Reading, ‘Riting and Race

New York Post, December 17, 2012

Is arithmetic racist? Are English and science and art?

These might seem like stupid questions, but—speaking of stupid—a federal judge says the answer is yes, they are, and slapped New York City with a judgment that could cost the school system hundreds of millions.

The case involves a 16-year-old lawsuit, a handful of unqualified teachers who tried to cast their own failures as a civil-rights violation—and the lefty lawyers who have abetted their cause.

Would-be teachers in New York must pass a state exam called the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test, or LAST, to demonstrate a basic grasp of English, math, history and science.


It’s not asking much. Teachers only have to score 67 percent on the multiple-choice portion, and the questions are absurdly easy. As a former city teacher told The Post, the exam is “high-school level, so anyone with a high-school [diploma] should be able to pass it, regardless of race.”

But that hasn’t been the case. Back in the 1990s, whites passed at far higher rates than blacks and Hispanics.

And when the test was first rolled out, some folks who had been teaching for years were required to take it—but failed.

They were clearly unfit for full-time teaching and were demoted to substitutes, losing salary and seniority.


So in 1996, some of them turned to activist lawyers and sued the city to have their jobs and pay restored. The case has been kicking around the courts ever since.

Their claim: Since black and Hispanic applicants failed the tests more often than whites, the tests were ipso facto racist.

It’s an embarrassing thing to believe.

The questions on the exam are race-blind and measure basic academic skills. {snip}


Yet last week, in the latest twist in this 16-year-old case, Judge Kimba Wood found that the LAST had a “disparate impact” on black and Hispanic applicants and violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Kimba Wood

Kimba Wood

The city may be held liable by individual teachers who lost pay and seniority—and Wood also demanded that a “special monitor” be appointed to investigate any exams used by the state to license teachers.

That would throw a wrench into the workings of the school system—and would likely saddle it with monumental bills of the kind foisted upon the Fire Department via its special monitor for employing similarly “racist” tests.

The teachers have another court hearing in January to seek compensation.


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  • You Are Now Enriched

    We emancipate the blacks from White culture- religion, language, education, government- anything and everything created by Whites is now off limits. You’s be free. Now go.

  • Let New York continue to fail. White nyeu yawkaz are getting what they asked for. Those of us who are not in New York, need to be wary of letting them infiltrate our states.

    • Whoooaaa…. I’m from NY and didn’t ask for this. I do feel helpless, though!

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Damn straight! There are plenty of NYers like us who can’t stand the idiotic liberalism and totalitarian rule of certain Bolshevik ethnic groups! I for one can’t wait to get the hell out of here ASAP! I can understand others being wary of us but don’t think for a second we’re all like Emperor Bloomberg or Schmuckie Chuckie Schumer!!

        • Art from the Spokane mountains

          The Great Northwest calls.

          • deep_enough

            Perhaps we should note that Her Excellency Kimba Wood was born in Port Townsend, WA (northwest of Seattle, about as far NW as you going to get in 48 states – not sure about the other 9, have to check with POTUS on that). Furthermore, she was appointed to Federal Bench in NY by (that Patron Saint of all things colored) Ronald Reagan, at the behest of another great (if not quite as brilliant) American — the Right Honorable Republican Senator Al D’Amato…

            I ain’t no libtard, just sayin’ …

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    IIRC, Kimba Wood was considered for the SCOTUS seat that eventually went to Elena Kagan. Every one a winner!

    • Bernie

      Because she used to bang Bill Clinton in her younger days.

    • From what I remember the reason why she did not get the SCOTUS seat was that she employed an illegal alien housemaid.

  • jay11

    They will get millions in ‘restitution.’ Tests will be watered down to maybe third grade level. Lawyers will be jubilant. Our schools will be flooded with teachers who ‘reflect the student body’ and in ten years NYC schools will resemble Detroit schools.

    • John Bonham

      That’s exactly what they want.. Easier to control the herd …

  • The reason why Blacks and Latinos student teachers fail is because the students with the lowest grades major in education.

