I No Longer Recognise the Britain I Grew Up In

A.N. Wilson, Daily Mail (London), December 14, 2012

When I come out of the railway station at Stoke-on-Trent, as I have done countless times since my childhood, I make my way to the taxi rank and ask for Barlaston, a small village five miles away, where my parents began their married life.

The taxi-driver invariably registers a total blank. ‘I am going to the Wedgwood factory.’ Blank. ‘You know? Wedgwood? Famous pottery?’ Complete blank.

Only when I produce a post-code, and we can tap it into a SatNav, does the Asian taxi-driver have any idea where we are going: and it is certainly not anywhere in the Britain of my boyhood.

I grew up in the Potteries. When I was young, there were between 50,000 and 60,000 people employed in the industry. Today there are little more than 5,000. Only in recent times, after a gap of about 30 years, have I started to return there — and the place I find is no longer recognisable.

It’s not just that the buildings have been torn down — the whole way of life, the entire texture of the place has been gouged out. My family had a small business here from the late 18th century onwards, and my dad was a director of Wedgwoods. Pottery is, or was, the lifeblood of this region.

When I was a schoolboy, it would have been absolutely inconceivable that someone earning a living in Stoke as a taxi-driver would not know the whereabouts of the most famous pottery factory in Britain. But this has happened to me about 20 times in the past couple of years, and it has left me with a feeling of absolute dislocation.

At some deep, visceral level, this was my home — the place I came from. Where my grandfather and his grandfather and his grandfather before that all ran businesses. Where the same families, the same names, cropped up again and again, often intermarrying; where everyone knew one another.

In the town of Fenton, where my father was born, in a ‘big house’ next to the ‘works’, the workers and their bosses lived cheek by jowl. This sort of situation must have been replicated in so many different towns of Britain, until the Seventies and Eighties.

Then came the double whammy — the destruction of manufacturing industry, and the filling up of depressed regions of our former industrial base with immigrants who had no connection with them.

Now, Stoke is a place where taxi drivers do not show any consciousness of it having been ‘the Potteries’. They are strangers. But then so, too, in many ways, are the indigenous population.

It is a worrying fracturing of society — and I believe the reasons for it can be found in the Census report this week which laid bare the true, staggering scale of immigration to Britain in recent years.

I have seen the changes in London, where I have lived for 25 years, and which I have known all my life. London was always more ‘exotic’ than the provinces. You would hear the occasional foreign accent, or a foreign language being spoken on the bus.

As I grew up into someone who liked trying to learn languages, I used to get on the bus and position myself near a foreign language-speaker to see if I could make out what they were saying.

Now, it is rare to hear English spoken on any of the buses that I take regularly. And increasingly this impenetrable language barrier is becoming a problem in everyday life, because so many recent immigrants from Europe are working in shops and cafes across the country.

A friend of mine went to a well-heeled London branch of Marks & Spencer the other day, and at the hot food counter asked for a ‘pasty’, only to be met with a look of total incomprehension from two members of staff who worked there. They simply didn’t know what he was talking about, and could only turn and point mutely at the menu on the wall. You’d think he was in Azerbaijan.

London has always been culturally and linguistically mixed: that is part of what makes it such an exciting place to live. But the first wave of immigrants in my lifetime were either from English-speaking countries, such as India or Jamaica, or they came in such comparatively small numbers that they learned to speak English in order to survive.

Now, it is possible to arrive in London and live entirely in your own language-world. Is it surprising that society is fragmentary, when countless thousands of our fellow-citizens cannot actually communicate with each other?

There are now ten schools in England where no pupil speaks English as a first language. One of them, in Oldham, is a Church of England school, though there is not much chance of the pupils mastering the beautiful cadences of the King James Bible there! In some 600 English primary schools, English is the second language for over 70 per cent of the pupils.

In other countries which have accepted huge numbers of immigrants, the teaching of the host-language has been seen as an absolute necessity. You can not become an Israeli, for example, without showing a knowledge of Hebrew. How else do societies hold together, other than by speaking the same language?

As we begin to absorb the information from the 2011 Census, we have had to come to terms with its extraordinary statistics, such as the fact that more than a million schoolchildren in England and Wales belong to households where English is not spoken.

