texas’ votes were cast by Hispanics, 63 percent by whites. (An estimate based on the 2008 exit polls–exit polls weren’t taken in Texas in 2012.)

But the GOP carried Texas 57 percent vs. 41 percent. It lost California 60 percent to 37 percent. The difference: Texas whites voted 76 percent for the GOP.

Even a small increase in the GOP’s share of the white vote would swamp any conceivable increase in its share of the Hispanic vote.

And there’s plenty of room for an increase. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney got only about 57 percent of whites in 2012 – fatally less than the 60 percent congressional Republicans got in the tea-party mid-term election in 2010.

In contrast, Ronald Reagan got a 64 percent white share in 1984. Richard Nixon got 67 percent back in 1972.


Indeed, even if immigration continues at current levels, the GOP could still win the 2052 presidential election–if it could increase its white share to 70 percent.

Remember, that would be only 3 points higher that Richard Nixon’s white share in 1972. {snip}

On the other hand, there’s a whole tier of largely white Northern states–basically Greater New England, from Portland, Maine to Portland, Ore.–where Romney underperformed, because his white share was significantly below average.

Thus Romney lost the six key Midwest states–Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin – because his white share averaged 52 percent–6 points below the national average.


Above all, Romney did particularly badly among the white working class in these six states. Thus he did only 2 points worse among whites with college degrees in the six states than he did nationally. But among the white “some college” component, he came in 6 points worse than nationally. And among the white “no college” voters, he performed 11 points worse than across the country–finishing tied with Obama.

So the GOP’s problem is not that it can’t win Hispanics–it’s that it can’t mobilize its white base. Above all, it has lost its grip on the white working class–what used to be called the Reagan Democrats.


But whites have rights, too. And, until Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act opened the floodgates to non-traditional immigration, these “whites” were what was called “Americans.”

For the GOP, immigration is not a problem but a solution. An anti-unemployment immigration moratorium, attrition of the illegal presence through enforcement and closing the anchor-baby loophole, coupled with Official English and the abolition of affirmative action, which (absurdly) currently advantages immigrants, all are exactly what is needed to bring back the Reagan Democrats.

Maybe it can’t happen. But maybe, too, the GOP is doomed.

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  • David Ashton

    But the Republicans have gotta have a pro-white POLICY too – after election as well as before.

    • Wayne

      Republitards will never do that. They are too busy steppin’ and fetchin’ to the msm’s tunes.

  • Gay Black Man

    As a person of color who is a political consultant, I can tell you firsthand that there will be a LARGE number of Hispanics who will be of voting age within the next decade and will most likely aggressively exercise their political muscle at the ballot box.

    It would be very arrogant and unwise to dismiss such a forthcoming ample sized voting block.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Well, if they were deported they couldn’t vote now could they?

      • Gay Black Man

        Hispanic children who were born on American soil are considered Americans. This is a group of young people between the ages of 10-15 that are demonstrably large in numbers and will be able to vote in large numbers within the next few years and decade.

        • Eagle_Eyed

          A sane reading of the 14th amendment would take away citizenship and voting privileges for the kids of illegals. A reversal of demographic decline would start by importing white immigrants from Europe and elsewhere.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Boers and Rhodesians for our Bantus! A fair trade!

        • PaRed

          Those children should be deported also.

        • Anon12

          Since the Fourteenth has been twisted into something it never was, then they are NOT American citizens.

          BTW, GBM,, you had better hope that Mexicans do not take over…..

          • Matt

            You, me , Gay Black Man and all other non-Hispanics better hope they don’t for that matter.

    • So CAL Snowman

      So we should promise them the moon then? That’s all they ever vote for, is more “gibsmedat.” They are sort of like your people but more organized and slightly more willing to work.

      • Gay Black Man

        The same argument could made about many of “your people”

        • Anon12

          Really? I don’t see White gang-bangers, White drug cartels, Prisons and jails full of Whites, White ghetto neighborhoods, disrupting whole schools with their very bad behaviors, blasting their nonsensical rap trash, trashing everyplace they go and the list goes on and on…Maybe you would like to live in Africa and create a civilized, safe, clean country for yourself and your own kind as we used to have in America when Whites were the majority of the population as it was meant to be. That is what I would like to see.

          Blacks need their own country to live and rule as they please. Mexicans also. So do all nonwhites…Live among your kind and rule and be happy..

