Detroiters Pledge Uprising During State Takeover: ‘Make Sure You Are Prepared and You Will Survive’

Steve Neavling, Motor City Muckraker, March 13, 2013

Councilman Kwame Kenyatta and a packed room of Detroiters warned today of an impending revolt against state intervention, urging residents to stock up on canned food and supplies.

“Even the Bloods in the hood fight for their territory,” Kenyatta said during a 20-minute monologue on the civil rights struggle at today’s city council meeting. “You are going to have to drag me out of here for me to leave.”

Kwame Kenyatta

Kwame Kenyatta

Kenyatta cited Frederick Douglass, a former slave who became an intellectual and civil rights icon, because of his position that black people must sacrifice their lives, if necessary, to win freedom and the right to vote. Many in the audience stood up and applauded.

One by one, Detroiters pledged to take to the streets once Gov. Rick Snyder appoints an emergency manager, which is expected Thursday or Friday. Others threatened to block the entrance of city hall.

“Save up and purchase food, canned goods and water because you are going to see a new civil rights movement,” pledged Marie Thornton, a former Detroit Public Schools Board member. {snip}

Added Valerie Glenn, a community activist: “Make sure you are prepared and you will survive.”


What about black Detroiters who aren’t prepared to fight?

“We have fought for everything we have; how do you sit on the sidelines?” Kenyatta asked.

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  • LastBastionOfHope

    I don’t get it…they are intervening to try and save Detroit so…black people want to riot? Am I missing something?

    • Bill

      I’m laughing with you. Right……….do the very thing that caused Detroit to fail. Riots and mindless black behavior and thinking like THIS is what caused everybody but the Kwame Kenyatta’s to leave Detroit in the first place. If this comes true, I hope they send in the military in a Kosovo type ethnic cleansing campaign. How ironic that would be. It took the military to start this decades long nightmare just so ONE chimp could go to school. Now it will take the military to eradicate this problem, if ever, and the streets of Detroit are like the streets of Kabul.

      • Justin_Igger

        N1ggers only riot in their own ghettos, because

        1) the worthless n1ggers know we’ll have to pay for all of the repairs, it gives them a chance to get even more free n1gger handouts, and
        2) They know damn well that if they cross that line into human territory, we’ll lay them all out on the pavement dead as a doornail.

        I can’t wait for George Zimmerman to be exonerated on all charges, and the n1ggers riot (I have my beliefs that they won’t, too chickensh!t), I am in need of some target practice.

      • I’ve said many times, violence is coming whether we want it or not.

    • Mark Luger

      that means they can clean out the jewelry stores & beer stores like during Hurricane Katrina or the African version hurricane Kenyattayabbadabbado!!

      • The beer is probably all behind bullet proof glass, and I doubt there is a jewelry store in DeToilet worth robbing.

        • Justin_Igger

          What about that pawn shop lol? On that cable television show, N1gger Pawn Store or something.

        • Bull Connor

          Does this mean no more Hardcore Pawn?

          • Johnny99

            Everything I ever wanted to know about Detroit, and more, I learned form watching HCP. Well, that and SBPDL.

    • sbuffalonative

      No, you’re not missing anything.
      This is the black mans’ logic. It’s like when they say the police won’t protect them in their neighborhoods but when the police patrol, they claim harassment. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
      It’s pointless trying to help these people.

      • thurlow

        Damned if you don’t but I would rather be damned with a smile on my face than damned with a grimace and dealing with this African trash only makes me grimace.

      • Justin_Igger

        Anyone attempting to help any n1gger, is directly supporting White genocide.
        Just saying.

        • Nathanwartooth

          On most sites and forums trying to bypass a language filter by trading letters for numbers or symbols is grounds for a ban.

          • Justin_Igger

            I’m sure most people care about being banned from a website.

            I don’t. Don’t like the truth? Don’t read it.

      • StillModerated

        People? I believe you mean savages.

      • John

        Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        You’re exactly right, sbuffalonative. There are numerous daily examples of this, but one case that comes immediately to mind is the CUNY case. Recall that back in the early 2000s, CUNY came under severe scrutiny due to its lack of diversity; namely too few Blacks were enrolled at the college, according to the race-baiters. Lawsuits were leveled at CUNY for damages.

        Let me stop right there and reiterate what happened, succinctly. CUNY was sued by Blacks for their enrollment standards, which led to “disparate impact”. The Blacks won the case.

        Okay, fast-forward. After losing the lawsuit, CUNY reportedly engaged in a strong effort to boost Black enrollment. A few years later, many Blacks were failing out of CUNY. Result? A new lawsuit! This time, the lawsuit focused on “predatory admissions”. The plaintiffs claimed that CUNY was admitting Blacks to the college and accepting their tuition, despite the fact that the college knew they could not pass the courses.

        In a nutshell, CUNY was sued for NOT enrolling enough Blacks, then sued for enrolling MORE Blacks in an effort to atone and appease their accusers!

        So, as you said, “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

        • sbuffalonative

          The same thing happened with housing. Blacks complained they were being “red lined” and denied access to mortgages . So the solution was to give anyone and everyone loans for mortgages. What happened when blacks (and Hispanics) couldn’t repay? They screamed “predatory loan practices”.

          Ya can’t win.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The funny thing there is that I ended up buying my second choice for a townhouse in 1996. I couldn’t get pre-approved for a loan for my favorite. Almost 17 years later, we’re surrounded by mature trees that provide wonderful shade during summers, while the trees around the place I liked better are still under 12 feet tall. Soil on Colorado’s front range is in places a mix of sand and Bentonite clay, and trees hate that stuff.

            Bentonite flows like liquid when wet, so I’ll bet the foundations a mile away will crack if they aren’t already.

            Second-best in a house is often better than something newer. The real point is ease of affordability.


      We are armed and we are ready for you. The streets will run red with your bodily fluids. Its time to put the Black American on the Endangered Species List.

    • Justin_Igger

      That is how n1ggers fix all of their problems. Burn everything to the ground. Look at the news in just the past few days. Bad grade from a teacher? Set yourself on fire. Don’t approve of the mass transit and demand to have it repaired? Threaten to burn them all down if demands aren’t met.

      N1ggers are well known for taking a problem, and turning it into a catastrophe. A n1gger is a walking catastrophe of failed genetics itself.

    • Yes, you’re missing the realization that these “people” aren’t capable of even the simplest logical thinking.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      It’s just that as non-Blacks we can’t fathom the intricacies of Black logic and reasoning power. They are so much more profound than we are when it comes to philosophical matters that leave us Caucasian cretins confused. We just haven’t evolved to their level of mental acuity. TV is the gateway to reality. Haven’t you realized that Blacks are the creators of this society in which we live. They are the scientists, surgeons, professors, Generals, Attorneys. Police Commissioners. If you don’t believe me stop reading books and turn on your Flat Screen.

      THEY were the great philosophers . Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Anselm et al were actually Africans. Just look at Kwame Kenyatta in that picture above. He could be the reincarnation of Aristotle.

      • GREG PACE

        You are literally insane.

        • rightrightright

          Calm down, Greg. It’s sarcasm.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Sarcasm is usually hard to spot on many forums but on here when someone goes over the top like this 99% of the time it’s sarcasm.

        • LaSantaHermandad


          ¡Paz y tranquidad! It was sarcasm. Tsk, Tsk ,Tsk!
          Maybe I should be flattered that it was good enough to have someone believe it. If I were serious, your diagnosis would be spot on. I’m on YOUR side.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Correction “tranquilidad”

          • sbuffalonative

            Sometimes it helps to put *end sarcasm* at end.

          • brengunn

            Sometimes it helps to put *end sarcasm* at end.

            That sucks any pleasure out of it. It’s like having to tell someone you just told a joke. It’s best to let people either get it or not, in which case you can give them a joshing when they get all righteous and indignant.

          • As someone working toward a doctorate in sarcasm, you often have to denote your own sarcasm as such. It’s such a subtle art form that it goes over the heads of most people, and more often than not winds up offending people that don’t need to be offended and to whom no offense was meant or directed.

          • brengunn

            But, do you not find that having to state it’s sarcasm defeats the purpose? I’d rather say nothing at all.

