Mayor Complains to Human Rights Commission about “Being White in Philly” Article

Jenice Armstrong, Philly, March 15, 2013

Controversy over that problematic Philadelphia magazine March cover story called “Being White in Philly” continues to simmer. In the latest development, Mayor Michael Nutter has sent a letter to the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations decrying the “disgusting” tone of the piece and accusing the magazine of having “sunk to a new low even for a publication that has long pretended that its suburban readers were the only citizens civically engaged and socially active in the Philadelphia area.”  In the piece, based on anonymous interviews, Robert Huber makes the claim that white people are afraid to talk about race for fear of being called racist.

“That the magazine thought a collection of these despicable, over-generalized, mostly anonymous assumptions rose to the level of journalism is unfortunate enough,” the mayor wrote. “Worse, some of the residents of the nation’s fifth-largest city who are quoted in the piece seem to have ignored every positive anecdote they might otherwise have shared about a positive experience with African-Americans in favor of negative stories, many of them not even clearly attributable to African-Americans at all, to allow the author to feed his own misguided perception of African-Americans – notwithstanding his own acknowledged daily experiences on his own block – as an ethnic group that, in its entirety, is lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal.”

Nutter asked that the Human Relations Commission “consider specifically whether Philadelphia magazine and the writer, Bob Huber are appropriate for rebuke by the Commission in light of the potentially inflammatory effect and the reckless endangerment to Philadelphia’s racial relations possibly caused by the essay’s unsubstantiated assertions.”

Commission head Rue Landau has already responded saying, “The Commissioners and I share the concerns of the Mayor regarding the racial insensitivity and perpetuation of harmful stereotypes portrayed in the Philadelphia Magazine piece.  We will take up the Mayor’s charge and, as a matter of fact, we are already looking at intergroup relations in the city, particularly in changing communities.”

The commision will take up the topic at their next public meeting which will be in the Fairmount/Brewerytown community, the geographical focus of the Philly mag piece. {snip}



Michael Nutter

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  • Tom Iron

    Mayor Nutter is just another poor black guy in yet another job he can’t do.

    • dmxinc

      He’ll take the paycheck though. Not to worry.

  • Remember, not so long ago, lamestream conservatives were about ready to make Michael Nutbar their new hero and Great Black Hope. In case you don’t remember, it was because he spoke to a black church and denounced bad black behavior.

  • SargeInCharge

    Contrary to what Eric Holder said — black people don’t want a national conversation on race. They want a national lecture directed by them. As soon as there is an honest opinion shared by a white person, blacks get all butt hurt and no longer want that national conversation they called for.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, as soon as the Nutter hears just a shred of the truth, he wants to revoke the First Amendment and prosecute the messenger.

      While I fully recognize that constitutional protections afforded the press are intended to protect the media from censorship by the government, the First Amendment, like other constitutional rights, is not an unfettered right, and notwithstanding the First Amendment, a publisher has a duty to the public to exercise its role in a responsible way. I ask the Commission to evaluate whether the “speech” employed in this essay is not the reckless equivalent of “shouting ‘fire!’ in a crowded theater,” its prejudiced, fact-challenged generalizations an incitement to extreme reaction. Only by debunking myth with fact, and by holding accountable those who seek to confuse the two, can we insure that the prejudices reflected in the essay are accorded the weight they deserve: none at all.

    • ncpride

      The Philly Magazine that published the article will host a ‘Town Hall’ meeting called…’Can we talk about race?’ Now, I ask you, what White person in their right mind would attend such an event? They would be shouted down, and probably attacked afterward. I guarantee this will turn out to be yet another lecture on how it’s all YT’s fault, how racist those Whites are in Philly, and how they need more money to fix black dysfunction. Complete waste of time.

      • rebelcelt

        and risk their jobs, their childrens safety and even their future employment. Unless of course they denounced dear ole Dad.

    • ncpride

      From what little I can find on last night’s little meeting, it appears the all White editorial staff were ‘rebuked’ for being all White, then told they were not the right ‘messenger’ for a dialog on race, despite the article’s title ‘Being White in Philly’….. So apparently, White folk need their opinion on being White in Philly handed to them from blacks. The idiocy of these people is staggering.

    • Paleoconn

      haha a National Monologue on Race

  • NorthernWind

    Mr. Nutter is a nut. He dislikes that article because it tells the truth, breaks the narrative.

