Downtowns: What’s Behind America’s Most Surprising Real Estate Boom

Morgan Brennan, Forbes, March 25, 2013

One of the main factors businesses consider when deciding on where to relocate or expand is the available pool of college-educated workers. And that has cities competing for college-educated young adults. “The American population, contrary to popular opinion, is not very mobile, but there is one very significant exception, what we call ‘the young and the restless,’” explains Lee Fisher, president of CEOs for Cities, a national not-for-profit organization that helps U.S. cities map out economic growth.

And there’s one place this desired demographic, college-educated professionals between the ages of 25 and 34, tends to want to live: tight-knit urban neighborhoods that are close to work and have lots of entertainment and shopping options within an easy walk. In fact this demographic’s population grew 26% from 2000 to 2010 in major cities’ downtowns, or twice as fast as it did in the those cities’ overall metro areas, according to a CEOs for Cities report based on U.S. Census data. That is one of the reasons city planners have been plowing money and resources into revitalizing their core business districts.

“The cities that capture the mobile, college-educated ‘young and restless’ are the ones who are most likely to revitalize their downtowns and accelerate economic progress in their cities,” says Fisher.


In Birmingham, Ala., the number of residents downtown has increased 32% since 2000, with 737 planned units in the construction pipeline. A stadium for the minor league baseball team the Birmingham Barons has been built at Railroad Park, a green space created on a former industrial site next to a rail corridor. Office space absorption was positive in 2012, with net 126,000 square feet leased out, and downtown employment density relative to the southern city’s size is comparable to Philadelphia’s business district, local economists are quick to point out.

Yet, the city is still struggling to overcome a reputation for crime. “Despite the positive there are still people who have a negative view about downtown, particularly around the perception of crime,” sighs David Fleming, chief executive of REV Birmingham, a local economic development organization. “But if you look at the statistics, the chance of being a victim of crime in the central business district is actually less likely than in the suburbs.”


“We are seeing a combination of the economics of infrastructure and the change in demographics give downtown housing markets more of a leg up,” says Jeff Soule, a fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a director at the American Planning Association.



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  • a multiracial individual

    Young whites cannot afford to live where they grew up. Now, they are moving to the city. Expect carnage and racial awareness to follow. I hear white gays are already becoming realists.

    • Old Soldier

      Quite right. After you graduate from college with your $150,000 debt, the only way to get affordable housing is to go to a Detroit-in-progress and hope enough Urban Pioneers go with you to overwhelm the indigenous savages.

      • MBlanc46

        Housing is not cheap in any decent city. When I got married a dozen years ago, I had to leave the city and return to the suburbs where we could afford a house.

        • Morris LeChat

          In the Boston area, Brazilian illegals, and others, are living four or five to a room. This has pushed rents WAY up, and that also has raised property values.

      • Morris LeChat

        This is true. If you can not afford a car, then you must be near public transportation. If you awe big bucks and are not making much, then you can’t afford a car. I lived in Boston for too many years after I got a car just because I had become familiar with it. I now live in America again, where almost every face I see is white. It is heaven. I love going grocery shopping and to other stores for this very reason. I am amongst my own kind agin, There is no better feeling.

      • Michael Harreskov

        Hell It work for the French In Africa till 1960….

    • pcmustgo

      Gas costs a lot too these days.

    • The__Bobster

      They should, as they tend to be the first ones that move in.

    • Funruffian

      Hopefully so. The pendulum of racial awareness has swung in the opposite direction and many young Whites are seeing the effects of racial integration.

    • No, what is happening is GENTRIC CLEANSING. Through various means, parts of the city are being cleared of dangerous blacks. Higher property values drive blacks out, and politicians support such policies because it means more tax revenues.
      So, it’s not a case of desperate whites moving to the cities but rich and affluent whites moving to choice parts of the city to live the good life. Meanwhile, elite urban whites drive out blacks and other problematic elements to the white suburbs and small town communities. So, the liberal urban elites are taking back the nice parts of the city and dumping the problem of blacks on other whites in suburbs and other communities.

      • White Mom in WDC

        No matter what, if you are white and middle class, you are ‘crushed’. The rents in DC squeeze the life and hard earned cash out of middle class, professional class, and /or working class whites. Then you deal with the elements of diversity. Can get gritty.

        • The rents are squeezing them out because the taxes are so high.

          I picked up an envelope in year 2000 that looked like it might have been accidentally dropped. Inside was the neighbor’s property tax bill.


          The taxes are probably well over $40,000 now.

          Seriously …. “you can have a 25×120 lot in Chicago if you pay us this tribute per year $______”.

      • Scott

        I sort of disagree. The whites moving in typically are not displacing blacks but rather moving into dilapidated housing stock that was previously trashed by crackheads. Poor blacks generally aren’t going anywhere for a few simple reasons. Free housing, no need for a car, lots of whites they can try to guilt into more gibsmedat, check cashing stores and much more. The public housing projects I live near (unfortunately) are filled to the brim, and if the city ever decided to sell or raze them and relocate the inhabitants to the suburban ring there would be bloody and sustained riots.

        • pcmustgo

          The housing projects do indeed stay black. Even in Manhattan!

        • saxonsun

          It’s weird where I live. I’m on the Upper East Side of NYC. We have the projects cheek-by-jowl with incredible, super expensive luxury housing. I mean on the same block–surreal! And there are whites living in the projects here.

      • Garrett Brown

        Pretty sure they just assimilate with the blacks already there. I haven’t seen a group of whites purge a neighborhood of blacks ever… Except maybe a KKK documentary on the History channel.

        • pcmustgo

          I’ve seen them purge Puerto Ricans in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… most of them, subway stop by subway stop. And yes, Blacks are getting economically pushed out of Harlem, Bedford Stuyvesant, Prospect Heights, Bushwick, the list goes on. It’s really, really happening here in NYC. The blacks usually move to New Jersey, Newark, Long Island or down South I guess.

          • pcmustgo

            NYC is ground zero for gentrification

          • Garrett Brown

            I live in NY and never see this happening. So by this implication NY will be 80% white again in about 20 years? Even though their population rate is increasing three times faster than ours? It just doesn’t seem realistic.

          • saxonsun

            Well, if whites from other parts of the nation move here, yes, we can do it.

