‘Four Trucks Filled with Bodies’ After Reynosa Firefight

Nidefonso Ortiz, The Monitor, March 11, 2013

Fear and panic filled the streets of Reynosa on Sunday night as rival gunmen battled during a three-hour firefight that saw automatic weapons and grenades used. Surprisingly, Mexican authorities were absent for most of the melee.

The opening clashes were reported just before 9 p.m. Sunday, when rival factions of the Gulf Cartel consummated what appeared to be a yet another rift within the criminal organization.

During the protracted gunbattle, dozens of gunmen were killed, but authorities Monday would only confirm the deaths of two bystanders and the injury of a third.

A Tamaulipas law enforcement official, who asked to not be named citing security reasons, confirmed that the death toll was about three dozen, however the exact figures were not known because cartel gunmen picked up their own people’s bodies during the struggle.

In a news release, the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office, known as the PGJE, confirmed that the two slain bystanders were a taxi driver and a teenager who was riding a vehicle with his father. The release confirms one person was injured and seven gunmen arrested, and it states that authorities seized 22 vehicles that were used in the melee, but it doesn’t mention any gunmen dying.

The Tamaulipas law enforcement agent called the new release issued by his superiors an insult to common sense.

“There were four trucks filled with bodies that (members of organized crime) picked up,” the official said. “That is not counting the (bodies) that were left behind.”

The news release doesn’t mention a bullet-riddled SUV that was left along Boulevard Hidalgo, one of the city’s main avenues, just south of Vista Hermosa Avenue near the local headquarters of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office, known as the PGR. Inside the truck, four bloodied bodies could be seen from a distance hours after sundown Sunday. Just north of that location near the Fiesta Inn Hotel along Boulevard Hidalgo, another bullet-riddled vehicle could be seen with three bodies inside.

Most of the city’s main avenues had been blocked off with hijacked trailers or buses, and road spikes were littered in other areas to stop traffic.


While online the shootout in Reynosa has become common knowledge, mainstream news media have remained mum about it, said Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, chair of the Government Department at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

“This has me very worried because this blackout is coming from both sides,” Correa Cabrera said. “Not only are we seeing organized crime shushing the media but now we are seeing the government at all levels put a lid on the media where you now have virtually no mainstream coverage of a battle of this magnitude.”


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  • Michael_C_Scott

    Sounds like a good firefight. I wonder, though, how those muchachos are going to spend their money.

    I’d rather just be poor.

    • So CAL Snowman

      For some reason after reading this article all I could think of was the movie/book “No Country For Old Men.”

    • NeanderthalDNA

      With some bullet proof glass observation booths and live streaming video…sounds like the potential for the locals to make a few bucks. Better than ripping the hearts out of live victims to make the sun rise and serves a socially useful Darwinistic purpose.

      Give me lemons. Enjoy the lemonade.

  • NYB

    If this happened in Baghdad or Kabul it would be major news.

    My intuition is telling me that vested interests do not want to alarm the gringos, because it might cause them to build the wall on the border.

  • joesolargenius

    This is the kind of news that would put a damper on amnesty as some of those coming across our border are violent criminals , hence the lack of news from the so called trusted media sources!

  • bigone4u

    Spring break everyone! I’ve got an idea: Let’s head for Mexico. The beaches are great and the people just love Americans. Lots of tequila and beer, and good tacos and enchiladas. Plus the music is great. It’s got a good dance beat.
    Gun battle? What gun battle?

    • The__Bobster

      Gun battle? What gun battle?

      That sounds like the latest ad from the Mexican Tourist Bureau.

  • MobyWhite

    By 2016, this will be regular news fare in Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, but quickly hushed up. Anything that Wisconsinites can use to question their commitment to UnDoing White privilege must be keboshed.

    • bigone4u

      You left out San Antonio, a Mexican run city that is closer to the border than the others you mention. Your point is correct though. Violence will spread into the US. One thing that might limit large firefights in the US is the police. Mexicans are generally cowards, but US cops seem to be pumped up on testosterone, willing to get into a battle. Local Mexicans are into coward crimes, like drive by shootngs.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        It already has spread into the US. Decapitated bodies have been turning up in our southern-tier states, just like in Mexico a decade ago. It’s low-key so far, but give it time.

  • Guest

    Some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and Mexican gun violence has soared. It’s been rising ever since they put those laws on the books.

  • StillModerated

    There is an upside. 36 taco folders won’t mooching off our welfare system.

  • KenelmDigby

    ‘Good ol’ fashioned family oriented people’.
    ‘Natural Republican voters.’

  • Sloppo

    Perhaps Obama should tell the Mexican government that they need to do more to keep guns away from all those fast and furious gunfighters.

  • Felix_M

    Soon coming to a neighborhood near you…if McCain, Graham, Schumer and Obama get their way.

  • evilsandmich

    “Surprisingly, Mexican authorities were absent for most of the melee.”
    Surprsing to who?