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Jan Lamprecht, Before It’s News, March 4, 2013

“I killed them because they were white.” These famous words were spoken last year by William Kekana, who participated in one of the most horrendous incidents in which the entire family of Mr. Clifford Rawstorne was wiped out, consisting of his fiancée, baby, as well as his own mother. Even this massacre of an entire family would not have made headlines, were it not for the fact that one-year-old Kayla was executed on her very first birthday with a shot in the head. Needless to say, the two adult women were first raped before being killed.

What strikes me about the relentless killings of educated whites, is that the criminals are indeed “burning down the libraries” of this country and physically exterminating the intellectual class, much like Pol Pot did in Cambodia. No government spokesman has ever condemned such killings; so we may assume that the present regime is completely indifferent to them, where such killings do not enjoy their tacit support.

South Africa’s Minister of Safety and Security, His Excellency Mr. Charles Nqakula, whose official résumé proudly states that he was once “a waiter and wine steward”, has immortalised himself by euphemistically stating that there was no real crime problem in South Africa, except that it was “a little on the high side”.

At the height of apartheid under Hendrik Verwoerd, South Africa was almost as peaceful as Switzerland but she was immoral. Today we are the apotheosis of racial morality and political correctness, yet as violent as the Congo or Liberia. Crime our biggest industry—bigger than gold-mining or manufacturing—it also stimulates consumption as stolen goods are replaced; it is a boon to the insurance and security industries and ultimately makes surgeons and undertakers rich. The government earns billions of rands in Value-Added Tax on stolen goods being replaced with new ones. So crime pays.

During the time of National Party reforms in the seventies and eighties, the cliché “adapt or die” used to do the rounds. Nowadays, given the highest murder rate in the world, this should be modified slightly to read, “adapt and die”. For the endemic social violence in South Africa is probably incurable.

Optimists think that violent crime can be solved through better policing, more efficient courts and more secure prisons. Even assuming that such improvements were possible under conditions of hard-core affirmative action, it must be admitted that criminal justice treats the symptom and not the cause of social violence. The Department of Correctional Services, for one, has lost 496 out of 500 former Deputy Directors since 1994, representing most of the intellectual capital in the department. Newcomers may learn their job properly, or they may not, but they have to be flown to overseas countries to find out how prisons work as most of those previously involved in managing our prisons are no longer there.

South Africa used to have a problem of political violence. It was not as bad as elsewhere in Africa, but for some reason elicited hysterical international condemnation. However, actors in political violence are mostly driven by some sort of creed or belief system. Whether such a person is a communist, an anarchist, a neo-Nazi or an ethnic or religious guerilla fighter, he is usually amenable to persuasion or compromise. Even a group of Muslim suicide bombers might declare peace if they were given a territory in which to set up an Islamic theocracy, governed only by themselves and not subject to any outside influence.

In the same way, South Africa’s so-called liberation movements who were at one time fanatically convinced of the need for violent and bloody revolution, laid down arms and bombs upon being told that F.W. de Klerk would surrender power unconditionally. So living political violence is often intractable, but not impossible.

Not so social violence. Endemic crime, the breakdown of the social fabric, a sense of drift regarding norms of good conduct, point to a far deeper problem. The freedom fighter or urban terrorist is ultimately rational, despite a value system that normal society might find idiosyncratic.

But what is “normal society”? It is only the sum-total of behaviours prevalent in any given society at any given time. The Aztecs, infamously, practised daily human sacrifice to appease their sun god. It might revolt many of us today, but to them it was entirely normal. South Africa currently sacrifices about 87 humans per day to violent crime, or 32 000 per year. Those are only the ones who actually die. Scores of others are injured, maimed, traumatised, robbed, raped, burgled and so on.

However, some time ago a Johannesburg newspaper engaged in chronicling some local history in the suburbs of Westdene and Lakefield in Benoni. Nearly every resident had a story to tell, an entire litany of mayhem. Mr. John Gee miraculously survived a shot through the eye, but now feels traumatised. His wife says, “One lives in fear in one’s own home. One does not sleep. One prays for protection, yet only more fears come.”

But who are the authors of South Africa’s social violence? Even asking this question presents one wit! h a sense of discomfort, because most violent criminals in South Africa are young black men between the ages of 16 and 36. As one surgeon who had stitched together at least three child rape victims, two of whom were infants, said recently, “Probably white men commit such acts too; it is just that no-one in South Africa has come across such a case.”

Explanations for such deviancy are manifold. The ubiquitous answer of it being due to apartheid might have been satisfying if other African societies never subject to group areas and a homeland system did not display similar traits. The Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone come to mind. There is a whole nature/nurture debate around black violence, except that no adherent of the “nature” side would publicly admit to being one, for fear of being branded a racist.

Even though mainstream American cancer research has conclusively shown that black men have higher levels of testosterone than their white counterparts, few would hazard the notion that this might be linked to their greater propensity for violent crime.

America has a gargantuan prison population of two million, over half of which consists of African-Americans. This is despite their minority status in the USA, comprising only 12% of an overall population amounting to 290 million.

South Africa could neither afford nor succeed, given the dire state of our criminal justice system, in jailing a similar number of black male offenders. Currently, only 10% of murderers in South Africa get arrested and only 6% are convicted. Any murderer therefore has a! 94% chance of getting away with it.

If by some miracle, all serious criminals in the country had to be caught and imprisoned, the prison population would surely treble or quadruple from the present 200,000, which is already high by world standards. Not only is such an improvement inconceivable under current conditions, but it would also be politically unpopular with the ruling ANC who would be incarcerating large numbers of young black males who are mostly its own supporters at the polls.

Few whites, if any, commit violent crime and there are only 3,900 of them in prison, mostly for white-collar offences such as fraud or insider trading on the stock exchange. All that remains in the world’s most violent society, is precisely to adapt and die. Twice as many South Africans of all races now die of murder than of road accidents—even though the road accident rate is also the highest in the world, surpassing that of Turkey. Crime extends to trade in driver’s licences, so that a large number of drivers use so-called “bought licences”, hardly a contribution to road safety.

There are some people naive enough to think that “something can be done about crime” in South Africa, mostly opposition politicians who dream about diverting funds from arms procurement to policing, but this would be futile. There are already three times as many private security personnel as state-employed policemen, and even they do not succeed in containing what has become Africa’s only peacetime killing field.

“I killed them because they were white.” These famous words were spoken last year by William Kekana, who participated in one of the most horrendous incidents in which the entire family of Mr. Clifford Rawstorne was wiped out, consisting of his fiancée, baby, as well as his own mother. Even this massacre of an entire family would not have made headlines, were it not for the fact that one year-old Kayla was executed on her very first birthday with a shot in the head. Needless to say, the two adult women were first raped before being killed.

Both William Kekana and his accomplice, Charles Fido Baloyi, fell into the high-risk group of young black (and Coloured) males who commit almost all violent crime in the country. South Africa actually has a Minister of Safety and Security, which to some might seem like an example of absurd humour. His Excellency Mr. Charles Nqakula, whose official résumé proudly states that he was once “a waiter and wine steward”, has immortalised himself by euphemistically stating that there was no real crime problem in South Africa, except that it was “a little on the high side”.

All in all, South Africa has got remarkably used to its new-found status as the crime capital of the world. The high-rise districts of Hillbrow and Berea in Johannesburg have been officially designated by Interpol as having the highest murder rate in the world, that is, 600 people per 100 000 population members per annum. Consider for a moment that such a figure represents 12 times the rate found in inner-city ghettoes in the United States, often seen as no-go zones by many Americans.

One British immigrant to South Africa who has survived three car hijackings, refuses to emigrate, stating that he is now accustomed to having Kalachnikovs pointed at him from pointblank range. Everyone knows a relative or friend who has been killed or at least subjected to some form of violent crime, and no South African can remotely imagine a society where people do not live behind razor wire, electrified fences, high walls, burglar bars and similar decorative props.

Outsiders might find our lifestyle bizarre, but many pundits in South Africa consider our society to be much more “normal” now than at any time in the past, which was tarnished by ethnic separation albeit without the present large-scale violence. At the height of segregation and apartheid under Hendrik Verwoerd, South Africa was almost as peaceful as Switzerland but she was immoral. Today we are the apotheosis of racial morality and political correctness, yet as violent as the Congo or Liberia. Surprisingly, however, our economy continues to function amid the carnage. No economist has ever studied this as far as I know, but not only is crime our biggest industry—bigger than gold-mining or manufacturing—it also stimulates consumption as stolen goods are replaced; it is a boon to the insurance and security industries and ultimately makes surgeons and undertakers rich. The government earns billions of rands in Value-Added Tax on stolent goods being replaced with new ones. So crime pays.

News about killings or shoot-outs no longer elicits the slightest surprise. It is part of our daily existence, and one assumes the lethal risks attending to something as simple as going shopping or driving to work. My wife, for example, has twice been to the local shopping centre where in the one instance a shoot-out was taking place in the parking area so that she had to hide between the cars with our 18 month-old son in her arms; in the second case an armed robbery had just taken place with the robbers casually strolling by with their guns and their loot.

Everyone knows someone who has been killed, raped or maimed. Just this week, the wife of a friend and former literary editor of Die Burger, François Smith, was stabbed to death with a screwdriver in their home in Wellington, near Cape Town. Her murderer was a 16-year-old squatter camp resident whose race was omitted by the press but presumably few, if any whites, reside in his particular squatter camp which is dedicated to black Africans. Lisbé Smuts-Smith was a well-known academic and head of the Afrikaans literature department at the University of Cape Town. Just two weeks ago, another UCT academic, mathematician Brian Hahn, was attacked by a former student, dr. Maleafisha Steve Tladi (35). Hahn died in hospital a week later, while Tladi was release! d on bail of R500 (about $80).

Two years ago Louw Rabie, a brilliant albeit reclusive geologist and brother of author Jan Rabie, was beaten to death with a fence pole by two Coloured men to whom he had lent some money a week earlier. Police in the small Cape town of Montagu readily caught his murderers because they happened to have drinking money during the week, taken from his home. He was 80 years old, but in good health. He is reputed to have been one of the most brilliant geologists and intellectuals this country has ever produced, writing copiously throughout his life but disdaining publication and public esteem. Africans with their oral tradition are fond of saying that “when an old person dies, a library burns down”.

What strikes me about the relentless killings of educated whites, is that the criminals are indeed “burning down the libraries” of this country and physically exterminating the intellectual class, much like Pol Pot did in Cambodia. The media are celebrating youth, dance, colour, being black and exuberant—as opposed to the quiet studiousness of middle-aged and elderly whites, the bearers of knowledge and understanding. Are these learned whites who are being killed in exuberant, paradisiacal outbreaks of violence simply the remnants of a civilisation that is being eradicated in the name of decolonisation? No government spokesman has ever condemned such killings; so we may assume that the present regime is completely indifferent to them, where such killings do not enjoy their tacit support.

