Students Told to Remove Patriotic Bandanas

Todd Starnes, Fox News, February 13, 2013

A group of students at a California high school basketball game were told to remove patriotic bandanas and stop chanting “USA, USA” because school administrators wanted to be sensitive to other spectators.

The incident occurred during a basketball last week between Camarillo High School and Rio Mesa High School in Ventura County.

A school administrator pulled aside four boys and told them to either remove their American flag bandanas or leave the game. The boys complied but returned to lead the crowd in a chant of “USA, USA.”

Camarillo High School principal Glenn Lipman told the Ventura County Star that the students were told to remove the bandanas as a “precaution”—because the two schools have “diverse student bodies.”

Both schools have a large Hispanic student population.

Student Austin Medeiros and the other boys were suspended for their actions—but the punishment was later lifted by school officials.

Still, students are upset over what happened and staged a protest at the school’s flagpole by wearing red, white and blue.

“We’ve done it always,” Medeiros told the Ventura County Star. “It’s something we do. It’s the same group of friends. We’re all very patriotic.”

But Gabe Soumakian, the superintendent of the Oxnard Union School District, told Fox News there were “racial overtones” to the chant—which you can watch at the bottom of the page.

“There was symbolism there with the bandana and the chant,” he said.

“It has nothing to do with being patriotic or unpatriotic,” Soumakian said. “it has to do with the fact that they are making a chant regarding that we are from the USA and you’re not. Whether that’s the implied intent, that’s the way it comes across.”


And while the students involved in the incident said they are very patriotic, the superintendent offered this word of caution:

“We have a very diverse student body in the district,” he said.

And while the punishments were lifted, he said the incident is far from over.

“As a superintendent I think we need to pursue this further,” he said. “We need to work with teachers and students and the community about the concept of cultural proficiency.”

He said cultural proficiency is “understanding how to work, live, be and understand the heritage and be respectful.”

“It’s more than just the tolerance of other ethnic or cultural groups,” he said.


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  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Obviously, since being patriotic is somehow “anti-diversity,” then the reverse must also be true: being “pro-diversity is clearly “anti-patriotic.” Unfortunately, this simple fact is lost on the clueless majority of the American white populace.

    • Room101

      The Left is getting a twofer here. The only people who support the founding of the United States are the “racists”, those rotten evil privileged taxpayers who foot the bill for governments that can’t by law hire White people, based on the color of their white skin, unless they’re with NAMBLA and will soon run the Boy Scouts.

      The folks recommending stocking up are on the right track…

      • pcmustgo

        tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  • Glenn Lipman needs to be removed from his position if he puts foreigners’ needs above our own citizens. I know his type. HE is the guy who will suspend a bullying victim for self defense.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, his type hates victims who dare to fight back, as it makes their job more difficult.

      I’ve had run-ins with cops who had the same mentality. How dare you file charges! Now I have to file all this paperwork.

    • Skincognito

      Mr. Lipman is likely an eternal Other. His “type” has much of our blood on its hands. They are bullying us. To allow them to dictate punishment for self-defense is an act of cowardice and/or insanity.

  • Garrett Brown

    What a joke. Who would be foolish enough to stay in Cali, much less feed their children to the “education”(indoctrination) programs they offer?

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      People say that but are you in a place where the multi-cult plague hasn’t affected your life? I doubt it. Is California dying?, yes. Will I leave because it would be more convenient for the Mexican squatter hordes?, no. And when the day of reckoning inevitably arrives I will be here, with many other true Americans with our fingers on the trigger. All you hear about are lefties and Mexis in California but rest assured, there are many of us here and we won’t be pushed out by a bunch of 80 IQ pigmies that eat pig intestines. It isn’t over until we say it’s over.

      • Garrett Brown

        Now I am. Before I wasnt(Virginia/all black school)

      • Luca

        You have to choose your battles carefully. They won’t let it get to an armed conflict. As you are sitting in your home with your hand on the trigger, they’re taxing you into oblivion, feeding the invaders, and encouraging the demise.

