Juan Williams: Race and the Gun Debate

Juan Williams, Wall Street Journal, March 26, 2013


One thing you don’t hear much about in the discussions of guns: race.

That is an astonishing omission, because race ought to be an inescapable part of the debate. Gun-related violence and murders are concentrated among blacks and Latinos in big cities. Murders with guns are the No. 1 cause of death for African-American men between the ages of 15 and 34. But talking about race in the context of guns would also mean taking on a subject that can’t be addressed by passing a law: the family-breakdown issues that lead too many minority children to find social status and power in guns.

The statistics are staggering. In 2009, for example, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 54% of all murders committed, overwhelmingly with guns, are murders of black people. Black people are about 13% of the population.

The Justice Department reports that between 1980 and 2008, “blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicide.”


This awful reality explains why support for gun control in the black and Hispanic community is overwhelming (71% among blacks and 78% of Hispanics, according to a recent Pew poll). That is a marked contrast with national polls on new gun laws. Those polls show 46% of Americans of all races backing the right to own guns versus 50% who agree to the need for more limits on gun owners. Apparently, the heart of opposition to new gun regulations is in the white community. Yet white people face far less daily violence with guns.

The debate over gun control too often seems a matter of abstractions about the meaning of the Constitution and the permissible capacities of ammunition magazines. Why is so little time spent on a question of more immediate concern—namely, why are so many young black people using guns to kill their neighbors?


Almost 50 years ago, when the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed, the national out-of-wedlock birthrate was 7%. Today it is over 40%. According to the CDC, the out-of-wedlock birthrate for white children was just 2% in the 1960s. Today it is 30%. Among black children, the out-of-wedlock birthrate has skyrocketed from 20% in the 1960s to a heartbreaking 72% today. The Hispanic out-of-wedlock rate, which has been measured for a much shorter period, was below 40% in 1990 and stands at more than 50% as of the 2010 census.

When President Obama tried to speak to this crippling dynamic in 2008, he was basically told to shut up by Rev. Jesse Jackson. The Chicago-based activist said: “Barack was talking down to black people,” then he added a vulgar threat about what he wanted to do in response. The moment revealed the high cost of speaking honestly about social breakdown in black America.


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  • a multiracial individual

    Lol. What was Jackson’s “vulgar threat?”

    • Veritas_lux_mea

      “I want to cut his nuts off.”

      • MikeS

        JJ’s too late. Someone else got to them first.

      • a multiracial individual

        Imagine if a white guy said that to the president.

        • Veritas_lux_mea

          It’s probably a little worse than saying “You lie,” and we all saw the reaction to that.

      • The__Bobster

        Moochie beat him to it.

      • Ironic, the one time Obama said anything remotely honest during his candidacy, and the black leadership jumps all over him. They’d rather let the violence fester as long as nobody has to admit the awful truth. To hell with all of them.

        • two pack secure

          To hell with all of them.

  • SargeInCharge

    “The moment revealed the high cost of speaking honestly about social breakdown in black America.”

    When not even the black President of the United States can speak to black people bout their social dysfunction without rebuke from black leaders, then who can speak on black social dysfunction without rebuke? And if nobody can speak on the problem, then how does the problem get addressed?

    • The__Bobster

      Mudflap leaders don’t want the problem addressed; they just want to be bought off to keep it somewhat under control.

      • CoweringCoward

        No, not “somewhat under control”, merely “somewhat under-reported”.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Exactly. They obviously don’t want it under control, because the same black “leaders” continually obstruct efforts by police and courts to do this.

    • brengunn

      Obama’s not black enough to criticize the black community.

  • It is not a “stunning omission,” Mr. Williams, it’s a media cover-up. Once you start talking about race, white people might start to get it and start demanding the political process address racial issues.

    This is why the gun grabber crowd is saying nothing over Brunswick, Georgia, even though you think they’d be all over it like ducks on a June bug. That’s because they can’t risk people seeing the black suspects.

