‘I Feel Like a Stranger Where I Live’

Jane Kelly, Telegraph (London), January 29, 2013

“When you go swimming, it’s much healthier to keep your whole body completely covered, you know.” The Muslim lady behind the counter in my local pharmacy has recently started giving me advice like this. It’s kindly meant and I’m always glad to hear her views because she is one of the few people in west London where I live who talks to me.

The streets around Acton, which has been my home since 1996, have taken on a new identity. Most of the shops are now owned by Muslims and even the fish and chip shop and Indian takeaway are Halal. It seems that almost overnight it’s changed from Acton Vale into Acton Veil.

Of the 8.17 million people in London, one million are Muslim, with the majority of them young families. That is not, in reality, a great number. But because so many Muslims increasingly insist on emphasising their separateness, it feels as if they have taken over; my female neighbours flap past in full niqab, some so heavily veiled that I can’t see their eyes. I’ve made an effort to communicate by smiling deliberately at the ones I thought I was seeing out and about regularly, but this didn’t lead to conversation because they never look me in the face.

I recently went to the plainly named “Curtain Shop” and asked if they would put some up for me. Inside were a lot of elderly Muslim men. I was told that they don’t do that kind of work, and was back on the pavement within a few moments. I felt sure I had suffered discrimination and was bewildered as I had been there previously when the Muslim owners had been very friendly. Things have changed. I am living in a place where I am a stranger.

I was brought up in a village in Staffordshire, and although I have been in London for a quarter of a century I have kept the habit of chatting to shopkeepers and neighbours, despite it not being the done thing in metropolitan life. Nowadays, though, most of the tills in my local shops are manned by young Muslim men who mutter into their mobiles as they are serving. They have no interest in talking to me and rarely meet my gaze. I find this situation dismal. I miss banter, the hail fellow, well met chat about the weather, or what was on TV last night.

More worryingly, I feel that public spaces are becoming contested. One food store has recently installed a sign banning alcohol on the premises. Fair enough. But it also says: “No alcohol allowed on the streets near this shop.” I am no fan of street drinking, and rowdy behaviour and loutish individuals are an aspect of modern British “culture” I hate. But I feel uneasy that this shopkeeper wants to control the streets outside his shop. I asked him what he meant by his notice but he just smiled at me wistfully.

Perhaps he and his fellow Muslims want to turn the area into another Tower Hamlets, the east London borough where “suggestive” advertising is banned and last year a woman was refused a job in a pharmacy because she wasn’t veiled.

On the other hand, maybe I should be grateful. At least in Acton there is just a sign in a shop. Since the start of the year there have been several reports from around London of a more aggressive approach. Television news footage last week showed incidents filmed on a mobile phone on a Saturday night, in the borough of Waltham Forest, of men shouting “This is a Muslim area” at white Britons.

The video commentary stated: “From women walking the street dressed like complete naked animals with no self-respect, to drunk people carrying alcohol, we try our best to capture and forbid it all.”

Another scene showed hooded youths forcing a man to drop his can of lager, telling him they were the “Muslim patrol” and that alcohol is a “forbidden evil”. The gang then approached a group of white girls enjoying a good night out, telling them to “forbid themselves from dressing like this and exposing themselves outside the mosque”.

Worse, though, is film footage from last week, thought to have been taken in Commercial Street, Whitechapel, which showed members of a group who also called themselves a “Muslim patrol” harassing a man who appeared to be wearing make‑up, calling him a “bloody fag”. In the video posted on YouTube last week, the passer-by is told he is “walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag” and ordered to get out. Last Thursday, police were reported to have arrested five “vigilantes” suspected of homophobic abuse.

There are, of course, other Europeans in my area who may share my feelings but I’m not able to talk to them easily about this situation as they are mostly immigrants, too. At Christmas I spoke to an elderly white woman about the lack of parsnips in the local greengrocer, but she turned out to have no English and I was left grumbling to myself.

Poles have settled in Ealing since the Second World War and are well assimilated, but since 2004 about 370,000 east Europeans have arrived in London. Almost half the populations of nearby Ealing and Hammersmith were born outside the UK. Not surprisingly, at my bus stop I rarely hear English spoken. I realise that we can’t return to the time when buses were mainly occupied by white ladies in their best hats and gloves going shopping, but I do feel nostalgic for the days when a journey on public transport didn’t leave me feeling as if I have only just arrived in a strange country myself.

There are other “cultural differences” that bother me, too. Over the past year I have been involved in rescuing a dog that was kept in a freezing shed for months. The owners spoke no English. A Somali neighbour kept a dog that he told me he was training to fight, before it was stolen by other dog fighters. I have tried to re-home several cats owned by a family who refuse to neuter their animals, because of their religion.

In the Nineties, when I arrived, this part of Acton was a traditional working-class area. Now there is no trace of any kind of community—that word so cherished by the Left. Instead it has been transformed into a giant transit camp and is home to no one. The scale of immigration over recent years has created communities throughout London that never need to—or want to—interact with outsiders.

