Peyton Manning, Race Realist?

Paul Kersey, SBPDL, December 6, 2012

The news of Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher showing a complete lack of impulse control shouldn’t startle anyone who pays attention to the reality of race and crime. Especially when it comes to those athletes who are employees of the National Football League (NFL), a billion-dollar entertainment enterprise.

Sixty-eight percent of those athletes who play for the NFL’s various franchises are black, and as Jeff Benedict noted in his book “Pros and Cons” – just like in the real world – the overwhelmingly majority of those arrested for major and minor offenses are black.

Two recently retired superstar receivers, Terrell Owens and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, are both dealing with predictable black problems despite their status of world-class athletes (child support payments for a deadbeat dad in Owensdomestic violence charges against Johnson).

It was Jason Whitlock, a corpulent black sportswriter for Fox Sports, who decided to throw himself into the murky waters of the Jovan Belcher story by writing a column blasting America’s gun culture; what Mr. Whitlock was unprepared to do in his story – quoted by Bob Costas on the Sunday night NBC telecast of “Football Night in America” – is point out that “off the field” problems in the NFL are almost always monopolized by black athletes.

As the New York Times noted in 2008 after New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg at a night club, the NFL does have a gun culture. It also has a thug culture, courtesy of its 69 percent black athletes.

But what if, removing the New England Patriots and their outstanding lineup of white athletes (which is only growing) from the equation, there was a player – perhaps the greatest quarterback in NFL history – who understood the negative influence that thug athletes can have to a team’s chemistry?

What if Jason Whitlock himself noticed this himself when he wrote of then Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in 2010 [NFL Truths: Colts offense has white stuff, Fox Sports, 9-30-10]:

10. From the we’re-not-supposed-to-mention-this file: It was fascinating watching Peyton Manning and his BYU offense destroy the Denver Broncos.

The unwritten rule in sports writing/journalism is we’re only supposed to mention racial progress when it involves dark-skin minorities. Obviously, I don’t care about rules.

With receiver Pierre Garcon sidelined with an injury, the Colts started and played nine white guys on offense pretty much all day. NFL rosters are nearly 70 percent comprised of African-Americans. What the Colts did was significant.

For a day, the best offense in football was 82 percent white. Austin Collie, Garcon’s replacement, put a clown suit on the Denver secondary with precise route running and nifty moves after the catch. Some practice-squad kid, Blair White, performed a Collie impersonation when Collie was tired.

Peyton Manning is the Larry Bird of this era. I mean that as high, high praise. I’m not accusing Manning or the Colts of any kind of racism. Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell (and Tony Dungy) have surrounded Manning with players who mirror his approach to the game.

Race is not the determining factor.

A willingness to prepare and shared values, I believe, are the determining factors.
I’m not going to get back into it today, but I’ve been writing for three years that baby-mama culture (no father in a child’s life) is going to cost African-Americans jobs in professional team sports. This summer, Ron English, the black head coach at Eastern Michigan, came under fire for admitting he’d prefer to recruit players who have fathers in their lives.

The best offense in the history of the NFL might be the 2012 New England Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady. Throwing to a plethora of talented white receivers (Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman) and with criminally underused white running back Danny Woodhead, Brady offers NFL viewers the opportunity to deprogram from the decades of conditioning they have been exposed to: that only black athletes have the necessary “speed” and “athleticism” to participate in anything remotely considered ‘legitimate’ football.
But with Peyton Manning in 2012 as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, something different, much different is happening. Four of his five top receivers are white (Eric Decker, Brandon Stokley, Jacob Tamme, and Joel Dreessen); the latter two are both tight-ends, signed on March 23, 2012 just days after Manning signed with the Broncos. A month later, the 36-year-old Stokley would sign with the team.
In August, two outstanding white veterans defenders – linebacker Keith Brooking and safety Jim Leonhard – would sign with the Broncos; a month later, center Dan Koppen – longtime center for Tom Brady – would sign with the Broncos.
The culture of the team changed to reflect that of Peyton Manning. Back in 2010, Heath Evans – a white fullback – was signed by New Orleans. Having played the prior few seasons with the whiter-than-average-NFL-franchise New England Patriots, he told the New Orleans Times-Picayune this:

New Orleans Saints fullback Heath Evans has been in winning locker rooms, having played with the New England Patriots the past four seasons. Says Evans of the Saints, ‘I made a lateral move when I left New England. I didn’t take a step down.’