    • Daisy

      They can’t risk white people noting the contrast between the crazed child-murdering white gunman myth and the reality of black male violence as epitomized by Elkins. How do the stats compare? The grabbers are afraid whites will be re-shocked from submission back into defiance, a process which is already happening.

    • saxonsun

      And to put up the pictures of that baby side by side with his killers! A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

    • QD, ex-Congresswoman Cynthia Fowler’s lament in an article she wrote about a week ago, was directed NOT at the white toddler shot and killed by the Bantu, but that the Bantu had access to a gun in the first place! Not making this up.

      • I wish these people had the ability to parse their own words and follow the logic of their own rhetoric. She is admitting that young Mr. Elkins was/is such a weak soul and weak of mind that he had no choice but to murder a white infant because he was in the presence of a firearm. To me, that’s reason enough at least to keep him incarcerated for the rest of his life, and more likely than that to administer him the drip.

  • Black people are more violent than other races. I would say that on average they have far less impulse control. Remove guns from the equation and they would just use knives or blunt objects to kill and threaten. These “discussions” that give the pretense of trying to broach this reality always turn into an affair where we’re supposed to deny that reality in hopes that we will find an underlying cause. Yeah, we’ve found the cause. It’s called heredity, DNA, genetics….

    • The__Bobster

      Over the past few days, most of the Bantu assaults I’ve posted on NNN involved knives, not guns. Here’s a black-on-White one:


      • The lack of guns and ammunition sure didn’t stop their cousins in Rwanda(in 1994) from killing roughly 800,000 in a little over 3 months. Even with guns that is a frightening number, but these guys were using machetes.

        Sure, all races have the crazy psycho killers, rapists and various other vermin, but there’s just something almost genetic about the black population’s propensity for violence wherever they happen to be. Look at Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, Toronto, London, Paris, Stockholm, Johannesburg, and even Tel Aviv. Once they break a small population threshold they pretty much outpace everyone else when it comes to violence. It’s like some kind of genetic link that attaches them across the globe.

        • Sue

          Even their bees are violent. If we are so bad why do they keep comparing us with every stat yet finding the other race wanting?

          • Ron Cheaters

            I keep bees.. best opinion from left field.. and true

      • Robert

        bob, you’re not funny.

  • [Guest]

    Yes, well, there are a whole lot of “awful realities” related to blacks that we don’t hear much about, Juan.

  • Nathanwartooth

    This article is basically calling for gun control because Black people kill each other with guns.

    Yet again they want us to lose our liberties because Blacks can’t stop killing each other.

    • The__Bobster

      When curfews are declared for spoonie-infested areas, the other races also lose their liberties.

      • Puggg

        I think it works more like this: If they put up a curfew because of the usual black suspects, they’ll only enforce the curfew on white youths.

    • I’m a life member of the NRA and I must say that there is one gun control law I am in favor of: disarm the blacks.

    • BonusGift

      This article by Juan Williams only furthers the argument that blacks should neither vote nor be covered by the Bill of Rights (especially the 2nd Amendment). A major underpinning of the Republic (i.e., at least the Founders’ notion of the Republic) was that people understood and were informed about issues, their duties & responsibilities and had something at stake (i.e., call it “skin in the game”; which ironically people with black or darker skin largely refuse to do). As a rule blacks (and many others, e.g., Mexicans/mestizos) are mostly here for the gibsmedat and are almost completely focused on their group and seem unwilling and/or unable to consider what is best for the country (i.e., at least as it was founded and why they decided to stay or come here in the first place). They run around and literally kill the goose that laid the golden egg and then proceed to whine that the goose is dead and now what will whitey do to make it better. And so it is with ‘gun control’ they want to disarm us and deny us of a birthright because they can’t handle what is essentially a white invention, a white method of defense against them, and obviously a natural white right. I kind of feel like the issue of Warren Buffet and taxes on this one (i.e., if Warren thinks he is paying too low of taxes then go ahead and mail a check to the IRS for all that he is worth and stop trying to get me to go bankrupt subsidizing Juanita and her spawn) and would encourage Juan and his kin to turn in their weapons and stop trying to take away our natural rights because they lack impulse control and/or the ability to handle a weapon (i.e., handle it without committing murder).

