Chinese Eugenics

Geoffrey Miller, Edge, January 17, 2013

China has been running the world’s largest and most successful eugenics program for more than thirty years, driving China’s ever-faster rise as the global superpower. I worry that this poses some existential threat to Western civilization. Yet the most likely result is that America and Europe linger around a few hundred more years as also-rans on the world-historical stage, nursing our anti-hereditarian political correctness to the bitter end.

When I learned about Chinese eugenics this summer, I was astonished that its population policies had received so little attention. China makes no secret of its eugenic ambitions, in either its cultural history or its government policies.

For generations, Chinese intellectuals have emphasized close ties between the state (guojia), the nation (minzu), the population (renkou), the Han race (zhongzu), and, more recently, the Chinese gene-pool (jiyinku). Traditional Chinese medicine focused on preventing birth defects, promoting maternal health and “fetal education” (taijiao) during pregnancy, and nourishing the father’s semen (yangjing) and mother’s blood (pingxue) to produce bright, healthy babies (see Frank Dikötter’s book Imperfect Conceptions). Many scientists and reformers of Republican China (1912-1949) were ardent Darwinians and Galtonians. They worried about racial extinction (miezhong) and “the science of deformed fetuses” (jitaixue), and saw eugenics as a way to restore China’s rightful place as the world’s leading civilization after a century of humiliation by European colonialism. The Communist revolution kept these eugenic ideals from having much policy impact for a few decades though. Mao Zedong was too obsessed with promoting military and manufacturing power, and too terrified of peasant revolt, to interfere with traditional Chinese reproductive practices.

But then Deng Xiaoping took power after Mao’s death. Deng had long understood that China would succeed only if the Communist Party shifted its attention from economic policy to population policy. He liberalized markets, but implemented the one-child policy—partly to curtail China’s population explosion, but also to reduce dysgenic fertility among rural peasants. Throughout the 1980s, Chinese propaganda urges couples to have children “later, longer, fewer, better”—at a later age, with a longer interval between birth, resulting in fewer children of higher quality. With the 1995 Maternal and Infant Health Law (known as the Eugenic Law until Western opposition forced a name change), China forbade people carrying heritable mental or physical disorders from marrying, and promoted mass prenatal ultrasound testing for birth defects. Deng also encouraged assortative mating through promoting urbanization and higher education, so bright, hard-working young people could meet each other more easily, increasing the proportion of children who would be at the upper extremes of intelligence and conscientiousness.

One of Deng’s legacies is China’s current strategy of maximizing “Comprehensive National Power”. This includes economic power (GDP, natural resources, energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, owning America’s national debt), military power (cyberwarfare, anti-aircraft-carrier ballistic missiles, anti-satellite missiles), and ‘soft power’ (cultural prestige, the Beijing Olympics, tourism, Chinese films and contemporary art, Confucius Institutes, Shanghai’s skyscrapers). But crucially, Comprehensive National Power also includes “biopower”: creating the world’s highest-quality human capital in terms of the Chinese population’s genes, health, and education (see Governing China’s Population by Susan Greenhalgh and Edwin Winkler).

Chinese biopower has ancient roots in the concept of “yousheng” (“good birth”—which has the same literal meaning as “eugenics”). For a thousand years, China has been ruled by a cognitive meritocracy selected through the highly competitive imperial exams. The brightest young men became the scholar-officials who ruled the masses, amassed wealth, attracted multiple wives, and had more children. The current “gaokao” exams for university admission, taken by more than 10 million young Chinese per year, are just the updated version of these imperial exams—the route to educational, occupation, financial, and marital success. With the relaxation of the one-child policy, wealthier couples can now pay a “social fostering fee” (shehui fuyangfei) to have an extra child, restoring China’s traditional link between intelligence, education, wealth, and reproductive success.

Chinese eugenics will quickly become even more effective, given its massive investment in genomic research on human mental and physical traits. BGI-Shenzhen employs more than 4,000 researchers. It has far more “next-generation” DNA sequencers that anywhere else in the world, and is sequencing more than 50,000 genomes per year. It recently acquired the California firm Complete Genomics to become a major rival to Illumina.

The BGI Cognitive Genomics Project is currently doing whole-genome sequencing of 1,000 very-high-IQ people around the world, hunting for sets of sets of IQ-predicting alleles. I know because I recently contributed my DNA to the project, not fully understanding the implications. These IQ gene-sets will be found eventually—but will probably be used mostly in China, for China. Potentially, the results would allow all Chinese couples to maximize the intelligence of their offspring by selecting among their own fertilized eggs for the one or two that include the highest likelihood of the highest intelligence. Given the Mendelian genetic lottery, the kids produced by any one couple typically differ by 5 to 15 IQ points. So this method of “preimplantation embryo selection” might allow IQ within every Chinese family to increase by 5 to 15 IQ points per generation. After a couple of generations, it would be game over for Western global competitiveness.


My real worry is the Western response. The most likely response, given Euro-American ideological biases, would be a bioethical panic that leads to criticism of Chinese population policy with the same self-righteous hypocrisy that we have shown in criticizing various Chinese socio-cultural policies. But the global stakes are too high for us to act that stupidly and short-sightedly. A more mature response would be based on mutual civilizational respect, asking—what can we learn from what the Chinese are doing, how can we help them, and how can they help us to keep up as they create their brave new world?

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  • BernieGoetzFan

    Even if the Chinese didn’t engage in eugenics they would surpass the West as we are importing millions of low IQ people every year. Add this to our already high (and growing) black population in the U.S., our closed-mind on eugenics and the future of civilization looks very Asian.

    • The__Bobster

      America is engaging in a dysgenics experiment, racing to the bottom with the other White nations.

      • OlderWoman

        I received my newsletter from my church today. Out of 2,400 members we had 44 new babies born in the year 2012. Our babies are the most important people in the church. You would not believe the lengths we go to to provide secure and hygienically sound nurseries. All the women are assigned dates to work in the nurseries. By the way we are Reformed Theology which mean politically incorrect and we are a White Conservative church with traditional worship services.

        • Ciccio

          That’s 1200 couples max, a woman’s reproductive years are no more than 25 so 25×44=1,100. You are on the way to extinction. A Palestinian or Somali community of 2,400 will most likely contain something like 12-1600 youths. And they don’t give a damn about the kids, Just listened to a Palestinian mother saying she only breeds so that they can die for Allah and the Somali, arriving at a refugee camp with 6 kids explained that she started off with nine but she had to leave three at the roadside to die because they could not keep up.

          • OlderWoman

            You have to take into account that many of our members are elderly, beyond child-bearing years and that some of the young couples who have new babies are their off spring. I believe 400 youth and 44 newborns are good numbers.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            That sounds like a great church. Tired of all the negativity such as from the man who responded to you above.

          • OlderWoman

            Thanks. I’ll just leave him with his misery. He’s more interested in promoting other cultures while my church specializes in two parent families and children who love to worship God. Something rarely seen in PC churches today. Sometimes Amren attracts ‘intellectuals’ who love to ‘one-up others’ with their ‘vast knowledge’, but lack manners and have ‘cold’ hearts. I call it intellectual arrogance. But, I like Amren and will return here often.

        • jeffaral

          Are the 44 babies White? Christians usually love race-miing.

          • OlderWoman

            All white. In fact the only blacks I’ve seen work in the nursery. And where did you get your information that Christians usually love race ‘miing.’ You are SO wrong about that. It’s usually the lower classes/white trash who ‘race mix’.

          • NYB

            Christianity is officially multi-racial. Any branches of the Christian church which deny open membership and promote white nationalism would be ‘rogue’. Christianity is not indigenous to Europe, it is a ‘world religion’ of foreign origin.

            Convert to Nordic paganism. You can keep whatever traces of Christianity suit you, but you’ll be in an exclusively European faith.

          • OlderWoman

            STUPID suggestion.
            I’ll stick with Jesus. And worship at my politically incorrect church.

      • John

        You’re exactly right, Bobster. As an analogy of the scope of this problem, imagine for a moment that the world is exclusively comprised of five cans of paint. The colors of the paint in each container are white, yellow, brown, red, and black.
        Considering the real world migration patterns as a basis, do we see white paint being poured into and the other paint cans and mixed with the colors in those cans? No. The other colors are all poured into the can of the white paint only.
        Each day a man comes by — let’s call him Mr. Diversity — and he replenishes the paint in each of the cans. He adds red paint to the red can, black paint to the black can, brown paint to the brown can, yellow paint to the yellow can, and white paint to the white can, but he also pours a large quantity of red, black, brown, and yellow paint into the white can. The other colors are all replinished with their color, while white is continually diluted by Mr. Diversity.
        The same holds true in the real world. Do Whites go to Africa and procreate with Blacks? No. Do Whites go to Asia and procreate with Asians? No. Do Whites go to the Middle East and procreate with Muslims? No. Do Whites go to Mexico and Central America and procreate with Mestizos? No. Do Whites go to reservations and procreate with Native Americans? No. Do Whites go to India and procreate with Indians? No. Do ALL of those races/ethnicities come to America and Europe and procreate with Whites? Yes. Absolutely. Our source regions (paint cans) are being ruined at the source! The other regions (paint cans) remain far more pure.
        Before any leftists take me to task, I realize that Spaniards mixed with the savages in central America to create the Mestizo, but that is not the point of where we are as Whites today or what is happening to the base stock of our genome.

        • David Ashton

          The distinguished psychologist William McDougall FRS warned against this possibility in his US lectures – nearly a hundred years ago!

          • John

            You’re absolutely right, David. I have read extensively about the topic. The most alarming aspect is that a small group of very wealthy, elite Whites have sold us out. It is all driven by the quest for additional commerce with the fiat.
            The methodology of our dispossession and dissimilation is incredible. Whites have the natural inclination to advance and build great societies, marvelous inventions and technologies, and unparalleled civilizations. We do so.
            Then, the owners of the world central banks (the most elite men who control the world, monetarily) devise policies to prey on the consciousness of the most weak-minded Whites among us. They are shamed into feeling guilty for living good, clean decent lives. They are told that the only path to atonement is a full acceptance and toleration of multiculturalism, and even a strong advocacy for it!
            Society falls apart when Blacks, Browns, and the weakest minded Whites all speak together and demand that their stupidity be catered to and their lives supported from the cradel to the grave. Of course, an entire class of politicians is standing by to facilite their demands — in exchange for a price.
            Simply put, North America and Europe are now far past the point of ever being able to recover without very radical and sudden shifts in the demographics of both continents.
            The United States was once a great nation when it was comprised of over 92 percent bold, brave, and self-confident White Anglos back in the 1950s. Today? Well, one need only look around to see what a nation of 62 percent timid, afraid, and self-loathing White Anglos looks like, as we willingly stand down, stand aside, and dispossess. Where will the madness end, and will it ever end?
            I honestly think it is already far too late, unless radical changes happen soon. I do think that such a change will be brought about, one way or the other, by genetic weapons that either (a) permanently eliminate the threat to our genome, or (b) eliminate our genome as we know it. I don’t think it is a question of if it will happen, but rather when it will happen.

          • KingKenton

            Agreed. I won’t say it is completely over for Western White societies but it doesn’t look good at all. I think the only real hope at this point lies in Eastern Europe and Russia. If Eastern Europe and Russia go the way of the West it may be game over for Whites (at least on a macro level).

          • David Ashton

            I have often stated my advice to our White/Anglo Remnants: (1) Secure the heritage, records, educational material, &c; (2) have more children like ourselves; (3) master the technology as well as content of the internet.
            Now I add a fourth: (4) master the genetics.

        • Guest

          Did Whites go to Asia and Africa to subjugate, colonize and steal their resources? Yes. Your communities in Europe flourished at a more brisk pace because of that. We were all well separated and minding our own business before your kind decided to show up. Before 1700s, majority of the inhabitants in Asia had less knowledge of the existence of White people and vice versa. Occasionally, White Christian missionaries visited our lands to proselytize and spread their propaganda which is the only reason behind the existence of Christianity today in these lands. Now did these countries have internal conflicts? Yes, but none of them
          were on a massive scale. Some lands in Asia were fighting off the Islamic
          conquerors prior to the Europeans. Now, I’m not against exploration or trade but in the name of those two, you went and plundered these lands. Coming to the present time, it was your kind (liberal, conservative, with or without White guilt, I don’t care) that let in non-white people legally to your lands and not the other way round. The actions of your ancestors without minding the repercussions are to be blamed here. The question is, have we learned our lessons from history? Apparently, not.

          • mike5586

            What’s your point? At the end of the day, there can only be one top dog.

            You’ll excuse me if I’m rooting for the home team instead of the visitors.

          • Guest

            “At the end of the day, there can only be one top dog. You’ll excuse me if I’m rooting for the home team instead of the visitors.”
            True, and it’s universal. But make sure, the competition is open and fair, which wasn’t in the past. If you dominate and win any competition fair and square, then you’ll be respected, otherwise you’ll go down in history as the worst players of all time.

            “What’s your point?”
            My point is, learn from your past and stop interfering with other non-white countries. Let nature take its course. I’d say, start by dismantling UN and this global elite clandestine groups. If you don’t, history will just repeat again and again. We’ll only have time to play the blame game and not accomplish anything productive. No society (regardless of their intelligence) will be able to move forward without peace.

          • winn sutanto

            This is the reply for you ‘Guest’. From the way you wrote your comment, I conclude that you are non-white.
            I also have a feeling that you are residing in America or in one of the Western nations. If you are so anti white, why you reside in the western nations. Even if you are not residing in the west, you are still benefiting from the technological inventions and innovations that white men created.
            Stop being biased. You only care to criticize the mistakes of what the westerners did in the past.
            You never bother to compliment the HUGE contribution western societies give to this world.
            I am also a non-white like you. And I am a proud loyal American citizen.
            This great nation USA was established by white people.
            That is the basic fact.
            I will never white wash the mistakes and the sins that white people had made in the past.
            But for whatever mistakes they had done (and there were lots and lots of them), the white people had balanced it with the amazing contributions they give to human kind.
            Furthermore, nowadays white people have gone out of their way to be very sensitive to us non-white.
            I think they are over doing it in terms of being sensitive to non-white. Meaning many times the whites are unnecessarily too sensitive to the feeling of non-whites.
            So my friend ‘Guest’. STOP being a hypocrite.
            And showing a gratitude for White people

          • winn sutanto

            Small correction on my comment.
            My last sentence should be “And START showing a gratitude to the white people”

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            Did Whites go to Asia and Africa to subjugate, colonize and steal their resources? Yes. I see this moronic argument all the time from liberals. They don’t seem to realize that if this is true, then our ancestors truly were superior, in fact quite badass, and I’m proud to be descended from them. Always nice to see a tacit admission of White supremacy.

          • Guest

            If you’re proud of the so-called “supremacy” by unfair and unjust means, then one need not feel sympathetic to what’s happening and will happen to the white race in the near future. I might as well avoid spending my time worried about the inevitable decline of whites.

          • pugsie pup

            >implying you non-whites have lost something or have lost the looks of your ancestors to invaders

            let me check…. nope, you still look like non-whites of your own land and not even nearly bordering extinction

            how are the white man’s toys doing for you? well? you’re welcome.

    • John

      The United States could and would fully recover if it shed the undesirable deadweight populations of Blacks and Browns, including all Blacks down to 1/64th admixture. Blacks and Browns are poisonous to healthy, vibrant societies and all of western civilization.

      I don’t say that to imply that they are all evil or malevolent with an intent to destroy civilization; although many are. They are simply of very low intelligence, they make terrible decisions, and they have nothing useful to contribute to our world; the White man’s world. One need only look at Africa, the Caribbean countries, and Latin America to understand the truth of this basic axiom. Jettison Blacks and Browns and the healing of civilization with those cancerous blights removed would be miraculous.

      • Michael Ryan

        how the hell do we accomplish that i have to ask

        • AutomaticSlim

          End welfare/social programs and repeal (un)civil rights?

        • John

          I did not speak to your question, my friend. I simply stated a widely-understood and basic fact.

          Now, since you asked, one need only look at the history of weapons in the world. In the early times, man used his fists to eradictate his enemies. Later, he learned to pick up objects like rocks and branches to smite his enemies. Over time, he developed increasingly-savvy tools, such as stabbing instruments, including knives and eventually spears. Later still, slingshots and bows and arrows were fashioned. Jump forward to relatively modern times and guns and bombs are the tools of lethality. Even more recently, chemicals, in the proper mixture, can end human life.

          The bottom line here is that people hate each other and will always find a way to kill each other. It is in our basic nature.

          So where does that leave modern man? What’s next? Now that man has learned the basic secrets of our DNA and how manipulate our genetic code to selectively enhance or end life, the next weapon on the evolutionary chain of killing instruments will obviously be genetics-based.

          Of course, the question then becomes, “Which group will wipe out which group?” Or, will the wealthiest in the so-called secret societies simply arrange to selectively engineer humanity down to a very low-IQ; one that can be easily controlled and rendered as docile slaves? Regardless of the outcome, genetic weapons that target specific DNA are the next weapons. Such tools will have the ability to target racial/ethnic groups with very high efficacy, based on unique DNA characteristics. This is NOT science fiction. It is reality.

          The trouble for Whites is that we are not very good for the supporting the fiat currency model. We resist too much, we ask too many questions, we demand much higher quality and accountability, and we don’t procreate very much. The elite have little use for us (Whites), especially when compared to Blacks and Browns.

          • fakeemail

            Mass Psychology may be the most potent weapon of all.

          • David Ashton

            Any proposal literally to exterminate whole populations according to their color or admixture is not a welcome advantage to this site.

          • john

            First of all, it was not a proposal. I was simply suggesting what the next weapons will look like, and those weapons will be genetic-based weapons. I personally believe that the greatest probability is that the elite will use the weapons to craft the world populace to be very pliant, docile, obedient, and of low intelligence. That’s what the most elite need to remain permanently at the top of the food chain and to keep their own genes superior. A world population of humans of very low intelligence that are also docile, pliant, and obedient would functionally ideally for the fiat currency model. I am completely serious, and if you think about the ramifications of what I am suggesting, it should make perfect sense.
            So, I think that outcome has the greatest probability of transpiring. I think there are other possibilities as well, with a lower probabilities of occurrence. For example, it is possible that a single rogue geneticist could discover how to manipulate DNA to target specific races/ethnicies and he could also develop a procedure to introduce it into the air and water as an aggressive virus to quickly eliminate whomever he chooses. The question then becomes would that scientist be an Anglo, an Arab, a Jew, or an Asian?

          • David Ashton

            Yes, I appreciate these possibilities and have read about anti-Arab gene-warfare. The protection, survival and progress of whites, especially Anglos, is my first concern. The idea of killing off whole peoples of any kind by any method is abhorrent.

          • josh

            “especially Anglos”??? Now what would you be meanin by that,me bucko?

          • whitepony87

            Once we are eventually a minority we will still be the most hated group by far. They won’t need some virus to take us out, the hordes will be more than happy to do it themselves. Think South Africa and Zimbabwe.

          • razorrare

            Yes—they are working on it….

            Commentary – This report carried by PressTV regarding a virus that targets the Arab genome comes 14 years after newspapers around the world carried a story about Israeli attempts to develop just such a weapon. Moreover, the Zionist thinktank Project for the New American Century stated in its September 2000 report entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century that “advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” -ps

            British and Zionist health experts are working on a SARS-like race-specific bio-weapon, which could be capable of creating a global threat through triggering a massive ethnic cleansing, it has been claimed.

