State Laying Groundwork for Managed Bankruptcy for Detroit

Daniel Howes, Detroit News, December 7, 2012

Even as the state Treasury prepares to begin another financial review of Detroit’s books, a plan is being solidified in the governor’s office that would guide Michigan’s largest city through what is being called a managed bankruptcy.

The working concept, still evolving, assumes that the state’s financial review would find severe financial distress in Detroit, that Mayor Dave Bing and City Council would be unable to push through overdue restructuring, and that the process would culminate in appointment of an emergency financial manager under Public Act 72.

The case would be filed under Chapter 9 of the federal bankruptcy code, according to two ranking sources familiar with the situation, following efforts to reach prenegotiated settlements with as many key creditors—unions, vendors and pension funds among them—as possible before any filing.


The evolving bankruptcy scenario is a clear signal that Gov. Rick Snyder and Treasurer Andy Dillon have lost confidence in the ability of the mayor, his management team and council to honor their commitments under the eight-month-old consent agreement with the state, or to make any meaningful progress on restructuring.

Contingency planning in Lansing for a possible Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing is not likely to be popular inside council chambers or the Mayor’s Office. But it’s the responsible and necessary thing to do, whatever the protests from the elected officials whose denial and self-delusion are hastening the arrival of a reckoning they can no longer avoid.

The goal of a managed bankruptcy is to streamline the protracted process by minimizing the chaos, uncertainty, delay and steep costs associated with Chapter 9. It would be the largest municipal bankruptcy in the nation’s history, an unambiguous symbol of the city’s epic failure and a chance for a fresh start.


A Chapter 9 filing for Detroit may be increasingly likely given the dysfunction and infantile posturing atop City Hall. But bankruptcy is not yet certain, provided three obstacles can be removed or settled outside of court: pending litigation designed to slow the process; pension debt of $1.4 billion and $440 million in outstanding swap contracts; and liabilities for retiree health care.

Planning for a possible bankruptcy of Detroit should not be surprising coming from Snyder, an accountant-turned-CEO, and Dillon, a former investment banker. Both possess keen financial minds, strategic savvy and a habit for planning further ahead than most politicians, particularly the elected officials in Detroit flailing from one crisis to the next.


City Council, by comparison, is blocking the mayor’s effort to hire a local law firm, Miller Canfield, citing conflicts of interest. Nor has the city, likely about a month away from Snyder appointing an emergency financial manager, showed any inkling of forward planning and retained bankruptcy counsel.

It should, because there is no president of the United States or consortium of banks coming to the rescue. {snip}


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  • With all the money that flowed through Detroit via the auto industry, with all the high paying union jobs with the security and benefits to go with them, how could this possibly happen?

    It appears Detroit has been Rhodesia’d!


      Even with the Africans moving north for jobs, due to the 1927 Mississippi flood, the Roosevelt war order that all munitions plants be integrated, the city was doing ok.

      It was the end of legal racial residential segregation and Forced busing that really killed the city. When Whites were forced to live with blacks, then the White had to move away. Far away. And keep moving since the #1 thing Blacks demand is to live with Whites.

      The Forced Busing was a hideous torture on Whites. Knowing your White daughter was going to be groped, raped and beaten by Africans was the final straw for all White parents who love their children. The only way to get away from LaTrina and Mo’Sittles was to sell your home for a loss and move away.

      It is called an Invasion. It is called extermination. It is called genocide of the Whites.

      Someday, the Saxon will Hate.

      • Well summarized – recall 1972 when George Wallace won the Democratic nomination for one reason alone – he stood strong against court ordered forced busing.He would have also won Maryland for the same reason but for the assassination attempt that effectively ended his career.

      • haroldcrews

        It was also a massive transfer of wealth. All that property sold because of white flight at a loss was a gain for blacks. They bought housing at substantial discounts and also benefited from the social capital in infrastructure built by whites in those communities recently evacuated by whites. They couldn’t by and large maintain the property values though. Eventually it became an immense destruction of wealth.

      • i am

        “. The only way to get away from LaTrina and Mo’Skittles was to sell your home for a loss and move away.”

        It is better to lose money on the sale of your home than to lose your family and have an empty home.

    • i am

      “…how could this possibly happen”

      It’s that pesky white racism that keeps rearing its head.

      • A funny thing happened on the way to the bank: I decided I wanted to save my money for my kids college education instead of giving it away to greedy, lazy welfare sponges.

  • HamletsGhost

    Suggested revisions for the AP style book:

    OLD -> NEW

    Detroit -> Destroy’t
    Motor City -> Murder City
    Motown -> No Mo’town

  • After all this happens, the water buffalos on the city council will still demand their Obongo bucks and a total bailout. Why not? All the moolies in Detoilet voted for him, all 134% of them.


