Rotten Tomatoes for a Billion-Dollar Farm Payout

James Bovard, Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2013

Are you a woman or a Hispanic who planted a backyard garden between 1981 and 2000? Did you ever dream of asking for a loan for help growing more? If so, you might be a victim of discrimination and entitled to a $50,000 payout from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But hurry—the deadline for submitting your claim is March 25.

The USDA announced in September that it would award a total of at least $1.3 billion to women and Hispanics who were not offered subsidized farm loans that they applied for, or said later they would have liked to apply for, from 1981 to 2000. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, saying that his agency was following the “path to justice,” invited “women and Hispanic farmers and ranchers who allege past discrimination” to come forward “to receive compensation.”

The bonanza was spurred by the Obama administration’s apparent discovery of a constitutional right for every citizen to squander tax dollars while farming. Since most farm loans previously went to white males, Uncle Sam is atoning by giving awards of $50,000 apiece to claimants from other ethnic groups or the non-male gender.

But the Arent Fox law firm in Washington, D.C., and other advocates for female farmers took exception to the USDA’s requirement that claimants submit solid evidence that they actually farmed or sought subsidized loans during the late 20th century.

The current standard for women and Hispanics is more rigorous than the one used during the rounds of settlements—the last one ended in 2010—to award billions of dollars to blacks who claimed to be victims of USDA discrimination between 1981 and 1996. In those cases, black claimants’ simple assertion that they had attempted to farm or had applied unsuccessfully for a farm loan was sometimes sufficient to collect a large payout. In December, the Government Accountability Office noted that most of the black applicants’ claims had been “evaluated based solely on the information submitted by the claimants and, as a result, the adjudicator of these claims has no way of independently verifying that information.”

Advocates for female farmers are also unhappy because the USDA is not providing free lawyers to help claimants collect a payout (as it did for black claimants). A report last October for Arent Fox by sociologist Eugene Ericksen also complained that the claims form was “excessively burdensome” because it requested women to specify the “exact year(s)” they applied for subsidized loans and to “describe your farming operation or your effort to farm” and “your prior farm experience(s), training or education.”

Such questions may have been spurred by the profusion of shaky claims under prior settlements. More than 90,000 African Americans filed claims before the deadline in 2012, asserting that they were wrongly denied farm loans or other USDA benefits in the 1980s and 1990s. The Census Bureau later estimated that there were at most 33,000 black-operated farms nationwide in those years. Even that number probably is inflated because anyone who sells more than $1,000 in agricultural commodities—the equivalent of 150 bushels of wheat, or one horse—is categorized as if he were a bona fide farmer.


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  • shmo123

    What a colossal waste of money. Does anyone know who is responsible for this so I can write one of my poison pen letters?

  • Old Soldier

    I wouldn’t worry about that March 25 cut-off date, ladies. These programs have a way of being extended over and over.

  • The__Bobster

    Come one! Come all! To the Great Pigford Pigout!

    Hold on a minute, sir! “All” does not include White males.

  • The__Bobster

    Advocates for female farmers are also unhappy because the USDA is not providing free lawyers to help claimants collect a payout (as it did for black claimants).

    As the jewish grandmother said when her drowning grandson was washed ashore by a giant wave, “Thank you, God, but he had a hat.”

    • Paleoconn

      Classic! Rayciss, but classic!

  • NYB

    As the socialist house of cards collapses in on itself, expect the bitter leftists to lash out at whites by giving away the remains of the national treasury.

    • Non Humans

      What “Remains”? At nearly $17 tril in debt what could possibly remain?
      Truth is, that when the economy collapses, and da EBTeez and other entitlements run out, it will be one of the best things that has happened to this country in a long time. It will be reborn from the blood (absence) of nonhumans and ashes of a civil war, segregation (from those among them who are smart enough to flee), and for the first time in a long time common sense financial and social policies by a majority white government.
      There will be alot of hell to go through in the times just after the occurrence, but for those of us with “Country” skills, it’ll only be a slight change in lifestyle and diet.
      The nonhumans, on the other hand, will fizzle like a candlelight extinguished by its own wax.

  • sbuffalonative

    The program that just keeps on giving.

