MK: Only Bullets Will Stop Infiltrators

Gil Ronen, Israel National News, June 3, 2012

Members of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee toured the fence being built along Israel’s border with Egypt. The fence is meant to keep away terrorists as well as infiltrators from Eritrea, Sudan and elsewhere in Africa who seek a better life in Israel.

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) was not impressed with the new barrier, and said he opposed its construction. “This fence can’t stop anything,” he said Sunday. “Not infiltrators and not terror.”

MK Eldad explained that as long as the government does not give the IDF instructionsto shoot the infiltrators, they will continue pouring into Israel in large numbers. “This huge engineering project, impressive as it may be, will not succeed in blocking theinfiltrators if the IDF does not receive written instructions from the political tier signed by the Legal Advisor to the Government, that anyone trying to cross the fence will be shot,” he said.

“If a person walks crosses the African continent by foot, a 5-meter high fence will not stop him,” Eldad elaborated. “They will cross it, unless the IDF shoots them, but I do not see the state of Israel giving such an instruction.”

The unchecked influx of thousands of work-seekers from the African continent every month has changed demographics and caused a spike in violence and other crime in Eilat, Arad and working class neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. This has recently resulted in demonstrations demanding that the government take action to control Israel’s southern border.

The IDF is loathe to shoot infiltrators, and the state has not yet completed temporary internment camps currently being built to hold them. Those who make it past the border are placed on buses to Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, the Population, Immigration, and Borders Authority (PIBA) announced Sunday that it intends to start implementing a law the Knesset passed in January, which enables it to arrest illegal infiltrators and hold them for up to three years, as opposed to letting them enter freely as it has until now. PIBA said it is waiting for the Defense Ministry to issue new arrest warrants for IDF officers to sign, to replace the old ones which were limited to 10 days’ arrest.

The detainees will be held in space that has been freed up in existing jails, pending completion of the new detention facility.


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  • Howard W. Campbell

    How about starting with land mines, bouncing Betty’s & punji sticks first. The IDF troops can just sit there and watch the mayhem, Looks like Israel, along with many other countries, is seeing “Camp of the Saints” unfold on its doorstep.

    • blight14

      Do you hold the IDF in high regard?

  • Son of Abraham

    Thank God there is at least one country on earth that understands the ramifications of unrestrained immigration by aliens. And aliens are what they are.

    • a multiracial individual

      Don’t forget Japan.

    • blight14

      For now anyway……..

    • Jackryanvb

      Switzerland has good immigration policies.

      • JH

        No they do not. Switzerland is overrun with Muslims. They may not be citizens but they are there and they are not leaving. Look at the numbers.

        • Gozer the Gozarian

          A few years ago NBC ran a gushing story about them in Switzerland – declaring them to be Swiss regardless of what the natives thought… “like the Swiss that they are.” I’m still waiting for them to do the same with Israel.

          • JH

            Because that does not fit into their narrative. The left wing wants the Muslims to be Swiss. The left wing does not want the Palestinians to be Israeli. They don’t want Israel to exist at all. All they can say – and they do say constantly – is that Israel discriminates against Arabs.

  • The__Bobster

    What a bunch of hypocrites. That same tribe would stage a nationwide protest if a single Hispanic got a scratch crossing OUR border.

    I say do as they do, not as they say. They like fences, we like fences. They like deportations, we like deportations. They shoot invaders……..

    • Katherine McChesney

      Bobster, it seems the American Hebrews are different than the ones in Israel. American Jews are for the two-party state. I’ve gotten some of my information from a local synagogue’s magazine. They are leftists to the core.

      • Sam

        American Jews and Israelis are far apart in their views on many things. Israelis like the flow of money from US taxpayers and American Jews like the idea of Israel, but that doesn’t mean they have much in common. They don’t. They’re not even the same ethnic group. American Jews are mainly Reform Ashkenazis. Israel is more controlled by Orthodox Jews and has a large non-Ashkenazi Jewish population. Israelis are very realistic about race and demographics, just like the typical Amren reader.

        • Triarius

          Whether Israelis lean more to the right and American/European Jews lean more to the left is irrelevant.
          They both have two things in common, wanting to flood the West with non-whites while keeping Israel homogenous, and telling their daughters to stick with their own kind. Youtube jewish girl pranks parents with dating Italian.

          • JH

            Israelis do not wish to flood the West with non-Whites. They do not care about US or EU immigration policies in the least. Most of them don’t even know what those policies are – they have enough to worry about in their own backyard. They live under constant threat of real shooting war on a border which is on average maybe a few dozen miles from them. Do you think they care about the Mexican border? And if Israelis don’t want to intermarry – you should be happy with it. I would imagine you don’t want gentiles to intermarry either and it takes two to tango.

    • Son of Abraham

      “That same tribe would stage a nationwide protest if a single Hispanic got a scratch crossing OUR border.”
      And what “tribe” would that be?

      • RisingReich

        ‘Abraham’ lol – don’t be obtuse.

    • JH

      I don’t recall Israelis, especially right wing Israelis saying anything about Hispanics. I doubt they care at all – in fact I would bet Israelis would be in favor of our fence.

    • bluegrass84

      I know AMREN likes to keep a policy of “one heresy at a time,” but there’s things that just make you go….”hmmmmmm”

      I’m not precisely sure how Israel would benefit by lobbying and supporting an effort to turn their piggy-bank of America into a multicultural, bankrupt cesspit, but sometimes something comes along that makes me think that we are merely living in just one chapter in a never-ending war:,7340,L-4299673,00.html

      There appears to be a serious division brewing between the secular, liberal, and highly intermarried Jewish diaspora and their increasingly nationalistic kin in the Zionist home state.

      • NYB

        A Jewish woman, Barbara Spector, moved to Sweden to “combat anti-Semitism” and set up a “non-denominational institute of Jewish learning”. She believes Jews have an important role to play in a country undergoing “profound change”. Quote from Youtube:

        “Europe has not yet learned to be multicultural, and I think we (Jews) are going to be part of the throes of that transformation which MUST take place.

        “Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century.

        “Jews are going to be at the center of that; it’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” – Barbara Spector

        It doesn’t matter how many Jews visit Amren and pledge to be righteous and voice support for white nationalism. As long as there are well-funded Jews like
        Barbara Spector working for white genocide, Jews must be assigned collective responsibility for the reprehensible actions of one of theirs. Silence people like her, and then Jewish support for whites may be reservedly accepted . Deeds, not words.

        • PesachPatriot

          There is no “silencing” anyone in the west anymore….free speech laws in most european countries are pretty close to those in the US…I can go and leave snarky comments on her channel but I don’t think she’ll care and I can’t afford air fair to sweden to complain at her in person. Sweden is very cold and if they just shut off their generous welfare benefits most of the new immigrants would go home if they couldn’t afford their winter heating bills. I deplore violence against women but it would be both bitterly ironic and humorous if a large hardcover analog history book fell on her or if she tripped and fell over one….thanks for putting my kids life in danger there babs…

          • Jackryanvb

            Well said.
            Jews need to police their own, same as Italian Americans like Guliani took on the Italian Mafia.

          • PesachPatriot

            I try to the best of my ability….every time I hear some liberal jewish boca soccer mom going on about the need for strict gun control and how every other civilized nation has it I always tell them some guy who used to build happy fun camps with signs reading arbeit macht frei was a very big proponent of gun control as well…I am always ranting about the dangers people like bloomturd, swinestein, zimbabwe ben and lloyd blankcheck over at goldman sucks are causing for all the rest of us who are good patriotic americans and not cool at all with the shenanigans of Great Depression 2.0….I’m not taking a bullet or a shower for anyone at the FRB or Hollyweird.

        • A. Windaus

          I’m sorry David, but not all Jews think alike. Those who want to fight for their people and their land naturally gravitate to the political right, while those who want to cower and get the government to do everything for them naturally gravitate to the left. Unfortunately what we see is a situation where many of the right-wing Jews that have the means to do so have left for Israel, leaving the multicultural loving left-wing Jews in the US and Europe. Just look at the Jewish voting trends for Israel and the US and this becomes clear as day.

        • blight14

          Utterly disgusting…………

        • brengunn

          That woman is a banner for Nazism. It’s almost laughable how she speaks down to Europeans. Is she a double agent? Or perhaps a re-doubled agent!

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Many old posters will recall how I call out hypocrisy of whites going after Jews, (after all, White, European treatment of Jews is what caused them to be the way they are). However, I agree with you; Jews like her must be made to realize that meddling with nations like Sweden for their own political and racial reasons is not okay and must be stopped because it is destroying them and only creating more hatred of Jews.