Culture is defined as “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group.”
The culture of a football team is basically the collective attitude of the players in the locker room and on the practice field.

Culture has been a trendy buzzword at Saints camp this offseason — organizational culture, locker room culture, team culture.

Evans should know what a good locker room looks and feels like. He played the previous four seasons in New England, the model for positive locker-room relations.

“If you had to backtrack to one thing (in New England), it would be selflessness,” Evans said. “You have some teams that are racially divided. You have some teams that are positionally divided. Some teams divided between offense and defense. Everyone has to buy in and be on the same page.”

Nurturing such an environment in the “me generation” can be difficult. If not managed properly, the wealth and fame associated with the NFL can be hazardous to a locker room’s cultural health.

“I believe the difference between winning and losing, between first and last place, is this much,” Evans said, holding his thumb and index finger an inch apart. “Not every team has great leadership.”

What if the difference between winning and losing in the NFL is increasingly becoming measured by… what percentage of your team actually possess impulse control (i.e., not black)?

What if Peyton Manning has figured this out, which might be the reason why Denver just signed Jacob Hester to a contract? A former LSU Tigers standout running back, the white Jacob Hester found himself a target of racial taunts in the majority black Southeastern Conference; one player asked why he wasn’t playing for the Air Force Academy in a game, a strange racial putdown considering the highly cerebral nature a candidate for appointment to the Air Force Academy must possess.

Must be why it’s one of the whitest Football Bowl Championship (FBS) series teams….

Peyton Manning, who has always been an on-the-field offensive coordinator, calling his own plays and then calling audibles into new plays based on defensive schemes, understands exactly what Heath Evans referred to about culture in the NFL.

He didn’t come back from a year layoff after neck surgery to play for an 8-8 team; he came back to win a Super Bowl. And, playing with players who possess the mental aptitude of teenagers (looking at you black America) isn’t the way to make this happen.

Just read this article about Brandon Stokley from the USA Today [Brandon Stokley knows it’s good to be Peyton Manning’s friend, 11-30-12]:

When Brandon Stokley canceled his 10-year anniversary trip with his wife to spend a week in February with Peyton Manning, neither the wide receiver nor the quarterback could have imagined what would come next.

How could they, back in February, have pictured that come November they’d be connecting for touchdowns during a run toward the playoffs with the Denver Broncos?

It wasn’t for money (he signed a one-year deal for the veteran minimum), and it wasn’t to chase a title (he has two Super Bowl rings, one each with the Baltimore Ravens and Colts). Stokley wanted one more chance to play alongside Manning, in the city Stokley has adopted as home now that his kids are old enough to remember it.

Stokley’s sales pitch obviously worked, with Manning picking the Broncos over Tennessee, San Francisco and Arizona. When voluntary workouts began in April, Manning helped bring Stokley back to the Broncos. Manning told Denver’s coaches what he saw from Stokley in their workouts together.
The Broncos needed a slot receiver, and they needed help in teaching a young receiving corps about what it would take to play with Manning. As Stokley began working with the first-team offense in practice not long after he signed Soon it became clear that Stokley had come back to contribute, not just to be a mentor to Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas or a security blanket for Manning.

“Brandon is one of my favorite teammates of all time,” Manning said. “For a guy his age to be able to keep his quickness is pretty rare for a wide receiver. He can be a matchup problem for teams.”

You have to wonder if Stokley, like Peyton Manning and the Patriots white receiver Wes Welker, donated any money to Mitt Romney’s campaign too (Manning and Welker both gave Romney $5,000 each — the maximum amount)?

It’s hard to imagine what the NFL might look like were it not populated by players who are, to paraphrase Evans, “this close” to losing all control and being just another black criminal statistic, but instead by athletes like the ones Manning has chosen to surround himself with… well, maybe not so hard.

