CPAC 2013: Donald Trump: Immigration Reform Is a ‘Suicide Mission’ for GOP

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times, March 15, 2013

Donald Trump said the Republican party will lose elections if it reforms the nation’s entitlement programs and will hand Democrats 11 million votes if Congress grants citizenship to illegal immigrants, likening the reform efforts to a “suicide mission.”

Mr. Trump also said that the United States should “take” $1.5 trillion worth of oil from Iraq to pay for the cost of the war and give $1 million to each of the families that lost someone in the effort — sparking applause from the thousands gathered Friday for the American Conservative Union’s 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).



Mr. Trump also took aim at Republicans on Friday.

Without naming them, Mr. Trump criticized GOP consultant Karl Rove for not getting a better return on the hundreds of millions of dollars he invested in the 2012 campaign, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for urging the GOP to “stop being the stupid party” after the election.

“What a horrible statement,” he said.

“The Donald” also weighed into the thorny issue of immigration.

“The fact is 11 million people will be voting Democratic. You can be out front. You can be the spearhead. You can do whatever you want to do, but everyone of those 11 million people will be voting Democratic,” he said. “It is just the way it works.”

“You have to be very, very careful, because you could say that to a certain extent the odds aren’t looking so great for Republicans, that you are on a suicide mission,” he said. “You are just not going to get those votes.”

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  • StillModerated

    CPAC used to be relevant, but now it’s a bunch of college brats looking for government jobs. The GOP is probably doomed because the USA does not need 2 left-wing parties.

    • Believe it or not, a half a generation ago, the CofCC was once welcome at CPAC.

      This year’s CPAC, by contrast, is the place where schizophrenia became a contagious disease.

      I don’t know if Trump is for real or just playing an angle, but whichever, he’s been among the most sensible of speakers at CPAC this year.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Come on out of the closet Mr. Trump. Its alright to be White.

    • Nadela


    • Sherman_McCoy

      Better than just alright. It’s RIGHT to be white!

    • White Mom in DC

      Yeah mom! It’s alright to be white and to have white kids!

  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    I was up very early in the morning a couple of days ago and caught a few moments of Trump on some Fox News broadcast where he was talking about the economy and he said something to the effect that the US needed to consider the economic policies of the so called “Brazil Economic Miracle” and perhaps emulate those. And I’m thinking to myself . . . “yeah right Mr. Hair Comb, emulate Sao Paulo with more private heliports and walled in high security residential square footage than any city in the Western Hemisphere.

    • ATBOTL

      I think he means having a government policy supporting the development of industry which is how America became great to begin with. Trump favors Buchanan style economic policy.

  • The__Bobster

    The Donald seems to be the only one there who opposes amnesty
    for the stubbies. I don’t know how the spineless RINO’s let him sneak in.

    • smkuehl

      Mainstream Republicans are pro-amnesty, overwhelmingly. Those who oppose amnesty and an invasion of tens of millions of nonwhite immigrants, legal and illegal, are the RINO’s

      • The__Bobster

        You are living in the Bizarro world. Only the RINO country club Republican elites support amnesty because they want cheap labor.

        • liberalsuck

          your average working class conservative white person hates amnesty.

        • smkuehl

          No, I’m not “living in a bizarro world.” I was not referring to the tens of millions of people who Republican, always or usually or sometimes, because of abortion or guns or taxes or Jesus or hatred of liberalism and “secularism” and “big government” or whatever. Yes, it’s true that most of them are opposed to amnesty. But so what. They have no power, real power, other than the right to vote and to ague and inveigh. I was referring to the leaders, those with power: Presidents, presidential candidates, senators, congressmen, SC justices, judges, etc., activists, lobbyists, lawyers, propagandists, think-tankers, academics, journalists, pundits, etc. those who dictate policy and give speeches and write for mainstream Republican/libertarian publications and websites, and the millionaires and billionaires and corportations who lavishly fund them in exchange for the advocacy and enactment of privatization, deregulation, tax-cuts, outsourcing, deunionization, free trade, globalism, and immigration policies that give them an endless supply of cheap and cheaper labor to maximize their profits and make them increasing richer. Virtually of these traitors either support or refuse to oppose amnesty. And who gave us the last amnesty? The quintessential, consummate, symbolic Republican, the demigod and saint of conservative Republicanism, the great Ronald Wilson Reagan.