            As you say, you can offend people you don’t mean to, people you might respect, if that’s the case I just clear it up straight away. OTOH, if someone gets up on their high horse, I just go along with it, annoy them a bit.

          • sbuffalonative

            The written word and spoken text are different. When speaking to someone face to face, you have enhanced ques (gestures, facial expression, tone of voice) to understand their message.

            I know what you mean about defeating the purpose by openly stating it’s sarcasm but without one on one interaction, meaning can be misconstrued.

      • josh

        whats wrong with his eyebrows? Lots of these blacks have their eyebrows raised up high like theyre in a state of total disbelief. I guess they cant believe the RAY-CIZZUM they see??

      • D

        reincarnation of a ass hole you mean

      • saxonsun

        A laugh-out-loud post–thanks!

    • D

      its a black thing, you would not understand

    • haroldcrews

      The only way it makes sense is that he wants to remain in charge. It’s a safe bet that the finances of the City have been subject to frequent looting by city officials in general and Kenyatta specifically. He is willing to provoke violence in order to keep his shenanigans concealed. He doesn’t care to join his illustrious predecessors in the iron bar extended stay hotel.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      I’m confused about that too. Are they saying they will fight any attempts a BLACK financial manager might make to help Detroit? Absent intervention, what do the blacks think is going to happen to their ghetto? Like, who’s going to pay to keep the lights on?

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Uh-oh. This should be interesting.

    • MikeS

      They should put hidden cameras and microphones everywhere and broadcast the show to the world. I know I’d tune in to watch them kill each other over the perishables mentioned in StillModerated’s post above.

      • Tinfoil A22hat

        Sail fawns and World Star Hip hop will have it covered.

        • sbuffalonative

          World Star Hip Hop, the black mans’ youtube.

  • bigone4u

    Kwame Kenyatta, the perfect name for an African dictator, seems hell-bent on inciting blacks to riot. Isn’t that against the law? It used to be before politicians’ spines turned to jelly and they began pandering to black whims and whining.

    • StillModerated

      It probably changed its name whilst paying its debt to society. Internet research brings up nothing.

    • Justin_Igger

      N1ggers are the problem, Whites are the solution. They only issue standing in between it all, is that the government has made it illegal for us to fix the problem.

    • sbuffalonative

      I love the photo. It says to me, ‘Like hell we’re gonna let the white man run our city’.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      His uncle (just kdding) Jomo Kenyatta was one of the fathers of the Mau Mau movement.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        I think that Kwame should have that Melanoma under his left eye brow checked out. He may have more than White people to worry about soon. Will he choose a White surgeon as did Farrakhan with his prostate cancer and a Jewish surgeon at that!

    • How retarded he looks.

      • Raydonn

        In addition to appearing stoned……the poor cretin looks like he’s sporting an 78 IQ at best….

  • Francis Galton

    Since when have blacks been survivalists?

    • The__Bobster

      They’re more like breaker-gatherers

      • sbuffalonative

        Gee, I was going to say something to that affect but you said it succinctly .
        These people are survivalists; just not by the same methods whites employ. Just look how they THRIVE on the bare minimum they create for themselves.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I missed your posts, SBN. Sadly, Margaret has still not returned to the fold in this field, but we have some good writers here, with the dry sense of humor I prefer.

      • Vornak

        unfairly funny .. nice.

    • whiteyyyyy

      They’re stocking up on crack and fritos as we speak. I think they mean business this time.

      • bigone4u

        When the riots shut down or burn down KFC the rioters will know the real meaning of pain:-)

        • sbuffalonative

          And when the grocery stores close they’ll complain they’re living in a “food desert’.

          • StillModerated

            There are no grocery chain stores in the City of Detroit. Knee grows cannot be trusted with cash and carry.

      • Nobody

        Thank God blacks are too stupid to field strip and repair or clean a firearm. It’s also a good thing they are so dumb and lazy too, otherwise they might actually be a problem. I say let them burn their own neighborhoods down if they want, but let them rebuild on their own as well. You think the D looks like a dumphole now…. Just imagine.

        • Pelayo

          Some of them have had military training and might be capable.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            They have military training at being truck drivers. Have you ever looked even at the documentaries about the fighting in Trashcanistan? It’s all whites, Mexicans and Chamorros.

    • Justin_Igger

      Since never. Or, since the White man graced their presence, and began feeding, clothing, and sheltering them.

    • Mmmm, they’re still alive!? There’s a message in there somewhere.

    • StillModerated

      Since YT started feeding them. And encouraged them to breed. And gave those devils the finest healthcare in the world.

  • Brady

    No. Blacks don’t riot over something as abstract as a change in leadership. It’s usually some sort of incident on the ground, like a “brother” being roughed up my the police.

  • Rickroller Snyder appoints a black man to lead Detroit’s restructuring (see the other story on AR today), and that still doesn’t satisfy these cretins.

    “Save up and purchase food, canned goods and water

    Detroit blacks don’t strike me as prepper types.

    • Justin_Igger

      They cannot plan beyond the next welfare check and EBT card recharge.

    • tjs3023

      More than likely they’ll be stocking up on jenkem and malt liquor

      • Brian

        Bullets, Booze and Bong pipes. The only thing they’ll stock up on.

        • Gerónimo Anónimo

          Where are they going to get the ammo? There’s none around.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I doubt they’ll handload their empties, either.

  • MekongDelta69

    Please Mr. ‘Special Rights’ rabble rouser, with the obligatory Kwame Kenyatta faux Afro-name. Please.

    Burn it down. Burn it all down. Recreate the ‘glorious’ 60s for all the younger whites to see how useless your race was, is, and always will be.

    Torch that sucker…

    • Justin_Igger

      We will most certainly NOT rebuild it this time.

    • Felix_M

      A riot in Detroit would show the country what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum.

      In honor of our president, they should vote to officially change the city’s name to Obamaville.

      • GREG PACE

        I like Obama City better

        • Felix_M

          Just as many cities named streets MLK boulevard or MLK Ave, (usually ones with a higher than city average number of liquor stores, nail parlors, smoke shops and payday loan offices per mile), there are a lot of cities in the US that could be renamed after Obama. Atlanta, Baltimore, East St. Louis and Camden all come to mind.

          • AB7

            Those streets also have higher than normal crime rates. Generally one should be on alert if one finds oneself on or near a street by that name, especially after dark.

      • John

        A riot in Detroit would show the country what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum.

        Excellent point, but we’ve already seen that kind of outcome with New Orleans “a.k.a. the ‘chocolate city’. Hurricane Katrina helped to expose New Orleans for what it really was (and still is). Plus, all other U.S. cities with Black or Brown mayors and large Black populations are essentially Detroit by any other name.

        Back to New Orleans, hopefully that Black thug Nagin is in prison soon where he belongs. It’s too bad a few hundred thousand of his local constituents won’t be joining him behind bars.

        • Felix_M

          People do need reminders from time to time.

          American citizens appear to have abysmally short memories, or they need the occasional wallops upside the head to shock them out of their states of denial.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          I don’t think many whites know the true horror that New Awleans blacks created after Katrina. To your average white Katrina was just a natural disaster. Or so it seems to me. The animalistic behavior of the blacks was not described in the MSM.

    • There is very little to burn there.

    • Tim jones

      Or just put a big wall around it and declare it a free range prison where we can just dump the rest of the incarcerated monsters.

    • John

      Sadly, I see what is happening in Detroit and the rest of the nation that is being destroyed by Blacks and Browns. I see it all and I cannot help but wonder, “What happened to the promise of AIDS?”
      When AIDS first became widely talked about back in the early 80s, it looked like it could prove to be the natural long-term cure-all that millions had hoped for; the next step in evolution, as it were. Yet, 30 years later, it has become a complete disappointment. AIDS has barely slowed the population growth of the undesirables, rather than eradicating them.
      History has shown than nature can wipe out vast volumes of the population with the stroke of her wand, but by historical standards,. AIDS has proven to be a dud.

      • Even untreated, AIDS isn’t a fast enough killer. It’s slower than the African’s procreation schedule.

