The GOP Outreach that Dare Not Speak Its Name

Robert Weissberg, American Thinker, March 28, 2013

Mitt Romney’s disappointing 2012 defeat has unleashed an orgy of GOP self-reflection aimed at winning in 2016. Alas, nearly everything entails “outreach” and “inclusion” to assorted minority groups plus ending the alleged Republican “war on women.” Disbelievers should enter “GOP pandering” into Google–1.6 million hits as of March 24th.

But of all this pandering, the most important is the official100 page Growth and Opportunity Project issued by the Republican National Committee Chairman and its chair Reince Priebus. RNC researchers spoke with some 2,600 people both inside and outside of Washington, lots of voters, technical experts, party members and elected officials, an assortment of pollsters, some 600 Hispanic voters and former Republican voters who thought the party was either too little or too conservative. Some 36,000 people also contributed their thoughts online.

The bottom line: “Instead of driving around in circles on an ideological cul-de-sac, we need a Party whose brand of conservatism invites and inspires new people to visit us. We need to remain America’s conservative alternative to big-government, redistribution-to-extremes liberalism, while building a route into our Party that a non-traditional Republican will want to travel. Our standard should not be universal purity; it should be a more welcoming conservatism.”

Specifically, “We need to campaign among Hispanic, black, Asian, and gay Americans and demonstrate we care about them, too. [Young and low income people were included elsewhere.] We must recruit more candidates who come from minority communities. But it is not just tone that counts. Policy always matters.”  The Report abounds in lines such as “We’ve [Republicans] chased the Hispanic voter out of his natural home.” Inclusion might even require filling party positions by quota and rebranding the GOP the Growth and Opportunity Party.”

But absent from the outreach was the one group whose future mobilization holds the greatest promise for a GOP victory — whites especially white males. This is the pandering that dare not speak its name and its omission is especially odd since today’s Democratic Party has a lock on targeted constituencies, e.g., African Americans, gays, pro-abortion women among others. Note well, we are not speaking of some white nationalism akin to re-taking “a white” country. This is about promoting measures no different than those policies targeting minority groups, e.g., improved access to higher education.

Intentions aside, the inclusionary tactic seems futile and almost guaranteed to alienate the Republican ideological core. A savvy elected official surely knows that when seeking votes, hunt where the ducks are, and today’s ducks are white Republicans, not the handful of gays or pro-abortion women.

A small sampling of statistics make this whites-are-the-ducks strategy apparent (these data are culled from various sources, see here here here and here). Overall, Romney received 59% of the white vote in 2012, a far cry from the 64% share from Reagan’s victory in 1984. Moreover, even as America becomes more diverse, whites still comprise 72% of the electorate. The most telling statistic is that in 2012 whites cast seven million fewer votes than they did for the lackluster John McCain. By comparison, blacks increased their turnout by 300,000 and Latinos by 1.7 million.

Evidence from battleground states is even more depressing for the GOP.  Romney lost Ohio by 2% and received 57% of the white vote (whites comprise 79% of the Ohio electorate). If Romney had captured 59% of the white vote in Ohio (his national average among whites) he would have carried Ohio. Ditto for Iowa, where whites are 93% of the electorate. Here he received a paltry 51% of the white vote and thus lost the state by five percentage points. In sum, If Romney could have matched Reagan in attracting whites, 2012 would have been a GOP landslide.

So, why the Report‘s glaring omission? Let me suggest that appealing to whites as “an ethnic group” is now taboo, and the prohibition exists regardless of the appeal’s economic allure or similarity to appeals made to other demographic groups.. Such electoral rhetoric automatically certifies the advocate as racist, a nutcase, xenophobic and, worst of all, hateful.

Imagine a GOP candidate addressing college-aged whites. He might stress how their chances for a decent education have been undermined by affirmative action, a process probably personally known to every listener. That is, black and Hispanic high school classmates admitted to top schools, usually with generous scholarships while better qualified white classmates settle for second tier schools with less financial aid. Further add tuition increases thanks to costly campus diversity bureaucracy and feel good identity courses. Moreover, this reverse discrimination will continue long after they graduate as skin color and ethnicity trump merit in the quest for good jobs. Our GOP candidate promises an apple pie and motherhood solution: a level playing field for everybody.

What about blue collar workers? Our candidate will describe how wages for the average factory worker have gone nowhere, even declining over the past few decades and much of this stagnation, he asserts, results from unchecked immigration. In fact, even more skilled workers are hurt as corporations recruit low cost foreign engineers and computer specialists from abroad.

How about the local Chamber of Commerce? They will hear how Washington imposes pointless, costly burdensome rules to prevent assumed racial and sexual discrimination. Yes, the speaker continues, we all know that good workers, regardless of color or ethnicity, are hard to find so why should we be forced to hire the less qualified to avoid costly litigation? Does bigotry trump economic self-interest?  Further add government contract set asides at a time when small business survival is difficult enough.

How about attracting mothers and those planning families?  The speech would stress how their children’s education is often hindered by Washington’s incessant meddling to achieve “social justice” — forced busing that often means fleeing to a private school, the suburbs  or home schooling, school discipline by racial quota, requiring lessons heavy on feel-good invented history and dumbing down if not abolishing classes for the gifted. Again, an apple pie and motherhood solution: good public schools.

Examples could be multiplied but the point should be clear: a campaign targeting whites even with motherhood and apple pie proposals would elicit heartfelt cheers from massive crowds but, simultaneously, howls of outrage, accusations of racism and all the rest from “respectable folks.” The GOP would be accused of trying to restore Jim Crow (or worse), depriving the disadvantaged of a deserved opportunity to catch up to whiles, stigmatizing Hispanic students and encouraging dangerous racial stereotypes. Ironically, of course, the opposite coming from a Democratic, e.g. yet more affirmative action, would be hailed as genuine compassion (save, of course, those pushed aside). In other words, Democrats have mastered the art of demonizing Republicans by making their most productive electoral strategy unthinkable.

What might the future hold if the beleaguered GOP truly embraces the Report for 2016? Not only will the Democrats win the presidency, but the party may fracture, perhaps something akin to the Democrats in 1948 (Strom Thurmond running as both a Democrat and a States Rights Democratic Party) who received 39 Electoral Votes. Or George Wallace who ran in 1968 under the American Independent Party banner winning 10 million votes and carried ten Southern states while almost winning Tennessee and North Carolina as well.

To repeat, we are not advising the GOP to embrace white nationalism. Reaching out to Democratic constituencies is, moreover, always a useful strategy no matter what the odds of success. Our point is less controversial: the Republican Party seems paralyzed to pursue its own best electoral interests and one might surmise that any party so easily intimidated does not deserve to govern.

Time for a duck hunt.

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  • The__Bobster

    How about the local Chamber of Commerce?

    Well, how about them? They’re the cheap labor/open borders traitors who are lobbying for amnesty.

    • MobyWhite

      Chamber of Commerce elites live in big houses with big yards. They need the cheap labor. Nobody holds them accountable. Would be easy to do with a cell phone camera and good timing.

    • JohnEngelman

      Republican politicians who are advocating reducing restrictions on immigration position themselves as enlightened and compassionate conservatives. In reality they are pandering to their wealthy contributors who want low wage labor to help them increase their profits by cutting wages of American citizens.

  • The__Bobster

    Not All Republican Consultants Are As Useless As Karl Rove—GOP Consultant Mike McKenna Says Amnesty Is Idiotic For GOP
    By James Fulford on March 27, 2013 at 4:37pm

    Not all Republican consultants are as useless and dangerous as, say, Karl “Porky Pig” Rove.

    In March, 2012 GOP Consultant Mike McKenna accurately predicted GOP non-voting for Romney, i. e. the lack of white turnout/support that cost Romney the election.

    But Mike McKenna, a GOP consultant from Richmond, Va., said Romney’s struggles in the primaries and caucuses point to serious problems this fall…. McKenna, who conducts focus groups and polls, sees ominous trends. He predicts that one-fourth to one-third of all Republicans “will not vote for Romney” if he’s the nominee this fall. [GOP activists fear primary takes a toll on Romney, By Charles Babington | Associated Press, March 8, 2012]

  • Weissberg is naive. He explicitly takes overt white nationalism off the table, then suggests a laundry list of political items aimed at whites which will immediately get anyone who advocates them in public branded a “racist.” Sorry, Weissberg. It’s going to take overt white nationalism to, e.g. end affirmative action, restrict immigration or stop the social justice gravy train. Just like you never send a boy to do a man’s job, you should never send a race-denying lamestream conservative to do a white nationalist’s job.

    Weissberg asks: Why is the official Stupid Party ignoring white men? Answer: Because they want to, because they’re using the opportunity of Romney not winning to blame Romney not winning on his being “too conservative” (insert laugh tracks here), which I of course predicted before the fact.

    • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

      There is a third alternative.

      Rekindle the ‘Southern Strategy’ of using Racial Dog Whistles to garner White votes.

      This is a middle ground between being some Race Denying Neo-con and being and out and out White Nationalist.

      The best thing about rekindling the Southern Strategy is it has been done before and proven to be a success, look at Nixon and Reagan as examples.

