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Dick Morris, March 26, 2013

It is not enough for the Republican Party to acquiesce in a bipartisan bill for immigration reform—the scars its image bears in the Latino community run too deep for that. Republicans need to get out in front on the issue. Immigration reform needs to be a Republican bill. Only then can we hope to heal the scars left from the party’s role in scuttling reform in 2005 and 2006.

Latinos, remember, were on the verge of voting Republican after 2004, when former President George W. Bush almost carried them against John Kerry in the presidential race. But then the courtship blew up in the GOP’s face when its base killed immigration reform. That failure to pass reform led directly to the loss of the Senate in 2006 and the election of President Obama in 2008—and then to his reelection in 2012. It qualifies as one of the major blunders in Republican history. Now is the time to correct it before our party becomes exiled to being a footnote in history.

{snip} The question hanging over the debate is whether a grassroots, talk-radio-led rebellion will beat immigration reform as it did Bush’s attempts to pass the bill in 2006.

But rank-and-file Republican voters are in a very different place now than they were then. John McLaughlin’s survey of 500 likely Republican voters taken in February 2013 shows deep and broad support for immigration reform. He found that 66 percent backed it conceptually, and that support swelled to 75 percent when Republicans heard the specifics of the bill from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). So, when the sides are drawn for the intra-party debate upon which the bill’s fate hinges, we can count on the base to back the bill, not to scuttle it.

Here, the very difficulty of the job of winning Republican votes will serve to focus attention on the changing attitudes of Republicans toward the issue. Now will be the chance for Republican leaders, in Congress and outside, to stand up and persuade their partisans that it is time to pass the bill. And, in the process, they will win a new opportunity to get the Latinos they lost the last time.


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  • Greg Thomas

    Yeah right Dick. So in order to win the mystical hispanic vote, the GOP must agree to surrender to the illegal invasion being perpetrated against us. Another hispanic appeaser. Because Ronnie Reagan’s amnesty in 1986 did wonders in attracting hispanics to the GOP didn’t it Dick. So let us just repeat the same mistake again ,with the hopes that big government, illegal invading hispanics will turn GOP with their new found amnesty. Except this time, it is not 5 million illegal invading mestizos demanding amnesty; it’s upwards of 30 million. With chain migration, that number could triple by the end of the decade.

    How about trying to win the support of millions of White Americans, who want our immigration laws enforced and illegal invaders deported?

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    One thing I got out of this; I will never listen to anything Dick Morris ever says again, he has no credibility to us and in fact is an enemy of ours.

    • Felix_M

      If Dick Morris had any honor, for all the times he’s been so abysmally wrong he should have committed sepuku years ago…I’m kidding…partly.

  • sbuffalonative

    Has this guy ever been right on anything? Why does he (or anyone else) consider himself relevant?

    Latinos, remember, were on the verge of voting Republican after 2004
    ‘Latinos were possibly, maybe, considering voting Republican. Pander to us and we might consider voting for you’. In your dreams.

    Latinos dangle their support for candidates like a lure waiting for a hungry and gullible fish to swallow.
    Past is prologue. Latinos haven’t voted Republican in any significant numbers and they won’t. They’re just stringing us along.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Little Dick Morris only joined the GOP after he was canned by Bill and Hillary because of his foot-in-mouth sex scandal.

      Most Latinos have never voted Republican and their support for the GOP actually dropped immediately after Reagan’s 1986 amnesty.

      • TheAntidote

        Morris is a deep penetration agent. He is on the other team, and I think even baboons like Sean Hannity are catching on.
        Just before the 2012 election he came out and said Romney had it in the bag; that it was going to be a Romney landslide—-and then in the aftermath he said he deliberately lied. Karl Rove, Gingrich, Boehner, now Rand Paul—they’re all full of crap.

        • Defoe

          I have thought of that possibility for a long time; Morris, for years, has made predictions which are never right. I got to the point that I believed the opposite of what he would say because he was predictably wrong.

