How Washington, D.C., Schools Cheat Their Students Twice

Caleb Rossiter, Wall Street Journal, November 30, 2012

I recently bumped into a former student of mine outside the high-poverty public high school where I used to teach math. Quaniesha, as I’ll call her, was on her way home, and I was on my way in for the SAT tutoring sessions I hold with athletes trying to become “NCAA-eligible” so they can accept sports scholarships.

Quaniesha feigned anger as we walked past the school’s metal detectors: “Why you do me like that, Doc? I gotta start Credit Recovery next week.” She was smiling and knew full well how our back-and-forth was going to go.

She’d say I failed her in math. Then I’d say no, you failed yourself. She’d say I was a bad teacher. Then I’d ask her how often she had come to class, done her homework, or even brought her notebook and done the class work rather than cursed and fought and joked around.


But if Quaniesha was feigning anger, I was really angry, because the Credit Recovery program she was starting is a fraud to which I alerted the chancellor of Washington, D.C., schools last summer in a memo and at a one-on-one meeting.

In Credit Recovery, students who have failed a semester-long course attend a special class after school for a few weeks and magically earn credit for it—without taking a mastery exam. It is a big reason why the 50% of high-poverty, public-school students who actually graduate from high school are generally helpless before a college curriculum.

The dirty little secret of American education is that not only do half of students in high-poverty high schools drop out, but most of those who graduate—as I found in my two years teaching and testing students—operate at about the fifth-grade level in academics, organization and behavior. {snip}

Of my ninth-graders last year, only 10% were present in class more than three days a week, and a full 50% attended two days a week or fewer. When they did attend, the chronically absent did virtually none of the class work or homework. As a result, I thought it remarkable that a mere 68% of my ninth-graders failed—which, by the way, was typical across the ninth grade in the math department.

Instead of insisting that students retake failed courses and actually work, the school system allows students to take Credit Recovery or equally bogus summer-school courses. Thus students “age-out” of middle school with second-grade skills and “D-out” of high-school courses they rarely attend.

That explains why my so-called precalculus class of seniors last year entered with an average fourth-grade math level, just like my freshmen: They had learned little in the previous three years while “passing” algebra I, geometry and algebra II/trigonometry.


From my experience, 80% of high-poverty high-school freshmen are at elementary-school level, which includes the 50% who are going to drop out. {snip}


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  • StillModerated

    Learning is racist. It jes’ beez one more way for da man to keep a brovva down, ‘n’ $#!+ gnome sane?

    I have white liberal friends (acquaintances) who say that testing measures nothing. No wonder Emperor Barry of Chicago was re-elected. Go figure.

    • The__Bobster

      The teachers unions in my area are running commercials saying that testing either teachers or students is unfair.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Teachers have good reason to engage in denial as to the validity of standardized testing. There are many outstanding, intelligent teachers — especially at the secondary level. But on average, teachers are rock bottom among applicants for graduate school.

        Excerpt from “Dismal GRE Statistics for Education Fields,” Wall Street Journal, July 25, 2007:

        Applicants for graduate study in education administration — tested between July 1, 2001, and June 30, 2004 — had a combined mean total GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score of 950 (Verbal, 427; Math, 523). That is sixth from the bottom of 51 fields of graduate study tabulated by the Educational Testing Service.

        The mean total GRE score across all fields was 1066. Which applicants had still lower total GRE scores than applicants in education administration? Social work, 896; early childhood, 913; student counseling, 928; home economics, 933; special education, 934 — education fields all. Other fields with mean GRE scores on the far left side of the GRE bell curve? Seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th from the left tip of the curve, respectively: public administration (“practices and roles of public bureaucracies”), 965; other education, 968; elementary education, 970; education evaluation and research, 985; other social science, 993. Note the pattern: Eighty-plus percent on the far-left-side-of-the-GRE-bell-curve are headed for — or, more likely, already employed by — public education systems. Ninety-plus percent are headed for some form of government employment. This GRE snapshot of the capabilities of the people who run government schooling monopolies is not unrelievedly bleak: There is one education “outlier,” secondary education, that has a mean score of 1063, in the middle of the bell curve distribution.

        • Bon tells me that if she walks into a room where there is a mixed environment of elementary, middle and high school teachers, you could take your hat off and let it drop to the floor, and she’ll be able to tell you who teaches at which level before the hat reaches the floor.

          It boils down to this: Elementary teachers study education qua education. High school teachers study their subject matter first and either simultaneously or later enough Ed classes to get the teaching certificate.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      We admire black kids who refuse to learn de White man’s school’n. Heil Emancipation!