Tom Brady appears to realize the formula to success as well.

Americans have been so conditioned to believe that only black participation in a sport like football or basketball can qualify it is as “legitimate” that the sight of white athletes dominating on the Patriots or the Broncos is grounds for searching Google for stories like: “Is the Patriots Offense Racist”, “Are the Patriots Racist,” “Patriots White Offense Players.”

The real question should be: why do Americans tolerate watching a form of entertainment artificially dominated by the very people they do everything humanely possible to never have to call “neighbor”?

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  • dd121

    One of the obvious facts of football to those who actually watch it, is that black receivers drop the ball, A LOT. Some coaches seem to have noticed. Of course the talking heads of sports never mention that fact. Is it accidental the Manning brought white receivers with him from Indy who were about to retire? I don’t think so.

    • The__Bobster

      They wouldn’t if the ball were painted green.

      And then there’s the Bantu behavior factor. They have little self-restraint, so they receive a lot more penalties.

      • WHITE DAWN

        They should tape SNAP cards to the football.

      • Watch a high school football game between two mostly or overwhelmingly white teams, and you’ll be amazed how few penalties there are. You could watch a whole season’s worth and not see as many flags thrown as the Oakland Raiders get in one game.

  • It’s interesting that Manning missed a whole year of football and comes back with all sorts of White receivers and it’s as if he hadn’t missed any time at all. He has made the Broncos one of the elite NFL teams in one year.



    • François

      Peyton Manning is a hero!

  • Black culture is an oxymoron.

    • The Verdict of History

      Its so tremendously astounding and inspiring to witness European exceptionalism in nearly every arena in which blacks thought that they predominated.

      Football is next…

    • Black radical

      White racism sure is not!

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Associating successful Whites with the word “culture” is like shouting “Forteen Eighty Eight! Heil Hilter!” in a synagogue on Yom Kippur.


      1488. What is that?

      And, associating culture with Whites is simply correct. Whites have culture. The best culture in the world.

      The White Culture is the only culture in the world where ever single other race will risk dying to enter. Asians take long dangerous boat trips to get into White Australia. Mexicans risk dying to enter racists White America. North African Africans risk drowning to get into White Europe,etc. etc. Camp of the Saints.

      All other races will risk being killed to get into (and destroy) White culture. The problem with White culture is the inability of Whites to kill to keep their culture. Kill to get in or Kill to keep out.

      Interesting. (Sometimes I even amaze myself with what I come up with)

      • You Are Now Enriched

        You may have noticed that when Whites obsess over race threats, we rediscover our magical and amazing powers of logic and reasoning that elite modernity outlawed in 1948.


    You know, I’m sick of all this. Blah Blah Blah all because we have these aliens within what is left of our White culture.

    Imagine a country free of this? No Africans. No race problems.

    One race produces NO race problems.

    But, alas. For cheap labor we have this never, never, never ending problem. It will never ever end until we have total segregation. Exactly what America’s Greatest President wanted, Lincoln.

    We have to read some ignorant “journalism” form some racists African lecturing us Whites, (who built the country and the NFL corporation) about the racial problems created by his race.

    Move. Go away. Leave us alone. We don’t want you here. Get it? How much racissssm do you need before you get the hint?

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Jason Whitlock is not very bright about his allegations of racism. I love when low intelligence Blacks spout about racism, it only makes more sports-obsessed White drones aware of the truth. There is indeed a racism problem in America… and it mostly comes from Blacks.

    Whitlock wasn’t thinking when he suggested that The Colts, with many good White players on offense that were getting results on the field were possibly racist. So if a Black coach, Tony Dungy plays “too many” White players its racism?

    Black America keep using that word; it has no meaning coming from you anymore.

  • ed

    Manning is the best role model for our kids in 50 years, maybe longer.
    I live within 200 miles of Indianapolis and was a Colt fan from the day he signed, after not watching football too much for 20 yrs before that. I fell in love again with the game and how Manning prepares and leads and makes superstars out receivers like Austin Collie.
    I was very disappointed when Indy let him go. Then, when Denver signed him, I became a Bronco fan. Glad I did.