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The notion of whites somehow being able to give up guns for blacks is as tragically absurd as the concerned wife of an alcoholic giving up drinking for her husband. The real world doesn’t work this way.

      • Nathanwartooth

        “You just don’t understand the plight of the urban Black because of your White privileged We need guns banned so that Blacks can have a peaceful life and not kill each other! Your a racist who loves to see Blacks kill each other if you don’t support a gun ban!”.

        See how this easily gets twisted based on these statistics? That is all I was pointing out.

        • MikeofAges

          Anarcho-tyranny does not permit a peaceful life for the underclass. The new order depends on chaos to function.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Actually, I am a relatively tame racist who doesn’t mind blacks killing each other, so long as I someday receive all 82 of my old firearms back, along with the 40 or 50 thousand rounds of ammo for them I once had.

          While we’re on the subject, there was a group of “concerned doctors” who whinged about firearms killings in the early 1990s until a right-wing doctor pointed out that there were more medical malpractice murders in the US than firearms deaths in the previous decade.

          Even if my gun-rights are never re-established, I will never give up supporting yours.

    • SargeInCharge

      “Yet again they want us to lose our liberties because Blacks can’t stop killing each other.”

      Gun control for everybody because black men shoot people far more than other people do.

      Lower test standards because black people fail tests far more often than other people do.

      Curfews for all teens because black teens commit crime far more often more than other teens do.

      No Voter ID to ensure fair elections because black people can’t manage to get IDs like everyone else does.

      School discipline policies changed because black students can’t behave like other students do.

      A constant reduction of rights, freedoms, and standards for everyone because black people disproportionately fall on the bad end of most statistics.

  • In 2009, for example, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 54% of all murders committed, overwhelmingly with guns, are murders of black people. Black people are about 13% of the population.

    And of that 13% of the population, it is only the 15 to 39 year old males that are doing the killing. Less than 3% of the population committed 54% of all those year 2009 murders.

    And Juan Williams acting as if he is a conservative? LMAO.

  • NYB

    “One thing you don’t hear much about in the discussions of guns: race”

    The Color of Crime. First printing: 1999

    This should be required reading in journalism and law schools.

  • bigone4u

    Blacks want me to give up my Second Amendment freedoms to ameliorate their pathological behaviors. No thanks. In the course of my life I’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes supporting you lying, murdering loafers. No more.

    • newscomments70

      Please add “raping” to the list.

    • Robert

      I don’t think blacks want you to give up guns. It’s white-guilt liberals. Blacks will hunt you down and kill you with or without a gun.

      • Non Humans

        When you consider that the nonhumans that you really have to be concerned about are packing illegal weapons anyways, what do they really have to fear from 2nd Amendment infringements? The libtards trying to take our guns is a pull in the criminal nonhumans favor. The criminal nonhumans are going to jail (or the morgue) if they’re caught with a gun one way or the other.

  • Jss

    The reason blacks favor strict gun laws is because they will be affected by them the least. Since blacks don’t follow laws anyway strict gun control just means more easy victims. If blacks cared about crime they would condemn their own criminals that are committing them. But they are like the elusive moderate Muslims we always here about but never see condemning their murderous brethren.

    So Juan does not want to have an honest discussion either. He didnt mention the violence in which so many blacks are killed are overwhelmingly cases of blacks killing blacks with illegal fire arms. So all the do gooder anti gun legislation in the world won’t help solve that. The only thing that will help the “urban” crime problem is to replace the population with one less genetically inclined to savagery.

    • Puggg

      I think you’re giving blacks too much credit for thinking things through too much. I don’t think their support for gun control is that cerebral. To them, guns are around when bad things happen to them, therefore the gun is to blame, therefore take the gun away and the bad things won’t happen to them anymore.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        This. It’s just another part of their cargo cultish mentality. This is a group that burns children alive for witchcraft whenever someone in the village gets sick and believes their penises can be stolen through a handshake. There’s no real thinking going on.