The Census has confirmed what we all vaguely sensed — that the staggering increase in the number of immigrants in recent years has fundamentally changed the country in which most of us grew up, in many cases beyond recognition.

When Idi Amin kicked out the Asians from Uganda in 1972, about 27,000 came to this country. It was a story at the time which gave rise to much passionate debate about the wisdom of allowing so many in at one leap. But since they had been given 90 days to leave their African home, there was no option, and since the majority were highly employable people — many of them professionals — there was in the event no difficulty about their finding a place in Britain.

But the migration of the past 15 years has been on a totally different scale. Over four million immigrants have arrived in the past decade; 7.5 million people born abroad are now resident in Britain. In London, white Britons are now in the minority.

And perhaps the most disturbing element of all is that there has been no major public debate about this. None at all. And any attempt to discuss the matter honestly has been censored either by the BBC or  one group or another accusing people of racism.

Ed Miliband, whose New Labour colleagues deliberately opened the floodgates to mass immigration, yesterday admitted some communities could not adapt to the bewildering increase in the number of immigrants.

‘The last Labour government made mistakes in this regard,’ he said. He had planned to go even further in a speech on immigration he made in South  London, but tellingly chose to drop the line ‘we did too little to tackle the realities of segregation in communities that were struggling to cope’.

Instead, he suggested that the statistics in the Census were a cause for celebration: ‘We should celebrate multi-ethnic diverse Britain. We are stronger for it — and I love Britain for it.’

How many among even Labour supporters, I wonder,  entirely swallow the argument that such mass immigration strengthens us as a nation?

Three years ago in London, there was a play at the National Theatre called England People Very Nice. It was considered highly controversial because it portrayed racial stereotypes and dealt with immigration.

The director of the National, a nice, kind-hearted lefty called Sir Nicholas Hytner, felt that the Left had dominated theatre for too long, and he wanted to put on a Right-wing play.

My wife and I hurried off eagerly to see it, but it was not a very good piece of drama. Set in a bar in the East End, the action took place over 300 years, beginning with the arrival of the Huguenot silk workers in 18th-century London, and concluding with some young Islamic terrorists.

Very soon the play was being labelled racist. ‘It leaves you with the sense that the Irish are all wife-beaters and the Bangladeshis are all jihadis,’ said Rabina Khan, a novelist from Tower Hamlets in East London.

It did not leave me with this sense at all. Far from being Right-wing, the play trotted out one of the cliches of  modern liberal thought, that of equivalence.

It made out that all immigration to Britain, from the arrival of Julius Caesar to the latest plane-load of Albanian criminals, is somehow the same, all livening up the dull, suburban British scene and making it throbbing and ‘vibrant’.

Everyone knows that no such equivalence exists. Yet the play spoke as if the Huguenot silk workers who arrived from France — not one of whom was in a position to claim benefits from the state — could be discussed in the same breath as the growing millions of people now living in Britain who were not born here.

Whereas Huguenots arrived in their few thousands, this country’s Bangladeshi community alone totals more than 200,000, while there are 482,000 of Pakistani origin, 694,000 of Indian origin as well, of course, as nearly 600,000 Poles and millions from other places.

Another lie regularly rehashed by nearly all liberal commentators is that immigration is universally good for the economy, and that most of the millions who have come here in the past decade are stimulating growth and prosperity.

In fact, a House of Lords report in 2008 concluded this was not the case, and only by the most tortuous mangling of figures could it be said to be true. Take the example of the Poles. We were excited when Polish plumbers, carpenters and craftsmen arrived. Our lavatories had never flushed so vigorously, nor had our shelves been less wobbly.

We carefully overlooked some pretty obvious facts: many of the immigrant workers were black-marketeers working for cash, while they put British workers out of a job. And when they had a bit of success, rather than returning to Poland, they brought over their wives and children, who took advantage of our free state schools, maternity hospitals and over-stretched ‘affordable’ houses.

Those immigrant farm workers from Eastern Europe accept the minimum wage or less, and only this week it was reported that this has led to a fall of on average 6.6 per cent in agricultural pay in Britain, compared with significant rises in agricultural pay in such countries as Belgium and Holland, which do not accept such workers.