    • KD_Did

      I agree! There is no substitute in a sophisticated game that football can be, for intelligence. Athletic black QB’s are still dominated by IQ.

      Watching Manning is like watching a coach on the field. I root for the Pats as I did the 80’s Celtics even though I don’t live in that area. He proves that intelligence can and does surpass athleticism in a sport that can be dominated with smarts. I would also put Ripken Jr. in as a role model. Never a bad word about either of them. Also, Dan Marino, Bob Griese, Dan Fouts, and many more less athletic QB’s have excelled in a very athletic sport because they brought white IQ on the field.

      • Sir, you may think this video has nothing to do with the topic, but I assure you it does. It shows White men using their bodies, minds, and spirits to accomplish an incredible goal, not unlike accomplishing atheletic goals, just much more serious. Notice there are no blacks or swarthy types either. We are just superior in every way to minorities and can outdo them in anything we put our minds to. Enjoy the video
        New York Documentary – YouTube
        Jan 24, 2010 … Empire State Building Construction circa
        1930by wdtvlive4216,240 views; (Part 1
        /10) New York: A Documentary
        Film – Episode Two: 9:25 … – 196k – Cached – Similar Pages

        • purestocles

          handyandy, that’s a fantastic link. Thank you, it made my day.

      • François

        This isn’t just about Manning’s IQ. This thing about supposed Black physical superiority is a lie. There is a bias against White players in American college football, and it hass an impact on the racial composition of NFL teams. It’s as simple as that! The members of a certain elite, or tribe, shall we say, probably do not want young Whites to have too many white heroes and role models, you see…


      With the advent of the pass as King, every QB will have to be smart. The smarter ones will win more. This will force all other teams to seek higher IQ and will require White QB’s.

      I have a strong feeling the owners have agree that no matter what, there will be a few Black QB and each team takes a hit over time.

      This is the only way I can understand why they keep Vick and Cam and the other Black failures. It may also be why the media is having multiple orgasms over RG3. He is almost as smart as a White Player and the media will glorify him over and over and over and over.

      Meanwhile they will remind us that Tebow can’t play, while they encourage the Eagles to “build a team around Vick”, but not build a team around Tebow.


  • Ulick

    Speaking of black athletes, I saw that Charles Barkley was on Bob Costas’ show and was taking Costas to task over Costas’ gun control comments. Then Barkley, very matter of factly, said this…

    “I think, especially in the black culture, I don’t know if it’s a gun culture, it’s a crime culture.”

    One of the reasons why people like Barkley is because he’ll say uncomfortable truths. Well, he just stated an uncomfortable truth right there.


      Barkley will find the invitations to the shows to stop………………………..

      They will find the Black athletes who will tow the party line and blame Institutional White Racisssm and the NRA for the “gun” violence.

      I’ve never met a violent gun.

  • Ulick

    I’ve stated this here before — the New England Patriots offense is the highest scoring offense in the NFL. One of the reasons it’s so difficult to guard against is because it’s quite variable and complicated. One things that you’ll notice about the Patriots offense is that it’s way disproportionately white compared to other offenses. While many teams have a white QB, the Patriots top two receiving threats are also white (Gronkowski and Welker). The Patriots also feature an undersized whire running back as a third down back. That’s exceedingly uncommon. After several experiments with blacks that simply couldn’t pick up the nuances of the Patriots’ offense because they weren’t intelligent enough (David Terrell, Chad Johnson, Brandon Lloyd this year), the smartest coach in the leagues, Bill Belichick, has built his offense around the more intelligent, more dependable white athlete.

    • Flytrap

      I agree with you but don’t forget how good they were in 2007 with Randy Moss.

  • David M.

    It is no coincidence that the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history have all been white.



      I was comparing Tim Tebow’s stats with Cam Newton and Vick, etc. and Tebow beat them.

      Yet Tebow is constantly trashed and every excuse is made for the infantile Cam and dog torturing Vick. But, they are Black ans that is just acting Black.

      • As a pro, Tebow is at best a backup quarterback. He could not even beat out Mark Sanchez for the quarterback position for the Jets. Tebow may end up as a running back because of his size and speed.