          • Godwhacker

            Many of these Blacks are also filtering into the outer portions of the boroughs which are largely charmless, and were formerly white working and middle class. Canarsie is such an example in Brooklyn. Southeast Queens is a vast expanding sprawling sinkhole of Blacks which has been spilling over into places such as Elmont and Valley Stream in Nassau County. In the Bronx, Blacks of Wakefield and Williamsbridge have been pushing south into Pelham Parkway. Dismaying as this may be, at least in neighborhoods closer to Manhattan, which tend to have a considerably nicer housing stock, we’re seeing their numbers decline. White professionals are even beginning to trickle into the Lower Concourse area in the Bronx. Look, it’s a positive development if you end up shifting Blacks out of areas with brownstones and elevator buildings close to transportation to outlying sections of bland woodframe houses.

          • saxonsun

            Good post–you’re right. Also, Queens is flooded with Indians.

          • saxonsun

            Park Slope, Brooklyn too. It used to be a slum and was featured in several movies when it was.

        • MBlanc46

          It’s happened in several places in the north side of Chicago. When my wife and I ate in a trendy restaurant and then attended Steppenwolf theater at Halsted and North in Chicago Saturday night, I told her that 30 years before that block had still been ghetto. Not a black in sight, now.

          • Garrett Brown

            I sincerely hope this starts happening everywhere then.

          • ms_anthro

            It won’t be long before cities build walls against marauding savages, as in ancient times.

          • At North & Halsted you are only about 1/2 mile west of a major pocket of public housing. North & Sedgwick is a regular crime scene. Don’t think they don’t prowl.

          • NM156

            Just ask that Irish girl walking through Lakeview, whose brains were bashed in with a baseball bat back in 2009. If you asked her, she wouldn’t respond, however, because she now has the brain of a toddler.

          • She was attacked in the 1800 block of North Damen Avenue which isn’t that far from where MBlanc46 had dinner. Edge of Wicker Park and Bucktown, not Lakeview (it’s much further north).

          • NM156

            Maybe she lived in Lakeview then. Whatever the case, I’d like to track down news stories on that case.

          • ATBOTL

            Do you have news article about this?

          • NM156

            I could track it down no doubt. Give me a day or two. Stay tuned.

          • Just do a search for: Natasha McShane Chicago

          • MBlanc46

            North and Sedgwick is now a major retail district. I don’t know what’s happening north of North Avenue when you’re out toward the river, but the area directly north and west of the North-Halsted intersection, which was ghetto when I first started going to that area, is now trendy town. With Cabrini-Green demolished, the gentrification is proceeding south along Halsted. I believe that the same thing has happened around Old Town, which had a fair number of blacks when I started going there in the mid 1960s. Even the north edge of Woodlawn, just south of the Midway, was starting to gentrify when I was living on the South Side in the 1990s. When whites want the real estate, they drive the blacks out.

        • Does the typical white gentrifier “purge” blacks out? For one, many gentrified neighborhoods are ones that never fell to the blacks to begin with, or were about to go black but the white yuppies saved in the nick of time. And to the extent that neighborhoods that were formerly black later became white yuppie, it’s not that the white yuppies “purged” the blacks out — white yuppies don’t have that kind of racial courage. The real explanation is that they were helped along either by circumstance, by the fact that the blacks totally chewed through the neighborhood and left, or by sub rosa public policies that quietly push blacks out and discourage them from coming back, such as the demolition of tall public housing project towers, the strategic geographic distribution of Section 8 vouchers, et al.

          • Garrett Brown

            This was more along my line of thinking on the subject. Whites have pretty much been frightened too much by threats and promises to do anything, which is a shame. Good post QD.

          • Generally it is the increase in property values and the resulting increase in the tax rate on the properties that forces blacks out. Gentrifiers in my opinion are generally bargain hunting liberals who love “die-versity” in my opinion.

          • Morris LeChat

            I’m not sure this was the case in Boston. The property values only increased AFTER the gentrification. I think what happened in Boston is that the economy in the 80s became strong and all of a sudden there were a lot more people working in well paying positions in downtown. People with a lot of money and very cheap property close to where they work equalled gentrification. The property was cheap because the blacks had destroyed it. If they had kept it up, maintained it, if they were working and making money, they could have held onto those neighborhoods.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            “The property was cheap because the blacks had destroyed it. If they had
            kept it up, maintained it, if they were working and making money, they
            could have held onto those neighborhoods.”

            If they had kept it up, maintained it, and were working and making money, they wouldn’t have been American blacks.

          • Morris LeChat

            uhm, not true. The back bay of boston was heavily black until gentrification. The south end as well. Now even ROXBURY and Jamaica Plain are being gentrified. All of them were black areas. There were no public housing towers in any of those places. This change in Boston was brought about by the private sector, not government.

          • The Back Bay of Boston [Arlington to Mass Ave X Boyston to the river] was never even slightly black.

          • MikeofAges

            Just a question, but … ? Does anyone concur with the idea that black are slowly, but surely withdrawing from the cold North in response to their own cultural failure to adapt over a succession of generations? Everybody here has a North American homeland. Theirs is not Chicago or New York City.

        • Eric Shun

          Has the group formerly known as the KKK ever actually done this, or did the History Channel make it up? On the other had, the practice known as “block-busting” has, in fact, entirely purged Whites from many, many all-White neighborhoods, turning them all-black.

          • Garrett Brown

            History channel is pretty accurate. They even tell the truth about Lincoln and FDR. It’s gone way down hill since they started introducing reality shows though. Such a shame.

          • saxonsun

            The KKK…2 idiots with a post office box.

          • MikeofAges

            In the 1950s and 60s, blockbusting only accelerated the rate of racial change. In the neighborhoods which changed the young people who grew up there did not want to settle there once they started their families. They moved to the suburbs. That left the older people behind and a vacuum which ended up being filled. The real estates agent accelerated the process largely because they were commission hungry. Agenting is a feast-or-famine endeavor. Agents make money in a fast moving market. Getting deals made and closed was more important to them than the price, although in some cases agents bought property at panic prices and resold it to minority buyers. Nowadays, when neighborhoods change, the prices generally do not collapse. Heck, they might even rise with the increased demand and lesser vulnerability to panic selling on the part of white homeowners.