      • ViktorNN

        I agree. Plus anything that wakes up white racial awareness even just a little bit is a step in the right direction. Small steps are better than none.

      • Except if you dog whistle, you run the risk of people getting the wrong message. Dog whistling is very risky from a communications standpoint — If you try, ten different people will walk away with ten different messages.

        If you campaign directly on kitchen table issues that are a function of our undeclared race war (affirmative action, immigration, et al.), then it will presume that you actually are an overt white nationalist.

        Also, I think you misinterpret the Southern Strategy. It was basically a con game dreamed up by one of Nixon’s brain trust to trick white southerners into voting Republican, by appealing to their concerns in October, reaping the rewards in early November, then ditching both those voters and their issues by the first of December.

        • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

          Yes certainly I would prefer a hard-core White Nationalist candidate. Someone akin to David Duke or ‘Uncle Jesse’ Helms, but we have to work in the realm of the possible here so that means going back to what has worked in the past like the Southern Strategy.

          Also I would argue that Goldwater was the originator of the Southern Strategy and I am glad he came up with it.

          ‘Secret Origins of the Southern Strategy’

          Thanks to Goldwater, Nixon and Reagan were able to hold off Left-wing Chaos for the next 25 years! (1964-1988)

          (I don’t think America really started to go down the drain until Slick Willie came on the scene. America 1988, when Reagan left office, was still a fundamentally decent place and Conservatives were still trying to get rid of A.A. and quotas back then. Only hard-core visionaries like Pat Buchanan and Jean Raspail could see what was coming down the pike…)

          • You’re telling me about politics being arts of the possible? Really, I already know that. Do you think the person of William Todd Akin was merely a carbon copy of myself? Or did I work for his campaign for most of last year because I saw something in him that I don’t see in your typical Republican, and realized that he was a perfect instrument of the realm of the possible? My initial Presidential endorsement in 2012 was Michele Bachmann, albeit with plenty of reservations — History, religion and some elements of foreign policy are not her strong suits.

            You’re right, we do have to strike a balance between purity and pragmatism.

            Remember, Helms was not an open white nationalist like Duke. Bolstering your point, though, Jesse Helms won statewide elections, while Duke never did.

            But you also have to realize that you’re not going to avoid the criticisms heaped on open WNs even if all you do is publicly advocate some of the political features of WN without advocating WN as a whole or in name. Was Jesse Helms never called “racist” a lot?

          • Tucker

            You are right, for the most part. I think that the Hollywood gang had been tip-toeing down the line for several decades prior to the arrival of Slick Willie, because if you watch a lot of the older movies from the 40s,50, 60s and 70s, you can see how they were gradually inserting their race mixing agenda and their subliminal anti-White messages and themes which promoted their White guilt tripping poison – but, when Willie hit the scene – they pulled out all stops and really dropped any pretense of being subtle.

      • Hal K

        The Racial Dog Whistle approach is the whole problem. We need explicit white identity politics. Otherwise white conservatives will always be on the defensive trying to prove they aren’t “racist.”

        • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

          You have a good point.

          I was just suggesting exploring the Southern Strategy and dog whistles. Plus we have a lot of history to work with in that realm as well.

          Remember I am just an internet commenter on a blog, I don’t try to pretend to be some hard-core analyst akin to Dick Morris.

    • Hal K

      What Weissberg is suggesting can be called “white identity politics.” There is currently a wall separating mainstream conservatism from white identity politics, and it is important to break through this wall so that there can be a healthy and unobstructed continuum of political thought on white interests, ranging from anti-white on the left to pro-white on the right.

      Weissberg did not precisely define white nationalism, but the definition he seems to have in mind is support for an explicitly and officially pro-white state. Ironically, our current government is explicitly anti-white. He is calling for pro-white advocacy so that this situation can be remedied. I think this is an important step in the right direction.

      • See my response to GG in this thread. Yes, I’d be perfectly happy with politicians campaigning on, winning elections on, and most importantly, acting on, the line items that are features of white nationalism even if they don’t openly advocate WN or call themselves WN. However, that will not hold the kook left’s (and the neo-con’s) attack dogs at bay.

        • Hal K

          However, that will not hold the kook left’s (and the neo-con’s) attack dogs at bay.

          But that can be said in other contexts as well. For example, FAIR was targeted by the SPLC at one time, I believe.

    • Tucker

      Weissberg reminds me a lot of Ilana Mercer, who parrots the same basic line of baloney. Both of them are jewish, which is significant in that it fits into the pattern we are seeing unfold – where these self appointed voices from outside the White European gene pool are desperately offering their ‘advice’ and ‘counseling’ to the disaffected and increasingly angry and disgruntled White racialist community that has been targeted by the hostile alien ruling elites for reduction to minority status inside our own native homelands – but, we are being given advice that we should never try to see this as a race war and then organize ourselves racially and fight this battle on the only grounds that will ever allow us to win it, i.e., on racial grounds.

      From what I’ve read, Weissberg gave a speech at the last AmRen conference where he spent a considerable amount of his time trashing White Nationalism.

      Same old game, same old template. Whites ought to be asking ourselves – why is our opposition so desperate to keep a lid on White racial consciousness? Answer: Because they know how powerful it can be and they know that once a sufficiently high percentage of Whites begin to think in terms of race and in terms of their racial interests, the genocide game will be over.

      They are showing us the path to our survival, folks.

  • wattylersrevolt

    If it is taboo to target Whites as a racial group..then Whites are been targeted by the Goverment and nonwhites for extermination. Native Born White Americans will resist.

    And do want to know why Native Born White Amercans are being targeted for extermination? Obvious Answer:because they have always demanded a high wage a consequence the psychopath Bill Gates..after all he controls US labor waging a scorched earth policy against Native Born White Americans.
    Resist Republican-Democratic low wage labor policy..which requires a policy of race-replaement..and the Republican-Democratic Parties will exterminate you.

    • White Mom in WDC

      I definitely agree with you. It is put up or shut up now in the US with the Dem/Repub selling out white native born Americans. How dare we want a pot to piss in? How dare we want our kids to go to school in decent clothes and not rags. Wow, we want to be able to eat decent food and not starve.Screw Bill Gates. Screw the plutocrats. They want slaves, not just low wage labor but out and out slavery.

      • C B

        God bless you white mom. It’s strong, noble, and honorable women like you, who love your children beyond all else, and who sacrifice so selflessly for their sake and for the sake of our civilization, that make life worth living, at least from a noble male point of view. As a proud white mother, and the most basic progenitor of white (that is to say, high) civilization, I salute you because you make life worth living for real men who want to love real women. Working class white people have been devasted by the Obama economy. In this time of crises, whites need to organize non-governmental organizations that take care of our own.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Thank you. The government is our enemy. The banks and all monetary institutions are our enemy. We whites have to pull our money out of the system, pull back, and organize our own stealth systems for whites, not unlike the Mafia’s cosa nostra

    • purestocles

      “because they have always demanded a high wage economy”

      True but a high wage economy involves tariffs that protect domestic industry and government/business cooperation. These are not free market capitalist/conservative right wing policies. Social conservatives have to learn something about real-world economics. Middle way economists have known about this for years. This is the way the U.S. economy was managed until the 1960’s. Then came the unrestrained-market influence of the post WW2 immigrants from eastern Europe who had different goals in mind. Social conservatives have been hypnotized by their fairytale of entrepreneur utopia which they used to disguise their real agenda. They BSed the left with visions of social equality and the right with visions of economic rugged individualism.

      • George White

        Oh C’MON! It has NOTHING to do with “demanding high wages.” You can’t believe anybody here is stupid enough to believe this? We’re being displaced because a tiny tribe of people who have huge amounts of money WANT us to be driven into the ground. You can’t refute this.

        • White Mom in WDC

          I agree with both. Here’s the thing, the Jews are secretly afraid of Christianity. They cling to their purses with a rabid insecurity. They as a culture consistently get kicked out of every society, country, etc because they isolate themselves and wish to annihilate European Christians.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Which is why I have been preaching the mantra of getting your money out if the system. Retreat from it. If you have student loans, stop paying them- enroll in a community college and just keep yourself on the roster and keep deferring payments. Stop paying your mortgages. With all the foreclodures out there, you could hypothetically live in your home for years before getting tossed. Dude I would not invest one iota in this smoke n mirrors economy. We win by taki g out money out and divesting from the system. Max out your credit cards and then stop paying them. Credit doesn’t mean anything anymore because nothing means anything anymore. You can do this and you will not go to jail. I did- pay yourself first

        • purestocles

          Marx said “Workers of the World Unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains.”

          The great irony of today is that it is the Capitalists/Financiers of the World who have united. With their ability to arbitrage labor costs by moving factories anywhere in the world, they can destroy worker solidarity and its collective bargaining power. First pensions came under attack and now our self-funded social securities. Workers are naked, completely exposed to the whims and dictates of Mega Owners.

          None of this would be possible without modern, highly productive, inexpensive shipping costs (containers, bulk loading, mega ships, low operating costs of diesel vs. sail). This is a NEW WORLD. Economists from the 19th and even early 20th century could not have foreseen the possibility that it would become cheaper to manufacture an automobile halfway around the world and SHIP it to its destination.