Farming in South Africa is now arguably the most dangerous profession in the world with more than 1600 farmers murdered since 1994, often in macabre and dehumanising ways.

To the outside world, white South Africans are congenitally evil. If our murderers and rapists had been white and their victims black, Europe or the United States would long ago have sent an expeditionary force to put a stop to it.

At present, news of white suffering in South Africa inspires the occasional yawn in Western capitals. This is why a recent article in The Despatch, detailing the rape of a dog by three black men, gave me some hope that a chord will be struck somewhere in the coolly indifferent breasts of our fellow-Westerners.

Even if the lives of Louw Rabie, Brian Hahn, Lisbé Smuts-Smith, Kayla Rawstorne and tens of thousands of others are of no value to them, perhaps they will take pity on the mongrel bitch in Grahamstown that was recently raped by three black men. Cycling has become a popular sport in South Africa. However, its practitioners regularly get shot at by gangs of black youths in the street, so that many of them carry guns and knives for self-defence on their bicycles.

Members of the Johannesburg mountain-bike club were outraged a while ago when two cyclists, Scott and Lloyd Griffith, were charged with murder after an armed battle with their four black assailants, one of whom succumbed to his wounds. Most of the time, however, whites are helpless victims of crime.

The government has recently passed a new gun law which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to own a firearm. They have also abolished rural commandos of military reservists entrusted with crime-prevention in the country, without any police units replacing them. Occasionally the newspapers carry stories of crime victims successfully defending themselves against attacks, offering armed resistance. As a result of the new gun law, this will soon end and we shall simply be able to hide or flee from our assailants. Defending oneself against a marauding robber or rapist might be a manifestation of racism, and is therefore frowned upon as being a kind of “right-wing” response.

Being robbed of one’s vehicle or household belongings is now considered quite normal, and often people ascribe escaping with their lives to their own astuteness, such as being friendly to the robber, helping him load the effects into a vehicle, not looking him in the face so as not to recognise him afterwards, et cetera.

A friend of mine in Kempton Park kept up a reasonable conversation with the thieves emptying his house, tied up as he was with a gun pointed at him. He survived, although his elderly mother was badly roughed up and had to be hospitalised. In other instances, of course, people are not so lucky and they become just another murder statistic. Then they simply adapt and die.


*The first draft of this article was submitted to the British Spectator, which turned it down about a year ago. I have now updated it with references to more recent incidents. Probably no mainstream newspaper in South Africa will publish it, because it refers to the race and gender of violent criminals, which is taboo here as elsewhere in the Western world.

As George Orwell said, however, “during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”

In the interest of drawing attention to the anarchy that exists in South Africa, the author qualifies his copyright on this article and invites everyone to post it on his or her website, copy it and mail it to friends and mailing lists, translate it into other languages and to distribute it far and wide.

The only condition is that no element must be changed or censored.

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  • ms_anthro

    I would personally welcome any White South African family who can escape that madhouse to come and live in my home. Will more White Americans and Europeans do the same? We should have our own version of the Underground Railroad.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I would too. Unfortunately, the hard part is going to be getting visas for them. White countries’ governments would much rather bring over another boatload of Somalis than let white South Africans come.

      • ms_anthro

        Who needs visas? If low IQ mestizo peasants can escape deportation, I think we can figure out how to protect our own kin once they get here.

        • GM (Australia)

          Who needs visas? Simple answer; anyone who is white and English speaking and can hold down a useful job, all the rest just stay here and deportations are very rare.

          • ms_anthro

            If deportations are rare for the others, why can’t we make them rare for our own kind too? We are surely smart enough to figure out how.

          • GM (Australia)

            I think that this recent news story fits in here; A large group of South Asian illegals are being accommodated at university campus here in Sydney. Female students were continually frightened that they were at risk of sexual assault and this has now happened, a young female student had her room broken into and was brutally raped by one of these scum. The illegal immigrant was arrested but there are continual calls that we should not demonize “asylum seekers” because of this crime. No, we are not smart enough to simply hang this criminal or use our navy to send other boatloads of his kindred back to where they came from. Instead we seem to put the red carpet out for them and supply them with better accommodation than what my kids had when they were at university.

          • Jim

            You can’t get a job at ICE. You’re white. You go to the very back of the line. All the people doing hiring over there are probably black or Hispanic and they will not hire you. Have you been inside a government office lately?

          • ms_anthro

            Why would you cooperate with the same government that is trying to kill our people? We have to think creatively, not work by their rules. You don’t play nicely with tyrants.

          • The__Bobster

            Deportations of ugly squat monster invaders are rare. OTOH, ICE will go after White visa overstayers with a passion.

          • guest

            If I wanted a business visa to Australia, if granted, i would need at least A$800,000 to live outside of Sydney. I would need $A1,000,000 to live inside of Sydney. The process would take about 8 years and I would not be promised permenant residence. I would need to own a business which yields a significant profit in a high-taxed, extremely expensive country to gain temporary status. Somali refugees and other similar types are let in by the boatload. They can do whatever they want, and are welcome to free social welfare. Why doesn’t Australia simply post, “Whites need not apply”. They make it impossible for whites to enter. If you look up, “immigration agents” in Sydney, almost all agents have Muslim names. If you look at recent films of Sydney, it looks like Mecca. I don’t understand why this is happening. It’s horrifying.

          • GM (Australia)

            Horrifying yes. Even more horrifying is that we can not speak publicly of our very real concerns about these things in this country. It gets even worse, we have a federal election here in September and both parties seem to be outdoing each other in being very PC.

          • ms_anthro

            What happens if you do speak of it? Can they arrest you all? Hundreds of you? Thousands? What if you’re not alone?

          • GM (Australia)

            We once spoke out in a very effective way, it was called the Cronulla Beach riot of 2005. It was an informal but well attended gathering of real Australians who wanted to put Muslim invaders in their place, yes it did get violent and arrests were made on both sides. (The trigger point was Muslim youth making fun of and being violent towards surf life savers)

            Apart from that we have draconian racial vilification laws with heavy penalties including jail time and if you are a media presenter you can be put off the air. We also have lots of taxpayer money spent on multicultural affairs (and propaganda) which helps picture you as a racist/bigot/Nazi etc if you speak out. (I wish there were hundreds or thousands willing to speak out)

          • GM (Australia)

            What happens if you speak out? (Further Comment) When Dutch anti Islam politician Geert Wilders was here in Australia recently it was made quite clear that he would be charged with hate speech if he contravened state or federal race vilification laws. The Victorian Dept of Multicultural Affairs (Headed by an Asian) actually sent officials to his speaking venues in Melbourne to check compliance.

            As I have said on many occasions we just can not speak out against these things in this country.

          • guest

            I believe that the Liberal Party (conservatives) are ahead, but they will probably promote amnesty and more mass immigration to beat Labour…trying to be the heros.

          • Bantu_Education

            This is the problem with our system of democracy – as more and more beneficiaries get their snouts in the welfare trough, the entire political spectrum moves inexorably ever more to the left where the votes are. Its a vicious circle and a slow death. The only way out of this cul-de-sac is a return to a qualified vote, but since turkeys have never been known to vote for Christmas how do we achieve that?

        • Robert

          There are a whole bunch of reasons why low-IQ mestizo peasants can make it here while white South Africans cannot.

          These low-IQ peasants are willing to do work like ag work, where all the hiring, supervision and payment is handled by sympathetic fellow Mexicans who will pay cash and overlook lack of documents. White South Africans will have none of these networks of friends in place.

          The low-IQ peasants come from a country that frustrates attempts to repatriate. South Africa will easily accept whites for repatriation.

          But the big thing is, white professionals (desirable immigrants) can’t do unofficial work, while non-white peasants (undesirable immigrants) can easily do unofficial work for cash. Think about it – can an engineer, or pilot, or doctor, or similar type of person, get a job for cash without papers? No way! But a gardener or construction worker can.

          Our whole system is designed, from top to bottom, to facilitate race replacement, because they know that white Americans will never accept socialism, so it’s necessary to replace white Americans.

          • ms_anthro

            I’m not saying it would be easy or without risk. But what are we if we continue to sit idly by while our people are killed? How can we face ourselves in the mirror each day? Of course it won’t be legal! But that’s the point, isn’t it? We have to do something. It starts with each one of us. No one is going to save us; no one will step up and protect us. We will either fight or die. It really is that simple.

            We can become those networks. We can become those safe houses. We can become those nameless shelters for our European brothers and sisters. We can become those providers of papers. We can do many things. We only have to muster the courage to fight back. Do we have the courage? That’s the real question. None of us can do it alone but if we act together we will quickly become unstoppable.

          • guest

            I’m white, and I have done those tasks before. When i was younger, I used to do these odd jobs…cutting grass, moving furniture, and contracting. I actually worked hard, did a good job, and I did not steal from my employer. Whites can do these jobs when they move to a new country. Not only will we use them as a stepping stone to better work, we will do a much better job. I don’t need a cheap, third world grass cutter who ends up robbing me when I not home…or raping my wife and daughter. I can cut my own goddamn grass. Send the invaders home.

      • MobyWhite

        Demograpic Change is Genetic Doom

        Too bad we’ve lost the wisdom of the ages:

        “Now it manifestly is God’s will to have different races of mankind, otherwise he would have made all alike. He drew the Color-Line, and the failure to recognize it is irreligious, because it is disobedience. To argue that it should be recognized in the social realm, but that the contrary is true in the religious realm, is to take an irreligious position, because the unity of God and nature would be denied… The hypothesis that the Christian religion does away with human distinctions in the religious realm will not stand, because it denies the unity of nature… The Anglo-Saxon branch of the Aryan Race is happily exceedingly jealous of its blood. The Southern part of the American branch of our race is especially guarded against the introduction of Negro blood into its veins. It is, indeed, true that many Mulatto children throughout the South bear witness to the shameful mixture of Anglo-Saxon with African blood, but they are all born of Negro women by impure white men who are degenerates. The white women of the South are pure. They are a high-minded, proud, spotless race. If they were not this, the Anglo-Saxon people in America would rapidly degenerate into a lowgrade, mongrel breed, and that would be the end of American civilization, and the beginning of barbarism.”