            The claim was made following the identification by the World Health Organization (WHO) of a new SARS-like race-specific virus that targets people of Middle Eastern descent. The original SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) resulted in the death of numerous people in Hong Kong.

            The Zionist-led Israeli regime has been seeking to spot specific genes carried by human of Arab decent in an attempt to develop a race-specific bio-weapon that could covertly be exposed to Arab populations in order to commit a massive ethnic cleansing whenever necessary.

            Anonymous intelligence sources have also claimed that work is underway to create genetically modified bacterium/virus as a bio-weapon which could be deployed through the air or water supply.

            According to intelligence sources Israeli Defense, working with a British defense apparatus at Porton Down, is seeking to produce this race-specific bio-weapon.

            Earlier in September, the first case of SARS-like virus was indentified in Qatar. The victim was transferred to Britain, where it was discovered that the coronavirus was similar to SARS as far as its structure is concerned. The second case was a Saudi-born woman who died after being attacked by the new virus.

            The symptoms of the new SARS-like virus have been said to be fever, cough and other respiratory signals.

            SARS suddenly surfaced between November 2002 and July 2003. An estimated 8,098 people of Asian descent were infected and 774 of them succumbed to the race-specific virus. (From PressTV)

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Yes, I read about this. Fascinating.

            Makes me wonder if they’re also working on a gene-specific virus that targets Whites.


          • razorrare

            Yes,that was my concern as well…if they can make a gene-specific virus that targets “semites” from other “semites” i am sure they can do it with Whites,although that will be tricky,cause many jews who think or say they are jews are not jews–but if Khazars(ashkenazi jews)arent jewish i am sure they could care less about wiping out all “semites” and that includes the real jews…on the otherhand if Khazars are White like us a gene specific virus targeting Whites would wipe themselves out as well…I’m sure though they’ll figure it out.

          • refocus

            The elite have little use for us (Whites), especially when compared to Blacks and Browns. For those with eyes to see the vaccines are doing a real good job of eliminati9ng our white mathematicians.

          • john

            Do you have a source for that assertion?

          • Chisle

            Forgive me, but I fail to understand your comment, Sir.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          As a technologist, I can answer your question. Hangings, mass-shootings and gas chambers work quite well, but the hydrogen bomb offers possibilities left unexplored during World War Two. It also offers a unique opportunity for us to do this without foreign intervention: i.e. if Mexico tries to intervene, we could turn Mexico City into a lake even deeper than it was before the Spaniards arrived.

          When you ask an engineer a question, you don’t always receive the answer you would like to hear. I suspect a Saturn-V rocket could loft a gigaton bomb as far as London.

          • Nate Miller

            That is a dumb suggestion. Are you trying to imply using a Hydrogen bomb on an American city just to get rid of blacks & browns? And I’m sure millions of white city dwellers would perish as well or did you forget that?

          • David Ashton

            Mass-extermination is not a serious or desirable proposal on this site.
            It should not be muddled up with eugenics.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            The end product of this vile, multicultural mess that has been foisted on Whites in White homelands WILL end in bloodshed, just as it did in the old Soviet Union.

            The Kremlin enforced multiculturalism, which meant sitting on the various tribes, clans and ethnic groups of Eastern Europe like a lid on a pressure cooker — after the system collapsed (as ours will, inevitably, in the US) war broke out all across the former Soviet satellites as the various tribes, who had fought and hated one another for centuries, sought to sort themselves out.

            By the year 2000, more than 100 new wars had broken out, killing more than five million.

            There is a good reason guns have been flying off the shelves and gun shows have lines 1/2 mile long to get in — and the USG has been buying up massive amounts of ammunition for its various departments.

            There will be bloodshed, vast amounts of it, before this is settled.


          • John

            I strongly agree, my friend. Eventually, genetic weapons will be used to craft the human population according to the desires of whomever controls the technology. In fact, one could easily argue that the technology is already in use today.

          • KingKenton

            I fear that many Whites (perhaps the majority), will not try to defend or preserve themselves if it involves any action or movement which is race-centric. In other words, I believe many Whites would rather go to their deaths than violate the holy creed of multiculturalism and multiracialism.

          • whitepony87

            Self-preservation is a pretty strong instinct in every living thing on this earth. Most whites just can’t sense the threat quite yet. No sane creature on this Earth wants it’s own destruction. Either we will wake up or we will perish from this Earth. Only time will tell I suppose.

          • john

            Humans have been engaging in mass genocide on the basis of race/ethnicity/religion since the beginning of recorded history.

            Not discussing the latest tools of mass extermination, namely genetic-weapons, does not mean that such tools are not here to stay or that they won’t be used to craft the world population according to the desires of whomever controls the technology.
            Crawling under one’s bed, covering his eyes, and plugging his ears won’t stop it from happening either.

          • David Ashton

            No, I do not believe in pretending such things cannot happen; quite the reverse. They should be a political priority open also to public debate.

        • Greg Thomas

          I’m glad you asked. We can start by ending the bastardization of the 14th Amendment, which has been hijacked by the
          anti-White factions in order errounsly bestow US citizenship to the offspring
          of those who violate not only our immigration laws, but sovereignty as well. Without US citizenship, foreign squatters could not usurp vast amounts of welfare on behalf of their pseudo-American spawn.

          Next, stop educating illegal invaders (Brown v. Board of Education is more poison) and actually enforce immigration law. We also repeal the 1965 Hart- Cellar Act, as this act is not only lethal to White America, but discriminatory too. This is what needs to be done, but I cannot imagine any politician stepping forward to advocate such fixes, especially when multiculturalism and diversity rule the day.

        • whitepony87

          If you didn’t allow anyone with an IQ under 100 to reproduce there would be very few blacks or hispanics left after around 150 or 200 years I imagine, depending on how successfully you could even enforce such a law. After that point you encourage population growth back to healthy levels, still enforcing the 100 rule. Not saying I think this is a good idea or agree with it in any way, but that would be a good start.

    • Cannot Tell

      Mark Steyn, author of the books America Alone and After America, thinks the Chinese will get old before they get rich. Their one child policy will be their undoing, in his opinion. For that reason, I’m not too concerned about them becoming a superpower. That being said, I still wish the U.S. would implement eugenic policies.

      • Unless, of course, they solve the problem of aging. Research in and succesful implementation of gene therapy may provide a solution for this…

      • Oil Can Harry

        Steyn is correct; the one-child policy is a disaster that is causing a freefall in population and a woman shortage.

        And as for the fashionable prediction that China will soon dominate the world: please recall all the white doofuses in the mainstream media back in the 80s who said the same thing about Japan.

        • dukem1

          A freefall in the Chinese population numbers would seem at some point to be beneficial to them. The woman shortage, in India as well as China, seems to really be an unknowable..Hard to see any upside though.

          • Liberalsuck

            I wonder if in India the ratio of more men to women is why there are more rapes there? Not trying to be funny or make light of the subject, just pondering a reason why.

        • WhiteGuyInJapan

          The low birth rates of most of the East Asian nations will certainly bite them on the butt in the future. On the other hand, those nations have moved towards engineering and away from traditional farming. From “hands” to “heads”, as it were. Many Japanese companies are putting their factories in Thailand and Malaysia (and some are pulling their factories out of China as well).

          My point being that the heads will be in East Asia while the hands will be in South East Asia (higher birth rates, rising educated workers). This formula could work quite well for a long time.

          Specifically with the Chinese, they tend to be industrious but not necessarily innovative. Big difference. Japan and South Korea are still showing high rates of patent registration, a decent measure of innovation.

          • Liberalsuck

            The Japanese are the like the Germans; their WWII empires failed, but they make some very good products.

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            And both followed a “make money, not war” policy after WWII.

            Good point, however. Seems the Germans and the Asians are the world’s best manufacturers. Americans are the best…consumers?

          • winn sutanto

            I am a non-white US citizen.
            I must disagree with you. The east Asians, all of them, do not invent nor innovate. They simply duplicate and imitate.
            Many times what they imitate are better than the originals that the white men invented or innovated.
            The patent registration in South Korea or Japan are from the products that derived from the innovations and inventions that white men created. As simple as that.

        • Liberalsuck

          Same thing in India; there are now more males than females.

          • Guest

            No the rapes in India are happening often because of the failure to prosecute the perps more quickly as they used to in the old times and also the fear of speaking up by some women because they fear they might lose their job or their reputation in society. It’s still a patriarchal society, though it’s changing in the urban areas and in some districts. I think, the overall male to female ratio will improve in the next two decades and the population will start to dwindle by 2040.

      • Doppleganger

        China isn’t a closed society. A lot of guys find wives from neighboring countries like Vietnam, Korea, Thailand etc. As Chinese wealth increases, female infanticide will go down. In fact, a first world China would have similar demographic ratios as developed Asian nations like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The Chinese aren’t going to let anything (let alone this issue) get in their way.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          No of course not. After all, as everyone on here wants us to believe, Asians are absolutely perfect in every way. They would never mess up like us whites have.

          • concernedcollegekid

            Asians are not “perfect” and my view is that the jury is still out on how much potential they have for accomplishment compared to whites. I just don’t know. Time will tell. BUT, I have this suspicion that they are not as prone to over-rationalization as whites are (which can be a good or a bad thing for them, depending on the situation). As everyone on this site knows, many whites have actually rationalized themselves into supporting becoming minorities in their own countries. It seems to me that maybe because Asians’ IQs are not weighted as much as ours towards verbal ability, they are unlikely ever to be as magnificently, elaborately, counterproductively, stupidly rationalistic as white liberals and instead might always look at things in a more holistic, literal, “visual” way. Which would not include ever saying “I can think of reasons why it might be good for my people to become minorities in our own country” or “Race is a social construct”. I cannot imagine the Chinese EVER coining a term like “Asian privilege”.

            But I don’t know. This is just speculation.

      • winn sutanto

        if you notice carefully there is one significant difference between Chinese eugenics and White eugenics.
        Chinese can only genetically engineer the brain and some desirable good psychological traits. But they will seldom be able to genetically engineer the awesome physical characteristics that white Caucasian men have.
        Tall stature, handsome features, and awesome physical endowment.
        Chinese are short with unimpressive facial features.
        Some Chinese ladies are definitely pretty.
        With their petite figures and their femininity and all that.
        But most Chinese men simply look Unattractive.
        And the average Chinese people know this.
        And the Chinese genetic engineer also know of this simple fact.
        So for ALL white men out there.
        What are you waiting for?
        Nature is on your side by giving you a physical endowment that most Chinese men could only dream of.
        Please feel no guilty whatsoever if you begin to do eugenics.
        Please thank your lucky stars for giving you such lucks

    • fakeemail

      Better Asian hegemony than Muslim.

      • dhs

        Be careful what you wish for!

        • Hirschibold

          A lot of Asians are Muslim. Yes, they have Muslims in China. China has many resentful minority groups, who may in fact fracture the nation into smaller nations, i.e. Russia and her satellites.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Here’s a novel idea:

        How about Asians staying in Asian homelands, blacks stay in black homelands and Muslims stay in their respective homelands?

        Why is it only White countries that are compelled to become “multicultural” and “diverse?” Why isn’t anyone demanding that Japan, China or Israel open up their borders to the Third World of Africa or the war-torn and destitute countries of S. Asia such as Myanmar? Israel kicks out its African population and erect walls around its country specifically to keep out the Third World and no one says a thing. Anyone suggesting this in the US is instantly branded a xenophobe and racist.

        This is because there is a world-wide war being conducted against the White Race — not Asians, blacks, Hispanics or Jews.

        Demand of anyone who says there’s no White genocide to point out countries where explicitly White schools, White businesses, White churches, White institutions and White communities are allowed to exist and maintain themselves without being called “racist!!”

        And anyone who claims the White race is A-OK and not under threat of genocide can look at this chart from the National Policy Institute:


        • Guest

          “Why is it only White countries that are compelled to become “multicultural” and “diverse?””
          Two things. Firstly, English being accepted as a worldwide medium of communication. Secondly, globalization by greedy corporations (includes lifting off further restrictions in immigration policies) and advancements in safe transportation which further increased connectivity.

          “Why isn’t anyone demanding that Japan, China or Israel open up their
          borders to the Third World of Africa or the war-torn and destitute
          countries of S. Asia such as Myanmar?”
          Again, language is an issue. Nobody wants to immigrate to these nations without knowing their language. As more inhabitants of these lands learn English, I think more foreigners will immigrate to these lands. But, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to let mass immigration happen (unless there’s some kind of wide scale natural calamity in the neighboring lands). They’re going to carry this out in a controlled manner, which is what Western nations should’ve done.

          “This is because there is a world-wide war being conducted against the White Race — not Asians, blacks, Hispanics or Jews.”
          While being cautious is important but this kind of fear is unnecessary. Sure this is happening in the Black and Hispanic dominated areas/nations, but I doubt Asians and Jews are participating in White genocides. And the increase in their population, well it’s going to stabilize and decline after a certain point in the future. It might even happen quicker than the general predictions considering the frequent natural disasters, escalation of local or global conflicts to wars, killer diseases/infections, shortage of food and clean drinking water, automation of various industries and the number of people turning out be gay (which I don’t endorse).

        • “How about Asians staying in Asian homelands, blacks stay in black homelands and Muslims stay in their respective homelands?”

          That would be fine except that have imported, coerced, or enslaved most of these people to be here. If our white ancestors would have picked their own cotton we would not have the issues we have today. On a similar note, if whites would pick their own vegetables, slaughter their own livestock, and
          mow their own lawns, we wouldn’t have so many of our southern neighbors here to worry about.

          Maybe the solution is whites need to do their own work?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble


            Where is line drawn for historical punishment? Oh, you are white, therefore you are responsible for your ancestors 2000 years ago! Really?

            Whites did all these things until anti-Whites like you decided to open up the borders of the US in 1965 to the sludge of the Third World. This was never put to a vote of the American people.

            Anti-whites always accuse Whites of terrible things because they are, after all, ANTI-white. 

            But it must be said I don`t expect honesty from you anti-whites; your cult is based on falsehoods and emotional incontinence.

            Here’s a riddle for you:

            Why don’t anti-Whites like you call Tibetans racist when they protest their people’s Genocide by the invading Chinese?
            Because they are not White.  


      • David Ashton

        Better white hegemony than either – still possible.

      • Formerly Known As..

        Apples and oranges.

        Asian hegemony would most certainly be race-based. Islam, like Christianity, isn’t racially selective. Islam, at least, would offer you the opportunity to accept its tennets, before snicking your noggin off. Not likely you’d have a similar option under the rule of what many have noted is the most racially-concious group in the entire world. Why do so many Whites persist in the belief that East Asians have anything at all in common with us? They don’t. No argument, end of story, give it up. They hate you, perhaps more than any other racial group.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      “We” are not importing millions of low IQ people every year, The United States Government is, against the wishes of the American people. This was never put to a vote.

      The people and the government are not the same thing.


      • JohnEngelman

        The American government is elected by the American people. There is only minority support for restricting immigration.

        • David Ashton

          Well then, the opinion has to be changed. It is not some static lump.

    • Here’s another consideration: The marginal utility of raising your own people’s innate intelligence is very high even when speaking about low margins. In China’s case, it doesn’t even have to work that well to yield very valuable results. Let’s say that in a couple of hundred years, it only results in a China whose Han Chinese population has a mean IQ 2 points higher than it did when it started. Well, considering China’s high population, that will result in quite a few more people of genius level IQs, and perhaps a more productive China in the STEM arena.

      Let’s say that China today has 1.3 billion people with a mean IQ of 90 and a standard distribution of 15. That predicts to some 41,325 people with an IQ over 150. If their eugenics program raises the 90 average to 92, that will mean that some 71,872 people will have IQs over 150. If they get the mean to 95, that means some 159,900 people will have IQs over 150. Assuming the population stays steady at 1.3b.

      In contrast, 200 million white Americans with a mean IQ of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 yields some 8,583 individuals with IQs over 150.

      Now, will China with 159,900 supergeniuses versus an America with 8,583 supergeniuses mean that it’s game set match in favor of China right away? Probably not. But it sure can’t hurt them.

      • David Ashton

        We need to anticipate and work against this development, not kowtow to the “inevitable”.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          I agree. That pretty much sums up my stance. I am getting accused of “refusing to acknowledge anything Asians are good at”, and that isn’t the case at all. I just find it disturbing that we have some of our own on here who almost come across as cheerleading Asia’s bright future. These types of posters are almost no different from liberals, and don’t they realize that this is why we are losing? What is so offensive about me coming on here and reminding everyone of our very great history, showing what we still can achieve?

          • China_Rising

            I don’t think that rooting for the failure of any race is a good idea.

            I would certainly love for the European peoples’ to survive the century.

            It would be far to easy to dominate the world without them. Healthy competition is always healthy 🙂

  • Puggg

    We’re arguing and bantering over objects. The Chinese are slowly raising their national IQ.

    And the long term winners are…

    • Which is why I think Taiwan will willingly re-join the mainland perhaps in our conscious lifetimes. First off, blood over water, every time. Second, would Taiwan want to be hooked to an increasingly more powerful and prosperous Beijing or an increasingly mad max hunger games polyglot non-American America?

      • JohnEngelman

        The success of democracy in Taiwan demonstrates that it will work well on the mainland. I hope that the Chinese government evolves peacefully into a representative democracy.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          One of the mainland Communist party meetings some years back was about whether to hold multiparty elections, so I think a democratic mainland China is likely within your lifetimes. I also successfully predicted the reunification of Germany and the breakup of the USSR.

          That said, I don’t think Taiwan will rejoin the mainland, any more than Canada will voluntarily join the United States.

        • george00

          “I hope that the Chinese government evolves peacefully into a representative democracy.” I hope the United States will some day so the same thing.

    • JohnEngelman

      Meanwhile Americans pretend that IQ and race do not matter.

      • Formerly Known As..

        So-called “IQ” will never matter as much as race. Whatever “insuffciencies” Whites have relative to Asians, our creativity will always trump a numerically “high” IQ. I can only guess that your persistent harping on the subject is because you yourself score highly on these “tests”. I’ve had many an ocassion to attend school and work with these “high IQ Asians” , and in spite of their ability to ace tests and display extravagantly obediant behaviour, they fail horribly when left to their own devices. The independent-mindedness of my people is notably absent within them. Believe what you will, anything modern Asians have is a direct result of Admiral Perrys having kicked the doors of Japan wide open, and our masters willingness (too kind a word for it, really) to exploit their ability to displace our workforces overseas.

        As a kid in the 60s, the first products from Japan I recall seeing were not from Panasonic, Sony, et al, but from RCA, Zenith, Pilot and other long-time U.S. electronics manufacturers. The only reason China is the megalith she is today is because of foreign, read “Western” capitalist transfer of wealth to her factories.
        To a certain degree we all accept this, what else can we do when there is no alternative? Some, like yourself, seem to embrace it can you be comfortable with the present (and potential) outcome of this situation?

        How can any Western man accept the inevitablitiy of the Chinese takeover, and imagine that he’ll be the better for it? You must be quite mad.

        • JohnEngelman

          So-called “IQ” will never matter as much as race.

          – Formerly Known As..

          Race is not only a social construct. Nevertheless, being a white man does not matter any more. What matters are qualities that characterize the Chinese: superior intelligence, hard work – especially in academics – obedience to the law, sexual responsibility.

