An orderly protest over the death of an armed 16-year-old turned into a riot in Brooklyn tonight after young people started lashing out at NYPD officers.

Between 60 and 100 rioters gathered around Church and Snyder Ave. in East Flatbush and threw bottles and other debris at police, witnesses said, following a vigil for Kimani Gray, 16, who was shot dead by two plainclothes officers over the weekend.

Kimani Gray

Kimani Gray

One person has been arrested, though no injuries have been reported.

They were lashing out at the NYPD, who they believe are responsible for the teen’s death.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed to MailOnline that there was a ‘large disorderly group throwing bottles at police.’

They said the protest began around 8:30pm tonight but the crowd is being dispersed by police.

New York City Councilman Jumaane D. Williams, who represents the area of Flatbush, has been tweeting live updates, and said: ‘I’m in the middle of the riot action at Church and Snyder in my district. Right now, things are tense. Young people have expressed anger.’

Mr Williams later described the scene of chaos in Flatbush, saying that garbage cans had been overturned and people smashed out windows. He added that one person had been attacked outside of a local Rite Aid.

‘Tonight was a peaceful vigil that devolved into a riot,’ he wrote. ‘The youth in this community have no outlets for their anger, no community.’

Another Twitter user who is apparently at the site said that the riot ‘sounds like a war zone.’

A source told the New York Daily News that the protest began some 20 blocks from where Gray was fatally shot. The march went past the 67th Presinct station, where officers impeded the protest’s progress.

That’s when the peaceful protest got out of hand.

The unnamed NYPD officer told the Daily News that they saw teens jumping on cars and throwing bottles at officers.

Gray, 16, was shot eleven times after police said he pulled out a .357 revolver in East Flatbush, Brooklyn over the weekend.

Police say they came across a group of young men on Saturday evening and saw Gray acting suspiciously, walking away from his friends when he saw the officers approach.

Officers say the 16-year old began to adjust his waistband and started to act suspiciously.

Gray then turned around and pointed a .357 caliber gun at them, according to police accounts. When the two plainclothes officers saw the weapon they responded by opening fire.

The teen was rushed to Kings County Hospital but he later died.

However, witnesses to the shooting say that the NYPD’s account is wrong. Gray’s older sister, Mahnefah Gray, 19, told the New York Times that one of the witnesses of the shooting told her that her brother was only fixing his belt.

She added that her brother had too much ‘common sense’ to point a loaded gun at an officer, and doubted that he was even carrying a gun at all.

A woman who lives across the street from the scene of the shooting told the Times that Gray was calling out: ‘Please don’t let me die!’ and said the officers yelled back: ‘Stay down, or we’ll shoot you again.’

Grey lived in nearby Crown Heights, but had grown up in East Flatbush and returned there to visit friends. His older brother, Jamar, was killed in a car accident two years ago.

According to witnesses, when the two cops arrived on the scene in an unmarked car, Gray was part of a group of six teenagers standing by the side of the road.

One of Gray’s friends, Devonte Brown told the New York Post: ’As the cops opened fire, he was screaming, ‘Stop! I’m not running!’

His friends have not explained exactly what caused the police officers to shoot.

Police say Gray’s gun was loaded with four bullets but have not yet determined whether the teenager fired his weapon.

Gray had been in trouble with the law before, having been arrested three times since October and had previously been charged with grand larceny and inciting a riot.

[Editor’s Note: Evidence suggests Kimani Gray was a member of the Bloods. This video also suggests the photo most commonly used of him  was taken more than a few years ago.]

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  • “The youth in this community have no outlets for their anger, no community.”

    Monkey see, Monkey do. The “youth” have no community because they are unable to control their anger and direct it into a positive outlet. This strange phenomenon seems to follow black people wherever in the world they find themselves.

    • StillModerated

      You can get a round peg into a square hole if you bash it enough times with a big hammer.

      • Pelayo


        • Pelayo

          Y’all gots dat right. And we gon be doin’ some seeryus bashin’ wif dem crackuh futhamuckahs!
          Goot fing we got dat old crackuh pusseh Bloomboig fo duh Mare. He aint gon do nuffin to stop us. we gon be keepin’ it reel wif some seeryus rapin’ and shoppin’. We gon be havin’ a goot tahm and all dat sheeit! Ah gon git me a flatscreen. Obama? He got owah becks!

          • Svigor

            Now, now, it’s racist to characterize black speech patterns that way. Mock white southern speech patterns, that’s not racist.

          • PesachPatriot

            I have always thought the southern accent was pretty cool sounding(I grew up watching dukes of hazzard)….northerners have just as many silly accents….brits and canadians would be as amused at new yawk and bahstahn english as that which is spoken in atlanta and nashville.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Blacks cannot create a community because they’re constantly robbing, raping, and murdering each other. It’s no surprise blacks can’t trust blacks. No one can trust blacks.

      • Svigor

        Yes. Consider three categories of man: good, neutral, and bad. Suppose all races are composed mostly of neutrals, with minorities of good and bad. Now suppose that a population’s ability to create (hard) and maintain (easier) advanced civilization hinged on the proportions of good and bad, like so:

        X = G-B

        If X is above a certain threshhold, the population can maintain an advanced civilization. If not, it can only maintain primitive civilization.

        I think this illustrates the “black problem”; the “bads” are simply too numerous for civilization to obtain among the goods and the neutrals.

        Among whites and yellows, the bads are few enough and the goods are numerous enough that advanced civilization can flourish.

    • sablegsd

      The youth in this community have no community? Dumb as a stump.
      Annnd, whose fault is it you have no family structure, no “community?” Mine? Screw every one of you worthless shaved apes.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        Don’t insult apes by comparing them to blacks.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Indeed. Simians are far less violent than NAPAs are.

        • Svigor

          Yeah sable, what’d we ever do to you?

          ~ the Apes

        • rebellisMMXII

          Correct! Animals are are the essence of innocence. The subject idiots are not.

  • Tom Iron

    What it is they don’t have is any prospect of makig it in the society they find themselves in. So what does it mean to them if they destroy a store, or beat someone up, or set fires or anything else they might want to do?

  • John

    Imagine how much better and safer civilization would be if those who commit these random acts of senseless violence were put down by the criminal justice system.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      The criminal justice system is rarely around at the time of these “random acts.” If you’re White and caught up in the middle, you get assaulted (or murdered) and there are 0 witnesses. Pull out a gun and shoot a few to save yourself and there are suddenly 100 witnesses.

  • Some Guy

    Just too many good ones in this story to pass up!

    Point a gun at cops = getting shot
    Act suspiciously around cops = detainment or arrest
    Had common sense, but carried a gun in NYD = stupid thug
    Black sister named Mahnefah as a witness = unreliable
    Protest because police be “harrassin” da brothers = ignorant fools aka The White man’s burden.

    • ken

      Get placed in the dead bantu storage locker, priceless.

  • The__Bobster

    I’ve been covering this story but somehow missed the riot.

    YT’s inventions should never be sold to NAPA’s, as it puts their natural behavior on steroids.

  • Robert Binion

    I’m guessing that a group of one hundred consisting entirely of “teenagers” is statistically relevant. What have they got against diversity?

  • The__Bobster

    However, witnesses to the shooting say that the NYPD’s account is wrong. Gray’s older sister, Mahnefah Gray, 19, told the New York Times that one of the witnesses of the shooting told her that her brother was only fixing his belt.

    She added that her brother had too much ‘common sense’ to point a loaded gun at an officer, and doubted that he was even carrying a gun at all.

    Of course we know that Zulus never lie to the media or the police,

    Another type of case is where a black (typically a female) commits a racially motivated assault against a white, and a bystander (typically a black woman, but even liberal white women have been known to play this game) lies to police, and says that the white vic was actually the perp, and the black perp was actually the vic. White witnesses never intervene to set things aright in these situations, though they sometimes show sympathy to the vic and leave, before the arrests are made.

    Either the white vic gets arrested, and goes the ACD route, or (if the black perp has inflicted wounds on the white vic) they are both arrested. If both are arrested, the city lawyers get both parties to drop their respective charges in court, and the crime is thereby disappeared. Police always treat the black female perp with the greatest deference, even when they see the bloody wounds she has inflicted on her victim, while she has no marks on her.