    Let us hand over all Detroit proper (total area of incorporated city limits) to the Africans and tell them all: It is yours. All of it. No White will ever tell you what to do. You are “free at last, free at last, praise God Almighty, we’re free at last”.

    Now, we will see what a Black ruled area does. We need to see this since after a “major city” goes under, there will, in time, be an entire State ,controlled by Blacks, which will be destroyed and in the same mess.

    If this continues as is, the entire United States will be identical to Detroit (by then all Whites will have moved to Wales or Ireland to fight for White children there, or we have been exterminated here) But, with the way things are NOW, the Detroitization of the US is not deniable.

    • StillModerated

      They can also relocate all of the bantus from Southfield, Saginaw, Flint, and Kalamazoo, too.

    • GM (Australia)

      1, Yes, put the imaginary fence around Detroit, cut off all white influence and white money, now try and imagine. speculate, guess or forecast what that once grand city will be like in 100 years time.

      2, I don’t think the whole western world will become completely identical to Detroit because sooner or later a cut-off point will be reached where welfare money and bail-out funds will no longer be available. There may also be enough white taxpayers and wealth creators or even some real political leaders who will simply say “enough is enough”. My fear is that there could be unimaginable civil strife as we approach that time.

    • Jeff

      That’s a great idea. I will start a tour service. I will get some armored “technicals” and drive rich white liberals through it for a lot of money.

  • Jefferson

    Detroit is Haiti without the beach and year long warm weather.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      It may be hard to believe but Haiti makes Detroit look like Heaven:

      • purestocles

        I just couldn’t watch the whole thing. It was too disgusting. Looked like a cess pit.

        • GM (Australia)

          Yes, unbelievable awful and it should be a warning as to how low we can possibly go in any downward spiral of our civilization. But, there was mini bonus, that site provided a further link to a video of a historic Air France Constellation flight to Israel, great historic footage for my interest in vintage aviation and modern Israel. thank you!

      • Lou406

        How vibrant.

      • s shadow

        According to the SPLC if you think you are any better than these primitive hominoids, you are a vile white supremacist, a racist, a hater, and most probably an antisemite and should be banned from the public discourse. The majority of our reporters treat their words as gospel and beyond question. How do we break the shackles of the controlling groups who have elevated a member of this group to be our leader?

        • C_C_Conrad

          “a vile white supremacist, a racist, a hater, and most probably anantisemite ”

          Yep, that’s me all over.

          Jack’s War

          • WHITE DAWN

            Me too !!!

      • StillModerated

        I feel so enriched! Demon possession: coming to a Section 8 housing project near you.

      • StillModerated

        Another YT video harkening all the way back from the 1980s — The Rainmakers, Government Cheese.

      • Lygeia

        That was unbelievable! Butchering animals on pallets on top of the muddy street and people wallowing an a gigantic mudhole, doubtless getting parasites for their trouble.

    • Paul

      Compare Haiti and Iceland. One has a great climate, rich soil, and a central location on the trade routes, and was once known as “the breadbasket of Europe.” The other has a terrible climate, thin soil, and lies in the middle of nowhere. Then compare the socioeconomic achievements of the respective populations, e.g. literacy levels, educational accomplishment, public health, incomes, and so on and so forth. Even when Icelanders were poor crofters in the past, they still high literacy rates, churches and other well-organized social institutions, and they weren’t constantly raping and killing each other, at least not after they became Christian 1000 years ago.

      • GM (Australia)

        There are possibly a lot of other valid comparisons as well, two that come to my mind are the Mormons in Utah and the Dutch who have been able to establish and maintain a prosperous nation on land that was little better than a large tidal estuary and salt marsh facing the North sea.

      • Joseph

        The difference would be attributed to the absence of slavery in Iceland. Haiti being ruled by blacks for the last 200 years is irrelevant.

        • Xerxes22

          The Vikings had slaves. So there was slavery in Iceland at one time.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Iceland isn’t in the “middle of nowhere”. It’s right up next to the Arctic Circle. 😎

  • Jon .

    Detroit residents should be confined to the city until they pay their fair share. Even if they reach old age before they pay back everything they’ve taken, they should re-pay these taxes.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    “State laying groundwork for managed bankruptcy for Detroit”.

    Translation: “Illinois taxpayers to fund bailout for city bankrupted by lazy, dishonest, incompetent Africans. Replay expected in ten years or less.”

  • whiteyyyyy

    There’s something very sick when black’s are in this position but still have all the leverage. They’re not begging, they’re holding the whip hand.If this is not something that can be exploited for White benefit, then democracy itself is the system undermining White interests.

  • Anon

    So what is really going on in detroit. Detroit has income (mostly from the white businesses that remain in the controlled area of detroit). It also has overhead. Those who run detroit have gotten real comfortable with stealing its income and not paying the overhead. Every time the money runs out, they take out loans on the city’s behalf, pocket most of it and pay just enough to keep the lights on.

