Posted on March 18, 2013

Coulter Blasts Rubio, ‘Endless Bushes’ on Immigration

Kevin Robillard, Politico, March 16, 2013

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, in a CPAC appearance on Saturday that resembled a stand-up comedy routine more than a speech, attacked Sen. Marco Rubio for supporting “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

“If amnesty goes through, America becomes California and no Republican will ever win another national election,” Coulter said, adding: “I can see why Democrats would want amnesty, but why on earth are Marco Rubio and these endless Bushes supporting it? Even Shemp and Zippo Bush are supporting amnesty for illegals.”

Coulter’s attack drew cheers from the CPAC crowd.


“Republicans are grasping at these suicidal policies because they’re panicked, they’re demoralized after the last election,” Coulter said. “Stop panicking, Republicans!”

Coulter also said she could no long support New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in 2016, adding, “I’m now a single-issue voter against amnesty. So Christie’s off the list.” Christie has supported a “common sense” path to citizenship.

[Editor’s Note: The full speech is below. Miss Coulter’s comments on immigration start at 11:45.]