    This is why issues like gay marriage are a problem. On the surface and at first, it only appears it’s about ‘equal rights’ but over time, it will evolve into something few people agreed to or foresaw.

    Just look at ‘disparate impact’. Did anyone foresee the trouble that would lead to?

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Yep. The more victim groups the government legitimizes, the more liable we are for their self-failures.

    • Hal K

      Yes, perhaps we will owe billions to gays who were denied married filing status in the past.

  • The USDA announced in September that it would award a total of at least $1.3 billion to women and Hispanics who were not offered subsidized farm loans that they applied for, or said later they would have liked to apply for, from 1981 to 2000.

    I would have liked to have short sold Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac naked in 2008 when I figured out how much money they were lending to people who don’t pay their bills to buy houses well out of their price range.

    Where’s my check?

  • Tom Vilsack sure picked a fine time to hand out money I thought we didn’t have.
    Pay up, white boys, and I call you boys because you sure aren’t men.

    Cuckold, cornudo, comuto, it all means the same.
    Go right on ahead and apply for that college loan you’ll never pay off with your degree in Philosophy.

    • Paleoconn

      Sequester schmequester

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Try saying that fast out loud three times.

        • Paleoconn

          I just tried, and I chipped a tooth haha

  • bigone4u

    Secretary Vile-sack is a sack of you know what. It’s hard to imagine a more blatant example of a government that works against the interests of the productive class and for the interests of the parasite class. A few years ago a white male flew his airplane into the IRS offices in Austin Texas. It’s a shame that he had to kill himself to make his point.
    It wouldn’t surprise or upset me if others begin to make the point in a similar fashion, or better yet by hacking the government computers in which this program and similar ones are being carried out. One smart white cyber guy could stop a lot of this nonsense PDQ.
    The federal government is openly declaring itself the enemy of white people, emboldened to practice thievery in the form of taxes on white working Americans on an ever larger scale. King
    George thought he could lord it over our ancesters. Wrong. King Obongo is wrong too.

  • Brady

    I can only imagine what the Chinese must be thinking about us using the money we borrow from them on things like this.

  • Paleoconn

    Apparently these socialists think they will succeed where socialists in Europe and Canada and all over the world have failed.

    • NYB

      Like Labour in Britain throwing open their borders to Third World immigrants, the failing left will burn our society to the ground in final, irrevocable acts of petty vindictiveness.

      • Paleoconn

        If I run into Tony Blair in public, the people around me better restrain me, because there are few people that I loathe more than that sonofabitch. Of course, I’d have to first extricate him from the rectum of Bushlet.

      • Felix_M

        I look forward to the day when it’s open season on leftists…and I used to not be a violent person. (When there’s nothing left to eat the only thing to eat will be the left…mmm, mmm.)

        • Non Humans

          Tainted meat, man. Don’t eat it. Just have fun weeding them out.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Apparently, some of them are beginning to look around and say, “Ooops, maybe we went too far?” But it is difficult to “cure” a human mass problem once it is established.

    • joesolargenius

      Socialism is about stealing as much as possible while pretending to help others ,the people on top are not trying to build a utopian society. It is those dreamers on the bottom whom believe that this form of government will improve their lives whom enable and facilitate such a movement . Unfortunately these dreamers will eventually wind up in a much worse situation when those paying the bill no longer do so. The so called leaders will then just simply disappear with their share of the loot while making excuses as to why it didn’t work this time either .

      • Paleoconn

        Agreed, they succeed at looting the treasury for their pet projects, even as the country around them goes bankrupt.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Actually, they only failed when they got flooded with refugees/immigrants/asylum seekers. They had capitalist, merchantilism going too. AND the U.S. has shown that capitalism has its limits when we repeatedly have to bail out big corporations (auto makers), banks and subsidize farmers. Let’s be realistic about it, both systems have limits.

      • Paleoconn

        Agreed, the Euro socialism failed when they opened borders to third worlders, and when the formed the United Europe. As Milton Friedman said, you can’t have a welfare state and open borders.

        Btw, bank and auto bailouts is not capitalism. It’s socialism. Socialists call it crony capitalism to give capitalism a bad rep. Ditto easy loans to all that caused the housing crisis, as well as artificially low interest rates and endless printing of money.

