Top 10 Reasons Why Communities of Color Should Care About Stricter Gun-Violence Prevention Laws

Morriah Kaplan and Sophia Kerby, American Progress, January 17, 2013

{snip} While the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School is perhaps one of the most appalling instances of gun violence we have ever seen, it was far removed from the kind of gun violence that is both more common and more lethal in the United States today. Acts of gun violence take approximately 30,000 American lives every year, and gun violence is one of the leading causes of death among teens. {snip}

As the following facts show, communities and families of color disproportionately suffer from gun violence. Here are 10 reasons why communities of color have a great stake in the public discourse on violence prevention.

1. People of color account for the majority of gun-violence victims. There are large racial disparities in homicide rates due to gun violence. The gun-homicide rate for black males is 2.4 times as high as that of Latino males, and it is 15.3 times as high as the rate for non-Hispanic white males. Murder and non-negligent manslaughter victims are most frequently black or Latino, with blacks comprising 67 percent of victims and Latinos comprising 28.1 percent. Blacks make up roughly 13 percent of the U.S. population, but in 2010—the last year for which data is available—they suffered 56 percent of all firearm homicides.

2. Gun violence is one of the leading causes of death for teens of color. Guns cause the deaths of thousands of teens each year. In 2008 and 2009 gun homicide was the leading cause of death among black teens, and the rates of gun-related deaths are highest for black male teens. For black families, the chance of a male child dying from a gunshot wound is 62 percent higher than the chance of him dying in a motor-vehicle crash. In 2010 American Indian male teens had the second-highest rate of gun-related deaths, with 19.3 gun-related deaths per 100,000 teens. Latino male teens followed, with 17.8 per 100,000. In contrast,white male teens had the second-lowest rate, with only 9.4 per 100,000.

3. Gun violence is a vicious cycle. {snip}

4. Gun injuries disproportionately affect communities of color. Of the 34,347 children and teens who suffered gun injuries in the United States in 2008 and 2009, almost half were black, and more than one-fifth were Latino. Black teens alone are 25 times more likely to be injured by a gun than white teens.

5. People of color strongly support gun-violence prevention. As people of color suffer higher rates of gun violence, it is not surprising that they strongly support stricter gun laws. Forty-nine percent of people of color are in favor of stricter gun-violence prevention.

6. The militarization of school safety and orderliness most heavily impacts children of color. In the wake of recent school shootings, members of the National Rifle Association, the nation’s largest gun lobby, have suggested putting armed police officers in every school. But research shows that increased police presence in schools disproportionately affects youth of color, driving the school-to-prison pipeline and leading to youths’ unnecessary involvement in the justice system. {snip} Black boys in particular are three times more likely to be suspended than white boys, and black girls are four times more likely to be suspended than white girls.

7. Gun violence is concentrated in urban and poor neighborhoods, which tend to be populated predominately by people of color. In 2006 and 2007 the 62 center cities of America’s 50 largest metro areas accounted for only 15 percent of the population but 39 percent of gun-related murders. This ratio is only growing: In 2011 there were record highs of gun violence in cities such as Chicago and Detroit. {snip}

8. The cost of gun violence is a significant burden on the health care system. Firearm-related injuries generally require hospitalization and significant emergency center resources. In 2005 U.S hospitals charged $108.4 million to care for about 10,000 victims of firearm injuries. {snip}

9. Gun violence poses a significant cost to society. Once all the direct and indirect medical, legal, and societal costs are added together, the annual cost of gun violence in America amounts to roughly $100 billion. According to studies done at the University of Chicago, every crime-related gunshot wound imposes costs on society to the order of $1 million. {snip}

10. A two-sided approach, including better background checks and prevention programs, is crucial. {snip}


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  • Michael_C_Scott

    I am very much in favor of gun violence with cheap plastic assault weapons firing cop-killer bullets against homosexual vegetarian Persons of Color.

  • SheikYerbouti

    Nobody seems to care that black communities are the world’s petri dishes for Aids and STD research. It’s also where you can learn some of the most chicken shiite ways to “fight”. Usually 5 on 1 to ensure “victory” over the victim (it’s only an opponent when it’s 1 on 1).

