Mayor of San Juan Capistrano Attacked on City Street

CBS Los Angeles, December 17, 2012

The mayor of San Juan Capistrano is recovering Monday after being attacked while walking with his wife over the weekend.

Mayor John Taylor and his wife were leaving a Christmas event around 11:30 p.m. Saturday when the attack happened, Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials said.

The couple was walking along Old Los Rios and Del Obispo Streets when they heard someone walking behind them, authorities said.

As Taylor and his wife moved off to the side, Taylor was punched in the face and knocked to the ground by two heavy-set Hispanic suspects.

The men continued to punch him and kick Taylor in the head as his wife screamed and tried to help her husband, officials said.

No property was taken and the incident is not being investigated as a robbery.



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  • Luca

    “No property was taken and the incident is not being investigated as a robbery.”

    I wonder if it will be investigated as a hate crime?

    • Francis Galton

      Justice-Department-ese: “Two white male perpetrators attack White couple.” Verdict: no.

      • Lou406

        Sadly that’s entirely correct, and If, somehow, it were to be characterized as a hate crime the perps would be considered white.

  • hardcountry

    Unless whites organize .. our future will consist of random attacks perpetrated by our racial enemies..

    • 1gravity

      Let’s start with a boycott of hispanic businesses.

  • jtree

    So if this is not being investigated as a robbery then what might have been the motive here? Hmmm…

  • Diamond_Lil

    There’s that word “random” again when it’s minority-on-white crime.

  • Rodion Raskolnikov

    Oh, that’s a shame. I wonder if this mayor was aware that he was living in a colony of Mexico? Hopefully he got the message!

  • cynthia curran

    Well, most of the mayors in OC cities like San Juan are Republicans that like cheap labor for business. However, they did have an e-veify for city contractors until Brown forbid it.

  • The__Bobster

    It appears that the city is trying to do something about the squat monster invaders:

    • Sloppo

      A city in Mexifornia is trying to do something about illegal immigration? I think it’s a little late for that … kind of like trying to sweep water off the decks of the Titanic or the Edmund Fitzgerald today.

  • bigone4u

    Look up wooden tire thumper on Amazon. Cheaper than an AK 47. Once purchased, don’t leave home without it. And don’t forget the pepper spray. Of course, check all applicable state and local laws.

    • Liberalsuck

      Better hurry up since more and more sporting goods stores are suspending AK-47 sales.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    It seems diversitardery is working out about as well for our wealthy political elites as it is for us native hoi polloi.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Taylor was punched in the face and knocked to the ground by two heavy-set Hispanic suspects.

    The mayor is guilty of the crime of walking while White in mexican California.

    He did not step quickly enough into the street so his betters could pass, thereby “dissing” two venerated members of New Amerika’s protected class. He is deserving of a beat down for ignoring his White duty to show subservience to his new overlords.


  • Frank

    The TV reporter said this was a random attack. She did not mention the attackers’ race. The Mayor was a random victim? Please!

  • odius liberal

    Great news, what a prefect Christmas gift.

  • IKantunderstand

    My, MY, MY, the amount of “random attacks” by Blacks against Whites, is so astronomical, it has become statistically significant. I am tired of the MSM referring to every single attack on a White by a Black as “random”. It might be random, but only in the sense that the Negro in question wasn’t exactly sure who the White victim was going to be. Welcome to the world the rest of we Whites occupy, Mayor Taylor. Sorry about your loss in “Knockout King”. NOT.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Mexicans here in Calijuana think everything is theirs because so many of the place names are of Spanish origin. They are always surprised when I tell them:

    1) Spanish is a European language, a language of White people. Mexicans didn’t invent Spanish and it has absolutely no origins in The Western Hemisphere.

    2) Mexicans didn’t conquer The United States Southwest from American Indian tribes and their speaking Spanish and having Spanish surnames is simply the result of adopting cultural fragments from their conquerors and overlords, The Spaniards.

    3) There have never been large numbers of Mexicans in The American Southwest until the massive immigration of the last few decades. There is no historical connection to their people and these lands.

    4) Mexico didn’t exist as an entity or even a word for a country until 1821, after The United States of America, and Mexicans as we typically know them didn’t exist culturally or genetically until The Spanish conquest of Mesoamerica.

    5) The United States Southwest has an abundance of Spanish city and place names because The Spaniards named those places as they explored and conquered those areas. In addition to that The Spaniards never intended for Mestizo pheasants to colonize and breed in these lands.

    When dealing with these people just go with the facts that the PC curtain tries to shelter. Ultimately they have no leg to stand on except that they are inept and unable to do anything worthwhile without White people.

    • Libearsuck

      Black and brown males are the most illogical and arrogant people. Let them fight each other as long as they stay out of our areas.

