Towson Student Advocates for Segregation at CPAC Event

Ian Duncan and Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun, March 16, 2013

Towson University student made national news at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday when he suggested segregating black Republicans from the rest of the party.

A Black Republican from Alabama, K Carl Smith, hosted a panel called “Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick and Tired of Being Called a Racist and You Know You’re Not One?” Calling himself a “Frederick Douglass Republican,” Smith’s panel was meant to address the Republican Party’s struggles to attract black and minority voters.

But during the question-and-answer period, Scott Terry, a member of the White Students Union at Towson University, said the GOP would be better as “Booker T. Washington Republicans” — “united like the hand, but separate like the fingers.”

The exchanged was filmed and posted on the liberal blog ThinkProgress Friday. After the panel, the blog reported that Terry said, “why can’t we just have segregation?” noting the Constitution’s protections for freedom of association.

Matthew Heimbach, who styles himself founder and commander of Towson’s White Student Union, said in an interview with The Baltimore Sun that he was also at the event with about 30 members of his group.

“Diversity is not a strength,” he said, adding that the Republican party should be focusing its efforts on boosting white voter turnout rather than wooing minorities. {snip}

“We’re being displaced from our own country,” Heimbach said of Hispanic immigration, adding that he does not see segregation among people already inside the United States as any great problem.

“We self-segregate as it is,” Heimbach added, noting that one of the speakers on the panel said he went to an all-black church.  “I really don’t think we have any other choice, it’s just human nature.”


Heimbach’s activities have attracted the attention of civil rights outfit the Southern Poverty Law Center, which recently wrote that he could be a leader in the “future of organized hate,” and put his organization on its Hate Map, which tracks extremist groups.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Uh-oh. Morris $leaze just put him on his ‘fund-raisi..’ – I mean, ‘watch list.’

    This kid should wear that as a badge of honor.

    • Nate Miller

      Badge of honor? When you are under the FBI’s watch list as a potential “domestic terrorist” which is exactly how the SPLC will pan it out, it is NO laughing matter. Heimbach should be worried. I prefer Coulter to Heimbach, at least she has the good sense to hide her real views from the poachers and yet cleverly disguise her views in accepted terms to confuse her detractors. Heimbach and Towson and co. should take a lesson or two from the smart, witty and cunning Ms Coulter.

      • ms_anthro

        Persecution by a tyrannical state is a mark of nobility. When harmless citizens are placed on government watch lists as potentially dangerous simply for voicing unpopular views, the state loses that much more credibility with everyday people. This is actually a good thing. If it’s Matthew Heimbach today, will it be Grandmother or the next door neighbor tomorrow?

        Let them make lists. Do they not think we are making our own?

      • Coulter dates negroes.

        • Katherine McChesney

          and dot Indians.

      • Daisy

        In her most recent book on race in America, Coulter defaults into anti-white apologia and largely blames celts or other northwestern europeans for our country’s ‘race problem.’ I would hardly celebrate her views as they are grounded in white guilt.

  • 1776is1984

    I think alot of us young Whites are waking up and sick of the current system we live in. go matt!

    • liberalsuck

      I’m glad to see younger whites like Mr. Heimbach as well. Gives me at least some hope.

    • Observer

      I would still say that there are more who are either indifferent or more inclined to work with the other side. If you watch the video carefully, you can hear and see some White students gasp when the young men call for segregation. One White woman actually shakes her head and says a mild “no. These are supposed to be conservatives.

      We still have a long way to go.

      • Andrew

        So true.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Very true. Just because they’re ‘conservatives’ doesn’t at all mean they understand and value race realism or promoting things to advance their own racial interests.

        “When are backs going to apologize to America?”

      • John R

        Yes. But I am very glad that a young, White student-not a skinhead, or a KKK member, either-felt free to say something like that at a mainstream conservative political rally. He thus challenged the Holy Grail, that the “Civil Rights Movement” was a great thing, and that segregation was a terrible evil. It is a step in the right direction.
        And I will say this: In the coming decades, we as White Americans, might actually be better off in an America that is slightly less than half White, but where Whites stand together, than in the present America, that is 70% White, but where we fight against each other, have no real White leaders, and do not unite.

        • Matt Heimbach is a Christian supremacist that wants to kill white heathens. Even calls for whites to lead the lessor peoples and promotes that White Man’s Burden. I was a skinhead, a student.. at the same time and have been a business owner for over 27 years. Be against the left and you can be anything and they will smear you. At least skinheads in the Russian sense do and have the capability to do something.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

      -Mark Twain

    • John

      I completely agree with you, my friend.

      I admire young men like Matthew Heimbach and Scott Terry for publicly stating facts that probably resulted in many personal hardships and threats against them.

      Regarding the article:

      Terry said, “why can’t we just have segregation?” noting the Constitution’s protections for freedom of association.

      I have asked this question and made this point so many times. One key component of the First Amendment is the right to freely associate with whom ever we choose. The government has absolutely no authority under the Constitution to force admission based on race. If a White man wants to develop land and sell exclusively to Whites, it is his First Amendment right to do so.

      Blacks have the Congressional Black Caucus which only allows Black members on the basis of race alone. Whites have tried to join and were denied based on their race, thus Blacks exercised their rights of freedom of association under the Constitution. Why doesn’t the government honor the rights of Whites to freely associate with only Whites?

      Imagine the incredible market for a string of Whites-only areas in a place like Montana, with 100% White citizenry. Property values would soar!

      Instead, this will all end very badly someday. If history teaches us nothing else, we should learn that war is inevitable, and war we shall have. The price is freedom is not free when evil tyrants like the U.S. Congress, POTUS, and SCOTUS turn their backs on the Constitution and obey the handful of central bank owners who control the world and administer the fractional reserve fiat banking system.

  • Tom Iron

    The black guy was clearly out of his league.

    • StillModerated

      You could tell from the shouting! I’m through with CPAC and the GOP. I’ll take AmRen and the Rockford Institute.

      • Robert

        ???? What shouting are you speaking of, mental midget?

    • Robert

      He’s way more intelligent than anyone in that room. What the hell are you talking about, chode?

      • Jeff

        I agree.

    • Katherine McChesney

      He seemed open to Matts comments.

  • fakeemail

    The wheel may be starting to turn, my friends. Slowly but surely it must.

    • Ralph

      Yup. I sense it also. I also sense that many of us who have a higher consciousness of our Whiteness are now correctly starting to dismiss our White brethren who are weak seeds and who are selling us out. These weak seeds have gotten a free pass from many of us for years because we lumped ourselves with them. Now, many of us distinguishing them from us. It takes more that White skin to be one of us. It takes a right understanding of who and what we are and what we have to do to survive.

      • Tom Iron

        I agree Sir, but I think when enough of our young people start speaking out, that’s when the blacks will go stark raving mad and come after us. They have to. They’re not smart, but at some level, they’ll know then, the gig is up.

        • Mike Lane

          Hopefully, more whites will join then- like early Christianity. The more persecution the more followers.

          • CrowBoi1977

            Yes, the recent ‘White Guilt Bracelet’ is what has finally driven me from being a Goldwater/ Reagan Republican to embracing White Nationalism instead. I can sense that Whites are being targeted (with White Guilt Bracelets), much like Jews were targeted with yellow badges.

