The Gang of 8 Proposal is Akin to Amnesty

Tom Tancredo, Townhall, January 29, 2013

To hear the accounts about tough bipartisan negotiations from the Senate’s “Gang of 8” on immigration, one would think that Hatfields had just made peace with the McCoys. The truth is that all the Republicans on this gang have long been supporters of amnesty. The border enforcement group Numbers USA gives Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham, and John McCain F grades for their support of amnesty. Rubio has not had a chance to vote for an amnesty yet, but he has been vocally supporting the policy for the last year. Similarly, the four Democratic Senators who sponsored the bill, Richard Durbin, Michael Bennet, Chuck Schumer, and Bob Menendez all have F-.

This tells you a lot of what the American people should expect when they hear about “bipartisanship”: nothing more than a compromise between F- Democrats and F Republicans. And sure enough, what they offered represents the worst from both parties. The comprehensive immigration reform they offer reflects the tired scheme of amnesty and massive increases to legal immigration in exchange for vague promises of enforcement. America was promised enforcement in exchange for amnesty in 1986. The enforcement never came, and 20 years and 12 million illegal aliens later, the same compromise was offered. The American people were not fooled in 2006 and 2007 and they rejected amnesty, despite the support of the Republican and Democratic establishment.

The Gang of 8 proposal will give amnesty to virtually every single illegal immigrant living here. Like the failed 2007 amnesty, they say citizenship is “contingent upon our success in securing our borders.” The illegal aliens will be able to live and work in the US immediately, but they will not be given citizenship until a commission declares that the border is secure. However, the Democrats have already admitted that the commission will be powerless. According to Greg Sargent in the Washington Post, “Democratic Senators reassured immigration advocates that this commission won’t be constructed in a way that will hold up the process for too long.” He continues, quoting amnesty lobbyist Frank Sharry, “Democrats realize that they can’t ‘allow the commission to have a real veto.’”


The Gang of 8 also promises workforce verification, by “developing a tough, fair, effective and mandatory employment verification system.” Sounds good, except that there already is a tough, fair, and effective employment verification system called E-Verify. However, the Gang’s proposal does not mention E-Verify. We can only assume that they will eliminate the program and replace it with a new program that is filled with loopholes.

The proposal also massively increases legal immigration. It calls for unlimited high skilled immigration and massive low skilled guest worker programs. They also propose that the amnestied illegal immigrants will not receive green cards until “every individual who is already waiting in line for a green card, at the time this legislation is enacted, has received their green card.” Even though America issues over one million green cards each year, there are over 4.5 million people on the wait list, which is 20 years long in some categories. So either there will be over a 20 year wait for the new illegals to get amnesty, or else they will expedite those waiting, leading to an increase of millions of legal immigrants.


Listening to the media, one would think that the support of a few establishment Republicans who always supported amnesty for this bill represents a major shift in the political winds. Yet I heard the exact same talk in 2006 and 2007. We stopped amnesty then, and we can stop it again.

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  • Here are several facts of life on the immigration issue:

    1. Any bill that has both amnesty or quasi-amnesty (“path to citizenship”) and enforcement is a dud, because the amnesty or quasi-amnesty will make the enforcement superfluous, even if the enforcement happens first and even if it happens genuinely.

    2. However, genuine enforcement is extremely unlike to happen any time soon, because there is no person who could possibly be President of the United States for the foreseeable future who will either genuinely enforce it, or be bought off by Chamber Pot of Commerce style outfits not to enforce it even if they want to enforce it, or gradually succumb to the racial egalitarian pressures of his or her own ideology and worldview and maybe also religious faith to do genuine enforcement, out of his her own fear of his or her own “racism.” ONLY an overt white nationalist or functional equivalent thereof would have the ideological fortitude to be “racist” enough to do genuine enforcement, and I don’t see a white nationalist or functional equivalent thereof anywhere near the credible Presidential track.

    3. Most of the immigration politics this time around, like the last go-around in 2007, is based almost entirely on red team-blue team partisan histrionics and jealousy. That might be the only thing that saves us, other than our phone calls and letters, because not too many politicians will vote to do the right thing, they’ll only vote against the wrong thing if they get it in their heads that the wrong thing is too biased in a partisan sense to the team wearing the other color shorts. IOW, whatever “wrong thing” is up for a floor vote, it will inevitably have too much blue for the reds to stomach or too much red for the blues to stomach, and the whole thing will fall apart. Even the much ballyhooed “Gang of Eight” could easily be eight-balled, in spite of what seems to be their initial unity.

    • connorhus

      Ya too bad We are stuck with Claire. No body better ever question the right for a woman to define rape anyway she sees fit because if you do they will vote against you even if it means ruining the country. Now we got McCaskill and another 11 to 30 million new Democrat voters coming in but by George they know never to question legitimate rape again don’t they?

  • Something here was overlooked. We need to seal the border first before doing anything else. Without this, if and when the economy picks up, we will have more illegals trying to cross the border to get jobs.

    • bigone4u

      “When and if the economy picks up …” The ones that come to sponge off relatives and the taxpayer aren’t waiting for the economy to pick up. Like you say, though, seal the border NOW.

    • Charles_Peterson

      We need the military bases on the borders with troops doing constant patrols.

    • They’ll assure us they’re going to seal the boarder AFTER it’s signed. That’s how these things work.
      They’re as bad as a bunch of shyster lawyers telling you to sign on the dotted line without reading the contract.

  • The__Bobster

    Different day, same traitors.

    The Miami-based group Citizens Of Dade United (of which I am vice
    president) has backed Florida state immigration enforcement bills for many
    years. But the Hispanic Caucus legislators have blocked them all.

    Central to this unAmerican activity: Marco Rubio. In 2008, when he
    was Florida House Speaker, Rubio told his appointed Rules Chairman Rep. David
    Rivera and six Chairmen with bills in their committees to stall all six until
    the session ended.

