How the Demographic Shift Could Hurt Democrats, Too

Ryan D. Enos, Washington Post, March 8, 2013

Since the November election, in which President Obama won huge majorities among minority voters, it’s been taken as gospel that the Republican Party must, for its own survival, seek to appeal to those groups by moving to the left on topics such as immigration reform. But as the nation becomes more diverse, the demographic shift can cut the other way, too: Some Democratic voters are likely to move to the right.

It’s assumed that, as the United States becomes increasingly non-white, white Democrats will continue to support the party. But a substantial amount of social-science evidence suggests a different conclusion: As the United States becomes more racially and ethnically diverse, liberal whites might start leaning Republican.

Consider a straightforward experiment I conducted last year: Over two weeks, I sent pairs of Latino men in their 20s to ride commuter trains in the greater Boston area, often cited as one of the nation’s most liberal regions.

These people were not asked to do anything out of the ordinary, just to wait for the train and ride it. The pairs I sent were native Spanish speakers, so when they spoke to each other, it was probably in Spanish. To gauge other riders’ attitudes about Latinos, I surveyed them before the experiment and two weeks into the tests. In each case, the trains and times were randomly selected and were later compared with a control group of riders on different trains. These trains originated in communities with very few Latino residents, and the men I sent to ride the trains were often the only Latinos at those stations on a day-to-day basis. In this sense, the experiment was testing how people react when a very small group of Latinos moves to a new community.

The results were clear. After coming into contact, for just minutes each day, with two more Latinos than they would otherwise see or interact with, the riders, who were mostly white and liberal, were sharply more opposed to allowing more immigrants into the country and favored returning the children of illegal immigrants to their parents’ home country. It was a stark shift from their pre-experiment interviews, during which they expressed more neutral attitudes.

Political scientists, economists, sociologists and psychologists have long noted that, under most circumstances, when people from different ethnic, racial and religious groups come into new contact, conflict ensues. {snip}

And those conflicts often change the way people vote.

In the 1930s, political scientist V.O. Key found evidence that, in Southern counties with large numbers of African Americans, white voters were politically mobilized: They voted more than whites in neighboring counties and supported candidates espousing discriminatory views in greater numbers. {Snip}

In a more recent example, the city of Chicago began a massive effort in 2000 to overhaul its public housing. Large and notorious housing projects, such as Cabrini-Green, were demolished, and their residents were relocated. More than 99 percent of the relocated residents were African American. The outcome of the effort was the reverse of my experiment in Boston—rather than coming into contact, groups were separated.

Did that separation result in more liberal political views? Voting patterns among white residents living near these projects before and after their demolition showed that it did. After their African American neighbors left, fewer white residents turned out to vote, and voters became less likely to choose Republican candidates, whom they had previously supported at higher levels than had residents in other parts of the city. {snip}

To explore whether there was a similar effect among minority voters, in 2008 I conducted an experiment in which I sent a letter to African American voters just before an election in Los Angeles. The content of the letter was simple: It reminded people to vote and included a map noting how often people on their block voted compared with a nearby block. In some randomly selected cases, the comparison block consisted of African American residents; in others, it was largely Latino. When the letter pointed to a majority-Latino block, African Americans were significantly more likely to vote, suggesting that they were concerned about political competition with Latinos — even though both groups vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

In that same year, I examined the voting of Latinos in Los Angeles and found that those who lived near predominantly African American neighborhoods were far less likely to vote for Obama than Latinos who lived farther away — suggesting that contact with their African American neighbors may have prompted them to vote against an African American candidate.

As different groups come into contact, people often have adverse reactions, and this can cause them to vote for a party that represents opposition to other groups. {snip}


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  • Brady

    Another point that needs to be brought up – increasing black-mestizo conflict. The Democratic Party cannot be all things to all people accept whites indefinitely.

    • ncpride

      The media go out of their way to hide that increasing conflict, while still trying to paint Whites as the mosters in the room. They go on and on about so- called White racism, while in reality, blacks can’t get along with anybody, including Asians.

      • YT

        especially asians

        • Old Soldier

          And even more especially other Africans

        • Northerner

          Can’t be any worse than how they get along with Whites

    • Salarino

      Why I just had to go to a Wal-Mart the other day (a predominantly black and Hispanic one) and there was a Mexican or Puerto Rican lady who started yelling at her teenage son “for acting like a n****r”. She was very loud and a lot of blacks were within earshot. Nobody said anything, but I was surprised she said it so loud and in that locale. That conflict is just going to get worse and worse.

      • Tucker

        Blacks give me the impression that they are wary of mestizos. The short fuse that blacks have developed and the thin skin approach they have developed with regards to their relations with Whites has been allowed to flourish, primarily because it’s most efficient fertilizer is White racial cowardice. Every display of White racial cowardice is like a healthy sprinkling of Miracle Gro on the seeds of black arrogance, militancy, and belligerence.

        Mestizos don’t play that game. They also do not let the race card work on them. Blacks deprived of their race card lose their ability to intimidate and it is my opinion that mestizos are seen as a threat to blacks, but blacks cannot figure out how to do battle with a racial competitor who refuses to tuck and run, the way Whites do.

        Just a hand full of decades ago, White men were feared and respected by blacks and by all minorities – because in those days, we didn’t hesitate to put our foot down and back up our position with physical force, if necessary. We didn’t intimidate easily, back in those days.

        • Greg Thomas

          Mestizos love to throw the race card around when it benefits them. For example, if your White and object to their illegal invasion, you’re likely to be called a racist. Mestizos are some of the biggest hypocrites around.

          • liberalsuck

            Mestizos whine about white not wanting them here because they’re Hispanic, yet I hear many of them (celebrities, for example) want benefits for their own people. While the Hispanics and Asians don’t care for blacks, they don’t care for us. It’s going to be every racial group for themselves.

          • Greg Thomas

            That’s right. mestizos love to call Whites racists for objecting to their illegal invasion, then turn around and demand benefits for their people only, promote and participate in groups for the benefit of their people etc.

        • 5n4k33y35

          The reasons whites are afraid of blacks is because we’re wary of Jew infiltrators waiting for racial conflict to begin before attacking the white man.

          Hispanics don’t have so many Jewish infiltrators, thus they are less afraid of acting in their own interests.

          • Tucker

            You are correct. Whites, and especially White men, have actually become prisoners of our own success. Being the most productive means that you’ve managed to succeed at something, i.e., your career. This allows you to acquire things and this is why the vast majority of White men are conservatives – they are largely adverse to risk, because they have a lot to lose if they lose their jobs and careers.

            Also, our #1 enemies – the Cultural Marxists – have this vulnerability of White men programmed into their warfare model, which is why they will try their best to attack the means of income for any White male who dares to speak out in favor of White racial interests.

            What is most amazing to me, about this enemy tactic – is how they have been allowed to attack and destroy the careers and future employment prospects of White men who engage in speech that is clearly protected by the First Amendment and which has been repeatedly upheld by the U.S.Supreme Court as protected speech. It’s as if the Cultural Marxist left have managed to repeal the First Amendment from the Bill of Rights simply by snapping their evil fingers and chanting: “Abracadabra, poof, its gone!”

      • liberalsuck

        If blacks think whites are mean and racist, wait until there are more and more other nonwhites living here. They will not only fight with them for political power, but they will be fighting with them in public out in the streets (like at the Wal Mart you mentioned).

    • MobyWhite

      Mextinos see blacks as blacks really are, proving that Third-Worldism is an advanced state of consciousness over the White West.

      • liberalsuck

        Where I live, it is racially mixed (mostly Hispanics and White), that as the Hispanics moved in, the blacks moved out. I went for a jog recently and there was a group of black males in front of me I was waiting to jog around them with some Asians passing by looking at these black males with uncomfortableness but once I got closer up to the Asians, they smiled at me with relief like “Oh, a white man, not black thugs.”

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Unless there is a successful third party; which I don’t believe the democrats and republicans will allow; I’m not seeing a bunch of minority voters suddenly becoming NASCAR Dads. I would imagine a lot of voters who just end up staying home on election day.