          Subject: [americanrenaissance] Re: CPAC 2013: Donald Trump: Immigration Reform Is a ‘Suicide Mission’ for GOP

        • JohnEngelman

          They claim they want Hispanic votes. What they really want is the campaign contributions of those who benefit from the export of good jobs and the import of cheap labor.

    • Dr. Mabuse opened the door for him, Mr. Bobster. You remember Mabuse, right?

  • Hunter Morrow

    Even though latinos are twice as likely to have bastard children, 3 times more likely to have an abortion while having the highest teen pregnancy rate doesn’t mean they won’t vote Republican. Ignore their behavior, latinos have family values. Even though they use every form of welfare at a higher rate than Whites doesn’t mean they won’t vote for the party that is framed as hostile to their gibsmuhdat and government queso. Forgot that their unemployment rate is 50 percent higher. Rah rah speeches about job growth and small businesses will make latinos vote for you.

    Ignore the past 50 years worth of voting history of hispanics NEVER voting for the GOP on a national level. Ignore the fact that they voted for Carter over Reagan and chose Mondale over Reagan 2 to 1 and 70 percent of them voted for Michael goddamned Dukakis and in the past two presidential elections voted for Obama over his GOP opponents better than 2 to 1. Shut your eyes tight, jam your fingers in yours ears and block out reality by chanting this mantra…


    • haroldcrews

      Excluding the Cubans you are 100% correct.

      • IstvanIN

        The immigrants, yes, but the grandchildren are Demoncrats.

      • BonusGift

        Important correction; excluding Spanish/white Cubans.

      • tyrant obama stole 6 trillion

        Cubans or Batista Cubans are white Spanish who came to America to escape Marxist tyrant Castro and were given political asylum citizenship. They numbered 500k only. Castro is also of white race Spanish ancestry like Batista. Castro would have executed them.

        Big misunderstanding and the truth is had Kennedy defeated the commies at the Bay of Pigs all of them would have returned more than likely because afterall Castro seized or confiscated all their land homes farms and businesses under his socialism and still managed to kill hundred of thousands of his enemy capitalists.

        Whites have to choose between capitalism that creates individual wealth or communism that creates mass dependence on central government. Its an easy choice and there were no black Cubans of African slave ancestry who came to Cuba.

        The bigger question although is why Cubans vote liberal as opposed to conservative and the only answer to that can be explained due to being treated as Spanish speaking minorities when they came to south Florida over 50 yrs ago and had to start with nothing as peasants having left everything they owned back in Cuba hoping Castro would be defeated and overthrown so they could return to their nation and belongings or family. In addition the 500 yr history between Spain and Mexico is well known and the fact that New Spain existed 320 yrs before Mexico got its independence leaving remnants of Spain throughout with speaking the language and controlling the nation.

        Batist Cubans did not come to Florida out of choice but out of necessity and Cuba was a wealthy nation before the Castro revolution whom Obama admires as one of his altime hero’s although we know socialist tyrants steal all the wealth for themselves and oddly enough American taxpayers have seen 6 trillion vanish in Obama’s forst 4 years where he really didnt have a big war to fight as Bush who had 2 large wars and was a big spender yet increased the national debt only 3 trillion in 8 yrs.

        Where is that missing 6 trillion under socialist tyrant Obama? Why is it that the so called oppressed always become the oppressor?

    • Greg Thomas

      That’s right. This despite the fact that ronnie reagan gave 5 million illegal invading mexicans amnesty in 1986. How many GOP voting hispanics did that produce? The answer is nada.
      What it did help create is 30 million illegal invading mexicans now
      demanding another amnesty. Let us not forget the constant cries of racism hurdled
      at the GOP from their beloved diversity, even when the likes of Jorge Bush and
      Juan McCain, spent the better part of everyday, cheerleading on behalf of
      illegal invaders and amnesty. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Felix_M

      Dámelo. That’s how you say “gibsmuhdat” in Spanish. Dámelo.

    • StillModerated

      I received a survey from the Republican National Committee yesterday. They were asking for a donation. I told them to pander to the White vote if they wanted to survive. I also enclosed 2 cents.

      • The RNC called me a few weeks back, presumably because I donated to Romney’s campaign. I told the guy precisely why they’ll never see another cent from me. The RNC will not be calling back.

        • The__Bobster

          Yes, they will. They called me back after I royally reamed them out.