          • Mike Lane

            I know what you mean. White Nationalism, or WN thinking rather, is what drew me into politics, but I have had my share of conflicts. For a while I was conflicted between White nationalism and Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, but after feeling primarily depressed after pondering her philosophy and seeing that it can only lead to sterility and isolation, I said “screw it”- white nationalism.

    • robin

      just reading the postings in the mainstream media, I get a strong sense of many people being fed up with obama and the left and their toady little PC characters.
      The Philly article about nutter complaining about the article he disliked is a good example……… thousands of posts and most we’re talking of how fed up they were with the black lies and racism and violence that is hidden

  • The__Bobster

    I didn’t hear a word about this from the MSM. Odd, since they could’ve used it to demonize conservatives.

    In any case, go Matt! At least someone realizes that there is a White party.

    • BannerRWB

      My guess is that the MSM won’t publish on this as they know/fear the growth of White Nationalism. They know we are gaining strength, and publicity such as this, even if demonised in print, would at this point probably be good for the movement. Hence, they remain silent. For anyone who may wish to read up on Matt’s efforts:

    • CrowBoi1977

      Yes that is odd.

      They probably want to sweep any proposals for ‘going back to the good old days’ under the rug, lest Whites start agreeing.

      A few years ago (2009) Rush LImbaugh made a comment about returning to segregated Buses when a White student was assaulted on a bus by ‘youths’ (Blacks), and the media was pretty silent about that comment as well.

      They don’t want that idea of ‘segregation’ getting out there and getting traction.

  • The__Bobster

    The exchanged (sic) was filmed and posted on the liberal blog ThinkProgress Friday. After the panel, the blog reported that Terry said, “why can’t we just have segregation?” noting the Constitution’s protections for freedom of association.

    Just why the hell were libtards allowed in to film this event? Shades of macaca and 47%!

    • sbuffalonative

      Conservatives better learn they’re under 24 hr surveillance and everything they say and do will be used against them.

      I support freedom of speech but in the public arena, the wrong turn of phrase can be political suicide.
      Also, Conservative had better learn how to play this game.

      • ms_anthro

        It seems the only true conservative in the room was Matthew Heimbach. The rest are traitors and no friends of ours.

  • Gunrunner1

    Future Northwest Volunteer Army Officer. Truthful Honest and Speaking what we all know to be the case. God Bless Him.

  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    Go peckerwood!!!! You git ’em boy!!

  • Bernie

    “Matthew Heimbach, who styles himself founder and commander of Towson’s White Student Union”

    Why did the “reporters” write this sentence? He is founder of the Towson White Student Union.

    Does Barack Obama “style himself” President of the U.S.?

    Of course, they uncritically accept the SPLC’s listing of him as a “hater.”

    A perfect example of contemporary “journalism.”

    • On his blog he calls himself Commander Heimbach. Look it up sometime.

  • Anon

    does not see segregation among people already inside the United States as any great problem

    Except for the millions upon millions of white victims…raped, murdered, assaulted, even cannibalized or tortured. Yes….segregation is a fact. The races simply refuse to live among each other. The real problem is society refuses to recognize the fact that, if you so much as see a black person in a white neighborhood, he is there to commit a rape, robbery or murder and SHOULD be arrested on sight. We do not need segregation. We HAVE segregation. We’ve never had anything except segregation. That’s not the problem. The problem is black people are monsters who absolutely refuse to live in peace with us.

    What we need is radical separation. Whites and blacks should go their whole lives without ever seeing one another….separated by a military border where those who attempt to cross are shot on sight. That’s what we need.

    And we also need to cut these parasites off of us economically. White people have essentially become slaves in our own countries, toiling away to provide for blacks. Whatever goes on, on their side of the fence is very much their own business and we should have nothing to do with it…including (especially) when they starve to death.

  • Brave young man, well read and he presented a considered and well thought out point of view.
    The leftist’s in the audience hated that, as it made them feel uncomfortable, for they were forced outside of their familiar little warm thought cocoon.
    As soon as Matt said the “what provide food and shelter” response regarding slavery, you could feel a wave of relief sweep through the room, as now they had a opportunity to ridicule his position away (see lady fanning herself, hearing exaggerated laughter etc.), who were probably visualizing ‘Django unchained’ instead of hard realities of life for all people of the time.
    That was disrespectful to this young guy who was trying to stand up and make his valid position clear. It seems fear and security is what motivates the status quo, I hate the fact that the onus is completely on the White civil rights advocate to present a completely air tight, clean, respectful and factual argument, when they don’t get similar treatment back.
    We’re trying to rescue sheep who don’t want to be rescued because they’re scared of being unpopular.
    Bravo to Matt though (who is already on SPLC hate watch? They are simply despicable).

    • SargeInCharge

      “The leftist’s in the audience hated that, as it made them feel uncomfortable, for they were forced outside of their familiar little warm thought cocoon.”
      This exchange took place at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee. Many RINOs and establishment Republicans consider CPAC attendees even further right than the average Republican. Even that speaker was a black Republican. With all that said, your point remains true. Even political Conservatives have been so brainwashed by political correctness regarding race that contrary opinions shock them and they feel they must show the culturally required disgust and horror.

      • These are ‘further’ right conservatives? Damn. From breezing over the article and dedicating more concentration on the video, I assumed that this was shot on campus.

    • Nathanwartooth

      I don’t know who that was but it wasn’t Matt.

  • [Guest]

    >>>“Diversity is not a strength…”

    There is no reason for that perfectly reasonable and obvious declaration to be the cause of controversy. Everyone knows it’s true.

    • Ralph

      Racial diversity is our greatest weakness.

  • ms_anthro

    “Matthew Heimbach, who styles himself founder and commander of Towson’s White Student Union,”

    Notice the way this information is phrased by our multicult lapdog press. An objective reporter would write, “Matthew Heimbach, founder of Towson’s White Student Union…” But the toady who wrote this disgrace of an article instead makes Heimbach sound delusional (he “styles himself,” like a crazy person might “style himself” as Napoleon Bonaparte) and militant (“commander”).

    Always be on the watch for this kind of verbiage. It is insidiously powerful at shaping public perception. Don’t let it go. Point it out in the comments sections of MSM sites. There is simply no excuse for letting these shills get away with such sloppy and obvious propaganda techniques.

    On topic, Heimbach is courageous and has all the makings of a folk hero. This is the fearlessness and obedience to truth that will save our kind from annihilation. Bravo!

    • robin

      they teach those ‘tricks’ in journalism school and with the young democrats

    • Safari69

      Yea this sort of thing happens all the time, i was watching a prison show and all gangs in prison are separated by race……the camera pans around the prison yard telling the viewer of the different gangs/races, they get to the white gangs and decide to add a bunch of extra stuff like they are mostly “Nazis” and advocate “white power.” It is hilarious because the black and Mexican gangs did not get this huge racist preface before they were introduced.

  • Ralph

    Yup, segregation is a good idea. Why must we Whites keep putting up with Black crime and social dysfunction that is not of our doing? Areas of the U.S. with few Blacks are still as nice as they always were, and areas with many Blacks are horrible.