    • since when did the saggy pants crowd worry about belts?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I gots ta be fixin ma belt all de time in fomt of da po-leece.

      • Svigor

        Exactly. If it’s such a big issue with blacks, being shot by RACISS! white cops, then why don’t they take ANY preventive measures to protect themselves?

        You know, like wearing clothes that fit properly so they don’t have to grab their pants all the time, and thus would be less likely to give a cop a mistaken impression? Tucking in their shirts, so they’re seen to be unarmed? Or maybe, being more cooperative with cops, so as to avoid any hint of trouble with them?

    • Svigor

      That ain’t the way it goes around here. Just sayin’.

  • This is why I was doubtful that blacks would riot if Obama would have lost. Black riots are mostly because of police actions.

    And also…there’s nothing more violent than a non-violent gathering of blacks.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I still think blacks would have rioted if Obama lost. They don’t need a reason to riot. Sometimes they riot simply because it gives them an excuse to loot stores and attack white people.

      But I agree completely, any large gathering of blacks will more often than not end in violence.

      • liberalsuck

        They would riot their own communities. They won’t dare venture into rural areas or Red State areas (read: white conservative voters) and start this nonsense. A liberal from Wyoming proudly proclaimed I was racist to be afraid of a large group of black males because he ran into some in Wyoming and they were nice. I said, “That’s because you live in an ultra conservative white environment where the majority of whites there are cowboys and have a shotgun in their truck or carry a handgun on them. Those ‘nice black boys’ will mind their Ps and Qs real well there.” Of course, mister know-it-all liberal didn’t like that comment.

        • KittyAmerica

          Exactly how the entire country was before 1950. Black men knew better than to so much as look at our women.

          • One black in Mississippi was lynched for whistling at a white woman

          • IstvanIN

            I do not believe that is entirely correct.

          • Oh it is ill find the story for ya

          • Emmett till…..look it up

          • IstvanIN

            Figured that was the fraudulent story you were talking about.

          • Xerxes22

            They stopped him before he was able to imitate his late father. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            He did a lot more than whistle. He asked for trouble and got it.

          • Brian

            By accounts there were a lot of inner-city Blacks venturing into the countryside at the time and harassing and raping White women. The Sheriff at the time said the victim was definitely raped by Emmett till, who came onto her with [among other things], “I’ve been with lots of White women before”.
            Like almost all pro-Black propaganda, you look for the gaps in the stories. The things the all-seeing, all-fact-finding media somehow can’t bring themselves to mention. In this case:
            – The White victim was NEVER interviewed by the media.
            – The victims statement to Police, the evidence collected by Police, NONE of it has ever been mentioned by the media.
            – The local sheriff, the police, the victims friends, and the other witnesses were NEVER interviewed by the media.

          • Pete

            You don’t lynch a 12 year old boy! Are you crazy?! It is exctly these types of comments that open some AMRENERS up to ridicule.

          • Svigor

            I can just see the media supporting an obnoxious white groper lynched by blacks for sexually assaulting a black girl in a black store in a black neighborhood the way they’ve woven a whole narrative out of Till’s sticky end, can’t you?

          • Raydonn

            I long for the return of that practice…….the recidivism rate is 0%……..

          • LaShaniqua

            In truth if you’re talking about Emmet Till,he did more than “whistle”,I believe. he most likely sexually assaulted–perhaps forced oral sex or something–that white woman. Her shame was so great that she covered it up. Tills father was hanged by the US Army during The Big War for raping and murdering an Italian woman. Till was a piece of living breathing manure.Father & son.

          • sbuffalonative

            Five other black men, now dead, have also been implicated in some way in the abduction and murder of Emmett Till.


          • Svigor

            No he wasn’t.

          • R.S.Johnson

            And you think that was a good thing?

          • TeutonicKnight67

            It certainly was. People in general respected cultural boundaries and society was more harmonious for it.

          • KittyAmerica

            Absolutely, it protected our women from defilement and it also had an effect on the white women. White women knew that their brothers and fathers would not tolerate such dishonor.

          • Svigor

            No, what we have now is obviously far superior.

          • Defoe

            There are still some places (mostly down South) where they still “know their place”. I know this because I go to some of these places regularly for vacation. Try Cedar Key, Florida for example.

    • Svigor

      I remember, and I agreed with you IIRC. Blacks need a trigger. Better yet, a lot of building tension, and then a trigger. Like the Rodney King beating trial, followed by a “not guilty” verdict.

  • Extropico

    I am profoundly concerned that the cops were suffering from hyperglycemia due to their consumption of large, sugary soft drinks. Please Mayor Bloomberg, do what you can to control the sugar content of these police officers in New York.

    • Svigor

      The police slurpy loophole?

  • “Witnesses” is not an accurate term, co-conspirators is more like it.

  • MobyWhite

    The news, not MSM, seems full of these Diversity riots recently. Did Obama put out a directive to his National Civilian Sons and Treyvon Army?

    • libertarian 1234

      A good part of the problem is the black elites who continue to egg these people on.

      I just watched a recent video by Farrakhan where he is advocating that the black street gangs come into the fold, pool their money with all other blacks in order to buy multi-millions of acres of property for a homeland, and act as a military force.

      But Farrakhan is only one of many black instigators. All black talking heads constantly incite their masses to violence by assuring them it is beyond their control that they can’t accomplish anything, not their dismal inabilities. They are reaffirmed they fail, because of something whitey has done to them or is doing to them now.

      And that is EXACTLY what the community organizer did for twenty plus years before he was elected. I’m pretty sure if he thought blacks could win a race war he would urge them on right now. And with his threat of creating a Civilian Defense Force I wouldn’t be surprised if he has plans of some sort for a black takeover attempt. And, he’s more likely than not wanting gun control, because he knows whites are far more numerous and are armed to the teeth and would annihilate blacks in any outright attack.

      Here’s Farrakhan’s call to arms.

      • Without sounding hypocritical or somewhat facetious, an organized and growing mass of black Nationalists in America who support separation and gun rights would be the best thing to happen to pro-White people since Thomas Jefferson.

        • ken

          It will never happen in the real world as they will lose the constant gibsmedat .

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Blacks are also terrible at large-scale cohesion. This is why there’s always multiple competing factions/tribes in black countries constantly slaughtering each other. They do have more racial loyalty than whites, but their tendencies towards mass violence against their own kind rule out any large-scale uprisings.

          • ken

            Whites are also experts at total war and total annihilation of their enemy once they get in the groove.

          • Svigor

            The problem is, we’re too racially loyal. We just call it “social norms,” but it’s basically racial loyalty; no leadership for racial sanity, thus no constituency – no constituency for racial sanity, thus no leadership. With self-interest clearly dictating a “let the Devil take the hindmost” mentality.

          • Mr Plankton

            The black slaves in Haiti disagree with you.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            And Haiti is doing terribly right now, with blacks constantly murdering each other. They simply can’t stop committing crimes against each other. Haiti doesn’t seem like a paragon of black cohesion to me. Sure, they managed to kill their white masters, but after that it fell apart, just like it always does. And this was a country where they were the strong majority, unlike the U.S.

          • PesachPatriot

            This is a good point….every nation on this planet has had crazy periods of mind-numbing cruelty and violence, but only a few manage to build decent civilizations on the rubble….congratulations haiti, you murdered your masters after a voodoo ceremony in the hills 200 years ago….have you ever built and exported a car or a plane? How about clean running water, tons of food and other basic amenities that even the poorest hood residents of detroit and chicago have….Europe trashed itself twice during the 20th century and is still one of the nicest places in the world today…..

          • Mr Plankton

            I don’t disagree that Haiti is a turd floating in the Caribbean. I was just pointing out the fact that the slaves on Haiti did manage to achieve some sort of cohesion amongst themselves in order to throw out their masters. Cheers.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Well, you are certainly correct on that. They do seem to pull together better when they have a common enemy (aka whites).

          • Svigor

            Their cohesion and productiveness peaked under white rule, and collapsed in its wake.

          • Svigor

            Their racial loyalty, as you put it, is an illusion, born of their status as an incompetent minority. Sub-Saharan Africa is possibly the least racially loyal region on the planet.

            It’s self-interest in drag.