          I want my own White nation and to be ruled by my own kind without all the interference from some minority group trying to rule us. . Is that too much to ask? Every race needs to take care of their own people. That is the way it was suppose to be throughout time.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      I prefer, Gay Black Man, the sobering dose of reality provided by this Conservative Black Man, Thomas Sowell:

      “…laws are meant to protect the society from the law breakers. But our immigration laws are different. Here the whole focus is on the ‘plight’ of those who have broken the laws, and on what can be done to lift the stigma and ease the pressures they feel, so that they can ‘come out of the shadows’ and ‘normalize’ their lives.

      “Merely using the word ‘illegal’ to describe their breaking the law is considered to be a sign of mean-spiritedness, if not racism. The Associated Press refuses to let their reporters refer to people who sneaked across the border into this country, in violation of American immigration laws, as ‘illegal immigrants.'”

    • Sky is falling, sky is falling, sky is falling…

      If Hispanics were so interested in politics, then why are the only 22% of the electorate in California, a state where they’re a clear plurality soon to be the outright majority? If California whites voted like Texas whites, California would be a red state. Even counting current demographic trends, the Republicans could still win the Presidency in the year 2052 if it gets 70% of the white vote.

      • Jefferson

        I am a right wing White person who lives in the Bay Area. I am a minority within a minority here. White people are a minority in the Bay Area and right wing Whites are an even smaller minority.

        Most Whites in the Bay Area are Occupy Wall Street/Michael Moore/Che Guevara loving leftists who despise the second amendment and thinks The United States needs more 3rd world immigration because “we are a country of immigrants” as they put it.

      • George White

        Yes…white liberals are ethnomasochistic fools.

    • George White

      I worked in the hood of Los Angeles for twenty five years with the black and Latino communities. Latinos will NEVER vote GOP. They resent whites and they hate the GOP. And the GOP can NEVER outgive the DEMS, and to do so would bankrupt the nation. (The Dems are already well on their way to doing just that) The ONLY hope for the GOP would be to aggressively deport illegals, institute E-Verify, etc.

      • William

        I agree.That is why it makes me so sick to see some of our “Hispanic Loving” posters ranting on and on how they love Hispanics and have no problem being around them as opposed to being around Blacks. Please! I don’t want to be around either group!

        • Stop Immigration Now

          I am with you. Although if I had to choose, I would prefer Blacks. Say what you want to say about Blacks, at least they have not made ebonics and Black jibberish English the official language of several major cities. On the contrary, our friends from Mexico have rapidly destroyed our culture with their aggressive behavior demanding Spanish speaking signs, menus, bilingual public school curriclum etc..

          • Erasmus

            Will Obongo and his friends be demanding that the brotha’s and sistahs in da ‘hood learn Spanish? I keep hearing that whites need to learn Spanish but never anything about Shaqwana, Shitavious or Donyeah having to learn it.

          • Anon12

            I prefer NEITHER race.

        • Anon12

          DITTO! I also tire of some posters here who just love the Asians also…These posters are NOT pro-White or even White as far as I am concerned…..

    • dhs

      So your point is that he GOP is operating in “last extremity” mode: The brains within the GOP know that the GOP’s only chance is to pick up some Hispanic and moderate vote, and hope that they don’t lose too much of the white male vote. Thus the GOP may remain a major party for a few more election cycles.

      You makes more sense than what is emitted from professional commentators.

    • Dan

      Actually, I am troubled by the prospect of this, but it does make good sense.

    • Anon12

      This country will be gone before that happens. This country will never survive without the founding race of people. WHITE people. Or a Civil War 11 will break out. Then what?

  • I am waiting for you to court MY vote, republican candidates.
    Don’t tell me you think I’m automatically going to vote for you?

    • Jefferson

      The GOP is not going to court your vote. They are too busy trying to court the vote of those “natural Republican” Mexicans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and Guatemalans.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    There it is, in an exquisitely perfect nutshell:

    “For the GOP, immigration is not a problem but a solution. An anti-unemployment immigration moratorium, attrition of the illegal presence through enforcement and closing the anchor-baby loophole, coupled with Official English and the abolition of affirmative action, which (absurdly) currently advantages immigrants, all are exactly what is needed to bring back the Reagan Democrats”.

    “Maybe it can’t happen. But maybe, too, the GOP is doomed.”

  • The__Bobster

    Interesting. Rush Limbaugh quoted the same facts today when interviewing the traitorous Reconquista Marquito Rubio. I wonder if he reads WND or VDare.

    • Isn’t his voice wearing out? He did the Full Ginsburg on News Church this past Sunday, and over the course of this week, he’s doing the equivalent when it comes to conservative talk radio. I only wish one of these talk radio hosts would realize that he’s always been for amnesty and open borders, going back to his days as the Speaker of the House in Florida.