    Yes, we have a right to freedom of association, but there’s an old axiom in law that holds if you sit on your rights, you lose your rights. And, we Whites have been sitting on our rights for too long. It is time to stand up and demand the right to free assocaition and the other side of that coin: the right to free disassociation.

    • Yup, Americans better act NOW to win their country back. Tomorrow may be too late.

    • Mayor nutter of Philadelphia would admonish you for speaking about black crime! You would be called a racist! How dare you speak of black crime. How racist. Black people are just like white people. Right?

  • The Final Solution

    If anyone’s interested, the SPLC has a good interactive map of organizations to join/align yourself with.

    • StillModerated

      AmRen made the cut!

    • Yes it’s very helpful of the SPLC to create a portal for similar minded people to connect with each other (Sarc).
      Of course the last thing the SPLC would ever want is for ‘hate’ to genuinely disappear, as then they’d be obsolete, so they have to keep fanning the flames or redefining ‘hate’ down to the microscopic level.

  • whiteyyyyy

    That was enjoyable.

  • The Final Solution

    It’s cool to be a liberal and show exaggerated offense at anything ‘racist’. Watch the video when the guy asks why the slave would forgive his master for providing free food, shelter, etc. esp. the reaction of the liberal feminist in the front with the blue sweatshirt. Liberals have no sense of humor. The least offended person in the room is the black guy.

    • robin

      I noticed her……. so typical, she would fit in the herd anywhere.

      so amazed that someone thought or said something different than her programming.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      I keep noticing her also. She disgusts me. The females in the room have exaggerated expressions of offense while most of the men in the room just sit silently like a bunch of wimps. Typical Republicans.

      • When I would see any of these people in the hallways after the session, they would avoid eye contact, and walk off, afraid. Some, however, seemed moved.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      She and her ilk are responsible for the Obamanation that infests the White House. Why is she even there?

    • Jonathan

      It is offense and he should slapped for having the audacity to say something like that.

      • You’re welcome to try Jonathan.

        • Major

          Ya just have to love them all fired up with their “AR” keyboards.

  • guest

    It’s good to know that not every white college student is falling for the diversity indoctrination that brainwashes whites into hating themselves and allowing their own destruction. Hopefully this student will continue to be brave and speak the truth that the liberal MSM tries so hard to silence.

  • Bill

    Is the stupid party so desperate that they fawn over another wolf in sheep’s clothing like this “Frederick Douglass” republican? WHEN has a black “republican” EVER stood by the Republican party when the chips were down? Never. Always, race and skin color trumps any “principles” they espouse while climbing the corporate Republican Inc. ladder. Colin Powell and Condi Rice were once touted as candidates for Prez, but when it came time for Obama to enter stage Left, they and all the other “conservative” blacks voted and endorsed skin color.

    • Mr Plankton

      “Republicans” such as Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln are the reason the United States is in the position it is in today. Lincoln and his “Republicans” ran roughshod over the constitution and totally eviscerated any notion of states rights. States Rights, as we see are seeing now, was the big check on centralized authority and they punished the south for daring to exercise their rights as sovereign states. I have no use for either political party.Neither party gives one wit about the constitution or our rights unless it serves them. Republicans of old are the reason we have the 14th amendment, ratified by the barrel of a gun, that opens citizenship to virtually anyone that wants it. Before that, the states decided the issue of citizenship within their state. That being said, the immigration problem we are facing today can be laid squarely at the feet of these “Frederick Douglas Republicans”

  • Shattered

    Obviously if people can’t speak the same language, are fighting against each other instead of working together, etc… that’s a real impediment and not a strength. Obviously.

  • Derelictus

    Uh…went on this guy’s blog, this White Student Union is also a Christian/Southern Supremacist organization that officially condemns ‘National Socialism’ (fair enough, I guess) but also ‘neo-paganism’ (…the hell? What did they do to anybody?) I don’t know if most people who follow AmRen are in lockstep agreement with those rather particularized views, but I’m sure not. Honestly this organization could end up making people who aren’t ashamed to be white (i.e. most Americans, although most don’t want to casually broach the subject) all look like nutters. I mean, seriously, rant time here, but Christianity is NOT A WHITE RELIGION, it’s a Middle Eastern offshoot of a Semitic desert cult. I would argue that anyone who truly wanted a ‘white’ religion to go along with their White Pride would choose Europaganism, Asatru, etc.

    • IstvanIN

      Oh good golly, Christianity is a “white man’s religion”. Europe is where Christianity grew and matured. Christianity is an integral part of our culture and identity. It gives hope where otherwise there would be none. The New Testament has allowed shown us how to live and how to treat our fellow man. It is at the center of our traditions. Because some have used Christianity against us doesn’t mean the religion, the message or the man is bad. There is nothing in the New Testament that compels us to destroy our families, communities or nations for other peoples. Those men who would tell us that are the evil one’s.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Excellent reply IstvanIN! Couldn’t have said it better. Our race propelled forward astronomically (literally) with Christianity as our guide. Oh and BTW, I don’t have to renounce Christianity to revere my ancestors.

        • Derelictus

          Sorry, you guys are delusional. You call yourselves white nationalists, but worship the founder of a religion who himself wasn’t even white to begin with. Unless you are seriously going to try to contend that Jesus was a Northwestern European who wandered into Southwest Asia?

          • TeutonicKnight67

            So in your estimation I am disqualified from “true” white nationalism because I am Christian? The real delusion here is the fact that you are unable to accept the fact that the Christian religion has played a major role in the last 2000 years of white European history. You don’t have to believe in Christianity to understand the profound impact it has had on Western thought and culture.

          • KingKenton

            “I cannot imagine the West without Christianity” — Dr. Paul Gottfried (leading thinker of the Alternative Right)

            “The faith is Europe and Europe is the faith” — Hillaire Belloc

            “Hilaire Belloc’s famous quip was precisely correct. Europe came into being before a single Frenchmen or German was born, at the crowning of Charlemagne as Holy Roman emperor in AD 800. Voltaire was only partly correct – the Holy Roman Empire was neither Roman nor an empire, but it was holy. European monarchs donned the robes of ancient Rome like small children playing dress-up, and the power of their emperors was more symbolic than real. But the unifying concept of Christendom is what made it possible to create nations out of the detritus of Rome and the rabble of invading barbarians.” — Unknown

            On Charles Martel, great Christian warrior… German historians are especially ardent in their praise of Martel and in their belief that he saved Europe and Christianity from then all-conquering Islam…. Schlegel speaks of this “mighty victory” in terms of fervent gratitude, and tells how “the arm of Charles Martel saved and delivered the Christian nations of the West from the deadly grasp of all-destroying Islam”

          • Ralph

            I get the sentiment, and I’m not a Christian, but personally, I prefer not to try to fight our battle for survival as a genetic type by also fighing against Christians who are also fighting the genetic battle.

            As far as religion goes, I prefer to not criticize other religions and expect the same for mine. (BTW, I’m not Jewish or any other major religion either–let’s say, my religion is my DNA code).