        • Svigor

          Yeah, I wish to Christ blacks would go all black nationalist and black separatist. Even a small black racial separatist movement would give us great ideological cover uh-but-no, they all gotta stand in the gibsmedat line. Twice.

      • Pelayo

        Is he still alive? Damn! for a price, one of his own would be glad to take him out.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Your comment reminds me of the part in “V for Vendetta” when State Head Adam Sutler demands that the airwaves be filled with reports of violence and chaos in order to convince the public that society is falling apart and the need for government control has never been greater.

  • MekongDelta69

    Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…

    He was a good kid.

    • SargeInCharge

      “He didn’t do nuffins.”

      • “He didn’t do nuffins.”
        That’s right. If had done nuffin, HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SHOT!!
        11 times? Those NY cops need to practice more.

        • ken

          Someone should come up with a recipe for a “he didn’t do nuffins” muffins.

          • tjs3023

            I guess they’d be chocolate?

          • ken

            Sprinkled with crushed Skittles.

          • thoughtcrime1933

            EPIC LULZ !!!

          • BonusGift

            You sir made my day.

          • Pokey

            And canned tea for moisture

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Terrific, Ken. I’m going to get some Skittles to put on top of hot fudge chocolate sundae. Heck, I’ll make some for the family and we can celebrate the day that Trayvon (and this clown) were, uh, cannon-ized!

          • ken

            That will be sweet !

            And so much in the spirit of things.

          • Joseph

            -and you could only get them at stores by stealing them.

        • Svigor

          Yeah, I love how cops shooting a non-white perp multiple times is supposed to be ipso facto evidence of something sinister to stupid, know-nothing libs. If they put down the Hollywood DVD and picked up a search engine they might find out that bullets aren’t magical death machines that always kill people instantly, with 1 bullet the Heaven-mandated deadly dose. It takes a lot of bullets to drop a determined, armed suspect.

          Quick lesson in the subject for the dimbulb lefties:

          1. The only way to instantly drop an armed person is with a direct hit to the central nervous system (spine or brain).

          2. Shots to anywhere else, even the heart, rely on blood loss to drop a target.

          3. Blood loss can take anywhere from 8 seconds to several minutes or hours to drop a target.

          4. 8 seconds is an eternity in a gunfight.

          5. “Shoot until he drops” (i.e., go for direct hit to the central nervous system” is the safest policy, ceteris paribus.

      • Aw cummon man, all Kamami doin’ wuz trynna sell a lil drugs and show off his piece an poe-lees wanna go an hassle him foe nuttin. Dey jus rayciss thru an thru.

        • Svigor

          I think I like my new policy: trivial accusations of racism should be responded to with genuinely racist acts, to illustrate the difference.

          Educational racism.

      • JustJPs
    • ArmenianWN

      probably looks like Obama’s son too….

    • MikeS

      He might not have been. But he definitely is now.

      • Pronounced good at the scene?

        • MikeS

          One can only hope.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      At least we won’t have to pay for his incarceration for the next 60 years now.

      • liberalsuck

        I can’t say I’m too heartbroken when these thug black males have their lives cut short. I know that’s “cruel” to say, but considering they are beating us, economically draining us, raping our women, I just don’t have those feelings of sympathy or compassion for the ‘disadvantaged’ anymore.

        • There’s nothing cruel about it.

          • tjs3023

            Exactly. It’s just being rational.

          • bob1313

            please remember this when its time to finish the worthless bastards, there will be a point when they scream uncle, thats the time to finish them off, every God forsaken one, take no prisoners, imagine a ghetto free future for the children and grandchildren.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          I would feel bad if a truly innocent black person got shot down, but that’s an extremely rare occurrence. Most of them have at least some history of law-breaking, usually violent law-breaking.

          • Thor Bonham

            Why would you feel bad if a truly innocent black got shot down ?
            Just think of it as a preventative maintenance sort of thing ..
            How could anyone feel bad, after all whites give to them and they still bite the hand that feeds them ?? I just don’t get it ..

          • Svigor

            I think it’s blacks’ job to feel bad if a bunch of cops (white cops, black cops whatever) gun down an innocent, not mine. They’re the ones that insist on being so hard to police and creating the atmosphere of conflict, not us.

            I mean, maybe if they were in the streets demanding all the police be withdrawn from their neighborhoods, that’d be one thing, but on the contrary, they’re always whining for better policing, more police, why ain’t the gubbmint stopping the crime, etc.

          • Svigor

            Even then, it’s silly to feel bad for them as a collective. I mean, who puts them in a position of needing heavy policing? Who turns their neighborhoods into low intensity conflict zones?

            They do.

        • PDK

          The black gene pool produces a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum that evolved in harmony with tribal life. In tribal life, numbers produced is more important than higher IQ as many die younger, and keeping the numbers up ensures the tribes continued existance. Stravation, disease and spears cut their numbers.
          The black cerebrum does not make muster in the white mans higher culture of civilization. It is abortion and guns that do the job of lowering their numbers now, as the white man’s higher culture has liberated the black from stravation and disease.
          Blacks are not venting their anger, but rather unleasing their hate for whitey’s higher intelligence. Blacks have created the black,” whitey persecutes me, that’s why we Negroes are such losers” illusion to compensate for their incapabilites in civilized life.
          Non-liberal whites should consider a separating out from liberals blacks, browns and Islamics and forge our own white nationalist, free enterprize Republic. Thanks.

          • Svigor

            Yep. Time for a political divorce from libs and their friends.

            Libs, you do understand the concept of divorce, right? That it’s a basic human right?

        • Mariner33

          He won’t be producing any offspring either. Isn’t this Natural Selection and Evolution that the Left sows as religion?

        • Svigor

          Cruel, schmuel. It warms the cockles of my heart.

          How can joy be cruel?

    • APaige

      and…an ‘honor student’. Are the only smart black kids hit by bullets?

      • Michael Ryan

        “honor student”- not guilty your honor student.

      • Thor Bonham

        An afflete or spiring cRapper …

    • 48224

      Did his father have any comment? (rim shot here) Thank you ladies and gents, i’ll be here ’til Friday, please try the veal!

      • Svigor


    • sbuffalonative

      LOL. Yes, the ubiquitous ‘he was a good kid‘. I’m sure he was just out taking a study break from his trig homework. Another gifted young black male who won’t go on to achieve his natural-born greatness.

    • robinbishop34

      “Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… “He was a good kid.””

      I remember watching a documentary on a high school notorious for failure titled “Drop Out High” and the (nearly) all white staff were the biggest bunch of flakes to be known. They said ‘good kid’ so much it made me sick. Programmed footsoldiers for a futile cause.

      • Svigor

        They know. They were sweating and counting the moments until the cameras went away, guaranteed.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      “He wuzza Onnah stoodint” and he was turning his life around.

    • Svigor

      Like I always say, blacks are a RIOT.

      Criminal juvie points gun at cops. Cops open fire, hit juvie criminal, he spins around as they fire, taking several in the back.

      This is cause for a riot? I’d like to give them a real reason to riot, so they’d know the difference. And we all know how short their time horizons are, so I’d have to re-deliver the message on a frequent basis.

  • 1stworlder

    This guy failed an IQ test. What do you do when you see cops?
    A. Run like you just raped a girl
    B. Shoot cops with a gun you can’t legally own
    C. Not act like a crook
    One good thing about B is welfare needs less taxes.

    • Not necessarily.

      The City of Chicago regularly writes checks to families of youth just like this one.

  • who knew obama had 2 sons???

    • joesolargenius

      Who knew Obama had two sons ? Yeah and both are a chip off the old block .

      • A chimp off the old what?

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          He’s trying to say if Kimani had a president, he’d look just like obama.

          • Svigor

            If I had a son, he’d look a lot like Adolf Hitler.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Turkey Baster?

  • sbuffalonative
  • AutomaticSlim

    Hard to imagine this was anything but a legitimate shooting.
    1) Just look at the kid’s name
    2) He had a .357. Does anyone believe a cop would use a .357 as a “throwaway” gun?
    A .22 maybe…

    • joesolargenius

      I also agree that a 357 is definitely not the throwaway gun of choice and also noticed that nobody is calling this a racially motivated shooting which means the cops were not white .