It wasn’t always the case: since the 1890s thousands of Jewish, Irish, Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Chinese workers, among others, have arrived in the capital, often displacing the indigenous population. Yes, there was hateful overt racism and discrimination, I’m not denying that. But, over time, I believe we settled down into a happy mix of incorporation and shared aspiration, with disparate peoples walking the same pavements but returning to very different homes—something the Americans call “sundown segregation”.

But now, despite the wishful thinking of multiculturalists, wilful segregation by immigrants is increasingly echoed by the white population—the rate of white flight from our cities is soaring. According to the Office for National Statistics, 600,000 white Britons have left London in the past 10 years. The latest census data shows the breakdown in telling detail: some London boroughs have lost a quarter of their population of white, British people. The number in Redbridge, north London, for example, has fallen by 40,844 (to 96,253) in this period, while the total population has risen by more than 40,335 to 278,970. It isn’t only London boroughs. The market town of Wokingham in Berkshire has lost nearly 5 per cent of its white British population.

I suspect that many white people in London and the Home Counties now move house on the basis of ethnicity, especially if they have children. Estate agents don’t advertise this self-segregation, of course. Instead there are polite codes for that kind of thing, such as the mention of “a good school”, which I believe is code for “mainly white English”. Not surprising when you learn that nearly one million pupils do not have English as a first language.

I, too, have decided to leave my area, following in the footsteps of so many of my neighbours. I don’t really want to go. I worked long and hard to get to London, to find a good job and buy a home and I’d like to stay here. But I’m a stranger on these streets and all the “good” areas, with safe streets, nice housing and pleasant cafés, are beyond my reach. I see London turning into a place almost exclusively for poor immigrants and the very rich.

It’s sad that I am moving not for a positive reason, but to escape something. I wonder whether I’ll tell the truth, if I’m asked. I can’t pretend that I’m worried about local schools, so perhaps I’ll say it’s for the chance of a conversation over the garden fence. But really I no longer need an excuse: mass immigration is making reluctant racists of us all.

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  • Tim

    I grew up with an Irish Setter on each end of the fireplace. But this woman`s description of trying to re-home cats and dogs seems like a fools errand to me. Please don`t go broke or get frazzled trying to fix others mistakes. Maybe if the odds and numbers were`nt against her. It reminds me of people who pick up trash in the park while other people throw it on the ground watching them. Am I being too pragmatic?…

  • Pearl

    I wonder what exactly they thought was going to happen.

    • Ulick

      Many of them think that we’ll all eventual sit around the campfire together, holding hands, and singing Kumbaya. The absurdity of an Islamist holding hands with a gay woman, or a militant black holding hands with a white person does not compute in their damaged mind. They’ll hold to this false religion right through the point where the minority horde picks them up and throws them on the campfire.

  • David Ashton

    This is similar to Walthamstow (which I mentioned in a separate thread). The writer is a consulting editor for the “Salisbury Review”, a genuinely traditionalist quality English “conservative” quarterly, which supported the courageous, recently deceased Bradford headmaster Ray Honeyford, vilified years ago for opposing both Islamification and multiculturalism of our schools and cities, and proved right by subsequent events. The “SR” needs more subscribers and funding in the English-speaking world. Google for website details.

  • JohnEngelman

    The gang then approached a group of white girls enjoying a good night out, telling them to “forbid themselves from dressing like this and exposing themselves outside the mosque”.

    Worse, though, is film footage from last week, thought to have been taken in Commercial Street, Whitechapel, which showed members of a group who also called themselves a “Muslim patrol” harassing a man who appeared to be wearing make‑up, calling him a “bloody fag”.

    – Jane Kelly, Telegraph (London), January 29, 2013

    Everything secular liberals hate about the religious right and the Bible Belt is far more true of the Muslims secular liberals make excuses for him.

    • thoth-ibis

      My thoughts exactly ! If some Christian had said so much, he/she would be forced to apologize.

      • Spartan24708

        Forced to apologize! He would likely have been arrested and charged with a hate crime.

  • [Guest]

    Is anyone here learning anything new from this sad commentary? I very much doubt it. We KNOW what is happening. The traditionally white Western nations are killing themselves. The question is either 1) What measures, if any, can we take to reverse this? or 2) What is the best method for dealing with it so that we can live out our lives in relative safety and peace?

    I’m convinced that it’s too late to seriously consider question one. But what’s the answer to question two?

    • My advice to the people running this site is to take away the possibility to make anonymous comments and instead use facebook comments. People who does not dare state their opinion will never accomplish anything.

    • HamletsGhost

      “We KNOW what is happening. The traditionally white Western nations are killing themselves”.

      They’re not killing themselves. They’re being murdered.

      • [Guest]

        I see it as a case of suicide. We’ve knowingly, willingly done this to ourselves.

        Either way you look at it, though, we have already ingested a lethal dose of poison. We’re as good as dead.