        I feel as you do, but this is one state no longer fighting for. There is a difference between a battle and a suicide mission.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Nonetheless, we will be here. We will not go off screaming into the night. And there will come a time when this big lie comes to a head. We are Americans, we don’t run from anyone.

      • I am as disturbed as I am disgusted with your lack of knowledge about the “leftists” I am as american as you are, I bleed the same color of blood you do. I probably share the same arguments against alot of the governments actions, INCLUDING gun control, which I am against. But contrary to what most people, probably including yourself believe, Obama is NOT a communist, a Marxist, a socialist. He is a dictator the same as Stalin, who although he was the leader of soviet russia, was NOT a communist, he had no care for the wroking class, and they both are too obsessed with thier own personal gain in wealth and in power, and china is as much of a Capitolist nation as america, I say that (accurately) because they have more money than we do, the “leftists” your speaking of are the democratic republican nonsense. theyre both one of the edged to a very very low valued coin. I am A Marxist communist, who not only proudly says so, but I also can say with total confidence that in the general sense obama is an opposition to my ideals. I support your rights to own guns, I am against taxes, I support the mexicans being able to move here freely, but they shouldnt be given hand outs like what is happening now, I think that if someone is short sighted enough to want to move to america in these crooked times, then they should be fully able to go through the steps to becoming a citizen. I will gladly march along side any militias or groups against obama, or anything like that when the time where he gets litterally any worse at all. But to win a war and gain liberty from an oppressor you must first understand your oppressor, and few people on this page seem to. regardless of political affiliation all nations have leaders that are evil, and what makes them so is greed.. greed is something that true communists socialists liberals leftist and other non-rightwinged minded people tend to not only disagree with but are traits we dont have. because we are about bettering the communit and ones country, not ones wallet or bank account(which is why obama is a sneering imperialist)

        sincerely -A Proud Communist

  • wattylersrevolt

    Radically change the racial composition of America…and as a consequence, radically change the Nationally Identity of “America”. Whether nonwhites call the new race-based National Identity America is beside the point…”America” will have a new raced-based National Identity. And not only do the leftist-liberals understand this obvious point…they are fanatically in favor of it…another obvious point. Here is what Jared Taylor should say in a public debate with oh let’s say hyper-ethnic Noam..Noam Chomsky that is:he should state exactly what I wrote above, and say to this hostile hyper-ethnic rootless cosmopolitan:”Why should Native Born White Christian Americans be in favor this? It is not a double standard…it is a doubling of the double standard. And since you can not give millions of Native Born White American Christians a reason to be in favor of their very rapid race-replaement at the hands of very hostile and very high-fetility post-1965 nonwhites….you should not be the least bit shocked that Native Born White American Christians are increasingly rebelling against a deliberate and open policy of race-replacement.
    Ok, to state the obvious:the Left-Liberal bacillus is rapturous about hard-core nonwhite racial identity politics…but won’t give permission to Native Born White Americans to engage in hard-core racial identity politics. But heck, we don’t need Noam Chomsky’s permission!!!!!..we just read this disgusting Rootless Cosmopolitan the Riot Act of 2013…”We’re not gonna take it…WE aint’ gonna take it”.
    There is no more vile scum in the entire Universe than a White Liberal.
    Native Born White American racial interests completely define the terms of the debate…and therefore, there is no debate…we reject an open and deliberate policy of race-replacement. And 9/11 was a direct consequence of this open and deliberate policy of race-replacement…getting slaughtered every so many years by young angry muslim men is just the price that Native Born White Americans are going have to put up with for the Blessing of being rapidly race-replaced by hostile muslims…according the vile White Liberal Scum.

    • SmithandSmith

      If this is Jupiter, I just want to tell ya, I Love You and you’re Absolutely Right of course just like you’ve Always Been.

      I recognize your writing and I know it’s you. I’ve missed you and I believe it will be Americans like you who end up Saving America. You’re not willing to make exceptions and you’re not willing to cede in any manner and I for one, cannot be more Thankful for Americans like you.