      • liebralsuck

        Also, the kid had a gun on him and pointed it at the cop. At least with the Trayvon Martin story–and I smelled liberal media dishonesty in the reporting of it immediately–was unarmed. People would say, ‘Wait? He shot an unarmed black teenager? That’s not right.”

      • Pelayo

        If they were Hispanic cops, they would be described as White.

        • liberalsuck

          Don’t you mean “White Hispanic”?

          • sbuffalonative

            Has anyone read the phrase, “Black Hispanic” in the MSM yet?
            I can promise you you’ll never see it or hear it.

    • guest

      I don’t believe thowdown guns exist anymore, if they ever did. Cops know very well about gun serial numbers, bullet forensics, fingerprints, DNA traces and video cameras. I believe that cops might use throwdown drugs in some cases but guns are too traceable these days.

      • toomuchCSI

        No offense, guest, but youve been watching too much csi. Serial numbers can be filed off, (and a throwaway gun isnt one a police officer bought legally under his own name at the local gun shop, its an extra “piece” which is confiscated during a bust when theres a plethora of weapons laying about, where one can be “disappeared” into a jacket pocket. Or aquired through any number of other means)a serial number is not some magical gps device (unlike what AG Holder apparently believes). “Bullet forensics” ? Consists of identifying what gun the round was fired from, based off a comparison of striations on recovered lead fragments from a crime scene, and a control round fired from the same gun. Again, not some magical tracking device, and completely irrelevant to the case youre trying to make.
        Fingerprints “dna traces” and video cameras ? Officers carry and wear gloves, especially if theyre planning on planting something, dna in an outdoor urban crime scene ? Where, exactly ? Did the officer accidentally sneeze on the firearm he was planting, get a hair caught in the hammer as he used his throwaway piece to absentmindedly scratch at his head earlier in the day ? And video cameras ? Thats the only not wholly ridiculous part of your argument, but its also quickly handled by a quick look around the area before dropping the throwaway. No cell phones out and recording ? Go ahead and drop that baby. I see so many ridiculously uninformed comments here on a daily basis from random anonymous, and all i canwonder is if theyre being serious or trolling.

        • Svigor

          No offense, guest, but youve been watching too much csi.

          I was thinking the same thing, good response.

          A lot of them are probably kids.

  • SargeInCharge

    Blacks defend the lowest common denominator, the dregs of society that other races realize were likely up to no good. Then blacks wonder why others judge them differently.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Black people defend thugs. White people defend honest, hard-workers. That’s what it comes down to. They don’t even seem to realize it either. There is sympathy towards gang members in the hood, yet no respect for the kid down the black who got a scholarship to Yale (affirmative action aided of course). I don’t think blacks are smart enough to wake themselves up.

    • Dutchman

      They are not smart enough by nature. Expecting them to abide by the norms of civilization is like expecting crocodiles not to eat zebras. In the days of slavery and after during Jim Crow, blacks were much better behaved because transgressions brought the wrath of the majority down upon them, but even in that era blacks were still disproportionately involved in criminal activity. Read any explorers accounts of the brutality and ignorance of Africans and it will remind you of the low intelligence, lack of impulse control, and narrow time horizon that plagues the ghetto today.

      • Svigor

        True, to an extent, but let’s not pretend that the approaches don’t have different outcomes.

        A swift kick in the arse would have a positive effect.

    • bob1313

      it really does come down to absolute abject stupidity…………….Negros are just to stupid to realize they are stupid, oh the irony

      • Svigor

        It’s tough, knowing how to subtly hint to stupid people that they’re stupid and should trust my judgement, without being so subtle that they don’t pick up on it.

    • Svigor

      Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Thugs exemplify the black race far better than they do the white race, for example. And honest, hard-workers exemplify the white race far better than they do blacks. They’re just subconsciously acknowledging HBD.

  • Looks like he’s wearing a trash bag in the photo. Nuff said.

    • ken

      It’s the Glad roll ‘n zip body bag jacket, the latest craze in da’ hood.

  • dave1163sag

    another pillar of society. no matter what you do ,how much you spend,you will never make these savages act like civil human beings. they dont have it in their DNA. thats why they are savages. whites made this country,blacks are destroying it. wake up white people and stop with the guilt over slavery. they were better off when they were slaves.

    • anonymous

      For most whites to make this country like it was in the past, or at least part of this country anyways, many are going to have to think prowhite, they are going to have to drop their guilt, they are going to have to drop their concern for nonwhites, they are going to have to be vocal and strong with their prowhite views and they are going to have to get back to their primitive carnal instincts like most white men used to have for centuries.

      • RisingReich

        They will also have to learn that in this case being ‘uncivilized’ is what the situation calls for.

        • Svigor

          Everything about the current situation leads me to believe that’s actually the desired outcome. And that it will be successfully brought about. Careful what you wish for…

      • rebellisMMXII

        I have no guilt and my views are becoming ever more open on a daily basis. Yes, I’ve been called a racist…eh, so what, I didn’t create this reality.

  • a multiracial individual

    Gangbangers cause immense misery in the hood. They are what? 10%, 8% of the population in those neighborhoods? Yet the other 90% who live in constant fear because of them are the first to protest when the police kill them. Amazing.

    • liberalsuck

      if the majority of blacks wanted those criminals gone, they’d done something years ago. White communities would not tolerate our young men acting like this. When they did that back in the Old West, we hanged them and put and end to that real quickly. If blacks want to clean up their communities, it’s going to take the law-abiding blacks to unite and run out the gangbangers.

      • Svigor

        No, whites could do a lot to clean up black communities. I.e., make the police start cracking black skulls and stop worrying about their snivel rights. That would do a lot to clean up black neighborhoods. They’d never be like white neighborhoods, but they could be a lot more livable.

    • The ‘regular blacks’ are in on it too. The ones who aren’t gangbangers are enablers and apologists. Notice how they all band together when one of their beloved drug-dealing dirtbags gets shot by a cop. “Stop snitchin’ yo, stop snitchin’…”

      A kid I grew up with (white) went on to become a cop in Baltimore. When I asked him how they deal with all the trash areas in that city, he simply replied “We don’t. They have their own laws.” And that’s how both sides want it.

      • sbuffalonative

        They’re the ones who complain the police won’t protect them and the same people who complain the police are harassing them.
        Why would a cop risk his career protecting these people in their community when he knows he could lose his job over nothing more than an accusation of ‘racism’?

      • TeutonicKnight67

        20 years ago I used to visit my friend at his college in Baltimore. What a town it was then. He even rented a house in Fells Point one year. I have a lot of great memories from that city. It is a disgusting shame that it has gone the way of Detoilet and Filthadelphia. Sad.

    • SargeInCharge

      To me, it’s akin to the claim that “radical Muslims” are a super small minority while “moderate Muslims” are the overwhelming majority. Yet, when radical Muslims commit atrocities there isn’t a huge outcry from the supposed moderate Muslims that the radicals are defaming their community. Some of that hesitancy to speak out may be due to fear of reprisal. Nonetheless, to outside observer, it appears that the moderate Muslims are either comfortable with the terrorist activity or they are placing Mislim kinship over morality. The dynamic we see in the black community in this story and in the events that precipitated the English riots is similar.

  • bigone4u

    Party, party, party! When blacks get together to “protest,” it becomes a social event much like a typical black party. There’s jumping and jiving and cellphone talk and maybe a boom box or two to give it the old party atmosphere. Of course, when the police show up to calm things down, someone gets wee-weeded off and the rock throwing and window smashing begins.
    Contrast this protest to a hundred thousand or more tea partiers (obscenely labeled tea baggers over at HuffPost) behaving in a dignified manner with no trouble at all. Yet libtards libel the tea party folks as racist, ignorant, et. al. Libtards are stupid and evil. Blacks are uncontrollable without major oversight.

    • Svigor

      I love the “tea bagger” thing. Libs say they love homosexuals and homosexuality but use a homosexual act as an insult to conservatives.

  • redfeathers

    We’ve lost another aspiring rapper.

    • MikeS

      Yep. Time to crank up the iron-on photo t-shirt machine.

    • liberalsuck

      Yes, we lost another ‘youth’ to beat or knock out our beautiful, naive white women. We lost another ‘youth’ to attack our elderly and our young productive white men. We lost another ‘youth’ that would have gotten an affirmative action job and then gotten some “finn” lawyer to sue the corporation’s socks off when they reprimanded him for being late and being incompetent at his job. Such a loss, for sure.