        • John

          Sadly, you’re exactly right, my friend. As a lethal disease, it’s simply not quick enough and it doesn’t spread very rapidly. Nature must produce something that is airborne and targets the same groups that are susceptible to HIV/AIDS.

          I think the more likely scenario is war over dwindling resources. For example, in the news today, Cypriots (and others living in or holding investments in Cyprus) were told that the Euro Bloc plans to seize 10% of their bank holdings to pay for Euro help.

          How does that story tie into our White nationalist movement? It’s related because all of these stories of Black cities/towns falling across America (Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, and many, many others) have financial consequences. Whites are forced at gunpoint to pay for everything that Blacks do wrong. It’s called taxes, and your “elected representatives” decide how the money is spent. Of course, they do not listen to you or me. They listen to the select owners of the world’s central banks; the most powerful men on earth. They have about 40% of the White voting populace completely brainwashed and unwittingly supporting them.

          As for the Whites who have historically voted for Republicans, we were lied to and led to believe they were conservatives. Their actions have proved otherwise and millions are waking up. What happens now?

    • 48224

      Just as a side note, Kwame Kenyatta lost his house to foreclosure in 2009. He just “walked away” according to the headline. That happened to a lot of folks but I’d bet money that he blamed white bankers for his situation.

      • John

        It’s exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to find a Black candidate of good moral character with a record devoid of multiple felony arrests, endless bankruptcies, HIV+ status, prolonged prison time, extensive drug use, and illegitimate children scattered to and fro; a candidate who is currently NOT on parole or worse and is actually available to draw an affirmative action paycheck cashed against his Black skin.

        The best that someone like the governor of Michigan can do is honor the affirmative action badge, slap a seal of racial approval on the merit of his black skin and send him in. After all, sending a White to fix a Black problem would be viewed as racism and discrimination. They’ll just send Whites the bill for the unnatural disaster. After all, how could Blacks possibly be responsible?

        Like millions of others, I’m beyond sick of the affirmative action game. Blacks belong in Africa, not masquerading as citizens in civilization. I’m very sick of most people in civilization burying their heads in the sand and pretending otherwise!

  • tightwad

    Is it worth leaving the sidelines when “everything we have” is ghetto, slum, murder, drugs, rampant crime, blackened charred remains of buildings?
    Crime of every sort?

    • Justin_Igger

      Wash our hands clean of all the mess.

  • sbuffalonative

    So the plan is to drive the last few remaining whites from Detroit?

    • Shattered

      The Nation of Islam attempted this in San Francisco once. You might remember the “Zebra murders.”

    • Justin_Igger

      What in the world would any Whites be doing there now anyway?!?

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Not that he would have the nerve to do this in a million years, but if the undertow of Detroit started rioting; Rickroller should use the national guard to close all access to the city. Even including shutting off power and water. The riot should be over in short order. After this occurs

    I wonder if Obama made a phone call telling the governor that he needed to appoint a black man or else?

    Do we still have any of these in stock, they would only do about $1000 worth of damage to the city.

    • Justin_Igger

      Relocate all n1ggers in America to Detoilet, wall it all up, and drop a nuke. Most of America’s problems gone.

  • The__Bobster

    …..urging residents to stock up on canned food and supplies

    Do the natives know how to use can openers? I thought they all went out to KFC.

    • Justin_Igger

      Not so sure you can get watermelon or fried chicken in a can. They’ll be good on malt liquor, though. Crack is another issue for their consumption to figure out.

    • Anders

      Yeah, hold on…you’ve got to open the can, heat it up and then serve it out on a plate. That’s the basic use of canned food. I use canned food for my convoluted multi-ingredient recipies. What the hell are these rioters going to eat when the KFC and McDonalds close down during the ‘burn-baby-burn’ that they look so much forward to?

      • America is on a collision course with reality. DWL’s will try with all their might to be understanding.

        • Luis

          Actually, I hope the DWL’s will be the first one to get their heads stove in. They deserve it.

          Starting with Michael Moore. Man, would I love to see blood pouring out of his head, after a Bantu smashes it in with a two-by-four.

        • gemjunior

          The only way for dwl’s to figure it out will come when they march on their liberal asses and burn down all the houses is the dwl’s neighborhoods. Unfortunately, it will hit us too. And we will not allow it so the dwls never will learn. We should do what the Jews did on Passover with the lamb blood. We should paint a white stripe on our doorpost and tell the savages that the houses without the white paint on the doorpost are hoarding places for sneakers and 40s, while the libs tell us it’s racist to think they will loot……

        • Luis

          I posted yesterday, in a response to you, that i hoped a DWL – Michael Moore – to be exact would get his head stove in by a Bantu with a 2 x 4. It was deleted. Why?

      • LaSantaHermandad

        They’ll go into White areas outside Detroitis and raid White homes and beat, rape, murder and mutilate the Whites just as they do in S. Alfrica. Then they’ll sit down in the houses and eat while the Whites lay dying. It’ll be kinda like Knoxville. The authorities will declare that ” there was no racial component to the attacks but rather were driven by hunger”.

    • rebelcelt

      food bought with food stamps

      • Food stamps (EBT) don’t work after they steal the copper electric wire.

  • The__Bobster

    When a NAPA dons Afreakan garb, you know he’s a real scoundrel.

  • JackKrak

    I renew my invitation for any Prius-driving, ironic tshirt-wearing, latte-sipping Gender Studies grad student with extra time & grant money on his hands to take on the task of plotting a graph showing the relationship between the quality of life in a given city and the number of people named “Kwame” in positions of power in that city’s government.

    • BonusGift

      Here’s an even more basic challenge to “any Prius-driving, ironic t-shirt-wearing, latte-sipping Gender Studies grad student with extra time & grant money on his or its hands”: Go to your cradles of “diversity” like Detroit, Memphis, Haiti, etc. and live there amongst these fine cannibals without any nasty 2nd Amendment protections and report back to us on how it’s going. Go lead by example, and show us how the theory of Diverstopia and Multicultopia work in practice, and maybe it will stop our correctly labeling people like you the evil & weak hypercritic traitorous bilge that you are.

  • this is urban code for “get ready to rob liquor stores and places that sell tennis shoes.”

  • zebra murders

    They fought for everything they have? They must not have been fighting very hard. Detroit is a dump. Yes i’ve been there. It really is a nasty place. Maybe if they sing songs and burn things they will feel enlightened.

    • Justin_Igger

      They didn’t fight for sh!t, the only things they ever had were obtained via welfare checks, food stamps, and section ape.


      Detroit is a dump to White people, since we are genetically different from them. To the AFRICAN, who is genetically designed to live in a grass hut and squat to urinate on his own feet, Detroit is a miracle. One he is genetically indisposed to ever create.

      So, stop looking at Detroit through the superior mind of the White Man. To us it is a toilet, but to the sub-species, African, it is a wonder.

      • sbuffalonative

        I often say, the best way to destroy the black man is to give him what he wants. Leave them alone and they will destroy themselves.

        The only problem is that they won’t leave US alone. They demand they control their cities but when they drive them into the dirt, they blame us for their problems and demand we bail them out with free, no-strings-attached money.

  • Cajun Ray

    A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing from this clown and his ilk. They will continue to do what blacks always do, shake their fist at the white man with one hand and hold out their begging bowl with the other.

    • begging bowl

      They will continue to do what blacks always do, shake their fist at the
      white man with one hand and hold out their begging bowl with the other.

      • sbuffalonative

        Biting the hand that feeds you.

        • Justin_Igger

          In a sane society, the hand would typically stop the feeding.


        They will do what all children do. Hold their breath, fart, spit out their food (supplied to them by their parents, the White man) and threaten to run away from home (the home built by White Men). But, in the end, they will stop their temper tantrum, like the children they are, and reluctantly obey their rightful parent, Massa White Man.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          There’s got to be a “whooping” in there at some point…

    • Justin_Igger

      Wait a second…if they always do this, how do they possibly hold their pants up?
      And on that note, what’s saggin spelled backwards? Explains a great deal.

    • MBlanc46

      Absolutely. He’s just a blowhard. Nothing to see here.