      • pcmustgo

        In NYC, I wouldn’t say the problem blacks make it that far out into the suburbs… usually they’re in inner ring suburbs. But there are communities as close as 10 minutes to 2 hours away from NYC that have sizable black populations, so yeah…

        • ATBOTL

          Actually, most of the blacks leaving NYC are going to the South or small cities in Eastern PA, Western MA or upstate.

      • zanegray

        Here in the UK exactly same is starting to happen.

        Changes to housing benefit rules are starting to force poor migrants to other cheaper areas.

        In my own block of flats a few years ago we had 50% non white tenants. Now it’s down to 1 Asian family and they are moving out next week to a town 150 miles away.

      • Non Humans

        This may be slightly OT, but I had a thought occur to me this morning.
        Let’s say a few white guys who were close friends buy a decently nice house in an area that is beginning to gentrify, but is still wholly nonhuman ghetto. They buy it with the understanding and agreement that one them had to always be present in the home and awake to prevent burglary of their items within the home (for practical purposes, one works dayshift, one evening shift, the other nightshift). Let’s say that they have some money (in the bank) and some very nice belongings which they move into the home conspicuously, during broad daylight, and in full display of the nonhumans already present in the neighborhood.
        Given that all would be armed, and that the average appearance of the home at night is that of either no one being at home or awake, it would be inevitable that eventually some nonhumans would attempt a forced entry and theft. Let’s say that it is inevitable that it will happen multiple times.
        Assuming that all of the nonhumans would be “Dealt With” by the occupants excercising their rights under the Castle doctrines, what would be the likelihood of attempts of criminal and civil charges being brought against the occupants for defending their personal saftey, home, and belongings after several burglary attempts by the nonhumans? How many times would it be likely to occur before the nonhumans in that particular ghettohood started to toss around whines of racism because the occupants had merely excercised their rights to defense?
        Sorry to go OT, but it occurred to me and I am interested to see how everyone feels about the likely outcomes of this scenario.

        • Eric Shun

          Something like this actually happened. Dateline or one of other true crime shows profiled a guy that operated a small watch & clock repair business, I think in LA. Over the course of about 25 years, black males tried to rob the shop four times, each time the owner shot and killed the bad guys. One attempted robbery ended with two dead bad guys and a third seriously wounded. The guy was not a gun aficionado or commando, just a soft-spoken, hard-working regular White guy. The show included news clippings, and crime scene & perp photos from the various events. You could see the guy age over the course of the 25 years. He finally felt that his luck was running out and closed the business. He said he did get a little flak for shooting and killing six black males.

          • MikeofAges

            The guy liked his adrenaline, I guess. If he was in or on the fringes of a ghetto he should have moved after the first time. Or maybe before the first time. Anybody who wants to be there and in on it too many times, I question. It’s not worth the cheap rent. If he was in a basic middle class or lower middle class white neighborhood, that’s a different issue.

            I used to be a reporter for small town papers. One of the reason I quit that business is because it started to bother me that I wanted to be there at the scene when people had been killed. Part of the job you might say, but I was not an emergency worker (I refuse to call them “first responders”) who had to respond and take care of the situation.

          • K..

            The last two he killed weren’t robbers. They had come specifically to kill him. One had an Uzi. He won, they lost. That shop owner was starting to become notorious as the white guy who killed black thugs, so the gangs started to gun for him. He knew that it was only a matter of time before they’d eventually get him. He lives in Colorado now.

      • Luca

        Politicians are allowing developers to buy up property via eminent domain. Said property is converted into high occupancy units with retail properties on the ground level and parking meters at the curb.. News articles like the above are trying to create the “trends” through propaganda.

        In the end the politicians get greased, the city gets more revenue, the developers get rich and eventually these hoaxes will fail. They are trying to cram as many taxpayers on an acre of land as is possible for the tax revenue. Soon, due to lack of sufficient services and the encroachment of crime, graffiti, litter, overcrowding, section 8 and all the usual urban plight will reduce these experiments to crumbling testaments of greed and how easily people are fooled..

        • MikeofAges

          Plus’n there have to be limits to how many potential customers there are available, either condo buyers or renters. In some areas, the market for this type of development may be close to saturated already.

    • 48224

      I had a white gay prfessor in college. He had a black boyfriend but was also a race realist. They were both highly educated gays and tried living in a most black area of Detroit and were ran out…..mostly because he was white. LOL He talked about it openly in class. Pretty decent class.
      More and more whites move to downtown Detroit. As soon as too many move back into the city and start running for city council, there will be trouble!

      • Morris LeChat

        Did they open up a restaurant in Santa Fe?

    • AvidReaderSometimePoster

      ” ..I hear white gays are already becoming realists…”
      so true

    • Non Humans

      True to the homosexuals being realists. I have a number of friends who are gay, and are outright relaists. We often speak of the topics that we read here and on other realist sites. They’re being emboldened by the embracing of their sexuality and it gives them the courage to stand firmly on many other realities.

    • newscomments70

      I had some gay neighbors in San Diego…everyone in CA has gay neighbors..anyhow, one was a cop. He sounded exactly like David Duke when he spoke of minorities. His gay friends mostly agreed with him, but they were not as outspoken about it.

    • SF Seal

      Not quite so in California, and your analysis is nothing more than a cliche here. What is really going on for us on the West Coast is that these single White hipsters and yuppies are dumping blacks on the suburbs and replacing them with brown illegals. They not only make rent no longer affordable in cities like San Francisco for middle class White families and the elderly, but they are now dumping millions of mexican kids in the entire public school system by hiring their parents to do their repairs, construction, cleaning, mowing, baby-sitting, etc. These illegals, like many Asians, live 10 and more in a 2 bedroom apartment and are taking over the whole state one neighborhood at a time.

      Blacks are nasty, but in most places they were completely avoidable by simply avoiding their neighborhoods. Browns and asians on the other hand are not. They are multiplying and displacing us at a much faster rate, thanks to these white libs who still haven’t figure out that only Whites are “White”.

  • One slight hitch: Not all jobs are in traditional downtowns anymore. Yes, there are still a lot, but more and more jobs have long ago “sprawled” out to suburban office parks.

    • pcmustgo

      Well, not in NYC…

    • GM (Australia)

      Worst thing that ever happened, a suburban “industrial park” is a lonely bleak place, can’t even go shopping at lunchtime let alone have a choice of eateries for a cup of coffee etc.