        • seapeamp

          Suicide, really? Now which White nation(s) got to vote on having their lands flooded with millions of non-whites? Suicide is a choice and I don’t recall any White nation getting THAT choice. So, it’s not SUICIDE, it’s forced integration and assimilation in EVERY WHITE NATION, i.e. GENOCIDE. White geNOcide!

          “Assimilation is genocide” – Mick Dodson, Aboriginal leader, member of the Yawuru peoples of Western Australia and former commissioner on the Australian Human Rights Commission.

          • Mariner33

            All nations do. People elect governments. Tony Blair and his fellow Fabians set out to Trans-nationalize Britain, hating the native British culture, as all Marxists/Progressives do. B. Hussein Obama is doing the same thing. Reelected. Hollande in France elected by strong support by immigrant groups. The Greens in Germany are 14 per cent of the the Bundestag. All elected. The disastrous Socialist government of Australia. Elected.

            The one man, one vote model for Western Civilization is not sustainable. Welfare recipients, those with no knowledge of government, current events, or basis economic principles should be given fractional votes.

          • David Ashton

            In Britain the system has been rigged.

            Immigration has been a major concern at election after election for years. In crude summary, the usual response of the major parties in power has been to introduce some appearance of immigration control along with legislation to limit opposition, and the response of major parties out of power is to make some promise of control, but the general economic situation has overshadowed this issue at the ballot box.
            Thatcher gained some support by referring to “swamping” while her “right”-hand man Whitelaw said (and this years ago) that Britain was now a “multiracial society whether you like it or not”. Claims that primary immigration was finished were the excuse for taking the issue “out of party politics”, so that people had no choice except for a few individual Conservative candidates known for strong anti-immigration positions or minority party candidates (NF, BNP &c) unable to win seats outright on our first-past-the-post system. Secondary chain migration (relatives), illegals and overstayers, asylum claimants and EU migrants gradually changed the facts on the ground, with the race-relations institutions, PC-media, “equality and diversity” legislation, multicultural “education”, migrant community and refugee lobbies, and police-protected leftist violence, all making opposition difficult to organize, propagate and fund.

          • [Guest]

            The takeover of the U.S. by nonwhite hordes has occurred while the country, including the leadership, has been overwhelmingly white.

            Although nonwhites have willed it, the takeover has happened because white people have either made it happen or have permitted it to happen.

          • seapeamp

            If you haven’t noticed already, it’s not the non-whites that are responsible for this mess. It’s our White anti-White elites who opened the doors to the 3rd world and started this program of White GeNOcide. As I’ve heard pointed out, in Russia they got rid of their elites and they are still White. Over here our elites are still around and they are browning us out.

          • [Guest]

            >>>”….It’s not the non-whites that are responsible for this mess. It’s our White anti-White elites….”

            That’s what I said. Majority-white countries have done this to themselves.

            In any case, do you have any response to my second question (above)?

          • seapeamp

            I’m assuming you’re referring to this – “Although nonwhites have willed it, the takeover has happened because white people have either made it happen or have permitted it to happen.”

            I would refine that down to the White elites have made it happened and continue to push it. The rank file of our race, no matter how demoralize, would hardly lobby their representatives and leaders with requests for their borders be opened up so the 3rd world could pour in. There’s been a very sophisticated program put place decades ago to brainwash and intimidate Whites to accept their own destruction. So in a way what you state is true but it’s lacks the subtle details that reveal the Truth of the situation.

            I think the following quote nails the mental state many of our people find themselves struggling with.

            “Treason to the White race is Loyalty to Humanity.” – Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Professor

            Basically they’ve been brainwashed/intimidated into accepting racial treason as MORAL behavior, i.e. being anti-White is moral.

  • dukem1

    It’s the new world, coming soon to a world near yours.

  • Why are all of these Muslims allowed to immigrate to Britain and they have no desire to assimilate to mainstream culture there? Did they have special skills that the British needed?

    • The__Bobster

      Other than getting on the dole and learning how to play the system?

    • jambi19

      I am not a Brit, but something tells me these muslims have a fantastic skill for voting Labour party.

    • [Guest]

      Why? Because the modern-day Western mind has become corrupted by the religion of Secular Humanism, two tenets of which are “multiculturalism” and “diversity.”

    • bigone4u

      I’m not an expert, but originally I think the Brits were told that allowing in foreigners from the countries of the British Empire was the fair thing to do, since all were subjects of the Crown. It was also sold as a way to influence third world peoples that they would be wise to reject communism.

      • saxonsun

        The British screwed themselves with their idea of “fair play.”

  • Her first mistake was that she was friendly and welcoming to the invaders.

    It drives me mad when I see people in my neighborhood (mostly women) who go out of their way to befriend non-whites moving in.

    • The__Bobster

      When you first see them moving in, do not be nice to them and do not do business with them. Instruct your friends to do the same.