    • The__Bobster

      Most of the students in my old high school who became teachers were among the worst and dumbest, not the best and brightest, and ended up going to their safety net college. BTW, they were White.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        The average Graduate Record Examination scores of education majors, with the exception of secondary level teacher, are abysmal;

        “Dismal GRE Statistics for Education Fields”
        Wall Street Journal, July 25, 2007

    • Joseph

      The problem is that the quality control in education colleges seems very poor. Some students are very capable people and clearly could pursue any other disciple -but *like* teaching. Some appear barely literate, as do some education faculty. The breadth of abilities is not nearly so evident in say, chemistry or engineering students. This is why the genuinely good teachers are thwarted at every turn.

      This is primarily due I suggest, to the pressure of supply and demand. Thousands of teachers are mandated by government fiat, therefore participate in an artificial market environment. Very few chemists or engineers are required by edict, so there is pressure to stuff as many “teachers” as possible through colleges. Physicists, mathematicians, etc. are largely at the mercy of the market which demands a high-quality minimum product so expectations going in are already high.

      Further, teaching is a sort of semi-government job where little huge layers of administrative bureaucracy exist and little latitude for individual decision-making or creativity exist, endless regulations and forms, and of course, the unions making sure that no one makes the minorities or mediocre look bad. It is a deflating environment for the capable unless they are very selfless, a trait lacking in Hispanics and blacks.

    • edwina

      not always——— then there are the gender studies, the race studies etc
      those are the fields that possess little academic achievement — that’s the true home of the ones who can’t or won’t study but feel the need to for a diploma or some nefarious political goal to work for

      • Joseph

        …and gender studies means “liberal feminist and lesbian studies” while Black Studies or Multicultural Studies means “anti-white methods”. A close third, where I live, for people who should be doing some useful manual labor would be “Public Administration”.

  • StillModerated

    Oh, that Kimba Wood! Slick Willie wanted her to be his Attorney General, but Nannygate erupted and she went back to being a New Yawk lawyer with an IQ of 50. In other words — a judge.

    • OlderWoman

      Kimba…almost like a black name.

  • josh

    One more time:Because they did not go through the evolutionary changes that white people did,blacks and “hispanics” have a lower IQ than whites!This lower IQ makes them less interested in academic subjects,less willing to study and less able to undestand,retain,use & regurgitate what they DO study!!Got it,ya dumb approval-seeking chicik??

    • IstvanIN

      So true. I have always wondered what IQ tests results for Hispanics would look like if they were grouped by percentage of European genetics in the tested population.

      • Sloppo

        I know several people from Mexico. They’re all construction and agricultural workers except for the one who looks European. That one is a surgeon.

        • Ignacio25

          Is there any place in the world where it is not like that?

        • Eddie Willers

          Having lived for almost 10 years in Mexico I can say, from experienced observation, as a generality, ‘the whiter, the smarter’.

          • Joseph

            Makes obvious sense too. The Norse, Spanish and Portuguese sailed to the new world. Indians did not sail to Europe.

          • Samuel de Champlain

            So did the Italians of course, and also the French (Jacques Cartier) who were the first Europeans to travel inland in North America and claimed what is now Canada and the Midwest down to Louisiana for France (New France: 1534-1763). A little forgotten fact of American history.


          • Joseph

            Wasn’t intended to be exhaustive list but while we’re at it, there is archaeological evidence in area of Penn. I think, indicating that there were early Europeans (solutreans) from the region of France perhaps 15000 BC which would put them here BEFORE the venerated “Native Americans” from whom Europeans devils stole the land -but that’s a whole different program.

          • edwina

            perhaps it’s time to act smarter, live smarter, do smarter planning.

  • The Ghetto Lottery, the only sure-fire payoff.

  • Reagan appointee, recommended by Al D’Amato.

    • The__Bobster

      Ah, the Republican Senator from Puerto Rico.

  • MerlinV

    Merely another White race traitor. What’s in it for her? She had any family members MURDERED by those she is so concerned about? Doubt it.