  • Jss

    So this youth was supposedly yelling “stop I’m running” as he tried to flee. I don’t believe the word of Bantus on principle but if true that is pretty typical of diversity. When confronted by real force their reaction is to run and cry.

    Normally I would never condone shooting someone who is running if that’s what’s happened but you point a gun at someone else with a gun and you have crossed the line. Don’t point unless you plan on shooting to kill.

    And this youth was no big loss and diversitys reaction nothing if not predictable.

  • ‘The youth in this community have no outlets for their anger, no community.’

    Isn’t pulling a gun on a cop an act of expressing anger?
    Hence the youth in the community do have an outlet for expressing anger.

  • The only answer at this point is for conscious whites to leave the mess behind and found another country somewhere based on racial reality. But then, of course, that group who I’m not allowed to name on this site will never allow that, and would use brainwashed whites to do their dirty work and smash it just like they did in 1944.

    • IstvanIN

      That group would be excluded from the new homeland.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        It would have to be. Its cancerous influence must be excised from the body if we are to regain our glory.

  • ken

    Lets get it over with.

  • dd121

    The NY police are terrible people for killing this fine young man. Do you realize the cure for cancer will never be found now? Are you happy?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Do you realize that, with all the money these “humans” havd cost us, we could have cured cancer and flown to Mars by now? We might even have found a cure to aging, and could have created a white society of immortals.

      I do not say this lightly, but I have been forced to the conclusion that blacks and their enablers are the cause of most of what is wrong in the world.

  • 1776is1984

    now picture when the ‘entire grid’ goes down. LA riots to the 100 power.! be prepared!

  • pcmustgo


    • pcmustgo

      Omg, you mean Police aren’t perfect and can’t do the perfect thing 100% all the time? Sometimes they have to guess? Sometimes they have to take out people being aggressive towards them? Sometimes there’s going to be mistakes and unfortunate incidents in a crime ridden area where everyone hates cops?

      Those terrible police! I guess they deseve getting gunned down.

      • Svigor

        If anything, we should be complaining that NYC, the Chosen City, gets to carry out fascist tactics like stop-and-frisk without a peep from the feds.

  • pcmustgo

    I saw a protest recently in harlem protesting police brutality. At least half the crowd was brainwashed young white liberals.

    • PesachPatriot

      To be fair police brutality is a legitimate issue in this society…I remember seeing video of the cops swinging billy clubs and truncheons at hippy girls who couldn’t have been more than 120 lbs soaking wet….the goals and ideology of occupy wall street may be stupid, but I don’t think college freshman exercising their constitutional right to peaceably assemble for redress of grievances need to be beaten in the streets like lifers rioting in a state penitentiary.

      • Svigor

        Police brutality is a legitimate issue, period. Doesn’t mean hippy chicks couldn’t use a truncheon now and then.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Do ghetto parents stop taking pictures of their little thuglets after twelve?

    • George

      By that age, the ‘thuglet’ has stolen the camera. So, yes. They stop taking pictures by then.

    • ken

      The thuglets are too busy makin’ a fambly of their own by 12.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Thuglets tend to stop being anywhere near “cute” after twelve. Often the mothers are afraid of their sons by then, since their sons are bigger and stronger than them, and they have no idea how to be a proper parent.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        Dane Cook did a hysterical stand up where he said “Black babies are adorable…until they get to be about 16, 17…that’s when they get scary”.

  • pcmustgo

    You mean the groups that commit 98% of gun crimes in NYC are sometimes going to run into mishaps with the cops?

    Whine, whine , whine, cops aren’t perfect, whine, whine, whine,

    • RisingReich

      Yeah – not perfect. Apparently took 11 bullets to bring him down.

      • Svigor

        Divide the number of rounds purchased by the DHS by the number of rounds it takes to bring down the average Trayvon…

      • George

        11 rounds spent, 7 found their mark. 3 in the front, 4 in the back. 64% hit ratio in the heat of the moment, for minority cops, isn’t a bad ratio.

  • pcmustgo

    Oh AND he was a Bloods member.

  • brew730

    Only a completely warped, backward a#@, low-intelligence response would be to blame the police for killing someone who was armed and confronted with that situation. How can a culture can be that inhuman and deluded enough to feel victimized by something like this …. leaves me completely scratching my head! This is what we’ve brought upon ourselves by making that culture feel that they are so entitled.

    • sbuffalonative

      Blacks are sitting around hoping for another incident to call attention to ‘the plight of the black man’. They live for these events to prove we live in a ‘racist’ society and then demand money and action.
      If you don’t police blacks, blacks complain you don’t care about their community. If you do and a criminal is caught in the crossfire, they’re being targeted.
      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • Rebel Rebel

        Chck this out.…/joliet-authorities-4-young-black-.

        • Sean

          Wow! This is horrible, but this rarely happens.

  • Vanguard

    Another press issued image of a 10 or 12 year old rather than a current photo. Looks like another attempt to start a Travon Martin episode. I’ll bet little Kamini was looking forward to graduation from high school and going on to Columbia and eventually law school like the guy who would look like his father if he knew his father. God, how I am sick of this crap!
    I sincerely think that the administration is attempting to incite all of this violence so they can justify suspension of our civil rights and, in particular, the second ammendment.
    Hope I am wrong but I dont think so.

  • George

    In the NY Post article, Gray’s family claim he didn’t own a gun. (Thanks for the link, sbuffalo!)

    Naturally,they would know best. Based on the article, they were very good at knowing Kimani’s whereabouts at all times: who he was with, what he was doing, etc. They were also very good at having recent photos of him to distribute to the media in this tragic time.

    That’s why he’d been charged with grand larceny and inciting a riot — because both of his natural parents took such a deep and abiding interest in his welfare and upbringing. After he was arrested the first time, they established strict rules and expectations about his future behaviour — and followed up on his meeting those rules.

    Verily, as St. Hillary wrote, it takes a village to raise a child, and the village in which Kimani grew up had a powerful, strong social structure to give him guidance and help him make the right choices in life.

    So what went wrong?



  • PesachPatriot

    There are a few confusing details in this story…first, i’m amazed that juvenile delinquents don’t obey NYC’s super strict gun control laws, second its pretty unusual to see urban american youfs rioting when it is still fairly cold out. This is also not a racial thing…police officers will shoot anyone of any color who points a gun at them. There are 16 year olds with much larger, scarier looking firearms than kimani gray had all over the backwoods of georgia, texas, florida, wisconsin, minnesota, west virginia, kentucky, tennessee and many other states, but we never hear about them getting in trouble with the law. I wonder why

    • George

      Hi Pesach!

      You know as well as I do that shootings of this nature all follow the same playbill.

      – Young black with chequered past (multiple arrests, drug use, etc.) is put down in the middle of doing something it shouldn’t have been doing.

      – Maternal grandmother or maternal aunt speaks with media, tells about how the dead’un was actually a good’un. (check all that may apply): It was planning to go to college, start paying child support, was a talented athlete, just started a new job, loved its family. If the dead black’s record was especially heinous, preface the above with ‘it was starting to turn it’s life around/turning over a new leaf/had learnt from its mistakes and was just now beginning to move on’.

      – Same relative distributes woefully out-of-date photo of the dead’un, showing a happy, clear-eyed, smiling pre-pubescent wearing clean and middle class attire. This photo is then broadcast and printed throughout the mainstream media.

      – Community leader/civil rights activist/religious leader (local or national) is put on the record stating (check all that apply) ‘heavy handed police techniques/over reaction/ lack of police restraint/racism/institutional racism/senseless shooting’ and entirely ignores how the dead’un got itself dead in the first place.

      – ‘Community’ rally with speeches from the above personages. Speakers fail to address the elephant in the room, viz. that the assembled and the dead’un are the cause for the incident, that all must shoulder the blame themselves, rather than pass it on to (white) society. If the maternal grandmother had a religious upbringing, there will be a rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ and perhaps a few hand-clapping spirituals sung or performed. At some point, the ‘I have a Dream’ speech will be cited. So will the Declaration of Independence (‘All men are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…;)

      – The local mayor, if white, will appeal for calm and call for an investigation. If black, it will do the same, and will also require an investigation into claims of police racism, racial profiling, sensitivity and use of force training.