    “In the 1930s, political scientist V.O. Key found evidence that, in Southern counties with large numbers of African Americans, white voters were politically mobilized: They voted more than whites in neighboring counties and supported candidates espousing discriminatory views in greater numbers.” Now, that would be shut down by the unconstitutional “Voting rights act” Your average Republican wouldn’t have been voted as dog catcher in those days. It was in 1948 that you really started to see the fissures in the democratic party between Harry Truman and Strom Thurmond. Oh, and we were still a 85+% white country in those days. Even though Strom Thurmond was secretly a coalburner (he fathered a daughter in 1925 with one of the negro domestics who worked for his family); he had bat brains enough to know what would happen when we tried to make everything equal.

    Unless the republicans suddenly grow a pair, they will find themselves occupying the same place as the Whig party.

    • Tucker

      Prediction: The GOP is now being taken over by Hispanics and the white establishment leadership will be elbowed aside, relegated to positions that will be nothing more than window dressing, a.k.a., the Colin Powell role. These whites will eventually be discarded and driven from the GOP. The new La Raza GOP will become hard core liberal, and this will be a magnet that will cause a stampede of mestizos out of the Democrat Party and into the La Raza GOP Party.

      The Democrat Party will then become a majority black party, but due to some white liberals (Chrissy Matthews) having shivers run down their legs whenever they can kiss the toes and other less appetizing body parts of black politician’s anatomy, a few white liberal race traitors who secretly wish they were black will hang around and become White lawn jockeys.

      Meanwhile, the 120 plus million Whites who voted for a RINO named Mittens will find themselves completely disenfranchised and will have zero political party representation.

      Our new minority, non-white controlled garbage dump of a once great nation will then pass laws that will make it illegal for any political party to be established that is a party of White European Americans.

      Meanwhile, pro-White activists will continue to schedule seminars at minority dominated Colleges where they will pursue the pipe dream of appealing to the emotions of non-Whites to give us their blessing and let us pursue our ethnic specific interests.

      • John

        Excellent points, my friend. I would only add that the White establishment leadership will not have to be elbowed aside. They have already surrendered. When the Mestizos are through using them, they’ll be discarded aside in much the same way that Blacks discarded the first Black First Lady, Hillary Clinton, when she needed their votes in the 2008 Democratic primaries.

        Regarding Whites becoming completely disenfranchised and having no representation, we’re already there right now. Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Jeb Bush, Juan McShame, Romney, McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, etc. — They’re all working for the central banks, and everyone knows that the policy of the owners of the central banks is decidedly anti-White. The Republican Party is run by race traitors and self-serving yes-men/women. Of course, the Democratic Party caters to the self-loathing Whites. They are completely Marxist, fascists, egalitarian, communist, and totalitarian, but at least they are open about it, since about 40% of White voters completely embrace those ideals.

        Meanwhile, conservatives like ourselves just sit around and complain about our conquest, day after day, story after story, hour after hour, waiting for what? A miracle? I am so glad I do not have children to leave behind in this sewer that civilization has become. Thank Heavens I did not give the evil banksters another slave in my bloodline!

    • StillModerated

      Strom Thurmond was secretly a coalburner …
      Actually, what he did would make him an oil driller.

      • Howard W. Campbell

        Ok, I stand corrected. But I think everyone got the essence of what I wrote. Even though they cost a ton of money, the ONLY good thing about the Hispanics is that they can be racist as the day is long and the news media won’t call them on it because it doesn’t fit their ideal. Sooner or later the Supreme Court is going to be face to face with a case that involves the 14th amendment against disparate impact that involves blacks and hispanics and requires a tautological solution. I’m curious to see who is considered more equal than the other.

        When the money runs out, i could easily see the US breaking up into several districts pretty much along racial lines. The dam will burst and there may come forth some white nationalist parties. The republicans are fools if they think that Marco Rubio and his ilk are the future of the party.

        “There’s not enough troops in the Army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the N****** race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches.” Strom Thurmond 1948

        To get around that in 2013 requires the following. First, a Netflix or similar account. My family checks a lot of movies out from our local library. There is a 2nd run movie theater that we visit from time to time, but NEVER on weekend nights. Second, you can’t legally ban the undertow from swimming pools anymore; however, you rarely see the undertow at state parks. Churches are generally pretty segregated. I had the occasion to attend a funeral at a black church once and it was a very raucous affair. In 1948, the Supreme Court struck down restrictive covenants. Land in rural Montana or Wyoming is probably your best option. You will see rural blacks down south, but hardly anywhere else in the US. Granted, the government is hell-bent on shoving minorities into every white neighborhood in America. However, blacks generally do NOT like really rural areas. The only black who has set foot in my house since I have owned it was one of a three man crew who replaced all of the windows. Each man on that crew was treated to all the pizza, soda, coffee, water and fruit they wanted. But I didn’t discuss anything non-job related in his vicinity.

        I make every effort to achieve physical separation from the undertow and have tried to teach my kids that 90% of them are incapable of living in an ordered society. I will be cordial to them, but will not volunteer more than any necessary information. If I have to work with a member of that group, I will talk about sports, the weather, etc; anything but information about me. If they want to talk about “Sprewell’s” (spinner rims) or some similar nonsense, wonderful. If I am a fleeting memory, all the better. I drive a foreign car that I have never seen a black person own, even though the company will occasionally use them in their ads. There probably aren’t many black (fans) at any given Dream Theater concert. Every time I set foot in a bookstore, it is a sea of white faces.

        If enough (white) people start withholding money or moving it in other directions. somebody will start to listen.

  • In other words, Patterson’s First Axiom.

  • bigone4u

    My takeaway from the common sense outcomes of the experiments is that everyone is smart enough to kbow that an all-powerful government redistributes wealth from one group to the next. That’s despicable, but reality. So, you vote your own interests and hope that government doesn’t inflict too much pain on you if the other guy’s candidate wins.

    • Brady

      An all powerful government can send you to the gulag, too. A favorite response from guards at the gulag to Party members who complained about being sent there was “This is communism. Here we have communism.”

  • Hunter Morrow

    Democrat Party is just the Hate Whites Coalition now. But blacks and LAHTEENOZ don’t really like one another.

    Do you know who opposes amnesty? Blacks, a large portion of them. They realize that Mexico invaded and displaced them in numbers, in housing, in competition for government jobs and goodies and is doing political power plays on the blacks.

    Black/hispanic interaction right now in the large cities is low grade to out-and-out social, economic, verbal, political and violent race war.

    So much for the rainbow coalition!

    • 5n4k33y35

      LaTHEENos are distinct from ordinary Hispanic Latinos. If they use the first pronunciation, they are college campus “revolutionistas”, committed to their role as 2nd class stooges of the Jews and blacks.

  • Brady

    The Democratic Party cannot indefinitely be all things to all people except whites.

    • Hal K

      They can as long as there is wealth and opportunity to be transferred from whites and white males to nonwhites and feminist females, and as long as whites don’t have white identity politics to counter the other types of identity politics.

      • bigone4u

        I agree with you but want to add that some of that wealth is created by The Fed through monetization of the debt. Ultimately the nonwhites and feminists are going to suffer along with white males from hyperinflation or an economic collapse.

        • BAW

          The nonwhites and feminists will suffer even more than white males, because, generally speaking, white males know how best to survive in such an environment. For example, hunting, fishing, shooting, and orienteering are almost the exclusive province of white males.

          • dj2

            Yeah this is true. As the Jewish control becomes less effective, more and more whites will survive independently of the system. Then there’s very little they can do. If they criminalize survival, whites will learn to survive underground.

            I think they know the game is up, which is why there is a desperate wealth grab going on right now.

          • Truth Teller

            “hunting, fishing, shooting, and orienteering”

            Expect that to be banned at some point. Guns and fox hunting have been banned in the UK – even though fox hunting was a very old English tradition.

          • All non-Whites will do is riot and attempt steal from Whites–the importance of the Second Amendment will be critical–law enforcement will not be there.