    • i am

      Testing (in general) isn’t perfect, but it is a good start. There are other factors. I have seen some white people with an IQ under 120 who were smarter than some white people who were over 140. This observation is for whites, and doesn’t involve blacks who seem to be dumb regardless of their IQ.

      • Richard Williams

        This is the first comment I have seen in a long time which was white-centric and in a white voice. And it is completely true.

        Somehow commenters think they have to bash black Americans, but what the commenters forget is that we have to start to acknowledge our own diversity just as this poster did in terms of IQ, It’s interesting that so many of us think that analyzing black people is more important than analyzing our diverse white Americans.

        • Joseph

          There is plenty of analysis of white Americans herein such as: why do we have some whites doing everything possible to debase the heritage, beauty and achievements of white peoples. THEY are the enablers of the race problems we face.

          Secondly you use “diverse white Americans” but the chief code word for ANTI-white is now -“diversity” Whites have no diversity; we are all just a monolithic mass with no particular culture except “racism”. If whites even hint that all blacks, Mexicans, Jews, whatever, are all the same we are racist. So, it is not about just picking on blacks but defending against the onslaught of one-way definitions, dual standards, and disadvantageous legally imposed systems actually violating race-neutrality. Blacks right now are the major purveyors and beneficiaries of this systemic economically ans socially counterproductive racism and so become biggest target of vitriol.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I hate to have to admit it, but intelligence and wisdom are two very different things; think raw brainpower and memory versus patience, insight and experience. What I’ve painfully discovered is that they compliment each other very well.

    • pcmustgo

      Everyone, Black and White Liberals alike, just keep repeating all the liberal crap they “learn” in college…

      Your white liberal friends said that to avoid being racist. Or they themselves are mediocre/low-scorers. All, or most of my white liberal friends these days I’m realizing are pretty dumbed-down and certainly don’t qualify as intellectuals.

      • pcmustgo

        There’s no Braings left on The Left.. .. just emotions and would of/could of/should ofs…. would be/could be/should be.

        • pcmustgo

          My favorite is how “Yeah, but gunshots can go off in any neighborhood, right?” “No, I tell them. Well, tecnically, yes, but where do the gunshots go off ?” Urban crime happens- “Well, that can happen anywhere!” They’re just desperate to fit in. I can’t believe any of them really believe this.

          • dhs

            Gunshots often go off in my neighborhood; white people taking target practice.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            One of my own old dreams was a new house on a large lot of land, in unincorporated county, with an old barn and an empty, flooded quarry that I could not only stock with fish, but use for safe shooting.

            That dream has been dead 12 years, but I’d still like to have a flooded quarry for fishing.

      • Ulick

        I visit many sites that cover poltical and cultural issues from different perspectives. While Liberals like to pretend that they are vastly superior intellectually compared to Conservatives, and certainly compared to “racists” on sites like this, my experiences in reading blogs and internet comments certinly suggests otherwise. The blog entries and comments I see on Liberal sites are more often based on emotion and not logic. Further, they’re often the repetition of trite cliches which reflect little independent thought. Meanwhile, I’ve found that comments on Conservative or race-realist sites, in particular, are more erudite. They reflect a greater knowledge of both history and current events, and I find the arguments to be more logic based.
        I say that as someone who was Liberal because that’s the default coming out of college. It was seeing this stark contrast in internet comments that really helped me get over my own ingrained thougt that Liberals are the smart group and Conservatives are the dumb group. Many people never get over that early life indoctrination.

        • jay11

          Most leftists I know are impatient, foul-mouthed and get emotional way too quick. The name calling quickly erupts. They call this “movement for social change.”

        • pcmustgo

          Yeah, Conservatives have so much more of a grasp of History and Statistical Data… and Real Life Experience, you know, the kind of stuff Liberals excuse away as “anecdotal evidence” , and therefore invalid, no matter how much of it you’ve had in your life. Liberals these days aren’t much married to The Truth. They’re more like defense lawyers- aggressive little pricks with a language that resembles that of a sociology phd candidate on small little irrelevant left-wing campus in the sticks/aka white land.

        • Conservatives believe what they see. Leftists see what they believe.

    • JH

      But they want their own children to do well on tests and will send them to special prep schools for the various standardized ones.

    • Joseph

      How many of these white, liberal acquaintances want their sex-change operation performed by a person who did not pass a state medical examiners board test?

    • HamletsGhost

      Liberals say that IQ test scores are meaningless, until some murderer with an double-digit IQ is scheduled for execution in a place like South Carolina (guess his skin tone). Then they insist that his low IQ disqualifies him from the electric chair.