          Since the late 1970’s, Finance has called the tune. I agree with the “tiny tribe” part of your post. They have no loyalty to any particular country or people. Their concerns are global. With their financial power, they have forced any foot-dragging, patriotic manufacturers to come on board or wither.

          Maybe I don’t belong on this site, because I support Labor. And I support labor’s right to own part of the company they work for and to have a say in its running (e.g. Volkwagen). Workers who are vested in their company will make a better product. I like Europe and the sense of community found in northern European countries. I believe in a basic social welfare network. But I am troubled by Black on White violence and believe that IQ makes a difference. I know blacks pretty well, I grew up with them. They are different. They cannot manage affairs in a highly technical society. They just don’t have the intellectual horsepower, nor do they have the interest. They are indifferent to most things technical, scientific, logical or mathematic. I read this site because of the insight offered here that most liberal whites are utterly clueless about black people, have never lived with or near them and know
          virtually nothing about them. But that doesn’t stop them from advising the world about how to manage its affairs. Many liberals are well-meaning doofuses who are unaware of the trouble they create.

        • wattylersrevolt

          I believe at the most fundamental level race-replacement is driven by low wage labor policy. My family has first-hand experience with it. You are underestimating the enormous power of the Psychopathic Corporations and Psychopathic CEOS.

          Moreover, one of my heros is Socialist Jew Samuel Gompers..thankyou Sam and Dennis Kearney for the Chinese Exclusion Act!!!!…a wonderfull piece of pro-Native Born White American Legislation.

          We lost California, Texas, and Florida becaise of the vaulting greed of agribusiness and the high tech industry. The overwelming majority of these CEOS were and are non-Jewish.
          And at the rock-bottom-fundamental strata, Native Born White Americans will become a violently persecuted racial minority because of their massive racial civic sloth. I think this is point Comrade Ruben “Jewamongyou” has been making here for the past several years..and I completely agree. Native Born White Americans only have themselves to blame.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Go to Ha Joon Chang’s website. Chang is brilliant Korean Economist who has exposed all the statistical lies of mainstream neo-classical economics.
        Whether its free trade or its flip side…imported nonwhite scab labor…it is all about wage slavery..low wage labor economy.
        Honestly. I don’t think Jared Taylor has a fighting chance unless he combines Native Born White American Patriotism with radical anti-corporate economic populis.. with ecology only a few inches behind.
        Don’t let the left steal the economic populism and ecology issue. Blend Native Born White American Patriotism with these two issues…then watch Noam Chomsky go apoplectic on his Nantucket Estate…along with other lefties….lots of free publicity….massive mobilization of Native Born White America.

  • Quit calling Ohio a battleground state! It is not one anymore!
    Since I do not see the GOP setting itself straight anytime soon, I need to do my part in killing off this political party that thinks I’m an automatic lock because, well, “at least they aren’t as liberal as the democrats.”
    Here’s a message for you GOP strategists: I’ve been a weekly Amren visitor for over a decade, yet I’ll vote democrat if you put up another moderate like Dole, McCain, or Romney. If the Republican Party is too afraid to flat out go after the white vote, then it will not get mine.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I agree but would NEVER vote Democrat. I’d vote a third party knowing it is a throwaway.

      • MobyWhite

        Our futures have become throwaway, so living out the metaphor is only fitting.

      • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

        May I be so bold as to suggest the Constitution Party as a good alternative third party for conservative Whites and race realist Whites?!?!

      • Tucker

        The #1 Cultural Marxist objective, from the very beginning, was to work as hard as possible to achieve the goal of total disenfranchisement of the White European male from as many areas of influence, prestige, good-paying areas of employment and political power as possible.

        White males are correctly seen by the Cultural Marxist enemies as the primary architects of White Western Civilization – and since the death of Western Civilization has been the decades old obsession of these Cultural Marxists, just as it was also the driving passion of the Bolshevik Communists who once rammed Communism down the throats of millions of White European people during the time of the former USSR and then managed to orchestrate the systematic mass murder of over 66 million of our White kinsmen and women in Russia, the Ukraine and other states formerly controlled by the Communists – today, it is the White male who is firmly in the cross-hairs of the Cultural Communists who’ve hijacked our nation.

        Do not think that I am exaggerating when I say that these Cultural Communists/Cultural Marxists will not be satisfied with simply disenfranchising White males. They understand that, if White men ever manage to decisively identify and remove from power the race treasonous White elites who have joined with our #1 enemy and who are helping them to destroy Western civilization – and then those deposed White elites are replaced with racially conscious, racially proud, and racially healthy White men – Western civilization will be salvaged and it will not be long before it will regain its former position of prominence in our world. This will also mean that the Cultural Marxists will be driven from our nation and those who resist leaving will be imprisoned for life, or perhaps suffer an even more unpleasant fate.

        For this reason, I am firmly convinced that the similarities that we are witnessing today – whereby, the enemy controlled mainstream media and the Cultural Marxist dominated US Government – devote endless hours to relentlessly demonizing ‘White males’ and blaming ‘White males’ for all the miseries that non-whites might be experiencing – is a carbon copy of the tactic that Stalin used in the USSR, when he decided to demonize the dissident minded and uncooperative Kulaks and to create in the minds of the Russian people the idea that Kulaks were the root of all their misery and misfortunes. Once this demonization process had had sufficient time to condition the masses, Stalin then began his systematic round-ups and mass murder of the Kulaks and the general public cheered his brutality.

        Think about it, folks. For any White man or woman who have been unable to cure themselves of their TV addition – are such White people so lacking in cognitive ability that they fail to notice that, no matter which network or station they tune into – and no matter who’s face they see on their screen, that when the subject of race comes up and especially when the topic is raised about White ethnic interests – the anti-White baloney that comes out of the mouth of liberal talking heads is really not all that different than the anti-White baloney that oozes out of the mouths of the RINOs on Faux News Network? This anti-White poison is universally spewed with equal enthusiasm – whether its coming from Chrissy Matthews or Sean Hannity. The one minor difference might be the lame efforts by a Hannity or O’Reilly or a Limbaugh to whine a little about there being an anti-white bias, but then these clowns will immediately launch into their standard tirade about how race doesn’t matter and how they only brought the subject up to complain about the left playing dirty politics. They will NEVER go on the offensive and openly declare that Whites have every legitimate and justified right to have and to fight for their ethnic specific interests, just as every other racial group already does.

        So, White males are the new Kulaks. That’s why they are obsessed with taking our firearms, folks. They cannot start their final solution on a wide scale, until White men have been rendered defenseless. Let me be more specific: To guarantee that Western civilization is destroyed and to ensure that it will never rise again – White males have to be exterminated.

        This extermination process can take many forms and doesn’t necessarily have to involve sending goons out to murder us in our sleep. Wars that we are lied into, that for some bizarre and incredibly stupid reason – seem to have some kind of magnetic attraction for dumb White males who’ve watched one too many Rambo movies, so they rush down to join the military then wind up squandering their lives for the amusement of the Cultural Marxists who lied us into the war. Aborting white babies is another way to reduce the number of White males. Pushing miscegenation between White females and black males is another way to reduce/prevent the birth of White babies. Promotion of homosexuality as a fashionable and perfectly ‘normal’ (which it is not) alternate lifestyle choice – cuts down on the white birth rate as well. Oh, and since Women will now be sent into combat units – our enemy has decided that destroying our race must also include killing White females off before they can become mothers and possibly have a few white children.

        How can all these enemy tactics be most effectively combated? Step one must be to purge the White race traitorous elites from every position of power and influence within our society. Step two is to replace those traitors with healthy, confident, strong, pro-White men and women. Step three is to identify and attack the Cultural Marxist enemy – confront them openly and aggressively.

        That’s when the fireworks begin, and I cannot wait for the spark to fly.

        • anarchyst

          For “solutions” to the problems obtain and read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. Although not a racial realist book, it offers a possible way out . Althiough out-of-print it is still available on ebay and amazon. It is a little pricey, but well worth the acquisition. You will learn a lot . . .

      • OnGuard

        But a Third Party vote is not a throwaway vote! I learned that those parties get their share of public campaign funding as per their percentage points in the election. That funding comes from public donations on income tax forms.

    • Veritas_lux_mea

      Wouldn’t it be better to vote for a third party instead of the Demoncrats until the Repubs do put up a pro-white candidate? The Constitution Party and the A3P are both solid parties. Not only would you be protesting this two party pseudo-democratic system, but if one of these two parties were to gain strength, it would force the GOP to veer the right.

      • anonymous_amren

        I like the A3P. But I’m afraid I have to agree with Ramzpaul… the best chance of success is to follow the example of Ron Paul and use the Republican Party. We need someone like Jared Taylor, or even Ramzpaul, to run for the Republican primary.

        • Tucker

          The GOP is a lost cause. They have proven, time and time again, that regardless of how clear the correct path is that they should be taking – that they will NEVER take the path that will save them from destruction.

          It’s time to accept the fact that the core of the GOP is too rotten and cannot be salvaged. I’ve predicted this before and I continue to predict it – the GOP will become the La Raza Party. It will become hard core liberal, and that will draw a stampede of mestizos from the Democrat Party, which will then become majority black, but which will have a few white liberals hanging around who secretly wish they were black, too. Eventually, these white liberal politicians will be discarded and replaced with blacks.