    • NM156

      As far as AIDS etc. are concerned, the white left considers these not problems, but part of diversity and don’t address them at all. White, left wing, professional urbanites never ever talk about minority violence and unless they’re surrounded by it on their periphery. As Zappa said about the left, “everything’s OK, as long as it doesn’t cause a murder.”

      • OlderWoman

        I worked for Zappa’s manager for two years. Met with him at his house, drove him around because he wouldn’t get a drivers license. Believe me, Frank was a leftist! But, he and I got along well. He knew I was from the South. He told me he liked Southerners best because of how they treated him and his band. This was in the day of “Sheik Yerbouti” and “Joe’s Garage”.

        • NM156

          FZ was best categorized as a libertarian. He couldn’t stand the religious right, but supported Reagan’s low-tax, anti-Communist policies. The evangelicals were after rock-and-rollers from heavy metal bands to avant garde artists such as Zappa. Zappa never used drugs during the ’60s and ’70s and never drank, having been subject to the drug-addled environs of Hollywood/SoCal counterculture of that time. He also despised the public school system and pulled his kids out of them as soon as the law would allow. Today, he would be considered a conservative, no doubt, if only because of his anti-govt., anti-tax views. FZ was a dedicated family man. I was too young too see him live, unfortunately. His band was killer. My jaw dropped after watching a YouTube video of his horn section play Jimmy Page’s solo from Stairway to Heaven, an assignment for them just because it was so technically difficult as a horn section. Anyway, thanks for the cool story!

          • OlderWoman

            What ticked me off was that following Tipper Gore’s ‘reign of terror’ on rock stars (she included him on her list), Frank and Gail became friends of Al and Tipper. Gail gave huge amounts of money to the Democrat party.
            Frank despised drugs and never used them. In fact, he told me tales of other stars who he said abused drugs. You’d be surprised at some of their names. I won’t name them here as it wouldn’t be proper.

            Frank’s drink was espresso, in fact, he had Gail make it for the two of us. She was a very unpleasant woman, but a good wife and mother. I was there when he was building his studio. His house is the color blueberry. Diva was born during this period of time, Ahmet was just a little boy. They had a parrot named Bird Reynolds.

            I disagree with you about Franks politics had he lived. He would have been more liberal than libertarian. He knew I was Christian but that never came up. I just helped him out a number of times and was rewarded by visiting him in his home unbeknownst to Bennett, his manager. I was his copyright director, I was fierce and protected his interests when people infringed his rights. I also went through the lawsuit against Warner Bros. Interesting times.

          • NM156

            The Zappas befriended the Gores?! Yikes! Zappa and Tipper were mortal enemies because of the PMRC back in the ’80s. From what I’ve read of FZ and his family, Gail seemed to be frumpy grumpy.

          • OlderWoman

            Al had told Frank he had played his albums in college and respected his work. This was YEARS after Tippers letter to Franks publishing companies about the content of his albums. They became fast friends because of their gift to the DNC. And YES, a resounding YES, Gail is large, major league frumpy.

          • Ron

            Very cool!

  • jay11

    Wait till 3-d printers are in every home and the ghettos are producing bazookas and AK’s in the projects!

    • Remember, if they can use it, we can use it. I dare say that people that look like us will find using a 3D printer not quite as difficult as the typical ghetto resident will. You know, the kind of ghetto man whose prison mugshots have those kinds of “I was never home and I’ll never will be” look about them that Norm notices they tend to have.

      • Non Humans

        Not only that, but we will be able to afford them sooner, too. We won’t have to save up over 3-4 welfare cycles to buy them.

        • HaroldWesterling

          Welfare? A lot of them now have 6 figure incomes thanks to mandated diversity quotas with the Federal Government…they will probably just take them from their workplace anyway…

    • The__Bobster

      So they will be used by the same people who used defective Saturday night specials? For some reason, that doesn’t have me cowering in fear.

  • MekongDelta69

    American Progress is another leftist rag.

    They stated 10 PC reasons and left out the most obvious one. (On purpose of course.)
    Guns cause the deaths of thousands of teens each year.”

    No, you two idiotic groveling white leftist feminoids – GUNS don’t CAUSE anything.