    No one wants to lend them any more money. They have plenty of income to pay their bills but they don’t want to. They want to continue stealing it and for some schmuck with remaining credit to take out more loans and pay the bills.

    Instead, the state has decided on a “managed bankruptcy”. This is political speak for doing three things. Collecting the tax money on behalf of those supposedly in charge before they get a chance to steal it. Paying the bills first AND keeping close tabs on what happens to any leftover money. And three, defaulting on the loans the city has taken out in order to stop the hemorrhage of money as interest and, more importantly, make sure nobody will loan them any more money.

    However, in Obamaland, not allowing blacks to steal is racist. So is making them pay their bills. And, of course, everyone knows that pointing out that blacks who refuse to pay off their loans should not be loaned more money, is discrimination. Why should loans only be for responsible people who pay them back?

  • Tom_in_Miami

    It certainly would be “an unambiguous symbol of the city’s epic failure,” not that one is needed, but what on earth would “a chance for a fresh start” accomplish? Would that not simply be a signal to start borrowing, stealing, and spending again?

    • toldev

      You are correct in that bankruptcy will not solve the city’s underlying problem. Many people point to the city’s corrupt and inept politicians as the cause. While those politicians certainly exacerbated the situation, they did not cause it. Even if the city had been run by tight fisted honest politicians, the day of reckoning still would have come. It just would have been put off to a later date. The underlying problem is that the city’s majority Bantu population is not productive enough to afford a first world city government with first world city services.

  • • The time has come for the intellectuals within the race realist movement to craft a Race Realist Manifesto. The reason? Race realists are adept at identifying problems related to the abandon of homogeneous cultures, but provide no serious solutions. They are analogous to physicians who are highly skilled in diagnosis and prognosis, but virtually clueless when it comes to prescribed treatments.

    I can think of no one more qualified than Jared Taylor through the Century Foundation to lead such an endeavor.

    • The Documentary Channel aired a program this week explaining how Detroit’s woes were the result of white racism.

    • Here’s a link to a 2009 article reporting that there were no more grocery chain stores in Detroit. It’s interesting that the report ignores the crime rate in Detroit as a cause for the disparity between abundant grocers in Detroit’s suburbs and none (except 2 Aldis) in the city limits.

    “Detroit isn’t alone. Last year, the Washington Post bemoaned the lack of conventional groceries in both Washington DC and New York City, and mentioned a similar situation in Philadelphia. In New York, the mayor’s office appointed a “food policy coordinator” to encourage the opening of more grocery stores.”

    • I’m still of the opinion that Detroit should be razed, converted to farm land and given to white South Africans.

    • Arthur Jensen’s research demonstrated that most violent crime is committed by individuals with IQs between 70 and 90, the same demographic characterized by low income. Because intelligence is heritable, we can predict that black communities, like Detroit, will continue to be characterized by high crime and low income. In fact, that is what we have observed in the past and observe now in Detroit as the generation that rioted in 1967 has passed on their behavior to their progeny, the current residents. Griping about the failure of black communities is not a solution in that it has no effect, whatsoever, on the cause: low intelligence. What is? Reparations won’t solve the problem, education is ineffectual, incarceration is costly and merely contains the problem, repatriation died with Marcus Garvey, and blaming white racism is nothing more than a leftist hobby horse. It seems to be that the only practical resolution to the Detroit syndrome would be a moral and humane agenda to raise the average intelligence level of the black community.

    • Frank

      And how do we raise the level of intelligence in the Bantu population?
      Give each a brain transplant from a dying Swedish donor perhaps.
      It be awful hard to shoehorn in all that valuable euro brain-matter in that small and thick coconut brain case.

      • Liberalsuck

        How you raise their intelligence and make them more civilized? How do you stop bees from stinging? How do you stop dogs from barking? How do you drive out the predator drive in wild animals? How do you stop a snake from being a snake? You can’t.

      • C_C_Conrad

        Nature has the only true answer to that problem. Extinction! Blacks should be given ONLY three choices 1) sterilization, 2) deportation to Africa or, 3) death.
        Jack’s War

      • Arthur Jensen’s studies proved that nearly all violent crime is committed by persons with IQs between 70 and 90. Race was not a factor.

        Famed geneticist Richard Lynn figured that if blacks with low IQs voluntarily stopped breeding, allowing only blacks with high intelligence to make babies, the economic and crime disparities between black and white communities would disappear. Lynn actually suggested paying blacks with low IQs to forfeit child bearing.

        Lynn’s proposal is the most viable, though it will likely never be implemented. It is possible; it’s just not probable.

        The prospect of a black community that is self-sufficient runs afoul of socialists who need to keep blacks dependent and, therefore, stupid. Lynn was promptly labeled a racist as was Jensen and anyone else who dares tell the truth.