          • David Ashton

            “Being a white man does not matter any more”.

            Yet again you show yourself as out of place on this particular website.

          • JohnEngelman

            What did I say that is not true?

            What Eric Hoffer wrote in “The True Believer” is true, “The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.”

          • David Ashton

            I was not thinking about moronic riffraff who have nothing to “boast” about other than the accident of pigmentation, usually accompanied by acne and a few swastika tattoos.
            The western white peoples as a whole inherit an excellent culture created by their ancestors that differs in content from that of the Chinese or Africans, and therefore worth preserving and maintaining. Look at the difference between the written language and literature of China and those of England.
            I would recommend the whole of Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer” (New York 1951) to readers, especially his comments on “OUR religion and the essential elements of OUR culture and civilization” and how its renaissance might be accomplished.

  • Worrying about nothing. How many nukes are orbiting China from outer space? “They” will never allow China to rule over “them”. The propaganda machine can easily be turned around.
    Try as they might, they are still behind the white man and the japanese man. If the chinese really want to move their people into the next phase of evolution, then they need to import some white people as mates. Bruce Lee was part white, not 100% chinese.

    • Anglokraut

      Or just buy Germanic and Nordic sperm, harvest the eggs from the Chinese women who survived their sex-selection abortions, rent out the uterus of some Indian woman, and spare White women from actually having to mate with Mongoloids.

      • potato78

        China has already been doing that.

        • Anglokraut

          Well shoot, write an exposé, since you sound as though you have proof. I think Amren would have carried such a bombshell story otherwise.

    • potato78

      BTW, europeans took the leadership from China after year 1700, when the
      Qing government screwed up Chinese cultures and citzes, now the
      communist party might do the same thing, but hope things getting better.

    • Truth Speaker

      China isn’t even trying. They could churn out tens of thousands of nukes a month if they felt like it, your borderline “space bombs” rant notwithstanding.

    • winn sutanto

      Bruce Lee was 25% white

  • SheikYerbouti

    Given their environmental, food safety and medical performance in recent decades, I would say they are once again focused on one kind of goal while ignoring issues that affect life ahead of social superiority. One longs to see some of that Chinese innovation we hear so much about.

  • Barrack Osama

    Good. The stronger they look, the weaker our foolish faith-based PC belief system looks.

  • JohnEngelman

    Chinese biopower has ancient roots in the concept of “yousheng” (“good birth”—which has the same literal meaning as “eugenics”). For a thousand years, China has been ruled by a cognitive meritocracy selected through the highly competitive imperial exams. The brightest young men became the scholar-officials who ruled the masses, amassed wealth, attracted multiple wives, and had more children.

    – Geoffrey Miller, Edge, January 17, 2013

    For years I have attributed the high average IQs of Chinese and Chinese immigrants to the Imperial Exam system. I am pleased to see that others agree.

    • Achaean

      Yea, but they produced mediocre, repetitive philosophy; 97 percent of all the achievements in the Arts and Sciences were European.

      • Sir – were you awake in history class? Ninety seven percent? Did you take a poll or something?

        Here is a basic history lesson for you – some Chinese achievements in science: (1) Gunpowder (2) Compass (3) Papermaking (4) Printing.

        You can research the rest on Wikipedia if you know how to use the internet.

        The world of the last 500 years was indeed made by Western Civilization, but to discount the contributions of Asian civilization since the dawn of recorded history (about 5,000 or 6,000 years) is intellectually dishonest and well, rather silly….

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          How are you refuting what he just said by listing some Chinese inventions that can only be counted on one hand? And how cliche these inventions are at that. What exactly was this paper like that the Chinese had and was it really better than what Europe had for instance? And why do posters like you always ignore the achievements of Greece, Rome, Byzantium and Medeival Europe? It is as if you casually imply that Europe started in 1600 AD, stealing its entire civilization from Asia.

          • Did you not read his post? “97%” of all achievements in arts and sciences were invented by Europeans. Does this claim not sound ridiculous to you? How does he derive at 97%? For goodness sakes, use your common sense…

            Anyone with a high school education will knows the achievements of ancient Europe because that’s part of the standard curriculum. But my friend Achaen is apparently oblivious to the achievements of other ancient civilizations like those of Asia.

            Just pointing out the obvious, that’s all….

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            No, it isn’t ridiculous.

            The 97% figure comes from Charles Murray’s meticulously researched book Human Accomplishment:

            (remember, Murray is married to an Asian and began this project wanting to devote even more attention to Asian accomplishments but found he couldn’t justify his predisposition).

            In the sciences, 97 percent of the significant figures and events turned out to be Western. Is this merely Eurocentric bias? Of the 36 science reference books he drew upon, 28 were published after 1980, by which time historians were desperately searching for non-Westerners to praise.

            ”What the human species is today, it owes in astonishing degree to what was accomplished in just half a dozen centuries by the peoples of one small portion of the northwestern Eurasian land mass.”

            –Charles Murray



        • Michael_C_Scott

          Some white achievements in science:

          Fixation of nitrogen.
          Manned flight.
          Nuclear fission.
          Space flight.
          Manned space flight.
          Electrical power generation.
          The computer you are using.
          Thermonuclear weapons.

          It goes on and on, and the Chinese were worrying themselves over zodiacal “portents” while we did this.

          • Doppleganger

            Out of curiosity, what percentage of the population do you think goes around thinking about who invented or discovered what? I’ll help you out. It’s less than a fraction of 1%. Nobody thinks about who invented the computer. They just know theirs is Made in China. Nobody cares about who invented electricity, they just care that their lights and heat are on.

            You may feel better about yourself reeling those things off, but at the end of the day it changes nothing, and the reality of China’s rise and the demographic shifts in America and Europe marches on.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            You obviously only want to pay attention to the realities that suit you. Let’s see how China “marches on” without being able to invent like the white man.

          • Doppleganger

            What exactly do you think the “end game” is? It’s not technological advancement. If the world suddenly lost most of its technology and had nothing but horses and rifles, China would still be fine with that if they were the dominant culture on Earth.

            Your assumption that a society’s purpose is to continue advancing science and technology is idealistic, but mistaken.

          • Sean

            *The white race. Don’t forget that when white women became part of the system right before the system itself became corrupted, they did great things.

            I will probably be lambasted for this but white women have had a very similar inventive streak as white men. Maybe said innovations are fewer and more far between but they are still intelligent and vigorous in a way that Asian women seem not to be.

            Loyalty to race, not gender.

          • Truth Speaker

            You didn’t do anything, a tiny exploitative elite did that at your expense and that of others. And please don’t lecture anyone about superstition when the vast majority of you believe you are descended from one man and his rib.

    • josh

      But they have small dicks.

      • JohnEngelman

        Moderator: josh’s comment is vulgar and should be removed.

        • Cherry Bomb

          I feel the same way about yours.

      • Anglokraut

        I wish I could like your comment more than once, C.C. Kid. I was going to type “C.C.K.”, but I realized that would not be good move on my part.

      • A multiracial individual

        Before your comment is removed I guess I should let others know what you said. Josh made a crude statement about the size of the male sex organs among the Asian race.

      • You like ’em bigger don’t you Josh? Well, you can always go black instead 😉

        • JohnEngelman

          laughing out loud

    • UK Expat

      Yet somehow here in the west, we provide a system whereby the lowest common denominator somehow manages to have 3-8 children and at my expense. Here you are not allowed to succeed in being the brightest within the public school system, you have to be beaten down to raise someone else up. Strange how this does not apply to folk who can kick a football.

    • UK Expat

      Yet somehow here in the west, we provide a system whereby the lowest common denominator somehow manages to have 3-8 children and at my expense. Here you are not allowed to succeed in being the brightest within the public school system, you have to be beaten down to raise someone else up. Strange how this does not apply to folk who can kick a football.

  • Triarius

    What fools they will look like after spending all that research money just to find out that race is a social construct. They should just make a phone call to any sociology professor and save the money.

    • Ryan

      This has to be one of the best comments that I’ve seen in a while on Amren.

  • JohnEngelman

    One of the unfortunate legacies of the Third Reich is that it discredited the concept of eugenics. Then it violated that concept by killing six million of the most superior sub race in existence.

    • brengunn

      Emotional science. Never a good idea.

    • David Ashton

      Killing is not eugenics. Eugenics is about conception.
      The west needs to think eugenically in its own interest, to minimize the stupidity, criminality and illness in future generations, and to maximize their intelligence, decency and health. It does not entail pain or murder.

    • Achaean

      How can the Jews be the most superior race when it was the Germans who defeated them without opposition? What have Jews achieved outside European countries? Before 1850, Jews contributed next to nothing to Western civilization. Everything the Jews have achieved has been thanks to White benevolence. It takes real manliness and Virtue to create nation states, the Roman Empire, the British Empire, French Napoleonic glory, not nerdy effeminate IQ scores.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Germans outnumbered the Jews. Although the Arabs outnumber the Israelis Israel always manages to defeat the Arabs.

        Before 1850 Jews were discriminated against.

        • josh

          The Nazis had the guts to finally stand up to the worlds most obnoxious race.John you need to read up on your buddies and their habits re Christian children:”European Jews And Blood Easters”,by one Ariell Toaff,examines jewish ritual murder and says its…true.

        • IstvanIN

          Without their useful idiots (the US, Uk and Germany) Israel would be a pile of sand covered in Arabs.

        • AutomaticSlim

          Yes, Israel has a formidable military…equipped with state of the art U.S. technology at cut rate prices.

          I wonder how strong they would be if they had to build their own fighter jets…

          • Michael_C_Scott

            They do build their own main battle tanks, and not many nations do.

    • The__Bobster

      Yet the world Jewish census of 1950 showed that there were more of them alive than in 1940.

      • josh

        And it is well known that the so-called “gas chambers” at Auschwitz were buikt in 1947,under the direction of the Communist commandant,who was,no surprise whatsoever,a …jew.

      • JohnEngelman

        According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics; North American Jewish Databank the world Jewish population in 1939 was 16,728,000. In 1945 it had declined to 11,000,000.

    • josh

      HA! The holoco$t is a fraud. And the jews were not a “superior” sub race,they’re trash that tore Germany down,like theyre tearing US down!!

      • JohnEngelman

        If the holocaust was a fraud every survivor of a Nazi death camp and every soldier who liberated one conspired to lie about what what was happening in the camps.

        How did Jews tear Germany down? How are Jews tearing the United States down?

        The Ashkenazi Jews are the most superior sub race in existence. They build up every country they live in with their superior talent. Those who dislike them resent them because they cannot compete with them.

    • Luca

      John, I think most of the smart Jews left when they foresaw the coming storm. Hitler may have unintentionally culled the gene pool for them.

      • JohnEngelman

        Jews distinguished themselves before the Holocaust That is why Hitler resented them after he failed in his efforts to become an artist and an architect.

        Hitler made it fairly clear in Mein Kampf that he did not begin to hate Jews until after he failed at those two goals.

        Christian antisemitism ended a long time ago. Secular antisemitism is felt by those who resent the Jews because of their achievements and their prosperity.

        • Dude

          Hitler’s paintings speak for themselves.

        • David Ashton

          A major recent biographer of Hitler presumes a similar failed-artist explanation as best amid all the guesswork and groundless speculation about the particular character of Hitler’s antisemitism (Ian Kershaw, “Hitler” [London, 1991], pp.19-20), but the combined evidence in “Mein Kampf” and his other authenticated comments on the subject, present a different total and evolving picture.

          The subject has been skewed by propaganda caricature and by postwar reluctance to examine the social situation (particularly prostitution) in Vienna, the role of Jews in the communist uprisings in Germany and elsewhere, and the antisemitic “intellectuals” listed, for example, in his own bibliography recommended to National Socialists. There is an unconcealed sexual excitement over Jews in MK which, along with its extensive comment on syphilis, may indicate some decisive personal experience. He was also a hypochondriac (though he praised his mother’s Jewish cancer doctor). He apparently regarded the “Protocols” as an accurate picture of an international conspiracy (though in 1943 he and Goebbels debated their actual authenticity). He early developed a theory in which Jewry represented a collective danger to mankind, listing various successive items in history to “justify” it, and seemed to regard them as the equivalent in the human world to parasites or vermin in nature. The difference between his antisemitism and other varieties was its total biological demonization; the logic of this was to quarantine the Jews in time of peace and/or “execute” them in time of war. Much more can be written on all this.

          On the other hand, his personal involvement in the wartime “holocaust” is a matter of controversy. It is also now clear that your quoted death-toll is greater than actually the case, and that the story has been “embellished” with fictional matter that is potentially counter-productive and a gratuitous gift to “revisionists” like Carlo Mattogno and Germar Rudolf.

          Many Jews still see “Christian antisemitism” embedded in western attitudes, and in the whole story of antisemitism the faults have not been entirely on the Gentile side. What we need is some mutual understanding and co-operation in the common cause of western survival.

          Antisemitism is not motivated solely by resentment of Jewish success but also by what some Jews do with their power. If Theodore Herzl realized this, so should others.

          • JohnEngelman

            Jewish participation in left wing causes can be explained by the fact that no matter how prosperous Jews become they remember how it felt to be poor, persecuted, and discriminated against.

            In addition, the Marxist idea of a classless society after the Revolution is similar to the Jewish idea of life after the coming of the Messiah: there will be material plenty; there will be no war; there will be no poverty; there will be no crime.

            That is why Communist movements appealed to Jews who had lost their religious faith.

          • David Ashton

            Both explanations of Jewish motivations have merit, but the impact in practice of communism on non-Jews (and some Jews too) was not peaceful. Communism turned out to be a criminal enterprise, including its element of compulsory egalitarianism.

        • Luca

          Hitler’s No. 1 hatred was communism and he didn’t hate the Jews until he began encountering them in Vienna where almost all the communist literature he found was authored by Jews. According to a biography by John Toland, as a young man in Linz he had an amazing crush on a young Jewish girl named Stephanie. . He thought most Jewish art work was a cheap imitation and full of perverted concepts (modern art). He disliked Jews because they controlled banking.. He also felt they flooded the cities with their merchant shops and conspired to drive German businesses out. He viewed them as parasites and aliens trying to suck the economic life blood out of Germany. I would think that left very little room for pure jealousy of high IQ’s. Common sense dictates that many of the poor ghetto Jews were not all high IQ in the 1930’s. The smart ones got out as soon as they saw the anti-Jewish laws and read Mein Kampf.

          Much of Mein Kampf is an engineered piece of biographical semi-fiction, co-authored by Hess and designed to paint the picture of Hitler that would help him rise to power.

          He didn’t fail at architecture because he never attended an architectural school. He did not want to attend the required technical school prerequisites and I believe he was also a high school dropout. When his artwork was rejected his art teachers told him he had a natural talent for architecture.

          We all admire high IQ’s. I think what seculars resent is once Jews get into power they have a strong sense of tribe and arrogant, blatant cronyism takes over while driving others out. Case in point: Hollywood.

          • JohnEngelman

            Hitler moved to Vienna before the First World War. The Communist movement did not begin until the Russian Revolution, which happened during the end of the First World War.

            In Vienna Hitler reserved his condemnation for the Social Democratic Party. This was, and is a party of the democratic left.

            In Mein Kampf, Volume I, Chapter 2, “Years of Study and Suffering,” Hitler wrote, “The scales dropped from my eyes when i found the Jew as the leader of Social Democracy.”

            However, my edition of Mein Kampf has a footnote which reads, “The theory of preponderant Jewish leadership in Australian Social Democracy is not sustained by the facts. After the War there were quite a number of Jewish intellectuals in dominant position, yet even then the Party leadership throughout German Australia was overwhelmingly Aryan.”

          • Luca

            Whatever the current textbook definition of “Social Democracy” is today, for HItler it meant Marxism. Perhaps instead of “communism” I should have said “Marxism.”

            “Gradually, I realized that the Social Democratic press was conducted predominantly by Jews. But I did not put any special significance on this circumstance because the conditions were exactly the same in the other papers. Only one fact was obvious: there was not a single paper with Jews present on it that could be designated as truly national, at least according to my education and conceptions.

            When I mastered myself enough to read these kinds of Marxist press productions, the aversion grew to such proportions that I now sought to get to know about the manufacturers of these thrown together villainies.

            From publishers on down, they were all Jews.”

            Source: Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (14th ed., Munich, 1932), pp. 54-70. Translated by Richard S. Levy.

          • JohnEngelman

            Do you prefer the Nazi Party to the Social Democratic parties in Nordic countries?

            Marxism only became a problem when it became the ruling ideology for totalitarian dictatorships.

          • Luca

            You’re drifting from one subject to the next. My point was the root of Hitler’s antisemitism is not found in jealousy of a high IQ. It was rooted in Liberal and Marxist propaganda published by Jews in Vienna.

            Marxism by any name, has always been a problem in every country it has ever been applied. China today is totalitarian, and is engaging in capitalist ventures using slave labor, patent /copyright infirngement and currency manipulation.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those who hate Jews can always come up with excuses. The reason is that they resent a sub race that is so obviously superior.

          • potato78

            China is not totalitarian, and not using slave labor, etc….

            China is following US steps like in 1900 – 1980.

            You were brainwashed.

          • David Ashton

            “Brainwashing” – this term comes from the Chinese Communist method of dealing with presumed intellectual opposition!
            Chinese labor camps are used to make cheap exports. Some of them even have commercial labels.

          • David Ashton

            Marx advocated the forcible overthrow of existing society.

    • potato78

      If she’s part white, it’s probably not from an Anglophone country,
      because apparently before entering the business, she spoke no English,
      and hers isn’t very good. I’m thinking if she’s mixed, she’s part
      Russian maybe, just because that would make sense.

    • Dude

      Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

    • Gary Jenkins

      Richard Lynns book said 300,000

      • JohnEngelman

        That is disillusioning.

        If the Holocaust did not happen it needs to be the case that everyone who survived a Nazi death camp, and every soldier who liberated one conspired to lie about what was happening in the camps.

        • David Ashton

          The western armies and photographers engaged in the liberation of the camps accurately recorded the effects of typhus, starvation and maltreatment, not the effects of mass-gassing. The Soviet reports of Auschwitz and Treblinka were unreliable in some respects, and their death-toll estimate for the former complex has been officially reduced from 4 to 1.5 million in the former case.
          Hundreds of prisoner affidavits and testimonies in the immediate post-war years described the grim conditions in the camps, but in more recent times several “survivor recollections” have proved dubious and sometimes ridiculously incredible. It is just as legitimate to seriously to discuss the statistics of the Nazi camps as of the Soviet camps, the Ukrainian famine numbers, the death-rate among German expellees, etc. This does not mitigate the actual evils.

          AR is not an appropriate place to discuss the details of “Holocaust Denial”, but we should resist the exploitation of past Nazi actions to deter white nationalism today.

          • JohnEngelman

            When I was growing up I had a Jewish dentist. He spend World War II in a Nazi death camp. He said gassing did occur. I do not think he was lying to me.

            My father had a Jewish colleague who told Dad that his entire family was gassed. I do not think he was lying either.

          • David Ashton

            I do not wish to debate on this site the technicalities or scale of “gassing” in the eastern camps. My comment however remains accurate, and not refuted by the statements made by the two acquaintances quoted whether they were correct or mistaken.
            Nazi actions against the Jews were ideologically misconceived, quite ruthless and resulted in a massive death-toll from various causes. They also failed in their ostensible objectives to preserve “Aryan” civilization, defeat communism and eradicate Jewish influence.