        • JH

          Collective Responsibility? OK I hold you responsible for Jimmy Carter. Or Ted Kennedy. Or Tony Blair. Or George Bush. Or on and on and on. Who cares what this woman has to say. She is an idiot.

        • 5n4k33y35

          She is horrible.

        • Cherry Bomb

          I’ve heard her called “The Wolverine of Sweden.”

          Shilling for the genocide of another race, not one’s own is the height of evil. She wants to put an end to the White Race – but then she has a place to escape to, doesn’t she? One that allows only their own people in and is not the multicultural or diverse as Jews foist on White and only White nations.

          I’d like to see her take her twisted act on the road to China and tell the Chinese they need to become “diverse” and multicultural by opening their borders to Africa, and to not do so is the height of evil, racism and xenophobia.

        • MikeofAges

          Europe has been multicultural for more than 2,000 years. Multicultural does not mean multicultural. It means multi-racial. But for how long? Absent rigorous rules about marriage and reproduction, young people are always notoriously undiscerning about who they mate with. Even with rigorous rules, the end result will still be the same. Just takes longer. Multiculturalism and multiracialism last a few of generations. Then you have a new culture and a new race. If you judge the cause by the effect, you have to come to a somber conclusion.

  • NYB

    (Israeli border enforcement agency) announced Sunday that it intends to start implementing a law the Knesset passed in January, which enables it to arrest illegal infiltrators and hold them for up to three years.

    No Dream Act. No amnesty. No catch and release.

    If it’s good enough for Israel, it’s good enough for the U.S. Let’s have the NY Times proclaim that truth.

  • Son of Abraham

    Hey, moderator, why do you delete my comments when I question the twisted reasoning of the Jew-baiters on this website?

    • David Ashton

      Jews who oppose unwanted alien immigration into any western democracy have my support. But those who welcome foreign Afro-Asians “here” while baiting local Palestinians “there” are a bit of a problem, and it is not antisemitism to think so.

    • RisingReich

      Are you a comedian?

  • brengunn

    Anyone who advocates shooting immigrants as they cross the border is a barbarian. Why would you kill someone for merely trying to better their lives? Stopping the massive influx is one thing, killing people is another. It’s not a justifiable action, in my opinion.

    Let reason triumph over emotion.

    • RisingReich

      I wonder how long your reason will go when these ‘people trying to better their lives’ show up at your door and expect YOU to give up what’s yours so they can ‘better themselves’?

      This ‘reason’ you speak of is lost on these invaders. They don’t know nor do they care what you speak of.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I don’t think you belong here.

    • Greg Thomas

      Their quest for “a better life” is destroying this country. At what point do you drop the euphemisms and call this what it is – an invasion!

    • IstvanIN

      It is called defending one’s nation, something we are not doing. I am more than agreeable to landmines on the border, with appropriate warnings of course.

      • JH

        Completely correct. And if you do, no will be killed at all. The crossings will be stopped. Some feral hogs may get killed however

    • brengunn

      Someone said I don’t belong here because of this post. What is it I’ve said that is so outrageous? Is it because I don’t advocate violence, I disagree with what would essentially be legal murder? Or that I say immigrants are coming to the West for better lives? That’s an inarguable fact, why would they come otherwise.

      I don’t hate these people, I just don’t want the West turning into a a place where whites are a minority and all aspects of civil society are racialized.

      • PesachPatriot

        I support your right to different opinions, posting here should not require groupthink….I would prefer humanely catching and deporting illegal immigrant gate crashers at the southern US border, but doing so is extremely time-consuming and expensive and is not proving very effective…if a policy of shooting “infiltrators” was publicly announced it might dampen the enthusiasm of some to try their luck. Many of the american posters here live in border states like california, texas, and arizona and have to deal with the invasion and related drug war nonsense on a daily basis, which leads to their frustration with the status quo

      • RisingReich

        I very much dislike citizens like yourself who drone on about “civility” while an ongoing invasion of our country is taking place.

        This never ending sniveling over “civility” is exactly how we got here and people clinging to this idea are preventing the rest of us from doing what we know needs to be done.

        I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t post here though. You represent a serious problem that needs to be seen for what it is – so please continue whimpering.

        • brengunn

          The feeling is mutual. I dislike Nazis who’s first instinct is always violence.

          It could be said that curbs on immigration lack wide spread support because people don’t want to be seen in the same bed as the likes of yourself. You may be an obstacle to immigration control.

          • RisingReich

            Ah here we go again with the nazi theme. The truth doesn’t change simply because you revert to name calling based on someone’s blog name.

            The truth of the matter is we have cowards on the issue like yourself that have allowed this situation to deteriorate past the point of action that you’d consider ‘civil’.

            Call me ‘uncivilized’ or ‘racist’ or a ‘nazi’ I really could care less and find it comical. It does nothing but undermine the fact you are refusing to face reality for whatever reason.

          • brengunn

            The truth doesn’t change simply because you revert to name calling based on someone’s blog name.

            I wasn’t name calling. You have both a Nazi name and avatar, therefore it’s reasonable to assume you are a Nazi and are not ashamed of it.

            You call me a coward and I call you a thug. I’ll state again, your thirst for violence scares away average citizens who might otherwise sympathise.

          • RisingReich

            Wow so anything that references old Germany is NAZI huh?
            You don’t even know what the avatar is.
            Also – where did I call for violence? All I want is proper border enforcement to prevent the current invasion. Words and ‘civility’ aren’t getting the job done. Sometimes force is required – this is a reality you and like minded refuse to face.

            This is the problem with people like you. Any whisper of action that might be effective is ‘radical’ ‘violent’ or ‘nazi’.

            However, I think you’re right about one thing. The average citizen has been conditioned by your thought processes depicted here to be scared about taking steps to remedy this problem.

            If recognizing the reality of the situation is thuggery, then I’ll take the compliment.

          • brengunn

            And you have the cheek to call me a coward, when all you can do is backtrack about your political opinions. Of all the old German symbols, you picked the one most associated with the Nazi party, when you chose your name, you chose one that implies Nazism. What are you, an aesthetic Nazi?

            Also – where did I call for violence?

            I said I supported non-violent means, which you call ‘sniveling over civility’, you place yourself diametrically opposite me, saying I and people like me prevent you from ‘doing what needs to be done’. The implication is, you mean to do violence. You are not explicit but you cannot deny that was your meaning.

          • RisingReich

            Oh I’m back tracking now? Hmmm. All I’m saying is I don’t cower at the thought of using force to protect the border – which – yes – will many times include ‘violence’ as you describe it.

            I do diametrically oppose your view. I also don’t view ‘Nazi’ as a derogatory term, true. But the rising eagle has nothing to do with Nazism. Anything that’s not pro-Jew or pro-Diversity is NAZI to people like you – that’s all my point was and your response just reinforces my case.

            You I’m sure think I have a shaved head, walk about goose stepping in boots wearing a swastika cap or something. All I’m saying is that this is the typical sniveling liberal response to anyone who wants to actually DO something to solve the problem.

            Again – go on hand wringing about Nazi’s, violence, and civility all you want. Have at it to your hearts content. I’ll spend the rest of my time preparing.

            I would normally say “Good luck” but I don’t mean that in this case. Hope you get what you’re asking for.

            Whatever, I certainly do not seek nor do I require your approval.

          • 5n4k33y35

            I try to optimize my level of racial identity to the highest degree possible without playing into the hands of the Feminists.

            In this case, you are overly competitive with another man. Excessive competition between men is the result of Feminism putting all the burdens of responsibility onto men and keeping us from enjoying the rewards of life.

            Immigration can be stopped without free-fire zones at borders. Your argument is unreasonable.

          • brengunn

            I also don’t view ‘Nazi’ as a derogatory term, true.

            Why are you so sensitive about it then?

            Anything that’s not pro-Jew or pro-Diversity is NAZI to people like you

            Not true. I’ve told you why I called you a Nazi, I didn’t know you’d wet your knickers about it.

            Again – go on hand wringing about Nazi’s, violence, and civility all you
            want. Have at it to your hearts content. I’ll spend the rest of my
            time preparing.

            If you struggle with being called a Nazi on the internet, how are you going to cope in a race war or whatever it is you’re preparing for?

            TBH, I don’t care what you look like or what your beliefs are. You are free to do as you will.