    Reason # .000001
    BLACKS (and BROWNS) are the CAUSE of all the gun violence.

  • Triarius

    Top ten reasons why communities of color are piles of —-

    1. People of color
    2. People of color
    3. People of color
    4. People of color
    5. People of color
    6. People of color
    7. People of color
    8. People of color
    9. People of color
    10.People of color

    • NYB

      The euphemism ‘people of color’ is used so that the finger isn’t pointed specifically at blacks. Blacks are lumped in with Asians and East Indians, to obfuscate the truth.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        In Science black, or darkness, is considered the absence of color while white consists of all the colors in the rainbow, so whites are people of color, and blacks represent the absence of something (intelligence, honesty, integrity, etc).

      • SintiriNikos

        True, they should just say blacks and hispanics and be done with it.

  • JohnEngelman

    The relationship between gun control laws and violent crime is less obvious than partisans on either side of the dispute will admit. The relationship between incarceration and the crime rate is clear. Since 1980 the prison population has tripled. The crime rate has declined by one third.

    “In 2005, homicide victimization rates for blacks were 6 times higher than the rates for whites.”

    Blacks have more reason than whites to desire a continuing expansion of the prison population.

    When I told a black friend that I had been mugged he said, “A [n word] will kill you for a ten dollar bill. When I walk down the street if I see [plural n word] ahead I cross the street.”

    • The__Bobster

      American whites murder at about the same rate as whites in countries with
      strict gun control, American “Hispanics” murder at about the same rate as they
      do in their native countries, which generally have strict gun control, and that
      American blacks murder at about the same rate as blacks do world wide, mostly in
      countries with strict gun control.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am confident that what the article says is true, but the author does not document his factual assertions with sources that command universal respect.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          You are “confident” that this is true, but you demand everyone else produce “sources” when we say something with which you disagree.

          You, sir, are a hypocrite.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      That was my policy with snakes when I was living in Australia, as when one of those things bites you, you’re pretty much a goner. I always walked briskly away from them, but no snake in the world wants money or would hurt someone just for the enjoyment of doing so, quite unlike the orcs of the Knoxville Horror variety.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Nobody here believes you were actually “mugged”, John. Get over it.

  • John

    When I hear leftist Whites discussing ways to prevent urban Blacks and Browns from having full access to guns, it sickens me. Likewise, when I hear conservative Whites discussing ways to prevent Blacks and Browns from having full access to abortions and drugs, it sickens me.
    Blacks and Browns should have unlimited access to guns, abortion clinics, and the booze and drugs of their choice, regardless of age. Likewise, it is a social crime to impose the White man’s laws regarding prostitution on the Black and Brown communities. Blacks and Browns should be allowed to engage in unlimited prostitution.
    Stop forcing them to go to school! Stop forcing them to disarm! Stop forcing them to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and prostitution! Stop it! It’s racist, like everything else, so just stop it and let nature take its course!

    • The__Bobster

      Leftist Whites live in major cities and don’t want to be shot by urban blacks, so they want to disarm everyone to be “fair”.

      • OlderWoman

        ‘…so they want to disarm everyone to be “fair”.

        Then, they’re shot by urban blacks.

    • kjh64

      Better yet, how about just transport these people back to their homelands or set aside an area in the USA just for them and run by them.If we have to pay for their welfare, at least let’s pay for their welfare when they are somewhere else.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      Not a bad idea, but you really have to set up some safeguards to keep them out of white neighborhoods. Something like a modern day version of “sundown towns” and the ever present threat of extreme violence if they are “Diversifying in a non-diversifying zone”.

    • Liberalsuck

      I just hope whites are stupid enough to willingly turn over their firearms. If anybody wants mine–cop, military, criminal–I am willing to shed blood and be willing to die in the process.

  • IKantunderstand

    The restrictive gun laws in Chicago are a model that should be adopted across the country. I mean, come on! What an unbridled success! Look, I don’t care that “people of color” are killing each other. I don’t.Those of us who are viewing reality, know that all the gun laws in the world, will never stop criminals from acquiring guns. Unless, the U.S. government, does a house to house of invasion and confiscation. And, that will only work for a little while. Trust me, criminals will still somehow manage to get guns. Because I believe the only hope for humanity, is the further existence of Whites on the planet, I say, we must defend our rights under the 2nd Amendment. With our guns.