    • Luca

      Beware of Liberals, they are in more places and control more organizations than you can imagine. I can’t believe the mindless, so-called educated but actually indoctrinated idiots who pretend to understand and agree with Chomsky on YouTube. The man is a linguist for God’s sake and the hang on his every word like he was JC, while he is speaking on subjects not related to linguistics. Like Obama the man can talk and debate a good game, but his subject, facts and agenda are completely contorted.

      Liberals are the true enemy and Chomsky is the worst kind of Liberal.

      • wattylersrevolt


        Let me say at the outset that agree with much of what Noam Chomsky writes and talks about…not because of slavish devotion..but because much of what he says is trivially true. And evidence and data count for something..actually it counts for a lot…Chomsky is just causing a slight perceptual shift in many people’s brains because he tells them to look at the evidence. And one of Chomsky’s great contributions is to point out the obvious that: the vast majority of economists,political scientists, and a certain percentage of historians are vapid hacks with very little intellectual depth. This is the good Chomsky.

        The bad Chomsky:he is ultimately a hyper-ethnic Jew who has a very nasty agenda for millions of Native Born White Americans…and it wouldn’t take that much difficulty in a debate with “Saint” Noam to establish his massive antipathy towards the Native Born White American Majority and to establish that “Saint” Noam is very much an enthusiast for racial nationalism…”Saint” Chomsky just doesn’t like Native Born White American Racial Nationalism and he won’t give Jared Taylor permission to engage in Native Born White American Racial Nationalism. Well, who the hell cares if we don’t recieve a blessing from “Saint” Noam..I don’t.

        I also have caught Noam Chomsky in a big lie concerning Alan Greenspan’s Testimony before Congress which he uses in his public talks to illustrate the evil of the current Corporate controlled economic system…he actually quotes Greenspan many times..but he quotes Greenspan and just stops right before the very sentence where Greenspan states before Congress of the economic benefit of importing nonwhite scab labor because nonwhite scab labor will create flexible labor markes..a condition of massive labor surplus..that will put downward pressure on the real wages of White Workers(Greenspan doesn’t say White Workers..but that is wha he means). “Saint” Chomsky is commiting the lie of intentional omission.

        So here we have the spectacle of Noam Chomsky and Alan Greenspan sitting side by side at a table before the Corporate Owned Congress…at least we can imagine this happening one day very soon.. making the case that Bill Gates,agribusiness and construction companies should have acess to an unlimited supply of labor..this is basically going back to the days of the work or starve Poor Law Era in England(you can read John Townshends defense of the Poor Laws online)..that is to say, wage slavery. And, I want to point out that this is the very logic of Peter Brimelow’s Immigration Moratorium:deprive millions of Native Born White Americans the great benefit of severe labor scarcity and force them to work as wage slave agricultural workers.

        • PesachPatriot

          I’ll give you guys my two cents on chomsky….I can’t stand him…I despise him with every fiber of my being, probably more than most of you guys…one of my friends from NY, who is actually now an ordained Conservative rabbi(theologically about halfway between orthodox and reform) was a big chomsky fan when we were teenagers and I made fun of him for it….I always thought he should be unceremoniously dumped over the border into Gaza one of these days when he visits Israel…He is also a hypocrite because he always advocated anarcho-communism(something completely unworkable in the real world) but has a very nicely invested portfolio of stocks in evil capitalist pig companies paying good dividends. He is a simplistic fool who judges america, europe and Israel by ridiculous standards that he would not dream of applying to muslim countries, africa or asia…

          Being fair though, I think Greenspan did a lot more damage to america than Chomsky and his stupid books that only freshman poli sci majors care about…Mr. Greenspan was long an advocate for the gold standard, who then turned around and endorsed unbacked fiat currency(because that never ended badly in any history book ever..lolz jk). I would enjoy taking both of these “gentlemen” out fishing in the everglades and leaving them there.

          • wattylersrevolt


            You are into Israel worshiping. I’m not. My racial allegiance is to America..Native Born White American Variety.