Worse, though, is the dismal effect that mass immigration has had upon our culture as a whole. The 2011 census said fewer than six in ten in this country now claim to be Christian. I am surprised it’s so many.

For in schools where 70 per cent of the children do not speak English as a first language, and where immigrant lobby groups are eager to take offence at their children being taught anything contrary to their creeds, teachers choose the easy way out. Nativity plays become celebrations of Rainbow Folk, multi-racial, multi-faith and multi-cultural — that is, of no culture at all.

In Harrow, where only 7 per cent of the school population is Muslim, the council decided in in 2010 to serve only Halal meat for school dinners. As a result of multi-culturalism, we now have a generation of supposedly Christian children who do not know Away In A Manger, and who have no idea of why we celebrate the Feast of The Ascension or why we talk of Advent in the run-up to Christmas.

The inevitable effect, of course, is the fragmenting of the country. An unspoken apartheid operates.

The white working-class population of London’s East End have moved out to Essex and Kent — enclaves which are far less socially varied than the British cities of yore.

‘Don’t get me wrong,’ is how some of my working-class friends preface their explanation of why they’d rather live in some bleak bungalow in Canvey Island or Southend than stay in the East End, surrounded by speakers of Urdu, Polish and Somali.

The middle classes, likewise have fled to their own enclaves — the Cotswolds, for instance, for the very rich, the Home Counties for commuters.

Thus, much of central London is now inhabited on the one hand by relatively impoverished immigrant communities, and on the other by the very wealthy from Russia, Greece and the Middle East.

Of course immigration has brought Britain benefits over the centuries, and it would plainly be impractical, as well as inhumane, to suggest that those who have come to live in Britain, quite legitimately, should be made to feel unwelcome here.

That is not what I am saying. But the effect of the huge increase in immigration in the past decade or so has left millions of us feeling a little shell-shocked.

We no longer recognise the country we grew up in. We are increasingly aware that a uniting British culture that evolved over centuries is fragmenting.

It is not racist to suggest that our social infrastructure — our schools, hospitals and housing stock — cannot cope with such enormous numbers of migrants so quickly. The numbers of foreigners settling in this country must be reduced.

And one thing which could and should be done immediately is for the Government to ban the use of any language other than English in schools. Until we all speak the same language, there is small hope that we could ever come together and cohere as the new society of the future.

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  • Tim

    “Wedgewood? Famous pottery?!?’… I used to laugh at the comedian and his “Marlboro [email protected]#$%&*!! I said, Marlboro!!” line but I don`t any more.

    • Howard W. Campbell


      Sam Kinison would be shipped off to a re-education facility or become an unperson now.

      • Tim

        Thanks!! So that`s who it was…. Any idea on the year?

        • Howard W. Campbell

          Around 1987. I remember watching this late one night on HBO while stationed overseas. This was the show that had Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Robert Schimmel, and Andrew Dice Clay. I couldn’t stop laughing for the longest time when Sam Kinison did his bit that made fun of the “We are the world” crowd. However, I wonder if the powers that be took his suggestions to heart and not only moved the Ethiopians (and multiple other groups) not just to where the food was, but also gave them free housing and welfare (on our dime).

  • cecilhenry

    Its called white Genocide by immigration—as policy.

    Call it out for what it is and demand it stop and be reversed.

  • Tim

    On a side bar, anyone have “strategies” for dealing with cabbies in a foreign country, their own? One I developed. The cabbie will either want to take me on a “padded” route or not take me the route I want, due to traffic etc. So I tell them getting in, ” I need to go to XYZ, but only by ROUTE ABC because my brother is waiting for me with money. When we are travelling I then tell him to slow down, look around and announce, “He`s not here! Continue on!” Juvenile and annoying but it works better than arguing with a foreigner on how to get to my house from the airport…

    • The__Bobster

      One time when I was in Rochester, NY, the cabbie was watching a Bollywood movie while driving.

  • ‘The last Labour government made mistakes in this regard,’ he said.
    He had planned to go even further in a speech on immigration he made in
    South London, but tellingly chose to drop the line ‘we did too little
    to tackle the realities of segregation in communities that were
    struggling to cope’.

    Instead, he suggested that the statistics in the Census were a cause
    for celebration: ‘We should celebrate multi-ethnic diverse Britain. We
    are stronger for it — and I love Britain for it.’

