Snyder, Orr Promise Quick Action, Results in Detroit

Tom Greenwood and Darren A. Nichols, The Detroit News, March 15, 2013

One day after naming an emergency financial manager for Detroit, Gov. Rick Snyder and his appointee, Kevyn Orr, told The Detroit News they plan to work quickly to turn around the troubled city.

Kevyn Orr

Kevyn Orr

The pair appeared before the News’ editorial board Friday morning, with Orr saying he wants to score some quick wins with initiatives such as public safety and lighting that already are in the pipeline. Orr said he’s working toward improving city services before moving toward longer-range challenges, such as the city’s $14.9 billion in pension and health care liabilities.

“We have to maintain city services and grow them,” Orr said. “It’s going to be initial work that’s done, some things we get to immediately.”

Snyder added there are a number of public safety improvements planned, including initiatives for Detroit’s lockup and processing of prisoners. {snip}


Orr added he’s going to take a data-driven approach to how he operates in City Hall, but he’s going to be sensitive to how his actions are perceived in Detroit. He noted he was born in a segregated hospital and blacks in his hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. once were not allowed to go to a public park.

“You have to be aware of the real-world consequences that cause … and how (it) makes people feel,” Orr said. “This is going to be a data-driven operation with an understanding of real-world consequences. I’m a restructuring professional, but I’m sensitive to that because this is different than just doing business.”


Snyder called it “all hands on deck” to help the city’s problems and was pleased Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is on board. He hopes the Detroit City Council will join the effort.


Orr, who resigned from his law firm earlier this week, said he’s pleased to have them at his disposal, pointing to the work during the auto crisis and current work in Jefferson County, Ala. So far, it’s the largest municipal bankruptcy filed in the country.


Orr, 54, a University of Michigan law school graduate, helped lead Chrysler through its 2009 bankruptcy. He specializes in corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, litigation, appeals and legal recruiting and diversity. {snip}


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  • Bill

    Oh great choice. Yeah, THAT’LL help. Look at the guy. Doesn’t he just look as honest as the day is long, and like he can turn Detroit around in just a year? I’m being sarcastic of course.

    • somebody

      People who look just like him never managed to turn Africa around. But of course we are the crazy ones.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Ohohoho. Yeah, this should be REALLY interesting.

    Will the blacks riot now?

    I guess they expected a white guy, ha.

    • The__Bobster

      Oh, they can still riot. They’re doing it right now in NYC after a colored cop shot a groid gang member.

  • tightwad

    Well- from the article it sounds as though ain’t nothing going to change. The governor goes
    Hat in hand with his appointee who has all kinds of experience with prejudice but is going
    To turn things around assuming the criminal City Council gets on board. What a crock.
    What objectivity.

  • Francis Galton

    And you thought it would be a White guy? Ha!

    Everybody knows that the game is rigged;
    Everybody knows that collapse is soon;
    Everybody knows that Detroit’s been nigged;
    Everybody knows that Detroit is doomed;

    Everybody knows that a guy like Orr
    Will hasten the collapse with his hollow core;
    That’s how it goes
    And everybody knows.

    –Leonard Coonhen


      you send a white man to fix it.

      • Obama wanted the greatest achievement of his first term?

        He turned to the whitest part of the military, the Navy SEALs.

        • Luis

          Isn’t that the TRUTH! Getting bin Laden was the high water mark of Obama’s regime.

          • And at a base level, other people did all the work for him. All the lazy slob had to do was say “Yes” then sit in the Situation Room and watch it all happen. From what I hear, getting him to say “Yes” was an ordeal in and of itself, and many in his own inner circle, including Valerie “the whitest black woman in the universe” Jarrett and Joke Biden, kept saying “No.”

            However, I give Obama a little more credit than just saying Yes. He had to have known enough about Pakistan (oops, I mean Pockeystahn) to know not to trust them any farther than he could spit.

          • CharlesFinley

            Yeah, he doesn’t say, “Off-ghon-ee-stohn”

      • bigone4u

        I saw this a lot in the university where I was employed. They would give a top position to a minority and a couple of years later things would be so screwed up, they had to “take the college in a new direction” (that’s the cover story) and hire a white male to fix things. The minority, to prevent lawsuits, was given a new deadhead administrative position with a high salary but no real job to do. Corruption at its finest. Meanwhile, the real work was being done by mostly white males and a few white females who were unmarried or had no children, and thus could put in the long hours necessary to get things done.