          • Bobster is right, baldowl. If you want to ditch an annoying frequent telemarketer/panhandler, the worst thing you can do is to acknowledge that there’s a living breathing human being at that phone number.

          • I never pick up my land line phone. I keep the ringer off.

        • liberalsuck

          That almost boils my blood seeing these Republicans who lost in 2008 and 2012 giving their advice. I’m almost like, “oh, to hell with you people! You didn’t work hard to get yourself elected in both years, our country is worse now, your party keeps caving into your enemies, and now you are wanting our help again?”

      • Greg Thomas

        That was 2 cents more than they are worth.

      • liberalsuck

        My mother got a call from the RNC asking for donations and she said she was annoyed. I told her to ask them what they’ll do for white people since we are the only ones who vote for them.

    • “Latinos” vote republican. Once. I worked with them, and all of them voted for George W., because of the Reagan amnesty. Once.

  • Nathanwartooth

    I read a great Vdare article that explained that the Republicans are hoping for a deal that will give the illegals work permits so that they can get the cheap labor but not make them citizens so they wont vote against them.

    It’s utterly insane and will never work.

    • smkuehl

      Just like in Saipan, the largest island in a U.S commonwealth. Google Saipan and/or read the chapter on Saipan in Thomas Frank’s “The Wrecking Crew.” The only hope for Republicans to keep providing the rich and business class with an endless supply of cheap labor while still winning presidential elections and congressional majorities is to turn the U.S. into a huge Saipan in which aliens are virtual slaves who not only can’t vote but have virtually no rights of any kind and can never become citizens. Jesus Christ will return to earth before that happens. Republicans are not only insane but suicidal.

      • Nathanwartooth

        They think they can have their cake and eat it too.

        What they don’t understand is that there is an increasing White base that just sits at home on election day because they don’t support the Republican candidate.

      • The__Bobster

        Vdare calls them “helots”, non-voting serfs.

        Today’s immigration panel at CPAC was a wondrous journey into a parallel universe. In this fantastical land, “jobs go begging in the streets,” Hispanics plead to be used as helots, guest workers take a vow of celibacy once they cross the border, and the issue of immigration can avoid being “politicized.”

  • Kathy M

    Maybe Trump reads AmRen?

    • TeutonicKnight67

      I hope so.

  • Nate Miller

    Trump is a publicity craving idiot who was born under privileged conditions with a silver spoon in his mouth. If not for his wealthy father and inherited business, this oaf would have been reduced to a pauper on the streets selling pencils from a paper cup. He LOST most of his rich dad’s hard earned business and real estates. His famous Trump Tower building in Chicago is a good example of being a big flop. I don’t take this idiot’s words seriously.

    • bigone4u

      He can be all the negative things you say he is and still be right about immigration and other policies.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      As our Bantu neighbors would say …” Don’t be Hatin’ ” but seriously, i am not here to be a water-carrier for Trump but I don’t understand why people resent wealth so much. It sounds so marxist and envious. So because he inherited wealth, lost a great part of it and then came back to be worth even more he is somehow an idiot? Trump takes risks and sometimes they don’t pay off. If you read the biographies of the great leaders of business and politics of the last two centuries , you will find that a great majority of them failed many times over before finally hitting it big.

      In the early 1980’s Trump took a small risk and invested in a neglected ice rink in Central Park. That small gesture gave the city HOPE and things started to turn around. NYC was definitely headed the way of Detoilet at that point. It may very well still go that way but here was a white leader who at least did something to try and stop the swarthy tide.

      I think the biggest risk Trump is taking nowadays is speaking his mind. The Commissars and Obamissars will not permit this much longer. Interesting fact: several years ago an Israeli developer was putting up a building using non-union mestizos and asians. As he passed the site, Trump made his driver stop and he got out to stand in solidarity with the union (WHITE) protesters. He stayed several minutes with them, taking pictures etc. and expressed his heartfelt support. He made it clear to these working-class whites that he felt they were being sold out by the foreigners. He also reminded them that he NEVER uses scab (brown) labor on his projects and wondered why the foreign investors should be allowed to get away with this.

    • george00

      Trump is richer many times over than what his dad was.

      I’m kind of a fan of his show “The Apprentice”, I’ve read a couple of his books, I think his judgement is excellent.