          • JH

            Speaking of the name. The Reich while doing well financially at the moment, due to a weak Euro, still has to prop up Greece and the rest and has a below replacement rate birth rate. I hardly call that rising and I for one feel that to be a pity. I am not a German hater. But Germany seems to be hating itself. It is allowing a huge Turkish immigration (also other muslims) and its own people do not have children. The Turks do not assimilate and there are more Turks in Germany than there were ever Jews in Germany. The difference is that the Jews did assimilate and did speak German and were not on welfare. There are no Jews (or really few Jews) in Germany so this cannot be blamed on Jews. The Germans are doing it to themselves. So whatever Reich is rising, it is not the German Reich. And I am unsure of any other.

    • 5n4k33y35

      I agree that there ought to be no free-fire zones, no license to kill unarmed illegal immigrants.

      There are a lot of poseurs who want to posture as being “whiter-than-thou” by virtue of being more belligerent than the next guy. Ultimately, patience, diligence, planning and perseverance win the strategic victories.

      Next time something horrible is done by a racially disgruntled white man like the Sikh temple massacre by Wade Michael Page, these jokers won’t have much to say.

      If you are a dummy and you think you can advance the cause of white society by being more belligerent, think again. If you think blacks look stupid when they struggle harder but not smarter – don’t be like that yourself.

  • RisingReich

    This just proves Jewish hypocrisy. Ethnic State for them, no problem, but be damned any other Country that would attempt it – particularly Western White countries.

    I wish I could remember the poster here whom originally said this so I could give credit because it’s so true…”Christ labeled them hypocrites then, and hypocrites they still are today.”

    • Son of Abraham

      “This just proves Jewish hypocrisy.” “…hypocrites they still are today.”
      …absurd, wholesale character denigration of the ugliest kind.
      It proves that the State of Israel is the only modern country in the whole world that truly understands the need for inviolate borders for national soveriegnty and the preservation of its national character. Israel is prepared to insure that whether or not the whole world likes it or not. It is likewise resolved to take the concrete steps that it has every right to.
      The proposed actions prove that — and nothing else.
      As my hero Meir Kahane would always ask the Democrats and Liberals: Did we wait two thousand years to see the world’s only Jewish state destroyed by liberalism?

      • IstvanIN

        The Jews in Europe, North America and Australia are the ones that want whites exterminated. I would think Israelis would understand that without white Christians they are pretty much toast.

        • PesachPatriot

          I have lived in north america for my entire life and I have never wanted either american or european whites exterminated, most of my friends are white gentiles….SOA, I read some Kahane when I was younger and even though i am no lefty bed wetter but I find it difficult to agree with many of his ideas….Israel must always be held to a much higher moral standard than the dictatorial muslim hell holes that are its neighbors. My grandfather did not fight at Stalingrad and in 1948 for Israel to be just another middle east headache full of backwards religious fanatics.

      • kerrysmith

        “the only modern country in the whole world that truly understands the need for inviolate borders “. Aren’t you forgetting Japan?

        • Son of Abraham

          Yes, Japan is another. You must be Japanese in order to become a citizen in Japan. No “racist” outcry against the Japanese is ever heard. Israel has many Arab citizens and even Arab members of the Knesset.
          How many Children of Abraham are citizens of Saudia Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran? Yet invective is heaped upon Israel like no other country.

          • PesachPatriot

            Thats because Israel isn’t just the jewish nation, but the jew among nations, perennial whipping boy of the UN and left wingers everywhere and the only reason the muslim nations of the middle east aren’t as peaceful, tolerant and economically productive as berkeley california, switzerland or canada(sarcasm)…People feel very safe and secure trash talking jews and Israel in general because we don’t riot in front of embassies over cartoons or take hostages when we get upset about something. It is obviously a big zionist conspiracy that forces muslims in algeria, sudan, syria, iraq, libya and egypt to kill each other in record numbers…

          • brengunn

            How many Children of Abraham are citizens of Saudia Arabia, Syria,
            Lebanon, Iraq, Iran? Yet invective is heaped upon Israel like no other

            Slightly different, as the Saudis, Syrians, Lebanese et al, never stole their country from Jews. Of course Palestinians have a right to seats in the Knesset, it’s their country.

          • PesachPatriot

            brengunn…there were jews in syria, egypt, iraq, iran and yemen before Islam was even a religion…the palestinians love to bitch and cry about being made refugees in a war they started in 1948 and again in 1967, but plenty of jews from the arab countries who were lucky enough to miss out on the super happy fun times in europe between 1914 to 1945 had all their property forcibly seized(or destroyed in rioting) and were tossed from countries they had lived in peacefully for millenia…

            Israel didn’t keep them rotting in refugee camps for decades and use them as a political weapon….read up on arab treatment of palestinians some time, like black september in jordan, the lebanese civil war or the post gulf war I expulsion from Kuwait….its pretty shocking what they can do to their beloved muslim “brothers”….Israel wasn’t stolen….land was bought and paid for, then they changed their minds, started several wars and lost….Just imagine if the sandal was on the other foot and Palestinians had tanks, f-16s, nuclear weapons and US foreign aid….do you think there would be any israeli’s left to complain or throw stones?

          • brengunn

            I’m not saying the Arabs aren’t animals. They certainly behave like them sometimes. I think the Israelis are animals, too.

            Surely, supporting Israel and white nationalism are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. After all, the Jews were just parachuted in there, so the Arabs have legitimate anger.

          • Son of Abraham

            No, it is not. This is the land of King David and King Solomon, not the land of King Ahmed and King Mohammed..

          • brengunn

            And what relation do white European Jews have to biblical kings?

          • Son of Abraham

            Every relationship you can think of. Modern Jews are direct descendants of biblical Jews.
            You can’t have it both ways, brengunn. You can’t have posters like Rising Reich claiming some supposed character flaw of Jews existing since Jesus’ time and persons such as yourself claiming there is no connection between modern and biblical Jews in Jesus’ time. You can’t have it both ways. It’s patently absurd. Which is what your convoluted “reasoning” is.

          • brengunn

            Not at all, SOA, Rising Reich does not speak for me and I don’t speak for him. So any disparity between his opinions and mine, cannot count as convoluted reasoning on my part. My reason, or lack of it, should be judged solely on my own opinions.It’s interesting though, that you categorise me as homogeneous white, yet hate to be categorised as homogenous Jew. That’s hypocrisy!!

            I believe Jews are Europeans, white Europeans.There may be a distant genetic connection to Israel but it’s insignificant both genetically and politically. I don’t believe they have any legitimate claim to Israel.

          • One only has what one is able to attain and be able to keep, either by one’s own abilities to attain or keep them, or by means of proxies. Everything else is just theory.

          • brengunn

            Which applies to immigrants and Israelis, alike.

          • Son of Abraham

            “I don’t believe they have any legitimate claim to Israel.”
            Well, the truth is whether or not you think the Jewish People have any connection to their ancient homeland is completely irrelevent. It is what the Jews in Israel think that matters.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It is also a bit of history as well. The Romans destroyed the nation of Israel and Judea and renamed it Palestine, just to humiliate the Jews. Then, they got chased around in Europe (and in the Middle East and North Africa) for a couple thousand years. Then, in WW1 Britain recognized the proper need for a homeland for Jews in Palestine and so made the Balfour Declaration. This was put off by political squabbling that eventually pitted Arab against Jew, this was enhanced by Nazi interference from 1933 to 1945-8. But the young UN, not yet corrupted, made a charter establishing Israel. It is a small place, but all those surrounding Muslim Arab nations can’t abide it’s existence. A people to oppose them had to be created, so the Palestinians were made into a reality by a terrorist named Yasser Arafat. The Arab world doesn’t want to allow them into their vaste lands to settle because they want them to exist as a political football for them against the Jews. And the rest of the world has to face this as a potentially terminal set of circumstances every day as we wait for Iran to finish up making it’s nukes.

            We can’t or won’t the world just try leaving the Jews and Israel alone for a few years? Things might improve and Jewish interest in Marxism would subside because Jews are capitalists at heart.

          • Israel was entirely a creation of the British government. The Ottoman Empire, being part of the coalition that lost WWI, and was in the process of dying anyway, was divided up between two major winners of WWI, France and England. The French portion of the former Ottoman Empire was spun off into Syria, the British, most of the rest, was spun off as the British wanted (or rather, by that time, the British “wanted” largely with a lot of American suasion.) But…the British Mandate for Palestine existed as a legal entity since at least not long after WWI.

