Is The White Race Under Threat in America?

The Big Picture, December 7, 2012

Towson White Student Union president Matthew Heimbach argues the legitimacy of white racial interests.

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  • StillModerated

    Thom Hartmann needs to be bludgeoned about the head and shoulders with a large cosh. What a goofy 60s retread!

  • support secession

    Skin color? Does he mean race? Actually this white student union organizer is much more articulate with much better phonics than Jared Taylor who grovels and panders to blacks or minorities anywhere he talks. He is much more intelligent. We are so sick of Taylor making every liberal aware he is a liberal Yale grad or some bizarre logic telling them he was born in Japan and even says they are more intelligent than whites? Please …

    • AngryWhiteMan

      Communication is about meeting people where they’re at. You have to be humble and let people know you understand their concerns if you want them to listen to you

      • Liberalsuck

        You have to also understand the person asking you about your prowhite views possibly are brainwashed or looking to discredit you.

    • David Ashton

      Jared grovels to blacks everywhere?
      He starts with a disarming opening and slides the facts in as he goes along.
      Whites do have a case that they are discriminated against, so why not use it?

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      What’s wrong with Jared Taylor’s phonics? I’ve looked at many of his writings, and he seems to have a perfectly good grasp of Phonics! LOL

  • Nathanwartooth

    Sadly if you aren’t already a race realist this video isn’t going to persuade you.

    It was too short and had a host that was way too hostile to white interests.

    Matthew handled himself well and know his history well. I personally would have used slightly different arguments to counter but for being attacked so fiercely he held his ground well.

    • whiteyyyyy

      True, in that atmosphere it’s almost counterproductive. The best you can do is a draw. Heimbach is impressive though, considering his age.

      • AngryWhiteMan

        He’s clearly intelligent and a good debater. He should have a good future if he isn’t exiled to one of Eric Holder’s gulags.

      • AngryWhiteMan

        He’s clearly intelligent and a good debater. He should have a good future if he isn’t exiled to one of Eric Holder’s gulags.

    • rightrightright

      Matthew was good, but too polite. In the future, he needs to steel himself to talk down interruptions and just power along until he has finished making his point.

      • Liberalsuck

        What he should say is, “I don’t appreciate you talking over me or interrupting me. I didn’t do that to you.” If they kept it up, I would walk out. Waste of time.

      • Svigor

        I agree that we need to break the leftoid monopoly on righteous anger and open, “holier-than-thou” hostility.

  • Richard Williams

    This illustrates the contemporary problem with public discourse for the diverse white Americans. Hartmann debated with Heimbach with old arguments. And that is the problem with getting into such a debate.

    Heimbach could have made his points by defending or promoting a more limited position, one that the Hartmann’s of the world couldn’t dismiss. Choices could have included discrimination, defamation, or dispossession. Just going overall “whites” are this or that gave Hartmann the edge he needed.

    It is astounding that there is no mechanism for planning debates, developing lines of arguments, and asserting various rights and ways of speaking that don’t have ready-made counter-assertions. And Heimbach defended his position by pointing out how some of the diverse white Americans dissed newer diverse white immigrants…what was that about? It certainly wasn’t about the legitimacy of white racial interests.

    These debates are eminently winnable if our side were trained & educated in the process. Everyone else does it…even Sharpton and Jackson have mentioned from time to time how they rehearse lines and go into debate with solid arguments. We should be able to do it now.

    Hartman is not the sharpest pencil in the box and, of course, he simply interrupted Heimbach who had nothing fresh or new to say. I wonder why Heimbach didn’t prepare for this debate just like presidential candidates prepare…with persons playing Hartman’s role. In fact, if Heimbach had planned his appearance around one key idea he wanted to leave in the TV viewers minds, he could have done so without meandering all over the place and being pushed around by Hartmann who is a lightweight.

    • Svigor

      A media interview is not a debate. One good way of handling such non-debate debates is to ignore what the other guy is saying and just say what you want to say.

  • Western culture is under threat everywhere

    • Its not under threat in Russia.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        Right- the Muslims are tolerant there and Russia is free of Africans.

        • David Ashton

          No, there are problems with Chechens &c.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          Tolerant and Muslims is like Tolerant and Left Wingers

          • You Are Now Enriched

            They tolerate whatever hurts Whitey.

      • Big Lebowski’s Favorite Drink

        Maybe because Russia is. Not the “West” as you say. The Russians never really endeared themselves to the West because they are in the East. They are White but they are not Westernized. They have a strong sense of nation, ethnicity and family ties, so usually I am for the Russians.

        • potato78

          My favor is Tchaikovsky – Piano Concerto No.1 Op.23 in B Flat Minor

          • ed

            Prokofiev here.

          • StillModerated

            Dmitri Bortniansky, Archangelsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Staro-Simonovskaya are the Russian composers on my list. Musicescu and St. Mokranyats are the Romanian and Serbian composers of note. They have all composed music for the Cherubim Hymn/Heruvimskaya Pesma.

        • i am

          I have met a few people who lived in the Eastern Block states and the Soviet Union before 1989. They all tell me that whites are told they are inferior to blacks. That is right; INFERIOR. Here they tell you we are equal, but they still get more.

        • Skincognito

          I support the Russians, Great, White and Little, but the moment we concede that they are somehow less than Western then we have lost a crucial argument in our survivalist narrative. (Be I as so bold as to assume that amren kids want to survive?). Along with the Serbs, Poles, Bohemians, Lithuanians, Latvians and Magyars, post-Soviet Russians are an important cousin in our peoples’ (Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic and Celtic) fight for survival. Of course their demographic crisis is as acute as well as instructive. No more Vladivostoks! What we build, we must defend. All hail Mother Russia, all hail the mighty West! I dare a Slavophile Russian chauvinist to deny our shared struggle. We are racial kinsmen and fellow Kulturvoelker.

          • Angry White Woman

            I am a bright-red-haired, blue-eyed, VERY fair, white-skinned American woman of mostly Celtic ethnic heritage. One of the very few persons I ever met who was closest to my own personal coloring was a Russian born and raised girl, so newly in America she still spoke fractured English. Tell me they aren’t white! (BTW, she feared and loathed blacks with an intensity that surprised me, being I was quite young (25) and racially naive at that age.)

          • Svigor

            Anecdotes are not data, and continental-level race is the beginning of race, not the end. Russians and Britons are racially quite different.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Britons have bigger teeth.

          • Skincognito

            Georgie, Niki and Willi were cousins. I’d rather teach my kids Russian than pidgeon Spanish or Mandarin.
            (I hope my initial allusion isn’t too vague. King, Tsar and Kaiser?)

          • Russians and Britons are not racially different. They may be ethnically different but they are not racially different.

        • Liberalsuck

          Most Russians I have met openly made anti-black statements. Once dated a Russian girl a few years ago who, when I said I had some Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, thought I said the ‘n’ word. She just flat out said, “no, I don’t like black people” like refusing a food or drink she didn’t like.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            These postings leave me with the impression that “Whiteness” is the exclusive domain of Slavs, Nordics, Anglo-Saxons and Celts. What about us Mediterranean/ Southern Europeans? Are Italians, French, Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks suddenly not eligible for “Whiteness”?

            The facial structure of those beautiful Slavic women is a definite inheritance from the Mongols. Those Russian women have those killer cheekbones.
            Both of my children were born with what appeared to be a large black and blue area on one of their butt cheeks. Our pediatrician eased our concern and explained that the phenomenon was called “Mongolian Spot” which occurs in some but not all infants of Southern Euro heritage. MY wife is also of Sicilian heritage. Apparently when Attila vacated Southern Europe some of his tribesmen decided to stay on and mated with the indigenous women. The spots disappeared within six months.
            Anyway the possibility that I might be 1/137th Hun doesn’t mean that I can’t consider myself to be White. If we start excluding people who for years were deemed to be White, HELL, we’re in serious trouble. Even Mexico has one segment of the population that is totally White. We can’t afford to disqualify anyone. We need everyone we can get.

          • AutomaticSlim

            I posted on this site with a “guest” account for almost 2 years before I switched to a “disqus” ID. Being a tan complexioned Southern European myself, I have had this “war of words” here more than I care to remember.
            My conclusion is that although I know I am White, some of the Nordic centrics on this site will never accept me as such. I have no problem with that. I don’t much care for some of them either (Aryan gang members, low IQ skinheads, etc..).

            But at least I think we can all agree that blacks are a huge problem and must be dealt with.

        • Russia has not been “westernized.” I wonder if this is the reason why those-whose-names-we-may-not-speak hate Russia with such a passion.

      • rightrightright

        Sadly yes it is. The Muslim hordes are pouring into Russia Proper and Putin does nothing to keep them out.

        • StillModerated

          Until the spetsnaz is put on the job. Their motto is: you might kill some of ours, but we’ll waste ALL of yours.

      • refocus

        That’s another reason for the upcoming war.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Status is far beyond “threat” level.


    Learning does not have anything to do with being poor. Blacks do not have to learn anything because they will be take care of by Government. We now know that Government now provides the “poor” with over $160 a day in benefits none of which are taxable. That is over $60,000 a year. So tell us why they should care or anyone else should care?

    Secession today, secession tomorrow, secession for ever…

    • The Verdict of History

      The fact that European civilization and identity are under siege should be blatantly obvious to any observers. For even leftists themselves, having lauded this sort of cultural and racial erosion for decades, have noted their success in effectuating the ethnic and cultural displacement they fervently desire.

      Developing strategies to combat cultural Marxism through painstaking activism and pro-white public relations ought to dominate our agenda.

      • AngryWhiteMan

        Occupy Ivory Towers

        • Skincognito

          Ivory Towers mean empty cradles. Reconsider your tactics unless you’re infertile or a pederast. Don’t fear academia, but prioritize family over Foucault. I wage this battle daily, take heed. It ain’t easy. A decade ago I dreamt of White revolutionary historiography. My flame still burns, just not quite as bright. My family is in fightin shape though.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        That’s exactly right. That’s why it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Americans are too accustomed to their big comfy homes with their big lawns, their cars, their TVs, their iPhones, iPods and iPads, etc. etc. Like I always say, if enough whites were awake enough to secede, then we wouldn’t be living in the Obamanation we’re in right now. Whites in SA haven’t even demanded secession, and they have it much worse than we in the US do.