      • Seek

        Back around 1990, there was a Milwaukee City Councilman named Michael McGee, a Black Panther and close ally of conservative/libertarian “school choice” heroine Polly Williams. He vowed open warfare in the streets of Milwaukee. Nothing came of it. Local white leaders — at least a few had courage those days — simply ignored him and he went away. Gov Rick Snyder should do the same with Detroit blacks.

  • I approve of Kwame’s message. Let America see the truth about Detoilet. If they proceed with these types of “protests”, not even the twisted left could hide the fact that their multicultural utopia that they have force fed White America for years is nothing but an abstract failure. I can only hope we see a lot of Detroit in the upcoming days.

    • bigone4u

      I agree with you, but I suspect that black men wearing afro style headgear and talking revolution are often race hustlers hoping to make a buck or get re-elected.

    • Justin_Igger

      This will come crashing down over their heads, sooner or later. It is inevitable. And I am patiently waiting.

  • Shattered

    Why, Kunta Kinte is obviously in the wrong nation. How can we correct the injustice done to this poor man by being born in America and repatriate him to the African continent so dear to his heart so that he may find his happiness instead of setting his mind to violence.

    On a sidenote, I wonder what his birth name was before he changed it to reflect his African endearment. Probably something along the line of Charles Moore.

    • Cape to Cairo

      And he’ll probably change it again to Mohammad Abdul Mustafa Aziz after he spends a few years in prison for inciting mass rioting and mayhem.

      • It would not surprize me. Can you imagine how open all the arabs and pakistani’s would be to a black brother? He’ll try to run back to white people asking for help.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I love the name Abdul and Abd Al. This means “slave of” in Arabic. Quite amusing when one thinks about it.

        • BonusGift

          It is rather bizarre that blacks seem taken with Islam. It’s a bit like a Chinese person changing his or her name to Japanese. The Koran is littered with slavery references in large part because slavery is perfectly acceptable to Islam. Europeans (I think it was the Portuguese) learned the whole slave trade thing from Muslim Arabs who felt that blacks were sub-human (and still think so to this day; even Bin laden was waxing on about this). If blacks aren’t stupid, then congenitally insane at the very least.

          • saxonsun

            The same with Gandhi; he hated blacks and thought they were the lowest of the low. He wrote about it too.


      You mean…TOBY?

  • tarczan

    Is there a black version of Hank Williams Jrs’ “A country boy can survive”?

    • StillModerated

      How about this monster smash hit from Johnny Rebel?

    • Supersteve

      This is so wonderful on so many levels! Realize, BRA cannot survive without angry white men, now, Detroit has the opportunity to show us how wonderful they can manage a city. Would you like to see heads explode? Have the government of Michigan stop receiving any tax revenue from Detroit and let the Kwame Kenyatta’s of the world show how superior they are. A good laugh will be had by all! Our criminal government will never acknowledge this fact so we unfortunately must wait for the decline to happen. It is inevitable. The country is broke. The powers that be will continue until the collapse, which is going to happen. Hoard, save, become proficient at many things, and wait for the fireworks. Our course is unsustainable.

    • Justin_Igger

      A rap song appropriately called: N1gger’s gonna n1g. By lil wayne.

    • MikeS

      Rastus Jekum Williams Jrs’ “A black country boy can’t possibly survive (w/o YT)”

    • Tinfoil A22hat

      Check YouTube for “It’s free, swipe yo EBT” and you’ll probably find your answer.

  • A bit off subject but,
    FYI – hwy is the Government buying 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo, 7,000 fully automatic weapons and thousands of armored vehicles?

    • Before we automatically believe that they’re about ready to throw us into concentration camps, consider some less than pernicious theories about all those weird buys:

      1. Re the ammo: Obama is ordering Federal agencies to flood the market with spam buy orders just to make it unaffordable for us.

      2. Re the ammo, again: The Feds are thinking of the profit motive, buying cheap and waiting for circumstances to make it expensive, then re-sell it

      3. Re everything: Maybe the Feds are realizing that their own currency is being quantitatively eased into late night comedy material, and are stocking up on good media of exchanges: It is my understanding that even in more stable times, ammo is to Federal agencies what cigarettes are to prisoners, that is, a good alternate medium of exchange.

      4. Re everything: Federal agencies have an incentive to buy, buy, buy, buy in order to use up their budget to keep their next year’s budget from having its rate of increase be smaller than other agencies (“cut,” in D.C. parlance).

    • Vyncennt

      This hogwash is easily disproved. Please do not cloud the minds of those who come here with asinine conspiracy theories. We have real and tangible problems that are effecting us this very moment.

      (1) The government buys ammo in 5 year increments. It has done so in the past. It will do so in the future. You’ve assigned suspicious to a rather common place event and failed to research the truth of these claims.

      (2) 7000 automatic weapons in a drop in the bucket. We have half a million soldiers alone, not to mention all of the other agencies that use them. There is little reason to even raise an eyebrow.

      (3) Those 1000’s of armored vehicles (not tanks or Bradleys btw) were ordered for the US Navy…not the DHS. You can even view the official “purchase order”, or whatever they’ve dubbed it, online. Stop reading websites that will state copious amounts of nonsense to part you with your dollars. There is a market for it and they are satisfying the demand, to h*ll with the morality of it.

      • Ya know I hope that you are right. But putting everything together the ammo, the full automatic weapons, the drones, the armored vehicles, the economic situation, the American people arming themselves and the racial tensions. I have my doubts that this is just business as usual. besides, I know from my reading of history that governments start to increase their buildup & stockpiling of weapons when they are certain that a war is on the horizon.

        Also, the link included in my comment is about investing and economic issues that I hope will be useful to all of you. There are some REALLY bad things in our futures.

        • Brian

          After a lot of thinking about possible events, seeing whats happened, whats being done, and after reading about whats happened in the past, I’m inclined to think events will typical socialist planning.

          The Feds will sit back and let both sides wear each other down, use up their ammunition on each other, use up their food reserves, etc etc. Then they’ll step in and do whatever they want to do to the helpless population.

          • jackryanvb

            Most Americans are fat. We don’t any problems with not having a food supply.

        • Vyncennt

          The link is a cleverly narrated sales pitch. There are a few others like it on the web. The second someone offers to show me the “path” through a crisis for a fee, they’ve lost my attention forever.

        • jackryanvb

          American Renaissance is a place for intelligent, White racial realists, not race denying conspiracy mongering kooks, or those looking to make a quick buck off of some survivalist scam.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        We can also view BHO’s birth certificate on line. Does that make it authentic?

        • Vyncennt

          Should he hand deliver the original to you for verification? Would you be qualified to validate it if he did? Do your really believe the biggest problem with BHO is where he slid out of a vagina?

          If you do not trust their statements, nor their paperwork, nor the fact that its nearly impossible to HIDE 7700 vehicles that they are using……then you simply refuse to be satisfied.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            7700 vehicles can easily be hidden in any of the desert areas and re- purposed missile silos in the far west. I personally don’t give a s–t about his birth certificate. There are many military sites that are protected by no fly zones. It’s too late now. The proverbial horse has been out of the barn for four years now.

            MY point was that anything can be created on the internet and can be perceived as valid.

          • Vyncennt

            “MY point was that anything can be created on the internet and can be perceived as valid”

            Was not the whole 7700 vehicle story broke on the internet? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, eh?

          • BonusGift

            Barry Soetoro not meeting basic Constitutional requirements to hold office (i.e., basic rule of law stuff), for example, seems to be important to mostly white Americans but not to you. Your are entitled to your own opinion, but dismissing someone’s concern for following Constitutional law as some conspiracy theory is misguided at best and seems malicious in intent. Prove that he is qualified.

          • Vyncennt

            ” seems to be important to mostly white Americans but not to you”

            That’s absolutely correct. It’s called playing the long game. BHO’s validity, at this point, is moot. The wingnuts have spent 5 years trying to prove that this bum is not a valid president and what have they achieved? Besides adding to the pool of people who believe anyone on the right is a fool?