    • tickyul

      UM……unfortunately demographics is going to make the Demorats stronger and stronger! Why do you think they want more and more 3rd-9th world immigration????????

  • The__Bobster

    When the country becomes less than 50% White, it won’t matter if the White libtards come over to our side. You know that the non-Whites will block vote against us.

    • I wonder how americans will treat the white liberals who gave away the country. I don’t think they will be welcome in our tent, they deserve to live with the mexicans and the blacks they embraced

      • Tucker

        Race treason is a crime that can never be overlooked or forgiven, Bill. Such people have shown that they have no solid concept of racial loyalty, and any sudden and opportunistic ‘late conversions’ to becoming pro-White would only be grounds for increased suspicion towards them – as their integrity and sincerity have already been compromised.

        You can bet the farm, however – that when the ethnic conflicts begin to get ‘ugly’, we are going to be burdened with a stampede of race treasonous White liberals who have spent their entire pre-ugliness era lives betraying their own race and shoveling anti-white hatred and spewing buckets of derogatory venom at those of us in the White race realist/White Nationalist community who they looked down their liberal self-hating noses at.

        This is going to be a very difficult time, for Whites who’ve been race realists for most, if not for their entire lives. We will have many family members or friends who will have heaped scorn upon us for our healthier racial views in the past, and now these family members or friends will be trying to switch sides and claim that they have seen the light – once the nightmare that they helped create is playing itself out all around us.

        I had a recent experience with a White guy (a Yankee) who I’ve known since we were both in the military and stationed together, many decades ago. I’ve never made my racial views any secret during the years I’ve know this fellow, and based on our many conversations over the years – I had always assumed that he was fairly racially aware, although far less outspoken on the issue than I have been. Well, this White guy confesses to me that he voted not once, but twice, for the anti-White Communist racist who today sits in the White House.

        After four years of non-stop black flash mob attacks on Whites, brutal assaults which have occurred in nearly every region and section of the nation – after four years of virulently anti-White legislation being passed and promoted, after four years of not only refusing to secure our borders – but actually fighting to block the States who are trying to combat illegal immigration inside their individual sovereign states – this White guy ignores the clear signs that a race war has been openly declared against the White European traditional people of America and votes for the guy who fully intends to continue and accelerate it?

        This guy deserves zero forgiveness for his race treason, and I intend to give him none.

        As for this decades long ‘friendship’? It reached it’s expiration date 1 split second after his confession.

        • somebody

          TL;DR Version: They are cowards. They are the scum of the Earth and we don’t want them in our gene pool. Let the blacks and the mexicans eat them.

      • Liberalsuck

        I wonder that, too. I read recently that there were people leaving California and heading for Texas or Arizona. I pray that the ONLY whites that are heading to Arizona or Texas are former White Californians who were GOP and really willing to embrace the conservative, progun values of Texans and Arizonans because these same white liberals will leave the areas they destroyed and move to another area and destroy it with their liberal ideas.

    • Abe

      When that happens the war will become hot. War is continuation of politics by other means. Most of the men in law enforcement, military infantry, intelligence services are euro Americans. Can the empire buy them off??? I think no…

      • Tucker

        You are overlooking the diabolically evil genius of the Cultural Marxist enemy, Abe.

        Those White European men and women in our law enforcement, military and intelligence services have been receiving gargantuan amounts of anti-White, Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism brainwashing via mandatory diversity and racial sensitivity training and this has been going on for a minimum of 40 odd years. I know this to be true, because I was being forced to attend ‘racial dynamics’ seminars back during my 4 year enlistment and I’ve been out of the military for nearly 4 decades. (It didn’t take, ha, ha – I was born with an immunity)

        The Frankfurt School Cultural Marxists have also established a toe-hold inside our top level US Military academies, such as Annapolis and West Point – and they’ve been inserting their poisonous anti-White, anti-Western, White guilt tripping ideological poison into the required curriculums; effectively brainwashing the White men and women who are slated to pursue careers in the military, intelligent services, and also in the areas of law enforcement and high ranking and influential positions with the U.S. Government and possibly careers in politics.

        Permit me to recommend a few links to articles that were written by a retired U.S. Navy Commander, Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson, that will help anyone in the AmRen community understand what has been going on:

        So, to conclude, Abe. The big question that we will soon have the answer to – is when SHTF Day arrives and ethnic conflict explodes, we will see how effective the anti-White brainwashing and mind programing for self-hate has been and whether or not our own White military, law enforcement, intelligence men and women will take our side, or whether they will take the side of their Cultural Marxist brainwashers.

        • liberalsuck

          I think the real conflict at first will be between those whites you mentioned and the normal ones like us who don’t want the marxist, anti-white nonsense. Much like the Civil War. It was bloodshed between white men fighting over the fact one half of the country didn’t want any part to do with the other part of the country. We are completely divided again now: gun control, illegal immigration, etc. When I point out a possible civil war, people say “Oh, they’ve been saying that for years now. I doubt it.” I point out all the internal conflict and the fact we’ve had two internal wars in this country, they still don’t admit it. I think they’re in denial.

          • Tucker

            Brother against brother is something that would be a terrible tragedy and we have to work as hard as we can to avoid it.

            However, as you correctly state – the sad fact of life is that, of all the races that exist on this Earth, Whites seem to stand alone in the area of being afflicted with a bizarre, self-destructive, and racially suicidal disease of ‘self-righteousness’ and as happened during the War Between The States, this manifested itself in a manner that lead Northern Whites to senselessly slaughter their fellow Whites in the South over ideological disagreements that are just as strong and present today as they were in 1860.

            Thus, just as it was so painfully clear in 1860, it is again even more obvious 153 years later – that Northern Whites and Southern Whites are truly two entirely different and incompatible species of White humans. Let us hope that this time around, both groups can have the wisdom, maturity, and temperament to agree that we are incompatible and then also agree to go our separate ways – without resorting to bloodshed.

            There is thing that is certain, however. Racially healthy White European people absolutely and without any negotiation or compromise – have to separate themselves from self-hating, self-loathing, deracinated White Europeans who consider race treason against their own people to be some kind of badge of honor.

        • 5n4k33y35

          There is no reason to passively wait to find out how the deracinated segments of white society respond in crisis.

          Progressivism appeals to the Left and Neoconservatism appeals to the Right.
          Both ideologies are conducive to Jewish supremacy and destruction for white society.

          The best method for protecting whites from these ideologies is to uproot the past 60 years of anti-Aryan indoctrination from their minds.

          The biggest “revelations” of atrocities from the Nuremberg show trials were based on testimony and confessions from tortured German POWs.

          236 references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to the Nuremberg Trial announcement

          Here are ten of those references to “six million Jews” from 1915 to 1938

          If that objective evidence doesn’t take a load of white guilt mentality off of white society, I don’t know what it will take for people to “see the light”.

      • John

        I think most people, including myself, hope for a peaceful solution, but I doubt that will be the case, just as history teaches us. War is the inevitable outcome that resolves human conflict. There is never an exception over the long-term.
        America and Europe are living in an especially volatile situation, by historical standards. Majors wars have been fought for far less. All it would take is a trigger, such as a major food shortage coupled with an entertainment outage stemming from some type of global calamity.
        Hopefully, all White men are carefully teaching their wives, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, and extended family members how to use guns and other weapons for self-defense.
        When war breaks out, it will be the duty of every White person alive — men, women, and even children — to take down as many of our enemies as possible, as quickly as possible, before they have a chance to take us down.
        Again, I hope that it doesn’t not come to that, but if it does, no able-bodied White person can afford to sit by until rescued. Arm and defend yourselves, your families, your heritage, and our way of life, my friends! Be ready and be vigilant!

        • liberalsuck

          I’ve seen at a family shooting range where I go plenty of white conservative families, seeing the men teach their wives and daughters how to use firearms, I’ve seen young men teaching their girlfriends how to shoot guns, etc. A good number of the white women shooting are good shots, even better than I am at times LOL.