      I’ve heard parts of his speech that he gave at the CPAC where he said something like this country’s been run by idiots for that last 30 or 40 years. Who could disagree with that? Now I hear he also said the illegals will be voting for Democrats when they’re citizens. It’s so obvious but I almost never hear it on the MSM.

  • bigone4u

    Mr. Trump’s political incorrectness could get HIM FIRED by NBC, that nest of rattlesnakes disguised as humans. Thus, I appreciate his comments for the courage it took to make them. Judging from his ratings and his book sales he has many admirers. One can hope that they will agree with him and make themselves heard.

    • liberalsuck

      When are we going to stop making excuses of “Well, I’d speak out….but I’d get fired”? Our ancestors weren’t concerned whether or not they’d get fired or thrown in prison or be called names back in their day. If they saw an injustice, they fought it. Our enemies have controlled us with fear and greed. We are fearful to stand up for the backlash, possible imprisonment, loss of job, loss of income, etc. The greed has controlled our elected officials and business folks, “Who cares if I’m displacing hardworking white people? At least I’m getting a discount and making all this money!” They say in the investment world that you should not let your decisions be made off of fear or greed. I only wish most whites applied that philosophy when it came to what is best for us as a people.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Great way of putting it, My opinion of Trump has now shot way up.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I agree. Hardly anyone else at CPAC, let alone the GOP, has been capable of perceiving or stating the basic reality, and Trump did it. It proves he can at least think and not parrot the elites’ lies. Good for him.

      • BonusGift

        I am also not a fan, but I should point out to his credit that he was one of the few to point out the fact that Barry is not qualified to be president.

  • redfeathers

    I watched a few minutes of CPAC yesterday, just in time to see carnival barker Don Francisco, the host of Sabado Gigante. Then I looked a little closer and realized it was Al Cardenas, the head of CPAC.

    • Egbert, King of Wessex

      Don Francisco (Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld) isn’t actually latino. Trying to get in the audience on next trip to Miami.

      • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

        Are you for real? You want to sit in the studio audience amongst a Third World rabble and watch this fatso loud mouth blathering baboso (and a very wealthy baboso at that) play grab-ass with loud mouth Culiacan “beauty” queens that are all jacked up on coke??

  • rick

    Trump for president!! He seems like a tough-as-nails, no nonsense kind of guy.

    So I’m not surprised he doesn’t buy into the nonsensical rubbish that Third-World peasants would be lining up to vote Republican if it wasn’t for their pesky oppostion to “comprehensive” immigration reform.

  • Dunnyveg

    Trump is proof of the validity of the old apothegm that in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Carry on, Mr. Trump!

  • A. Windaus

    71% of Hispanics voted for Obama in 2012.

    • liberal snakes

      That 71% were Mexican-Americans for Obama and 29% for Romney. Cuban-Americans voted 53% for Obama and 47% for Romney. Big difference Not hard to figure out why Obama and liberal scum are more interested in the Mexican vote and want as many millions here as they can flood in.

  • Vyncennt

    “Mr. Trump also said that the United States should “take” $1.5 trillion worth of oil from Iraq to pay for the cost of the war and give $1 million to each of the families that lost someone in the effort ”

    The war our government foisted on the citizens of Iraq? I have no love of Iraq, mind you, but to attack them under false pretense and then follow it up with theft of their natural resources?

    Unfortunately, this man spouts as much nonsense as he does truth. Perhaps that’s the best we can expect these days, but I’d pray for a bit more….

    • White Mom in WDC

      Why the hell not? Dude we should plummet all those towel heads’ oil. Screw Abu

  • sbuffalonative

    I’m not fond of Trump. He’s a populist showman generally out to promote himself.
    But I have to thank him for speaking the obvious to a captive and misguided group. Will they take heed? Probably not. Rove is still in charge and he has more than a few loyal supporters of his immigration plan.

    • fakeemail

      I agree. Trump is a lot of things (many unsavory and self-serving), but a fool he isn’t. Good for him for having the guts to say the truth.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Why do they keep referring to amnesty as “reform?”

    • Because in focus groups, “reform” polls a lot higher than “amnesty.”
      And also…the essence of Hell is the infinite proliferation of focus groups.

    • The__Bobster

      And when Democrats use the word “comprehensive”, it means they want to pass a measure containing a few good things but a lot of really destructive things from their wish lost. Naturally, the media will only mention the good things.