            I am of the opinion that the Balfour Declaration (which predated the Allies victory in WWI, or even the credible predictability of the Allies coming out victorious, and therefore, could not have been a credible blueprint of future post-war geography), was a cynical trick on the part of the British government to turn Jewish opinion, especially the Jewish population in Germany (who were supporting the Central Powers), to the side of the British and the Allies. (How well it worked, I don’t know.) Once WWI turned out the way they did, and England wound up owning a big part of the corpse of the Ottoman Empire, this kinda sorta put them on the hook to create the Mandate and eventually a dedicated Jewish state.

            Point being, the “native” Arab speaking people mislabeled “Palestinians” could no sooner claim it as “theirs” than anyone. That territory was Ottoman Empire, then Byzantine Empire before that, then Roman Empire before that, then Alexandrian-Hellenistic Empire before that…

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Jewish is a religion and ethnicity, not a race. You may not know it, but many people converted to Judaism in the years just before Christianity’s spread, including Nero’s neice. There are black Jews, Indian Jews, etc., the results of Jewish merchants marrying the local women and remaining. They eventually come to resemble the local racial populations for obvious and very human reasons. Recent dna studies have proved this.

            Ashkenazi means “German Jew.” I don’t think Ashkenazi Jews make a claim to Israel, but I do know many have gone there. It’s the Ashkenazi Jews who mostly created and have run Israel. There is a resentment of them inside Israel by Sephardic Jews, so perhaps you are reflecting that here?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Recent genetic studies have shown that what occurred in the case of Askenazi Jews as well as other Jewish communities outside of the Middle East was that Jewish men would set up a trading post (as they did in the Rhinelands in the 5-6th centuries) and marry local women. This is the first dilution, more came over the ages and most Germans have a small amount of Semitic dna as a result. During the Crusades, which was the first time Jews in Europe were really chastised en masse, and later the 14th century, the Asheknazi community became isolated and so developed a more unique and somewhat recognizable character, including superior intelligence. Yet, they remained great assets and providers of luxury, funding, and civic development wherever they went or were chased to. Hitler, certainly was influenced by the by then vague but strong abhorrence of Jews as disease spreaders, opportunists who often come out on top, etc. But European Christians made them that way!

          • Bill

            I am the (seemingly notorious) poster who made the comment about Jewish hypocrisy you object to. And I AM one who would agree with your comment just made 100% also. I objected to the “it’s fine for me but not for you” view of Jewish sovereignty over their own nation, not the Jewish people as a whole. And it is quite true that the Jewish people in America are dead set against any policy HERE by Americans that they seem okay with in Israel when done by their people IN Israel. Been to Israel. Going back one day.
            I liked the Jewish people I met there, and I liked the Palestinian people I met there. Of course, they all were on their best behavior because they love the tourist dollar if not the man in whose wallet that tourist dollar is kept. I am not naive on that score. However, I have always held in respect the gutsy IDF and Israeli military. More so than American Jews, I’d say. There are many Jewish Americans who pay lip service to supporting the State of Israel, yet overwhelmingly voted for the man (Obama) who so obviously hates Israel yet subscribes to every other liberal agenda Jewish Americans love that they voted for him anyway. That IS hypocrisy on the part of Jewish Americans. Moreover, in Israel, there is a large faction of secular Jews who are pushing for a “two state solution” and are willing to give half of Israel over to the Palestinians. If that isn’t a mind set geared to self destruction I don’t know what is. Recognizing a reality about a people is not anti-semitic nor racist.

          • Son of Abraham

            “Recognizing a reality about a people is not anti-semitic nor racist.”
            Whose reality? There you go again making wholesale, insulting, and denigrating remarks about “a people.”
            You still don’t get it.

          • Bill

            Yeah, I get it now. You don’t want an honest discussion. You are merely a son of abraham here to troll. Now, I haven’t said anything about Jews being offensive, just that they seem to have double standards too much. However, you provide me with an example of the offensive Jew whose world view MUST be everybody else’s – but do what YOU like for your OWN kind while advocating and defending your tribe’s assault on OUR culture, religion and sovereignty. Go away. The IDF needs more fodder. Do something useful.

          • JH

            I am Jewish and there are some fair points here. I don’t find this post antisemitic. And yes generalizing is fine as long as people – one on one – are dealt with fairly. Jewish American liberals do overwhelmingly support Obama and Israel but I don’t think hypocrisy is the right word for that. Cognitive Dissonance maybe. The “its fine for me but not for you” point might apply to some liberal Jews, no question, but it does not apply to Israeli Jews. Since when do they tell Americans they cannot solve their own border issue? Never. If you asked this MK about it, I would bet he would say “do as you please”. He probably has no conception of our border issues at all. There are some Israeli left wingers who seriously do want a two state solution but they have been crushed in every election since the intifada. Oddly the paleo-right criticizes Israel for not setting up this state – maybe not oddly, maybe predictably. What I find also odd are people who criticize Israel because they say most (2/3) American Jews are generally left wing. Criticize US Jews for that, not Israeli Jews. They are not left wing in Israel and again they really don’t think much about what US Jews are doing or saying or thinking. I worked there for seven years. What US Jews think about anything does not enter into the equation there at all.

          • Son of Abraham

            “Criticize US Jews for that….”
            Criticize US Jews?
            I catagorically reject that idea. Period.
            I think anyone — especially a Jew — who advocates collective Jewish guilt for anything is pathetic.

          • JH

            Collective guilt? I spoke out against that above explicitly. Everyone – except for the worst kind of prig – considers the actions of groups generally. This site seems to be devoted to that proposition. That does not mean you dont judge an individual by what he does or does not do and it does not mean you assign guilt. I can say generally US Jews are mostly liberal and I criticize them for that – since I am one of them (not liberal) I am not going after myself or assuming guilt – that would be absurd Israeli Jews are mostly not liberal and I praise them for that. That is not collective guilt or collective innocence. That is the way humans think and speak.

          • blight14

            Invectives may be the least of their concerns at some point…………

          • brengunn

            There’s always hope!!!

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Yes, the pattern is that of Christian conspiracy. It is a remarkable history. First of course, there was the need for early Christians to blame the Jews for the crucifixion in order to convert Romans. Then the angry, resentful “St. Paul” who wrote the vengeful lines in his epistles. This created a built in resentment of Jews in newly converted Christian lands in Europe, even though they provided services that were vital to European development as civilized nations (trade, banking, science and medical schools, civic development). Then, in the 14th century during the Black Death, (bubonic plague outbreak) which killed off a quarter to a third of the European population, a impotent Church, unable to invoke God’s help, turned to supporting accusations of well poisoning by Jews. This one event did more to solidify the notion of the abhorrent Jew than all the rest combined. Real hatred of Jews as a deep seated feature of the European character evolved from the terrible time of the Plague. Since then, anytime things aren’t going well, a Jew was a good excuse if one could be found. But if there were none, then “witches” could be found, tortured and burnt – all under the direction and auspice of the Church in the name of Jesus Christ, their Lord.

            Not the answer you were looking for?

          • Son of Abraham

            I would also add that the endemic association of Jews to usury/money lending and avarice is directly tied to the Catholic Church.
            In medieval Europe Jews were mostly excluded from the trade guilds. At the time the Church had an offical policy against usury but a de facto policy of formenting it. Since the Jews were destined for eternal damnation in its eyes, the Church chose Jews to do its covert money lending. Now every time someone was forced to pay interest or forfeit their property to settle a debt, it was the Jewish face they saw and not the hand holding the purse strings.

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            “First of course, there was the need for early Christians to blame the Jews for the crucifixion in order to convert Romans.”

            Boo hoo, cry me a river. My white guilt is all used up.

            “But if there were none, then “witches” could be found, tortured and
            burnt – all under the direction and auspice of the Church in the name of
            Jesus Christ, their Lord.”

            Sounds like what Israel is doing to the Palestinians now.

          • PesachPatriot

            yeah…Israel is clearly the most brutal, barbaric and cruel regime in that region of the world….Saudi Arabia chops peoples heads and hands off every friday and Syria shoots unarmed women and children dead in broad daylight….Its not toronto or zurich over there in the sandbox. Those poor sweet misunderstood palestinians…they turned down their own country in 1948, again in 1967 and again in 1999…Yes, the families of suicide bombers get their houses demolished, but even convicted terrorists don’t get burned at the stake.

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            Yeah…it’s pretty bad actually. Spare me your drivel about Israel deserving support because it is supposedly better than others.

            “Saudi Arabia chops peoples heads and hands off every friday and Syria shoots unarmed women and children dead in broad daylight.”

            Ironic. Both Israel and the United States fund and support that regime as they did with Mubarak of Egypt and as they are doing down now with the Bahrain monarchy.