        • ms_anthro

          The average black IQ in the USA is about 85. In fact sometimes I see race realists post “85” in the comments section of stories about black crime or stupidity. Average IQ is even lower across subsaharan Africa where White admixture is less common.

          You can’t apply Western standards of reason and intelligence to people who are literally retarded.

          • That’s funny, actually. When I was working on my BS in Education, back in the late 80’s, anyone with an IQ below 90 was pretty much considered “retarded.” The standard IQ of a “normal” person–I mean “normal,” as in Joe Six Pack, was 100. Joe Six Pack was considered to be an Archie Bunker type, just minimally equipped in the brain department to load pepsi trucks or whatever. Think about it. 100 IQ. That’s about my IQ after a twelve pack of beer or so. Deduct fifteen points, and you have a retarded person. And blacks do not act like typical retarded citizens; nearly all retarded whites are nonviolent. Of course, blacks are not retarded; their IQ is representative of their natural brain development.

          • Non Humans

            Exactly! I work in healthcare and am exposed to around 50+ people per day. During my tour of duty in A T Hell, I was constantly given example and affirmation that nonhumans are neither inteligent nor human. The vast majority of them you literally have to approach and treat as adult-sized children.
            By the time that I left A T Hell, I was convinced that they were simply the most highly evolved of the great apes, but far short of human. Hence the reason that I call them “Nonhumans”.

          • a multiracial individual

            You can sense that a white person with an IQ of 85 is impaired, however a Black does not appear impaired at such a level.

          • brengunn

            There is something very important in that fact, and it is a fact, but I’ve yet to hear it explained properly. I think if we can discover why this is, we will be a lot closer to understanding the differences between the races. For some reason, I think it could be very important.

      • Jss

        Okay fair enough. But that lazy thinking is also evident in many naive Whites. In any case I’m positive the whole point of the anti gun push from the top is simply to disarm Whites. Any anti gun legisltion that passes I have no doubt will be ruthlessly pushed against Whites while no effort is made to disarm diversity.

        • BonusGift

          Yes, the focus seems to be against whites (i.e., disarming them). But you have to admit that giving aggressive retarded people guns is rather stupid?

        • saxonsun

          What is called “white trash.” Some of them are as bad as blacks/browns.

      • Right Puggg. Putting it another way, if Quintavious Buwacongo were shot and killed by police officer Robert Swinarski, during a liquor store robbery; Bantus would be burning down their neighborhoods.

        But, if Buwacongo were killed by Deshonte Philyaw, in a dispute over Tameka Williams and her sexual favors, the “gun” is blamed.

    • brengunn

      overwhelmingly cases of blacks killing blacks with illegal fire arms. So
      all the do gooder anti gun legislation in the world won’t help solve

      The only solution would be complete disarmament of the populace, so as to stop legal guns turning into illegal guns. That’s why tough, city wide gun control doesn’t work because there are huge amounts of firearms available outside the city and criminals don’t mind breaking the law to bring them in.

      That’s never going to happen, anyway, so all I can suggest as a means of lowering the black murder rate is a legalization of drugs. The drug market would then be taken over by white entrepreneurs and I can only surmise that it would lead to less turf battles amongst gangs and thus less deaths. Though you never know with blacks, they might kill each other anyway.

  • Flytrap

    I think the reason blacks favor gun control is because they can blame the gun and not the shooter. The gun is just one distraction to absolve them of guilt and responsibility for their behavior.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Why not? They don’t want any other form of responsibility. Good parenting? Too much trouble. Working reliably? That’s for YT. Finishing school? Too white. Sobriety? You’ve got to be kidding. Avoiding unaffordable purchases? I gots ta be haben dat! The list goes on and on. Boiled down, they just aren’t responsible enough for freedom in a civilized country.

  • MekongDelta69

    I don’t care what Juan Williams says – ever – about anything.