    Fortunately for Mr. Miliband, he won’t be around to enjoy the strength of the future multicultural Britain. As with any petulant, spoiled brat, he can soil the floor and leave it for others to mop up the mess.

    • rightrightright

      Milliband is the son of an illegal immigrant, a Jewish marxist. Milliband has no reason to give a toss about Britain. When it all goes wrong, he can float off elsewhere without any regret.

      • Alex

        They always import and ferment trouble and then can pack up and leave without a second thought, after they destabilize yet another land.

        I remember my mom telling me how when her neighborhood on the west side of Chicago was turning black, a certain group loved to wave the flag for integration and condemn their Gentile neighbors for being racist, but who were the first to move and do so in the middle of the night, selling out all their neighbors…it wasn’t the Gentiles.

      • IAN

        According to files held in the possession of the Russian Government, Ed and David Milliband’s Paternal grandfather was a Communist war criminal who served as a Soviet Commissar executing Polish nationalists in Warsaw in the aftermath of World War One until the Poles won their freedom, at which point England became his refuge of choice. His son Ralph Milliband (Ed and David’s father) was a notable marxist academic, and an entryist fellow traveller inside the Labour Party.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Just like in the U.S. and every Western European country, it all seems so very, very planned.

    • Mike Lane

      Exactly. This has been in the making for years.

      “The most important blank spot exists now in deconstructing the majority so
      thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again”- Thomas Eriksen, Norwegian anthropologist

    • Kronolog

      Really? To me it seems to lack any and all sorts of planning. It compares well to the outbreak of the great war: logical, given the conditions and circumstances of the western world, but hardly thought through or planned by any party.

      • David Ashton

        US desegregation was planned, and “black power” ideas were then exported to Britain. Early immigration into Britain was planned by those who wanted cheap labor, but its consequences were quickly exploited by the New Left/Cultural Marxists, “anti-racists” and then “multiculturalists”. The eventual “equality” and “diversity” ideology, terminology and legislation have since spread across the Anglo-American and western sphere generally. There is a substantial literature now on all this, including of course the NL/CM writings themselves. A good addition to criticism is Bruce Bawer, “The Victims’ Revolution” (2012), all the better information-wise because the author himself is homosexual.

    • SmithandSmith

      Of course it is! You know the people from third worlds are inept and fertile and thus, the best weapon possible. Our patience and compassion is used against us, our laws are used against us and our history, even the false parts about it are used against us. They use our own money against us. They have everything aimed against us. It won’t last though, Thank God.

    • Tostig Baggett

      It not only SEEMS very, very planned. I think that we all know that it has BEEN very, very planned.

      • Andrew

        I you want understand whats going on please read “The Principles of Communism” by Engel. Wherein he specifically states the following ” The nationalities of the peoples associating themselves in accordance
        with the principle of community will be compelled to mingle with each other
        as a result of this association and thereby to dissolve themselves, just
        as the various estate and class distinctions must disappear through the
        abolition of their basis, private property.”

  • David Ashton

    The regnant “British” Left responds: (1) We are imagining “a past that never existed” (complete nonsense, because we have pictorial and written records). (2) Nostalgia is wrong (except that they cannot have enough of their juvenile “swinging sixties” on TV).

    • gemjunior

      These lefty politicians should be swinging from every pole in London. England was such a beautiful country and as a nation was very special culturally. It was also a source of pride to Americans and to many other English-speaking countries that had once been colonies. The idea that some group planned this and has carried out what amounts to attempted murder one imo shows such chutzpah, audacity, hubris. It’s their best shot at genocide taking place right in front of our faces as if to rub it in. Like the planners are so sure it cannot be reversed, they’re already rounding third. I hope and pray the British people rise up in anger and smite them down. What evil. This is unprecedented in the history of the world and can not continue, it MUST be stopped. There has to be a way – for some genius – I’m calling you! to find a way to destroy what is left of the plan and to PUNISH those responsible. Publicly and very painfully. It is absolutely satanic.

      • David Ashton

        Thank you for your tribute. It recalls a famous poem about England by Alice Duer Miller.

      • Bantu_Education

        The most appropriate punishment for these traitors would be to “culturally enrich” them by forcing them into a filthy dungeon full of the diversity they forced onto the indigenous whites.