            Your aim is pigeonholed. You see the tree but not the forest. Spend another 3.5 years dissecting his right to be president while he merrily spends that 3.5 years BEING president. You’ll have accomplished nothing and he’ll have done that much more damage. Try playing the long game. The short game always loses.

            “dismissing someone’s concern for following Constitutional law as some conspiracy theory is misguided at best and seems malicious in intent.”

            You misunderstand. I do not dismiss Constitutional law. I simply prioritize. Perhaps you should read some of my other posts before you dub me malicious to this cause. If it is a weakness not to succumb to foolery, then call me a weakling.

          • BonusGift

            The rule of law is the “long game” and by dismissing it you do “dismiss Constitutional law” (as it was the mainspring of the rule of law in what was the USA). Just because the game is rigged doesn’t mean me or anyone else shouldn’t point out the law. If your property is taken illegally or you are killed by Barry and company illegally should your family just ignore and focus on the “long game”? There is likely is no “long game” without the rule of law. It is analogous to: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

          • Vyncennt

            “The rule of law is the “long game” and by dismissing it you do “dismiss Constitutional law””

            I do not dismiss the rule of law nor Constitutional law. Again, I prioritize, as do all reasonable men. If one citizen is jaywalking, and another is blowing stop lights, I’ll ignore one and pursue the other. It’s simply a matter of allocation of limited resources.

            ” If your property is taken illegally or you are killed by Barry and company illegally should your family just ignore and focus on the “long game”?”

            Eeek…your paranoia is showing. Check under the bed for secret agents. Don’t forget the closet.

            “It is analogous to: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.””

            It is no more analogous to that quote than to this one, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Chasing Obamas paper trail is fruitless. I can prove it: There’s no fruit. You’d have better luck proving alien presence at Area 51.

          • BonusGift

            Yes, you obviously dismiss the rule of law and the Constitution. In addition, you make vague reference to a ‘long game’ yet do not tell us what it is. You merely provide ad hominem attacks. For example, go read Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s the Birth Certificate”, for example, if you want evidence and/or arguments of several ways Barry is not qualified (e.g., the legal definition of “natural born” – both parents are required to be U.S. citizens, etc.). You remind me of a lazy student who comes up with an answer then is more interested in rationalizing their position than open inquiry.

          • Vyncennt

            “You remind me of a lazy student who comes up with an answer then is more interested in rationalizing their position than open inquiry.”

            And you remind me of the paranoid right wing conspiracy theorists that have given the rest of us on the right a bad name. Keep at it though. One day you’ll be able to tell your kids how you protected the constitution by yapping about BHOs birth certificate on the net.

          • BonusGift

            What’s your ‘long game’ retard?

        • jackryanvb

          Please leave American Renaissance. Folks insisting that they have some secret knowledge about Obama’s birth certificate that will supposed change history, reverse the last two Presidential elections – these are simply kooks wasting everyone ‘s time.

      • jackryanvb

        Agreed. These wild, conspiracy theories of “da gubermint” plotting to put every American in some concentration camp have been around for ever. These conspiracy theories used to have “da gubermint” plotting to hand over America to THE RUSSIANS. We should be so lucky.

        • The irony is that if it ever does happen, it’s going to happen for reasons that people who are telling us it’s going to happen have no clue about, or oblivious about, or are too scared to admit — Race.


          You are so right. I still hear of these stories of Germans putting people in camps. Do you believe that!!!! No government would do that, yet there are all these conspiracy sites saying people were gassed and burned and such in German camps.

          Stop believing that total BS. Government don’t build camps like that.

      • BonusGift

        It’s hardly a “conspiracy theory”; it’s either true or not (i.e., it’s a factual question). Did they or didn’t they buy what would be the equivalent of in excess of 100 years of ammo (i.e., at current rates of use)? Government agencies that are not ramping up for, for example, war don’t do such things. Also, did they or didn’t they buy hollow point ammo. The significance of that factual question is that hollow point ammo is generally expensive ammo that is really meant for one purpose (as, BTW, it is against their precious international law; or at least they claim international law is important to them). Your blithe dismissal is hardly comforting, or, for that matter, correct. A government run war (more indirect now, but possibly direct in the future) against white Americans is hardly a topic that Amren should ignore; in fact, as I can tell from your comment, it is a theme you seem to have missed.

        • Vyncennt

          “Did they or didn’t they buy what would be the equivalent of in excess of 100 years of ammo (i.e., at current rates of use)”

          No. They didn’t. Dig into the numbers further, especially the number of agencies that dip into this pool of ammo and their collective number of employees, and you’ll find nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever. Five or ten minutes on Google would provide a plethora of information on the topic.

          “Also, did they or didn’t they buy hollow point ammo.”

          I’ve no idea. I wasn’t there. But considering that the sources that twisted a normal ammo purchase into a national conspiracy are the same ones that swear they were all hollow points… see where I’m going here?

          “Your blithe dismissal is hardly comforting, or, for that matter, correct.”

          I gave no blithe dismissal. I researched the matter and provided reasonable answers here on this forum. I did not simply tell another, “You are not correct”, as someone else has seen fit to.

          ” A government run war (more indirect now, but possibly direct in the future) against white Americans is hardly a topic that Amren should ignore; in fact, as I can tell from your comment, it is a theme you seem to have missed.”

          I missed nothing. I simply possess enough logic and reason to not grant any validity to the idea that our government is preparing to chase down white citizens with tanks and hollow point bullets. Ridiculous theories such as these take our attention away from real and immediate threats and alienate those who are tentatively considering joining us.

          • BonusGift

            You didn’t refute any of my points. You might want to take your own advice and “dig into the numbers”. This is far from ordinary, and that is a fact. Stating otherwise is to ignore reality. This site is about one type of realty, stating that all is OK because you wish it to be so is juvenile, especially when it is not; and facts are not “ridiculous theories”, as anyone with an ounce of logic and education would know.

          • Vyncennt

            “You didn’t refute any of my points”

            Yup. I did refute them. Read again. Or don’t bother, if you’d prefer to hang on to delusions as opposed to accepting the truth.

            ” You might want to take your own advice and “dig into the numbers”. This is far from ordinary, and that is a fact. Stating otherwise is to ignore reality.”

            I suppose I’ll adopt the role of volunteer researcher and do your home work for you. Here you are….just a few sources, none left wing, that explain this mysterious event:

            The Patriot Post:


            The Truth About Guns:


            The NRA:


            Congressman from Georgia (R):


            “This site is about one type of realty, stating that all is OK because you wish it to be so is juvenile, especially when it is not”

            But stating everything is NOT o.k., when there’s ample evidence it is, is not juvenile? Odd reasoning.

            ” and facts are not “ridiculous theories””

            Correct. Facts are not ridiculous theories. You have not provided any facts. Only theories. I’ve provided facts that you insist on ignoring. Try the links I’ve provided for more evidence that you’ll likely steamroll over in your efforts to maintain your paranoia.

            ” as anyone with an ounce of logic and education would know.”

            I’ve provided you with logic. I’ve presented you with facts. I’ve provided with links to information. You’ve stamped your feet and told me I’m just wrong. Again, who is juvenile?

          • BonusGift

            Your facts are not facts, but mostly regurgitated DHS comments, as are your comments, and the NRA is deathly afraid of being labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘racist’, “Nazi’. etc., etcetera, as are you apparently. Again, they have made orders for an amount that is way, way beyond what they have in the past requested (and during the ‘sequester’ no less) and said that they are trying to decrease costs, yet are buying hollow points as well. It doesn’t make sense to buy so many and say you are saving money yet buy expensive hollow points. Given your penchant for the Internet as your source, see for example:
            My main issue is that DHS’s story doesn’t square with what they have done. Regarding your juvenile calling me paranoid you apparently would be advised to get a dictionary.

          • Vyncennt

            I give up, you win. There’s no debating crazy.

            Dig a whole, build your bunker, stock it with all your armageddon gear (don’t forget the BHO dart board!), and live out the rest of your life in it.

    • Valge_Uhkus

      To use against all the white, conservative, law abiding gun owners. It’s insane that white guilt liberals are helping to destroy the white race.