  • My only disagreement of substance with Peter Brimelow (see the original article) is that Iowa is not a conservative state. Its founding white population were New England/Puritan farmers, and thus, even to this day, it’s Massachusetts with corn. Note that in the seven Presidential elections held since Reagan’s 1984 landslide, a Republican has only carried it once (Bush, 2004).

    As for the philosophical end, while it has been useful to speculate, discuss and debate a lot of the possible reasons why Obama won and/or Romney didn’t win, and those reasons have some combination of truth or fatuousness, sometimes you just have to save your time and effort accept the simple Occam’s Razor explanation. In the case of 2012, the Occam’s Razor explanation to why Obama won re-election is because he was the incumbent President. It’s hard as hell to defeat incumbent politicians in elections.

    • rick

      Iowa was the state that kicked off the national political career of Barack Hussein Obama back in January of 2008. Even the true-blue New England state of New Hampshire voted for Hillary in their Democratic primary a few days later. So IA as a conservative state? ehh.. not really

      • Jefferson

        White people in Iowa vote like White people in California.

  • Ralph

    Rush Limbaugh did a dance today in trying to deny the obvious about why Senator Marco Rubio is pushing for immigration: Rubio is a Brown Supremacist.

    Rubio may also have visions in his head that Latinos will carry him on their shoulders, as a sort of Brown Lord Jim, into higher office as their hero.

    It’s just more destruction of White America. This Star Wars Bar America is not my America–I’m White.

    • storibund

      I couldn’t believe it when Rush said he was going to give Rubio air time. I shut off my radio and didn’t turn it back on.

      I’m gonna to have to find something else to listen to at work for those three hours. Enough is enough.

      • Erasmus

        Seems the oxycontin has permanently rotted El Rushbo’s brain. We’re conservative. We think for ourselves. We take orders from no one. We only listened to Rush because he agreed with conclusions we’d already arrived at.

        What is Savage saying? He can be a kook, but he does call a spade a spade.
        I haven’t flipped on Hannity, Lavine or Medved for years. All are just GOP sock puppets.

      • To be fair, he asked some pretty tough questions. Most conservative talk radio hosts will ask Rubi-NO tough questions, but they just don’t grasp the game Rubi-NO and his open borders handlers are trying to play. If they did, they wouldn’t let him on at all. And they don’t grasp that Rubi-NO has not changed or “evolved” on immigration; he has always been for open borders and amnesty. And they don’t get the simple wisdom of V-Dare’s mantra: The work permit is the amnesty, all else is superfluous.

        • Ralph

          With all due respect, I disagree. I heard the full Rubio segment, and Limbaugh was not tough. Tough would have been for Limbaugh to say: “Senator Rubio, what do you say to those who say that you’re a brown supremacist and that you want amnesty so brown racists will get the vote and see you as their hero?” And, “What do you say to those who say that you are trying to swamp the White gene pool with Brown genes to destroy any last vestiges of White America?”

          • I know, because you have sense. But you have to remember what you’re dealing with: You’re dealing with “Yay Red Team” race-denying lamestream conservative talking heads. The “toughness” we both heard isn’t really tough by our standards, but it’s as tough as a lamer con can possibly be.

          • You’re absolutely correct about “Yay Red Team” race-denying lamestream conservative talking heads. I used to listen to (and actually call in to) these shows. All these so-called conservatives talking-heads what to do is bash anything “Blue Team”. How can you possibly engage in an intellectually honest discussion with these shills?

      • fargo7289

        I guess you don’t believe in discussing an issue… only in listening to people who think exactly like you…. I would find that very boring…. I like discussions….

        • storibund

          If there was any way to *escape* media-whore Rubio and his opinions, I might see your point.

        • Ralph

          Discussions just for the sake of discussions is like water circling in a stopped up basin. It goes no where and is meaningless.

        • Anon12

          They don’t DISCUSS to begin with. Neither side does,. If you are a racially aware White person both sides will demonize you. Call you a racist, nazi, White Supremacist, etc. etc.

          BTW, yes I DO like my own kind who think like I do! They are not boring whatsoever. People such as yourself are the boring ones. You repeat the same mantras over and over and the same sound bites ad nauseum.

    • Bobby

      This is why have I said to people like my cousin, friends, and others who think Limbaugh is some kind of supporter of the average white working stiff, that he is anything but. He’s good for laughs, and someone to listen to while waking up in the morning. The GOP is certainly a good party for someone who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars like Limbaugh. He can afford the GOP, most white working stiffs can’t. Just like they can’t afford the anti-white democrat party. Whites have to look for representation elsewhere, or they are DOOMED..