          • ms_anthro

            Are you posting here in an attempt to fracture White resistance by quibbling needlessly over religion? If not, you should focus on more important issues, like who our true enemies are and how they operate. If so, we are on to you and it will not work here. You would hardly be the first to try it.

            Europe is culturally Christian, end of story. Whether Europeans and other Whites should practice it as a religion is irrelevant, because most of us have, for almost our entire unified White history. To argue that we should instead embrace neopaganism is divisive and ahistorical.

      • KingKenton

        Well said, IstvanIN!!

  • Diamond_Lil

    The white guilt bandwagon has come to a screeching halt.

    • Ralph

      Yup. It’s time we became White again instead of hiding from it.

  • bigone4u

    I imagine that student Heimbach is hated by his liberal profs and the administration. I’m surprised they haven’t framed him on some trumped up charge, such as violating the student speech code or whatever. I also fear that at some point in his student career there will be a planned incident designed to lead to his expulsion. Watch your back, young man.
    In my experience as a prof, for every Heimbach who speaks up, there are hundreds of sympathizers who are afraid to speak out. I hope there is at least one conservative prof on campus to support him.

  • IKantunderstand

    As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care what party Blacks go to. I want to see a pro-White party. If Blacks want to join that, they are even dumber than I thought they were. No more GOP, no more CPAC, no more Tea Party; we need a self-professed advocate for White people party. Who has the guts out there to form one? White Dawn? Anyone? Something more subtle, perhaps. Does it matter at this point? We are facing genocide, and what do we do? We argue politely about absolutely nothing on sites like this. Hello White people! What are we going to do about the sorry state of affairs that exists in our country? I mean, I enjoy the intellectual repartee as much as the next person, but is it getting us anywhere? And, if in fact, this is not the right forum for fomenting revolutionary zeal, does someone have an alternative to suggest?

    • TeutonicKnight67

      I’ve been suggesting White Dawn for a while. Has a nice ring to it.

      • Diamond_Lil

        I like that very much.

    • collapsereport

      New Dawn?

    • Mr Plankton

      I believe we’re past the point of fixing this country by means of the political process, the powers that be would never allow it and the system is by far way too corrupt and dysfunctional. I don’t believe that a pro white party could ever be successful. That’s not to say I’m not hopeful that there are changes that are coming. I’m very hopeful. I just don’t think those changes will be made within the current system. It’s only going to take one state to say “Enough of this BS! We’re out of here” to get the ball rolling. I don’t know when this will happen but I believe it’s inevitable.

    • Daisy

      I like declaring myself ‘pro-white’ and challenging people’s prejudice against such a blasphemous posture, however, I think we should adopt a name that encompasses some kind of ideological change without including the word white. As a movement it’s too easy to just label and ghettoize us. I also feel that talk is cheap and time is dear and we need to seize the moment.

  • Gay Black Man

    Given my ethnic background sexual identity I would have been a target of intense disdain at the annual CPAC conference that took place this weekend. While there were a number of juvenile and blatantly disrespectful antics directed toward our president, non-Whites, gays and lesbians, liberals and others who philosophy fell outside the arena of right wing conservatism, nothing surprised me more than this particular event.

    In fact, the arrogance and ignorance that manifested itself in this particular meeting has sparked an avalanche of conversations on you tube, politico, facebook, twitter, numerous websites of all political persuasions as well as CBS, NBC, ABC MSNBC and FOX news.

    It was purely insulting and disgraceful. Even the GOP party chairman Reince Preibus denounced the segment as unbecoming of the best spirit of the GOP.

    As I have said before, it is this sort of racist,sexist, homophobic and xenophobic intolerance that will result in the republican party being an anachronistic entity that will reside in the political wilderness for many years to come.

    • White and Proud

      Awww! Were your feelings hurt sissy boy? We know how you gays and Blacks can be so sensitive. Get over it! We hard working, racially conscious Whites are fed up with unpatriotic, sexually perverted, liberal tree huggings magnets like you!

      America! Love it or leave it!

      • Gay Black Man

        You have made my point with your brash intolerance.

        • You should totally report him to a moderator for being intolerant.

        • Katherine McChesney

          As a homosexual you are a whiney bully, as a black you are an leftist criminal minded shill for BRA. Stick with your own kind.

          • Gay Black Man

            You are obviously deranged.

          • Wayne

            Just another sick sodomite whose god is another persons raw sewage pipe.

        • robin

          blacks don’t talk like that………

          what are you trying to pull here?

      • Robert

        White and Proud, shut up, you gun-toting, low IQ retard. It’s people like you that give this country a bad name and the main reason Europeans hate us immensly.

        • Wayne

          Why do I give a fig what Europeans think of us? Nobody is ever concerned about the. consevative’s feeling. I care not that you worship other men’s raw sewage pipes.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      The republicants are “in the wilderness” already because they pander to sodomite negroid trolls like yourself. This is a WHITE NATIONALIST website. The glory hole page is somewhere else. Feel free to go there and fornicate with yourself, miscreant.

      • Henry

        There is no need for this sort of over the top response

        • Sue

          I Agree

        • TeutonicKnight67

          I love it when I get scolded by the AR snobs who think the conversation should be Buckley-esque at all times. If my response offended you that is unfortunate. But the truly offensive presence here is the queer Bantu troll. You see, I feel no special need to “tolerate” its point of view in the interests of being “fair and balanced”. The Congoid can troll elsewhere on a host of Libtarded sites dedicated to his poisonous vocation. I am here to comiserate with fellow concerned whites, not to play nice with a buck on “tha down-low”

          • gemjunior

            You’re right Teutonic. Even on here you can’t get a moment’s peace from them. Is there no refuge?

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Apparently not, my friend. What’s worse are the posters who feel this creature having a right to post here is more important than the vile sewage it spews. I thought the whole point of this site was for whites to be able to express their views freely WITHOUT being called rayciss every time we speak.

          • Diamond_Lil

            Normally, my dear sir, I would say, in debate, we play chess, not dodge ball. However, your above response was eloquent and spot on.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Thank you Ma’am for your kind words and encouragement! White Dawn!

          • Diamond_Lil

            WHITE DAWN!!!

          • Civility is important

            Where is the moderator? This comment should be deleted.

          • Diamond_Lil

            Hygiene is important. Get lost.

          • freddy_hills

            I’m not a snob but I prefer a more discrete, Buckley-esque approach myself. I think it makes us look bad when we don’t. Having said that, I agree with your sentiment if not the way it was expressed. Your critics should have made their point with an arm around your shoulder rather than a finger wagging in your face. Please accept my comment in the good faith in which it was made.

          • Wayne

            Because Buckley was so effective, right?

          • freddy_hills

            I’d say so. Buckley was one of the foremost conservative intellectuals of the 20th century. Without him there would be no conservative movement.

          • Robert

            Your intolerance just shows how you’re further pushing your race to extinction. 🙂 No one will ever take a cause such as white genocide serious from a hot-head like yourself. Either you civilize yourself or you’re done for.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Great comment…especially the ‘buck on “tha down-low”.
            I’ve seen a black fag at my apartment building. He’s so silly it’s laughable.

          • R.R. Smith

            Given the fact that you are probably a closet dyke, you should probably befriend him.