          This means that a new party, perhaps the A3P – will be in a perfect position to become the White people’s party. As for the Constitution Party – I’ve voted for their presidential nominee on two occasions in the past – but, realistically, the CP concerns me because it has a very heavy Christian orientation. As we’ve all discussed on AmRen before, until such a time as we begin to see wide spread Christian leadership support for opposing amnesty and for securing our borders and for defending the perfectly legitimate ethnic specific interests of White European people – I am not convinced that the Constitution Party could be considered as a new party that will address the interests of White European people. Whatever new party arises that will become a party for White conservatives – it cannot be timid on the issue of race, and it must be explicitly and confidently pro-White, and this point should be non-negotiable.

          Understand this – Whites are facing the most serious existential crisis that our people have ever faced. Therefore, either Christianity has to embrace some form of White racial advocacy and become an asset to us and an ally in our struggle for survival – or, it has to be abandoned. We cannot allow Christianity to do to White European Americans what the Christian Church leadership did to their White followers in the former nation of Rhodesia. Loyalty is a two way street, plain and simple.

          We shall see how things unfold.

    • Garrett Brown

      Keep your integrity, vote for a third party.

      • Luca

        Not only will you keep your integrity, but you’ll also keep your Democrat in office.

        • Garrett Brown

          I don’t own any Democrats, sorry. Whiny little critters, not very smart either.

    • JackKrak

      Cooper –
      I don’t get it – why vote for someone who actively hates you (Dems) just because the other guys doesn’t make enough of an effort to be on your side?

      • I do it because THIS version of the Republican Party needs to hurry up and fade away like the Whigs. Once that happens, then whatever rises from the corpse of the Republican Party will be truly right wing.

    • Epiminondas

      Don’t pull the lever for a Democrat, D.B. Better to just stay home. I did in 2012. And I’ll stay home again in 2016 if the same old crowd runs the same old stale political campaign. Right now there is no reason for a paleo-conservative to support Republicans. They’re as bad as the Democrats.

    • Bobby

      Great message. The sooner European-Americans eliminate the GOP, the sooner they might get some representation, unlike with the GOP. Can anyone think of a single thing, the GOP has actually done that helps the average Republican voter? I can’t.

  • Barrack Osama

    The writer assumes that the neo-cowards are actually interested in winning elections and representing their constituents, when it’s apparent that they enjoy their current status as The Social Democrats B.

  • bigone4u

    If Hillary runs in 2016, the white vote will go to her because white women find her brand of BS to be compelling. Remember the soothing nanny state tag line, “It takes a village”? That doesn’t play well with white men, but with white women, blacks (the village Hillary wrote of was code for gibsmedat), browns, yellows, and reds, it’s music to the ears. Hillary’s message revolves around children coming together in this imaginary multiracial, multicutural paradise. It’s an appealing vision, if it were true. Women want to believe that a woman is the answer to the country’s problems, just as many libtards wanted to believe that a black was the answer. Fantasy is just so much nicer than reality. But, don’t forget: Reality bites.

    • IstvanIN

      and she may soon be the grandmother to a little African.

    • wattylersrevolt

      You are perpetuating the myth that majority of eligible White Women voters vote Democratic. The actual number is very small. Just combine the number of White Women who actually voted Republican and all the White Women who didn’t even bother to vote.

      • SargeInCharge

        Romney got 56% of the white female vote; Obama got just 42%. (Linked ‘Why White Women Voted for Romney Too’)

        The reason is because as white people  are awakening to America deteriorating because of shifting demographics, whites (both men and women) are leaving the party they see as being responsible — The Democrats.  

        • wattylersrevolt

          Your missing my point:what percentage of eligible White Women voters actually voted for Obama…

          • SargeInCharge

            I was trying to support your point with statistics.

          • wattylersrevolt

            I think your giving me the percentage of the number of women who actually voted Republican or Democratic. In Presidential elections past, the total number of eligible voters who acually vote hovers around 50-56 percent. Just knowing that, it wouldn’t be unreasonble to conclude that a majority of White Women are not voting Democratic.

          • SargeInCharge

            Yes, I am giving you the exit polls of actual white women voters rather than a survey of all eligible voters. I understand that you’re talking about eligible voters, but I see voting as inertia — Generally, those who vote continue to vote; those who don’t vote continue to not vote. That’s why I think the statistics of actual voters are more telling of future voting behavior. I agree that some white women will be drawn to the idea of voting for the first female President, but I do think that we’ll continue to see more whites leave the Democrat Party, including women. In any event, we’re essentially backing the same point — most white women will not back Hillary.

          • betsy

            that’s the problem.
            how can we really know who voted for who……….?

        • Dave4088

          If white women had their heads screwed on straight they would have voted for Romney at no less than 80% just to spite the anti-white Obozo.

      • bigone4u

        No, just that white women will vote for Hillary. Enthusiastically, I’m affraid.

      • betsy

        I don’t believe that………. too many white women vote democratic……..
        I’ve seen it, I’ve heard them discuss politics………. they are scared and not too bright and they’ve bought the kool ade.

        • wattylersrevolt

          OK, but that’s not been my experience. Also, if it is true that the largest number of registered voters are Independents…larger than the number of registered Republican and Democratic voters combined..if this is true, then it is safe to assume that a vast majority of registered independents are White. If all this is true, then this would be another statistic that strongly indicates that only a small percentage of White Women Voters voted for the Keyan Foreigner.

          I find it hard to believe that a majority of eligible White Women voters would inflict the Kenyan Foriegner upon their White Sons.

    • JohnEngelman

      Feb 8, 2013

      (Reuters) – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the most popular U.S. politician, surpassing fellow Democrats President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden as well as leading Republicans, a national poll found.

      Sixty-one percent of American voters approve of Clinton, a possible U.S. presidential candidate for 2016, while 34 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion, according to the survey by Quinnipiac University released on Friday.

      • Because she’s not President. If she was President right now and Barack Obama was her Secretary of State, she’d have the approval rating in the 40s and Obama would be at 61%.

    • MBlanc46

      I wouldn’t be so sure that she’d have a lock on the election. She’ll be 69 (far too old) and she’s always rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Dem women might be falling all over themselves to see her nominated in ’16, but I don’t think it was just bad luck that she failed in ’08. If she gets the nomination, it will be a tough fight, especially if the Repubs nominate a younger, dynamic candidate.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The situation in the US has evolved way past a boring policy wonk such as Robert Weissberg. The nonwhite population is exploding creating rat-race competition for the scarce resources of America. Can’t wait for this summer..lots of horrific scenes of drought devastation. Weissberg just can’t wrap his head around the fact that the situation for Native Born White Americans is incredibly dangerous. Why save the Republican Party? What is the point? Because Weissberg knows what I know:politics abhors a vacum..the vacum will be filled by a Native Born White American Patriot movement…very very hostile to corporate power and the free market libertarianism of the race-traitor Ron Paul. This is what scares Weissberg. The gasoline has already been poured into the basement..a match or two wlll ignite it.

    • White Mom in WDC

      right on. A storm is brewing

    • Derelictus

      How is Ron Paul a ‘race-traitor’? His critics smeared him as sympathetic to white nationalism, which is probably true to an extent, and last I heard he was NOT an open borders advocate (not all libertarians are open-borders). His son Rand…different story altogether.

      • Ron Paul came out for open borders in the 2012 Presidential campaign season and consistently opposed a border fence, under the curious grounds that the fencing and border security would be used to trap us in. As if any of us actually want to flee to Mexico. The only kind of “American” who wants to flee to Mexico is a criminal on the lam, and most of those are Mexicans or Hispanics themselves.
        “His critics smeared him as sympathetic to white nationalism.” Well, they could say the moon was made of green cheese, too, but would that make it true? It is true that he once was willing to cavort with WN sensibilities, but that was back in the days when the libertarian project was to sell libertarianism by appealing to white nationalists, circa 1988-1997. It’s not that Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell et al. actually were WNs or even agreed with WNs, it’s just that they were trying to convert WNs to libertarians. But it didn’t work out to like they thought, so they abandoned the project. Now, Lew Rockwell wouldn’t admit that he ever played around with racial ideologies even if you waterboarded him, and Ron Paul openly disavowed any statements he made in that spirit. The point is, if Ron Paul would have actually become President, he would have been as anti-white as the rest of them and governed from that standpoint. In fact, he might have actually been more anti-white than your typical Republocrat, simply because he thinks he had a “history” to “live down” and “something to prove.”

        • anarchyst

          Let’s not forget that Rand Paul has to be careful not to offend those “of the tribe” that “pull the strings” in American politics.
          It is my humble opinion that he knows this and is just being careful . . .

    • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

      Ron Paul… a race traitor?

      Last time I checked he wanted to get rid of Affirmative Action and actually voted against renewal of some absurd Civil Rights act as well.

      In fact his opposition to this renewal sounds like something Jared Taylor could have written:

  • carter’s fat nephew is a fagg

    They have to be careful or else one of Jimmy Carters fat ass nephews might film it and it go viral as in Mitt Romney with … aghast … rich people … and saying 47% of liberal scumbags on welfare or entitlements were a waste of time in so many words. Hell was he lying or truthful?