        Again, what if Detroit were populated with blacks who possessed the intellectual capacity of Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, Walter Williams, Angela McGlowan, and Carol M. Swain? What if the black riders on Atlanta’s MARTA system were black intellectuals? What if young blacks were intellectually equipped to be engineers, scientists, and medical researchers rather than gang bangers, basketball players and rappers? What if groups of black teens intimidated white people with their intellectual prowess rather than the prospect of violence? What if future generations of blacks were shop owners rather than shoplifters? What if bleeding-heart liberals could no longer blame black crime on handguns? What if blacks stopped killing each other and others? What if blacks were difficult to understand, not because of ebonics, but because of their advanced vocabularies? What if Affirmative Action programs were rendered pointless? What if whites welcomed black neighbors because of their propensity to keep tidy lawns and polite behavior? What if business owners appealed to black patrons, not because they feared discrimination lawsuits, but because free markets demanded it? What if black people were known as good tippers? What if Democrats could no longer buy black votes with government handouts, but were forced to attract black votes with promises of tax cuts? What if crime-ridden housing projects were replaced with high-priced black condo communities and miles of manicured lawns owned by intelligent black people?

        The economic disparity would not only be erased, it would be reversed. Blacks would no longer be giddy absorbers of government handouts, but would be reluctant contributors of taxes. City schools would no longer be struggling to meet basic educational requirements, but would be competing to attract the brightest students. Gripes about gun laws would vanish because the community that abuses handguns would be transformed into a productive environment rather than a drug-driven gang culture.

        Lynn’s suggestion was to pay black folks with low IQs to make fewer or no babies. And there is no reason to restrict such a program to blacks.

        The challenge, of course, is to implement such a program. And that, we all know, isn’t going to happen.

        Above is from a longer essay here:

        • Junis

          Interesting comment. The motivation behind the enacting of ‘white’ racism is not justice, it is the preservation of wealth divisions.

        • i am

          “The prospect of a black community that is self-sufficient runs afoul of
          socialists who need to keep blacks dependent and, therefore, stupid.
          Lynn was promptly labeled a racist as was Jensen and anyone else who
          dares tell the truth.”

          The liberals do not care about blacks, they only care about destroying white civilizations. They use blacks to do it. First they bring them in as slaves so they don’t have to hire whites, then they give them special favors.

          • HamletsGhost

            Liberals care most about looking good and moral more than anything. It’s all a pose for people who have damned little to feel moral about.

        • Frank

          People with low IQ are the ones first to breed early and often.

          If you can make the sex act as enjoyable as 8 hours of digging ditches with pick and shovel in the hot sun then you might be on to something.

        • Yorkshireman.

          This was an excellent post.
          Of course it was a complete waste of time since no bantu will ever read it.
          They, and you, will never comprehend the reality of Africa or it’s descendents in America. Except of course, the political route of Mugabe, Zuma et al including the pathetic contribution to society as attributed to the recent black ‘leaders’ and their continual begging bowl ‘cos they are hungry! Hah! They never mention the starving kids in Africa and how they do nothing at all about it. Blacks, wherever they are, never give aid to other blacks as they know it’s a complete waste of time and, in any case, YT will foot the bill.


      Daily. We know the solution.

      Separation of the Races. We also know this requires violence.

      Blacks will not allow Whites to have a White nation since they can not feed themselves. Their very survival requires sucking off the White races productivity. They either fight us to get into a White nation, fight us to stay , or fight us when we try to get them to leave.

      We are just cautious. We have to be very careful. For the White Race Realists to save the White race we know for a fact the future will require, at some absolute point, violence.

      Now, do you know what that means? We do. We wish to avoid it since the White race is the most kind race that exists on Earth. Most of us Race realists do not want to go there. But the African won’t let us exists in peace.

      Forget “laws”, rule of law, “getting along”, understanding. Been there. Tried that. Too late.

      The future is going to be very very bad for the Black race. I wonder when the “end” comes the Liberal Whites feel any shame for not listing to us raccccisssst pigs.

      We warned you.

      • Liberalsuck

        Whites have always resorted to violence in the past when it was the only option. Whites avoid violence until there is no choice and they are absolutely angry beyond all recognition. That is why I always bring up The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon by Rudyard Kipling.