      • Here’s exercpts from an interview Limbaugh did with Glenn Beck back in May 2009:,2933,521214,00.html

        BECK: Rush, will you — help me out on this, because you always get thrown under the bus, that — well, you know, where were you when George Bush was spending, et cetera, et cetera.

        Address — because I — I have to tell you, the Republican Party doesn’t get it. You just said, echoed again what I was saying about the progressive Republicans. George Bush, this compassionate conservative movement has got to die a violent death.

        LIMBAUGH: Yes, Glenn, let me tell you something. I don’t — personally, I don’t mind people asking me that question, “Where were you with all the spending?”
        I remember — I don’t want to mention any names — I was getting phone calls from people in the White House angry because I was opposed to every attempt they made to amnesty. I was opposed to the Medicare expansion.

        BECK: Yes.

        LIMBAUGH: And they have found a way and called me mad as he can be. “What do you mean this is good — good in the private sector?” I said, “No, it’s an entitlement and Republicans don’t do that.”

        I was — you know, I wasn’t alone in complaining about some of the spending, but the elected Republicans — here’s the problem with it — when you’re a Republican and your president is a Republican, you have to go along with it. If you break from him, then you got party disunity and so forth.

        The Republicans in the House, I think they are in a no-win situation with some of the spending that the Bush administration was doing in opposing it, because they’re charged with carrying his agenda forward… (inaudible).

        I don’t mean to be critical of him, but I don’t think that’s such a big an obstacle to overcome.

        Even with all the Bush spending, Obama has obliterated whatever Bush spending was.
        Got that? “when you’re a Republican and your president is a Republican, you have to go along with it”!! According to the EIB School on Civics 101, Republicans were “charged with carrying his (Bush’s) agenda forward.
        I will never forgive Rush for the way he bad-mouthed Pat Buchanan in 1996 after Pat had won the New Hampshire primary. Even when Pat ran in 2000, Bush-bootlicker Rush wouldn’t support him.

    • me

      The ‘ditto heads’ that support Oxy Limbaugh should not be surprised….just like any other msm player, he’s just in it for the money, honey! Whites had better start rallying around the flag and take their country back, precinct by precinct–or there’s going to be hell to pay for our children and grandchildren!

  • The Republican party needs to reach in, not out. Why would the party supposedly of our constitution, limited government, and individual liberty want to reach out to largely uneducated third world collectivists of whom 76% believe most of the southern United States belongs to Mexico?

    What? Next the GOP will be inviting the Taliban here and offering to make them citizens if they will just promise to vote Republican? LOL Put a fork in the GOP, they’re done.

    • George White

      Great minds think alike. I just posted the very same thoughts. We’re right!

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Heck, they don’t even have the common decency to give suffering Whites a REACH AROUND as they salivate over all the cheap Mexican labor.

      Traitors. Mammonist sell outs. We have no party.

    • MBlanc46

      Because it’s actually the party of global capitalism.

  • bigone4u

    The problem is that whites do not practice racial solidarity as do other groups. The beautiful individualism, the emphasis upon independent thinking in Western philosophy that made the accomplishments of our Euro and American ancestors so great is now destroying us, via democracy and the ballet box. QUOTATION: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Ben Franklin would be appalled that we didn’t keep the Republic.

    • Ralph

      You wrote: “The problem is that whites do not practice racial solidarity as do other groups. ” Right. We simply have to start seeing ourselves as a distinct people different from other peoples.

      A true snippet that I’ve told before: When I was a kid I heard some people taking against Jews. I asked why they didn’t like Jews and they said it was because they’re too cliquish.

      I thought to myself then and often now that we Whites need to be cliquish. And, I try to be that way and go out of my way to avoid films with Blacks, I try to patronize White businessess. I avoid social contact with non-Whites. Small things from just one person, but that’s the way I live and that’s the way I intend to continue to live.

      I don’t need non-Whites for anything. Period.

      • bigone4u

        We think along similar lines, but in a majority Hispanic area I cannot avoid the contact with them. But you are on the money that small things from one person can make a difference, even if only in your life.

      • fargo7289

        at least you’re being honest about your racism….;~)

      • fargo7289

        hmmm… a guy honest about his racism…. refreshing……;-)

    • IstvanIN

      We don’t even have a monarchy, at least with a monarchy we can hope the next king is good, since succession to the throne is an accident of birth.