      Behold, the “too dumb to die” defense.

  • Genteel

    New York City schools have a very fancy name for this program, which escapes me, but it says if the student says the answer to 3 plus 2 is greater than either 3 or 2 he has to receive at least half credit for knowing addition is involved.

    These are the kids who will be measuring our medicine in a few years. Obamacare is making me feel better all the time.

    • The__Bobster

      Ah, I see you’re aware that racial quotas are written into Obongocare. You’ve read the bill, which is something Botoxi didn’t do.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Indeed, Bobster, one of the glories of the 2,400 page bill — never mentioned in the media — is institutionalization of racial discrimination against whites:

        Obamacare bill “will force medical institutions to hire based on race and sex, not qualifications, and to lower their admission standards, which will lead to even more ‘low-quality’ doctors. Medical students admitted based on lower qualifications generally perform more poorly on licensing exams.”

        SOURCE: “Legislating Discrimination,” By Hans A. von Spakovsky, NATIONAL REVIEW, December 22, 2009:

        Bonus for Democrats: incompetent doctors will mean brisk business for the trial lawyers.


    The French have just discovered that homework is racist, and may ban homework in French schools. But, for Africans, not only homework, but books, teaching, and school in general are all “racists” and should likewise be abolished.
    The Left defines “racist” as “producing different outcomes.” As such, for Africans, living is “racist.”

    • lupin

      A faculty member at my university (black female) once told a group of us that all objective tests were “racially biased” and that we should let black students simply “express themselves”. For real.

      • MarcusTrajanus

        Great! Let them “express themselves”. Just as long as they do it far away from White students.

        • i am

          Expressing themselves usually involves rape, murder, robbery, assault, battery, and a plethora of other anti-social behavior.

      • Joseph

        Where I live, almost every time I see a news report of an assault or homicide it is some black who was “expressing himself”.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Expressing one’s self has a place and time, but in science, medicine and engineering fields, artistry must be tempered with discipline and expertise, or things happen like polychlorinated biphenyls are sprayed onto roads to reduce dust, thalidomide is prescribed to pregnant women to reduce morning sickness, and the air force (with the Seversky P-35) and navy/marines (with the Brewster F2A) are issued fighters that can’t get out of their own way in dogfights, or the army receives tanks equipped with the completely awful M73 machinegun as a co-axial turret weapon or the M-551 Sheridan as a light tank (which also mounted the M73 as a co-ax gun, come to think of it.)

        When artistry is successfully accomodated with discipline and expertise in the same fields, the reverse obtains, and the Nobel prizes start coming.

        We already have a continent in which the locals “express themselves” every waking hour; it’s called Africa. Know the material backwards and forwards – first – and then when you express yourself, the world will beat a path to your door.

        With her statement that all objective tests are racially biased, the “professor” (of what?) was inadvertently admitting that not all breeds of horse are equally fast… or whatever else you would like to read into my statement about horses.

        • i am

          “When artistry is successfully accommodated with discipline and expertise
          in the same fields, the reverse obtains, and the Nobel prizes start

          The Nobel Prize isn’t worth anything anymore, and I doubt it ever was.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            “The Nobel Prize isn’t worth anything anymore…”

            So you’d turn up your nose at the US $1.2 million that comes with it? I’m different; I could think of a lot of things to do with that much money.

        • lupin

          Professor of Social Work. Most of her activity was giving “diversity training”. If you have had to endure this, you know what it is–a reminder that we are not that different from our old Communist enemies.

      • “…and that we should let black students simply “express themselves”. For real.”

        Is that what Shaneekwa and DuWayne are doing when they riot, just expressing themselves?

    • You Are Now Enriched

      This last point is one of such supreme importance that it seems well to strengthen it by additional testimony. Says the renowned Cesare Lombroso, in his “L’Uomo Bianco e L’Uomo di Colore” (1892), p. 28: “The development of the African baby is altogether different from ours. In its first days it does not show the dark color of the adult; the sutures of the head, which with us close up only late in life, with it ossify speedily, as in idiots and monkeys, and the anterior sooner than the posterior. Also its face becomes projecting and prognathous only after the first dentition; and only after the thirteenth year its head is seen to grow longer and its skin to grow darker. The same may be said of the mental (morale) development; for the Negro, precisely like the monkey, shows himself very intelligent up to puberty; but at that epoch, when our intellect spreads its wings for more daring flights, he stops and turns backward…” This profoundly significant arrest of development in the Negro is equally observable in school and out of it. Among many witnesses, hear one of the most unexceptionable, J. M. McGovern, in a symposium in the Arena(Vol. 21, p. 439): “My experience has shown me that, while at the start a negro child often shows ability quite equal to that of a white child at the same age, yet if the two children, one white and one coloured, each of average intelligence, are kept in the same class, in a short period the white child far outstrips the negro—at least in all those studies where diligent application and depth of thought are necessary for success.” This testimony seems particularly valuable, since it is based solely on “experience” and is plainly independent of any doctrine concerning cranial sutures.