    • Sean

      Minorities rarely vote at the same rate as whites. If we were more motivated we could hold disproportionate power due to higher turnouts and larger rural populations.

      • Truth Teller

        For how long? And what’s the point of that if we eventually lose? If that does happen, expect government programs and media coverage promoting minority voting to even that up.

        • Sean

          That’s already going on, busing, the “vote or die” campaign by Puff Daddy, and every single rapper pushing for more blacks and Hispanics to go out and vote. They still stay home in greater numbers than whites.

          I’m not saying we should just sit back and do nothing. I’m merely suggesting that for a short time we’ll have a large amount of electoral power when the country is darker and we’ll be mobilized for all the right reasons.


        • somebody

          I have no hope for an all White America as we know it today. But I am the type who would settle for a smaller America as they knew it yesterday. If you know what I mean.

      • Nathanwartooth

        That’s why there are Whites who drive into the ghetto and give a ride to the polls to as many Blacks and Hispanics as they can. They know just by their race which way they will vote so they try to pick up as many as they can.

    • John

      The nation is probably already less than 50% White, if you factor in the mulattos, quadroons, octoroons, Muslims, and Mestizos, most of whom masquerade as White and declare themselves as such.

      As a sidebar, I see many images in advertisements online — I haven’t watched television in a decade — and I frequently notice people with mongrel features. It is obvious that the advertiser wants to portray the models as largely White at first glance, but it only takes a second or so of careful evaluation to discern Black, Asian, Indian, and Mestizo features. They also like to use Black models with Blue eyes. They pull out all stops to make the exceptions seem like the predominant rule.

      • jay11

        Considering the fact that middle easterners, north africans, turks and some central asians are officially counted as ‘white’ by our government, and also considering the huge numbers of latinos who self-identify as white on census forms (whether true or not), I would agree that white, traditional americans are already less than 50% of the population. Anyone who disagrees, take a tour around pretty much any city, large or small, anywhere in the nation. Even seattle and other anarchist outposts are being overrun and will fall in time. Then those useless libtards will move next door to us and enrich us with their panache just live we’re already being enriched with the ‘joys’ of diversity.

        • Liberalsuck

          There’s going to come a time when millions of whites will have to say, ‘This turf is ours; not yours. You aren’t allowed to live here. You are not having any of our money. You will stay away from our children. You will stay away from our young women. You will not attack our elderly. You are not welcome, leave!” This requires whites, as a race, leave their guilt and concern for other groups. If we are going to be altruistic and concerned, it should be for our people.

          • somebody

            Young blacks today seem to have a highly inflated sense of self-confidence. They think they are tough and we are just “punk ass white boys”. Well who was picking who’s cotton? Eventually they are going to get taken down a peg or two, when it really comes down to it. And I imagine that someday it will.

      • somebody

        They never have trouble finding a real white person when they need somebody to portray a murderer, rapist, terrorist, or criminal in general. Yes we all know how crazy those darn white people are, with their violent criminal terrorist rapist lifestyles.

    • CMLiu

      I won’t.

      Liberalism is a disease that needs to be checked before it reaches Asia.

      As long as you’re not outwardly, hardcore racist towards Asians I’d vote against liberals in ANY country. Tribal behavior I can understand. Mutual distance I can understand.

      • somebody

        As far as minorities go, I guess Asians are okay. I’d rather have Asians next door than black people, I guess. But I still want them over there in Asia where they belong. You don’t see a bunch of white people loading up and heading over to China. Mutual distance, sure okay great. Mutual.

  • ncpride

    The results were clear. After coming into contact, for just minutes each day, with two more Latinos than they would otherwise see or interact with, the riders, who were mostly white and liberal, were sharply more opposed to allowing more immigrants into the country and favored returning the children of illegal immigrants to their parents’ home country.

    Just as we’ve always known. Their attitude has always been ‘diversity for thee, but not for me’, while preaching to us about how racist we are. Hypocrites.

    • Hunter Morrow

      Oh yeah. Limo liberals. Don’t they know the poor slobs with blue collar collar jobs, jobs that might require (gasp and clutch the pearls) manual labor, are the ones who have to take the wonderful Latin sensations in? What are those people doing in my NEIGHBORHOOD?! Don’t they know this is the rich part of town? Quick, lower the gates and call the private security team.

      • liberalsuck

        One of my grandfathers back in the day referred to JFK as a ‘limousine liberal.’ They all support multiculturalism, as long as they don’t have to have contact with nonwhites. They support communism, as long as they can keep all their money. They support gun control, as long as they can keep their guns. I hate nothing more than hypocrisy. If these liberals embraced nonwhites, fine. Go live around them and give the nonwhites all their possessions and ‘be one’ with the natives. If they want gun control? Fine, then they can be the first to give up their weapons and put their own families (if they have one) at risk.

    • John

      I fully agree, my friend. I have always maintained that Blacks belong in Black Africa and Mestizos belong south of the U.S. border, and Muslims belong in Islamic countries. North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia (including the parts in Asia) should be exclusively White continents/nations. There is plenty of diversity among Whites. Adding Blacks and Browns to the mix is like dumping raw sewage into the punch bowl.

      The handful of men who control the world, however, are only interested in maximizing the commerce and fiat currency models. Whites no longer serve a purpose for them, hence their unrelenting push for the dispossession and destruction of Whites and full amalgamation, while they carefully protect their own bloodlines. Eventually, under their plans, Whites would be bred out of existence into a less-intelligence mongrel race. The handful of the wealthiest and most powerful Whites at the top will be, by far, the most intelligent people on Earth and will control everyone and everything quite easily. I honestly believe that is their long-term plan. I cannot think of any other logic explanation for what we are witnessing in predominantly White nations, but I am open to reasoned ideas and suggestions.

      • a multiracial individual

        [Eventually, under their plans, Whites would be bred out of existence into a less-intelligence mongrel race. The handful of the wealthiest and most powerful Whites at the top will be, by far, the most intelligent people on Earth and will control everyone and everything quite easily. I honestly believe that is their long-term plan.]

        I recommend watching the entire documentary. They talk about intelligence differences between dog breeds, IQ differences in humans, etc.

        However, if you cannot watch the entire documentaty, 34:00 thru 36:30 speaks directly to your hypothesis….

      • Dude


      • Robert

        Whites never served a purpose. We’re all useless. Now shut up and give more money to your local Walmart.

        Wow, I must say, you have a vivid imagination and you suffer profusely from delusions of grandeur. It’s sad racist whites suffer from this and their ideals and plans will never see fruition. 🙁

    • MBlanc46

      Perhaps they’re hypocrites. Or perhaps you don’t know what their views actually are. (I’ll ignore the possibility that you’re intentionally misrepresenting them.) Believing that social democracy is the best feasible economic system doesn’t entail acceptance of identity politics. Many who support the former, oppose the latter. Our two party system often forces voters to choose candidates who support policies that the voter opposes because the candidate also supports other policies that the voter is more concerned about. Hence, many anti-immigration voters will vote Repub in 2014 and 2016 despite the coming “immigration reform” because they prefer the Repub position on other issues.

      • ncpride

        I don’t think I’m misrepresenting them at all. The last part of the paragraph I posted was left out which is this: It was a stark shift from their pre-experiment interviews, during which they expressed more neutral attitudes. In other words, they didn’t seem to have much of a problem with immigration until those Latinos showed up in their neighborhood.

        • MBlanc46

          Shifting from a “more neutral” attitude when a condition does not appear imminent to a “sharply more opposed” attitude when it does is quite rational. I doubt that the attitudes of those who employ the Latinos are any different (rarely “liberal”, I should think)

  • MekongDelta69

    *Sniff, sniff, sniff* Damn – what’s that putrid smell?

    OMG, OMG – It smells like hypocritical, leftist ‘RACISM,’ which was JUST now, magically discovered by a hypocritical, leftist journalist.

    Great-googley-moo. Lemme outta heah.