  • David Brims

    ” Asian taxi driver.”

    A euphemism for Pakistani muslim.

    • ATBOTL

      It’s not a euphemism, that’s what “Asian” means in the UK.

      • rightrightright

        Not really. It is the term the media is required to employ to mask the sins of Islam. Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists don’t like it at all.

        • MECooper

          Possibly. I remember it being used prior to the large influx of Muslims, however.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Welcome to the crowd, pal. I no longer recognize Miami either. Entiendes?

    • Tim

      I cry for the Coppertone sign and Wolfie`s at 21st and Collins…Whoops! That`s Miami Beach but you get the idea…

    • The__Bobster

      I no longer recognize my old town either, as it’s a turd word barrio. It’s not Miami, but it’s full of the same people.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      In 1950, my city was 90% white. It is now 64% white, and will continue to deteriorate as the liberals bring in more “refugees” and refuse to deport those found to be here illegally.

      And wherever enclaves of minorities happen, those enclaves begin to look just like their home countries. Certain parts look very similar to Somalia and Ethiopia. It’s just not Minneapolis anymore.

    • Steve33

      I don’t recognize the Chicago I grew up in. You can’t leave the house here without bumping into a Mexican. Also many blacks. I don’t think St. Louis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati etc., is this bad.

  • David Brims

    All thanks to Tony Blair, his initials are TB, ironic since TB which died out in Britain in the 1950s has made a comeback because of African immigrants.

  • Saul

    The UK, also known as Britain, is made up of four constituent nations, that being England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, correct?

    An immigrant can claim to be a UK citizen, but in no sense can they claim to be English, Scottish, Welsh, or Northern Irish, as these are ethnic affiliations unrelated to citizenship status. The solution then is to dissolve the UK and have the constituent nations of the UK be independent. The immigrants can remain citizens of the non-existent UK, and find somewhere else to live.

    • David Ashton

      I am afraid that with our present political class they will be much happier to dissolve the United Kingdom than “find somewhere else to live” for those who are not census-listed as “white British”.

  • David Brims

    David Aaronovitch, a marxist journalist, aged 58 and Cristina Odone a catholic columnist were guests on Andrew Neil’s BBC politics show on November the 30th.

    ” What day is it today ? ”asked Andrew Neil

    Blank stares, vapid expression, especially from Aaronovitch

    Neil gave a clue,” What flag is flying from 10 Downing Street today, is it the British flag, the Scots flag or the European flag ? ”

    Again, blank stares, vapid expressions, they didn’t have a clue.

    Neil told them it was Saint Andrews day.

    More blank stares.

    This may be a small thing but it’s actually a big thing, these two ” educated ” metropolitan liberal elite types didn’t know our national Saints days, something every child should know.

    The next day, December the first, was Worlds AIDS day, Aaronovitch and Odone knew that day. Strange that, isn’t it ?

    Rant over.

    • David Ashton

      Aaronovitch is a disgrace. He is a listed hasbara journalist who defends Israeli national identity but who dislikes English things and favors open-door immigration which destroys our own national identity. I have a big dossier on his arrogant “disruptive” contributions to “The Times” &c. It would be depressing to quote him.

  • The__Bobster

    What happened to the stringent tests that London taxi drivers had to pass to get their licenses?

  • 48224

    “When Idi Amin kicked out the Asians from Uganda in 1972,”
    Hmmmm, what an interesting event. People seem to think this sort of activity is a thing of the past, but I wonder. When IT hits the fan, I think this could happen again.

    • Unperson

      Amin also kicked out all the Whites, who were mostly British. Yet this white, British writer doesn’t deem that worth mentioning… in an article about the ethnic cleansing of British whites from their own country.

      • David Ashton

        There was in fact no legal obligation for Britain rather than India to take in Uganda Asians. If this intake had really been a one-off, it would not have been too bad since these people were quite good achievers and Anglophile, but of course they are now just a drop in the immigration ocean.

  • JDInSanDiego

    “But since they had been given 90 days to leave their African home, there was no option.” There were many options, like every other country in Africa for starters.