  • Francis Galton

    And yet if some black guy had written “Being Black in Philly”–wherein he related his mistrust and dislike of well-to-do White Philly residents and their love of electric cars, Starbucks, and North Face jackets–he would have had an Endowed Professorship in African-American Studies named in his honor. Figures.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Exactly! Whites aren’t allowed to speak in the “Post Racial era in America”.

      • jane johnson

        I had to write an analysis of an effective speech for my Intro to Public Speaking class and chose Jared Taylor’s “You Swine Happy Now” piece as my subject. Whites are probably 10% of the student body at the junior college I attend, and I’m one of four whites in this class of thirty. My professor describes herself as a liberal Jew, so I was nervous about the paper’s topic (left wing college professors’ complicity in black on white hate crimes). She gave me an A, but her comments were priceless:”I would find the video interesting. Sounds like a colorful speaker”. I had no idea that she’s so open minded, or that she has a sense of humor! Colorful?! Who knows, maybe she’s aware and just playing a role to keep her job. I’ve run across like-minded people in unexpected places.

        • rightrightright

          I admire your courage, Jane. The pressure to conform and a fear of isolated nonconformity must have been strong, yet you did it.

        • rebelcelt

          All liberals are potential race realist with a tragedy happening. A friend is raped and nothing is done. A son murdered for his car. A life ransomed for the few dollars in the wallet. All of these turn people into racists every day.
          White racists are not racists because of what other whites say, they are racists for what blacks do.

  • splitsing

    “Being White” means it doesn’t matter what bantus or other brownies think as it pertains to the article. Who are they to say how one should or shouldn’t articulate the white experience?

    • Room101

      They have moved society to the point and are advancing legislation that if a White person tries to speak, it’s “racist”.

      They are trying to strip from us the right to live.


  • thurlow

    Huber says white people are scared to talk about race because they will be accused of being racist. Nutter decries such an argument, denouncing the white writer as racist for talking about race then tries to tries to sick the diversity Nazis on him. Sort of proves Huber’s point though irony is beyond that tribe in Philly.

    • MekongDelta69

      “…irony is beyond that tribe in Philly.

      That ‘irony’ is beyond that tribe – everywhere.

      • jane johnson

        Wow! Nutter gets it! “….lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal.” Sounds about right. Sure, I took it out of context, but wtf, libs do it all the time.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      What a fake!! All he did was whine about the number of shooting deaths in Philly; all perpetrated by Blacks. He was so enraged that I thought,” Finally we have a Black mayor who can face the truth”. However it turns out that he can only face the truth when he ( a Black man) can point it out). The truth is buried as soon a White person tags it. When Blacks aren’t killing each other, they’re killing and raping Whites.

      • Tom Iron

        Exactly, If a White says it, that’s racist. I’m a racist. Not a “racial realist,” a proud racist.

    • brengunn

      I wonder what the journalist must be thinking, having had his friends and colleagues tear into him, he now has the Mayor calling for an investigation. His career is probably over now.

    • Jim G

      When you use “diversity Nazis” to denigrate the Multicultural / Diversity forces you play right into the hands of the anti-White forces.

      I wish people would do some research. They would soon see that the Multicultural / Diversity forces should be labeled “diversity Bolsheviks”. Multicultural / Diversity forces are the offspring of the Bolsheviks.

      Whereas the Nazis killed under ten million, the Bolsheviks killed hundreds of million. Furthermore the Nazis were not on principle anti-White and anti-Christian. The Nazis were against anyone opposing them, but they were only on principle anti-gay, anti-Gypsies, and anti-Jewish.

      As soon as a good White person declares that he is pro-White the anti-White forces draw everyone’s attention to what many people think of as the greatest pro-White person in history, the evil Adolph Hitler. That is the knock out punch.

      Of course Hitler and the Nazis are not to be glorified, but citing them simply muddies up the pro-White waters. Joseph Stalin and his fellow Bolsheviks were far, far worse and still pose a threat today with their direct descendant Bolsheviks leading the anti-White, anti-Christian Multicultural / Diversity forces.

      Hitler and the Nazis have been created by the MSM and Hollywood as the new Satan
      and devils for Americans. This wouldn’t be bad except for the fact that once Hitler and the Nazis becomes our Satan and his devils the mortal sins become antisemitism, homophobia, xenophobia, and being anti-White becomes a virtue.