            Chomsky’s framework is anarcho-libertarian socialism. And of course it won’t work in the “real” world that is organized around the interests of the slime known as Bill Gates. But the point is to transform the world from a Corporate wage slave state where worshipping of the State of Israel is mandatory to one that is Paradise for the development of Native Born White American scientific,technological,medical,musical. and literary talent.

            I am for cutting all Military and Economic Aid to the State of Israel which I view a mortal threat to lives of thousands of Native Born White Christian American Teenagers who now find themselves economically redundant and a great risk of becomming canon fodder for the State of Israel.

            I describe myself as a Highly Racialized Native Born White American Anacho-Libertarian-Socialist-Communitarian.

            Oh yeah your claim of a Chomsky doing a double standard with regard to muslim nations is just factually incorrect. I don’t like Chomsky because he wants to demographically annihilate Native Born White Americans. But the good Chomsy has exposed hyper-Zionist Israeli fifth columnist Alan Dershowitz as a real intellectual lightweight during public debates. Anyone can google them.

            You know the thing about Chomsky is that his poltical views and economic views-basically peasant revolt stuff..which is old stuff but very much relevant…are very much required for the racial survival of Native Born White Americans. The Politcal and Economic Sytem of the US is inherently hostile to Native Born White American Racial Interests. This is why that I think it is reprehensible that Peter Brimelow wastes so much time trying to revive the dying corpse of the Republican Party.

          • PesachPatriot

            I’m not an “Israel worshipper” Its a place where some of my relatives live, I prefer that it not be over run by bloodthirsty, savage, backwards jihad maniacs, but I post on american renaissance, not israel renaissance. They will be just fine, it is America I worry about….it is the most advanced, democratic and civilized place in that part of the world….but it is not perfect, it is run by people who put their pants on one leg at a time in the morning, just like the leaders of america, canada, australia and europe. Sharon and Netanyahu are hardly the modern day equivalents of Kings David or Solomon.

            I don’t particularly care for Dershowitz either, even after reading one or two of his books a while ago….I try to avoid lawyers in general, regardless of their religious beliefs. I agree with you that america should end financial aid to everyone in the MENA region…the inevitable consequence of this is that without us foreign aid as a negotiation tool, Israel will pound the next arab country that messes with it(and they will, they never change) into the dirt….are you ok with the 300 dollar a barrel oil prices that will inevitably result from this?….I’m guessing you have probably never been there, but Israel is probably one of the most pro-american countries in the world…it is one of the few foreign countries where you see american flag stickers on people’s cars, even if they have never visited here.

          • pcmustgo

            I am also half jewish

        • And, I want to point out that this is the very logic of Peter Brimelow’s
          Immigration Moratorium:deprive millions of Native Born White Americans
          the great benefit of severe labor scarcity and force them to work as
          wage slave agricultural workers.

          Uh, that’s not the point of a moratorium. Brimelow’s intent for a moratorium is to create a labor scarcity to help NBWAs. However, I don’t think by itself a moratorium is enough anymore. It will take BOTH a moratorium and mass deportation (real deportation, that is) of non-white legal and illegal aliens.

  • Some Guy

    “It has nothing to do with being patriotic or unpatriotic,” Soumakian said. “it has to do with the fact that they are making a chant regarding that we are from the USA and you’re not. Whether that’s the implied intent, that’s the way it comes across.”

    Sure it does!!!! You are an anti-American marxist Gabe Soumakian!!!

    • Nate Miller

      What is the ethnicity of this scumbag Soumakian?

      • Jaego

        Names ending in ian are usually Armenian. Armenians are a mixed group, but mostly Caucasian as opposed to White. But as Christians, they have adapted well to America, as have the Christian Arabs.