      • pcmustgo

        Yeah, there is something pretty soulless and lonely about suburbs, especially if you’re young and hungry to meet other people

    • pcmustgo

      Not in NYC… here in NYC it’s almost all in the city

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Wait till these folks get married and start having kids. They’ll find out the best areas are the areas with the best schools, and the best schools are not in areas filled with urban-Americans.

    • As soon as they get pregnant they start looking.

      • GM (Australia)

        But hopefully if enough white families with kids live in an inner city suburb the schools will adjust accordingly. (We have only once lived in a modern “outer” suburb with a big house our 4 kids and 2 cars, nice on paper but the reality is that you are in a suburban wasteland in the middle of nowhere, there has to be a better way)

    • MBlanc46

      That’s why we have selective public schools now.

  • pcmustgo

    Here’s why: The suburbs are becoming Banlieus full of Mexicans and Blacks who move out there…

  • sbuffalonative

    Cities have gotten a bad reputation over the years because of “urban youth”. But let’s remember, Whites have great cities; London, Paris, Berlin, New York etc…

    White people created these cities. They are the centers of culture, art, education, medicine, etc.

    If you don’t want to live in a city because of the problems associated with the last 50-60 years, that’s fine. Don’t live in a city.

    But WHITE people OWN what they created and they shouldn’t be driven out. They have every right to claim what is theirs.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Cities would be great without blacks

      • josh

        The south side of Chicago is the finest place on earth…EXCEPT for the blacks who have taken ov er and utterly destroyed it.

        • MBlanc46

          I lived in Hyde Park for 15 years and even with the blacks, it was a great place to live.

          • NM156

            In the 1990s, when I was in graduate school and using the U of C’s facilities on a semi-regular basis as a collaborating student, the University of Chicago was forced to provide students with buses that would transport them to civilization on the N Side and Downtown because the students were being raped and killed during their attempts to commute through the South Side. Hyde Park is awful. The campus is surrounded by the most violent neighborhoods in the United States.

          • MikeofAges

            Been there. Done that. Grew up there in the 1950s and 1960s. The University of Chicago either decided to or was persuaded to remain in Hyde Park to serve as an anchor to save the South Side. When I was there, it was kind of like the South Side’s middle class West Berlin. What was all around it literally looked like the East Berlin era. It couldn’t have looked much worse if actually had been bombed.

            A lifetime into the project (literally, since it started in the mid-1950s), there is light at the end of the tunnel. But the irony is, the glacial economics forces which may eventually turn the South Side of Chicago into a place resembling a contemporary world city have little to do with the presence of the university.

            We were told that the University of Chicago had “considered” moving to the suburbs before making the corporate decision to remain in place. Only recently did I find out that the university was contemplating leaving the Midwest entirely and moving to Arizona.

            The university couldn’t even favorably influence the lives of poor people, white or black, living within blocks of its campus. How could it transform the whole South Side?

            Another educational institution which stayed on the South Side was the Illinois Institute of Technology. This is a very overlooked and underrated university which was yet more condemned and isolated by its geographical location. Perhaps it was trapped by its name but a move to suburban location would have done it good. I don’t know what inducements it was promised to stay on the South Side, but I doubt these were ever delivered by the political machine. Maybe in another hundred years …

          • NM156

            What a depressing shame. Hyde Park is a (physically) nice neighborhood. Right on the lake, too, with Jackson Park juxtaposed. Why did our idiotic ancestors surrender all this? It boggles the mind. Before the real estate boom that began in the late’90s, while driving LSD down to 55th, I’d wonder which genius (Boss Daley?) thought putting up massive public housing projects off of LSD, between downtown and Hyde Park, right on the lakefront, was a good long-term solution. Urban renewal of the 1950s and 1960s meant destroying miles of what would be among the most expensive real estate in the city-if not the most expensive real estate between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Some will protest that public housing of that era was occupied as much by desperate post-industrial whites as it was by blacks, but the fact is that the powers that be knew that poor whites would use public assistance to permanently get off of welfare not long after heavy industry was killed and that blacks would be a permanent underclass. I’ve heard stories from lifelong HP residents of serpentine driving down LSD in the ’70s to avoid gunfire from high-rise projects. The subprime era at least brought a long-awaited end to much of that. We’ll just see how long it takes to build an entirely new middle class neighborhood out of the vast South Works property. Fifty years?

          • MikeofAges

            People, look at the article linked on the “rjp” post. This development project is either delusion or deception. Either some deep pockets are being milked for their money, or there are some plans we are not being told about. I know the area from long ago. This is exactly the place I was thinking of about when I spoke of places “beyond the ken” of normal urban infrastructure. There has to be a planned process of ethnic replacement envisioned, because the people who live there now cannot support this development. Even then, they way things actually go on the South Side of Chicago, it might be literally a hundred years before the scenario plays out. But who do they plan on moving in there? That’s the question.

          • MikeofAges

            In case no one knows, LSD stands for Lake Shore Drive, a parkway which goes along the shore of Lake Michigan through most of the length of Chicago, bypassing the inhabited areas of the North and South sides and the downtown. Haven’t been in Chicago in more than 30 years, except for two plane changes at Midway in 2012. But the basics are still the same.

            Fifty more years to remake the South Side? It’s been 60 years already and the old South Side has been only partially depopulated of its slum dwellers (forget their color for the moment). Keep in mind, the United States is headed for what I have termed “a terminal demographic condition” of which California is the cutting edge model. With regional variations in its composition, that means a large multiracial underclass, largely English speaking but highly Hispanic influenced, and a mixed white-East Asian-South Asian-gentrified Hispanic elite.

            The people will have to live somewhere.

          • NM156

            Any wonder then that the massive plan to redevelop the South Works site has no traction? If no schools are built on that site, where would white, middle class families educate their kids? CPS schools in Englewood. No Catholic school within 10 miles of South Shore. Sounds like a dilemma that the rest of the US will face in coming decades.