        ~ William Montgomery Brown

    • guest

      I’ve heard that when white South African refugees come to Australia, if they are lucky enough to be granted a visa, they are harrassed by white liberal Australians. First of all, it is much easier for a black African refugees to be granted a visa in Australia. They can enter the country, live in council flats, collect welfare, and commit violent crimes. It doesn’t matter, anything is tolerated. They are permanent and it is effortless for them to stay there. A white South African must have a certain skill, young age or almost one million A$. If they do enter the country, they report being called “racist” and other hateful insults…by other whites. I know that many Australians are on are side, but I’ve heard that they have a terrible liberal problem there. Genocidal Australian immigration is defintely skewed to shut out whites. Look on the page yourself, it shows almost no whites.

      • ms_anthro

        I know all too well that our governments won’t welcome them. But why should that stop us? Think about it. We can get them jobs. We can house them. We can help them get fake papers, if they want them. Since when is nonviolent resistance legal?

        We Whites need to get out of the mindset that we need our enemies’ permission to save ourselves, and each other. They will never give us permission to defend ourselves against them! Break your mental chains. They hate us and want us to die. Why would they make it easy for us to escape the genocide they’re waging against us? But we have to do it anyway. Our ancestors fought and died for less than we endure today. Can we really not find it within ourselves defy Leviathan to save our brothers and sisters from being massacred?

        • GM (Australia)

          I remember way back in the late 70s when Rhodesia was about to go black there was talk of resettling (some) whites from that country here. There were protests that they would bring racist attitudes with them and that no Rhodesian should ever be allowed to come to Australia. The few I have met have fitted into this country quite seamlessly.

          In a mildly amusing incident we had a Rhodesian pastor speak at our Church one evening. I think some of the congregation were shocked to see (After all the demonizing of those people by the media) that he was actually a human being who wore a suit and spoke English.

          • guest

            I want white “racists” to immigrate to my country. That is a selling point for me. It sure beats white genocide.

          • SargeInCharge

            Think about the extent of brainwashing that has occurred for whites to give minorities every benefit of the doubt, and whites no benefit of the doubt. White Liberals I’ve been friends with who rail against evil white racists from past generations have found it a bit more difficult to rail against those evil white racists when I asked, “Do you think your great, great grandfather was evil? Or do you think he was just like your grandfather, father, and you — good at heart people who wanted what;s best for their family? Maybe your great, great grandfather thought that desegregation would put his family at risk of higher crime and worse schools?”
            You don’t even need to say more. Let them draw the consclusions that crime has risen and schools have worsened because of minorities. The key is to familarize the hate they have for nameless, faceless whites. It’s harder for them to hate the person when it’s their fmily member acting for their families best interests. You want get all of them or even most of them to think in a new way, but you may get one or two. When hunting for game that’s pretty good.

          • sbuffalonative

            The media does not like to give whites a human face.

          • Defoe

            The media is one of our biggest enemies.

          • PaulN

            Funny that when you consider that the media is ‘white’ owned!!!

          • Truthteller

            The media is not white owned.

            The media is Jew owned.

            Jews are not whites, although they pretend to be, e.g. “We’re just like you except we celebrate Hannukah instead of Christmas.”

            Jews hate Gentile whites and do everything they can to destroy gentile cultures from within.

            They weaponized the blacks and then used the media to cover up their crimes.

          • Paul Naude

            this reply was sent via email notifications but since deleted.. Why I wonder!?
            I guess I must agree that the media and most if not all big business is Jew owned…..but have always regarded them as being “white”.. and at the same time myself as being goyim/gentile!

            On Saturday, March 16th,

            An unregistered user

            The media is not white owned.

            The media is Jew owned.

            Jews are not whites, although they pretend to be, e.g. “We’re just like you
            except we celebrate Hannukah instead of Christmas.”

            Jews hate Gentile whites and do everything they can to destroy gentile cultures from within.

            They weaponized the blacks and then used the media to cover up their crimes….”

            I’m led to believe that the ANC (ruling party here was funded by Jews!! The irony of it all!!).. We have (HAD!!!) gold..

          • AnalogMan

            I think it was in the early 70’s that I saw an episode of the American TV show “Candid Camera”. South Africa didn’t have TV in those days, and we used to rent movies and TV shows on 16mm film (the government was afraid of the impact foreign TV would have on Afrikaner culture).

            Anyway, this episode featured an interview with a little Rhodesian girl whose parents had fled the terrorist war in Rhodesia. She was really cute and confident, and spoke matter-of-factly about the terrorist war. The thing that infuriated me, however, was how the interviewer got this sanctimonious expression on his face and explained to the audience that they were just doing this interview to show that, even coming from such an evil place as Rhodesia, little girls can still be cute. I hated Americans that night. They would have preferred that this child, I think she was seven years old, and her parents should have stayed in Rhodesia and been killed.

            On the other hand, we knew that it wasn’t all Americans. Those were different times. I remember in 1976, the student body of the Brigham Young University music and dance departments toured South Africa and Rhodesia, accompanied by the South African Army band, to raise funds for the victims of terrorism. They called themselves the BYU Sounds, and put on a really excellent show. Every member was professional class. Can you imagine that happening today?

          • guest

            i don’t blame you for feeling this way, but most of the world was hysterically anti-apartheid, especially Europe. White Rhodesians and White South Africans had some supporters in the U.S.. Many of us knew the horrible reality of diversity. In leftie Sweden, UK, and the rest of Europe, South African whites had very few supporters. The US was an epicenter of anti-apartheid movements because of our liberal media and liberal education syste. I remember visiting Cornell University (New York) in 1983 on a business trip with my father. I was only 12 years old, but I had some common sense about the situation. Disgusting liberal students, wannabee hippies basically, constructed some monstrosity in the quad. It was called, “the love bunker”. It was made of crudely fabricated concrete and scrap wood, and it was a protest of Cornell’s investments in South Africa. The movment then was to promote divestment. As a child, I believed that those students should be expelled and forced to pay for the vandalism that they created. That did not happen, of course. These abhorrent young communists were considered heros.

      • pcmustgo

        Human nature is one endless chain of bullying.

        • GM (Australia)

          True, but I truly wish this was not so, I truly wish that we could all live in harmony. Unfortunately even in the best planned utopia there will always be someone who just wants to be that little bit more equal than anyone else. It is called leadership, ability or initiative, but sometimes it is also called brutality or criminality.

      • I like the phrase that the SEIU uses – If you can’t open their minds then open their heads.

      • New Rise

        And how did Australia solve their own native problem? They killed most of them.

        • GM (Australia)

          Not quite true, as far back as the 1830s white settlers were executed for shooting natives. (I would like to say a lot more but it is all out of the scope of this post)

          • Bantu_Education

            You are right – this is mostly a lie. I read a book about the first 12 years of the colony and any killings of Abo’s were always precipitated by Abo’s killing colonists first. Many colonists and soldiers were hanged for quite trivial offences against Abo’s. Far fewer Abo’s were hanged and then only for very serious offences. The liberal author was forever at pains to rationalise the savage behaviour of the Abo’s.

          • PaulN

            Well here is South Africa you could still get a licence to ‘hunt’ bushman untill 1920!!!

        • Defoe

          Prove that with reliable documentation.

    • SargeInCharge

      We should just do a permanent exchange program. The United States takes all of South Africa’s whites. In exchange, we send South Africa all of America’s blacks and white Liberals. American blacks are always complaining about how tough it is to be a minority, and how racist white people are. If they were honest, they should then jump at the opportunity to be in an overwhelming black nation free from those evil white people except for the white Liberals who view them as members of their world family. And white Liberals are always talking about how much they love diversity and wanting to be part of the global community. If they were honest, they should jump at this opportunity. Let’s make this happen.

      • APaige

        Great Idea! Although I bet the white liberals would say” I like diversity, just not THAT much.”

      • Even a one for one exchange. I proposed this same thing some time back.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        “If they were honest, they should jump at this opportunity [to go to S. Africa].”

        They know where their bread is buttered.

        • BonusGift

          Some do, most don’t. By their actions you shall know them (i.e., “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”). Blacks as a group cannot control themselves long enough to realize (as well as most not being cognitively capable of realizing) that they are creating a hell on Earth for themselves and anyone or anything around them. So no, the vast majority do not know where their bread is buttered; and many that do don’t even have the self control not to poo-poo where they sleep. It is essentially the scorpion and the frog story writ large. It is in their nature to rape and destroy be it a dog, a child, or whatever their sick wish of the moment is. Recall one comment/quote from the story by a surgeon: “As one surgeon who had stitched together at least three child rape victims, two of whom were infants, said recently, ‘Probably white men commit such acts too; it is just that no-one in South Africa has come across such a case.'” Often people “who know where there bread is buttered” can be dealt with by reason, but people who are not human by our standards really cannot as it is in their nature to foul and destroy that which they can have or can’t have.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            I see your point and agree with what you have to say. Maybe it would have been more correct to say that they know they will be supported here in the US and are afraid they would lose their minority privilege in SA.

        • sbuffalonative

          Liberal-‘progressives’ could create their liberal-‘progressive’ Utopia simply by segregating themselves from us. But they won’t which is why they fear and won’t support cession as an answer. Their equality ideology can’t work on it’s own and they know it.

      • sbuffalonative

        Blacks and their liberal-“progressive” apologists know they can’t survive without whites to financially support their agenda. Without the financial support of white taxes, liberalism would consume itself with it’s own twisted ‘logic’ of idealized equality. You can’t build or maintain a first-world nation based on feel-good ideology.

      • gemjunior

        I WISH you were InCharge, Sarge. IF ONLY…..

    • pcmustgo

      America is a madhouse when it comes to race.

    • dd121

      The marxist government in this country would never admit to the genocide of whites in South Africa. How often do you ever hear of reports on that subject in our msm? Never. Therefore, they would never admit them with a refugee status. Great country, huh?

      • ms_anthro

        There is no reason they can’t come here for a vacation that never ends. Disappearing in such a vast geographical place is hardly difficult. We have rural areas, massive cities, small suburban neighborhoods. Use your imagination. You don’t ask your murderer to give you permission to defend your life. You fight tooth and nail to live. That is what we have to do.

        • Annie Oakley

          You got that right Ms. Anthro. Asking for permission is never ever going to work. Our government hate us. It’s also very easy to disappear into a rural town as well. If one legal person OWNS a house, he could have a SA housesitter. That’s another option.

        • dd121

          I disagree. If you were here illegally for a non PC reason they would hunt you down. They have vast resources and could ferret you out in no time. They have political reasons for not doing this with Mexicans.

          • ms_anthro

            I utterly reject your defeatism. This is a massive country with countless ways to stay under the radar. One thing is certain: if we sit back and do nothing, having convinced ourselves that any attempts would be in vain, our White family in South Africa will continue to be tortured, raped, mutilated, and murdered until every one of them is dead, every last man, woman, child.