  • JohnEngelman

    it’s whites–especially the white working class, above all in the North–who are up for grabs.

    – Peter Brimelow, WND, April 16, 2013

    Blue collar wages are declining while profits are rising. This is a Democrat issue.

    • Wages are declining because uncontrolled Third World immigration is increasing labor supply and decreasing wages. This works from the bottom of the wage scale with millions of low skill Mexicans and other Hispanics and from the top we have hundreds of thousands of Chinese, Indians and other Asians squeezing Americans out of what once were better paying white collar jobs like engineers, accountants, doctors etc. Stopping all non-white immigration is an American issue that would actually benefit American blacks as well as whites. Currently of course neither Republicans or Democrats represent the true economic and political interests of Americans. The Democrats with their constant efforts to grab an eternal lock on the non-white vote certainly don’t own the immigration suppressed wage and employment issue. Americans need a new party.

      • JohnEngelman

        Stopping all non-white immigration is an American issue that would actually benefit American blacks as well as whites.

        – Jesse James

        Why exempt whites? Why promote a high birth rate among native born American whites?

        All population growth has a depressing effect on wages, and an inflationary effect on prices. Consequently it inflates profits.

        The relationship between population and standard of living can be expressed with an equation:

        (natural resources x technology) / population = standard of living

        Unfortunately, computer technology increases the relationship between intelligence and income. While it creates opportunities for geniuses it reduces the economic value of jobs that can be learned by those of below average or even average intelligence.

        Population growth and computer technology are both responsible for the increase in inequality in gross income. To an extent that there is a solution to the growing income gap it cannot be found in the Republican goals of lower taxes and less government.

        • Because John I and all of my family and friends are white, I have no particular interests in advancing other races over my own. I expect that reasonable decent people feel the same about their own race – certainly in America Asians, Blacks and Hispanics vote, organize and work to further the cause of their own people. Why should whites continue to suppress their own interests and favor hostile alien peoples over our own?

          • JohnEngelman

            During the course of my life I have liked people of all races. I have also disliked people of all races. I do not think that the races are comparable in average ability levels and behavior, but I know that decent and capable people are found in each racial group.

            Although I am opposed to affirmative action I am fascinated by different cultures, and enjoy diversity as long as it is voluntary and earned. I am fascinated by different cultures. I love the sight and sound of different languages.

            I prefer the company of intelligent people, and would rather discuss Biblical archaeology with a Jew or the philosophy of Confucius and Lao Tzu with a Chinese than last night’s ball game with a white filling station attendant from Arkansas.

            Nevertheless, as I am indifferent to race, I am indifferent to class. A white filling station attendant from Arkansas who is conversant in Biblical archaeology and the philosophy of Confucius and Lao Tzu would fascinate me.

            At the same time I realize that population growth from all causes creates economic problems.

          • me

            Engelman, don’t assume that these ‘intelligent’ people of ‘diverse’ backgrounds are a boon to the USA. In fact, the justification for importing ‘intelligent’ people for you to converse with is ridiculous on so many levels. “I love the sight and sound of different languages”. You can’t see a language, you know…Your pseudo-intellectual snobbery is showing… You do remember what happens after a Marxist takeover, right? The first ones to go are the ‘intellectuals’….

          • JohnEngelman

            Associating my opinions with “a Marxist takeover” is as unacceptable as associating Jared Taylor’s opinions with a Nazi takeover. The guilt by association fallacy has often been used against race realists.


            Is it necessary for me to point out that one sees a language when it is written?

          • David Ashton

            Is it necessary for you to express the same opinions repeatedly in identical sentences as if we had never heard them before? Do you actually have a sort of button that you press so these particular statements pop up mechanically? Just wondering.

          • Anon12

            YOU are NOT a race realist. You are a transparent anti-White.

            You only post here to keep some naive Whites from becoming one.

          • JohnEngelman

            A race realist is one who agrees with Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who wrote this: “For the past twenty years I have studied race differences in brain size, intelligence, sexuality, personalty, growth rate, life span, crime, and family stability On all of these traits. Orientals fall at one end of the spectrum. Blacks fall at the other end, and Whites fall in between…

            “The evidence shows that this is due to both genes and environment.”

            I agree with Professor Rushton. He spoke at six American Renaissance conferences. If I am mistaken, Professor Rushton was mistaken, and Jared Taylor erred six times by inviting him to speak.