          • MikeofAges

            Chicago is almost unique in the extremes of residential segregation, not only by race, but also by ethnicity as well.. Nowhere else in America could you plant yourself in some location and be so far from the world as you know it. Beyond the ken of public transportation safe to ride. Utilizable public education. Even sometimes without arterials you could safely navigate in your private vehicle on your way to somewhere else, not once you became known. Chicago is not Oakland. It’s not New York. It’s not Los Angeles. Philadelphia might be close based on what I have heard, but even then, Philadelphia is no Chicago. If you want to move to the South Works area, be prepared to wait a long, long time, longer than your own lifetime, in fact, just to find out whether or not the South Side of Chicago will ever change. It’s not a good bet.

          • U of C still provides the buses. They stop right down the street from me.

          • NM156

            I took one to see the Pixies at the Riviera. Ha! Shows my age. I recall feeling as if we were on a grammar school field trip.

        • The Southside, or maybe it’s considered southwest, looks like a burned out sh–hole from the Rock Island train. Block upon block with less than 50% of the homes that used to be there. And most of the ones that are left looking like they should be razed as well.

          • ATBOTL

            Huge swaths of Philly and Baltimore are like this too.

          • MikeofAges

            The difference between Chicago and other cities is that Chicago has always had a dynamism that many other cities have lacked. For most of the people who live there, the parts that look like old East Berlin are just “no-go” zones they step around without the giving the matter much thought.

          • Exactly. That’s why when I take the train to Tinley Park, it is an express so I don’t have to ride with to many of them. The trip back sometimes sucks though.

      • MBlanc46


    • josh

      The jews own NYC now;thast why its a dung ehap for evryone except the rich

    • pcmustgo

      If you’re young and single, it’s fun.

    • MBlanc46

      Well said.

    • MikeofAges

      Historically, in the Western world at least, cities did not maintain themselves demographically. They always were replenished by upwardly mobile aspirants from the provinces who hoped either for a career open to talent or a career in a skilled trade. Our issue, however, is that rural Third World people have moved into Western cities, indeed into cities around the world, and continued to reproduce at rural rates. Ultimately, the issue facing the world is whether in the long run civilization can survive at all. Not a joke. A real issue.

  • a multiracial individual

    If you can guess where whites are going to move, and you invest in property you can make a fortune.

  • zimriel

    This just seems to be another swing in the cycle. The slums are terrible – move housing projects to the cities, and build suburbs! Now the *cities* are unlivable – revitalise downtown, and give the bums Section 8 vouchers! Rinse, repeat . . .

    The Real Estate speculators are the big winners here.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      All of you are correct but missing the point. The speculators are privately willing to acknowledge an important fact: Whites don’t care where they live as long as it isn’t around BLACKS.

  • The__Bobster

    Soon our cities will look like Paris, where the garbage lives in the burbs.

    • sbuffalonative

      It’s been reported that first-ring suburbs are showing serious decay. Maybe we should be encouraging blacks and Hispanics to see these areas as ‘prime real estate’ (at least by black and Hispanic standards). Let them fulfill their ‘suburban’ dream away from us.

      • White Mom in WDC

        They will just take public transpo in and wreck havoc

        • In terms of DC, wait till the metro opens in Tysons Corner. The xanax’d NOVA soccer mommies doing the zombie shuffle through the mall won’t know what hit them.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Yeah, the masses of turd folk will be inundating that mall to go ‘shoppin n sheeit’

      • josh

        they dont need to “commute”(no job)—the check is sent to them by their own USPS!! They only come into the city when dat Jay Z be playin a show nomesayne??

  • [Guest]

    >>>And there’s one place this desired demographic, college-educated professionals between the ages of 25 and 34, tends to want to live: tight-knit urban neighborhoods that are close to work and have lots of entertainment and shopping options within an easy walk.

    And, of course, swimming pools. Don’t forget swimming pools.

    “McCarren Park pool a mini-war zone less than a week after opening”


  • The__Bobster

    In many large cities like NYC, Whites are moving back in, but they’re not middle class Whites. They can’t afford to live there. The ones left are being pushed out by the rich.

    It costs mucho dinero to be walled off from the remaining natives, both in terms of housing and in the schools your children attend.

    • Bobbala

      … just like Brazil.

    • pcmustgo

      There are white ethnic hoods in Brooklyn that still are *relatively (in comparison to the rest of NYC) affordable and safe enough to send your white kids to school in. They’re very immigrant though and not all trendy.

  • bigone4u

    Can we all admit that youths make a lot of mistakes? Moving into a downtown area where your car is going to be stolen or vandalized, you are going to be robbed at gunpoint, and some of your many “friends” (really just familiar faces) from all those trendy little clubs and restaurants are murdered will be seen in a few years by maturing youths as an error. Then there’s the noise, the sirens wailing all hours of the night, the lights that never go out because downtown must be well lighted to preserve order as much as possible, the stench of garbage, trash, and air pollution, too. There are also the scumbags–prostitutes, drug addicts, perverts, all littering the streets–the human flotsam and jetsom. Downtown? You can have it. I’ll take my green backyard, my vegetable garden, my dogs, the sound of children’s laughter, and so many more good things over downtown anyday.

    • sbuffalonative

      As someone who lived in NYC, I can tell you that some of those things did happen to me. But it was NYC damn it!! The center of the known universe!

      Looking back, I was naive. I also regret not having the insights I have today. Knowing what I know now about race and crime and opportunities, such knowledge would have made it an even greater experience.

      • Theron

        I don’t want to come across as a jerk, but I don’t undertand why NYC is called by you and others “the center of the universe” as you put it. It is big, it is crowded, it is dirty, it is crime infested, it is noisy, and the people are rude. It is expensive as hell and the buildings, with rare exceptions, are ugly (size does NOT equal beauty). Its “theatre” is mediocre at best (despite what NYC critics say) and the “art” scene is vulgar and degenerate. Lacking any sense of community, the “city” is nothing but a collection of diverse people, speaking diverse languages, looking diverse, worshipping diversely, walking around in a dangerous paved (and expensive) jungle! I’ll take the beauty of a rural town, with it’s strong community, fresh air, and natural beauty any day!

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Social standing is rarely based on merit. NYC is hyped because it is mostly a construct in people’s heads. Same with LA, probably even more so.

        • pcmustgo

          NYC is actually one of the safer large cities in America.

          Most of us here have a love /hate relationship with it.

          There’s always tons of stuff to do for sure. I agree the art scene is over-rated.

          The men here kind of suck in terms of dating.