    • Well said. But pheasants are birds. I think you mean “peasants”.

  • mobilebay

    When our goverment has finally transposed this primarily white nation into a brown hellhole, who does it think will keep them safe from the invaders?

  • Celebrate (gag) diversity.

  • rebelcelt

    Years ago a state representative was robbed on a public golf course here in Memphis(it made national news because the perp shot him in the leg and he was saved by a golf ball). He quickly used that as a catalyst to introduce concealed carry in Tn. It passed and we know have a right to go armed and not be naked before our enemies.

  • ageofknowledge

    They attack to drive all but La Raza from their mythological Aztlan. Almost all of them are a result of illegal immigration. Welcome to Aztlanfornia where only a Hispanic is safe.

  • They’re doing the job white people won’t do: Kicking politicians in the head.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Most of them need kicked in the head.

  • calinative

    As a resident of this city you are talking about, allow me to shed some light on the whole subject from my standpoint. 1. You are stating that they finally met with immigration – however that was in Feb 2012. The incident with the mayor was in Dec 2012. 2. Sandra Hutchins in the OCSherriff D head, she is from Los Angeles and is not in favor of being accused of “racial profiling” therefore an incident that is all too common in this County is: 3. Some random “law” that states – you cannot tow their cars if the registered owner is able to retrieve it immediately or someone licensed that is designated by the owner”.. 4. Which means – don’t tow cars – because Sandra Hutchins tells the police not to (undocumented Hispanic unlicensed drivers).. why? Because “we are stealing their cars” is their mantra, by towing. And on top of that we are horrible because we won’t give them a license due to their infraction of not entering via proper immigration channels). In fact: I observed someone hit a car with no license, an officer was there – the lady had no license – the owner that was hit did – and the police told the citizen “should have let her go- ” because now you are responsible for the (illegal’s damage). Now that is corruption. In fact… The Patch: believes they should not report race related to this crime. The reason is: it does not help identify the criminals. In my opinion – the 2 guys were reported by another paper as 6 foot tall, about 220lbs and Hispanic. That means they are tall Hispanics. About 3 inches taller than average. Now we can talk about in the city the stores: Ralphs – WIC day: (woman infants children) tons of non English speaking woman with the kids in car carts – no concern about hiding welfare, on their phones (iphone or androids) talking away – while purchasing food with US tax dollars. In line, a man with WIC buying food – pushy wife or girlfriend with 2 cases of budweiser – man paid for food with WIC and whips out $100’s from wallet to buy his beer. (Bothersome). Front of Pennysaver free mail publication Spanish / English WIC center ad.. it is on the cover or the back in color. Call the Camino Health place: and they issue WIC, most of clients have a matricula issued by Mexico Consulate. Lets talk about the Consulate: They went to the oldest High School in town, which is now a continuation school and also provides low cost English classes. On a weekend, the Mexico Consulate has a mobile unit on public funded school grounds to hand out ID – so their people can bank! The minutemen show up, take pictures and are peaceful. The Consulate lady comes out and says go away – this is for Mexicans. (While looking up at the American Flag on the grounds she was given right by someone to put her mobile unit on). She assaults someone that is a minuteman – and OC Sherriff goes in the unit, and she declares diplomatic immunity. (She was born in the USA) – She lied to the police and did not incur an assault charge. History: 2003 Border Patrol came though this town, and legally detained people. Some of them had “anchor babies” and the kids were sent to some kids home, because the illegals did not fill out Emergency Cards to allow other people to retrieve the kids. (Same would happen to our kids, if we had an emergency or arrest and we failed to fill out the card). The town goes bananas and calls a meeting with consulate. The consulate allows the border patrol to come to the next meeting. Whereby the border patrol is told, not to detain on the way to or from: church, school, or shopping. They agree! They apologize for doing their job to the people who are committing the crime they are supposed to enforce legal measures against. The illegals threw rocks at border patrol cars as they left. A big common thread is: kids. They have kids, get food stamps, welfare, free medical – because we have compassion for children as Americans! On top of that, they have kids here, and use that – to not be detained. How on earth this happened over time, is beyond my imagination. I am sick to my stomach – not as much about the racial issue, as I am that they are using their race to get out of being detained for crimes. I would hope that one day a group will come and demand – that the police and border patrol do their job in peace. The city contracts with the sherriff department – and can also either A) get their own department or B) tell the sherrif what to enforce – (because they do not sit and wait for a registered owner to show up, and they do not tow cars- so they are not following the law – they love to quote with ommission to get out of towing). Someone needs to do something to be sure our laws are enforced humanely but appropriately according to the law. San Juan Capistrano is a sanctuary city – absolutely without a doubt. .