            “Syria shoots unarmed women and children dead in broad daylight”

            And Israel bombs Syria in broad daylight while the US and company in the ME arm terrorists in Syria that do the same.

            “Those poor sweet misunderstood palestinians”

            ‘Israeli soldiers shoot children while eating chocolate’


          • PesachPatriot

            That regime in saudi arabia is supported by the US because if jihad crazies get in control of the oil gas for your car is going to be 30 bucks a gallon…Mubarak was no saint either but a lot better than the jokers in charge of egypt now…as for syria have you ever heard of hama? Some muslim fundamentalists rose up against assad’s father in the 1980’s and the syrian army massacred 20-30,000 civilians(and some fighters) and bulldozed the town…its easy to be morally superior behind a keyboard in the US, EU or Canada…Israel has been at war since day one of its existence and has been dealing with this stuff for 65 years….lets compare the record to other nations at war…I have never claimed Israel is perfect and has no moral failings…it is a country, run by fallible humans, under incredible stress. If the palestinians were fighting any other nation on earth…the US, Russia, China or other arabs, they would all be dead a long time ago.

            Israel is light years ahead of the sandy hellholes that surround it. I highly doubt you would ever visit one of these muslim countries you think are so great.

      • 5n4k33y35

        Did RisingReich say “Israeli hypocrisy”? No, he said “Jewish hypocrisy”, and he is not wrong.

        Son of Abraham responded “…absurd, wholesale character denigration of the ugliest kind.”

        Okay, so RisingReich made a generalized statement. So what? I know he does not mean every Jew individually shares the same hypocritical opinion. You say it is the “ugliest kind”? Why because the consensus of Jewish society is being criticized?

        That is what we’re talking about here. Nobody is foolish enough to think there are no aberrations based on individuality. We’re talking about the consensus of Jewish society.

        So why don’t you understand what RisingReich is getting at? The logical conclusion is that Israeli Jews have an obligation to get the point across to their non-Israeli Jewish brethren – tell them to quit lecturing non-Jewish whites on racism.

        Israel was established by terrorism. Menachem Begin was a terrorist. Then he was elected Prime Minister of Israel. Israel was established by “ethnic cleansing”. Israel implements eugenic policy with contraceptive injections for Ethiopian women.

        You think we’re going to listen to your Progressive Jewish brethren always singling us out, lecturing us non-Jewish whites about racism? You think we will listen to that and not point out the hypocrisy?

        This is basic application of game theory. Your people are overrepresented as lawyers, professors, public officials. Your people are running interference for black race warriors in USA and Western Europe. Your people are the champions of imposing “diversity enrichment” on non-Jewish white society.

        Normal Jews have to talk sense to their Progressive brethren. You have to make them shut up and quit sabotaging us. Or else, I hope every immigrant from Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Rwanda floods into Israel and all your grand children are mulatto – yes – mulatto. Every last one of your families must become mulatto, bobbing their heads to HipHop. That is what Israel deserves.

        • blight14

          Thank you, that was likely the comment of the year…..

        • Bill

          You are getting your wish. Israel is PAYING for Ethiopian “Jews” to exercise right of return. That will soon be a curse on them. Inviting blacks of any faith, religion or denomination always is. They are blacks first, foremost and always and will behave like blacks everywhere in the world. I’d say it illustrates yet again the foolish hypocrisy of Jews in Israel. The fence was built to keep the “infiltartors” out after deporting those “infiltrators” that had already gotten in to Israel, but what was left unsaid is that those “infiltrators” they are deporting and threatening to shoot are BLACKS. They found out quickly why WE object to blacks. Most of the black infiltrators went to Tel Aviv and did what blacks always do best……raped, mugged and crapped on the beaches. And it illustrates another hypocrisy. They call us names for long ago realizing about blacks what they have only recently discovered in their OWN land. But when THEY suffer the same things, and take action, that’s okay. I don’t object to their actions in this regard. I object to their hypocrisy in calling us racist for wanting to safeguard ourselves as they are doing.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            So for you, every Jew must be of the same opinion, same game, same goals. But we are allowed to have differences.

            Also, I’m going to suggest that a country as small of Israel cannot contain problems for very long. They aren’t to blame if American whites are too lazy or absorbed in watching tv and sports casts to demand something be done here about the same problems.

            I’m going to suggest to you that Jews in Israel have different circumstances then they do here. Here, they are surrounded by Jew hating Christians as a cultural constant carried over from European culture, so they feel endangered being alone with Europeans. In Israel, they have a country to defend and a small one. There are plenty of non-Jews in Israel. Finding one particular groups unacceptable is not wrong when they do what they do in such as small country. So they turn out to be black; that’s shouldn’t surprise us.

          • PesachPatriot

            I have never feared white american christians….one of my best friends is a of irish catholic descent….If anything white christians are one of the most pro-Israel demographics in america….most of the anti-semitism in this country comes from the left which screams bloody murder at sensible protections of life and limb like the west bank border fence while celebrating people who blow up school buses and shoot infants in their strollers as brave glorious freedom fighters…Golda Meir had a great quote a long time ago “We can forgive the arabs for killing our children, many nations did that…we cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children”

            The only anti-semitic incident I can recall in my entire 34 years in this country was some idiot who gave me the hitler salute on the school bus in 6th grade..I ignored it and he eventually stopped. I’m pretty sure that most of the anti-jewish feeling in the country today is caused by the actions of high finance shylocks…I hope Lloyd and Benny enjoy their margaritas on a tropical island somewhere as their kinsman are beaten to death in the street with crowbars and tire irons when the dollar collapses. Thanks for sticking up for us whiteplight….I’m surprised engelman hasn’t commented on this thread yet.

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            “If anything white christians are one of the most pro-Israel demographics in america”

            And look where it got them. Thousands dead in Middle Eastern wars, a likud neocon party that now wants amnesty so it can keep itself in power a little longer, the demographic destruction of the country.

            Those same people would have been MUCH better off by having stayed neutral on the subject. That way, they could have dealt with the real problems that faced the country before it was too late.

          • PesachPatriot

            How will amnesty for illegal mexicans in America keep Likud in power in Israel? I don’t follow your logic. America’s conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq weren’t because of Israel…america has another big foreign policy interest in that region…its called oil…no one would be driving in this country without the US navy keeping the straits of hormuz open and the saudi royals on their thrones.

            I will concede that some US bible thumpers encourage some of the most backwards and fundamentalist elements of Israeli society because they think by Israel bulldozing the mosques off the temple mount and building the 3rd temple jesus will come back…this kind of logic seems quite frankly insane to me. Who would want to risk the 3rd world war in the vague hope of a messiah turning up?

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            “So for you, every Jew must be of the same opinion, same game, same goals. But we are allowed to have differences.”

            That’s a generalization and you know it. Overwhelmingly, Jews in the United States support policies that harm our people – their media, their organizations (ADL, SPLC, ACLU) are all on board.

            “I’m going to suggest to you that Jews in Israel have different circumstances then they do here.”

            Of course it’s different. Jews in Israel don’t have to practice what they preach here. Jews here will always have the safety net of Israel. They figure “who cares if America goes up – so let’s support this amnesty because it will weaken our political opposition…but if it turns out badly, there’s always the chosen land.” A house divided cannot stand.

            “Here, they are surrounded by Jew hating Christians as a cultural constant carried over from European culture,”

            Jew hating Christians? What about Christian hating Jews like Bill Maher? (half Jewish but obviously identifies with Israel and says Bibi is his hero).

        • JH

          What are you taking about. Israel has nothing to do with the idiot Left wing in the US. And they don’t think they have anything to do with it either. There is no hypocrisy in Israeli Jews. Israelis mean business – with this fence and everything else. Unlike the US they are a still a serious country – you should admire them. Israel is more right than the United States as a whole and FAR more right than US Jews. As for US Jews, yes they are more lawyers but they are also far more likely to be doctors. I5% of doctors in the US are Jews. They are far more likely to have founded internet companies – Google, Facebook were founded by Jews. They are far more likely to have founded or led computer companies, Oracle, Dell and Intel were led or founded by Jews. They are far more likely to be inventors – the polio vaccine was invented by Jews. So what? Jews are intelligent and ambitious. That should be a good thing. That is why Israel despite having no resources and constant war waged against them is successful and the Arab countries around them – despite all their oil – are complete hell holes.

          • Tact

            Great post.

          • 5n4k33y35

            JH wrote: “What are you taking about. Israel has nothing to do with the idiot Left wing in the US.”

            Other than being Jewish?

            JH wrote: “And they don’t think they have anything to do with it

            Other than being Jewish and lending their financial support to Israel?