    • The Last White Man Standing

      “Great-googley-moo. Lemme outta heah.”
      LMAO! Was that a reference to The New York Dolls, or the Cadets?

      • MekongDelta69

        Good pickup, but the Jayhawks did it a year before the Cadets. There were also three other groups who did it (later) in the ’50s.

  • guest

    Political scientists, economists, sociologists and psychologists have long noted that, under most circumstances, when people from different ethnic, racial and religious groups come into new contact, conflict ensues

    Amren readers have noticed this as well!

    And this “conflict ensues” bit, could it be the reason why you can’t find 556 anywhere? Everyone is intuitively aware of what these wise sociologists have discovered with their clever experiments.

    • YT

      duh!! ??

    • Michael Harreskov

      So has most of recorded history….

  • Hal K

    The bottom line is that white interests are not going to be represented without explicit white identity politics. As long as the Republican Party and the conservative establishment suppress explicit white identity politics, supposed fault lines between constituency groups of the Democratic Party are not our concern. A possible breakup of the GOP is of much greater interest. We should be looking for ways to hasten the collapse of the GOP and to raise awareness of the need for white identity politics.

    • Liberalsuck

      In the end, our survival or rights are going to have to come from our own will and not from a political party. You have to make it detrimental for BOTH political parties to be anti white and/or not be prowhite, just as both parties are too afraid to say anything negative about other races.

      • Hal K

        That is right. Just like right now both parties pander to nonwhite groups, both parties could be pandering to whites explicitly.

        Still, the mainstream conservative establishment is our main problem right now because it keeps the lid on explicit white identity politics among the people who would otherwise be most likely to embrace it, i.e. white conservatives.

  • DelmarJackson

    I am lifelong Democrat. I voted for carter and Gore.
    If a candidate promised they would reduce immigration, assuming there was the slightest chance i was not being lied to as per usual, then I would stand in line for 10 hours to vote for krusty the klown.

    • YT

      no you’re not alone. Many were/are as ignorant as you.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Of what was Delmar ignorant? It sounds to me like he has the facts well in hand. As to his voting record, a case could certainly be made for not voting for any of the Republicans who ran against Clinton or Gore. I certainly did not, choosing to write in candidates who were not neo-cons, and I have been a life-long Republican. And note, I saw no mention of him ever voting for Obooga.

    • mike

      You are definitely not alone. I am a race realist and totally opposed to any kind of amnesty, yet I don’t trust the Republicans for a second on either issue. They love cheap labor too much. Romney sounded good for a long time and I was going to vote for him until towards the end of the campaign he started explaining how he too had a program to allow certain Latino youth to stay in the country. I read that as step one towards amnesty and knew he was just another political hack. Not only a hack he even had less idea than Obama how to address either the jobs issues or foreign wars we were being dragged into by AIPAC. Both the left wing Democrats and right wing Republicans are useless to the middle class. More and more people are figuring this out and that is why all the polls show a growth in the number on voters who claim they are independent.

      • Bobby

        I totally agree mike. Yes, I want the democrats punished bigtime for their sins against European-Americans. But that doesn’t mean I have a red cent left over for the Republican Party, which while giving lip service and taking the votes of European-Americans, have never done a damned thing for them. The Republican Party is nothig but a hindrance to the average European-American. They need to be eliminated as a political entity so real representation of conservative and white voters can come back as a political reality.

        • liberalsuck

          I don’t have any sympathy for both parties. The Democratic Party has pushed all these perversions, liberal, communistic, anti-white, anti-gun agendas onto normal white people while exempting themselves from it. The Republican Party has been using our money and resources to ‘spread democracy’ and they do nothing but kiss up to the nonwhites who will never vote for them.

        • george00

          “the Republican Party, which while giving lip service and taking the
          votes of European-Americans, have never done a damned thing for them.”
          Do you know why the McCain Kennedy Amnesty Bill failed? It failed because almost all the Republicans voted against it. Without the Republicans we would have Amnesty right now. did a break down of how the people in each party voted.
          The same thing for the “Dream Act” the Republicans kept that bill from passing. With people like you spreading misinformation who needs Liberals.

          • somebody

            Just because they have done a few good things doesn’t mean they are looking out for white interests. Do you honestly think the GOP isn’t part of the problem as well? Do you honestly believe that Romney would have magically saved America?

          • george00

            I also left out Obama-care which the Democrats push through against the best efforts of the Republicans to stop it.
            The point is not that the Republicans are perfect but that they are much better than the Democrats and it makes me angry when I hear idiots say there is no difference between the two parties because there is.

          • somebody

            There is? What significant changes have taken place from the time GWB was in office until now? Other than Obamacare? Anything? They both push for more federal government. They both believe multiple foreign wars are a good thing. They both are doing their part to erode the constitution. They both are doing their part to promote gun control and amnesty for illegals. They pass bills which effectively destroy our constitution with 98 or 99% of them voting in favor. Where is the difference? The two party system is just an illusion to make you think that you have a say. You don’t. We get two choices that were handpicked by the very people who are trying to destroy us, and you think one of these choices is going to be the answer? Use your head George.

          • somebody

            Did the Republicans save us from the P.A.T. act? NDAA? Did it save us from talk of drones patrolling our skies? Did the Republican party save us from the DHS buying billions of rounds of ammo? Did the Republican party pull us out of Iraq or Afghanistan? Did the left? They are the same. Hate that you “hate to hear idiots say there is no difference” but maybe you should take a second look. Is the idiot really the one who questions this situation? Or is the idiot the one who blindly accepts what they are told?

          • Bobby

            george00, with all respect to you, you are being duped, as are millions of other Republicans. Yes, I know that Republicans have stopped AMNESTY. Well and good. WHAT THEY HAVE NOT STOPPED, george, is the MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THAT HAVE CROSSED THE BORDER SINCE THOSE STOPPED AMNESTIES. We have a saying around here george00, DEMOGRAPHICS IS DESTINY. So, when the tipping point arrives and enough hispanics/Mexicans have are in the U.S. ALL OF THOSE STOPPED AMNESTIES WILL BE A MUTE POINT, BECAUSE THEY WILL VOTE THEMSELVES AMNESTIES AS WELL AS OPEN BORDERS TO FRIENDS AND RELATAIVES. Get it george00? I’m not the enemy, MY FORMER REPUBLICAN PARTY IS.

      • Jaytee

        Who is willing to start a new party that will have the interests of the whites at heart?

      • mobilebay

        I read recently that my one time idol, Lou Dobbs, employed illegals on his horse farm. His daughter competes in horse racing. I knew the day Mr. Dobbs stopped using the term “illegal alien” and switched to “illegal immigrant” that he had been stopped from speaking out on the destruction of our country by illegals. He must have been threatened, or warned by the network. He’s on Fox now, but plays it low key on illegal immigration. I was unhappy to find out – if true – about the hiring of illegals – while he was speaking out against them. Is that the defination of a hypocrite?

    • I already explained it:

      Depending on which browser you use, it might not automatically scroll down to my own comment to which I am directly linking here.

    • democrats are communists in disguise

    • robinbishop34

      The definition of Democrat depends on how old you are. I once heard Brit Hume say that JFK (a Democrat of course) couldn’t even get a slot in the Republican primary because he was too conservative. The Republicans sing from the same hymnbook as the Democrats.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I would vote for virtually any party that
    1. Had the slightest chance of winning and
    2. Promised to reduce/stop immigration, both legal and illegal.

    There are many like me. It would be a piece of cake for the Republicans to win back whites who simply don’t bother to vote anymore. All they’d have to do is show the slightest bit of loyalty to the American core population.

    • liberalsuck

      I’d say to those Republicans, “Oh, really? You brushed us aside all these years when you had the opportunity to push white interests and now you want us? Why should we support you? You’re just going to stab us in the back again.”

  • guest

    Do the democrats really think they’ll be forever invulnerable to the
    problems caused by illegal immigration? They push for this, and
    eventually it will get back at them. These democrats, especially the limo liberal types who live in all-white gated communities far away from diversity, have always preached about how great and important diversity is and they’ve branded us as racists if we disagree with their beliefs. Yet they’re very quick to oppose it when they experience the
    multiculturalism that they enforce on the rest of us. That alone shows what big frauds and liars they really are.