          • JohnEngelman

            Aryan civilization survived the well deserved beating Germany got in World War II. It exists in the Germany, Holland, and Scandinavia. These countries with their social democratic economies are doing better than the United States during the Great Recession.

            I am glad that the Nazis failed to “eradicate Jewish influence.”

            Aren’t you?

            The Ashkenazim are the most superior racial group in the world.

          • David Ashton

            Again, don’t try to put words into my mouth.

            I condemn the Nazi actions against Jews, especially from 1938 onwards, and emphasize this by referring to their futility. I am glad there were so many survivors from victimized ethnic groups including Jews.

            My only complaint re the “Holocaust” is that some Jews and Gentiles exploit it to condemn immigration control, western patriotism, racial comparisons, national identities, criticism of homosexual practices and so forth, and that some of them then hypocritically compound this stance by upholding racial-nationalism in Israel and/or using that dreadful wartime experience to deter reasonable criticism of Israel. There are Jews who share my opinion in each respect. This is a suitable matter for discussion on this site.

            The civilization in Germany and Scandinavia, as elsewhere, is disturbed by “non-Aryan” immigration, especially from Muslim countries. There are Jews who agree with me on this too.

            As for false memories or grotesque anecdotes about the Nazi camps, from the rabbi-to-be who stumbled on a gas-chamber while playing with other boys in the Auschwitz “family camp” to the lady pianist who was bitten by Dr Mengele’s pet dog every time she played a wrong note, many of these can be found by internet search, as can what passes for a “debate” about the “Holocaust” between the established view of historians (Hilberg, Browning, Longerich, Friedlander, Arad, &c) and critics (Mattogno, Rudolf, Butz, Faurisson, &c). But this is not a subject relevant or appropriate to this site.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      It’s easy to blame Hitler.

      “Because of Hitler” does not justify white genocide. Why isn’t Stalin used as a “pretext” for genocide? Because he genocided Whites.

      Why isn’t Mao Zedong used as a “pretext” for genocide? Because he was a non-white.


  • 48224

    “might allow IQ within every Chinese family to increase by 5 to 15 IQ points per generation. After a couple of generations, it would be game over for Western global competitiveness.”
    The game has been over for the US since the civil war.

  • brengunn

    This article is bollox. Eugenics drives the Chinese economy? Come off it.

    Do you think Western scientists are not making these discoveries? They are, but they don’t call it eugenics, for obvious reasons. Anyway, even if China suddenly jumped ahead of us with a successful national eugenics program, the West would soon come round.

    • wattylersrevolt

      You hit the nail on the head. It is a deliberate policy to educate and build-up China’s Tech and Scientific Workforce…..with a corresponding policy to destoy a Native Born White American Tech and Scientific Workforce. The two polices are inseparable. Let me will tell you something..the very butch looking transexual University of California at San Diego Provost who lept to her death from a tall building on the UCSD campus a few years back was in cahoots …along with her bulldyke girlfriend-tenured professor at USC, and the treasonous Corporate Elites and the Termnator to scale up massively the tax payer subsidize training of China’s young Tech workforce in the California State University System….it is monumental treason…it is really quite difficult to find words to describe how treasonous this all is.
      This is the magic potion to China’s extraordinary economic growth…the destruction of who knows how many centuries of Native Born White American Engineering,Scientific, nMedical Expereince..future generations of Native Born White American Tech,Scientific, and Medical experience that never be developed included. Once this expereince is completely lost in the Nativ Born White American will be lost forever..the Chinese invaders will make certain of this. This is most definitely in the realm of genocide. Chinese success at are expense.
      This is all being engineered by filthy White Liberals…they truly are a nasty and filthy bacillus that infects very deeply the foundations of our once Majestic and Bucolic America. My question is this:is the National Budget large enough so that there is enough $$$$ to buy enough Lysol to disinfect our America of the very nasty..filthy White Liberal bacillus?

      • Michael Ryan

        agree but can antone tell me what these liberals end game is they are not stupid people are they just so arrogant thry think they will get the whole world on board with this crap

        • wattylersrevolt

          If the Romney had won the election, his voting block of young black males would have gone a rampage and violently assaulted and raped White Liberals..I mean, it’s not like the young black males would have asked the White Liberals if they voted for Romney…they just would have violently assaulted the White Liberals

          I truly believe that the day will come when American will cleansed of the White Liberal filth…one way or another, it will happen.

        • David Ashton

          Intelligence and common-sense are not always bedfellows. Also, second order high-IQ types are susceptible to ideology. Look at the way so many intellectuals fell for communism, even for Stalin.

      • Truth Speaker

        And here I thought white STEM majors were experiencing an uninterrupted upward trend, thanks to the money you bilk out of East Asian students and creditors dazzled by your propaganda. But I forget myself, statistics are a weapon of the Jews against whites.

    • If that is the case, where are all the future workers of Chinese factories going to come from? Most of the high IQ Chinese are not going to want to work in the factories and if they are forced to, they will revolt.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Without whites and Western innovation, Asians eventually stagnate.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Without whites and Western innovation, Asians eventually stagnate.

      • Doppleganger

        What has that got to do with maintaining culture and racial integrity? Nothing.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          You must not have been following the rest of this discussion. The Asiaphiles on this website always find a way to turn this into a “oh those brilliant, perfect, Asians” discussion. And then posters like me are told to keep quiet and how dare we mention anything whites do better than Asians. Yeah, I get it.

          • Truth Speaker

            Nah you just go on your little ahistorical rants and throw a tantrum whenever anyone dares to imply that East Asians are not soulless, uncreative robots – a good display of grace and restraint I might add. Then you complain about how evil non-whites hate you, despite the fact that you spend every waking moment of your life trying to tear down the history and culture of other nations and imply that they’re genetically inferior, while simultaneously squatting on millions of square kilometers of Northeast Asian territory in Eastern Siberia.

            You’re even more of a marvel than white liberals exhorting the destruction of your race.

    • David Ashton

      Hope so.

  • Bob

    One hundred percent of China’s economic growth is due to the West. They can engage in eugenics all they want, but they will never be white and will always remain short, scrawny, hairless nerds with small penises – which is why Asian women prefer white men.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Why is this garbage being posted on AR? Why is it even relevant to the race-replacement issue. China is going to destroy itself. China’s population is still growing…the Gobi Desert’s outward progression towards Beijing continues apace, The Three Gorges dam will silt up…plus the sex-ratio imbalance. Why do think they want to colonize Montanna and Idaho. We should pity the Chinese in China. China will expreince ecological colllapse in the future..Mother Nature will sought things out. Here is my question:in importing the desperate Chinese young Males and Females, we are importing unmitigated and irrevesible ecological collapse on Native Born White American Living and Breeding Space.

    I strongly suspect that China will never be able to breed a cohort of Chinese Genuises who will be able to engineer a solution that enables China to bypass the very severe physical constraints that Mother Nature and the Universe has imposed on China. There ae no parallel-multiverse Universe Escape Hatches for the Han People.

    Even Anthony Quinn won’t be able to save the Chinese.

    • JohnEngelman

      It is not garbage. It is race realism.

      • A multiracial individual

        I guess people don’t see the difference between race realism and racial supremacy. All races have foul, and virtuous people, the difference is made up by the frequency of such individuals within a race. All races produce intelligent people, the difference is the frequency.

        Median IQ:
        Jews (higher than) Asians, Asians (higher than) Whites, Whites (higher than) Hispanics, Hispanics (higher than) Blacks.

        White IQ over 140: 4 per 1,000
        Ashkenazi IQ over 140: 23 per 1,000

        • potato78

          anyone who actually plays the violin knows just how hard this actually is.
          She’s such a sweet lady

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            As if whites have never played the violin. They probably invented the music she is playing.

          • potato78
          • David Ashton

            There are distinct recognizable differences between the indigenous music of the primary cultures like Hindu-India, China, Europe, etc. Ditto, art, sculpture, religious outlook. But European classical music has the overall global edge, and that is why East and South Asians join our orchestras.

          • Guest

            No there is no distinct edge, whatsoever. All the non-European art, sculpture, music, religious outlook are still strong in their respective countries and that’s the primary reason why Whites even visit these countries, to experience their culture. Where do you think the modern string and wind instruments originated from?

          • David Ashton

            I believe in its tonal range and illustrious compositions, instrumental and choral, that western music is richer than that of other cultures past and present, even if it has adapted instruments for its own comprehensive variety of expression. Non-European art-forms have their own distinctive character and beauty, whose persistence and inner development are welcome.

          • Chaim Pesach

            Dumbass, all these ching chongs do is imitate the whites. Even the music they play are nothing more than over glorified covers of European classical musicians like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Chopin. I’ve never heard of any Chinese or Jap writing original music scores/ sound tracks or even popular rock music the way westerners do. At least India shows more promising talent in terms of creativity and original music brilliance as compared to the east Asian drones.

        • Michael Ryan

          Yeah, but they’re spreading that around now.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Whites have created by far the most genuises who have actually produced something with their intelligence.

          • Truth Speaker

            One of the greater “somethings” is multiculturalism! Too bad your geniuses don’t think as highly of you as you do of them.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Mine was tested in federal prison at 152, but it never brought me any happiness.

          • a multiracial individual

            I never said higher IQ is correlated to happiness. In fact, I thought smart people were more depressed by the sorry state of things.

        • White Nationalist

          Nice try again, but the fact that this world is still completely dominated by Western Civilization and White technology proves that IQ isn’t obviously everything. Especially when you’re using the White English language, electric power, computer, Internet to communicate to us here, NOT the ashkenazi or chinese ones.

          What insecure keyboard nerds like you will never understand is that IQ tests don’t measure ingenuity, imagination, talent, vision, dexterity, resilience, courage, desire, motivation, independence, self-control, honesty, etc which are all genetic traits and qualities that Whites overwhelming possess over jews, asians and blacks.

          See, it always takes more than one component to achieve greatness or domination, and being just a one trick pony is and never will be enough. Whites have it all and we are the most BALANCED race intellectually, manually and physically. That’s why we’re on top, regardless of how some have an higher median IQ or how faster they can run the 100m dash.

          For someone who constantly praises IQ scores, you’re quite shallow and nowhere near as smart as you think. Same to you engleman…

          • a multiracial individual

            [What insecure keyboard nerds like you will never understand is that IQ tests don’t measure ingenuity, imagination, talent, vision, dexterity, resilience, courage, desire, motivation, independence, self-control, honesty, etc which are all genetic traits and qualities ]

            What you are describing are some of those lovely “non-cognitive traits” (See the other article for today) that liberals are trying to establish at universities. I looked on that thread for you, but did not see you. Please do not embarrass yourself by making some contradictory comment over there.

          • metalhead

            I think the “balanced” part needs to be expanded upon a bit. Being balanced does not sound like an actual advantage in practice by itself. It sounds like “jack of all trades, master of nothing”.

            But i think there might be one thing that being “balanced” gives actual superiority at.

            It’s organized warfare.

            If you look at the history, in every period and place where white armies fought in a highly organized manner against armies of any other race, they always won, often against very unfavorable numerical odds.

            For a recent example, look how high IQ Japanese and Chinese stacked in their warfighting ability against white British, Americans and Russians…
            All treated them as opponents secondary at best in the danger they pose compared to the white opponents.

          • Luca

            I agree on most of your points but I would point out the other side of the coin. The downside is that Whites can never achieve unity on issues of race religion, politics, or compromise. They engage in self-destructive, birth control, warfare, and political correctness.

            This is why White Nationalism will never work. I think something better would be National Realism.

          • David Ashton

            Quite a good label, if it gets whites together more successfully than the other one.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      The posters on here are too infatuated with Asians to the point where they are blinded to any of their shortcomings. This seems to be a common disease among whites in general; praising anything Asian and labeling it as superior to anything white. They think eating with chopsticks and learning martial arts makes them sophisticated even though eating with a fork and using a gun is more practical. I thought the whites in this movement would know better but apparently not. I am not surprised anymore.

      • AutomaticSlim

        You seem to be overreacting a bit.
        There is nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due. I didn’t think the article was fawning over the Chinese, nor the comments either.
        Let’s face it, the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans have a great deal of pride in themselves.
        White Americans used to have that too.
        But we allowed the self hating White liberals to shout us down, for now anyway.
        In East Asia, the self-hating liberals barely even register.
        This tells me they are doing something right, keeping their libs down.
        We can learn something from them.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Overreacting? It seems to be fashionable these days to constantly tout the Chinese as the next world leaders as opposed to any white nation. This is obviously done for politically correct reasons. I never said we couldn’t learn from Asians. Pardon me and the others on here who wish to offer facts instead of what is currently fashionable. I say this as someone who has posted on here for almost a decade and I am more than aware of the irrational sinophilia on here. The fact is that China has plenty of shortcomings that the West doesn’t have. What is wrong with pointing that out?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            We have been fighting this battle for years here, Courtney, and it only seems to be getting worse.

            We should be concentrating on WHITE issues such as the loss of WHITE homelands.

            Asians come here to take and steal what the White Race created.

            Anti-Whites and their anti-White agenda need to be hammered away at mercilessly, with their nefarious and criminal anti-White activities constantly exposed.

            Keep up the fight Courtney. Sometimes I feel like I’m a one-person army but I won’t stand for White denigration, abasement, mocking, etc. especially here.


          • SmithandSmith

            Like you and Courtney and a few others, I too have tried to fight against the asian love here but I stopped because it seemed to me, amren moderators are in on the asian love and I got tired of having my posts deleted.

          • Truth Speaker

            Lets make a deal, Bon. You leave Eastern Siberia forever, and we pull all our investments/assets and people. We’ll all be glad to never see each other again – though you should try respecting the actual natives of America.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Eastern Siberia?

            Meanwhile, back in the real world…

            Please explain why Anti-Whites like you believe the world will somehow be a better place when all Whites are replaced by non-Whites in all traditionally White countries?

            The Dalai Lama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, has been quoted as saying:

            “The unabated influx of Chinese immigrants to Tibet is reducing the Tibetans to an insignificant minority in their own country”.

            Is The Dalai Lama a “racist”, or does he get a pass from you anti-whites because he`s a non-White?


          • Truth Speaker

            Sorry, being factually correct does not make me anti-white. You can have Europe, but the hypocrisy of denying homelands to 33% of the world’s peoples and then demanding your own is just mind boggling.

          • David Ashton

            No, you aren’t a one-person army in this respect.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Ask me how many times I’ve been alone on threads on this very site defending Whites against an army and swarm of Asian supremacists and pro-Asian Whites — without anyone coming to my defense.

            I’ve come across Courtney many times in the same situation.

            If I don’t defend Whites, White culture and the right for a White homeland for White children, who will?

            I’ve had to go it alone many many times on this forum.

          • David Ashton

            Well, you have my support.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            I appreciate your response– and your support.


          • Sun

            So delusional. Even the most ardent white supremacist should recognize China’s rise to power, not that one would, because they are too busy patting themselves on the back for innovations that they personally had no part in.

            It doesn’t matter if you accuse others of “sinophilia” and stick your head in the sand, China is going to be the next hyper super power. You can attempt to deny it, groan about it, etc.

            You can talk about all of those past inventions, the old “glory” days, how every other group is stupid, but you and the “white race,” will remain on the top of the heap forever. No one cares. That WAS then and this IS now.

            It is the Right’s arrogance that causes their downfall. So sure, that all greatness simply comes from just what race you are, they forget what greatness actually is. Greatness is not simply given. It is earned.

            Your European ancestors didn’t boast about their ancestors. The reason you brag is because they actually did something. But what happened if they were like you. People who just brag due to their race?

            You are in for a rude awakening in the future, assuming that you are young enough to see that Asia as a whole is fast becoming the center of the world.

            I want Western Civilization to survive and prosper, but it can’t if people like you exist, thumping about how great we are, instead of using self criticism to improve ourselves and our countries. That actually means accepting that Europeans are not in fact the greatest (we wouldn’t be in this problem if we were). That means being able to critically look at ourselves and say “hey, we should change ourselves.”

            We are not simply great just because we are white. Our ancestors are not great just because they are white. They are great because of what they DID. Self praising is NOT an accomplishment.

            They innovated. They conquered. Do you innovate? No. You just boast about how you belong to a group that has people who innovated. That is pathetic.

            When Europeans become masters of their destiny instead of glorifying their past, THAT is when change will happen. Our ancestors did so. One day I hope that happens again.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            You are havering.

            And you are delusional.

            You are so far beyond being able to understand anything anyone here says that this is just converging on uselessness. The really sad part is that you really believe that you’re winning. You are a shocking waste of natural resources – kindly re-integrate yourself into the food-chain. Just go die in your sleep you mindless flatulent troll.

            To everyone here: DFTT. Don’t feed the troll.


      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I agree with you and wattylersrevolt:


        Asians only care about Asians. Their culture and homelands are secure; ours are not. You are correct that THIS is what we need to focus on — loss of White homelands (see Dave 4088’s post above as to our fate, he is NOT WRONG).

        Asian people don’t have a policy of mass non-Asian immigration and assimilation forced upon them, yet EVERY White country has to accept a policy of mass non-white immigration and assimilation that no one ever voted for. It isn’t Asian people who are facing genocide and loss of their homelands from massive Third World invasion. They come to the US to take what the White Race built.


        It’s amazing how often we have to defend Whites on a site devoted to White issues against those who wish to tout Asian innovation, intelligence and superiority over their own White children. It is for reasons such as this that the White race is doomed:

        As for Asian innovation, this from Dr. Norm Madoff:

        My own recent research found that the former foreign students, now working in industry, are actually LESS likely to produce a patent than are Americans of the same age, education etc., in the fields of computer science and electrical engineering.

        So, the less innovative are displacing the more innovative, a net loss.


        And this on Asian superiority in the field of technology:

        Ola Bengtsson and David H. Hsu looked at 1780 pairs of tech start-up founders and venture capitalists over about a decade centering around about 1998-2007. These are start-ups that at least got VC funding. About 48% of the start-ups are in California and 18% in Massachusetts.

        Among founders, a surname analysis shows 3% Chinese and 7% Indian. There may be some miscellaneous Asians that they didn’t break out. (Among venture capitalists, they find 4% Chinese and 4% Indian.).

        Another analysis came up with 87% of founders white, 12% Asian, 1% black. These are both national surveys. The percent Asian in California is higher according to the second study: 18%.

        Chinese Cheating:

        Chinese fake parts:

        Fake electronic components from China have been discovered in thermal weapons sights delivered to the U.S. Army on mission computers for the Missile Defense Agency’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, missiles and on military aircraft, including several models of helicopters and the P-8A-Poseidon, according to federal investigators.

        Suspected electronic parts were found in the Forward Looking InfraRed, or FLIR, Systems being used on the Navy’s SH-60-B. The counterfeit parts were delivered by Raytheon, which alerted the Navy.

        The new evidence comes reports that the problem with faked Chinese electronic components being installed in U.S. military systems is far more widespread that originally thought.

        And, the latest addition from my arsenal on the myth that is repeated here often and all over the Internet: that Asians don’t need or use AA (thank you Caracal):

        Ethnic filipinos, vietnamese, cambodians, and pacific islanders get plenty of direct AA for college admissions while east asians get plenty of scholarships just because of their race, unlike any White student:

        Moreover, ALL asians benefit from affirmative action just because of their race in GOVERNMENT OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS, TRAINING PROGRAMS, JOB RECRUITMENT, MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT, FEDERAL CONTRACTS as well as from all federal contractors and subcontractors.