        • guest

          The Armenians I grew up with in the East were decent people and usually sided with Caucasians. They looked down on the local blacks and hispancs. In present day S.Cal, the youth seem to adopt “gangsta” culture and turn on whites. It’s not “cool” to be white anymore. Their parents and grandparents were hardworking, but the children are joining up with the thugs and lowlifes. I partially blame it on the liberal media for being so anti-white and pro-criminal, but it really is up to the individual.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Kardashians are Armenians…coalburners….Armenian mudsharks.

          • pcmustgo

            do the blacks and latins side with them is the question? Also, most teens today, many, including Asians, imitate black hip hop culture.

      • Luca

        Sounds like he is Armenian and I surprised. However, considering he is in the academia industry, he must conform with the liberal academia agenda to keep in good standing with his peers. With liberals, it’s Agenda before all else.

  • So there you have it.

    Diversity is anti patriotic. Diversity is anti American.

    From the mouth of the proponent of diversity.

  • The__Bobster

    A group of students at a California high school basketball game were
    told to remove patriotic bandanas and stop chanting “USA, USA” because
    school administrators wanted to be sensitive to other spectators.

    Would these administrators have dared to tell a group of stubbies to remove their Mejico bananas?

    I think not.

    • NYB

      Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the U.S. have been endorsed by Congressional resolution, and many U.S. school districts “hold special events to educate pupils about its historical significance”. Banners and Mexican flags are part of the festivities.
      Sensitivity to whites is never a concern.

  • vladdy1

    Bizarre that the group is so mixed. But good. Better “USA” than beatdowns.

  • ncpride

    He said cultural proficiency is “understanding how to work, live, be and understand the heritage and be respectful.”

    Of course, he ONLY means those pesky White kids when he utters this nonsense. Where is the demand for respect from these illegal aliens whose country they are squatting in?
    Sheesh, I better stop now…… I feel my blood pressure rising, and an angry rant coming on that will surely have my comment removed anyway…

  • generalquagmyer

    What it comes down to is that a group of Mexicans/Latinos/Hispanics waving their countries’ flags and badmouthing whitey (or a group of flash mobbing knee-grows for that matter) is a mere nuisance, while a group of awakened, racially aware Saxons is overwhelmingly powerful. The powers-that-be, from school superintendents on up, are pants-soilingly frightened that the sleeping giant will one day awaken and stop tolerating the nuisance.

    • Fair Dingum

      Actually, it’s quite the opposite. They know that whites won’t escalate to the level of violence, that the school authorities won’t be tagged as racist for forbidding white pride and jeopardize their careers, that the whites are not likely to get lots of sympathetic attention from the mainstream media, that no powerful white demagogue will blow into town and kick up a huge stink at a national level. that no federal bureaucracy is likely to hit them with judgments and fines, etc. etc. In short, they know that whites, for fear of being labeled racist, will not stand together.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        True, but only as long as the current system remains intact. The government desperately wants to disarm White-Americans before hyperinflation because they fear an awakening.

  • David Ashton

    Why similar patterns in other white countries unless there is a common pattern or joint enterprise or agenda-working (as the Cultural Marxists I knew called it) or “conspiracy” (as we have been drilled not to regard it)?

  • Greg Thomas

    In other words, both schools have a large “student” body of America-hating illegal
    invading mexicans, and might get offended that someone actually has the
    audacity to show patriotism for this country. Isn’t this what he really meant
    to say?

  • Dave4088

    I wonder if bandanas resembling the color of Mexico’s flag and chants of “Viva, La Mexico” would be grounds for disciplinary action? If it was there would probably be a riot and “La Raza” would implore the Holder Justice (sic) Dept. to file a civil rights lawsuit against the school.

    The anti-racist morons tell us we still live under a sinister system of white skin privilege, but current events like this contradict that bogus claim and prove whites are, at best, third class citizens.

    • Room101

      Leftists aren’t anti-racist, they’re anti-White people. White skin easily identifies the Enemy of Leftists. White skin is the uniform worn by the POWs in this war.

      And after generations of every institution of society throughout the West maintaining a steady drum beat of anti-White propaganda, most Whites are easily cowed into gratefully accepting 3rd Class $#1T1zen status and apologizing for squatting on Leftist territory, or countries where lots of White people live and have for quite some time now.