    Why are hellhole stank screwball knucklehead faggot pedophile rotten to the core perverted liberal slime in their control freak arrogance trying to advise their conservative enemies how they should operate or run their affairs? FcK Off …
    Never take advance from your enemies but keep close track of them like they are doing with you.

  • Triarius

    This is the GOP’s last and only hope. It may already be too late. No minorities will vote (R) in the next generation or two. It honestly boggles my mind why no one has even gone after the white vote that I know of. I think it would be a slam dunk on a municipal and even state level. It is certainly the elephant in the room, no pun intended.

    • Xerxes22

      The GOP leadership despises anyone who isn’t rich. They really believe that any White person who isn’t rich must be a loser and they don’t like or need losers. Non-Whites get a pass because they are recent immigrants or were subject to discrimination in the past. This may seem bizarre but that is the way these people think. Every thing in their lives revolves around money and that is how they view the world. To them the USA is just a corporation whose sole purpose is to make money. Language, culture, tradition, history etc. mean absolutely nothing to these people.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Exactly. Which is why we pull our money out of the system. Stop paying your mortgage. Stop paying your credit cards. Pay yourselves first. Screw the GOPers- hey, they want a free market and capitalism, they can have it. I will be exercising my own version looking out for número UNO baby! The GOP can kiss my arce

      • MBlanc46

        I don’t know that they despise them. They just don’t need them anymore.

    • betsy

      the media decides who will run…….
      they have decided that a pro white leader will not rise that high………… end of story

      • White Mom in WDC

        Forget the media. Forget America. Hate to say it bug this place is a cluster f$&k of a multicultural fiefdom. We need to start our own country, state, whatever. The Mormons did it.

    • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

      There are three prominent example of White politicians who have courted the White vote in my living memory (I am 35)

      1.) Jesse Helms – his famous ‘hands’ advertisement in opposition to Affirmative Action gave him the decisive edge to win

      2.) Pat Buchanan – his 1992 Presidential campaign that won the New Hampshire primary really put the Fear of God into the GOP establishment. He opposed A.A. and immigration (which was starting to become a very large issue in California at the time)

      3.) Last but certainly not least… David Duke managed to win 55% of the White vote in his most famous campaign in 1991, quite a feat for a campaign that came under massive assault from the liberal media.

      Based on these three prominent examples it is plain to see that if some folks were to emulate at least Uncle Jess and Uncle Pat that some serious progress could be made for Whites.

  • pcmustgo

    is Weissberg a Jew? I mention that as some amren posters seem to think all Jews hate white people. I myself am half Jewish and have met many Jews who don’t like anti-white racism.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Weissberg is indeed a Jewish race realist- and a fine writer- who has spoken at a past AmRen conference.

      Last year he and John Derbyshire were fired by National Review back-to-back because of an unforgivable offense: they weren’t neocon assclowns.

    • Derelictus

      Whether or not a Jew is ‘white’ tends to be up to the Jew himself…sometimes Jews fashionably latch on to the nonwhite label so they can claim victimology status. Others, on the other hand, have actual principles…

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Exactly why he abhors White Nationalism. Same with Michael Savage saying we need a Nationalist party “without all the racism stuff”. Jews want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be White when it suits them and they want special minority status when it suits them. I’ve seen conservative Jewish reporters interview leftists and act just like a conservative White guy, then the leftist starts throwing around racism and slavery. Guess what the reporter says next? “Well, I’m Jewish…”

      I don’t know what the solution is, but Jews seriously complicate White Nationalism.

      • Fred

        To be fair, name any nationally broadcast radio or TV personality, supported by large sponsors of products trying to appeal to everyone in the country, that would go on air promoting white nationalism. You are not being realistic. They can only go so far publicly with what they may believe privately.

    • Dave4088

      I believe Weissberg is the chap who spoke at the American Renaissance conference last year then disavowed TPC radio program and white racialism when the radical left applied heat to him for speaking.

  • MekongDelta69

    Typical politician (of any stripe):
    “Inclusiveness for thee, but not for me.”

  • C B

    Preibus and his ilk are typical conservative Inc. sellouts. Imagine if an unapologetic pro-white leader appeared who had the charm and easy grace of a Reagan. With a genial smile he could say: “I harbor no ill will toward non-western peoples, I am simply morally obligated to stand up for my own people who are under attack by the elites running our media, our banks, our schools, our universities, etc. If it is ok to single white people out as “uniquely evil” as is done continuously in the universities, the media, and Hollywood, it is only fair to give white people a chance to offer a rebuttal. My candidacy will be that rebuttal.”

    • Greg Deane

      It’s all in the tone.

      • C B

        Greg, what’s often lost in political philosophy is the power that one man can wield through his own will. A race realist Reagan would be manna from heaven, because you’re right, it’s all in the style and tone.

        • Greg Deane

          I’ve noted with disgust that the ‘liberal’, ‘progressive’ Democrats and their ilk have bemoaned the Republicans because they cannot produce another leader like Reagan. But when Reagan was President the same cant leftists condemned Reagan as a warmongering fascist. Hopefully the Republicans will have the guts to produce another Reagan from the ranks of disgruntled thinkers who are now denied the chance to act. The leftists might be a lot less nostalgic then.

          • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

            Actually I tend to think of Obama as the ‘democrat Reagan’.

            Obama seems to be quite conscious of this as well as he has spoken of Reagan being a ‘transformational’ figure of a sort that Obama would like to emulate (on in a Far-Left leaning direction)

            One could even go so far as to state Obama is ‘Teflon President 2’ as no major scandal has really taken him down (as of yet…)

          • Greg Deane

            Obama isn’t eloquent. Reagan was a natural orator. Even with a teleprompter Obama stutters-don’t you hear the pauses between every two, short phrases as he checks what the speechwriter wrote. He may well transform America-from the most powerful and wealthiest country the world has ever known into a savage, impoverished, third world jungle. But that doesn’t make him like Reagan. He’s closer to Idi Amin or Mugabe.

          • anarchyst

            The o’bama’s race makes him a “teflon president”. Most people are afraid to criticize him for fear of being called “racist”.
            I have nothing but contempt for the “community organizer” muslim that is the current occupant of the white house.

        • Tim

          “One man with courage makes a majority.”-Andrew Jackson

    • Derelictus

      Doesn’t matter how polite he is, media will just label him a “genteel Old South-style racist” who wants to exterminate all non-white peoples.

      • C B

        Of course the media will go after him with the fury of the devil, but one day, a leader will come from our ranks who has the “street cred” to withstand at least the media’s initial assault. Who has better “street cred” than a general or high ranking officer of some kind? Democracy is only the best form of government as long as the people who constitute the democracy are of a first rate character, like the classical Greeks or the English prior to the mid 20th century. As Aristotle said, “the greatest tyranny is the equality of unequals.” As a patriotic American, I have a soft spot for democracy, but as a race and historical realist, I think the best route for white America at this point in history is to go down the Napoleonic path. Find a leader of enormous talent who shares our vision and support him to the hilt. Democracies don’t make history, great men do.

        • ConcernedYoungAmerican

          I agree with you. Democracy isn’t getting whites anywhere. I’d gladly accept a putsch.

      • Greg Deane

        Invaders can be expelled without being exterminated.

    • Luca

      You have to be smarter than that. You have to rally around the fact that we are all Americans and need to drop the hyphens, in other words: assimilate.

      And since we know that a very large portion of certain demographics will never assimilate, well then, they must be viewed as anti-social and not as victims. They’re invited to the party but since they can’t play by the rules, well that’s their problem.

      Simply lay down a platform of principles (which some may call “White” but we call civilized) and avoid race based subjects altogether. Mostly we have to stop the immigration, welfare and crime insanity.

      A party based on “White-anything” will have as much success as the KKK is having right now.

      • C B

        Luca, I’ve read some of your previous posts and I respect your intelligence. My only point of disagreement is that I believe you are too afraid of the egalitarian media. How can you avoid race-based subjects if you want to halt immigration, is that not a racial issue? The media, especially in this age when the bourgeoisie are too craven to serve, has no choice but to respect a military man. Let’s imagine a scenario where a general of the calibre of Petraeus or Odierno had race realist tendencies(and by the way, many high-ranking officers do). Without being explicit in a presidential campaign, he could easily appeal to whites “between the lines.” My own personal opinion, however, is that this future leader wouldn’t even have to appeal to whites “between the lines,” he could be explicitly pro-white as long as he respectful and non-genocidal toward non-whites. I’m new to Amren and am open to the many intelligent opinions offered here. I don’t claim to be absolutely right and am certainly open to criticism from my civilizational brothers and sisters. My only point is that the best (and easiest) route to power is through a strongman. The strongman need not take power through a coup, he can win a general election by being a race realist with a smiling face.

        • Luca

          The White populace of our country is thoroughly divided. They will never rally around a white racial cause and the demographic clock is ticking.

          There has been a Marxist war going on to defeat White, heterosexual Christian, males in this country and it has been persistently successful. That war has been fought in the media, Hollywood, academia and in politics.