    • liberalsuck

      If they send out feds or UN troops or military going door to door for guns, I am willing to bet local sheriffs, local cops and, of course, the armed citizens will fight back. Sheriffs in small towns generally don’t like Feds.

  • bigone4u

    The PC phrase “communities of color” in the headline makes me laugh. Not that many years ago it would have been called a word that starts with “n” and ends with “ville.”

    “…every crime-related gunshot wound imposes costs on society to the order of $1 million.” There is something economically out of whack with a country that imposes a $1 million cost on taxpayers every time a “person of color” whacks another person of color over an argument over a piece of fried chicken. This kind of price gouging of the working and middle class is unacceptable to me. It’s one reason I am moving out of an urban area into a rural area in a state that provides minimal “services” to persons of color.

    • liberalsuck

      Whites and Asians are pretty much law-abiding and civilized, even the ones of us who own firearms. It’s the blacks and Hispanic communities where all this gun violence is coming from.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I’d like to know how “increased police presence in schools disproportionately affects youth of color, driving the school-to-prison pipeline and leading to youths’ unnecessary involvement in the justice system.” I’d say the involvement is ‘necessary’ to curb the behavior the police are trying to deal with.

    • Translation: Not only should blacks be exempt from being held officially accountable for their criminal behavior, we shouldn’t even consider blacks’ behavior criminal at all. If Ne’D’Mario kills Quay’shawn over a piece of bling necklace, we should stop thinking of that act as criminal murder, and start looking at it for what it is, a cry for help and a plea for social justice long denied to people through hundreds of years of slavery and segregation.

      You clearly need to brush up on your Toure.

  • kjh64

    The problem is not gun laws as most all shootings in “neighborhoods of color” are committed by firearms gained illegally. The problem is caused by the people themselves, their lack of morality and their propensity towards violence.

  • Luis

    This articler is a crock of mugabedung. It says 40% of guns are purchased at gun shows – that’s straight from the Brady Bunch. Less that half of the 30,000 gun deaths are homicides – the majority being suicides.

    Who is driving the “gun violence”? This article makes it sound like guns are killing people all by themselves with NO ONE pulling the trigger. Heck, that’s like saying Marie Antoinette was killed by “guillotine violence”, or Jews were killed by “oven” and “shower” violence in the Nazi death camps.

    • The real figure (quote-unquote) was 36%, it came from a Clinton admin/Brady Bunch study, before the Brady Act passed. The real world figure today is that only 10% of firearms transactions are done without an NCIC background check, many of those are personal buys between relatives or inheritances from one relative to another. However, just because the transaction happens to take place without a check doesn’t mean that Federal and state laws relating to who cannot own firearms don’t apply. If you private sell or will your gun to a prohibited person, he or she is still a prohibited person and if exposed, will probably have the gun seized from him or her, and if you’re still living, you’re going up the river for selling to a prohibited person.

      Another bromide is this figure that “millions” of sales have been stopped b/c of the NICS. As you probably know, most of those denials turn out to be false positives, that are eventually resolved in favor of the buyer who turns out to be an allowed person all along.

      Meanwhile, in St. Louis:

      • NM156

        What about this “gun show loophole” that the media brings up constantly? Are buyers at gun shows subject to background checks?

        • Tim

          In many States a private owner of a used gun can sell to a private individual without any back ground checks..

          • Liberalsuck

            I’ve bought a firearm from a private sale. It’s not illegal where I live and, no, I’m not a felon or a wifebeater or a drug user or a dishonorably discharged vet or a mental case

        • If you buy from a licensed dealer at an exposition, you have to go through a NICS check. If two people meet up randomly at a show and arrange a private sale, you don’t have to go through a NICS check. But shows aren’t where most check-less transactions take place. Too, I would very cautious of doing private buys with people you only meet at these shows, because most of them are probably pidegons looking to score takedowns for the ATF, or media trolls trolling for a story, or agents of politicians looking for talking points.

          “Gun show loophole” is really the private purchase “loophole,” which again isn’t a loophole because it doesn’t negate laws about who can’t own or possess guns.