          • PesachPatriot

            The people who really understand biblical archaeology understand that its best to leave the tombs of prophets and kings alone….its also wise to never upset people’s long held feelings of faith….there was a joke in Israel when the country was founded that the government should put up signs at various holy places saying “Don’t bother getting out your camera, this site isn’t genuine by scientific archaeological standards” yet people over there gladly kill each other over the tomb of the patriarchs in hebron, even though science suggests that its not abraham, isaac and jacob resting there, but more likely medieval arab sheiks and there wives.

            Don’t be so quick to make judgements on intelligence alone….I prefer the company of kind, moral good people with slightly less brainpower over greedy, selfish, arrogant geniuses who think their IQ level gives them the right to tell everyone else how to think and live.

          • Anon12

            You are so full of it…….said like a true …

          • JohnEngelman

            You are so full of it…….said like a true …

            – Anon12

            …race realist.

            Yours is the kind of response Jared Taylor gets whenever he tells the truth, as I do here, about intrinsic racial diffidence.

          • Anon12

            More garbage from JE, as usual…You and those of your ilk do not belong in MY country.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Working class Whites have no options, politically. Repugnants are slaves to cheap labor craving capitalists, Demoncrats to the same (in reality) and socialist White genocidalism (publicly).

    Need a new party.

    • MBlanc46

      A new party won’t do it. They would wind up doing what the elite paymasters want, just as the other parties do.

      • Anon12

        Yes, the same people that infiltrated the R’s and D’s along time ago will do the same to any White Party. That is why we need only White segregated States. Better yet the whole USA should be for the TRULY White peoples.

    • me

      Demorats and Repugnicans. Two sides of the same coin—heads I win, tails you lose! We need to start at the grass-roots level, precinct by precinct. It’s the only way we’re going to get our country back…

    • Test.

  • Cannot Tell

    The Republican party has made it clear that it would rather reach out to minorities than to its own white base. As immigration reform becomes more of a reality many conservative whites will become increasingly dissatisfied with the Republican Party. I think secession will occur within the next twenty years. The only question is whether the whites who organize secession will be explicitly pro-white or not.

    • IstvanIN

      Never happen, too many white people believe in the sanctity of our current borders. The Hispanics won’t allow because they need the tax base. Blacks will scream racism, which will shut most whites up.

      • Cannot Tell

        The only way Republicans can win elections is to either court the white vote and win it or win the votes of minorities. As of now, it doesn’t look as though either of those situations will happen, therefore, the Democrats may be the party of white house in the future.

        I seriously doubt that Whites will sit at home content to lose one presidential election after another to the Democrats. Secession will come after amnesty is passed.

        By the way, Blacks screamed racism while white suburbs of Georgia seceded from Atlanta. It didn’t get them anywhere.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        We have to start somewhere. Perhaps a “return to the soil” movement for whites…without the 1960’s hippie drivel of course. We have to start forming white cooperatives somewhere. Any ideas?

        • NYB

          The model exists. It’s Orania, the exclusively ethnic Afrikaner town in South Africa. They’ve started issuing their own currency. There’s a documentary movie about it that everyone should see.


  • George White

    I sent Bill O’Reilly a note just last night about this very issue. He had Congressman King on his show….and Bill blabbed on and on about needing to “reach out to Hispanics.” Haha! They will NEVER vote GOP no matter what. It’s a waste too even think about it. The BEST and smartest thing for the GOP would be to go full on WN and DEPORT the illegals, which is the lawful and right thing to do anyway. Then they’d have a solid core of white voters and they’d win elections.

    • Jefferson

      Dubya reached out to Hispanics and John Kerry still kicked his butt with the Hispanic vote.

      And John Kerry is nowhere near as charismatic as the Kenyan, John Kerry is about as exciting as watching paint dry. So it certainly was not Kerry’s personality that won over the majority of the Hispanic vote. Hispanics are just natural Democrats.

      The majority of Hispanics would vote for Marion Barry if he was the Democratic nominee for POTUS in 2016.

      • robinbishop34

        They’d vote for a klan member if he were a democrat. These republican morons don’t seem to get that.

        • Anon12

          I would vote for a Klan member over what we have on both sides of the aisle. At least the klan are pro-White….

          Would you vote for a black or a hispanic??

        • Anon12

          They already have their La Raza (the race). Where is our La Raza? The Klan is the nearest thing we have that fits that bill. It sure isn’t the two parties we have now or any third party.