        • Liberalsuck

          Whites have got to go through a lot of hell before they wake up and secede. As you said, whites have gotten to soft and used to just having luxuries at our disposal without having to do the work, timing and sacrifices that our ancestors did. Then we have also had 50 years now of anti-white, white guilt propaganda being fed to us all the time. It’s a real uphill battle. If the white men today were like the Vikings or the cowboys were, it would be a different story.

          • “Then we have also had 50 years now of anti-white, white guilt propaganda being fed to us all the time”

            Get rid of the Hate Museums and these problems will go away.

          • Liberalsuck

            How do you suggest doing that?

          • Steven Bannister

            Hate Museums? You mean our TV sets?

          • i am

            Holocaust Museums. There will be one in every town in the future. It is the new religion. do a web search for “holocaust museum,” and count how many there are.

          • You Are Now Enriched

            Greg Johnson’s most passionate moment in a podcast was when he goes off about how taking our children to Holocaust museums is definitely child abuse. He felt it, he meant it.

        • Seek

          Secession is a copout, a tacit admission that whites should cede their territorial and legal birthright. I say we shouldn’t yield a single square inch of ground. It’s our country — all 3.6 million miles of it. No secession!

          • Anon12

            I completely agree with you! I am so sick of those who “think” we should give away OUR birthright and OUR nation to any nonwhite that the enemy allowed to invade OUR land! This is OUR land and we do NOT compromise any part of it to these aliens amongst us!

          • anonymous

            While it is a good idea (seceding), how do you plan on keeping an area white forever? The Founders created a plan and a constitution to keep this country majority white, but look where that went. Anywhere we go, nonwhites follow white people. Why? Because when the generations of whites who inherit the wealth and nice civilization had no idea the work and bloodshed it took to create it and secure it. Another reason is white people tend have an built-in altruistic “good Samaritan” trait that always screws us in the end. There will always be some liberal whimp or traitor in power that will screw us over for votes, profit and cheap labor and will do whatever that it takes to get those things, even if it means displacing us and putting us in danger. Let’s say you have a land that is 100% white. Guess what? That means you are all clustered into one area. They can fire off missiles at you or send in drones. How do you stop hordes of armies and gangs from coming in? Our enemies took over our country when they were not the majority and they did so without having to make us move anywhere. Fight back from within. if someone breaks into your house, are you going to leave and buy another house and then another house if it’s broken in again and then another, etc? It’s time whites took a stand, put their foot down and said, “No! This is ours. Not yours!”

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The only way to keep a nation civilized forever is to expel the uncivilized and first commit a complete genocide outside that nation and then outside the continent. This is probably impossible without the active participation of most of an industrial superpower’s population.

            The United States could probably achieve this. The problem would be psychological. Everyone knows decent black people; the guy across the street has always been kind to us, so there’s the first hurdle for most non-psychopaths. There’s a guy from Thailand in the building on the other side as well; when we didn’t have a car that ran, he drove us to the supermarket. I think there’s also a white-Amerind guy with a Japanese wife in the area, and that one’s a dangerous convicted felon; let’s start with him. Wait a minute; that’s me. Where would one start, where would one stop, and who would be directing these massacres of the unwanted?

            What also would be left of the moral stature of a nation of “people” who could do this?

          • Svigor

            I want to secede from you as much as I do from anyone else.

          • AutomaticSlim

            How about secede as soon as possible, then regroup and plan, and finally, reconquer later?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I disagree. Independence from the rotting corpse first, followed by rigorous re-application of Lebensraum… err… I mean Manifest Destiny.

          • Guest

            Better to establish small “white towns” that celebrate “European American heritage” on a daily basis. Start small and work our way up.

        • eduard

          There is a problem with the definition of “whites in SA”. The english whites in SA are mostly liberals, and are the arselickers to the ANC. The Boer/ Afrikaner has always been the “enemy”. The Boers are to few in number to try and secede, and if they do, the ANC will “invade” the territory with sheer multitude like they are doing with the Western Cape at the moment. At least the USA has the majority of whites to be able to secede, if only the whites will wake up. Hollywood actors/celebrities and the liberals are the greatest enemy of the white America.

      • i am

        It is very difficult to combat Marxism when the main people who are behind it cannot be mentioned.

    • The thing is this, Secession isn’t going to be given. It’ll have to come about violently. Blacks and all the other people who depend on us aren’t going to let us go our way without a fight. So get any ideas of peaceful separation out of your head and prepare yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally for the work of secession.

      • You’re probably correct. From a distance, it appears that white Euro-Americans are far better armed than the blacks, and in intellect obviously there is no competition.

      • Sean

        This reminds me of the Umayyid(sp?) Caliphate in the early years of Islam. The Muslims taxed to non-Muslims relentlessly to pay for the Islamic population. Eventually the majority of the Infidels converted to Islam and the whole Caliphate collapsed. Continue to use the white population to pay for the brown while encouraging miscegenation and low birth rates and we land ourselves on the exact same path.

        • Libearlsuck

          Then what will white people do when hordes of angry black and browns come after us when we have no more meat to throw at them?

          • Sean

            Well, considering food stamps will be gone, we’ll probably be eaten if we can’t get to our guns fast enough. I’m thinking 28 Days Later type scenario.

            In all seriousness I believe that if the aforementioned scenario happens the best case will be that the Saxon will awaken for all of us who are aware. Escape will become paramount to white bastion states while the effeminate liberal whites and fair weather conservatives will be ruthlessly extorted and accosted even in their ivory towers. All this happens over a longer period of time of course, months, years. We won’t truly know or believe that we are no longer safe until we observe these happenings because the media will of course try to cover it up.

            If I were an eightball my verdict would be “Future Unclear”. Historical precedent, even from the last 20 or 30 years. says further tribulation is inevitable as the white population shrinks. Websites like this give me faith, alone we are candles in the wind but putting our heads together we can become a bonfire to purge dishonesty and treason from our once great nation.

            The simple fact that there is a number of us communicated is a victory. A balance of patience and expression (posting informative fliers at night, easing friends and family into how you think so they don’t get shocked) will at least do something.

            By our nature we can’t just be snuffed out, we always come back, but if they really decided to kill us off then we must endeavor to make our lives mean something and our deaths magnificent.

          • Good question, but a question that we who are on this site should alraedy know the answer to. We will defend ourselves to the utmost. The best defense is a great offense. At some point when the whole fabric of society comes apart, the minorities will go stark raving mad and come after us and attempt to destroy each and every one of us. That’s when we’ll settle all outstanding accounts with them.

      • refocus

        The blacks and others do not have anything to do with it.

        It is up to whitey to look out for his own best interests.

        • “The blacks and others do not have anything to do with it. ”
          I have to disagre, They’re the reason anyone is thinking of secession at all. But as far as your second sentence – aboslutely.

          • Liberalsuck

            The whites who want secession don’t even realize on a subconscious level that they want to secede because of racial matters. The thought of it scares them as they think having ‘racist thoughts is beyond evil’

          • RIN0Huner

            Actually, I have pretty much always realized it. If secession cannot happen, I atelast want to relocate to a overwelmingly white state like North Dakota, Montana or better yet, Idaho.

          • Liberalsuck

            Still, how do you keep those areas predominately white? Whose to say that those states won’t get flooded with nonwhites? Do you think most whites would stand up to armies of black gangs or MS-13 members? Hell, no! They would try to move away and/or wait until it was “within the law” to strike back at those monsters who were terrorizing them and their communities.

      • I say we adopt the tactics of the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr.

        Wouldn’t it be ironic to use their own non-violent tactics for our cause?

        • Svigor

          Absolutely. Widespread tax revolt and other divestment, passive resistance, and the creation of parallel institutions and economies would destroy the regime.

        • Sir, that just isn’t going to work for us. They’ll just kill us. During the “civil rights” demonstrations/sitins/ marches, etc., a large proportion of the country was for the blacks. That won’t be the case with us. They can’t sympathize with Whites. They know we’re their meal ticket.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I prefer violence. I just like it better that way.

      • Liberalsuck

        White people today have gotten too soft and we have become herd animals. We ask for permission. Governments never allow peaceful withdrawal. If states or people
        withdraw from their system, that means less money and power for them.
        Our government wouldn’t just nicely let a country secede anymore than we
        just ‘nicely’ went into Iraq or ‘nicely’ asked Japan if they could
        declare war on them after Pearl Harbor. Most whites don’t want to stand apart from the group and be called a ‘racist’ or a ‘sinner’ or ‘witch’ or whatever word of the times they throw at us. White people say and do things that are popular with our group. You have to make being prowhite a popular thing for white people again. You have to make it unpopular then for whites to be in mixed race relationships or for whites who say or do anything anti-white/pro-nonwhite, etc. The difference between now and 100s of years ago is white people didn’t ask for permission. They weren’t concerned for how they felt or if something might be ‘mean’ or ‘selfish.’ They were concerned for what was the best and most logical thing to do for their families, their nations and their race. Whites have gotten too soft. I’m not saying we can’t change. I’m just saying it’s going to take for things to get really bad for most white people to get it. I’m sorry, but I’m just not seeing that most white people ‘get it’ after re-electing an anti-white marxist into office.

        • Why do you think “most” Whites have to get it? Our Revolution was fought with about a third of the population being Patriot, a third Tory, and a third sitting on the fence. We’re so much better in every way than our adversries, we make up for a lack of numbers with high quality people.

    • Yup, and throw in all the “family-values” Latinos streaming northward, who, with their cholo babies, are going to help guarantee this country’s bankruptcy. Christmas on a cracker, when we’re now talking austerity, giving away freebies to illegal aliens is suicide.

  • I guess guys like Mr. Heimbach (German name – fighting race of people) serve some purpose. But at this point in time, talk is nothing. All that good White men and women have to concentrate on now is their markmenship and defending themselves and loved ones.