  • GM (Australia)

    Any smart parent out there should now be able to sue their school if they feel their child has not been taught properly. Any really smart parent will simply send their child to a private school!

    • nobody

      Not everyone can afford that. I am from one of the whitest yet poorest places in this country, there are thousands and thousands of very intelligent whites here but many of them are also poor, much too poor to afford the tuition for a private school. Should we have to suffer through a sub-par education just because we were born a little less well off than others? What of the children without a “smart parent”?

      • GM (Australia)

        I totally agree, also parents should not have to have the burden of home schooling your children if the state system becomes too objectionable. I don’t really know too much about the USA education system but I certainly read some horror stories here on Amren regarding PC brainwashing and “dumbing down”.All I can suggest that you do is get actively involved in your schools through P&C groups etc.The schools and teaching staff will probably appreciate any genuine concern and interest in your children’s education.

  • David Ashton

    Insanity marches on thanks to “Cultural Marxism”. There is method in the madness.

    A slightly different story from my English teaching experience. At one school we were told that all the subjects on the curriculum must be “multicultural”. These glad tidings from the Marxist-infiltrated Local Education Committee were conveyed by a Pakistani science teacher called Bushra Nasir, who appeared on TV some years later waddling into Downing Street, promoted as an “equality and diversity” adviser to Tony Blair. You can get away with these orders by fiddling your Religious Education, English literature, geography and history lessons, but maths, physics and German are trickier. Our then head of the mathematics department was a gifted Anglophile Brahmin, who said in despair to me: “I teach the same maths in England that I taught in India and Uganda.” I suggested that on inquiry he should simply say he uses Greek theorems, the Indian zero and Arabic numerals, and off he went with spirits lifted.

  • Mike Berman

    If they could get away with using the disparate impact argument with firemen, then why not teachers? Why not brain surgeons? Heaven help us. Or, as a friend said, birth has a disparate impact since they are born stupid. So, start suing the hospitals.

    • IstvanIN

      Obamacare brings us affirmative action brain surgeons.

      • Whirlwinder

        The brain surgeons will still be brilliant, its Obama’s death panels who will be deciding who gets health care. It is the socialist way.

        • edwina

          let me guess, if you’re white and poor, you take the pill?

  • TheTRUTH

    There are so many wrong things with all of this, but most of all, is yet ANOTHER liberal race traitor. That’s what burns me up more than anything else. Actually, I was a NYC public school teacher for a few years. I left for too many reasons to name, including all the liberals (though not quite as many as you would think…seriously). And no, I didn’t have any interest in making “magical” differences in lives. I just thought it would be fun teaching. Period. Oh, and yes, the tests are relatively easy…just like all the other city/state tests that blacks can’t pass.

    • Anon

      You are very close to answering a forbidden question at the root of almost all of the problems in the western world (ie white countries).

      This woman is not, in fact a race traitor. She is not white. If you look closely at the picture you will notice she sports a star of david. She’s jewish. Jewish people do not consider themselves white. Quite the contrary, they are hardcore anti-white racial extremists to the very last one.

      This woman’s behavior seems irrational until you admit that she hates white people and is intentionally and malevolently working to destroy our society, culture and country.

      She worked very hard to position herself where she is specifically to cause this particular type of harm and has an entire race that, although they make up only a few percentage of our population, have agreed to work together to our downfall… agreement that stretches back centuries….even thousands of years. That they can maintain such racial solidarity despite attaching themselves to so many nations, causes and cultures is truly inspiring. That they do so out of sheer wickedness and hate (and I challenge anyone to objectively look at what they are doing to us and not call it genocide) is something to be concerned about.

      Because, if we can’t live in peace in this world we won’t.

      • dhs

        In normal usage, “white” = “caucasian”, and semites are classified as white. Therefore the judge is white (just like judge judy).

        If you mean “Aryan”, why not use the correct term?

        • Vonhauer

          He doesn’t use the correct term because it doesn’t serve his purpose. Also, this fool of a Leftist Judge isn’t just a culturally deranged liberal, no she’s Jewish and therefore is part of a world-wide plot to destroy the white race with their awesome powers of deception and evilry. Didn’t you know that?