    • liberalsuck

      I would like to see the look on the faces of all these liberal guilt-ridden traitors when they people they used against whites backfires on them.

  • JohnEngelman

    In the 1930s, political scientist V.O. Key found evidence that, in Southern counties with large numbers of African Americans, white voters were politically mobilized: They voted more than whites in neighboring counties and supported candidates espousing discriminatory views in greater numbers.

    – Ryan D. Enos, Washington Post, March 8, 2013

    Kevin Phillips said much the same thing in his book “The Emerging Republican Majority.” He said that when the black population in a state is less than ten percent, it has little effect on white voting behavior. If it exceeds ten percent whites get nervous. If it approaches fifty percent denying blacks equal rights is the issue that dominated politics, and nearly all whites agree that equal rights need to be denied.

    “The Emerging Republican Majority” was published in 1969. Nevertheless, Keven Phillips did most of the writing of the book in 1966, so it really was prophetic. In 1966 most Republicans were still reeling from President Johnson’s landslide victory over Barry Goldwater in 1964, and the two to one majority the Democrats won in Congress that year.

    Kevin Phillips said that the Republican Party would become the majority party because of what he called, “the black social economic revolution.” Even before the black ghetto riots of 1967 and 1968 he could tell that the white consensus on civil rights was moving in a right wing direction.

    • connorhus

      Too bad Kevin Phillips didn’t see Feminism coming and taking a large percentage of the White female vote by promoting Black males over White and promising White Male wealth and power to the Females if they just turned on the men.

      • 5n4k33y35


  • MobyWhite

    I see the few purely White professionals in my neighborhood and my heart sinks when I realize that instead of bonding with me in preparation for the Horrors to Come, if they knew what a Racist I am, they’d report me to the SPLC and push the NAACP to push me out of town.

    The only thing White come together for is to hate and harrass the Racist.

    Whites hate what loves their Whiteness.

    • liberalsuck

      The professional whites who are liberal, self hating will get their awakening some way or the other. If not, then they really are screwed.

  • Lol they actually demolished the Candyman Project building.

  • JohnEngelman

    Most whites who are liberal on racial issues know few blacks. Those few are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment.

    In order to learn what most blacks are really like one usually needs to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the clear majority.

    When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When blacks are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

    The civil rights legislation was forced on whites with extensive experience with blacks by whites with little experience with them.

    Nevertheless, it must be said that segregationists did a poor job of getting their message out. It was difficult for them to convince Northern whites that blacks are dangerous when the image of civil rights demonstrations outside of the South was of peaceful civil rights demonstrators singing hymns and folk songs while segregationist mobs were jeering them, beating them up, and sometimes killing them.

    • pcmustgo

      Hey guys, especially ENGELMAN… just got back from eating at a late night mexican restaurant, where an Asian-American female made a comment, randomly (she was sitting a table away from me) about some place that had a lot of “generic white female personalities”. Wow. That stung. Pretty rude she said that loud enough for me to hear. I was about to go approach her table and let her have it. Her crew was all asians, except for one, sort of sad looking white male.

      Welcome to Diversity.

      • a multiracial individual

        I live in S. California. My city is approx. 80-90% White or Asian. I must say, that for the most part, they get along just fine. There is still occasional collision, however. There are some Asians I knew that derided Whites. They viewed the White guys as not-so smart surfer bros [brah] with raised trucks. They viewed white women as the dumb valley girl stereotype that is only interested in reality TV and the latest handbag. Conversely, some of the whites had little qualms cracking Asians jokes, like speaking pseudo-Chinese gibberish. Everyone from all races (even Asians) like to make fun of Asian motorists. As always, with these two populations, there was rarely violence of any kind.

        • JohnEngelman

          Whites and Asians compete in the class room and on the job. Asians usually achieve more in either environment.

          Blacks and Hispanics fight each other in the street. They also attack whites and Asians.

        • pcmustgo

          I agree with you on their white-bashing, it tends to take the form of mocking the “dumb/selfish/racially clueless/insensitive blond”.

      • Young Man

        I’m going to go out on a limb and say based on my experience with asians she probably wasn’t trying to be hurtful. A lot of asians believe that people in the same group are interchangeable with each other. As in there is little to nothing that makes an individual unique. If you spend as much time around Asian Americans as I have, you’ll see a lot of them act this way. Many of them project this uniformity onto whites and don’t understand how diverse and varied we are. I’ve known asians who didn’t seem to be like this, but many of them are very uncomfortable with white individuality and don’t even seem to understand the concept.

        • pcmustgo

          She was trying to be hurtful. SHE SAID IT LOUD ENOUGH FOR ME TO HERE. That’s racially aggressive for anyone to do. I’m a nice person. I don’t make fun of blacks, latinos, asians or any group loud enough for them to hear. Not because “I’m afraid of being beaten up”. Because I’m a nice person who doesn’t like hurting other people’s feelings, unless they’ve hurt mine first.

          I have no problem that this woman has opinions on white women, and was referring to a place, perhaps a jock type college, that had lots of “generic white girl personalities” (and such bland type of whites do exist, along with a myriad of other white sub-cultures that all have their own unique conformism), the point is SHE SAID IT TO BE RUDE, LOUD ENOUGH FOR ME TO HERE.

          The white male at her table did not look happy. I think white males don’t mind dating those asian women, but hanging out with a group of 5 asians?

          What am I talking about, I myself used to roll with Asians and think nothing of it. And it was RUDE experiences with snotty, frosty asians like that they pushed me to stop doing so. Yes, I did pick up their jealousy towards me, mainly because these people have no personalities and often just copy/clone those of whites. Asians are culturally confused.

          I have met some nice friendly asians, but the trust is gone…

          • pcmustgo

            Excuse me, “hear” not “here”… when I write fast, I have typos.

          • YT

            understandable, it’s all so upsetting. talking about other people and all.
            what’s next? whispers and the evil eye?

          • pcmustgo


      • JohnEngelman


        I am sorry about your unpleasant experience. It must have been horrible.

        I have never heard an Asian say anything derogatory about whites. I have heard white say derogatory things about Asians. I have read whites write derogatory things about Asians, even on this website.

        • pcmustgo

          NYC is FULL of “Asian-American” ethnic activist types and the people who think like them. Yes, Asians have got into this stuff too.

          I’m betting you live in a city where Asians are not a huge presence… that you live in a city that is still black/white

          not Black/White/Asian/Latino/Indian ad infantum….

          • JohnEngelman

            I lived in San Jose, California when the city had a large population of Vietnamese war refugees. They were good people.

            I had two girl friends who lived in Oakland’s Chinatown.

        • YT

          yes, it’s so horrible hearing things we don’t want to hear.

          oh my, what to do, what to do?

      • a multiracial individual

        My friend, as unpleasant as your experience may have been, keep in mind that most Asians and Asian-Americans consider relations between Whites and Asians quite friendly. In fact, according to polling data, Asians get along better with Whites than any other ethnic group (including other Asians). Only 9% of Asian-Americans think that White-Asian relations in America are sour. For Asian-Black relations, the figure climbs to 28%…

        • liberalsuck

          I’ve never felt the hate level being around large groups of Asians that I have around large groups of blacks.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Whites and Asians share the largest land mass on earth. There are people of intermediary ancestral relation with characteristics of both Caucasians and Asians. Russia is a very important, predominantly white nation.

      • ? I don’t understand this “insult”. Generic white female personalities sounds cool, something like “reeel WW”. On second thought- why this “generic” stuff ? Confused.

        • pcmustgo

          no, it is insulting and regardless, it’s rude to talk about another race in front of that race. It would be rude for me to be making comments about asians being little drones or conformist in front of an Asian or loud enough for them to hear me. I assume by “generic white female personalities” she meant the dumb, ditzy, sorority girl/jock type blond. There are a lot of those, especially in the South, but whites have more personality diversity than Asians, so whatever. There’s also a lot of Asian clones.