      Unless they have some outside source of income, they’ll eventually leave.

      • JohnEngelman

        People working at several Vietnamese restaurants and grocery stores in downtown San Jose, California told me that I was their first white customer. I told them that was a real compliment. Fortunately, I was the first of many white customers.

    • JohnEngelman

      I welcomed Vietnamese war refugees when they moved to downtown San Jose, California. They did not act like Moslems, though.

      • newscomments70

        But what about the drive-by shootings perpetrated by Vietnamese gangs? Also, Vietnamese gangs are notorious for extortion rackets. Is that OK with you?

    • StillModerated

      I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: womens’ liberation forced racism to the surface. It was pink-collar workers taking office work away from black men during the Eisenhower Era that broke up the black family. The dominoes continued to fall after that. Abortion merely sped up the ruination by lowering the native birth rate so that by the mid-80s we “needed to import foreigners” to do the work the unborn could not do.

      • kjh64

        This is nuts. Women’s liberation didn’t force racism to the surface and pink-collar workers didn’t take jobs from Black men. Black men didn’t work in offices. The Black family was ruined by Blacks themselves, not pink-collar workers. As far as reproduction, far more Black women get them than White women. White women have fewer kids mostly by using birth control and because society shifted away from being agricultural. Anyways, there is no shortage of White workers and we don’t need immigration.

  • pcmustgo

    NYC is also for Rich White People (Yuppies) and poor immigrants/non-whites…

    • pcmustgo

      There’s a very limited Middle Class here.

    • HamletsGhost

      It gives you a good preview of what the New World Order will look like.

      • StillModerated

        I’ve taken to spelling it: New World Ordure! It’s from Gulliver’s Travels.

  • bigone4u

    The big British papers are good about publishing this “stranger in a strange land” type scenario. I’ve seen others as well.
    How many who post comments on this website feel like this British woman? When a middle class white enters a black, Hispanic, Asian, or Muslim area, you do feel like a stranger, and for good reason, like the ones the British lady outlines. I wish her the best in finding a white area to move to.

    • JohnEngelman

      When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area I always felt comfortable in the Chinatowns of San Francisco and Oakland, the Japantown of northern San Jose, and the downtown area of San Jose which had been inhabited by Vietnamese.

      I do feel wary in a black neighborhood. That is because of the crime. Orientals have lower crime rates than whites.

      • David Ashton

        So you keep on saying. Crime and IQ are not the only criteria. Visiting an ethnic territory (what Cultural Marxists used to call “tourist gaze”) is not the same as being and feeling part of that ethnicity. The Japanese do not recognize visitors however well-adapted as Japanese, and white Americans can feel uncomfortable about increasing Chinese ethnic occupation of their own territory just as Chinese opposed Japanese occupation of theirs (however “criminal”).

        • JohnEngelman

          The only legitimate reason for disliking those of another race or ethnicity is if people of that race or ethnicity have a higher crime rate than white Gentiles.

          Population increases depress wages while inflating prices. This is a legitimate reason for opposing population increases, even if those increases are caused by a high birth rate of white Gentiles.

          When I lived among Vietnamese in downtown San Jose, California I did not feel that I was part of them. I liked them because they were good people. I was fascinated by them because they were exotic.

          They liked me and appreciated the fact that I was welcoming to them. I tried to get one a job with my company. Unfortunately, I was unable to.

          • Bill

            “The only legitimate reason for disliking those of another race or ethnicity is if people of that race or ethnicity have a higher crime rate than white Gentiles. ”
            The ONLY valid reason, in your opinion? I can think of many reasons to prefer my own over other ethnicities. As to identifying the white race as being Gentiles……kinda gives away your own tribe, and explains a lot about your liberal cloying attitude toward so many ethnicities dispossessing us in our own land.

          • JohnEngelman

            If you must know, I am a Nordic Gentile. I also love Jews and Orientals. They have as much right to be in this country as you do.

            I admire them because of their high average intelligence and their low rates of crime and illegitimacy.

          • David Ashton

            This is getting incredible. If the only difference between (say) Orientals and Nordic Gentiles is their average intelligence or crime rate, how can you define them at all? What about cultural differences, language, customs and so forth? What about ancestral and territorial allegiance? Do you FEEL like a patriotic white American or are you some kind of rootless humanoid?

          • JohnEngelman

            I was raised to feel patriotic about the United States. I loved to sing the national anthem. I thrilled to the sight of the American flag. The War in Vietnam took that away from me. With brief intervals, like the War in the Gulf, and 9/11 I never really got it back.

            My parents also taught me not to hate blacks. That lesson stayed with me, but I have become disillusioned with them too.