  • You Are Now Enriched


    When are you going to proactively hold the Diversity Czars at Towson accountable for doing nothing to stop black crime on and near campus? Why aren’t you engaging the biggest donors? Why do you give those a pass who have the most obligation to do something about the problem? Just because they don’t want the scrutiny doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it. What’s the point of a White Student Union if you aren’t using proven tactics to discredit those who hate you? Wake up, get busy. Make sombody uncomfortable, or lose relevance.

    • GM (Australia)

      We need to get to the situation where everyone one from President Obama to the Mayor of Detroit will be absolutely fearful of what white groups (Including white student unions or even Amren) will say every time a new PC, AA, anti-discrimination or any other anti-white policy, immigration amnesty or Black city bailout etc is announced. (Just like everything else seems to need the approval and blessing of the NAACP before it can happen)

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    The media does it’s best here to deceive it’s audience on this issue and the title at the bottom of the screen says during the interview, “A Whites-Only Student Union?” This is dishonest; it is not a Whites only union, anyone can join the union like other non-White unions can have White members. The union is about White interests and perspectives, not for Whites only. The media tries to make it seem racist by phrasing it improperly.

    To me this argument is simple to win. Just ask any detractor of a White student union, are you for fairness and equal rights? They will say yes and then say well then you are either for no student unions based on ethnicity or race or you are for everyone having the same right to assemble. if they argue further just say, you are not for equality you are for special rights and protection for some, but not others because of race.

    There is no coming back from this, our enemies will lose this argument every time.

    Keep your arguments simple and to the point.

    • AngryWhiteMan

      They have decades of practice in weaseling out of these arguments.

      “Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others”

      • But we have truth on our side. That scares them more than anything else.

    • George White

      I thought that young man spoke brilliantly, and the host was a total boob.

      • StillModerated

        Thom Hartman is a wacky 60s retread. Incapable of thinking; the only sound I ever hear out of him is the jerking of his left knee. 40 days and 40 nights in the stocks being pelted with rotten fruit and dead cats should make him shape up.

        • Liberalsuck

          Something is not wired right if you are 60 and a liberal. What’s that saying? If you are 20 and a conservative, you have no heart. If you are 40 and a liberal, you have no brain.

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

        That host was rude and pushy. And wrong most of the time.

        “College was free for everyone before Reagan.” Complete nonsense. Under Reagan, some national funding of educational was cut but there was still a lot of grant/scholarship money floating around. And junior college in CA was about $15/class.

        “White people run this country.” Individual Whites are in power but they clearly DO NOT represent the collective will of (most) Whites.

        Hey buddy, feel free to get your facts straights and do your job!

        (Funny thing is I generally like RT.)

        • Liberalsuck

          The interviewer is a typical liberal: arrogant, ignorant, smug, elitist and a coward beneath it all. That’s why they attack white people and Christians and white conservatives, because they know these people will not respond violently when we are pissed. They know it takes a lot to make white people collectively strike back.

      • DelmarJackson

        Mathew was great, but should have been more prepared for Thom sliming him by making it seem Mathew was somehow pro slavery, which is a primary lefty argument against white people wanting to advocate for their own kind.

        If you want to call out the offenses against white people based solely on the color of their skin, then according to the lefties you must be a racist anti minority Klansman wanting to bring back slavery. We should be able to win this argument much easier than we are. in my lifetime, i have never met a single white person that thought slavery was good idea, it is quite insane. For pro slavery to be an argument against white people wanting to advocate for whites, in the samwe way non whites advocate for their own kind, and to lose an argument when slavery is brought up or be smeared by this pro slavery lie is remarkable when you think about it. It is like arguing for or against abortion, and your opponent starts inferring you are a believer in Unicorns and you spend the rest of the abortion debate defending yourself from being called pro Unicorn.

        I am not familiar with Thom Hartmann, however,Thom has a video I like where he claims there are no illegal immigrants, only illegal employers, and how we should go after the employers, not the immigrants. Clearly, there are illegal immigrants, but Thom raises a wonderful left inspired point, and is one we who want less immigration should use to skewer the left with and turn the tables and make employers hiring immigrants a focal point of the struggle to lower immigration.

        In judo, you use the force of your opponent against them. Thom gave us a good opening on immigration and we should take him up on his call for punishing those profiting from immigration, which would work much better than speeches on the border calling for more fences that will never come.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Matt, like all Whites, is in a vicious battle with people whose aim is the destruction of the White race.

          It is NOT our job to be fair to anyone who aims to destroy us.

          Go on the offensive. Immediately.

          There are many good responses to these lefties – mocking, laughter and ridicule being very the best:

          When confronted with the slavery issue by racist blacks or anyone else:

          “Slavery? The White race is the race that finally ended the practice of slavery in this world. Blacks should thank us for being the first race in the history of the world to outlaw slavery!”

          “What are they teaching you kids in elementary school these days?”

          “You have been lied to by your professors. You need to go back to your university and demand your money back!”

          Yes, use their own force against them, which is what lefties have been doing to great effect for 50+ years against traditional White America and White American culture.

          Notice all the increasing demands every year for Christmas Trees to be removed from public spaces? These are symbols of traditional White American culture.

          Enough is enough. We are up against a ruthless, coldblooded, sadistic, violent enemy who seeks nothing less than the destruction of the White race. But, be prepared for violence, which is the first response of blacks when confronted with reality.

          Blacks are being used as useful idiots and a battering ram against White Americans for a reason

          Ridicule is man’s most potent weapons

          —Saul Alinsky, Leftist Icon, anti-White, Marxist, 0bama mentor


          • bluffcreek1967

            Very good points, Bon! I think all of us need to hear this and recognize that we need to go on the offensive with liberals, employ ridicule and sarcasm when possible, and put them on the defensive! We sometimes forget the power of ridicule in debating with one’s opponent. It’s a very strong force when rightly used. Plus, liberals take themselves so seriously and they think all their ideas are so brilliant that when you laugh at them, they get flustered and off-track!

    • Liberalsuck

      Of course the media is dishonest and manipulating when to comes to whites. Since when have they given us a fair share in recent history?

    • Gary

      By your logic the same can be said for Black Student Unions.

  • potato78

    Strong as ever. But I haven’t see any white person as a strong president candidate to defeat Obama yet. White Americans have lost their own sharpness and been averaged down by Black Americans. Obama is very good example.

  • What is white privilege?

    Coming from a two parent home? Seeing school as a means to better yourself and not punishment? Studying for tests? Not committing crimes and staying out of trouble? Preparing for interviews? Doing your job well enough not to get fired and possibly advancing in the company?

    • Grim Jim

      Of course. Your dad needs to learn to beat your mother and molest your siblings and sink into heavy womanizing and/or take up cruising violent and decrepit gay bars for anonymous sex. Your mom needs to take up smoking crack and ho’ing on the street for her drug dealer. You need to eat the free school meals, stop studying, become a juvenile delinquent and career criminal. Start pimping out your sisters and brothers to older men and accept food stamps as the currency of choice.

      Actually, none of this will be enough to equal you out with Jamaal and his kind. You are going to require a frontal lobotomy.

      Laugh now, that is exactly where this is going!

      • George Orwell

        “White Privilege” is code for Black Failure

        • Svigor

          “White Privilege” is code for “attack.” It’s the language of the racist, anti-white regime.

          • You Are Now Enriched

            White Privilege = Get Whitey!

      • Throw in among white privelege “not spending the rent money on more bling and a big screen color TV, and using milk on your breakfast cereal instead of malt liquor.”

      • Katherine McChesney

        doesn’t this define wiggers?

    • rightrightright

      White privilege means White man’s burden. Just tote that weary load, Whitey.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        Today’s News:

        Proposal for global regulation of web

        Tomorrow’s News:

        Proposal for global regulation of wealth

        Proposal for global regulation of parents

        Proposal for global regulation of whiteness

    • Franklin Ryckaert

      “White privilege”, another name for deserving what you earn.

      • Liberalsuck

        It’s another term coined to guilt trip whites so they can scam them out of their money

        • Svigor

          It’s an inevitable outcome of the delusion of equality; the delusion of equality demands delusional explanations for ongoing inequality of outcomes. Pointing out how much better blacks do around “oppressive” and “privileged” whites than they do on their own is a good start on the debunking.

          • Don


      • Steven Bannister

        No, that’s not what it means.

        In fact, “white privilege” means the very opposite – that white people are BORN INTO something which they “did not earn” such as (perhaps) wealth, property ownership, a built-in social standing, etc

        Don’t get me wrong – I’m not agreeing with this term. But when leftists say “white privilege” they are talking about UNEARNED privilege, not the “fruits of own’s labor.” To effectively combat what leftists say, it’s important to know what they are actually saying.

        The “white privilege” argument is a tricky one – here are some good counterpoints for white activists to use against it:

        1) Not all whites are born into wealth or property, in fact most whites are born into poverty and have to climb into the middle class through hard work (as Matthew Heimbach pointed out, his family is Irish and arrived in Amerca AFTER the days of slavery and had no upper hand whatsoever.)

        2) Racial solidarity is not just about money. Just because whites “have an average worth of $87,000 per family” doesn’t mean they don’t have any interests as an ETHNIC GROUP. Jews have more money per family than ANY other racial group in America proportional to their numbers – does that mean they don’t have any interests as an ethnic group?

        3) Whites are unique in that they are the only racial group in America which is LEGALLY discriminated against by the government and colleges via Affirmative Action (although this might be true of Asians-and they should have the right to organize against Affirmative Action as well)

        4) Whites are also the largest victim groups of interracial crime. It is impossible to even address this issue if Whites are not allowed to speak as a group.

        5) White soldiers are more likely than any other racial group to die fighting in the American armed forces.

        6) Even though whites still make up a large part of the “people who run the country” (and that is changing) those “whites at the top” do NOT represent the “whites at the bottom”. The white elites in government and corporate America do NOT advocate for white interests, in fact their economic policies often work against the white working class at the bottom.

        7) Finally, it’s PERFECTLY NORMAL for a nation that was founded by white people to have some sort of “white privilege” and any society is naturally going to reflect the influence of the people who founded that society. For example, nobody ever talks about “Japanese privilege” in Japan. It’s simply understood that the Japanese founded Japan and therefore, Japanese society reflects the influence of the Japanese people.