      • C_C_Conrad

        I hope that our race can grasp the idea that EUGENICS is the most important subject that we can study and practice in the future. The above comment makes it clear that we need to understand eugenics and apply all of its beneficial principles. Our race must not only survive but rise.
        jack’s War

        • You Are Now Enriched

          Too late for that. Whites are dedicated to ending their DNA through mongrelization. I’m seeing lots of good looking Anglo Saxon men with Diversity now, and they have mongrel babies, but mostly Asian, and rarely n’gro.

          Yellow fever isn’t as offensive as jungle fever, but it’s just as genocidal, because the White DNA is murdered.

          White girls almost alway mix breed with n’groes, because what better way to wipe out racism?

          In some ways, our extinction won’t be so bad. At least the dystopia to come won’t have us around to torture, and when everything falls apart and total chaos and violence breaks out, civilization will end and we won’t be around to feel “compassionately responsible” for putting it back together.

          Maybe our disappearance isn’t a good riddance, but it has some side benefit of being a happy riddance.

  • This is nothing more than social promotion. I used to be against it, but now see no other way. If it were up to me, I’d drop all pretenses and once I found out the “student” was 3+ yrs behind, I’d give him a certificate stating he/she had successfully completed their studies and boot their sorry butts out.

    • Jeff

      I’ve said before, black students should be given high school degrees and college degrees upon request. What’s the difference between spending four years getting a degree in “social work” or “African American Studies” and getting a piece of paper for nothing? There’s no difference. Giving degrees upon request, without requiring any attendance or work, has the advantage that it saves classroom and other resources for students who want to learn something.

      • libertarian 1234

        Good idea.

        And if I wanted to be pessimistic I could add that the sooner they get out of school the sooner they can sue someone for not hiring them in positions that they can’t do.

      • StillModerated

        As the Wizard of Oz said to the Scarecrow: I can’t make you smart but I can give you a diploma.

      • Roninf9

        There is problem with this. Every employer will know that these degrees are utterly worthless. When the equally worthless J’Quan and Latrine are denied a job they will reply thus, ” I have a degree! You are denying me a job only due to my race.” Some black-robed tyrant, backed up by men with black ski masks and machine guns, will agree and force businesses to give fake jobs to Anfrany and Kerisha to go along with their fake degrees.

        • i am

          why don’t liberals start their own business with their own money and hire just blacks or other underprivileged groups. Do not give any of these liberal businesses any government contracts.

      • i am

        It is about makign money. Without blacks in school, there wouldn’t be as much funding. Of course without blacks in school you wouldn’t need much funding.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    “Race has nothing to do with it. This unfortunate finding call us into deeper recognition of how poverty is hurting the beloved community of color by systemically discriminating against them, and proves once and for all that we just can’t afford delaying that long overdue tax surcharge on White privilege to pay for closing the achievement gap”.

    -anybody on MSM and your child’s college professors

    • whitney5158

      Seems like Desmond Tutu proposed a “White” tax in the last couple years. Anyone remember this?

      • You Are Now Enriched

        It sounded outrageous at the time, as do many “socially transformative” ideas, but just wait, and you will soon see the idea floated more often by a unified chorus of “leading Civil Rights activists and humanitarians”.

        School desegregation and St. MLK’s fetid “Dream” were hatred incarnate aimed against the White community, but with enough repetition and mass, they became our horrid reality.

        Progress knows how to get what it wants, and it knows that most wealth is in White hands, therefore, taxes on Whiteness are coming. You know I’m right.

        • i am

          “leading Civil Rights activists and humanitarians”.

          Social terrorists and thugs

          • You Are Now Enriched

            …who know where your White daughter lives…

    • Michael_C_Scott

      What achievement gap obtains from poverty? My paternal grandfather, William Scott dropped out of the eighth grade in Kentucky in 1923 to work at the same coal mine that had Pinkerton agents and national guardsmen kill his father, in order to support his mother and sister, and joined the army at the age of 15 after his mother died of a heart attack. The relatives who took in my great-aunt doctored his birth certificate to make him officially 18. After six years (1925-1931), he returned to civilian life, and was a heavyweight boxer for a little while. He won eight professional fights and lost six. He finally settled down into work at a steel mill and married his foreman’s sister (I suspect that means he was a very good worker).