      • BonusGift

        Heck, there are a few people who comment on this site who refuse to call it genocide; and they, by the way, seem to be absent from commenting on this article, surprise, surprise. Most people are still fully brainwashed by the media and academia; and the tribe that dominates this brainwashing process is often off-limits on this very site. If you want to reach the average person you must take back at least the media portion of the process or else work in small groups and push ahead not because most people accept you are right, but in spite of the fact that most are helplessly brainwashed and convinced you are wrong. Hell, my own sister will just freeze and blankly star ahead when I go off on something like the impact of illegal Mexicans on schools or medical care, etc., and she, by the way, was raped by one. Although, periodically, out of nowhere she will say something negative about them, yet the institutionalized brainwashing is just too much for her and she seems to be overloaded and conflicted by it all. Anyways, clearly, the brainwashing is still dominating. No, you must not care about the false propaganda and push ahead anyway as at some point the divergence between reality and the false propaganda is so great the damn will break and the light will shine again. Do the little things, for example, if you meet a white South African be friendly and helpful, and determine if they are not so brainwashed as to be beyond help. If they are awake, tell them in no uncertain terms you will do what you can for them, and then just do what you can. Do the same with any whites that are awake, but especially those white South Africans that really need extraction from what is now mostly a hell on Earth.

        • bigone4u

          I am sorry for your sister’s ordeal, but her response just shows how powerful the brainwashing can be. Hollywood, the schools, and websites like Huffington Post all preaching the same message of white guilt and white privilege is a powerful lot of junk to overcome, but there is some white nationalist expert somewhere who can help us ge over it. I wish I knew who that person would be. I can easily see through brainwashing but I’ve always been an independent thinker.

        • sbuffalonative

          I have a sister who is a teacher. She often complains about kids in her class. I ask her if they’re white. She reluctantly says no. She knows the truth about which kids are the problem and unteachable but she won’t admit it. She’s counting the days to her retirement.

    • Jerrybear

      Agreed. I would gladly welcome white South Africans into my home until they could support themselves. Unfortunately, America’s retarded immigration system makes it nearly impossible for them to get here. Europe, Australia, and the United States need to welcome our kin home. South Africa is lost. It’s such a shame that the once great white nation’s have lost the will to survive.

      • ms_anthro

        We haven’t lost it. We just misplaced it for a generation or two. We were able to ignore it because we always had places we could flee to, where we could still live relatively peaceful lives away from the death cultists. But now our backs are to the wall and we have no choice but to stand and fight, so we will.

        Our ancestors didn’t accomplish the many breathtaking things they did by giving up and accepting conquest by hostile aliens. They didn’t give up no matter how seemingly impossible the odds. And neither will we.

        • Jerrybear

          I like your optimism. Maybe someday, we will wake up from our deep slumber. Our government and leaders certainly show no sign of it. They are actively hostile against their own kin. I fear that it will be too late when that day comes. Fortunately, white right wingers are heavily armed and are preparing. Myself and my family included.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          I don’t meet any South Africans nowadays (or Rhodesians either, now that I think of it), even though back in the eighties we used to have a lot of tourists from those countries. I think the bulk of them have already emigrated and the rest are trying to keep their property in South Africa. Those poor people are on the verge of genocide and the world looks on with indifference, although a primary reason for that is the MSM’s refusal to cover the terrorism of the blacks against the smaller group of whites. I would say that most people don’t know what’s going on over there. It’s not just that the whites are being murdered at an alarming rate, but this is happening with the approval and encouragement of the black government. And it’s not just murder, it’s torture, mutilation, humiliation, and then murder. The whites are trying to fight back, but I think it’s a losing battle against the blacks and the rest of the world.

        • sbuffalonative

          Unfortunately, the liberal-“progressive” left has and endless list of excuses and theories to explain inequality and black dysfunction.

          I hope for the day when every theory has been exhausted and all we’re left with are the facts of race.

          The questions are when will they run out of theories, can we survive as long as it takes, and what society we can build based on genetic racial inequalities.

          • ms_anthro

            They can keep their excuses! We don’t need them. We don’t need their schools, their bogus theories or anti-White policies. We don’t care what they think, and we don’t have to care. We simply have to act in our own best interest without considering their feelings on the matter or paying their outrage any heed.

            Consider them like tantruming children. They may scream and cry about the unfairness of it all, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing what needs to be done. We outnumber them, after all. Who cares what they think? We don’t need their permission to protect ourselves. We don’t need their blessing to survive.

        • AnalogMan

          I hope I’m not being presumptuous in assuming from your handle that you’re a woman, and saying, “Lady, you’ve got… er, intestinal fortitude”. Between you and Annie Oakley on this thread, you warm an old man’s heart.

          That goes for all who have made similar comments here.

          However… let’s make it concrete. I’m a White South African man with no dependants or encumbrances. I have a tourist visa to enter the USA. I have a police clearance certificate saying I’ve never been convicted of a crime. I could turn up on your doorstep within a couple of weeks. Will you take me in? For how long?

          Not quite so easy when it becomes immediate, is it? That’s not to impugn your motives, or your resolve. But you have to consider a lot of things; can you trust me? Am I a thief? Do you have children who might be put at risk? Maybe I’m a sponger who would be harder to get rid of than to acquire. Maybe I’m an alcoholic, or maybe you’d prefer me not to smoke in your house.

          South Africans are various, like all nationalities. Don’t romanticise us. Please, people, be careful.

          For the record, I’m none of those things in my fourth paragraph, and I have family in the USA who can sponsor me for legal immigration. And I’m genuinely touched by the concern expressed in this thread for my countrymen, some of whom are in unenviable straits. Then there are the others, who don’t even realise it yet, and get angry when I say something raciss.

          • ms_anthro

            You aren’t presumptuous and thank you for speaking out. Of course there are bad White South Africans just as there are bad people in any group. But you are dealing with Americans here. We are armed to the teeth and used to being surrounded by hostile enemies who prey on us like jackals. Anyone participating in an escape program for White South Africans, or any other Whites, would be aware of the risks involved. Nothing in life will ever be completely safe.

            I don’t fear being victimized by a houseguest because I’m not a helpless victim. And yes, I would take you in tonight. It wouldn’t be easy but you are worth it. You are my kin. I can’t speak for others in this thread, but that’s how I feel. Whites are an endangered species and no one is coming to save us. We must save ourselves or perish.

          • AnalogMan

            Thank you, and bless you.

          • BonusGift

            I’ll take you.

          • guest

            I would invite you to stay with me if you can convnice my 16 year old nephew not to have the word, “invictus” tattoooed on his neck. He admires Nelson Mandela. He is very intelligent, hard working, and a devout Christian, but he seems to have the sickness of liberalism. Even his liberal parents are horrified. If I were to say anything race realist to him, I will be shunned by the family. I’m not sure what to do.

          • AnalogMan

            I’m sorry for your predicament, but I would be no help to you. I would certainly open my big mouth and confirm all his prejudices about racist White South Africans. If, at 16, his parents have lost control of him, they’re reaping what they have sown, aren’t they? Is it even legal to tattoo a child without parental consent? I mean, that’s not something trivial, like an abortion; I would think it ranks right up there with super-size sodas. I’ll never understand Americans.

            The best advice I can give you in this case is from Alinsky: ridicule is your best weapon.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Here’s an interesting story. Boers to Georgia. Former Soviet Georgia, that is.

      • sbuffalonative

        In South Africa, there is also unease at the idea of letting some of the country’s best farmers leave.

        Again we come back to the main problem. Liberal-‘progressives’ know they can’t survive without a white working class to fund their absurd equality programs. They won’t let us leave as individuals or secede territory.

        The other problem is that they always follow us. No matter how much they blame us for their problems, they cling to us to sustain their beliefs and liberal programs. They know they can’t survive without us.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          There will come a limit. That’s why if I were a SA white, I’d seriously consider some non Islamic place in the former Soviet Union.

          • MarcusTrajanus

            There’s also South America. I wonder how Argentina would feel about allowing White South Africans to immigrate. It already has a majority White population and a history of European immigration. There are obviously ethnic and cultural differences, but nothing like those that exist between White and black South Africans.

          • Bantu_Education

            Argentina desperately needs an infusion of good-quality immigrants – they cannot attract European immigration these days since life in most of Europe is so much better than in Argentina. The present govt is very left-wing – big supporters of Hugo Chavez – and like him they stay in power by bribing the (usually darker-hued) under-classes whilst imposing ever more taxes on the declining middle-classes. They would be opposed to bringing in anyone who would probably vote against them and, in the case of white South Africans, they would undoubtedly categorise them as “racists”. Short of a military coup its going to be very difficult to get rid of the terminally corrupt Peronistas. Better options would be Uruguay and Paraguay – the latter has had a long history of settler colonies although these have mostly been in the rural Chaco, a rather inhospitable territory to say the least.

          • As we found out yesterday, Argentina doesn’t seem to have a problem with Italian immigrants.

    • Brian

      I’d happily do the same. I’d also enter into a marriage of convenience if necessary to get a White South African out of that hellhole and resident in a safer country.

    • Annie Oakley

      Ms. Anthro – I would do the same. My husband said one of the ways they can be brought in is through a sailboat. Right now North Dakota is booming. There are tons of jobs there. Lots of sympathetic whites as well. There are massive farms who do not hire Mestizos and want white European workers.

      I have a friend in So Cal who is working on the SA issue as well. An underground railroad is our only solution.

      I’m not worried about them getting work. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I just want them out of there alive.

      • sbuffalonative

        Maybe you can find some South African websites and spread the message to white South Africans. Let them know there’s a place they can flee to.

        • AnalogMan

          That would not be clever. Lots of scammers out there. Not to mention US government agents monitoring this site. Or SPLC hate scouts who would love to help out the government.

          • sbuffalonative

            Are we to be cowered into non-action? That’s what they want.

            Let them monitor us. Let them oppose us. Let them expose their actions.

          • ms_anthro

            Exactly! Imagine how awkward it would be for them to have to explain why illegals from Latin America and “refugees” from the most backwards corners of Africa should be granted immediate amnesty, but White South Africans should not. It could be a great teaching moment for even the most brain dead SWPLs. They hate you because you are White, and here is yet more proof.

            Let them try it.

          • AnalogMan

            Oh, that’s easy. Because those White South Africans are racists!

            Seriously , though, isn’t it openly acknowledged that the US government is anti-white? And what’s wrong with that? Eric Holder has explicitly said that Whites are not a protected class.

          • ms_anthro

            It’s openly acknowledged by race realists and alt right types. By SWPLs, liberals, and other assorted riffraff, no. Non-Whites can’t be racist. So any anti-White actions perpetrated by any non-Whites are justified by default.

            They really do believe this, largely because they’ve never had to live with the consequences of that belief. When diversity finds them personally, they may change their minds, or they may not.