    • 5n4k33y35

      It is good to see a Jew who says the truth about black and white race relations in that era. But can you face the truth that was anti-Aryan bias from Jewish media which shaped those perceptions originally?

      • JohnEngelman

        I am a traditional, 1928 Prayer Book Episcopalian, an Anglican, and a Christian Zionist.

        The media is not controlled by Jews. If It is controlled by anyone it is controlled by the white plutocracy. .

        • YT

          who died and gave you the mantle of authority?

          you’re just another weasel with an opinion, that happens to be usually wrong

          • JohnEngelman

            My opinions are fact based and logical. When have I said something that isn’t true?

        • 5n4k33y35

          Yeah right… Jews were buying up the media in Europe, Jews bought up the print media in NYC, Jews have bought up the broadcast media, and Jews are off to a great start in software and Internet social media.

          Don’t worry, the worst is over and the Jewish print and broadcast media consolidation becomes less and less overbearing every day, thanks to the innovation of the digital network.

          The most successful Jew in software (as measured by propagation of software under his license) is Richard Stallman of FSF. I give credit where it is due. He’s a good guy anyway.

          His legacy will outlast the Jews who run Facebook, Google and Oracle. (He wrote the license under which most of the software they all use is published.)

          I recommend a step of software freedom beyond the General Public License and that is the proposition that software ought to be written in language native to the user. Therefore, every major written language group develops their own programming language in their own characters instead of using C.

      • pcmustgo

        The reality is I’m only half jewish, by blood really only.

        I don’t know what it’s like to primarily identify as jewish, only how to identify as white. Being half jewish is an important part of my identity, but I never just call myself Jewish, ever.

        I’ve known many half jews (and of course full jews) throughout life. NYC is full of them.

        • This “half-Jewish” thing is not an identity. It’s something like spice.

          • pcmustgo

            Ooooh, like the ethnic “spice” you said you’d be willing to accept and is good for America’s “stew”? Just a little bit, right? You know what they say about Latinas, Bardon, right? “Latinas have Spice!”

            Actually you’d be surprised to the extent the half-jewish thing is kind of an identity. Very prevalent here in NY.

    • Djangotamer

      You seem to take issue with the concept of segregation engelman. Take your anti-white propaganda elsewhere.

      • JohnEngelman

        To the best of my memory I have never posted anything on American Renaissance in condemnation of whites as a race. It is true that I enjoy the presence of Orientals and people from India.

        • YT

          you have posted much garbage, lately you have been trying to do better.

          for what purpose? why not say how you truly feel?

          sure, you’re a weasel, but be a truthful one.
          or perhaps, truthful weasel is an oxymoron
          in any event, you are a weasel

        • a multiracial individual

          It is my understanding that Indians in America are a sliver from the very elite in India. In the U.S. Indians earn more than: Chinese, Koreans, or even Japanese. However, all of those East Asian nations are more prosperous than India.

  • Felix_M

    Someone needs to make sure the GOP sees this also. If/when they collaborate on amnesty, they win millions of new voters for the democrats, a couple hundred thousand for themselves, (if they’re lucky), and their base walks.

    As the saying goes: A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. Translation: Keeping a loyal middle-class voter who’s been supporting you is a smarter policy than trying to win the votes of minorities.

  • Look at New York City: it’s one of the most heavily Democratic cities in the country and it hasn’t elected a Democratic mayor in 20 years.

      • I was a Todd Akin staffer. For your snide second paragraph in that blog post of yours, I gave you a down arrow, and that’s the first time I have voted the down arrow since AR debuted the down arrow functionality on comments.

        • YT

          oh no, not the down arrow…………

          anything but that.

    • Except the “Republicans” in question would be Democrats in most other parts of the country.

    • Truth Teller

      That’s only to prevent another black mayor – it’s racially motivated. NYC will eventually vote in a democrat mayor….and he will be either black or brown.

      • But what these mayoral votes in NYC show is that whites will begin voting as an ethnic block when pushed there.

  • RileyDeWiley

    The proof is that the most liberal whites live in nearly 100% white communities, like Boulder, Aspen, Santa Cruz, etc.

  • jambi19

    In my short life, leftists have lectured me that white republican politicians will be deposed because of changing demographics. What history has shown is that white democrats have been marginalized and eliminated at a much higher rate than right wing whites.

    • IstvanIN

      The blacks and mestizos and asians only vote for white Demoncrats until they can replace them.

  • dj2

    Although I wouldn’t consider myself a conservative/Republican in the American meaning of the term, my exposure to blacks is one of they key things that demolished the liberalism of my youth and led me to abandon the Democrats. I know the same is true of many others.

    So yes I do think America is fracturing politically, and this is not good for the stability of the system. A stable system would have two parties with differences in policy. In America we have two wings of the corporate party, and who you vote for depends on racial/cultural tribalism.

    As such the two major parties never really have to compete for votes by doing anything differently. They just have to push the right buttons.

  • DelmarJackson

    Massive immigration is bad for almost every issue democrats claim to care about.

    I am an environmentalist, massive immigration destroys the environment.

    I like living in a society that helps the poor via health care and welfare for those who have lost jobs.

    Massive immigration will bankrupt health care and welfare.

    I like unions that ensure higher wages for workers.

    Massive immigration of cheap labor destroys labors bargaining positions.

    I like to live among people who care about the country and have civic involvement to counteract rich and powerful interests.

    Massive immigration creates a dumbed down electorate easily duped and controlled and who have no historical connection with the native born citizens

    I am in favor of gun ownership and the 2nd amendment. So are many other democrats.Polls show immigrants care little about private citizens owning guns and will not defend our rights to own them

    I do not believe a small government is inherently better than a large government, but i do believe whatever size of government must be paid for by those using it and not pass the burden onto future generations. Massive immigration will grow the class of people that will vote themselves things they do not have to pay for and bankrupt us.

    Massive immigration will also create a distraction by creating a left/ right white /non white struggle that will overlook the real problem of the ruling class plundering our country and taking away our liberties.

    overall, i can’t think of hardly any benefits to normal democrat issues that will be helped in the long run by massive immigration. The votes they get will help those in power profit,, to gain more power, and to punish those that do not agree with their ideology, that is what immigration is really about,profit,power and punishment.
    Immigrants are not the problem, or the solution, they are a symptom.
    The problem is those fellow citizens that profit from immigration and pass on all the social economic and environemntal costs to our communities.

    • CrowBoi1977

      Yes it is very sad that many Democrats don’t realize the perils of immigration to their pet issues!

      My parents are what I would term ‘Carter Democrats’ and both seem to be oblivious to the massive harm that the current Pro-Amnesty Democratic Party is doing to their Base.

      (They have been voting this way for decades and nothing I say can make them stop.)

  • Tucker

    My, what an interesting social experiment! I’ve just thought of one might be even more interesting.

    I wonder what would happen to the attitudes about amnesty & open borders for, say, the RINO Gang of 8, were someone to build a gigantic catapult and place it on a platform so as to make it mobile and then some race realist White male in the AmRen community who owned a big 3500 sized souped-up, 4-wheel drive, heavy duty pickup truck would volunteer to tow the catapult to outside the gated and guarded, 99.99% lily white neighborhood that these RINOs all live in – and then get a few dozen illegal alien mestizos or maybe some Bantu Somalis fresh off the boat from Africa to volunteer to don a low-altitude parachute and then take a seat on the catapult, whereupon Joe Bob Trucker could hit the release toggle and propel a few dozen mestizos, and few dozen Bantu’s over the 12 foot wall that surrounded the RINO compound and thereby give these race traitorous White RINOs a little up-close-and-personal exposure and face-to-face interaction with what they are trying to force down the throats of millions of White European Americans who want no more of these people in their communities or in their nation?

    Any volunteers out there?