          Why, all the Ted Kennedys out there are simply under their evil hypnotic spell.

          • Jim G

            Nice try but you cannot find a Jewish organization that
            supports White America. Jewish people do
            not identify with the White Europeans.

            You can find thousands of Jewish organizations and millions
            of Jewish activist that oppose White America, especially White Christian

            The few Jewish good minds that are courageous enough to tell
            the pro-White truth such as Michael Levin in Why Race
            , and Steven Goldberg in The Inevitability of Patriarchy,
            are far outnumbered by the thousands of highly influential anti-White Jewish writers
            attacking American culture.

            White people have a terrible time of it in their America because
            an intelligent and financially powerful group underwrites anti-White groups
            such as the NAACP. Simply Google
            Jews and civil rights.

            Enough about her ethnic identity and activism. The decision looks perfectly good considering
            that the Civil Rights Act and disparate impact are the real culprits.

          • dhs

            Your comment is puzzling! I was only fighting for correct terminology, not defending Jews or Jewish organizations. I certainly agree that no jewish organization has any concern with Aryan interests, and many are obsessively opposed to Aryan existence.

          • redfeathers

            Thankfully, the judge didn’t become Clinton’s attorney general because of a nanny problem. But we can “thank” Al D’Amato for recommending her to Reagan.

      • Vonhauer

        “She worked very hard to position herself where she is specifically to cause this particular type of harm…”

        I was with you until you made that leap in logic. When did this Leftist idiot start her plot, as a school girl? Or was she drafted into the plot against Gentiles? Perhaps she was groomed for the position from childhood?

        What about Bill and Hillary Clinton and the enormous masses of Gentile Leftist whacos out there that put these people into the positions they are in? No doubt under Jewish mind control techniques?

        “jewamongyou” has been commenting here for years. Is he an infiltrator here? Or is he a like-minded Caucasian who is ethnically Jewish? I say the latter. But then I don’t make the boundless leaps in logic you fellows do.

        I see nothing wrong with discussing why Jews and/or Gentile whites become so fanatically Liberal that they pose dangers to other whites and our countries but then to extrapolate that into a sinister and well organized plot to destroy the white race is mindless fantasy. We all get branded as nuts because of that type of warped thinking.

        • Athling

          The human mind is a wonderous instrument though unbridled it is capable of much mischief.

          • Athling

            Many Jews, given their history, mistakenly believe that by siding with non-white minorities they are creating an environment that is safe for themselves. This is folly on their part in a number of ways. Firstly, they cast themselves as enemies of typical white folks by joining with those whose interests are in opposition to ours. Joining forces with blacks who rape, rob, and murder our people on a daily basis is not a winning strategy. Secondly, Jews are hated equally with other whites by the very minorities they seek to help.

            I could go on here but suffice to say it isn’t just Jews who do these things. There are masses of Gentile whites who hold similar beliefs and work against their own people. Leftism is the enemy no matter who practices it. Jew or Gentile. Leftism as a society-destroying philosophy is the enemy. We must fight it continually wherever it exists among us. The practitioners of Leftism have made themselves our enemies.

            Intelligent Jews who see the light of truth, I know many of them, are with us. They too recognize and understand the dangers of Leftism and where it leads. Unfortunately, some whites have put Jews in a position such that they feel compelled to deny their own ethnicity to be a part of our struggle. They have been lumped together with the Leftists simply because of their ethnicity. They are torn between being proud of who they are as a people and having to deal with so many of their own being involved in Leftism. The shadow of this is cast over them as well. So I feel for them. I understand that.

            Africans have made themselves enemies of all whites. Jew and Gentile. Not only are they an enormous drain on whites economically but they seek the flesh of white people. And by that I mean they are a physical threat to us. They harm us every day in this country. Some of my own have been murdered by them. Their crimes against us occur so frequently that it is hard to conceal. They’ve learned to play us in so many ways. Intimidation. Threats of civil violence. They wear their race as a badge of honor. Race is foremost and continually in their thinking. Everthing is filtered through a racial lens.