      So I say lay off the Hitler and Nazi stuff and lay on the Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Kaganovich, Mao, and Pol Pot stuff. They are the parents of Multicultural / Diversity.

  • MekongDelta69

    The mayor wrote. “Worse, some of the residents of the nation’s fifth-largest city who are quoted in the piece… seem to have ignored every positive anecdote…

    What ‘positive’ anecdotes??

    “…as an ethnic group that, in its entirety, is lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal.”

    And the (so-called) ‘problem’ with this statement is… exactly what is false about it?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      The problem is that it’s too truthful and everyone knows it.

  • JackKrak

    So we have to live with books, articles, celebrity interviews, documentaries, dramas, Academy Award acceptance speeches, “tolerance” exercises given to five year olds, diveristy training and the hell that is Black History Month & listen to how hard it is to be a black man in America, etc. but the minute Mr. Mayor learns of a piece like this in a local paper it’s time for a Congressional investigation…..

    • Room101

      Yep. America’s in Crisis. Again. Some guy asked some White people in Philly some questions.
      It’s the 4th Reich, I tell ya!

  • APaige

    Its a racist (enough for a human relation commission to investigate) article about how white people do not want to discuss race because they do not want to be called racist? If we talk about race its racist, if we do not want to talk about race its racist.

  • ncpride

    Since I heard about Nutter’s complaint over the weekend, I’ve kept an eye on that article and the number of comments nearly tripled over the weekend. Overwhelmingly, they are from angry White folk who have had enough. They are worth a read if you have some spare time. It gives me a little hope, to say the least.

    • ms_anthro

      Demoralize your enemy and the war is won. We cannot let ourselves be demoralized by the Leftist anti-White fantasy that destruction of our race is inevitable, that we are hopelessly and forever outnumbered by hostile aliens, that our fellow Whites embrace their own destruction as a singleminded mass. It’s all lies designed to make us despair. Don’t give into that despair! They are liars.

      The reality is this: Whites are waking up and we are angry.

      • liberalsuck

        I try to get more whites to wake up by pointing out it is not a coincidence that all the white nations are becoming flooded with nonwhites and that all the race mixing is being directed at our white females and why they are neutering our white males. I bet as the white population dwindles in the America we know that the growing number of whites will not be full of guilt or very liberal with their views.

        • ms_anthro

          Good for you! Talk about it. Make them face the truth, but gently. No one wants to be ranted at, but everyone who is even half awake can see that something is very wrong here. Ask them this: what makes one country different from another? Is it a trick of geography or are countries created by the people who live there? Most people agree that only the Japanese could build Japan, for instance. Only the English could have created London. Etc. Now ask them what is going to happen when America’s population is replaced by Mexicans and assorted illiterate peasants from South and Central America? Will it still be America?

          Let them connect the dots. No one has ever asked them this question, I guarantee it. And they’ve probably never allowed themselves to ask themselves why it is that where there are Mexicans, there is Mexico. Where there are Africans, there is Africa. Where there are Europeans, there is European-style civilization. Show them that it’s okay to ask. In fact, it is vital to ask. We are losing our very civilization to people are incapable of maintaining it, even if they wanted to.

          • mlowejazz

            You mean to tell me that this isn’t already blatantly obvious?

          • ms_anthro

            It is to us! To people who still regard the MSM as providers of news (instead of state organs of propaganda), it can be a shocking concept. They’ll do all sorts of mental gymnastics to avoid facing the obvious truth that countries and cultures are made of the people who build and live in them. The Big Lie is falling apart but some Whites still need a little nudge in the direction of realism. They need permission to admit that the emperor is naked.

            It’s our responsibility to give them that permission, and encourage them to voice their most taboo and heretical observations.

      • ncpride

        I believe that’s true as well…… Whites ARE waking up. I’ve read a lot of your comments on other articles related to the ‘Being White in Philly’ and I have to say, I love your hard hitting, smack down, no holds barred style. May we all endeavor to debate that well!

        • ms_anthro

          I try not to debate with multicult sheep, ncpride. I just poke holes in logical fallacies, ignore attempts to shame me into silence, and post hatefacts as calmly and relentlessly as possible. The truth is on our side, and as long as we don’t allow ourselves to be intimidated. we cannot lose. Sunlight is the ultimate disinfectant, as they say. I only want to throw open the curtains.

