Vladimir Putin Calls on Russian Families to Have Three Children

Tom Parfitt, Telegraph (London), December 12, 2012

President Vladimir Putin has urged Russians to have at least three children as he said a resurgent nation should be a confident and “influential” power on the world stage.

In a bullish state-of-the-nation address in Moscow on Wednesday, Mr Putin promised to smite corruption, create millions of new jobs and boost Russia’s military might while warning that foreign meddling in the country’s internal affairs was unacceptable.

He claimed the country shared universal democratic values, adding: “Russian democracy is the power of the Russian people with their own traditions of national self-government, and not the realisation of standards foisted on us from outside.”

In characteristic rhetoric, Mr Putin also addressed internal as well as external enemies while suggesting a link between the two, saying that “chinovniki” (state officials)—often seen as corrupt caste bent on self-enrichment—should be prevented from keeping their money abroad.

“What trust can there be in a ‘chinovnik’ or a politician who says big things about the welfare of Russia while trying to take his means, his money abroad?” he asked MPs and senior officials. “I ask you to support legislation to limit the rights of state officials and politicians to foreign bank accounts and shares.”

He added: “Direct or indirect external interference in our internal political processes is unacceptable. Any person who receives money from abroad for his or her political activity and by doing so serves alien national interests, cannot be a politician in Russia.”

The president’s remarks came after a controversial law was recently introduced obliging non-governmental organisations (NGOs) involved in “political activity” to call themselves “foreign agents” if they receive funding from abroad. NGOs have said the rule makes them look like spies.

Also in his speech, Mr Putin lauded recent measures to give cash payments and other benefits to mothers having a second child. Current birth rates show an average of 1.7 children are born to each Russian woman, but the president urged a huge leap in family-building.

New payments for those having a third child would begin next year, he said. “Demographers affirm that choosing to have a second child is already a potential choice in favour of a third,” he added. “It’s important that families make that step . . .  I am convinced that the norm in Russia should become a family with three children.”

To achieve that goal, he said, women needed to be provided with the opportunity to continue work, so that they “did not fear that having a second and third child would close the path to a career”.

Mr Putin has long equated Russia’s demographic decline over recent decades with a potential threat to security. On Wednesday, he added: “In order for Russia to be a strong and sovereign country, there must be more of us and we must be better in morality, in our competences, our work and our creativity.”

To applause, the president said there were already signs that Russia’s long term demographic decline was reversing, and the population had grown by 200,000 in the first nine months of this year. “The birth rate is at last above the mortality rate,” he said.

A 2010 census put the total population of Russia at 143,000,000.

Announcing a raft of other social and economic measures, Mr Putin said he hoped to create 25m jobs by 2020.

He made sweeping promises to develop industry, including aircraft and shipbuilding, and said the country’s military and space sectors must be modernised. “Our military might is the guarantor of Russia’s security and independence,” he said.

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  • AutomaticSlim

    Putin is a great leader for the Russians.

    He is for his own people.
    They are lucky to have him.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Hillary Clinton’s State Department was trying to ruin his chances of reelection. I endorsed Vladimir Putin as the only leader serious enough for Russia, and I relieved myself on Mrs. Clinton’s parade.

      Putin won reelection without a huge majority, but national unity has been strong. I also had to spend some time squelching the Feminist upstarts, P-ssy Riot with my pointed criticism of their degeneracy.

    • dave

      Putin is corrupt and flooded russia with Muslims he is G W Bush of Russia.

      • 5n4k33y35

        The question is, does Russia wish to keep the Caucuses, a region full of white Muslims? The answer is yes. These Eurasian Muslims are white, and they are intermingled with Russians already, so they are a part of Russia.

        Would you rather not have regions mostly populated by white Muslims as a part of the security alliance around Russia?

        There is some tension, but it is not a problem. Ramzan Kadyrov is responsible for eliminating any terrorists in and around the Caucuses region. (Dokku Umarov still needs to captured or killed.)

        Is the Kremlin excessively friendly to Islamic relocation into the heart of Russia? Perhaps, but this is nothing like George Bush or Tony Blair on immigration. Russian Muslims need a representative presence in Moscow.

        My advice to the Russian nationalists, of predominantly Christian origins, is that they ought to squelch the Feminists, marry their wives younger and have more children.

        Vladimir Putin is already addressing this demographic issue, and keeping the Feminists and organized homosexuals from dictating culture in Moscow and St. Petersberg. You cannot rightly compare Vladimir Putin to any western leader.

  • storibund

    They’re considering banning all adoptions to foreigners. Too bad for those kids.

    “To achieve that goal, he said, women needed to be provided with the
    opportunity to continue work, so that they “did not fear that having a
    second and third child would close the path to a career”. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. And just sad.

    • Ni123

      Too bad for the kids, that’s for sure. But not so bad for America. Alcoholism rates in Russia are staggering. A lot of kids in Russian orphanages were born to alcoholic mothers and have FAS/FAE. The kids with diagnosis like this are lacking impulse control, are emotionally unstable, aggressive, can have learning and developmental disabilities.

      You have people with low impulse control and inborn aggressiveness of your own.

      • storibund

        Yes, true, I have heard that there is an abundance of FAS/FAE problems with kids adopted from Russia, as well as attachment disorders. Sad all the way round.