        • IstvanIN

          Are you me? You sound just like me. I was one of the few people not moved when the towers fell. It was if it happened in a foreign country.

        • Chicago is the same ….

        • BonusGift

          It seems to be proof that brainwashing works; and it was the center of finance (i.e., until 2008, it is a center still just not the center). Also, fellow tribe members controlling Hollywood’s output wouldn’t let the US center of the tribe down (LA probably being the other center). If you could move anywhere in the US, who in their right mind would (i.e., unless it was purly monetary driven) move to the NYC area? Me, I’ll take my big gulp and CCW and just be glad that my time working in that nightmare is over.

        • sbuffalonative

          OK, “center of the universe” was hyperbolic overkill.
          But go anywhere in the world and say “Wall Street” and people know you’re talking about high finance. Say, “Broadway” and they know you’re talking about theater. Say, “Time Square” they’ll think of New Years and a massive intersection. Macy’s, Central Park, ‘The Statue of Liberty’ (Liberty Enlightening the World).
          NYC is a defining city. Today, it’s developed a bad rap because of liberalism and minority crime. I don’t blame ‘the city’ any more than I blame guns for gun violence.
          If you’ve never lived there or been there, you likely don’t see the good stuff. While every once in a while you hear about some obscene Christmas display, there are twenty others that remind you of good old fashioned, small town, turn of the century Christmas.
          NYC is a mix of ugly and beautiful. One block on a side street of Time Square looks like a ghetto (at least when I lived there) and the next will have new or beautifully restored building.
          If you don’t like city livin’, it’s not for you. But it is a world defining metropolis and it would be even greater if it didn’t have to contend with the ‘urban’ crowd.

          And as I said, white people conceived of it and white people built it. It may have its flaws but we should be proud of white forbearers who created a civilization out of a wilderness.

          • Theron

            Please don’t misunderstand. All the things you mention are well known (Times Square, etc,,,). I’m not denying this. But “fame” does not equal greatness, just like huge does not mean beautiful . Greatness means giving civilization a lasting contribution, a POSITIVE lasting contribution, and a good quality of life. NYC does not! You called it a world defining metropolis…How so? It does have SOME influence, but it is just one in a chorus. Ancient ROME, on the other hand, was a defining city. But if you like it, more power to you. I wasn’t trying to put you down…I was just trying to understand what the big deal is. So far, I’m still looking!!!

    • MBlanc46

      You don’t like living in cities. Fine. A lot of people do. Urban crime is much more a part of minority neighborhoods than of white neighborhoods. And much more yuppie scum than human flotsam and jetsom.

  • Living downtown has conveniences. Otherwise it sucks.

    • GM (Australia)

      See my comment (above) about living in virtual exile a beautiful neat tidy suburban wasteland! As whites we must reclaim our own cities. Fortunately we do not have the large black population here and most of our uninvited new arrivals, particularly Muslims and Asians live in their own ghettos in some of our worst outer suburban areas. Also the exorbitant price of real estate keeps most undesirables away from our better inner city suburbs.

      • Street with houses on 30X120 lots, the way it used to be.

        • GM (Australia)

          That works out at about 300 sq mtrs, there are lots of outstanding houses on lots that size or less here in Sydney, they are going up all the time and many are worth BIG money. (A glimpse of the harbor, the CBD or the ocean will add a $million to the price tag!)

  • NYB

    Textbook real estate shenanigans.
    When speculators want to redevelop an older white neighborhood that isn’t for sale, they move in a few black families and wait for white flight – this is known as ‘block busting’.
    Once the area is completely ruined, they invoke humanitarianism to move the blacks out again. Section 8 moves the blacks outward into the white areas, beginning a new round of crime and white flight.
    The developers then gentrify the area they destroyed and sell it to yuppies.

    • Johnny Clay

      In DC, there are areas where no white person in his right mind would’ve lived 20 years ago, now the white populations of these areas are growing.

      • pcmustgo

        yup, ditto in NYC, places like Bed-Stuy, Harlem, famous black hoods…

      • Should be fun to see what happens by the ballpark.

      • AvidReaderSometimePoster

        indeed. 20 years ago no white person would/could live east of 16th street. Then the invisible boundry shifted to 14th street further east, then it caught up to the white pocket around Logan Circle at 12th and is moving further east to 10th.

      • MikeofAges

        But people in their wrong minds might have been acceptable neighbors.

    • Gunrunner1

      Really? This didn’t happen in Detroit, Comton, Birmingham, or Chicago. Negros move in and like rats they stay. The only thing that seems to “move them on up” is grim eyed Mexicans.

  • Robert Binion

    A teen was shot in the head at Railroad Park a little over a week ago. I never went once to see our local team the Barons when they fled to the suburbs. I would have missed beautiful Rickwood Field. I may go to the new diamond, maybe. I drove my visiting sister along the crest of Red Mountain on Christmas Eve to see the seasonal decorations, along her old stomping grounds. It was pretty but poignant, too, to stare down at the city that lay below. I do not know how it can be helped. Perhaps, they can rename the place “Derbyshire Downs.”

  • NC Mountain Man

    The downtown of where I live is pretty nice, and it is growing in terms of economic opportunity. Of course, I’m in the White part of the South. I would be less likely to live in Charlotte or Atlanta.

    However, as a general rule, it’s best to avoid the “MLK blvd/street/etc.,” of any city you go to.

    • Old Soldier

      And especially avoid MLK Blvd where it crosses Cesar Chavez Ave

  • Urban Teacher

    Reverse ethnic cleansing?

  • MekongDelta69

    Just for the heck of it (even though I knew what I (wouldn’t) find), I clicked on the original article and searched for the words, “white” and “black” and got back, “No matches found.”

    Now, HOW did I know that? Huh? Huh?

  • White Mom in WDC

    It doesn’t matter where we live in the USA, the element will follow us. It is a problem that will never be solved until whites have their own nation with the ability to exclude other races

    • MBlanc46

      That’s not likely to happen. But we kept blacks under control for 350 years; we can do it again.

      • White Mom in WDC

        I hope so. It really is time for a citizen revolt. Blacks are out if control. It truly is sickening

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    NAMs are essentially wrecking crews that follow us around. As a poor White (I went Galt decades ago), my entire life has involved fleeing them.