      I’m a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, essentially unemployable forever in my old field as a research chemist, but at age five, my daughter Ariadne reads English at an adult level. My reputation is so hideous I was warned three years ago in hushed tones by one of the neighbors about “Mr. Scott”. I laughed like a hyena on nitrous oxide and finally said “that’s me”. I don’t have much of a sense of humor, and what’s left there is a bit peculiar. Nicholas has been a friend since then, although his English still isn’t very good.

      With my ladies due back on Tuesday, Nick and I went grocery shopping Sunday morning. There’s actually a “Pacific Mercantile” store here in Colorado Springs, on Wooten and south from here forever, but unlike the one in downtown Denver, the staff and customers are mainly Korean, rather than Japanese. I bought some things I haven’t eaten in decades – not even at home.

      Nick and I joked about turning the heat down in our homes a bit farther. I run mine at 50F and he runs his at 55F. My thermostat doesn’t go below 50F, or with the ladies gone, I’d have set it for 40F while here alone, just to keep pipes from freezing. I’ve been locked up in places that were below 40F at night, after all: ain’t no thing. I think 35F would be cutting the margin a bit thin on the pipes. I hate being cold while trying to sleep, but I also hate a lot of other things I can’t fix.

      Ariadne asked me this last summer whether we were poor. I explained that we’re rich. We have a townhouse and two cars that usually run and no debt. We have enough to eat and lots of books, and I can make her any toy she wants in the basement. We just don’t have any money.

  • i am

    I Have seen these (black) kids in college. They have problems doing simple addition that I learned by the 3rd grade. What is really hilarious is listening to them claim they want to be astrophysicists, or atomic physicists. After 3 mid terms (4 total plus a final) they still have a score in the single digits, and this is when you add all three tests together. I don’t see how someone can get 3 of of 100 on a test. I think the professor gives out 4 points just for putting your name on the paper.

    • pcmustgo

      And Latinos….

      Yeah, most blacks wind up flunking out of college freshmen year. Or running out of money.

    • StillModerated

      I’m 60 and recently attended my 40th reunion. The consensus was that the Class of ’70 was the last year you could be considered “educated” with only a high school diploma. These were god old democrats in Upstate New York.

      However, I had some schooling in England. At 11 we started French and Latin, along with history, geography, English and mathematics. At 12 we began more specialized math with specific attention to algebra and geometry. By 13 we’d studied the church/crown conflict in detail, the English Civil War, the Great Reform Act: in Latin we studied the decline of empires — both Greek and Roman; in math we were applying practical trigonometry. School was Monday through Saturday with rugby, cricket and athletics on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. School began not only with prayer, but with 2 hymns, an epistle reading, a gospel reading, and a benediction. There was also one hour a week dedicated to study of Scripture where we learned the Ten Commandments, etc.

      At 14 we started in on chemistry and physics, German, European History from 1815 until 1939, and English Literature.

      What I’m saying is today’s education is a big lie. We have been dumbed-down so stupid people can have self-esteem.

      By 15 I was more educated than today’s college graduates.

      • C_C_Conrad

        I went to a racially mixed high school in Indianapolis from 1965 -1969 and lived on the near north side of town, generally referred to as the slum in those days. I did not learn Latin but I learned to keep my left up. We really should work to give future white generation something better than that.
        Jack’s War

    • ageofknowledge

      I remember coming out of the military and getting an A in every subject graduating toward the top of the honor roll behind a few asians and several very intelligent white women.

      One thing that really bothered me was how easy it was compared to the college prep high school I had attended. The bar had already fallen from where it was in my father’s time as an engineering student at Long Beach City College.

      Now, this was in the mid-to-late 80’s. It’s REALLY fallen since then. The statistics tell the story.

  • pcmustgo

    “Of my ninth-graders last year, only 10% were present in class more than three days a week, “… HOLY S—T!

    That being said, many high-poverty kids (ok some,) work by that age… so they’re too busy working to really attend school. At least I knew one who was already working almost full-time by that age. School is just not the priority.

    Besides, most of these kids will work as manual laborers anyways.

    They don’t need anything beyond 8th grade. Governer Pataki said this and I agree.

    Let’s just accept they will work blue-collar jobs.