          • kjh64

            This is not a matter of “hating” or “disliking” another race. This is a matter of the fact that race is the main thing that forms the society one lives in, it’s culture and everything about it. It’s also a truth that when you get large numbers of people of a different race or races together, there is competition, and conflict and the nature of the society is changed. Having said that, when it comes to Orientals, my experiences have been mostly positive. The ones I’ve been around are quiet, hard workers and generally well-behaved with exceptions of course. However, they are a different race and people and no matter how “good” they might be, I don’t want large numbers here for the simple reason that it changes my culture and dilutes my people. I don’t mind a small amount but not a large one for this reason, no matter. It’s the same reason Orientals only allow a small number of Whites etc. to live in their nations and I fully agree, too many would cause problems. I’m opposed to multculturalism en masse but that doesn’t mean that I hate other races. One can admire another culture or race or like them for that matter but that doesn’t mean you want to have them en masse in your country competing with your culture .

          • JohnEngelman


            You, those who fee like you do, and I will have to agree to disagree on this. I like cultural diversity. I like the sight and sound of foreign languages. I like ethnic restaurants, ethnic grocery stores, ethnic festivals, ethnic this and ethnic that.

            At the same time I recognize that population growth – whether it is from immigration or a high white birth rate – has economic and environmental costs. For the United States and the world I favor a gradually declining human population.

          • kjh64

            One can have small amounts of cultural diversity, however large amounts in a society, large enough to the point of having large, demanding minorities is not good for a nation. I too like ethnic food of all types and ethnic art, festivals. However, this doesn’t mean that I want multiculturalism en masse or large minorities in this country fracturing it either. The Japanese like many aspects of American culture and have copied it but they wouldn’t want nor do they allow large amounts of Americans. You can like other cultures and experience them without large amounts of them in your country.

      • newscomments70

        I first visited San Francisco with my parents in 1981. At that time Chinatown was rife with gang violence. One of their rackets was to sell fireworks to cars passing by. They would hide the fireworks in public trash cans. As a child, I did not know about this. I saw some new fireworks in a trash can and I stuck my hand out to take them. I did not know that the “youth” was selling them. I thought he was going to kill me and my family. It was a really scary experience. That would NEVER happen in a middle class, white neighborhood. You have the nerve to say that Asians have a lower crime rate than whites and would never attack a white person. I know, first hand, that is completely false. You are a charlatan and a traitor. Really sir, go f’ yourself.

        • JohnEngelman

          In 1981 I lived in San Jose, California and frequently visited San Francisco’s Chinatown. I visited a different Chinatown than the one you are describing.

          This is the Chinatown I visited: “During the 1960s, for instance, the residents of San Francisco’s Chinatown were among America’s poorest people—with the most unemployment, the worst housing conditions, the least education, and the highest rate of tuberculosis in their city. Yet despite such hardships, only five people of Chinese ancestry went to jail in the entire state of California in 1965.[1].”

          [1] James Q. Wilson and Richard Herrnstein, Crime and Human Nature (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1985), p. 473.

  • MobyWhite

    I’m offended by her use of the word “reluctant”.

    • gemjunior

      So am I. I am pretty straightforward now about being a racist, not reluctant. And totally unapologetic. There is no reason not to be one, every reason to be one, and I consider it to be only natural. Every time I read the paper or internet, my feelings are only reinforced.

    • David Ashton

      Two comments in Daily Telegraph letters will tell you “Yanks” all you need to know about what the “Limeys” face today. A woman in Scotland said that as Britain imposed its culture and language all over the world, it seemed unjust to complain because “small parts of other cultures” infiltrated “our country”. Another correspondent complimented the writer for “heroism” in daring to put her name to the article.

  • guest

    British woman’s account of her own white flight: “mass immigration is making reluctant racists of us all.”

    And why shouldn’t it make them racists? And by racist, I’m referring to the new definition of it – someone who cares for their race and culture. These muslim immigrants are more hateful and threatening than liberals say white people are when they’re against this immigration. These white people just want to live peaceful and safe lives, and it’s impossible to do that when all of these third world immigrants keep showing up to get handouts and special treatments from the white countries they go to and enforce their culture and ways of life onto them.

  • jay11

    The real scandal is how liberals NEVER address the issue that non-whites rarely if ever share their social values and usually oppose everything the liberals hold dear. Sparks are gonna fly in 20 years all over the world.
    And to comment, I feel like this lady in the article does. I hardly EVER see white, anglo-saxon type Americans anymore where I’m at. It’s like we’re a dying breed or something.

  • kjh64

    This is not immigration, this is colonization. It is just plain idiotic to allow foreigners, of even of the same race, to just pour into your country.

    • IstvanIN

      Precisely. If 50 millions Poles moved to the UK it would be Britain, it would be West Poland. Non-Europeans are even harder to assimilate.


    It’s painful to read articles like this where the author acknowledges the realities that diversity has wrought, while still clinging to false anti-white ideology.

  • Matt

    I guess this woman learned the same lesson I learned – the one that served as my racial awakening. When I moved to Vancouver in the 1990s, for the first time in my life, as a white man, I was a member of a racial minority. And the hard lesson I learned is that non-whites will not treat whites with the tolerance and respect that whites give to non-whites. In this article, the woman reports having been turned away at the Curtain Shop, whereas previously, the owners had been friendly to her. That was the result of demographic shifts. The general rule of thumb I learned is that as the number of non-whites increases, the degree of any type of respect and friendliness that they show to whites proportionally decreases.