      The very same items that Senator Feinstein wants to take away from us White people. Imagine that foreigner taking away our guns. If it wasn’t for us Whites,her people would have gone the way of the Dodo in the camps of Poland. It was the WHITE man of America who saved he non-White race from extinction by the use of GUNS and she wants to disarm us? Why? So that the pawns of her tribe can exterminate us instead?

  • StillModerated

    Blacks hoarding food. Smashing! They will now loot each others’ nests in search of watermelon-flavored Four Loko, Newports, Ring-dings, Zagnuts, Moon Pies, Nehi Grape, VSOP, reefer, crack cocaine, and a warm place to go #2.

    • Your comment had me laughing my b*lls off!!!

    • Johnny99

      You forgot the basic food staple of every good African looter: Skittles.

      • From what I’ve seen, the most fundamental staple of ghetto black diets these days are Kool-Aid Jammers, that is, the same Kool-Aid you could make on the cheap pre-made and stuffed in Capri Sun style pouches and sold for ten times the unit cost of what it would cost to make it using the traditional method of buying the powder packets and mixing it with water and sugar.

  • Justin_Igger

    Sweet Jebus, I sure hope they do start something big up there in Detoilet… never once before have I entertained the idea of traveling to that n1gger nest of a city, but if they start something big, I’ll have to take a short trip up there to say hello to some of the natives…. with a large amount of hollow point ammunition.

    The very next time n1ggers riot ANYWHERE in this country, I hope it’s not too far away for me to travel to by car, so I can personally take a few of them out myself, legally.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I agree, we ought to stay out of Detroit. Let them live with the mess they’ve created. Don’t send in any additional aid money. Detroit can stand as a monument to the folly of racial egalitarianism.

  • Vyncennt

    We all know what will really happen now. No amount of financial genius will change the meaning of these symbols:

    When this last ditch effort inevitably fails, expect the Feds and State to inject a massive amount of cash into the system to hide the wound. It won’t work for long, but it will work long enough for them to falsely claim success.

    • Beetlejuice

      No amount of financial genius will rationalize illogical thinking or the fact that black IQ sits one standard deviation below that of whites.

      Progressives who lord over the black race aren’t known for anything other than empty rhetoric. They’re completely devoid of logic and economic sense. That’s why blacks will be forever mired in poverty and misery.

  • Why is non white dysfunction and failure always labelled a “civil rights” struggle? What civil rights are they struggling for in this case? The “civil” right to continue their rampage on everything detroit? Their civil right to create a den of subsidized human depravity? Why is it that every time things don’t go their way they have to invoke the civil rights movement(and all the negative connotations of whites it’s attached to) then try and coerce everyone to feel guilty? Why do they continue to associate every ounce of their suffering with “white oppression” when in this case they have total political rule over this failing city? Why is the media trying to humanize these scumbags? So how many cities do these scum bags have to bankrupt before people understand the truth about the situation?

    So many questions and so much silence when we demand answers from the politically left leaning prostitutes. Their own behavior has led to the total state takeover(ever wonder why africa is ripe with dictators and top down government?)

    • George

      Why do they do it? Because up until now, it’s always worked for them.

      ‘Playing the Race Card’…it worked for Rodney King, it worked for OJ Simpson, it worked for post-Katrina New Orleans, it worked for Brown v. Board of Education, it worked for desegregation busing, it worked for…oh, heck. It’s always worked.

      Accusing a white person of being a racist is meant to shut down all debate (and put the white person on the defensive, showing how he is *not* racist, rather than sticking to his original argument). By aligning their demands with civil rights, it places those who oppose giving in to blacks’ demands in the position of also being opposed to civil rights. The added bonus is: the blame for that ‘failure and dysfunction’ can be passed off away from their own shoulders and on to society at large — whites, in other words.

      • Beetlejuice

        “Playing the race card” works well to intimidate, emasculate and silence whites because the consequences for us are are so dire: loss of job, income and status.

        The race card works so well because it has the force of government behind it. The government it on the blacks’ side, not ours.

        • BonusGift



        I am RACIST. I am proud to be a RACIST. I was racist when racist wasn’t cool.

        I am a White Male Racist Pig, armed to the teeth, educated, loaded with gold, silver and lead and am just waiting for a AFRICAN like this to make his pathetic move.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      It’s not non-White dysfunction. It’s Black dysfunction.

    • sbuffalonative

      Because in the mind of the black man, poverty is the result of oppression and the white man is the source of this alleged oppression. Hence, everything becomes a civil rights struggle.

  • cojo

    “Save up and purchase food, canned goods and water because you are going to see a new civil rights movement…”
    Midnight on the 1st of every month, when the EBT Cards are recharged, they’re out in force spending every last dime.
    Save up, my eye!

  • Sloppo

    “You are going to have to drag me out of here for me to leave.”

    I support Kwame in his determination to stay in Detroit and I hope many others will follow his sterling example. I believe we should all chip in for a fence that would go around that city to prevent anyone from dragging Kwame or any of his brethren out of that city. Stand tall Kwame!


      Yes. Let’s put up a sign that says:


    • Michael_C_Scott

      I would be happy to install the land mines.

    • guest

      Once again, we see their self-delusion. No one wants to drag him out of there. We all want him to stay there, forever! But we know, unfortunately, that it’s very easy for him to move. The moment the gibsmedat runs dry in Detroit he will move on to somewhere else. Bantus are nothing if not highly mobile. They drag themselves from the Congo all the way to Sweden in search of gibsmedat. Kwame here will immediately hop on the next flight to wherever in the world offers him more gibsmedat and better access to white women.

      His whole thing about blacks getting prepared? Is he high? (Presumably.) Blacks in Detroit have a difficult time surviving even with endless EBTs. This is a people that can’t prepare 12 hours in advance and only survive due to an endless transfer of resources from people (whites) who can plan for the future.


    If anyone in this world has been wronged and has the right to become violent who do you suppose that would be? The jiggers and all the so called minorities. White Christian Gentiles should be preparing for war and make damn sure we win. If we decide to become violent it should be done in a very effective and efficient way. So much slaughter by us that it is shock and awe and all the wiggers and jiggers are knocked flat on their azzes.We have been sitting on the sidelines for years watching all the BS from blacks,mexis,muslims,jews, it will be time for us to raise hell.We need to make Al Capone look like a fly swatter push this bs back for good. Years of calling us hatebul and rayciss, taking ou white wimminz from us for their filthy muh dik lust, taking our money,our jobs,our morals, our country and still pissin and moaning and saying more needs to be done for them. Blacks and all non whites including Jews need to be put in their place and if they still are not content then to be with their own kind in their own part of the world then they should be completely destroyed by whites. I have never opened up on anyone in my life physically and I know if I ever do go off I wont stop at a few jiggers I will have an orgy of nigstomping. We are the peaceful passive people who do not look to go down the violent road but that does not mean we should never do it, keep pushing us and keep up all the bs and it will be time for the lib / jigger blood to flow. The flip side of whites being so passive and so peaceful is being mean slaughtering sonsabitchs when we finally have enough of this insanity.To hell with blacks and their smooth talkin lying sassy bullshittin lies. They have proved many times over that no white should ever listen to one word that comes from their ugly groid heads.They belong in afreeka if they belong anywere at all. UPPITY JIGGERS GO TO HELL.

  • Felix_M

    Please, Detroit, do it. Show Atlanta, East St. Louis and Baltimore the way.


    Most whites including me are smart enough to realize that just one or a few whites going off and slaughtering does no good and only makes it worse. It is always seen as an individual act instead of seeing it as a broad view of many whites and justified. We are only called racist and hateful all the more. That is why if we do become violent it needs to be done in a very smart and organized way by many many whites that are highly skilled killing machines and completely fearless. Then it will be harder for all the asswipes to say it was a loan nutjob that went berzerk and an individual act. This has happened before in history were the governing power is so screwed up that at some point the people would not tolerate it anymore and a revolution took place. That is exactly were we are headed right now. This last election only showed more that we probably wont be able to vote our way out of this mess and a peacful way is becoming less likely all the time. So obviosly that means at some point if we are to survive on this jigger / lib invested planet we will have to raise hell at some point. And when that comes we need to be exceptional at it.
    I am willing to wait some more, but just how much longer? We will have the green light to butcher before too long if all this anti white, anti christian, liberal bs keeps up.The greatest warriors in the world have not been indians or muslims they have been White Men .When I know I have been wronged I feel like a hammer that can pound anything and I am not one damn bit afraid of anyone.Obutthole is going to destroy as much as he can and the democraps will still be blaming “racist whites” 4 years from now. Its time for whites to stock up on guns, and ammo and prepare for much harder times.