        • MikeofAges

          NFL is a short career and Tim Tebow is three years into it already. BTW, Tebow does not have outstanding speed. As a runner, he reads his blocking and the field ahead of him extremely well. Whether this talent would translate into success if he lined up at fullback or tailback is another question. It hasn’t been tried, and probably never will be. He may get another chance as a starting QB. Or maybe not.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’m not accusing Manning or the Colts of any kind of racism.
    Well… That’s mighty ‘white’ of you Jason The Hutt.

    Danny Woodhead is underused for the same reason that you rarely, if ever, see any white DBs or WRs or LBs, etc.
    (which also has the above article)

  • Strider73

    If you like what Peyton has done in Denver, be sure to send a thank-you card to John Elway. He is one of the franchise’s top executives, and was instrumental in signing Peyton. No doubt he also had a hand in bringing those other white stars to the team.

    Looks like Elway learned about a lot more than football during his years at Stanford.

  • ncpride

    Slightly off topic, but isn’t there a White college kid possibly up for the Heisman Trophy this year who has broken all kinds of records? Plus, I saw a White basketball player that made news last week who is super awesome too, that scored the most points in a game or something like that. I’m not much on sports, but of course these things stick out simply because they are White kids getting a little attention for once.

    • Two white kids and a Samoan are up for the Heisman trophy this year.

      • WHITE DAWN

        The Samoan will get it.

        • Anglokraut

          Nope, Johnny Football got it!

          • WHITE DAWN

            Yes, I noticed and am very surprised. I figure with the number of Africans who have won the award, and thus have the right to vote, that they would naturally vote against any White and for any non-White.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        Dats raciss

    • redfeathers

      Yes, Johnny Manziel, the quarterback for Texas A & M. Let’s see if the powers that be let him win the Heisman Trophy tomorrow.

  • What is black culture in professional sports? Countless athletes who owe child support to several women for kids that they fathered out of wedlock? Guys who spend all their money trying to maintain a lifestyle and will end up broke after retirement? This is the result of single parenthood and instead of getting an education, these guys spent more time on the football field or basketball court, making plans for a pro career that lasts a few years at best. For example, the position that blacks tend to play such as running back and wide receiver have the shortest careers in the NFL with no more than 3 or 4 years or even less if the athlete suffers a career ending injury.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Black “culture” in the NFL is shooting your newborn baby’s (baby momma) mother nine times in front of your own mother, then driving to the stadium and shooting yourself in the head in front of your coach in the parking lot. Some culture, more on par with a bacteria culture.

  • An all-white NFL/MLB/NBA would be much more enjoyable and exciting to watch. These leagues sold their souls to the devil when they went the black route.

    • François

      The devil…? Perhaps it’s time to focus on the doing of a certain elite, that has created a bias against White athletes, so that young white males would increasingly have Black heroes and role models (at least when it came to sports), and young white females would become attracted to Black football players in highschools and on universsity campuses…?

  • longing4abetterworld

    Great article. My brother has stated for years the very same thing. Also, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that black athletes commit more penalties, contribute to more skirmishes after the play is over, drop the ball more, cherry-pick the ball from opponents’ hands more often, and celebrate their touchdowns unnecessarily to the point of having to penalize that behavior. I hate watching football anymore! And basketball is even worse! Just can’t figure out why so many whites are sold on this type of behavior week after week. Since when did it become ok to pull down the basket to the point of shattering it? They’ve been doing this for years. Why isn’t there affirmative action in sports?

  • longing4abetterworld

    Great article. My brother has stated for years the very same thing. Also, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that black athletes commit more penalties, contribute to more skirmishes after the play is over, drop the ball more, cherry-pick the ball from opponents’ hands more often, and celebrate their touchdowns unnecessarily to the point of having to penalize that behavior. I hate watching football anymore! And basketball is even worse! Just can’t figure out why so many whites are sold on this type of behavior week after week. Since when did it become ok to pull down the basket to the point of shattering it? They’ve been doing this for years. Why isn’t there affirmative action in sports?