    • Anon12

      Ole Bill is nothing but a scoundrel. and a liar…Remember his sexually graphic phone calls to that woman? He paid her off and demanded we never talk about it again..He also openly flirted with some black employee on the air a few times. Turned my stomach. Wasn’t long before she was gone……..He always defend blacks, hispanics over Whites ALL the time.He is one reason I do not like Irish Catholics (I believe he was a Catholic) as they are ALWAYS for the minority….I turned him off years ago when he was RED in the face over that White only prom deal when the blacks had their own black prom first! He is a pro- nonwhite diversitoid…..

      • Funruffian

        I agree with you. As a Catholic myself, Bill gives Catholics a bad name. He’s just a typical media sellout who favors his 8-figure income over truth and fairness. People like Bill need to be forced to live in Ghettos and have their children forced to attend urban schools. At least he berates that race-traiting creep, Phil Donahue, whenever the two interview. Devout Cathlics live in a constant state of guilt where they are indoctrinated to feel guilty by original sin and constantly have to seek atonement through personal sacrafice ($$$). Even then, after they have served, donated, lived crime-free, and charitable lives, they pass down that sense of ‘White privilege and guilt down through the grapevine.
        And guess what? Catholics are getting pilloried as pedophiles and weirdos all because a handful of priests were accused of molestation. Is there any chance the MSM will report any of the Black ministers of raping or molesting children of their congregation?

  • storibund

    I don’t think it was hispanics that forced the democratic senate to their knees yesterday in the gun debate.

    • What yesterday proved that Obama can be defeated and beat back. Not only will those opposing him walk away with their heads still intact, Obama will pout and whine in public like a big baby.

    • MBlanc46

      The clue that they get is from their corporate paymasters, who want cheap Latino labor.

  • Dave4088

    The GOP has a common sense problem. Their endless pandering has already angered and alienated me.

    • fargo7289

      above all the GOP has a reality problem, big-time..

  • Bobby

    In my opinion, any European-American who isn’t independently wealthy, is totally working against his/her best interests if they continue to support the GOP. It is a party as fully useless to the average white person, as the democrat party is. There is, now that the GOP has announced they support the massive amnesty coming up, ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GOP AND THE DEMOCRATS. Certainly no difference that concerns European-Americans. All the GOP keeps wanting from European-Americans is their blind support, and anyone who gives it to them gets the Forrest Gump award, STUPID IS AS…ETC.

    • storibund

      You need to realize there is a difference between the national republican party, and state republican parties.

      Conservatives need to be involved with their state GOP (through teaparties, if nothing else), no matter what they feel about the national party.

      FedGov is coming for the states, and the repubs are the last line of defense.

      Get involved!

      • Bobby

        What you don’t realize is that I’m from California, where the Republican party has proved everything I contend. They are as worthless at the level of State poltics in California, as they are in National poltics. They never, ever waged a serious battle with the Democrats at the state level in California, on ANY IMPORTANT ISSUE, and have literally allowed California to be a one party(democrat) dictatorship. We have more illegal aliens than 20 other states combined that has them. In fact, all issues attended to in California, condern the welfare of basically Mexico’s nationals. No I’m not exaggerating. I’m through with the phony GOP party of sell-outs and wimps. I refuse to allow them to use me for one more day. As I write this, my doorbell has just rang, my dogs got upset, because another groups of illegal aliens stuck some ad on my door. This happens almost daily. Thank you Republican Party.

  • sbuffalonative

    Immigration reform is a LOW priority issue for Americans. It’s being driven by the Latino lobby who is using it as a carrot to entice both parties:
    Few in U.S. See Guns, Immigration as Nation’s Top Problems

  • MBlanc46

    The “Hispanic vote” is a side show. Yes, the election provided cover so that the pro-immigration Repubs could raise their heads above the parapets again. But the real motivation is the cheap labor that the corporate and financial elites want. Just as it was under Bush. Just as it was under Reagan.

  • NM156

    WND pull the article? The URL in the search box turns up nothing as does keywords such as “Peter Brimelow”.

    • fargo7289

      well, the article is here……;-)

  • Ella

    The fatal mistake of the Repubs is they believe that they have the Middle Class votes (mostly Euro-descent people) automatically without addressing their interests as a group. Many votes were about stopping Obama from getting elected and not their poor choice of corporate candidates. We have no real leadership but vote in millionaire-selected cronies. Dems are too stupid to see anything.

  • a multiracial individual

    And just how do you think they are gonna get more white votes exactly?

  • Orion

    That is some very nice information to know. Nice but useless. Why, you ask? That’s easy. Unlike every other race, right down to the ethnic level, in this country, whites do not vote as a racial bloc. Everyone else does. Any conservative candidate running for president will never get 70% or more of the white vote. Libtardeds wont gote conservative. The opposite situation is also true. No Lefty is going to get 70% or more of the white vote.