        Whites, especially White men who aren’t veterans or disabled, get none of these racial quotas, and it’s about time that this recurring myth that “asians don’t benefit from any affirmative action” dies on Amren once and for all.

        Chinese Affirmative Action:

        Courtney, it angers me to have to keep posting this repeatedly but I will again and again until everyone get it — especially everyone here.


        • There is a theory floating around out there that a crucial component of the Deepwater Horizon, the part was made in China, was poorly made, predictably failed, and caused the infamous BP oil spill a few years ago.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Thanks Bon my good friend. You always present the best facts!

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Thank you for the kind words and support.

            There have been many times that I’ve come across you, alone, defending all of us Whites against swarms of Asian supremacists and pro-Asian Whites. I have been in this situation a number of times myself on this very forum — alone, defending Whites, and wondering why no one else comes forward.

            This leaves me little hope for the White race, when White people won’t even stand up for White women and children but prefer to see them bashed, denigrated, impugned, etc.

            If we don’t defend the White race against these swarms of anti-Whites — and there are millions out there, I encounter them everywhere I go — who will?

            You are doing great work, Courtney, and I am here to defend you and anyone else here who is being attacked by anti-Whites, haters of White women and children and Asian supremacists.


        • Truth Speaker

          loss of White homelands

          Eastern Siberia is not a white homeland. We’ll gladly trade you 6 million Russian fur-trappers, minor traders and fishermen for hundreds of thousands of research scientists, engineers, doctors and other law-abiding citizens you so despise. We can easily liquidate our outstanding holdings in your nations for a cool $2 trillion, sell off another $3-4 trillion of your currency and develop Eastern Siberia.

          Just a short note however, America is not your homeland. It belongs to the Apache, Navajo, Tanaina, Inuit, etc and not whites, blacks or Mestizos.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Just a short note…

            The first Americans were stone-age Europeans, according to recent archeological evidence. It’s been in the papers for the past year.

            Didn’t you get the memo?

            The spread of misinformation by you lefties is astonishing. You need to go back to your college and ask for you money back!!

            Lefties like you think that “history” written decades and centuries ago, that “history” which claims red men were “here first,” is still relevant.

            Anti-Whites: call your office. It’s becoming more and more clear that proto-Europeans came to this continent from SW Europe anywhere from 19-25 THOUSAND years ago. That’s around Ten THOUSAND years before the Asian Tribes came over that land bridge.

            Check it out here, from the Smithsonian:

            Stone-age Europeans were the first to set foot on North America, beating American Indians by some 10,000 years, new archaeological evidence suggests.

            In a discovery that could rewrite the history of the Americas, archaeologists have found a number of stone tools dating back between 19,000 and 26,000 years, and bearing remarkable similarities to those made in Europe.

            Adding to the weight of evidence is fresh analysis of a stone knife unearthed in the US in 1971 that revealed it was made of French flint.


            Dr. Gregory from Cornell also stated that DNA samples taken from the brains of the 7,000-8,000 year old Florida bog people prove European origin.




            You need to call your office, Truth Seeker.


          • Truth Speaker

            “The first Americans were stone-age Europeans”

            Wrong. First off, the Solutrean hypothesis has essentially been discarded. Second, even if they were here 15,000 years ago, “Ainuid” types predate them by at least 20,000 years. Third, even if they were here first, colonizing a tiny part of the NE Americas does not make you the first Americans. Finally, when the so-called Solutreans were around they were dark-skinned and had black hair and dark eyes.

            So much for that theory.

          • Truth Speaker

            That is to say, even if they were there first (which they were not) it does not give you claim to the entirety of the Americas. Don’t be ridiculous.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            The truth hurts so much that Truth Speaker is reduced to ad hominem sputtering.

            Nothing unusual here.


          • Truth Speaker

            Sorry, but discrediting your sources is not ad hominem, nor is a factual representation of your posting habits. You were not insulted.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Bon is correct, Comrade:

            You’ve put up nothing but ad hominem arguments, your own personal opinions and trite, lame excuses. I haven’t seen one post of yours that refutes even one thing that Bon or anyone else has put up. You have provided no links to any of your assertions. You need to push yourself away from the faux news and step away from your anti-White curriculum.

            Which cult taught you to hate and despise Whites? You are obviously a product of an anti-White state religion that taught you to believe absurdities about Whites. Why are you spending so much time here bashing Whites? Don’t you have anything else to do? Or are you so hate-filled against Whites that you have made destroying the White race your mission in life? Seems so.
            Those who say you are delusional have a point.


          • Truth Speaker

            For one, you sourced the dailymail, and the link doesn’t even work. Second, the first and fourth links are also not working. The one that does does not support the claim you make.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            This will be my final post on this thread.

            You are 100% impervious to facts, reason and logic but you are pathologically anti-White which makes you a sociopath.

            Do you foresee a time when you will tire of White genocide as a project you devote much effort to?

            I’ve found it odd at times that Anti-Whites like you ignore real science just like any member of a cult does. So much anti-White ideology is just built on opinion, not fact or dismissed as wrong, as you did Charles Murray w/o providing a scintilla of proof.

            But then you are an anti-White whose hatred of Whites blinds him to reason.

            Daily Telegraph:

            Stone-age Europeans ‘were the first to set foot on North America’

            “Stone-age Europeans were the first to set foot on North America, beating American Indians by some 10,000 years, new archaeological evidence suggests.”


            Daily Mail:

            “Across six locations on the U.S. east coast, several dozen stone tools have been found.

            After close analysis it was discovered that they were between 19,000 and 26,000 years old and were a European-style of tool.

            The discovery suggests that the owners of the tools arrived 10,000 years before the ancestors of the American Indians set foot in the New World, reported The Independent.”


            Live Science:

            “When archaeologist Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution places American spearheads, called Clovis points, side-by-side with Siberian points, he sees a divergence of many characteristics.

            Instead, Stanford says, Clovis points match up much closer with Solutrean style tools, which researchers date to about 19,000 years ago. This suggests that the American people making Clovis points made Solutrean points before that.

            There’s just one problem with this hypothesis—Solutrean toolmakers lived in France and Spain. Scientists know of no land-ice bridge that spanned that entire gap.”


            Why don’t you say Amerinds should return to their homelands since they came later?

            All that remains is for you to tell us HOW you came to be so anti-White.


          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            It is your OPINION that the Soltrean Hypothesis has been essentially discarded.

            It doesn’t matter what your OPINION is, what matters is the reality of the anti-white genocidal programs you endorse.

            What right do you have to deny people the right to their own lands? Land is finite – population size is not.

            Only White countries are being made to suffer your genocidal hatred against my race.

            Do you foresee a time when you will tire of White genocide as a project you devote much effort to?


          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Don’t worry they are already deleting his comments. Yeah, after you list all those sources, that is all he has to offer in return.?

          • I have gotten intel that there is a “troll AR” effort afoot. The unusually high amount of white liberal, Asian and Asianophile comments in the last handful of days suggests that intel is true. Now what needs to happen to fulfill justice is for some young Chinese men to launch a DDOS attack on the sites where the trolls are congregating – I won’t say which sites, but I have my suspicions.

          • David Ashton

            All sites of this kind, however moderate, are subject to organized trolling as well as other attempts to destroy them and their impact.

          • This is why I and all the other moderators are on duty playing a permanent almost 24/7/365 game of Whack-a-Troll.

      • Truth Speaker

        Alabama must be a strange place, considering even those awful white liberals hate chopsticks and regularly smear all Asians in their media.

      • redfeathers

        Doesn’t it seem that most if not all of the asiaphiles here are men. Why is that?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    At the 2012 American Renaissance conference in Tennessee, UK professor Richard Lynn
    ( , author of IQ and the Wealth of Nations and similar titles, gave a presentation entitled “Eugenics and Dysgenics: A Promise Denied.”

    Below is the content of the visual aids (screen displays) Professor Lynn used during his talk:


    *Dysgenics – Degeneration of the hereditary qualities of a race or stock.

    *Eugenics – A science that deals with the improvement of the hereditary qualities of the human race”


    Conditions affected by degeneration, according to Francis Galton in Hereditary Genius (1869):

    1) Health

    2) Intelligence

    3) Moral Character


    Relaxation of natural selection against those with poor health attributable to:

    1) improvements in public health

    2) surgical intervention: e.g. retinoblastoma, transplants

    3) antibiotics, e.g. cystic fibrosis


    1) Relaxation of natural selection against those with low intelligence following the demographic transition

    2) Negative association of intelligence and fertility

    3) Dysgenic immigration [Wikipedia: “Demographic transition” (DT) refers to the transition from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates as a country develops from a pre-industrial to an industrialized economic system . . . In countries that are now developed this demographic transition began in the 18th century and continues today. In less developed countries, this demographic transition started later and is still at an earlier stage.”]


    White Women and IQ = – .162; White Women and Education = – .209

    White Men and IQ = – .089; White Men and Education = – .087

    Black Women and IQ = – .271; Black Women and Education = – .359

    Black Men and IQ = – .049; Black Men and Education = – .092

    Total and IQ = – .166; Total and Education = – .186

    Correlations are higher for women than for men, and for blacks than whites.

    SOURCE: data from National Longitudinal Study of Youth, Gerhard Meisenberg, 2010


    9,534 adults aged 47

    IQ of Men With Children = 102.2; IQ of Men Without Children = 103.0

    IQ of Women With Children = 101.7; IQ of Women Without children = 105.3

    Source: Kanazawa, 2011



    1. Invention of the rubber condom, 1865

    *“In every place, these were generally used only by the middle and upper classes due to both the expense and lack of sex education.” (Collier, Aine, The Humble Little Condom, 2007)

    *Once reliable contraception had been invented, dysgenic fertility became inevitable.

    2. Emancipation of women, entailing low fertility among high IQ career women

    3. Welfare.


    *Decline of genotypic intelligence of about 1 IQ point each generation,

    *Compensated by an increase in phenotypic intelligence (The “Flynn Effect”) for much of the 20th century,

    *This increase (in phenotypic intelligence) has been replaced by a decline of phenotypic intelligence in Britain and Denmark since about 1990.


    There is a negative association between IQ and fertility across nations as well as within nations:

    * r = – 0.73 (Lynn & Harvery, 2008)

    * r = – 0.83 (Meisenberg, 2009)

    Meisenberg estimates a decline of the world’s genotypic intelligence of 1.3 IQ points a generation.


    The third demographic transition (David Coleman): the replacement of the European peoples by non-Europeans in the U. S . and Europe.

    Percentages of Europeans in the United States and Britain in 2050 and IQ

    United States in 2050: Percent European ancestry – 45; IQ – 92

    Britain in 2050: Percent European ancestry – 56; IQ – 95


    1. Below-replacement fertility of whites

    2. High-fertility of non-whites


    1) Increase in crime

    2) Decline in moral values

    3) Dysgenic immigration


    Francis Galton coined the term eugenics in 1883. He distinguished positive eugenics and negative eugenics. Positive Eugenics:

    1) Financial incentives for elites to have children

    2) Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore

    3) Embryo Selection


    *Compulsory sterilization: Carrie Buck and the case of Buck v. Bell (1927)

    * Financial incentives for the underclass for sterilization (William Shockley)

    *Restrictions on immigration

    *Repatriation of illegal immigrants

    * Secession

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Towards the end of his presentation at the AmRen conference, he spoke directly to the question of China. Quoting:

      The Northeast Asians will be less severely affected by these processes. They have some dysgenic fertility, but this will very likely in time be overcome by embryo selection. They do not have any dysgenic immigration and are unlikely to have it in the foreseeable future.

      China, in particular, will probably be the most successful of these countries because it does not have the handicap of being a democratic country. I don’t believe the dysgenic problem can be overcome in democracies, and China has a big advantage in this regard, in that it can introduce policies such as paying high sums of money to female graduates that have children but not to the rest of the population. They can introduce policies of this kind which would be unacceptable in democracies.

      China also has one considerable advantage arising as an unforeseen consequence of the one-child policy. The consequence of this has been that many couples restricted to one child who have had a girl have killed her and hoped to produce a boy . . . So there are many more young men in China than there are young women. This could have a significant eugenic effect because it places power in the hands of the women to select men.

      Women who select men as their mates or marriage partners generally select men who are successful and of high moral character. So the effect of this [is] . . . to sterilize 23 percent of the male population. This is really talking — as compared to sterilizing one percent of the population in Sweden in the 1930s or ½ of one percent of the population in Germany.

      When you talk about sterilizing 23 percent of the population this will have a considerable eugenic effect. So . . . my view of the probable future is that while the genetic quality of the European population declines, that of China will increase together with her economic and military power.

    • The__Bobster

      To sum up, if you are a violent idiot, your children will most likely be violent idiots, so you better have a lot of them.

    • CaptainCroMag

      All the Chinese men that can’t find a bride will start emigrating to surrounding countries. They will take Filipino, Lao, Thai and Vietnamese wives. In that way they will even help raise the IQs of those countries as well.

      • IstvanIN

        Or regress to their level.

      • Or there may be a future mail order groom business of Chinese men wanting Western wives, who may be white or overseas Chinese. I have read where Chinese say that Chinese women are too materialistic and they would prefer a western wife.

        • pugsie pup

          lol what?! chinese women are more materialistic than western ones? that’s a new one

    • David Ashton

      I don’t see why the west should not follow Lee Kuan Yew and William Shockley as soon as the threat from China sinks in. Better than just giving up.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Three generations of imbeciles is enough”

    – United States Supreme Court Justice Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Had Holmes been referring to blacks and Amerindians he would’ve said “300 generations of imbeciles is enough”.

  • veritas_lux_mea

    I hope the Chinese do greatly increase their intelligence. Maybe then they’ll start creating their own technology and we can steal some theirs for a change.

    • Truth Speaker

      In other words, it’ll be like the 1300s for you once again?

  • Canadian Seer

    Let the Chinese try to raise their IQ all they want through eugenics and selective breeding. They still won’t catch up to the white man’s creativity, inventiveness and ingenuity. Funny thing that, we managed to invent just about everything without doing what the insecure yet supremacist Chinese are resorting to. Poor Chinese, give it up. It’s innate. We invent, they counterfeit and copy. It is just how it is.

    • Thank you for the comment Mr. Fromm.

    • Doppleganger

      That kind of thinking does nothing but foster complacency. Asian national demographics and racial integrity is intact, which is not necessarily true for White nations. What about if or when white nations are destroyed, or transformed beyond recognition? Who’s going to care who invented what? The world is not going to end tomorrow; this is a marathon, not a sprint. At the end of time, the Chinese might very well be the last ones standing.

  • IKantunderstand

    The Chinese can engage in all the eugenics they want. When they can figure out how to import imagination, and risk taking and a disinclination to conformity into their DNA, that’s when I will get worried. Now, based on their intrepid technology stealing skills, I will grudgingly admit they make better criminals than Blacks.

    • Michael Ryan

      don’t be so sure the traits that made for success 500 years ago are still best suited today’s small world looks more like crowded china everyday a people who are well socialized might thrive better than rugged individualists. i know i dont fit any more even in the American east

      • IKantunderstand

        You are in fact correct. Whites have actually been so smart, that they have devised the philosophical reasoning behind their demise! Yay Whites! We are so smart we have actually come up with a rationale for our own demise. So, Michael Ryan, don’t worry about how you will fit in. You will fit in quite well.

      • Cherry Bomb

        The traits that made whites the most successful race on earth are well suited for whites to this day. They are not well suited for non-whites.

        What we are facing is the destruction of white lands through massive, unfettered colonization by the third world. The 1965 immigration flood act was the single worst, most destructive piece of legislation foisted on American whites.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Looking into the far future the skills that the Asians have over Whites will become more pronounced.

      This is because once we make computers that hit the brick wall of physics they wont be able to go any faster. You can only make a computer so fast, a battery that holds so much power and rockets that go so far.

      Once everything is discovered via creativity you only need people who can reproduce those things, which Asians are very good at.

      But at that point there probably wont be any White people left and the Asians will rule the world by default.

      • IKantunderstand

        Wow, only a very stupid person would assume that every scientific law that existed in the whole world has already been discovered. This is why White people are superior to every other race. You Chinese have already stolen our research on batteries. Obama is ready to share our technology. But let me tell you something, Nathanwartooth, the end of discovery, does not exist! Whites will go on and discover more. I only hope they discover a way for White people to leave Earth and settle on another planet. Because frankly, Earth has become Hell for us.

        • Nathanwartooth

          I’m talking about the far future. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of years.

          But every piece of technology has a limit. The laws of physics make this so.

          I’m also not Chinese.

          • IKantunderstand

            O.K. If you are not Chinese, why in the hell are you defending them? Do you think you are going to get some sort of race points later on? Are you positing that there is a limit on data transfer? Is there some reason why this couldn’t be accomplished by the speed of light? Frankly, by your attitude, I think YOU ARE CHINESE!. Sorry about the accident of your birth.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I’m a White nationalist, not a supremacist.

            This is all kind of strange to me. It’s kind of like denying the fact that Africans are great sprinters and marathon runners.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I have noticed that posters like you enjoy calling the rest of us supremacists and racists when you don’t agree with our usually factual points denigrating Asiaphilia. You are no different from a liberal in that sense.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

      Some good points there. East Asians have a strong tendency towards conformity and obedience to authority, which rather dampens the creative spirit. Having said that, East Asians are starting realize the aforementioned points and are trying to encourage scientific creativity through university-level competitions and also trying to foster critical thinking in their foreign language departments.

      I do wonder how effective these efforts will be, but they have looked at their own problems and are taking steps. Minus affirmative action, Head Start and so on, the Asians have a good shot.

    • Anonymous By Necessity

      The article states that “The BGI Cognitive Genomics Project is currently doing whole-genome sequencing of 1,000 very-high-IQ people around the world […]”.

      While they say they are looking for the high-IQ producing alleles, I would not be at all surprised if one of the other high priority objectives is the identification of alleles that
      code for creativity, with an emphasis on technical creativity.

      If that information could be teased out, then the next obvious step is to transfer that into their (Chinese) genome, with much less difficulty than is currently the case with transferring jellyfish genes that code for fluorescence into mice and cats.

    • Doppleganger

      Chinese espionage is for the sole purpose of accelerating development. It doesn’t indicate a lack of creativity or innovation, contrary to popular opinion here on AmRen. Whatever they can’t acquire, they start building on their own. This is how they’ve managed to modernize so quickly. Just one generation ago, China was still in the stone age due to long periods of political instability. Now they’re making a run to establish their world presence.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        I have a very hard time believing that. You are making an argument in the form of an assumption anyways. You are stating something that there is no proof for.

        • Truth Speaker

          Too bad the supremely creative are as yet unable to come up with a way to thwart Chinese 16 year olds from stealing all of their technological/military/industrial secrets.

      • Beloved Comrade

        “Chinese espionage is for the sole purpose of accelerating development.”

        It absolutely indicates a lack of creativity and innovation. So you are condoning theft?
        Sino-philes and Asian supremacists always find weak excuses to justify Asians lagging behind Whites in technology and science.

        Asians steal, cheat and lie because they are not able to create and innovate like Whites do, things like the internal combustion engine for example, space travel, or the device you’re using to make excuses for Asian perfidy.