          Non-Whites, homosexuals, non-Christians and a segment of the female population have been united around a common cause of victory in this war because they have been labeled as the victims. Within those last three groups you’ll find significant numbers of Whites. Whites just had an opportunity to rally against Obama last November and what was the outcome? If they can’t vote an anti-Constitution, Marxist, mulatto out of office, where is the hope they will unite to keep a White Liberal female out of office by running a new candidate on a subliminal white nationalist platform? Keep in mind this is a website for realism. No matter what I would personally wish for, I have to face reality and think about what would actually work.

          We need a tremendously strong, charismatic articulate candidate who ignores racial issues, and focuses on sound, civil, social, economic, legal principals when dealing with our problems here and abroad. We need a cross between Hitler, and Gen. Patton who looks and speaks like he’s straight out of central casting.

          Or we need a military coup.

          Or we need a citizens revolt.

          Or our country is lost.

          • Kathy M

            This will take time. As you suggest, many many whites are fence riders having no focus on the racial aspect of their whitness. I can promise you that will change. It will change when those whites get a good taste of what it means to be a minority under nonwhites and to be ruled over by nonwhites. Whites are slow to act. They need strong motivating factors slamming in on them. As nonwhites gain more and more control, their racial awareness will become obvious to whites. Race WILL become an issue as it always is for nonwhites. Whites are going to have to confront these issues in terms of their own race.

            It has to get worse before it gets better.

          • Luca

            The problem is the way the human mind works. It operates in both a rational and irrational manner. A person can be intelligent, educated, sophisticated, articulate and well-read but their mind functions in an irrational manner when it comes to identifying problems and solving them. They cling to their own lofty notions of how things should be. They live in a fantasy world.

            Another set of people whether they are educated or not can see things clearly, have a good deal of common sense, know how to problem solve by applying logic. (For example, there were many inventors and innovators who lacked formal education but went on to create many great things.)

            Some people are in between. These are the only ones capable of change, perhaps half of them.

            You just cannot count on a large group of whites having common sense. I have met and worked with too many Liberals who are in a complete trance when it comes to using logic and their race means nothing to them. They see the world through rose-colored glasses whereby we are all perfectly equal and one day we’ll all hands hands, drink Kool-Aid and sing Kumbyah. They will never see the light. You have to accept that fact.

          • Tucker

            I was in a local auto mechanics garage yesterday, waiting near the checkout counter for my vehicle’s work to be finished – and this grey bearded, pony-tail wearing white guy walks up who I estimated to be somewhere in his early to mid 50s. The owner and proprietor of the shop was also a White guy, who was about 40. Both guys had the blue collar look, which tends to be the sort of voters who one would assume to be fairly conservative.

            A conversation was struck, and the subject was politics and I made a few comments about how screwed up the country had become – and mentioned how stupid it was to let homosexuals serve openly in the military and how that was going to seriously damage morale and unit cohesion and then, I went on to express my opposition to putting women into combat roles. Well, those two examples were my way of tossing out a few trial balloons to test these two white blue collar guys and to see what their reactions would be.

            This is where Luca’s point about not being able to count on a large or even a small group of Whites having any common sense reared its head. Both of these two guys, neither of whom were homosexuals – both began to chide and scold me, and told me that ‘the world is changing, and we all need to learn to adapt and go along with the changes’. They both then assured me, that they felt that any woman could do at least 95% of what any man could do and they both saw nothing wrong with women being sent into combat roles in the military. About this time, I found myself wishing I had a copy of the excellent article that Jared Taylor wrote for Takimag recently about women in combat – not that any of the sound and iron-clad logic and common sense that Jared included in his critique of this brainless decision would have reached either of these two White male morons. But, it proves Luca’s point.

            Whites are the most easily programmed, most easily conned, most easily convinced to believe the most far fetched, incredibly ridiculous and nonsensical garbage of any other race on the planet. These two White guys were probably Obama voters, because they sure as heck demonstrated all the standard indicators.

            I found myself wondering, just how high is the percentage of White people who’s brains are as screwed up as these two guys? It must be pretty high, because this is the kind of thinking that has allowed the Cultural Marxists to take this nation away from its rightful owners.

          • Luca

            It takes a certain amount of testosterone, strength and intestinal fortitude to charge a machine gun nest and kill the excrement that are killing your buddies. If I were wounded and in the open do I really think a 120-lb women is going to charge through a firestorm and safely drag my 190-lb ass to safety? I think not on both accounts. Clearly neither of these grease monkeys have been in combat and have been guzzling the Kool-aid or smokin weed for too long..

            As for gays, the equivalent would be for me to be bunking in a girls dorm every night. Would I be able to shower with all these women and eat sleep and work next to them and never make advances? Probably not, especially if i were 18 years old again. I personally find advances by gays absolutely repulsive and would not have a pleasant reaction to any.

            So do the above scenarios make any sense? Only in the mind of a Liberal.

            Go back and tell these two apes that not all change is good and sometimes when we “progress’ we progress right off the edge of a cliff.

          • The Traveller

            “We need a tremendously strong, charismatic articulate candidate who
            ignores racial issues, and focuses on sound, civil, social, economic,
            legal principals when dealing with our problems here and abroad..”

            Didn’t that describe Romney, minus the charisma? He did exactly as you said and lost – focusing exclusively on economics and abstractions of government. I really don’t think charisma would have mattered that much. What your are advocating is fighting with one behind your back while the enemy uses both. They certainly care about race….and use it.

            ” Keep in mind this is a website for realism. No matter what I would
            personally wish for, I have to face reality and think about what would
            actually work.”


          • Luca

            Romney lacked charisma, nor was he more articulate than his opponent. The 800-lb gorilla in the room is his religion. Like it or not, many people shun the Mormon religion.

            You needn’t always fight with both hands, you can outsmart your opponent as well. Having one hand behind your back can be a good thing if your hiding a Louisville slugger.

            Secession would be great if it were practical and had popular and political support. It is not practical now unless something spectacular happens. Who knows, maybe Obama will fire on Ft. Sumter.

          • Tucker

            I am not sure it was his religion that turned so many White Conservatives off, Luca. I think it was his over-the-top war mongering rhetoric and his repeated promises to start a war against Iran in order to please the Israel Lobby, Sheldon Adelson and his psychopath, blood thirsty buddy Bibi that cost him the election.

            Americans on the traditional conservative right, as well as a lot of liberals on the left – are sick of all these unnecessary wars – and Romney was too stupid (or maybe too bought) to realize that Bush jr left office with a 22 percent approval rating because of his deceit and because the conservatives finally realized that he and Cheney had lied to them non-stop for 8 straight years.

            History shows that the candidate that can present himself as the ‘peace candidate’ will usually win. Obama certainly is not a peace candidate, but Romney let him repeat his packaging of himself as one – just as he successfully did versus Juan McAmnesty McCain in 2008.

            Either the GOP purges every last one of these evil neo-cons from the party, along with their RINOs, or the GOP will never win another national election.

            Oh, and Romney had over 30 of the evil neo-cons from the Bush years stuck to him like ticks to a stray dog, and I believe those ticks sent a message to the 7 million White conservatives who stayed home – that if this guy gets elected, its going to be World War 3.

          • Luca

            We are both right. There were many factors. The art of politics is appealing to everyone and offending no one while making contradictory promises.

            You have to be an extraordinary BS’er to get elected. Proof positive sits in the White House.

      • Jeremy Bender

        Integration with Third Worlders? Not what I want. Segregation is more like it.

      • Kevin Anderson

        The hyphens are necessary to accurately describe Americans. An African is not the same as a European. This is what the Left seeks — we’re all equal and interchangable. Just Americans. Not what I want either.

    • Nate Miller

      Sometimes, when I think about it, who can really blame the GOP? If say for argument’s sake, we went with your plan and got some far right pro-white leader elected as the nominee, do you seriously think that man would win an election or that he would get the majority vote. Not a chance! The blacks, Hispanics, Jews, East Indians, orientals, mixed race folks, significant percentage of white women, almost all LGBT folks (including those in the closet), middle easterners, and liberal whites ( which could make at least 30% of the total white population in the United States) would all deride and than oust such a candidate. Instead they would all vote for the liberal Democrat nominee. Deja-vu all over again! Ideology & idealism one side, pragmatic trends and reality on the other.

      • The blacks, Hispanics, Jews, East Indians, orientals, mixed race folks, significant percentage of white women, almost all LGBT folks (including those in the closet), middle easterners, and liberal whites ( which could make at least 30% of the total white population in the United States) would all deride and than oust such a candidate. Instead they would all vote for the liberal Democrat nominee.

        Huh? That happens anyway even when the Republican nominee is a RINO. What you just described, the “horror story” of disparate groups that would unite to vote Democrat if the Republican nominee was literally one of us, is precisely the Democrat coalition that votes Democrat anyway, no matter what. Even if you cede to pragmatism and settle for a “moderate,” the Democrat coalition will still smear him or her with everything and the kitchen zinc, because, as Sailer notes, KKKrazy Glue is what holds the Democrat/Left coalition together.

        As an example, back in 1996, I heard fairly plugged in Democrat operatives accuse Bob Dole of “being in with the Nazi Ku Klux Klan.”

        • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

          ‘As an example, back in 1996, I heard fairly plugged in Democrat operatives accuseBob Dole of “being in with the Nazi Ku Klux Klan.”‘

          That really is insane considering Bob Dole fought actual Nazis in Italy during World War 2 (and has the wounded arm to show for it!)

          Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

    • George White

      Brilliantly spoken. Bravo. I would vote for this man.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    This is an intelligent version of the theory of the 2012 presidential election that no GOP consultant dare mention, which I call The-Romney-Was-Too-PC Theory.

    Mitt Romney not only was hesitant and defensive when challenged during the presidential debates on the immigration positions he used to win the GOP primary, he maintained complete GOP silence on racial preferences — euphemistically labeled “affirmative action” — in college admissions, hiring and promotion and on the certain expansion of such preferences with any legalization of illegal immigrants (and continued legal immigration, for that matter).

    In other words, Romney was fearful to be seen as appealing to whites.

    That fear cost Romney the election.

  • Hal K

    The most telling statistic is that in 2012 whites cast seven million fewer votes than they did for the lackluster John McCain.

    This is wrong. The decrease in white turnout vs. 2008 was entirely on Obama’s side. Romney got about 1 million more votes than McCain did. Obama lost millions of votes, while he gained nonwhite votes. I suggest that Mr. Weissberg look at the statistics more closely.

    • betsy

      the voter fraud (that won’t be discussed) is the key.

      if you don’t discuss it, deal with it, the election will make no sense

  • Felix_M

    It’s not for nothing we conservatives call the GOP the stupid party.

  • Hal K

    It is great to see something like this at American Thinker (AT). I have been reading and posting comments at AT on a regular basis for more than a year, and this is the first time I have seen even the slightest hint of an endorsement of white identity politics at that site. At the same time, AT is more tolerant of pro-white comments than other mainstream conservative sites, like Real Clear Politics, which is good because this allows a free exchange of ideas in the comment section at least.

  • Specifically, “We need to campaign among Hispanic, black, Asian, and gay Americans and demonstrate we care about them, too.

    He means pander to all.

    “We’ve [Republicans] chased the Hispanic voter out of his natural home.”


    Inclusion might even require filling party positions by quota and rebranding the GOP the Growth and Opportunity Party.”

    The Growth (through open borders and amnesty) and Opportunity (to speak Spanish) Party?

  • I didn’t vote for the Republican Party with their lackluster Mitt Romney in 2012 and I sure as hell won’t vote for a party that has given up on amnesty in 2016.

    • Derelictus

      So who did you vote for? Nobody? Just curious.

  • dd121

    Like everything else the Republicans attempt it’s weak and pathetic. The Repubs haven’t got the memo yet but they’re finished. Too bad really, it means American is finished at least so far as the culture and political clout of the founding stock goes.

  • MobyWhite

    The news is showing video from the Cypriots in line and going into the banks. Of course, the first in line and first let in the door was a very tall afrovoodoo zulu bantu mau mau Diversity.

    Just like all the ads and commercials, blacks are shown DOMINATING the Whites. You are supposed to think it’s normal and desirable, and if your kids see a White in the lead position, the are supposed to feel “horror” and report the racist hate crime to Abe and Morris.

  • MobyWhite

    How will the GOP reach out to the White mother of the murdered White baby?

    • George White

      No…they will more than likely contact the shooters for their votes from jail.

  • SargeInCharge

    Honestly, I like when black leaders show us how they really feel about whites. It helps wake some disillusioned whites, and it motivates those whites who already see the light to be more vigilant.

  • Dave4088

    GOP to white majority: Up yours!

    The Republicans are basically telling whites that they are so yesterday and will now hitch their wagons to non-whites who hate their guts.

  • connorhus

    Who cares what the Republicans are going to try and do. We have seen our last White Male President until after this coming storm blows over. We may not see one ever again as President of all the States that make up the USA today either.

    The Liberal/Feminist have imported their mercenary voting army and critical mass has finally been met for National elections. Yes even quite a few White Females are waking up to what comes next although even if all the Feminist race traitors came back to the fold now it is too late to stop the Third World voting block from taking over.

    Unless riots and social unrest cause the thing to break down faster we are now entering a stage where the State Senators and Reps from the Red States will fight a political delaying action while slowly losing ground until somebody with the right mix of charisma, power and intelligence begins fighting back and others join him as a pro-White party. Many of the Senators and Reps will be spineless crooks as well that will just make the whole thing happen quicker.

    At this point the sooner we get this confrontation over with the better for us actually.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    I’ve honestly gotten over the false Left-Right anti-white paradigm. As someone put it on Politico, the 2012 election was a battle of the jewish oligarchs: Soros on the Left and the Kochs/Adelson on the Right. America, once the pinnacle of Western Civilization, is now rotting and degenerate, whereas I see rebirth in Europe.

    In other news, expect the house of cards to collapse very soon. China and Brazil just concluded a trade agreement in which they will no longer use the dollar as a reserve currency (the story was posted on IBTimes, but was quickly hidden in all other media outlets). If this catches on, the dollar is going to collapse and we’ll get Weimar inflation. I’m honestly wondering if the folks pushing for the Northwest Front are thinking what I’m thinking…

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      You’re on the right track but they’re years ahead of you. The economy IS collapsing and has been doing so for years. Stock Market run up? From printing massive amounts of fiat money backed by nothing. Sooner or later the piper must be paid — and he’s angry, very angry. Inflation is setting in and this will wipe out those who depend on the American dollar; it isn’t just China and Brazil that are dumping the “world’s reserve” American dollar. What will you do when your dollars bills are worth exactly zero? Currency will be silver, gold, weapons and any items you can barter for food, water and shelter. It WILL happen.

      The politicians and media are lying to us. Woe be to those who laugh at the preppers, their big mistake is advertising what they have and what they’re doing. Prepare but keep a low profile. Buy silver rounds or pre-1965 silver coins. These will become currency when the dollar collapses. Remember we are surrounded by millions of angry government dependents who will riot and rampage when their EBT cards are not filled. They have been brainwashed to hate whites and WILL come after us. It’s not going to be pretty, and don’t expect the local cops or government to come to your rescue.

  • antiallanbloom

    what about a party devoted to secession from the Union?

  • jane johnson

    Excuuuuse me…but why SHOULDN’T the GOP embrace white nationalism? Minority outreach has been, and always will be, a waste of time and effort. It also makes the party look like a bunch of self-hating pansies.

    • Jerimiah Wrong

      Yes, that would have possibly worked, twenty years ago. We lost the immigration battle. Numbers count in a Democracy, representative Republic, or whatever you want to call it. Lose your majority status and the obese lady has sung.

  • Ted

    Won’t make a dime’s difference now. Not many recognize the lateness of the hour. Its only a matter of maybe 15 years until nonwhite children, who outnumber white children, will be old enough to vote. Whites have politically lost their country. Everything else will follow from that in due course. Immigratoon was the key. Done deal.

    Whites will be reduced continually until enough of them wake up and start forming solidarity as a racial group just like blacks fo now. White enclaves formed through white-flight will continue to be the way whites escape diversity until there is no place left to flee to. After that whites will have had enough and will begin to aggressively stand their ground. THEN things will begin to change for the better.

    If none of that happens, welcome to Brazil.

  • humura

    GOP Pres. Nixon made affirmative action a national policy. Did it win him the Black vote? Reagan gave amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Did that win the GOP the Hispanic vote in the following election, or those beyond?
    For the Republicans to win, they should demand equal opportunity for all, including white men, the hiring of the best candidate, not the “basically qualified” and the unqualified. Demanding the end of affirmative action and Black skin privilege, and Brown skin privilege, etc. would rally whites and fair-minded Blacks, Browns, and all who believe in justice.

  • humura

    GOP Pres. Nixon made affirmative action a national policy. Did it win him the Black vote? Reagan gave amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Did that win the GOP the Hispanic vote in the following election, or those beyond?
    For the Republicans to win, they should demand equal opportunity for all, including white men, the hiring of the best candidate, not the “basically qualified” and the unqualified. Demanding the end of affirmative action and Black skin privilege, and Brown skin privilege, etc. would rally whites and fair-minded Blacks, Browns, and all who believe in justice.

    If the GOP tries to out-pander in providing privileges to minorities, it will fail.

  • ViktorNN

    I can see this guy isn’t convincing many regular Amren readers, but I’m going to go out on a limb and make myself a bit of a target by agreeing with what he’s saying here.

    As white advocates (or whatever you want to call us), our biggest problem is white racial awareness, that is, awakening white people to act in their own racial self-interest as a group. There are a whole host of problems (like immigration) which will never be solved until we become racially self-aware. And in general, we white advocates know that racial awareness is just healthy and fundamental to living a good human life.

    So again, waking up white people is our #1 issue. All else follows from there.

    I think what Weissberg is arguing here helps towards this goal – awakening white racial self-awareness – by turning the rudder of the GOP ship somewhat in our direction. Sure, we don’t control that party and we probably never will, but if it can be used to wake up white people even a little bit, then that is one step closer to our goal – waking up whites – than we were before.