        Then ask the interviewer “Would you agree that Jews have Jewish Privilege” in Israel?”

        • Tucker

          This Thomas Hartman is a greasy, obnoxious, condescending, arrogant, snooty, virulently anti-White liberal racist and he is also, if I my information is correct, a member of the very same tribe of aliens who Frank Rich boasted about having been able to elbow aside – the WASPs, and then take over as the new, hostile, hate filled ruling elite class.

          Several years ago, I ran across a web radio podcast by this Hartman clown where he was ‘interviewing’ Peter Brimelow of Brimelow was treated with non-stop disrespect by Hartman for simply daring to suggest that White European people had legitimate ethnic-specific interests, just like every other ethnic group does. I remember thinking to myself, while listening to that interview – that this Hartman clown was literally consumed with raw, maniacal, demonic, even Satanic – hatred and contempt for Brimelow and for the ideas that Brimelow tried to discuss during that interview and the guy was not making any attempt at all to hide his hatred. It was like popping the top on a bottle of pure ammonia and then leaning over and taking a huge snort from the bottle.

          These kinds of clues need to be recognized and cataloged, fellow White European Americans. These unbridled displays of the depth of the hatred that our Cultural Marxist enemies have for our race – are glimpses into a time tunnel, and can help us better understand the murderous hatred that was unleashed upon the Russian people in 1917 wound up costing over 65 million of our White racial cousins in that nation their lives

          Make no mistake, people. That is precisely what these Cultural Marxist, anti-White racists like Hartman, Tim Wise, Jon Stewart, Noel Ignatiev and the rest of these hate filled aliens wish to repeat, here in the USA.

          You can see in their evil eyes, you can hear it in their hate-filled voices and you can see it in the expressions that they show on their faces.

          Incidentally, Hartman follows the familiar pattern and tactic that was coined by the Cultural Marxist enemy – attempting to pathologize the idea that Whites should be concerned about their perfectly legitimate ethnic interests. Notice the classic technique used by Hartman, where he rolls his eyes, smirks, and attempts to project the attitude that there is something utterly comical about the idea of Whites being concerned about their racial survival and that anyone who is White who expresses concerns along these lines is some kind of mentally deranged crackpot?

          I’ve seen Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and former Congressman John Kasich use the very same Cultural Marxist ‘pathologizing’ technique when interviewing any guest who espouses pro-White positions or concerns about the future of our people. For those with a strong stomach, watch this 2002 interview by Kasich of Matt Hale:

          Remember, now. This Kasich creep is supposed to have a reputation as a ‘conservative’, but clearly has nothing but hatred and contempt in his vile heart for anyone who is White who believes that the most important thing in the world that deserves to be conserved is one’s own race of people.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        My White privilege moment:

        Just saw a TV comercial that included a small classical orchestra- so many Whites!
        I was stunned at all the explicit Whiteness, and kept look for the required Diversity.
        I finally found it- he was the drummer, and he was in the back.

        Good. Show us Diversity banging on jungle bongo drums, and put him way in the back instead of up front in the “Diversity leadership” position like in all the other advertisements.

        I’m sure somebody is planning a protest…

    • Liberalsuck

      Privilege means we are able to work hard, plan ahead, be responsible, not demand others take care of us, not act repulsively, turning third-world/non-populated areas into first-world nations, etc. It’s a white thing.

    • ageofknowledge

      That’s how I was raised and lived my life sbuffalonative.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      White privilege is knowing that when St. Neslon Mandela dies soon, maybe on Christmas Day, you will be blamed for it, and your children, and grandchildren…

      oops, wait, not your grandchildren, because they will be mongrel Diversity… your White daughters who “passionately promote Diversity and inclusiveness” will see to it…

      you know I’m right, because race mixing White girls are how the White community had decided to kill itself off, and we are obviously wearying over how long our suicide mission is taking…

      so, EVERYTHING FASTER NOW… Obama2016…

      Global Icon Nelson Mandela Hospitalized, As World Holds Its Breath

      Worshippers gather to pray for Nelson Mandela as anti-apartheid leader spends second day in military hospital

      Herring Becomes First African-American To Head Major Political Party In Virginia

      • eduard

        How can they pray for a communist, terrorist, atheist scum of the earth third world savage who rejects the existence of the Almighty. Who are these worshippers praying to – Satan? We are living in a communist country, run by communists. They only use the false Christianity to control the masses.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I met one of Mandela’s fifty children at UCLA Hospital when I visited a friend. He works on staff in the teen addiction ward. He was self-important and noticeably unliked by rest of the staff. One whispered to me he is a sex-obsessed married black man who cheats on his wife with multiple partners. I found him disgusting and bossy.

  • white dude

    Big eyed Hartmann couldn’t even debate a 2 year old. of course the usual marxist words, ‘whites are majority’. ‘america built by immigrates’, ‘white privilege’ etc ad nauseum.

    • Liberalsuck

      hartman is why I have such disdain for white liberals. I really can’t even stand being around my liberal family members or relatives. We can’t just have a nice conversation. They have never changed their liberal views over the years and they know I will never agree with them. They always have to bring up how sorry they feel for blacks or how the ‘justice system is racist against blacks’ or how the Founding fathers were ‘slaveowners’ or complain about some restaurant that has ‘Christian symbols in their restaurant’ or how they won’t use the paper towels I have because the CEO of that company gives money to the Republican Party or to anti-gay group. You know what I’m saying?

      • Svigor

        Jews don’t feel sorry enough for blacks to marry them…well, ever.

  • guest

    As of now, I fear for the well-being of Western culture and Whites. After Obama’s re-election, I have lost all faith in this country, knowing how it’s so full of corrupt politicans and brainwashed white leftists who only voted for Obama just to prove they’re not racist. Just like the election was four years ago, it’s all about race. Obama has proven himself time and again to be anti-white and there are many self-proclaimed “experts” who spread their evil anti-white agenda, and so many naive fools continue to follow them. And now the only people us whites can really depend on are other whites who, like us, have not been brainwashed with political correctness and see the world for how it really is.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I think Mr. Heimbach did a pretty credible job here facing questioning from a hostile interviewer (he must have interrupted about 25 times). The interviewer also made some pretty strange assertions, such as that everyone got a free college education before Reagan was elected. First time I’ve ever heard that one!

    How do you make your point without mentioning the differences in IQ between the races? (It’s good that Heimbach didn’t get into that, because then the discussion would have devolved into nothing but having to defend that position).

    As for the interviewer’s claim that “whites run this country” it might be pointed out that whites founded this country, and that just because the majority in Congress may be white doesn’t mean that they reflect white interests.

    I liked Heimbach’s response that “white privilege” is a bogus term, but rather than saying that he’s in favor of secession, he should say that he’s in favor of the states to make that determination for themselves. Much more palatable to most listeners that way.

    • Liberalsuck

      You have to also understand that Matt, unlike Jared Taylor or Pat Buchanan or older white conservative (men), did not grow up with diversity and multiculturalism. The older conservative race realists didn’t grow up during a time where they were screamed at or lose their job for being openly pro-white or anti-nonwhite. He knows the people he is trying to get through–young white people under 50–who have been bombarded in school and in the media and in movies are “evil mean people who oppressed nonwhites and don’t deserve any rights” is something he has to tread carefully on. Most younger whites have been brainwashed to look for ‘racism against blacks’ but never to look for injustices done against whites. In fact, we are told to ignore injustices against whites because it would be ‘racist’ to be angry about it and that white people deserve it. That’s what Matthew Heimbach is up against.

    • Svigor

      “Whites run this country” is usually what leftoids say in response to the facts about the racist, anti-white regime. I didn’t watch the video but I’d guess this was the case here, as well.

      My usual response is to point out that “sell-outs” and “uncle toms” are black – so what? I.e., blackness doesn’t save Clarence Thomas (or the “black sell-out/uncle tom” of your choice), why should whiteness save the anti-white racist regime.

      The regime doesn’t consider itself white, in any event.

      It also might be good to drive a wedge by pointing out that whiteness didn’t stop the Germans from their “racism” (yes,”anti-Semitism” is racism according to leftoids) against Jews, or more to the point, stop leftoids from classifying “anti-Semitism” as racism.

  • Jeff

    It’s good that the interviewer was so smarmy. It sets him up to look more foolish than the target of his derision. And it’s great that this is getting covered on RT.

    • George White

      I agree. I take it as a win for us, simply because our ideas are getting out there. And the kid did good.

  • purestocles

    When pressed, Hartman gave as an example of white privilege the statistical average of wealth for a white family as $87,000 vs. a black family’s $5000.

    That’s an example of wealth? When the average home costs around $128,000. That is, when the so-called wealth of the average white family, including home “ownership” is insufficient to pay off their mortgage?

    And he cites this as an example of White Privilege?

    Now let’s see…..Who owns the deed to the house until its payed off? And who received bailouts from the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury when all their real estate shenanigans blew up in their faces? And who continues to receive cash infusions through massive purchases of defaulted mortgages by Federal agencies at bubble prices?

    There are indeed privileged Whites in America. But to jump from that to the broader generalization that all Whites are privileged is Insane.

    As the above statistics indicate, below the top 1% (and throw in the next 9%) there are the unfortunate and the less unfortunate (using the root word “fortune” literally). Most are in debt and therefore not free and definitely not privileged. The sad truth is, is that even among “homeowners” (and home ownership is the prime repository of wealth for most Americans), the majority will die without ever having paid off their mortgages.

    • When pressed, Hartman gave as an example of white privilege the
      statistical average of wealth for a white family as $87,000 vs. a black
      family’s $5000.

      That’s not an example of “racism” or “white privilege,” it’s proof of black impulsiveness.

      • Liberalsuck

        But liberals will not allow you to point that out. Most blacks want something for nothing and they know making whites feel sorry for them is a good way to get free money, nice homes and good jobs they aren’t smart enough to have nor deserve.

        • Svigor

          It’s all down to the delusion of equality. It spawns myriad, subservient delusions.