            JH wrote: “There is no hypocrisy in Israeli Jews.”

            Right, because Jews are magically virtuous. Chosen people…

            JH wrote: “Unlike the US they are a still a serious country – you should admire them.”

            Usually, this is all an Israeli needs to say for American Christians to gush their praises of Israel.

            JH wrote: “Israel is more right than the United States as a whole and FAR more right than US Jews.”

            I’ve noticed that Israel likes to portray those who put Israeli interests first as being “Right Wing” and any critics of Israel as being “Leftists”. Sorry, but my political compass was not calibrated by Israel. My concept of the “Right” is abstracted from any nation.

            JH wrote: “As for US Jews, yes they are more lawyers but they are also far more likely to be doctors. I5% of doctors in the US are Jews.”

            Far more likely than whom? The bulk of all medical knowledge came from non-Jewish whites. There are more of us.

            JH wrote: “They are far more likely to have founded internet companies – Google, Facebook were founded by Jews.”

            Far more likely than whom? And so what?

            JH wrote: “They are far more likely to have founded or led computer
            companies, Oracle, Dell and Intel were led or founded by Jews.”

            Software companies such as Google, Facebook, Oracle are not so special. Neither are computer manufacturers such as Dell.

            IBM is an important company to the history of computing. IBM was neither founded nor run by Jews.

            Intel is an even important company. Intel was founded by Gordon Moore (not Jewish) and Robert Noyce (not Jewish).

            JH wrote: “They are far more likely to be inventors – the polio vaccine was invented by Jews. So what? Jews are intelligent and ambitious. That should be a good thing.”

            Are you hoping I will be jealous of the greatness of Jewish society? Do you want to compile a list of notable Jews and compare it to a list of notable non-Jewish whites? Jewish achievements pale in comparison to the achievements of gentile white society. It’s okay, there are a lot more of us.

            JH wrote: “That is why Israel despite having no resources and constant
            war waged against them is successful and the Arab countries around them
            – despite all their oil – are complete hell holes.”

            Israel gets billions from American tax payers, who also pay Israel’s regional allies billions to play nice. Israel is a very expensive dependent of the American tax-payer. Even so, I would prefer to live in Damascus.

          • PesachPatriot

            Be very careful what you wish for…it might look like Damascus here in the US sooner than you think….I find it difficult to believe that you would actually want to live in a city that is now internationally infamous for shooting women and children dead in the street in broad daylight. If you were to really live in an arab country dubai or kuwait would probably be a better choice. Israel gets about 3 billion a year, which is all pumped back into the american economy as they use it to buy weapons, ammo and food…3 billion in the scheme of the multi-trillion dollar US budget is an accounting error…the pentagon probably spends more on hammers and toilet seats in a month.

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            “it might look like Damascus here in the US sooner than you think”

            Nuevo Laredo is more likely.

          • 5n4k33y35

            You haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.

          • Runciman

            You are right. Jews are losers. They are not successful, they do not add to an economy. They are not as brilliant as you. They are not as brilliant as “white people”, just curious? What have you invented? What have you done to build up civilization? What company have you founded?

          • 5n4k33y35

            Your words, not mine. Quit demanding special victim status. Perhaps my greatest achievement is my own ego. Let the Ego Soar…

          • Runciman

            There is no question about that. Unless White Male is special victim, your comment makes no sense. You love the civilization you are in – I do too – but I recognize the edifice is held up by many people greater than me and I am grateful for them. I dont denigrate them or brag about a civilization that I have the very good fortune to live in but which I did not create any more than an African in the bush did and am happy that others, Jews and Gentiles have done so for me. I try to maintain that civilization the best I can but that is all I can claim to do. You though seem to brag so much about this civilization and what is good and not good in it,and who contributed to it and who did not, I was sure you had made some special unique contribution to it. But I see otherwise.

          • 5n4k33y35

            You have nothing coherent to say.

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            “They are far more likely to have founded internet companies – Google, Facebook were founded by Jews.”

            That’s because Jews rig Ivy League college admissions to favor their own – see Ron Unz’s “The Myth of American Meritocracy.” Zuckerburg is a good example – being a Jew allowed him to get into Harvard and Harvard gave his progenitor to Facebook and advantage.

          • Runciman

            Right. Had you only gotten into Harvard, you could have founded Google! Or won the Nobel in medicine. Or founded Oracle. How pathetic. That is ridiculous. There is a real algorithm in Google – it is not a diploma. That is just too much.

          • 5n4k33y35

            There’s no denying that Jews have played their special victim status to great effect. A Harvard degree It is overrated. A lot of dumb people have graduated from Harvard.

            I don’t really care who founded Oracle, Facebook, Google or Microsoft, for that matter. These companies are not as important as you think.

            I actually appreciate some of Google’s Free / Open Source contributions. I don’t not like Google, except when they say the want to make the whole world accept gay marriage or something stupid like that.

            Oracle is not so special. Their software is not so superior, they just achieved monopoly status as did Google and Facebook and Microsoft, each in their own niche. So who really cares about these companies? I don’t care much about them.

          • Runciman

            That is not the point being made. Your feelings about these companies are not the issue. The issue is without loving or hating Jews, most people see that Jews do major things out of proportion to their numbers. But you do not wish to see the point. Fine.

          • 5n4k33y35

            “Jews do major things out of proportion to their numbers…”

            Yes and no… Jews were not that remarkable as contributors to society before the Jewish society awakened in all of the many European nations where Jews had colonized.

            Ultimately, Jews became the one nation with representation in almost every European nation, making them like a virtual empire sharing a border with every other nation, thereby having a central role in determining events within each nation.

            This widespread distribution and unifying tribal awakening put Jews in a strong position for spying, political intrigue, sharing knowledge, advancing the state of the art in many fields.

            So the Jews had a distinct advantage which allowed them to harness the commercial and intellectual productivity of each European nation in which they had a presence. The Jewish society “harnessed” the productivity of each non-Jewish European ethnicity.

            Jewish society has had a long winning streak, taking advantage of their unique position. Now, circumstances have changed, so that the geographic distribution of the Jewish society is less important than ever before.

            The era of Jewish exceptionalism has just about run its course. The bookends of this era are marked by the beginning and the ending of the Zionist movement. Ultimately, the status of the Jewish society is to be just one ethnic group among many others.

          • JH

            I would agree with your conclusion in part (I am Jewish) and would say the era of Jewish exceptionalism has run its course in the United States — because Jews are intermarrying at a very high rate. And their numbers were so small to begin with anyway. – The last 100 years will not be duplicated. I doubt there will even be Jews in the US in 100 years. But I predict great things from Israel. I have never seen a more dynamic people and one that – unlike most Western countries – wants to live. They still believe in themselves.

          • 5n4k33y35

            There is a stable Jewish community concentrated in Brooklyn. It does not look like they’re going anywhere else any time soon. I have made a lot comments to contradict those critics of the Orthodox Jewish community who were denigrating the conservative customs and traditions of Orthodox Jews.

            You can see Orthodox Jewish families riding the trains, walking and talking, pushing strollers over the Williamsburg Bridge, wearing their specific attire, and going about their daily routine without any signs of anxiety or imminent social upheaval.

            I’ve interacted with some Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn and they’re normal, traditional, conservative people as one would expect. As far as I can tell, they’re not dwindling, they’re not assimilating, and their descendents will most likely remain in the vicinity of where they already are in 100 years.

            New York City has had quite a lot of demographic changes over the years, and for the most part it has been gentile whites, Dutch, Irish, and Italians losing position.

            Actually a lot of Jewish immigrants dwelled in the Lower East Side for a while and eventually they were attracted from Manhattan to Brooklyn for lower expenses and to establish more family-oriented neighborhoods.

            So I doubt your assertion that Jews will not have a significant presence in America in 100 years time. And why would they go elsewhere having invested so much to live together where they are, among their own kind?

            The establishment of Israel is obviously changing the character of Israeli Jewish society. This is another factor which suggests to me a transition from an era of social upheaval to an era of relative calm, and ordinary living.

          • JH

            Fair enough. I grant you that: there will be a community of Orthodox Jews in the Northeast in the US. They will keep their emphasis on religious observance and not on public life. They will not have any cultural impact on the larger society.

          • 5n4k33y35

            Unfortunately, the Orthodox Jewish community helps elect guys like Mike Bloomberg who is a gun-grabber. Their influence is not direct, and they cannot elect one of their own, so they settle for Progs like Bloomberg who is pushing for national gun control.

            There are some very right-wing Jews who share my opinion that 2nd Amendment rights may as well include fully automatic weapons. But this is a relatively uncommon opinion, not shared by many.