    All Chairmen followed Rubio’s orders. The session ended, killing the six House Bills, also killing 4 Senate Bills

    • Important to grok, b/c we’re reading nonsense stories about how Rubio is “evolving” on immigration. Wrong. He was amnesty and open borders all along.

      Another one to watch like a hawk: Ted Cruz. The big difference there is that what little he had to deal with the immigration issue as Solicitor General of Texas, he was on the correct side of the matter. But I want to wait and see an actual Senate voting record. So far, he is mostly promulgating the correct rhetoric, except for the bits about legal immigration being such a great benefit.

      • ed91

        I can see Cruz running for president with West as his VP=–

        after they win, a big party at the white house, with high 5’s all around with the obamas

  • David Ashton

    Hey presto! Illegal on Friday, legal on Monday. More OK friends for John Engelman at least.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Only if they can make General Tsao’s chicken while teaching us dumb Whites calculus and advanced rocketry at the same time.

      • Jefferson

        A Mestizo student in calculus class is pure science fiction.

        • How can you say that? I saw the movie with my own eyes…Edward James Olmos playing Jaime Escalante said that Indoamerican cultures invented the zero as a numerical placeholder while European gringos were still wearing animal skin loincloths.

          Back to reality…I read a story awhile back in credible media that reports that the Federal Department of Education reported that the total number of blacks enrolled in calculus classes in public high schools amounted to only single digits…in the entire state of Oregon.

    • Charles_Peterson

      They won’t be his friend. I get your point though.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Geez, even they don’t want him, eh?

    • Defoe

      Reading Engelman’s posts one would think he’s a Marxist apologist at least. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, if you want the State telling you what to do.

  • The supposed deal: The Democrats will agree to seal the borders, if the Republicans agree to amnesty.

    First, Democrats seldom keep their commitments.

    Second, the White House effectively said today that the borders are more secure now than they’ve ever been (

    If the Democrats believe the borders are secure as they can possible be, they can’t possible be any more secure. The Dems won’t keep their end of the bargain.

  • Ed_NY

    Reagan set the precedent back in the early 80’s with his amnesty program. I knew back then that history would repeat itself since amnesty only encouraged illegals to come here. There is absolutely no deterent with an amnesty program. If this goes through, there will be another amnesty program years down the road.

    • NM156


  • Jefferson

    After amnesty is passed, the GOP are going to get their butts kicked next year in the mid term primaries.

    If a high percentage of White conservatives decide not to vote and stay home, the DNC will take majority control of the house of congress.

    The Democratic Party will than have a total monopoly in Washington. And if you are gun loving conservative White, a scenario where the Democratic party controls all branches of government is a scary thought.

    • ed91

      please hurry and start a third party someone!

    • The only way to avoid this is for Obama to screw up on gun control and this wakes up the white male population because he wants to take away their guns.

      • Tucker

        Lady Crystal is assuming that white males have the ability to even temporarily rip their eyeballs off of their 32 inch wide electronic sewage dispensing devices and curtail their nauseating, vomit provoking, disgustingly slavish worship of tattoo covered, corn-rowed and dred locked sporting, criminally prone, white female poaching, inner city bred, IQ of 75-80, ghetto black sports ‘heroes’ long enough to pay 5 minutes of their attention to what our virulently anti-White minority hijacked government is doing inside the District of Sleaze Balls.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Why not just unseal the borders and declare a giant free for all? There really is no difference anymore. I’m actually pro-amnesty because it will show once and for all that the Federal Government is an enemy to all real Americans. We will have indisputable proof of a treasonous federal government that only the most delusional, indoctrinated, automaton could defend. There will be no doubt to the average rational thinking individual that the federal government cares more about NON CITIZENS that its own people. Hopefully they will all bumrush my home state of CA and go on the welfare roles. This will completely destroy the already dying CA economy and FORCE my people to take a stand, to draw a line in the sand. The schools will be completely over run, ditto for the hospitals and any other “public” service. Additionally millions more will attempt to pour in causing even more instability. Perhaps this is what the elites want, but from where I am sitting (if this war against the White race is even winnable at this point) it will have to get a lot worse in a short period of time. It’s like being shot in the chest and acting in a matter of moments to save your life vs. having pancreatic cancer and slowly dying over a period of decades.

    • Jefferson

      You know it is sad when even Mexico has more conservative immigration laws than the U.S.

      Billionaires have stronger security in their homes than our national borders. It is a lot easier for an Illegal Immigrant to sneak into the U.S than it is for a burglar to break into Bill Gates mansion.

    • wattyleresrevolt

      You are so right…let the Republicans and Democrats completely obliterate California..let them ignite ecological collapse,economic collapse, and violent race war… Native Born White America….gaze into the crystal ball and see your future.
      If Native Born White America had a crystal ball to peer into back in 1965…California would still be a majestic paradise and 9/11 would never have occured for the muslims would never have been allowed in and the small pre-1965 muslim population would have been kicked out…and every member of the degenerate Kennedy clan would be doing a life sentence for treason.

    • bigone4u

      I like your idea in theory, but if California gets much more Mexican, I’m afraid Mexican troops will cross the border and lay a reconquista claim. With that success, numerous other states would be invaded. Spineless Obama would not resist for fear of losing the Hispanic vote in the remaining states.

      • Angry White Woman

        Units of the Mexican army have been periodically spotted miles inside California, Arizona and Texas for years, stretching back from Clinton’s administration to the present day. They usually claim to be “lost” when approached by U.S. law enforcement.

    • George White

      Crazy. No amnesty, period.

  • At this very moment there is a sharp increase in the numbers of Central Americans working their way through Mexico and on their way here now.

    The “drug war” has turned their countries into chaos.