    • JohnEngelman

      Whenever someone mentions that word “reform” you need to ask more questions. In an economy of steadily diminished opportunities you need to ask, “Will I benefit from that reform or not?

  • sshadow


    • CrowBoi1977

      Pat Buchanan is getting up there in age…

      I am worried about having literally no voice for Pro-White-ish type views. Luckily though it seems that Trump and Coulter are in line to bat next!

      • liberalsuck

        There are younger whites stepping up to the plate as well. In fact, it’s going to come from the younger generation of whites to stand up and fight and I get a feeling as time goes on and things get worse that more and more whites of all ages will throw off the self hate and guilt.

        • CrowBoi1977

          liberalsuck I certainly hope you are correct!

          The Towson White Student Union led by the excellent Matthew Heimbach is hopefully an indication of things to come!

          (I happen to work in the bowels of uber-liberal academia with its ‘Diversity’ obsession and need to make a donation to the TWSU as part of my resistance activities…)

  • SmithandSmith

    I always liked Trump but I’m betting that if I bothered to research, I’d hate him. Or at least, partially. I know he said muslims are great people but I know he lied about that. When you’re in business, you will say anything to keep the waters calm.

    I know this, he’s never dated/married a non-white.

    • IstvanIN

      You can find something to not like about everybody.

      • Paleoconn

        Agreed, nobody’s perfect. And with the state of Conservatism being what it is now, this speech of his is a breath of fresh air. I also read that there was quite a lot infighting at this CPAC, and one person even dared to point out that MLK was a radical Marxist. I can’t imagine anybody have cojones like that say 10 or even 20 years ago at a CPAC.

        • liberalsuck

          Even lots of regular whites are speaking out. They don’t have jobs to worry about since many are unemployed. Their elected officials are screwing them over and never listen to us. Our own government is against us. Many whites figure, “What have we got to lose now?”

          • Paleoconn

            Things will get bloody for the elites when a critical mass of people find themselves in that nothing-to-lose situation.

      • KissMeI’mAMutt

        Oh, yeah. I can find far FAR more I dislike about, let’s say, Tim Wise or Robert Jensen, Michael Moore, the MSNBC pundits, or the anti-white black celebrities than I can when it comes to Donald Trump or Mitt Romney. At least Trump and Romney aren’t anti white and, unlike those liberal anti-white parasites, they at least built companies and gave people jobs. I could also care less anymore if someone speaking in favor of our race or standing up to anti-white bigots have “slept with a nonwhite/married a nonwhite.” We might not approve of their relationship or mating selections, but that doesn’t mean they hate themselves for being white. However, I do take issue with people who preach against a race of people, but they are married to members of that race they speak out against. I do take issue with the people who say they are in favor of segregation, yet they will have a child with someone of a different race (like Strom Thurmond). I do take issue with nonwhites who whine about white people being racist, yet they support things that only benefit their race. My thing is this-I’m more concerned with consistency of people’s messages than I am the views they claim to hold.

  • Felix_M

    The GOP is going to alienate its base. They should remember the adage: A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.

    Translation: Instead of selling out futilely trying to win over Lupita and Nacho’s votes, why not support policies that will keep your supporters in your camp? That makes more sense.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      The GOP is finished. It is simply Demonrat Lite. Despite all the dire predictions, we whites are still the MAJORITY of this country and need to start acting as such. Even if we assume the worst we will still hold a plurality of the electorate. We need an America First party that stands for overtly white values. Our values like CIVILIZATION, culture, order, development, Science (REAL science not pseudosciences like Bantu studies courses), technology etc.

      • Truth Teller

        “whites are still the MAJORITY of this country and need to start acting
        as such. Even if we assume the worst we will still hold a plurality of
        the electorate.”

        Doesn’t matter. I’ve pointed it out a hundred times, but it never seems to sink in. First, multi-culturalism affects different regions of the country more than others. New England, more white than the rest of the country, voted unanimously for the black candidate who pushes the policies you all despise. By the time they “wake up” and realize how stupid they have been, the country will have been long lost. WN is a doomed concept. Whites are of various heritages and origins; there is no white solidarity. Second, in Greece and Russia, the native Greeks and Russians are rising up to save their homelands, NOT “whites.” That can’t happen here – ever. Perhaps after the next democratic victory (when they take back the house and control all of the government in 2014) or when either Hillary or Antonio Villaraigosa becomes president in 2016 (and Texas goes blue forever), new strategies will emerge (i.e. secession). If you stay on this path, be prepared to live in a thrid-world police state where you have no say in anything, work as a slave to support others who hate you, have your children Zimmermaned or Duke Lacrossed, and live in constant fear of offending the powers that control you.