        • The city of San Francisco is famous for hiring incompetent black dept heads (MUNI, parks and rec, school superintendent etc) and then going through the long drawn out process of firing a black dept head. Only thing harder than finding a qualified black is firing an incompetent black!

  • bigone4u

    Haven’t I seen this guy in an Allstate commercial, or maybe it was a toothpaste ad. He certainly has that “Magic Negro” look that white liberals love. Because he’s black and the MSM loves black success stories, we’ll be reading about how peachy keen things are getting in Detroit. None of it will be true, of course. No more true than that Obama is the greatest US president.

    • He is one of those 4000 illegal alien prisoners Obama just released.

    • dmxinc

      “Haven’t I seen this guy in an Allstate commercial”

      Hey, buddy, that’s the “President” you’re talking about. At least the guy who played the President on the show “24.” It was great prep to get America ready for the first black President. He was so honest, decisive, trustworthy, loved all Americans… the trick worked great.

      • bigone4u

        The trick worked great with stupid voters. Not so great with Amren readers!

  • The__Bobster

    How fast is the Ubanghi Usurper turning the country around? Libtards are still making excuses for his multiple failures.

  • guest

    I was dreaming that he would appoint a Chinese CPA type, someone who grew up there, to give blacks the treatment they deserve. No one can do it like a Chinese can.

    Snyder is an idiot, because he doesn’t understand that blacks of Detroit will hate him no matter what he does.


      Every black found on the streets in Detroit should be stretched across a parked car and caned. Every black in Detroit deserves a good beating for what they have done to that once Great White City;

      • guest

        We should contract the Government of Singapore to come in and fix the city. They would execute dozens (every day), cane hundreds, and soon have the city operating smoothly. Whites are good at many things, but Asians are even better in some areas, and managing Africans is probably one of those areas.

    • tickyul

      LOL…no, if that happened Urban Americans would be “forced” to burn down what little remains of value in Detroitbabwe

  • Popeye Doyle

    Does this man have any ties to the witch doctor community?

    • somebody

      The title of this article is actually “Lynchings In Congo As Penis Theft Panic Hits Capital”. This is not a joke. I suggest checking this article out, it really is an interesting read. Here is a short excerpt.

      Reports of so-called penis snatching are not
      uncommon in West Africa, where belief in traditional religions and
      witchcraft remains widespread, and where ritual killings to obtain blood
      or body parts still occur.

      Rumors of penis theft began circulating last week in Kinshasa, Democratic
      Republic of Congo’s sprawling capital of some 8 million inhabitants.
      They quickly dominated radio call-in shows, with listeners advised to
      beware of fellow passengers in communal taxis wearing gold rings.

      • josh

        When I watched Beyonce at the Super Bowl I will be damned if my penis didint retract back inside my groin! I think she was doing some black magic to destroy my sex drive.It worked,at least for that day!!

        • somebody

          Check and see if she had a golden ring on. Maybe she is a witch doctor too.

  • JackKrak

    Presumably his new business card reads “E-mergen’cee Phinanshall M$n$ger”

    • MikeS

      His business card reads:

      ——————-Kevyn Orr – “Professional, Perpetual Black Victim”———————

      1. The government says that you must hire me.
      2. When you hire me, please know that I can not be fired.
      3. I am always right, for the NAACP tells me so.
      4. If you try to fire me, I’ll run to the NAACP and cause problems for you.
      5. In the end, I will bring you and your company down because you’re White.

      Have a great day!

    • He needed a way to let people know he was black

  • Tom Iron

    I’ll bet Snyder thinks he really made a smart political move putting a black guy in charge of the finances of Detroit. Boy, is he in for a surprise

    • appeasement baby, appeasement!

      • Deep in History

        Are we then living in a time like that the Czechs call ‘PredMunchen’?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      He almost had to politically, to avoid being called “racist” (more than already).

      • Isuzu Buyer

        The irony being he did it based on race to avoid being racist.

        We are a stupid people.

    • MBlanc46

      There might actually have been riots if Snyder had appointed a white.

      • Tom Iron

        It’s not riot season.

  • joesolargenius

    Did you notice that he said he would get around to the pension problem later or was that code for never ever ever .

  • Same song diferent verse , how long will it be before he is in jail?

    • josh

      He may have some problems with some of the wimmenz! Expect tales of wild affairs,text messages and money gone astray.