          The question became why people kept having him as a consultant.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Shame on you sbuffalo, don’t you know that amnesty-booster Rand Paul is gaining new fans in the Latino community. For example, there’s Eliseo Medina, Secretary-Treasurer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) recently:

      “The GOP should heed Sen. Rand Paul’s words today and truly join the consensus that wants Congress to pass a bill that will create a just roadmap to citizenship, boost our economy and keep families together.”

      Of course, here’s what Rand Paul-fan Medina had to say in 2010:

      “We reform the immigration law, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters…Can you imagine 8 million new voters that care about our issues and will be voting? We will create a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle.”

      If you love the SEIU political agenda, you have to love Rand Paul.

      • TheAntidote

        Exacto, mi amigo! Rand Paul = puta political.

    • ArmenianWN

      Morris’s Dick was last seen predicting a Romney electoral landslide. Shows how credible he is.

  • The__Bobster

    Latinos, remember, were on the verge of voting Republican after 2004, when former President George W. Bush almost carried them against John Kerry in the presidential race.

    Really, Dick? Really? I suppose you believe the debunked 44% number too.


  • The__Bobster

    This guy has a really spotty record, swinging from one side to the other and back again. I can see why Shrillary despised him.


    • Joel W

      not defending the guy as my opinion of him is non-existant, but anyone hillary hates can’t be all that bad. just sayin.

      • The__Bobster

        Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  • Dick Morris…for someone so respected and lauded, he sure gets things so wrong so often.

    OTOH, I have no respect for someone who advised and got Bill Clinton to go into Full Exploitation Mode after OKC.

    Latinos, remember, were on the verge of voting Republican after 2004,
    when former President George W. Bush almost carried them against John
    Kerry in the presidential race.

    “Were on the verge.” Bush got 40% of Hispanics, 59% went to a near billionaire in the person of John Forbes Kerry. That, Morris calls “on the verge.” The only reason Bush even got 40% is because he threw the borders wide open and handed out subprime affirmative action mortgages to Hispanics like candy, and the consequences of the latter almost drove our economy to collapse.

  • BonusGift

    Three definitions, and one certain result.

    1) Experimentalist’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result.”
    2) National suicide: ” The action of killing one’s country intentionally.”
    3) Traitor: “One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty. One who commits treason.”

    The one certain result: Death of the nation.

  • bigone4u

    Dick Morris resigned from the Clinton Adminstration in 1996 after a prostitution scandal involving toe-sucking became public. I suggest that Dick go back to doing what he does best–toe sucking with ladies of the evening.

  • ZB

    I’ve always been a little bothered and discomforted whenever I see Dick Morris speaking anywhere about anything. As divergent as I am personally from the views of Bill & Hillary Clinton, I always viewed Mr. Morris, well, as a little bit of a traitor (actually, a big traitor if you’ve seen the man). Sure, you can have a political epiphany where you go from right to left or whatever. But does that mean that you then tell practically everything about your former political allies—-personal matters, too? A real man doesn’t behave that way.

    And, as someone who is non-white, but who who has heard A LOT from whites, especially white traditionalist Catholics, about whom to not ever trust, he fits that paradigm to a Tee…

    Ad hominem attacks aside, if you take whatever he says and predicts and do just the opposite, chances are you’ll end up a winner.

    • Ethnic stereotypes sadly have a lot of truth behind them. Yes, the Gambino Crime Family is an Italian America group involved with crime. The Black Gangster Disciples in Chicago are both “Black” and “gangsters”/ gang bangers. This Dick Morris confirms the negative stereotype of this tribe that switches political parties, switches political ideologies, switches countries, switches their names as often as other people change clothes.

      • jeffaral

        Be more acurate: The Gambino family is a Sycilian-american family.

        • Nate Miller

          The last I checked, Sicilian was still Italian!

  • wattylersrevolt

    Dick Morris=hostile rootless cosmopolitan filth…an infestation.

    • David Ashton

      An apt forename.