    This migration is just getting started and is expected to send several million more before it is over. Will they be included in this amnesty or in the next amnesty? Will they vote Democrat or Republican?

  • bigone4u

    LGBT + amnesty =
    More lesbian latinas
    More gay latinos
    More bisexual latinos and latinas
    More transsexual latinos and latinas
    That “rainbow” coalition sure got a lot to smile about today. The rest of us can go somewhere to puke.

    • IstvanIN

      At least most of the LGBT one’s won’t have anchor babies.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Exactly why I support black homosexuality. Oh, and black abortion, too. More reproductive rights for poor black women! Donate generously to the Detroit chapter of Planned Parent(s in da)hood!

  • A few talking points:

    Remind people of Reagan’s “One-Time-Only” amnesty. Did that amnesty produce a stampede to the Republican party? No.

    One of the key provisions of Reagan’s “One-Time-Only” amnesty was employee verification. IF employee verification had been successful, there would be no illegal aliens working in the US after the amnesty. Employee verification doesn’t work just because this time they’re going to all it E-Verification.
    Remind people that this amnesty is going to happen at the same time Obama Care begins. That means all of the estimates on the cost of Obama Care are going to have to be recalculated UP.

    • Read it and weep, in case you don’t believe sbuffalonative here:

      Lou Barletta makes even more sense:

      (H/T V-Dare)

      Interestingly, Barry Goldwater, politically a libertarian through his whole political life, voted against 1986 IRCA, (that was his last year in the Senate). He happened not to be in the Senate for the Senate vote for the Hart-Cellar Act in 1965, because he refused to seek re-election to the Senate in 1964 to run for President. But he returned to the Senate by winning Arizona’s other Senate seat in 1968. However, Goldwater’s running mate, Congressman William Miller (R-NY), was one of the few politicians to forecast openly demographic disaster from the proposed legislation that became Hart-Cellar, and did it from the Goldwater campaign trail.

    • RisingReich

      Trying to reason with the Stupid Party is like arguing with a bag of hammers – or your dining room table.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Exactly. Dems or Repukes. Evil or Stupid. Take your pick.

        • RisingReich

          No kidding. Obviously this is a fool’s choice.

    • Also, remind people that both parties are now wailing that we have to cut the social safety net for Americans who have paid into the system, yet, at the same time, are bringing in tens of millions who will put a strain on that social safety net. Where is the sense in that?
      If we can’t afford insulin for granny, who paid into the system, how in the f*** can we afford EITC payments for Nacho and Lupita’s eight illegitimate taco-crunchers, as well as food stamps and housing vouchers?

      • NM156

        You forgot to mention publicly-subsidized private health insurance for low-income earners as mandated by Obamacare and Medicaid for those a step lower in the food chain, mostly with kids that they can’t afford. A run on Pell grants and an array of other state and federal student aid for erstwhile illegals attending college will be a certainty as well. The list of benefits available to those made legal makes me yawn. Sick of talking about it after a decade!

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      The reason that Reps will never attract many Hispanics to their party is that Hispanics have a basic cultural Marxism ingrained in them. They expect the state to do things for them and give them what they need. Every time America has done something to enable this, whether it is genuinely in both our interests or not, the Hispanic has learned that they can get things from whites, white culture, while governments pretty easily or by just hanging around long enough. But truly, beneath that is a feeling that this is how it should be, they don’t worry about where the money comes from, they have faith that it will always be there. They don’t think beyond their own lives very much as a rule.

  • MekongDelta69

    An F and an F- will get you admitted to any college or university under the ‘Affirmative Action Diversity Plan.’

    At the pace the (so-called) ‘right’ keeps moving left, they’ll make leftists look like the Founding Fathers.

    America was a ‘dead country walking’ in 1964. Some viruses, rather than causing instant death, just have incubation periods which gradually get worse over the decades.

    But you still wind up… DEAD.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Well, if it can be stopped, it is a only a temporary state of affairs. The explosive demogaphic momentum…illelgal+legal immigration+fetility level of post 1965 nonwhites make it a one hundred percent inevitablity that amnesty will passed…there will b a massive and overwhelming voting block for amnesty. This is an example of what economists call increasing returns-returns to scale and positive feedback. So everyone here should view a full administrative amnesty as a done deal.

    Worse is going to happen..and get even worse. The moment of truth is rapidly arriving for millions of Native Born White Americans.
    If worse is actually better…it will be better because:the rotting stinking corpse of the Republican Party will finally be buried… deep in a salt mine in Utah with toxic radioactive waste. So, without a doubt, there is going to be a poltical vacum. Then the issue comes down to whether or not you believe politics abhors a vacum. I submit that politics abhors a vacum. And this goes to the heart of the issue. The end of the Republcan Party will occur with the emergence of an over-the-top-in-your face majority nonwhite Democratic Party…a party saturated with nonwhite racial grievances. If Native Born White Americans ever get over their little girl “Oh, I am so scared that called me a racist” emasculation…well, Native Born White Americans will not be asking nonwhites for permission to engage in highly racialized politics..nonwhites are not going to give it anyway.
    And then, we will have arrived at a highly explosive situation within the US:two highly racialized race-based nations competing for scarce resources…such as Living and Breeding Space, acess to water,farmland, and the outdoor-recreational amenities…at a time when wiping away the borders of the US+high fertility post-1965 nonwhites=hyper-exponential population growth within the borders of the former America=popualtion doubling times of ten..maybe even five years…and there also could be a billion humans within the borders of the former “America” quicker than you can say jack rabbit or the name of that insect pest species.
    You have to be mentally retarded not to figure out the obvious:Amnesty is a blueprint for 1)a violent race war within the borders of the former “America” and the endgame of ecological collapse of the former “America”. Secession won’t save the remant Native Born White American population in Idaho,Montanna, and the American South…thinking otherwise is to engage in magical thinking.
    If you are not scared…I say be very very scared.