  • bigone4u

    Mass turd world immigration was sold to white Americans using the old “melting pot” analogy. Of course, later came the BS that they do the work that Americans won’t do. I have some difficulty seeing how mass immigration was sold to an unsuspecting British public. Perhaps it was the notion that anyone anywhere in the old empire should be allowed to emigrate to Britain. In any case, what a disaster for decency and civility. You might be amused to know that I discovered the British changing racial mix a decade ago when I kept noticing exceedingly swarthy British porn models on the Internet. It turns out that British porn is infested with Indians, blacks, and other turd world types. Rather disgusting.

  • guest

    Unfortunately it’s not just Britain that’s suffering this kind of problem. Every westernized nation (such as USA, Canada, Europe, etc.) is suffering in the name of multicultural immigration, while the leftists and corrupt powers-that-be who allow this atrocity to happen watch from their homes in their gated non-diverse communities.

    • David Ashton

      That is why the national resistance must also be “international” – AR is one good factor.

  • IstvanIN

    A tear fell down his cheek as deposed King Charles watched the last British Field Marshall lowered the Union Jack for the last time over Dover, England, the Royal Armies, just before they left for exile. The Times, 2035.

    • Stan_Mute

      Charles the Tool is how he will be remembered by the few surviving Britons living in exile in New Zealand.

      Far from shedding tears, he will be jubilant that he successfully “reformed” Britain.

      • David Ashton

        No, you have misread him, easily done but corrected by a really careful analysis of all his writings, speeches and actions.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    How much Diversity Debt can the UK take on before total collapase?

  • IKantunderstand

    England, and in fact all Western societies, have become by design, “multicultural” , or for the realists among us “multiracial”. I personally, refuse to engage in, how this came about. I only know, that regardless of the genesis of the problem, the cure is obvious.Keep America White!. By any means necessary. Oh, did I trip on some leftist crap ?Good, Because I mean to keep America White by any means necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SmithandSmith

    As Ben Franklin said and to paraphrase: ‘there is no need for immigration for natural generation will fill any labor shortage.’ When Ben said that, he was talking about Europeans.

    Non-white immigrants are only here to destroy us and the powers that be meant it to be that way too. Only white people can compete and we can’t have that… The supporters of non-whites are always telling Americans how smart and industrious those non-whites are and how family oriented and conservative they are and how we “need” them and how they’re gonna save America yet all the facts prove the opposite but they repeat it anyway in hopes of tricking Americans into believing it.

    And how so very insulting it is too. In a nutshell, they’re attributing all the traits of white people to non-whites and all the traits of non-whites to whites but on the bright side, they can’t hide the truth.

    As for England, the Brits are just biding their time right now.

  • nickinsingapore

    Destruction of the Anglo Saxons & Celts deliberatley organised by Blair and the scumbags….

  • Silverman

    Opinion leaders like this man have been denouncing the those with a time horizon longer than next year with the r-word for the last 30 years. What, he couldn’t see this coming?

  • Silverman

    the poor darling lived near the wedgewood factory… I guess he didnt know or care when working class English were feeling the same way in East london 20 years ago?

  • MECooper

    “Now, Stoke is a place where taxi drivers do not show any consciousness
    of it having been ‘the Potteries’. They are strangers. But then so, too,
    in many ways, are the indigenous population.”

    This is very true. Most Britons under a certain age have been completely severed from their roots- deracinated creatures who wave flags at international sporting events but otherwise have no sense of being part of an ancient nation with it’s own customs and culture, accrued over the centuries and now buried by liberalism.

  • Zapp Branigan

    I’m in my 60’s, and I no longer recognize the America I grew up in. Young people today think it’s normal to be surrounded by other racial groups and be a minority in their major cities. It is not normal, they just don’t know any better. A recent trip to California left me very disturbed, Los Angeles was a beautiful city in the 50’s…………now it looks like Mexico or Africa in most parts, dirty, unsafe, and riddled with crime.
    Welcome to the new America, you can have it.

  • MCPH1

    The Author Seems to be a typical antiracist, who Enjoys the presence of english speaking jamaicans and has problems with whites from poland. For me it is the Other Way: i Enjoy living in a Multicultural Country with a Lot of different languages, and i Even Enjoy living in a multiracial Country where People from all of eurasia and native americans live together, but i dont Enjoy living in a Country with Soon subsaharan african majority, subsaharans as the New standard in the Media, white women prefering black man over white man…

    • Bantu_Education

      I don’t think the writer is an anti-racist, more likely he’s a closet race-realist. He felt he had to demonise a white group (i.e., the Poles) in order to “prove” his complaints were not motivated by “racism”.