            Hispanics also commit high volumes of crime. Second only to blacks. They will become an unbearable economic burden to whites as their numbers increase and ours decrease. There are so many of them now and more to come that the balance of political power will continue to shift against whites.

            Asians, the “model minority,” are now beginning to throw themselves against us too in the political arena. It seems they identify more strongly with other minorities rather than whites. Also frequent victims of blacks.

            We have quite a portion on our collective plate to deal with.

          • Gracchus123

            Now that you have so eloquently described our problem, and you really have, what’s the solution?

          • Athling

            Given our current trajectory, the short answer is we need eloquent leaders who can present themselves to the public as intelligent and rational spokesmen on behalf of white interests.

            Jared has done well in this and he should be financially supported. We need more leaders like him. We cannot suffer any fools in this area. We need leaders who have a firm grasp on reality.

            As verified daily by the news stories posted on this website, our own people need to be educated. They no longer understand their own history, why they are unique, and why it is important to preserve themselves as a distinct people.

            Awareness. The great majority of our people are not fully aware of the condition they are in and where things are headed simply because they have not been compelled to think about such things. We should try to remember that we here are much farther down that road than they are as we help them along in that process.

            I’ll leave it there for now…

          • TheTRUTH

            I do not see a solution. I want a solution, but it’s simply not there. There are WAY too many factors playing against us. Most harming and powerful of all: Our own people. The White Liberals. There are many secondary factors, but Liberals are the worst by far. Worse than blacks themselves. It’s because of them that we have a black president. Even with all blacks voting for Obuma and non-whites favoring him (only because of the political party he represents), he would have never gotten in if so many liberals and borderline left-wingers didn’t vote for him. Anyway, I believe it’s all over. It’s definitely been over since the 90s. The 60s brought a huge turn toward leftism and the 90s brought the final turn. It’s so bad that if the next presidential candidate is black, you can bet it will be not 4, but 8 more years of having a black president. He can have gold teeth & braids, it doesn’t matter. He’ll be elected. Just watch and see.

          • edwina

            and when mexicans have the numbers to outvote us, they will do it and then wonder why so many stupid whites gave their country away

        • I see, you’re a Joo. Calm down. This is a safe place for Joos & most people are not Judeophobes. What irritates some of them- and me, sometimes- that there are so few of you guys who possess any trace of racial consciousness (not necessarily racist) & who don’t see as a bad thing racial-ethnic swamping of Euro-Americans (to whom most of you guys belong) by various non-assimilable 3rd worlders. It’s not about conspiracy, but about liberal lunacy so many members of your tribe participate in.

          • TheTRUTH

            Bardon, you’re always a voice of reason. Not to say others on here do not have reasonable things to say. You just seem to be very level-headed and speak with reason as opposed to emotion. That’s not easy to do…including for myself. Anyway, just want you to know I always enjoy your replies/comments the most of all I read on here…including my own lol Btw, I was ShutYourMouth on here (the one who doesn’t have much of a problem with Hispanics or Asains…just blacks). TheTRUTH is shorter to write lol

          • Thanks, Truth. What is depressing that we are here screaming: hey, 2 and 2 is 4. Wake up !

            And virtually nobody listens.

          • Read Headed Stranger

            To not “have much of a problem with Hispanics or Asians…just blacks” is the problem, dear. The Western US and all major urban areas are currently being completely invaded and overtaken by mexicans and asians in case you haven’t noticed. While blacks may be leading in violent crimes, it is the other ones who are doing the most at displacing Whites out of their own states and cities…HELLO ?!!!!

          • Vonhauer

            What? Uh, no I’m not Jewish. I’m German. Bardon you sometimes have a strange Eastern European outlook on things. I’ve met your brethren many times during my trips to Chicago. One can definately tell a difference in mannerisms between NW Europeans and the various Slavic peoples.

          • What’s strange Eastern European outlook on things ? I’m not touchy, just interested.