          Anyone can do this. You just can’t be scared of being called mean names by shrill and hysterical cult members. Truth will win out, it always does.

          • ‘The enemy of subversive thought is not suppression, but publication:
            truth has no need to fear the light of day; fallacies wither under it. The
            unpopular views of today are the commonplaces of tomorrow, and in any case the wise man wants to hear both sides of every question.’
            (Sir Stanley Unwin)

            Hmm on that note and yours, I wonder why is race realist speech is so oppressed by mainstream politics and media?

          • SargeInCharge

            “I wonder why is race realist speech is so oppressed by mainstream politics and media?”

            I know your question is rhetorical, but…

            ENOCH POWELL (1970): “Have you ever wondered, perhaps, why opinions which the majority of people quite naturally hold are, if anyone dares express them publicly, denounced as ‘controversial, ‘extremist’, ‘explosive’, ‘disgraceful’, and overwhelmed with a violence and venom quite unknown to debate on mere political issues? It is because the whole power of the aggressor depends upon preventing people from seeing what is happening and from saying what they see.”

            “The most perfect, and the most dangerous, example of this process is the subject miscalled, and deliberately miscalled, ‘race’. The people of this country are told that they must feel neither alarm nor objection to a West Indian, African and Asian population which will rise to several millions being introduced into this country. If they do, they are ‘prejudiced’, ‘racialist’… A current situation, and a future prospect, which only a few years ago would have appeared to everyone not merely intolerable but frankly incredible, has to be represented as if welcomed by all rational and right-thinking people. The public are literally made to say that black is white. Newspapers like the Sunday Times denounce it as ‘spouting the fantasies of racial purity’ to say that a child born of English parents in Peking is not Chinese but English, or that a child born of Indian parents in Birmingham is not English but Indian. It is even heresy to assert the plain fact that the English are a white nation. Whether those who take part know it or not, this process of brainwashing by repetition of manifest absurdities is a sinister and deadly weapon. In the end, it renders the majority, who are marked down to be the victims of violence or revolution or tyranny, incapable of self-defence by depriving them of their wits and convincing them that what they thought was right is wrong. The process has already gone perilously far, when political parties at a general election dare not discuss a subject which results from and depends on political action and which for millions of electors transcends all others in importance…”

          • ms_anthro

            Enoch Powell, like Solzhenitsyn and Jean Raspail, should be remembered as a great man who had the foresight and courage to try and warn us of the evil that threatens to overwhelm us today. No wonder the multicultists hated him. He had their number!

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            You are and have always been a fine and gifted writer.


          • SargeInCharge

            Agreed. She’s fantastic.

          • ncpride

            As are you, Bon. I enjoy reading your comments, and in fact, have learned a lot from you during my time here at AmRen. Keep up the good work ladies!

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble




          • ms_anthro

            Thank you, sir. Coming from you that is a great compliment.

            These are just words on a screen for now. The real test will be whether any of us can make good on them when the time comes. I feel ready, and it’s my hope that reading our comments here and on other sites (MSM and otherwise) will encourage our brothers and sisters to fight back. None of us is alone no matter how the enemy tries to fracture us and keep us cowed into silence! We must remember that.

      • Paleoconn

        You did a good job demolishing the anti-White commenters on an article that I believe criticized Huber’s piece. Kudos ms_anthro.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Yes, because writing about whites in a sympathetic fashion just HAS to be a “human rights violation.”

    • Room101

      It doesn’t even have to be sympathetic to White folks.

      The reason this guy Huber is in so much trouble with his colleagues in the Leftist anti-White mainstream media and in political circles was his patently RACIST seeking out of people with White skin to ask questions to.

      To the Left, the mere existence of people born with White skin is an unconscionable Hate Crime.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    There ARE glimpses of racial reality in:

    Being White in Philly: Whites, race, class, and the things that never get said.
    By Robert Huber
    March 2013
    Philadelphia Magazine

    But the piece ends, as it must, timidly, almost pleadingly, calling for more dialogue to make things better:

    “Our troubled black communities create in us a tangle of feelings, including this one: a desire for things to be better. But for that sentiment to come true—for it to mean anything, even— I’ve come to believe that white people have to risk being much more open. It’s impossible to know how that might change the racial dynamics in Philadelphia, or the plight of the inner city. But as things stand, our cautiousness and fear mean that nothing changes in how blacks and whites relate, and most of us lose out on the possibility of what Jen has found: real connection.”