  • archer

    The poles would more than likely fit in better in their second and third generatrion, not so with the east asians and other third worlders who will keep to themselves and creat hostile no-go zones for whites. There was a report in the U.S. recently by some congressional types that said that even third gen. Mexicans are not any better than their immigrant parents, not graduating from high school, joining gangs, being involved in criminal activity etc.

  • and for that treason british soldiers died fighting the germans.

  • razorrare

    A.N. Wilson…I will gladly trade you our mexican & various black iimmigrants(somalis,kenyans,burmese,haitians,etc etc) for your poles and eastern european farmers.

  • shmo123

    “their explanation of why they’d rather live in some bleak bungalow in
    Canvey Island or Southend than stay in the East End, surrounded by
    speakers of Urdu, Polish and Somali.”

    While I agree with Mr. Wilson about England’s terrible immigration policy, I cannot but completely disagree with him lumping in Poles with Somalis and Pakistanis. Without seeing them, I would be willing to wager that in nearly every measurable social and economic indicator, Poles would come out far ahead of Somalis or Pakis in employment, use of social welfare, and crime to name a few. They are guilty of nothing more than being members of a club whose membership contains rules that allowed for free movement within its borders; England chose to allow them in and not restrict their numbers as other EU countries did. Since so many quickly found out that making 300 pounds per week was better than 100 at home, they took the chance and left. The Brits only have their government to blame–they were way off in their original predictions of how many laborers might take their chance in another EU country once they were admitted.

    Of course mixing in the third world bunch with white, Christian Europeans serves another purpose for the conversation: It allows writers like Mr. Wilson to dodge the pervasive, increasingly totalitarian PC police who apparently have eyes and ears everywhere. If you don’t agree that allowing a large number of backward, primitive Somalis into your country is a good idea, a good way to get around saying that is to add some whites to the stew of criticism– it becomes more palatable for the commissars of PC and takes away the racial tinge.
    Finally,since his government foisted this mess on the British people, I’d like to ask Mr. Wilson just who he thinks might have a better shot at becoming assimilated: Fellow Europeans who share race, religion (the basis anyway), and solid historical ties to old blighty, or poor, ignorant, black Muslim peasants from Africa or South Asia? I feel for you Mr. Wilson. As an American, I’m watching the same sad tale unfold over here, but I know which immigrants I wish my country would take.

    • Pat

      I would go along with you on your views of Polish immigrants, but you have to look at it from our perspective. The first wave were indeed craftsmen, plumbers, carpenters, etc. They had to work for so long before they qualified for welfare benefits. This was changed and they can now claim unemployment straight away. This has led to a mass influx of all and sundry – the good, the bad and the ugly if you like and remember we are now in recession and jobs are short. This is a small country. A Pole coming here can bring his wife and children and claim everything – housing benefit, schooling, free health, etc. A Pole who comes here and leaves his children back in Poland can still claim child benefit for them even though they have never been here. EU rules! At the end of next year the same will apply to Romanians and Bulgarians…..I do not want any more immigrants at all. It is getting ridiculous. By the way to give you one example of how we are taxed to pay for all this ‘enrichment’ petrol/gas in this country is £1.33 per litre – over $8 dollars a gallon.

      • shmo123

        Pat, I don’t blame you. Mexicans have been walking into the US for decades now, and stats show nearly half taking dole money. Sounds to me as if the only option for the English is to quit the EU and take control of your borders. Based on the way political correctness has become almost a disease in the UK, that seems unlikely, but I do hope it happens. Giving someone housing benefits, schooling and child benefits just for walking in the door is absurd. In any case, I hope they do something before you’re inundated with Bulgarians and Romanians. Good luck.

  • blindsticks

    Now, it is rare to hear English spoken on any of the buses that I take regularly.

    We know, they locked someone up called Emma West over mentioning it too loudly.