          • Vonhauer

            You have an interesting perspective on things. I find Eastern Europeans have a different way in their mannerisms than we NW Euros. More direct. Less subtle. I find it interesting and enjoy conversing with those I’ve met in Chicago.

          • Red Headed Stranger

            Huh ? Most of those American jews you are defending are actually Eastern Europeans…Oh the irony !

  • dukem1

    Teachers, fire-fighters, cops…Jeez! I think even I’m beginning to see a trend here insofar as certain types of people not being able to pass the required tests.

    • The__Bobster

      Tests beez raaaazist, nome sane?

      • dukem1

        “nome sane”
        Don’t you just wish that sometime, one of the interviewers on TV would say, “No! Stop!…I don’t know what you’re saying. You’re not making sense! Speak slowly, and in English!”
        Fat chance, and all of that.

  • Yet another step in the march toward third-world status.

  • Robert Binion

    To observe the best and brightest compromise that held most dear, their self esteem, spins my head in delight. To see them reach down into the slop bucket of excuse cleanses me of any bigotry.

  • Canis Lupus

    This must be so frustrating for non minority teachers who are very passionate about teaching.

    • lost angeles

      You have no idea how horrific it is to work through a semester of Alg 1 of Geometry and still come up with about 30% of the classes passing with a C or better. Mind you, a C in urban Los Angeles amounts to a D or F where students actually do class and homework assignments. Not bellyaching, just letting people know that a teacher cannot get learning results when there is not merely a lack of participation from students, but an active resistance to anything remotely akin to study and active participation in schooling.

  • So CAL Snowman

    on the bright side, being the victim of disparate impact = You have the IQ of a turnip

    Or as a commenter on the original article said: “It must have been those ice hockey and country western questions that kept throwing them off”

  • Black people, their ignorance, their violence, and their enablers are death to any sane and healthy society. There aren’t too many things in the known universe more true than this.

    • mike

      One thing more certain is that ass kissers like this Judge will get aead in life.

    • Joseph

      Gravity is close.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Professor Amy L. Wax on the “The Diversity-Validity Tradeoff”
    (One can have diversity or one can have competence; not both):

    “Because blacks lag significantly behind whites on measures of cognitive ability, most valid job selection criteria will have a substantial adverse impact on this group. The combination of well-documented racial differences in cognitive ability and the consistent link between ability and job performance generates a pattern that experts term ‘the validity-diversity tradeoff’: job selection devices that best predict future job performance generate the smallest number of minority hires in a broad range of positions. ” (Amy L. Wax, U. of Pennsylvania Law School in “Disparate Impact Realism”)

    SOURCE: “Disparate Impact Realism,” Amy L. Wax, University of Pennsylvania Law School, William & Mary Law Review, Forthcoming:

    • dukem1

      An Ivy League prof said that and still has a job?
      Eh – probably afraid to fire her cuz she’s a chick.
      Go figure.

    • gemjunior

      Wow. I wonder why SHE just skates while every other poor white who tells the truth is excoriated. Well, it seems that more people are telling the truth about this, which can only be a good thing.

    • George

      This is a wonderful academic article. Thank you for posting it!

  • qwerty

    It has always baffled me how they can use the “disparate impact” argument so successfully for everything EXCEPT the right to keep and bear arms. Blacks are denied carry permits in my city at much higher rates than whites. Sure, they are much more likely to be convicted criminals, but their permit denials are clearly motivated by racism simply because the statistics just don’t match that of whiteys. End of story, period. 🙂

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I love seeing liberals failing to apply their own logic properly. In their minds, “disparate impact” is terrible, but guns are even more terrible, and no one should have them! Also, they probably know, deep down, that minorities are much more likely to already have a criminal record, even if they would never admit it.

  • veritas_lux_mea

    She should should have stuck with Playboy. She looks pretty good, for a snake.

  • 48224

    The NBA try-outs has a disparate impact on whites, when does the investigation begin?