      Next week, another shooting. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

      • saxonsun

        Here in NYC it’s Mayor Bloomberg and one has a distinct feeling he does not like blacks.

        • PesachPatriot

          Its because even though he is a multi-billionaire who almost certainly lives in a very nice house in a securely gated community with private armed security and whatever size soda he wants, he still has to deal with their nonsense at work everyday like the poor schmucks making minimum wage who work at jiffy lube, Mcdonalds, KFC, Wal-mart, liquor stores, pawn shops and gas stations.

          • the poor schmucks making mini

            the poor schmucks making minimum wage who work at jiffy lube,
            Mcdonalds, KFC, Wal-mart, liquor stores, pawn shops and gas stations…

      • slaver

        it was also suffering from post traumatic slavery disorder

    • Yea I wonder why

      • PesachPatriot

        Maybe its because the rural red state white kids who grow up hunting understand the deadly seriousness and power of firearms….they also get lots of safe use and handling instructions from active parents who tell them in no uncertain terms that pointing even the tiniest .38 special handgun at a police officer will get you put six feet underground….the town where I lived in the north was pretty rural and some of the old people told me that back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s no one would even notice or care when kids went to school with hunting rifles in their pickup trucks….does this little incident prove the total failure of NYC’s strict gun control laws?

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Dey had dere Nofe Face jackets on.

      • PesachPatriot

        I don’t think young mr. gray’s fashion choice is what got him sent to the graveyard before he got his license…plenty of asian, white, arab, jewish, indian and hispanic teenagers wear North Face jackets in NYC during the chilly months….this aspiring rapper thought he could point a firearm at NYPD the same way Chief Keef (an up and coming chicago rapper) did at CPD and live to tell the story….it would get him some action with the hood rats and street cred with his homies….

        I wasn’t a saint at 16 myself but my idea of getting in trouble was egging my classmates on halloween night, april fools day pranks or skateboarding at the bank parking lot where there was a no skateboarding allowed sign , not pointing guns at cops or rioting in a rite-aid….File this under collapse of civilization….I’m not an especially huge fan of america’s various police forces but without them most american cities would all be on fire by now. I am also glad to be very far away from NYC….this is what happens when they have full bellies…within 48 hours of the EBT cards being declined the horrors of the congo and somalia will look tame in comparison.

  • Daisy

    I suspect the kid either did go for a gun or did something stupid, *but* NYC police are trigger-happy lunatics. Most cops are mentally unstable and have paranoid persecution complexes. They’re a bunch of woman-hating babies.

    • IstvanIN

      How are they “woman-hating” babies? That comment makes no sense.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Emotionally, most cops are babies, especially after they understand a white person who doesn’t use drugs just plain hates cops and always will.

        I know the Colorado Springs city cops lied to the BATF in 1911 because I called to complain to the shift captain after I called the Falcon Division station over construction noise at 3:00 AM. They wouldn’t take a noise complaint, even with construction machinery going an hour later, and they sassed me, so I called the shift captain. Our home was tossed later that year on an alleged police complaint. By BATF, as they are not in the telephone book. It was thus the city PD who called them, and not anyone else.

        All cops must hang.

        • trayvon monkey

          they sassed me?…..there are some either old ass or some country ass people on this site……

        • Daisy

          What does your home being tossed mean? Or HPG?

      • Daisy

        I’ve just noted constant issues in them, of serious woman-hating, and of generally lower-than-average emotional and character strength. When I was abducted as a kid and molested, I wasn’t able to judge it even though I got held down on a bed for hours by an older male. When I did go to tell the police at 24, the male detective told me that a huge 17 yr old male abducting me against my will, then dragging me onto a bed and holding me down on it for hours and molesting me was ‘playing.’ If I had gone to another level right then I would have made the statute of limitations but because of him I missed it. I wouldn’t reach menarche for a YEAR so please don’t tell me that somehow a child asked for that!

        I’ve noticed constant misogyny with the police over my life time. They’re hostile and on one occasion physically abusive towards me, just because I don’t react to them or somehow emote, which is what they want – tears, genuflection, etc. They also will take the side of another cop against a female they consider unfeminine acting in two seconds flat. And I’m not a particularly butchy woman; I’m low maintenance, hair in a pony tail, more indifferent in dress and demeanor. For most of my life I’ve been fairly cute though, and they hate my whole she’s cute but doesn’t suck up to us attitude. They’ve done horrible things to me whenever I’ve had to deal with them; my sheer inability to play the worshipful female role engenders their violation of my rights in various ways EVERY TIME. They are weaklings and nuts and race traitors to boot.

        That doesn’t mean I support gangbangers against them, just that I can’t stand either party when it comes down to it, and further, I’ve noticed they really do not care if they F over a white woman even when it’s blacks or hispanics attacking her. I can’t believe more on here don’t at least recognize this trend in them.

        • IstvanIN

          A huge percentage of cops are jerks, but I don’t think they are women hating, just jerks. They have huge power, thanks to their position, the blue wall of silence and the fact that the authorities always believe what the cop says. But I don’t think they are specifically woman-hating and some are even good guys.

          • Daisy

            I don’t think all men are woman-hating yet I have yet to see any less than 85% of cops who are and I think as a woman who has dealt with them numerous times I simply know more than you do on the subject. They’re jerks but with a total misogynist bent. They have the highest divorce rate in the country, they used to ritualistically rape the lesbians on Fire Island just b/c their over-paid pathetic bored asses had nothing else to do. I could give more and more stats but then I’d be flamed for being a ‘feminazi.’ Don’t worry though, I happen to also know that without white women like me all you race realists have nothing to stand on. In years and years of being right about racism you’ve accomplished very little. Ever wonder why?

          • IstvanIN

            I am on your side even if we do not agree 100%. I am certainly against police abuse, rape and misogyny. You have obviously have had some bad experiences but I haven’t “flamed” you, merely stating my impressions and opinions. Whether we like it or not we are all going down together.

        • danielle

          Not all cops. My uncle was a cop — WWII veteran — and he used to say that if a woman told him she’d be right back to get her car out of a no-parking spot, for instance, he’d OK it because they always came back in time. But he never trusted a man in that situation, or rarely. And this guy was pretty macho.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      There it is, always some way to inject woman hating into everything. A couple of male cops shoot another male and our militant feminazi links it to misogyny. I’d love to see you take a Rorschach test, every inkblot would be a rapist or misogynistic White male.

      • saxonsun

        Grow up. “Feminazi” because she tells the truth. It’s men who have brought violence into this world–they are responsible for all of it. And you guys know it. Men torture, rape and kill women all over the world. And when women have the guts and intelligence to be feminists (what else could a smart woman be on this planet?!) you get your male hackles up. Are you kidding me? If women were creating this charnel house you’d wipe us out. Instead you expect women to stay silent. Well, it ain’t happenin’ buckeroos.

    • gemjunior

      Almost my whole family are cops. You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. I really think you have a bee in your bonnet about women somehow being dogged all over the place by men. Why don’t you go onto a more like minded website; look up Andrea Dworkin or Kate Millet. They feel the same way about men as you do Daisy. There are a lot of men posting on AmRen and instead of discussing relevant topics for Whites you turn every post or comment into something about men hating women.

    • Anders

      Ohh, I’m a rather skinny and pale White fellow and I can tell you that a lot of cops don’t like people like me either. They usually make their disdain clear whenever I come across them. I’ll say one thing in their defence though; they sure do have to deal with and clean up a lot of mess caused by the general public.

      ‘Women-hating babies’?

  • S

    Roots gone wild–Mahnefah and Kimani (not to be confused with Kimye). So he carried a loaded gun and had been arrested not once but three times since last October!!!! Loved how they used a somewhat younger photo. Really would like to see how he looked at time of death. What the F are these people rioting for?

    • Pelayo

      They should have used an equestrian photo.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    ‘Gray had been in trouble with the law before, having been arrested three
    times since October and had previously been charged with grand larceny
    and inciting a riot.’

    I’m speechless.Totally stunned. Shocked. Incredulous. Astounded. Who in a million years would have even thought such a thing. I mean, after all, he had too much common sense. Even his sister said so.