    • re Emma West they intended her to spend Christmas 2011 in jail for her own protection -if you google up :frances lockhart prosecuting -you can find contact home phone numbers for her evil persacuters -suggest giving them a Christmas phone call

  • How about all the children born to the 4 million – they will be the English who cannot speak it …!

  • Lakeview Senior

    I’ve visited England about four times since 2001. I had never been there when it was mostly populated by white English people but I didn’t expect to see what I encountered when I walked down Oxford street in London’s West End which is right near the Marble Arch if any of you has been there too. The clerks in the stores are mostly from other parts of the third world and it looks like those in charge of hiring have the same minset as their contemporaries in the USA. I stayed at a club that caters to their armed forces members and allies. I usually jpay my yearlly dues on time but for some reason in 2008 I let it slip and paid the annual fee when I checked in to the club. Well, I was called on the carpet fby this Nubian woman who is in charge evidently of the members’ fees and she let me know that she didn’t want to see that happen again. I don’t like taking orders from minorities but because of their draconian laws about this sort of thing, I let it pass. Her assistant by the way was a black woman also who didn’t address me the way most hotel employees do to a guest. There were mostly Polish workers in the cafeteria and when I asked this Polish woman for a ‘dinner salad’ she told me that she didn’t know the names of the vegetables in English. Atleast two or three of the bellhops were English but most of the staff were foreigners. The same thing goes on in their museums and other attractions. Just like in Chicago, when you go to the Art Museum, Field Museum, or other places of interest. It seems they go out of their way not to hire any young white persons, especially white males.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    When I was in the Happy Fun Place, I made a fully automatic 12-gauge shotgun. It was a really good “room broom”. I wish I hadn’t.

  • David Ashton

    Wilson is a very “mixed” author, a reasonable book on Jesus and an absolutely worthless one on Hitler, a critique of British royalty, and some excellent studies of various periods of UK history.

    Quite some time ago he visited the William Morris Museum, not far from my late parents’ home in the Borough of Waltham Forest, a very English building (despite the artist’s communism) in a once very English area between East London and Epping Forest. He commented on the fact that he was the only white person in the area at that time. I was born, married, raised children and for much of my life worked in this borough – Chingford, Walthamstow and Leyton. The transformation of this area into an Afro-Asian colony inside two decades is significant, including a recent attempt by Muslims on the local council to close down the above-mentioned Museum as of no interest to newcomers. But it is also significant that protests across London not only prevented closure, but have ensured its refurbishment.

    A relative’s shop in Walthamstow I used to visit as a child became a planning center for an Asian sky-bomb conspiracy and the town has been terrorized by five Black gangs. The outstanding Monoux Grammar School, founded in 1527, was forced into a sixth-form comprehensive in the 1960s, and is now frankly a multicultural dump. The fate of this borough is a parable of our times, sadly repeated elsewhere in our beloved country.

  • evola33

    Americans understand “Asian” as being a native of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other nations with a similar racial group–and are almost all Buddhist.
    It is puzzling that Brits use “Asian” to refer to Indians who are mostly Punjabi Sikh Muslims.
    Never the twain shall meet, and I think it is a little insulting to Asians to have Punjabi Sikhs lumped in with them as if they were the same group. It would seem a little discrimination is in order.
    Here in the US, most would agree that there are very, very few Asian cab drivers; however, there are very many Indian cab drivers.
    So if Brits want some sympathy from us Yanks regarding their immigration problem, they could at least call them what they are–Indians.

    • Pat

      Cultural differences in terminology. Out of interest I have just Googled ‘Countries of Asia’. More than I thought from Saudia Arabia in the west to Japan in the east and Indonesia in the south.

  • David Ashton

    In Manchester, England, at least 153 languages are spoken, including Aztec/Nahuatl, Berber, Chitrali, Dagaare, Efik-Ibiblo, Fulfide-Pulaar, Ga, Hausa, Igbo, Jaoanese, Kinjarwanda, Lugbara, Malayalam, Ndbele, Pangasinan, Romany (4 sorts), Somali, Tiv, Uyghur, Vietnamese, Wolof, Xhosa, Yiddish and Zulu.
    Road signs and TV subtitles still discriminate against some of our ethnic minorities.

  • Bantu_Education

    “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm; but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”
    ― T.S. Eliot