    • Liberalsuck

      Why doesn’t Mr. Hartman and all these liberals give their jobs, money, nice homes and nice cars to nonwhites then instead of guilt-tripping other whites? The only ‘privileged’ whites I’ve met were white liberals or trust fund babies, and those were few and far between and most of those rich whites end up broke or in jail or have a series of failed relationships and marriages. Your average, blue collar nonliberal white person is not privileged. They have to bust their butts just to get by.

  • jay11

    What about asian priviledge? If I go to China, I will be outside the mainstream and will not have access to the centers of power on any level. I will be looked at funny, suspected and even ignored. Wait a minute! That’s how Chinese people treat me here in America! Most Chinese people I know are more than well off, a few are really rich, and their kids seem to get those pesky good grades. Do asians have a special priviledge here in this country that used to be ours? Asians do not give blacks or latinos the time of day. Why do no liberals call out asians on this? Oh yeah – they like the asian fusion restaurants and the hipsters all want to sample some dim sum girlfriend! I know of what I speak as I know plenty of such people.

  • Truthteller

    The fact is that White men still run this nation! Moreover, White women are the bigest beneficiaries of affirmative action! Period!

  • White and Proud

    The fact is that Mr. Heimbach had sex with Black and Asian women in the past. He has admitted as such on an internet radio program last month! Hypocrite!

    • William

      If you are talking about the interview of Sirrus radio, I agree with you that he is somewhat hypocritical. But I think the host went out of his way to find this information about Mr. Heimbach in an efort to embarras him.The fact is that he confronted the question like a man and answered it directly. The fact is that I would say a considerable number of Generation Y’ers have engaged in interracial sex. I do not apporve of such a thing, but I am also realistic to the world we currently live in.

      • RobertK

        I agree with you that the host had dug around looking for dirt to potentially embarass Mr .Heimbach. It did not work. If anything, oit made the host look like a bigot.

        • Thomas

          Mayber so, but this fact, if true, damages his credibiltiy greatly!

        • Ed

          Mr. Heimbach had previously had with Black and other non-White women? Big F**cking deal! It seems that he has matured and grown into a very intelleligent and race conscious young White man. Moreover, I have no doubt that he will produce some wonderful White children with a lovely White woman in the future.

      • cecilhenry

        These ‘journalists’ want to have it both ways.

        If you don’t have any ‘non-white friends’ they would try to impute that as something negative.

        Stick to the facts, stick to Mantra thinking guys.

      • Skincognito

        Ah, misceginist realism, nice. A “Grey Student Union” perhaps. You said you don’t approve, but you also “are realistic,” which means you tolerate. Your fence-post must be well-cushioned. I personally decided in my young adult years to hop off and stand like a White man. Mr. Heimbach has more than atoned for his racial sins, agreed, but that doesn’t make it “realistic” to accept sexual irresponsibiity and racial treason. You sound like the dad who smoked weed in college and therefore lost the adult moral fortitude to raise his children drug-free. Have ideals man. Best of luck,

        • William

          As far as I am concerned Matthew Heimbach is a very brave young man to openly espouse the race conscious views that he does. This is particularly true in our current very anti-White culture. I said that I do/did not approve of the fact that he enengage in interracial sexual activity, however, he seems to hae seen the light and has moved on to become a racially conscious White man. He is far from the only White man to have engaged in sexual activity across the color line. Hell, a number of AMREN posters glefully dicuss their sexual escapades with Asian and in some cases, other non-White women. I’d rather have a race conscious man like Heimbach representing thecause as opposed to cowardly White men who, while they may have only mated with White women, do nothing to help us advance our race.

          • Skincognito

            You’re spot on. Single, assertive racially conscious White men are incredibly valuable for our movement and our people. However muting our critique, once enshrined as law in the majority of American states, of race mixing is cowardly. As I said, Heimbach is forgiven and I wish him the best, but if we don’t draw a line in the sand against miscegenation, then we have abandoned crucial moral ground. Should a White Student Union fund sex tourist excursions to the Dominican Republic or Thailand so young White men can “get it outta their system?”
            Rhetorical question, I’m not trying to be hostile, you sound like you’re head’s on straight. But please don’t consider others’ “gleeful” tales of race-mixing a justification for abandoning our people, our faith and our future.

  • Sorry to say, but white Euro-Americans are just reaping what they sowed by allowing a colored man to become president. It was the icing on the cake following the decades of Affirmative action, cultural Marxism, and racial diversity. You should have heeded the words of George Wallace “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”.

  • cecilhenry

    ‘White privilege’ is nothing more than the fact that other races (and some status seeking whites) are envious of whites and what they have and want to take it.

    They want to see whites destroyed but don’t want that fact to be evident.

    Hence ‘white privilege’. Whites will be privileged as long as someone else is envious and sees an opportunity to get something from resentment and hate.

    Call it for what it is and say NO. Dont apologize.

  • cecilhenry

    ‘White privilege’ is nothing more than the fact that other races (and some status seeking whites) are envious of whites and what they have and want to take it.

    They want to see whites destroyed but don’t want that fact to be evident.

    Hence ‘white privilege’. Whites will be privileged as long as someone else is envious and sees an opportunity to get something from resentment and hate.

    Call it for what it is and say NO. Dont apologize.

  • joe webb

    this guy avoided the obvious…race IQ. O well. The news today was that Asians are more numerous now than mexers…immigration. J Which Asians?

  • Amren members should think about creating asocial locator”application. Something similar to the “singles near me” app, but instead of people registering as singles, they could register as race realists. The app would show a map with pinpoints showing the locations,or approximate locations, of others that are logged on. This would help us create a real community.WE could find out who near us shares our point of view and meet them as well. WE would also see how large our numbers are once this started catching on.

    • KingKenton

      By any chance, do you happen to have an association with the FBI? 🙂

      • no, I understand what you are saying but if you are too cowardly to stand up for yourself and your people, then they have no chance.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Agreed. Our purpose here is to discuss the matter of importance and not to form social circles that could lead to entrapment arrests.

        • entrapment arrests? Paranoia will destroy ya. If they want to make a list they need go no further than collecting it from this website.

  • Both is true. White privilege is bigger than ever if you’re Jewish, rich liberal wasp, well-connected, etc.

    But if you are not part of the white elite, you are in big doodoo.

    There is no single white America.

    White elites look upon white masses like latin elites look upon mestizo masses.

    We are subhuman to white elites.

    • anarchyst

      Jews are JEWS FIRST and then profess to be citizens of their particular country. Loyalty to the “tribe” is foremost . . . any other “loyalty” is secondary. . .that being said, jews are not “white” . . .

    • Svigor

      Yes, bringing up Jewish privilege is one of my favorite responses to the “white privilege” canard. Foremost among these Jewish privileges is the taboo on mentioning Jewish privilege.

  • White Privileged Libertarian

    I can understand where the “white privilege” folk are coming from. After all, super hot girls have won some sort of DNA lottery. Most ugly chicks secretly resent them. If there were some collective, “anti hot chick” hysteria, most ugly chicks would quickly jump on board.

    White folks have also won some sort of DNA lottery. It’s not like ancestors of whites decided to migrate north because they knew that in ten thousand years or so they’d be cold selected for intelligence.

    Not saying I agree, just saying I can understand where they are coming from.

    But seriously, what’s the alternative? Not the message board, “we should…” alternative, but the REAL alternative? Convince all non-white folk that they’re simply not as smart as whitey, and accept a life of lower incomes?

    That will NEVER happen. Any politician that even suggests that is DONE.

    The only hope is a “white state” similar to the Jewish state. The only other alternative, which would no require the “IQ solution” that would come close in the states would be a complete elimination of:

    1) Minimum wage

    2) Unions

    3) Welfare

    4) Regulations

    5) Crony capitalism

    That way things would settle themselves out, and nobody would have to mention the uncomfortable IQ difference that causes so much hysteria.

    Keep in mind that back in the day, blacks were employed at rates similar to whites. They willingly took jobs that had pay lower than what whites would accept. This angered whites, and they collectively lobbied to raise the minimum wage, to exclude blacks from getting these jobs.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around for today’s sorry state of affairs. We whites brought this on ourselves. Now it’s too late.

    • Liberalsuck

      Again, if you want a ‘white homeland’ these manipulating liberals will say, “Why do you need a separate homeland if you don’t hate nonwhites/think whites are superior? Aren’t you saying you think whites are superior if you prefer your own?” You are right that we brought this on our own and that it is up to whites whether or not we survive as a people in the future. We can blame all the other groups we want or blame a policy, but it is us in the end who determines where we end up.

      • Svigor

        “Why do you need a separate homeland if you don’t hate nonwhites/think whites are superior?

        “For the same reasons Jews need a homeland; to protect and preserve themselves. We can save the spotted owl without wondering if it’s superior to the other owls.”

        Aren’t you saying you think whites are superior if you prefer your own?

        “Are you saying the idea of a Jewish state is White Supremacy? Or that Jews having a Jewish state is somehow less supremacist than Whites thinking about having a state?”

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Good answers.

          Developing and using the concept of White privilege is just another form of assault against White people.

          The anti-White agenda ought to be hammered away at mercilessly, with any nefarious and criminal anti-White activities constantly exposed.

          It is not your job to be fair to people who want to destroy you; our enemies are genocidal psychopaths and deserve no slack from us.


          Why is White racial survival a taboo topic in this society?


          Do you agree that all races; Blacks, Jews, Whites, Arabs have the right to their own living spaces so they can ensure the survival of their people?


          All races have a homeland. Which country should be preserved for a White homeland?

          Tell them: All other races have a homeland — blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians. Without a White homeland, there will be no White race.

          Call them: psychopaths, White haters, liars and in favor of genocide for the White race.

          Our enemies deserve NO mercy from us at any time. Ever.


  • Pointless disscussion since the liberal kept cutoff off Mr. Heimbach, typical liberal stunt when they have no facts.

  • GeorgeRA

    This is what the liberal bleeding hearts call an interview, never allow the interviewee to finish a sentence, interrupt the man after he says th…. we….. i…. then cut him off and say “We? got to go.