      • Patriotic Midwesterner

        Exactly. Go suck some cock fag boy!

    • Your handle says all we need to know about you. You identify first as gay, second as black, and thirdly as a human being. So, first and foremost, you demand attention and special treatment; secondly you demand pity, obsequiousness, and respect you don’t deserve; and thirdly you’re just common.

      • Gay Black Man

        I identify with all three facets of my personality – Gay, Black and human, equally and simultaneously. None of these aspects of who I am can be ranked.

        • But you feel necessary to mention all this up front in your user name. Why? Are you defined by your sexuality? Is that how you want to be recognized? You’re gay. Why do we have to know? We’re supposed to care, because being gay makes you a special little snowflake? And you must let us all know you’re black. Why? Do you want someone to call you the ‘N’ word, so you can shout him or her down as a racist? You’re exposing your personal priorities in the roles you parade out in your user name.

          • Dave

            He can certainly speak for himself, but how does Gay Black Man differ from “Gay Conservative” or Steve The Conservative Jew” or “Korean Guy” or “White and Proud” “Jew Among You” or ” Miss Irish Conservative Manners” and other posters who employ similar identities on this website. In fact, there are those such as Crystal Evans who openly admits she is Asian.

            Why should Gay Black Man be held to a different standard?

          • Peter


          • It’s this need to drag a minority identifier in that troubles me. It smacks of liberalism. If it doesn’t bother you, fine. I’m just saying it should.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            This miscreant is a cultural and racial enemy of all things white. We have no obligation to treat him kindly.

          • Only the morally weak tolerate the morally repugnant.

          • Nelson

            The fact is that whether you agree with him or not ( I disagree with most of what he posts), the fact is that he is at least civil and professional in his comments. That is more than can be said for some of your comments and those of other posters. In fact, some of the coments on this post border on the juvenile and pornographic.
            No one is expecting David Frost, William F. Buckley (at least I am not) responses to posters remarks, but they do expect soem degree of civility in repsnse to all posters who make a good faith effort at posting comments that are decent and professioanl in tone and nature.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I have refrained from vulgarity for the exact reasons you cite. That being said however, I remain unconvinced that I somehow owe a “degree of civility” to a deviant member of an uncouth and hostile race whose sole purpose here is to disrupt the focus of the conversation by his “juvenille” accusations of “intolerance”. Even now you and I are wasting time discussing this mutant instead of the actual article above.
            Am I intolerant of SodomiteObsidianQueer? You’re damned right I am. His grotesque presence here is both unwanted and unneeded. I am not interested in ANYTHING a Bantu has to say. Particularly on this site. Their views are well known to those who can see and hear. We are force-fed them 24-7 365. As far as decency goes sir, the decent thing to do would be to stop defending the rights of your enemy.

          • It’s a problem that many of us refuse to recognize people like GBM as exactly that: ENEMY. The time for tolerance is past. The time for civility is past. Tolerance and undue civility are the virtues of victims.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            We see eye to eye my friend. God save us from “tolerance”. I am done with it.

          • Robert

            If you don’t tolerate, we WILL stomp you out. Please know that. Take that as a threat, young man.

          • Wayne

            It’s not about tolerating, Bolshie, it’s about accepting, isn’t it? Accept the fact that there is zero virtue or good that comes from muddying you member as the end all, be all of you life.

          • Hahaha. I take that as a threat all right, but somehow I don’t feel threatened. Why do I feel like Robert, Wayne, Peter, and GayBlackMan are all the same troll?

          • Henry

            If that is an actual threat, sir, I would suggest that you have crossed the line. If nothing else your comment verifies Chesterton’s famous quip that there is no one more intolerant than the tolerant.

          • William

            Like most of you post, this one is over the top as well. Calm down dude! I have to agree with Nelson. You are the one who is coming across as unreasonable , not Gay Black Man.

          • Elizabeth

            Indeed! He is going to have a seizure before long!

          • Ralph

            It’s not about being reasonable or not being reasonable.

            It’s about our survival as a distinct human type. That is the real issue.

          • Ralph

            See my earlier comment. This polite and professional manner of posting is also part of the experiment, and I should have mentioned that earlier.

            He’s now seen a weakness in you based on his politeness and professional manner, so you’ll go on the graph to show that’s one of the ways to wean White “racists” away from their beliefs.

          • Robert

            I agree. Teutonic and baldy are both intellectually inferior to everyone here on this thread.

          • Wayne

            Point out any of my comments that are not accurate, please. I could give a fig about how nice they are.

          • baldbastard

            Shut your mouth, you mongrel.

          • Gay Black Man

            Thank you.

          • robin

            that’ll be the day,
            when blacks are held to the same standard.

          • Daisy

            That truly would be an amazing day!

          • saxonsun

            Oops! you just goofed. “White and Proud” does the same thing. Ah, I get it–sauce for the goose IS NOT sauce for the gander.

          • I haven’t been conversing with White and Proud, have I? Someone called White and Proud is obviously among his/her kind here. If White and Proud trolls black nationalism boards, I hope he gets called out there. Anyway, last I heard, we’re still the majority here, especially here.

          • Robert

            So I guess commentators like “white and proud” aren’t attention whores, right, “baldow”?!

            Stop trying to be a Billy Badass, baldy. You’re not impressing anyone.

          • Wayne

            Yes, he is. Sodomy is his high religion. Putting his member into raw sewage pipes is his life’s purpose.

          • Daisy

            Do any of you realize this thread which involves very critical strategic discussion is being successfully derailed by a bunch of trolls?! We should stop engaging.

        • robin

          I’ve never known a black that could spell or use the word simultaneously and I’m calling you out as a fraud and a troll!!

          • John



            Oh my God! You know as well as I do that there are Black people that can spell simultaneously as well as any other word in the English language. It is these sort of comments that make us look bad. I was perusing through this website looking at other posts and came across a post that another AMRENER posted. I have taken the links and posted them above.

            One is a story about a young Black man who made a perfect SAT

            score. He is also the head cello player at his school, an passionate Shakespeare scholar and the captain of his debate team.

            The other is the story of a young Black man who just won the annual jeopardy teen tournament in a fascinating performance. Both men are VERY impressive.

            Are they the norm for most Blacks, absolutely not. However, the majority of Whites are not in their league either. They are well above most Americans of all races.

            What I am saying is that you “no Blacks can spell, all Blacks are dumb” rhetoric is actually counterproductive and plays into the hands of our opponents who want to label us as narrow minded , unrealistic , out of touch whackos.

            Don’t give them any ammunition with this sort of misguided rhetoric.

          • robin

            I’ve never seen it. I’ve have seen some good imitators that had a trick or two to seem very intelligent, but it was a gimmick and they were one-trick ponies.

            I have yet to be convinced of what you’re selling.

    • Chip

      Oh please! You are one of those self righteous queers (in your case, Black queer), who thinks that the world should revolve around you and others like you. You (and gays like you) need to be beat and forced to suck some real man’s dick like mine and then you would be less likely to spout such nonsense. You would probably be too scared to do so.

      • Adam

        Wow! You are one sick puppy man!

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Why would any “real” man want another male anywhere near his genitals? Gnomesayin’?