  • libertarian 1234

    “Detroiters Pledge Uprising During State Takeover: ‘Make Sure You Are Prepared and You Will Survive”

    Congratulations on your decision to fight.

    I think you made an excellent choice.

    Perhaps you can issue a fatwah on any Arabs who might sass you or show you disrespect, then you can open a second front and fight them at the same time.

    Money will be no problem since revenue will be coming in from every home owner and business in the city, in spite of combat conditions.

    1000 years from now, your people will say, “This was their finest hour.”

  • Don’t get it?? What are they all chimping out over?? Does the state takeover strip them of their civil liberties? Does it mean to displace them?? “sacrifice their lives for freedom and the right to vote????? Don’t they have those now????? I mean, how do the hell they think Obammy got in da crib???? Maybe dey be’s a thinkin da gibs gunna be cut????

  • Pass the popcorn.

    • White Racist Pig

      …and pass the ammo

  • Anon

    Pay close attention to what is going to happen. You are going to see the final stage of what I like to call “detroitification”. Detroit doesn’t generate any wealth and its people don’t engage in any meaningful behaviors associated with civilization. A rather long time has passed where people pretend otherwise as a small group of whites who exist, literally, behind a giant walled fortress, generate the last of detroits taxable income. Ironically, it’s plenty large enough to support the city….but the blacks who are elected ONLY because they are black and who do nothing except steal government funds, are stealing so much, the city is collapsing. Several powerful groups have an interest in maintaining the status quo, but that is only possible if they let up on the stealing enough to keep the city afloat. They refuse. These forces insist. The blacks response is to riot.

    What do you think will happen in the wake of those riots? The last of the taxable income people will realize there is no future in detroit, no matter how high the walls they build and that the sooner they cash out and leave, the better. Detroits taxable income will drop to zero.

    Then a decision will have to be made. Support detroit with state funds or allow it to completely disintegrate. The latter is what they deserve…but understand, the monsters who live in detroit and make it what it is will disperse and go live and victimize elsewhere.

    The collapse of detroit is like letting one huge prison go bankrupt and letting all the inmates out because there is no more money to wharehouse them.

    • Luis

      Anon, another baseball season will be upon us, and the haoles will be going to Tiger games, and throw their money away, to watch a bunch of millionaire ballplayers – who don’t care one iota about Detroit – play a kid’s game. Like the haoles are now doing to the Pistons and Red Wings.

      Why would a haole want to endanger their life, and their family’s lives, by going to Detroit just to watch a sporting event? It’s not worth it.

  • It all boils down to this:

    1). Loose shoes;

    2). A tight p***y;

    3). A warm place to take a s**t

    Earl Butz

  • 1gravity

    I suspect that the subject of Detroit will come up from time to time on AmRen. The kind of comment I would most like to see is from persons who can tell us what is really going on: whose ox is getting gored, whose taxes might be raised, whose threat to riot is most credible, etc. Lots of times the comments to a particular article are just as informative, if not more so, than the article itself. No offense intended, but, simple expressions of distaste for blacks and black culture, especially on AmRen, border on the passe.

    • ms_anthro

      They’re so common here because any criticism of black dysfunction is verboten in polite society. AmRen serves a deeply human need: it allows us to tell the truth without being immediately shushed and shouted down by the self-appointed thought police of our times. Once the taboo of writing or saying “racist” things has been broken, it becomes much easier to say them out loud and in mixed company. Please don’t underestimate how powerful this can be in waking White people up.

      Many of our people still labor in mental prisons. Venting about the anti-White ugliness and violence we all see every day can help break those psychological chains and empower them to speak out even in the face of social disapproval. It is passe to us, but still shocking to most polite White people, which is all the more reason to repeat it without fear or shame.

      • 1gravity

        Ms. Anthro’s point is well taken.

    • AB7

      To the extent that blacks have destroyed entire cities or huge sections of cities, wouldn’t someone be a literal babbling fool to just ignore that? Even Harlem was a normal white area until the great migration of blacks from the south in the early 20th century. To see Detroit in the state it is, is actually tragic, yet no one is allowed to discuss the reasons, except to blame the auto industry.

    • Mydadsays…

      Yeah, but they make me laugh!

    • BonusGift

      Passe means something that is dated or out of fashion. This type of discussion is hardly passe, in fact it’s the opposite of passe and it’s actually truthful and honest (and even funny). I don’t think the truth and honesty should ever go out of fashion. Currently truth and honesty are sorely lacking on these types of topics. My suggestion, and ‘no offense’ but settle down, read your dictionary, and focus a bit more on the truth and for God’s sake put down the Oprah book of the month.

      • Beetlejuice

        Exactly. Where are we supposed to get information about what’s going on in the Real World except through the Internet? The news media has a “blackout” (pun intended) on rampant black-on-white crime. We are not allowed to discuss black violence, failure, mayhem, etc. in public or anywhere else. We whites have no leaders or organizations that stand up for or fight for OUR rights, civil or otherwise. Meanwhile the government openly legislates against white interests as the 3rd world pours into white homelands.

        We cannot depend on the media to tell us anything except: “black failure is caused by white oppression,” therefore we whites must hand over everything we have to blacks…or hispanics, including every country that we created.

        These issues are acutely pertinent to whites as we become a minority everywhere we live. We will be fighting very soon for our very survival, there will be NO “fight or flight” because there will be no where for us to flee to. Anyone who says otherwise has his head up his ***.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I would love to hear what civil rights he’s referring to. But it looks like the blacks of Detroit are beating the white secessionists to the punch. I wonder how they’re going to keep this out of the MSM?

  • June

    These idiots are too stupid to realize that names like “Kenyatta”, or “Kwame” are Swahili, an Arab/African pidgin language made up by muslim slave traders in East Africa. Most blacks in the US are descended from West Africans that came from nearly 2000 miles away.

    It’s analogous to a lost band of English trying to regain their heritage by adopting Russian sounding names.

    These people are nothing but IGNORANT THUGS. .

  • somebody

    “We have fought for everything we have; how do you sit on the sidelines?” Kenyatta asked.

    Wait, what do they have?

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    Only blacks could twist a rescue mission into a hostile takeover and occupation.

    It is another stunning yet anticipated display of the kind of grace possessed solely by blacks.

    Just keepin’ it real, yo.

    • Gunrunner1

      Hey, they shot at helicopters bring them water during Katrina. WATER, for God’s sake.

      • Did anyone really shoot at rescue choppers or were people shooting at cops trying to go house to house to confiscate weapons? Just like at Waco, most if not all information coming out was ‘controlled’ by the Feds, which causes me to question anything ‘the usual suspects of political corruption’ have to say.

  • Kwame Kenyatta’s photo…He looks stoned,drunk, or otherwise intellectually challenged…

  • Tom Iron

    I’m amused at the, “Make sure you are prepared” phrase. That’s always been one of the main problem with blacks. They’re never prepared for anything, ever.

    • ken

      They are always prepared to get angry and violent and to riot.

      • Tom Iron

        Sir, anger and violence is preparation with blacks.It’s kneejerk reaction.

  • trigon400

    What a hilarious utterance from yet another economically clueless kneegrow.
    These beasts think that the cash used to support their parasitic brethren grows on trees.

  • trigon400

    If you people think this will be violent, just wait until Zimmerman is (rightfully) exonerated.

    • jackryanvb

      That’s last year’s news. The mob has moved on. It’s a good lesson for us in these racial mob, special prosecutor cases. Just stall, get the case off the MSM. Two years later some deal can be made. The Whites framed in the Tawana Brawley hoax were never murdered or put in jail, this should be our goal.