    Along with Bob Beckel and Alan Colmes, they are the three dumbest leftists (on TV).

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Every once in a while he says something that the rest of us take for granted as “common sense” and it’s like “WOW A BLACK MAN SAID SOMETHING REALISTIC!” Big deal.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Old Juan redeemed himself at the end of the article:

        I support gun control.

        He’s already been fired once by the leftoid media and doesn’t want to take any more chances so he had to toss that line in — or next time he’ll be completely ostracized and the only work he’ll get in media will be mopping floors in the break room.


        • TeutonicKnight67

          …right back where he belongs.

  • Tom Iron

    Here’s the only thing any White person has to concentrate on Breathing, good postion, taking up trigger slack, sights on six o’clock bull and one round, one hit – end of debate…

    • Non Humans

      Honestly, I can’t wait until it comes to that and either the government will have its hands so full that it can’t protect its precious pets, or if not, it will be justifiable self-defense.

  • Barrack Osama

    How about not giving blacks guns?

    • I don’t anybody gives them guns. I think they steal them.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Certainly De’Marquise Elkins in Brunswick, Georgia didn’t head over to Dick’s Sporting Goods on Glenn Isles Rd. and buy his pistol there. One has to be 21 or older to purchase a handgun, as per federal law.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Juan Williams is another black man pimped out in a puffed out suit. No substance. So surgeons use knives to cut their patients, and knives are also used to murder people. So Juan, do we now ban knives now too? Or maybe it is the training of the individual we need to look at?

    • Robert

      You know you secretly love Juan, White mom! A magic guy like that makes your heart flutter a little.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Um no

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The 44,038 black children killed by guns since 1979

    Remember the definition of a “child” can vary widely. A “child” to the gun grabbers is not necessarily a 5 or 6-year old.

    Gang bangers over 16 are included as “children killed” by leftoids to inflate the number of gun deaths.

    According to obamacare, “children” are defined as up to age 26 for the purposes of insurance.


    • Michael_C_Scott

      One study commissioned by Handgun Control Incorporated included 25 year-olds as “children”.

      Let’s see; at 18, someone can vote, obtain a commercial driver’s license, join the armed forces, smoke, get married, apply for credit cards, and own rifles and shotguns. At 21, someone can drink alcohol and purchase handguns. At 25, one can run for election to the United States House of Representatives. Yep; these are “children”… suuuurre they are.

  • JohnEngelman

    Mexico and Japan have stricter gun control laws than the United States. Mexico has a much higher murder rate than the United States. Japan has a much lower murder rate than the United States.

    It is somewhat safe to state in public that the reason for this disparity is demographics.

    It becomes dangerous when one points out that different racial groups have different murder rates everywhere in the world that they live, regardless of income.

    It becomes very dangerous to suggest that different racial characteristics are due to different population pressures lasting for thousands of years.

    • a multiracial individual

      I can hear them already. They will argue that Japan is an island, not terrestrially located next to drug producer and drug consumer nations.

      • JohnEngelman

        They will say the Japanese have a lower murder rate because they have a higher standard of living.

        When asked why Japan has a higher standard of living they will mumble something about white racism.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Ethnic Japanese actually have a lower murder rate in the United States than they do in Japan, in spite of far greater access to firearms here. The reason? Almost no Yakuza here – Japanese mafia who commit many of the murders there.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Not quite; Japan is located close to North Korea, which produces large quantities of methamphetamines to smuggle into Japan in exchange for hard currency. It gets brought in on the same boats typically used for squid fishing.

    • Svigor

      Beyond being just “safe,” I consider it justified and obligatory. It’s like how libs force us to speak up about the reality of the black race; they accused whites of “breaking” blacks somehow, so we’re now morally obligated to point out that they were already broken. Same with black crime and gun control; they roll black crime (12% of the population, more than half the murders) into crime in general and then use that as an excuse to grab for our guns (while being perfectly willing to talk up how white mass shooters are).