          • Ed

            Exactly! He’s a freak!

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Whenever polled (no pun intended), blacks oppose homosexuality and gay marriage more than any other demographic. It’s you who will be exiled to the wilderness, and by your own. BTW, Republicans will be called racist and intolerant no matter what they do – no amount of grovelling will earn them a moment’s peace or an ounce of respect from liberals. And no amount of “outreach” will ever turn a majority of blacks or Hispanics into Republican voters. Whites are the only group who’ve ever sent a majority of their votes to conservative candidates – and yet it’s considered evil to attempt to appeal to them (whites) for votes.

    • StillModerated

      The Hillel trolls are on the prowl again! CPAC has always been loaded up the perpetually aggrieved people such as yourself. They might even make you the keynote speaker. If you’re really, or gay. Last year the slurping around Kevin Johnson was horrendous.

      • Gay Black Man

        When I was in college, Hillel was the Jewish student organization on my campus. I am not Jewish. I am Black and Christian,African Methodist Episcopalian (AME) to be exact. I do have a number of Jewish friends and I have dated some gay Jewish guys as well.

        The fact is that your brash, blatant, paranoid anti-semitism is troubling and disgusting.

        • Katherine McChesney

          You can’t be Christian and homosexual. It’s impossible. You are preoccupied with sex and not your spiritual life or you wouldn’t be trolling for sex on this site.

          • robin

            agreed — well said.
            those of us aspiring for spirituality know that homosexuality is an indulgence as harmful as they come, like drunkeness, drug abuse, etc
            it shrivels the soul. notice how none of the homo’s are kind or thoughtful, just vicious and conniving

          • Gay Black Man

            oWhat? are you serious? I am not trolling for sex on this site or any site! Are you that myopic and perverted to think that Gay and lesbian people take part in political, social and cultural discussions in an effort to solicit and propsition other posters on websites?

            You are one warped, sick, insanity ridden lady! Get some help!

          • Guest

            This post needs to be deleted.

        • IstvanIN

          This comment, as well as most of the responses here, should be deleted. This entire discourse is a disgrace.

        • Pat


        • Walla Walla

          Most Black people would not even know what Hillel is. You are most likely White.

    • Ralph

      Sounds like you’re writing a college paper. I’ve seen this type of comment before. Someone comes to a White site and claims several different identities. In your case, you claim to be Black, gay and conservative.

      The experiment is to see if White “racists” will overlook one or more of your identities to accept you on the basis of your stated conservatism.

      The most extreme case of this type of experiment I saw was a guy who claimed to be in support of Whites but who said that he was very Black but with a White mother and a Black father and who also claimed to have a completely White brother.

      • Jim

        Actually Gay Black Man has been a poster on this site for quite awhile, at least a year and a half. He usually posts on sexuality issues, but he is pretty consistent in his rhetoric. I would say he is who he says he is.

        • Robert

          Isn’t Gay Black Man your boyfriend, Jim?

          • Jim

            No. I am a happily married heterosexual White man with a beautiful, loving White wife and three beautiful children ages 23, 21, 18. Not all of us who tolerate dissenting viewpoints are gay, marxists or trolls. I realize that some of you paranoid, mentally unbalanced freaks believe this to be the case, but it is not..

          • robin

            well said…………… it’s hard to deal with orcs, but we must.

          • Charles

            Amen to common sense!

        • Katherine McChesney

          As a homo he WOULD be obsessed with his sexuality.

          • Dalton

            You are a paranoid homphobic idiot. Something tells me that you are probably a closet self-hating lesbian yourself

          • Tina

            I agree with you Dalton. I am an open lesbian. I can usually decipher language that is defensive, paranoid and self-hating. Katherine is most likely a repressed self-hating lesbian.

          • Henry

            I knew it was coming. It always does. The standard, tiresome, over-used idiotic cliche that whoever criticizes sexual perversion is a secret deviant, About time you folks came up with a new one.

    • ManUpSissy

      I’ll give you a thumbs down for being a gay black man.

      • M.D.Aarnett

        Me too. I would like to whip his little fag butt!

    • robin

      go back to the naacp and the black panthers………
      you will not understand what we stand for and believe in

      • Daisy

        What do we believe in? I fight for the rights of white people; gay-bashing just wastes time, alienates decent white people who don’t need to control what happens in the privacy of adults’ bedrooms, and gives Diversity extra ammunition against us.

        • Sean

          I agree, I don’t care about orientation (although I personally believe they are mentally ill), I only care about a future where white children have a nation they can be proud of.

    • Daisy

      “Racist,sexist, homophobic and xenophobic” pretty much covers the black community’s posture towards anyone white, and that includes the black gay community and it’s attitude towards white gays and lesbians.

      • E.D. Bussworth

        I would argue that it is a more accurate representation of White right wingers like you and many of your fellow comrades on this board.

        • Daisy

          And I would know about how the black community, including gay one, treats white gays and lesbians by dint of being a right winger? I’ll just let my fellow comrades here enjoy the comic relief as they snicker at you doing their job for them. If you knew anything about this board you’d know they deride me as a militant feminist, disingenuous white liberal, troll, and melodramatist regularly,when they’re done blaming some apocryphal feminist cabal for the cult of diversity’s utter exploitation of white people. I’m your worst nightmare, pal: a formerly left-aligned white woman who cannot be bullied by an ideologically-induced psychosis aka liberalism because I understand it better than any real right winger ever could. ‘Your’ ilk will listen to me in a way they never will to most on here, so thanks for the pep talk!

  • Bret

    That White guy was an idiot.

    • …a good-looking idiot, though, right?

    • Ralph

      You are the idiot and probably a coward to boot.

  • Seek

    Good for this man. The nation-state in its own way is an act of self-segregation. By its nature, it signifies to outsiders that there is a certain identity among the people within its sovereign territory. Maybe ethnic most Mexicans here will rediscover the joys of self-segregation — also known as Mexico.

  • I admire Scott Terry’s courage. I guess he is too young to appreciate the ramifications when he publically states these opinions. He will pay a price – that’s for sure.

    • To the contrary – I’m well prepared for the ramifications.

      Are you intimidated by Modernism? I’m not.

      • Ralph

        You are not alone, never let them make you feel alone or isolated. Many of us have done and continue to do things similar to what you have done. And, what you/we did/do is not awful or horrendous, it is speaking up for our people. It is what moral people who know the truth do. You are to be praised. Keep up the good work.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Scott Terry, the handsome guy with the light beard, who made the points about slavery and Booker T. Washington….I went on a date with him once, after he admired some of my comments on Alternative Right. No, I am serious. We have since run into each other at a couple of conferences. He is a very smart, coherent, gentleman. I guess the liberal media enjoys going after him because he is a much better catch than the men on their side (wimps).

    • Diamond_Lil

      Hi, Courtney. I love the fact that white men are speaking up, but Terry’s comment in response to Smith’s about Frederick Douglass’ forgiveness for slavery- “for food and shelter?”…. That was indelicate and adverse to our cause for many in the forum. One cannot spin slavery as a positive without adding historical context. We need to be well-considered in our public comments. Mr. Taylor has that nailed down. In any event, there’s no doubt we have the manly, hunky dudes on our side.