  • rebelcelt

    I say let the Govonor agree.. No mo money African. Just do not give them any money. Tell them to solve their own problems. Make them beg you to come in and take over. Then say no.

  • Luis

    To parphrase the song “Disco Inferno”…

    “I heard somebody say “Burn, Detroit burn”…
    Pigsty inferno,
    Burn, Detroit burn,
    Burn the fu****g place down!”…

  • josh

    Stock up on foo stamps

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Rioting to keep Detroit in ruins?

    Detroiters have got to fight for the right to live in a bankrupt, corrupt, violent, poverty-stricken, toxic waste dump!!

    Let ‘em. This is going to be fun to watch!! Pass the popcorn..


  • AB7

    A million white liberals fresh out of college should all move to Detroit and start a new utopia there.

  • Paleoconn

    Let’s just leave them all alone. Let No’Motown flame on. Maybe then, they will all leave, and Whites can proceed to rebuild the city that was once the Paris of the West and the Arsenal of Democracy.

  • Gunrunner1

    Gentlemen, I have a somewhat different take on this. Any society can only take so many hits till something must change. Like hammer blows to hot steel, each black horror incident beats society into a new shape till the structure breaks. Then it must be reheated and reforged.

    Negros have long ago allowed the metal of society to get far too cold. Katrina was a gross horror show that finally cracked the underlying belief structure that they are “just like us”.

    Further, there is no money left in the coffers of Government to reheat the body politic to allow more “change” to accommodate their infantile tantrums. Thanks to the internet, all the Country got to “see” the truth.

    I suspect we are in for a massive break between Government and the people, whether it is from attempts to seize arms (and thus leave Whites to the horror of negros and Hispanics) or the collapse of several cities and the attempts to coddle negros or the splitting off of large sections of the USA (La Raza is already running billboards telling their people to “Rise Up”).

    May I suggest to you the novels “A Mighty Fortress” or “Freedoms Sons” or “The Brigade” by Harold Covington and his website “ because when it gets really bad, you may want to consider Coming Home.

    • jackryanvb

      The Brigade is really good.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “Unintended Consequences”, by John Ross. A first edition if you can get it.

  • Pottsy

    Why do blacks and other minorities seek out white neighbors?
    We don’t chase after them by moving into their area’s or shopping where they shop.
    Yet they follow us infesting what non blacks have built while demanding a piece of what they had nothing to do with building. Even in New Orleans the fat mammies laid in a boat as idiot whites pushed them to safety. Will they ever take care of themselves or will they always be a burdon on foolish self hating whites?

  • Tired

    Why does this black man act as if the city is a glorious marble sprawl? Why does he act as if anyone would want to take over Detroit? The state is taking Detroit as a liability. Detroit holds no grand treasures or relics that anyone would desire.

    Mr. Kenyatta, Detroit was once a European city. It once flourished with the might of a thousand years of civilization behind it. Blacks, that’s right, blacks invaded Detroit. The whites in the city felt they were being invaded and resisted, but with no help from anyone, they had to pick up and leave, fleeing for their own safety.

    Don’t you realize Mr. Kenyatta? You destroyed the city, you invaded the city, and you are the very reason that Detroit is being taken over. Don’t you get it? Blacks destroyed Detroit, they destroy everything they touch. It may not seem fair, but that’s just the reality of the situation.

    This city you “run” is what is left when the race that created it vanishes. This is what a truly black city looks like, living within the rotting shell of the Europeans.

    • RileyDeWiley

      Mr. Kenyatta is a member of the corrupt black elite that have been ripping the city off. The first thing any responsible overseer will do is get them off the tit – hence his inflammatory language.


  • NeanderthalDNA

    Yeah…run your city into the gutter, then riot and burn it completely down…

    Hey, you get money regardless, right?

  • Big Bill

    Kwame Kenyatta is talking silly Negro jibber-jabber. Ignore him. Negro leaders love to talk like this, but they don’t do squat. They are reliant on the white man’s welfare, as they well know. There is only so far they can go. hey know they have tapped out the white man’s pocket book in Detroit and there is no way the rich black folks are going to do a damn thing for them. If they burn the city they will just trash the last few dregs they have left. If they shoot the police, firemen, or social workers, they will just be killing other incompetent black folks. Really, they have run out of choices.

    • Tim jones

      You’re right, and fortunately theyre sending in another black dem who doesn’t pay taxes to clean up the joint. At least it’s a black dem the Detroit animals will tear to shreds instead of some white republican or conservative who’ll be demonized for trying to do the impossible – get a whole city of blacks to go to work and clean up their damn yard.

      • I wouldn’t want the job for any amount of money. It’s an impossible tar baby. Even if you do your best with the best and most honestly non-racial of intentions, the blacks in Dirt-Rot will blame you for every hung toenail that every Dirt-Rot resident suffers.

        • Tim jones

          I’d be interested in a sweep-and-clear type operation.

        • BonusGift

          I get your point, but I’d take it just to get on TV and lecture the nation about the truth of what caused the issues and to identify and bring proceedings against their “leaders” who misappropriated and stole the city blind. Instead of “let’s get ready to rumble”, I’d end the TV interview with “let’s get readyyyyy to riiiiiiot! Now that would be good TV.

          • And guess who will get the official blame for the riots. You.

          • BonusGift

            Heck, they are going to blame us anyway; why not inject some honesty?

  • anonymous

    Look at the smugness on this guy’s face. No self-esteem issues there. And what’s with the “authentic African clothing” all these characters wear? Do people in Africa really dress like this?

    • Tim jones

      Hahaha no, they’re either wearing a skirt made of leaves, a thong made of goat skin, or some raggedy jeans, flip flop sandals and a Michael Jackson shirt from the eighties.

    • I’m pretty sure anyone can buy those clothes at Busch Gardens.

  • AB7

    Several people have attempted to interpret the look on his face. It looks like he just ripped a massive fart and the studio is smelling something awful. He is trying to keep it together long enough for the picture to be taken. The eyebrows and the pursed lips give it away.

    • Tim jones

      He’s tweaked on crack, reefer, and malt liquor of course. Thats the same dreary look you get from every creature lurking in alleys asking the passerbys for money before robbing, raping and murdering them.

      • AB7

        That’s funny they deleted my comment! There was nothing in that to warrant deletion.

  • Tim jones

    Save what? Foodstamps?

  • D

    My son lives in 5 points Detroit when i ask him is worried about the negro’s having a chimpout, he says hell no thats just a target rich environment, good hunting, and Gods speed

  • David Axelrod

    ||iggers ….. They’re why Africa is Africa, and they’re why Detroit is a violent cesspool.

  • richard avard

    When being interviewed by Time Magazine for his nomination as Man of the Year award, Adolf Hitler was axed by the reporter what future Hitler gave to America .Hitler’s response was that given the fact America was being controlled by its Zionist Jew bankers, and given the massive problem of integrating the Blacks into the American society, he didnt see much of a future for the US
    Its all coming to pass now

  • Is “Kwame” the Swahili word for “failed politician”?

  • Fed Up

    It’s got to be a genetic thing. That cranio-rectal transposition in Blacks preventing their ability to think and reason. Let these creatures burn Detroit down. Then bulldoze the remaining ruins into an artificial hill or something. Unless Whites have the balls to stand up to Black intimidation, Detroit can never be salvaged nor turned around.

  • anon

    When will whites learn….

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Just watch, after two days of rioting, the African’ts there will be begging FEMA to come feed them. Yes: the same FEMA staffed by the same “diverse” Incompetoid-Americans that botched relief efforts after hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

  • Troy

    Black behavior defies all logic and reason. The city is in shables after decades of black government, its “people’ receive untold millions worth of public assistance (courtesy of whites), and now a financial ressue (courtesy of whites) is greeted by threats of violence. I say let these savages starve!

  • Djangotamer

    Why should we care what this insignificant troglodyte plans to do in his (now ample) free time? He reminds me of the equally arrogant Quantrel Y or whatever the degenerate calls himself in Houston. Worthless parasites.

  • Gosh I hope they start a sihtstorm. Got my popcorn ready

  • Djangotamer

    Kwamabu Kenyya looks like he’s high on Jenkum.