  • freespeechzone

    Make NO mistake that the last thing NYC Police officers WANT to do, is shoot a negro–it outrages the community regardless if the shooting is warranted or not & gives them an excuse to riot–and engage with the racist Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton…

    Just watch, these race hucksters will be ‘front and center’ soon..

  • Why is it when the NYPD decides to do stop & frisk it’s always done in a black or Puerto Rican area not an Irish or Scandinavian one hmmmmmm

  • Michael Ryan

    todays post says he had a gun a record and was in the bloods cute how this 16 year olds is pictured with a ten year old photo

  • ken

    I’m not a juvenile delinquent
    No-no-no, I’m not a juvenile delinquent
    Do the things that’s right
    Don’t shoot at cops
    And you’ll do nothing wrong
    Life will be so nice, you’ll be in paradise
    I know, because I’m not a juvenile delinquent

    But listen boys and girls
    You need not be blue
    And life is what you make of it
    It all depends on you
    I know, because I’m not a juvenile delinquent

  • Epiminondas

    Not much about this on the MSM. I guess there is no upcoming election in NY.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Is this Trayvon of the North?

    And, has his dad spoken about him in the Rose Garden yet?

    She added that her brother had too much ‘common sense’ to point a loaded gun at an officer, and doubted that he was even carrying a gun at all….

    cops say Gray’s gun was loaded with four bullets

    Kamini’s “common sense” was to try shoot his way out of an arrest. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Gray had been in trouble with the law before, having been arrested three times since October and had previously been charged with grand larceny and inciting a riot.

    Seems like Lil’ Kimani died doing what he loved best and this is what he would have wanted.

    Funny how those “gun free zone” guns have the ability to ruin the lives of aspiring rappers who were just starting to turn their lives around.

    turned into a riot in Brooklyn tonight

    Imagine how much worse the situation would have been if the crowd had access to a large soft drinks..


    • LastBastionOfHope

      All that common sense. Joining a Bloodz gang is clearly a smart decision, duh!

  • Madmax

    Here’s the Young Turks chiming in with their liberal viewpoints: Be warned, this segment is filled with cringe worthy liberal spin!

  • striket3

    hmmm inspiring rapper or NBA player?

  • George

    Here’s an image of the firearm Gray had tucked into his waistband:

    From the article:

    A woman who identifies herself as Kimani’s cousin told NY1 that Kimani
    was holding the gun for a friend. She also thought that Kimani was
    trying to alert police that he had a weapon, rather than use it.

    Everyone knows that when ‘a friend’ asks you to hold a firearm for them in an area where possession of such a weapon is illegal, the right thing to do is to help your buddy out.

  • dj2

    In this particular instance the cops’ story sounds credible, just like Zimmerman.

    I’m in my early 30s and I can remember reading these bullshit stories for 20 years now. 20 years! I can only imagine what some of you older guys think. Personally I’ve given up hope.

    Remember…nothing is ever good enough for blacks and their enablers, and everything is always bad.

    The most you can do is avoid them like the plague. Unfortunately most cops due to the nature of their work can’t do that.

    • The most you can do is avoid t

      The most you can do is avoid them like the plague.

  • Nice kids always carry.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I live 50 miles from Brooklyn, so I keep hearing updates. There is now looting going on all over BK. I am shocked…blacks never loot…and they never seem to defend thugs who are clearly guilty. So rare! Maybe part of it is because gentrification is happening in Brooklyn? Whites are taking over Harlem and Brooklyn (taking it back how it used to be) for those of you non-locals.

  • Remnant

    Funny how the hundreds and thousands of shootings by gangs and thugs NEVER lead to riots of protest. That’s just part of the “cycle of violence” or “tragedies of circumstance” or some other agent-less ending of life.

  • Remnant

    The next edition of Webster’s and the OED should update their definition of “youth”. Based on actual usage, the primary definition should be: [euphemism used in newspapers and televised news] “teenaged black crime suspect”.

    In the OED they can adjust it to include Arbas and South East Asians.

  • Remnant

    You have to love the first line of this article: “An orderly protest … turned into a riot.” Well, then is it best described in the first instance as an “orderly protest”? How about “two orderly arrays of troops turned into a bloody skirmish today on Gettysburg field.” Or “an innocent glance at a passing lady turned into a brutal rape.”

    By describing it as an “orderly protest”, what the journalist means to do is signal to readers that it was a “good” (i.e. Leftist) cause that all respectable people would support. The corresponding lede for a demonstration by neo-Nazis would be “Suprisingly, a march by right-wing extremists today ended peaceably and without incident.”

  • Funruffian

    It’s so needless for me to read this article since I already know the ’cause and effect’ of these so called ‘riots’. It’s just another Black mob rampaging and vandalizing in the spirit of Trayvon Martin and Rodney King. A Black death only becomes important in the Black community when the death is at the hands of White police officers.

  • Here we go with another 10 year old picture that makes him look like a young kid. BS show us his latest mug shot the police have . I’m tired of this crap.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Use the word “crud” and the moderators will never notice.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      So precious. So innocent. So cute until they mature and rip your arms out of their sockets like any other full-grown primate would.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I am a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, and I hate cops. I stay home almost 24/7, just to avoid the pigs. If this little punk got his poor punk self shot,then GOOD.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      My sentiments exactly. Having had some unfortunate and hypocritical experiences with the Law, I too no longer have a positive view of the Stasi. However, common sense dictates that you avoid them at all costs, not provoke their interference. I instruct my teenagers to be good citizens because they should be moral and upright white people and because Johnny Law can and WILL ruin their lives if given the opportunity.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Some major updates:

    * It emerged that the two cops who fired at Gray, who was black, are both minorities. One, a sergeant is a dark-skinned Egyptian who identifies himself as black. He fired four times. The other, a Hispanic officer, fired seven times.

    A Bloods offshoot, the Outlaws, ordered a hit on any city cop in retaliation for Gray’s death, a source said.

    “They [police] have intelligence that they [the gang members] put a hit out on a cop,” the source told The Post. “They want a life for a life.”

    A roughly 25-block walk along Church Avenue from Nostrand Avenue to East 55th Street revealed that the owners of 58 small businesses — bodegas, barber shops and day-care centers — had pulled down their metal anti-crime gates on what would normally have been a busy workday.

    -NY Post

    • PesachPatriot

      There is a certain white motorcycle club here in florida known as the outlaws, who probably won’t be very cool with some pants sagging bloods trying to use their name…..this NYC gang is incredibly stupid to put out hits on cops….I’m pretty sure threatening violence against metropolitan police officers is a major felony and that cops who are charged with the duty of protecting the financial and entertainment elite have much better firearms and body armor than broke hood residents that are only alive because of EBT cards and taxpayer provided heating assistance.

    • sbuffalonative

      Thanks for the confirmation.

      You could tell they weren’t white otherwise blacks and their media apologists would be screaming ‘racist white cops’.

  • Zackers

    “Kimani Gray had a long record and is probably a gang member”.

    If he’s dead it should read ‘was’ probably a gang member. Have we come so far in not-believing the news we don’t believe he’s really dead?

    Someone died and that’s not a good thing. Throwing bottles and stuff is certainly understandable. At least something was done, a few bottles were thrown. Is it just me or is the mayor of the city standing, not with the police, but with the crowd of protesters? ‘Grandstanding’ has reached a new low?

    Perhaps. . . Mr Gray died in a car accident and his ‘death’ is being used to arouse anti-white (male) hatred. That would be more believable (to me)! Are there really many young white men left, though, in NYC? I guess they have to worry about online dating. . .

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Protesters on 16-year-old boy’s death: ‘NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?’

    That is what they were chanting. They must not have received info that both cops were minorities. I love it.

  • Zackers

    well, the officers were reportedly in plainclothes. There seems a good chance he didn’t know they were cops. The story is making him out to be a criminal but there’s a chance he was running away to avoid criminals/other criminals. Why/when he pulled the gun, I forget.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      No. He WAS a criminal. He was a bloods gang member with 4 prior arrests in 4 months. And how do you not know cops when they yell “FREEZE! Put your hands up!”.

  • Sloppo

    “She added that her brother had too much ‘common sense’ to point a loaded gun at an officer, and doubted that he was even carrying a gun at all.”