    • Ni123

      “Let’s just accept they will work blue-collar jobs.”
      I’d say more like corner drug pushers, welfare moms and incarceration statistics.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Unfortunately, you’re right. Blacks don’t want to work as janitors or maids anymore, handyman work requires skill, and delivery drivers need commercial driver’s licenses, which means clean driving records. Increasing workplace automation demands greater skill sets, which most young blacks are deliberately not acquiring; they’d rather smoke dope and have teen pregnancies. The artificial labor surplus created by illegal immigration has been forcing down unskilled wages in constant dollars, which worsens the problem. The tax base isn’t large enough to pay in useless, make-work government jobs, and even China will eventually get sick of lending us money. Even the old remedy of individuals turning their hobbies into careers has serious limitations; the country can only support a finite number of rap “artists”.

        Black American entitlement culture needs to change, but it won’t as long liberals are allowed to continue buying the loyalty of ethnic bloc-voters by giving away tax money.

        • JH

          This is exactly correct. We have destroyed wage rates at the bottom through illegal immigration, while inflating expectations through various “self esteem” programs, meatime giving zero vocational skills in our schools, thus creating an unemployable class of persons who believe their existence entitles them to a middle class living standard, when all they are suited for, are poverty level wages, if that. Crime rates shall be rising.

        • Pop

          Adidates will have to cater so much to what was formerly the fring groups that the resulting platform will have little or nothing for us, the white males. The last election showed that Liberals have already achieved the unbreakable majority of ethnics, women, and gays that will enable them to control the government for the rest of our lives. Romney received a greater share of the white vote than Reagan did in ’84, but that’s no longer enough to carry an election. The Liberals will spend the next four years importing and enfranchising as many third-world immigrants as they possibly can, as well as continuing to hand out pork to “communitiesof color”, in order to make their constituency even more powerful. It’s over, folks. Future Conservativec

          • Michael_C_Scott

            It doesn’t matter anymore. The whole dumb-o-crat racket was always a Ponzi scheme and that’s going to be over soon. What happens when the US eventually has enough people like my wife and me who just decide “We hate working for jerks to pay taxes to support more people we hate”? Yes, if we went back to work, we could make some money to buy things we don’t need, but again, why bother?

            Oh, I know, “We gots ta be feedin da babies, gnome sayin?” My daughter eats well, and I don’t feel the need to feed the children of anyone else. Teamwork? That’s funny, as there is not a word like “team” in the letter “I”.

            Rabbit, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch again today, with Caesar dressing instead of mayonnaise. I appear to have depleted the lupanic garden-thief population in the area somewhat, as they are scarce now. My ladies come back early next week.

            RLT with Caesar or ranch dressing is wonderful.

        • Sir John Honeybucket

          I believe that more important than the IQ and abstract thinking deficit of the average black, a much worse l problem is the black delusion that they are at least equal and owed something by those who work to succeed. I see this all the time at work. Anything vaguely resembling actual work and a significant portion of the black ‘workers’ simply reply: “Maaan, I ain’t gonna do dat $%^&. Nu-uh. You dee only one wha tell us to do dat.” The ‘testicularly challenged’ managements response to me is: ‘you just have to find a way to get through to them.” or ‘find another way to ask that…”. How about “Do it as I told you to do it or you’re fired.” and let’s get someone in here who WANTS to work. The same for any others who stopped looking for work when the company gave them a job.
          The companys ‘filter’ of knowingly retaining non-workng, lazy and combative employees, sends the good ones on to better employment, their space being filled by friends of the remaining employees who ‘fit in’. i/e also lazy, stupid, shiftless and bigoted against the white management. (Virtually all managrs are white, because we have rigorous testing for employment at manegement level.) the comany is PC but hates to loose too much money . . .
          Equal opportunity is the code phrase for equal precentages, regardless of performance, which has destroyed many an empire.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Just one of a long list of reasons why I won’t work for someone else. While I was on probation, I had to have a regular job, and wound up as morning manager of a Subway sandwich shop. I received all sorts of mouth off a 17 year-old gal who wanted to be a cop and thought she already was one. I used a mild stroke in late March of 2006 as my excuse to quit working until my supervision ran out, and I still won’t work a regular. I do odd jobs. I have a machine shop in the basement and some injection-molding equipment, and welding equipment in the garage, along with an engine hoist.

            The difference now is that with the Oogabooga victory last month, my wife refuses to work as well. We don’t get any public assistance, and we don’t want it.