  • longing4abetterworld

    Great article. My brother has stated for years the very same thing. Also, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that black athletes commit more penalties, contribute to more skirmishes after the play is over, drop the ball more, cherry-pick the ball from opponents’ hands more often, and celebrate their touchdowns unnecessarily to the point of having to penalize that behavior. I hate watching football anymore! And basketball is even worse! Just can’t figure out why so many whites are sold on this type of behavior week after week. Since when did it become ok to pull down the basket to the point of shattering it? They’ve been doing this for years. Why isn’t there affirmative action in sports?

    • Francois

      Oh, but there is! It exists as a bias against white athletes.

  • Eurobeing

    Dont forget Aaron Rogers and his white defensive players Chris Mathews and the other guy. Not there best years but they are winners.

    • Johnny Clay

      It’s Clay Mathews, my friend. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate being called the same name as Obama’s number one “receiver,” if you know what I mean.

      • Anglokraut

        Ah, Clay Matthews–now that is a gorgeous White man.

  • mid ohio

    Why didn’t the pro sports have violent crime problems when they were mostly white and why are 2500 ex-pro players suing the league to extort billions for concussion brain damage etc claiming they weren’t warned adequately in advance of making all those millions with worldwide fame now depleted? Who pays the billions in salaries and entitlements for these pampered spoiled rotten over hyped overpaid potential jailbirds who work 4 months annually and one day a week a couple hours anyway in the age of mega billion cable tv contracts causing cable bills to go up 2-3 times a year to spread the cost not to mention everything else? Shake down of western civilization in full force everywhere. Oddly enough Obama has never mentioned that today’s pro athletes make too many billions in salary and soaking the masses but has gone after all other white entities with full force with his shake down cons Sharpton and Jackson..

    • Better yet, while we’re in the middle of a tax and budget debate, why doesn’t Obama propose that the top marginal income tax rate only go up on incomes over several million a year, and eliminate tax exempt foundations? Answer: Because it would affect the “afawete,” many of whom start “foundations” as tax avoidance schemes.

      One thing we have to remember: Virtually all well paid professional athletes (of all races) are doing the only thing they possibly can to make the money they’re making — IOW, but for sports, there is no way they would be earning the kind of coin they are. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ledger, most owners made their money before buying a share of the team doing something else, and their team ownership is merely a feather in their life’s cap, a publicity stunt, or a way for an up-in-age once upon a time high school jock to re-live his athletic glory. If the NFL folds tomorrow, Michael Vick is back to picking waste with the chickens, while Stan Kroenke still has his Wal-Martinez fortune in tow.

  • MekongDelta69

    And speaking of more black bad behavior which kills:

    Cowboys nose tackle Joshua Brent charged with intoxication and manslaughter–nfl.html

    Btw, now that I remember, AmRen in one of their hard copy Issues a few years ago (I have them all, but I don’t remember specifically which Issue off the top of my head), on the inside cover, had a picture of about 50 pro athletes who got in trouble with the law at the time. I think 47 or 48 were black.


      The print issue, if I remember correctly, had this interrogatory in the caption:

      Can you spot the two whites?

      • MekongDelta69

        That’s it. Thanks. I didn’t realize it’s been 5 1/2 years already. You can add plenty of names to that list and (I believe) there’s only one white guy in the updated list.

        • longing4abetterworld

          Roethlisberger. And he and Heath Miller are 2 of the better players on the team, yet surrounded by dozens of black athletes and a black head coach. The culture has invaded the team…could take a while to right that ship.

          • Anglokraut

            Indeed. I’m a Steelers fan, but it’s really, really hard to laugh in the face of people who ask “how does it feel to cheer for a rapist?” I don’t think for an instant that Roethlisberger would have a spot on the team if Bill Cowher had been head coach. With Mike Tomlin, it’s all just a part of football. It could take a long time to root out the ghetto-ball in Pittsburgh without a total change in culture.

      • Hey! I found the 2 white guys! Do I win a prize?

        • Yes. One free year’s subscription to the printed edition of AR.


      The fact that you noticed makes you a racisssst.