      I’ve been dragging the racial aspects of crime in America into the gun control “debate” since it started in December, and I get much more support than opprobrium, in all but the leftiest of venues.

      Lefties can be quite savvy politically, but they’re irrationally secure in their belief that whites won’t call them on their taboos on black pathology. I love proving them wrong.

      • Non Humans

        I agree. It’s pretty easy to destroy their arguments too. The only real reason that they believe in their deluded beliefs is because they feel that they are morally correct. That’s the only substance to them.
        Then when you start inserting irrefutable facts (crime and gentetics) and vids of the nonhumans chimping out over infantile matters, not to mention the drain that they exert on our welfare programs, and the extent to which they create a need for law enforcement facilities, they have absolutely nothing left to substantiate their belief system.
        It usually doesn’t result in them becoming a realist overnight, but it plants the seed. Lately those seeds have been sprouting alot more frequently.

  • “The moment revealed the high cost of speaking honestly about social breakdown in black America.” I don’t understand. Why would Jesse Jackson’s vulgar words be considered a “high cost”? Obama should have told him to shut up. That would have earned him a lot more respect than he has now.

    As for the rest of the article, I would say Williams presents a pretty good argument for segregation.


  • George

    Support for gun control is high amongst blacks and hispanics because they see the government as the source of all solutions. After all, ‘the government’ provides food stamps, welfare, disability social security, Head Start’s free baby-sitting service, along with the myriad other social programmes which they are accustomed to receiving.

    They fail to see that this fountainhead of fortune comes from white (and asiatic) taxpayers, the productive members of society who provide for government largesse.

    As with welfare dependency, they fail to see the link between government interference in the private sphere and reduced personal responsibility. The mere passage of a law will not solve the problem of black gun violence. In most urban centres, handguns are already severely restricted, yet minority violence continues. When a young, illegally-armed black is put down by police, the ‘peaceful’ protest turns to riots and death threats.

    No, dear minorities. The solution is not more gun control. The solution is for mothers, along with maternal aunts and grandmothers to turn thugs in to the police. Report crimes. Act as a witness. Come forward. Get the animals off the streets. When they are aware that their relatives and neighbours will no longer cover for their crimes, young black males will realise that they will be held to account by society for their actions.

    • tom marr

      the young black females are just as worse

  • Crawfurdmuir

    The country does not need gun control. It needs negro control.

    Not only is there a marked racial disparity in the incidence of violent crime, it is highly localized. According to FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 20% of all U.S. homicides in 2000 occurred in only four cities – New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. – which contained about 6% of the U.S. population. Imposing assault rifle bans, magazine capacity limitations, or universal background checks on people in rural and suburban parts of the country is going to do nothing at all to ameliorate what is essentially a local problem in concentrated urban populations of blacks and mestizos. Local law enforcement is and will continue to be lax in these places because 1) rigorous policing in minority communities always provokes political protests about supposed racial profiling, etc., and 2) it is highly probable that local police are on the take from the gangs behind most of the crime.

    There will be no relief from criminal violence in these places unless policing in them can be made much more efficient, and unless courts are willing to impose severe punishments, including the death penalty, with the frequency needed. Knowing in advance the racial bleating that would result, it seems quite unlikely that this will happen.

    And OF COURSE the black community favors “gun control.” They don’t plan to pay it any attention themselves, but will look forward to seeing whites disarmed. Nothing would please black criminals more than the assurance that their victims are defenseless.

    • two pack secure

      It needs negro control.

      • Al Gator


        Like I said before, you can take the street monkey out the jungle, you can NEVER take the jungle out the street monkey,

        Regulation .223 is the ONLY cure.

  • two pack secure

    black people were bad off 5 or 6 years ago but it seems that under this president their social pathologies have increased exponentially. the flashmob lootings random brawls looting shoe stores malls hitting asian and white people randomly to knock them out as sport. they have become a sickeningly debased culture and every day they spiral more out of control like an alcoholic or drug addict on a binge. like a child acting out for attention. it makes me literally physically ill.