    • ed91

      I’m way past scared………… how about disgusted.

      • Luca

        Don’t be scared, don’t be disgusted. Be prepared.

    • The push for amnesty makes preserving our gun rights even more important.

      • Rik

        which is why it’s so important for the Fascist in the White House to remove them. “Self” defense is a cultural term.

      • NM156

        I renewed my NRA membership just before the new year. Several hundred thousand others paid for membership recently as well, a good sign. This frightens the opposition.

        • Defoe

          I have written several letters to the editor of my local paper defending the 2nd amendment. I end them by saying that “if you own a gun, you should join the NRA.” I also make the point that the 2nd is NOT about hunting, it is about defending against a tyrannical government. That’s what the founding fathers said.

      • Ed_NY

        And the attacks on our 2nd ammendment is growing. Gov. Cuomo of NY has called for confiscation of assault rifles. He defines any semi-automatic firearm with a detachable magazine as an assault rifle. They have outlawed any magazine holding more then 7 rounds. They have just passed a new gun registration law (next comes confiscation). Republican conservatives have joined in the attacks, Joe Scarborough among others, has called for a ban on assault weapons. They want to disarm whites. The whole plan is to reduce and oppress the white population. It is accelerating exponentially and most people dont see it coming nor will they be prepared for it.

    • connorhus

      I agree with your prediction up to the last point. It will come down to a race war, any fool can see it coming, but even outnumbered no race has ever made war like White European stock. As has been proven many times over history there simply is not a numerical superiority number large enough to carry the entire war although a battle here and there is always lost.

      We see all lot of talk about IQ and athletic ability by race but organization, tactics, strategy etc are rarely ever mentioned and those are the basic talents of overall survival.

      • George

        …but even outnumbered…

        Rourke’s Drift, anyone?

        Watch the excellent movie ‘Zulu’, starring a very young Michael Caine, for the details. (The real regiment in the engagement was English, not Welsh). The final battle scene is deeply moving. Fire control discipline and a handful of single shot Martini-Enfield rifles will always overcome a mob of blacks armed with pointy sticks. (Except, in the real engagement, the Zulus had rifles, too. The pointy sticks in the film just made better theatre.)

        • Tucker

          Blacks and mestizos in Amerikwa will not be carrying pointed sticks, George.

          Remember fast and furious? Have you not seen the recent US Government contract bid for 7,000 fully automatic / select fire ‘personal defense weapons’, on the AR-15/M-16/M4 semi-auto carbine platform model?

          When civilians own AR style carbines, they are ‘dangerous military battlefield assault rifles’. When our Black Run American Government purchases them, they are called ‘personal defense weapons’.

    • Tucker

      This is the reason why these racist, white genocidist criminals up in D.C. are boosting the priority of trying to disarm law abiding WHITE European men and women.

      I’ve given this issue a great deal of thought, and initially, I found myself wondering why the anti-White left has suddenly gotten so impatient about grabbing our most effective means of self protection. Assuming the demographics continue to move towards a darker, lower IQ, parasitic third world, non-white direction – were these anti-white racist Communist totalitarians to adopt a more patient attitude, they could simply bide their time until whites fell below 50% and the RINO’d GOP finished self destructing, and then they could pass any gun control or disarmament laws they wanted. Heck, they could even stack the Supreme Court with three or four more Communist sons of Israel – and, then ‘reinterpret’ the Second Amendment into the dust bin of history.

      So, why this impatience and why now? There can be zero doubt that once America becomes totally controlled by non-whites – that these non-whites will immediately seek to take all firearms away from Whites. Once this move is attempted, there will be no way whatsoever to hide the racial aspects of it – the black and mestizo colored faces will not be hidden and it will be frighteningly clear: Non-Whites who hate Whites are attempting to disarm Whites in order to prevent Whites from having any means to protect themselves from the violence and oppression that these non-White rulers have in store for them. Thus, if Civil War 2 hasn’t broken out by then – this will be the flash point and the spark that will kick off Civil War 2, because at this point – Whites will understand that their very lives are on the line.

      Hence, perhaps this is why the Communist left is now elevating this issue – to get it moving, or to get the national registration database in place – while there are still a few ‘White’ looking faces at the top, and before Whites have time to realize that this is actually being driven by racial warfare strategy?

      • Defoe

        I think your analysis is spot on. “Awakened” Whites need to start planning now.
        For some very good tactical/strategic thinking, read the novel PATRIOT DAWN by Max Velocity (available on Amazon). Most posters on this web site will enjoy this book very much!!

        • Tucker

          I am currently reading his other book, ‘Contact’ and Max Velocity is clearly a Cultural Marxist egalitarian, Franz Boas ‘race-is-only-a-social-construct’ brainwashed kool-aid gulper. He parrots the extremely dangerous and guaranteed to be fatal advice that, in a survival, SHTF situation, anyone who dares to engage in tribal thinking is a really bad boy or girl.

          Granted, there is a lot of other very useful information in his books – but, believe me, anyone who calls himself an ‘expert’ on survivalism and who preaches the kind of liberal fantasy world, denial of the realities of racial differences is a guy who could very easily get people killed.

          Max evidently didn’t visit New Orleans during Katrina or go on vacation in South Central Los Angeles during the Rodney King affair.

          • I’ll do you one better.

            You have made the observation here in AR in the recent past, and it’s an observation I have also made, that the mainstream of the survivalist/prepper community spouts the same kind of race-denying egalitarian idiocy that most of the lamestream world and its ideologies do.

            As far as I’m concerned, any survivalist or prepper that does that is being a hypocrite or at least philosophically inconsistent, because they’re trying to save themselves from conditions they and their race-denying egalitarian idiocy helped create. If the USA were a white ethnostate, keeping all else equal, only about two people in total would be worried about our impending economic collapse, (because there would be no impending economic collapse), and the only credible survivalists and preppers would be people in natural disaster zones.