    Many of us feel powerless, but there are a variety of acceptable mainstream ways to get our message out there and nudge things in our direction bit by bit. Many of us think that we will have to wait for some sort of collapse and societal upheaval before our message will be heard. This may end up being true. But we can prepare that ground by using all our various means – including influencing the GOP in what ways we can.

  • mike

    Let me tell you why I am a white voter who voted for Obama. First I was a big Romney fan for eight years and was certain he was my man. But the closer we got to the last election the more he changed. He even got to the point he was trying to compete with Obama to get the Latino vote by promising his own amnesty plan for illegal aliens in the military or school. So on my number one isuue I look at Obama, who I know from the Cambridge cop and Travon Martin incident is going to look out for blacks, and say which of the two is worse on illegal immigration. Conclusion: Romney, because without any convictions on the issue he will let in everyone as cheap labor whereas Obama may try to at least help blacks by keeping out some of the Latinos who compete with them. My next iimportant issue, the other one I dispised McCain for, is foreign wars. Although Mitt didn’t go around singing “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”, he eventually went to Israel and put his nose so far up Netanyahu’s butt he became cross eyed and thought Iran was North Korea. In short Mitt was totally sucked in by the neocons who surrounded him at the end and people like me are just not going to put those wing nuts back in office. So the point is my friend there are a lot of whites that are race realists who are just never going to vote for a bunch of neocons who proved during eight years of George Bush that they don’t give a fig for the average white. So I vote for the lesser of two evils every election in every race, ocassionally finding someone to actually vote for. I post this to argue for the proposition race realists should not be blinded by either party or color.

    • IstvanIN

      I agree with you that McCain was bad and Romney gave us no reason to vote FOR him, but to vote for Obama, to me, is race treason. Obama may not even turn out to be the worst President of all time, although we have a ways to go before we know for sure, but he is not one of us in any sense of the word. Sorry, you are part of the problem.

      • mike

        Race treason is voting in a manner that undermines your race. When voting for a white undermines my race more than voting for a black I will vote for a black and those who do otherwise will be the race traitor. Would if given the choice you vote for Ruth Ginsberg over Clarence Thomas. Come on, think man.

        • I’m with Istvan. I can totally dig your reasons for not voting for Romney or McCain, and if Obama wasn’t black or some other non-white, I would have so acted (by not casting a vote for either). But you’re drastically reaching by thinking that Obama had some secret desire to close the border to help blacks. Has that happened? No.

          That, and I’m not voting for any non-white person to be the President of what should be my white country.

          I don’t think Romney was tricked by the neo-cons on foreign policy, I think he was one at heart all along. Though I think he was more like Bush 41 than Bush 43, even though from where we’re sitting, the differences between father and son on FoPo are trivial.

        • IstvanIN

          In a choice between those two non-whites of course I would pick Clarence Thomas. Obama is no Thomas. Perhaps, in a case where the black was clearly better than the white, and he would have to be an American Nationalist, a constitutionalist, and law abiding, I would vote for the black, but the choice is rarely that clear.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Apart from rhetoric, there’s no difference between the “two” parties. People who still think this whole thing is any less staged than professional wrestling are freaking delusional.

    America needs a political party/movement that actually is different. The tea-party is NOT it. Tea party was originally a 9-11 truth movement that got co-opted by the establishment and just turned into a dumping ground of people who know they’re being screwed and are mad as hell, but they have no platform, no leaders, no direction and are already completely marginalized by the controlled media.

    • You’re right that the TPM (Tea Party Movement) is not the answer. However, where we differ is why it’s not the answer. The TPM didn’t need to be co-opted or compromised by some mysterious cigar muncher on the top floor of some skyscraper because it did not need to be. It came to the game flawed to begin with. That’s because the genesis of the TPM are Reaganites and right-libertarians who grew increasingly frustrated with Bush-era lassitude, watched Bush leave, Obama come in, then watched Obama double and triple down on everything that frustrated them about Bush. The match flipped into the pool of gasoline was Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC in February 2009, in which he actually used the words “tea party,” which is why the movement is called as such.

      No, the TPM was not rooted in 9/11 trutherism, or in a Ron Paul organization (though the Ron Paul people did provide an initial base of TPM activists).

      The reason the TPM isn’t the answer is because Reaganite/right-libertarians, like virtually all other political ideologies other than white nationalism or a pragmatic substitute thereof, deny race and believe in racial equality.

  • Luca

    No one said to ignore racial issues, but you simply cannot talk about “white issues” at any level within a political agenda.

    Africans in Africa have no delusions about being equal to whites, they know full well their own nature and their differences that prevent them from creating the white-man’s world.

    Believe it or not the problem is not racial, but it’s White/jewish Liberals. They are the engineers of this horror you see unfolding before you. They are manipulating and enabling those who are not capable of seeing reality and those who are power hungry. When I say Liberals, I include Democrats, Leftists, Progressives, Anarchists, Marxists, Communists et al.

    Liberalism is a sick religion easily sucked up by the masses.

    • C B

      White/Jewish liberals are indeed at the heart of the rot. For all its power, and all the sway it holds over the masses, though, Leftism can’t create a just or permanent social or political order because it’s based on a false, overly optimistic conception of human nature. The fundamental aspiration of Leftism is to make man into an angel, even at the point of a gun, and this can’t be done because man is no angel.

  • decorous

    I am a British expat. I came to the U.S. in 1947 after a 49 month hitch in the British Army. My Dad was a structural engineer with an Architect license. A pretty sharp individual. We were here about five or six years and were conversing about the country and my Dad made a jaw dropping comment that the U.S. would one day become a Dictatorship. I was stunned, said it would never happen. Was I ever wrong. We are now on the road to Dictatorship. The President uses every trick in the book, including some that are unconstitutional, and is getting away with it because of the Rino’s we sent to take care of our well being. Executive orders can be challenged so why are they unanswered by the Congress?

  • Fed Up

    Unless “White People” instill some real values in their children, there will be a hell of a lot FEWER White people 30 to 40 years from now. Especially with the insanity of so many young people thinking marrying a non-White is the coolest thing to do.

    Wake up, AmRen readers and posters! Reason and talk with your kids. Starting at an early age! That their friends are not Black or Brown. That you treat them fairly, treat them decently. . . but that you DO NOT think of them as friends. That you DO NOT date them, have sex with them, or marry them! That trashing your White heritage. . . born out of hundreds of generations of WHITE ancestors is the worst form of self-degradation imaginable.

  • White males are whats wrong with the GOP.

  • Ella

    Many Old School Republicans just don’t vote. Even if the Republicans got their act together, they pander too much to big corporations–illegal immigration and reduced benefits for workers. Secondly, there are too many single women, especially Nonwhite. So you’ll have to throw more free monies and bribes in their direction for their votes. There are no big “perks” for married couples and families unlike Norway. Heard of 10 wks. paternal leave in the USA for a newborn–guys, with full pay? We’re too busy giving programs out to people who should be told “NO” and “sorry” since you did not follow the norm. (Yes, emergencies do happen but not years of financial aid.)

  • Recovering Republican

    If the Republican Party got half the votes it does now, but somehow turned pro-white like it’s falsely accused of being, it would win more clout than now. Look at blacks – only 13% of the population. The Democrats certainly deliver for them, and blacks deliver for the Democrats. But if the G.O.P., seemingly bent on its own death these days, like whites in general, gave hope to the only ones who vote for them – by opposing, say, the Third World Invasion or Black Run America – their support would surely rise, not fall.

    Do they prefer to lose than stray an inch from the ever-Left-shifting bounds of political correctness? The truth must be worse than the old “Stupid Party” excuse. Of course they know becoming the Democrats’ little pets alienates their white base and gains nada from the Rainbow Coalition legions who want the white man dead. The Fall campaign was Libs blasting Romney like he really was right wing, and Romney promising to out-Obama them on every policy. All the chances Romney tossed, like McCain before him, must have been deliberate. After losing again, Republican claims that they didn’t grovel hard enough made the charade obvious and not even entertaining.

    The Republicrats do know becoming zombies, sock puppets, the Democratic Light Party ends their reason for being. They just play stupid. Around when the first Bush came in, they must have been highjacked. Money, of course, is the means that comes to mind. Deindustrialization, “free trade,” and ceaseless cheap illegal alien labor meant fewer and fewer old-time conservative businessmen. Wall Street, banks, Hollywood, and the like – paper pushers, casino capitalists, brainwashers – became the main dealers in the narcotic of cash. Also, even among so-called conservatives, the mush-brained ’60’s generation rose to the top. Most likely, the Democrats’ mega-fatcat donors bought the Republicans too. At the highest levels, then, there’s no real “winning” or “losing” now, just rewards for obedience. And what the rulers want is exactly what’s befallen America.

  • Epiminondas

    Embracing white nationalism is probably the only way out of the cul de sac our political class has prepared for people of European descent. Do they expect us to simply go quietly into that goodnight?

  • Screw the GOP…they have NO honor or core values whatsoever.

    Unlike the liberals, who are rock solid in their positions to destroy traditional values, Whites and our liberties—the GOP is a sloppy, flaky group of fools that think by embracing liberal values that the minorities will support them….taking the position; To Hell with the Majority.

    Let the GOP die off….and let a Conservative Party rise…based upon solid, Conservative principles–