    • Non Humans

      I can’t wait for a nonhuman to try the “Knockout Game” on me. Even if he connects, I’ll break his arm….at the very least. He’ll likely need reconstructive surgery.

      • Break his arm in two places if you can. Then, try to break the other arm. Of course if you are armed, that’ll simplify things. A bullet doesn’t care about the race of those threatening you.

    • brengunn

      Na, it’s just that they’re filming it now. If it weren’t for world star we’d not know of their zany antics!

  • troy

    Entitlements, immigration, gun control, are all part of the socialist agenda. A white America was more free, more peaceful, and more successful. Multiculturalism is violence, tyranny, and poverty.

    • BonusGift

      Succinct and to the point.

  • Ezra Klein

    White people must give up their land, money and power and redistribute it among the minorities. This will reduce crime in America. It’s only fair for minorities to expect this. Whites killed and exterminated native americans and took their land. Now it’s the minorities’ turn.

  • rebelcelt

    Leave it to Juan. He posed everything as the blacks being the victims of crime, not as them being the ones who commit crime.
    The primary reason whites want guns is to defend ourselves from blacks. Wheather they are armed with knives, machetes guns or sticks, or just by sheer numbers. Fighting anyone else is a much less liklihood. I fear to think what would have happened to me if I had n
    ot been armed when a black male wearing a hoodie tried to rob me at gunpoint.

  • Fr. John+


    I think in any discussion of gun ‘control’ this needs to have primacy of place. Don’t you?

  • Eric Shun

    “[T]he Centers for Disease Control reported that 54% of all murders
    committed, overwhelmingly with guns, are murders of black people [by other black people].” There fixed it.

    “Yet white people face far less daily violence with guns.” And so what! It only takes one violent event to ruin your life. White people are trying to protect themselves against black people!

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    It really depresses me to no end, seeing these constant articles on Amren, portraying brilliant viewpoints from genius black men. It seems that one of these gets put up once every two weeks lately. I am not criticizing Amren by any means. I understand why Amren posts these. However, it still depresses me. Does anybody understand what I am getting at?

    • brengunn

      Yes, but I think the reason they put them up is the same reason you dislike them.

      You think, I don’t need a black person to validate my thoughts about race and criminality.

      Amren uses these articles to show that even some black people are willing to admit the truth about race and criminality.

      I’m okay with these articles because I don’t think they cross that line, like say when black conservatives get hyped or even just black professionals get hyped beyond their real stature just because they’re black. I think this is different.

      • That and hardly any AR regular who reads an AR blog post that involves the words of Juan Williams or Walter Williams are naive. We all know that Juan Williams is a conventional black/leftist/Democrat, and Walter Williams, while he recognizes the reality of race, has politics that oscillate between the lamestream conservative and standard libertarian, both ideologies are egalitarian/race-denial at heart. Plain words, hardly anyone here would want either Williams to be President of the United States.

        • I wouldn’t want either of them as dogcatcher.

    • Al Gator

      Dear Courtney,

      You have been spoon fed pablum from the commie pig propagandists. Let me hand you some crackers. Squawking point parrot head.

      Yes, there are very intelligent black intellectuals. I particularly like Walter Williams.

      My question to you: Why do black intellectuals, who espouse western civilization, disturb you so much? What is it that bothers you so badly?

      You believe that black folk shouldn’t believe in individualism? You believe that BLACK FOLK should live on the demoKaRATZ plantation?

      Look in the mirror girl, YOU are the problem.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        There are minor, petty, issues to be dividing ourselves over and then there are issues that are a little more understandable to be at each others’ necks about. I am afraid that this right here is an example of a minor, petty, issue. I made that comment above just to express what was on my mind. And if you go back and read it, you will see that I left it kind of open ended anyways. I don’t have strong views behind it either way, and I am not going to get offended if someone disagrees.

        I didn’t have a problem at all with the way the other two politely disagreed with me. I see their points. However, the way you responded is a little over the top and ridiculous. If we are going at each others’ throats over a topic as petty as this, and creating enemies with each other over it, then I guess we are doomed as a movement.