    • george00

      Unfortunately a political party won’t work until we have a way to talk to and be heard by the white couch potatoes who unfortunately make up the over whelming majority of our race. Our enemies control the MSM and have worked very hard for the last 50 years to brain wash the white couch potatoes and aren’t about to let some prowhite party gain any traction.

      Once we get the control of the MSM out of the hands of our enemies the rest will be easy.

      Putting our hopes on some political/economic disaster won’t work either because our enemies control of the MSM will still be there to brain wash the white couch potato back into line after the disaster subsides.

      • Defoe

        “Once we get the control of the MSM out of the hands of our enemies the rest will be easy.”

        What’s your plan for doing that?

        • george00

          I don’t have a plan. But peer pressure is more effective than what someone sees on TV. I’ve always thought someone needs to write a book “How To Win A Debate With An Anti Racist.” This book would list every argument that Anti Racists make and then lists what are the best counter arguments to each of their arguments. This book could make anyone an instant expert on how to win an argument with a Liberal anti white race mixer. If enough people did this they could have some effect in countering the anti white brain washing. I’ve always thought this was the logical thing to do. I know there are some flaws with this idea, like Liberals don’t think logically but the book would be a start.

    • potato78

      Long live for native born white Americans.

  • Charles_Peterson

    Where are all the jobs immigrants are suppose to create. I suppose that’s just another lie.

    • wattylersrevolt

      The economic argument is fundamentally irrelevant..there is not an economic case for race-replacing millions of Native Born White Americans…this is not a debatible issue…we reject an open and deliberate policy of race-replacement.

      • George White

        Call and tell them exactly THAT!

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    By the 12th grade there is an average four-year gap in achievement between whites and non-Asian minorities. The most succinct definition of this “achievement gap” is furnished by Education Trust:

    “By the time [minority students] reach grade 12, if they do so at all, minority students are about four years behind other young people. Indeed, 17 year-old African American and Latino students have skills in English, mathematics and science similar to those of 13-year-old white students.” (Education Trust, “Closing the Achievement Gap,” National Governors Association Clearinghouse, 2002, 9th paragraph)

    Note the conditional “if they do so [reach 12th grade] at all.” Ask your senator’/congress person contemplating legalization of 12-20 million illegal aliens how the inevitable expansion of racial preferences in college admissions, hiring and promotion to maintain any semblance of “diversity” in universities or in occupations requiring cognitive ability how this expansion of racial preferences will affect native-born white American citizens.

    Demand an answer.

  • SintiriNikos

    Future history books will spit on the memory of traitors like LBJ, Teddy ‘DUI’ Kennedy, Bush, Miss Graham, McCain and all the other scumbags who sold out their country.

    • ed91

      I’m starting to believe there will be no books.
      maybe future comic books.

    • RisingReich

      ‘Miss Graham’. lol. He has that odd look, doesn’t he?

      • SintiriNikos

        haha yeah. And his Christian name too, I always loathed names like Lindsay that are more suited to women, imo. This clown and his buds McCain and bulldog face Lieberman should be required to live in the barrio for at least 3 years if they are to support immigration so wantonly. At least Chicago mayor Jane Byrne moved into Cabrini-Green. Although she only lasted 3 weeks…with heavy armed security detail…on one of the lower floors…with the back door welded shut. Ah, never mind. Ahhhh, liberals and neocons, what a bunch of basketcases.

    • Ed_NY

      Future history books will be written by revisionists.

      • SintiriNikos

        It’s easy to talk about the merits of diversity and the multicult when the downsides haven’t manifested themselves on a grand scale. When everything goes to seed, the only history that can be written is that we were right and they were wrong.

  • For the first time in a long time, I willingly listened to the talk radio host who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy. That’s because he had both Jeff Sessions and Marco Rubio on as guests…but not both at the same time.

    Sessions and Rubio gave contradictory statements on a number of things, especially on the issue to the extent to which illegal aliens are legally eligible for and actually do access both existing welfare programs and eventually ObamaCare. And I think Sessions is far closer to the truth. Now, is Rubio lying, or is he himself oblivious?

    • RisingReich

      Doubtful he’s oblivious. Most posters on here were way ahead of this amnesty goon. Doesn’t matter a rip, however, because most posters on here are viewed ‘extreme’.

      We’re just more forward looking, and less delusional than the mean – which continues to drift south.

      • Seems like Rubio is the cheap labor lobby’s emissary to conservative talk radio, because the cheap labor lobby works under the assumption that talk radio killed the 2007 amnesty. Now we’ll see how true that was, whether the grass roots actually gets it or just had proper information in 2007.

        I’m getting the sense that some talk hosts are starting to see through Rubio’s arguments (because they also interview Vitter and Sessions, who contradict Rubio a lot), even if they don’t quite grok who’s pulling his strings or the game he’s playing.

        • razorrare

          They grok it all alright but to point it out who is pulling their strings is anathemia to their carreers…they must operate in a narrowly defined field.No differant than a moderator on this site who often deletes comments that refer to the 800 pound gorilla in the room…just one example…My post on Mary Morrisons article referring to Brown vs Board in which you replied to was deleted…

        • razorrare

          They grok it all alright but to point it out who is pulling their strings is anathemia to their carreers…they must operate in a narrowly defined field.No differant than a moderator on this site who often deletes comments that refer to the 800 pound gorilla in the room…just one example…My post on Mary Morrisons article referring to Brown vs Board in which you replied to was deleted…

        • razorrare

          They grok it all alright but to point it out who is pulling their strings is anathemia to their carreers…they must operate in a narrowly defined field.No differant than a moderator on this site who often deletes comments that refer to the 800 pound gorilla in the room…just one example…My post on Mary Morrisons article referring to Brown vs Board in which you replied to was deleted…

        • RisingReich

          Agreed. All I see and hear is traitors. Traitors everywhere.