      “Diversity” is ostensibly a Leftist political buzzword meant to convey the muddle-headed collectivist idea of a ‘human family’; White people are to be suspect based on the color of their skin and excluded of course. Unless the White claims to be homosexual, thereby largely to be tolerated by the Left as a non-combatant, unlikely to propagate any future “racists” and sympatico with all the double standards required to dismantle Western Civilization. Normal White people are being permitted to squat on Leftist territory for the time-being and at their sufferance.

  • bigone4u

    I congratulate the patriotic high schoolers for their patriotism and their ingenuity. They obeyed their adult masters by removing their bandanas, but then started the chanting. Beautiful. If the front door is shut, go around the back.

  • Jss

    I agree with the school on this one. After all your not allowed to yell fire in a movie theater or something like that so free speech isn’t always allowed if its dangerous. And patriotic chants are dangerous and offensive to our beautiful Mongoloid mosaic.

    And it’s a well known fact that in ancient Rome shouting “Rome” was not allowed at the arena because it might have offended the barbarians. And its also a fact that the Nazis chanted “USA” at all their racist Nazi rallies.

    So if you support these students your a Nazi. And the school officials are supporting freedom.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Boy, you are one ‘messed up’ person. This is America. Immigrants come here to be Americans, silly as that may be. They should get used to it. I don’t care if we offend minorities who’ve left their countries to benefit from our generosity.

      • Luca

        He’s either sub-Saharan, or a deranged indoctrinated liberal. Let’s not waste our time on him and he’ll go away.

        • jane johnson

          I hope he was being sarcastic, but you never know…..

  • Young Man

    People here always reminisce about their childhoods in the fifties and sixties and talk about how much better the country was then. Well, I’m in my late twenties and I think the country I grew up in is already gone. Even with all the problems we had twenty years ago no one would have publicly questioned that this is America and we have our own identity, culture and heritage.

    I may not stay here long enough to see what changes in another twenty years.

    • guest

      I hear you, but where will you go? Every white, western country has the same problem. We have obvious problems, but Africanization / Islamification is destroying Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I’m not sure who is worse off, but we are all going in the same direction. I joined the far right and I spread awareness every day. We need to embark on a revolution, so that it snowballs into something unstoppable. I respect your opinion, but there is nowhere left to escape to. We have to start pushing back.

      • Young Man

        I’m not moving anywhere for the foreseeable future. My experience is that people exaggerate the prospects for Europe and underrate European tribalism, but I take your point. France’s problems are probably as bad as ours, and maybe some other countries, but Italians and Germans would never give up their countries the way white Americans did.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Italians and Germans….have sold out to the New World Order.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Well, the economy will collapse in another year or two, then it’s going to get really interesting. I suggest you move to a rural area and wait things out, when the dust settles, we may have a White nation again.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I’m originally from the area and I can tell you with 100% certainty that Rio Mesa high is an extension of Mexico. Rio Mesa along with Oxnard HIgh and Port Hueneme High were all known as the “mexican” schools when I was passing through. Camarillo High is more on the White side of the spectrum.

  • Ryan Kennedy

    I think it IS true that the kids are using patriotic garb & chants to highlight their differences. Think about it, what other explanation is there? The implicit message is, “We’re Americans, we’re winning over you foreigners!” That’s the message that is sent when this happens at international sports competitions. The difference is no one expects it at a inter-mural sporting event.
    Having said that, why does this have the ability to sting? Because so many in these student bodies ARE foreigners. They DON’T have alligence to the US. These chants and displays are an implict dig at this situation. The solution: don’t have so many foreigners who are so conspicuous in their differences in language, custom, allegiance and yes, appearance that they invite this kind of reaction. As opposed to the school administration which just wants to supress the whole thing. But I bet they wouldn’t be supressing anything is Mexican flags were flying and Mexican chants being spewed. Another example of anarco-tyranny.