        • WHITE DAWN




          IT WAS NOT PART OF
          THEIR BLOOD,

          IT CAME TO THEM
          VERY LATE

          TO MAKE GOOD,

          BEGAN TO HATE

          THEY WERE NOT
          EASILY MOVED

          THEY WERE


          ERE THE SAXONS
          BEGAN TO HATE

          EVEN AND LOW


          SIGN NOR SHOW

          BEGAN TO HATE

          IT WAS NOT

          BY THE STATE

          NO MAN SPOKE IT

          BEGAN TO HATE

          IT WAS NOT

          IT WILL NOT

          THROUGH THE



      • GM (Australia)

        “WHITE DAWN” Would really be a great name for a race realist movement that really means business. (A bit like Golden Dawn in Greece, a movement born out of desperation)

        • Skincognito

          “race realist movement that really means business?” The term you’re searching for is White Nationalism. I don’t mean to register as confrontational, you’re absolutely correct, but for the vast majority of Whites, “race realism” will never evolve into a movement that commands loyalty, faith or action. (Sorry fellas) To the extent that we need true freedom of speech on campus and in the media, “race realism” is a crucial facilitator of racially conscious debate. As such it deserves our vocal and (if possible) financial support.

          However, movements like the Golden Dawn are forced to abandon academic respectability in order to defend their communties and homelands. This fact may not sit well with many amren supporters, but history is a cruel teacher. Learn her lessons or taste the whip. And yes, my tirade is dreadfully relevant to a thread concentrating on the Murder City.

          On a final note, White Dawn IS a badass name for a nationalist youth organization. I also like FEAR (Frontline European American Resistance), the idea being that university campuses are the frontline in two senses: White community self-defense with an especial interest in defending White women at night, while also promoting heretical scholars and speakers, and publicly defending “racist” academics. This idea was spawned during my undergraduate tenure at Wayne State in Detroit. I’m sure it’s a little too “braun” for many of you amren guys, but the gals would probably support it.

          (In the German media “braun” refers to a certain color of inter-war apparel).

          • GM (Australia)

            Yes, I certainly did mean White Nationalism.

          • C_C_Conrad

            I’m not so sure that white women want or deserve the protection that you speak of here. I have had to many of them tell me to die & go to hell. Just take a stroll through W-mart and watch them push there half breeds around. Heck just watch them on DWTS.
            Jack’s War

          • Skincognito

            Fair enough. My better half is fiercely racially loyal, perhaps I over-generalize. Still sexual assaults on and around campus (including groping incidents in the library!) make my blood boil.

          • C_C_Conrad

            I understand your point & to some degree I feel the same way. But maybe white women need to suffer enough to learn to throw off the propaganda.
            But more to the point we should skip the irritants and go for the enemies throat.
            See –
            jack’s War

        • C_C_Conrad

          YES! And it needs its own logo and flag. I’ve been pushing the flag idea for a long time, we’ve been playing around with the confederate flag (& others) long enough. It should represent only one thing, world wide loyalty to the white race.
          Jack’s War

        • Junis

          ‘White’ Australians are known to be one of the most racist in the Western world despite the fact that Australia is not part of Europe. How does this work out? In addition to being racists, Australians also have one of the highest rape crimes.

          Google: nationmaster rapes

          • GM (Australia)

            Modern Australia was established mainly by white people, it was initially founded as a penal settlement after the 13 American colonies said “no more” to English convicts in the late 1700s. Australia was then opened up to free settlement with most arrivals coming from the UK with large numbers of Irish. Chinese, other Asians and most other non-whites were specifically excluded from coming here until the 1970s. Fortunately there was very little slavery in our history. Since the early 80s there has been an alarming influx of non-while settlers here, most new arrivals now come from India and some Sydney suburbs are totally dominated by Asians. If I am concerned that my grandchildren will have to compete against Asians for jobs and university places or that they may become a minority in their own country then I don’t care who calls be racist.

            As for sexual assault, yes, there are certain minority groups here who are over-represented in the prison system for this type of crime.

        • WHITE DAWN

          Thank you. I got the name from Golden Dawn and the remake of the movie RED DAWN.

          But, I was watching a survival show last night and heard of White Horse ( a Mormon concept of White survival). I want to change my name to that but I am too computer stupid (old) to figure out how.

      • • Dawn = renaissance?

        • Over the years I’ve listened to white nationalists propose numerous suggestions. They set up retreats, touted dozens of competing flags and logos, published maps that carved up the nation into ‘white’ and ‘black’ regions, formed a zillion organizations (none of which evaded the prying eyes of the feds and their paid informants), spoke of anarchy and preached armed rebellion and race war, and so on.

        The same cognition that makes one a ‘race realist’ should also cause one to realistically assess our situation and workable options. A beginning point, I believe, would be a Race Realist Manifesto that would provide a rational and intelligent foundation that would unite a factioned movement and provide a philosophical base upon which to build.

      • Junis

        Part of your comment: “the White race is the most kind race that exists on Earth.”. Have you missed an appointment with your brain transplanter?

        • GM (Australia)

          What other race(s) have introduced parliamentary democracy, rule of law, social welfare, universal health care, universal education, universal suffrage or even produced a brain surgeon?

    • Sir, don’t look to intellectuals for help. They aren’t the people we need now. We need marksmen. Forget about the written and spoken word. Just arm yourself and become proficient with your weapons. You will need them soon.