  • JohnEngelman

    In real estate there are said to be three important factors: location, location, location.

    I think the three important factors are: neighbors, neighbors, neighbors. The neighborhood I live in looks superficially like Georgetown in Washington, DC. There are the same Victorian mansions, the nineteenth century townhouses, and so on.

    The difference is that Georgetown is the home of Senators, Congressmen, and world famous journalists. Some of the neighbors in my neighborhood will kill you for the ten dollar bill in your wallet.

    • GM (Australia)

      You will need to be careful John, this website would never be the same if we loose your contributions.
      Also totally agree about the neighbor X 3 comment.

      • JohnEngelman

        Thank you. I do not hate blacks. I love facts that can be documented, and the truth.

        • Morris LeChat

          I love the truth, I know it when I hear it, I do not need documentation.

          • a multiracial individual

            The reason the scientific method is the most effective method of learning is quite simple, there have been many instances in history in which the “common sense” explanation was utterly wrong. Verification is always best.

          • Morris LeChat

            IF I thought you knew what you were talking about I might be impressed

          • JohnEngelman

            A lot of what people with strong feelings believe to be true simply is not true. They believe what they want to believe. That is why documentation is important.

            Some who post here believe the crime rate is going up. According to the FBI, which is the most credible source on this topic, the overall rate of crime has been declining since 1980. The rate of violent crime has been declining since 1991.


            Similarly, there was a better job market under Jimmy Carter than under Ronald Reagan.


          • BonusGift

            It is not so straightforward. For example, yes, it is likely that up until recently crime has trended down for several decades (i.e., according to the government figures) but the incarceration rate of the ‘yoofs’ has risen. That is, in the extreme without any criminals on the streets there would be no crime. When they begin releasing the “youths” then you will see that it was an illusion (e.g., watch California as they have begun releasing prisoners).

          • JohnEngelman

            The crime rate has continued to decline, even during our economic difficulties.


            It may not seem that way to some of those who access this website, because American Renaissance reports crime stories from all over the United States.

            There are two main reasons for the decline in the crime rate. First, the prison population has tripled since 1980.


            Second, the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 has greatly increased the abortion rate.


            The same kind of females who are most likely to have abortions are most likely to give birth to boy babies who grow up to become violent street criminals. They are unmarried, poorly educated, unemployed, unemployable, and stupid. Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner explain this in their book Freakonomics.


            If the government of California begins to release criminals from prison the people of California will be reminded that punishment works.

            The high cost of incarceration can be reduced by the thorough exploitation of prison labor, the frequent use of corporeal and capital punishment, and an end to educational and recreational opportunities.

          • BonusGift

            Why didn’t you just say that you agreed with me?

          • JohnEngelman

            You wrote, “until recently crime has trended down for several decades.”

            The crime rate seems to have continued to decline.

            Otherwise I agree with you that more punishment leads to less crime.

          • BonusGift

            You seem to be behind the times, recently it has not. See:

            According to the FBI, it is flat to slightly up (i.e., one can pick a category and see slight trends the other way, but overall it is slightly up to flat). Again, expect crime to go up in places like Calfornia as prisoners are released (and eventually neighboring states).

          • Morris LeChat

            a PHD— someone who has been educated to a higher degree of stupidity. Stop posting links fools, it only confirms what I say

    • pcmustgo

      Poor Engelman, roughing it out there without an Asian wife!

  • Lewis33

    When are we going to quit listening to these “Forbesfacebookrepublicans.” I for one am sick of them. They are what us hard working folks call “The yankee candle crowd.”

  • Howard W. Campbell

    This enchantment with living downtown tends to last until mom and dad realize that they either have to move or pony up the money for private schools if they want junior to receive any sort of reasonable education. Years ago, Eli Lilly wanted to make a major expansion in Indianapolis, but were wracking their brains about how to make this happen (this was in the late 1990’s when there was very low unemployment and incredible competition for talented people). Many of the people they wanted to bring in were scientists from overseas who were used to living in major metropolitan areas with good public transportation. Because of the negroes, the bus system in Indianapolis is purposely horrible. The 800 lb elephant that was not acknowledged was that talented people were not going to put their kids in the Indianapolis public school system. Indianapolis hasn’t gone bust, yet, but that is only because the suburbs which were rolled into the city thanks to Unigov are still paying the freight to carry the city. Eventually, this too will end.

    • The end run around the school issue is the creation of curious kinds of charter schools. While they can’t have selective admissions standards as such, there are ways to have de facto admissions standards to weed out ghetto blacks, and what you wind up with is a quasi-white quasi-public school.

      • In Camden, NJ, the school system was just taken over. The cost per student was $24K.

        Could a mother home school 10 to 15 kids in her home for 50-75% of that amount?

        Get rid of the DofE. End public education/schools. Let those who choose not to participate in looking out for their own suffer from their own lack of caring.

        • Luca

          The $24k is justified when you factor in that each teacher needs $60k salary, healthcare, 20 sick days, 35 vacation days, 3 months summer vacation, can’t be fired, and gets a pension equal to salary for life. But the real culprits are the support team of administrators, superintendents, vice principals, principals, Diversity counselors, HR, IT, etc. And don’t forget the Negro-run purchasing system where they have $500 toilet seats and the janitors have laptops and drive Jaguars. Whats’s worse is many of Camden’s students will go from school to prison where the costs per inmate are even higher than the costs per student.

    • MikeofAges

      Which is a shame. Because Indianapolis otherwise would have the potential to become a world city on a small scale, kind of like a San Antonio of the Midwest. The city has been put on the map thanks to Peyton Manning and the “500”, but the presence of considerable underclass of minimally assimilated blacks sure will get in the way. Even so, the process will proceed. Where do you not face this issue?

  • Dave

    Whites in Buffalo NY are too poor to move every time a neighborhood goes Black, so they have a new system. When the first Black family moves in, their house burns down. As in Black ghettoes, police can’t make an arrest if no one snitches. Landlords and their insurance companies quickly get the message.

  • While we’re on the subject of urban gentrification: These posts on my own blog always get a lot of traffic:

    With more to come this year.

    • I would have loved to seen some of those same pictures taken at night with a bunch of the snow on the ground. I love where I live at night when there is a bunch of snow on the ground. So serene, peaceful, quiet.