            But for those on the fence, such a hypocritical move would be too obvious and blatant to ignore, and we could publicize it, capitalize on it. We have the means and the money. Why don’t we use them?

          • AnalogMan

            That was my point: justified by default. Not denied. Why should they deny it? It’s only fair – Whites have all that White Privilege.

          • tabsa

            Glad you are willing to help white South Africans. I run the truthaboutsouthafrica dot com blog and I recently started a forum called multiculture-madness dot us. There’s not much happening on the forum at the moment, but I’m trying to get people to discuss the subject and to come up with solutions.

            Also think we need to create a network of people who are willing to help white South Africans to come over to their countries. A lot of us have the money to do it, but unlike the third world immigrants we like to have our paperwork in order. I’m getting to the point now where I don’t care about paperwork anymore, though.

      • tabsa

        Hi Annie,

        I appreciate the fact that you’re willing to help out white South Africans. We’ve been trying to get into Australia for ages, but no luck. In the end we bought a new business and we’re trying to save as much money as possible to get out. Now we’re stuck here again for a few years. That’s the problem in SA. We can’t just pack up and leave, we’ve got houses and businesses and investments.

        But I’m sure that if we can create some kind of network, we could all do it in a much more organized manner. Unlike the third world immigrants, most of us don’t like the idea of rocking up at JFK with a chicken in a suitcase…

        Anyway, I started a new forum called multiculture-madness dot us. I’d like to start a community of forward thinking people there. Not just to winge about everything or to become some kind of white-supremacist, Neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, brainless exercise. We need solutions. And we need to all come together.

      • nunjobizness

        Annie – I am in SoCal trying to help them too. If there was some way you could put us in touch – I’d love to help out! I feel so helpless, but yet, I cannot deny these people. I wish I could sponsor a family or take them in somehow…

    • gemjunior

      Yes, absolutely. They’d be sleeping on the floor but soon enough would be working and producing for themselves. This is a crime that makes me despise liberal white journalists. Blacks can’t help it, being fundamentally 12 year olds in adult bodies with sociopathic tendencies – white liberals are another story. Willful ignorance that has led to willful hatred of your own kind? They are far more our enemy. Are the people who could expose this really and truly that low-down and hateful? Or is it more a case of a certain group that ultimately owns just about every media conglomerate out there?

    • PaulN

      Escaping this madhouse would not be easy.. but I’m glad some people like yourself realize the the state of affairs here.. nothing short of genocide!
      Given half the chance, I’d be on that ‘underground railroad’ in a flash.. Provided my dog is allowed on well as my mother and father!!
      I personally would leave everything I have here..After going over it with a sledgehammer..
      But then you guys have a “black” president who’s no better than the bufoon who runs this joint!!!! LOL

      • ms_anthro

        More of us know what’s going on than the lapdog multicult MSM would have you believe. We’ve allowed ourselves to become disenfranchised in our own countries, but that is changing. Of course you could bring your dog and parents! Like the original Underground Railroad, and the networks used to save Jews from the Nazis, your stay here would be temporary, a haven until you could be moved to the next safe house, and the next, until finally you found a place you wanted to settle down permanently.

        This really wouldn’t be hard to do, with the internet (using proxies) and throwaway prepaid cell phones as communication tools. None of the participants would know each other, or even how to contact each other beyond meeting places and exchange locations. If one person got taken down, the others would be largely unaffected and remain safely anonymous.

        Our country is also run by anti-White lunatics, it’s true, but at least we’re not so grossly outnumbered here.

        • PaulN

          I shall go look for a “train ticket” today!! Although we’re literally on an island…
          We’ll be looking at a boat ride… This is how my forefathers got here! My grandmother on my moms side left the then Yugoslavia to escape Hitler! My fathers side came here in the 1820’s (French huguenots)
          Now it’s my turn to move!!!!! I see the cost (in $) as a stumbling block!

  • GB101

    Can’t do it, but…

    I wish we could invite all the Jewish Israelis and the white South Africans to join us. Our country would gain decent productive people, and the Near East and all of Africa could be left to the barbarians.

  • Triarius

    If only the US would allow real refugees. I say we trade SA straight up, all your boers for all our liberals.

    Of course we cannot tell black to stop doing this, it would impede their right to express their culture.

    • guest

      We had 8 years of white replican rule. They did NOTHING to protect whites in South Africa or anywhere for that matter…spineless Republican leaders

      • “…spineless Republican leaders.”

        I don’t think that they are spineless. I believe that they are working hand in glove with the anti-white genocidal freaks.

  • jeffaral

    I have no sympathy for most SA Whites: To this day they refuse to fight back. Those who don’t want to fight don’t deserve to live. Instead of whining start fighting!

    • So CAL Snowman

      What exactly are they supposed to do? If they form groups and start killing blacks what exactly do you think the World response will be? If they form a cohesive political group and decide to break away from SA and form their own country, what do you think the World’s response will be? The SA Whites could say the same about Americans and Europeans – To this day they (US) refuse to fight back. The USA and Europe are populated by HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Whites and yet look at how our nations are being flooded! What are we doing to fight back? I have no sympathy for those who express no compassion for the genocide of our White brothers and sisters. Good day sir.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        You hit the nail right on the head, brother.

    • Tim

      Being a practical man, I don`t blame them for not fighting, but I do for not leaving…

      • ms_anthro

        Some of them can’t afford to leave. We’re talking about farmers, not oil tycoons. And even if they could, where would they go? White countries’ governments will not have them.

        • guest

          some are immigrating to former Soviet Georgia. The Georgian government wants to revive their agricultural and wine industries. That sounds precarious, but it’s better than certain death.

          • GM (Australia)

            Certain death; I was talking with a White South African while travelling on a bus a few days ago.I Was telling him about one elderly member of my family who still lives on his small farm near J’burg. I said he wants to stay and see life out on the farm which he loves and where he has spent a lifetime. The South African simply said to me, “He hasn’t got a chance, they will get him sooner than later, they (the blacks) just hate us.” (I sincerely hope this will not happen)

          • Commonsnense80

            shameful and tragic that the world, particularly the genetic brethren ,do not even bat an eye to the genocide in this zealous Zeitgeist era of religious dogmas multi-culti PC buffoonery.

    • I have some sympathy for them but there is an unbending rule to life – the stupid & the weak must die, I call it the Neanderthal Option.
      “What exactly are they supposed to do?” The question is not one of future tense but past tense, what should they HAVE DONE. This of course includes all white people.

      “What strikes me about the relentless killings of educated whites is” that WHITE PEOPLE VOTED FOR IT!
      “There are some people naive enough to think that “something can be done about crime” in South Africa…” There is, but first you must recognize them for the backward savages that they are.

      • AnalogMan

        Okay, big mouth, there’s a few things you need to learn.

        South Africa was a small country, with a population of three million Whites. It didn’t have a huge economy, and it was a capital-importing country. The entire world ganged up against it. Capital was flowing out, the currency was collapsing. Strategic supplies (like oil) were embargoed. The Babuntus weren’t the problem. Militarily, we had already whipped their butts. We had the bomb – we could have nuked Soweto, and I wish to hell we had. But that’s an emotional response.

        Do you get it? We were up against the entire world.

        As to that vote, it’s not as you imagine. There was a referendum, and the question was, should the government negotiate with the ANC? There was also a promise attached, that any agreement would be submitted to the people in another referendum for ratification.

        De Klerk could have negotiated any kind of deal, including partition. Instead, he gave away the farm, reneged on his promise of a second referendum, dumped his wife, collected his Nobel thirty pieces of silver, abandoned his country and went to live in Greece with his new whore.

        Now, what are you doing with your own country? You have two hundred million Whites, the strongest economy and the strongest military in the world, there is no country or group of countries that can force you to do anything at all. Do you get that? You have no opposition at all outside your own country. And what are you doing to defend yourselves against invasion? Bugger all.

        Do Americans deserve their fate? Not me, you’ll say. I’ll fight.

        So, go for it. Show us how it’s done. Should be a lot easier for you than for South Africans. At least, you don’t have any external threats to contend with – like the USA.

        • Bantu_Education

          Well spoken – if I may make a demographic correction there were about 5.25 million whites in the early ’90’s (about 13% of the total then) – now down to approx 4 million, about 7.5% – probably less because millions of blacks, esp those pouring over the border to parasite off the benefits of a white-built country, are not counted.

        • I agree with you that SA, at this point in history had its back against the wall. But the history of SA stands as a stark warning to all whites. I can not know about the internal workings of SA but the conduct of whites over the past 100 years, or so, has set the stage for this sort of thing. SA is just one of the examples. We could also include almost all of the major white population centers of the world. SA, England, France, Germany, London, Detroit and Washington DC. It’s the same everywhere.

          As for SA, they were warned from inside & out. But did they listen, NO. They kept their black maids, gardeners and nannies. As for the vote, De Klerk did not make this political move on his own; he wasn’t a king or a dictator.

          Notice my original statement: The question is not one of future tense but past tense, what should they HAVE DONE. *This of course includes all white people.

          Dr. Wm. Pierce was one of the people that tried to warn SA and other whites. I recommend that some of these messages be listened to again, especially #’s, 260, 386, 433 & 445.

          I am just not willing to listen to any more excuses that are being offered by whites. ALL of the tribulations that are befalling us are a direct result of our past decisions, and our unwillingness to take our future into our own hands.

          I am sorry for the things that are happening to whites all over the world but the iron law of nature remains – we must end our problems or they will end us.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Obama would be drone striking the Whites in South Africa if they tried to unseat the ANC.

      • AnalogMan

        It’s not just Obama. Clinton would have bombed SA, too (remember Serbia?), and Bush probably would have, too.

    • Oom Paul

      We did fight! We fought in the border war against the rest of Africa and the communists from1966 – 1990. The sanctions from the rest of the white countries eventually forced us to negotiate a surrender.

      I am currently trying to arm myself though, however our laws here make it very difficult to get any firearms. I don’t want to do it illegally, since I don’t trust anyone (especially white liberals).

      There was a recent news story of whites stock piling weapons and stuff and making bombs for an attack. They were caught, and are convicted of treason. Some white probably betrayed them.

      So I don’t think it is that we don’t have fighting spirit; it is the lack of a means to fight that stops us.

      I don’t mind fighting face-to-face with blacks, even if they outnumber me. I am more worried about the one white guy who will stab me in the back!

      • guest

        white liberals are the enemy from within.

      • Salarino

        My heart goes out to you brother. Unfortunately a Judas is always around, but I hope and pray your people will triumph.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        We will have our day, liberals have power because they have money. Soon the money will be worthless, then we have the power. Prepare…

        • BonusGift


      • Jerrybear

        Arm yourself anyway necessary. The laws be damned.