  • zimriel

    At least it’s his own foot in his mouth this time

    • bluffcreek1967


  • freddy_hills

    GOP establishment is constantly pushing a bunch of baloney that Hispanic are just little republicans who haven’t realized it yet. As evidence, they trot out surveys showing Hispanic are much more conservative on social issues than democrats. They also trot out surveys showing how unpopular republican rhetoric against illegal immigration is. Then they tell us that if only republicans would pass an amnesty that all the Hispanic would vote republican.

    The problem with this claim, however, is that the election wasn’t held this year. It was held last year. And last year surveys found that Republican economic policies were a stronger
    turn-off for Hispanic voters in California than Republican positions on illegal immigration.
    So, no, the election for Hispanic was not about immigration reform but entitlements aka welfare.

    Understand the psychology. Last year entitlements was their number one issue because they were afraid of losing them. It’s not an issue now because they’re no longer afraid of losing them. So, now, entitlements are barely a blip on the radar. Why would it be? They’ve already won that and moved on — until the next election.

    Election years are about fears and non election years are about wants. So what they want NOW doesn’t mean squat to the last election… or the next.

    The next time you hear someone spouting nonsense about how Hispanic are destined to be Republicans because they’re socially conservative I’d like you to remember Gallup Polls consistently show Blacks are as conservative as Republicans on many social Issues. And then remember that blacks always vote over 90% Democrat.

    To paraphrase James Carville – “It’s the entitlements stupid!”


    The irony, of course, is that granting an amnesty will not only cost Republicans many elections but it will doom the conservative positions that GOP strategists claim Hispanics support.

  • Danimalius

    Dear Dick Morris,

    I am more concerned with my people becoming a footnote in history than a political party.

    Take care,

  • Dick Morris also claimed that Mitt Romney would have defeated Obama with +5% in the past presidential elections. I don’t call massive amnesty being something he called for then either. He’s a buffoon.

    • sbuffalonative

      Exactly. Whenever I see this guy (and I generally avert my gaze after 30 seconds) he says nothing of any importance. I think he believe he’s being provocative and edgy but it all falls flat.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Dick Morris=rootless cosmopolitan filth=blattaria infestation.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Come on ..stop deleting it. Dick Morris=rootless cosmopolitan=blattaria infestation. This definition also includes the degenerate Kennedy Family. There, does make you feel better.

  • Dave4088

    At least 20 million Latinos are in this country illegally and have continued to violate our laws by using phony documents, driving without licenses and insurance in addition to the crime and destruction they’ve wrought in countless communities across America. Why do we owe them anything, Dick?

    And Dick? Why isn’t your Israel accepting millions of displaced Muslims and Christians from Iraq? I say make Israel a universal nation committed to radical racial equality just like you and your brethren have made America.

  • Dave4088

    It’s a common myth among conservative and Republican types that legal immigrants are “good” while illegal aliens are bad, but could become good if they just entered “the right way”. If they came legally they would become instant dittoheads upon arrival. In reality, the bulk of the so called “good” third world immigrants have signed on to the invasion by their racial kinsmen and for more free stuff at the expense of the white majority.

    An examination of demographic voting patterns of the past several presidential races clearly proves this, but it seems the average Republican voter just can’t or won’t connect the dots since observing racial realities is, according to their quirky worldview, Un-American and an affront to their Christian morality.

    • jeffaral

      Christian, I mean Bolshevik morality preaches Egalitarianism.

  • StillModerated

    Dick Morris is a perverted foot fetishist, so why do the MSM continue to take this Clinton hack seriously?

  • elreyjones

    Morris is a closet international Bolshevik. We would rather have the government in complete chaos than compromise on suicide. The best we can do is to non-violently arm to the teeth and protect our 2nd amendment rights by buying guns and ammo. This non-violent act will help us non-violently end segregation and passively send a message to the oppressive Bolshevik rulers that we trust them not.

  • elreyjones

    We must agitate and preach an evangelistic approach to non-violence through massive gun ownership. Only through non-violent massive gun ownership can we non-violently end Bolshevik oppression and bring back segregation.

    • I understand your feelings, but think that it doesn’t do us any good to spend time and money on guns that are never used. We need to learn from the Left and use the type of force they use, which wins for them. Water balloons filled with vile liquids are much better.