    • If Rubio were a white man, he’d be the night manager at a McDonald’s, not a US senator. He is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

  • Cheap labor! It’s extremely hard to compete with people that work off the books.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Yeah, that’s the reason why I don’t think there will be a blanket amnesty. We already have defacto amnesty through non-enforcement, and all sorts of loopholes from anchor babies to identity theft. This slowly moves illegals from the workers column to the welfare clients column, removing any workers that may be getting uppity or are harboring ideas about being paid what they’re worth, and draws more illegals in to hold wages as low as possible. This status quo is quite profitable to both the social welfare left and the cheap labor right, and I think they’re content to boil the frog – us – slowly. They know we’re dying out, and we’ll go from a troublesome majority to a hunted and despised minority soon enough. Sure, there are loudmouth Aztecas and grievance groups aplenty, but with so much profit to be made in the present it’s easy enough to bide their time.

  • RIN0Huner

    I’ve believed the country to already be lost because of out of control immigration as of probably 10 years ago, but if this goes through, and it likely will, the country is finished for sure. Lock and load.

  • Ralph

    Mestizos are an invasive subspecies. They should not be given amnesty.

    • George White


  • kjh64

    I seriously doubt that this amesty and that is what it is will be stopped unless Americans en masse march on Washington and make it clear that these treasonous polticians will be kicked out of office. Do I think this will happen? Not likely. Things will have to get much worse for Americans in order for them to do something I’m afraid. However, one thing is sure. Amnesty will totally destroy the USA and its’ economy which will cause all these Mexicans and others to go home and others to stop coming. Of course some will stay for the welfare people may argue but if this country totally goes broke and there is no money for welfare, then they will likely leave.

    • IstvanIN

      They will never go home. They will just stay wherever they have already settled and destroyed when the welfare taps run out.

  • Marc B.

    I’ve been listening to the NeoCon talking heads this afternoon/evening, and instead of talking about fighting it tooth-and-nail a la 2006 & 2007, they are now talking about what a bill they could support would look like, and how Obama is already screwing it up with his rhetoric in Las Vegas and by giving de facto amnesty via executive order. Hannity has been warming up his audience for this ever since the end of the 2012 election. Every single one of them that I’ve heard so far has softened on immigration reform if not outright supported it. It’s amazing how every single one of these spineless wimps takes orders from Karl Rove & CO.

    If the talk radio audience is suckered in by these sell-outs there will effectively be no reason for 70% of white conservatives to continue vote republican. This could finally be the end of the party if the people do not rise up in sufficient numbers and blast Washington with faxes, phone calls and emails. I plan on fighting this go around harder than I did in 2007.

  • When the GOP helps pass amnesty, they win millions of new supporters for the democrats and, at best, a couple hundred thousand for themselves and the people who used to support them leave the party. How’s that going to work out for you guys?

    It’s not for nothing they’re called the stupid party.

  • JDInSanDiego

    Not enforcing our immigration laws is akin to amnesty.
    Not ending birthright citizenship is akin to amnesty.
    Not ending welfare to illegals is akin to amnesty.

    • NM156

      How about welfare for legals?! The law says they are not supposed to be getting any, but they are!

  • George White

    The people here who claim that amnesty would be good because it will force whites to wakeup….are NUTS. There is NOTHING good about amnesty and all of you should be making calls and writing letters and at least TRYING to stop it. The talk that it’s a done deal is nonsense. And we should be making an effort to stop ALL immigration as well as stopping abortion for whites and providing incentives for white births. My God, don’t just roll over and give up without a fight!

    • ViktorNN

      Agreed 100%.

      I really hope that all of us posting our frustration and anger can turn around and help out the mainstream anti-amnesty groups out there that want our help.

      Some of them make it extremely easy to get involved, providing everything you need to make your voice heard.

      This is THE FIGHT folks.

      Get involved!!!

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I’ll say it again. The GOP won a majority of House seats just a few months ago. Conservatives need to put pressure on the spineless ones who love “compromising” and will reach a deal to legalize millions of criminal Spanish-speaking, welfare-using, drunk-driving, wage-depressing, socialist-voting aliens.

  • Sam

    We are on the verge of the following two factors:

    1. Obama will give citizenship to 11 million (at least) illiterate Mexicans who will vote 80% (at least) Democratic, and no Republican (white) will ever win the presidency again.
    2. Obama will probably appoint one or two young Marxists to the Supreme Court, replacing our older conservatives.

    These steps are irreversible, or at least, not reversible by any peaceful means.

    We are in the stage where South Africa was before they let in a flood of cheap labor and then ended ceding power to them.

    This is the doom of America. We have only the thinnest hope at this point – someone needs to quickly turn the GOP into the white party, and get whites to start voting for their own interests, and it needs to happen RIGHT NOW.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      You mean REPLACE the GOP with a White Party right?

  • ViktorNN

    I hope Tancredo is right.

    I’m seeing polls which show that people support this amnesty by a slight majority.

    Immigration is one of the biggest – if not THE biggest – issues for pro-white folks.

    If you have any activism in you, I suggest getting involved with mainstream anti-amnesty and anti-illegal immigration groups NOW.

    This will be one of the biggest fights of the Obama presidency.

    • NM156

      What does idiot America think about immigration anyway? Polls are always divergent by large percentage points even over the course of two months, as this poll is far different from the one you referenced. Maybe the pollsters and the media polls get a too-low figure they don’t like and change the semantics of the question to elicit a response that will boost their pro-amnesty, pro-immigration position. The pollsters know that Americans don’t want mass round ups and deportations, so they phrase the question so that no other alternative but legalization is available. The poll questions are never conditional as well. For instance, no question asks the public if they would support legalization of twenty million illegals if those twenty million could sponsor an additional twenty million relatives for residency in the US. Misleading and duplicitous pollsters writing these questions know that the public doesn’t know a damn thing about immigration and suckers them.