    Only when whites feel threatened as a racial group will they vote as a racial group. Did Reagan get 97% of the white vote like Obama got from racially unified blacks? Did Nixon get 89% of white votes like Obama got from ethnically unified Jews?

    Also figure in that white children are already a minority now such that in fifteen years or so any candidate would require even more than 70% of the white vote.

    We had the chance to keep this country white. We blew it. Unfettered immigration of racial aliens turned the tide. Take solace over one thing though, blacks and Jews et al will rue the day when they find themselves in a land no longer governed and maintained by whites.

    • Anon12

      You are right. Whites have been whipped onto the plantation so we now work as slaves and bow down to the multiracial “master”…….being labeled as a racist is the biggest sin of all according to these mush brained Whites. “Racism” is not even on the top TEN of our Commandments, is it? It isn’t even a sin in the Bible.

  • guest

    This article was great. We need to keep hammering this message home to the Republicans. I’m going to print it out and send copies to the RNC and anyone else I can think of.

  • Anon12

    Did anyone see this?

    Sign this Petition

    At the bottom it states this …WHY? No wonder there a a few signers!

    A account is required to sign Petitions.

  • pcmustgo

    RUBIO IS NOT WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!! Check the cheekbones, the tell-tale sign of Amer-Ind ancestry. I’d bet money he’s some kind of octoroon/amer-ind mix. Probably 1/8th Black, 1/8th Amer-ind.

    You guys don’t get what racial mixing looks like over generations.

    • Funruffian

      I highly doubt it. He may be at least 25% Amerindian, but i don’t see the African at all. Not in his appearance, voice or mannerisms.

    • Jefferson

      I am surprised that many people on American Renaissance do not know that high cheekbones are more of an Amerindian trait rather than a European trait.

      A person with high cheekbones is considered exotic looking in Europe, because it is not a trait that many Europeans have.

      Even the late racial anthropologist Carleton Coon said that high cheek bones is not a Caucasoid trait.

      That is why most people questions the Whiteness of Icelandic singer Bjork for example. Most people think she has an Asian ancestor somewhere in her family tree. He features look too alien for Europeans.

      Bjork’s mother probably had sex with the Japanese milkman.

  • Hunter Morrow

    I’m pretty sure that it does. The GOP has NEVER won a majority of the hispanic vote in a nationwide election like a midterm or presidential election. The race is getting increasingly radicalized to the left. The hispanics also have more children than the other races and their young children will grow up to be teenagers who will vote almost exclusively for non-White, left-wing candidates.

    The more hispanics=decreased White turnout (only race that majority votes for GOP) and increased turnout and share of electorate to a race that has NEVER voted for the GOP.




    Do you gop whites really believe you can survive with just the white vote? Hilarious.
    Look at how you’re treating Rubio. Brown supremacist? “…trying to swamp the White gene pool with Brown genes to destroy any last vestiges of White America?”

    This has to be the most racist site I’ve stumbled upon. Refreshing. I always like to talk and
    listen to racist whites. Although you are totally ignorant, you always tell the truth about your hate. Not like those liberal white apologists (isn’tthat what you call them?), or those whites who hate—whites.

    You racist whites are actually terrified. And I understand why. This country, as you people are now a
    witnessed to, is changing, and is no longer lily white (and actually, it never was). You should
    be afraid of the “browning of America”, and the last vestiges of White America. Vestiges are exactly what the definition implies. You are relics, residues, and leftovers. Here is how it’s happening.

    First, once your white daughters start “intermixing” with non-white men (which you know they love), and your white sons get a taste of any type of “brown sugah” (which you white men have been lovin’ since you were sneaking down to the slave’s quarters), the result is ALWAYS a brown baby. Gone are the bland, plain characteristics of the white human. Gone
    is the pale, pasty white skin (which by the way you people burn yourself to death in the sun and tanning beds, you must really hate your own skin). The pointed nose and thin to almost null lips. The flat butts and the unsightly straight hair. I would be afraid of people the color of Rubio,too.

    You people have driven this country into the ground. And look at your heroes. Rush—a drug addict who has a taste for the brown sugar himself. Beck—can’t find his ass with both hands tied behind his back. Hannity—stupid. Romney—need I say more? Andy Coulter (or is
    it Ann—I really can’t tell if this is simply an ugly white woman, or an ugly white man in drag).

    And are you people seriously contemplating making the kkk a third party choice? Yup, I believe it.