  • Extropico

    The toe-sucker has foot in mouth disease. This season of the treason reality show will be the final one, eh Morris. Those 1 billion in Africa won’t be motivated by our paucity of patriotism, right? Every illegal gets EBT cards, Section 8 and affirmative action… but they’ll come because they are natural born conservatives.

  • Bud

    Concern trolling from Morris.

  • Bobby

    Had anyone noticed, that formerly sane, quite intelligent,(even if we didn’t always agree with them) political pundits, have all it seems, suddenly become so crazy, almost as if they have been paid off, when it comes to this illegal foriegn nationals amnesty thing? Truth be told, these worthless people probably don’t mind wide open borders either. To them, the U.S. is really not a nation at all. Rather, it’s just some stop off place for the worlds criminals, including themselves it seems, to be used and abused like some street walker for their own selfish purposes. At quiet times, when I can think clearly as far as the big picture goes, it just blows me away how little value as a nation, the U.S. obviously has for some of these folks.

  • Can some of Amren’s Jewish readers take down Dick Morris? At least publicly rebuke this terrible man who confirms the worst negative stereotype of the anti -White, lying J. In this case he’s pretending to be trying to help the Republicans, Conservatives, by flooding American with millions of additional non Whites who will never vote Republican. Would anyone in Israel get away with calling for mass Aram Muslim immigration in to Israel to make Jews a minority in Israel and then try to package this immigration treason as “good for Conservative Israelis”?

    Terrible. Straight out of central casting.

    • jeffaral

      Ever heard of tribal solidarity?

    • Nate Miller

      I’m waiting for “Jewamongyou” and white “jewish and proud” to keep some valuable feedback on this story. But alas, to no avail! I always find it fascinating how our nice Amren Jewish posters are loud & vocally passionate about criticizing non whites or people they don’t like (including many whites who despise the J tribe) but are mysteriously silent when it comes to any legit criticism of Israel or J-folks. Tribal solidarity indeed!

  • Hunter Morrow

    Is there anything more obnoxious in U.S. politics than a jew giving advice to the White man on how to “win?” Worked so well for Mitt Romney!

    Somebody pay a hooker to put her feet in the mouth of this pervert joker, please. Something, anything, to shut him up.

  • DelmarJackson

    I think it is more productive to start adding up who is on our side, who really gets immigration and understands the need to cut off jobs and benefits, anchor babies and enforce e verify, not just make comments about the border, or climb on board the amnesty train like rand paul and rubio.
    When it comes to pundits, there is Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, the writer Neil Munro, Pat Caddell, Peter Brimelow, maybe Lou Dobbs, and that is about it. Everyone else in the media thinks an eventual amnesty is good for conservatives, the GOP and the country, and are drinking the Kool Aid in their belief there will be any sort of enforcement at all to prevent the same story from happening again. I would add Glenn beck but have never heard him mention e verify or anchor babies or even legal immigration as a problem.
    Anyone have any media names to add to the list.
    The list of elected representatives in Washington is almost as short.

  • Felix_M

    If a person were picking a stockbroker, would he choose the one who’s been consistently wrong or the one who’s been right most of the time? If a person wouldn’t pick a stockbroker unable to see market trends and who causes his customers to lose money, why would an intelligent person continue to listen to someone like Dick Morris, who’s been abysmally wrong on so many things, when it comes to politics?

    • At the risk of sounding Clintonesque, it depends on the definition of “wrong.”
      The advice handed out by The Agony of De-Feet (he must be related to Rex Ryan) is wrong if your goal is a white ethnostate, and it’s wrong if all you want is red team to win as many elections as possible. But it’s correct and spot-on if your goal is to flood the country with as many cheap labor Hispanics and Asians as possible to drive down the salary-wage scale equilibrium as far as possible. Dick Morris is ultimately on the payroll of people who want cheep cheep labor.

  • Unperson

    This Republican’s advice to Dick Morris: Commit suicide.

  • Bobby

    Uh, thanks for the advice Dick Morris. By the way, WHO OWNS YOU?? IDIOT.