    • Fredrik_H

      It’s what turned me from being a generally centre liberal without any real interest in politics to what I am today, too. Experiencing life as a “foreigner” and a minority in my own country changed me profoundly.

    • pcmustgo

      Was this your experience with the East Asian Orientals too?

      I find East Asian Orientals in Chinatowns to be nice enough ***if they are selling you something. But a few can and do act nasty. Depends…

      • seapeamp
        • MCPH1

          come one, those 60 kg asians with small hands are no real threat. for every asian on white attack you have 10000 black on white attacks, and black on white attacks have far more severe consequences for the victims

          • seapeamp

            I would love for you to ask those three fellas if taking a beating by a gang of orientals was better then a beating by a gang of blacks. Being anti-black does not make you pro-White.

            The point of the video link was to point out that in a healthy White civilization those mongoloids would be in ASIA not Boston.

        • Nathanwartooth

          What race are they? Does anyone know?

          They don’t look Japanese, maybe Chinese but I don’t think that either.

          Not all Asian races are created equal but taken on the average they are much less likely to commit crime than just about every other race. This isn’t Stormfront where you can make a post about some Jew punching someone in the face and suddenly all Jews are bloodthirsty violent bastards.

          • seapeamp

            Race = Mongoloid

            Not Stormfront? Are you sure? Oh yes, I forgot this is Amren where folks are OK with forced integration and assimilation of EVERY White nation as long as the people Whites are forced integrated with come from the “acceptable” races.

            My question to you Nathanwartooth, are you pro-White or pro-White-geNOcide?

          • Nathanwartooth

            Oh please.

            I’m against Asian immigration as much as I am against any other kind of immigration. Just because they happen to be the model minority it doesn’t mean that we should let them in.

            I’ve actually made the case in the past that because the Japanese have higher IQs they should be kept out since it lowers our high tech jobs pay.

          • StillModerated

            They could be inferior orientals like Cambodians or Hmong. Maybe they’re North Korean infiltrators!

        • StillModerated

          What do I care? This took place in heavily democratic, gun-banning, self-loathing, Christian-hating Boston. Serves them right!

          • I care because it happened to a white person at the hands of non-white people.

    • Honey

      I agree, once you are a minority, the once friendly minorities become a little frightening.

    • Odesyus

      Os very true

    • OnGuard

      One of my first red flags re. immigration was in Vancouver. Before the 1999 transfer of HongKong from British rule to the Red Chinese, many people from Hong Kong, including the wealthy, wanted to emigrate to the USA, but getting in to Canada was easier. So these wealthy Asian immigrants bought up whole blocks of apartments in Vancouver. They put up signs “For rent–to Asians only”! What a slap in the face of the tolerant nation that welcomed them in!

  • brengunn

    I live in a Muslim area and I have to concur with her that seeing the ninjas following their husbands around can be a disconcerting sight. Thankfully, there are few of those fanatic types near here.

  • newscomments70

    I won’t do business with Africans. It has nothing to do with racism or anything like that. It’s just that they often try to commit credit card fraud or smuggling. I know there might be some honest ones, but why bother? Why take the chance? The majority are most likely fraudulent. Many know this and they desperately try to appear white via email. It usually looks ridiculous…i.e. “John Smith” writing barely intelligible English. A small number can write well, but usally give themselves away by refusing to talk over the phone or meet. Some don’t realize what a bad reputation their race has. Occasionally they try to call. I brush them off by saying “I’m out of stock” and I recommend a competitor. Most don’t realize what I am doing and merrily go on their way. One African woman called me the other day. I recognized the accent rather quickly. I told her the lead time was a little longer than it really was. She protested and threatened to purchase from another vendor. While she was talking I loudly stated, “OK, BYE” and hung up. That was kind of fun. I will do business with most races, but not Africans. They are not worth the trouble. Even Africans know this.

    And by the way, when i was young, I was a Martin Luther King liberal. Life experiences have changed me. There are still many brain-dead white liberals, but that dam is breaking.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I’d love to see the muslims try this in New York. Some cities may put up with it, but I can tell you right now…they would be beaten or even killed trying the same thing in NY.

    • saxonsun

      I don’t know. I have lived in NY for decades. New Yorkers don’t seem any stronger about sustaining themselves against this diversity onslaught. After all, look at Queens–diversity hell. What resistance have New Yorkers put up?

      • SintiriNikos

        Agreed. Since when is NYC anti-multicult Central? What a laugh! He could have said I’d like to see them try this in Moscow or Warsaw or Belgrade, but NY? Gimme a break!