  • Skincognito

    Heimbach is a smart lad and I vigorously applaud his efforts, but I propose a moratorium on quoting “Doctor” King. I used the same citation in a tenth grade writing class, when I was a naive race-neutral libertarian. Of course Glenn Beck and his ilk are also fond of slavishly parroting St. Martin. Lecherous, plagiarising Communist blacks are anathema to White nationalism, on or off campus. This is the sort of intellectual fealty that are enemies instinctively, and perhaps accurately, perceive as weakness.

    • Svigor

      I don’t mind selectively quoting him to point out leftoid hypocrisy. E.g., the bit about content of character that leftoids have been throwing under the bus ever since.

  • David Ashton

    This “interview” was long on the “questions” and interruptions and short on the permitted answers.

  • Mike Lane

    Good for him. This is all America needs- people who openly declare their motives to defend our people. Today the Left can manage cultural conservatives, but say a pan-White movement arises in America with around 25 million active supporters and followers at its hight (around 10% of the population. It could even be less.), they could never manage it. The key is to become just large enough that the Leftist media is forced to report on it. But we must never compromise. A movement such as this must consist of those who are willing, not only to intelligently debate, but protest (and even use physical force as self defense if necessary).

    • Liberalsuck

      These liberals and anti-white bigots would find a way to take out their opposition, almost like they do in dictator countries. Most conservatives (like Rush) think liberals are just “nice people who are misunderstood.” They can’t even fathom the possibility that Andrew Breitbart’s death was a set up, even after I pointed out that his coroner died a few weeks after that. I tell to read about the “liberals” in Spain during the 1930s who took control of their government, blew up churches, killed clergy and nuns and raped the Spanish women, and the country was saved thanks to the bravery of General Franco. I tell them to read up on what the communists “aka liberals, aka progressive” did in Soviet Russia or in the Khmer Rouge or about the 100 million anti-communist dissidents they ‘took care of.’ Liberals are not nice people. They are mean, conniving, manipulating monsters who will do anything they can to push their communist agenda. I hate to say it, but most conservatives either don’t realize or want to admit how dangerous these people are we’re dealing with. I flat out said, “These are not f–ing nice people. Do not be nice with them and do not ever compromise with them, as they will never give you even 1/10th of the same courtesy. These are not nice f—ing people.”

      • Svigor

        There’s no one type of leftoid. Most leftoids are useful idiots, and plenty of them are nice people, in most contexts (i.e., context that don’t include challenges to leftoid hegemony, or announce that they’ve got a heretic on their hands in need of burning; the thing to remember is that who-whom? rules everything for leftoids, via their Narrative – their “tolerance” is a sham).

        The hard core leftoids like Rahmbo or Alinsky are, of course, not at all nice people, unless you’re a useful idiot or one of the tribe.

      • Mike Lane

        I agree entirely. Too many mainstream conservatives treat modern liberalism as if it was just some world view that just so happened to catch on in America in the 60s, which is not at all the case. America was first greatly inflicted with cultural Marxism when they let the kosher Frankfurt School walk in after they fled from Hitler. Even most mainstream conservatives are far to liberal, such as Glenn Beck, who was praising Michael Luther King Jr. on one of his programs- yet the guy was a cheeting communist phony.

  • RHG

    “White privilege” is just something cooked up by a bunch of leftwing college professors -white and black- to keep whites under the thumb of non-whites because it’s getting harder and harder to find any overt signs of “white racism”. The race-hustling “grievance industry” will only exist if whites can continually be portrayed as “racist” and “privileged”.

  • Epiminondas

    Well, I applaud this young man for having the courage to stand up to that Yankee bastard. You can see where the Yankees are coming from: “It’s our country and you can damn well do as you’re told because we said so.” Right.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Matthew Heimbach I know you are reading this. I know you are a big fan of AmRen and an article about yourself I know you can’t help but read the comments.

    You should really start posting and discussing things with us, especially before something important like this. This is one of the smartest and nicest communities I’ve ever been a part of.

    We can give you helpful topics, debating facts and other helpful stuff for when you do something like this. We all want the same thing and we’ll help you however we can.

  • A Reader

    White privilege?

    What I see everywhere is BLACK PRIVILEGE.

    So many of us have to study hard and work hard so that so many of them don’t have to while enjoying good lives and plenty of consumption.

    And so many of them do behave like if they were the ruling elite, looking down on white working class as if working for living was a stigma of the low cast.

    I see it as a Soviet-style propaganda trick: in order to cover up the existence of black privilege, the doctors of truth perpetuate this canard of white privilege.

    Not so difficult do decypher, unless one has an IQ below body temperature.

    • Svigor

      Black privilege, Jewish privilege, leftoid privilege; yes, I see them everywhere. White privilege? Not so much.

  • maxonepercent

    How on Earth did Heimbach not bring up Obama when the host said “Whites run the country”? If there was ever a slow hanging curveball just asking to be knocked over the fence that was it. It is patently untrue that whites run the country when the most powerful politician in the land is black! Also, I hate when people use averages as some sort of definitive proof about reality, just because the “Average” white family has a wealth of $87,000 doesn’t mean that all of them do! Anyone who knows anything about statistics knows that averages are often pretty inaccurate representations of reality, what that number really means is that you have maybe 10% of whites with astronomical wealth and 90% whose average wealth is about what the average black wealth is. Also, 78% of statistics are made up on the spot, Heimbach should of pressed him on where those numbers came from and how they were calculated.

    • Neil Diamond

      Because Heimbach is a fat idiot. This is Heimbach;s actual avatar. This is what he actually looks and acts like too. Its time to rename Matthew as Peter!

    • Nelson

      I have to be honest, I am in the camp of those who say we need to be somewhat cautious of Mathhew Heimbach and the few number of so-called White race realists who seem to have an easy time getting media attention. It seems to me that given the overwhelming liberal bias in the media, this seems just too ironic so to speak. He may very well be sincere in his efforts, but I notice he does not seem to visit sites like this one or related ones geniunely committed to the cause of White preservation.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Matthew is friends with Jared Taylor and it seems highly unlikely that he would not be a regular visitor to sites such as Amren. I have heard Matthew speak on other programs, and he seems pretty informed about race-realism.

    • Neil Diamond

      Matthew looks and acts like Peter Griffin from the Family Guy. He even seems to possess the same intellect as Peter Griffin.

      • bluffcreek1967

        What a stupid comparison!

        • Neil Diamond

          Well think about it. Both the beloved Roman Catholic Irish-German American white man Peter & Matthew share the same profile. Both are sweet, awesome, adorable, chubby, infantile and the friendly face of the white nationalist movement. I mean who on earth would dare to oppose someone as appealing as Peter or for that matter even chubby baby faced Matthew? People like Matt are the secret weapon, the detractors of white race realism can never paint an ugly picture of this movement anymore. Instead of a dreadful skinhead, Nazi or Klansman, you now have a cuddly adorable white man like Matthew!

          • Skincognito

            Teddy Roosevelt, the namesake of the Teddy Bear, was cuddly and gemuetlich, but he was also a vigorous, highly inelligent, racially conscious nationalist and naturalist. The dual metaphor of the warrior/father is not oxymoronic. Don’t be trivial, Heimbach’s eyesight and weight are irrelevant. Our genes and culture however, are bulletproof. Jewish lounge singers, on the other hand, have contributed nothing of global historical value.

          • Neil Diamond

            Good grief, don’t you gentiles have any sense of humor? I was complimenting Matthew by comparing him to the ever adorable and well liked TV personality, Peter Lowenbrau Griffin. My point was Matt’s fat, chubby, baby faced appeal is ideal for the white nationalist movement simply because nobody in their right mind would find such a cuddly baby faced Peter look alike offensive or loathed. People like Matt ( the kind of person you would love to have as a friend or neighbor) are the exact face needed for the revival & appeal of the nationalist movement unless you want someone who fits the leftist narrative.

            Also, Ted Roosvelt was no racist and he even fought for civil rights, helped in ending segregation in major cities in the union as well as spoke out against racism & antisemitism.


            Oh and Jewish lounge singers & thinkers have contributed to human progress in historical terms far more than you can dream off! Don’t even start with your anti semitic canards, they make you look insane!


            Oh btw, Happy Channukah & Happy Holidays!


          • bluffcreek1967

            No, you were trying to be insulting and paint all race realists with a Nazi and perhaps even an anti-semitic brush. Also, Matthew’s views and efforts to get his message out to the broader public is not the result of Whites trying to put some sort of ‘softer and kinder’ image out there and not be seen as Nazis. Whites everywhere are starting to awaken and become more race conscious, and this includes many young, clean-cut White males. This doesn’t make them Nazis or some ‘softer’ version of skinheads either! There is no secret or hidden agenda here.

            Moreover, not everyone who posts on Amren or who considers themselves a race realist is anti-semitic or has the same opinions of Jews. Some have unfavorable views of them, and they have their reasons for doing so. I don’t happen to share them. But I recognize that there is a wide variety of opinions on this question. On what really matters, however, we are essentially in agreement – namely, the preservation of the White race, its uniqueness and its culture in the face of hostile anti-White forces everywhere and massive third-world immigration. Jews are concerned to preserve their own unique identity and place in the world. So are we.

            Happy Channukah to you . . . oh, and Merry Christmas too!

          • Neil Diamond

            The reality is yes whites may well awaken, BUT, that would only imply some whites NOT all. No matter how conservative or as you would like to put it “race conscious” whites get, there will always be at least 40% of your fellow whites who would digress from your point of view. Either ways the mathematical probability is at best 50-50. I agree on restricted immigration to Europe, simply because Europe IS indigenous to white Europeans. However, it is a tad hypocritical to make America or Australia ( traditionally non white lands, where native Asiatic North American tribes and Australian Aboriginals were cruelly & unjustly displaced in their own homelands by a marauding alien force from Europe).