      • George

        A snowfall is like society. What starts out as being clean, white and beautiful eventually turns dirty, black and melts away to nothing.

        • I will agree with you on that.

  • MobyWhite

    The experiment will end badly for the Whites.

    They will move into town, have a genuine Diversity encounter, tell folks at work about it, folks will seize the opportunity to eliminate career competition, will go see the Human Resource Officer for Corporate Climate and Diversity, will tell their of their “concerns, fears, and outrage” that the Whitey vicitm dared talk like a victim, and he will be gone in a year.

    When it comes to Race, Whites always lose, but even so, Racism Saves Lives, even if it costs you your career.

    But isn’t overwhelming Demographic Change supposed to make America better? Better means White privilege eradication. That means you.

    • Morris LeChat

      Doom and gloom. The whites that moved into the gentrified areas of the South End, Back Bay, and now even Roxbury, did and are doing quite well. I lived in the South end for awhile, and was once even held up at gunpoint at my front door, about 1990, and even jumped by about 50 blacks coming out of a theater on Stewart st, The Park 57, again about 1990. I fought back by the way and had bloodied a couple of them. Most took shots at me then ran away. Even so, none of that ever soured me on the place. What soured me was rent going up. Shortly after graduating college I was walking through this strange area, the south end. It seemed every single building had just been gutted and rehabbed. There was not a black in sight. As I was walking a real estate agent talked me into seeing one of the units. I wish I had bought it, but I had just graduated and was rather unsure of things. It was a strange time. It was as if that section of town had just been rebuilt as if it had been bombed in a war.

  • A. Windaus

    The price of petrol is going up, and commuting is no longer worth it?

  • cecilhenry

    Quite frankly, if there was a white only city I would want to live there.

    WE have this by implicit default, but if is always open to opportunistic exploitation by any non-white group as soon as it becomes evident that where the white people are has become better (now).

    Then the ‘minorities’ rush in, become a de facto majority and no one wants to live there.

    The cycle has to STOP.

  • LHathaway

    “The real explanation is that they were helped along either by circumstance, by the fact that the blacks totally chewed through the neighborhood and left’

    I’m under the impression some of these areas are closer to the city center, and not always completely housing-units only. And there’s not much of anyone left as the area reaches bottom before the urban pioneers move in. But that’s just my general impression. It’s a free country though. There could be other whites who just feel like moving whereever, or are very limited by their income as to where they can move. They can’t afford to pay the white-tax in order to stay safe.

  • Eric Shun

    There goes the neighborhood! A year ago, I bought a decent older house on a golf course. The neighborhood is close to a small downtown in a small (75K pop.) FL city, and has been 100% White since it was built in the late ’50s. Yesterday morning, one street from my home, I drove by two black teens on there way to school. Last week, my air compressor was stolen from my unlocked garage. I suspect that the real estate crash has allowed some working blacks to buy homes in decent White neighborhoods. Well, that and section 8.

  • george00

    The whole article doesn’t make sense. How big is a neighborhood anyway? A few blocks. So six square blocks are totally white and surrounded by blacks. The blacks can walk and drive into thoughs neighborhoods and commit crimes can’t they? The schools and stores will still have blacks and other nonwhites in them.

  • once they have kids…. they all flee to the burbs. Toxic urban schools being what they are, there is no alternative.

  • I have lived in the downtown area of my city for about 12 years now. It is the historic district, full of large houses from the 1800’s, some single family but many converted to apartments. It is an open secret that if you want to live in a majority white neighborhood but don’t have a lot of money, go rent an apartment downtown. The only blacks in the downtown historic district are “magic negroes” who work hard and have bought the houses they live in.

    Section 8 is not accepted by any landlord renting apartments downtown. They don’t even advertise; not in the paper, not online, nothing more than word of mouth and putting a sign out front. And any landlord who rents to blacks is ostracized quickly, and immediately loses money as his or her other white tenants quickly move out.

    It can work but only if the community comes together to make it work.

    • One of the keys about being a Section 8 property is being up to the Section 8 code. Why would an owner “improve” a property to have it trashed?

      So in essence, not being up to Section 8 code keeps them out.

      • Not around here. Enforcement of section 8 code is lax to the point of being nonexistent. And I am sad to say that the worst offenders are white landlords who own rental properties and rent exclusively to section 8 recipients.

    • saxonsun

      The historic Stockade area of Schenectady, NY is similar. Whites live in the expensive old homes. Unfortunately, a few blocks away, there are blacks.

  • Prof. Jon

    I work in downtown Brooklyn, NY, and I am stunned at the beauty of the brownstones and the interiors of these homes. And then you notice the black guy smoking crack on the steps.
    You know these homes are inhabited by stroller-pushing yuppies. WTF?

  • Joe Patriot

    Whites have taken back large parts of New York City.

    And it it such a cool city now.

  • dj2

    I’m not an idiot.

    Let me tell you….the yuppies, hipsters, gays, and empty nesters who are “gentrifying” neighborhoods in brown and black territory are fighting a losing battle. Folks, this has been going on for more than 30 years with virtually no lasting effect.

    All it takes is one crime, one bad experience, one look at the schools, and everybody flees to the comfort of far flung suburban homes. I’ve seen this play out once too often.

    Here’s the thing people don’t want to admit: that the cities might just have to be abandoned. The reason people don’t want to admit this is because cities are treasures. The psychology of previous investment is simply too high. By the way this is true for much of the suburbs.

    Americans simply can’t admit to themselves that they live in concrete wastelands filled with trash, human and other. Admitting that is traumatic.

    • Liberalsuck

      As long as it’s their own money, I don’t care. It’s good for two reason: us normal, race-conscious whites won’t have to live around these delusional, leftist snobs. Two, maybe living in a ‘diverse’ setting, they can experience it first hand which might wake them up (if it doesn’t kill them, that is)

  • liberalsuck

    So white people move away from nonwhites, we’re racists. We move into their neighborhoods, and now it’s gentrification. The problem is they hate us no matter what we do and they just won’t leave us alone.

  • Whirlwinder

    I wish Birmingham good luck with the ‘white flight’ back to the downtown area. However, once those idealistic youngsters realize what they have done, the white flight will be reversed. Living in the ghetto is not conducive to a long life. Follow the money. If business comes rushing back to downtown, then it may work, for a while.

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