  • NM156

    Chicago owes $750,000,000 in back pay to Black test takers of the 1995 Chicago Fire Dept. exam who would have been hired under the final revised test created to mitigate disparate impact. Liberal idiots running broke, barely-functioning big cities think they can tax and borrow to cover a massive shortfall like this.

  • Luca

    They are legislating, legitimizing and encouraging stupidity. And in a few years, when all these sub-par teachers turn out to be complete failures and their students’ test grades are horrific, they will say the cause was not enough money spent on the kids.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I always say it’s because the students’ IQs are too low.

      But only behind closed doors…


      • JohnEngelman

        Oriental students do well, don’t they?

  • bigone4u

    Does anyone have a link to her Playboy pictures? I’d like to defile her, if you get my drift.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

    White children and women were just slaughtered last Friday and American Renaissance has nothing to say?

  • Joe Webb

    of the utmost importance is the playboy bunny deal. Did she actually work as a bunny?
    Is that on her CV? Was she promoted/hired over Black chicks? If so, did her hippity-hopping, butt waggling about constitute racial preference/discrimination for White beauty? Is she therefore a guilt ridden White compensating for her Racist Past by this sillyness? Should she recuse herself? Should she Apologize to Al Sharpton, et al, and find a Black Mate to really do the LIberal Thang? Joe

  • PesachPatriot

    DB Cooper…not all new yorkers are libtarded moron troublemakers who aspire to remake the states they move to into some sort of bloomburgistan nanny state. I moved to Florida because its the furthest I could be away from the rotten apple and still be on the east coast. I also like their laws regarding the 2nd amendment.

    Vonhauer…the real stretch of logic from the conspiracy mongers is the idea that we have had some nefarious conspiracy in motion from the dawn of civilzation to conquer the world of today. We are good at math and know this is quite frankly, impossible. Anyone who has read jewish history or been in the presence of real life 3D jews knows that we can almost never agree on anything amongst ourselves(hence the acrimonious nature of Israeli politics) and have to be in extreme physical danger to actually take any sort of collective action. The idea of a jewish state was basically regarded as a ludicrous pipe dream by most east european and american jews of the early 20th century.

    My favorite retort to the conspiracy theories is…if us joos are truly the evil conspiracy geniuses why did the arabs end up with all the oil?

    The majority of jews in america, canada, the UK and australia are of ashkenazi european descent and we consider ourselves white and loyal, patriotic citizens of whatever nation we live in.

    As far as the article goes, i’m not surprised….most black families don’t have any books in their house and reading and education are simply not valued in their community…they admire rappers and athletes, not philosophers and historians. This is why i always recommend the literary savings account. Put cash in books, its more trustworthy than our corrupted banking system and if some diversity breaks into your home looking for reparations when you’re not there you can be assured they will not go anywhere near the books.

    • Ash Tray

      Florida loves the second amendment? Tell that to George Zimmerman.

  • odius liberal

    So the good judge admits blacks are too stupid to pass even the simple of educational tests.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Hey folks, if you think the teachers are bad, check out administration. The worst teachers go into administration because they can’t handle being a teacher. This is why the schools are F– up, pardon my language, I am passionate about this issue. I am also very heartfelt and motivated to getting our remaining white children out of public education, particularly in minority-run districts – LAUSD, etc. I am working on the logistics of a low-cost private school that requires testing to weed out the low IQs and help our poor white kids who are more academically motivated but surrounded by hostiles. Not sure if I can pull this off in California, but I’m going to try.

    • Andy

      Good luck!

  • IanJMacDonald

    The questions were culturally biased against people of color. I found the following example:

    “You have been invited over for cocktails by the officer of your trust fund. Cocktails begin at 4:30, but you must make an appearance at a 6:00 formal dinner at the Yacht Club. What do you do about dress?
    A. Wear your blue-striped seersucker suit to cocktails and change into your tuxedo in the bathroom, apologizing to your host for the inconvenience.
    B. Wear your tuxedo to cocktails, apologizing to your host for wearing a dinner jacket before 6:00 PM.
    C. Walk to the subway at Columbus Circle and take the ‘A’ Train uptown.”