  • bigone4u

    The USA has multiple dysgenics government programs in place: welfare, Headstart, section 8 housing, … Culturally, the USA dysgenics takes the form of a universal college (indoctrination)degree, pornography, TV, movies, …

  • Dave4088

    When the last remaining white people are huddled together on reservations in America and Europe they can congratulate themselves on being tolerant, anti-racist and open minded as they wait for the Chinese and other races to deliver the final coup de grace.

  • Achaean

    There is nothing that bedevils the Chinese more than European/White greatness and beauty, and they will press to extremes to overcome their sense of inferiority, after witnessing first hand the full glory of the British Empire as it trampled upon the confused Chinamen in the 1800s with their superior technology and aristocratic finesse. Where did these beings with such beauty come from? How did they develop mechanized ships with guns? Why are their customs so free in expression and creativity? Why do we look dull, slow, repetitive and clone-like beside them? What can we do to outperform them — said the Chinese in bewilderment? It is indeed sad to witness Whites, liberals, give in, contract, open their borders to Negro/Mestizo/Asian hordes without respecting the mighty greatness of their ancestors, the Spaniards who conquered the Americas, the British who colonized Africa and Asia, the French who fought the Napoleonic Wars, the Germans who almost defeated the world in WWII — what a sad spectacle!

    • USER

      One thing I give Whites credit for is their ability to articulate delusions of grandeur with such style. It was certainly a pleasure reading your post.

      — a Chinese guy.

      • White guy

        Yes, delusions of grandeur chinese guy, all while you’re using nothing but White technology to reply…Oh the irony !

        Next time, try harder.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        It ain’t bragging if you can do it:

        Charles Murray researched a list of “greatest achievers” for his book Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellent in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950, which is his ranking of the 4,000 most important artist, musicians and scientists in human history.

        Murray, who has half-Asian children, started the project wanting to devote particular attention to Asian accomplishments but found he couldn’t justify it, despite reserving eight of his 21 categories for non-Western arts.

        Sam Francis writes in his review of Human Accomplishment:

        Dr. Murray selected his 4,002 leading figures by surveying a large series of standard biographical and historical references and choosing people in the arts and sciences who are “mentioned in at least 50 percent” of them. The survey also includes non-Western cultures.

        Statistician and professional writer Steve Sailer, in his review, states:

        This sounds simple, perhaps even simple-minded, but these kinds of metrics of eminence have been repeatedly validated during decades of use by social scientists…Murray meticulously dealt with each issue using his mastery of statistics… to my surprise, I can’t think of a single way to do it better than he did. His methods and lists should become the standards for future research.

        In the sciences, 97 percent of the significant figures and events turned out to be Western. Is this merely Eurocentric bias? Of the 36 science reference books he drew upon, 28 were published after 1980, by which time historians were desperately searching for non-Westerners to praise.

        France is tied with Britain and Germany as the leading nation, with Italy fourth.

        Western Literature: Shakespeare
        Western Art: Michelangelo
        Western Philosophy: Aristotle
        Combined Sciences: Newton
        Western Music: Mozart and Beethoven tie, Bach third.

        Most accomplished person who ever lived according to Murray?


        He more or less invented logic, which was of pivotal importance in human history and no other civilization ever came up with it independently. He wrote the essay on ethics (“Nicomachean Ethics”) that to my mind contains the bedrock truths about the nature of living a satisfying human life. He made huge contributions to aesthetics, political theory, methods of classification and scientific observation. Who else even comes close?


        Images: Map of Geniuses, Flight Deck of the Space Shuttle

        • Truth Speaker

          Murray’s lack of knowledge is not really concrete proof of anything, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find. East Asians don’t really have a tendency to stick their names onto inventions.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Murray’s lack of knowledge…

            Prove it. Prove his research is bogus and all the peer-reviewed books and articles he’s written over the years show “lack of knowledge.”

            You are delusional.


          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            There is an excuse I haven’t heard before.

      • anonymous

        If whites are weak compared to Chinese people, explain how the British Empire controlled China? Why is it you have to come to white nations if you are so smart?

        • USER

          When did the British “Empire” ever controlled China. Sure, you island savages had enclaves here and there in China, and China even LEASED little Hong Kong to you….

          Just because you desired to trade with us and/or have a relationship with us and China refused you savages because you had nothing to offer in return. Yes, you were smitten by China more than you care to admit. China just didn’t reciprocate.

          Feeling snubbed, hurt and spiteful like a woman scorned, you Brits began pushing opium into China en masse, running a Mexican drug cartel essentially.

          Of all the things you could have manufactured and exported to China, you resorted to Opium out of anger and lack of ability…laughable, absolutely laughable and TRAGIC. TRAGIC because so many innocent lives, so many families NEEDLESSLY ruined by such wicked/depraved conduct of your kinsmen.

          Opium, Proudly Made in Britain. Once a savage, ALWAYS a savage.

          • Achaean

            For a non-PC assessment of the opium trade, see Narcotic Culture, by Dikotter — which argues that it was not British imposition but prohibition which caused the harm…”They reveal that opium actually had few harmful effects on either health or longevity; in fact, it was prepared and appreciated in highly complex rituals with inbuilt constraints preventing excessive use. Opium was even used as a medicinal panacea in China before the availability of aspirin and penicillin. But as a result of the British effort to eradicate opium, the Chinese turned from the relatively benign use of that drug to heroin, morphine, cocaine, and countless other psychoactive substances.”

          • David Ashton

            Dikotter has also written interesting stuff on Chinese eugenics, racism and communist criminality.

          • Truth Speaker

            Dikotter is also a rabid, anti-Chinese hack with no real believable credentials. The fact that you like him for this does not make the source respectable.

            explain how the British Empire controlled China?

            Except you didn’t, and never did – even with the connivance of a multitude of other white nations (as well as Japan and Turkic peoples pressing from both sides), through supply lines in India and Burma. Explain how the Mongols truly dominated Eastern Europe for centuries, even with a tiny fraction of your population?

          • David Ashton

            Take Dikotter’s book on Mao’s famine and check the extensive primary sources he uses: these show his credentials. Nor is he rabidly anti-Chinese.
            I have no personal objection to either the principle of eugenics or Han ethnocentrism, and would wish the white peoples in some respects to emulate them.
            You are right about British control of China (except Hong Kong). But China has a record of complaint about treaty rights, border conflicts with India, Russia, Japan and other countries, a dependence on western ideas (Boxer, Kuomintang, Marxism), etc. The Maoist takeover of the mainland was assisted by communist sympathizers in the US.
            The Mongols also threatened China proper. We should build a Great Wall against the Chinese migratory expansion (see e.g. Ricardo Duchesne’s article about Canadian multicultural madness on the “Salisbury Review” website), and keep a military lead over East Asia in missiles and cyber-war. I include other “white nations” not just the USA, which also reinforces the high-IQ spread.

          • Truth Speaker

            You never had a military lead over China in “cyberwar”, much less East Asia. If East Asians pulled investments out from America, your economy would collapse overnight – and no, they are not dependent on selling junk with non-existent profit margins to survive.

          • David Ashton

            I write as an Englishman highly critical of the US monetary relationship with China. I have private information on cyber warfare capabilities and would certainly agree that Beijing presents a danger in this respect, but at present not decisively so.

          • Cherry Bomb

            We go down, so does Asia.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            You are picking and choosing the parts of history you only want to, so it can suit you. How come the mongols never colonized all of Europe?

          • Truth Speaker

            A force of 40,000 can’t exactly colonize a population of 60-80 million, even if 70% of their urban populations die of plague. Though they would have had a fair chance if they hadn’t fractured around the same time.

        • OlderWoman

          I was at UCLA about three years ago. Everywhere you looked there were Asian students. It couldn’t believe my eyes. It felt like I was in a foreign country there were so many.

    • David Ashton

      White societies also have the problem of low-IQ whites unsuited to modern technology except as recipients of its benefits (food, gadgets, TV, &c).

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Asians don’t have low IQ people either? In any case, none of this has anything to do with which race invented what.

        • David Ashton

          No, I agree about inventiveness, but the welfare burden (white, black or khaki) is a drag on our ability to achieve and compete.

    • Doppleganger

      While you’re busy engaging in useless self-glorification, white homelands are slipping away. China isn’t worrying about the past, they’re focused on the future, and right now they’re in a better spot than Whites are.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        I am tired of these “holier than thou” comments about how we as white people just can’t be too proud of ourselves, when the fact is that we are currently the world’s most humble people, which is what is killing us. The Chinese don’t care about the past? Give me a break. They pound their chests every day about their “great” ancient history. We should be doing the same.

        • Truth Speaker

          “when the fact is that we are currently the world’s most humble people”


    • Truth Speaker

      “How did they develop mechanized ships with guns?”

      For starters, you stole the formula for gunpowder and various shipbuilding/shipping innovations from China. And then Napoleon and Hitler devastated Europe, which is something you’re apparently proud of.

  • CaptainCroMag

    Eugenics is such a normal part of Chinese culture that there will be no opposition to genetic engineering as soon as it becomes available. Many in America don’t know that Yao Ming is the product of a Chinese eugenics program. His father and mother were selected by the Chinese government for their height and Yao Ming was put into a government run program to aid in his sports training and to monitor his diet so that he would grow as tall as possible.

  • Tired of Seeing Asian Articles

    Why is this on American Renaissance? So John Engelman can gloat about superior Asian intellect? C’mon AR, I’m getting tired of reading about Asian anything on a site that is supposed to be about white issues.

    Give me a good reason why should I recommend, read or donate to a site like this.

    • Anglokraut

      Because some of us here hope that Whites will wake up racially, in time to have a program like this for bringing about millions of healthy, highly intelligent, creative, athletic, White people, without the need for Brave-New-World-esque embryo splitting.

    • concernedcollegekid

      It’s to show how much of a better job they’re doing than us regarding handling the issue of how to create smarter children. In the U.S. we have Head Start and No Child Left Behind; in China they have programs like this.
      This article is not about Asians being superior or inferior to whites. It has nothing to do with that. It’s about something the Chinese are doing that a lot of AR readers probably wish whites were doing.

    • JohnEngelman

      You should donate to American Renaissance because truths are reported here that are repressed elsewhere.

      • David Ashton

        Jared Taylor started American Renaissance because he thought the white race matters. You do not.
        Yet you think the Jews are a race superior to everyone else.
        “To be in possession of an absolute truth is to have a net of familiarity spread over the whole of eternity…. The fanatic…cannot be persuaded to qualify the certitude…of his holy cause.” (Eric Hoffer)

        • JohnEngelman

          I think the white race matters as much as any other race.

          I do not believe that every Jew is more intelligent than every white Gentile. I do believe, quoting the following book review of a book by Richard Lynn who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences

          that the average Ashkenazi Jew is considerably more intelligent than the average white Gentile of European ancestry.

          A fanatic is not one who acknowledges the collective superiority of the Ashkenazim. A fanatic is one who attributes the average prosperity of Ashkenazi Jews to some sort of chicanery.

          Although I can easily find credible sources to document my assertion that the Ashkenazim are the most superior racial group in the world, I have not found any credible documentation that on the average they are in any way morally inferior to white Gentiles.

          • David Ashton

            You did say that being a white man doesn’t matter any more.

            This can hardly be the only site where you can keep repeating your views on Jewish and Chinese superiority and loveability.
            The differences between the Han and Ashkenazim are cultural, and cultural differences between ethnic groups matter. It is not just a question of IQ or “morality”. For instance, white Gentiles can and should be appreciative of the positive contributions of Jews to scientific research, medicine and music, but may feel unhappy about various “negative” impacts such as identified by (say) Kevin MacDonald in “Culture of Critique” (Bloomington 2002). It is a matter of ethnic friction, to which Jews have contributed specific features of their own.
            The basic reason for “antisemitism” has been the fact that Jews have been a distinctive people, without a national homeland, scattered as minorities across the homelands of different peoples; in the European case this has been culturally aggravated by earlier ecclesiastical repudiation of them as Christ-killers and by their own “terrible power of the purse” (Theodor Herzl).
            Their historic fear of majority Gentile nationalism is understandable, but does not entitle them to promote undesirable immigration into western countries.

            My private library contains many more books defending Jews and Zionism than the opposite; I have also Jewish writers like Bernard Lazare and Albert Lindemann, who take a relatively more balanced view of the phenomenon known as “antisemitism”.

          • razorrare

            Please add this to your library as well…the talmud boast about the killing of Jesus and brags that the jews did it…its a fascinating read and includes a video at the end of the article…


          • David Ashton

            I do happen to have Peter Schafer’s “Jesus in the Talmud” (Princeton UP 2007). I am interested in the theory of a non-Judaic male parentage of Jesus.

        • JohnEngelman

          I believe that the white race matters as much as other races.

          I do not believe that that every Ashkenazi Jew is more intelligent than every white Gentile. I do believe on the basis of all credible sources, including several I have found on this website, that the Ashkenazim are collectively the most superior racial group in the world.

          A fanatic is not one who basis his opinions on facts that can be documented, as I do. A fanatic is one who attributes the average prosperity of the Ashkenazim to some form of chicanery. I am unaware of any credible sources that demonstrate that the average Ashkenazi is in any way morally inferior to the average white Gentile.

          I do know that Orientals have lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than white Gentiles. I suspect that this is also true for the Ashkenazim, but I will reserve judgment on the topic until I see credible information.

    • A multiracial individual

      If the leftists are every forced to accept racial differences, who do you think will be forcing their hand? A small amount of sufficiently demonized whites in America, or Asian (non-white) scientists?

    • Luca

      It promotes free speech were the main steam media would never tolerate anything not PC.

    • Charles_Peterson

      With all the inventions made by whites. I would never commit to saying the Asians are superior. A few more IQ points aren’t worth the loss of creativity or group development.

      • Doppleganger

        The average person doesn’t think nor care about which race invented what. A race that invents lots of stuff, and then goes extinct, is nothing but a testament to misplaced priorities. The purpose of life is to perpetuate life. The purpose of life is not technological advancement. China seems to have understanding of this, do we?

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Tell that to the Chinese who are always copying our technology. The Chinese don’t care about chest pounding over who invented what? Give me a break.

          • Truth Speaker

            Why shouldn’t Chinese people license or steal your technology, when you have a proven record of preemptive genocide and unprovoked hostility? East Asians can certainly invent if they want to. It’s just that it’s cheaper buy it from you, since your economies have a tendency to cyclically implode, slashing the prices of your IP as East Asian currencies trend upward in the short-term.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            When did you first start to hate Whites?


    • David Ashton

      Know thy enemy.

  • A multiracial individual

    [A 1992 Interview between Jared Taylor and Arthur Jensen]

    Jared Taylor: Japan is another. I think it’s not inconceivable
    that a country like Japan, if it started giving even relatively mild
    inducements to more intelligent people to have more children and less
    intelligent people to have fewer children, it wouldn’t be long before
    Japan would be just an utterly dominant power.

    Jensen: Right, well when China starts doing this —
    of course China’s now controlling its population. If they start using
    eugenic means to improve the quality of the population in various ways,
    which is sort of the next step, think where they will be with that size
    population to work on. They don’t have the severe space problem that
    Japan has.

    Skin color does not determine success IQ does.

    • David Ashton

      Could current friction between China and Japan lead to military conflict?

  • StillModerated

    Well, if YT has learned anything, we can retard the Chinese by blessing them with multiculturalism — both African and Arabic. But, I must say they’ve got a most effective way of dealing with Xinjiang mohammedans. If they get as dumb as us, they’ll subcontract their garbage collection to Pakistanis.

    • ed91

      nobody could get as dumb as the white politician and elite that rule us

    • Truth Speaker

      Muslims have had outbreaks of racism and jihad against the Chinese at least twice to punish them for their hospitality and kindness. In return they were exterminated wholly not once but twice when the Chinese finally had it with them – the first time saw every Arab, Persian and Turkic exploiter killed in the streets within mere days. They have been far better behaved in recent times, but it doesn’t seem the Uighur invaders and usurpers have been around long enough to learn that lesson.

  • concernedcollegekid

    Sh*t is getting real in China. Meanwhile, intelligent young white people the world over are wearing “Save Darfur!” t-shirts and joining organizations like Teach for America and being told they should be in the Peace Corps first if they talk about wanting to have kids.

  • IstvanIN

    The west encourages dysgenics by either importing inferior populations groups (Europe, the Commonwealth Realms) or encouraging the native inferior population groups to breed uncontrollably (South Africa) or both (United States). China, which has an excess of population, wants to breed a smaller, smarter population. Whose idea has more common sense?

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Like any form of central planning, a “eugenics” program doesn’t inevitably bring about good results. For one, anyone familiar with genetics and IQ studies knows that the offspring of outliers tend to regress toward the mean of the Gaussian distribution. Furthermore, to sustain population growth, a society cannot forbid all duller than average people from reproducing. And if young intelligent women are spending much of their 20s and early 30s in pregnancy, this means less production from a certain segment of “brights.” (Not to mention the smarter men who may have to sacrifice work/production to raise families)

    And these are just critiques that accept the Darwinian/Galtonian view of evolution/eugenics. Need I say there are far more ones available for those of us who still consider nurture to have some importance and believe that attempting to play God rarely works out for mere mortal. I’m not denying race; I’m denying that we can genetically engineer a society. Much of China’s improvements over the past few decades have come from the liberalizing of their markets (while still having a huge supply of cheap labor) and the importation (copying) of Western technologies. Our improvements will come by ending 3rd world immigration and the incentives to have kids, while poor and unmarried.

    Lastly, a society of people with a higher mean IQ only has marginal improvements over an identical one with a slightly lower IQ if the cultural and ethical picture is unchanged.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Like any form of central planning, a “eugenics” program doesn’t inevitably bring about good results. For one, anyone familiar with genetics and IQ studies knows that the offspring of outliers tend to regress toward the mean of the Gaussian distribution. Furthermore, to sustain population growth, a society cannot forbid all duller than average people from reproducing. And if young intelligent women are spending much of their 20s and early 30s in pregnancy, this means less production from a certain segment of “brights.” (Not to mention the smarter men who may have to sacrifice work/production to raise families)

    And these are just critiques that accept the Darwinian/Galtonian view of evolution/eugenics. Need I say there are far more ones available for those of us who still consider nurture to have some importance and believe that attempting to play God rarely works out for mere mortal. I’m not denying race; I’m denying that we can genetically engineer a society. Much of China’s improvements over the past few decades have come from the liberalizing of their markets (while still having a huge supply of cheap labor) and the importation (copying) of Western technologies. Our improvements will come by ending 3rd world immigration and the incentives to have kids, while poor and unmarried.

    Lastly, a society of people with a higher mean IQ only has marginal improvements over an identical one with a slightly lower IQ if the cultural and ethical picture is unchanged.

    • David Ashton

      Eugenicists are well aware of these critiques of the initial Galtonian simplicities, and further discussion of what can and should be done would be welcome in a separate thread.

  • William Allingham

    while we are being overdomesticated with our young males growing up in an ever more infantile, indolent-toward-mediocrity culture; the Chinese are developing COMPETITIVE strategies (they dont lose their time in fantasies), life is hard and we still have to kill in order to eat thats not going to change EVER. the more we try to ignore the evident fact that lifes impersonal and competitive, the more we can expect to see psychological problems in the population (stress, anxiety, obssessive compulsive behavior etc.) and thats exactly what is happening.

    when are liberals going to reach the humiliating point in which they have to admit that they invested so much in such unreal expectations? only then they will start to see the pernitious effects their non-discrimination-drunkness caused, giving place to shame and mourning for the great culture and people they helped to damage.