  • Jefferson

    Once amnesty is passed and these 3rd world Brown hordes get the legal right to vote, a couple of the current red states will turn blue in the 2016 presidential elections. Specifically Arizona and Texas will start voting like Californians.

  • Barry liked guestworker programs though, he wanted the Brancero back and didn’t mine who buisness men hired,

  • Well, Ted Cruz had a Bush connection but since the Tea Party pushed him against Perry’s right hand man he has been good since he said he was oppose but he isn’t all Cuban like Rubio, Cruz has white on the mother’s side.

  • 14 percent approval Congress

    Funny (and by funny, I mean laugh at our demise funny), but I saw Romney’s plan for immigration after he won the primaries. His ideals were more mestizo-friendly than Ted Kennedy. Even Jeb Bush liked his immigration policies, and he watches uni-viagrasion every chance he gets.

    We are going to let in more and more brown towns no matter who governs the states. And it angers me.

  • Yeah, the damage illegals do to the economy is pretty devastating. In addition to demolishing social service budgets, they do take America jobs, and they Western Union that money out of the US economy back to their home countries.

    In Arizona, uneducated American construction workers used to be able to get $25/

    hour plus benefits. Illegal immigrants flooded the labor market. Now Americans are competing with people who will work for $12/hour and no benefits.

    Same here in CA. A non-hispanic carpenter is a rarity.There are No American construction workers left in Houston, my brother in law had to leave the state in order to keep his 3 boys fed….Only ILLEGALS work in construction now…… This is what its like at the border state whether Dems or Repubs run it the illegals still get the construcation jobs…1/29/13, 12:10 PM

  • George

    For a good read on social spending, from a British perspective, check this out:

    Delingpole has some telling stats about indebtedness in the United States. With an amnesty, those numbers, already skyrocketing, will hit the moon…if not the moons of Jupiter.

  • IKantunderstand

    Is there actually anyone here on this website, who wants to do something about what is happening to our country? Are you people all trolls? “You know, let’s have this website, allow White people to vent, they do absolutely nothing, other than perhaps prove to one another how clever they are.” This is progress? What is this actually? What exactly, is the point of this website? Seriously, this effete, snobbish intellectualism about race differences, that this website espouses, is getting us exactly nowhere. The “public” simply does not buy it. They have been brainwashed. And we do what? NOTHING! Other than , opine. So, who cares how many illegal aliens are made citizens! Who cares how many people overstay their visas, and become legal! What difference does it make? ANYONE, absolutely ANYONE, can be inducted into the Western, White culture. Does not matter your race, your religion, your lifestyle; you move into a White Western culture, and ABBRA KADABRRA YOU, I mean YOU are magically transformed into an incredibly complex, intuitive, genius, risk taking, WHITE PERSON!It’s so simple really. Move to a White country, bleach or straighten your hair, ape Western values, and thinking, and , voila: YOU ARE A WHITE PERSON WHO DESERVES TO LIVE IN A WHITE EUROPEAN COUNTRY!!! See? How easy was that? You could come from a culture, that didn’t have the wherewithal to develop a written language, but all of a sudden, you move to a induced guilt ridden White country and you have magically been transfigured into a genius. And, furthermore, now that this magic has occurred, you can REPLACE all the White people! Yes, indeed, you, who have been magically transformed into a White European, can now further Western civilization. Without a single Westerner left. In fact, we White Westerners are so convinced that our culture is meaningless, we will do our utmost to promote your interests above ours, we will pretend that you are as smart as we are, and , when that turns out not to be the case, we will bow down in subservience, and do everything we can, to change the outcome. We will do everything we can, to make you feel that you are the equals of Whites. We have given up jobs to you. We have written you into our epic poems, and our fairy tales, we have made you look good in our T.V. shows. We have made you look competent and smart. We Whites have in fact , given you , your heritage. You had none, after African stories? God knows, there are plenty of African Americans who have the money to finance these gems of African history. My advice to Africans, Asians, Arabs, etc. : Quit feeling so insecure, that we White Europeans, feel compelled to include you in our culture! You keep telling us you had a culture. Fine. Express it.

  • PDK

    The white liberal zeitgeist of our times, a mind control phenomenon
    designed to further liberal ideology and its ultimate conclusion of a new world,
    one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, has such a powerful,
    Gestapoed grip on our culture, we find ourselves in a tail-spinning nose-dive
    we probably cannot pull ourselves out of. We are undoubtedly, at this point in
    time, doomed to crash.

    For America, at least since the beginning of our gilded age,
    liberal socialist, both foreign and domestic, have emerged and fostered their
    negativity upon our collective consciousness, and this, in their attempt to
    transmogrify our free enterprise Republic, into their socialist democracy.

    Eugene Debbs, political activist and Upton Sinclair,
    intellectual, author, are two of the many to emerge back in the 19th,
    early 20th century. In fact Americans in general resisted their
    efforts strongly for quite some time including through the entirety of the Red scare
    days, circa 1918-1960. Further, however, it was during this time that people
    such as Saul Alinsky, Stanley Ann Dunham, mother and creator in mind and body
    of one BHO, Susan Sontag, “white people are the cancer of the human race”, and
    Bill Ayers, “all white babies should be killed”, all white people, emerged,
    dumping their poisonous, immaturity and rabble upon the young minds of the new,
    post-Red scare days Americans.