        • IstvanIN

          You may be right. Unfortunately most of us consider our “nationality” to be Irish, Italian or Polish, rather than American. The WASPs did themselves no favors when they allowed southern and eastern European immigration. The British/German/Dutch/Scandinavian derived Americans could probably have formed a new identity, but all the others, not so much.

        • BonusGift

          What you must consider is that the economy continues to fade away as I write this and we argue over semantics and the like. The underlying cause is that whites essentially subsidizes the various parasitic underclasses (domestic and imported); and we shipped much/most of our industry overseas. This is the very definition of unsustainable. Economic collapse is a process and not an event. When that process is finished the ability of whites to subsidize their own destruction will largely end. As that occurs politics will change as there is no need for more than one party to be the party of white funded genocide. You can bet on that. The question isn’t so much will the policies of the evil party and stupid/RINO party slightly change over the next election cycle or two, the question is what will happen that sparks the race riots in a country where the various parasitic underclasses have grown accustomed to money and goodies falling from whitey stops? We already live in a police state, and it will get worse before it ever has a chance to get better; but it is delusional to think that reality can keep being hiden from economics let alone politics. In short, don’t bet on the underclasses forever holding sway over their host, at least in part because it has never worked that way simply because it is not physically possible to be sustained, by definition.

        • CrowBoi1977

          Well I am still going to give WN a shot. There are some really smart guys who were WNs, like Wilmot Robertson or Sam Francis.

          I am throwing my lot in with them and plan to be akin to Spenglers Roman Soldier:

          ‘We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.

          • libearlsuck

            I suspect as the white population shrinks that most of the whites left will be thinking like us and be openly racial. I’m already seeing whites pushing back the ‘white privilege’ agendas. Lots of whites and people like Alex Jones spoke out against the DHS using white people as targets. I’m already hearing more conservative talking heads speaking openly about race. Hell, there is a page on Facebook called “American White History Month” and it has 50000 likes on it or so. Most of the comments on there aren’t all KKK/Skinhead comments, which means are ideas and views are beginning to be more mainstream with whites.

  • go trump

    Trump for president.

  • Paleoconn

    He also said we should bring in skilled and productive immigrants, especially from Europe. Personally, I don’t think we need to bring anybody in, but at least Trump prefers White immigration, which is taboo to mention.

    • ConcernedYoungAmerican

      Agreed. I was shocked/pleased Trump had the guts to say this, but I think that our brothers in Europe need to stay put and preserve our ancestral homelands against the Muslim hordes. The US is settled and full.

    • liberalsuck

      He also has lots of money to say this and probably has bank accounts overseas when this country collapses.

      • Paleoconn

        Agreed. Cojones nowadays is in direct proportion to wealth and financial independence, and in inverse proportion to risk of tarnished reputation causing ruin.

        Your comment about overseas accounts and others’ about the elites being able to survive and thrive when the country collapses brings Ancient Rome to mind. When the Gauls breached the walls of the city, it was mostly deserted of the population who escaped to fortified safety. The only people left were the Senators in their togas sitting in their homes, stoically awaiting death. Can anybody imagine our present-day congresscritters and senators and various sundry political hyenas doing likewise in an invasion? Rather I imagine them being the first to evacuate or seek shelter in their bunkers under the Blue Ridge.

        • liberalsuck

          Yeah, say what you want to about the national representatives of either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party or our well-funded opposition (the professional anti-white peddlers), but they aren’t stupid people. They are very calculating and are able to see into the horizon what will happen. If they have any knowledge of history and human events, they will know we are an empire and we are collapsing.

          • Paleoconn

            They aren’t stupid, but they are cowards.

  • Unperson

    It’s a sad comment on the state of conservative politics that the most sensible and forthright speaker at CPAC is someone not from the world of politics at all, but a businessman.