            Nevertheless, it is good to advance this 2nd Amendment Fundamentalism, because it really is about an arms race with the government.

          • PesachPatriot

            I like your phrase 2nd amendment fundamentalism….it is the fundamental foundation to america’s governmental system of checks and balances….any arms race with the government however is pointless…very few private citizens are rich enough to afford F-16’s, apache helicopters, tanks and navy destroyers. Bloomberg has no hope of political influence anywhere beyond the 5 boroughs…when I lived in NY Giuliani was another NY pol with national ambitions, but he wasn’t thought of very highly until 9/11…. I also share your opinion about the private citizens right to fully auto firearms…however basic economics prevents this because most are too expensive for the average person.

          • Oracle is not so special

            Well, I can safely conclude that 5n4k33y35 is NOT Larry Ellison. Because the Larry Ellison I know thinks the universe revolves around Larry Ellison.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Why don’t people like you try lightening up on Jew’s first? It was not Jews, but Christians and European Christians in particular that treated Jews so badly that they justifiably feel endangered when alone with you (in a society).

          • 5n4k33y35

            You think European Christians had no grievances? Jews had established a pattern of superseding gentile white society, by virtue of their distributed presence, transience, and by maintaining a higher degree of racial chauvinism than the host cultures.

            Jews had their (international) racial awakening before the Germans had their own racial awakening in response. Theodor Hertzl had already begun leading Jews out of Europe and into Palestine.

            Here’s a bit of advice for those who cling to their childlike naivete about Jewish society. The victors history is the canonization of war propaganda into the historical record.

            Any time there is such a decisive victory as happened in WWII (victory won by the sacrifice of multitudes of gentile white men), the view from the present is especially biased in favor of the victor.

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            “It was not Jews, but Christians and European Christians in particular
            that treated Jews so badly that they justifiably feel endangered when
            alone with you (in a society).”

            Perhaps they are treated so badly because they act so badly. Perhaps the Jews could lighten up and mind their own business and not support the demographic destruction of our people. Our people are rightfully growing to resent them…and if they fear us, they are welcome to move to Israel. They will not be missed, and we will be better off for it.

          • JH

            I do not think you will be either better or worse off if the Jews stay or leave the United States. They are only 2% of the population. If “your people” resent Jews and every Jew left the next day nothing would change for you. Nothing would change in the US. The Democrats and the GOP would still be allowing the border to stay wide open. Everything would be the same – just with a doctor shortage. Jews used to be 10%! of Poland. Are things going so wonderfully for Poland now that there are no Jews? Well they do not reproduce at even a replacement level, Catholic Poland! – they will just fade away. No Jews to blame for that.

      • blight14

        You’re pushing……

    • JH

      Israeli jews are not hypocritical. they have NEVER criticized any nation for building a fence. they are helping BUILD fences all over the world – now in Greece etc. how is that hypocrisy? American Germans fought Hitler and their cousins fought for Hitler – so? The Israelis have it right – “infiltrators”. Great name. But you would rather criticize and hate Jews than learn a lesson. Your priorities are clear.

      • 5n4k33y35

        Did he specify Israeli Jews? No he did not. He said “Jewish hypocrisy”, not “Israeli Jewish hypocrisy”. Even so, most Israeli Jews are hypocrites themselves.

        You can go to Israel and drink from Ariel Sharon’s bedpan.

        • Son of Abraham

          And you, sir, can drink from David Duke’s bedpan.

          • 5n4k33y35

            David Duke does not have a bed pan. He is in good health and good spirits, fully cognizant.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Oh really? That surprises me because when I have read him he sounds too ridiculous to pass for a sane man, even a white race realist. The man is consumed with so much anti-Jewish bile that he can’t focus on what is going on in America. He wants to destroy Israel. He’s no help to American whites looking to save our race.

          • 5n4k33y35

            I bet David Duke has made some intemperate statements over the years, some of them regrettable. Overall, he’s just a normal white Christian man.

            Several decades ago, many more white Christian men held similar opinions to David Duke and they were not considered to be controversial.

            What has happened is that Christianity has been almost completely “deconstructed” in the Western society. Of the remaining Christians in America, the worldview shared among them is a product of America’s unique culture shaped by the print media and broadcast media (television and radio).

            The reality is that Jewish media consolidation in New York City began well before WWII, and has only continued since. Jews bought up the newspapers, magazines, and ultimately quite a lot of TV and radio companies as well.

            The American worldview is not like it used to be. It is very strongly affected by seeing the rest of the world from the perspective of Jewish society.

            Now that the Internet has consumed most of the marketshare of the print media, and is consuming the marketshare of the broadcast media as well, Jewish media consolidation is less pronounced, and thus the influence of Jewish society is waning.

          • JH

            Jews are not even 2% of the US population and never controlled but a fraction of the media in this country. Even the NY Times is owned by a Mexican billionaire and the public. Jews are intermarrying heavily and will slowly die out in the US. That is why their influence will wane. They will not exist – except by blood which shall be diluted as time goes on.

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            That’s because you’re a biased partisan. Here, I’ll use a quote from you on this thread to illustrate: “Here, they are surrounded by Jew hating Christians as a cultural
            constant carried over from European culture, so they feel endangered
            being alone with Europeans.”

            That explains why Jews are flooding our countries – to lessen our political influence so that they don’t feel “endangered.” Even the supposedly right wing ones are no better than the left wing ones. David Duke fights for his people, regardless of what you think of the man. That alone is enough for me. Duke is worth a million Abraham “Armenian Genocide Denying But Mel Gibson Hating” Foxmans.

          • PesachPatriot

            Did foxman really deny the armenian genocide? That is unacceptable….I am reminded of hitler’s infamous quote when a subordinate at the Wansee conference who asked if the could really get away with the final solution “who today remembers the fate of the armenians?”

  • sbuffalonative

    Where are all the Israeli “human rights” activists? They must all be in the US and other western nations.

  • PesachPatriot

    well, to be fair bullets are often the solution to pretty much everything in that part of the world…but they won’t even be effective really…Israel is in a pretty bad location and is sort of like the nicest house in detroit. I would personally not have a problem with this same policy on the southern US border, but the most effective measure is simply a large electrified border fence with a big no mas trabajo sign and harsh fines and jail terms for CEO’s who use illegal labor. SOA…no need to get bent out of shape…jew baiting only works if someone takes the bait…no need to go crying to the moderator…words on a computer screen never hurt anyone.

    • Son of Abraham

      ” SOA…no need to get bent out of shape…jew baiting only works if someone takes the bait…no need to go crying to the moderator…words on a computer screen never hurt anyone.”
      I’m not “crying” to anyone. I wanted to know why Jew-haters and Jew-baiters have their comically absurd so-called agruments posted on Amren but my rejoinders are not. That’s not crying. It’s asking a legitimate question and sticking up for yourself.
      What’s more, I usually do ignore those kinds of cretins, but some of the statements they make are so ugly and inflammatory that they beg for refutation.

      • Really, we’re not supposed to hear from either side on this issue. But that’s unavoidable when we post stories like these. And by “we” I don’t mean this moderator or any other moderator, as moderators don’t do story selection. However, we do have the responsibility to see that the train stays on the tracks, even if the train is full of hazardous material, so to speak.

        • Son of Abraham

          Moderator, I’ve been an on again/off again subscriber and financial supporter of American Rennaisance for over ten years now. During that time I’ve seen literally hundreds of vile, absurd attacks leveled against Jews here.
          Many of these are so ridiculous as to be almost comical, were it not for the potential ramifications. They seem to take on a life of their own, and like sharks the Jew-baiters and Jew-haters circle around the blood and eat and drink their fill.
          Most of these comments are more suited to Stormfront than Amren. What distinguishes Amren from the other pro White sites and publications is that it tends to appeal to the more intellectually sophisticated, rational White intellect.
          I respond to some of the more inflamatory remarks both as defense for Jews and for the sake ot the tenor of Amren, lest it be dragged through the Stormfront mud. It often appears to me, whether rightly or wrongly, that they are given a forumn while I am often denied the same courtesy. That was the gist of my complaint.

          • We were able to get through a couple of Israel-themed stories in a row with consummately intelligent and rational commentary from “both sides” of the debate. We were hoping that we were finally starting to turn the corner and the feedback loop from firm moderation was beginning to sink in. Oh well, so much for that.

          • Gozer the Gozarian

            “What distinguishes Amren from the other pro White sites and publications is
            that it tends to appeal to the more intellectually sophisticated,
            rational White intellect.”