  • mattj458

    Two very interesting strategies. One encourages (demands) that intelligent and well off people reproduce to strengthen the future. The other encourages (pays for) the most ignorant and destitute to reproduce to strengthen a false hope. Should be a barn burner!!!!

  • TheSiniticMongoloid

    Abrahamic Indo-European western group Caucasoids love to confuse themselves with words and believe that the past 2000 years was sacred and cannot fathom the fact that another race of the human species can surpass them at every level in the near future. Creativity this and creativity that, blah blah blah. We all know that your recent accomplishments was probably due to your higher average verbal intelligence. Had the Mongol males (members of y-dna haplogroup c3c) decided to push further west into Europe in the early 1300s with their superior visuo-spatial intelligence, your higher average verbal IQ’s would have not saved you against them and you would not have flourished at all in recent history. You see we Mongoloids have different ways of going about things. Our perceived cruel and peculiar eastern ways are just a reflection of our visuo-spatial IQ oriented mode of life. Your current political grid-locking and confusing of thyself is just a reflection of your verbal IQ mode of life. Your Christian mercy is just a reflection of your verbal IQ mode of life because you know darn well you cannot be as cruel amongst yourselves and to others as the Mongoloids are to themselves and others so you become merciful in HOPING that it is reciprocated. But as a Mongoloid male myself who grew up in the west, I am truly sick and tired of seeing mongoloid females with caucasoid males here but I know this goes on in the mongoloid homelands as well. All we mongoloid males have to do is look and see: Caucasoids have longer limbs on average, higher testosterone, more visible muscles under their skin, larger secondary sex organs and they have superior verbal IQs than Mongoloids. Mongoloid females that grow up in the west see this and are attracted to these Caucasoid physical and mental features because that is what they’re accustomed to throughout their lives by the media/environment. Mongoloid females decide as a progenic proliferation strategm against Caucasoid females to take part in their white feminist movement but instead of being against the white male patriarchal power structure in marrying an Mongoloid male, they almost always steal a Caucasoid male out of the gene pool. Even white female feminists have taken note of this and secretly despise Mongoloid women. And since western society is so verbal IQ oriented, mentally-wise, everyone is sexually selected to a certain extent on their ability to verbally communicate articulately. All this happens whilst I can say from experience, the average Caucasoid female finds the average Mongoloid male to be completely repulsive due to his average shorter height, shorter limbs, greater sub-cutaneous fat, lesser muscle mass, lower testosterone, smaller secondary sexual organs and most important of all, lower average verbal IQ. Everything is relative including in the social realm and I acknowledge the fact that China is taking on the huge task of taking on the yellow man’s burden. We most definitely fear the White Man and his unintentionally cruel, chaotic and unjust ways cloaked in the veil of liberalism and enlightenment.

    • Touche! I myself have wondered aloud what western Europe would have looked like if the Mongol’s highly trained and efficient Army had washed their boots in the English channel and stayed there for 5 centuries with very large colonies etc.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        1. When did you first start to hate Whites?

        2. Are you an anti-White, a self hating White or a non White?


        • Sean

          You’re a good man, Bon. People on this website have a serious case of yellow fever sometimes.

          While I don’t dislike Orientals I don’t see why they are any different from the multitudes of blacks and browns here to displace whites.

          Either way, if they win, we lose.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      You are spouting a lot of nonsense and using a lot of words to do it — and using White-created technology to call us evil and racisssts.

      You anti-whites keep using history to justify White genocide. When are you going to get it through your thick heads that you cannot use history to justify genocide.

      Being a psychopath does not obsolve YOU of the very serious crime of justifying/promoting the genocide of my race.

      A psychopath is a PROGRAMMED robot. When Blacks speak for Blacks, or Asians speak for Asians, or hispanics speak for hispanics, “anti-racists” say nothing, because they weren’t PROGRAMMED to say anything. But when I speak for my race, the white race, “anti-racists” REFLEXIVELY bark “raaaciss” – like Pavlov’s Dogs!

      Nothing justifies genocide.

      We most definitely fear the White Man and his unintentionally cruel, chaotic and unjust ways cloaked in the veil of liberalism and enlightenment.

      Cruel, chaotic and unjust — you mean lie Mao? Or Pol Pot? Maybe you think Kim Jon -il was “enlightened.” Their policies were cloaked in the veil of “liberalism and enlightenment.”

      35,236,000 Murdered: The Communist Chinese Ant Hill
      10,214,000 Murdered: The Depraved Nationalist Regime
      5,964,000 Murdered: Japan’s Savage Military
      2,035,000 Murdered: The Khmer Rouge Hell State
      1,670,000 Murdered: The Vietnamese War State
      1,503,000 Murdered: The Pakistani Cutthroat State
      1,663,000 Murdered? Orwellian North Korea

      Shilling for our genocide is evil. It doesn’t matter what your OPINION is, what matters is the reality of the anti-white genocidal programs you endorse.


      • TheSiniticMongoloid

        Lets remember what created Mao, Hitler, Imperial Japan, and the Vietnam war in the first place. It was capitalism brought to you by the White man who wanted to bring Christianity and enlightenment to the far east so he could exploit the labor, the resources, and most important of all, the women. Mao responded by simply killing those who were exploitative or simply those who were in cahoots with the west (the Chiang kai-shek camp). The Internecine strife that caused the death of a hundred million Mongoloids or more within the past two centuries in East Asia was caused undoubtedly by the White man. Hitler was initially concerned with the Jews within Germany and Europe but then later became anti-International Jewry altogether and wanted to simply get rid of them. So I still stand by my words cruel, chaotic and unjust because all you would have to do is look at society today. From personal experiences I see that Jews (the White Man) like to mingle with Blacks in the inner city. They like to talk about their commonalities with one another as the oppressed but all the Jews are doing in the larger picture are exploiting the blacks. They like to appear as the savior of the oppressed class because they in the larger picture, would not like to be oppressed as the dominant class. I’ve seen all of these things firsthand before I even bothered to read about Hitler and his disdain for Jews. But I differ in the fact that I see Jews as White. The White Man loves to appear as the savior with the ultimate goal of stealing the Mongoloid female away from her family. Look at professor Amy Chua’s article “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”. She only got that through the HuffingtonPost/WSJ because her husband is a Jewish White Man. She is in their social network and in cahoots with the White male power structure and that is why she was able to publish her article. The White man strategically and discreetly supports the feminist movement because in the end he knows that his women would be completely repulsed at the Yellow man’s Confucian attitudes towards women . He empowers women and educates them against the tyrannical and misogynistic Yellow Man so that he can keep his own women away from him whilst swaying the Yellow woman at the same time. I have noticed even when before Obama was elected that White Jewish men love to associate themselves with black males of a very light complexion. They like the idea that they are intermingling with a bi-racial product and their espousing of liberalism in the black community is with the ultimate purpose of miscegenation, integration, and therefore the destruction of the black community. Black women therefore are the ultimate victims of this cruel society. I watched day by day the countless black women secretaries and their dull and depressed faces and knew right away what was happening. I had recognized those lonely facial expressions in the faces of older Asian American males that I often see. And so the biracial black male offsprings of light complexion which Jews love to intermingle so much can only be created when a black male has been duped by liberalism and leaves his community to find a white woman. We Yellow men that are in competition with the White man in the US and in the global stage have much in common with black women in the US but the difference is that we can act policy wise in the global stage. The Yellow man understands that capitalism and technology is the way forward but minimal exploitation and restraint must be exercised when dealing with foreign peoples. The White man on the other hand just trampled all over where he pleased and exploited people, resources, and women.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          You are confusing your anti-White aggression, and your anti-White resentment against Whites with something that’s “pathological” in White people; then you project your animosity onto the victims of your hatred and, at the same time, act like it’s our fault.

          You are delusional. “Because of history” does not justify the ongoing genocide of the White race.

          Maybe you should thank us for all that we’ve given you (like the White-created device, electrical grid and language you’re using) instead of attacking us like the spoiled child that you are. Without Europeans the world would be a cruel and barbarous place. We’ve given you everything, and you give us nothing in return but your impudence and resentment.

          You being racially Chinese, how would you like it if your homeland were being inundated with millions of non-Chinese who were putting an end to your historic culture and your way of life? What if you woke up one morning and saw that the president of China was ethnically Pakistani? What if you suddenly found that the Chinese people are literally threatened with extinction through genetic annihilation? Can you even imagine that?

          That’s what we Whites face.

          But you can’t sympathize, because this is not happening to you. Your race and your culture are secure. Ours is not. We Europeans are literally losing our nations and our identities, and non-Whites like you are actually cheering it on. They don’t do the same for any other race, just ours. Imagine patriotic Chinese in China being accused of “racism” and “intolerance” simply because they want to save their identity in the face of extinction.

          But that won’t happen because genocide is only acceptable when it’s done against the White Race.


          • razorrare

            Maybe if his culture didnt practice female gendercide he could find himself a good chinese girl to spend time with instead of spending time here complaining about the insensitive & cruel White man…which leads me to believe perhaps chinese women prefer Whitemen because they feel betrayed by the Chinese who targeted them for gendercide and worse…and what can be worse you might ask? The chinese cultural acceptance of eating aborted fetuses,which in most all cases are those of female chinese aborted fetuses.

          • David Ashton

            Well said – a perfect summary of our case.

          • DT

            “Without Europeans the world would be a cruel and barbarous place. We’ve
            given you everything, and you give us nothing in return but your
            impudence and resentment.”

            Says who? Until your imperialist forces showed up on the shores, there was
            nothing barbaric going on in Asia, except, for some religious superstitious
            practices. But who didn’t have those issues within their community? Your regions had those religious practices like witch hunt, bashing scientific principles initially etc. in the past.

            “Maybe you should thank us for all that we’ve given you (like the
            White-created device, electrical grid and language you’re using) instead
            of attacking us like the spoiled child that you are.”

            We only use English to communicate with other English speakers, otherwise we use our native languages. Aren’t we already thanking you by buying your products and making your countries richer and your companies mega-corporate empires? How did the U.S. become such a global power in the first place? How did Hollywood movies start to rake in millions? Why did your companies even want to invest in other non-white nations? You know, reading all this, I think maybe you shouldn’t have shared your inventions with us. You should’ve just sold your products in your own countries. Post-colonial times, you should’ve just left us alone and not helped us at all. That way you wouldn’t have to take any refugees or deal with immigration. Wouldn’t that have helped you superior beings in further climbing the human gene pool ladder, while we diseased third-world sprogs would’ve dragged along barely with our inferior ways of life and would have eventually died? Then you could’ve have moved into our lands and spawned more creative and intelligent beings. What is this current whining about, is it the past failures to have executed what I’ve mentioned above or the fear of genocide (highly impossible but let’s go with it for argument sake)? If it’s the former, then I say regroup and then try again, maybe you’ll succeed in your total world dominance in the near future, but if it’s the latter, then I see no progress made by intelligent white people in order to prevent one either in the government level or judiciary level, other than whining about third-world non-whites stealing the white man’s jobs. None of the things that have happened in the past can be changed by anyone unless of course, the superior whites have already invented a time machine that the rest of the world don’t know about.

        • ed91

          capitalism is the best choice……..
          it is far from perfect but at least gets us out of the mud huts and extreme poverty………. having tvs and cell phones and microwaves does not exist in real poverty……. of which there is none in the US

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          You are very incoherent and rambling. It really isn’t worth my time to respond. But out of what I actually can decipher, you seem to be one of these types who doesn’t want to give the white man credit for his superior abilities, but at the same time you are quick to blame him for the world’s problems. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Metalhead

      You are on to something, but you are wrongly ascribing indo-european’s slight verbal focus and “christian mercy” to their nature. It’s a cultural influence, in form of christianity. It’s obvious, as seen in strong jewish focus on verbal IQ, popularity of bleeding heart liberalism among them, and the fact that christianity is based on jewish culture.

      Christianity is currently fading among the indo-european people. Sooner or later they will revert to their naturally optimized behaviours. These have less in common with “christian mercy” and more in common with how Romans, Vikings, Huns and other indo-european folks operated before christianity…. Guess what, they were not famous for being merciful and forgiving…

      • Truth Speaker

        That’s not what “verbal IQ” on IQ tests measure.

        • Cherry Bomb

          Well, genius, then what does it measure? hmmm?

          Yawn. Your answers are sad, pathetic and predictable. You’ve presented no sources or facts, only blathering.

          I thought you Asians were supposed to be oh-so intelligent, LOL.

          Begone troll.

    • Doppleganger

      I seriously doubt you’re actually Asian.

      • Truth Speaker

        He obviously is not, and the fact that Bon and Courtney are not picking up on this and actually taking him seriously tells us a lot.

    • storibund

      Do you even know what a paragraph break is?

  • WhiteMoralsAndValues

    In White nations we are already somewhat practice eugenics with the fad of “egg and sperm donation”. Despite the relentlessly propaganda of “all races are equal, are races are just as beautiful, creative, and intelligent”, over 95% of egg and sperm donors are Whites with that are tall and thin with a Bachelors degree or higher. (Because of course you need at least an IQ of 106 to obtain a Bachelors Degree). Parents of all races want children with European genetic background, the genetic tendency to be tall, the genetic tendency to be thin, the genetic tendency to be creative. Only several hundred people in the US uitilize this every year, but it might become mainstream (such as 5% or more of couples using this) in the next decade or so, since more and more White couples are choosing to have their first child after age 35, and their is more societal pressure than ever to have “the perfect kid”.
    Although the gays and lesbians who utilize this will lessen the eugenic effects.
    The most healthy and ideal age for women AND men to reproduce is 20s, the liberal media convinces Whites that having a baby at 39 is just the same as age 29.
    Since women are becoming more and more career oriented, they rather put their “freedoms and rights” first than think about whats best for their family, children, and race as a whole.
    I question the moral integrity of the people who give up their genetic treasures for money. There will also be children out there of their own flesh, blood, and soul who they will never get to know or even support in life. Egg and sperm donation is also a form of infidelity.
    Not to mention, it’s really weird and unnatural for two people who don’t even know each other, never even made love, to produce an offspring.
    It’s inevitable that if it becomes mainstream it will create more and more debates about ethics and people considering the resulting children “custom babies” or “designer babies”.
    I’m all for Whites ONLY reproducing with Whites, but lets keep reproduction between a married man and woman and their intimacy.
    The Jewish media over the past forty years has diminished the White man’s respect and spirituality towards marriage, sexuality, and family.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Since women are becoming more and more career oriented, they rather put their ‘freedoms and rights’ first than think about whats best for their family, children, and race as a whole.

      There are many of us who would love to have White children — or to have had more children — or perhaps any children– but weren’t able to due to the government’s onerous demands on our wages — to feed the hostile, unintelligent, high-fertility 3rd world hoards that it continues to invite in to steal our homelands and what we earn have created and built.

      It is not news that we Whites are being locked out of jobs, promotions and careers in favor of those with lesser intelligence — thus limiting our ability to earn wages that will support a family. We Whites must pay huge amounts of money to live and raise children in areas that are safe for them, also, we are increasingly forced to pay for private schools to keep our children away from dangerous non-Whites and black- or mexican- centric schools that mock, debase and threaten our White children.

      I also think more and more are looking at the dire situation in the US — both economic and socially — and deciding that raising children in this atmosphere is not worth it.

      I can’t say I blame them.

      We are not fighting an enemy who gives two hoots about fair play, sportsmanship, honor, or integrity. This enemy fights dirty and is absolutely the most ruthless, cold-blooded, sadistic and violent enemy that White European people have ever faced.

      — Luke


  • Xanthippe2

    Are they studying the genetic damage and shortened lifespans caused by massive pollution? Uh no. Ask someone recently in China if birth defects are going up or down. As for traditional Chinese medicine for reproduction: sure maybe they have their hearts in the right place, but does it work? Uh no. Many Chinese believe you should try to conceive based on numerology and astrology too. (I am not totally knocking it, bet it works better than the heavy metal laden herbs.)

  • KenelmDigby

    Fascinating article.
    The Chinese are not ashamed to pursue proven and beneficial developments in science.
    Therefore the Chinese will prevail in the battle for global supremacism.

  • Cannot Tell

    I am examining the possibility that robots will be developed to a level of such high sophistication that they completely replace human workers. If this happens and leisure becomes the only activity for humans, will there be any need or desire to procreate? For example, in Japan, robots can pick an elderly person up, put them in water, and bathe them. People who have these robots don’t even need children or grandchildren to take care of them for that reason.

    We’re all fretting about low white birth rates and mass non-white immigration, but in the end, will it even matter?

  • LynnScenarios

    Geoffrey Miller argues that Chinese eugenics is something that we should worry about, but he did not elaborate much on the consequences of this policy (perhaps because of space limitations). Richard Lynn has done this already, however, in his Eugenics – A Reassessment. In Chapter Chapter 21 of that book, entitled “The Evolution of the Eugenic World State”, Lynn lays out some possible scenarios:

    UNITED STATES:––The US will detach itself from its alliance with Western Europe and ally itself with Hispanic Latin America.––White flight and also “Asian flight” from the black-Hispanic cities to white and Asian communities in suburbs and satellite towns (fortified estates).––Breakdown of the legal system because of perverse verdicts from judges favoring their own racial and ethnic groups.––Breakup of the United States into racially homogenous independent states (as happened with Soviet Union in 1991 and of Yugoslavia in 1998).––Hispanic majorities of the southern states will opt to join Mexico or to form an independent Hispanic nation.––Growing lawlessness, political anarchy, racial conflict, and huge disparities in wealth between rich and poor.––Whites will seek to regain political power by overthrowing democratic institutions and replacing them by military rule (Latin American example).––US will forfeit its position as the leading world economic, scientific, and military power and eventually cease to be a major force in global politics.

    EUROPE:––Europe will be the principal power base of the European peoples.––Europe will be weakened militarily by the loss of the United States as an ally but will be able to develop its own military capability to replace this.––Europe will develop into some form of federal state and by the incorporation of the nations of eastern and southeastern Europe, and possibly even of Russia. ––Europe will be a formidable global power for the foreseeable future.

    CHINA––Ambitious and sophisticated eugenic programs will be adopted.––China will achieve parity with Europe in economic, scientific, and military strength mid-21st century.––China and Europe will evolve as the two foremost world
    powers.––China’s use of eugenics will give her ultimate victory and emergence as the world superpower. ––China will take control of the world and establish a world state.––China will use its power to disarm rogue states.––China will appoint its own ethnic nationals as governors and senior support staff of its provinces and would recruit middle- and lower-ranking officers from the nationals of the subject populations.––The
    Chinese world state will not permit the manufacture or possession of weapons, except by its own peoples or by others under strict supervision. ––Apart from minor confrontations, there will be world peace.––Chinese oligarchy will retain its autocratic character (world state will not be run as a democracy).––The long struggle for world supremacy between the Oriental and the European peoples would eventually be won by the Orientals. ––In China’s European and North American provinces, both the classical eugenics of parental licensing and the new eugenics of the mandatory use of embryo selection for conception will be introduced.––Chinese will introduce the cloning of the elites of the European peoples.––China will regard their European subject peoples in the same way as the Romans regarded the Greeks after they had incorporated them into the Roman empire.––China will impose on the economically developing world the one-child policy and system of licenses for parenthood (elites permitted to have several children).––Chinese medical facilities will provide embryo selection for developing world.––Programs of genetic engineering for the construction and insertion of new genes will be introduced (improved health, intelligence, personality; larger brain size; extended life span).