    “Jen” is bold white middle-class mother (architect husband] who has her six- and eight-year-olds in a local public elementary school that is 74 percent black. Jen found her cause, making integration work:

    “Jen rolls her eyes over the nut of the problem [of getting other white parents to follow her lead]: Unfounded fear. Groupthink. A judgment on a school without even setting foot in it. ‘I wouldn’t like to imply that it’s about anything else,’ Jen says, but of course it is: race.”

    Everybody wants a “real connection” with urban blacks, don’t ya know?

  • pcmustgo

    Wow, creepy given that that was such a mild article.

    AMAZING THE LEVEL OF DENIAL BLACKS ARE IN… and how dumb they are when it comes to understanding what others REALLY think about them as a group, and connecting the dots as to why things are the way they are for them and the rest of society.

    • robin

      tunnel vision goes well with low IQ

      • The Last White Man Standing

        “tunnel vision goes well with low IQ.”

        Agreed. If Nutter’s brain was as big as his lips, his IQ would probably be high enough to understand what the author of the article was trying to say. Instead, Nutter proved him right.

        • Room101

          The Government is laying out clear parameters for which people shall be listened to, and then guys like this horrible evil Nazi “racist” guy that deigned to ask White taxpayers/victims-of-black-crime living in Philadelphia what it’s like living there.
          I hope he’s the only “white” guy that shows up. They’re going to crucify him for his blasphemous Hate Speech propaganda.

          Chum to sharks.

  • pcmustgo

    “Nutter asked that the Human Relations Commission “consider specifically whether Philadelphia magazine and the writer, Bob Huber are appropriate for rebuke by the Commission in light of the potentially inflammatory effect and the reckless endangerment to Philadelphia’s racial relations possibly caused by the essay’s unsubstantiated assertions.”

    Yeah, but the Nation of Islam and every left wing academic can demonize whites as devils, scream “only whites can be racist”, etc. No damage to race relations there.

    What’s insane is that that article wasn’t racist at all, and wasn’t beyond what most sensible blacks already know and admit about their fellow blacks.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Telling the truth about Black behavior anywhere: Human rights violation.
    What were our ancestors thinking when these creeps were allowed to hold political office?

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      What were the other people’s ancestors thinking when they brought these primitives here?
      May they roast in Hell!

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        They were thinking the same thing rich whites are today about Hispanics: cheap labor. And now we all have to live with these barbarians because rich white farmers didn’t want to just hire a white guy to pick their cotton.

        • MikeofAges

          Or grow something else. One thing all users of cheap labor have in common is that they think they are entitled to a given factor of production at the price they wish to have it. Once heard a woman on a call in show explain that she hired illegal aliens to work at her franchise fast food restaurant because she couldn’t get workers at the wage she was paying otherwise. Well, whoopee doo! It’s called entrepreneurship, lady. You can lose your shirt. Although in your case I probably would prefer that you didn’t.

  • pcmustgo

    I think a lot of middle class blacks, a la Nutter, are in total denial about numbers, statistics, and what “blacks in general” are like- not the exceptions to the rule, you know… in general. 70% of black Philadelphia, or more, probably fits those descriptions in that article fine.

    They self-delude , as people on this site have mentioned minorities often do. Hey, Nutter, just because you’re a middle class black who raises his kids doesn’t mean most are.

    They’re used to white liberals kissing their a—-s all day.

    They’re intolerant of criticism.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      This. They tend to suffer from the same form of ignorance that upper-middle class white liberals do. They simply cannot see that most blacks are criminal, unintelligent, and undesirable to be around because the only people they’ve ever been around are whites and Talented Tenth type blacks.

  • Son of Abraham

    I think the article and all the hubub about is nothing short of terrific.
    Finally the truth’s out of the bag. White people are fed up to their eyeballs with black criminality. For a mainstream magizine with an overwhelmingly White readership to carry a story such as this, much less put it on the cover, is absolutely wonderful.
    Let the backlash begin.