  • JohnEngelman

    Detroit is a problem without a solution. It is a city that is no longer necessary inhabited by people who are no longer necessary. In addition to being unnecessary, the people are addicted to crime.

    • Skincognito

      What a cold assessment. Even most gutless liberals possess some level of civic loyalty, and identify with the city of their birth, despite being racial and national traitors. Detroit has a beautiful art museum, a stunning central library, a handful of commercial buildings that rival any in Chicago in terms of aesthetic harmony and decadent adornment in irreplaceable marble. The Reuther labor library is a world-renowned archive, and CCS remains one the best CV builders for prospective automobile designers. Never mind the relationship between the Nubian City and Oakland County, the robotics capital of the world. Also the Gaelic League on Michigan Ave still hosts some great folk singers. Aw, I’m gettin homesick.

      • JohnEngelman

        Is there any part of Detroit that is safe to be in after dark? Does Detroit have any night life at all?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Night life in Detroit does exist, but it consists of drug-dealing, domestic violence, child abuse, shootings, stabbings and rapes.

          • JohnEngelman

            White urban neighborhoods are known for atmospheric restaurants and taverns, book stores, used book stores, theaters, and so on. Black neighborhoods are known for the sound of gun fire and police sirens.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            You forgot free concerts in public parks, after-dinner walks to the library, patio barbecue potlucks and automotive work with neighbors. Maybe the Klan has been stealing these nice things out of black neighborhoods and putting them in ours.

        • Skincognito

          Yes, I lived across the street from the magic stick on Woodward for a year. Most of my neighbors were gay med students from the DMC. I always felt safe, despite having to impose a little vigilante justice on the black bums who broke into my car. But along with midtown, there’s Greektown, Hamtramk, the Russel street clubs and Corktown. There’s also the beautiful Opera House. Detroit has a White nightlife, but it’s tragically dominated by cowards; the sort of Whites who encourage black on White victimhood patterns by wearing White guilt on their sleeves.

          • JohnEngelman

            My guess is that most of those white folks are fully aware of how dangerous it is to be in proximity to black neighborhoods, although in conversations they use euphemisms such as “demographics,” and “bad neighborhoods,” without explaining why the neighborhoods are bad.

            Those who reject the verbal arguments of men like Jared Taylor, J. Philippe Rushton, and John Derbyshire are usually convinced by the more physical debating techniques of black violent street criminals.

          • Skincognito

            I appreciate, comprehend and respect what scholars like Drs. Francis and Jensen have done, as well as publicists like Taylor and Derbyshire. But don’t hide behind mountains of data and eloquent arguments. Imperial German and Austrian students, Central Europe’s best and brightest, fought duels at the drop of a hat. The devolution from Prussian cadet to Detroit raver is not something measured by race realist scholars. That’s fine, they do important work and it is left for others to fill in the research gaps. But at some point, as Kamerad White Dawn has suggested above, we must “debate” with the Kaffir on his terms.
            Your discussion of intelligent White aversion to blacks as a necessary component to the creation of safe, culturally rich urban spaces sounds great. Ultimately however, aversion is necessary but not sufficient. I suggest that you’ve unwittingly proposed a justification of Apartheid, a policy I would have supported had I not been a mere tot, but then you, as an outspoken Democrat probably found “bigoted.”
            Detroit is likely lost, although I support the idea of resettling Boers there, with the caveat that my family and I can live and work among them. But the question shouldn’t be whether or not the Negropolis is a necropolis, but rather how did it get this way?
            I don’t wanna dwell on this topic, but despite the well informed, clearly stated arguments, you make respectable race realism look a movement for White guys that are afraid of blacks. That’s pitiful.

          • JohnEngelman

            My early enthusiasm for the civil rights legislation has faded, but I do not see much future for a movement that tries to repeal it.

            If what you are advocating is genocide against blacks, I see less future in that.

            Gentrification is a positive development. It requires a source of well paying jobs for young college educated professionals who find suburban life dull, and effective law enforcement. Effective law enforcement does not consist of social reform, social welfare spending, head start, early intervention, and all that nonsense. It consists of scraping the criminals off of the street, executing many of them, and sentencing the rest to long prison sentences under hard labor.

            A model for gentrification can be studied in the behavior of Jewish settlers who settle in the occupied territories in areas heavily settled by Palestinians.

            Many of the buildings in slum neighborhoods were built to be Victorian mansions and nineteenth century town houses. This would be valuable property if it could be restored. Whites with the courage you recommend could create compounds guarded by armed militias in slum neighborhoods, restore the buildings, and gradually force the members of the underclass out.

            On this website I have read that without extensive financial resources Hispanic immigrants have forced blacks out of south central Los Angeles. Because I have not been robbed at gunpoint and mugged by Hispanics, and because Jared Taylor tells me that they have a much lower crime rate than blacks, I prefer them as neighbors.