            A company for which I worked as a laboratory chemist was just as you described, Mr.Honeybucket. Framed patent certificates were posted in the office until some of the Incompetoids from India decided I was getting too many awarded. At the time of my departure, I think I had 79, but I had stopped counting. The subcontinental Asian Incompetoids also hated my easy rapport with the Japanese engineers we had on loan, as they thought it an unfair way in which to get work done. I’m illiterate in Japanese, but I can speak and understand it, and I used to take them and their families to good hiking spots and frequently took them shooting. Of all the people I have ever met, college-educated Japanese were the easiest to teach to shoot well, because they pay attention.

            After my own departure in 1998, every other white engineer had left within two years, and the company went moribund, now on drip-feed from Phase-One DARPA SBIR contracts. My successor in chemistry couldn’t even bother to supervise what the guys from Mitsubishi were doing after I had gone: he had no idea. He also had not idea what my thrust on the rechargeable batter work was, and this was one of the white guys; the big shots liked him because he seemed compliant. He was better at least than the subcontinental Indians, who couldn’t have invented a way out of a paper bag with a chainsaw and a flamethrower.

            The Japanese I took to the rifle range in the early 1990s are now major bosses, and won’t pony up any serious money for that company without me working there. It turns out that they like results.

        • Ni123

          “The tax base isn’t large enough to pay additional useless, make-work
          government jobs, and China will eventually get sick of lending us money.”
          More takers than givers, and many more yet to come.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I read that. Yes, we’re going to have a civil war. I do not expect to survive it.

    • AngryWhiteMan

      You think the majority of black high school dropouts will be a net boon to society? Or do you define “blue collar jobs” to include drug peddling, welfare collecting and robbery/prison?

      • pcmustgo

        “Net boon”… probably not, but we do need sort of simple, stupid people to work the simple, stupid jobs… yes, there is a class of black working poor who do work, and work the jobs most “whites” are simply too intelligent to want to work. I am not saying we need to bring in more of these people to do these jobs, just that a group that is satisfied working as a grocery store clerk (of any race) is needed in society.

        • Federico

          But even the stupidest blacks aren’t satisfied with low status jobs. They all want to drive Beemers and wear designer clothing. That’s why they’re disproportionately attracted to criminal activity.

    • More likely to end up on the streets and involved in illegal activity.

    • IstvanIN

      HUH? Poor kids working to support the family? What 1920s silent movie are you watching? And what are you smoking while watching it? Furthermore, those kids would never be manual laborers, the Mexicans do that, those kids will be thugs and inmates.

      • pcmustgo

        I have known poor black and puerto rican kids who were out working to earn money to support the family by age 13, 14, whatever…

      • pcmustgo

        You guys act like none of them work. Many of them do… and at sh—t jobs. Sadly, someone needs to work the sh—t jobs. And be “content” doing them

  • Ulick

    “From my experience, 80% of high-poverty high-school freshmen are at elementary-school level, which includes the 50% who are going to drop out.”

    That’s because your experiences involve Quanieshas who you admitted did no work in your class and instead “cursed and fought and joked around.” If you taught in a high-poverty Asian immigrant area today or a high-poverty Irish or Italian immigrant area in generations past your experiences and those figures would be completely different. It’s not the poverty causing the academic failure and horrible attitudes. It’s the horrible attitudes and academic failure causing the poverty.

    • Spanky

      And the Irish and Italian parents would kick your ass if you caused discipline problems for your teachers. Even some of the teachers, like the Jesuit brothers, would literally knock your ass out if you caused problems or slacked off on your work.

      There’s an interesting dynamic in East Asian families too. If your teacher punishes you for any reason, you get it twice as bad when you get home, because the cultural assumption is that the teacher is always right and you must have done something wrong to displease the teacher.

      • Yup. If I or one of my brothers or sisters screwed around in school, we first got it from the teacher, then from the principal, from our mom when we got home and, finally, from our dad when he got home. Needless to say, we seldom screwed around in school.

  • whiteyyyyy

    I despise leftists who hold Whites to a higher standard than blacks. Eventually this will provoke a violent reaction. You can’t expect people to regard them as equals when they cant even manage the basics. Then when you see the black physicist on tv….

  • High poverty. High poverty. High poverty. Etc.

    Why doesn’t he just say black.