    • Laager

      As guest below correctly states white South Africans and Rhodesians did fight back but they were sold down the river by their own kith and kin in the west – Europe, USA and the British Commonwealth. Front man of this onslaught was none other than Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State of the USA. His final ultimatum was: introduce majority rule or we curtail all oil supplies to SA. What else could the government do? Continue to fight an external war or cope with the internal collapse of its economy precipitated by the so called “civilised west”?
      Hint: follow the money to understand the wests actions.

      • America First

        “They were sold down the river by their own kith and kin in the west – Europe, USA and the British Commonwealth.” Don’t forget to include the World Council of Churches in that grouping.

      • KenelmDigby

        You had ‘Sasolburg’, the coal to oil project

        • AnalogMan

          Sasolburg has never come close to supplying enough fuel for the country’s needs.

  • HadEnough

    Can you imagine how immensely strengthened the white nations would be if we opened our doors wide to the South African whites for migration? But imagine the liberal shrieks of protest. So we must content ourselves with Mexicans, Pakis, Gypsies, Somalis, etc. Lucky us!

    • joesolargenius

      Unfortunately we can’t take the whites without also opening the door for mass black African immigration . Any help will have to be under the table .

      • AnalogMan

        Well, the fact is you have opened the door to mass black African immigration, but not the whites.

    • rightrightright

      The UK’s Labour government sought to make it as difficult as possible for fleeing White Zimbabweans of British stock to return to the UK.
      If these people had been black, they would have been slathered in benefits.

      I worked with an escaped White Zimbabwean for a while. She and her husband were in London and her kids in the USA and Australia. She had private health insurance and underwent some surgery. She didn’t know if the insurance would cover the removal of the stitches and the doctor involved didn’t mention that. After about 2 weeks the hospital phoned to ask her to come in for the stitches to be removed and she advised that she had removed them herself. That’s the pioneering spirit.

      I believe she ended up in Australia and her family was reunited. Good luck to them.

      • Bantu_Education

        Please do not use the black nationalist term “Zimbabwean” – they are Rhodesians. Such names should be reserved for blacks only. Similarly, one should refer to blacks from South Africa as “Azanians”. In this way they cannot so easily claim South Africa as something of their making. “South Africans” are white, as was firmly established by Hollywood and the pop music industry – e.g., the one with the infamous line “I’ve never met a nice South African”. They could only “get away” with that because everyone knew that “South Africans” were white, and thus could be openly slandered and vilified as a group.

        • AnalogMan

          Remember when Zimbabwe was still Rhodesia, Rhodesia was playing a cricket match against England, I think, and not doing well. One of the spectators shouted, “Come on, Rhodesia! You’re playing like a bunch of Zimbabweans”.

          Robert Mugabe himself made the point, and was featured in a documentary film about Zimbabwe. He said, “Zimbabwe is not Rhodesia”, as the camera panned over blighted and barren farmlands. Indeed, it’s not.

          • Bantu_Education

            As of a few years ago Zim’s best cricket players were 2 whites, brothers I think. Where are they now? Also, most of Zim’s tiny handful of Olympic medals are still won by whites, despite the fact they are such a tiny minority nowadays – maybe 0,2% of the population. It sickened me to see Mugarbage crowing about that on TV and disingenuously “praising” athletes who he hates.

          • AnalogMan

            Ask and ye shall receive. I’m not a cricket fan, and this may be out of date, but according to wikipedia, Andy Flower is currently the England coach, and his brother Grant is still playing for Zimbabwe – or again; apparently he retired and played county cricket for Essex with his brother for a few years.

  • Triarius

    Only whites can be racist, right? Isn’t South Africa the shining example of successful multiculturalism in a country the left is always using?

    Can we trade our liberals for their Boers?

  • • By destroying the white infrastructure, they’re killing the goose that laid the golden egg. There is a clear absence of abstract thinking.

    • Someone noted recently that “Lucifer in Dante’s Inferno that he would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.”

  • This all would be amusing except for the fact that every single country that has any kind of black population is on the very same path as South Africa. Look at the US. With only a 12-13% black population, any objective observer would admit that blacks are the single biggest problem the country faces. It seems as if the whole country revolves around the dysfunction of the black race.

    • pcmustgo

      It revolves around the dysfuntion disguised as myth about the poor, downtrodden, abused, discriminated againsts, innocent victim of slavery, hip, cool Black Race. America’s entire national mythology revolves around Blacks.

  • Morris LeChat

    The US seems to refuse to go after it’s illegal aliens. Why don’t White south africans make their way here? If there was a charity I could donate to that would smuggle them here I would gladly donate to it.

    • guest

      why would they want to?…we have a racist African President. That seems like out of the fire, into the frying pan.

  • connorhus

    And how is any part of this story any different than what we are seeing right here in the US today?

    Sure there are some safe areas and we haven’t climbed to the same ratio yet but each of these stories could be told with US geographical names almost to a TEE.

    The Multi-cult religion is death to the White race no matter where it springs up.

    • GM (Australia)

      This is correct, any thinking person can see that what is happening in South Africa should be a warning regarding the future of all traditionally white nations.

    • AnalogMan

      You’re absolutely correct, and you don’t have to wait for “the same ratio”. I think the necessary ratio has already been reached, a tipping point has been passed, and it’s already too late to fix this democratically or constitutionally. If your politicians manage to pass another illegal alien amnesty, it will be decisively over, and violence will be your only option.

      America was warned. Here’s an article from August 2000, A Warning for America from South Africa.

      But woe to you if – or more likely, when – the rules change.
      White Americans may soon find themselves unable or unwilling
      to stand up to challenge the new political methods that will
      be the inevitable result of the ethnic metamorphosis now taking
      place in America. Unable to cope with the new rules of the
      game – violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations
      of racism, demands for proportionality based on racial numbers,
      and all the other social and political weapons used by the
      have-nots to bludgeon treasure and power from the haves –
      Americans, like others before them, will no doubt cave in.
      They will compromise away their independence and ultimately
      their way of life.

      That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because
      I was there and I saw it happen.

      All of that had happened as predicted. Read the article.

  • Barrack Osama

    This is what happens when a stone age people are propelled into the 21st century by unnatural forces. These folks never evolved the lifestyle necessary to maintain the civilization they inherited.

    • You mean 19th century farm equipment isn’t functional in a 21st century world?

      • GM (Australia)

        19th Century farm equipment is surprising functional, we even have groups of antique machinery enthusiasts who keep some of it perfectly restored. No, I think you mean stone age digging sticks and hunting clubs!

        • AnalogMan

          No, he means obsolete equipment like cotton-pickers. Pre-machine age.

          • GM (Australia)

            Yes, I understand!

  • YT

    But, but, but……….. apartheid was so bad I thought…………….

    The reality is that the apartheid was probably a very reasonable system, given the circumstances…

    • The__Bobster

      So was segregation in America.

    • GM (Australia)

      Yes, apartheid was the only realistic system given the circumstances ,South African blacks probably had the highest standard of living of any indigenous people in the whole African Continent. The fall of apartheid has not really improved life, neither for Blacks nor for Whites. Interesting do do a Google Street View of South African towns. They still have lots of obviously white suburbs, very fancy houses, a bit like ours except they all have BIG security fences, then in other parts of town we see the black suburbs, smaller but sometime quite well built houses but with no signs of any community pride. I am sure they will blame white privilege etc but perhaps we really are all different after all with different aspirations in life. I am sure you have these same differences between black and white suburbs in most American cities and again blacks and whites (hopefully) keep to their own part of town.

      • BonusGift

        All you need to do is see a picture of, for example, a South African town pre-diverstopia/blacktopia and compare the same street corner to one now (also Rhodesia). You can also do this with Detroit when it was the “Paris of the West” (90%+ white) vs. now (90%+ black). In the South African case all it took was black rule to turn it into hell, and in the case of Detroit it was the nasty combination of black rule and the basic presence of so many blacks in one place. Then sit back and look at a picture of say a typical village in Switzerland and reflect on what life could and should be like, and why it is not.

        • bigone4u

          Pictures of Detroit back in the day are so beautiful they make me want to cry for what has been lost. Coincidentally, I spend a lot of time looking at pics off Switzerland. Probably some sort of defense mechanism in me to what has become of this country. Wish I were in an Alpine pasture with a cow and a little chalet right now.

        • AnalogMan

          Amren posted this video of the Death of Johannesburg last year. It would have more impact if you could remember what those places looked like before the fall of civilization.

          You can see the same images, and more, in still photographs with commentary at the blog

          • BonusGift

            Even though sitting alone, I watched it while shaking my head and asking the mostly rhetorical question (i.e., to most on this site): Why?

          • GM (Australia)

            One worrying answer is a quote from historian Arnold Toynbee; “Civilizations do not get destroyed, they simply commit suicide”

          • BonusGift

            I would say in this case a kind of media and corporate assisted suicide. Most citizens would have never gone for the genocidal immigration we have experienced. in short, not something we voted on or would have voted on. It’s kind of like TARP in the U.S., where people were against it yet it happened because those controlling the politicians wanted it.

  • JohnEngelman

    At the height of apartheid under Hendrik Verwoerd, South Africa was almost as peaceful as Switzerland.

    – Jan Lamprecht, Before It’s News, March 4, 2013

    Hendrik Verwoerd was Prime Minister of South Africa from 1958 to 1966. During that time the reported murder rate in South Africa went from roughly 10 to 30 per 100,000 inhabitants.

    In Switzerland the current murder rate per 100,000 is currently 0.7.

    Consequently I doubt that South Africa was ever nearly as safe as Switzerland.

    • Bantu_Education

      I have to agree with you there – any white south african who claims crime was low during white rule is either very delusional or his opinion is clouded by nostalgia for an obviously better time. All black majority countries, no matter how “peaceful” some are proclaimed, (e.g., some Caribbean islands), have very high crime and murder rates.

      • BonusGift

        Let’s try not to mince our words here and be as accurate as possible: crime was about as low as it could get with such a large balck population, and certainly signifcantly lower than under black rule.

      • AnalogMan

        It’s not that simple. South Africa was two countries – white and black. Black crime was always high. But it was contained, largely to themselves.

        I grew up in Bloemfontein. There was a curfew siren at 9:00 p.m. every night, and all blacks had to be off the streets in the white areas. The police patrolled the streets and arrested any curfew violators. Furthermore, the police cracked down brutally on any black criminals who committed crimes against whites, which tended to dampen such crimes. Consequently, as a child I could, and did, walk alone on the streets at any hour of the day or night in perfect safety.

        • AnalogMan

          To clarify, in South Africa under Apartheid, basically any area that was not declared a black area was a white area. That would be the entire city excluding the (segregated) black area.