          • NM156

            Thanks for the reply.

        • Ron

          I have bought and sold many in a public bulletin board publication in my area. The Guns & Ammo section is usually 2 or 3 pages long and full of people buying and selling everything that you could imagine, even guns that require FFLs to buy or sell.

    • anonymous

      Blacks and browns are committing the vast majority of gun crimes. The people who need the firearms are the whites; we are the most law-abiding and we know the blacks especially will use them on us. Don’t think so?

  • shattered

    Let’s see, the FBI 2010 statistics show 15,094 murders total (out of 311 million people) with the largest group responsible being African-American males (e.g. streetgang) murdering other African-American males. It’s obviously not clear why Obama is taking away non-African-American gun rights across the nation.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      It’s obviously clear. President Orangutan and his hench-things are evil.

  • Non Humans

    1.) Non-Humans are victimized by other non-humans with guns.
    2.) Non-Humans kill other Non-humans with guns.
    3.) Non-Humans have a lack of impulse control. Thus a non-human killing a non-human (non-crime) is likely to lead to another non-human killing another non-human (another non-crime).
    4.) Non-Humans are 25x more likely to be shot by other non-humans.
    5.) Non-Humans favor strict gun-control to make burglary, rape, robbery, and torture safer ventures for them. It could also give an advantage in the prospect of shooting at some other non-humans, as they would be less likely to return fire.
    6.) Preventing natural non-human behaviors beez rayciss.
    7.) Non-Human ghettos tend to be warzones. Non-Humans simply cannot help themselves from shooting at other non-humans in their areas of habitation.
    8.) Humans end up paying a very disproportionate amount of healthcare funding because non-humans posses and exhibit an extreme lack of impulse control (ie shooting other non-humans).
    9.) Because our libtarded government and media refuse to recognize the factual cause of the majority of violent crimes committed, humans (again) end up paying for a disproportionate burden created by non-humans and their natural lifestyles.
    10.) We will, once again, place the focus on those who are in no way responsible for the natural behaviors of the non-humans, in an effort to make them more susceptible to the natural criminal and violent tendencies of the non-humans.

  • NM156

    Gun murders and gun violence did not come close to setting any record in 2011. In fact, in Chicago, the number of murders in 2011 was half the number of murders in 1991.

    • Luis

      In terms of raw numbers, Chicago had 970 homicides in 1974. That’s the high-water mark. Like I said earlier, this article is a crock of mugabedung.

  • George

    As to point 6:

    Yes. Putting a cop in every school means that more blacks and hispanics are dealt with by the criminal justice system. That is how it should be.

    The 2005 Safe Schools Act of Ontario (Canada, not California) was repealed because of ‘disparate impact’. The Act stated that a student that brings a weapon or drugs in to a school, or assaults a teacher or fellow student would be expelled. Finito. Can you guess where the problem lay? Can you guess who complained? Yep. Urban blacks, and to a lesser extent (native) Indians. The same groups that fill our jails and welfare rolls.

    Blacks, irrespective of family income, are more violent than are whites. They are more dangerous to society. They have proven themselves unable to function in a modern, post-industrial world.

    We don’t need to tinker with the 2nd Amendment. We *do* need to tinker with the 13th.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Putting a cop in every school will result in the loopy left screaming bloody murder every time N’DeShawantavious is arrested for stabbing Jorge for “disrespecting” him by saying “Que?” because Jorge can’t understand plain English, let alone Ebonics.

  • Sam

    She keeps on talking about gun violence as if it’s some impersonal force of nature, like tornadoes. I don’t think that’s what it is!

    Or perhaps, gun violence is like some toxic pollutant produced by evil white organizations and dumped into “communities of color” the same as they might dump industrial waste. It’s always YT’s fault.

    The reality is, people of color (who are not CJK) commit violence and whites try to move as far away as we can and we need to buy guns to protect ourselves and when the EBTs run out of money we will need AR-15s and as many loaded mags as a strong man can carry.

    The whole gun control debate is about disarming NRA members (conservative whites) to facilitate ethnic cleansing of that hated group. Meanwhile conservative whites seek to own guns to stop this ethnic cleansing from happening.