    • Room101

      What’s really great is that everyone will be re-inforced in the climate of fear that can be visited upon you if you don’t say all the approved things all the government and media people need to hear.
      Mr. Huber is in for a world of hurt for talking to White people (“racists”).

  • Bull Connor

    Maybe Souledad O’Brian could follow up with a series titled “Being White In Philly”?

  • sbuffalonative

    Let’s keep this straight. The article says that whites are afraid of discussing racial issue because they’re afraid of being called racists and the black mayor responds by calling for an investigation into the motives of the white writer.

    Some people just don’t get it and we know who those people are.

    • Room101

      I’m glad a “liberal”/Leftist journalist is being called on the carpet from all the institutions of society for his myriad Sins, heresies, blasphemies, and apostasies about daring to collect notes from White people.

      Mr.Huber is now experiencing the ending of his career via destruction of credibility.
      Huber will be made to apologize for his article. He has already agreed to be browbeaten over the head by Leftists with rhetorical 2X4s from people that aren’t pre-disposed to looking @ White folks by the content of record and character, but use the force of Government to punish us for the color of our White skin.

      Mr. Huber is finished, as is everyone/anyone who would defend what he wrote.

  • bigone4u

    The comments I read on MSM websites about Nutter’s official action were collectively a real blowout. The white folks in Philly are clearly angry and fed up with having to endure the black plague. Support for blacks among the real white people (excluding the intellectuals) seems to be pretty much over now that we are some 50 years into the great “civil rights” experiment. The divide between whites in north and south seems to be closing fast.

    • Room101

      The comment sections following a lot of the articles posted on AmRen are pure gold and wisdom. We know the Government can track our opinions and punish us for expressing them online, but oh well.

  • JohnC

    “The white race is the cancer of human history.” — Susan Sontag

    • MikeofAges

      Well then. Draw a line. Move to the other side of it. And leave us alone to be happy in our dysfunctionality.

      • sbuffalonative

        They blame us for all their problems but they demand to live with us.

      • JohnC

        Yeah well the line was already drawn ages ago and we were all well separated, until your brethren decided to cross the line and just say “hello” (or even more).

        • MikeofAges

          Hate to be a pest, but you didn’t quite get my sarcasm.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The PHRC will hold a public meeting in the Fairmount/Brewerytown section of the city on April 18th, and residents are encouraged to attend to share their stories, concerns, and recommendations for changes.

    How about asking the family of Bailey O’Neill’s what it’s like to be “White in Philly?”

    A young [WHITE] boy who was the victim of [BLACK] bullying died at the hospital the day after his 12th birthday.

    How about answering THIS, Nutter, you racist POS:

    The [BLA CK] students who jumped Bailey [WHITE] were suspended for two days, investigators have not revealed whether they will be criminally charged.

    A public meeting you say? I can already predict what will happen even without a crystal ball: A one-sided screaming and shouting session by angry blacks at any White who deigns to show up. Any White who dares open his mouth will be called a racist and hater.

    End of discussion.

    Hey Nutter — will there also be Black Panthers posted outside with billy clubs to keep racist Whites in line?


  • Funruffian

    Philadelphia is a disgrace much like other major cities with a high concentration of Blacks; I believe they are near 40% the population. Any Black mayor is impotent when it comes to upholding the law in Black majority cities. There was a Black mayor in LA for two decades, Mayor Tom Bradley. He was an advocate for the recidivistic ‘Rodney King’ and was antagonistic toward Police Chief Daryl Gates who was targeting crime involving Blacks.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      “crime involving Blacks.” That almost borders on the redundant.

  • Barrack Osama

    My God, Micheal “Nutter”? Some higher power playing a joke on us all?

  • JohnEngelman

    I just read “Being White in Philly” for the first time. It is depressing to consider that intellectual discourse had deteriorated to the point where it is dangerous to tell the truth, and where telling lies about racial matters is considered to be virtuous.

    During the civil rights movement it was confidently maintained by integrationists that when blacks were no longer discriminated against they would prove that they were intrinsically equal to whites.

    Because so many of them have not proven that, and because most everyone is privately aware why they have not, nearly everyone is afraid to tell the truth. Political correctness consists of lying on behalf of social harmony.