            You mean it serves as a place for ignoring the elephant in the room while being a meeting ground for those who wish to complain about the system without doing anything to actually change it. All the while the clock counts downward to the end of the game.

        • Son of Abraham

          Well, you did it again. Why did you just delete my last post?

  • gemjunior

    One of the tough-talking statesmen (I think it was Netanyahu) recently said that Israel must remain Jewish, at the very least 80% Jewish. Personally, I would insist on 90% AT LEAST. We all know how quickly 90% can become 65%. At the same time in Europe we have Barbara Lerner Spectre, Ronit Lentin, Alan Shatter, and other Jews strongly advocating multiculturalism and cultural marxism in formerly established European nations with national identities going back thousands and thousands of years. Why is nobody pointing out this discrepancy in standards? This rule for you, this rule for me and mine, ‘cos we’re special. Some are more equal than others. Do they think we won’t notice? Jews have always been at the helm of all immigration movements which open floodgates to the third world. Weakening the nation-states of White gentiles is necessary for them to be comfortable in countries that have formerly expelled them and more recently even killed them. So in their minds if they weaken national sovreignty there will be no chance of a repeat of national socialism. And, if there are Somalis, Nigerians, Mexicans, Detroitians, attacking White working class gentiles, that’s good because it will keep the Whites busy and they won’t be overly focused on any Jewish shenanigans. And nobody will know about any of it because it simply won’t make the news – like the last 3 big black on white butcheries in the last 2 weeks which has been totally covered up by the media (almost completely owned by the Tribe but we’re not allowed to say it). I can’t remember who said this but it was something along the lines of — If you want to know who holds the real power, just think of who it is that you cannot talk badly about. And that says it all.

    • PesachPatriot

      It was voltaire who had that quote i think…people in america, don’t know about the situation in europe, are free to criticize jews and israel to their hearts content…there’s even a little website called stormfront which features some fascinating intellectual discussions of the “jewish problem”…plenty of anti-Israel demonstrations take place on college campuses around the country as well….Because america has laws and rules and civilization physical attacks and kristallnacht type activities are illegal, which disappoints some i’m sure….If jews had all the political, economic and even mystical/supernatural powers some of the tinfoil hat crowd ascribe to us Israel would be probably be a lot bigger and sit on top of tons of oil….I don’t usually follow euro politics too closely but I will have to check out the people you mentioned

      • kerrysmith

        Sometime maybe you can explain what you mean by ‘fascinating intellectual discussions’ at Stormfront. I once went there and it was like looking into the guts of a dissected toad.

        • PesachPatriot

          I was being sarcastic….when people with meth habits get their hands on a keyboard the results aren’t always pretty. Nazism didn’t really do much for whites the first time it was tried(just ask the poles, hungarians, russians, french and sane germans)…It is dead in the water as a political movement today.

          • kerrysmith

            Knew there had to be some species of irony there, but it was a little baffling….

      • Gozer the Gozarian

        “are free to criticize jews and israel to their hearts content”

        So is that why Holocaust deniers are jailed?

        • PesachPatriot

          Holocaust denial is legal under the first amendment in the US….european countries have different laws about it than here….I am personally opposed to locking someone up because of their historical views, however ridiculous…why is it that people only deny that particular event?…

          There isn’t much interest in denying slavery happened, or the unpleasantness with the american indians, the armenian genocide, the rwanda genocide, the 1990’s unpleasantness in the balkans, the atrocities committed by the japanese in WWII, the cruelty of Mao and Pol Pot….It seems people only want to deny the historical facts pertaining to one group….Every other act of man’s inhumanity to man since the beginning of recorded history is pretty much accepted at face value. Feel free to deny all you want because I could personally care less, but don’t expect to be taken seriously in a debate…

  • IstvanIN

    Go MK Aryeh Eldad!

    War is war. The fact that many of the invaders happen to be women and children makes no difference to me, and invader is an invader. In fact, unarmed, poor men are just as much as threat in large numbers as any other army. I say stop the trickle before it becomes a flood and washes the whole country away.

    • JH

      Most of the infiltrators to Israel are in fact men. They do not cross the Syrian border however because it is heavily mined. If you mine the border, you will not have explosions on the border, you will have no crossings on the border. Israel used to have mines on the Egyptian border and may need to do so again one day – and should they do that (as a precaution against Egyptians) there will be no illegal infiltration. There is no need to shoot anyone. Again – look at the Syrian border or Lebanese border. No one crosses there.

  • David Brims

    Have you noticed there isn’t any mass immigration / multiculturalism / cultural marxist policies in Japan, South Korea, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Africa. No ”tribal” members there.

    Only in White countries, with large populations of ”the tribe” is where you have mass immigration / multiculturalism. I suppose their reasoning is ”safety in numbers.”

    But for Israel, it’s a different story.

    • Very little if any “tribe” in Sweden, yet its borders are as wide open to non-whites and its internal politics infected with the retrovirus of multiracialism as any white country that has “tribal” members.

      • jambi19
        • jambi19

          Tin foil hat?

      • David Brims

        It doesn’t take many ”tribal” members. Just a few, look at Alan Shatter in Ireland and David Schwartz in Sweden. They always gravitate to a important position of the government to open the borders.

        • David Ashton

          At last a serious point of information amid all the quadrilateral shouting. Not the only western democracy with such ministers. Jews, whether or not pro-Israel but who are against immigration, and not only of Muslims, need to consider carefully the point being made here, and address it.

        • Cherry Bomb

          Jack Straw in England.

        • JH

          Norway, Sweden, have virtually no Jews and are hostile to Israel. Open borders. Spain has virtually no Jews, and literally no Jews in the government and is overrun with North Africans. Russia has no Jews running anything any longer – overrun with muslims from the Turkish countries, India has no Jews at all and gets immigrants from bangladesh and Nepal. Facts are stubborn. BTW, Nigerian immigration to Ireland peaked in 2006 – way before Shatter. The fact is about Ireland is that they themselves are left wing – as anyone who goes there can testify to. They are hostile to their own Church and they are letting in third world immigrants.

    • Werdrix

      Hungary has a large percentage of “the tribe” they have no mass immigration. To say its only jews is absurd.

      • blight14

        You must have missed the video above posted by NYB…………..

      • PesachPatriot

        There is actually a large jewish population modern day hungary? I visited budapest once with my family once when I was younger and I don’t recall seeing any living jews, just some old synagogues that survived WWII and cemeteries.

    • Ren

      I don’t agree with India because it has suffered mass immigration in the past due to the numerous invasions. Whites only have a little share though because of the French, Portugese and British colonies. Anglo-Indians are a declining breed however. Rest of the India is mixed with mostly Persians and Turks from the west and the orientals from the east. I think the arrival of Christianity and Islam started this mass immigration and multi-cultural mess. The only real Indians left now are the Rajputs, Dravidians and all Brahmins, I think.

      • MikeofAges

        The thing about a caste system, whether color based or not, is that the upper caste men go poaching away good looking or “hot” women from the lower castes. Then they are partial to the children they produce with their mistresses, concubines, wives, whatever the women become. Happens everywhere. Gentrified, westernized Arab women are prize GFs in Western Europe. Even the strong color line in America has only slowed the pace between blacks and whites.

    • Runciman

      Saudi Arabia has massive immigration – massive – maybe a quarter of the population. South Africa has millions of illegal immigrants – millions just from Zimbabwe alone. India has tremendous illegal immigration from Bangladesh and Nepal. What you say is simply untrue. The UAE, which has no Jews at all probably has the highest proportion of non-citizens in the world = most from the Indian subcontinent and they are never going home. China has a growing African and Korean population, Only Japan and Korea are as you say. Get your facts straight.

  • fakeemail

    Kahane (like Enoch) was RIGHT!

  • bush bama peas in a pod

    Bullets is the case for the southern US border that has been infiltrated with 50 million spics in the last decade although wasn’t it Bush who invited them to build those 15 million homes that were foreclosed on in his neocon American Dream catastrophe that destroyed Americas economy and allowed the radical muslim pagan half breed mutt messiah to be smuggled in by the leftist socialists and jihadists? Bush was easy meat for the neocons and their Bama antichrist.

  • blight14

    No comment!

  • Hunter Morrow

    What, no amnesty for Ethiopians? One rule for the tribe, another rule for Whites.

  • Sailer looks into the history of Ethiopian immigration into Israel:

  • SintiriNikos

    The hypocrisy of our elites is a given. When the Greeks wanted to put landmines along their border with Turkey, they were attacked as being murderous, racist Nazis.