      • Braintree

        Yes, we have some of them, but the other side has their libtard hunks as well.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Yeah, but they’re all gay.

          • R.D. Smith

            That’s the same thing that is said about our supporters. Let’s not go down that road.

          • Diamond_Lil

            I was referring to the Hollywood libs. And the vast majority of them are gay.

      • SargeInCharge

        I agree with you, Diamond Lil. Any positive spin put on slavery gives our opponents ammo for their outlandish charges that any white person speaking on behalf of white interests secretly wants to put blacks “back in chains” (See Joe Biden). It’s counter productive to the goal of making public discourse of white interests acceptable and commonplace.

        With that said, I commend Terry, minus that one line, for speaking on white interests.

        • Maybe you can show up at next year’s CPAC, and show us how to proceed?

          • SargeInCharge

            Nah, I’ve been to CPAC in the past, but I found it to be acceptance of the status quo or puffery with little action behind it. That’s why I said I commend you for challenging that status quo and taking action by speaking up for white interests. It’s unfortunate that your reasonable actions and reasonable messages are being intentionally misconstrued in the media as pro-slavery, but that’s what the media does if you given them that opportunity. With all that said, I appreciate the totality of your comments and your unwillingness to apologize. I’m assuming that you’ve seen this article by now…


          • Wayne

            In case you have not noticed, the left is going to slime whites for sticking up for what is good for whites no matter what. The message is to whites, not the turd world left and their hopeless ringmasters.

          • Better you throw peanuts from the sidelines.

        • Wayne

          I disagree. We are in a box, the only way out is through the farce that Southern slavery was some awful, exceptional evil, and that freedom is always the answer when it is apparent that it sometimes destroys civilization.
          Have the Turks apologized for conquering Constantinople, enslaving the white Christians there, and raping the women?

          • robin

            Have the Italians apologized for all the slaves from the Roman era?

          • robin

            Not to mention all the countries of the mideast, e.g. Saudi, Egypt, Turkey etc etc who enjoyed slavery for centuries, some of which still do. And many countries in africa still do…….. we need to stop allowing them to beat us up over slavery……the whole world did it up to 2 centuries ago

          • Daisy

            But the comment was a form of apologizing. I think we need to address the issue of slavery head on, with the reality that a tiny percentage of americans owned slaves and that the only people who freed them were whites. And with the reality that the material lives of most whites were indistinct from most slaves. The pro-white movement must incorporate some critiques of classism as a strategy. I know most on here don’t identify with egalitarianism, but most of the whites in the country do and they will listen to class-based white race realist righteousness.

            I recently had to explain to a spanish/hungarian immigrant to this country from Columbia that there were no government hand-outs to the Irish, the Italians, the Poles, etc., upon arriving here; he was flabbergasted as he came and sucked off Pell grants, federal loans, etc., to put himself through college and then constantly accuses whites of ‘privelege.’ These people are so brainwashed they don’t know what to say when confronted with reality. A tiny number of whites came here with anything but their innate talent and industry.

          • Diamond_Lil

            No one is advocating apologizing for anything. Words are weapons. And we must be mindful that we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot.

      • Frankly, I’ve never seen an effective delicate response to the white-guilted slavery routine. The reason the slavery routine is still used to subdue White people is because everyone approaches it the same way. I sure wasn’t offended, and I really don’t know too many people who aren’t already rabid anti-Whites who would be offended or turned off by his comments. He was clearly not in support of subjugation or slavery in any way, because he was adamant about the need for separation.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Suggesting that slavery is merely about food, shelter and clothing is patently absurd. Absurdity doesn’t make a critical point except in the opponent’s favor. No one is suggesting apologizing for anything or being at all delicate, merely just not feeding the beasties.

          • Wayne

            No, it is about all that in exchange for labor. The only difference is nowadays, society pays for their sustenance and gets no labor.
            Are you from the hopeless AT crowd?

          • Diamond_Lil

            I have no idea what the “AT crowd” is. But, I don’t belong to any “crowd.” With respect to slavery being merely the exchange of labor for food, shelter and one or two pieces of clothing, you forgot about the whole lack of freedom aspect. I thank goodness that we have folks like Mr. Taylor to speak publicly about our issues in a mature, thoughtful and accurate manner. Matt is rather good too.

      • Ralph

        We have to stop being delicate.

        • Diamond_Lil

          I wasn’t suggesting we be delicate, just that we don’t feed the beasts.

          • Wayne

            In other words, you are saying we need to be guided by political correctness?

          • Diamond_Lil

            Absolutely not.

      • It’s naive to suspect that we’ll be able to reason these people to sanity with soft-hearted, and tempered rhetoric.

        To the contrary: A method I’ve found beneficial in micro-level discussions (and have every reason to suspect it works on the macro-level, especially after my experience at CPAC), is to shock them first, then, when they’re in “reason” mode, dominate the conversation intellectually.

        It works, Diamond.

        By the way, God bless you Courtney 🙂

        • Diamond_Lil

          Shock tactics can also be self-defeating and people will immediately tune out everything else you have to say. This is the result your comment about slavery achieved. Very glad you spoke up about segregation, though. Did you know the darkies have a growing movement for segregation in education? It’s something both camps can agree on, perhaps act on in the near future.

          BTW, I am neither softhearted nor naive about matters of the survival of my race and the use of rhetorical devices. In fact, I had training and more than a decade and a half of experience in persuasion and rhetoric as a civil trial attorney. While you may still put my comment on the “pay you no mind” list, also consider that your elders have valuable advice to impart for a reason. And if I was Mexican, I could be old enough to be your mother and you my fourth back-to-back anchor spawn. Carry on, young warrior.

          • No amount of rhetorical skill is going to convince me to sit by and hold back my convictions while a bunch of sniveling leftists control the field.

            I’m not sure what you learned, nor do I know what’s germane to a trial law, but I do know that harsh and passionate rhetoric, tilts the narrative to the right, just as it has in my case.

            I’ve gotten hundreds of letters from people wanting to discuss white disenfranchisement, racial issues, and even slavery. They’re open for debate about these issues now, where as before, they wouldn’t even consider them.

            I appreciate all the encouragement and kind words from the dissident right, but they’re usually coupled with calls for restraint, moderation, or tempered rhetoric.

            You all can do whatever you’d like – but as for me and my house …

      • Wayne

        Playing the nice game when it comes to Slaveryis is a mistake that has gotten us into this situation. Don’t ever surrender the moral highground.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Putting slavery in the historical context, is not playing the nice game – it diminishes the white guilt argument. Suggesting that slavery was a charitable institution, however, makes pro-white groups look inane.

          • Do you dismiss the arguments of Fitzhugh, Calhoun, and the others, in favor of slavery, out of hand?

    • Mary

      Oh the MC/speaker?! You went out on a date with him. Oh, so you date black guys, Courtney? Awesome!

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        This comment isn’t worth responding to. No, I was obviously talking about the handsome white guy in the light buttoned down collared shirt. I shouldn’t have to explain that at all.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Are you a mudshark?