            While race is a biological reality, racism and xenophobia ( which is central to white nationalism, despite their denial) is always associated with lesser intelligence. There have been reputed studies done to show that people with a higher IQ reject race-nationalist/ racist beliefs, something which you would eschew! Its only people with lower IQ who tend to be xenophobic – white conservative/ race conscious racists, black nationalists, islamic fundamentalists and La Raza fanatics, Christian fundamentalists etc.




            Is it any surprise that the most intelligent folks in America for example are found in liberal cities, liberal “blue” states in the east & west coasts, liberal institutions etc. From Einstein (Jewish), Steve Jobs (half Arab, half white) to the smart high IQ Jews & Asians (Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) & liberal whites in the science, technology and research sector.
            Whereas the “red” states with the lowest IQ are those where conservative race conscious whites are heavily congregated such as the south & mid west with the exception of IL & Michigan (Blue States). Gee I wonder! Here is the national breakdown:



            President Obama WON because he & his team were smarter than their white dominated republican goofballs who LOST real bad. The GOP is almost dead and so is the social conservative movement. I can see fiscal conservative beliefs gaining popularity but social conservatism is dead except on the blogosphere.

            The future belongs to those who can adapt in a multiracial setting with higher intelligence as opposed to guns as their greatest weapons of survival & dominance. Evolution in a nutshell 🙂

            Meanwhile the higher IQ white kids will reject previously held racist beliefs of their parents and learn to adapt in their new setting.

            Here is a great example of new generation high IQ white girl and medical student rejecting her familial race-consciousness and instead accepting a new multicultural enlightened liberal mindset. A bright young white southern Catholic girl who is a medical student debating her racist antisemitic white grandfather in a civil tone. Times are changing & we humans are evolving for the better leaving the race-conscious losers to bite the dust & be dumped into the dustbin of history!


            Alas, the truth can be a bitter pill to swallow!

          • bluffcreek1967

            There’s too much false information in your post, and I have neither the time nor passion to reply extensively. I’ve heard it all before, and the sort of arguments in your post have been repeatedly refuted by others.

            Yes, not all Whites would be on board. No one has ever said that all of them would.

            There is bound to be some sorts of cruelty and injustice when any racial group takes over a land that’s not indigenously their own land. That’s the nature of things from the very beginning of human existence. But it applies to Whites as well as non-Whites equally.

            Your pseudo-science of race-conscious Whites being less intelligent than all those liberals in blue states is nonsense. You need to read more widely, and not simply sources that support your own presuppositions. But no amount of logic or reasoning would persuade you because your mind is already made up.

            Obama and his team won not because he was smarter, but because the vast majority of the American people are dumber. It’s taken about 50 years to do so incrementally, but it’s finally occurred and this last November has proven it.

            It’s not the smart ones (i.e., Whites) who “adapt” to a multiracial society, it’s the ones who have been mentally defeated by it and who give into it. Yes, those who are industrious, ambitious and who can adapt well to change tend to do better than those who don’t. Most White Americans have adapted quite well to those changes over the past 50 years. But, multiracial societies never work out good for the dominant or host race and culture – and the evidence for this is all around us when one looks at our inner cities and our morally corrupt culture, etc.

            Oh, yeah, that “new generation” of high IQ young people are really smart. “Professing to be wise, they became fools.”

            I’m done with you.

          • Wayne

            Baloney! Third world immigrants pour into the nations MY ancestors built and their ancestors COULD not build because.white civilization is, according to immigrant flow, better. Moreover, thirdworlders do not come to America to live in wigwams and dance around totem poles. They come for what my ancestors built. Same in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and other White nations built by and for whites.
            Preach the xenophobia crap to the most xenophobic people on the planet–Jews. Whites have opened their doors to immigration, how much is enough?
            No, all your false morality only applies to whites in white civilizations. You are simply anti-white, and clearly envious of what we have accomplished on this Earth, of which your ancestors were either too lazy or stupid to do. Which is it?

          • Wayne

            When it comes to my heritage and the future of my children, no, I have no sense of humor. And it’s like a Marxist slimeball such as your kosher self, to run someone down based on looks and not logic

  • BillC

    “Why do you fear a white student’s orgainization?” “As long as there are black student organizations, La Raza (the race), black or hispanic studies departments, who are you to deny the desires of white students who have their own interests?” This should always be the first argument, that denial of a right of free association without cause, is unsupportable and unfair in any respect. That white students should not have to bear the blame that is deservedly or undeservedly the result of someone else’s historic actions.

    I always have a problem with hearing people spout their “We’ve suffered just like you have…” pre-emptive co-suffering apologies for wanting something better. He needs to hone his arguments much more. Women “oppressed”? These sort of extreme statements should be immediately challenged as being provocative and misleading.

    • Liberalsuck

      I would have at least asked the first three questions you suggested.

    • Svigor

      The usual leftoid response to that question is to fall back on the leftoid-authored and -dominated narrative; “whites haven’t been oppressed.” I strongly suggest a two-pronged assault on this response:

      1) Leftoids don’t own history. Demolish their version of history – don’t accept it. Turn the leftoid-supremacist ownership of the narrative against them – attack it as the hegemonic supremacism that it is, and point out the more salient examples of non-white oppression of whites (Mongols and Muslims come to mind, as do intra-white oppressions).

      2) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; given the amount of hatred directed against whites from all quarters (most prominently from “within”), it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that oppression is coming, and the any lack thereof is more a question of way than will. If Jews could go back in time and take preventative measures against “ANTI-SEMITISM!!!,” they most certainly would. If blacks could go back in time before white oppression of blacks and take preventative measures against it, they certainly would. Only a liar would argue otherwise.

  • Dr. Möbias

    White Privilege?

    We’ve had 50 years of legally forced racism: Affirmative action. How’s that for White Privilege? The only institutional racism that exists is against Whites.

    • Svigor

      This is my favorite reply to the “white privilege” nonsense; point out the litany of very real offenses against whites perpetrated by the government and the media elite.

      Phantom “white privilege” vs. a laundry list of concrete racism against whites on the part of the establishment.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Nelson Mandela (the reincarnation of Jesus in the minds of some) is ailing and may likely depart this life and that will be the match that lights the fuse for mass extermination of the Boers. I’m sure that our State Department is watching this situation closely. YEA RIGHT!

    Boere, Arm julle!

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Matt, worrying about White survival is a racist construct, and so is knowing that this growing list of White girls and women killed by typical Diversity even exists.

    Add Brittany Grosse, killed by her Diversity co “worker”.

    Kate Waring, Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Brittny Watts, Anne Pressley, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Kristen Warneke, Pam Gentry, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Heather Mueller, Karen Grammer, Marie Schneeberger,Jennifer Koon, Laura Dickinson, Ashley King, Sharlotte McGill, Shannon Collins, Jacqueline Gardner, Nancy Harris, Brianne Ginty, Nicola Furlong, Elizabeth Hucheson, Jackie Wisniewski, Thirza Sweeten, Megan Boken, Mary Parnell, Brittany Killgore, Celeste Fronsman, Heather Jackson, Fredia Collins, Amber DeLoach, Autumn Pasquale, Christine Cook, Helen Wells, Teressa Ann Bass, Taylor Fitting, Linda Ness, BRITTANY GROSSE

    Meanwhile, the news this morning showed a black preacher interviewed by yella girl mulatto about his historic “church” building. He proudly said, “It was built BY blacks FOR blacks”.

    We approve. The more blacks do for themselves the more Emancipated from them we are, or really, just a little less in bondage to them.

    We also need a relflexive media response: “If you heard a White preacher say his church was built by White people for White people, would you feel concerned? Would Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews be concerned?”

    But if a White preacher spoke with the same racist discourse about a White church, it would be a global news story and he’d be on TV by the third day making his required apology about how “too White” he’s been and pledging to combat White privilege in his church with a new Diversity initiative.

    Also in the news, the blacks were meeting at a church to discuss the “out of control gang problem”. One mother their had lost three sons to violence. Black privilege allows you to publicly discuss teen and youth gangs that are killing your children, but Diversity Enforcement is what you’ll suffer if you dare discuss it at your “too White church”.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Add Stacy West, killed by a Diversity home invasion. NOBODY is discussing the racial aspect. If the races were reversed, this story would cancel Christmas.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        Add Kayla Peterson, killed by aspiring young representatives of the Diversity community.

        She leaves behind a one year old child. Five years from now, this White child will be forced into submission to a SPLC Teaching Tolerance Mix It Up Day on her first day of school.

  • Europa

    hartmann is a jew (Culture of critique) that explains his position.

  • Unperson

    Matthew Heimbach did a fine job in this interview — with the liberal media stacking the odds against him, of course — and should be congratulated on this appearance. Over 100 comments so far, with dozens just about Russians and Sicilians; yet nothing about this brave young white advocate making his case for the TV cameras.

    Mr. Heimbach was very, as they say, “mediagenic”: he smiled, he held eye contact, he spoke clearly and calmly and factually… all while saying the unsayable. All while using the word “white” as a positive and not a negative. All while advocating a return to pre-1964 CRA social arrangements. This young man seems to be a student of the Jared Taylor School of Public Speaking.

    My only advice to him for future interviews would be to be more on guard for the way the host will spin your every utterance. Hartman is a lot more practiced at this sort of thing — plus of course he has the advantage of being the one to claim all those “moral” things everybody is “supposed” to believe about “equality” and “brotherhood” — and a white advocate such as Mr. Heimbach needs to be careful not to let their interrogator corner them via some cheap rhetorical device or other verbal ju-jitsu. As host, Tom Hartman is free to jump from topic to topic willy-nilly, and he does with great gusto; as guest, Matt Heimbach is forced to follow the host’s lead without walking into one of several possible traps. Another unfair advantage for the MSM, but one which Heimbach for the most part effectively neutralized.

    Also keep in mind that TV hosts like these, being media creatures, are at heart Narcissists. As strong as their devotion to liberal pieties may be, as someone who has spent some time around them I can assure you that what is even stronger is their devotion to their own wonderfulness. Note how much camera time is given to Hartman: in the middle of the clip he hijacks the debate for a long tirade. This is due to egotism as much as to ideology. But for the final two (of six) minutes of this segment, the guest is finally given some chance to elaborate on his ideas — which is the best portion of the whole segment.