  • guest

    It’s both sad and pathetic how patriotism has no real value in this country anymore. Now being a patriotic American is seen as “culturally insensitive” or whatever those crazed PC enforcers call it. Patriotism is dead in this country, and with the way this country is now, it may never be back.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      It is worse than no value, it has negative value in that it is seen as a liability, an inconvenience, a tragedy of thought. But alas, don’t get too blue… more and more Whites are growing wise to the anti-White movement in this country.

    • Room101

      How many of the Founding Fathers would feel ‘patriotic’ towards the sort of government that now controls every aspect of the lives of the law-abiding while turning a blind-eye to most of the criminals? Our current government would love to erase all knowledge of the Founders and criminalize any appreciation towards the constitution they wrote.

  • IstvanIN

    There seemed to be a number of “Asians” chanting USA. And “Medeiros” sounds hispanic. So we must avoid hurting the feelings of the anchor babies vs. the people born here to legal residents, is that the story?

  • ViktorNN

    Sad how few white kids there are in that video actually.

    But that’s California nowadays – white children are one minority in a minority-majority state.

    • Diamond_Lil

      And the academic achievement scores and graduation rates reflect this fact.

      • Room101

        Thereby further enraging the Leftists. Superior achievement by a lot of people with white skin in comparison to not-Whites, especially in a situation where Whites might be a racial minority demographic, merely demonstrates for the committed Leftist to turn up the heat on the “White-privilege” propaganda campaign.
        The Leftist will call their taxpaying White-skinned Enemy a “racist”, arrogantly trying to show up the not-White kids. The Left can then demand more tax money from whitey parents who vote for such people… to ‘ease the economic disparities’ and ‘bridge the achievement-gap’.

    • SmithandSmith

      And take note, there are no talks about the need for “Minority Privileges” for the Minority White Children.

      • ViktorNN

        I think it’s important for white families living in minority-majority states like CA to make sure that they teach their kids not to swallow all the politically-correct, “whites are privileged” crap that public schools try to pass off as uncontroversial “facts.”

        Whites certainly have no advantages in minority-majority cities, states or regions and, in fact, as you correctly point out, when you take into account all the advantages non-whites get from government, schools, and many corporations, whites are actually at a distinct disadvantage – especially poor whites.

  • kerrysmith

    First they came for the Confederate battle flags, then they came for the Stars and Stripes. In retrospect it was all too predictable…

  • fakeemail

    Amazing how all the “intellectuals” in academia can’t precisely explain how diversity is an indispensable strength that dictates the need for quotas and AA; while I just open my eyes and see the infinite ways it is a weakness.

  • StillModerated

    Lipman’s name probably used to be Lipschitz.

    I wonder what would have happened if the students had sung California Uber Alles?

    • PesachPatriot

      That is actually one of my favorite dead kennedy’s song…there are two versions though, one makes fun of jerry brown, the other makes fun of the late ronald reagan….ralph lauren’s real last name is Lifschitz, but no one wants to wear clothes made by ralph lifschitz, so he changed it. This story is ridiculous….one of the american revolutionaries had a quote about patriotism being the last refuge of a scoundrel, but it seems that attacking patriotism is the act of a scoundrel

  • StillModerated

    A room full of ten tigers is a dangerous place. A room with 3 tigers, 3 elephants, and 4 hippos will waste their time fighting each other.

    The main purpose of the US so-called education system is to indoctrinate the 3 virtues of an empire in decline: tolerance, conformity, and squealing on your neighbor.

  • LHathaway

    The ‘USA’ chat at international events is kind of obnoxious.

    • Luca

      Then don’t listen to it. You’re giving your personal opinion and only to get yourself some negative attention. if you don’t like the chant, you’ll never hear it in Cuba or North Korea so maybe you’d like it there better.

    • Room101

      The last time the USA chant was cool was in the immediate aftermath of 911.
      The chant carried an implicit threat of devastating retaliation.

      Predictably, such chants could now lead to “unpleasantness”.