        • LastBastionOfHope

          Not saying it’s anti-multicultural, but given what happened on 9/11 I can guarantee you that this would never fly in NYC or the surrounding suburbs. New Yorkers have a line at least unlike the UK. Almost everyone in the NYC area knows someone or multiple people who died on 9/11 and it’s still very much fresh on our minds. They tried to build a mosque and the people of NYC wouldn’t allow it while the UK would have. So who’s to say radical Islam would be tolerated in NYC, the very place where muslims live in fear knowing we are still seething over 9/11? Trust me…it wouldn’t fly here.

          • SintiriNikos

            You may be right. Apologies for scoffing at your original post, you probably know more about the Big Apple than I do. Cheers

  • Howard W. Campbell

    This was precisely the type of society that Enoch Powell predicted would happen. Just substitute muslim for black.

    “A week or two ago I fell into conversation with a constituent, a middle-aged, quite ordinary working man employed in one of our nationalized industries. After a sentence or two about the weather, he suddenly said: ‘If I had the money to go, I wouldn’t stay in this country.’ I made some deprecatory reply, to the effect that even this Government wouldn’t last for ever; but he took no notice, and continued: ‘I have three children, all of them have been through
    grammar school and two of them married now, with family. I shan’t be satisfied till I have seen them settled overseas. In this country in fifteen or twenty years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.” (Enoch Powell: “Rivers of Blood” speech 04/20/1968).

  • LHathaway

    The behavior being described by this woman is not a problem; It’s an opportunity.

    Clearly what we need to do is ‘integrate’ every large city in the West using a progressive ‘housing’ and ‘immigration reform’ plan. Simply make the city 1/2 black and 1/2 Muslim. Use ‘section 8’ and ‘enterprise zone’ funding to do it. Gerry-mander voting districts if necessary. Forced busing. No bigots should be allowed to stand in the way.

    It might be a good idea to wall up the city, to keep ‘racists’ out. No racist interference or white patronage necessary. This could be a workable plan, at last.

  • dd121

    The leftist elites in England have disarmed their countrymen as ours are trying to do in the USA. If the social situation collapses into chaos and violence, as I think will inevitably happen some day, the good people of an old and proud European country won’t even be able to defend themselves. Pity, really.

  • 5n4k33y35

    One thing about non-white immigration. The diversity fills up your prisons and jails, which inhibits white crime, because white men do not want to be in a cage full of diversity. Segregating jails would turn the whole phenomenon around.

    Prisons are the lynchpin of the anti-white system. Treat white prisoners like human beings and the rest will take care of its self. Every prisoner should get his own cell. Failing that, segregate prisoners by race.

    They have to stop the immigration into Europe and end welfare. After that, people will want to leave and hostility of diversity will be curtailed, and the amount of diversity will be reduced.

    • Ulick

      Regarding segregating prisons by race — I agree.  It would be much safer for all inmates and prison personnel as most prison violence is interracial and race gang related.  Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court already found California’s practice of racially segregating prisoner for safety unconstitutional.

      “The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that California must abandon its policy of assigning inmates to racially segregated cells for as long as 60 days when they arrive at new prisons — unless the state can prove it has no race-neutral way to prevent interracial violence.  A five-justice majority rejected the state’s contention that the court should defer to the judgment of the corrections officials who deemed the unwritten policy necessary to prevent members of race-based gangs from turning on one another in two-man cells. The state also argued that its policy affects members of all races equally. The court said California’s policy must withstand the same “strict scrutiny” as all other racial classifications.

      “We rejected the notion that separate can ever be equal . . . 50 years ago inBrown v. Board of Education, and we refuse to resurrect it today,” Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote in an opinion.

      — It was Justice Clarence Thomas that was the most outspoken against the above gobbledygook, and the most in favor of racial segregation.  —

      “Justice Clarence Thomas said the majority put concern for the “indignity and stigma of racial discrimination” ahead of inmates’ “safety and . . . lives.”
      In a 28-page dissenting opinion that was nearly twice as long as the majority opinion, Thomas, joined by Justice Antonin Scalia, said California authorities need latitude to deal with such gangs as the Crips and the Aryan Brotherhood. Its policy, he wrote, “is reasonably related to legitimate penological interests.”


      • 5n4k33y35

        Good old Clarence Thomas. These other morons on the Supreme Court are so dumb. It’s no fun being a racial minority in a cage. You cannot relax. You have to remain ready to fight at the drop of a hat. I hate these people with their stupid racial idealism.

  • thoth-ibis

    It is sad to see London lose her British character. London ! The once proud center of the English speaking world. Back in April I went on “holiday” to England and stayed near Hyde Park where I experienced culture shock with all the third world peoples. Unlike the manners typically associated with British, these new peoples are not polite in the shops or on the tube.