          • Skincognito

            Apartheid is/was not genocide. Many non-Bantu blacks would have experienced genocide at the hands of the Zulus were it not for the racially-conscious Christians of Southern Africa. You’re incredibly intelligent, don’t twist my words, that’s cheap.

            But yes, I actually agree, White colonization of dilapidated urban space is feasible (I’ve proposed this before on amren), but eventually unsustainable WITHOUT some form of Apartheid. And no, a gentrified rise in property value does not qualify. The black bourgeoisie will move in and their children, intoxicated by ghetto “music” and burdened with inferior genes, will “ghettoize” these briefly gentrified/Anglicized areas.

            Sorry bro, but Apartheid, like Jim Crow and real estate covenants, existed for a reason. And again, I politely request that you not accuse me of advocating annihilationist racial policies. Even on amren, I’m on the “right” end of the spectrum, true, but rampant slaughter is not part of my tactical arsenal. It is however the MO in Detroit/Zimbabwe/Angola/South Africa.

          • None

            No offense but millions of whites in SA are paying the price for the lie that apartheid is a solution. When you boil apartheid down to its basic elements it amounts to white people attempting to live separate lives from blacks but, at the same time, maintain civilization for them. It’s a severe contradiction. We recognize that blacks can’t live among us but don’t admit what that means and attempt to treat them as relatives. Or at least live in peace with them.

            THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. To be blunt, all black people are monsters. Even the ones that are very good at mimicking civilized behavior, pretty much commit rape, murder and mayhem at random, with no provocation or explanation. And their descendents ALWAYS become monsters even for the rare black that never exhibited that behavior during his life.

            Living separate like that but still connected invites the very worst fantasizing and fetishsizing of black people. The INEVITABLE result is what happened in rhodesia and south africa. Whites forgot that they needed to keep the blacks out. They let them in. The blacks immediately began cutting their throats.

            There is only one solution to the black problem….ethnic cleansing with radical separation. Radical separation means all blacks are removed from white areas. Those that resist in any way are killed. Afterward, blacks are shot on sight. Whites that have any contact with them, for any reason, are executed. Realistically, this means killing every black on any continent whites intend to live on and using military force to contain blacks in places like africa and haiti. Which is not too difficult to do once you make it the death penalty to give them modern technology, especially guns.

            It’s the ONLY solution. The only one that works. Everything, from slavery, Jim Crow, Apartheid, and today’s sick negrofication of white society and liberalism are all various forms of denial of this basic fact.

            They all lead the same place….white genocide. Once, it was not so obvious that white genocide was going to happen in SA. Today, you’d have to be in some serious denial. That could easily happen again. Instead, we need to learn from SA and rhodesia. We need to especially admit what they are and that we are mutually exclusive species.

            You want to live? It means they have to die. You want them to live? Then you must accept the fact that it means your own death, one way or another, eventually. That’s the issue in a nutshell.

          • Skincognito

            OK. Boldly stated. I’m not unequivocally convinced, but I detect a kindred spirit. A fighting spirit, dare I say? Best.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            You’re both correct. I’d also like to point out that being armed is not enough. Plenty of our white kindred in SA and Rhodesia were well armed. What we need is “fighting spirit” i.e. the WILL to do what is necessary.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I worked the same equation and got the same answer. I keep quiet because of the need for respectability. So now You Know and everyone else knows You Know. Please be a bit more circumspect about this.

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not see any problem with the black bourgeoisie moving in as long as they play the game by the rules and obey the laws. Most of us who are attracted to urban living enjoy racial, national, and ethnic diversity. We just want adequate law enforcement.

            Anyway, there is no point in longing for a return for Jim Crow. It will not come back. If the United States breaks up into two or more countries it will not be peaceful. The end result will not be agreeable to anyone.

          • IstvanIN

            Most of us who are attracted to urban living enjoy racial, national, and ethnic diversity. We just want adequate law enforcement.

            I’d love to live in an all white urban area where I didn’t have to drive everywhere. I think most white people would be content to live in an all white urban area, in fact an all American urban area. We do not need racial, and national diversity. Don’t speak for most of us, you certainly do not. Anyone with half a brain should reject diversity.

          • JohnEngelman

            I cannot easily document it, but I will make you a gentleman’s bet that as IQ rises, so does appreciation of diversity. It takes intellectual sophistication to appreciate and understand other cultures. In saying that, I am not arguing that all cultures are of equal value. Oriental and Jewish cultures are clearly admirable. The culture of the black underclass is not.

            Even the study of primitive cultures enables us to understand how our ancestors lived, and consequently how we evolved to become what we are. The paleolithic era lasted much longer than anything since, and had more of an influence on the evolution of human nature. Unfortunately, races that have emerged more recently from the paleolithic era are adjusting poorly to urban civilization, at the same time that they are losing traditions that make them fascinating.