  • bigone4u

    In an honest, sane world there would be universal appoval of white rule over blacks everywhere on the planet. Blacks would welcome tough love white government, religions would praise it on humitarian grounds. Whites would view white rule as a burden, but one that would make life safer for all. The notion of black rulers able to contain black pathologies is a tragic, mistaken belief that creates new innocent victims every day.

    • We already tried that. That’s how we got into the mess that we’re in now.

      • BonusGift

        No, we got into this mess because we ignored the facts and decided that fantasy was more important and satisfying.

    • Bantu_Education

      Thanks, very well put – and I would add that most blacks prefer white rule but can’t say so for fear of being tortured and/or mutilated (ears and nose cut off, Mugarbage-style and also approved by Saint Mandela – I believe this was on record during his trial). Aside from this direct intimidation they won’t dare vote for a white as the tokolosh (little juju man) in the voting booth will see him do so. They really believe this..!

    • Badger

      Botswana is a success story, and Ghana’ doing OK.

      I can’t think of any others, though.

      • AnalogMan

        Botswana a success story? Hardly. It’s desperately poor, backward and ravaged by AIDS. It’s only a success insofar as it’s avoided the tribal wars that have characterized places like the Congo, Angola and Sudan. I suppose that would be due to having a homogeneous population – all Tswanas. By the same standard, you could consider Lesotho, Swaziland and Malawi successes, too.

        Ghana is an interesting case. I don’t know what “doing OK” means, but historically it’s been no better than its neighbours, Ivory Coast, Liberia and so on. During the rule of Kwame Nkrumah it was constantly in the news for the usual atrocities.

        What makes it interesting is that it presents a case study for decolonization. Ghana and Malaysia were both British colonies, with similar population sizes, similar climates, similar administrations, similar infrastructures and economies, resources, education systems etc. They received independence within about a year of each other in the late 1950s.

        Compare them today.

      • Bantu_Education

        Botswana is a big country, mostly desert, with a very small population. Its wealth is almost all derived from diamonds discovered and “exploited” (interesting word that) by Western mining companies. Oh, and I believe they import a lot of teachers from Britain (black teachers are invariably useless) and probably much of the brain work is done by other expats, mostly South Africans.

        Ivory Coast, under Houphouet-Boigny their Francophile president, was hailed by international liberals as a successful black-ruled country and therefore the “racists” who said black rule always led to disaster were proved “wrong”. However, the unspoken secret of its success was its 60,000 French expats whose good lifestyles were supported by the overvalued CFA Franc, backed by France. (No other country would trade this currency and so this enabled the French to virtually monopolise the trade, etc). After he died in 1993 the CFA Franc was devalued by 50% and the Europeans began to leave. In the recent anarchy – much of the violence directed against whites – the rest fled and now it is just another African basket-case.

        • AnalogMan

          Regarding those teachers, I read a news report, years ago, that said Botswana was experiencing a teaching crisis because nobody was qualifying at its teacher training colleges. The problem was, the trainee teachers were all dying of AIDS before qualifying.

          I wondered at the time if that was a reflection of campus life style.

    • Tristate

      In a sane world, everyone should be ruling their own people and not of other races. We should’ve picked our own cotton and only traded with other White nations instead of exploring other non-white lands.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the time of National Party reforms in the seventies and eighties, the cliché “adapt or die” used to do the rounds. Nowadays, given the highest murder rate in the world, this should be modified slightly to read, “adapt and die”. For the endemic social violence in South Africa is probably incurable.

    – Jan Lamprecht, Before It’s News, March 4, 2013

    In South Africa the murder rate per 100,000 people is 31.8. In Honduras it is 91.6.

    • GM (Australia)

      Do you really think that their justice system and/or Dept of Statistics are still functional enough to tell as the real truth or provide accurate data?

    • Bantu_Education

      Venezuela, under Hugo Chavez “enlightened” socilaism, has also gone from being one of the safest (relatively-speaking) Caribbean nations to one of the most dangerous – the murder rate has gone from about 15 to 68 per 100,000 under his admin. Colombia’s rate is down to about 33. (W. Europe, for comparison, averages between 1 and 2)

      • JohnEngelman

        Since Hugo Chavez was elected President of Venezuela the crime rate there has increased four times. Because the crime rate in Scandinavia is very low I would like an explanation for that increase other than “socialism.”

        • AnalogMan

          “Our city is what it is because our citizens are who they are” – Plato.

          Social democracy works in Scandinavia because Scandinavia is inhabited by Scandinavians. That is changing, and Norway and Sweden are experiencing a rape epidemic, perpetrated entirely by non-white immigrants. Give it a few years, and social democracy in Scandinavia will look exactly like social democracy in Detroit. And so will crime.

          • JohnEngelman

            Social Democracy has only worked in countries where nearly everyone is white. I hope Social Democrats learn that before it is too late. White liberals have become too civilized for their own good. They have difficulty understanding the psychology of those who are less evolved than they are.

  • pcmustgo

    “To the outside world, white South Africans are congenitally evil. ”

    If you would have met me 10 years ago… I would have been excusing this away. I was a white liberal. I basically believed all whites deserved x, y, z because of slavery/killing native amerians, whatever.

    Until I had a few nasty experiences (no where near as nasty as what is described in this article) myself.

    I think whites have a tendency to want to lash out and blame those other whites- “racist republicans” , South Africans (colonialists), etc.

    It’s only when they feel the pain themselves that they care.

    That being said, I hope white South Africans return to Europe. They shouldn’t be “sticking it out” there. It’s the black man’s continent. It isn’t worth the risk to their families.

    • The__Bobster

      When Whites arrives in SA, there was only a handful of Bushmen there.

      • AnalogMan

        Depends on what you mean by “there”. In the western Cape, where the White settlers first arrived, that’s true. As the settlement expanded, and nearly a hundred years later, they encountered the Xhosas and later the Zulus on the eastern coast. There are large areas of South Africa where the blacks were before the whites (and where they wiped out the native bushmen).

    • guest

      South Africa does not inherently “belong” to the black man. Most immigrated there after the whites settled there and built a beautiful civilization. Before 1950, whites were actually the majority in SA.

      • Bantu_Education

        Sadly, this was never the case – whites were never more than 25% in the country as a whole.

    • AnalogMan

      Charles Darwin predicted that “the primitive races” would become extinct. That would be the natural course of events. Africa, and the world, belongs to whomever endures.

      It’s not over yet.

  • Lygeia
  • 48224

    I dream of the day when a scientist develops a virus that kills only those who with an IQ of 87 and lower. And then drops it on Detroit.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I don’t know how bad it will have to get here, but if it gets bad enough a leader will emerge to unite the whites and forge a new identity and homeland here in North America. But, what will it take? Suppose every American city gets as bad as Chicago or Detroit or, God forbid, South Africa. We are not a powerless minority yet and we can start a new path of freedom. But, we need the right leader.

    • guest

      how about Jared Taylor?

    • Davor Thepiesky

      Whoever that person would be would not have a long life expectancy. How could such a leader get the word out without getting killed by “our greatest strength”?

      • Tom_in_Miami

        It would definitely be a dangerous undertaking, but leaders have emerged from dangerous places and gone on to make real changes. Think of Lech Walesa, for example, or the leader of the Romanian revolution (whose name escapes me now). It can be done when there is enough chaos and misery.

  • MobyWhite

    Talking about White genocide in S.A. is a racist construct. Whites always deserve what they get. The White community was “mended” a little bit for all the evil it has done to sacred blacks when affirmative action diversity zulu bantu mau mau security guard Sone of Obama Nkosi Thwandi killed “too White” Brittny Watts and ridded the world of her White privilege and that of all the babies she would have made.

    “Making white babies is a hate crime against global dignity.”

    Bishop Tryronne Cedric Solomon Ceasar Washington Jefferson Kwame, “Obama is just the start,” 2009

  • Cato

    A great article! How bitterly I regret participating in anti-Apartheid demonstrations in the 1980s! But it seems that Hollywood and Washington are still on the side of negritude.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Hell, I still regret buying Afghani hash in the late 1980s – the Afghanis were using the sale of it to fight against the Soviets. I see now that it would have been best if the Soviet Russians had completely eradicated Afghanis at the time.

  • humura

    The bodies of two more victims of Winnie Mandela were unearthed a few days ago. A murderess who sang openly about killing the Boers, did kill her fellow Blacks.

  • dj2

    My liberal boomer parents have retired and took a trip to South Africa and surrounding regions recently. They seemed to like it but then again they were on a controlled tour and they are the type who “like” everything.

    Interestingly I’ve been treated by two white South African optometrists. Not sure if there’s something about that profession which makes it easier to emigrate, but I’ve never met any other South Africans.

    The scary thing about this article is that it sounds like many parts of America. Things just get worse and worse, but you adapt and get used to it, like everybody does.

    • JohnEngelman

      Actually the rate of violent crime in the United States has been declining since 1991.

      • Commonsense80

        Engleman, can you please explain your rationale for voting to re-elect Obama? It is hard to believe Republicans will ever win another national election if they can’t even win over someone like yourself.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          Don’t even bother. Engelman is completely irrational. He honestly believes crime has been going down since 91. He also believes that high IQ people of all races are marrying each other with greater frequency and eventually the human species will be 1 super-intelligent, coffee colored race.

        • JohnEngelman

          The Republican Party is the party for the rich and I am not rich. Even if I was rich I would rather be a limosine liberal living in Georgetown and season’s tickets at the Kennedy Center than a country club Republican living in an upscale neighborhood out side of Dallas.

          • Jerrybear

            You’ll get the exact same outcome with Democrats but worse. I hate the traitorous corporate Republicans but at least they seem to have a tiny hint of a conscience. There is a faction in the Republican party that still has loyalty to our founding and Constitution. Are you just hoping to get handouts due to your unfortunate circumstances? The country be damned?

          • JohnEngelman

            The “traitorous corporate Republicans” are the ones who determine what policies the GOP pursues. They are the policies demanded by their corporate contributors.

            Since the election of 1980 most lower income whites have voted Republican. What have they gotten from their support? Their pay checks buy less every year. Their employers make more profits, while laughing all the way to the bank. Who do you think they are laughing at?

            Why do we have a debt crisis? Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush cut taxes for the rich while raising defense spending. That was fiscally irresponsible. Blaming the Democrats for the resulting deficits is politically dishonest.

            What conscience are you talking about? “The country be damned,” should be the slogan of country club Republicans. Since the inauguration of Ronald Reagan they have looted the country while paying lower taxes.

          • Jerrybear

            If you think Democrats aren’t also slaves to transnational corporations and international banks, I have a bridge to sell you along with an ocean front property in Arizona.