  • self inflicted damage

    Why spoil the fun and report this? WPost liberal scum watching out for their own obviously.
    All you have to do is sit back and watch liberal screw up everything and themselves in the process since that’s what socialism is isn’t it turning everyone into a 3rd world banana republic and of course who is benefiting except the dictator tyrant and his glamorous wife media whore with 50 tons of makeup? Hollywood can make the ugly pos on the planet look half decent and look at the fat 300 lb ugly Winfrey bitch for proof or all the rest of her ilk. Whites know spanish speaking reds hate blacks and kill each other.
    Obama is only using liberal white and blacks and now spics for his own self interest anyway isn’t he? What a laugh these scumbag liberals are especially the tyrant in the WH who needs to explain where he stashed that 6 trillion in only 4 yrs in Chavez, Castro, typical socialist dictator fashion.

  • Greg Thomas

    “As the United States becomes more racially and ethnically diverse, liberal whites might start leaning Republican.”

    In other words, as liberals begin to get a taste of their beloved diversity heaped on the rest
    of us, they will come to find out they do not like it very much either. Problem is, the GOP will already be fully diversified by that point.

  • You couldn’t pull that off in NYC. LOL It’s great to hear they “stick out” in Boston. Maybe people should keep doing this to wake those at a distance from the actual event so they stand up and say no to any non-western immigration for a few decades or so. That would be good for whites here and also the non-whites too. If non-whites grow too large and “take over” what white country will they flea to next. There pretty much isn’t a non-white country anywhere near the caliber of a white dominated culture/country.

  • Epiminondas

    Basically, white liberals have been asking whites who live in close contact with blacks to act as though we’re all equal. But when placed in the same conditions, they don’t find equality such an appealing idea. This article basically supports what white conservatives have long known: liberal whites are a bunch of hypocritical frauds.

  • Bobby

    How the demorgraphic shift could hurt Democrats too? Oh, please make it a reality. The democrats have done so much damage to this country. The have so confused the minds of young folks and have so screwed up the honest relations and understanding that could exist between cultures, rather than the phony multiculturalism. They have so damaged and ruined the union movement that many Americans fought for and were actually killed for,( because of the democrats pandering to cheap labor and illegal foriegn nationals) And most horribly, they have endangered European-Americans, and mad them a target of every culture or race that isn’t caucasian, because of their anti-cacasian preaching and programs. Oh, I wish I could see the consequences of everything the Democrat Party has been involved in come crashing right down on their heads, BIGTIME.

  • And the sooner we Caucasians realize that we are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel the better. Ephraim was destined to become a Great Nation and the Top of the Mountains or nations. Gen 48

  • MBlanc46

    Interesting experiment, although I’m not sure that the connection to party preference is demonstrated. The text also shows the near meaninglessness of the term “liberal”. One might think that social democracy is a preferable economic system and yet not want to live with Mexican immigrants. One might think that Jim Crow was unjust and yet not want to live with Mexican immigrants. This isn’t ideological to most people, nor is it strictly party political. The corporate wing of the Repub party supports Mexican immigration. Some Democrat voters oppose immigration. We’ll get “immigration reform” because elements in both parties want it.

    • We’ll get “immigration reform” because elements in both parties want it.

      Or, ironically, we might not get “immigration reform” (in terms of some bill called “omnibus comprehensive reform yadda yadda blah blah”) because elements in both parties want it. That seems strange and counter-intuitive, but one thing you can never underestimate in Washington, D.C. is the power of ignorant simple minded partisanship of the “yay red team boo blue team” or vice-versa mentality. While there is hardly anyone in that town who wants to do the right thing (by us) because it’s the right thing on the immigration issue, and while most of the people in that town stupidly or insidiously think the wrong thing is the right thing on the immigration issue, there are a lot of people in that town who simply don’t want the other party to get credit for the “right” (really, the wrong) legislation being signed into law.

      There has been a lot of stupid and evil and destructive legislative proposals, immigration and otherwise, that have thankfully met its death in the D.C. tar pits of partisan jealousy and sniping. Hope and pray that this happens again here.

      (Incidentally, if Todd would have won, I might have been in a position right now to commit acts of micro-sabotage to make sure that this sort of thing happens to kill “immigration reform” this year.)

      • MBlanc46

        That’s possible. It’s not a done deal. Personalities can always intrude, as can external events. I’d still make a small wager that we’re going to see it.

  • The proof is that the most liberal whites live in nearly 100% white communities, like Boulder, Aspen, Santa Cruz, etc.
    Santa Cruz is not that white it has a lot of hispanics and Asians.sorry.

  • Kevin Phillips said that the Republican Party would become the majority party because of what he called, “the black social economic revolution.” Even before the black ghetto riots of 1967 and 1968 he could tell that the white consensus on civil rights was moving in a right wing direction.Well, bringing in Florida and Texas that have large illegal immirgant populations. TExas is number 2 and Florida number 4 hurt the GOP. In fact, Texas and Florida Gop are divided on Hisapnic guestworker programs unlike states like Al and Arizona and so forth.

    • YT

      civil rights turned into a scam, a long time ago

      • Funruffian

        I agree. Civil Rights has become nothing but a shakedown game perpetrated by Blacks.

  • Flake and MCCain are bad but local politicans in Arizona like Russell Pierce had more laws against illegal immirgants working than in Florida or Texas.

  • CrowBoi1977

    I think the real big demographic shift is going to be when all the hippie Baby Boomers pass on and take their ideas with them.

    Gen Xers have been voting Republican! Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck… There are a lot of Gen Xers who have been fuming for years over Affirmative Action (many Boomers got their jobs before this was put into place). Also that dang Boomer Clinton opened the flood-gates to illegals back in the ’90s!

    I predict a swing to the Right in this country within the next 10-15 years when most of the Boomers have passed on or been ‘Death Paneled’ and Republican Gen Xers rise in the light to fill the void. After this the ‘Camp of the Saints’ scenario will resume on pace unless the tide is turned during that small window of opportunity.

    ** ‘ Although Democrats currently enjoy a party identification advantage over Republicans among Americans at every age between 18 to 85, the Democrats’ greatest advantages come among those in their 20s and baby boomers in their late 40s and 50s. Republicans, on the other hand, come closest to parity with Democrats among Generation Xers in their late 30s and early 40s and among seniors in their late 60s.’

  • I meet more and more white US citizens who are becoming fully cognizant of the anti-white trend in all government run institutions, and not one of them is particularly happy about it. Some are downright resentful, especially if they feel their children are being taught self-loathing in some BS “white privilege” curriculum.

  • This is news for the Left because, well, common sense comes so infrequently.

  • Sue

    We should treat this as, “The most dangerous game”. We are the prey and must take on the hunters. Back to Civilization.

  • mobilebay

    I really couldn’t care what Latinos think anymore. They seem to be trying to hold Republicans hostage,…”if you don’t allow our illegal cousins in by the millions, we won’t join your party.”
    What they don’t realize is that “cousin” will do them out of a job in a New York minute by taking less pay.

    • somebody

      Absolutely. Hispanics have been moving into my traditionally 99.9% white neighborhood for the last several years. At first the only places where they took all of the jobs were the smaller ethnic restaurants, Chinese, Mexican, ect. Now they are branching out into construction. It is only a matter of time before this town is crawling with them and the crime that quickly follows their arrival.

      • Farmerboy

        Where I’m from is some Midwestern town with less than 3% nonwhite when I was growing up and now it’s 10%. I went home and saw more Asians, mexicans, blacks and black-white couples and adopted nonwhite kids. I’m thinking, “Uh, this is rural Midwest, right?” I was told by my father that some Mexican drug cartel types opened up a shop–get this–RIGHT by our local police department at an old abandoned 1920s/1930s gas station. Not only that, but when the local cops arrested these thugs, they were followed back to the station and the cops had to call for backup. Our town never had any problems like this in the past. It had a long proud history of German and Swedish immigrants there. Please tell me again how all this diversity is great for whites again? Please tell me where there are any places in the US that are almost 100% white and not willing to be diverse?

  • steve33

    Mexicans and blacks will always vote for the democratic ticket no matter what