  • IKantunderstand

    Yeah, well that reaction will certainly further discussions about race. Nothing like an honest discussion about race! Just ask Obama or Holder, or any Black person. Here’s how an “honest” discussion about race goes: White people are responsible for all the problems and dysfunction in the Black community. End of discussion. Now, how much money ya gonna give us this time? Because, let’s face it, White people won’t ever, ever, remove the yoke of having been at one time in history, slaveholders, even though so many other people (for example Muslims ) have a longer period of time enslaving people, and Whites in fact are the one race to formally end it. We Whites are wearing a self-imposed yoke of shame. Why? Who has caused us to feel shameful of our accomplishments? Apparently, we have. Have we outsmarted ourselves? We provided the black and brown hordes with our concepts of Marxism, anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, etc. Seriously, how long would it have taken Ghandi, or MLK, or Mandela, to even think about fighting White “imperialism” if we hadn’t provided the intellectual tools for them to do so. These people are so completely our inferiors, that they have to mime our philosophy to argue against us. And we allow them to do so, and then, worship at their altar. Who are we kidding? Ourselves? There is nothing any of these men did that was original, or not based on Western thinking. Yet, we “worship” them. Well, I’ve got news for you, I don’t worship any of these men. If they were so great, why is it that all the Indians who can immigrate to the U.S. do so? Why is it that South Africa is worse now than it ever was under Apartheid? And, finally, why is it that the only streets named after MLK are in the worst slums of America? Why aren’t streets in Beverly Hills named after Martin Luther King? Why aren’t streets in Greenwich, Connecticut named after MLK? Where are the streets in Martha’s Vineyard named after MLK? Or Nantucket? Why are none of those streets named after Martin Luther King? Why oh, why? Please, enlighten us, you governing POS, pray tell us, how we too can kill a woman like Mary Jo Kopechne, and get away with it. AMEN!

    • rightrightright

      There is a saying “he who does nothing, does nothing wrong”. White people have accomplished awe inspiring deeds and built a civilisation in the West that non-whites flee to because, in their own countries they have achieved little more than the three subsistence level “F’s” – feeding, fighting and the other one which I won’t write here. Non-whites want what white people have made while hating whites for achieving so much.

    • Turncoat

      First of all, Gandhi didn’t steal any western intellectual ideas because most of these “so-called” intellectual ideas were part of Hindu and Jain ideologies. His values of peace, non-violence, non-cooperation and absolute reality comes from Hinduism and Jainism. These religious ideologies (vedic scripts) go way back even before the Greek era. I’d say European writers like Tolstoy, Ruskin or Thoreau etc. plagiarized these religious ideas to give it their own interpretation within the European context. Imperialism existed even in earlier times and all these non-white civilizations have fought it in one way or another. Back in those days, it wasn’t called imperialism.

      • IKantunderstand

        First of all, why do you think the Indians in the northern part of India are whiter than their compatriots? Why are the Brahmins, the lightest complected, and the smartest? Hmmm… now look, I’m not saying White people had anything to do with the development of the Hindu religion, but… So, actually, I guess I am saying that there was was NO plagiarism, and furthermore, even you admit that “imperialism” existed for a long time. But it still took WHITE PEOPLE to give a name to it. Like I said, White people pretty much came up with the concepts of well, EVERYTHING that matters in a technological society.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Blacks always react shocked and disgusted whenever whites tell them the truth about themselves. They are offended when whites refuse to tell them what they want to hear.

    “Philadelphia Mayor Nutter Wants An Investigation,”

  • LHathaway

    So, a city with the number one murder rate in the world, has a human rights commission. No doubt it exists to blast anyone who would complain about the murder rate.

  • bubo

    Blacks are overgrown children. In every aspect of their being. If they weren’t so dangerous it would be funny.

  • ViktorNN

    If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having a class on “anti-racism” at the college level or “sensitivity training” or “diversity seminars” then you know that one of the first things you’re told as a white person is that “you need to listen.” You hear it all the time from anti-racists – “white people need to sit down and just listen for a change blah blah blah.”

    Aside from always being accompanied by a hostile, condescending tone which would make any normal person NOT want to listen, the lesson is actually more or less reasonable: in order to learn about the experience of racism that a group has experienced, it’s worth sitting down and just listening to those experiences.

    So along comes Robert Huber, who essentially tries to do just that – except for white people this time around. That is, he writes an article where only white people talk about the experiences of racism (and race) they have as white people living in Philly.