    It all comes down to ethnic cleansing. White flight = ethnic cleansing.

    • Blaak Obongo

      Oh, so gun control is “Stricter Gun-Violence Prevention Laws,” now, is it? Well, that’s okay, then, isn’t it? And here I thought banning/restricting/confiscating was about banning, restricting and confiscating. Now I see it’s just Gun-Violence Prevention Laws. Whew.

      Media Newspeak makes me sick.

  • african negroid communities

    Communities of color? WTF? My my how the cowardly media tiptoes and pussyfoots around when dealing with non-white urban areas who commit 99% of all murderers including Obamas Chicago who leads the way yet he says not a single word.
    We know Obama his his scum delight in white liberals who commit mass murders on that unexpected rare occasion although it is very bizarre that his 4 years have seen more of these acts than any other president.

  • anonymous

    Instead of admitting blacks and browns commit most of the gun violence, they will take rights away from whites who are responsible with guns. One, they don’t want whites to have “special privileges” that blacks/brown don’t get and/or are too irresponsible to exercise in an intelligent, safe manner and, two, they want to disarm the white population to kill us off.

  • The Sandy Hook shooting was a Hoax, it was a drill. Even the Chicago news announcer stated so the day after the shooting. he may not even have realized that he stated it when he said something like, “It looks like they were doing a drill.” He even stated that the Governor of Connecticut stated that the state of Connecticut does drills like that all the time. The school principle even announced on the PA that they were doing a drill. It was a staged event, nobody died. There are crisis actors that do this sort of thing and get paid for it. This is what happened at Aurora Colorado. Nobody there was killed either. The stupid Obama administration is doing this to get the guns a way from the American people. That is all that is happening. Don’t give your guns up.

    • OlderWoman

      You’re a conspiracy theorist aren’t you? And you must listen to Alex Jones and Jeff Rense. I did until I realized Jones and Rense are just sensationalists who protect some people and ‘expose’ others for money. They’re agents of disinfo.

  • USMC Gunny

    OK, so I am supposed to allow my Constitutional rights to be infringed because “people of color” can’t behave like civilized human beings? Oh how nice.

  • Charles_Peterson

    They should care about the over-breeding of negroids for welfare benefits. They have to compete for limited space and see each other as competition.

    We need to stop offering any more assistance after the first child.

    • OlderWoman

      We need to chemically castrate the men (especially the ones in prison) and give hysterectomies to the women.

  • Chas No

    It’s not surprising that 49% of “people of color” support gun control, since they know that it will mostly only affect white people. “People of color” tend to do their gun thing outside the law.

    Gun control consists of trying to stop black and brown criminals from killing each other, by restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding, white people. Is there any wonder that it does not work?

  • Alex Jones is married to a Jew. That is why he won’t blame the Jews for anything even though it is the Jews that are destroying civilizations, economies, and so forth, and they have been doing it for years. Jeff Rense has some good things also. However, as usual you have to watch what you read. However, there are conspiracies. The Jews conspire so much against their enemy the white race Israel that the Jews will even change their names so that they can fit in as Anglo-Saxon’s. The Bible even talks about conspiracies in the Old Testament, and also in the latter days.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Unlike you, I was actually assaulted – just outside the Randwick Royal in Australia in April 1998. There were two of them, and didn’t like my old HVO (Croatian army) battle jacket. I blinded the first one who grabbed me in his left eye, scooping it all the way out before they stomped me into the sidewalk. I kept getting up and then “bang” I would find myself sitting down again. They hit so damned hard.

    An Indian fellow closing up his diner half-carried me home.

    One of my friends and I accidentally caught the second bully with a cast on his broken hand a few weeks later. He was yelling something about a jacket…My jacket after I looked around. My blood ran cold after I recognised him as the No. 2 bully, and I escorted him, holding him by his hair – he was alone – into an alley and ran his face into the lip of a dumpster about 300 times. I am not allowed in Australia anymore. He didn’t die, as no bodies were found in Randwick that month.

  • mike5586

    What I gathered from this article is that guns don’t kill – people of color do.

  • whitepony87

    Gun control? You mean shot placement?