    Well done, Mr. Heimbach. Onwards and upwards.

  • Observer

    Check this out below. Jesse Watters a young prominent FOX News reporter very critical of President Obama apparently gave $500.00 to the Obama campaign in September. Well, well, well.
    Just recently, someone posted an article that Ian Jobling , a young,former AMREN staffer in an interview with the SPLC discussing how he has “changed” his previous “misguided” thinking about racial issues and race differences.
    What I am gettig to is that I would like to think that Mr.Heimbach is genuinely sincere in his efforts. But there seems to be a large number of millenials who seem to behave publically in one way, yet show thier true colors in private. The fact that Mr. Heimbach has admitted to engaging in miscegenation in the past is already troubling. It is the worst thing in the world no, but it does make me give cause to pause that a person who seems to be so committed to White preservation has suddenly “seen the light” so to speak.
    Moroever, for someone whose views are supposely so out of step with the mainstream liberal media, Mr.Heimbach seems to have little trouble getting booked on radio or in some cases, television. When was the last time that fellow AMRENERS like Kevin MacDonald, Paul Gottilieb and other supporters of our cause have been on any form of public media?
    Again, I hope Mr. Heimbach is sincere in his goals, but I am gettting very weary of a trend of supposedly racially conscious young Whites who are “deeply concerned in preserving White heritage and culture,” or at the very least,conservative values, exposed for being individuals who are the antisithis of such values.
    Those of us who are genuinely committed to White culture must be weary of being duped and fleced by opportunistic chalratans looking to make a quick buck or a name for
    themselves and afterwards go to work for our enemies armed with ammunition against us.

    Fox News’s Jesse Watters trashed Obama voters, donated $500 to Obama

    • RobertK

      Good Points

  • Good performance, Matthew.

  • 2WingsOfTheSameBird

    Wow reading watching this video and reading these comments are blowing my mind. This guy is about 50 years too early to try to empliment his plans. He sounds really ignorant, like he lives his life in a bubble. Most of the comments say that white privilege is codeword for making the white man feel guilty. I can say that, as a non-white person, that’s not the case. I just want white people to perhaps put yourself in the shoes of a non-white and see if life is so easy. Perhaps then you would truely understand what it’s like to be discriminated against. But I’m sure some of you have no intrest in putting yourself in that perspective.
    And to some of you who want exclusively white communities and genocide and how this is “your country” and how you need to take it back. That is hilarious! This isn’t your country. You stole it. I guess now that you feel like your stolen property is being stolen from you, you feel threatend. Ridiculous. It’s all ignorant thinking. But, I really hope that someday soon you will wake up and become enlightened and stop your hate.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I don’t have the time for an in-depth reply, but you seem to assume that Whites have it easy and that only non-whites have it hard which is utter nonsense. I don’t know what sort of “non-white person” you are, but many Whites are done with trying to ‘understand’ the ‘plight’ and ‘oppression’ of non-Whites. This is pure liberal foolishness that has got us nowhere and contributed to White displacement worldwide.

      Moreover, non-Whites are not discriminated against here in America. Yes, there might be individual acts of discrimination here and there, but not on a national scale and certainly not in any governmental form. Non-Whites are simply NOT ‘oppressed’ in America or in Europe as you seem to think.

      Whites don’t need to put themselves “in the shoes of a non-white” because we already know a whole lot about non-Whites – namely Blacks and Hispanics. We know quite well from experience what kinds of problems they brings in the form of crime, drugs and the erosion of White culture.

      No, Whites did not ‘steal’ this country (USA). I would explain it to you, but it would do no good. I urge you to read widely and not merely from you liberal authors or educators.

      Whites on Amren and on other similar sites have “become enlightened” and have wakened up. We no longer believe the entangled web of deceit known as ‘multiculturalism.’ Whites are starting to awaken from their slumber and our numbers will soon increase. Things will change.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    Matthew Heimbach is one of the most articulate spokesmen for our cause. I applaud his work and think we should all arrange for him to come visit our local university campuses and try to organize European Cultural Heritage and Racial Solidarity groups. The movement needs young faces. Strict construction of the Constitutional needs young advocates.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Matthew did a good job, but he was perhaps too polite. He allowed the host to interrupt him much too often. You need to be somewhat verbally forceful when dealing with liberals and not allow them to interrupt or move you down some intellectual bunny trail. Admittedly, it’s not always easy to do. I still thought the Matthew handled himself well. This young man is definitely an asset to our cause, and it’s my hope he will inspire many other young Whites in the years ahead.

    One more thing. Notice how the host shot out one quick question after another. Some of them are not easy to answer in 10 seconds, and it would be intellectually unfair to expect a thorough reply in such a short time period. Yet, within a few seconds of asking Matthew a question, the host would jump to another question, and so on. The host’s questions gave the appearance of being sincere and wanting to know where his guest was coming from, but he wasn’t looking for answers. He wanted Matthew to be flustered, confused and appear ill-informed. He wanted Matthew to look like a ‘racist’ and for all the viewers to roll their eyes when he spoke.

    It would have been better, perhaps, for Matthew to have allowed some statements to pass and try to address the main questions at hand (yes, I know, easier said than done). He should have stopped the host from his numerous interruptions and stayed on track before going onto something else. As I said before, you have to get verbally forceful with liberals and not allow
    them to dominate the conversation. Also, learn to throw questions at liberals. Make it personal, and compel them to answer and follow through the practical implications of their own words. Believe me, it was all very personal with this host. Matthew may not have known it, but this host wanted to chalk up some points by intellectually whooping him and making himself look informed and the protector of Blacks. Never forget that people such as the TV host are DWLs, and they are neither honest, fair or open-minded.

  • William Allingham

    I think the term “privilege” is inaccurate in the sense that it denotes something granted and not earned as it happens to be. We could talk about black “privilege” of being over-represented in sports but would be absurd because we know that it has nothing to do with special treatment and its due to a genuine ability (the same is true for whites in their realms of success).

    Regarding discrimination, blacks also had some strange racial ideas of some groups of blacks being superior to other blacks and being afraid of their bad influence so, contrasted with the concern whites had with new whites we see an unpleasant pattern here, the only difference is that whites societies, despite of that, are the best that has ever existed while black societies are among the less desirable in a very persistent way, regardless of the circumstances.

    what this host is assuming is that blacks can only do good if whites provide and focus all their aims to achieve it, leaving blacks ability and freedom out of the equation. no wonder why the more the USA adapts to blacks “improving” the more oppressed and indignant they feel.

  • jamestown

    Black privilege has been going nonstop since the slave ships first arrived going on 500 years ago with their cargo rejects being sold off by tribal chiefs. In 2012 does a single US black even go to Africa to vacation of for anything and there no amount of money that could pay them to return in a million years? Blacks need to get on their knees and worship the feet of the white race who had nothing to gain and everything to lose unwittingly for buying and bringing them here that has left the race in a state of total confusion choas deception and deranged mentality. Blacks love to use African in their names and labeling but they never go to their roots for any reason and always end up in Europe for everything. Do blacks really want to eliminate and make the white race a minority as they crow about so often? Then what? 3rd world?
    In 1991 Mandela told the world he would use whites to train and upgrade his African blacks to white level status and then discard them to the liberals joy and applause.
    Was he trying to copy todays America or other western nations and Europe by doing that proving that something very sinister has taken over and even with a 5 times majority today whites still are brainwashed to vote in blacks over the most excellent of whites turning everything upside down and inside out? Good is bad? Black is white? White is black? Hot is cold? Up is down? Why is white man religion vanishing off the cable tv and media? Who really hates Xianity but the serpents who own the media? Why are whites helping them by acknowledging the laughable evolution and refusing to mention WMR or giving it a bad name? Is WMR the only savior for the white race now as utterly rejected as it today by most whites who have re-invented to be something it never was similar to how the 2 equality peas in a pod Jefferson and Madison screwed up so badly with equal race and equal religion?

  • Unperson

    Matthew Heimbach did a fine job in this interview — with the liberal media stacking the odds against him, of course — and should be congratulated on this appearance. Over 170 comments so far, with dozens just about Russians and Sicilians; yet nothing about this brave young white advocate making his case for the TV cameras.

    Mr. Heimbach was very, as they say, “mediagenic”: he smiled, he held eye contact, he spoke clearly and calmly and factually… all while saying the unsayable. All while using the word “white” as a positive and not a negative. All while advocating a return to pre-1964 CRA social arrangements. This young man seems to be a student of the Jared Taylor School of Public Speaking.

    My only advice to him for future interviews would be to be more on guard for the way the host will spin your every utterance. Hartman is a lot more practiced at this sort of thing — plus of course he has the advantage of being the one to claim all those “moral” things everybody is “supposed” to believe about “equality” and “brotherhood” — and a white advocate such as Mr. Heimbach needs to be careful not to let their interrogator corner them via some cheap rhetorical device or other verbal ju-jitsu. As host, Tom Hartman is free to jump from topic to topic willy-nilly, and he does with great gusto; as guest, Matt Heimbach is forced to follow the host’s lead without walking into one of several possible traps. Another unfair advantage for the MSM, but one which Heimbach for the most part effectively neutralized.

    Also keep in mind that TV hosts like these, being media creatures, are at heart Narcissists. As strong as their devotion to liberal pieties may be, as someone who has spent some time around them I can assure you that what is even stronger is their devotion to their own wonderfulness. Note how much camera time is given to Hartman: in the middle of the clip he hijacks the debate for a long tirade. This is due to egotism as much as to ideology. But for the final two (of six) minutes of this segment, the guest is finally given some chance to elaborate on his ideas — which is the best portion of the whole segment.

    Well done, Mr. Heimbach. Onwards and upwards.

  • Susan

    Blacks follow us everywhere,yet they hate us.Whites are always on the run from these people.

  • Pelayo

    I got this in an email. The definition of “Ineptocracy”

  • Pelayo

    An interesting word for our present government.


    (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society
    least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods
    and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number
    of producers.

  • iowfenjnwefuio

    Hartmann is not Jewish.

  • Major

    Jared Taylor…a real American Hero by God…