    And look what happens. You’d think the sky was falling. And now Huber and his magazine are about to get punished by the city government for having the audacity to give voice to the experiences of whites.

    Apparently, when it comes to being white, our experiences of race and racism ARE NOT considered as important as other groups. Not only that, but to express them risks punishment by the government. Unbelievable.

    • Daisy

      Amen to that last sentence: we risk direct punishment by the government, far more immediate and draconian than most on here realize awaits any white who has the nerve or imperative to articulate their experience of racism.

  • KenelmDigby

    If your not careful, you’ll end up with British levels of curtailment of freedom of expression.
    Which is what the aptly named Nutter wants.

  • White Mom in WDC

    I own a condo in the Brewerytown section that I have since ditched. Lived in Philadelphia for four years. Worked in West Philly and north Philly schools. Those comments from those people in that article were mild compared to the bs whites deal with living in that joke of a city. Could be a great place. Good restaurants. Great history, BUT the crime and violence in the Black community brings the city down.

    Truth is, the situation in Philly is a microcosm of the US. Nutter needs to get real. White Americans to speak out, unify, and not be afraid,

    Gotta ask. Why does anyone care about the opinions of the SPLC anyway?

  • philly jungle

    Double standards as usual. They can say and do anything they want committing 90% of all the violent crimes and nothing is said. Whites better get the hell out of that hellhole before its too late. There is no good reason to live within 30 miles of that African jungle unless you have a death wish.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      I grew up in North Philly. I saw the seemingly overnight change in my Italian/Irish neighborhood where I never heard or witnessed an act of extreme violence until “they” came. We have been marginalized and pilloried and browbeaten into submission be these demonic social engineers, most of whom don’t reside anywhere near to the prims.

      Now they’re indirectly disarming us. I pray that there really IS a Hell!

  • Who In Their White Mind?

    reckless endangerment to Philadelphia’s racial relations possibly caused by the essay’s unsubstantiated assertions.” That’s funny- I always thought that ghetto thug black criminals attacking any non- black in site, especially Temple students were the reason for endangered race relations. But hey, what do I know… I’m just a hardened race -realist.

  • Token Finn

    He could have fooled me with his mansuit and glasses.

  • rebelcelt

    Exactly how is the commisision suppose to hold accountable? Fines, imprisonment? Protest the Publishing Company? Under what authority and law?

    • Daisy

      In NYC Bloomberg would send his Irgun gestapo to hack his emails and publicly embarrass him, or force him to recant, etc.

  • Luis

    Wasn’t Nutter the same man who said people had a right not to get shot in Philadelphia?

  • I have a feeling things are going to blow up. Go to Vlad Tepes and watch a segment on ‘White self-loathing’ and watch the whole thing. It will turn your stomach but at least the news is getting out there.

  • Paleoconn

    I actually thought the article was too polite and I said so in the comments of an article that slammed Huber, on too I believe.

    • Daisy

      Concur. His tone made me queasy. Hit them hard with the facts and they know you’re there to fight, not apologize for offending. I notice when I confront with the impolite truth that liberals and Diversity realize their game is up and get scared, instead of encouraged.

  • Hugo

    Nutter got a fair amount of good press a year ago when he publically scorned the mahogany mobs in his city. It seems that he was primarialy concerned about how it could damage the reputation of the black community and not so much for the safety of anyone who might actually get beat up by the mobs. Once again, his instincts were to protect his “community” only this time it is just a little more obvious.

  • LHathaway

    Maybe it’s just me but as I see it the problem IS the upper middle and upper class. Maybe these ‘ghettos’ are completely removed. . then again. . maybe those in ‘ghettos’ are being educated and influenced by the preaching of the Nagin types. Paved with good intentions.

  • SheikYerbouti

    It is interesting how often blacks will gripe about hearing this from people they can’t readily identify. As they do this they expose their true nature which would be to go after whomever spoke up. They are not capable of having a civilized discussion on race issues as they have been brainwashed for decades to hate white people for any reason. I would wager they can be thrown into a rage if a white person fails to agree with them about the weather. Nutter is a fool for taking this direction with the issue. Especially after acknowledging the very issue not so long ago in a very public way. He wants the entire discussion on his terms, or else.

  • Tired

    What a ridiculous child!

    This is the way of our enemy. When the race realists defeat you with logic and reason you must silence them with oppression.