  • jay11

    So this liberal do-gooder has an epiphany that credit recovery is somehow the cause of black under achievement! Is this guy nuts! Oh yeah, liberalism in a mental disorder and all that.
    I have taught the same types of students he describes in the article. Frequently absent, no pencil, pen or notebook, laughing and joking all the time, no homework, no interest etc.
    The fault is not the teacher, the school, the subject or the teaching methodology. Thousands of teachers are subjected to useless ‘professional development’ sessions to try and mask the real reasons for failure in the classroom: mismatched cultural traditions. We are teaching white knowledge in a context that was developed by white people for white people.
    Black students are coming in with a different cultural perspective. They want to ‘keep it real’ which is code for act like a fool as much as you want without consequences. The average black kid will never use math for any purpose in his community, or literature or history or whatever.
    White people developed these things into organized bodies of knowledge because it was important to us. We deliver the content in ways that work for people who can generally sit still and have the patience ot learn esoteric, intangible things. Those whites who have a problem with this can learn a trade and earn a living too.
    Latinos, blacks and asians all have different cultural needs and traditions. One culture can never seem relevant to the members of another. That’s where the discussion needs to start.

    • Thousands of teachers are subjected to useless ‘professional development’ sessions

      Just a hunch, but I bet you’re heard the phrase “realize their full potential” in those sessions.

    • Glen Falls

      I know the author of this article.  I’ve spoken with him.  He’s a true renaissance man, he’s very intelligent, and he’s a very decent person.  He, however, carries with him the white man’s burden like few I’ve ever seen.  He has dedicated much of his life to trying to advance blacks educationally in both Washington, DC as well as in South Africa; and, based on the statistics in this article, he has little to show for it.

    • It’s not true that they will not use math. Math is an important skill if you want to buy and sell drugs – at least the four basic functions of math anyway.

    • Joseph

      Start? That train left a long time ago.

      They had the discussion and decided to reject western educational tradition in favor of sex-ed, diversity studies, ebonics, and free breakfast.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    “Fifty percent attended two days per week or fewer.”

    What ever happened to the old remedy of sending the parents to jail for their children’s truancy?

    • LaShaniqua

      What do you mean, “parents”? Particularly in plural.

    • toldev

      That is one of those laws that, if they were enforced consistently in the bantu community, the courts and prisons would be overwhelmed.

      Another such law would be the one dealing with statutory rape. With all of the 13 year old mothers in the ghetto, if the system started to actually investigate and imprison all the thugs knocking up those bantu girls, the system would grind to a halt.

  • They are “cheat” systems like this, even in med school. I found out several months after my program began that we had several minorities meet months before we arrived and attended classes that helped prepare them for the program. They were also expected to fill a certain number of slots with minorities. I discovered this after my own investigation. I could never understand while they were so many struggling “C” students when my best friend was not excepted that year, despite the fact she never made under an A in ANY subject and had a physics and chemistry degree. The more I learn about academics in America today, they more I am disgusted.

  • The bantu cannot be educated they evolving from hunter/gathers into gimme/takers. Education is wasted on them.

    • i am

      They are still hunter/gatherers. They hunt whites and gather their loot.

  • dhs

    Rossiter ignores the craziness of trying to teach people with double digit IQ’s and minimal academic motivation, math beyond decimals and percentages. This can be accomplished by the 8th grade. After that, if their work oriented curricula require additional math skills, that math can be taught as part of the course, i.e. calculating areas and volumes for carpentry and construction courses.


    Check out the “student” at 1:16 on the vid.

    • Puggg

      The school’s administrators are relying on the excuse that their students are getting robbed more because their school no longer has uniforms, ergo their geniuses are wearing the kind of clothing more attractive to thug blacks. The vid also points out that only 5% of the students at that school are from that neighborhood.

      A. If they’re that smart, they should know what to wear and what not to wear to keep from being robbed

      B. But I don’t believe that story. I think it’s entirely possible that they were robbed or at least assaulted just as much while they were wearing their school’s uniforms, because the uniforms tipped off the local thug crowd that these were “smart” (such as they are) kids, the “traitor” crowd that “acts white” that all the crabs in a bucket hate.

    • IstvanIN

      She is part of the “selective” group.

  • Junis

    The writer of above article cannot be trusted because his article also appears on the Philadelphia Freedom centre website. This website also features prominent articles by the Zionist and anti-Muslim David Horowitz.

  • This is the destiny for America going forward–a growing culture of those who don’t see education as being valuable.

    This attitude is further embolden by liberal ‘do-gooders’ who make excuses for these failures and create BS ways to allow students to pass without having to show competence in the subject.

    Make NO mistake, in China and developing nations; there is no affirmative action or excuses for not being competent.

    This will be our undoing.

  • lost angeles

    As a Los Angeles math “teacher”, I fully support the observations and conclusions of the author. Algebra II is an elective course in LA for students who supposedly wish to pursue college courses. Of a 12 chapter text, I have never been able to get to more than 7 or 8 chapters because students simply refuse to do classwork or homework. When a D is regarded as a passing grade in all previous math coursework, a student will never succeed in the next level of study.