          • Defoe

            You are so right. As I have said multiple times on this site, but to no avail, Dems and Repubs are the opposite sides of the same coin, that coin being the Establishment Elites. They care not which side you support since they control both sides. It’s really laughable, yet people like Engelman think they are on the “good” side helping the down-trodden. HA!

          • Commonsense80

            Well, somebody needs to control the wealth and it can’t be government. The dog eat dog world of capitalism at least has the consumers as the judge of merit (to some degree), as opposed to only the well-connected benefitting in aristocratic or communist systems. But I guess this outside the purview of this forum. I thank you for the response, I was simply curious.

          • JohnEngelman

            I would rather the wealth be controlled by rulers I vote for than by CEO’s who get their positions by increasing profits by laying people off. The captains of industry used advance by increasing the number of customers. Increasingly they advance by reducing the number of their employees.

            George Romney got rich by producing cars and jobs. His son Mitt got richer by,

            Well, by what? What does Bain Capital do but take over companies, fire employees, and provide investors with more profits?

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Nothing wrong with nationalist protectionism. Works with softwood lumber from Canada, doesn’t it? 😛 😛 😛

          • Defoe

            Republicans are the party of the rich?? Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein are democrats, and leaders of that party. They are all multi-millionaires!!! You are terribly mis-guided. BTW, Oblabla is also a multi-millionaire. Community organizers must get pretty well paid.

          • JohnEngelman

            I did not say that the Republican Party is the party of the rich. I said that the Republican Party is the party for the rich. There is a difference. Rich people benefit from Republican economic policies. Americans who are not rich do not.

            There are rich Americans who are motivated by noblesse oblige. Most of these support the Democrats.

            Having said that I feel a certain amount of sympathy for white blue collar Republicans. By the early 1970s it became clear that ending racial discrimination would not achieve racial equality. Liberal Democrats decided to force equality with policies like affirmative action and forced school busing.

            Those liberal Democrats failed to understand that these policies harmed white blue collar workers. They did not want to admit that American blacks, who had suffered so much during American history, really are considerably less intelligent on the average than white people.

            The actions of liberal Democrats were not those of evil people. They were the well intended mistakes of good people who refused to recognize an evil reality.

          • Defoe

            You are splitting hairs. It is inconceivable that the Diane Feinsteins’ of the Democrat party would work against their own self-interests. They are the party “for” the rich too. Get a clue, dude.

      • Ernest

        “Actually the rate of violent crime in the United States has been declining since 1991.”

        And they lived happily ever after…

        Tell me another one daddy!

  • Commonsense80

    It is truly amazing how miserable and dysfunctional this world has become in just a few generations.

  • libertarian 1234

    South Africa’s black-run government is far worse than what we have here under our black-run government.

    But we still have almost four more years so we could well catch up to them….and more likely than not pull far ahead.

    The community organizer and his black haters and self-hating white weenies are working night and day to try to destroy us, and within their desks are pre-written plans…….like Obamacare and the gun grab……. ready to be carried out when the right crisis comes along or if they feel the time is right.

  • crystalevans

    Why don’t the just leave. I had seen that there are some farmers who are now living in Georgia in the former Soviet Union. Georgia wants experienced farmers and has offered to give them acres of land to farm. Why don’t some of them apply for political asylum in Europe?

    • Commonsense80

      Nothing against the good Georgians but these South Africans should be first invited in and welcomed by their closest of kin, which in my best estimation would be modern day England, Australia, New Zealand and US. It is utterly disgraceful that none of these countries are offering asylum to these obviously desperate and likely to be productive and patriotic folk.

    • AnalogMan

      It’s not so easy. White South Africans are still pariahs in Europe. Most of those countries actively campaigned for South Africa’s destruction. Political asylum is a pipe dream.

      There is a group campaigning for a jus sanguinis (right by blood) right of return by South Africans to their ancestral homelands in Europe. I don’t hold out much hope for them. Here’s their Facebook page..

  • GM (Australia)

    In this whole discussion there is one factor that has not been mentioned, that is that Mandela has recently been admitted to hospital. When he goes there will not only be a lot of media hoo-haa but the stress levels of the whites remaining in that nation will certainly go up by several notches. In fact some commentators have even suggested a blood bath could occur.

  • KenelmDigby

    The unfortunate fact is that White South Africans implicitly agreed with the treachery of FW De Klerk, (there was no serious challenge to his years of misrule), and actually voted in favor, in a democratic referendum, for his ‘reforms’, which lead, directly, to today’s horrific conditions.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    At the height of apartheid under Hendrik Verwoerd, South Africa was
    almost as peaceful as Switzerland but she was immoral. Today we are the
    apotheosis of racial morality and political correctness, yet as violent
    as the Congo or Liberia. Crime our biggest industry—bigger than
    gold-mining or manufacturing—it also stimulates consumption as stolen
    goods are replaced; it is a boon to the insurance and security
    industries and ultimately makes surgeons and undertakers rich. The
    government earns billions of rands in Value-Added Tax on stolen goods
    being replaced with new ones. So crime pays.

    This stuns me. I see the truth in it, but I’m still stunned. Crime DOES pay. Maybe not for the first-level criminal – the thief who gets at most 1/4 of the sale price and then gets caught and put in jail – but the INSURANCE COMPANIES, etc, who are the real big-time crooks. Hell, I won’t have a car, because I don’t feel the government or anyone else has the right to tell me I MUST line the pockets of some private company for insurance reasons.

    Yeah, the white-collared money-men can be fed to the zoo animals along with the rest of ’em.

  • sbuffalonative

    The worse black S. Africans make it for themselves, the more they’ll blame their dysfunction on whites and the legacy of whiteness.

    We’ve seen in many times when blacks gain control. The destruction and murders will only increase. Whites fighting back will be condemned as “racists” by the world press. Even somewhat honest and objective articles will be written in such a way as to blame whites for their alleged past ‘sins’.

  • What’s with the repeated paragraphs? They make an otherwise good article seem dumb. Someone needs to do some snipping here.

  • jeffaral

    My only question is: When White south Africans will start fighting back? It’s high time!

  • Badger

    I lived in Johannesburg in the seventies and though I never got the impression it was as peaceful as Switzerland I rarely felt uneasy unless I had deliberately put myself in an unsafe environment, like a visit to Soweto once on my own, or criticising the Boks in an Afrikaner bar (kidding).

    I wish I could say I don’t recognise this South Africa but I have heard far too much about how it is from friends and acquaintances still there to doubt this.

    What is a scary surprise is that the government seems to be outlawing personal firearms. That’s news to me and I can’t understand why any white would wish to continue living there, unable to defend themselves.

    Grounds for asylum I would think.

    • Carney3

      Would have been truly fascinating to have been in white-ruled South Africa. I wish I had done so – I was in college in the early 1990s so I could have if I had really wanted to.

  • Bantu_Education

    I think its important to point out that this article is not recent because he mentions the Rawstone family being murdered “last year”. I just googled it – it happened in 2003 – so this article was written in 2004..! Jan Lamprecht is something of a mystery – he used to run a site called “African Crisis” which began life as being very boldly anti-ANC and quite “racist” too, even though he was openly working for a major financial institution. I always wondered how he managed to keep his job year-after-year what with all the affirmatives and other pro-ANC people in charge. I don’t know when he left that job but he toned down his rhetoric a lot over the years and it became more of a news aggregator with less opinion pieces. He also began to get quite a bit of advertising I think but I gave up on it years ago – it was always a very messy site to read and has now been dormant for well over a year and nobody seems to know what happened to him. If someone knows more, I would like to hear about it.

  • Regarding this article “Life in South Africa Today, dated March 4 2013 in American Spectator — I hate to disappoint you however this article was not written by the
    missing South African author Jan Lamprecht, who has mysteriously disappeared
    ever since November 2011 somewhere in the greater Johannesburg region. These
    contents were actually lifted from an article written by the Afrikaans language-rights
    campaigner dr Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans-Action-Group entitled: “Adapt And Die’. You
    can still find Jan Lamprecht’s original comments on this particular article on the website on the following URL: — and which contents are
    nearly identical to the ones you reproduced in the article above purportedly to
    be by Jan Lamprecht. I know Jan Lamprecht was an honourable man who would NEVER have plagiarised another
    writer in this way. So… I question the identity of this particular writer! If
    anyone meanwhile can provide proof of Jan Lamprecht’s whereabouts, I would in fact be most
    grateful. As far as I am concerned, he’s still missing. And in the South African
    context – with that regime’s particular fondness for making its political
    enemies disappear without a trace – that is a most worrying situation. He used
    to write me regularly and we spoke on the phone. I also know his writing style.
    He was a single man, kept to himself and lived alone after his mother died. When
    he disappeared, there also was no formal ‘missing persons’ notification filed
    with the local police by any family member. I ‘ve been appealing to anyone who
    knew him or corresponded with him, to let me know as soon as they have proof
    that he’s still alive. I repeat my call here today. And Jan, if you have gone to
    ground – and you have good reasons for doing so as a man who wrote the truth
    about South Africa so consistently — please contact me at [email protected].

  • The only way Afrikaners will survive is through external self-determination (secession) just like Kosovo in 2010 and South Sudan in 2011. We ask the international community to support our cause for independence. Please support the Independent Afrikaner Self-determination Expedition.

    • Carney3

      Why in the world do you use the black-rule South African flag as your icon?

  • Joe Sewell

    Hoping SA Whites will retreat ASAP to a defensible and economically viable province within SA. Once black SA finishes disintegrating they can move back onto their birthright. I truly believe the international bankers are hoping the Whites are slaughtered.

  • Whirlwinder

    Your message of black control in South Africa sounds exactly the same as where blacks control political entities here in America. I am thinking of Detroit, Birmingham, Memphis, East St. Louis. These are cities that in the golden age (that is before black contol) were engines of prosperity and were beautiful places to live. Neighbors were friendly and crime was down. Now, in these hell holes run by blacks, there is no economic activity save what the government lavishes on the blacks and crime and murder is rampant. What we need here is permanent segragation but the socialist/marxist leadership would not allow that. Their ideas of multiculturalism and political correction are leading to permanent decline and the ultimate failure of America. This will put us in the history books as a once great power who is now in total decline along with once great countries such as South Africa.

  • Guest

    They are almost done with us in Africa and nobody helped us, you’re next guys.

  • Cecilia

    Thank you for this brave and true article describing the true state of life in South Africa. We can only hope the rest of the Western world will lift their heads out of the sand and at least acknowledge the truth of this article.

  • Shijo Ct

    Actually the rule should not have been handed over entirely to the SA blacks alone but it should have been entrusted with both the whites and the blacks so that there would have been equality. The policy makers of that time should have the sense that the whites would be in danger in future once the rule was handed over to the victims of the apartheid. Now the International society should involve and make the whites also partners in the rule of South Africa.