  • MCPH1

    i can not connect those antiracist antiimmigration guys. those people love the immigration of subsaharan africans, they love it when every 10th white british gets children with a male of wetsafrican ancestry, they love racial diversity, balotelli is the greates soccer player for them, adam afriyie should be the new PM, the next bond should be not white, not of indian ancestry, not of eastasian ancestry, no muslie – but a male of westafrican ancestry, they don´t dare to say on bad word about blacks, but they are all into bashing poles and muslims.

    for me it is quite the opppsite, if i have to choose betweeen 100000 poles who don´t speak anglish and 10000 blacks who speak Oxford-English, i take the poles. And if have to choose between 100000 non-english speaking muslims or 10000 blacks, it is the same.

  • StillModerated

    One million out of 8.17 million. That sounds like 12%. That ratio of minorities usually spells beaucoup trouble in the USSA. Good luck, Acton!

  • any

    I live on the prairies in Canada, and a while back I had to catch a bus, I got on and the bus was PACKED with Asians. I was like “oh geeze did I accidentally get on a charter bus for something?” But no, it was just a regular bus.. it was a strange experience, probably 50+ people on that bus and I was the only white person other than the driver.

  • Aaron Porter

    It’s always white women that are pushing for multiculturalism and calling us guys “racist”. But what they fail to understand is women don’t have rights in third world counties, and the more third world immigrants we get, the less rights they will have. Women better start getting used to sharia law because it’s coming. Women won’t wake up until they are getting stoned in the streets for showing their faces in public.

  • Ulick

    ENOCH POWELL’s the “enemy within” speech during the1970 general election:

    “Have you ever wondered, perhaps, why opinions which the majority of people quite naturally hold are, if anyone dares express them publicly, denounced as ‘controversial, ‘extremist’, ‘explosive’, ‘disgraceful’, and overwhelmed with a violence and venom quite unknown to debate on mere political issues? It is because the whole power of the aggressor depends upon preventing people from seeing what is happening and from saying what they see.

    The most perfect, and the most dangerous, example of this process is the subject miscalled, and deliberately miscalled, ‘race’. The people of this country are told that they must feel neither alarm nor objection to a West Indian, African and Asian population which will rise to several millions being introduced into this country. If they do, they are ‘prejudiced’, ‘racialist’… A current situation, and a future prospect, which only a few years ago would have appeared to everyone not merely intolerable but frankly incredible, has to be represented as if welcomed by all rational and right-thinking people. The public are literally made to say that black is white. Newspapers like the Sunday Timesdenounce it as ‘spouting the fantasies of racial purity’ to say that a child born of English parents in Peking is not Chinese but English, or that a child born of Indian parents in Birmingham is not English but Indian. It is even heresy to assert the plain fact that the English are a white nation. Whether those who take part know it or not, this process of brainwashing by repetition of manifest absurdities is a sinister and deadly weapon. In the end, it renders the majority, who are marked down to be the victims of violence or revolution or tyranny, incapable of self-defence by depriving them of their wits and convincing them that what they thought was right is wrong. The process has already gone perilously far, when political parties at a general election dare not discuss a subject which results from and depends on political action and which for millions of electors transcends all others in importance; or when party leaders can be mesmerised into accepting from the enemy the slogans of ‘racialist’ and ‘unChristian’ and applying them to lifelong political colleagues…

    In the universities, we are told that education and the discipline ought to be determined by the students, and that the representatives of the students ought effectively to manage the institutions. This is nonsense—manifest, arrant nonsense; but it is nonsense which it is already obligatory for academics and journalists, politicians and parties, to accept and mouth upon pain of verbal denunciation and physical duress.

    We are told that the economic achievement of the Western countries has been at the expense of the rest of the world and has impoverished them, so that what are called the ‘developed’ countries owe a duty to hand over tax-produced ‘aid’ to the governments of the undeveloped countries. It is nonsense—manifest, arrant nonsense; but it is nonsense with which the people of the Western countries, clergy and laity, but clergy especially—have been so deluged and saturated that in the end they feel ashamed of what the brains and energy of Western mankind have done, and sink on their knees to apologise for being civilised and ask to be insulted and humiliated.

    Then there is the ‘civil rights’ nonsense. In Ulster we are told that the deliberate destruction by fire and riot of areas of ordinary property is due to the dissatisfaction over allocation of council houses and opportunities for employment. It is nonsense—manifest, arrant nonsense; but that has not prevented the Parliament and government of the United Kingdom from undermining the morale of civil government in Northern Ireland by imputing to it the blame for anarchy and violence.

    Most cynically of all, we are told, and told by bishops forsooth, that communist countries are the upholders of human rights and guardians of individual liberty, but that large numbers of people in this country would be outraged by the spectacle of cricket matches being played here against South Africans. It is nonsense—manifest, arrant nonsense; but that did not prevent a British Prime Minister and a British Home Secretary from adopting it as acknowledged fact.”


  • I am an Irish nationalism who grew up hating the English yet this story has me in tears. We whites now have two options to walk into the night at the behest of our colonisers and our overlords who have been in a parasitic relationship with for us for a millenia or two, or to awaken and do what any self repecting people must do to survive ..Reconquista and everything it entails.