    You may recall that early in the 2012 presidential election cycle, Donald Trump was making noises about getting into the race — either as a Republican or some sort of independent. Had he chosen to remain in the game, we on the Right could not possibly be any worse off than we are today. The worst that could have happened was that Obama would beat Trump, as he beat the supposedly more “electable” Romney — in which case we’d still be right where we are to today. There was a chance, however, that Trump might have beaten Obama — in which case the Mulatto Messiah would already be going down in the history books as a one-termer. As President, Donald Trump may well have many flaws and imperfections; he could only, however, be a HUGE improvement over four more years of Obamunism.
    Trump/Paul 2016!

    • Phyllis Schlafly spoke at CPAC today, so Trump has been trumped. I’m following V-Dare’s livetweet stream from CPAC, because I no longer have the patience to put up with having to watch this kind of idiocy on TV. But when I found out Phyllis Schlafly was speaking, I turned on C-SPAN. And she kinda let ’em have it in ways that many of us reading these words would like, on issues like immigration and “free” trade.
      Yes, I’ll admit to being biased toward the geographical home team.

      • Flaxen-headed strumpet

        So did Ann Coulter and she said that she was now a single issue (immigration restrictionist) voter. But she couldn’t help couching it as an issue of how Blacks stand so much to lose with the floodgates open and even got cutesy with some Negro in the audience who asked her for a date.

        • Yeah, and the Barbie Doll just couldn’t resist taking yet another pot shot at my one time boss.

          • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

            Who was that?

          • Todd Akin.

          • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

            I missed that one. I thought her 300 lb. budget cut remark was directed at Chris Christie.

    • Unperson

      I hereby retract my previous endorsement of Rand Paul. When I made this comment four days ago, I had no idea this was going to happen:

      Nevertheless, Paul’s speech [at CPAC] was not merely awful, but stupid. Despite setting himself up as the great enemy of Obama/McCain bipartisan establishment, Paul parroted every cliché voiced by Obama/McCain on immigration—and then became even worse.

      Read the whole (depressing, infuriating) thing. Rand has joined the Reconquistas.

  • The__Bobster

    The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference’s carefully managed image collapsed on Friday, as some attendees and speakers went off the reservation.

    The morning began with reality-television-star-turned-conservative-celebrity Donald Trump addressing the audience in the main conference room. The American Conservative Union (Al Cardenas, conquistador-in-chief) had responded to criticism of its decision to host him by bragging that ticket sales had increased after the announcement that he was coming. However, it was certainly not happy after hearing what he had to say.

    Trump launched a blistering attack on Amnesty for illegal immigrants, calling it a “suicide mission” for Republicans. “Every one of those 11 million people will be voting Democratic,” he cried. He also called for bringing in more high-skilled immigrants—especially from Europe, where they are “hard working” and “tremendous.”

    Trump went on to demand that America rebuild its manufacturing capability and heaped scorn upon Apple for putting all of their factories in China. “China should be more proud of Apple than we should,” he said.

    Of course, Europeans are the wrong kind of immigrants and Americans are not supposed to have jobs anymore. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus—one of those organizations that by its sheer existence validates the existence of Its chairman, one Ruben Hinojosa of the soon-to-be-subverted state of Texas, was very unhappy that Donald Trump had expressed moderately pro-American sentiment: he moaned to The Hill that “[Trump’s] bigoted comments at CPAC have no place in the discussion for realistic solutions to our country’s immigration problems.” Hinojosa wailed about “extremist rhetoric” before calling for “responsible, reasonable colleagues” to further help him dismantle the country he is occupying. [Trump criticized by Democrat for ‘bigoted’ immigration message, By Jonathan Easley, March 15, 2013]

    Other conservatives are sneaking into CPAC with positive comments. Former Senator Jim DeMint emphasized putting border security first in the immigration debate and stood against calls for citizenship. [Jim DeMint’s Speech at CPAC 2013, March 14, 2013] David Bossie of Citizens United also condemned Amnesty from the main stage, quoting Senator Jeff Sessions to support his case. On Thursday night, Rick Perry tried some talk about outreach, but was booed from the audience.

  • Mark Green

    The Donald’s idea of snatching Iraqi oil to pay for the US war there is an outrage. Let’s see… Washington destroyed a sovereign nation (Iraq) in an aggressive war that was based on falsehoods (Iraqi links to Al Queda, 911 and bogus claims of Iraqi WMD).