  • MekongDelta69

    Do they tell the Crips and the Bloods and MS-13 and a thousand other black and brown gang bangers to remove their bandanas because the idiot white leftist principal fears that they might offend the ‘diverse’ student body?


  • SmithandSmith

    Things like this are very good for us. American Children may be brainwashed but it’s stuff like not being allowed to be American in America that helps to wake them up to the burning hatred these non-whites/”whites” have for us.

    Also, it helps our American Children feel uncomfortable around those non-whites that they used to believe were ‘the same as us’ too. And it helps us because we have another arrow in our bow when it comes to pointing out their hatred for America.

    • Room101

      This isn’t a small local story that the Leftist Media can contain.
      I heard about this during the morning news round-up on a local rock-n-roll station.

      Sadly, while being a chump.
      I was at work at a legitimate private sector job helping the shop make profits, most of it taxed away to bribe for votes those who can’t be bothered to get up in the morning and get to work on time.

  • Diamond_Lil

    For those of you with children, my sixteen year-old read this article, expressed her extreme disapproval and posted it on her teen-popular anime website for all her 5,000 fans. So far, the comments pouring in are all heavily pro-American, even from her fans in other countries. Ahhh, our youth, it’s never too early to start rallying them for our cause.

  • Vanessa

    The word diversity makes me want to puke everytime I hear it. Just like the word “racism.”

    • fuzzypook

      “Tolerance” is another one. I hate that word.

      • Room101

        Lefties came up with “Acceptance” to induce projectile-vomiting among normal people everywhere.

    • concernedcollegekid

      For me one of the worst is hearing “African-American” out of the mouths of preachy white liberals who spend little to no time around black people. Black people call THEMSELVES “black”, for God’s sake.

      • Room101

        Read what everyday black folks call each other on Facebook.

        It’s not “black”, let alone “African-American”.
        The clue for Randy Marsh on Wheel of Fortune was “N _ G G E R S”.
        Solve the puzzle to find a word for “People who annoy you”.

  • Thor Bonham

    They live here now , right ? So they should have been yelling U.S.A with the rest of the kids..
    You don’t know how mad this makes me… I would be barred from AmRen if I wrote what needs to be said..

  • Luca

    In a reasonable world those “diverse student bodies” would be in Mexico where they rightfully belong. If Liberals are pretending this kids are American, then their loyalties should be with America. Even though they are here illegally, their loyalties still remain with Mexico and as such, I support a students right to “Free Speech” and to chant patriotic themes. Meanwhile, where in the Constitution does it say you can’t hurt someone’s feelings or offend them? If that were the case, we’d still be singing “God Save the Queen” and flying the Union Jack for fear of offending King George in 1776.

  • rightrightright

    It is for the diverse hordes to be respectful and to understand the heritage that has allowed them in. Their own third world heritages – all failures from which they ran away – are worth only tolerance, nothing more.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Funny how they found their own governments intolerant. Thanks to us we make their lives better. They should be grateful to us and join in cheering for the USA.

  • Shattered

    Is this Mexico or the United States?

    • Room101

      Isn’t that a “racist” question?
      The suggestion that there should be any difference could be construed as a racist attitude.
      Asking such questions could lead to much unpleasantness in certain professions.

      • Shattered

        Good point. I could lose my job simply for asking if they consider themselves Americans or Mexicans.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Glenn Lipman thinks the American flag is offensive. LIPMAN. He’s the same type of guy to thank for public schools to begin with, forced segregation, open borders, amnesty and “diverse” student bodies.

  • SintiriNikos

    Wait, I thought we were all Americans, and our brown brothers shouldn’t be offended by that and rather should chant USA USA alongside us.

    I do recall LA Mexicans booing the US Anthem and chanting for Mexico in a World Cup qualifying soccer match at the Rose Bowl, or the Coliseum.

  • ograf

    The day they could or would tell me I couldn’t wear a patriotic symbol in the U.S.A. is the day I would have to go back to war. I am a 60 year old Army Vet. Come to my house and touch my flag or tell me to take off my patriotic shirt. We will then “discuss” your views.