  • Paleoconn

    So blacks have completely destroyed Detroit, so they decide to appoint a black emergency manager to save the city? This type of stupidity is criminal.

    • liberalsuck

      This surprises you as a racially awakened white person?

      • Paleoconn

        You know what, it could be a smart move too. They only want their own to lead them so by all means, put a black man in charge, watch the inevitable disaster unfold, then ‘there is no other option but for YT to come in and clean things up’.

        But then, I wish YT had nothing to do with that hellhole, especially the White taxpayer, let the blacks bring the whole thing down.

    • John

      Indeed. A dog is a dog, but a Border Collie is not an Afghan Hound.

      Likewise, a Homo sapien is a Homo sapien, but a Caucasoid is not a Negroid — (nor is an Anglo a Mestizo).

      As a side bar, is it possible that Blacks are actually somewhere between Homo sapiens and Homo ergaster? Some recent evidence might suggest so.

    • Tom Iron

      It might be beneficial to change Mr. Orr’s title from “financial manager” to “Nigulator in Charge” of detroit city finances.

      • ken

        He is just an other black ripoff artist that can’t even believe his luck with this golden opportunity to steal whatever remains to steal.

  • Barrack Osama

    Yeah. This guy is definitely going to succeed where trillions of dollars have for decades failed.

  • Ernest

    Oh look, he’s black.

    • MobyWhite

      His face is the index to his character.

  • Vyncennt

    Whether or not this man is competent is irrelevant. No man, no matter how smart, hard working, or willful, can balance a checkbook rife with liabilities yet absent of income.

    There is no arguing simple mathematics at the addition/subtraction levels. There are many minuses. There are few pluses. This equation will never balance.

  • MobyWhite

    He’s got black privilege, so when he screws up Detroit’s “turn around,” he’ll fail upward.

    • josh

      Dont worry he will not be blamed.

  • This is the moment Kevyn Orr has been waiting for his entire life. Carte Blache (or would that be Carte Noir) access to the accounts of a city from which billions have already been so easily stolen.

    FFS, he is already talking about spending, I predict failure if he is allowed to independently sign off on any spending.

    And I have never seen such a nose in my life.

    • AnalogMan

      And I have never seen such a nose in my life.

      Oh, then you obviously haven’t seen Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

  • He is the pretty face. He is going to play middle man like Obama did. “If you will just give me $10 billion I will fix it.” He is going to be the Talented Tenth Negro, the one that pretends to be tough on blacks, but turns around and gets a whopping state and federal handout. I guarantee you. I expect to see him make a personal visit to the white house within a couple months to “discuss what we can do about Detroit”.

    And it will be pointless, of course.

  • He specializes in corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, litigation, appeals and legal recruiting and diversity.
    Transalition……..I just got the keys to the MINT……..

    • AB7

      “He specializes in corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, litigation, appeals and legal recruiting and diversity.”

      First he gets involved in diversity, using litigation to force companies to hire more minorities, when their appeals fail, bankruptcy becomes the problem, so then he steps in and does a restructuring. It is a real booming business.

  • libertarian 1234

    Obviously he was selected because he was black out of fear the blacks would riot and commit mayhem and chaos.

    I seriously doubt this guy has enough valid education or the mentality for the job.
    But if all he’s going to do is rob the state coffers to pay the bills for Detroit he can probably do that.

    But who is this cowardly governor going to get when he bankrupts the state?

    White weenies NEVER learn.

    • Firms get black partners to get access to govt. set-asides, etc.

    • MBlanc46

      He’s probably the black-face front man.

  • The occupiers of Detroit don’t pay enough taxes to support the city and pay it’s bills, and not even a magic negro can change that. The state of Michigan might try a reverse of what is happening in Atlanta, they should divorce themselves from Detroit, declare it an independent territory or something, or sell it to the Chinese. White taxpayers are going to revolt and refuse to pay for black dysfunction, and they will do it by segregating themselves from blacks.

    • George

      Whites have already done so. That’s why the population has dropped by 1.3 million in the last 30 years, and is now overwhelmingly minority.

      • But the white tax payers of the state are still on the hook for the city

        • Luis

          Not only that, whites still go to Detroit sporting events. If they stopped shelling out their money for the Tigers, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings, Detroit would collapse completely.

    • Whirlwinder

      White Americans have segregated everywhere, but the dirty little secret is that they keep comming to the white neighborhoods. The white socialist/marxist elite leaders in our country encourage this action. How do you sustain segregation?