    Over the course of ten years, allied forces (lead by Washington) may have killed over 500,000 Iraqis and sent millions more into exile. Today, Iraq remains in shambles. And now Trump wants to steal Iraqi oil to pay for Washington’s criminality?!

    War criminals should hang, even American ones. The Donald is sounding like an arrogant dope on this one.

  • Fed Up

    It’s the freakin’ Liberals who scream for open borders and unchecked immigration! Liberals being to screwed up mentally to understand the last thing our country needs is yet more people fighting over steadily diminishing job opportunities. What is it, with self-hating White liberals who can’t be happy until we Whites become a minority in what once was our own country? Are liberals really that stupid or what?

    • CrowBoi1977

      ‘Are liberals really that stupid or what?’

      Well as someone once put it: LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!

  • CrowBoi1977

    One wonders if Trumps anti-immigrationist visit to CPAC could portend something more. Assuredly Trump talks to other big wheelers and dealers in business.

    I bet they like the cheap labor of illegals, but are getting worried that a permanent Democratic/ Socialist majority would institute massive confiscatory taxation on them! France has just flirted with a 75% tax rate!

    If people become Pro-White just because of the bottom-line, well I am fine with that. There are different ways to be Right about something.

    • I bet they like the cheap labor of illegals, but are getting worried
      that a permanent Democratic/ Socialist majority would institute massive
      confiscatory taxation on them!

      The problem with that: They’ll demand open borders, but they’ll demand a scheme to where the illegals get to flood in, but aren’t allowed to vote. It will still reduce the salary-wage equilibrium, and reduce our standard of living, but the red team can still win elections. Yay, red team! (Sigh)

      However, the feature in that is that the more the Chamber Pot of Commerce types push that kind of immigration plan, and the more establishment/RINO Republican types poodle along, the more it will make liberal Democrats jealous because the new cheap labor doesn’t get to vote right away ergo vote Democrat right away. (In theory — In practicality, they will be able to vote). Then the “yay blue team boo red team” partisans will walk out of “comprehensive immigration reform” or “Gang of Eight That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” negotiations.

      This is what I was talking about here in AR yesterday, that pure partisan jealousy could prevent a bad piece of legislation from actually happening.

  • bushies

    Only 11 million? There are 11 million in LA County alone. You can thank Jeb Dubya and Daddy for all this. Obama is a gimme and don’t count.

    • Actually, you can thank every President from LBJ going forward (or, should that be backward?), with the maybe possible exception of the first term Reagan.

    • Glickstein44

      The late Bill Rolen of TPC interviewed Jim Gilchrist back in 2005…11 million is quite an under-statement…excellent interview…Radio Show Hr 3…TPC replayed the interview-Sun 17-2013

  • guest

    Amren clipped out the most interesting point of what The Donald said. Anyone who isn’t an idiot (Karl Rove, Jeb Bush) knows that these 11million Mexicans will vote Democratic. That’s why Obama wants them.

    The Donald pointed out something which I have also said before but I haven’t heard anyone else say: we put up many barriers against white immigration. It is very difficult for a white European to immigrate here. I had a German friend with an Ivy League PhD in a STEM field and she said her only way to stay here would be to get married. Meanwhile, Jose the gardener can come and go as he pleases, and will be given amnesty. I’m quite certain that Obama’s claim to have increased deportations is due to more effective deporting European visa over-stayers, not to deporting illiterate Mexicans.

    The Donald is absolutely right, not only should we fight amnesty, but we should seek to bring in more whites from Europe. I would extend that and also try to get whites from South Africa and other spots like that. Immigration can help us if we are smart about it. As European cities get taken over, whites there will want somewhere to go. London and Paris are already being abandoned by whites. Why don’t we get them to come over here?

    • Funruffian

      This would be awesome, but I doubt it is feasible amidst all the Anti-white sentiments permeating in the US government institutions and in the media.

  • Felix_M

    Is there any rational person left in America who still doesn’t understand why we conservatives call the GOP the stupid party?

    • liberalsuck

      They call them the ‘stupid party’ because the Left thinks they are a white male party and that they hold onto “1950s values.” The Left has a problem with a group of conservative white people politically organizing.

  • trump for president


    Trump is no wimp. Screw the other old line bastard Republicans who were saved from extinction by the TP. Bush ushered in the socialist Obama serpent pos. Romney was too much of a pussy ass like the other GOP old headed elite. Trump tells it like it is and could care less.