    Clearly this test, like all tests of cognitive ability, is racist.

  • Zapp Branigan

    Are these tests written in some sort of secret code that only white people can understand? You’d think blacks would be embarrassed about not being able to pass them and treat it as a source of shame.

    • nobody

      We just project ourselves onto them somewhat sometimes. A white person would treat this as a source of shame and undoubtedly study study study until they were able to pass it. A black person fails the rest and they simply whine about racism.

  • WhitePeopleAreAwesome

    I’d love to see the results for Asian minorities on these tests. The meany, racist Bell Curve will undoubtedly be proven once again: they score the highest.

    Damn you, whitey! How dare you make racist tests in which you don’t score the highest.

  • scutum

    On December 18, 1987, based upon a recommendation from Senator Al D’Amato,
    Wood was nominated by President Ronald Reagan to a seat on the District Court for the Southern District of New York vacated by Constance Baker Motley. Wood was confirmed
    by a unanimous United States Senate on April 19, 1988, and received her commission on April 20, 1988. She entered on duty on July 28, 1988. She served as chief judge from 2006 to 2009 and assumed seniorstatus on June 1, 2009.

    In the Nannygate matter of 1993, Wood was Bill Clinton’s second unsuccessful choice for United States Attorney General. LikeClinton’s previous nominee, Zoë Baird, Wood had hired an illegal alien as a nanny.

    On November 19,2010, Judge Wood received media attention via The Atlantic online magazine regarding a letter from Bennet M. Epstein, anattorney who asked for time off to attend his grandson’s bris, if indeed the baby is a boy. In a response to Epstein, Judge Wood wrote that Epstein would be permitted to attend the bris, but that “if a daughter is born, there will be a public celebration in court, with readings from poetry celebrating girls and women.”
    The fact that a conservative like Ronald reagan took the advice of Senator D’Amato and nominated this moron to the bench is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican party. Not onl;y is this woman a moron, but she is completely out of touch with the concerns and desires of the working and middle class citizens of this nation.

  • JohnEngelman

    Here is a sample Liberal Arts and Sciences Test:

    It has 21 multiple choice questions, and one essay question. I got one wrong on the multiple choice questions, and did not try to answer the essay question. I thought the test was challenging. Some of the questions were easy, but others I had to think about.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      I strongly suspect it’s the same as the state tests and exit exams I give to high school students in California.

      What’s in the prep books (what the public and media see) and what’s on the actual tests themselves are not the same — the real tests (what the public and media DON’T see) are profoundly easier.

      I know this because I give the tests and I always laugh at how ridiculously easy the tests are as compared to what’s in the study guides.


      • JohnEngelman


        Take the sample test, and see how you do. I missed question 18. It was about a passage from a speech by John Kennedy. One answer was obviously wrong. I think two were equally right, and that which was better is a matter of interpretation.

        Still, I am pleased with my score.

  • Heck, readin’ , writin’ and ciphering are racist. Those are white folk things.

    (sarcasm off)

  • Pelayo

    I found David Duke’s MY AWAKENING in PDF format. Excellent read. Google title and you’ll find the PDF format version. I can’t seem to save it even on an eternal USB stick. I simply bookmarked it.

  • ageofknowledge

    A flaw with our political system seems to be that a minority of powerful people continually show that they have the power to corrupt it for the majority.

  • Annis Isbell

    Consider how blacks dominate the NFL. Then consider suing the NFL because it is racist against Whites. We simply would never sue over such a thing. That’s how the jew is different and that’s how they defeat us.

  • Anyone else remember where we first heard of Kimba Wood? She was Bill Clinton’s first choice to be AG.

  • I feel no sympathy for New Yorkers. It’s a state full of liberal lunatics and has been for decades now. They elected their leaders and judges and now they have to live with that. The sad part is they have been indoctrinated their entire life with this way of thinking and are probably agreeing with this retarded judge. They must be scratching their head right about now thinking “You know, maybe that academic test was after all racist”! UNBELIEVABLE. THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD HAS GONE CRAZY!