    Last lines of book: “This scenario for the twenty-first century, in which China assumes world domination and establishes a world eugenic state, may well be considered an unattractive future. But this is not really the point. Rather, it should be regarded as the inevitable result of Francis Galton’s (1909) prediction made in the first decade of the twentieth century, that “the nation which first subjects itself to a rational eugenical discipline is bound to inherit the earth”.–

    • David Ashton

      This should be taken as a wake-up call, not as a blueprint for suicide.

  • Meanwhile, in the US, our best and brightest are brainwashed into believing having children is for dopes or worked so hard they have no time to raise a family, and the only people reproducing at any decent pace are the street vermin and the trash humanity. The US is going in exactly the opposite direction of China, i.e. down. The fact that an awful POTUS like Obama could be re-elected shows that the US is a full fledged idiocracy now.

  • John McKeown

    Sounds like National Socialism to me.

  • they failed us

    Only whites are required to diversify in this satanic pc world you live in made possible by unneeded African slavery and Jeffersonian Madisonian liberalism.

  • Kevin Holloway

    Are they getting better and are we getting worse because of IQ changes? Or is it just that we are getting worse because we no longer promote development of the soul? I strongly believe that what drove the arts and innovation in the west to grand heights was the aspiration for truth and closeness with the divine as promoted through Christianity…and as we have abandoned that for secular mechanisms we have seen our societies deteriorate. So my prediction is that the country/countries who begin promoting Christian principles will be the same that lead the world in the future – unfortunately China, the US, and much of Europe don’t seem to be positioned for this type of shift any time soon.

    • Luca

      Christianity does not matter. The driving factor today that is dumbing-down our country both intellectually and morally is called Politically Correct Liberalism. Now when you look for the “Best and the Brightest” in academia, the Liberals will accuse you of “Social Darwinism, racism, and intolerance”.

      They use the false banners of “diversity and inclusiveness” as justification to reach their real agenda.

      • David Ashton

        Quite correct. Same in UK as in US.

    • Not every country that has displayed world leadership in the last 2000 years has been either an officially or unofficially Christian country. That’s because Christianity isn’t meant to be a worldly guarantee of anything, and those who preach that it is are engaging in blasphemy, IMHO.

  • Charles_Peterson

    The Asians go to schools to study and not be cheerleaders at sports games. And they don’t buy into liberal academia’s diversity stupidity.

  • Terry

    Richard Lynn said in an interview with Alex Kurtagic

    ‘I am deeply pessimistic about the future of the European peoples
    because mass immigration of third world peoples will lead to these
    becoming majorities in the United States and western Europe during the
    present century. I think this will mean the destruction of European
    civilization in these countries. I think the scenarios are only
    marginally better for Canada, Australia, New Zealand. European
    civilization may survive in Eastern Europe, including Russia. However,
    Eastern Europe will be no match for China. With the introduction of a
    market economy it has developed rapidly during the last two decades, and
    is projected to overtake the United States to become the world’s
    largest economy in approximately 10 years, and in as little as 20 years
    the Chinese gross domestic product is on course to nearly double that of
    the United States. With its high average IQ of 105, its powerful
    economy, and its large population of around 1.3 billion, it seems
    inevitable that China will become the world super-power sometime in the
    coming century, and probably sooner rather than later. I am profoundly
    thankful for the existence of the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. The
    torch of civilization will pass to them.

    • David Ashton

      Lynn compares the multiracial enfeeblement of western societies by immigration and miscegenation with the homogeneity of the East Asians. One may prefer a future in which the latter may re-organize the world, suppress the Islamic threat and replace Europe as the imperial power in China, rather than the collapse of humankind in total chaos and disorder. But we would prefer White “Supremacy” to Yellow “Peril” rather than surrender deliberately to racial pessimism and prematurely to celebrate a Mongoloid world-order.

  • Roger

    It was probably Plato and Aristotle who first popularized eugenics:

    • David Ashton

      This is a good point well documented in David Galton’s article. He has been involved in a – fairly hopeless – attempt within the Galton Institute (of which I am another longstanding Life Member) to find an alternative word for “eugenics” because of the bad name the Nazis allegedly gave it. I am not certain that the German Lebensborn institution, which he mentions, was originally designed as a state breeding program. It simply provided homes for illegitimate babies, though restricted to non-Jews (presumably Jews in the prewar period had their own separate facilities as in other social/cultural affairs).
      In any event, the humanitarian principles and the painless methods of mainstream voluntary eugenics have nothing whatever to do with mass-murder. This is another left-egalitarian smear.

  • Chisle

    I have qualms with Eugenics only because people tend to take it too far. If the government begins with people choosing the best offspring, before long it will become something people feel like they must do, and then the government starts mandating it. By introducing eugenics, we are opening the door for a permanent two tear society of the haves and have-nots and government meddling in the most personal part of people’s lives.

    • David Ashton

      The object of eugenics is to reduce the have-not tier.
      Government need not subsidize people who keep having children they cannot support.
      Israel is making progress in reducing Tay-Sachs disease by genetic counselling.

  • TheSiniticMongoloid

    The Chinaman’s Burden:

    The Chinaman’s story is the greatest story never told. Over 200 years ago he was a mere slave to the foreign and corrupt Manchu Qing dynasty that gave endless concessions to western powers. The White man considered him culturally and anthropologically beneath the American Negro when he arrived on the shores of San Francisco. Southern China wrecked itself in the mid 1800s with simultaneous rebellions that historians estimate caused the deaths of 60-80 million Chinese. Mao called the rebels of the 1850 Taiping rebellion, 1854 Miao rebellion, and 1856 Muslim rebellion “early revolutionaries”. In the 1950’s Mao was terrified by the White man’s (USSR & USA) nuclear armaments and decided to simply double its population from 500 million to 1 billion in a matter of decades. In the late 1970’s, Mao’s successor Deng Xiaoping was prepared for an “all out war” with the Soviet Union if it dared to come to the aid of North Vietnam in the aftermath of the brief 1979 Sino-Vietnamese conflict. Hundreds of millions of Chinese civilians were mobilized and millions of troops sent to guard its north western border. After all, he had the full backing of the USA because the US capitalists were so eager to begin to integrate China into their world order. The IMF bank then orders the CCP to control its’ population by whatever means and the Chinese leaders respond by saying, “with the CCP, you have nothing to worry about” and so began the one child policy along with mass female infanticide. China is now the world’s 2nd largest economy and soon to be largest in a matter of decades. There is an old famous Chinatown saying from the gold rush days that the masses of unmarried Chinese coolies used to mutter “America has no place for the Chinaman”. This is the man to set an example for a just world order.

    • razorrare

      “Mass Female Infanticide”…??? Is that what you call purposefully starving teen-age orphaned Chinese girls who were being literally starved to death in their state run orphanages…isnt the proper more accurate term, Female Gendercide…and to my knowledge such a despicable & inhumane practice is still occurring in China’s state run orphanges to this day.Inferring that female gendercide put into practice by the chinese leaders was the result of jewish bankers dosent get the chinese off the hook…nor does their culinary taste for aborted fetuses,especially for those fetuses that made it outside the womb. Is it the IMF bank fault that China culture also treat White men & women’s best friend , the dog , worse than a crawling worm and find it very edible…of course what they do to the dog before killing it to make it more satisfyingly edible is so sickening & repulsive i dont even want to comment on it…do want you want to do in China…we dont care…we just dont want your chinese culture exported here…because in a few generations will be treating our best friend just like you and will think nothing of it about eating cooked fetuses.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        It’s time we started posting some of the SICK things the Chinese do to aborted fetuses and dogs. The following is from the article by William Pierce you sent me (As gruesome as they must be, I wish he’d posted the photos as further proof). I’ve seen the videos of the dogs cowering in cages awaiting their turn to be skinned alive, screaming and then hung up on meat hooks for customers to view. It was truly horrifying. I’ve had Asians supremacists tell me right here on AmRen: “well, you Whites do the same thing!”

        I defy anyone to find this being done by Whites in the US or Canada.

        The article was one of the most disturbing I’ve read in the past year — but it needs to be widely published and disseminated. Chinese have been caught poaching in California — including endangered species like black abalone :

        The Chinese eat babies and see nothing wrong in it. And what they do to cats and dogs they get their hands on is too horrible, too sickening, for me to describe here. What they do to cats and dogs is much worse than just eating them. But to get back to babies: I had heard reports from time to time about the Chinese custom of eating babies in the belief that it is an especially healthy thing to do. For a modern nuclear superpower, the Chinese have some strange ideas about health. These ideas have nearly wiped out a number of species of wild animals because of the insatiable Chinese demand for their body parts.

        Ground rhinoceros horn is in such demand that it has seriously threatened the rhinoceros with extinction. The same sort of demand exists for tiger penises and various bear parts.

        Human babies are harder to get for eating, and I imagine that there are laws in China about killing babies for that purpose. But there seems to be no law against eating aborted human fetuses. A number of hospitals in China that perform abortions sell the aborted fetuses for eating. The smaller fetuses are cooked in a soup. The late-term fetuses are eaten more like roast suckling pig. The Chinese government understandably is a little bashful about having Western journalists publicize this sort of thing, just as it is bashful about having Western journalists film what the Chinese do to cats and dogs. Not to worry, though: Western journalists understand that it would be the worst kind of “no, no” to publish such information in the West; it might dampen the public’s enthusiasm for more togetherness with the Chinese.

        Despite the effort on both sides to keep these peculiar customs of the Chinese from becoming better known in the West, information is available to the diligent seeker. I recently acquired photographs taken in a restaurant in China of a Chinese man eating what is quite plainly recognizable as a late-term human fetus. The photographs are shocking and disgusting to me, and I imagine that they also will be shocking and disgusting to the average American lemming. They won’t be shocking to Chinese, of course. Eating fetuses is no stranger to them than, say, the habit of eating snails in garlic sauce is to a Frenchman.

        The significance I see in the Chinese habit of eating fetuses, even if only the wealthier Chinese can afford them, is more than simply a difference between us and the Chinese in culinary tastes or in ideas of what’s healthy. A society that sees nothing wrong in eating babies, a race that finds this habit acceptable, is profoundly different from ours. The difference is far deeper than language or skin color or facial features.

        Yeah, but according to the prevailing wisdom in the US, “we are all the same” and “one culture is just as valid as the next.” BS!!

        Dr. Pierce ends the article with this:

        A race that does this is profoundly different from our own.

        If they want to eat Chinese fetuses, I don’t care — so long as they do it in China, not here. But they will be doing it here if we permit the criminal insanity of multiculturalism to continue. And it won’t be just Chinese who’ll be doing it. Think how much the customs and the morals of White Americans already have changed under the influence of the multiculturalism we already have here.

        Wise man, Dr. Pierce.


        • razorrare

          Thankyou for reposting Pierces’s article…he was and still is the best…you may have already seen this article but even if you have its always worth it to revisit it…it includes a video which you can watch at the end of the article titled…Billy Graham and the famous Nixon Tape,Should Christians Support Israel…I was really disheartened to see so many Amren readers and posters attacking and blaming Christianity for Illegal & Legal Immigration and Multiracialism at the article thread titled “Evangelicals Mobilie 100,000 Christian Churches for I was a Stranger—I should have posted this link there as well.The article itself is one of the best articles i have ever read in concerning who is really to blame for all of the ills of Western Culture & Christianity….been experiencing many problems with disques as of late…not sure if it is the problem or something more nefarious & sinister…Keep up the Spirit…always appreciate your responses.

        • razorrare

          Bon,thankyou for reposting parts of Pierces article…he was an is a very wise man…made a reply to you and it was removed so am trying again…ever since the thread article titled Evangelicals Mobilize 100,000 Churches for I Was a Stranger i have been exxperiencing problems due to disques or other nefarious reasons…Thought you might find this article useful as well…wish i had posted this link at the title thread Evangelicals Mobilize 100,000 Churches…i was so disheartened to see so many amren readers attacking and blaming Christianity for massive immigration and multiracialism at a site that is supposed to be pro-Western values…Its one of the best articles i could find that really shows who the N0.1 culprit is…fascinating article…at the end make sure to view the video….Billy Graham and the Famous Nixon Tape…Should Christians Support Israel?…Thanks again and always appreciate reading your posts.

        • razorrare

          watch this…not hard to believe chinese would tolerate the eating of aborted fetuses when they ignored a little 2 year old chinese girl getting run over by two vehicles…a similiar incident took place here in U.S. but that involved a 79 year old black man that was run over while black pedestrians ignored it…while people like us are called racist and anti-semites who are by our very nature compassionate would at least try and prevent another motorist from hitting them…

          • Truth Speaker

            Compassionate drone strikes on children, why didn’t we think of it? Regardless, the “eating fetuses” thing is a hoax, work on your common sense.

          • razorrare

            Not a hoax…Dr.William Pierce was a man of Character,Truth,&Courage & more…as far as your compassionate drone statement i believe your referring to a liberal drone who goes by the name obama…is that Truth Speaker or Double speak your spewing…either way i have no time for asian or jewish or simply self-White haters to respond to—consider your troll self ignored.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Great answer.

            Amazing isn’t it, how these anti-Whites expend so much time and effort bashing and denigrating Whites. They come up with every lame excuse they can to justify and rationalize their hateful agenda of White eradication — “because of history,” “because of Hitler,” “because of slavery*,”. They favor a system of force to put an end to the White race.

            How sick and twisted is that?

            Nothing justifies the genocide of White children.

            These anti-Whites are useful idiots, plying a role like trained seals or Pavlov’s dogs barking out the marxist slogans of their freaky, anti-White cult leaders. Who else but a sick psychopath could even deign to promote the eradication of a race of people?

            I’ve asked White haters here and on other forums how and why they came to hate Whites so much and to stop supporting hateful, global genocide policies against Whites. But I continue to get the same weak excuses barked out…”because of history,” “if you look at history.”

            They are completely impervious to logic, rational thought or facts — a true sign of brainwashing!

            I wanted to thank you for the links, your support and the kind words.

            As I told David Ashton below, I have found myself many times on this forum alone against swarms and armies of these brainwashed zombie robots who are doing the bidding of their handlers and masters. I’ve found Courtney in the same situation as well, alone and under attack by swarms of Asian supremacists and sick, pro-Asian Whites– wondering why no one else here offered support.

            This leaves me little hope for the White race. Sheeple led to slaughter, because that will be the end result of this, the slaughter of the White race. We are already being dehumanized and told we don’t exist.

            It’s easy to eliminate people who “don’t exist” or are considered non-humans. I will continue to fight back against this, alone if I have to because it is pure, unadulterated evil to promote the genocide of my race.


            *The slave trade was NOT conducted by Whites, but it is Whites who put an end to it with great loss of White lives.

          • David Ashton

            The reply to those who note that their computers were produced in China is that our children are produced in the USA and Europe, and that our past history must remain in our truthful hands and our future too.

          • razorrare

            Thankyou for all your kind words but all the thanks go to you…You and Courtney and others do have alot of support…just because it might seem that way dosent make it true…In fact,commentators from the Political Cesspool,James Edwards & Keith Alexander gave as an example why so few people called into their radio program…cause they were concerned about their calls being monitored by such anti-American groups like the ADL & others…No need to name them,everyone pretty much know who they are.I personally am aware that all telephone calls/records are monitored by two Israeli companies who were named by Fox news–at least 10-15 years ago– who were doing an investigation of it then abruptly dropped their investigation.Even the DEA had been complaining about it…Now of course we have to be aware of the Patriot Act,that has given our govt the power to arrest us if we fall under suspicion of being a “terroist”…refer back to The “birdman link” i gave…thankyou very much for making me aware of the “birdman”…yes,that article was written in 1990!!! And they were seriously then thinking on charging & trying in a court of law a White 22 year old for merely putting a sticker on a stop sign telling White people to Wake Up—as an act of Terroism!!!….Fast forward to 2013–23 years later and just look at what has transpired since 1990 when the ADL and our govt was gonna try a White kid with terroism…they got all their blocks in place…and that is why guns right now are flying off gun-dealers shelves.Like the Birdman stated in his very last sentence of that 1990 article…Some of us White men & women aint gonna go down without a fight…and should that happen all other races will be worse off than us,because somethings are much worse than death…besides,as a person of the Faith I believe we are only here a little while,Earth is a temporary Home.Christ will destroy the synogogue of Satan in the end times here on Earth when he returns–it is then that the fat Lady and I will sing with joy.God supports those who hate the synogouge of Satan.What greater support can you have than that.Good will be the final victor.
            Yes,the slave trade historically has been run by a synogogue of Satanist who blame White gentiles for everything for things that they have created & are responsible for…In fact the synogogue of Satanists have been enslaving White gentiles for centuries and now they simply want to commit mass genocide against us…getting rid of their most formidable foe forever…but i have Faith the forever part is not going to happen.

        • razorrare

          I have no stomach for viewing aborted fetuses let alone Chinese people eating them…but if you simply google Chinese eating Fetuses you will get 31,000,000 hits…many articles/investigations substantiate the practice of chinese eating fetuses and others try to discredit it…viewing this stomach churning nauseating spectacle of chinese eating fetuses should be a private matter…and if one so chooses just simply google Chinese Eating Fetuses.

    • potato78

      Brainwash is so so so powerful.

      If more people like you, I don’t know how long US will last as #1?

  • potato78

    You have to eat Asian foods. Then you could get silky white tender skin with more flexible body and stay younger forever without body hair.

    “The physical appeal of Asian women is undeniable. Their long, silky
    hair…slim, firm, petite bodies…and even the graceful way that they walk.
    (Asian women tend to move in a poised, sensuous way — while many
    Western women tend to stride or charge ahead in a more determined,
    almost masculine, manner — like an NFL linebacker looking to put a hit
    on the quarterback!)”

  • LHathaway

    “I don’t think Taiwan will rejoin the mainland, any more than Canada will voluntarily join the United States”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a white country in the future consisting of the pacific northwest along with most of Canada. Wouldn’t surprise me. . .

  • Sarah

    Basically this said is for racist trolls.

    Nothing of intelligence to see here people, move on.

  • This is, frankly, total nonsense. There’s too much wrong with it to summarise in a single comment, so I’ve written out my full response here:

    • Agreed. But you have to admit- sounds like a good screenplay for some paranoid apocalyptic movie. And- throw some vampires in, please.

  • potato78

    “Men account for about 55 percent of China’s luxury goods market, well
    above the global average of 40 percent, according to research from
    brokerage CLSA, partly because businessmen often buy expensive gifts to
    curry favor with government officials or potential associates.”–sector.html

  • ronald54321

    Good for China.

  • Gunrunner1

    Well, a good start would be to remove the disgenic populations that are choking the White base population, namely the Mexicans and the blacks.

    Possibility of Success: 100%
    Possibility of Being Implemented: 0%

    Alternatively, a portion of the USA could be set aside for Whites, as a White Homeland.

    Possibility of Success: 100%
    Possibility of Being implemented 0%

    Or we could Pay Whites to marry good genetic Matches, say by saying to a guy or a gal, “If you marry and have children with anyone on this list, Society will pay for your house.

    Possibility of Success: 80%
    Possibility of Being Implemented: 10%

  • China will succeed because China deals with reality–at least more than the West does.