  • somebody

    Yeah there will likely be quick results in Detroit. It will quickly result in a huge failure.

  • somebody

    Look at the nose on this guy. Could it be possible that he has familial ties to the tribe?

    • IstvanIN

      No, he is just very Congolese looking.

      • somebody

        He looks about half evolved at best.

      • somebody

        He looks like he only evolved about halfway. Or maybe somebody put him together in the garage out of spare mismatched parts.

    • CharlesFinley

      Or Carl Lewis? Or both?!

  • AnalogMan

    He noted he was born in a segregated hospital and blacks in his hometown
    of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. once were not allowed to go to a public park.

    OK, he’s obviously qualified for the job, then. I was worried for a while, there. Carry on.

    • Yeah I caught that too. It’s about as relevent as being said about me “He was born in a Catholic hospital (because he is Catholic) and he played youth baseball at a park that did not have a restroom, so he had to urinate in the woods.”

  • what the fk

    Are you sure that isnt Nipsy “Geraldine” Russell dressed like a man back from the dead?

  • I was hoping for a white guy, if for now other reason than to watch the chimpout.

  • Puggg
  • Whirlwinder

    Way to go Michigan. Send in a black man to right the sunk ship of Detroit. Well, it will slow the riots down a few days, I suppose. Talk about beating a dead horse. How do you infuse Detroit with capital when black folk do not know how to build capital. How do you attract business into a hell hole where no business can be sustained due to rampant crime? What are you people thinking? And how do you improve a school system where no students are capable of learning? Blacks will do what they have done since gaining their freedom. Follow the white folk to the suburbs where there are nice homes, good schools and great shopping centers. And thus, another good neighborhood goes down to the black undertow. Repeat, repeat repeat.

    • AB7

      Maybe after Detroit is totally gone and all the blacks have moved to new areas to destroy the whites can move back into Detroit and actually rebuild it. Sort of a musical chairs style of living in the new America.

      • Tim jones

        I’d prefer to just have a civil war based on race and religion.

  • AB7

    “Orr added he’s going to take a data-driven approach to how he operates in City Hall, but he’s going to be sensitive to how his actions are perceived in Detroit. He noted he was born in a segregated hospital and blacks in his hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. once were not allowed to go to a public park.”

    So, he “gets” that in the “real world” actual “data” – numbers, facts, etc., are how people actually run operations, but because he is dealing with a city that is 90% black, that is out of the question, their IQ level requires an “emotional” approach, one that deals with “feelings” and “perceptions” – and that even though the city is less than 10% white at this point, the blacks who are there are still traumatized by Mr. Orr having been born in a segregated hospital two thousand miles away. Bottom line is no actual data will be used and the city will continue to slide further down, if that is even possible. Only plowing the whole mess under and letting the grass grow over it will satisfy these stupid black racists.

    • Tim jones

      Detroit is a good example of where the whole country is going-to Africa per the Kenyan in charge.

      Germany may just be where the whites need to live. The German people believe in hard work, paying your bills and general fiscal responsibility.

  • The color of the mortal disease is black.

    And according to the homeopathy advice

    Black puts black where it was back,

    So to have another black quack is nice.

  • MobyWhite

    It starts like this, as all good Amreners knew it would:

    Records show Detroit’s emergency manager has tax liens on his Maryland home

    Orr says he didn’t know about them, promises immediate action

    Why do the predictions of vile Racists always come true?

    • Tim jones

      Because whats politically incorrect is brutally true.

  • The nane of the diseace is black.
    According to hemopathy advice,
    Black cures black to where t’was back,
    So blacky quack fits here nice.

  • Digitalis Purpurea

    Out of the frying pan, and into the fire. Looks like Detroit is officially shovel-ready.

    • ken

      That is great news.

  • David Axelrod

    He’s going to “fix” Detroit….as soon as he pays the liens on his property. lol

  • The only thing for sure about this whole bankruptcy process is that whites are going to get screwed big time

  • CharlesFinley

    If half of its nose was removed, it would still be huge.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Wasn’t Detroit’s entire problem due to the fact that it had been “managed” by blacks?

  • somebody

    Why does the hair on his head look like the hair that grows on my balls?

  • Michael Mason

    The governor had no choice. If he would’ve appointed a white man, things would’ve gotten even worse because there would be mass rioting.