  • dd121

    Could the democrat-leftists give us more vivid proof of their total corruption? This can’t go on for long.

  • bigone4u

    Guess the mod didn’t like my mild (to my mind) insult to Vilsack (a similar insult which went through last week) in an earlier post. Anyway, this program is a fine testimony about how government has become a wealth transfer mechanism, robbing industrious white taxpayers and literally giving away $50,000 each to the “disadvantaged.” I hope that the guy who hacked Hillary’s emails hacks the Ag Dept computers and wipes out this program. Comments sections like these are fine for communicating, but at some point active nonviolent resistence is a good thing.

  • joesolargenius

    Do you really think this is bad ,just wait until they start giving Homosexuals large payouts for being discriminated against in regards to same sex marriage. All they will have to do is just say they wanted to marry someone but couldn’t because of discrimination .

  • MBlanc46


  • James

    I find it troubling they haven’t included Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered people that may have wanted to farm, too. Not to mention illegal aliens. Perhaps in the next round of settlements.

  • eavesmac

    If you think for one second this payout will improve the life of the people its offered to, think again. After they gorge themselves on junk food and flatscreen tv’s, it’ll be back to normal.

  • MobyWhite

    Jared Taylor should team up with a greedy Civil and Employment Rights law firm and run ads trolling for victims of racial discrimination:

    Are you a White man who wanted to work for a Fortune 500 company but were discouraged from applying because of all the Diversity celebrations on the company’s website?

    You may be eligilbe to win phat bank when we get finished with the hateful and intolerant anti white Diversity worshippers.

    Have you seen the house that the company’s Officer of Corporate Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity lives in.
    Yours will be bigger.

  • Liz Betbeze

    Keep that money coming china. You won’t ever get it back.


    It’s hypocritical for the WSJ to bitch about stuff like this when it’s an inevitable result of the immigration policies and “race doesn’t exist” crap they push. The WSJ is pure evil.

  • Anders Brevik

    Whites have been the takers for centuries (labor from blacks, land from native americans and land from the mexicans). Its time for the rest – hispanics and blacks to get their fair share of money and land.

    • if by chance they ever get it… they still poop where they eat and need some one to care for them

    • jay11

      Blacks have taken from other blacks all across Africa. Blacks were sold as slaves by other blacks. Blacks were brought to Arab lands, not just to the new world, and most blacks were not even taken to the lands that became the U.S.A, so large scale culpability is not on our backs. (Some yes, but certainly not on the scale of what other powers did like the Arabs, Portugal, Spains, etc).
      America is not responsible for anything that happened to Native Americas in Canada, or for Mexico on down. That leaves basically the lower 48 states. In all that land, anthropologists estimate there were less than 2 million native americans. That’s a lot of empty land. Some bad was done, no doubt, but the Spanish were far worse in mexico where millions died, and we are not responsible for what the Spanish did.
      And about that land we got from mexico, how is it different from the northwest territories we got from England after the rev war? Mexico only claimed the land as an inheritance from spain, but mexico did not have effective control over the bulk of it and only had less than 20,000 Mexican citizens living in all the land from California to texas. We got dragged into war on account of texas, but we PAID for the land afterwards with what would be billions of dollars in today’s money.

    • dhs

      “Fair” is a word that has significance only within a group. Between different groups and often intergroup, force is what counts. White men took when they were powerful; now they are being mugged because they are weak. I don’t expect Liberals like you to understand this, but sadly many normal white men don’t understand it either.

    • Bill

      So what. Whites are the only ones who have built thriving civilizations on that land, and are the only ones who have instituted a Constitutional or Parliamentary form of government to ensure that laws are made to protect the population. The highest form of civilization mexicans achieved was to build step pyramids and rip hearts out of victims. Native Americans pretty much bled the ground dry then moved on, never building much that lasted, and engaged in continual warfare against their neighbors. Blacks, world over, are civilization destroyers when left to their own devices. All those slaves you worry about? SOLD into slavery by other blacks and by Arabic traders. Freed blacks in THIS country owned other blacks as slaves. So cry me a river as to your apparent sympathy for the primitive, violent, lawless races.