          • Skincognito

            Non-whites are fascinating, huh? So now you’re an amateur anthropologist as well as amateur statistician. Your intellectual distance from the reality of modern urban American life is stunning. Socio-linguistically, aesthetically, pscycho-socially blacks are “fascinating,” until they put a gun to my temple. Yes, cold steel trumps ehtnography every time.

          • Strider73

            On this website I have read that without extensive financial resources
            Hispanic immigrants have forced blacks out of south central Los Angeles.

            That’s because they never swilled the multi-culti Kool-Aid. They simply kicked the blacks out and killed any that resisted. And they didn’t lose a minute’s sleep afterward.

            Over the long haul gentrification will work only where there are strong gun rights and self-defense laws, in addition to the “scraping and executing.” Otherwise the vermin will re-invade.

            The Sand People are easily startled, but they’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi, A New Hope

          • C_C_Conrad

            An intellectual is a person that can talk straight, of course it helps to be able to shoot straight as well. I guess that’s why I always liked Dr. William L. Pierce.
            Jack’s War

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      But our government doesn’t want to admit it is their problem, they want to go with the falsehood that it is everyone but them that is the problem. It’s too painful to admit the races are so different forcing them together to “pick up the slack” is a disaster.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Of course. Now you know!

    • C_C_Conrad

      Oh there’s a solution all right – Napalm.
      Jack’s War

    • J

      The solution is 4 million Chinese. Just give them the empty lots and come back in ten years. You will find a perfectly nice Chinese City.

  • JackKrak

    Notice how no one even bothers to make a case that Detroit doesn’t need or deserve to be taken over by Michigan or deny that it’s a financial basket case. All opposition to the consequences of years of mismanagement essentially comes down to “This is our city & you can’t touch it no matter what. Now where my check at?”

  • blight14

    The comments after the original article are truly hard to read…..the blacks that comment quickly pull the rrrrace card and even mention the klan for goodness sakes…..If you want to see what denial on steroids looks like, pop over there and read the comments…..

  • blight14

    The comments after the original article are truly hard to read…..the blacks that comment quickly pull the race card and even mention the klan for goodness sakes…..If you want to see what denial on steroids looks like, pop over there and read the comments…..

    • toldev

      The comments clearly illustrate why blacks have no business being voters.

  • A black and your money are soon parted.

    • Liberalsuck

      Your life is parted, too.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I keep saying that. Since we’re all dead eventually, there’s no reason not to be brave, honest and generally wonderful while we’re alive. The way I figure, it doesn’t cost me anything.

    • Bandmoo

      No “a black and YOUR money ” are soon united.

  • Liberalsuck

    So we are bailing out blacks again for their incompetence and/or they are going to flood white areas? Great.

    • Frank

      This is grand gibbsmedat at its best.

    • ageofknowledge

      The wealthy modern liberal whites who enabled Detroit’s decline are long gone. After the deterioration they started results in an undesirable and unsafe living environment, they move off to repeat the cycle elsewhere… ad infinitum.

  • RIN0Huner

    Time to flush DetroiLET.

  • White Libertarian

    Watch closely how they’ll handle the three “obstacles” outside of court. Pension debt, healthcare for retirees and swap deals. All of these are what government thieves will hang onto with all their might as this country collapses. I’ll be interested to see how much the courts favor these government crooks getting their golden parachutes compared to how much they still spend for cops, paramedics, lights, etc.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Exactly: You didn’t fall off the turnip truck 10 minutes ago, did you? It’s public-sector gibmedats that bankrupted DeToilet in the first place.

      I want my Bongo Party before I’m too old.

  • ageofknowledge

    Does anyone really think Detroit can be saved?

    • Skincognito

      Great question, really THE question. May I suggest a minor revision?: Omit “Detroit” and insert “the West” or “the White race.”

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Of course Detroit could be saved, but at a price higher than the place is worth given the current population. This is what is called a “constructive total loss”.

      White people built Detroit in the first place, and we can build more cities. Berlin, Stalingrad and Manilla were both flattened during World War Two, but were rebuilt. That’s because they were not infested with Africans. Hiroshima was also flattened in 1945, but the Japanese had the city’s streetcars running again a week later. Again, no Africans. Seoul changed hands several times during the Korean War, with the level of damage you’d expect, but it was rebuilt. No Africans.

      In order to save Detroit, one would have to get rid of the people who wrecked it in the first place. They’re still there.

  • C_C_Conrad

    Are you getting to the point, video.
    Jack’s War

  • ozzy

    Detroit went from being the Arsenal of Democracy, to being the Arsenal of Diversity


    Open comment to the moderators (especially the one who doesn’t like my use of “CAPITALS”)

    I just noticed that I usually get the highest number of “likes”. In this thread alone, one of my comments got 75 “likes”.

    Wow. I’m good. really good.