    I believe the first part of what she said. I very seriously doubt that the young bantu would knowingly pull his gun to have a shootout with a couple of armed police officers who would not be in a situation to be taken by surprise. On the other hand, those plainclothes officers may not have looked like armed police officers to the young bantu, and pulling a gun on a couple of easy prey in a city where law-abiding citizens are usually disarmed …

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Either way a bloods gang member is off the streets permanently. Good.

  • kill a thug

    nice work — maybe cops need to all be plain clothed — should have made zimmerman a cop

    like this thug wouldn’t have been dead in the near future anyway by his own kind like treyvon

    who are these animals trying to kid with that 7th grade reverse psychology

  • Luis

    This is Bloomberg’s vision for America – guns only in the hands of the police and military; and when Bantus chimp out, everyone else is left defenseless.

    While he decrees what you are able to eat and drink, of course.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      This is the government’s vision: All guns in the hands of the government.

      Everyone should know where THAT leads…


      • PesachPatriot

        These pictures are great….someone should make them into shirts, hats and bumper stickers

  • jd

    I am so thankful I am not a police officer anymore, and I pray I never have to do it again.

  • Token Finn

    Instead of putting blacks into white run prisons (where blacks seem to thrive according to recent studies) blacks with felony convictions should be given a choice to immigrate to a black majority country as a free man, on white dime, and the results of the new legislation should be followed tightly during the following years. Liberals would of course say that the black criminals don’t want to take the ticket because those black countries are “incapacitated by poverty” but I believe it would help to wake up a lot of white people and decrease the black crime rate, without being ‘overly’ harsh like the death penalty.

    • Ezra Pound

      “Instead of putting blacks into white run prisons (where blacks seem to thrive according to recent studies) blacks with felony convictions should be given a choice to immigrate to a black majority country ” – brilliant! Have you ever wondered why marcus Garvey gets virtually no love from the militant black movements? Because wanted blacks to go back to Africa.

  • cadmium

    Weird, based on that photo, it seemed highly unlikely he would end up being a problem on the streets. Sometimes you just miss the signs I guess…

  • nation of niger

    Ah. Such a cute little dead niger.( pronounced like the African nation)

  • Miss.WestcoastPortland

    He was just “fixing his belt”… right, like his pants were not down to his knees! How am I the first Amrenner to comment on that.

    Furthermore, Missy Gray, I know you do not know the laws of the country you hold no allegiance to, but it is illegal for your brother to posses a firearm under the age of 18. I am not certain about State laws, but even if he were of age I doubt Mr. Gray would go through the trouble of owning one legally.

    I am a female who carries as so should everyone here.

  • saxonsun

    I mentioned this on Amren yesterday. I noticed that there were white people marching with the blacks. Scary. Can you imagine what would happen if white gangs trashed businesses?

  • Mark…

    • Cain

      Yes, it is true that Whites do occasionally murder Blacks, but this is not usually the norm. These people were psychopaths.

      • sbuffalonative

        Degenerate scum on multiple levels.

        Can’t wait to hear their defense and how they rat each other out.

        Hopefully they’ll be put away for a long time so they can’t breed.

        • Cain


    • Christopher

      Wow! I did not hear about this. They were obviously low class trashy Whites. No decent White person could commit such a heinous crime.

  • I write a lot of comments on MSM crime stories that always try to slant crime stories to make Black thugs look like poor, innocent victims of RACISM. I like to use sarcasm and that the MSM for publishing the child photos of adult gang bangers as it gets depressing to see scary looking mug shuts of Black criminals.

  • sickandtired

    Tonight was a peaceful vigil that devolved into a riot,’ he wrote. ‘The youth in this community have no outlets for their anger, no community.’
    This is from the mouth of their city councilman…
    Where is there an outlet to anyone’s anger mr. Williams? We didn’t riot and tear stuff up and act like animals when a 14 and a 16 yr attacked, raped, mutilated, and burned the body of a 24 year old white nurse who had a child. Yes, they were black and the medical examiner said there was not one square inch of her body that didn’t have teeth marks in it. She was raped and tortured for a period of 4 hours.
    The 16 yr old did 2 years. The 14 year old did 4 years. Both are back roaming the streets and they have clear records.
    And yet……we acted civilized!!!

    • Daisy

      What is the name of the victim ?

  • Behemuh Among Us

    What a fine young black youth taken away in his prime.
    Had he not been gunned down he might have killed several people and raped several women and men before he found Jesus

  • Joseph

    “She added that her brother had too much ‘common sense’ to point a loaded
    gun at an officer, and doubted that he was even carrying a gun at all.”

    We know he had “common sense” because he has only been arrested five times. She “doubted” that her 16 y.o. brother was carrying a gun in has pants. Well, that makes a lot more sense than the fantastical police account. Who ever heard of a black teen male using an illegal weapon against somebody, unprovoked?

  • Wild Bill

    I just love it when main stream media shows a picture of a young black CRIMINAL gang member who dindonuffins. This is Trayboon Martin all over again. The black community only accounts for 13% of the USA population, but is 12 times more likely than a white person to commit a violent crime. Im sick and tired of MSM hiding the criminal facts regarding blacks, and coddling to them. Thank God for the Internet, you idiots in MSM cant hide this BS any more and quit frankly, there are more and more humans finally seeing the light of day.

  • Funruffian

    This ‘teen’ already had a rap sheet that was growing larger and larger. Of course the family will always say “he was a good keeeid” regardless of his unsavory lifestyle. If this were a family of a White kid, they would be ashamed first and foremost by the idiot for living a life of crime. But the Blacks don’t care. All they see is the chance at a Federal lawsuit.

  • Snesgamer

    Anyone notice how eerily detailed and specific the “witnesses” comments were, even considering they were on the same street when it happened?

  • Zapp Branigan

    OMG a teenage black with 4 arrests on his record pulled a gun on the police and had to be killed before he shot at them.

    LET’S RIOT !

    Welcome to the new America, where it sucks to be white.

  • This is, as usual, a pathetic display.

  • t172048

    I see another Trayvon moment. Show a picture of an eight year old when he died as a man, totaly grown up. No sixteen year old is carring a gun legally in NYC. Summer must be coming early to NYC.Thugs will have guns and riot, registered owners will have police come to confiscate guns to keep rioters safe.Seig Heil Bloomberg.

  • jackbeanstalker

    I wish some of these people making these comments would actually say it in front of a group of black men . Hmmm I only see comments like these on the net, say it person though. see what happens from there .

  • jackbeanstalker

    All of you are cowards, periods.

  • Becca

    I cannot even begin to start with these comments… Seriously… You all are racist on the internet, yet I doubt you would ever publicly say this to anyone… YOU are the reason america is failing not “ghetto neighborhoods”… You applaud the police for their brutality, because hey the police are always right and never have authoritarian complexes, right? These comments made me want to vomit, you guys just made every Black Power argument right for me. I can’t even explain to say how sick to my stomach I am. No one deserves to be shot down in the street. NO ONE. Police brutality is never okay.
    And since you all are going to attack me, I am a white female who believes in racial equality, and I am ASHAMED to be a part of your race right now.

  • concernedcitizen510


    • concernedcitizen510

      i have never read such inhuman comments about the loss of human life. i imagine no matter what i write here i wont be changing any minds. In light of that fact i wont try. I only hope that one day it is not your children, that drones don’t bomb your yard and your glass ceiling never breaks. Ase

  • After reading the article, I conclude that the sixteen year old was a psychopath.

    I’m an older guy, living in an inner city white neighborhood, where I know many psychopaths by name. Wikipedia relates on psychopathy, One recent writer, Glenn D. Walters (2006) Lifestyle theory p. 42 Nova Publishers, ISBN 1-60021-033-3 presents four characteristics of psychopathy: irresponsibility, self-indulgence, interpersonal intrusiveness, and social rule-breaking.[102] I comment, yes psychopaths are marked by these characteristics; they actually instigate trouble and never ever see themselves as the source of it; their life pleasure comes from being busy bodies in others’ affairs; they are loud, and rude, always seeking the preeminence; and purposefully break every social rule, seeking confrontation, so as to be lord of their hood. For example, one man at the senior center said to a woman, “like how many face lifts have you had?” … she simply smiled and walked away, to which I say good for her.