  • snake socialist opoopa

    Come on now. Pig in the name gives it away. It was really one of Opoopa’s pig reparation gumint giveaway gimmicks to any non-white who applies and a complete fraud like everything else since uncivil rights began in the 60s and America was burned down city to city running all the whites out and into the burbs or southern states.

    This will be unending over the term of pig Opoopa in spite of his sequester lies. The robber was given the keys to the bank in 2008 and so far he has caused 7 trillion to go MIA as he secretly stuffs it in the same exact Caribbean banks Chavez Castro and other fellow commies do while he doles out chump change to keep his sheeple happy so they will go along with him and not bitch.

    Redistribution is a fraudulent term since the only redistribution is in the pockets of Opoopa and all his socialist pals who did the same thing. The masses get a little chump change as he throw them a bone. In the end socialist rape the nation of all its wealth while making themselves kings and queens espec in hollywood and the media.

  • Ted

    I am from IOWA and Vilsack is one rotten jerk.
    Look into his eyes and watch his facial expressions, he is a mean spirited Evil Man, I bet Obumma love him?

    • Speaking of, Vilsack’s wife tried to take out one of the scant few real immigration patriots in the House, Steve King, last year. Thankfully, he won re-election, and now that Tom Dung Heap Harkin (*) is retiring, King wants to run for the Senate.

      (*) – In related news, Dung Heap and a bunch of leftists in the House want to expand the school lunch program to weekends and holidays:

      If a powerful farm state Senator wants it, then a whole lot of farm state politicians, including a lot of Republicans, will vote for it.

      So if we’re going to extend school lunches to weekends and holidays, when school is not in session, and some places have already instituted evening school suppers, why not go all the way? And why be so ageist to limit this program to “children?” And why limit this to “at-risk” individuals when that stigmatizes and marginalizes them?

      No, the only real social justicey solution is that every person everywhere of every age gets all three meals per day every day at some school.

      Would this mean that we can reduce SNAP/Food Stamp benefit amounts across the board now that everyone is eating at school, including those on SNAP? No way. Because…it’s for the children.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I really sympathize with white males. That is the main reason I joined this movement in 2004 in my early 20’s. When I see reports like this, it really upsets me how white women get lumped in with other “victim groups”. I fully agree that white males are shown exponentially more discrimination than anybody, including their own women. However, what we need to realize as a movement is that this is a tactic by the left to separate us by gender as a race, so that we will stop reproducing.

    When white men get discriminated against, it is indirectly negatively affecting white women as well. And even if white women aren’t discriminated against nearly as much as white men, we are still discriminated against more than minority women as well as minority men in a lot of cases. Just look at blonde jokes etc…

    I really wish that as a movement, we could view ourselves as a race, instead of this division between white men and everyone else (including white women). I am not saying that this movement does that intentionally, but articles like this, propagated by the left, sure do arouse divisions between the two genders within our race a little too often. It needs to stop. We need each other to reproduce,……badly.

    • jay11

      I think everyone here would agree with you, just some guys need to blow off steam because the anti-white-male stuff is really, really thick these days. To make matters worse, a LOT of anti-white-male stuff is directed at us by liberal, leftist women who are doing a full court press now. Be patient with us please.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        I see your point, but sometimes it is hard to be patient when you come on here as a white woman who is hoping to see something good come out of this movement, and you want to support white men, and what you get in return is a negative view and distrust towards your demographic. It makes me mad that a small fraction of white women make the rest of us look bad.

        • Bill

          The problem is it is not a small fraction. Other than blacks, white women were the demographic who most voted for Obama. Praise God that not all white women are clueless like that, or hate white men so much that they’d vote for a black white hating, lying, non-citizen. Thank God there are still some out there like you. Not enough, but hope survives because there are white women like you.

          • White women voted Romney. White women under 30 voted Romney. It is true that white women under 25 voted Obama, but white men under 25 also voted Obama. If my memory serves, the white man/white woman gender gap in 2012, circa 5-6 points, was the lowest for a Presidential election in my lifetime.

  • Greg Thomas

    How about a payout to all the White males, who applied for a government job, but were rejected in favor of some “wise latina?”

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I had planted gardens at my home for several years during that time period. I have photos. I plan to dress up as a woman and claim that I am transgender and apply for this cash! (It’s not my fault that I can’t afford the operation).