    It was at about the time the first baby boomers emerged as
    young adults, while LBJ and Ted Kennedy were setting the stage for the absolute
    destruction of non-liberal, white America that the current mind control of the
    Gestapoed, liberal zeitgeist took hold of our collective consciousness. Since
    this time, we, non-liberal whites, and our American culture, have been sinking
    in the quicksand of liberalism and all its manifestations of negativity.

    Clearly white liberals have forged an alliance with the
    blacks, browns, Islamics and even Native Amerindians, and further, are using
    our fully enfranchised democracy to achieve the power they need to destroy our
    Founding Fathers culture, and unfortunately, our white gene pool and therefore
    our white race.

    The illusion shared by white liberals and Mongoloid
    Amerindians is that Mongoloid Amerindians were in the Americas first, and that
    the evil white man stole their land. The truth, as multiple sources reveal, is
    that white Europeans were the first to people the Americas and that the
    Mongoloid Amerindians stole it from the whites. The Solutreans can be checked
    out online.

    The illusion shared by white liberals and blacks is that the
    only difference between a white and black is the color of skin, and further
    that the blacks are losers because the evil white man holds them down. The
    truth is that whites and blacks are different sub-species of humans, and the
    blacks are born of a more “r” selective, less neotenous gene pool that produces
    a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, which further evolved to be successful
    in a more animalistic tribal environment where more animalistic individuals are
    favored over more human, higher IQed, individuals.

    Further, their illusion pretends that the evil white man
    enslaved the blacks when in reality, black’s enslaved blacks and whites
    liberated blacks.

    The story of the browns is similar to the blacks though they
    are a little higher up evolutionarily. The Islamics embrace an insane, misogynistic
    pseudo-religion, intent on world conquest.

    To white liberals all these non-white peoples are necessary
    to achieve their grand design, socialism, with themselves at the top, and all
    others at the bottom.

    White liberals suffer from an immaturity that borders on
    insanity as, among other things, puts the white gene pool, race and culture at
    serious risk of extermination. Thank you.

  • I can see setting up a road to legal residency. But, under no condition, should someone who entered this country illegally ever be granted citizenship.

  • Luca

    Ah.. more Immigration reform law, another example of “Creating more laws for people who ignore laws, written by people who don’t enforce laws.

  • As if to prove the point:

    Obama blames Fox News for his problems, when in reality, Fox News is on the amnesty bandwagon that Obama himself is driving. Mainly because Rupert Murdoch wants amnesty and open borders.

    • razorrare

      no surprize there…Murdoch is jewish.

      • According to the online encyclopedia of questionable credibility, his ethnic heritage is, (like almost all white Australians), English, Irish and Scottish.

        • razorrare

          I supplied a link a few months back showing he was jewish…i will have to dig for it…

        • razorrare

          here is one such link…there are others…

          • Some of that says that Murdoch et al, approve of the “Zionist agenda.” But now, Saudi royalty owns a big share of News Corporation, ironically.

          • razorrare

            Well,Ironically…U.S. supported the overthrow of Mubarek,Gadaffi,and now assad…Ironically clinton pardoned a whole slew of jewish criminals before he left office,the biggest one being Marc Rich who was an international arms dealer selling arms to such Anti-Israeli countries like Iran and was the guy that was largely responsible for economically raping the russian people after communism fell…He was the go to guy who set up middlemen to buy large chunks of russian real estate for pennies on the dollar…nothing is at it seems to be….

          • razorrare

            Well,Ironically…U.S. supported the overthrow of Mubarek,Gadaffi,and now assad…Ironically clinton pardoned a whole slew of jewish criminals before he left office,the biggest one being Marc Rich who was an international arms dealer selling arms to such Anti-Israeli countries like Iran and was the guy that was largely responsible for economically raping the russian people after communism fell…He was the go to guy who set up middlemen(jewish) to buy large chunks of russian real estate for pennies on the dollar…nothing is at it seems to be….

      • Jackryanvb

        Murdoch isn’t Jewish, but his children are inter marrying with “the media tribe”. It does seem like all White Gentile media players from Ted Turner to Walt Disney have their media empires taken over, absorbed by this anti White tribe.

  • Justin M.

    This is my first message to the American Renaissance community and I must admit that the racial pollution which faces America is overwhelming. Unfortunately, the actions of us few proud racial patriots will not suffice–we either need to instigate widespread racial conflict or we must organize and influence the political system via our (temporary) numbers. I am a student at Emory University and I cannot describe how horrible it is to endure the injustice of dispossession. Down with diversity and in with racial unity!

  • I’m not a pessimist (nor optimist), but I think we can learn from history: all multiethnic/multiracial empires eventually dissolve. There is no going back for US Whites. Also, no real possibility of complete racial “defeat”.

    What is the realistic option is dissolution of the US & formation of Euro-American state (or states) on some area- say, 50-70% of current continental US without territories, plus- maybe- fusion with most of Canada.

    Blacks and browns will have their own ethno-states & will rule them as expected. Of course, liberalism will be dead & the world completely changed.

    • Jackryanvb

      Sounds like the former White ruled South African system of supposedly independent Black homelands within South Africa. Only problem was/is Blacks don’t want to stay in these all Black homelands any more than Blacks want to stain in Haiti, stay in all Black Dave Bing’s Detroit. Blacks want to go in to White areas where there are better jobs, better schools, which will always be the case whenever Whites establish prosperous White societies.

      • The death of liberalism is the prerequisite. No, it will be like collapse of Ottoman empire, dissolution and war in ex-Yugoslavia. There will be no big global liberal daddy presiding over integration. Blacks will be allowed in white states perhaps as Palestinian Arabs from Gaza are in Israel.

  • Jefferson

    I was watching a tv show called “Red Eye” the other day where a so-called “conservative” named Greg Gutfeld said something stupid, which is that if Republicans get on board with this gang of 8 proposal than the GOP will no longer be called racists by the left.

    Greg Gutfeld is a clueless airhead.