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Good question, Katherine. I love how we have these posters like “Writer formerly known as Whiteplight”, wasting their time attacking me and nitpicking at sentences I write here and there instead of going after women like Mary , as well as male posters who are obvious antagonists. What a much better place Amren would be, and far more productive.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I think some of you are getting confused. The man who stood up a couple of times is Scott Terry. Not Matt. I know him and I am just trying to give credit where it is due.

  • LHathaway

    Right. . . . We should all embrace Europaganism and Asatru. . . so the public wont think we are nutters. . . I agree with what another poster has said. Mr. Heimback is lucky he has not been martyred already. He’s pretty radical. He’s been on the news here before promoting his white student union and I kinda figured he would be shut down. Instead, his organization has 30 members! WOW

    • freddy_hills

      What does embracing Europganism and Asatru have to do with whether or not the public thinks someone is a nutter?

    • ms_anthro

      We should keep religion out of it except to remind our people that Christianity is as culturally European as cooperation, beautification, altruism, and advanced technology.

  • bubo

    Ask a liberal or foot soldier of “Conservatism Inc.” what makes a neighborhood bad and you’ll get a thousand answers and none of them mentioning race.

    Far as I’m concerned there’s no difference between the two.

  • 5n4k33y35

    I got a kick out of that. Glad they attended CPAC.

    Look at this headline. It is practically declaring black on white hate crime by using the word “motiveless”:

    Man beaten with bottles in m̶o̶t̶i̶v̶e̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ [racial?] attack caught on video will require cosmetic surgery

  • Scott Terry is welcome to dinner at my house any night.

    • Darlene

      Watch your children if you have them. He’s a registered sex offender.

      • Can you point me to the offender database that he is in?

        • Katherine McChesney

          Darlene only commented to slander Scott Terry.

          • Major

            Libel….not slander…Libel. Slander is spoken, libel is written.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        No he is not. After our date, he came in to my apartment to use the restroom and get a drink of water, and then was on his way, even though he had a long drive. He didn’t make any moves. He was a gentleman.

        • And you, a lady! Thanks for all your kind words in my defense, Courtney.

          So many people have been praying for me, defending me, and offering me general encouragement, that I really am humbled by it all.

      • Katherine McChesney

        You’re lying.

        • R.J Martin

          Yes he is!

    • Careful! I’m known to take people up on that! lol

  • Scott Terry speaks the truth. More and more people are thinking along his lines. I know for instance, after watching a you tube of sorts, of a gang of three blacks attacking (I do not know the back ground of the victim) one person with bottles and a good beating who now must have plastic surgery, that I know I DO NOT want to live around such types. Such types are blacks who cannot be trusted in civil society and would like for them to not be around me. Is that too much to ask for. White people are going to have to become more vocal to this maddness. Go to Vlad Tepes and look for the heading ‘White Self-loathing’. It will turn your stomach. Of course Gloria Steinem supports an organization called AmeriCorps Vista that supports the U of Wisconsin white students to wear a white wristband because of ‘privilege’. The same kind of thing that timmy wise screams about. Both jews no less.

  • collapsereport

    I have a proposal. Lets start with one white state. Where we don’t have to pay federal taxes. Where we don’t have the welfare costs for blacks and illegal aliens, where we can enforce the consittution and say NO your illegal alien children are not citizens, where we can reward our engineers not disenfranchise them by importing 4 million indians with fake degrees even during our worst recession. The other day I met an indian who worked at dell. What do you do? I asked. Some special skill? “Business Analyst” he replied. You tell me there is not an out of work american who doesn’t want that job.

    • Fredrik_H

      And you know white liberals would eventually flock to such a state. “But the schools are so good, the neighborhoods are so white, I mean safe”. They would find a million politically correct excuses for moving to such a terribly racist state.

  • Paleoconn

    Matthew Heimbach and his colleague there at this event are brave young men. I believe the other gentleman even interrupted the black speaker when he mentioned Douglass forgiving his slavemaster (‘forgive him for what? providing him shelter?’. Brave young men. And kudos to the black speaker for not faking outrage like the oohing and ahhing audience and keeping the discussion civil.

  • mike5586

    Oh no, those guys better watch out! They’re on the SPLC’s “hate map,” how terrifying!
    Ahahahahaaha, but no, in all seriousness if the SPLC doesn’t list you as a hater then you’re doing something wrong.

  • LHathaway

    “I really don’t think we have any other choice, it’s just human nature”.

    It’s true, like is drawn to like. No one believes this more than the media who always have to have their programs fronted by whatever demographic they are trying to appeal to. Surely 50 year old musicians are more competent than teenage ones but what teenager would prefer to watch a 50 year old? Don Cornelius, who hosted the show Soul Train, noted this himself, stepping aside as host to appeal to the ‘racism’ of the audience who wanted to see a younger host.

    What does this proclamation ‘we all prefer our own kind’ accomplish? All it seems to do is provide a rational for ‘tolerance’ training, and affirmative action. Plus, this assertion can appear kind of bizarre, a least white supremacists defending this while the only ones self segregating, proud of it, and intending to segregate more are people of color. Plus there’s the weird factor of claiming, ‘we all like our own kind’ when the major social force of the nation is white women dating men of color.

    It’s really is out of place and seems to serve no purpose. Is it intended to be a joke of sorts? Us racists are being condemned and driven out for saying this now, while in the future this will be the talking point and explanation made by people of color?

  • Bull Connor

    I was raised Christian and try to live my faith. But I KNOW when I am faced with 3 menacing-looking blacks I better NOT turn the other cheek!

  • andronmtl

    Whites start to wake up, 21 century will be the century when the white race regains its greatness. But we have to weed out the whites who feel black inside. They belong with non whites they admire so much.

  • JohnEngelman

    Heimbach’s activities have attracted the attention of civil rights outfit the Southern Poverty Law Center, which recently wrote that he could be a leader in the “future of organized hate,” and put his organization on its Hate Map, which tracks extremist groups.

    – Ian Duncan and Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun, March 16, 2013

    The Southern Poverty Law Center reminds me of those witch hunters who during the McCarthy Era kept a sharp lookout for Communists, Communist sympathizers and fellow travelers. All they did, and all the SPLC does is to suppress open political debate. Democracy benefits from the free exchange of facts and ideas.

  • MikeS

    There is a race currently underway which will determine the future of this country. It is a race between race replacement via uncontrolled immigration, both legal and illegal and the rate at which Whites will wake up and become race realists. The question is, who will cross the finish line first? I hope to hell it’s us. And remember, to understand a race realist is to become one.

  • Ralph

    I’ve seen some comments from some well meaning folks who counsel that we should not use the term “White,” to describe ourselves. I disagree. Personally, I’ve gone through this valley of denial myself and once preferred “European American” to “White,” but now I realize that the most visible essential part of who and what we are is “White,” so I believe we should emphasize the word and our unique Whiteness.

    We must remember always, that our Whiteness is not like paint. It comes from within. It is from our DNA code and is a survival characteristic. In other words, our skin color is much more than just skin deep.

    • KingKenton

      I don’t disagree with anything you are saying. I think it depends in part on whom you are talking to. If I were addressing a group of people who have not yet made the leap to White identity, the term European-American is easier for them to digest. It helps to keep their Pavlonian conditioning from being triggered.