        • Ni123

          yes, it is very sad. What is worse is that the underclass does not need incentives to produce babies. They do it any way. I am afraid that if Putin will start paying money for children numbers of marginals in Russia will grow even more. Alcoholism is genetic, and those people don’t care if their children are healthy, they will procreate with enthusiasm because more children will give them money to buy alcohol. Putin’s idea is very dysgenic.

          • Bezrodniy Kosmopolit

            Agree completely. Singapore has a better policy: bonuses are paid only to college-educated women for having children.

      • gemjunior

        Yes, it’s tragic. My neighbors adopted a baby girl from Russia and she had FAS. She bounced off the walls. Her aggression and impulsivity were unbelievable and she had to go to a special ed. school. They didnt try to give her back or anything like that, just took care of her. Amazing people but they were had. Still, I think it’s a terrible temptation to adopt from a place where you might just be presented with a perfectly normal, blond-haired white child. My husband’s cousins adopted two perfect children from Russia. The other option is China or Africa. No thank you, I would want kids who look like my husband and I. Thankfully I never had to choose.

  • Pity no American leader has the courage to say something similar.

    But, courage and integrity are now rarer among American “leaders” than virginity in a brothel.

  • David Ashton

    You’d think he’d take a leaf out of John Engelman’s book and instead import millions of young Chinese, Outer Mongolians, Inner Mongolians, Tibetans, &c. Funny what historical memories can do!

    • The__Bobster

      Don’t think the usual suspects aren’t working on it:


      • David Ashton

        In his latest comment on Thomas Jackson’s review of the “Economic Consquences of Immigration”, Comrade Engelman recommends “The East is Red”, a film which eulogizes Mao and urges the future success of Communism. One can hardly believe this guy. AR needs debate, to sharpen our wits and to show “white supremacy” also in arguments, and therefore critics can be welcome, but I am beginning to have doubts about someone regularly repeating himself on this site, who not only expects China to replace the US/West as the dominant force in the world, but sees this prospect has highly desirable.

  • StillModerated

    A few years ago, the mayor of a dwindling Russian town promised a free house to any couple who’d have 3 children and not imbibe alcohol. Putin has taken this smart fellow’s lead.

  • fakeemail

    American politicians have long given cash prizes for women who produce lots of kids. . .blacks and mexican women, that is.

    • 48224

      So true, funny how we do the exact opposite of what we should to build a better society.

      • StillModerated

        Sadly, we have born nation wreckers in out midst, but they will not escape the wrath which is to come.

  • bigone4u

    Putin is such a positive contrast to Obama that if Russia were a little warmer, I would be moving there. Unlike Obama, Putin I believe is a firm supporter of white culture and history.

  • Dave

    I’m a man near 60. I lived through the cold war and all the hiding in the bomb shelter crap! For the first time in “my adult life” I am ashamed of my country! Only a society that was dumbed down to the level of idiocy would elect and re-elect the current occupier of the white house. Russia has learned from their mistakes and has now disavowed Communism. I would feel much more comfortable in Russia than here! God help me, but I would rather be there.

    • IstvanIN

      Communism was imposed, remember that, the real Russians would never have murdered the entire Imperial Family, banned the Orthodox Church and enslaved the entire empire.

  • Anan7

    If these Russian women are having a hard time finding a man, I am more than willing to help them out 🙂

  • MCPH1

    Putin Seems to be as naive as Erdogan. Erdogan also Things telling women to get more children will change the fact that Turks as well as Russlans habe to Little children. But Maybe i am just to pessimistic….
    I am Glad about every nonblack Country with High ferility, Even Muslim countries. The biggest Problems of the World in the 21. Century are in my option: Destruction of the Environment (by that i dont mean specifically the clmate change), danger from nuclear waepons and the demographic Tsunami from subsahara africa, esspecially from regions with Bantu Population as westafrica

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I hope this works out well for them. They have a strong white majority, mostly Russian, so that will shield them from having this taken over by non-whites. If this was tried in America, we would simply see an increase in non-white births.

    It would also be a positive thing for less Russian women to get abortions. Abortions are much more common among Russian whites than among American whites, and if they could lower the abortion rate, even by something like 5%, it would mean lots more Russian births.

  • 549106

    sovsem bezumnii, nu kak obichna v russiye! The government will pay new parents at most a one or two thousand dollars one time, when it costs ten or twenty times that to raise a child. The Russian demographic crisis has a lot of culprits: low-quality and overpriced housing possibilities for families, alcoholism, the breakdown of the healthcare system, mass emigration, and a government with no ability or interest in enforcing rule of law. To have more than one child in a crumbling apartment no bigger than 60 square meters with paper-thin walls is asking for trouble–only Gopniks with no ability to plan for the future will do it. But if you know absolutely nothing about the real situation in Russia and are too lazy to learn, I guess this would appear as something interesting or even hopeful. Of course in that case you’re an idiot, but at least you’re an idiot in an echo chamber that’s perfectly contoured to its audience.

  • StillModerated

    Russia will be fine. As communists they firmly believed in “the global man” and the radiant heights of socialism, and pushed this twaddle in the schools — just like our own ignorance factories sell die-versity.

    In Putin’s Russian schools they have church history classes and Scripture readings, even if that’s the only past the Russians can cling to, it’s much better than the goofy, self-loathing lies we westerners fall for. And Aleksandr Zinoviev’s The Yawning Heights is required reading in their colleges.