  • Al Gator

    Well, you can take the street monkey out of the jungle, but you can never take the jungle out of the street monkey.

  • This illustrates a major problem in our society: no one can comment on the problems with black culture without being called a racist and shouted down. And one can see why so many white gun owners are vehement about not giving up their guns or giving in to gun control: they are, by and large, not the problem.

  • Cato

    Most here think the black-white difference is something genetic. Well, maybe it is, I’m not to say. But, regardless, everyone can agree that there is a terrible crisis in the black community. And I agree with Juan Williams, that there is an extraordinarily “high cost of speaking honestly about social breakdown in black America”. He will get emails and phone calls in the days to come, tasking him for speaking so honestly. Jesse Jackson will not easily forgive him for these comments. I say, thank you Juan Williams, for speaking up. Just as I earlier thanked Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. A peaceful, humane, and just solution for this crisis requires that many wise black men speak up. I hope to hear more.

  • Juan Williams summed up his mugabedung article in the final paragraph: “I support gun control”. That’s all he really had to say, and spare us the bulldog slobber of the preceding paragraphs.

    He does mention one thing that I have been saying all along, way longer than he has – namely that the Obama regime waited for a “white moment” to orchestrate its assault on gun owners and the Second Amendment. It knew that Blood Qunitavious Subukwe’s shooting of Blood Buwaranga Kasavubu would inspire no concern whatsover among whites, even liberals; since that is so commonplace. It bided its time, until Adam Lanza gave Obama his “Reichstag Fire” moment.

    Williams claims that “national polls” cite only 46% of Americans who support the right to own guns, while 50% who say there should be stricter gun laws. What polls are these? He doesn’t say, of course.

    Don’t be fooled by the mainstream media’s garbage that says that a majority of NRA members actually support a ban on so-called “assault weapons”. WRONG, WRONG WRONG!!!! And why is it wrong?

    NRA does NOT sell its membership lists, so how TF would the MSM and others claim to say that NRA members support new gun laws? According to a poll done by NRA among its members, here are some actual results, published in the April 2013, “America’s First Freedom’ issue:

    91% of NRA members support laws keeping guns from the mentally ill.

    93% of NRA members oppose a federal gun registry.

    92% of NRA members oppose federal laws banning the sale of guns between private citizens.

    92% of NRA members oppose gun confiscation via mandatory buy-back laws.

    And here’s the real kicker:

    89% of NRA members oppose banning semi-automatic firearms, the so-called “assault weapons” of popular and misleading jargon.

    Williams supports gun-control because he can see that gun sales have been escalating even before the 2008 elections. He can’t be THAT stupid that he doesn’t know that Bantus and mestizos commit most of the violent crimes in this country. What he fears is that Bantu criminals will be shot by people of other races, defending themselves against crimes committed by Bantus. He can’t stomach that. He can’t stomach the fact that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense, when Martin was trying to stove Zimmerman’s head in. He cannot stomach the fact that there is such a thing as self-defense, that whites don’t have to tolerate Bantu crimes against them, and that more and more of them are awakening to that fact, by purchasing guns.

    I get the feeling that Juan Williams laments the fact that that 15-year old Bantu girl was shot by a Bantu in a Bantu neighborhood, and NOT by a white Chicago police officer, or hanged by the KKK. Had that been the case, he would feel rage. He doesn’t, because it was a Bantu-on-Bantu crime.

    Williams actually wonders why Bantus in America are killing each other with guns – heck, that goes on in virtually every country on the mother continent, in Jamaica, Haiti and the Virgin Islands. Why TF should American Bantus be any different? They’ll also use machetes, sticks, fire and bombs in those places I mentioned.

    Williams also laments that race should be discussed in any gun-control debate. Does he really want that? If so, it might bring up the uncomfortable truths that Bantus commit more violent crimes against whites, than they do against other Bantus (45% v. 43%, according to FBI stats).